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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, June 26, 1865, Image 3

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Otto Jlbbertistnuttis. -yjARRIEDi On the 22d instant, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. Mr. Winn, Mr. JAMES H. Mo- ARITY, of St John. B„ to Miss LIZZIE J., eldest daughter of Capt. John Stevenson of this city. J^EED, June 25th, 1835, Mrs. JANE S. JACKSON. Hes friends, and those of her son, John J. Jackson, are in vited to attend the funeral, this (Monday} morning, at 11 o’clock, from her late residence on South Broad st p'OR AUGUSTA. The Steamer AMAZON will leave for Augusta this af fn r ? o ? n , lll 6 o’clock. A limited qvantity of Freight will be taken. Apply on board to 1 6 DAVID R. DILLON, jii26-lt .Market Dock. rj'EUCKS I TRUCKS I ! Cotton Tracks will be purchased. Apply on board steamer Amazon, tp DAVID R. DILLON, ju2o-lt Market Dock. gTOVES 1 STOVES ! ! STOVES 1! ! Large and small, for Restaurants and Families. Ail kinds or HOLLOW WARE and Cooking Uten sils, Planters’ HOES, wholesale and retail, by JAMES G. THOMPSON & CO., Ju2B-ltno Beaufort, 8. C. SAVANNAH NATIONAL BANK —ta now PREPARED FOR BUSINESS, AT THE BANKING HOUSE, IN THE EXCHANGE. Deposits and Paper for Correction received. * Bills on Northern Cities purchased. Checks on New York furnished- L. C. NORVELL, . President. JACOB SPIVEY, Cashier. DIUEOTOna : L. C. Nortel i„ | Fbanois Sorrell, Noble A. Hardee, I J. w. Latheof, Kolep.t Erwin. » HENRY 9. FITCH, Notary and Solicitor. Savannah, 25th June, 1565. TREASURY DEPARTMENT, 1 OmCE OF CO.MPTROtt.rat OF THE Currency, V Washington, June 10th, 1865, j Whereas, By satisfactory evidence presented to the undersigned, it has been made to appear that “The Savannah National Bank," in the City of Savannah, in the County of Chatham, and State of Georgia, has been duly organized under and according to the re quirements of the Act of Congress entitled “ An Act to provide a National Currency, secured by a pledge of United Stutes bonds, and to provide for the circulation and redemption thereof," approved June 3, 1804, and has complied with nil the provisions of said Act re quired to be complied with before commencing the business of Banking under said Act: Now, therefore, I, Freeman Clarke, Comptroller of the Currency, do hereby certify that ‘‘-The Savannah National Bank," in the city of Savannah, In the County of Chatham, and State of Georgia, is author ized to commence the business of Banking under the Act aforesaid. In testimony whereof, Witness my hand and seal of office, this 10th day of June, 1865. FREEMAN CLARKE. LVo. 1256.] Comptroller of the Currency. ]uj6 2mos ~ ~ OFFICE POST COMMISSARY, > ' Auocsta, Ga., June 10, 1305. > Sealed Proposals to furnish this Post with twenty five hundred pounds of Fresh Beef per week for three mouths, eoinmeucing July Ist, ui:d ending October Ist, 1365, will be received at this office until June 10,1606 The iteei to be furnished weekly, and of good qual ity, either dressed or on the hoof; if on the hoof, to net twenty-five hundred pounds exclusive of necks and shanks. Persons making proposals will state the average eross weight, quality, etc., of the Beef. Proposa’s to e opened in public June 30th, and subject to tae ap p: oval of the Commissary General. , H. A. DARLING, Ju-6 Capt and Post Commissary. HEADQ’RS DEPARTMENT OF THE vOUTU,> Hiiton Head, 8. U., June 23, 1865. J General Orders. ) No 164. J The btate of South Carolina is hereby divided into four Mihta.y Districts, as follows; Ist. due Military District of Eastern Sooth Caroli na, comp isiug the Districts of Georgetown, Horry Marion, Williamsburg, Murlboro’, Darlington, Sump ter, Kershaw and Chesterfield. Brig (leu. Beale is as signed to the connuitnd of this District, with his Head quarters at Florence, ills lorce will comprise his own Brigade, and a Baitalion ot Cavalry, to be designated bv Bievet Mnj. Gen. J. P. Hatch. He will establish a Depot oi Supplies on tiie Santee river, at the crossing oi the North Eastern Railroad. 8d- Ti.o Military District of Charleston, comprising the Disiriots} ot Charleston, Colleton. Orungeburij Lex* Barnwell and icichla&d. Brevet Maj. Gen. J B Hatch is assigned to the command of this District! with Headquarters at Charleston. #d. Tne .Military District of Western South Carolina, courp’ Uiug tire Districts ot Lancaster, Fairfield, Ches at Alston. His torce wiUxomprhe his own Ketriment ana, in addition thereto, one Keslinmit nf iKST JSB* “ - A “W?S“4, p»fc7S a. B. totter is assigned to the c >uimaud ofHhuiSS*. . trice, with Headquarters at Hilton Head UU * 1,1 Cth. Those portions ot the District of Charleston and the District of We.tern South Carolina, lying con tiguous to the Savannah river, and non- occupied bv the tsoops of Brevet Brigadier General Molineux, Com. mail ding the District of Northern Georgia, willremain Under uie command of that otlicer uutil farther orders Oth. Brevet Major General J. p; Hatch, Command ing District of Charleston, will at once establish u De pot at Orangeburg, of suUicient capacity to satisfy all requisitions lor Commissary Supplies, for the District of » estern South Carolina. 7 th. Brevet Brigadier General Van Wyck will at once orgiiuise and put in operation a supply train be tweeu urungeburg and Aluou for fiis own command, tram!poi!ai <iUiaitlUa OU Qt ' neral Hatch for necessary Bth. Tue Chief Quartermaster will assign a light drai t bteamtr to ply between Charleston and the Rail ing , of lUt ' bunteu ‘lver, of suitable draft to the conr, m r**J n pusßtt «K This steamer will be under udth by otiim ComminS’ an ? wiilnot be interlcred By eommaud of Major General Q. A. OILLMORE. W. L. M. BtnwrJt, j U 28 . lt Assistant Adjutant General. H WXi'Ris DiSTETcT OF SAVANNAH, > GEiaaai.OEaeE,) 8 Ni<Aa ’ ° A ’ Junei4 > lm - J Ho. 40, ./ qifitto-JSSid ß fa* Vol »- »t hie own re incident to of the “civ'll responsibilities *" W r. wa»«^s! ft w *= IT: ilO 0m s, TO LET\ AT HILTON HEAD, S. C. Palmetto Herald Building having been Newly Fitted Up, now offers large and airy rooms, suitable for Sleeping Apartments or business purposes For terms apply to W. S. Sampson, Jr.Tßox No. 25, III)ton Head Post Office, or on the premises, corner of Merchants’ Row and Palmetto Avenue, from 4 o’clock to 6 o’clock p. m. j U O2 0 K. OSGOOD, ~ HAS REMOVED TO BARNARD STREET, (Comer of Broughton street lane, next door to T. M. Turner’s Drug Store,} Where lie will keep constantly on hand, FRESH GR-OCERIEES, For Faiiilt Uoe. Notice.— Dr. J. A. Mayer will act as my Agent during my absence in New York. ■1” 23 3 C. K. OSGOOD. C. / D DO YOU ANT TO KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?' Then Call at 152 Cokobess St., Where you can find any kind of a Shoe or Boot, from the little infant's to the largest Shoe for the LARGEST MAN OR WOMAN In Georgia, white or black. A single pair or fifty cases, to suit enstomert. No charge for showing our goods. ° GROCERIES AND DRY GOODS AT Remember our motto at 152 Congress street, Is C.O . D . jn23 f -yy ! SUTLERS AND MERCHANTS. The subscribers offer for sale at No. 4 Merchants' Row, Hilton Head, S. C„ THEIR ENTIRE STOCK, . At prices which defy competition, consisting of Cakes, Crackers, Butter, Cheese, Hams, Canned Frnits and Meats, Tripoli Emery Paper, Segars, Tobacco, Ales, Wines, Boots and Shoes, Shirts, Handkerchiefs, Paper Bags, Wrapping Paper, Stationary in variety, Army Ranges, Yankee Notions, Hardware, Tinware, &c. These goods will be sold without regard to cost. Why send your orders to New York when vou can buy cheaper at home. Ju23 ts C. W. DENNIs & CO. RIVER AGRICULTRAL WORKS. GRIFFING, BROTHER A CO., Proprietors, 68 end Street NEW YORK. Manufacturers of Plows, Harrows, Cultivators, Cot ton Sweeps, Corn "'Mills, Cotton Gins, &c. Every implement wanted by the Planter, Also, dealers m Field and Garden Seeds. Also, Agents lor Bruce’s Concentrated Manure, Bone, &c Send for circular. j u 20 3m J£EIN & COMPANY, FACTORS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Having leased the large and commodious Warehouse formerly occupied by Messrs. Dana A Washbnme, 114 Bay street, Suvannah. fIU, we are prepared to Store and Forward all kinds of Merchandize. Liberal ad vances will be mdde on COTTON Consigned to oar friends in New York, or Liverpool, England. „ KEIN & COMPANY. References.— Messrs. Smith <sc Duaniug, New York; C. C. &H. M. Fabor, New York; \V. A. Smith, Esq., Mobile, Ala.; Cabot & Senter, St. LonU. iuls » Uau TyjACKY, HOGG A CO., GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 2 Stoddard's Block, opposite Custom Souse. ’ SAVANNAH, GA. Having opened a House at the above stand, in con nection with our House in Philadelphia, we offer to the Trade -260 barrels Bourbon and Rye "Whiskey; Hams Hreakfastßacon and Shoulders. Bagged Beef, Lurd Broom , Washboards, Lim - in hogsheads, Ac, Consignments to our House in Philadelphia solici ted. MA n '^GACo, No. 2 StO' , ' , _” ’ * Block, Say umah, Ga. Jn2o-Im 25 Sun h WtttT Bfttet, r-i.ladeiphia, COHEN, COMMISSION MERCHANT, FOR THE SALE AND PURCHASE or— all Descriptions of merchandis, No. 294 Broad Street, AUGUSTA, GA. Jnl7 12t OTEKLB A BURBANK, O ii Merchants’ Row, Tlilton Head, S. C. Call the attention of Wholesale and Retail purchasers to their superior stock of MILITARY AND NAVAL CLPTHING v- •> Aim FURNISHING GOODS, Watches, Clocks, Fancy Goods, Jewelry, and Plated Ware, Swords, Saahea, Belts, Embroideries, Boots, Cape Field Glasses, Gauntlets loves, Ac., A c., Ac. ~pUN»TiiIN, ROSKNFKLD & CO.. " BANKERS, No. 8 BROAD pHEET, New Yore. We draw at sight, and at sixty days, on Lojcdox, Paris, Frankfort, and all other principal cities of Europe. Parties opening current accounts, may deposit and draw at their convenience, the same as with the City Banes, and will b# allowed interest on all balances over One Thousand Dollars, at the rate of foub per cent, per annum. Orders for the purchase or sale of various issues of Government and other Stock*, Bonds and Gold, executed on Commission. je6-3taw3m pltlMK WHITE CORN!' FOR MEAt AND GRIT3, In Stoaa To Arrive. STEWART’S CRUSHED A. AND C. SUGARS. ’ OCT A YUS COSSN, Ju24 eodfi 84 Bay street. 'J'EACHEKS WANTED, Several Tkach era ark Wanted for the Prune Schools ok Savanhau. Applications will be received by the Military Super intendent of Free School* until Saturday, June 24th, at hi* office in the Fr»e School Building, comer of Charlton and Drayton streets, between the hours of 10 a. m. and 12 m. ju2l 5 3500 TOSS . —or ENGLISH RAILS, Os best quality, 50x58 per lineal yard. For sale by Jul 9 Cm - FOWLE A CO. Reynolds, pratt a co., (Established in 1*70.} Manufacturers, Importers and Wuolesalf Dealers in , WHITE LEAD, ZINC WHITE, COLORED PAINTS,. OILS AND VARNISHES, ARTISTS’ AND PAINTERS’ MATERIALS, PETROLEUM AND ITS PRODUCTS, Nos. 100 and 103 Fulton St., ju22 lm NEW YORK. J^OTICE. The Regular Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of the Southern Insurance and Trust Company will oe held at the office of the Company, in Savannah, on Wednesday, 19th July, iB6O, lor the purpose of elect ing Directors for the ensuing year, and for the tran saction of such other business as may be brought be fore the meeting. H. BRIGHAM, President, Per J. C. McNULTY, j»22 ts Assistant Secretary. gOOK TRADE SALE. ROOM 498 BROADWAY N. Y. Public and Private Libraries sold and prompt return m cash. Parties having Libraries to dispose of by sending them soon will have them properiy Catalo gued and sold this Fall to the very best advantage.— If desired, a liberal advance in cash will be made im mediately on receipt of the books. This Fall will be especially favorable foi the sale of Books at good prices. Ship direct to my address, J. E. COOLEY, 49S Broadway, New York. ju22 C TO CONTRACTORS, SUPERINTENDENT’S OFFICE, Centra! Railroad, Savannah, Ga., June 22,1805. Proposals will be received at this office until Satur day, July Ist, for furnishing Cross Ties and Bridge Timber, rebuilding the Bridges and Culverts, and re laying the Track lrom Station No. 4X to Gordon, and from Millen to Waynesboro. .GEO. W. ADAMS. ju23 7 General Superintendent. pRESH IMPORT'AUION OF— SEGARS AND TO£A CC O NO. 171 BAY STREET, BETWEEN WUiTAKER AND BARNARD STEEETS. JACOB LANOSDO'RF & CO. Have jnst received from their well known House in Philadelphia, a large and well assorted stock of CIGA R S , Consisting of all the different brands, as well as large stocks ot SMOKING AND CHEWING TOBACCO. Os various kinds, which they offer for sale at WHOLESALE PRICES; Dealers are particularly fequesta* to call and cram incthestock, v io.i Mjl Ju9 lm A BARNARD. COMMISSION AND SHIPPING MERCHANTS, Bat Street, Opposite Mariners’ Church, SAVANNAH, GA. Refer to Messrs. G. M. Barnard & Cos., Messrs. Win B. Reynolds &-Co., Messrs. Linder & Meyer, all of Boston. ju2o ts HEADQUARTERS POSY OF SAVANNAH, Savannah, Ga., June 23, 1865. General Orders,) No. 6<’. t General Orders Nos. 23 and 27, current series, from these Headquarters, respecting the City Market, are hereby revoked, and the following regulations are es tablished for the government of the Market: 1. All persons who pay the fees prescribed by the old ordinances of the City of Savannah, may sell butch cr’s meat, poultry, fruit, fish, vegetables and all other kinds of provisions, subject to a scale of prices which shall be established by the Post Treasurer, aud posted In two conspicuous places in the Market. 2. The Market shall n tbe opened on Sundays. On other days it shall be open from four o’clock to niue o’clock in the morning, aniLon Saturdave, also from three o'clock to eight o'clock in the afternoon. The Market shall close at the ringing of the Mar ket bell. 3. Every person killing an ox, or cow, or grown meat cattle, and exposing the same for sale within the city, shall take the hide and head of said animal slaughtered, attached to each other aud not severed, to tne Clerk of the Market, who shall record any marks about the same, and the day of the month ft was brought to the market, and the book shall be subject to the Inspection of any person driving market hours. Any violations of the foregoing, or neglect on the part of the Clerk in not keeping the proper records, will be punished by fine. 4. The Clerk of the Marks’ will be responsible for the correctness es weights and measures used in the Market, and will, from time to time, examine the same, and de eyoy false weights and measures when found, and will report tho names of tbe ofiendi.,g parties to the Post Treasurer. He will also collect the Market licenses and fees prescribed by the old Ordinances of »hc City. He will act under tbe orders of the Pose Treasurer, and will account for and pay over to him each Saturday the mo uies received fronj such licenses and fees during the pre ceding week. He will cause the Market and adjacent grounds to be thoroughly policed each day, aud the wood wora of the Market will bo white-washed once each week. 5. Any person exposing for sale, in the market, any ar ticles oi marketing at a higher price" shan that establish ed for the same in the schedule of prices, will be subject to a fine and the forfeiture of all right to make further sales in the market. The Clerk of the market will report promptly to the Post Treasurer any violation of this par agraph. 0. Thq Chief of Police will sec that a suitable Police guard is kept at the Market, and that all persons viola ting this order, or tho quiet of the Market, are promptly ariested and sent before flic Provost Court for trial and punishment. Bv command of fit > . Jf(. Oen.S. L. WOODFORD ' ‘ EDWARD G. DIKE, A. A. O. June 24 7t jy/JAUDE & WEIGHT, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, AUGUSTA, GA. Consignments Solicited. Merchandise Bought and Sold. James L. Maude; Thomas T. Weight. REFER TO Hon. Simeon Draper, New York. Messrs. Lee & Waller, " 1 Messrs. H. B. Claflin A Cos, New York. Glidden A Williams, Boston. ‘ * Hovey A Cos., Smith, Wood A Cos., St. Louis. Appleton, News A Cos, •’ R McCready A Cos, Cincinnati. Charles L. Colbv A Cos., Savannah, Ga- ' Thoe, Metcalf, Esq., Augusta, Oa. Robert Campbell, Esq., “ Ju9 cod4w flipping. ■jyjEKCIIANTSMLINE SAILING VESSELS. REGULAR WEEKLY LINE OF CLIPPER SCHOON ERS FOR NEW YORK. The undersigned intend to keep up a regu'ar weak ly line of Cist class Sailing Vessels plying between Sa vannah and the above port, with superior accommo dations for passengers and the very best facilities for delivering freight in good order, at low rates, with promptness aad despatch. Particular attention given to forwarding goods from New York. Charles l. colby a co., JulS cor. Bay and Abercorn streets. yOR NEW YORK. FREIGHT AND PASSAGE. THE FINE A1 CLIPPER SCHOONER RUTH H. BAKER. Will commence loading for the above port on Mdhday the 21st Inst., at foot of Whitaker street, and will clear on Thursday, the 29th. Has superior accommodatious for passengers. First Cabin, S3O. Steerage, sls. Apply to C. L. COLBY & CO., iu2o 10 Comer Bay and Abercorn sts. STEAMER FOR SALE An Iron SIDE-WHEEL HIGH PRESSURE RIVER STEAMER. Drawing 22 inches of water. Hall 165 feet long; 26 feet Beam ; 6 feet 6 inches depth of hold has two in clined Engines. 20 inches diameter of cylinder, 0 feet stroke. Also, a Donkey Steam Pump. The lower deck is clear for freight, and the passenger accommo dation is above. She is well adapted for trad eon a shoal water river. Is entirely new, well and substan tially built, and will be sold at a bargain. Apply to PUSEY, JONES A CO., Iron Steamboat Building, Wilmington, Delaware. jul7 lm it) 0 t £ I S , pORT KOVAL HOC BE, HILTON HEAD, S. 0. RIDDELL Sc RUGG, Proprietors. E. 8. RIDDELL, M F. ROOD. J“ 3tf pULASKI HOUSE, SAVANNAH, GA. BARTELS A RIDDELL, Proprietors. J. O. BARTELS, -*■ E. S. RIDDELL. ftl3-‘.f . JORLIN & KIENZLE WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN ALES, WINES AND LAGER BIER O • U R HOUSE, 165 BAY STREET, Jn2l ts BRO. & BURKE, WHOLESALE DEALERS \ IN ALES, WINES AND LIQUORS, Corner Whitaker Street and Bat Lane, ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED AND DELIVERED. Ju2l t gEA ISLAND HOTEL. OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, TUESDAY, JUNE 20rn, 19C5. . This new Hotel, situated on the most desirable spot on the eastern bank of Hilton Head Island, affords a fine view of the Pier, Bay, Ocean, and surrounding Islands. The scenery is quite as pleasing and inter eating, in every respect, as the famous watering place of Newport, R. 1., and is altogether as comfortable and healthful a place to spend the summer months.— It has a fine bard smooth Beach, seventeen miles long affording a more charming drive than the celebrated Beach at Nuhaat, Mass., and as fine sea bathing as at that place or Cape May. The House has over seventy large, airy rooms, and verandahs on three sides of all the stories ; the furni ture is entirely new, and the tables will be furnished with the best that can be procured here ur.d in-the Northern markets. Every effort will be made to ren der the Hotel all tbattho most fastidious can desire. Billiard Rooms and tea Bathing houses will soon be In readiness for guests. Ju23 ts [OIROUEAB.j OFFICE CHIEF MEDICAL DIRECTOR, District of Savannah, June 18, 1845. When enlisted men in this District are fit subjects for discharge from service, the Medical Otlicer ot the Regiment to which, the man belongs, will bring the man before the Medical Exmining Board, now in session in Savauuah, etu., with the discharge papers properly, made out. The recommendation of this Board is necessary in all cases for discharge of enlisted men from service. JOHN TRENOR, Ja,, Burgeon of Vols., Ju.o-7 Chief Med. Officer Pis, of Savannah. T~ 0 SHIPPERS OF COTTON AND OTIfOR SOUTHERN PRODUCE. FENNER, BENNETT & BROWN, Successors to Hotchkiss, Fenner & Bennett. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 40 Vessv Street, .i.icw Yoax. And Memphis, Term. Thomas Fokib, Henbt Benheit, D. W. Bowman. jul9 6m fck'J'HE HOSPITAL TRANSCRIPT. ’’ The paper above named is published at Hlltbn Head S. C., by M. J. McKenna, It Is designed by the Publisher to make an Interest lng and Instructive Paper, not only for SICK AND WOUNDED SOLDIERS, but a WELCOME WEEKLY VISITOR to all residents of Hilton Head. It will contain Original LOCAL NEWS, a summary of NORTHERN NEWS, and carefully Selected MIS CELLANEOUS ITEMS. ju3-tf JpOR SALE. >■ T ON BOARD CITY PORT AU PRINCE, 100'bbls. CEMENT, 60 tons EASTERN BAY, jott GAPIK * CNCKLEB. gWEATNAM’S VARIETIES. (CORNER BKOCOUTOK AND JEFFERSON STREETS.} (Formerly St. Andrew's Hall.} W. P. Sv.-eatnam Sble Lessee and Manager M. FsEBERTavsER Musical Director SATURDAY EVENING. JUNE 26, 1966. By popular wish, will be reproduced the beautiful and affecting Drama of MICHAEL ERLE. THE MANIAC LOVER. Michael Erie—the Maniac Lover Mr. Phil Milton Philip Darvillc J. W. Corner Miles Melville, (her re-appearance] La Belle Louise Andrew Adze VV- P. Sweatnam David Gilliflower—a Gardener,] E. VV. Blance Stephen Wm. Wallace Dame Woodward Mtss Elsie St. Leon Julia Spring, [with Song,] Miss Lottie Howland Mary woodward Miss Maude St. Leon Overture, Orchestra Song, Comic, Mr. Wallace Grand Fancy Dance, La Belle Louise Song, lin Character,] - - Miss Lottie Howland Champion Jig, - ■ - Master Charlie Overtcbs, OrcHbera To conclude with the laughable Farce of THE ARTFUL DODGER: On, Bc&xino for a Wits. Mr. J. W. Camer -as - Lollypop Cards of Admission 76c. Orchestra Seats $1 00 Colored Boxes (up-stairs} Tsc. Doors open at 7X. Overture begins at B]f • Special Notice. —Ales, Wines, Tobacco, Ac., may be obtained at the Refreshment Saloon, adjoining the Hall, day and night Jez6-1 jQRUGS, MEDICINES AND CHEMICALS. A choice selection of DRUGS, MEDIOINE3, CHEMICALS, PATENT MEDICINES and TRUSSES, JEST LANDED FROM NEW TORK. Apothecaries, Planters, and traders from the interi or, can be supplied at the shortest notice, I cau warrant every article as being pure. A large quantity of European LEECHES, finest quality. All the Patent Medicines extant on hand. One hundred eases Jacobs' Dysenteric Cordial. ALL WILL BE SOLD LOW FOR CASH, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. AT APOTHECARIES’ HALL, Corner Broughton and Barnard streets. N, B.—Fresh Garden Seeds. W. M. WALSH, Jnl6-3m Proprietor. TO CONTRACTORS. ENGINEER’S OFFICE. 1 Atlas.tic andOcu Railroad. r Savannah, Ga., June 80, 1866.) Proposals will be received at this office until the sth of July next for the reconstruction of the Atlantic and Gals Railroad; including all Bridging and Track laying and famishing of all Material except Iron,from tbe Little Ogeechee Br.dge, Inclusive, to the Main Bridge of the Altamabo, including Morgan Lake Tres tle. > The work to be completed within sixty (60} days froin the date of contract, J. T. STONE, Chief Engineer. Office In Stoddard's Building, tip stairs, opposltethe Post Office. Augusta papers copy one week and send bill to Sa vaunah Republican office. Jq21 1 ts JpiNANCIAL. REMOVAL. James H. Falconer, late Thomas Dixon, Dealer in Foreign Exchange, has removed to 49 William, be tween Wall tod Hne streets, New York. Bills on the Royal Bank of Liverpool in sums to snit purchasers. Ju2l-2w St MURDOCK, . AGENTS FOR ISRAEL R. SEAL 7, Wholesale Dealers in ALES, WINES andIMPORTED LIQUORS, Os all Kinds and Qualities. No. 6, MERCHANTS' ROW, Hilton Head, S. C junel lmo QjCßai GLAB9I! ' ——— . D. S. SCUANCK A SON, (Formerly Scbanx A Downing,} Established 1867. Importers and Dealers t FRENCH WINDOW, COACH, CAn, and PICTURE GLASS. —ALSO,— COLORED AND ORNAMENTAL GLASS, ROUGH PLATE GLASS FOR FLOORS and SKYLIGHTS, From X to IX inches thick. OLD DEPOT, 45 AND 47 CHAMBERS STREET, NEW YORK. jnl3-lmo PERKINS A CO. ’ COMMISSION MER C H ANTS , No. 66 Bboad Street, ... — • to .ts NEW YORK., JalQ lm Q.KO. B. CHUMP A VO., 7 AUCTION AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 809 Bboad Strut, Augusta, Qa. Ju2Q SB