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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, July 08, 1865, Image 3

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ItO C V L MATTERS. Installation of Officer*. ft Oglethorpe Lodge No. —I.O. O. F.—On ■Tuesday evening last the following officers ■elect were installed: | N. G—Robt. H. Footman. ■ V. G.—C. F. Presthn. I Secretary—Charles Gross. I Treasury—Wm. J. Clcmenoe ■ O. G.—U. L. S. Buntz. 1 Magnolia Encampment No. 1, I. 0. 0. F.— fCn Wednesday evening the following officers Itleet were installed: B§ C. P.—David Bailey. I| H. P.—Charles Groves. ■ Senior Warden—J. Holbrook Estill. IS Junior Waiden—J. H. Van verst James Haupt. s Fresh Lemon* Strep. —Robt. H. Tatem, corner of Jefferson and McDonough streets, *dvc rtises fresh Lemon Syrup. Departure: of I’koops.—Yesterday after noon the 47th Pennsylvania Veteran Volun t®r;, Coi. J. P. S. Gobin, departed from /wjvannau for Columbia South Carolina Fire. —-On Tuursday afternoon last, the JBmaey of the residence of Mr. A. H. Wa fjfir, east side of Liberty Square, was dis s Covered on fire. By the prompt assistance fflßn ighbors the fire which had extended to ftc roof, was exfifiguiahed. fI&BKIVAL OF THE NfcVADA AT New YORK.— received yesterday from New ■Brk by Messrs. Brigham, Baldwin & Cos., jHtcs that the steamer Nevada, which sailed this port on Saturday, arrived at New jmpk ou Tuesday the 14ih, all right. ■■he Grand Lodge of the State of Geoh* mL- A special communication of the Grand will be convened in the City of Macon fit's: Wednesday in August next. It sincere desire of the Order that a full of delegates be present. News flbers friendly to the Order will please no- ■Bine Bottled Ale.— We are indebted to ■B James Leavy for a case of fine bottled Bjfcf the kind which he has for sale at his |||te in Stoddard’s block. It is of excellent MBi’.y, superior to anything we have yet Win the market. Unless used to excess, *l«lf good quality is admitted to be benefi- Ci»l to the system, summer or winter, and »H»elieve Mr. Leavy’s to be as good an aCfjpGe as can be found- of Mules and Hgrses.— Within the past five days the draft mules and horses of Jonh Daiy, Michael Bryan, John Harper «nd pthers ha va? been stolen from prem ises. From information received, it is the impression of the owners ot tin*,property that their animals have been taken to the Islands on the Seaboard occupied by Freedmen. If Jtteh be the case, it is to be hoped that the 'patter will be immediately investigated for the credit of the many honest colored nien who have located on the Islands. - Arrival of the U. S. Transport Idaho.-- This steamer, from Point Lookout, via Por tress Monroe and Charleston, arrived at this port yesterday afternoon. The Idaho had onboard 441 released prisoners from Point I. Os this number many were landed :slcn; the few remaiuihg,- about 125, Damians, Georgians and Floridians, immediately proceed homeward.— te that Point Loohout is now unoc >y prisoners. A few sick, however, at Point Lookout, receiving medical attendance. They are hoping soon to reach ;heir homes. WeJW indebted to Capt. Holmes for -opies ij|f the Wasbington Sunday Morning Jbroniqjh of the 2d inst. PM ' TKE COURTS. PoartaovosT Cocri—Capt. Jas. E. Smith, ftjDGE, > up" Savannah, July 7th, 1865. United States vs. Mary Williams, Catherine fimmerffian, Rebecca Williams and Julia Villiagsfficharged with keeping a disorderly touse a»us*.pg abusive language to a Uui ed State* Policeman, in the (Discharge of his h«yr Add dispensing of liquor to enlisted ten of the w, S. Army. This cate was tried nd argued on the 6th inst., and decision re eled. -Ordered that Juifc Williams in con , fquence ol mitigating circumstances be dis hargtd from custody; Catherine Timmer laa be imprisoned six months, Rebecca Wh ims, four monrhs, Mary Williams, fifteen dys. Counsellor prosecution, F. R s aus . ey, for defence, Hon. P. H. Russell and Wo.- A* Mercer. United States vs. Patrick Cullen, dnink ijland disorderly couduct iu the public R for want of evidence tae case was ted States vs. Sarah Farrell, ‘‘drunken pd using abusive language to U. S. knan iu the discharge of his duty. Plea pity ; verdict, guilty. Fine tea dollars It days imprisonment, led States vs. Wade Collins (colored,) ling. Inconsequence ofwaatofevi f the prisoner was discharged lrom cus (Counsel lor defendant, P. M. Russell, led States vs. M. Reich, T. L. Belle, lone CC Cos., P. Coay—Violation of or- I Street Department; No. 5. Plea, not I fined $j each. Prosecutor for the I States, D. Fitzgerald, Inspector Third n' | States vs. Miles Tomlin and Sordan Ueft. Plea, not guilty; verdict, not Prosecutor for United States, An- Jiiiday; for defendant, P. M. Ras- Steles vs. Thomas Tfilson—Rob ase postponed from 3d inst. Or it the prisoner be discharged. Coun- P- M. Bussell and Geo. A. States vs. Edward Fecnock—Rob iea, not guilty. Ordered that the be discharged from custody. United States vs. Isaac (colored) —Larceny from the house. Plea, not guilty; verdict, guilty. Ordered that the prisoner be con fined in jail for five months. Counsel for United States. P. M. Russell. District Provost Codrt—Hon. Ebex Par- sons, Jr., Judge Presiding: Savannah, July 7, 1865.—John Reily vs. Adolph Johnstou—recovery of wages. Par ties having failed to appear in accordance with summons issued the case is dismissed. J. Davis vs. Bernard Stamm—unlawfully appropriating from concern. Amicably set tled bv consent of court; counsel for plaintiff Hon M. Benedict; for defendant F. \V. John son. Esq. i Kirlin & Kienzle vs. O’Meara &Cos., stated action on account. Judgment for plaintiff in the sum of one hundred and three dollars and fifty cents with cost of suit. JP. B. Marsh vs. O’Meora & Cos., stated action on account. Judgment for plaintiff in the sum of one hundred and forty dollars and seventy cents with cost of suit. Tinah Jones (colored) vs. Jacob Spang— recovery of personal property. Plaintiff having failed to make out his case, it was or dered that the possession of the property (buggy) claimed by plaintiff remain with de iendant. Counsel for plaintiff F. W. John son, Esq,; for defendant J. R. Saussy, Esq. Thomas Penuiman (colored) vs. Samuel Chapman (colored)—Judgment for plaintiff for the sura of $43 25, with, coats ot Court. It appearing to the Court that an order granted by the lion. Ebeu Parsons, Jun., Provost Judge of the District of Savannah, to the effect “ That the said plaintiff recover and collect of defendant the sum of $43 25, aud upon failure to collect the sum at once, that a sufficient amount of his effects shall be seized and sold to liquidate the sum above specified, together with the costs of court,” has not been obeyed; it is again ordered that a wagon, the property of defendant, be seized and sold at public outcry tor the highest sum that can be obtained lor the same; out of the proceeds of said sale the said judgment and costs shall be paid—the surplus, if any there be, to be paid into the registry of this Court, subject to the order of the defendant. The Provost Marshal will see to the execution of this order. Counsel for plaintiff, Hon. T. E. Lloyd; for defend ant, F. W. Johnson. Maria King (colored) vs. Samuel Lewis (colored) —Recovery of pent claim, $4 00. It appearing to the Court that defendant has vacated the premises occupied by him, it is ordered that judgment be entered up against him by default in the sum of four dollars, and that he pay the amount within two days, together with the costs of court, and upon failure to do so, he be attached for contempt. R. Williams vs Mrs. Paper, recovery of debt. Ordered that plaintiff do recover against the defendant the sum of eleven dol lars aud fifty cents with costs of Court, and the amount of judgment and costs be pud on Monday July 10th, and upon failure to do so that defendant’s personal effects be attached to liquidate the amount of judgment and costs. / John Wilte vs. Philip Boots, unlawful re tention of personal property. It appearing to the Court that the defendant unlawfully and without proper warrant retains from plaintiff a “work bench,’' and having failed to answer in obedience to the summons is sued, it is ordered that the defendant de liver to plaintiff the article in controversy, and upon failure to do so, the Provost Mar shal is requested to see to the execution of this order. . David Delaney vs. Fred. Law [colored), recovery of rent. Ordered that the plaintiff do recover from defendant the sum of twen ty-six dollars, and that the be paid within Ihe space of ten days. Upon failure to pay within the specified time, the premis es be vacated by defendant. Alfred Jones vs. Susan Greenwood—recov ery of rent claim $7 50. Parties having failed to appear in obedience to summons is sued, the case is ordered to be stricken from the docket. John F. Tucker, agent, vs. Mr?. Berrie— recovery of rent. Ordered that plaintiff re cover lrom defendant the sum of $4, with costs of court; and that the same be paid within the space of ten days, updn failure to do so the premises to be vacated. John F. Tucker, agent, vs. Mr. O'Brien— recovery of. rent. Ordered that plaintiff do recover from defendant the sum of fifty-four dollars with costs of court; upon failure to pay the same within twenty days defendant to Vacate premises. John F. Tucker, agent, vs. Patrick Mc- Guire—recovery ot rent. Ordered that plain tiff do recover from defendant the sum of fifty-four dollars with costs of suit or vacate the premises within ten days. Johu F. Tucker, agent, vs. Jeremiah Mur phy-recovery of rent. Judgment for plain tiff’ in the sum of seventy-eight dollars with costs of suit or defendant vacate the premises in ten days. John F. Tucker vs. Mrs. Minnia Gracia, recovery of rent. Ordered that plaintiff re cover from ihe defendant $42.00, or that de fendant vacate the premises within 20 days. John F. Tucker, Agent, vs. Mrs. Mans field, recovery of rent. Judgment for plain tiff in the sum of $30.00, or vacate the prem ises within thirty days. John F. Tucker, Agent, vs. Mrs. Mal comson, recovery of rent. Judgment for plaintiff in the sum of $24.00 or that defen dant vacate the premises within twenty days. Johu F. Tucker, Agent, vs. Flora Price [colored], recovery of rent. Judgment for plaintiff in the sum of $33.50c., or that de fendant vacate th* premises wilhin 20 days. John F. Tucker vs. Rose [colored], reco*v ery of rent. Judgment for plaintiff in the sum of thirty dollars, or that defendant va cate the premises within twenty days. Financial and Commercial. Savannah, July 7, 1865. Remarks. After the confusing influence of four years of blockade restrictions, we find it difficult to prepare satisfactory financial and com mercial reports; but the markets are gradu ally assuming the steadiness which naturally follows after so long a period of constants fluctuations, and the complete resumption of a reliable currency and settled political pol icy. The port of Savannah was opened on the Ist of July, with Hon. Wyliy Woodbridge as Collector. The Customs Department will soon be thoroughly organized, with efficient officers superintending all branches. Financial and Monetary Affairs. Exchange.— Sight bills on New York for the past week have been selling at par to I per cent, buying rates 1 per cent. In Ster ling nothing doing. With time paper a lim ited busiaew was done, aud rates are irregu lar. Specie. —A few purchases of gold made at 30 to 35 per cent premium ; it is selling at #5 j to 40 per cent. Silver is purchased by Bro-1 kers at 86 to 40 per cent premium. It is’res Id at a small advance, there is a limited inquiry. Stocks and Bonds. —A comparative busi ness is doing in Stocks and Bonds; very lew are offering, and prices too irregular for quo tation. Bank Bills. —Several sales of Bank Bills old issue, have been made during the past week, We offer the following as fair Bro kers quotations. Central Rail Rond and Banking Corapaay of Georgia. 50 cents. Georgia Rail Road and Banking Company. 50 cents. Marine Bank of Savaunah, 40 cents. Bank of Savaunah, 40 cents. Bank of Middle Georgia (Macon) 40 cts. Other banks varying from 10c. to 20 cts. Commercial. Freights.— Owing to limited transport;.- tion from Augusta,owners of private stean ers and flats are charging $lO per bale freight to Savannah. On up river freights 3c. per lb. is charged. Cotton to New Yom by steamer 3-4 e. per lb., sailing vessels l-2e. Insurance. —Marine risks are’hot quotable, the rates charged varying from 1-2 to 1 per cent, by steamer and 1-4 additional for sail ing vessels. Rates on up river freights 3-t to 2 1-2 per cent according to drain* stances. Cotton Market. For Upland Cotton the demaud has been fair, holders have not evinced much dispo sition to sell, as they have adopted the plaL of shipping their stocks to northern markets ou their own account. We quote Good’ Middling 35e. per lb., predicated on the con dition of its being in good order. In Sea Island Cotton, of which there is a limited stock, a few transactions have beeu made at 45 to 55c. per lb. General Markets. Hides. —Owing to freight being refused by steamer on dry hides to New York, sales were made by farmery at 7c per lb. Sales from store or by commission have been made at 9 to 10c. Lumber. —There is no yellow pine scant ling or lumber offering iu Savaunah. The only article offered is spruce pine. Scant ling, assorted sizes, $34 per M feet; spruce boards, S4O to SSO jper M feet. A limited business is doing. Timber. —Messrs. McLeod & Bro., who are enterprising men jn this trade, have cleared tor a Northern port ftie only cargo of hewn yellow pine timber. The destruction of all mills in Savannah and on the Savannah River has much interfered with the people of Geor gia and South Carolina, bordering on the Savannah River, in this trade. Flour.— We quote as follows, and report stock adequate: Superfine, s9o $lO. Extra, sll. Choice, sl2, Corn,—Stock large find demand limited. At retail we quote prime yellow at $1,50 per bushel at retail; and prime white $1,60 for 50 bushel or upwards. White can be bought for $1,40. Hat.— Eastern, per bale, cf good quality i9 selling $2 40 per bale; Northern $2 25. Sales of Northern were made on the wharf on Thursday at $1 50 per bale. Oats. —Ou shipboard sales were made dur ing the week at $1 10 per bushel, from store $l 25. Bran—ls selling from store by retail at $4 pet ewt.; by quantity at $3 50. The stociA is limited. Molasses. —A fair stock is new iu the mar ket. and to suit purchasers. We give the following as quotations: Pqrto Rico, pergai- j lon, 60c.; Porto Ilieo, a clear and better arti cle, 65 to 75c; Golden Syrup, 75c to $1 per gallon. Stock heavy and demand light. Sugars —Are in fair demand, and we quot§ ! as follows: Dark Muscovada, 14c alqc ; Por to Rico, 16c.; Clarified C, 17ca17 l-2c; Clari fied B, 18 l-2c al9c; Clarified A, 20c a‘23c; Crushed, 23c a24c; Pulverised, 23c a24c. Coffee. —From the interior trade a liberal inquiry has been made during the past week. Quotations can be with safety given as fol lows : Rio, 33 to 40 cents; San Domingo, 33 cents; Jamaica, 34 to 35; Laguyra, 33~t0 35; Java, 40. Salt. —For Liverpool a liberal inquiry is made. The sales of the week have been of a retail character, at $4 per sack. Teas, —Black, $1 to $1 4b: Green, $1 to $1 75. Butter.— Goshen, 40 cents; Western, 34 to 36. Lard.— Leaf, 18 to 20 cents. Rick.— No stock offered. Sales confiueil to City Store, No. 2, whereat is selling at 9 cents per pound. Halt Liquors. —Ale of all brands, sls per bbl; Lager Beer, sl6 per bbl—half bbls, $8; Ale and Porter, by the case of two dozen, $6 to $6 50. Liquors and Winks —Rectified Western W 7 his key, $3 per gal; Choice Bourbon, 87 50; Sherry Wine, $4 75 to $8 per gal; per dozen in case, sl2 to 16; Port Wine, $6 per gal; per dozen in case, sl4 50; Claret, per dozen, $8 50 to sl2; .Champagne Wines—Pure Heidsick, imported, $42 per dozen; Royal Crown, S4B per dozen. Meats.— Market bare of prime stock; se cond class stock only offering at, rates from 12 1-2 to 15 cents per pound, retailing at 20 cents per pound. J|rribals, PULASKI HOUSE, JULY T. F £ Wilder, H Head, SC, (JnoT Leo, St Mary Geo R Black, Oa, |Wm II Kelly, St Mary G W Huntingdon, USS JChas H Robens, St Mary Cbas C Sawyer, 3eth Me Moulton Emery, Charleston M C Dixon. H Head . tl C Hamilton, S C Mrs G Tackabarry, H llead| i’hos Murray, S C Jas J Cox, Capt 56 NV V iE M Prendargasi, Savannah Jas Dußuia, Capt Dtf N Y Vi SEA ISLAND HOTEL, (HILTON HEAD,) JULY 6. C Robenos, U|S N |W Cantwell, H Head C Barry, USX |HC Hamilton. Beaufort R H Ryan, U 8 N J F Conner, Charleston H C Maeanley, Ohio C Lynch, Charleston Capt G C Moutlal, 30 Mo Vj W McKing, Savannah Lt j D HarVilL, 30 Me Vols,S W Tilled,sutler 166 NY V A C Williams. 30 Mo Vols C T WUson, PM, USA J Bdckallover, H Head IJ B Stowenel, Jr, P M Clerk C A Fisk. Capt A A D C, Sa- JW Brigdeu. PM.USA vannah, ' W W Brigden. P M Clerk C 0 Hallett, 103 US C T J T Lee, US N H A Webber, NY W H Kelly, U S N W J Randolph, Beaufort |G F Howe., US N PORT ROYAL HOTEL (HILTON HEAD) JULY 6. Miss Weatherby, Charleston jL Turner, St Helena H C Macaulee, H Head Lt W H Root, IT Conn V H V Rugg, Savannah |J S Bell, S C C M Hamilton, Beaufort • Lt G■ W Guthill, 103 US C T C H Smith, Fla v J Murray, Beaufort W A Sigler & wife, N Y Capt J Cox, 66 N T Vols J Jenkins, St, 1C B Mowy, St Helena |Mppi«o Jntellf genet. PORT OF S AVANNAH, JULY 7 ; 1566. Arrived, U S Transport Detroit, Wilcox, Hilton Hc.v); with 4,000 sack- at*. I S Trun. port Idaho. Holmt.;, Fortrtß* Monroe, via Charleston, with released prisoners. Steam* er U S Grunt, Briggs, Hilton Hen<J, with .malls aud pae» • igors. Ste uner Island City, Ketchum, Tsle of Hope, Col Freeborn’s flat boat tr im Amrnsta with 134 bates cotton. Flat boat from Augivun with &4 bales of cotton on government account, ami 2.5 on private account.| Cleared. List of cleared from Port of Port Royal. S C—July 3 bark Annio. Kimball. New York; sch’r Hampden Belle, Philadelphia: British schr Floy, Charleston—July t sloop Anna. Darien, Ga: bark Houston, New York. V S Transport Oreeuman. Hilton Head. Steam. 6t Oneots, Norris. Hilton Head. Steamer Finilie, Han is, Hilton Head. Steamer Island City. Ketchum Isl<*of Hope. U S naval steamer Philadelphia Gillespie, Port Royal. U S Transport Salvor, Chichester, Hilton Head lapping. LINE, . FOR NEW YORK. The new and elegant steamship AMERICA Oapt. Clift, will leave for the above port on SATURDAY, JULY Sra. * . At 5 1-2 o’clock, P. M Fov Freight or passage apply to BfIIGHAM, BALDWIN & CO., JPOR BALTIMORE. The fine packet schooner G. W. GRICE, Lewis mas ter, will have quick despatch for the above port For freight apply to jy6-tf BRIGHAM, BALDWIN & CO., LINE SAILING VESSELS REGULAR WEEKLY LINE OF CLIPPER SCHOON ERS FOR NEW YORK. The undersigned intend to keep up a regular week ly line of first class Sailing Vpusels piyiug between Sa vannah and the above port, with superior accommo dations for passengers and the very best facilities for delivering freight in good order, at low rates, with promptness aud despatch Particular attention *lven to forwarding goods from New York. CHARLES L. COLBY A CO,, * jnlS cor. Bay and Abercora strp its. JJIVER STEAMER FOR SALE. *8- ,• An Iron SIDE-WHEEL. HIGH PRESSURE BTVER STEAMER, Drawing 22 inches of water. Kail 156 feet long; 26 feet Beam; 5 (eet (i inches depth of hold; has two in clined Engines. 20 Inches diameter of cylinder, (1 feet stroke. Also, a Donkey Steam Pump. The lower deck is clear for freight, and the passenger accommo dation is above. She U well adapted for trade on a shoal water river. Is entirely new, well and substan tially built, and will be sold at a bargain. Apply to PUSKY, JONES A CO., Iron Steamboat Building, Wilmington, Delaware. Jim lm fJMIE SAVANNAH NATIONAL BANK IS NOW PREPARED FOR BUSINESS, • AT TUB BANKING HOUSE, IN THE EXCHANGE Deposits and Paper for Collection received. Bills on Northern Cities purchased. Checks on New York famished. , L C. NORVELL, President. JACOB SPIVEY, Cashier. ninroTons : L. C. Nonvni.x, I Feancis Sojisklu Nobus A. Haedet. t J. W. Lathbov, Robert Erwin. HENRY S. FITCH, Notary and Solicitor. Savannah. 25th, 1«65. * TREASURY DEPARTMENT, 1 Orrice or Compteouj® or the Cdeernov, > Washington, June 10tb, I3*k.. ) Whereas, By patir,factory evidence presented to the undersigned, it has been made to appear that “Tub Savannah National Bank,” hi the City of Suvannah, in the County of Chatham, and State of Georgia, has oeen duly organised tinder and according to the re quirements of the Act of Congress entitled “ An Act to provide a National Currency, secured by a pledge of United States bonds, and to provide for the circulation and redemption thereof,•• approved June 3, 18C4, and has complied with all the provisions of said Act re quired to be complied with before commencing the . business of Banking under said Act: Now, therefore, L Freeman Clarke, Comptroller of the Currency, do hereby certify that “Tile Savannau National Bank," in the city of Savannah, in the County of Chatham, and State of Georgia, is author ised to commence the basin ess of Banking under the Act aforesaid. In testimony whereof, witness my band and seal cf offloe. this 10th day of Jane, 1856. FREEMAN CLARKE. [No. 1256,] Comptroller of the Currency. ju26 2moo TO CONTRACTORS. ENGINEER’S OFFICE- 1 ') Atlantic and Quit Railroad. > Savannah, Ga., June 20, 1266. j Proposa.s will be received at this office until the sth of July next for the reconstruction of the Atlantic and Gulf Railroad: including ail Bridging and Track laying and furnish lug of all Material except Iron, from the .Little Ogeechec Br.dge, Inclusive, to the Main Bridge of the Altamaha, including Morgan Lake Tres tle. The Work to be completed within sixty [Boj days lroia the dale of contract. J. T. STONE, Chief Engineer. Office in Stoddard’s Building, up stairs, oppositethe Post Office. • Augusta papers copy one week and send bilf to Sa VATiflAh Rhiiiihlirun r»mr»P ts * 4nOl J£IRUN, BURKE, A BRO., WHOLESALE DEALERS in ALES, WINES AMD LIQUORS, Cobweb Wurman: Stbut am> Bat Lanb. ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED AND DELIVERED. Arnttsements. TriEAFrLbi. . ‘ = SWBATNAM HAS REMOVED. Jf- D- Sweat*am Sole Lessee and Manager Mg. Phil Milton....- Bta»e Manasse M. Frebketutseb ..Mnricai Directa SATURDAY EVENING, JULY 8, 1866. The Celebrated Melo-Drama of JACK SHEPPARD, Miss Lottig Howland os Jack Sheppard . '.ln Ist and 8d Act.j La Belle Louise as Jack Sheppard (In 2d Act.) W. P. Sweatnfnn as Jonathan Wild E. W. Blance as Blnesk:n H. Hunter as Squire Roland Trenchard Supported by Messrs. Milton, Stanwood and Wallace. Song and Dance ; Billy Frear GRAND PATRIOTIC BALLAD AND TABLEAUX. Cartta of Admission 75c. Orchestra Seats $1 o 0 Colored Hoses (upstairs} 76c. Doors open at 7X. O verture begins at 8^ Special Notice. —Ales, Wines, Tobacco, Ac., may be obtained at the Refreshment Saloon, adjoining the Hall, day and night. jyU-i • "JJNION THEATRE. HILTON HEAD. A. H. Davenport and L. Foekxt Pkoprixtom. FIFTK WEEK OF TOE SEASON-UNPARAL LELED SUCCESS. COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT k -ro- MISS FLORENCE LA FOND. SATURDAY EVENING, JULY 6,18 M. When will be presented A Bill of Extra osdinabt Attraction. Consisting of the Beautiful Drama of THE 1D1.6T WITNESS; * Ob, A Tau op Blood. And the Oele brated Play of • JACK SHEPPARD. Jyß 1 LECTURE. I Mb. Mostimir Thomson, more generally known aa ”0, K. PHILANDER DOESTICKS, P. B, M Will deliver his Versified Humorous Lectors on P L U ' C K . AT TUB • * SOLDIERS’ CHAPEL, HILTON HEAD, (HI SATURDAY EVENING, JULY 8, 1856. . Tickets, fifty Cents. m iiiiVm*- |«s*aiirantg,|t, OLAMSI CLAMS! . I have the best Clama at Hilton Head, and the best Cooks, in proof of which statement I adduce the fol lowing testimony from Mr. Beuja Honey’s advertise ment in the Savannah Daily Herald, of the hurt or two: “There is no man in Pprt Royal that can serve up Claras in every style better than Mr. FiUgerald, at the Eagle Saloon, in rear of the Post Office. “Them (s Whekk tuc Laugh Comm In.” My dear Ben tve wish you a long life and a merry one. In addition to the shove luxury, we furnish as good a meal aa ran be obtained at Hilton Head, or aixg other place in this Department. GIVE US A CALL, And w 4 feel confident that you will leave <mr estab lishment satisfied that whatever we advertise yon will find to be correct. Cos not forget our old eetabliehed bouse, in the rear of Post Office. PETER FITZGERALD, ju3o , Proprietor. STILL LIVE; AT— THE O P P I C E, •* NO. IV MZBC3ANTS' 2-ow, HILTON HEAD. B. C BENJAMIN HONEY, Pbotbietob. Just received front the North— BEEF, • MUTTON, ‘ VEAL, • PORK, TURRETS, CRICEENB, PIBH. _ GAME- * TURTLE* —xieo— Received from the Plantations every morning— CHICKENS, VEGETABLES- Ac. ICE CREAM. WITH FANCY CAKES. The inner man must and aball be preserved. ICE WATER, FREE FOR EVERY BOOT. N B.—Wbv does my friend in the rear of the Pom Office discontinue to say where the latych cornea in f juneK -tl riAj SHIPPERS OF CoT*ON AND OTHER X SOUTHERN’ PRODUCE. FENNER, BENNETT & BOWMAN* Successors to Hotchkiss, Fenner & Bennett. COMMISSION MERCHANTS** No. 40 VtsxT Stkmt. Yobs. And'Memphis, Tenn. Too mas Fswueb, He>b y Burncrr, D. W. Wwka*. jy6 6m S' I'tUi.Ua, A jauiiAAMT ' if Merchants' Row, Hilton Head, S. C. Call the attention of Wholesale and Retail purchase!* tp their superior stock of MILITARY AND NAVAL CLOTHING AM) FURNISHING GOODS. _ Watches, Clocks, fancy Goods, Jewelry, and Plated Ware, Swords, bashes, Belts. Km broideries, 800 la, Cap# Field Glasses, Gauntlets loves, Ac., Ac, Ac.