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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, July 18, 1865, Image 3

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LOCAL MATTE R S._ Serenade to Gen. Brauuan. Brev. Maj. Gen. J. M. Brannon, com manding the District ol Savannah, was serenaded at the Pulaski House last evening. The band of the 30th Maine Volunteers, E. M. Gammon, leader, fur nished the music, playing a number of pieces of music in beautiful style. A large con course was gathered in .Tohnsan square on the occasion, and a great number of the friends, military and civil, of Gen. Brannan paid their respects to him within doors. Ready for Launching. —Mr. Hawkes, of the firm of Krenson & Hawkes, has ready for launching at his shipyard, east of the River Lock of the Savannah and Ogeechee Canada beautiful schooner. River Steamer for Sale To-day. —Messrs. Bell & Christian will sell at Auction to-day, the light-draft steamer “General Lee.” A good chance for capitalists. See advertise ment of Lieut. D. R. Knowlton. I Freights.— We should have I stated , that Mr. McAlpiu charged $lO per I bale, instead of $7 50, for freighting cotton 4 from Augusta here on the flat which arrived jl a day or two since. Receipts of Cotton, etc. '—The receipts of cotton yesterday were 712 bales and 210 bales domestics, by flats; and by steamer from Augusta, 041 bales cotton and 210 bales domestics. Escamped on the Bay. —The men of the Andersonville expedition having left the steamer Virginia, on board which they had remained since their arrival, encamped yes terday afternoon upon the grass plot, on the Bay East of the Exchange. The camp con sists of six fine Sibley tents, and the party will probably remain in their present com ortable quarters until such time as transpor ation can be provided for them and their naterials through to Andersonville* Sumter county. The Work on tiie Central Railroad.— Mr. Spratt, firm of Spratt & Callahan, has a gang of about two hundred men at work on ;he Central Railroad. It is already completed for about six miles out, and an engine with me or two cars attached runs over that por ion every day, to and from the construction >arty. The work is being pressed with all mssible vigor. L. J. Guilmartin & Co.—This new firm, composed of old Savannah merchants, have established themselves at J4B Bay street, op ' posite the City Hotel, where they will carry ' on the business of* General Commission Mer ' ahd give particular attention to pro ¥lfuring freights and filling orders for hard ‘mine timber and lumber, cotton, wool, hides, |«c. Captain Guilmartin was formerly well ifinown in town as a merchant on Market afcuare ; Mr. John Flannery has a good repu gfmtion in Savannah as a well-known book- Efteper of superior abilities; and Mr. E. W. ■rummoucl, the other member of the firm, ”I*as long and popularly connected with the Sftmse of J. E. Carlton & Cos. They have re- Mivcd an advantageous location, and possess ■e best of facilities for attending to all busi- Sss in their line. They have large store and .msiness rooms, and have put up a press lor Vjft re-packing of cotton and wool in their (■ablishment, where the work is done '■ Aroughly and in the manner which is most ’ wfituble in the end They also advertise | Wkd pine and spruce boards and scantling ; Agale in lots to suit purcliaseis. The firm * jftmises to be a successful one, and we wish m\i prosperity. !|H THE COURTS. .JBtrict Provost Court —Hon. Ehen Par sons Jr., Judge, Presiding. Savannah, July 17, 16G5. ■' v .It appearing to tbe court that Chas. Ax ora 1 and Moses Axorn have been in the undis turbed and peaceful possession Os. a certain tract or parcel of land, lying and being on White Bluff, in the county of Chatham, and h|ve planted the same; it was ordered that ,tbe above named parties do remain in the lukdisturbed and quiet possession of the land ■mated by them, and that the rights be re- Mected by any person whatsoever, until tbe ■Kp is harvested. Any person violating the order will upon complaint filed and Instantiated be severely punished. Sirs. M. A. Dent vs. E. Kodgers—recovery j^Aebt; claim S3O 66; judgment for plain- Hft iu the sum of S3O 66, aud $L 25 costs of H, and it was ordered that the amount of and costs be paid by the 25th day Pendleton (colored,) vs. Mrs. El ■Bryah. Recovery of wages—claim sl4. Hgiucnt for plaintiff in the sum of seven and $1 25 costs of suit. ■icob Miller, vs. Thos. Baker. Recovery |H<_‘bt —daim sl3, amicably settled by coa- B of court. M. Cooney, vs. Water O’Meara Ac in Chancery lor dissolution of copart- In the matter of controversey be- the parties and to determine the in- Sts of each respetively in the concern, ordered : ■t. That the interest of plaintiff is une Hi, and that of the defendant two-thirds. B. That the liabilites of the co partner be paid out of the proceeds of sale etc. Hi. That Mr. Walter O’Mera remain the Huietor of the Billiard Saloon and con- He the business. METEOROLOGICAL. I [rRKFAKFJ> FOB THE SAVANNAH HERALD.] ftnge of Thermometer for seven days ■ng July 15’ 1865, at Savannah, Ga* ■ 7 A.M. 12 M. 7 P.M. 10 P.M. Av'rge. 84 98, 93 89 91 82 94 87 85 87 ■, 82 93 87 84 ■ 78 . S6« 78 77 79# 70 80 • 77 77 79 ■ i 75 80 82 81 81 ■ 77 84 1 84 81 83>tf A 7914 89X 84 _ 82 Ave. 83 9-14 Rkmoval.— Messrs. Macky, Hogg & Cos., hare removed their Counting House to the south side of Bay street, between Barnard and Jefierson streets, in the Warehouse for merly occupied by Stark, Alexander & Clark. com; me rc i a l . Savannah Market. * Midday, July 17, 1865. Cotton—We report a good inquiry to-day, with sales of 21 bales, viz: 17 bales at 431-4 cents, and 4 bales at 40 cents. Quotations —Uplands—Ordinary, 35 to 38 ; good ordinary, 39 to 40 ; middlings, 46; strict middlings, 47 1-2; good middlings, 48 to 48 1-2 ; fair, 49 to 49 1-4. Wool— A sale of 8 bags of unwashed was made yesterday at 32 cts. per lb. Corn. —The market is holders are firm. We quote in large loyt at $1 25 per bushel. Flour. -jA large supply on hand. From first hands 9ales were made yesterday ot su perfine at $9; Extra Family and choice brands sll. Oats are in fair inquiry at wholesale; the selling raiViis $1 10. Hay.— fcfdrthern, per cwt., in lots, $1 50. Hides.— A fair inquiry lor the article at 8 1-2 to 10 cents. |uribuls, PULASKI HOUSE, JULY 17. M Cohen, Augusta, I L H Chidester, Burke co,Ga Jno Kavanagh, U S N. U Banks & sou, Griffin, Ga, Chas Smith, do FA Robereon, Lt 30th Me, J H Wilier, Augusta, . J Beale, do H C Woodruli; N Y, U C Wilson, Beaufort, 0 E Robinson, Savannah, .Clark Carter, Boston, Mrs A T Johnson, Augusta,l.Judge G Brantly, Wash’s, Mrs C T EdmoudstoiM do IWin A Thomas, do W A Ramsey, do IP F Beardsley, Maine, L Davis, Jo 1 NHewett, 100th XY, J W Rein, Savannah, I Jno H Byrne, Augusta. Jas Berrien, New York, Jno;H;Pillsbury, Portßoyal J F Gibson, Hilton Head, ( J D Barker, do Col 11 U Hopkiu s, Darien, | PORT ROYAL HOTEL, [HILTON HEAD] JULY 10 H F Felt, New York, IG H Beack, Savannah, VV H Shaupe, Ga, J W Gould, Boston, D McDonell, H Head,* > W Root, Savannah, J F Rogers, NJ, IA G LaTaste, Fla, D B Usina, Beaufort, Mrs \V C Smith, Charleston, W H Millen, Savannah. Miss Chase, do M Shannon, do J McSweegen, do D Mann, do J F Wagner, U S N. SEA ISLAND HOTEL,. (HILTON HEAD,] JULY 16. Cipt A W Leonard,lOSUSCTi A C Holmes, Fernandiua, J W Babcock, H Head, | Asst Surg A Leloug, do Lt S J Gallagher, 1-ltliNH V, IW Beard, Savannah, H Hays, Hth Me Vols, |Lt VV VV Gray, 12th 111 Vols Maj H G Nines, Savannah, W C Midgtry, N York, M H Willliams, do J F Gibson, Ga, J Young, do Capt B W Tilton, Head. VV P Lunt,.Boston. A CARD. The undersigned, passengers upon the steamer Helen desire to express to Capt. James K. Reilly, and the officers of said vessel, their appreciation of the kindness aud courtesy which they have experienopd upon the trip from Augusta to Savannah, and they Wg to recommend this steamer to the travelling public as a safe and as a comfortable mode of couveyance. [Signed] John H Pilsbury, John D Parker, F Schus ter, James T Bailie, W A Ramsey, y A Richmond, Phil lip Yonge, Roswell King, T L Ma-senburg, C E Robip sou, I. R Davis, A J Smith. U J Wilson, C A Williams, M Cohen, John H Byrue, James Doig, Wm Hartman, K C Chichester, Wm H Kendrick, Capt VV E Bradley. Savannah River, on board Steamer Helen, | July 17th, 1865. / PORT OF SAVANNAH, JULY 17. Arrived. Steamer Helen, Capt J K Reilly, Augusta. Sunday moruiug, 7 o’clock, passed the Jets Davis on Beig’s Bar, 7 miles below Augusta, aground, bound np. Monday morning, y>£ o’clock, passed the Gen Sh-pley at Morel's Landing, 04 miles, from Savannah, bound up. , Passenoers.— Per Steamer Helen—Mr W H Kendrick, Miss S L Mathews, Miss Susan A Mathews, Miss Chita Kendrick, Mr F L Maseenburg, Mr C E Koatusou, Mrs M Edmondston, Mr T N Johnson, Mr Bailey, lady and 3 . children, Messrs L B Davis, C D Williams, Phillip Yonge, H Chidester, W A Ramsey, John H Byrne, H J Wilson, U J Smith, F Schuster, M Hortiuan, J H Pilsbury, U 8 Treasury Agent J II Parker, Ass’t U S Treas Agt, R King, M Cuheu, H A Richmond, Capt VV E Bradley A servant, and others iu stecrage- Consioneks— Per Steamer Helen—l2s hales cotton and 120 bales domestics audmdze, to Keiu & Cos, Southern Express Company, C L Colby £ Cos, Bell £ Christian, J R Wilder, O Cohen, Wm Battersby, S W Wight, Phillip Yonge, F Schuster, PBMarsh, B Zacharias, GSNichols. Steumey Oneota, Norris, Hilton Head, V Steamer Umelie, Hand, Hilton Head. Steamer Canonicus, Burue, Hilton Head. Capt Gray’s Flat from Augusta, with 104 bales cotton, 85 bales domestics to Adams Express Company. * Capt Fraser’s two Flats from Augusta, with 434 bales cotton to Bell & Christian and Wm Battersby. HOen Young’s Flat, Capt Murray, from Augusta, with 28 bales cotton to Kirlin £ Ktenyle, Colby £ Cos, Oetavus Cohen. Six pontoon boats from Augusta, with ammunition, to Capt S S Starr, A Q M. Steamer Fountain, Costner, New York. Cleared. Steamer U S Grant, Briggs, Hilton Head. Steamer Oneots, Norris, Hilton Head. PORT OF PORT ROYAL, JULY 17. Arrived. July 14—Sloop Eliza, O’Brkn, Savannah; steamer S R Spaulding, Fort Monroe. Cleared, July 15—British schr Dryhu, Behrl, Charleston, HEADQ’RS POST OP SAVANNAH, Savannah, Ga., July 6, 1565. General Orders,) No. 7. / I. It is ordered that on and after this date, no per son be buried at this Post unless the Keeper o( the Graveyard or Cemetery receive a certificate fir, m the attending Physician? or from the Health Officer of the Post, stating' the name, age and cause of death of the deceased in full. This order does not ajiply to officers and soldiers of the U. S. Army. Blank forms may be had by Physicians on application to the Health Offi °®*j, aud no others can be used, ee P t)ra of the Graveyards and Cemeteries will, on the last day of each month, make a fuH report to the proper city official of all interments made during tne mouth at the grounds nndcr their charge. Thu report will be made on the form used under the city ?i^? r to ltle occupation of Savannah by the National Military Forces, in December last. G. All persons who die and whose relations or mends are unuble to give them decent burial will be buried at the expense of the Government. For all such cases application will be made to the Health Of fice*.™ the Poet, who will make requisitions upon the Post Quartermaster for coffins, vehicles to remove the bodies, and for necessary labor. The Post Quarter master is hereby instructed to comply with such re quests of the Health Officer promptly and efficiently, and he is authorized to employ such labor as may be necessary to accomplish this result. By command of , „ *. 4 . Bvt. Brig. Gen. DAVIS. • Moll in, A. A. A. Q. jyß io . HEADQUARTERS POST OF SAVANNAH > Savannah, Ga., July 10, isos. ’ j General Orders,! No. 9. j Hereafter all white or colored persons found loiter ing or idling about the streets, market houses, wharves, or any other place within the limits of this command, will be arrested as vagrants, and if found to be with out any visible means of support, they will be placed at Government work. By Command of Brevet Brig. Gen. DAVIS, Jno. Mullen, A. A. A. G. jylO-7 .afattla. - RANTED. ~ A pleasant, Wei) Furnished Room, for single gentle man. Address G. A. G., Lock Box 116 P. O. JflS 3 a nted, A first rate PILOT for the Altamaha river. Jyl4-lw ERWIN A HARDEE, 0 On the 12th Instant, a Yellow and White Pointer BITCH, abont a month old. Tne finder will be suita bly rewarded by leaving her at B. Stamm's Barber Shop. : 3t ]y!s Macky, hogg £ co., M WHOLESALE AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Having removed to store formerly occupied by Stark, Alexander &. Clark, Bay street, second door west of Barnard, offer to the trade the following artl - deg • 300 bbls Whiskey, 500 bbls Extra Family Flour, 36 'sacks Salt, 125 kegs Lard, 20 bbls White Beans 75 kits Mess Shad, 20 bbls Labrador Herring, 25 tierces Canvassed Beef, 50 hhds Lime, 50 bbls and half bbls No. 1 and 2 Mackerel. Jyl4-6 » -J^OTICE. The Regular Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of the Southern Insurance and Trast Company will be held at the office of the Company, In Savannah, on Wednesday, 19th July, 1806, lor the puipoee of elect ing Directors for the ensuing year, and for the tran saction of such otherbnsiness as may be broaght be fore tbe meeting. JH- BRIGHAM, President, Per J. C. MoNULTY, Assistant Secretary.^ fJH) COTTON SHIPPERS. ALEXANDER HARDEE, COTTON, SHIPPER, —HAS OPENED, ON THE CORNER OF JEFFERSON & BAY STS. For the purpose of t WEIGHING, REPAIRING, REPACKING, SAMPLING, • CLASSING, AND— SHIPPING COTTON FOR THE PUBLIC, AT THE * LOWEST RATES, FURNISHING INK, Ac. Iy7 lm COTTON BROKERAGE. m The undersigned offers his services In the purchase of Cotton and Domestics, and begs to refer to— Edward Padelford, Esq., Charles Green, Esq., Andrew Low, Esq,, Savannah. , H. F. RUSSELL, y7-eod!6 Augusta, Ga. H AY SIXTY BALES HAY, Landing from Steamship America. For sale by JyC-tf BRIGHHM, BALDWIN £ CO, gTOYES 1 STOYES ’ ! 6TOVE9 !! ! Large and small, for Restaurants and Families. All kinds of HOLLOW WARE and Cooking Uten sils, Planters’ HOES, wholesale and retail, by JAMES G. THOMPSON & CO., jll-lrao Behufort. S. C. QTeO. R. CRUMP & CO., AUCTION AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 209 Bboad Street, Auocsta, Ga, ju2o 3m HEADQ’RS DISTRICT OF SAVANNAH, ) Savannah, Ga., July 15, 1865. / General Orders,) No. 60. j In compliance with provisions of General Orders, No. 3, from Headquarters, Department of Georgia, dated Augusta, Ga., JnlylOth, 1865, I hereby relln 2uish the command of the District of Savannah to revet Maj. Gen. John M. Brannon. ' HENRY W, BIRGE, £iyl7 7 Brevet Major General U. S. VolsA HEADQ’KS DEP’T OF-.THE SOUTH, t W Hilton Head, S. C., July 10, 1865. > General Orders,) No. 111. / The following Circular, issued from the “Bureau of Refugees, Freed men and Abandoned Lands,” and ap proved by the Hon. Secretary of War, is published for the information of this command. Its requirements will be strictly conformed to WAR DEPARTMENT, Bnre&u of Refngees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands, Washington, June 13, 1865. Circular, ) No. 7. / In accordance w Jth section 8 of the Act of Congress establishing this Bureau, which provides for the issue of provisions, clothing, and fuel for the immediate ana temporary shelter and supply ot destitute and suffering refugees and freedmen, the Assistant Commissioners of this Bureau will at once make carefnl estimates ot the amounts of provisions, clothing, <kc., as may be needed for the present quarter for the supply of such class of persons as may be within their respective de partments, and they will hereafter, quarterly, make like estimates. All estimates must be approved by the Commissioner of the Bureau prior to issue. Rations, fuel, transportation, and quarters, have been heretofore furnished to teachers ot refugees and freedmen, or to other persons voluntarily laboring for the benefit of sach persons, by certain commanders of departments, posts, Ac., while others have refused to furnish the same. Therefore, in order that there may he uniformity of action and a clear understanding in this matter, the following rules will be adopted, and will take effect and be in force on and after July, 1 1865, to-wit: „ Rations will not be gratuitously laned to teachers of refugees or freedmen, or to other persons voluntarily laboring for the benefit of such persons, but such teachers as are authorized by the Assistant Commis sioners of this Bureau, while actually on duty in their fields of labor, may purchase rations of the Govern ment under precisely the same rules which apply to such purchases when made by commissioned officers of the army. Free transportation will be granted to sach teachers on government transports and military railroads only. Public buildings, or buildings that may have been seized from disloyal owners, not required for military purposes, may be used for occupation for schools, teachers, soldiers’ wirej and refugees. , 0.0. HOWARD, Major General, Commissioner Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, Ac. AprOVed; E. M. STANTON, Secretary of War. By Command of Major-General Q. A. GILLMORE. W. L M. Buboes, Assistant Adjutant General. JyiT * |%fppi»o. piONEER LINK FOR NEW YORK. The U. 8. M. Steamer ZODIAC, Bulkley, Com mander, will sail for the above port on her regular day, THURSDAY. JULY 20th, At o'clock m. For freight or passsga, having superior accommodations, apply to jyls HUNTER A GAMMELL. JjVOR NEW YORK. The A1 fast sailing Clipper Schooner FRANCISCO, W. H. Shoot, Master, Having portions of her cargo engaged, will sail abont WEDNESDAY next. For Freight and passage, apply to BRIGHAM, BALDWIN A CO. JyiT JjVOR NEW YORK. The Clipper Schooner TRADE WIND, Capt. Smith, Will have despatch for the above port. For Freight, apply to HUNTER £ GAMMELL, jyl7-3t 84 Bay street. gTEAMER “GEN. LEE” FOR SALE, AT AUCTI ON. BY BELL A CHRISTIAN, Acotioniees. Pursuant to Instructions of the General Command ing Department of the South, I will proceed to sell at Public Auction, tothe highest bidder, in front of my office, on Bay street, TUESDAY next, 1 Sin lust., at 12 o'clock, M„ Steamer GEN. LEE. DAN’L R, KNOWLTON, jyls Lieut. 178th N. Y. V„ and A A. Q. M. jyjERCHANTS’ LINE SAILING VESSELS. COTTON FOR NEW YDRK The fine Ship CARAVAN, Capt. Jas. Lawler, Is now receiving Frefght for New York, and will clear on THURSDAY, July 20th. Steerage Passage sls Parties wishing to forward merchandise must apply soon, as a large part of her cargo is already engaged. CHAS, L. COLBY. jyl2 Cor. Bay and Abcrcorn sts. 'JVHE IRON STEAMER AMAZON AT AUCTION. BY ISAAC D. LaROCHE. THOS. J. WALSH, Auotioneeb - Will be sold, on FRIDAY, 21st Instant, at 12 o'clock, in front of the Exchange, the Light Draught. IRON STEAMER AMAZON, 159 feet long, 45 feet Beam, 6 feet Hold, Double En gines, Doctor and Machinery, IN PERFECT RUNNING ORDER, Having just arrived with a large freight from Au gusta. This steamer was built expressly for these waters, has a carrying capacity of 1500 to 2000 bales cotton; also capable of towing Flats, Ac., and presents a RARE CHANCE FOR INVESTING. She U now ly<ng at the Georgia Steamboat Yard, where she can be inspected. SALE POSITIVE. TERMS CASH. jylT 5t jyjERCHANTS’ LINE SAILING VESSELS. REGULAR WEEKLY LINE OF CLIPPER 9CHOON. ERS FOR ( NEW YORK. The undersigned intend to keep up a week ly line of first class Sailing Vessels plying between Sa vannah and tbe above port, with superior accommo dations for passengers and the very best facilities for delivering freight in good order, at low rates, with promptness and despatch. Particular attention given to forwarding goods from New York. CHARLES L. COLBY & CO., ju!3 cor. Bay and Abercorn streets. STEAMER FOR SALE, An Iron SIDE-WHEEL, HIGH PRESSURE RIVER STEAMER, Drawing 22 inches of water. Hull 155 feet long; 26 feet Beam; 5 ieet 6 inches depth of hold; has two in clined Engines. 20 inches diameter of cylinder, 6 feet stroke. Also, a Donkey Steam Pump. The lower deck is clear for freight, and the passenger accommo dation is above. She la welt adapted for trade on a shoal water river. Ia entirely new, well and substan tially built, and will be sold at a bargain. Apply to PUBKY, JONES A CO., Iron Sttkmboat Building, Wilmington, Delaware. jul7 lm J^OTICE. The Proprietor of the SAVANNAH CITY FLOUR MILLS, Begs to announce to his numerous patrons that he has made a number of improvements in tbe machinery at tached to his establishment, and ia now prepared to furnish his customers with a full supply of the best GRITS AND MEAL, and everything that can be expected from a FIRST-CLASS MILLING ESTABLISHMENT, He pledges himself to always sell his Goods and do bis work ' 26 PER CENT LESS for the benefit of the citizens, than many of his com petitors. He Is prepared to grind Wheat and Corn at the customary % toll, and in addition will as above stated, always be prepared to furnish his friends with everything in the old style. * His place of business Is at the well-known spot at the FOOT OF BROUGHTON STREET. Jul9-tf COMMISSION AND SHIPPING MERCHANTS, Bay Strict, Opposite Marches’ Chcbou, SAVANNAH, GA. ju2o eodtf « jpiERCE SKEHAjs, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALER In Fine Groceries, Boots and Shoes, Clothing, Foreign and Domestic Wines, Liquors and Segars. Also, Skehan's Celebrated * GOLDEN AIR AND CHAMPAGNE CIDER. In bottle and in wood. London and Dublin Brown Stout, Scotch and Eng lish Ales, Ac. Liberal deductions made to the trade. 176 BROUGHTON STREET, SAVANNAH, and 62 Liberty street, New York. Amusements. VANN AH THEATRE. • ‘ SWEATNAM HAS REMOVED. W. P. Bwkati* am Sole Lessee and Manager M. FaxMEiiiuvsß* Musical Dirccior TUESDAY EVENING, JULY 18, 1806. First Night in Savannah of the Great Sensation Play of NICK OF THE WOODS. Ob, Bloody Nathan. Nick of the Woods,) Bloody Nathan, V Mr.O.D. Brydon The Avenger, j Rowland Forrester Mr. Phil. Milton Roaring Ralph Stark Pole W. P. Sweatnam Telie Doe (an Indian gn:ij La Belle Louise GRAND OLIO—SINGING AND DANCING The performance to conclude with the Laughable Farce entitled PLEASANT NEIGHBOR. Wednesday evening, July 18th, BENEKIT of LA BELLE LOUISE. Dress Circle and Parquette $1 oo Second Tier and Balcony. 75 Amphitheatre « 50 Private Boxes ; $6, $8 and $lO 00 Box m Colored Gallery 75 Colored Gallery 60 Doors open at 7 Jtf. Overture begins at BJg. Special Notiob. —Ales, Wines, Tobacco, &c., may be obtained at the Refreshment Saloon, adjoining the Hall, day and night. jyil .1 ’yolKS' GARTEN, ' " T (Congress st., between Jefiqrson and Montgomery sta.,] t ’ * REGULAR SUMMER SEASON. PROMENADE CONCERTS EVERY NIGHT, BY THB SAVANNAH ORCHESTRA, Prof. E. Ricuteb, Leader, at- Refreshments of the best quality and in every variety. lmo jylO * J^OTICE. OFFICE POST COMMISSARY, » Savannah, Ga., July 10, 18C5. j Sealed Proposals to furnish this Post with eight thousand pounds of Fresh Beef per week for three months, commencing Aug. Ist, and ending Nov. Ist, 1866, will be received at this office until July 20,1866. The Beef to be furnished tri-weekly, and Os good quality, dressed, excluding necks and shanks. Persons making proposals will state the average net weight, quality, etc., of the Beef. Proposals to be opened in public July 20th, and subject to tbe ap proval of the Commissary General. N. H. OGLESBEE. jylO lOt Capt. and Post Comnaiaeary. TO LET, AT HILTON HEAD, S. C. The Palmetto Herald Building having been Newly Fitted Up, now offers large ana airy rooms, suitable for Sleeping Apartments or business purposes. For terms apply to W. S. Sampson, Jr., Box No. 2i, Hilton Head Post Offlec, or on the premises, corner of Merchants' Row and Palmetto Avenue, from 4 o’clock to 6 o'clock p. m. ju22 J R. SOLOMONS, M. D. 'den tist, Prom Charleston, S. C., offers bis services to the cltiaens of Savannah. Rooms at Dr. Clark’s office, Congress street. References.—Dr. Jas. B. Read, Dr. JiPuah Eabbis, . Hon. Solomon Cohen, W. N. lladeeßHam Esq,, ‘nil ts A. A. Solomons & Cos., JMPORTED AND DOMESTIC 'WIJIES AND LIQUORS, AT WHOLESALE, FOB FAMILY USE, AT 207 BAY STREET. ISRAEL R. SEALY & 00. may24-tf jyj-ANNING £ DE FOREST. BANKERS AND BROKERS, No. 19 Wall Street, New York. DEALERS IN GOLD, SILVER, FOREIGN EX CHANGE and GOVERNMENT SECURITIES. Give special attention to tbe purchase and sale ot Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, New Orleans and Tennessee Bank notes. Southern States Bonds and Coupons, Railroad Bonds and Coupons. Interest allowed on deposits. jyls-3m QLAMS! CLAMS! I have the best Clams at Hilton Head, and the best Cooks, in proof of which statement I adduce tbe fol lowing testimony from Mr. Benj. Honey’s advertise ment m tbe Savannah Daily Hehald, of the last or two: “There is no man in Port Royal that can serve up Clams In every* style belter than Mr. Fitzgerald, at the Eagle Saloon, in rear of tbe Post Office. ■ •Thebe is Where the Ladgh Comes In.” My dear Ben we wish yon a long life and a merry one. In addition to the above luxury, we furnish as good a meal as can be obtained at Hilton Head, or any other place in this Department. GIVE US A CALL, And we feel confident that you will leave our estab lishment satisfied that whatever we advertise you will find to be correct. Do not forget our old established house, in the rear of Post Office. PETER FITZGERALD, ju3o Proprietor. JQISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. The Co-partnership existing between Pierce Skehan and David P. Conyngham, at No. 176 Broughton street, is dissolved by mutual consent. The business of the bouse will now be conducted under the name of Pierce Skeban. PIERCE SKEHAN, jylS-3 DAVID P. CONYNGHAM. QHAMPION BHICK MACHINE^ The proprietors of this recent Patent for the manu facture of Brick are prepared to dispose of Machines, and right# to use the same. This Machine U simple of construction; does not readily get out ot repair ; has immense power; makes the biick square and sol id; can be worked with a single horse causes little delay for removing stones; will make from twenty five to thirty-five thousand bricks per day. Circulars, with full particulars, forwarded on application to P BRADFORD 0t RENICK, jy_i m 71 Broadway, New York. WHITFORD Ot CO., ' MANUFACTURERS and WHOLESALE DEALERS * is READY MADE CLOTHING, 331 and 335 Beoadwat. 00*. Worth Stocki, NEW YORK. T. F. Cabhart, I Henry Shafer, Wm. H. Wuitford, [ A. T. Hamilton, J. B. Van Wasenen. Office of Payan £ Carhart in liquidation. jyC 3m Steele * burbank, V Merchants’Row, , Hilton Head, 8. C. Call tbe attention of Wholesale and Retail purchaser* to their superior stock of MILITARY AND NAVAL CLOTHING *‘ 1 AND ' FURNISHING GOODS, Watches, Clocki/Fancy Goods, Jewelry, and Plated Ware,Swords, Sashes, Belts, Embroideries, BOOU, Cap* Field Glasses, Gauntlets loves, &c., Ac., Ac.