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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, July 28, 1865, Image 2

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The Savannah Daily Herald. S. W. MakOK A Cos., PsOrBIETOKK. Samckl W. Mahon, Editor. SAVANNAH, FRIDAY, JULY SB, 1863. FOR LOCAL MATTERS SEE THIRD PAGE. .-I .a. t -■ ■■ =' General ' twi. —The Custom House authorities at San Francisco have lately seized large quan tities ot champagne, tobacco and opium for an evasion of the revenne laws. —The several heads of the departments are now busy over the lists of Federal officers, whose commissions are about to expire. Re appointments are already numerous as com pared with the entire number. The new ap pointments will, it is supposed, be compara tively few. —The applications for pensions increased during June last twenty-five per cent, over previous months. Thirteen or fourteen mil lions of dollars are required for such pay ments during the present fiscal year. . —Hon. Edward Jordan, the solicitor of the Treasury, has by vigorous measures suc ferreting out and breaking up a dangerous band of counterfeiters in Ohio. —lnteresting ceremonies took place at the commencement of Harvard College recently, in commemoration of her sons engaged in the war. Harvard contributed 493 ot her graduates to the Army ot whom ninety-six were either killed in battle or died from the effects of wounds or disease. —The number of troops sent from Wash ington to their homes from May JO to June 17, was 208,097. —All of the cavalry corps attached to the Department of Washington have been mus tered out of the service. —The prospects of the cotton crops along the Mississippi, where the plantations are being cultivated, are very promising. The plant is well advanced and very flourishing. Union Theatre, Hilton Head.— The Thea tre at Hilton Head has been re opeued for a short season by Mr. Robt. Lindsey, Lessee. Mr. A. H. Davenport and Mias Florence La Fond, having been detained at Hilton Head beyond the sailing of the New York steam er, appeared for one night this week. • Homicide at the New York Boat Race. The great excitement attendant upon the Boat Race at Poughkeepsie between the New York aud Poughkeepsie boat resulted in a homicide. Tne affair is related as fol lows : De Mott approached William Stevens, one of the crew of the four-oared boat Floyd T. F. Fields, which was beaten in the great race on Tuesday, aud accused him of selliug out to New Yorkers. Stevens earn estly denied the allegation, and on De Molt repeatihg it, struck him a powerful blow with his fist, knocking him down aud break ing his neck. Stevens immediately gave himself up to the authorities, and is now in jail in this city. He had no intention of killing De Mott, and feels deep grief at the result. Coroner Haight held an inquest on the body to-day, when the jury brought in a verdict in accordance with the above facts. Considerable sympathy Is manifested for Stevens. Gov. Wells on Neoko Suffrage.—Gov eruor Wells, of Louisiana, in a recent ad dress before the Universal Suffrage Society of Louisiana, said: I dissent iu toto from that conclusion. On the contrary, 1 am fully persuaded, from my knowledge of the negro character, that nine out of teu of the late entire slave population ■would support their former masters person ally or politically, or any way, in prelereuce to all sti augers—and I regard all as strangers in ibis connection who did not stand iu this domestic relation towards them. Nay, more, 1 believe in my heart, that within twelve mouths from tue time the negro would ob tain tue suffrage, neither the unfaltering -Southern Union man, nor the Union man •whose loyalty dates irom the obtaiument of Federal office, could live otherwise tbau on sutfcrauce iu the States where the privilege was given, if the individuals lately in rebel lion were disposed to couutenauco such pro ceedings. Auction of the Catafalque used on the 031 ;asio.n or the Funekal of the late Presi de,: Abraham Lincoln. —Tue sale oi tue catafalque used on the occasion of the funer al oi tue late President took place on the 21st last, at the mourning store of Mr. F. Myers, <J2B Broadway. The auction being entirely lor a charitable purpose, the proceeds of which are to be devoted to the Union Horn* and School, to whicn they had beeu donated by tue city authorities. The catafalque con sisted o t broadcloth, carpet, velvet, white satin, silver fringe and lace, beautifully exe cuted eagles, rosettes, bags, wreaths, silve* stars, Ac., Ac-, Thu attendance at tue auc tion was much smaller than had been expect ed, although the bidding at first was some what spirited , after all tue articles in the cata- 4 logue had been disposed of down to the broadclotu, of which there was an enormous quantiiy, the bidding became so slack that, at the suggestion of one of the committee, the sale was adjonrued vine die. Amongst the aiticlcs sola were two beautifudy wrought wreaths, which went at $9 cash; twenty eight sliver stars, $1 cash; several yards of silver braid and fringe 50 cents to $1 per yard; a splendid silver cord and tas elwas also sold, lor S2O; together with four silver spear heads, $2.50; a large eagle was purchased for SSO, as aiso an urn, jur $10; the combination piece was knocked down lor SSO; the flags wrent at $2 each ; several yards of silk velvet brought from sotj $0.50, aud nineteen yards of broadcloth trim med with velvet and silver lace were knock ed down lor SBS. Shortly after this, as al ready stated, the sale was adjourned. A movement is on foot by colored men to perchase the Charleston Mercury and pub lish it as au anti-slavery journal. Some pro gress has been made, and money is beinsr subscribed with a good prospect of success FROM SOUTH CAROLINA. LfCEJISE AHOSG Tfljj E. 8., SOLDIERS. A Store In Orangeburg S. C. Wan* tonly Gutted by Cavalry, Several Stores In Charleston Boldly Pina* dered by Colored Troops. HOMICIDE IV CHARLESTON. From the Charleston Courier of the 25th we take the following : DISGRACEFUL AFFAIR AT ORANGEBURG, S. C. We learn by a gentleman from Orange burg, 8. C., that a number of the First Ohio Cavalry have been guilty lately of some very disgraceful proceedings in that town. On Thursday or Friday last, a large party of them visited the 9tore of Jones & Johnston, and, instead of giving the protection asked for, cleared the store of everything it it, wantonly destroying and throwing in the street whatever they did not appropriate to themselves. Messrs. Jones & Johnston had a large slojk of liquors, which they were disposing of to the planters in exchange for cotiou aqd other produce. They had re fused to sell liquor to soldiers, except to officers, and it was supposed that refusal had enraged the men and led to the pillaging of the store. Their loss is estimated at be tween two and three thousand dollars. The Post Commandant did all in bis power to arrest the parties, but was unable to save the '•tore. We learn that some of the same party af terwards proceeded to the hotel and caused some disturbances there, breaking glasses, furniture, &c. The next day the Cavalry left for the Eastern part ofthe State. WHOLESALE SALE ITLL.VGINO IN CHARLESTOM. On Friday night last a party of eight or ten colored soldiers visited the store of Mr. H. P. Knee, who had been victimized a few nights previously by an extensive robbeiy on bis premises, aud commenced some suspici ous demonstrations, when the corniug of some white citizens on business evidently inter fered with their plans and they left without having an opportunity of carrying their plans into execution, From Mr. Knee's store they proceeded to that of Mr. K. P. Reils, at the corner of Ratcliffe and Smith streets, and were commencing suspicious overtures of familiarity with his money drawer, when the same opportune circumstance as occurred with Mr. Knee; induced them to beat a re treat. The line ot march was taken up and terminated at the shop of Mrs. Roberlitz, corner of Cannon and Rutledge streets, where, unfortunately, there was no one in the store except her clerk, at whose breast a pistol was presented by one of the scoun drels whilst another quietly possessed him self ot the contents of the cash box. The party then retired firing the pistol at the store us a malicious feu de joie on their success, Mr. C. Witcheu, who keeps a store at the corner of fYnn and Elizabeth streets, was af flicted with a similar visitation about 8 o’clock on Saturday evening. A squad of colored soldiers came into his store osten sibly for tbe purpose of purchasing segars. Upon handing- a bunch of segars for their in spection they were snatched from the clerk while a pistol w r as presented at tbe breast of Mr. Witcben aud a donation of a dollar re quested in tbe delicate terms of the highway. Before compliance could be made with this moderate demand the money drawer and contents were extracted aud the whole party retired. Mr. Witcben appealed to the Captain of Police for a guard as he considered his life endangered. He seems confident of his abili ty to identify the trespassers as members of the 64th Massachusetts Volunters. HOMICIDE ON SHIPJfOAD. Last Thursday a difficulty occurred on board the schoouer Z. Secor, Captain Baker, in which the steward, William Lynch, was fatally stabbed with a sheath knife by one of the crew, named Andrew Manning. The unfortunate man expired almost immediate ly. Manning has beeu arrested and lodged in jail. 'REMARKABLE QUICK PASSAGE. The steamer Cosmopolitan, Captain Crook er, left Hilton Head at 11.65 Friday night last, Arrived at Charleston at 6 o’clock on the following morning, consuming only six hours and five minutes time on the passage. That is the best time ever made in this depart ment.— Charleston Courier, 25. QUARANTINE SHIP AT CHARLESTON. Surgeon A. P. Dalrymple, Health Officer at Charleston, has announced that the quar antine or guard ship will Le stationed on the Southern edge of the Ship Channel between Forts Sumter and Moultrie. The vessel vtfll be designated by a Yellow Flag at the fore in the day, aud by a,Green Light at night Hilton Head, The Port Royal Transcript has the follow* ing interesting items; A COLORED POLICE FORCE. Mr. J. fl- PillsUury, Survisor of Mitcbel* ville, has received permission to organize a police force ot civilians to pYeyept depreda tions and preserve order throughout that vil lage. This police is authorized to require passes to be shown by enlisted men from their regimental commanders, and to arrest and conduct to the Provost Marshal of the ; Post ail enlisted men iound within tbe limits of this village without such passes. V « HILTON HEAD MARKET. In Jhe .Transcript’s Market Report occurs the following: Rkmakks.—The market seems to be a mis erable failure. Nearly every stall had water melons, -and'scarcely anything else. A few sickly-iookiug, worm-eaten cabbages were for sale. Tomatoes and Okra were lair, and sold by the plate, A produce store at Hilton Head, with a purchasing agent in the coun try, would realize a rapid fortune for its pro- S rioters. At Beaufort, S. C., produce is re* tiled for less than wholesale dealers in our market charge fir the same. —There are 1,704 wollen factories in ope ration in the' Unitld States. The present crop of wool is about 95,000,000 lbs. The demand exceeds the supply. t-A meeting of persons connected with the cotton mills Os New JJngiand was held in Boston on the 19th inst., at which an associa tion was formed under the title of the New LnglandUotton Manufacturers Association. The Revolution in H*ytl. HOW IT CAME ABOUT. Geffrard was elected President of Hayti for five years; at the end of that period, the Senate re-elected him for life, according to the constitution of the country, but not in accordance with tbe wishes of a majority of the people. Yet he had done more to civil ize and elevate tbe nation than any ruler that bad preceded him, and bis character and pe culiar faults are nothing unepmmon in Hay ti. The government of the country is a mili tary despotism, similar to that of Napoleon when first consul, and tbe President, conse quently, has almpst unlimited power. Therefore, when the people wish a change of rulers, revolution becomes an absolute ne cessity, there being no other means open to them. HOW IT HAS PROGRESSED. The present levolution lia9 Been in con templation and preparation for some years, and was known, it seem 9, to foreigners be fore the government was apprized of it. Per sons in all the cities and towns of Hayti are connected with it, and the Patxhan guns and ammunition now used by tbe “rebels” came from the United States. The government troops have been Worsted in almost every encounter, and are rapidly deserting to the insurgents. THE COMMANDER OF THE REBEL ARMY. Salinave, who commanded the rebel army, was in Domiuica fighting against Spain. He was under sentence of death in Hayti, lor political offenses. He took possession of Cape Haytien with about five hundred Do minicans and an equal number of Haytiens. Since that time he has received upward of a thousand Dominicans more, and large num bers of Haytiens. Geffrard's best troops have been badly whipped, aud a great many de serted, oge regiment having gone over in a body, officers and men. A short time ago Salinave discovered a traitorous general among his officers, who was holding correspondence with Geffrard, and bad laid a plot to retake Cape Haytien. Saliuave allowed him, with his men, to ad vance nearly to the gates, and then opening an enfilading fire upon them with grape and canister nearly annihilated them, wounded the general, who ran away, aud cut his aid and horse nearly into mince meat. At this date, June 26, no mails had arrived at Port au Prince from either Gonaives or St. Marc, so we conclude that the flame has reached those towns, and that Salinave will soon be in front of the delapidated . forts and anti quated guns of this city. THE UPSHOT OF IT. In fact, as I am informed, Geffrard has been advised to leave as soon as possible, as his troops are not to be relied upon—the common soldiers caring little who is Presi dent so that they get their pay. Salinave pays his soldiers twenty five gourdes a month aud eight gourdes a day for subsistence. Geffrard pays four gourdes a month, and four gourdes a day for rations ; and a gourde is only worth about seven American cents. The result is easily seen. Foreigners have never yet been injured in Haytien revolu tions. Damei, the present minister of public in struction, will probably be elected by the Senate as President, should Salinave succeed. Under the new order of things greater priv ileges are promised to whites; a treaty of commerce will be made with Dominica, and improvements receive liberal encouragement. Correspondence of the N. I*. World. The Form of Pardon. —A petition for par don is made directly to the President, who calls to his aid the Attorney General, through whose hands all applications pass, and thence to the Secretary of State, where, in case a pardon is granted, a warrant is issued sub stantially as follows, aud generally in the words of this form: “Whereas, , by taking part in the late rebellion against the Government of tbe United States, has made himself liable to heavy pains and penalties ; and whereas, the circumstances of his case render him a pro per subject of Executive clemency i Now, therefore, be it known, that I, Andrew John son, President, do hereby grant to the said ■ a full pardon and amnesty for all of fences by him committed, arising from parti cipation, direct or indirect, in the said rebel lion, conditioned as follows, viz : This par don to begin and take effect from the day on which the said shall take the bath prescribed in the proclamation of the Presi dent, dated May 29, 18G5, and to be void and of no effect if the said shall hereafter at any time acquire any property whatever in slaves, or make use of any slave labor,” [From Bu.,tou Journal,j - Sum Rue Mor til and South. There is a great deal of excellent advice now being given by the North to the South ou the question of suffrage; but aH will agree that, where it is possible, the best ot ail shapes to put it in is that of example. This always certifies the sincerity of the ad viser, and gives increased confidence in his competency. We are reminded of this by a little struggle which recently occurred in the Republican State Convention of lowa. The Committee on Resolutions had reported, among others, the following : Resolved, That, with proper the purity ot the ballot-box, the elective franchise should be based upon loyalty to the Constitution and Union, recognizing and affirming the equality ot all men before the law-” That L the true doctrine well expressed. But, unhappily, the State Constitution of lowa, in defining the qualifications of elec tors, restricts them to the case of “white” men only. It may well be imagined, there fore, that when the above excellent resolu tion was read in convention, many membeis must have thought that its application, like charity, ‘should begin at home. So a gentle man rose and proposed an amendment in dorsing an amendment to the State Consti tution striking out the word “white” above referred to. Quite a lively skirmish follow ed, with various motions and speeches; but, on the matter finally being brought to vote by counties, the amendment was carried by ’ fi ve hundred and fifty-tour for, to two hun dred aud thirty-six against it. How many colored men, women and chil dren does the reader suppose there are in the great State ot lowa to be affected by this action ? By the census of 1860, only 1069 ! It was thus only a question of principle that was to be decided, and yet nearly one-half of the Republican Cc*iveution resisted the h° m “.application of their own just doctrines! The Democrats will probably go in a body fqr the continued exclusion oftaegroes from she pojls. There are yet some ten or twelve Northern Srtites where this injustice prevails. The fir*: thing they ought to do is to purify their oin record. Theu, with clean hands, they can call upon the people of the South to go and do likewise, though the effort in the case of the latter must necessarily be ten times as trying as that ot the former, Fragrant gozodont darUens tad Invigorate* tbe (tarn*, purifies and per fumes tbe breath, cleanses, beautifies and preserve* the teeth from youth to old age. , Sold by Druggists and Perfumers. jy24^odlw |)eto Jttrbertistmtnts. A well furnished Front Room with Board, wanted by a gentleman. Address PHILADELPHIA, Central Railroad Bonk, Chief Quartermaster’s Office. jy2B gTAR LINE. FOR NEW YORK. The First Class U, S. Mail Steamship NEVADA, Capt. Carpenter, will sail positively for the above port on ' SATURDAY, . JULY 29th, At 12 o'clock M. • For Freight or Passage apply to the Agents. No Freight will be received after 10 o’clock on Sat day. BRIGHAM, BALDWIN & CO., jy2B Agents. jpOK NEW YORK. STAR L I N~ E . SEMI-WEEKLY. The first class U. S. Mall Steamships NEVADA, .... Capt. Cardenteb. UNITED STATES, - Nr- - • Capt. Shabe. AMERICA, - - . - Capt. Clift. CONSTITUTION, ... Capt. Greeman. The above ships compose the Line, and will sail from New York and Savannah every Wednesday and Saturday. BRIGHAM, BALDWIN A CO, Agents, Savannah, Ga. WAKEMAN, GOO KIN A DICKINSON, Agents, 17 Broadway, New York. The UNITED STATES Will leave Savannah for New York on WEDNESDAY, 2d August. . w For Freight or Passage apply to BRIGHAM, BALDWIN & CO., Jy2B-tf Agents. ■^•OTICE. OFFICE PROVOST MASHALL,' Sun District or Ooeechee, Savannah, Ga., July 27, 1865, The citizens of Savannah are hereby requested to report at this office all able-bodied persons, either white or colored, who are found loitering about the Streets. Market Houses, Whirfes, or other places within the'Units of this Command, without visible meaus of support, in order that they may be prompt ly arrested aud put upon Government or other work. CHARLES H. COX, Capt. and Provost Marshal, jy2B-tf Sub District of Ogecobee. UNDERWRITER’S SALE. OCTAVUS COHEN Will sell This Day, at ten o’clock, at the office of Messrs. Erwin & Hardee, 88 Bay street, 14 bales GUNNY CLOTH, 23 coils ROPR, Damaged on board Schooner J. S. Lane, on her voyage from New York to thisT*ort, and sold under inspec tion for account of the Underwriters and all concerned Terms cash. jy2B OARGO SALE. SUGAR, MOLASSES AND SEGARS. The Schooner JOHN VANCE, from Matanzas, via Hilton Head, has arrived with a Cargo of 70 barrels SUPERIOR MOLASSES, 4 boxes HAVANA SUGAR, AND 15000 VERY SUPERIOR HAVANA SEGARS, Which we will *cll at the Wharf, next above the Mar ket dock, THIS DAY, AT ELEVEN O’CLOCK, in LOTS TO SUIT PURCHASERS. i? 2B -* , BELLA CHRISTIAN. Q.ROCERIES, GROCERIES. The subscriber respcctfnUy inform* his friend* and the public that he has taken tbe Store on the CORNER OF YORK and HABERSHAM STREETS, Where can be found a full assortment of FAMILY GROCERIES, AT THE LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES. ■17 28 V. PACETTI. gAMUEL P. HAMILTON, ♦ fSncce*»or to Wilmot A Richmond,) DEALER IN WATCHES, SILVERWARE, • JEWELRY, CANES, CUTLERY, &q. COBNEB WiltTAK JUS, St. JuLtAN AND SAVANNAH, GA. Watches and Jewelry repaired. Chronometer* rated by transit. Cash paid for old Gold and Silver. Jy2B-tf JgOOTS AND SHOES. at^es ’ Reeled Gaiters, which we Men’s Slippers, 76 cents. A large lot of Boots and Shoes on hand, for sale at Wboles lie and Retail at fair prices. • oc o «. H. BRIGGS, JIG Broughton street. HEADQ’KS DISTRICT OF SAVANNAH, ■■ Ibt Division, Dcpartment of GzoroiaT” Savannah, Ua., July 27,1866. In’thecaseofthe petition of Frederick W. Sims, to “The savannah Republi granted' V 8 C ordered that the petition be not (Signed) J. M. BRANNAN, Brevet Major General U. 8. V. Official: Commanding District. Will. A. Coultejl A. A. G. jy2B OOLUMBUB, GEORGIA. VALUABLE RESIDENCE AND SAW MILL FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE • Cottage residence, with commodious ont-huildmgs, all quite new, situate in a one acre lot, corner Broad and Few street*,Columbus, with excellent well of w a ter. Also, a Saw Mill, with Circular Saws, on the Mobile and Girard Railroad, 33 miles from Columbu, with Engine of 60 horse power, In full u orklng order Abundance of timber surrounding and four ybwv right to cut and nse the some. For sale or Exchange by v J. T. THOMAS & CO., jy27-2eod - 117 Bay Btreet. OOTTON BROKERAGE. ~ The undersigned offers his services in the purchase of Cotton and Domestics, and begs to refer to— Edward Padelford, Esq., Charles Gieen, Esq Andrew Low, Esq,, Savannah. H. F. RUSSELL, jy7-eod!s Augmta, Ga. OJ.RNUINE CONGRESS WATER, FOB SALE AT 80T BAT STBEET, BiCTTVXLEJr BARNARD & JEFFERSON. # Jy9G-5 ISRAEL R. SEALY & CO, f Q M. LAURENT,’ r i TIN AND SHEET IRON WORKER AND GAS FITTER SECOND DOOB FROM HOUSTON OH BAT SUBSET. Roofs, Gutters find Leaders repaired at the shortest notice. Ga a burners re-fitted at the reduced price ot twenty-five cents per baruer. Jy27-Iw j^'uTlCK Mr. Francis Dowd is my duly authorized Agent dqr- . ing my absence from the State. Jy27 ts W'. O’MEARA jpf * SIXTY BALES HAY, Landing from Steamship America. For sale by jy6-tf BBIUHHM, BALDWIN A CO, 3600 TONS , , OF— ENGLIS H R AILS, , Os best quality, 60x58 per lineal yard. * For sale by Jul9 Cm _ FOWXJE & 00. J R. SOLOMONS, M. D. DENTIST, From Charleston, S. C., offers his services to the citizens of Savannah. Rooms at Dr. Clark’s office. Congress street. References.—Dr. Jab. B Read, Dr. JuaiAii liahbis, Hon. Solomon Cohen, , W. N. Habersham Esq,, *nll ts A. A. Solomons & Cos., HEADQ’KS DISTRICT Or SAVANNAH.) Ist Division, Dep't of Georgia, > Savannah, Ga., July 24th, 1865. j General Orders, (j No. 6. i j The following Officers are hereby announced on the Staff of the General Commanding “District or Savan nah,” and will be obeyed and respected accordingly: Capt. Will A Coulter, A. A Gen., U. S. Vols., Ass’t Adj’t Gen. Lieut. Col. R. P. York, 76th N. Y. Vol. Infantry. Provost Marshal. Major Johu Trenor, Jr., Surgeon U. S. Vols., Sta geon in Chief. Capt. Fred. J. P. Chitty, 163d N. Y. Vol. Infantry, Act’g Ass't Insp’r Gen. Capt. S. 8. Siarr, A. Q. M, U. S. Vols., District Q. M, Capt. H. R. Sibley, C. S., U S. Vols., District Corn mis’ry Subs’ce Capt. John Montgomery, 12th Me. Vols. Infant’y, Act’g Ordu’ce Officer. ’ Capt. Geo. E. Moulton, 30th Me. Vol. Infantry, Ass't Com’y Masters. let Lieut. M. M. Davidson, 170th N. Y. Vol, Infry, Aid de Camp. Capt. Murk Cox, 176th N. Y. VoL Infy; Chief of Escort. Ist Lieut. W. H. Foster, 30th Me. Vol. Inf’y, Am bulance Officer. By command of Brev. Maj. Gen. J. M. BRANNAN. Official: Will. A. Coulter, Ass’t Adj’t General. - HEADQ’IiS DISTRICT OF SAVANNAH,) Ist Division, Dep’t of Georgia, V Savannah, Ga., July 26,1665. ) General Orders, I No. 8. ; • * The District and Post Provost Courts as heretofore organized, and presided over by a Provost Judge, are hereby dissolved, and any decisions rendered alter the d«le of receipt ot this order, by any such Court or Judges in the District, will be considered nnd and void. • * • . • • , By Command of „ T Brvt. Maj. Gen. J. M. BRANNAN. Will. A. Coultbb, A. A, Gen, jyitf HEADQ’BS DISTRICT OF SAVANNAH,) Ist Division, Department of Georgia, > o , , , Savannah, Ga., July 26th, 1865 .) Special Order,) No. 11. / L At hi* own request, Ebeu Parsons, jr., Judge of the District Provost Court, is hereby relieved Rom duty us such. By command of Brvt. Major Oen’l J. M- BRANNAN- Will. A. Coulter, Ass’t Adj’t Gen. Jy2o BEADQ’RS SUB-DISTRICT OF OGEECHEE, I Savannah, Ga., July 24th, lwi6. > General Order, f No. 16. / In accordance with orders from Headquarters Did trlct of Savannah, Ist Division, D< partment of Ge< r- I hereby ai»duuie command of tne sub-Diatrict w ugeechee, Headquarters at Savannah, comprising th* following numeo countie*: Liberty, Bryan, Chatham, Effingham. Bulloch, TatnaU, Scriven, Motgomery- Emanuel, Burke The following named officers are hereby announced on the Stall' oi the sub-Districtcommander: Cupt. John Mullen, 12th Conn. lutt, A. A. A. G. Surgeon J. K. Bigelow, Sth Ind, Ghief Medical Officer, surgeon N. U Snow, 163d N. Y., Health Officer. Capt, Chas. U Cox, 76th N. Y , Provost Marshal. Capt. Warren H. Boynton, 30th Me., Street Comm’r Capt. R B Grover, 30th Me., A. A. Q M, Capt. E. F. Goddard, 12th Me., A. A. Q- M. Lieut. O. T. Hall, 163d N. Y„ A. A D C Lieut. J.S. Bergen, 173d N. Y., A. A. Q. M. Lieut. J. H. Chariot, 159th N. Y., A. AQ. M, ' Lieut. D, B. Kuowluiu, 176th N. 1 , A A. Q M. I All returns and reporis required by Army Keguia lions and existing orders, will be forwarded to the A A, A General at these Headquarters . , T EDWIN F. DAVIE, Brv’t Brig. Gee. Official ; Jjso. Mullen, A. A, AQ. j.v25 _ HEADQUARTERS DISTRICT OF SAVANNAH, 1 Ist Division, Department of Georgia, Savannah, July-22, 1865. ) General Order, > • No. 2. / On and after tuis date all orders heretofore in exis tence in this District, levying a tax upon imports, im posing a tax for the sale of Ltquors, aud instituting th« 3 per cent, income tax are hereby revoked. By Command of „ Brevet Maj. Gen. J. M. BRANNAN Will A Coulter, Capt. * A A. G.