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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, August 02, 1865, Image 3

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LOCiL MATTER S. Arrival of the Pioneer Line Steamship PAit. IT. —This steamship, which sailed from New York on the 27th alt., arrived at the dock in this city yester day at half-past twelve o’clock. We are Indebted to Capt. Delanoy, Purser Haskell and Steward McKee, for favors. The Perit brings a considerable cargo. When the steamer was off the Central Cotton Press, she fired a gun on her forecastle. The piece bursted, and a fragment struck Mr. McKee, the steward of the steamer, ou the left forehead. His injuries were slight. Mr. McKee cannot at present be well spared from the Pioneer Line, and many passengers who have experienced his seriously object to his again acting as gunner, preferring that he should confine himself to firing off the corks of green seal and leave one-pounder guns alone. The Benefit in Aid of the Orphan Home. Savannah, Aug. Ist, 1865. Mrs. Thos. S. Wayne, Mrs. N. S. Bogart, Mrs. Wm. Gammed and Mrs. C. H. Hardee. Managers of the Protestant Episcopal Orphan Home : Ladies :-*-The members of the Virginia Minstrels now-performing for a limited period in this city beg leave to tender you a Complimentary Benefit in be half of the Orphans under your charge and care. No subject has engrossed the attention of the Company more than extending the helping hand to need ami virtue, and rescuing from want those whom these troublous times have afflicted apd deprived of their protectors and guardians. Charitably and nobly en gaged in your praiseworthy object, we will give a per formance, ou Wednesday eveniug, 2nd August at St. Andrew’s Hall, in aid of your Home, and will’pay over the proceeds of the house, alter deducting ex penses. We beg-the acceptance of this tender on our part. We remain very respectfully, Yours &c., D. J. Shaffer, Billy Coats, H. A. Howard, Lew Car roll, Rube Macon, W. Ellis, M. S. Laughiin J Bur rous, R. H. Sliaffer, Ban Smith and J. A. Davis: Messrs. D. J. Shafl'er, B. Coats, H. A. Howard Lew Carroll, R Macon, W. Ellis, M. A. Laughiin j Burrous, RH. Shatter, D. Smith and J. A.Davis. ’ Gentlemen:—We accept with pleasure the otter so generously made by the Virginia Ministrels to give a concert on Wednesday, the 2d lust., in aid of the charity in which we are engaged, and will do all in our power to further the object. Hoping that those who are so prompt to assist the destitute and needy, may be successful in every is sue of life, and thanking them for this act of con siderate kindness. 1 am, very respectfully, Mas. Gammell, _ Secretary E. O. H. Savannah, Tuesday, Aug. Ist, 1865. Bold Thieving. —Yesterday forenoon four negro women entered the milinary establishment of Mrs. J. B. Benencourt, on Broughton street near Whita ker, asking to be shown some hats. This request was complied with and a number of them on a table were exhibited all of which were handsomely trimmed. Mrs. Denencourt not thinking that her vis itors from the rice-field were thieves, was surprised to discover upon their leaving the store that five hats were gone. One of the negroes put one on her head and concealed another under her apron. The others stowed their plunder in the bosoms of their dresses. ~Two sos the offenders were caught and placed in the bosom of Blount A Dawson’s lock up, where they will have time to reflect upon their crimes. All the hats stolen, were recovered, but in a badly damaged oondition. On Board the Steamship United States.—Yes terday, Capt. Share received a number of his friends, merchants of Savannah, and others, who have known and respected him as a master of vessels, both sail and steam, and of various classes,for thirty years and more. After Inspecting the steamship, and remark ing the perfection of her finish and appurtenances, and the thoroughness of her build, the party sat down to a little entertainment In the main saloon, where the health of Capt. Share was drank with much enthusiasm. The United States is one or Brigham, Baldwin & Co’s steamers, and sails this morning. We wish Capt. Share and his ship many safS and prosperous voy ages. Wo are glad to find as Purser csi this steamer our old friend Ctjgs. F. Burke, iormerly Purser of the Star of the South, who has many friends in Savan nah. Personal.— The U. S. Engineer schooner “Nellie,” Capt. Morse, arrived at this port yesterday afternoon from Fort Clinch, Florida. The “Nellie” brought to tills city Major Sears and family, Superintendent of the construction of Fort Clinch at Fernandina. Major Sears will proceed to Port Royal in his little craft this morning, and thence return to Fort Clinch, which is situated in Cumberland Sound, north end of Ame lio Island, within a few miles of Fernandina. Judge Ebon Parsons, Junior., late of the Provost Court here, leaves to-day for Hilton Head, en route for his home in Lynn, Mass. Capt. yuteher, Lieut. Murray, Staling, all Acting Assistant Quartermasters, also leave for the North to-day. —, : X WaUDBURG's BUILDING TO BE IMMEDIATELY FINISH ED.—By reason of the war, Mr. Jacob Waldburg, a well known citizen, was compelled to suspend opera tions on his large ahd commodious stores located at the southwest corner of Whitaker and Broughton streets. Yesterday one of our Reporters visited Rose & Arkwright’s Pioneer Saw Mill, and found them engaged in sawing out the lumber to complete Mr. Waldburg’a buildings. Whom they are to be occupied by we have not yet ascertained. New Steamer on the Augusta Line.—The Union Steamboat Cos. are expecting their new steamer Union down from Augusta In a day or two. . She is a fine river freight boat, built hi Augusta expressly for this line. She will ljiake regular trips between here and that city. Mr. James T. Paterson, Stoddard’s building, is the Agent. Quick Passage.—The brig .Leonard Myers, Capt. William Smith, of Colby & Co’s Merchaots’ lane of Sailing Vessels, which cleared from this port, on Thursday, the 20th inst., arrived at New York after an extraordinarily quick passage of less than four days. Garbage.—An important order in regard to Gar bage appeal's elsewhere. The street Commissioner also requests that parties will not place their garbage in the street too long before the time for the carts to arrive for its removal. •' Change op Engineers.—Mr. W. E. stovy, Assis tant Engineer of the steamer Jeff Davis, since the re signation of Mr. Carter, has received the appoint ment of Chief Engineer. Mr. Carter a few days hence, will be connected as Chief Engineer with a steamer plying between Sa vannah and Augusta. The 28th lowa to Leave Tuts Morning.—The 28th lowa Regiment, Lieut. Col. B. W. Wilson, will leave for Baltimore this morning at 4 o’clock, in the steam transport Fairbanks. From there they will proceed to Davenport, lowa, by cars, for final settle ment. Diese are the last of the troops mustered out in this District. ([ Movements of Gen. scbukz.—Major Gen. Carl Schurz, accompanied by Capt. Allman, A. D. C., of Jhis staff, will leave for Augusta in the steamboat Oen. Berry, o’clock. THe Weather Yesterday.—Yesterday was warm and sultry, though frequent showers fell during the day. The thermometer ranged as follows; 7a- nn, *3;,5p. W 5 7P.8. «?> Fob Augdsta.—The fine new steamer Gen. Berry, of Chas. L. Colby A Go’s line, will leave for Augusta at 12 o’clock M. this day. Capt. Henry who is in charge of this steamer will endeavor to make a quick and pleasant trip. THE COURTS. DISTRICT PROVOST ,00CRT—BEFORE LIECT. COL. ROW P. YORK, DISTRICT PRpVOST MARSHAL Savannah, Aug. Ist, 1865. Upon the application of Mr. Wm. MorrelL to oeen H and *>r his own use aboutUOaeres otSSd jjln? and being in Chatham county, on the Oveechee about 2>£ miles from Savannah ; the followimr Was made : Permission granted as ask ed, providing no part of the land within desTrthwf control or in use of the U. RluSSe? Upon the application of Michael M Sum van m be allowed to erect a wooden tenement oSlK? 1A Washington Ward, in the Eastern t«rt rhor'ii. tt* e tohowing endorsement was entered • Permission aTil and lhe “PPUcant has recover furKj nK opold Spleldock-action to the monev^ein^ir charge of the defendant, or aucU m he tor whic h it was at auction. Judgment conferred in the sum of *7O 65 S if the ,\ bove it ordered and * 3 Coßte of Court, be paid sn tal thS 406 of fourteen days, and upon failure sefrwfan! lU ? C,e^ tamount 01 Property be fzfJ) Dd sold to liquidate said judgment and costs. Plaintiff, Hon. Levi s. Russell, of Mrs - s - Barksdale, recovery i* toch defendant was ordered to vacate * B6s> b Y order of the Hon. ffOen Parsons, Jr., Provost Judge ; it appearing in t,lat l, 116 defendant has made some Jo obtam another house, and failed to obtain It was ordered that Mrs. Barksdale be allowed too™ this date to rent another resi !ms^!f’i and . ts Bhe fa il to do so, that she be forcibly ejected and removed to the Refugee Canm. if » J t ™ Fveiuaev urnu. J. Strobhar vs. O. Fallon A Co.,—action for reco\ery of a fiat stolen lrom the plaintiff in January, Hi«vL^ ud . aold J 0 a ddrd party now In possession of defendants. Upon motion of Counsel for defendants, “ ?^® r d fc rod that the case be marked settled by Court H t 01 a * concerned, upon judgment of costs of i Bryan-vs. W. H. Bacon—complaint filed July 26th ; 1865, that the defendant took forcibly pos omfntv °»h ertaln ldnd !y ln g and being In Liberty Jhe property of plaintiff. This case was thoroughly investigated, and it was ordered that the defendant be discharged from custody. SDB-DISTRICT OF THE OGEECHEE—CAPT. JAMES E. Smith, Provost Marshal. x-r e titm / , Savannah, August Ist, 1865. Sys- Jim (colored) and Joe (colored) charged S d l c^ tlng w , tH>d on the !ands of Mrs. M. G. Sausey, X th < i U i rix ’ am } the same without permission of the owner of the land; plea guilty. It was order woo<l Be turned over to the owner and Jim be re missed? 11 promlse not offend. Joe was dis- B.s! vs John Riley—beating his wife and dlsorder- Savannah l °“ the 31st d «# of J uly, 1865, in the Cityjof Plea not guilty. It was ordered that prisoner be discharged with a reprimand, u. S. vs. Ned Nelson, (colored), charged lar ceny from the house, July 30th, 1866. Plea guilty. foi^two°mo e nths t,lat hC bC couflaed in tbe County jail .S,,'!',,! 11 !; 6 Hastings and Ann Bronow (colored), charged with having soldiers clothing in their pos a®ssl°n i and aiding a soldier to desert. Plea not T ll .) vas ordered that they be confined in the. County Jail for onb month. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL* Financial. Exchange— A limited business has been done in Exchange since our last report. Sight bills on New York are selling at one cent, premium. Time drafts are purchased at one R cent, and interest. Specie—A very limited business is at present doing in purchase or sale. The buying rate for gold i? 45 cent, premium; selling at 47. Silver 35 ; selling at 40. Stocks and Bonds—There are no transactions. Uncurrent Money—We notice some inquiry for bank bills of old issues. As no sales are yet report ed, we are without quotations. Commercial. Freights.—The low stage* of the Savannah and other rivers from which Savannah receives her sup plies of Cotton, etc., has caused a material decline in freights by steamer to New York. We quote Cotton, by steamer and sail vessels at X cents y ff>. for Cot ton, and sl6os bale for Domestics. No change in other freights. Insurance.—A very limited business U doing, and there Is no change in rates. Cotton Market. Ip consequence of a heavy decline in the New Ydrk market, we have to report the Savannah Mar ket unsettled and not quotable. Holders are firm with the small lots that they have on hand. Nearly all Cotton received ls.lntended for Immediate ship ment North. Yesterday 9 bales Inferior Middling Cotton was sold at 33 cents, and 4 bales Strict Good Middlings at 41 cents. Sea ISLANDg-iYesterday a sale of 10 bales Roller Ginned Sea Island Cotton, was made at 75 cents per pound. The following are the receipts and exports since Saturday last of Cotton and Domestics fr om Augusta, Hawkinsville and by wagons. Receipts— Upland Cotton, 775 bales; Sea Islands, 3 ; Domestics and Yarns, 607 bales. Exports.— To New York by steamer and sail ves sel, 1,933 bales Upland Cotton, 42 bales, Sea Island and 427 bales Domestics. General markets. Butter.—A fair denmnd prevails for Goshen, which, at retail, Is selUnjna. 38 to 40 cents. From the country the receipts are light. Cheese.—The stock offering is quite large and the demand light. We quote at 17 to 20 cents. Sugar.—No change to note since the previous week. Brown Sugars are selling at 15 to 18 cents, B sugar 20 @ 21 sents, Crushed 20 to 25 cents, pow dered 23 @,25 cents. The demand is principally for the retail city trade. Coffee.—A fair supply is offering with a light de mand. St. Domingo is selling at 32 cents; Rio at 32 @ 34 cents; Java iu mats at 39 to 42 cents. Codfish.—A large amount of this fish, that is not in good merchantable order, being offered on the market,lt is nearly an Impossibility to give a quota tion. A good and fair article will sell in small lots at 6 to 8 cents ft. Candles.—The sales made are only to retailers, stock adequate. We quote Adamantine, $ box, 26 @ 30 cents; Paraflne 46 @ 50 cents $ box. Lumber.—Messrs. Rose A Arkwright’s Mill on the Canal, which is now in successful operation are fur nishing all descriptions of Yellow Pine Lumber at SSO per M feet. Spruce Pine Boards we quote at S4O to $45 per M feet. Dressed do. SSO to $55. Spruce Scantling' $33 to $35. Timber.—A few lots, of old Timber-were disposed of at $25 per M feet. A large lot of new Timber is ex pected in market the coming week. Wines.—A heavy stock of all descriptions of this article, foreign and domestic, is offering. All busi ness transactions have been confined to retail trade of the city. Imported and genuijie Cham pagne, is selling at S4O to SSO pdr case. American Champagne $24 to S3O per case. . All other wines, no change in prices. Lemons are in fair request. The stock is suffici ent for present demands. All sales made are strictly of a retail character at $24 to $25 per box. Oranges.—None in market, and no sales to report. Potatoes.— A faly supply on the market. Sales of small lots are reported at $8 per bbi: Racon.— All stocks offering of Cut Meats are light— thefmarket nearly bare. The transactions are con fined strictly to the retail trade. Good Sides are sell ing from 20 to 25 cents,; Hams 30 to 35 cents. Mackerel.— A fair retail trade continues, and the offering stock is exceedingly light. No. 2 Mackerel k u selling at sl2 so per bbi. Bagging. —The stock offering is at present ample. A sale of a lot of Gunny Is reported at 26 cents. Rope.—Our market is wsli supplied with all quali ties, and the demand is fair. We quote Manffla at 20 cents, and Kentucky at 17 cents. Hay.—From store we quote Northern at $l6O. The last sale from the wharf was at sl lO. Bran.—All transactions in this article are from store, at retail by the sack, at $2 50 $ cwl Flour.—A very large stock of all descriptions of fering. No change in prices. The demand is fair for local consumption. The rates are from $7 50 to $lO, according to quality. . Corn has been in fair demand the past two days, We quote White from store, in lota, at $1 26, and Yellow at $1 15 to |1 20. Oats.—The stock Is more than ample. From store, in lots, we quote good merchantable White at sl. Salt.— The stock of Liverpool now on sale is very limited. Small sales are reported at $4 $ sack. A fair supply of Coast Salt is offering—kales nominal. Whiskeys, Ac.— A very large stock of all descrip tions is offering in the market. The sales made have been confined strictly to the retail trade of the city. Wallace’s Imperial Nectar, in small lots, from store, is selling at $3 50 $ gallon. Columbian Gin $3 60 $ gallon. Old Kentucky Whiskey $3 $ gallon. Recti fied Whiskey $2 80 ft gallon. Genuine Old Ken tucky Whiskey, in cases, is selling at sl4. Soap.—Our market is well supplied with all descrip tions. By the box, Family Soap is selling at 14 to 14% cents. Teas.—The stock of teas of all grades is ample, and the demand for local • trade is fair. Imperial Green Tea, by the box, we quote at f 1 50 @ $1 75 ft lb.; at retail $2 25 @ $2 50; English Breakfast Tea $1 50 ; Oolong at $1 25 @ $1 50 ft lb. Lard.—A fair stock, iu barrels and tin packages, is offering at prices ranging from 20 to 24 cents ft lb., according to the quality and the package. Rick.—Small sales of inferior Rough Rice have been made since our last report. Clean Rice in small lots, Is selling at $7 @ $lO cwt. Hotel Arrivals. PULASKI HOUSE, AUGUST 1. J 0 Jelks, jr, Hawkinsville, Mrs Adams A child, S C, R M Rose, do Jos Cadman, Nashville, Brig Gen Kilburn, US A, Ross McMahon, New York Dr Philip C Davis, do John Casey, do Miss Sarah Hodges, John Murray, do Dr Buchanan, W H Gascoigne, Detroit, Major Seward, Jos B Rife, 6th N S Inf, Capt Lord, W Mitchell, Thomasville, Capt Langdon, E N Atkinson, Waynesville Mr Woloott, John Jones, Jacksonville; D H Rice,*Bilton Head, R H Johnson, New York, M H Paddock, do JP M Epping, Charleston, A C Terry, Rochester, NY, Mrs Wm Robinson, Au- Thos Muraam, Syracuse, gusta, Ga, Wm D Clark, Bridgeport, Jeff D Howell, Louisiana, J Eastman, Utica, John Wilson, N York, Q W Warren, New York, Thos Cassidy, do F M Johnston, Atlanta,Ga, Maj Manning, Ft Pulaski, A W Kelsey, N Y city, Capt E A Delanoy, Stearn- J M Leonard, Salem, Ala, er Perit. Shipping 1 Intelligence. Minature Almanac—This Day. Sun rises 5 l4|Moon sets 0 55 Sun sets 6 57|High water.. 2 48 A Card. On Board Steamship Perit, l July 31st, 1865. j We, the .undersigned, passengers per steamship Perit, from New York, desire to return our sincere thanks to Capt. Delanoy and his subordinate officers, for their kind and courteous treatment during our passage ; and would recommend the Perit, her Cap tain and other officers, to the traveling public who desire good attention and a safe sea ship. [Signed] A Warren Kelsey, Henry Ryan, Robert Erwin, N B Brown, N H Payne, MS, FM Johnston, D Hall Rice, Thos Merrlam, Jacob Vetsburg, James Eastman, J M Leonard, Wm D Clark, M H Paddock, W F Pennlman. PORT OF SAVANNAH. Tuesday, August 1, 1565. Arrived. tioneer Line Steamship Perit, Delanoy, New York, to Hunter A Gammell. Passengers— Anna E Adams A child, D H Rice, N B Brown, H Bryan, Mr PeqpUnan, Robt Erwin, N H Payne, A W Kelsey, J H Eastman, \V D Clark, J Westbergh, F N Johnston,lN C Terry, W H Paddock, Cff M Leonard, Thomas Merrlam, Z O Warren, Joseph Cadman, Jos Zetvilier, Danl Smith, Thos Cassidy, John Casey, jr, Chas Clough, W Hurst, Ross McMa hon, W H Gascoyne. Consignees —Order, Kirlin, Bro A Burke, Kein A Cos, K in a diamond, M Lavin, I IhLaßoche, M Low enthal, Lovell A Lattimore, R J Larcofnb, R J Lar kin; W W Lippman, S M Ledler, A Myers, M S Mey £er, D Meyer, J McMahon, E Mustln, ’W H May, R iolina, A F Mira, Francis Muir, J C Maker A Cos, M DllcCarthy, J R Morton, Terrence Nugent, C K Os good, Fresdqe A Orff, J B Purdee, T Pepper, L Robi- Uer, Agt A A Solomons A Cos, W H Sherwood, Pierce Skehan, J R Seely A Cos, Stuart A Cos, B G Tilden, Weed A Cornwell, N Wolf, Adams Express Cos, H Archer, W A Beard, Brigham, Baldwin A Cos, A B Bloch, M Beytagh, R Ballour, A L Bradley, M A Co hen, O Cohen, M Boyle, Mrs Dwyer, Erwin A Hardee, B F Einstein, S H Eckman, Danl Finnegan, M Furst A Cos, Gaden A Unckles, C L Gilbert, Guchenheimer A Sellg, Hilton A Randell. Jos Herschback, H Bryan. Steamer Fountain, Massenberg A Son, J Bateson, J Lama, B Strauss, J E Hernandez. U S transport Fairbanks, Hanter, Baltimore. Steamer Louisburg, Dale, Hilton Head. Steamer U S Grant, Briggs, Hilton Head. Schr Nellie Talcot, Morse, Fort Clinch, Fla. Steamer General Sliepley, Morse, McCoy’s Bluff, Cleared. Steamer Emilie, Bender, Hilton Head. Steamer Louisburg, Dale, Hilton Head. HEADQUARTERS DISTRICT OF SAVANNAH ) Ist Division Dep’t. of Georgia, , V Savannah, Ga., July 22, 1866. ) General Orders,) No. 6. f The following Quarantine Regulations for the Port of Savannah, Ga., will be enforced after the 22d inst. I. The Quarantine grounds will be located in Tybee Roads, at the “old Savannah Quarantine.” Tbeexact place of anchorage will be designated by a white buoy and flag. 11. It shall be the duty of the master and pilot of every vessel coming into tnis port from this date until further orders, except the pilot boats returning lrom their ordinary cruising grounds, and U. S. Naval ves sels, to hoist a signal for a health officer, in the fore rigging, fifteen feet from her deck, and come to imme diately, below and opposite the guard ship, one of which will be stationed at the Port, within and near the inner bar buoy, and there wait his coming on board. This flag to be kept in the forerigging while the vessel is undergoing Quarantine. IIL The Health Officer shall visit the vessel without unnecessary delay and ascertain the sanitary condi tion, and the port whence she sailed. And it shall be his duty to order to the Quarantine Grounds, there to remain os long as he may deem proper, all vessels having on board cases of yellow fever, cholera or other infections or contagious diseases; also all vessels com ing from any West India Island, or from any port in that portion of the State of Florida not formerly in the Department of the South, whether, such vessels have clean bills of health or not. IV. No communication will be allowed with the ves sel until she has been examined by the Health Offloer, and no person will be permitted to leave her. While undergoing Quarantine no communication with the vessel will be permitted except by the Boarding Officer or with his permission in writing. V. The fee ofthe Health Officer for visiting, exam ining and certifying vessels arriving at this Port, shall be collected from all vessels, except those in the Gov ernment employ, at the following rates: For each vessel from a foieign port $6 50 And for all others 2 00 The money thus collected will be turned over to Chief Medical Officer for the use of the Hospitals in this District, VI. These regulations will be strictly enforced by the Health Officer. Should there be any deviation therefrom, or shonld any of the orders given by the Health Officer to such vessels not be strictly carried out, they will report the fact to the Chief Medical offi cer for the Immediate arrest and imprisonment of the offender. By Command of Brevet Maj. Gen. J. M- BRANNAN. Will A., A, A. Q. Jy24-7 SHIPPING. PIONEER LINE FORNEW YORK TheU. S. Mail Steamship PERIT, Capt. , will sail for the above port on her regular day, Thursday, August 3d, at 0 O’clock. For Freight or Passage, having superior accommo dations, apply to BUNTKR A GAMMELL, jy29 84 Bay street. FOR NEW YORK STAB JiE LINE. SEMI-WEBKIiY. The first class U. S. Mail Steamships NEVADA, - - • - - Capt Cabjpintib. UNITED STATES, - - - - Capt. Sham. AMERICA. - - - - * .Capt Curt. CONSTITUTION, - - - Capt. Giumak. The above ships compose the Line, and will tall from New York and Savannah every Wednesday and . Saturday. BRIGHAM, BALDWIN A CO, Agents, Savannah, Ga. WAKEMAN, GOOKIN A DICKINSON, Agents, 17 Broadway, New York. THE AMERICA Will leave Savannab for New York on Saturday, sth Instant. For Freight or Passage apply to . « BRIGHAM, BALDWIN & CO., jy2B-tf Agents. STAR LINE FOR NEW 10RK. ipbe New and Blatant first class U. Mail Steamship UNITED STATES, |M ~ 1300 tons register, Capt. Shame, will . r-v t'.-B-, sail positively for the above port on WEDNESDAY, August 2d, at 4 o’clock, P. M. For Freight or Passage, having splendid accommo dations, apply to BRIGHAM, BALDWIN A CO.i jysi-3 Agenti. Merchants’ Line .SAILING Jig! VESSELS. Quick. Dlspatok fox* NEW YORK. The splendid A1 Clipper Schooner HATTIE BAKER, Capt. Burgess Will clear for the above port in a few days. Has superior accommodation for First Class Cabin Passengers. , Only Room fob Four left—Fare, S3O. Asa large portion of her cargo is already engaged Shippers will need to make early application for freight room. Apply to CHAS. L. COLBY A CO. jy24 ts Cor. Bay and Abercorn sta MERCHANTS’ LINE SailingJg| Vessels. Regular Weekly Line of CLIPPER SCHOONERS FOR NEW YORK. THE undersigned intend to keep up a regular week ly line of first class Sailing Vessels plying lie tween Savannah and the above port, with suporior accommodations for passengers and the very best fa cilities for delivering freight in good order, at low rates, with promptness and despatch. Particular attention to forwarding goods from New York. CHARLES L. COLBY & CO., jylß cor. Bay and Abercorn street*. FOR AUGUSTA, OR as neat there as the low stage of water in the River will permit. The light draught Steam er OSNB&AL BBXL XL Y Will start on WEDNESDAY, the 2d Inst., at 12. M Ladies can secure state rooms by early application to CHAS. L. COLBY & CD., _ iul-2 Cor. Bay and Abercorn :it. BOARD, ROOMS, Ac, _ ROOMS TO LET, At ZZiltoxi Head, S. 0., THE Palmetto Herald Building having been Newly Fitted Up, now offers large and airy rooms, suita ble for Sleeping Apartments or business purpose s. For terms apply to W. S. Sampson, Jr., Box N|o. 25, Hilton Head Post Office, or on the premises, corner of Merchants' Row and Palmetto Avenue, from 4 o’clock to 6 o'clock p. in. ji\22 PROFESSIONAL CARDS. J. R. SOLOMONS, M. D., 23 ontist, From Charleston, S. C., offers his services to the citiEens of Savannah. Rooms at Dr. Clark’s office, Congress street. References.— Dr. Jab. B Read, Dr. Jorum Harris, Hon. Solomon Cohen, W. N. Habersham Esq,, |yll ts A. A. Solomons A Col, M. P. MULLER, CIVIL ENGINEER AND ARCHITECT. Agent for the Sale of Lands. Will give strict atten tion to Surveying, furnishing Plans for and Superin tending Buildings, all kinds Machinery, Ac. Office, Sorrel’s building, next to Gas Office. jy2l lm DENTAL NOTICE, I would inform the public that I have renamed the practice of Dentistry In this city, at my old stand, corner pf St. Julien and Barnard streets, (entrance Brown’s Photograph Gal lery,; where I am prepared to perform all operations pertaining to my profession. jyll-lmo W. JOHNSON, D. D. S. I. C. FEATHER, M. D., Office, 18 1-2 Merchants’ Row, HILTON HEAD , S. C. Ju2» % 2m C. S. BUNDY,' Or enor al A S® 11 * AND ATTORNEY FOR CLAIMS, No. 247 F Street, Between 13th and Uftn Streets, (Near Pay Department,j Wasixinffton, 23. O, jueo 11 AMUSEMENTS. ST. ANDREW’S HALL. QRAXn> COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT to TKX Protestant Episcopal Or phan Home. Tendered by the Original VIRGINIA MINSTRELS ‘ AMD Burlesque Opera Troupe ! Wednesday Evening, Aug. 2d, 1806. New Songs, Quartette, Burlesque Farces, Jokes, Dances, Jigs. Price of Admission 75 cent*. Colored Gallery 60 “ Doors open at half-past 1 o’clock. Perform ance to commence at half-past 8. aul-1 D. J. A- SMITH, Agent. MARSHALL HALL. (Opposite St. Andrew’s Hall,) Brouglxtoxi Street. VV. 11. Cartbell, ........ Manager- THE BELTOn¥iNSTRELS * ' Will give one of their Pleasing Exhibitions This Evening, July 31st, 1805, AND every night until further notice. tr See bills for particulars. jy3l-3 VOLKS' CFAB.TB3NT, (Congress st, between Jefferson and Montgomery sts.,j REGULAR SUMMER SEASON. PROMENADE CONCERTS EVERY NIGHT, BY THE Sava nn ah Orchestra, Prof. E- J&ohtrr, Leader, CT Refreshments of the best quality and in every variety. Imo jylO ~ NEWSPAPERS. To the Patrons of the paoxfioato k - HTHE suspension of The Pacificator, the only Cath X olic Journal in the South, has been cause* by cir cumstances arising mainly from want of means to de fray the expense of public £.ion. This announcement is made with extreme regret, but, relyibg upon the deep Interest and the generous support heretofore extended both by the Clergy and Laity of the Church, as well as upon the liberal pa tronage received from the member* of other denomi nations, we sincerely trust the suspension will only be of a very brief duration. In the present condition of the country, it is of par amount importance that the Church should have an organ in the i South for the dissemination of Catholic Doctrines, and the defence of Catholic Teachings and Practices. The sudden, radical and unexpected changes which have taken place in the organization of Southern in stitutions, political, religions and social, make the support of a Catholic Journal in thin section an im perative duty on the part of each and every member of the Chureh. If then the Catholics of the South desire the publi cation of this Journal continued let. them go to work without delay in its behalf, and no soon as a sufficient number of renewed subscriptions are received it will again be regularly issued. The past tone of Tub Pacificator, Religious, Polit ical, and Literary, will be its best recommendation, and a guarantee of its future oanduct, Mr. L T. Blorae having wi rhdrawn from the con cern, the paper will hereafter be conducted solely by the subscriber, who earnestly appeals to the Catholics of the South, and to all others friendly to the cause, to sustain The Pacificator by a liberal patronage. The Catholic Clergy throughout the South are au thorised to receive subscriptions. Zgr Publication will be resumed as sosft as the par ties whose names are now ub the books renew their subscriptions. TERMS. One Year A . i $4 00 Six Mouths 2 60 PATRICK WALSH, Editor and Proprietor. Augusta. Ga., July Ist, 1865. jysa-lw PROSPXIOTUS OF THK Mercantile Mirror A Weekly Commercial and Advertising Sheet, WITH AN EDITION OF 10,006 COPIES, FOR GRA TUITOUS CIRCULATION. To be Issued one or about the 15 th of July, 1866, By J. W. BURKE & CO., - MACON. QA. This enterprise is undertaken at the suggestion of many of the leading merchants of the country, ss a method of extensively advertising their business.— While we will publish the advertisements of all who may favor u. with their patronage, the paper will also contain Prices Current ol the Markets in alt the princi pal Cities, Rates of Exchange, Brokerage, he., and Commercial News of every description that will be of interest to the Mercantile Community. Nor will the “ MIRROR ” be exclusively filled with advertisements; but the paper will be sufficiently large to leave ample room for Editorials, Correspondence, Select Reading Matter, Ac. It will be a family, u well as a business paper, and we intend that it shall visit every City, Town and Village in the Country. All can perceive the advantage of advertising In a paper of this description. OUR TERMS WILL BE LIBERAL. We are unable to publish them in this Circular, not knowing what number of our friends will want their Business Cards, Notices, Ac., brought be fore the Public through this medium. We will only say to all, send your Advertisements to us immedi ately • state, how much space yeu wish them to occu py, directions, Ac. We have * large Stock of Fancy Type, Cuts and material for displaying therh. and feel confident of meriting the patronage and approval of all Business Men. As soon as we arrive at the amount of matter and size of paper required, we will make an estimate, and publish the rates f->r advertising, in the first number.' They will b* as low as possible, to allow us TO publish tub PAPfR. Deeming it superflu ous to argue the benefit of this enterprise to the adver tising world, we leave the subject with it, feeling as sured it will meet its cordial co-operation and sop-< Wrt Address J. W. BURKE A 00., v Macon, Ga. Agent in Savannah: Geo. N. Nichols, Bay Street. jylß-tf “The Hospital Transcript.” The paper above named is published at Hilton Head S. C., by M. J. McKenna. It is designed by the Publisher to make an Interest ing and Instructive Paper, not only for SICK AND WOUNDED SOLDIERS, but a WELCOME WEEKLY VISITOR to ail residents of Hilton Head. •. It will contain Original LOCAL NEWS, a summary NORTHERN NEWS, and carefully Selected MIS CKLLANEOUS ITEMS. WOTICE. “ THE firm of O'MEARA A CO. having been dissolv ed by a decree of the First Provost court of Savan nah, all persons having claims against said firm will present them forthwith to the undendgned, jy2s-tf W.O’JISARA.