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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, August 11, 1865, Image 3

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local matters. A Few Remarks and a Few Farts About the Savannah Post Office. Very few people have an opportunity to get any insight into life among the mail hag*, except by glimpses through small delivery windows, when the mind is scarcely in a frame to contemplate the Post Office interior, either perceptively or philosophically. We were never Postmaster, nor Special Agent, nor Post Office Clerk, but In a considerable newspaper experience we have learned, from actual observa tion, in sometimes Intimate relations, that with per haps the trilling exception of an editorial room, there are few harder positions ua. public life of any kind, than a post office affords. The vexation of bad penmanship, the annoyance of bores, the perversity of some who wish to receive news and don’t, the Ig norance ol such as can’t write and try to, the tedi ous, wearing effects of night labor, are some of the disagreeable features of post office and newspaper mb In common. The public will be glad of the appointment ot a Postmaster in Savannah, because they have had so many transitions as to render permanency In any re lations la a degree satisfactory, and because all such events are so much towards a resumption of their old status. But while the present system of a special agency continues, we do not believe a more popular official could be placed in charge of the office than Ur. A, L. Harris, always affable, genial, generous, ready to oblige everybody, strictly obeying his or ders, but never causing unnecessary annoyance. The clerks in the office, also, so far as we have been able to ascertain, are courteous In the discharge of their duties, posted ou their details, and efficient In all respects. Their labors are nnnsually ardnous, vexatious ceesant, combining the difficulties of running a Post Office for an army anu one for a city. The following Is a statement of malls received and forwarded from the Ist Inst, to last evening : received. Forwarded. New York, 43 sacks .. .26 sacks Charleston, 6 sacks 7 sacks Florida, 8 sacks.: 7 sacks Augusta, 18 sacks is sacks Hilton Head IS sacks. 7 sacks Mr. W. E. Warren, who forwards and receives the malls, will in a few days hence bid farewell to Sa vannah, but It is hoped, to return again. Mr. War ren, by his kind obliging nature, has won friends among all classes. r Üb. W. H. Watson will leave Savannah to-day by the steamer Helen for Augusta, having been or dered to report there and assume hts functions of office as Assessor of Internal Revenue for Fourth District of Georgia. Mr. Watson has for several months been serving as a clerk Iu the Post Office In this city, and by kind and genial conduct has won a high reputation. We have no doubt he will be pop ular and efficient In the performance of the delicate duties of his new office. From Argcsta.—The steamer Augusta, Capt. Lawler, arrived yesterday afternoon from Augusta, having on board a light cargo, and over two hundred contrabands. At 3a. m. yesterday passed steamer Amazon near Hagar Slager. We are indebted to the Steward and others of the Augusta, for late pa pers. Brevet Major-General Bilge and Staff also ar rived by the Augusta. From Florida.—The C. 8. Mall steamer Fountain, Capt. Castner.from Palatka, Florida,Ma Jacksonville, Feroandlna, Darien, etc., arrived yesterday after noon at the dock in this city. Wm. B. Jackson, the gentlemanly Purser of the Fountain, has our thanks for favors. Below the city the Fountain transferred a number of her passengers to the steamship bound for New York. The Steamer General Derby.—This fine river steamer, under the charge of Capt. Henry, arrived yesterday flora Augusta. The General Berry was detained several hours, her pumps getting out of or der. We are Indebted to Mr. Robert H. Lewis and the agents of the Geu. Berry, Messrs. Charles L. Colby A Cos., tor favors. Departure op Steamers for New Yobe.—Yes terday the Atlantic Coast mail steamer Varuna was cleared for New Y’ork by John R. Wilder. The steamship Chase, of tho Pioneer Line, was also cleared by Messrs. Hunter 4 Gammell. Both of these steamers have very good cargoes. Personal.—Hon. E. J Harden, of Savannah, ac companied by bis family, arrived In this city on yes terday, per steamer Fountain. Judge Harden Is In excellent health, and'his numerous friends will he peasedto hear of his arrival. Correction.—Miss Blair has called to correct the announcement made in yesterday’s Herai.d, of her assisting in the proposed concert at Hilton Head. She has made no engagement of the kind. Sparring Exhibition.—An entertainment, con sisting of sparring, 3ongs, dances and comicalities, will be given at St. Andrew's Hall this evening, com mencing at half past seven o'clock. THE COURTS. DISTRICT PROVOST COCBT—BEFORE LIECT. COL. RO3T. P. TORK, DISTRICT PROVOST MARSHAL. Savannah. Ang. 10,1865. Peter Whelan, trustee, vs. William Frewen—Re covery of premises. In the above case It was order ed that defendant vacate the premises occupied by ldm, by the 25th day of August, and pay the costs of suit. Counsel for plaintiff, CoL A. W. Stone. Rev. Mr. King vs. Mr. Broadbacker—Unlawfully killing cows. In the abova case It is ordered that defendant be deprived of a safeguard, and that the Provost Marshal of the sub-dlstrtct be Instructed not to furnish one ; and It was further ordered that Pri vate Henry Mathias, of the 176th New York Volun teers, report forthwith, to be sent under guard to his regiment; and It was also ordered that the defend ant be dismissed on payment of the costs of suit. John N, Muller vs. Mrs. A. J. Pollard—Recovery of rent; claim $l2O. It appearing from the minutes of the District Court, Judge Parsons presiding, that the above case Is marked settled by the Court, upon the motion of Philip M. Russell, Esq , counsel for plain tiff, it was ordered, Instead of the above entry, the case be marked withdrawn by consent of Court, as the defendant is a married lady, and her husband Is alone liable for ber Indebtedness. OFFICE PROVOST MARSHAL, SCB-DIVI9ION OK THE IWEECUEE— BEFORE CAlff. SAMI.. COWDREY, PROVOST MARSHAL. Savannah, Aug. 10,1865. United States vs. Bridget Browlay—Larceny ; plea not guilty, u was ordered that the prisoner be dis charged. Sami. McCloud (colored,) vs. Frost, (colored.) re fusal to deliver goods. It was ordered that the de fcadant deliver to plaintiff the goods upon plaintiff paying to the defendant the sum of three dollars. United States vs. Farrell and Callowet—drunken ness and disorderly conduct. It was ordered that ’he defendants he confined In the county Jail for three days. v Mrs. J. Evans vs. N. WUch and E. A Freeman, suit for recovery of rent. It was ordered the defen dants vacate the premises bv August 12 at 12 o’clock li. I thinner vs. Feely A Muillneaux—claim for posses sion of a horse. It was ordered that the horse be given Into possession of Mullineaux by Feeiy, *who holds possession of said horse. Cupper Vessel for New York.—We call atten tion to the advertisement by Messrs. Chas. L. Colby A Cos., of the Baltimore sailing clipper Wenonah for New York. She has room for some light freight and superior passenger accommodations. ts Population and Valuation of Boston.—r- This city and immediate suburbs will show by the census now being taken a population of nearly four hundred thousand people, thus making this metropolitan district of Boston one of the greatest centres of population on this continent. The valuation of Boston and suburbs will nearly reach five hundred mil l lions of dollars (the city alone having *370 000,000). Tbis.vast sum will place Boston as the richest city per capita, probably, i n the world. N. York has some *700.000, 1100 valuation; Philadelphia, *160,000,000 Balti more *100,000,000. The entire State of Main has but §100,000,000 valuation, or only one fourth the part of this sity. The Eleventh ward of Boston has nearly the same popula tion as Portland, Maine, and is almost a city itself, being in many respects a distinct quarter. Since 1860 this ward has almost sprung into existence. —Boston Post. A Massachusetts paper says the leading 1 Masons of that State are about to invite their Southern brethren to visit them ftfld partake ts tbotr ipftptolftfef. THE NILE. AUTHF.R DISCOVERT —THE SECOND SOURCE OT THE VILE. The London Athenaeum says: “ The exertions of Mr. Baker, whom Capt. SrekeJeft at the Upper Nile, have been cp'wned with a great success. We await Jr. Baker's details with the warmest inter et; in the meantime, we lav before our radera the following letter of announcement: “ Foreign Office, June 28, 18G5. “ Sir : lam directed by Eail Russell to aqqaint you, for the information of the Geo gßphical Society, that two telegrams, dated respectively 27th and 28th instant, have been tils day received at the Foreign Office, vtoich, though imperfectly transmitted, clear ly convey the following intelligence, which he Lordship has great pleasure in communi citiug through you, without delay, to the Siciety. Mr. Consul General Colquhoun re pels trom Alexandria that letters dated the lQh of May had been received from Khar tqn, stating that Mr. Baker has succeeded it discovering the second great source of the Mle—second, not in importance, but only in Older of discovery, to the Victoria Nyanza of Speke. Mr. Consul Stanley, also from Alex andria, speak 9 of the discovery as that of “tbe second and main s turce of the Nile, in Lake Albert Nyanza, North latitude two degrees and seventeen minutes. Mr. Baker was expected shortly to arrive at Alexandria. “lam, &C-, E. Hammond.” “On the same subject we have received the following letter: “ ‘Norton House, Stockton-on-Tees,> July 3, 18C5. j “ ‘ As I seldom see the Times here, I read Mr. Hammond’s letter from the Foreign Office of the 28th June (Which was publish ed in the Globe of the 80th of June) with much pleasure. “ ‘ That letter states that Mr. Baker, well known for bis travels in Africa, and to whom tbe Geographical Society last anniversary awarded one of its prizes, “has succeeded in .discovering the second great source of the Nile—second, not in importance, but only in order of discovery, to the Victoria Nyanza of Speke-” Also that Mr. Stanley “ speaks of the discovery as that of the second and main source of the Nile in a lake (Albert Nyanza) in north latitude 2 min. 17 deg.” “ ’I consider, with Sir R. Murchison, that this lake is most likely (nay almost for cer tain) the little Luta Nzige of Speke and Grant, and which Mr. Baker had undertaken to visit and explore. To this discovery I have Ifloked forward for some time; and it affords, irr alt probability, a confirmation of my views with regard to the additional sources of the Nile. “ 4 At the Newcastle meeting of the British Association, held in August, 1863. I there publicly said, “further explorations are ne cessary to ascertain what (if any) waters join that lake at the equator, which is called Little Luta Nzige, meaning the Dead Locust, with its salt islands, and supposed to be 1,000 or 1,200 feet lower than the Nyanza.’’ (See the Memoir in Trans. R. S. Literature, vol. viii, p. 75, published September, 1864.) “ * Moreover, in January, 1864, I after wards wrote (iu a note to tuc same memoir) when meutiouing the Haruma falls in the river which to the west towards Lake Luta Nzige, and which Speke did not investigate.” Speke and Giant having de parted from the Nile at the Karuma falls, and proceeded due north,they left unexplored oue of tbe most important portions of that river (which flows to the west); had they followed its course they would, almost for certain, have found that it is connected with the waters of the Little Luta Nzige. “ ‘ This lake is reported to extend through fully two degrees of latitude, and although Speke’s map incorrectly states it to be a “backwater to the Nile,” I considered it to be a frontwatsr of no inconsiderable dimen sions to tbe White Nile. “ ‘ Indeed, I believe this lake to be one of those laid down in the Arabic map (about a. and. 830) called “Tabula—Am amuniana; also in that of Ibn Said in 1274, and in the “ Tabula Rotunda Rogeriana” of 1154 —all of which may be seen iu Lelewell’s atlas of “ Geo graphic du Moyen Age.” " ‘ I shall await Mr. Baker’s narrative of his discoveries of this lake and the second main soarce of the Nile with great and anx ious plessure. • I remain &c., John Hogg LETTER FROM SIR RODERICK MURCHISON. Sir Roderick Murchison has written the following letter to the London Times in re ference to Mr. Baker’s discovery of the second, source of Nile, a full account of which was published in our Fourth Edition of yester day : 11 To the Editor of the "Times ■ ‘ Sir: Having, during the last few days, met with many persons who have said that they arc unable to form a clear conception of the relations of the vast equatorial African laKes—the Victoria of Speke and the Albert of Baker—to each other and to tbe Nile, I venture to offer the following brief expla nation : “Let the inquirer consult the map contain ed in Speke’s book, and be will see at a glance how the discovery of Raker has sub stantially confirmed the views of his distin guished precursor. “Speke places the Luta Nzige (now the Albert) on his map as a great 9heet of water ot which be had heard, and into which the Nile, from tbe point where he was obliged to quit it, descended by rapids, and then re-is sued a little to tbe north to flow to Gondoko ro. So strongly did he believe, from the de scription of the natives, that such would be foudn to be the case, that he incited his friend Baker to endeavor to ascertain the facts. “Now, In everv essential point the researches of Baker have rout) ruled the accuracy of the views of Speake as regards the l.uta Nzige ; for the Nile, leaving its first great and lofty reservoir, the Vic toria, at a height of 3,740 feet above the sea, Is found to descend 1,670 feet Into the deep rock-basin of the Luta Nzige, or Albert Nvanza. which Is placed by Baker at the elevation of 2,070 feet. Thence the stream flows downwards and northwards to Oondo koro, from which place to Khartum, where it Is Joined by the Blue or Abyssinian Nile, It becomes, as Is now well known, aperjectly navigable stream. “The representations of -ancient geographers, as seen ou old maps, of two streams Issuing from two separate and unconnected lakes these streams uniting fnrtUer north to form the Nile, Is proved to be erron eous ; since we know now that, whether In the form of lake or river the White Nile consists of one con tinuous system, the waters of which descend In the first Instance from a higher into a lower lake, and thence Into the main stream, which in its course to Gonnokoro and Khartum Is red by many other af fluents. In short, the water system by which thes lakcs of the Nile are first connected and then feed the main stream, Is analagous to the connection be tween the North American lakes and the Issue of their waters into the St, Lawrence. “I remain, sir, vour obedient servant, “Roderick I. Murchison. “18 Belgrave square, July 10.’’ Course of (he Cold Market since (he Sus pension of Specie Payments. The following table shows tbe rise and fall of gold from the suspension of specie pay ments in January, 1862, to the Ist inst. It will be interesting to many of our readers, and valuable for reference: 1862. 1888. 1564. Date. Low’st.High’st.Low’st. High’st.Low’st.High’t Jan nary,... Par 106 134 160 161 160 February... 102 104 163 172 167 160 March...... 101 102 139 171 169 109 April 101 102 146 169 166 IS7 May ......102 104 143 163 16T 190 June 103 109 140 14S IS9 261 July 109 120 123 143 222 2901 August 112 116 122 129 231 202 September .116 124 127 143 186 165 October 122 13T 140 166 189 229 November.,l29 133 143 154 - 209 260 December...l3o 134 147 162 211 244 1865. . 1866.’ , Highest Lowest. Highest. Lowest. January .234 H 196% May.. 145 128)1 February.2l6H 196 Q June..l47Ji 135>* AiUn "JSI 74 147; 4 Ju1y..147 13S« ftf”ti?J r i«t k i nl iS ße , Spencer * of Americas, Ga:, a son c ; Spencer, of this State, is in this Whole war baa *^, en - a Cnlon man durin K ,he .*3?° neighborhood of Ander -*^Pd and ° r service to many of the prisoners confined in that place. Mr. Spencer a yjlnes* io tDRDy of the outrages underueltles suffered by our prisoners at the hands of Winder and Werz, find he has come North, voluntarily, ur bear Witness against wbrz, OU Ul» trial in Washington, [N. Y. sett. Shiver de Freeze. Tom is a qneer genius, and gets off some tail ones occasionally. He visited us the other day in our sanctum with a “How do you do, old fellow ? “Hallo, Tom," said we, “whore have you Been so long ?” “Why, Sir, I have been down on Severn river, Anne .Arundel County, taking Sbanghai-notes on the chills and fever. ” “Ah, indeed,” said we, “are they very bad down there?” “Rather bad,” said Tom dryly. “There is one place where they have been attempting to build a brick house for eight weeks Well the oilier day, as the hands were putting up the bricks preparatory to finishing it, they were taken with a chill, and shook the whole building completely down, and kept on sha king till the bricks were dust or the finest quality. Just at this juncture, the chills came on with renewed force, and they com menced shaking up thh dust with such gusto that they were entirely obscured for two horns, and thrtpeople of the neighborhood thought the sun was in an eclipse. “Cant believe anything like that, Tom.” “It is a tact,” said Tom, and resumed: “There’s a farmer down there, who, in ap ple-picking season, hauls his niggers out to the orchard and sets one up against each tree. In a short times the chill comes on, and every apple in the orchard is shaken off the trees on to the ground.” “Incredible,” said we, holding our sides with both bands. “Fact,” said Tom, ‘they keep a man along side ot each negro to take him away as soon as the fruit is off, for tear he will shake the tree down." Tom continued: “Mr. S , a friend of mine, and a house carpenter was engaged a few days ago in covering the roof of a house with shingles. Just as he was finishing, the chill came on, and he shook every shingle off the roof. Some of them are supposed to be flying about yet.” “Another gentleman near the same place was taken with a chill the other day at din ner, and shook his knife and fork down his throat, besides breaking all the crockery ware on the table. His little son, who was sitting at the table at tbe same time, was taken with a chill and shook all the buttons off bis inexpressibles, and then shook him self clear out of them.’’ We then prevailed upou Tom to desist, who did so, with the understanding that he was to give us the balance at some other time. . , Persons who think of emigrating to Ann Arundell county, Md., will please take notice. Admission was refused to two colored persons to a place of amusement in Salem last week, and the agent of the proprietor was arrested under the law passed last winter. He stated before the court that he had followed a New York custom, in Ignorance of any law In the state on the subject, He paid the costs, and settled courteously with the complainants, presenting them with passes to tli« next entertain ment they chose to attend. MARRIED, At Beaufort, S. C., on the 9th, Mr. FRED. D. CUR RIE, of Newark, N. J„ and Miss MATTIE A. FOR SAITH, of Manchester, N. H. Hotel Arrivals. SEA ISLAND HOTEL (HILTON HEAD) AUG. 9. Mrs Tatnall, Savannah |B E Spinner, Washington Maj V T l’ttrnam do Is Heaney, Illinois Capt CH Cox, do IA S Hatwell, Hilton Head JKSealv, do -'iPCrov, do Capt 1) it Hunt, 23 O V V jJ S Butler, do Col J K I.aurg, 14 Me V L Robinson. *do S W Phlnney, A 1) C, Sav | PORT ROYAL HOUSE (HILTON HEAD) AUG. 9, Lt C 8 Beard, 47 Penn V Miss L Langlev, Char M Thompson, New Y ork Geo Fay, do S F Wet-more, do S Birney, do L Wright, Beaufort T Vhlmpy, do B Lake, Charleston J N Stevens, do \V J Boyce, do J McKune, Hilton Head C Wagner, do E A Noe, U S ship Pawnee W Brown, Alabama J J McDonald, N Bruns S B Higgins, Boston S Smith, Augusta liilupping' Intelligence, Minature Almanac—This Day. Sun rises 5 20 Moon sets 9 61 Sun sets..* 6 48|High water .. 10 27 PORT OF SAVANNAH. Arrived. Thursdat, Aug. 10,1865. Steamer Fountain, Castner, from Palatka, etc.—to M A Cohen. Consignees.—bales Sea Island cotton, and mer chandize, toC C Cambridge, N A Hardee A Cos, Erwin A- Hardee, and order. Passengers.—A W Kelsey, C S Harvey, D A McCall, J E Youge, G F Thosfufolski, M Soulter and lady, F B:ark, Byrhewood A Simpkins, R Turnbull and lady, Mrs Bella May, child and nurse, \V E Alexander, W J Gunn, J II Wingliart, Hon E J Harden and lady, Miss Anna Harden, Miss Nellie Harden. Jno Harden, Eddie Harden, Wm Harden, Miss M B Harden, Mrs M E Maxwell anti 3 children, C R Maxwell, Miss 8 C Maxwell, Master I) F Maxwell, J W Jackson, Mrs Laura Keene, L R Clarke, K Morgan, E G Sammis, S E Holmes, S Thurliug, M A Dzyalinski and wife, R D Fox, Col Thomas Burke, Mr Corbett and servant, E H Collins, Capt Isaac M Aiken, A Hettleson, G Lewis, Capt Kobt Scoti, W H Newman. Steamer General Berry, Henry, from Augusta. Consignees.—C L Colby A Cos, O Cohen, Hunter A Gammell, Claghorn A Cunningham, 61 J Doyle, W H Stark, Lomellno A Cos, S Cohen. Imports.—33B bales domestics, 130 do cotton, 40 boxes tobacco, 30 sacks peas. Passengbiis.—T Corra and lady, Mrs King and 2 children, J H Uewett and ladv, F G Swain, T H ford, 2 ladies, 2 children and servant, B W Holt, Wa dies, 2 children and 2 servants, G H Sneed, Mrs L Delaigle, K J Courtney, H M Clarke, P D Woolhopter, Mrs J S Clarke, K Sullivan, Mis J Black and child, O p Hilliard, T WNeely, Jos Ross, A Waldron, H B Felt, E J Frances, S Cohen, and 9 In steerage. Steamer Augusta, Lawler, Augusta, with 10 bales domestics and 100 bbls lltne—to uSQ M. Cleared- Pioneer Line Steamship Chase, Rodgers, New York —by Hunter A Gammell. . Exports.—42B bales Upland cotton, 36 do Sea Isl and do, 317 do domestics. Passengers.—P A Scranton, L H Catlian, A Maro nev, Miss L H Colton, Mrs C 8 One, Mrs L Robider, Mrs Jftmes Ward and child. Atlantic Coast Mail Line Steamship Varuna, White hurst, New Y’ork—John R Wilder. Exports.—6os bales cotton, 6do wool, .>1 bbls ale, 75 do liqnor, 2 pipes gin, 3 chests of tea, 60 baskets wine, 17 empty barrels, 296 boxes wine, 4do hats, lo do tobacco. Passengers.—Mrs Richardson, P Dzyalinski, Mrs Dzyaliuskl 2 children and servant, Miss Dzyalinski, Mrs R Cohen nnd child, Miss H Ball, M Dzyalinski, Mrs J G Clarke and child, Mrs M F Adams, Col It 1) Walker, J Bnrkhim, H Leon, Col C L Schlatter, J H Myers, T Brown, E Brown, J Cohen, J Simon, Miss T Barrett, Mrs Kate Jones, James Hughes, PORT OF PORT ROY'AL. Arrived. Aug B—Sehr Lottie K lofts, Endicott, Philadelphia. Cleared. Aug 9- Selir A Sawver, Bean, Georgetown ; steam er Gen Custer, Rose, Washington. a chaktoe FOR INVESTMENT. WILL be sold at Public Auction, in the city of Savannah on the 6th day of September next, without reserve: The mill site with Sawmill thereunto belonging, sit uated in the county of Chatham, State of Georgia, about nine miles fiom the city of Savannah on the Ogeechec Canal, together with all the machines, fix tures, buildings, outhonses. stables, Ac., Jtc. The site of the mill contains nine acres of land with very- capaciqus back water. The Ogeechee canal be ing in the course of reconstruction will be finished in a short time, when lumber can be rafted to and from points on the A. A G. H. R. and the city of Savannah, and will thus afford better facilities for raftiug than any other mill iu the State of Georgia, For further particulars apply to M. J. SOLOMONS^ ■o*B-td NOTICE^ OFFICE COMMISSARY OF SUBSISTENCE,) Savannah, Ga., August Ist, 1365. j Sealed proposals to furnish this poet with six thou sand pounds of Fresh Beef per week, for three months, commencing September Ist, and ending December Ist, 1863, will be received at this Office until Tuesday, Au gust 15th, 1866, at li o’clock noon, when they will be opened In public. The Beef to oe furnished on days to be designated by the Commissary, and to be of good and marketable quality—dressed In equal proportion of fore amt hind quarters. exclndingTiecha, thanks and kidney tallow. Persons submitting proposals will state the average net weight, quality, Ac., of tbe Beef they piopoee to furnish. Proposals will be subject to the approval of the Com missary General of Subsistence. • HENRY R. SIBLEY, aul-tl6 Capt. and C 8. U Tots. BACON.BACOi'L HAMS and BHOULDERS landing from steamer Constitution this day. For rale by jnqp-3 BELL, WYUT ft CHRISTIAN, SAVANNAH BUSINESS DIRECTORY. " BILLIARDS, &o. O’Toole A t 0., BILLIARDS, LIQUORS. WINES. Ac. Broughton at., third door from Bull. Billiard Saloon. By WALTER O'MEARA. ALEi, WINES, LIQUORS, Ac. Bay street, over Express Office. Union "Shades, Tebkncz Nugent, Proprietor. ALES. WINES, LIQUORS, SEGARS. 4c. 65 Bull st., opposite Pulaski House. St. Charles Saloon, (in rear of Post Office.: by A. Stamm. Wholesale and Retail. None but CHOICE WINES and LIQUORS served. Free Lunch. WINES, LIQUORS, Ac, ~ HU, Rum e A Cos., • WHOLESALE OVAL ESS IN LIQUORB ALES AND LAGER BEER, Cor, St. Julian street aud Johnson square. Israel R. Sealy A Cos., SOLE AGENTS AND IMPORTERS OP CHARLES FARRE CHAMPAGNES, In the State of Georgia. 207 Bay st., between Barnard and Jefferson, au9 Savannah, Ga. Israel R. Sealy A Cos., , WHOLESALE DEALERS IN IMPORTED WINES, i ORDIALS, BRANDIES AND SEGARS. an 9 207 Bay at., between Barnard md Jefferson J Lain a, Importer and Wholesale Dealer In Span • isn Saunas, Frenou Brandies. Wines, WmaxsT and other Liquore. Tobacco of all kinds. 191 Bay street. Savannah, Ga. DRY GOODS. John C. Maker ft Cos., Wholesale and Retail De.lee in DRY GOODS. HOSIERY, GLOVES, TRIMMINGS. RIBBONS, Ac, Ac. Cor. Congress and Whitaker ata. Thomas Pepper, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Staple and Fancy Dky Goods, at Unprece dented hole I'rices. ONE PRICE ONLY*. Fesdee 4k Orff. DRY GOODS—Wholesale and Retail. John HcConaghy, DEALER IN DRY GOODS, Ac. Samuel M, Ledcrer, Jobber and Retailer of Fancy and Staple Dby Goods, Boots and Shoes, Csotiiinq, Hats, Ac. 146 Congress street. GROCERIES, &c. SB. Miller, 167 Broughton street, has for sa\y, . cheap. Flour, Sugar, Syrup. Lemons, Hay, Oats, Com, Cow P-as, Pindars, Potatoes, Turnips, Onions and Cabbages. au9 VI Ferst ft Cos.. 1 olesale Dealer in Winis, Li- Iris qcoas, Seoaes, FaM i Qkooeeies, Candies, Ac. __ iM, Congress street AF. Mira, Wholesale and Retail in s GROCERIES, FRUITS, Ac. Cor. U'hitaker and Congress st. Lane Congdou A Symons, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERS, Corner Whitaker aud St. Julian sts„ Old Stand of W. R. Symons. Hilton ft Rami ell, WHOLESALE GROCERS, 193 Bay Stbeet, are constantly receiving per steamers from N. York, tbe largest and most complete assortment of GROCERIES in thLs city. Ip P. Deyo, Dealer in Ohqioe Family Qbocep.iis, lis Wines, Liqcoes, Ac. Robert Bulfore, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCER, „ 161 Bronghton street. ~ CONFECTIONERY. JK. Hernandez, • CONFECTIONER—WhoIesaIe and Retail. MANUFACTURE!! OK SYRUPS, CORDIALS AND FINE CONFECTIONERY OF ALL KINDS. M Fitzgerald, • WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALER IN CIDERS, LEMON. STRAWBERRY and RASPBERRY syrups, candies, *o„ Ac , &T 1 lii any quantities, to suit Purchasers. WHITAKER STREET. DRUGGISTS. New Drug House, Corner Congt es» and Barnard eta. JACOB LIFPMAN, late Kino & Waring. Thomas HI. Turner, DRUGGIST, Southwest cor. Barnard and Bronghton sts. A A. Solomons A Cos., * WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DRUGGISTS. tW Orders executed accurately and with despatch. photographs: JT. Reading Cos., . PHOTOGRAPHERS, Cor, Whitaker and St. Juliau sis. Brown’s Photograph Gallery, Cahds De Visits and I’iiotouß iphh, Market Square. GAS FITTING, &c~ piiimlilug aud Das Fitting, JT By JOHN H. CULLEN, Broughton at., one door We t of Barnard. WH. Williams, Gas Fitter and Plumber, • and Dealer iu Tii* Ware, House Fubnuucno Goods, &c. 145 Bruughloii street. Weed A Cornwell, Wholesale Dealers in Hardware and Tin Ware. No. 159 and 161 Broughton street. TT Cranston, U • PLUMBER AND GAS FITTER, ‘JI Bryan st., next lo cor. Whitaker. * SEGARS, TOBACCO, &c, FKolb. • SEGARS, TOBACCO. SNUFF, PIPES, Ac. Barnard street, oue door South of the Murkei. CP. Lopez, Segars, Tobacco, Snuff, Pipes, • Fancy Articles, Stationery, Ac. Cor. Bull aud Broughton ata. Constant, IsroaTKa or Domistio and Havana • Seoaks, Mfeebciiaw Fires, &c. Also, Winis, Ch Aupaones aud other Liquors. Bull street, opposite the Post Office. COMMISSION MERCHANTS. MA. Cohen, • FORiV ARLING and COMMJSS’N MERCHANT, Office Home ins. Cos , 89 Bay st. Bell, Wylly & Christian, AUCTION, GEN ERAL COMMISSION AND FORWARDING MERCHANTS. Day street, Savannah, Ga. AM. Scarbrough di Cos., Gkoocbv and Cob • liibsion Mkrou.nis, 140 Congress and 67 St. Juuan sU Highest market prices paid for Cotton, Wool, Beeswax, etc. Liberal Advances ou Cotton, Ac. Erwin ft Hardee, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Bay street, Savannah, Ga. BOOTS AND SHOES. ~ Ames dt Peabody, Jobbers in Men’s, Women's, aud Children’s Call) Serge and Kid BOOTS and oiiOEs, of all kinds and qualities. 152 Congress at., 4tu door North of the Market. Geo. T. Nichols, RETAIL BOOT AND SHOE STORE. lit) Broughton st., zd door irom Bull. CHINA WARE, &c. TX D. Smyth, QUEENSWARE, GLASS AND Air. CHINA, at Wholesale anil Retail. 109 Broughton street, 2d door from cor. of Bull. ~ SCRIVENERY. John J. Purtillc, (late Recorder of the Second Provost Court J will attend to all Writings and business entrusted to hts cars, at Saloon of T erence Nugent, Jr., opposite Pulaski House. SODA WATER. John Ryan, Bottler of SODA WATER, PORTER and ALE, CORDIALS, SYRUPS, Ao. Cor. Bay anti West Broad streets. &c. Jumes C. Blanec, Master Carpenter, Architect' and Draughtsman, will attend to all calls on bus iness in the above branches. PT* Office No. 124 Bay sneet, next to Stoddard's Range. auß PRINTING, STATIONERY, &c. Seville ft Leach, UOOK.-EU.KR3 AND STATIONERS, Cor. aud Market Square.^ Marking Ink, MeNCrAcrcazD and for sale by DAVID A. GALLOWAY, Geo. H, Nichole, BOOK AND JOB PRINTER, Bay et., between Abercorn and Drayton. EJ. Parse, LITHOGRAPHER, STATIONER, . BINDER, JOS PRINTER, Ac. No. 6 Whltakue street. W, Mason ft Cos., C- herald job printing office-. DIRECTORY -• CONTINUED. PROFESSIONAL. Dr. X. M. Sneed. DENTIST. ScocEfisou TO Da. E. Parsons. York (greet, near Court House, Savannah, Ga. aiilu JEWELRY, Ac. FD. Jordan, Dealer in Watches and Jhwslhi, « Silver and Platsh Wabx Fa mot Goods, *c. tr Watches and Jewelry Repaired. 129 Congress st., opposite the Pulaski House. HAIR DRESSING, &c~. Pulaski House Barber Shop, (cor. Ball and Bryan ets.j Shaving, Hair Catting, Shampooing. Whiskers Dy ed, *c. Fancy Soaps, Cologne, Neck Tie* an^jthsrlrancjuYitide^rij^iiJe^^ furnTturu Dennis Falvey, FURNITURE WAREHOUSE. New Wobh Man to OanEs. Repairing. Bell Hanging. Ac., at short notice. 138 Broughton at. ~mAiitop7~ Wanted. TWO or three first class boarders by a private fami lv, living in a good neighborhood and central.— Address, for one week, ‘ Sherman," Herald office. augß-lw Wanted. A NICELY furnished room, without board, where the people are not too inquisitive. Addrees, "Grimes.'' Herald office. augS-lw STORE WANTED, FOR A RETAIL BOOK AND STATIONERY BUSINESS, IN the vicinity of Whitaker, St. Julien, or Congress streets, or a locality adapted to said badness Reference to W. B. THOMPSON, or Box 91, Montl cello, Florida. t w , ul wanted Immediately, F Ir ]TY TONS ol Raw and Waste Paper. The HIGHEST CASH PRICKS PAID. Also, Cot ton Pickings, Wool, Hides, Tallow, Grease, Metals, Bottles, Ac., at the FOREST CITY MILLS, an4 -W Savannah. VEGET ABLES At Low Prices. JUST ARRIVED, by the steamer Chase, a Large Assorted Stock of Vegetables, con sisting of— , POTATOES, ONIONS, CABBAGES, BEETS, • * and TURNIPS, AND A— Fine Lot of Northern Apples. All of which will be sold immediately at low prices, in lots to suit purchasers. K. P. DE VO. 133 Broughton street, Jesse's Old Stand. CHOICE FAMILY GROCERIES ALWAYS ON HAND. an 9 lw AUCTION SALE. TXJTLL be sold at Public Auction, in accordance M with orders from the General Commanding District of ravannah, by Bell, Wylly & Christ lan. Auctioneers, ON WEDNESDAY, ADO. 19, AT 0 A. M. TWO PHOTOGRAPHIC VIEW INSTRUMENTS AND APPURTENANCES, The property of SAM. A. COOLEY, to satisfy judg ment against said Cooley, in favor of E. H. Clapp, the First Provost Court, District of Savannah, June 7th, 1366. The rale will be held at BECKETT’S PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLERY, North side of Bronghton, between Barnard and Whit ker streets anlO 2_ Cl DER BRANDY. 5Af iA GALLONS, from one to five years old Ssmplw of each sent by Express, with list of prices. Also, >n cases of one and two dozen each. H. S. CONNOVEH, Distiller. aulO-lm Freehold, N. J. POH BjAXjB. RECEIVED PER STEAMER CHASE, 200 kits (new 1865), No. 1 Family Mackerel. au9-tf N. A. HARDEE A CO. NEW GOODS. 1 CASE MERRIMACK CALICOKS I 1 case Sprague's Calicoes Colored Mourning Delaines 4-4 Bleached Long Cloths 6-4,10-4 and IM Sheetings Ladies' Sun Umbrellas Ladies' aud Gems' Linen Cambric Hankcrchleh Irish Linens and Ruck Towels Gents’ aud Youth’s Soft Hats Magic Ruffling, Ac., Ac. Just received by au9-6 Da WITT A MORGAN. White Sulphur Springs, FLORIDA. A Popular aud Healthful Resort# THE subscriber is prepared to accommodate Board ers at tbe above named Springs, situated w<thln twelve miles of Lake City and seven miles from Wel burn Station, on the Jacksonville and Tallahassee Railroad. Stages connect regularly with the trains to convey passengers to the Springs. Tbe Sulphur Springs are noted for the bountiful sup ply of water and for its medicinal virtues, many case < of long standing disease having been affected by their nee. Terms adapted to snit the times. aus-dl wft2awSw W. A. TURNER. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. THE undersigned have formed a Partnership tor the purpose of carrying on a GENERAL AUCTION aim COMMISSION BUSdNK.’ft In the City of Savau uuh, under tbe firm name of Bell, Wylly ft Christian The liberal patronage formerly extended to Bell A Chi Istian and G. W. Wylly, is respectfully solicited forthe new firm. SAMUEL P. BELL GEORGE W. WYLLY. au3l9 HENRY K. CHRISTIAN. QUEENSWARE~ HOUSE, 1011 Bronghton Street, SECOND DOOB FEOM OOUNSX BCDI IIIIIT. A large and elegant Stock of China, ((Meuvvti Clou, ltc„ Just received from the manufacturers, and for tale at LOWEST NEW YORK PRICES. JOBBERS AND DEALERS From all parts of the Country are Invited to examine my »- WHOLESALE STOCK, Which includes packages containing complete assort ments. put up expressly for COUNTRY TRADE. Assorted Crate, of WHITE GRANITE WARB, •> “ COMMON WARE « “ WHITS GRANITE tam COMMON WARE. Goods re-packed to suit purchaser,. aul-lm E. D. SMYTH. I. C. FEATHER, M. D., Office, 18 I*2 Merchants’ Row, HILTON BEAD, S. C. . GOLD AND DANK NOTES. /I OLD and southern Bank Note* wanted, for which TO RENT. ______ To Bent. A COUPLE of Rooms, with Kitchen attached.— The rooms are supplied with gar and water. Apply at the Northeast corner of Price and »t. Julian streets. ; «ugs BOARD, ROOMS, Ac. ROOMS TO LET, At ailtoxx BCeaJI, S. 0., THE Palmetto Herald Building having been Newly Pitted Up, now offers large and airy rooms, suits-, ble for Sleeping Apartments or business purposes. For terms apply to W. S. Sampson, Jr., Box No. 26, Hilton Head Post Office, or on the premises, corner of Merchants' Row and Palmetto Avenue, from 4 O’clock to 6 o'clock p. m. iu92 AT.’n STATIONERY STORE, , —AND— Newspaper Depot. The undersigned ha* re-opened the above Store, where will be found an assortment of ’ Cap, Letter and Note PAPER, OF ALL QUALITIES. l)ray Books, Memorandum Books, BXXiXiS XjASXKTG-, COMMERCIAL BLANKS, AND ENVELOPES. CARMINE AND BLACK INKS, in stands and bottles ; PENS, PENHOLDERS, PENCILS, INK STANDS, OFFICE MUCILAGE, KNIVES, &c. By the next steamer he will receive Northern Dailies and Weeklies and will hereafter keep a complete assortment of the Latest Papers and Periodicals augs J. H. ESTILL. “UDOLPHO WOLF»,'» SB Beaver Street, New York. Offers for sale of his own Importations, in bond and dnty paid, the largest stock of Wlnea, Liquors, Ac., of any other house In this country, comprising in part of Otard, Heunesy, Pluet Castillon, Martel, Godard Brandy, Rochelle Brandies in half, quarter, and eighth casks: sl»o Otard and Rouyer, Laferrelere and Fils Brandy, in cases of one dosen each. “CHxz.” Udolpho Wolfe’s Schiedam in pipes. Schiedam Aromatic Schnapps, In bobd and duty paid, in cases of one doaen quarts and two doaen pints. “Whiskey and Ram.” Scotch and Irish Whiskey, iu hhds. and cases of one doaen each. Bourbon Whiskey In barrels and cases of one dosen each. hum. “Jamaica" and “St. Croix Bum" In hhds. and cases of one dozen each. Madeira, Shen-y aud Port Wines. More than twenty different grades, in halves, qnar tera and eighth casks, also in cases of one dozen each. “Hock, Champagne, Moselle and Claret Wince.” From Peter Arnold Mumm In Cologne, proprietor of Joannlsbu gestate; J. H.D. Becker A File; Esche nancer, Benecke A Cos., Bordeaux Barton A Guoeltn. Bordeaux, and from other well known houses in Ger many and France. Oils, Cordials, tUannnm, Brrms, Mcstard, Oi.ivza, Brandt, Pbssebvss, Ao. Twenty-flve years' business transactions with the Southern States, with some of the largest and most respectable dealers,should be sufficient guarantee that every article ofi'ered by the advertiser tor eale la pure eud genuine. Samples can be seen, and catalogue of prices ob toined, by addressing the above. angß-3m Americ’n Telegraph Co.,South Under control and anpervlalon of U. 8. Military Telegraph. HEADQ’RS DEPT OF GEORGIA, 1 Office Provost Marshal General.J By Telegraph from Augusta. JARDERS, dated August 3, 1866, to Telegraph Oper v store and e^Agents; Postmasters, Forwarding Merchants, Common Car riers and Railroad Agents, are notified that tney will not forward or deliver messages, wares and merchan dlse or mail matter to any person whomsoever within the Department of Georgia, who baa not taken the Oath prescribed In the President’s Proclamation of Amnesty, of May 29, 1806. Any violation of this or der will be punished by a forfeiture of all right to transact business within this Department, by the of fending party, and by fine or Imprisonment. By command of MhJ. Gen. STEEDMAN. O. GKOSVSNOH, Bvt. Brig. Gen. and Provost Marshal General. FOWLE & CO-, NO. TO BROADWAY, NKW YORK. fFormerly or Alexandria, Va.,j IMPORTERS OF RAILROAD IRON, AND DEALERS IN RAILROAD SECURITIES AND RAILROAD SUPPLIES OF BVERY DESCRIPTION. Are prepared to contract tor the delivery of Raile either f. o. b. in Wales or ex-ship at any desired Port. Jni» lm Penmanship. r |4WO classes In Penmanship will be organized for a A conraeof twenty lessons—one for Boys and Young Men, from 3 to ip. m„ and one for Misses and Yonng Ladies, from S to 6 p. m. The course of lessons for the Boys will commence on Thnraday, loth inst., the Young Ladles course on Monday, 16th. As our young folks are now free from their school duties, those of them who are deficient in this branch of education will have an opportunity of giving special attention to lt. For terms, Ac., apply to tbe undersigned, at Doctor Charters', Broughton street, two doors east of Bull. 4ugß-2 B. MALLON- Dissolution of Partnership. THE partnership formerly existing between Samuel Macky, Alexander Hogg and Robert H. Beattie, under tbe name of MACKY, HOGG ft CO , having been dis solved by the death of Alexander Hogg, all persons In Savannah and the Sonthcrn States having claims against the late firm of Macky, Hogg ft Cos., are re quested to present them, and all persons indebted to said firm to make payments to our Agents, Nos. 203 and 206 Bay street, Savannah. SAMUEL MACKY. ROBERT H. BEATTIE. Copartnership, The undersigned have entered into a partnership under the name of MACKY ft BEATTfB, to carry on the Produce and General Commission business, from and after tbe Ist day of August, A. D< 1866, at No. 26 South Water street and 1938 and 1935 Market street, Philadelphia, Pa. SAMUEL MACKY. aag»-3 ROBERT H. BEATTIE. FOB SALE, A. FINB FLAT, CAPACITY, 400 BALBS. Has Just made a successful trip from Augusta, and-ts N. A. HARDEE ft CO. Bagging and Rop& : OK bald* GUNNY BAGGING. ' %^*T*E!fVSs*is«(* _ amusements. VOIiKS* GtATtT mw (Congress st, bet ween Jefferson and Montgomery sta-4 • REGULAR SUMMER SEASON. PROMENADE CONCERTS EVERT MIOBfc Savannah Orchestra, Prof. E. Rrcarxa, Leader, variety Reir ll UlWnta 91 ““ beet quality and la eveey lmo JylO SHIPPING. FOR Iff YORK-STAR LM ■CvJ— - The New and Elegant first M. Bteamahii)’NßVADATn.ff.i- CiarBNTZB, will positively sail forthe toT^^VT a i K)Te P° rt on SATURDAY, August 12th, at 12 o'clock noon. For Freight or Passage, having splendid accommo dations, apply to BRIGHAM, BALDWIN A CO™ - * ul 1 Agents. "~FOR LIVERPOOL. SfEtK JH® Krttiah Bark NUTFIBLD, Holu* a? * er ’ having the greater portion of tier cargo engaged, will have qulclt despatch foe above port. For balance of freight apply to an 9 BRIGHAM, BALDWIN A QQ. MERCHANTS’ LINE Sailing* jg| Vessels FOR NEW YORK* The First Class Fast Sailing Baltlmore CUpper WENONAJt*. Capt. Warner, Will have immediate despatch for the shove post. Has room for some light freight on deck. Superior accommodations for passengers, Fibst Cabin Apply early to C. L COLBY 4 CO., ans) Comer Bay and Abercorn streets . For Augusta, The Steamer “ HELEN, ’* Capt. Rilejr, (CARRYING THE U. 3. MAUUI Will leave Stoddard’s Wharf on FRIDAY, AUGUST 11th, AT T A. M. For Freight or Passage apply to the office of KEIN ft CO., an 9-2 No. 3 Stoddard’s Range. FOR NEW YORK STM Jig LINE. BEMI-WBHiaitY. The first class U. 8. Mall Steamships NEVADA, •- Capt. Cainum. NJNITED STATES, - ... Capt. Suau. AMERICA ..... Capt. Cure. CONSTITUTION, - - . Capt. uumiAH. The above shl ps compose the Lina and will sal from New York and Savannah every Wednesday tod Saturday. BRIGHAM, BALDWIN k CO, Agents, Savannah, Ga. WAKEMAN, GOOKIN A DICKINSON, Agents, IT Broadway, New York. THE NEVADA Will leave Savannah for New York on Saturday, 18th Instaat- For Broight or Passage apply to BRIGHAM, BALDWIN ft 0O„ Iy2B-tf Agent*. MERCHANTS’ LINE Vessels. Regular 'Weekly Line of CLIPPER SCHOONERS FOR NEW YORK. 'T'HE nnderslgned intend to keep np a regular weak . A ly line of first cliue Sailing Vessels plying be tween Savannah and the above port, with enperlnr accommodations for passengers and the very beet fa cilities for delivering freight in good order, at low rates, with promptness and despatch. Particular attentfou to forwarding goods from New York. CHARLES L. COLBY A 00., JylS cor. Bay and Abercora street*. Cotton and other Freight FOR NEW YORK. Merchants Line Sailing Vessels THE fast vailing Clipper Schooner OVOCA, Captain Robt. H. Mitchell, will commence loading for the above port on Thundar, the 10th, and will clear ou Saturday, the 12th Inst. Has superior accommoda tions for a few passengers in the First Cabin. Fare *3O. Apply to CHAS. L. CO BY* 00., angS-tf cor. Bay and Aberrom streets. FOR NEW YORK. c-FT\~ Brig GEORGE AMOS. Stenson. master now discharging at Anderson's wharf, toot iASsEv of Barnard street, will be ready to receive ■er r '" freight on Wednesday, August Bth, and WtQ have dispatch. For freight or passage apply to UADEN * U.VCKLES, Agent*, angß-tf cor. Bay and Barnard ata. U. S. Court of Claims. HAVING been a clerk and a commiaaionerto take depositions in this court for six years, I am pre pared to write PETITIONS and arrange the PAPERS in cases to go before that tribunal for private property seised by the United States military authorities. I bare made arrangements In Washington to have all cases promptly attended to which may be entrusted to . me. E. M. GARNETT, Richmond. Va. Office on Thirteenth street, near Cary, np stairs Refers to—Dunes. * Johnston, Savannah : Major A. Porter. B) angS-lw Imported and Domestio WINES AND LIQUORS, At Wta.lea.le, for Family Use, AT 207 BAY STREET. ISRAEL K SEALY * 00. _may24-tf _ HEADQ'RS BUB-DIBTRICT OF OGEECHEE, Savannah, Ga., August 9,1865. General, \ No. 20. f Hereafter and nntil furthers, all Commissioned Of ficers of the United States Army visiting this city will beyeqnlred to Register their names at these Head quarters, st ating authority end length of absence. By command of Bvt. Brig. Qen.E. P. DAVIS Jno. Mullen, A. A. A. G. aalO HEADQ'RS SUB-DISTRICT OF OGEECHEE, Savannah, Ga„ July 28,13*5. General Orders) No. 18. / Captain Charles H. Cox, 75th Mew York Infantry, is heieby relieved from duty as Provost Marshal. Bub- District of Ogocchee, as ala Regiment Is now serving out of this District. _ . Captain James E. Smith, 12th Connecticut Veteran Infantry, is hereby announced as Prorost Manwal. Sub-District of Ogeechee, and will be obeyed and re spected accordingly. By command of ■ - Brevet Brigadier General DAVIS. Jons Mullen, A. A. A. Q. aW* HEADQ Qi„ August t, 1855. }, Central Obdeb.) All*Apothecarlev and Druggist* in theclty are strictly prohibited from selling any drugs, such eg opium or its preparation* Strychnine,Corrosive,BabH n&te, Ac, without the ptwcrlptlonof s PbysJctan of character and standing to the profession, ora Medical officer of the United State*, which prescription mast be kept on file by the Druggist tor Inspection. All suspected or acknowtodgod cases of Small Pox. Varioloid, Yellow Fever, Measles, or Typhus Fever, most he promptly reported to the Health officer, cor ner and Soil streets, bv the Physician at tending, or bjrdny person cognisant of exMenoo of such diseases. By Commend of Brevet. Brig. Gen, DAW. Jjw, Mvuw, A, A, A G. sal