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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, August 22, 1865, Image 4

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The Savannah Daily Herald. TI'ESOAT, AUGUST «. 1 S6». THE JENKINS DEFALCATION CASE. Recovery of More Properly from Cyprians —An Inmate of a Crosby Street fcagnio Gives Ip a Diamond Cluster King. Worth MO-How tin Defaulter spun Hi. 111-Gotten Oain»—Tile People of Newark and the)L.te Jame. H. Karle, At. When a man once descends to the level of the abandoned women of the town, by be coming in any manner associated with them, he is not long in descending to still lurtht-r depths, and, while the inlatuation lasts, may commit almost any crime to enable him to pander to the depraved tastes ot his quon dam companions and the appetite he finds growing upon him. In the case of Jenkins, airested for einbezrling the large 6um of $300,000 from the Pltentx Bank ot this city, this disposition has been more than usually well illustrated. He first robbed—perhaps to protect himself from the importunities oi a fair hut frail woman whom he had met at a concert seloou. When the ice had once been fairly broken be continued to steal to supply his new made acquaintance with money, and to enable him to wallow in the moral filth he had once abhorred. It Is stated that Jenkins was a well known llal/itue of such places as Madame Bell's on Crosby street, and that he was hailed by the female inmates as their best aud most profi table vistor; for he always had his pockets well supplied with money. While he was spending his employers' funds and his own 'time in this way, this man, leading thus a kind of double existence, was looked upon by some persons, who tliougut ‘they knew him quite intimately, as a very slow coach, and the very opposite ot what is sometimes deominated a “fast man." The officers of the bank say that they always supposed him to be a quiet, orderly, sedate and very prosy individual. But they dgl not kuow how to read the secret volume oi his inner life. They had not the “open sesame" to the whited se pulchre. But the “pretty waiters girls” and the frail inmates of various houses of evil re pute in different portions of the city did pos sess that key, and it woujd appear that they used it quite as industriously aud with almost as good results as did that character in the Arabian tales, who, by pronouncing the ca balistic word, was enabled to rob the forty thieves of their secreted tressure. A city detective officer, on Friday night last, succeeded in tracing out a girl by the name of Rosa Allen, an inmate of Madame Bell’s underground establishment in Crosby street, upon whom it was said the prisoner Jenkius had been in the habit of lavishing some of his favors, and, making nimseif known, at once charged her with having in her possession a costly diamond ring, wnich she had received from the alleged embezzler. At first the girl boldly denied ever having bad any presents from Jenkins; but after some conversation the officer prevailed upon her to yield up the ring, of which he had posi tive information, which she fiid with a re markably good grace, bringing forward at the same time a bill of sale of the ornament, from Messrs. Tiffauy <& Cos., dated on the 28th of June last; showing that, in the name of Miss Allen, Jenkins had paid eight hun dred and forty dollais for it. The ring i9 a fine cluster diamond, aud oerliaps worth all he disbursed for it. Alter producing the costly bauble Miss Allen further unbosomed herself, and confessed that Jenkins had fre quently made her presents of large sums in currency, at one time as high as live hundred dollars. It is more than probable that further operations of his that kind of fancy stocks will be develope the police during the fortfieom:-, atiou. maniac About—lie Flu ns tiic Alai,tec or a Whole Family. [From the Chicago 'times.] There is at present confined in the armory n maniac, who, in his paroxysms of madness, is one of the most desperate creatures ever encountered Last Thursday morning the madman took lodgings lor himself and three small children at the Prescott House, corner of Van Buren and Clark streets, registering his name as Henry Smith, Saratoga Springs, N. Y. In the afternoon he went to Mr. Fox, the land lord, aud desired to deposit some money with him, saying he was going to die that night. It was then discovered tor the first time that his mind was deranged, and the land lord dispatched a messenger to Sergeant Hickey, of the police, to inform him of this fact. The Sergeant returned word that, un less the man was violent, the best plan would be to retain him at the bouse and see what demonstration he would wake. The nnu, together with his children, took tea that evening among other guests aud retired to his room. 'The proprietor being constantly engaged about the affairs of his house, thought no more of his mysterious patron until the next evening, when one of the ser vants informed him that Mr. Smith had not been at the table since the day previous. The porter was sent to his room to look after the matter, but was refused admittance. Mr. Fox then went up himself, but was also iu lormed that he could not enter. “ Why don’t you come aud get something to eat,” he said ; ‘‘your children are hungry. They have had no food for twenty-tour hours.” “ We want nothing to eat,” was the reply; “we are going to die to-night.” Mr. Fox then said—ls you do not open the dbor I shall be compelled to force it open. To which Mr. Smith retorted, “Well, I am goiDg to die, but if you break that door down, you will die before I do.” Here the conversation ceased, and Mr. Fox sent again for assistance. In a short time two policemen arrived, und together the party of three endeavored to force the door, but did not succeed. Besides being bolted and locked, it was braced with a bar off the bedstead. They next tried to enter through a side door, which led into an adjacent room, but that, too, had been fastened by tying one corner of a bedquilMo the knob, and the opposite cornel to the bedstead. The door was opened a few inches however, and Mr. Fox, placing his hand inside to untie the bedquilt, received a terrible blow from a dub in tbe hands of the maniac, which nearly broke bis arm Ihe policemen now burst through the door when one of them, who happened to stumble over a trunk, was struck over the shoulders with the clnb and severely injured Tue madman was then seized and manacled Besides the club with which the unfortu nate man had provided himself, a heavy dag- ger was found upon the widow casing. The children were lying crosswise upon tlie bed frightened almost to death, and the eldest' declared that be had arranged to kill them ■ all at midnight. Letters found upon Smith’s person show that his wife is at present an inmate of the msane asylum at Utica, N. Y. A letter from Dr. Gray, the physician of the institution stated that she was improving. He also hud s letter from a brother at Freedburg. Ili inviting Him to bring his children there, aud was provided with railroad passes to St Louis. He is about 35 years ol age, and has been a sergeant in the 15th New York caval ry, as shown by his discharge. They kill pigs by steam in Chicago A great iron claw, with fingers, hooks out the pigs which are quarrelling in the pen below, and lifts the porkers to a gibbet near by, and then plunge them gain into scalding water By the machine Ifty porciues are killed, ‘’‘'tided <’<'rened leaned, split, and bung in - icauy io» suiting, within an hour. Death or the Historian Hildreth.— Richard Hildreth, Esq, late U. 8. consul at , M ® died in Florence on the 11th ultimo, *n the 59th year of bis age. He long enjoyed e reputation of an abki writer, and his his- Juna J* 16 Smiled States will long remain a standard on the subject. 18a Bt P art lad who declared that cou ld hot be parsed because it) Hatched ° U not lje a3c enained before it is On tki Short n.*< of Hataan Ll*. (From-an old Magazine.] Lute as a damask rote yon see, Or like toe blossom on a tree, Or like the dainty flower in May, Or like the mu ruing to the day ; Or like the sen, or like the shade, Or like the gourd which Jonas bad; K’eu such ts man, whose thread is spun, Drawn out and cut, and so is done, Withers the rose, the blossom blasts. The flowem fades, the morning hastes, The sun doth sit, the shadows fly, The gourd consumes, and mortals die. lake to the grass that’s newly sprang. Or like a tale that’s new begun; Or hke a bird that's here to-day, Or like the pearled dew of Mar, Or like an hour, or like a span, Or like till .ingmg ot a swan ; E'en such is man, who lives by breath, Is here, now there, In life aud death ; The gia»a decays, the tale doth end, The bird v flown, Uie dews ascent!: The hour D short, tne span not long, The swan’s Aai death, man’s life ii doue. Like hi the bubble In the brook, Or in ,i ulass, much like a look ; Oi like the shuttle hi the hand, or like the writing in the sand; Or like a thought, or like a dream. Or like the gliding of the stream; E’en such Is man who Ueos by breath, Is here, now there, in life and deatlff The bubble’s burst, the look’s forgot, The shuttle’s flung, the writing’s blot; The thought Is past, the dream ts gone. • The water glides, man’s life ts done. Pkkswbst Giffrakjj, of Hath. —He has a farm of 400 acre”,, named “Cadnja,' about two German miles from Port au Prince. He has 50 or 00 men to work on it. He has no ploughs—the canelields are cultivated with the hoe, a very slow process, but be has a steam engine to grind liis cane. He has ox carts to bring the cane to the mill. The cane is out with a machete (or short thick sword; the same H 9 in Cuba. He bus horses and carriages for bis family, but he rides gener ally on horseback ;he is a good rider. The rice from the ricefields in llayti is cut with knives, by hand; they have no scythes to mow or cradle it with, which makes it a slow process. A farmer, 30 miles from Port au Prince, now here on his way to Liberia, has a farm of 20 acres, including 7 acres of cane, and makes sugar. He takes it in his horse cart to his boat landing, and then by water 20 miles, to Port au Prince, where lie sells it at 3 to 4 dollars per pound, their mo ney (from 18 to 24 cents in gold). He raised 800 pounds of cotton in a year, which he sold in Port au Prince at 5 dollars per pound— (l6 paper dollars equal to one gold dollars) — say 30 cents per pound in gold. He has a plough, aud ploughs his land with a horse ; he has no oxen. Attempt, o Bank Robbery is New Yohji.— The Fire Marshal’s investigation ol the cir cumstances connected with the fire on Satur day eveuibg last, nt G3O Broadway, showed it, as suspected at the time, to have been a piece of incendiarism, and to have bcetwnn uected with a plot to rob the Eighth National Bank. The burglars had actually effected their entrance to that institution anil begun operation, when they were alarmed by the return to it of a night porter, who had’beeu absent for a short time, and in their flight they left behind burglars’ tools, a coat be longing to one of the party, and evidences that, they had already commenced their work. In one of the pockets of this coat were found loaded pistols, aud a letter from one of the robbers to auother one, giving the plan of operations. They no doubt set fire to the building tor the purpose of assisting in their escape. It is supposed that three men were engaged in the attempted robbery and incendiarism, none of whom have yet been arrested. * Off fob Home. —Not a day passes, says the Atlanta Intelligencer, but we see fami lies, with the small remnant of this world’s goods that war has left them, baddled to gether in box cars in transitu for home. It is painful to note the care now depicted on faces that once were joyous and happy.— Time was when tnauy of these did not pre sent a spectacle of abject want so plainly in dicated uow by their scant apparel, but could boast of pleuty in homes where hospitality had a permanent abiding place. How it must wring their hearts—those fond pa rents—to see tiny feet shoeless, aud little flaxen heads go bare in the storm. But the loss of fortune, and a dim fading away of darling hopes into uothingness, are not all the griefs of these pilgrims. Manly forms that went forth in the pride of youth, with a mother’s blessing, have laid down to rest forever in a stranger land. The National Democratic Association have issued au address from Washington, to tbe democracy oi the country, urging them to rally to the support ol Andrew Johnson. The address oi the Association takes strong grounds against conferring upon negroes the rights of citizenship, on the ground that they are unqualified by education, and as a race so greatly inferior to the whites, a»-K> lower the standard of average intelligence by inter mingling. This is declared to be a white mans government and negroes a foreign ele ment which cannot be assimilated. The Im mediate readmission of the rebellous States to the sacred circle, with all their rights and piivileges Unabridged, is also urged upou the ground that the Federal government cannot exist while a portion of the States compris ing it are free, and another portion virtually enslaved by military government. A correspondent of the Louisville Journal, writing from Lexington, Ky., savs that the negro hegira is still going, and the number of colored people who daily leave here seems to be fully as large as it was two weeks ago. Early in the morning, on every road leadiug to the city, negroes, male and female, stout, feeble and crippled, old, middle-aged and pickaninnies, can be seen hurrying to the Provost Marshal’s office, to get magic paper which takes them from under the control of their former owners, and places them at lib erty to wander at will In search of employ ment and the blessings of freedom. Hints to Pendants.— Wm. Cullen Bryant gave the following excellent advice to a young man who ottered him an article for the Evening Po9t: My young friend, I observe that you have used several French expressions in your ar ticle. I think if you will study the English language that you will find it capable of ex pressing all the ideas you may have written, I do not recall an instant when I was tempt ed to use a foreign word, hut that on search in£. I found a bitter one in my own lan guage. A Great Indian War Brbwino All the u? C< . ll i! nt3 f, ° m tlle P lains are to the effect that before the coming on of the winter we shall have on baud the greatest Indian war we have ever fought. Since the massacre of the Chej’ennes by Colonel Chivington, the ludinns have been breaking out into constant hostilities and not a day has passed for six weeks past that the overland telegraph wires usnallv o tnn eeD f o Ut B y®\ era atically at points usually ten or fifteen miles apart. This is a new feature, and indicates a general concert of action on the part of the Indian tribes— H athmrjton Cor. N. Y. World. From Fort re•• Monroe. Fortress Monroe, August 11, 1865.—Tbe son of John Mitchel arrived here last eve ning from Richmond, the object of his visit being to see his father. He succeeded so far as to see General Miles and make kuown his request to him personally; but, having no authority from the War Department for ad mission to the fortress, he could not be al lowed entrance. He was gentlemanly in his request, and took the refusal with like good grace. General Miles told him bis father was Well, which seemed to pacify him much un der his disappointment. Young Mitchel left this morning. He is a fine appearing young man, of agreeable address and conversation. He was officer in the rebel army. RBAL BATATE. VILIIBLE Bill,DlMi I4K r O & SAIiB. FRONTING ON THE PARK. The Most Elliglble Building Lots in the City. CONSTITUTING AN ENTIRE BLOCK. * THE nnrtproftfiied offer* Cor sale seven (Tj Building Lot*, fronting on the I’ark. Bounded us follows : North by HnnlintMou street. E *ot by Whltuk«r street and Forsyth Place. South t>y Hull street. Writ by Barnard street. Lots known in the plan of the city as Nos. 1,2, 2, 4. f>, 6 and 7, Forsyth P*a(*e and Ward. KKWIN A HARDEE. . anl7-lw bay street. V A J, U A II L K Timber A Turpentine Lunds FOR SALE. 20,000 Acres in Pierce and Ware Coun ties, Georgia. - —O—— rpilE subscriber otters for sale 20,000 acres of Supe- X rior Timber and UnriK-ntlnc Land* lying in Pierce and W ire counties, in this state. These luiids were s. Iccted with a -peel a i view to the timber and turpentine* btp*Suo«», and to a Company contempla ting the priiseontion of that business on a large scale, uffci the greatest possible advantages, a* the lands He in a body, on the tine of the Albany and Gulf Hull road, and near the junction of that Road with the lines of Railroad leading from Brunswick to Albany. They are also watered by the Satilla aud AUapaha rivers, nnvagable streams for rafting to Brunswick and Darien, lia. The timber is heavy, and of the first class of ranging timber, the trees yielding turpentine in the greatest abundance, while the land is of good quality for farming, yielding good crops of Com, Cot ton, Sugar. Ac, Ac. The range is very fine for stock, the country being also well adapted to the rai-iug of Sheep. The wuter is good, and the neighborhood one of the most healthy sections of the State, being free from fevers and the ordinary disease!* of the low Southern coun try. Persons desiring to purchase, are refer* ed for fur ther particulars to Messrs. Erwin & Hardee, Savan nah, or to the subscriber, at Blackshear, Pierce couu ty, Georgia. _au4-tf E. C. WADE. A HA3FI33 OZZANCE FOE INVESTMENT. ‘\K7TLL be sold at Public Auction, In the city of ▼ v Savannah, ou the sth day of September next, without reserve: The mill site with Sawmill thereunto belonging, sit uated in the county of Chatham, Mate of Georgia, about nine miles from the city of Savannah on the Ogeechee Canal, together with all the machines, tix tuies, buildings, outhouses, stables, &c. t Ac. Thu site of the mill contains nine acres of land with very capacinus back water. The Ogeechee canal be ing in the course of reconstruction will be finished in a short time, when lumber can be rafted to and from points ou the A. A G. K. It. and the city of Savannah, and will thus afford better facilities for rafting than any other mill in the State of Georgia, For limber particulars apply to M. J. i^OLOMONs.t auirß-td For Sale, A FARM on Vernon Shell Road, S.L' miles from the city, containing HOT acres, suitable for mar ket gardens or Inr cnltme of cotton and part lurltcj TO to ts» acres cleared, balance has valuable wood.—' Thu place lias been healthy and has excellent facili ties for raising stock and poultiy. Buildings were de stroyed in the war T tie warranted. Terms cash, or securities at market value. See Plat at my office, ol> itryan street. aulT-fl HENRY BRYAN. STATIONERY, EC. SAYILLE & LEACH. STATION.E K Y . TIMBER CUTTERS’ BANK, CORNER BRYAN STREET AND MAR KET SQUARE, SAVANNAA, GA. The trade supplied at the lowest Cash P rices. ' Every variety of Stationery for office and general use. an!9 HERATiP STATIONERY STORE, AN !►— Newspaper Depot. The undersign, and has re-opened the alx>vc Store, where wUI he found »»n aFsortmrrr^vf Cap, Letter and Note PAPER, OF ALL QUALITIES. Dray Books, Memorandum Books, BILIiS XjAIDINI G , COMMERCIAL BLANKS, AND E IV V ELOPEH. CARMINE AND BLACK INKS, in stands and bottles ; PENS, PENHOLDERS, PENCILS, INK STANDS, OFFICE MUCILAGE, • KNIVES, &c. By the next steamer he will receive Northern Dailies and Weeklies and will hereafter keep a complete assortment of tbe Latest Papers and Periodicals angs J. H. KSTILL. STATIONERY. Ol|A REAMS Superfine Commercial Note Paper, «W *'/ 2 pounds to the ream, at the very low price of $2 BO per ream. Also, a large variety of other Papers, Envelopes, Pens, Ink, Pencils, Ac. For sale by SAVUXK & LEACH, nnl2 cor. Bryan street aud Market Square. And Merchants' Uow, Hilton Head, 9. C. THOS. W. BROOKS MANUFACTURER OF FURNITURE AND GENERAL UPHOLSTERY, Dock Street, Philadelphia, Pa. N. B.—All ORDERS sent by Malt promptly at tended to. .|y3l-tt QUEENS WARE HOUSE, 1011 Broughton Street, tioosu door rag, comes scll ,,Ttttx. A large and elegant Stock of *Uiii Quecunrare, Gists, Ac., J net received bom the manufacturers, and for sale at . LOWEST NEW YORK PRICKS. JOBBERS AND DEALERS From all parts of tbe Country are Invited to examine my WHOLESALE stock, Which Includes packages containing complete oreort meuta. pat up expressly for COUNTRY TRADE. Assorted Crates of WHITE GRANITE WARE, 9 “ COMMON WARE. WAEE. WHITS GRANITE and COMMON Goods re packed to suit purchasers. aul-lm . E. V. SMYTH. Ckm**h PI rectory i \C6f*ipU*d ftpiYuaty/or tha savannah Daily Herald A catholic ournciiu. Cathedral of St, John the Baptist—northeast corner of Perry and Drayton streets.—Maw Cl-2 a. m., 81-2 a. m. High Mum 10 1-2 a. ra. Vesper* 4p. m. Sunday School 2 1-2 p. ra.; Station* ot the Cross; concluding with the Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament, Friday evening, 7 o'clock. Clergy—Right Rev. Au gUFtus Terot, &. D., Bishop of Savannah ; J. F. O’Neil, Sr., Vicar General; Rev. Peter Dufau, Rev. Henry P. damn]. St. Patrick's Church—southeast corner of We«t Broad and Liberty streets.—Rev. Charles Prendergaet. Rev. Peter Whelan,—Mam 8 1-2 a. m , High Mas* at 10 1-2 a. m. protest an [ episcopal churches. Christ Church—east aide of Johnson Square, coiner Bull and Congress streets—Rev. Charles Coley, As sistant Rector. Service at 10 a. ra.; Evening Prayer, 5 1-2 p. m.: Sunday School4 p. m. St. John's Church—west side of Madison Square, comer Ball and Charlton streets—Rev. C. F. Mcttac, Rector. Servlet at 101-2 a. in., 4 p. m : Sunday School 9 a. m; Win. S. Bogart, Superintendent. Prayers Wednesdays aud Friday*. 5 p* m. nzTHomsT oucscur*. , Trinity Church—west aide St James Square, corner Barnard and York streets—Rev. A. M. Yvinn, Pastor Service lo>£ a. in. andSp. in., Sunday; Prayer meet log, Tuesday Afternoon at sp. ni. Sunday at 5 p. m. Sunday Afternoon, Mr. C. D. Rogers, fcup’t. IllUCKllt CBFUCUE*. Savannah Lutheran Church—EHst side of Wright Square, corner Bu>l and State street —Rev. D. M. Gilbert. Pastor. Service** at 10 1-2 a. in ;sp. m. Sun day .Sc hool 9 a. in.; Johu T. Thomas, superintendent. Service Thursdays, 3 1-2 p. m. FBI SIIY TEL IA N CHURCHES. Independent Presbyterian Church—Southwest cor ner Bull and South Broad streets—Rev. I. S. K. Axson, Pastor, services 10 1-2 a. m., sp. m. Sunday School 9a. m ; John W. Anderson, Superintendent. Service Thursday afternoon. haptjst church eo. Savannah Baptist Church—West side of Chippewa Square, corner Bull and Hull street*— Rev. Sylvauus Landrum, Pastor, Service 10 1-2 a. m and sp. m. Sunday school 4 1-2 p. m.; George W. Davis, Super intendent. Service Thursdays at sp. in. HEBREW OONUREOATIONS. Mickva Israel—Northeast c rner of Whitaker and Liberty streets—Rev. A. Epstein, Reader. Service Friday, 3 o’clock p. m ; Saturday, 9 1-2 o’clock a. m. Bnui Benth Jacob—Armory Hull building, West side Wright Square, corner Bull mid Stute streets— Services Friday, 5 o’clock p. nt.; Saturday, 9 o’clock a. m. COLORED OH U6UEB. . First African. Baptist Church—West side Franklin Square*, corner Montgomery and Bryau streets—Rev. Wm. Campbell, Pastor. Service 10 1-2 am., 3 1-2 and 7p. m. Sunday School 2p. ra.; James Sims, Super intendent: Charles L. De LaMotta, Assistant. Church service Thursdays, 7p. ra,; prayers, Mondays, 7 p. m. Second African Baptist Charch-West side Green Square, corner State and Houston streets—Rev. John Cox, Pastor. Service 1U 1-2 a. in., 3 1-2 and 7p. m. Sunday School 2 1-2 p in.: Herman Eves, Superin tendent; Win. Gorgan, Assistant. Prayers Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7 p. m. Third African Baptist Church—Bryan, near Fahm street—Rev. E. Houston, Pastor. Service 10 a m , 3 and 7p. • in. Prayers Mond .ys and Thursdays, 7p. m. Fourth African Baptist Church—Liberty, near Mont gomery streets—Rev. Isaac Brown, Pastor; Rev. Henry T<.ylor, Assistant Pastor. Service 10 1-2 a. m. t 3 1 2 and 7 p. ra. Prayers Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7 p. m. St. Stephen's Episcopal Church—'West side Calhoun Squar i—ftev. James Porter, Lay Reader. Service 10 a. m., 7p. m. Union Methodist Episcopal—New street, near Fahm street. North Central Railroad Depot—ltev. William Bentley, Pastor. Service 10 u. m., 3 1-2 and 7p. m. Sunday School 12 1-2 p. m.; Henry Bates, superin tendent. * m CIirBCHKS OLOOEP. German Lutheran Church—Corner Drayton and Gordon streets. Wesley Chapel—Northeast corner of Lincoln and South. Broad stieets. Penfleld's Mariners' Churqfa—Bay street. South aide,' between Abercoru and Lincoln streets. First Presbyterian Church—East sjde of Monterey Square, corner Bull and Taylor streets. MASONIC. Solouok’B Lodge* No. 1, meets first Thursday In each month, tt. T. Turner, W. M.; John Nicholson, 8. W.; John Foley, F. W.; J. Holbrook Estill. S. D.; H. L. Schreiner, J. D.; James M. Jones, Secretary; Jamei Lttchilsou.dr, Treasurer Zkrhi'maui.e Loi gk, No. 15, meets second Thursday in each month. Win. Greene, W M.; David Thomp son, S. W.; Thomas Baliantiue, J. W.; M. Reich, S. D.; Stein, J. D.: John Houston, Secretary; Alfred Haywood, Treasurer. Clinton Lodge, No. r»4, meets first and third Mon days in each month. S. E. Byck. W.JL; Johu Rather* lord, S. W.; Win. Giblsms, J. W.; IvHeilzieun, S. D.; —, J. D.; David U. Galloway Secretary; Wm M. Davidwn, Treasurer. Ancient Landmark Lodge, No. 23.—N0 regular meetings during the summer months. Edward C. Hough, W. M-; Wm. F Holland, S. W.; J. 11. Dc niund, J. W.; C. L. Hackett, S. D.; , J. D. Ge rgia Chai tkr, No. 3.—Closed for the summer. R. T. Turner, il. P.: Win. Greene, K.; W. F. Holland, S. David H. Galloway, M. C\; J. Holbrook Estill P. t*.; John Foley, Al. 3d V.; M. Reich, M. 2d V.; 11. L. bchreiuer, 11. Ist V.; Thomas Baliantiue, C. H. Gkouuia Council, No. I.—Closed until winter. ODD FELLOWS. Oglethorpe Lodge, No. 1 meets every Tuesday eve ning, at their hall, Bay street, over Nichoi’s Printing Office. Robt, U. FoOtmau, N. G.; Charles F, Preston, V. G.; Charles Gross. Secretary; W, J. Clemeuce, Treat urer. Live Oak Lodge, No. 3. meets every Friday evening at the southwest corner of Bull aid Broughton streets. 4th story. Robt. M. Burt tidiness. N. G.; John Hous ton, V. G • David H. Gdloway, Secretary: David Thompson, Tnmsuicr. DlKalii Loimu: No. 9, 'meets every Mouduy eve ning, southwest Corner of Bull aud broughtou streets, 4th story. Henry J. Quuntock, N. G.; Johu Neil, V. G.; C. C. Aliilar/Secretary , C\ P. Luudcrsbiue, Trea surer. Magnolia Enoamduent, No.' 1, meets 2d and 4tli Wednesday in each month in Dcliulb Lodge Room.— Daviu Bailey, C. P.; Robt. Groves, H. P.; J. Hol brook Estill, S. W.; Chas. Grooves, secretary ; James it. Haupt, Treasurer. HOTELS. Sea Island Hotel. OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, Tuesday, June 20th, 1865. THIS new Hotel, situated on the most desirable spot on tbe eastern bank Os Hilton Head Island, af fords a flue view of the Pier, Buy, Ocean, and sur rounding is'snds. The scenery is quite as pleasing and Interesting, in every respect, as the famous wa tering place of Newport, R. I.r and is altogether os healthful a place to spend the summer months. It has a One hard .mootn beach, seventeen miles long, affording a more charming drive than the celebrated Beach at Nabant, Mass., and os fine sea bathing as at that place or Cape May. The House has over seventy large, airy rooms, and verandahs on three sides of nil the stories; the turui ture is entirely new, and the tables will be furnished with the best that can be procured here and ia the Northern markets. Every effort will be made to ren der the Hotel all that the most fastidious can desire. Billiard Rooms sad sea Bat hlng houses will soon be la readiness for guests. Ju23 ts Port Roval House, HILTON HEAD, S C. RIDDELL A RCGQ, PiortiiTOst, x. 8, lunnxr.u m. f. buoo. 1 ibi-tf Pulaski House, SAVANNAH, GA . W. H. WILTBBRGER A CO., Propeietohs. W. u. w’II.TULKUEK. i. a. MARTELS. JUJ-tf watches, jewelry, &r. BAMIJEL p. HAMILTON (Successor to Wilmot A Richmond.) dealer in —- WATCHES, SILVERWARE, JEWELRY, CANES, CUTLERY, Ao. COBMXB WUITAEEE, Sr. JULIAN AMD OnORRAA St» , SAVANNAH, OA. Watches and Jewelry repaired. Chronometers rated by transit. Cash paid for old Gold and Silver. jySB-tf MTU RIVER AURIMRI WORKS. GRIFFINO, BROTHER A 00., PBOnunoEi, ts AMD 90 CottnXAND STREET. NEW YORK. Manufacture™ of Hows, Harrows, Cultivators, Cot ton Sweeps, Corn Mills, Cotton Hina, Ac. Every Implement wanted Ire the Planter, Also, dealers in Field and Qardem Seeds. Aleo, Agents for Bmce-oConcentrated Manure, Bone, Ac. Send for drool ar. ju JO Ml UHOCERIKK. Uftt UM, 4m. NTUART Ac C*o., Family Grooors. DEALERS IN TEAS, WINES AND LIQUORS, Corner Bull axd Broughton Streets. Special attention paid to conntry orders from Fami ne'* and for the Trade. Good* delivered to all parts of the city free of charge. L. Y. Stuart. H. M. Keixogg. aul9 ts PIERCE SKEHAN ST Wholesale and Retail Dealer In Fine Groceries, Boots and Shoes, Clothine, Foreign and Domestic Wines, Llqnors and Segan. Also, Skehan's Celebrated GOLDEN ALK AND CHAMPAGNE t’IDEK, In bottle and In wood. London and Dublin Brown Stoat, Scotch and Eng lish Ales, Ac. Liberal deductions made to the trade. ITO BItOCOHTON STREET, SAVANNAH, and C 2 Liberty street, New York. GADEN & UNCKLES, GENERAL PRODUCE *m> COMS’N MERCHANTS, AND— WHOLESALE DEALERS IN GROCERIES, PRO VISIONS, *O., Corneb or Bat and Baknabd Stbibts, . * SAVANNAH, GA. Highest market rates paid for Cotton, Wool, Hides, Ac., and liberal cash advances made on shipments to our New York House. anlS Geo. A. Hudson, Wholesale aud Retail Dealer IN Groceries, Ales, Wines, Segars, Liquors, &c. BOrtK EAST OOBNER OF EAST BROAD AND BROUGHTON STREETS, savannah, Georgia. au!9 lm KIRLIN & KIENZLE, Wholesale and Retail DEALERS IN ALES, WINES AND LAGER BIER. OUR HOUSE, 165 BAY STREET, auSl ts 3500 TONS — or ENGLISH RAILS, Os best quality, 50x5R per lineal yard. For sale by , * FOWLE & 00. jnT.9 Cm No. 70 Broadway, N. Y. KIRLIN, BRO. & BURKE, WHOLESALE DEALERS IN Hfi, W INES m LIQUORS. CORNER WHITAKER STREET AND BAY LANE. ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED A DELIVERED. au2l ts Imported aud Domestic WINES AND LIQUORS, At Wliolcsnle, for Family Use, AT 207 BAY STREET. ISRAEL R. SEALY & CO, may24-tf FOB SALE. 1,000 bushels OATS, 1,000 do WHITE CORN. cue&f jo close consiokai wt. Klso—lso pounds Celebrated Zephyr Puff SMOKING TOBACCO. N. A. HARDEE & CO., Jy3l-tf Bay street, 9 Stoddard’s Buildings. FOR SALE, BY , RECENT ARRIVALS. CIDER VINEGAR, DRIED APPLES, PRUNES, MUSTARD. CURRANTS, HERRINGS. INDIGO, SEGARS. PAINTS AND OILS. AXLE UREASE. BAGGING, ROPE. Inquire of t’HAS. L. COLBY & CO.. nugl’J-tf Corner Bay and Abercoru at re eta. Large Importation —OF HAVANA SEGARS, LEAF AND SMOKING TOBACCO. lis.ono Superior Havana Segars, (Jenny Lind) 30 bales Spanish Leaf Tobacco 2,000 lbs. choice Spanish Smoking Tobacco 3,000 bunches Spanish Cigarettes - Just received direct from Havana. I have also in Store a large lot of the best brands Virginia Smoking and Chewing Tobacco. Anderson’s and Llllenthal's Fine Cat Chewing To bacco. Mcrchanm. Brier Root and other Pipes. All of which I nm prepared to sell at Wholesale or Retail. R. MOLINA, Corner Bull and Corigress streets, tuglC-tf Under Screven House. VIRtINM TOBAti) lIiEIV, Cteorge A. Grump & Cos., 20 9 Bboad Stbixt, Acodbta, Oa, HAVE on hand a large and well sdlectqd stock of Manufactured aud Smoking Tobacco. Samples sent by Express when dosired. 3m Ja2o POH SiY-CiU. RECEIVED PER STEAMER CIIASK, 200 kits (new lfWifs), No. 1 Family Mackerel. auD-tf N. A. HARDEE k CO. HAMS. -I OST RECEIVED from Baltimore, per schooner O J, H. Williams, six casks of Duffield's Sugar Cared Hams. For sale by B. O’BYRNE, auJS-1 Corner Bryan and Jefferson sts. SUNDRIES, V O R SALE, in BBLS. DODDLE EXTRA FLOUR t:U 24 half bbls Nos. 1 and 2 Mackerel so kitts No. 1 Mackerel SS boxes Colgate Soap and Candles 20 boxes Pickles, assorted 35 boxes English Dairy Cheese 45 cases assorted Liquors and Cordials 24 nests Packing Trunks T cases Cotton Cards, No.JIO 2 cases extra quality Clothing 1 case ftne Cutlery On consignment, and for sale low by CRANE, JOHNSON A ORAYBILL, »nl94> 80 Bay street. Bacon Shoulders. 1A TIERCES CHOICE BACON SHOULDERS, IV landing Ron schooner J. H. Williams, from Baltimore. For sale br •019-1 CHANS, JOHNSON A.GRAYBILL. COMBMK* MBMCHANT*, Ac, Mordecai & Go.. CONMIMIONASKIIPPING MERCHANTS N. E. CORNER OF GAY AND LOMBARD STS , Opposite the Custom House, BATaTIMOKE. THE undersigned have established a Honee in this city, under the style of MORDECAI A CO., for the purpose of cairying on a General Commission and Shipping Business. DAVID MORDECAL J. RANDOLPH MORDECAI Advances made ou consignment to the honse of Mordecai A Cos., Charleston, S. C. - August 1, ISGS. aulv-d JACKSON' & WARROCK, AUCTION AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, JACKSONVILLE, FLA. Consignments solicited. Personal attention given to forwarding Merchandise and Cotton. aul9-lm TO SHIPPERS OF COTTON AM) OTHER SOUTHERN PRODUCE. FENNER, BENNETT St BOWMAN, Successors to Hotchkiss, Fenner 4 Bennett. COMMISSION MEftOHANTS, No. 40 Vfset Sxueet, ~kw Yon*. • And Memphis, Ter.n. Tuomas Ffnnee, IltNßv Biknett, D. W. Bowman. J>6 » on. CHAN. L. COLBY & CO., Shipping Commission and Forwarding MERCHANTS. JONES BLOC|K, CORNER BAT AND ABERCORN STREET SAVANNAH, GA. LIBERAL CASH ADVANCES Made on Consignments to the firm of Chas. L. Colby, of New York, or to our friends in Boston. MAUDE A WRIGHT, Agents at Augusta, Go. REFERENCES; Messrs. Dabney, Morgan & Cos., New York. Jarivs Slade, Esq., New York, lion. J Wiley Edmands, Boston. Gardner Colby, Esq., Boston. jylS—tl Lewis L. Jones, SHIPPING AND COMMISSION MERCHANT, Ab IT Broadway, Hew York. Liberal advances on Shipments to abov e Consign, menu made by HUNTER St GAMMELL, Agents Pioneer Line Steamships, 84 Bay Street, Savannah. Reference in New York— Messrs. Srorroan, Tii.eston St Cos. < may26 3 mo Woodward, Baldwin A Cos., 110 Duane Street, New York, » and 11 Hanover St., Baltimore. DRY GOODS COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Liberal advances made on Consignments, Sheetings, Osnaburgs mid Yarns. jyls L. J. Guilmartin & Cos., GENERAL COMMISSION AND SHIPPING MERCHANTS, 148 Bay Street. (Opposite the City Hotel,) SAVANNAH, GA PARTICULAR p Jcntiongiven to procuring Freights, and filling enters for Hard Pint Timber aud Lum ber, Cotton, Wool, Hides, &c. L. i. GUILMARTIN, JOHN FLANNERY. *. W. bRUMMOND. Jyl7 lm CEO. R. CRUMP & CO., AUCTION AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 209 Broat> Street, AratmTA, Qa. ju2o 3m James B. Cahill, GROCER and COMMISSION MKIICHAKT? AUGUSTA GA consignments’ solicited. COTTON Purchased and Shipped. Merchandise bought and sold on Commission. Will also take Agencies for the sale of any Goods and Merchandize required in the Southern market. jy22 3m _ M. J. SOLOMONS, Commission Merchant, TE7ILL attend to the Selling or Receiving and For ft warding all kinds of Merchandise. Produce, Ac Office for the present at the Drug Store of J. M. Abrahams A Cos. jy2l-lm JOHN S. SUIIS & fO., Forwarding- and Commission MERCHAN TS. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN Dry Goods, Groceries, Ac., NOS. 1 AND 2 SAMMIS’ BLOCK, Bay Street, Jacksonville, Florida. JMQ. 8. RAM MIS. ED. li. SAMMIS. CQAS. L. MATHER null ts j. shafferT Commission Dealer * In all kinds of FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC FRUITS and PRODUCE, Wkst W AsniNUTON Market, Opposite 143 West at., Bulkhead between Barclay and Vesuy sts., NEW YORK. Potatoes, Apples and Onions constantly on hand, and put up for the Southern market All consignments promptly attenked to. tST" Refers to A. L. Bradley, A. Haywood, T. ,1. Walsh, and J. H. Parsons. jyl2 eodly HENRY BRYAN, Beyan Street, next to Mfrohaktb* and Planters* Bank Building, Broker and Commission Agent FOB SALE AND PURCHASE OF STOCKS, BANK NOTES, PRODUCE, Ac., And for Forwarding Cotton. auls 3mo DRUGS. ______ Drugs, Medicines, aud Chemicals. A choice selection of DRUGS, MEDICINES, CHEMICALS, PATENT MEDICINES , and TRUSSES, LANDED FROM NEW FORK., Planters, and trad; rs from the iutori wr, can be supplied at the shortest notice, lean warrant every article as being pare. A large quantity of European 1. KECIIKS, finest (jnailty. JUI the Patent Medicines extant on band. One hundred cases Jacobs* Dysenteric Cordial. ALL WILL BE SOLD LOW’ FO CASH, WROtt.ALI AND UTAH. ATAFOTHECiIIES’ HALL, Corner Broughton and Barnard streets. N, B. -Fresh Garden Seedx WAIJSH juia-a m Proprietor. FOR SALE, ASTROUG TOP-COVERED BUGGY AND HAR NESS, IN OOOD ORDER. Apply at Northwest corner of Price and St. Julian streets. anl9 HEADERS DISTRICT OF SAVANNAH, i Ist .Division. Department of Georgia, v Savannah, Ua„ Aug. 14,1365.1 General Ortsers.) No. 13. f All CommlM toned Officers and enllated men belong lag to the 14t|i Maine, Bth Indiana and 18th Indiana Volunteers, no w on detached service within thie Dis trict, will join their commands at once fbr muster out By Command of Bret et Major General J. M. BRANNON. Wilt A. Oonxi) s, A. A. Gen. aul6-v or bavahbaw/ HEADQUARTERS DISTRICT OF SAVANNAH. 7" 1»t vis,on, Dimram or (,sama i. [ Savannah, July 89. imo f SPitial Oku ni. t No. 14. f , „ . ;um™.] I. Capt. John Maitiu Luaaiue. Schooner “M.rv Agu», having violated tie.ieral Order No' » quarten. Depmuncnt of the South. May 6. itaS liehiug quarantine regulutiona for the Uiat kr of s. vaunaTj, Ga.. k, allowing « ° re n ,^ Cby ? nedU,u ” f °ue £ paid. 1 P ‘ H ‘ ™ Dfln mtu ' until abov e By Comicand of a- . C Brevet Maj. Gen J. M BHANNAN ftii.LA.Cori.TFtt. Capt « A AO • k-., "• HEADQUARTEUS, DISTHICT OF SAVANNAH t Ist Division, Def’t. of GEoaoia, ’ l Savannah, Ga., August Ist, ltAft , General OrdxbsA • No. 9. / from Headquarters Denart mem ot Georgia, is published for the mfurmatmS <!f and will be carried into ex«n[^ HEADQ’RS DEPARMENT OF GEORGIA > C, i AnKUSU - laij «• 18 “- 7 No. 1. f In order to afford ample opportunity to the peonle of Georgia to take the oath oi allegiance preecribedin BreclafuaUonT^ay 1560, it ia ordered, flret, Diatrirt Commander, willjfl once select, for the pnrpoae ot admiuUt, lint; the oi Allegiance, one Aseist ant Provoet Maraii,.i foreVH sou. coantifce in hia diatrict, lejairting the mich officers eo selected to thi.- office; these offlcH will, however, proceed at once to administer the oiM of Allegiance. ” Second District Commanders will designate the four counties assigned to each District Provost Mar oftL a DM,ict Sa ' Ue Wi; * lieuumbereil k* a Subdiviaion ™«a. The Assistant Provost Marshal so designated w ill visit the county soat of each county in his vision as often as practicable, and remain in earh county seat Uiree or four days; at such visit ho first causing public uoUce to be given of the time, in the newspapers of the district or otherwise. All uossiUe despaten must be used by the Assistant provost Alrr shal to complete administering the oath to citizens consistent with their duties and the public interest Fourth For.information on the smject of the duties of Assistant Provoet Marshals in administering the ostli form of report to this office, Ac., attention ts cXd Circular 6, Headquartrs Military Division of the t, ~ nessee, June 26, tStii. Ltn ' • By command of , Major General STKEDMAN (Signed) c. B. GROSVEnok, Brevet Brig. Gen. and Provoet Marshal Gen By commandol Brevet Maj'. Gen. J. M. BRANNAN Wn.L A. CocLTUE, A. A. G. au2-7 HEADQ’RS DISTRICT OK SAVANNAH. Ist Division, Dep’x of Guouoia, Off tog OF PaovoST Mabsal. . Savannah. Ga., August loth, 1866 The following is published for the information of all concerned: |ity tuleoraph fuom AUGUSTA, dated august M ISCS 1 To Lieut. Col. K. P. York : ’ Vour despatch received. My order of August 3d am plies to women aud children as well as men and the v must take the oath before the privileges can be granted C. ft. OPX.SVC.NOU, Brevet Brig. Gen. and P. M G By order of Department of George. Brev. Maj. Gen. J. M. BRANNAN ... ». ROBT. P. YORK, anll_t Lieut. Col. and Provost Marshal. HEADQUARTERS DISTRICT OP SAVANNAH Ist Division Dipabtmem of Gkoegia, ’ Savaunah, Ga. August 16, 1665. General Orders, ) No. 16. / All Commissioned Officers and enlisted men belong mg to the ;sth New York Vols.. 30th Milne Vols. and Loih Mass. \ ols., on detached service aud aoscut from their commands, will be relieved at once and ordered to jom their respective regiments for muster out By command of .. r . _• «vt Major Gen. J. M. BRANNAK. V» ii.l. A. Coulter, A. A. G. augl(|«2 OPPICIA D—SUII-DlsiT. OF OGEECHEE. HKADQ’RS SUB-DISTRICT OF OGEECHEE, Savannah, Qa., Aug Ist 16,1866 General Orpkbs) No. 23. / Hereafter no Carta, Wagons, or conveyances of any kind will be allowed to assemble in the vicinity of the Public Market except during Market hours No goods of any kind will be exposed for sale In the vicinity of the Public Market except during Mar ket hours. Alt persons found violating this order will be sum marily dealt with. The Provost Marshal is charged with the execution of this order. By command of T ANARUS„. „ „ Brevet Brigadier General DAVIS. JWm. H. Folk, A. A. A. G. . augl6 UEADQ’RS SUB-DISTRICT OF OGEECUKIi,» Savannah, Ga., August 6, 1865. f Circular,! No. 14. / To insure a more thorough Inspection of the Sani tary condition of this city, it will be divided into six (6) Wards, and each ward will be provided with one (U Inspector. It shall be the duty of each Inspector to examine their respective Wards, and report daily to the Health Officer any violation of the Sanitary Laws of this city heretofore published, which violation will be punished by a flue of not less than Five f*s; Dollars, nnd U6t to exceed Fifty Csso) Dollars. By Command of Brevet Brig. Gen. DAVIS Jno. Mullen, A. A. A. G. au 7 HEADQ’RS SUB*DISTRICT OF (jfeEECHEE, i Savannah, Ga., August 6, 1866 J General Order,) No. 19. f All AiH.thecaries and Druggists in the city are strictly prohibiten from selling any poisonous drugs, such as opium oi- its preparations Strychnine, Corrosive Subli mate, Ac , without the prescription of a Physician of character and standing m the profession, or a Medical officer of llie United states, which prescription must lie kept on file by the Druggist for inspection. Alt suspected or acknowledged cases of Small Poe, Varioloid, Yellow Fever, Measles, or Typhus Fever, must be promptly reported to the Health Officer, cor uer Broughton aud Bull streets, by the Physician at tending, or by any person cognizant of existence of such diseases. By Command of Brevet. Brig. Gen. DA Via Jno. Mullen. A. A. A. G. a uT HEADQ’RS SUB-DISTRICT OF OGEECHEE, savannah, Ga., August 9, 1665, General Order,! No. 20. | Hereufter and until furthers, all Commissioned Of ficers of the Unti«H States Army visiting this city will be required to Register their names at these Head quarters, stating authority and length of absence. By command ot . „ Bvt. Brig. Gen. E. P. DAVIS Jno. Mullen, A. A A. G. aniO HEADQ’RS SUB-DISTRICT OF OGEECHEE, 1 Savannau, Ga., August 13,1865. ) Genera;. Order,! No. 21. / Capt. Jno. Mnllen, 12th Conn. Infantry, Is hereby relieved from duty as A A. A. General, Sub-District of Ogeechee, as his Regiment is to be mastered out of the service. Ist Lieut. W. H. Folk, Adjutant 173d N. Y. Infantry, is hereby announced as A. A. A. G. cf the Snb-DL-trict ol the Ogeechee. He will be obeyed and respected ac cordingly. EDWiN P. DAVIS, aul4 7 Brevet Brig. Gen. Comd'g, HBADQ'RS SUB-DISTRICT OF OGEECHEE,) Savannau, Ga., Aug. 14, IbOO. / General Order, 1 No. 22. J Surgeon J. K. Bigelow, 6th Indiasn lufantry, is here by relieved from duty as Chief Medical Officer, Sub- District of Ogeechee, and will report to Commanding Officer of his Regiment for duty. Snrgoon N. A. Baldwin, 173d N. Y. Vols., is hereby announced as Chief Medical Officer of the Sub-District of the Ogeechee, By Command of Brevet Brig. Genertl E. P. DAVIS. * Wm. H. Folk, A. A. A. G. 7 aul6 “UDOLFHO WOLFE,” 22 Beaver Street, Neat YVtrk. Offers for sale of his own importations. In bond and duty paid, the largest stork of Wines, Liquors, Ac., of any Ollier house in this conntry, comjrieiug in part of Otard, Heni>ei>y, Pinet Castlllon, Martel, Godard Brandy, Rochelle Brafidles in hulf, qmrter.and eighth cai-ks; al o (JUird anil Rouyer, Lalcjielcre and Fiii Brandy, In cases of one dozen each. “CWn.’». j Udolpho Wolfe's Schiedam in jipas. Schiedam Aromatic; Schnappa, In bond aud paid, in caaesof one dozen quarts and two dozen pliti “■Whiskey and Rio.” Scotch and Irish Whiskey, in hhds. aid cases of one dozen each. Bourbon Whiskey In bargla and cases of one dozen each. ntTM. “ Jamaica ” and "St. Crotx Ru'rt in hhds. and cases of one dozen each. Madeira, Sherry and Pirt Wines. More than twenty different grdes, in halves quar ters and eighth casks, also In'asej of one dozen each. “Hack, Champagne, Mctelle and Claret Wines.” From Petes Arnold Mumm In ciygne, proprietor of Joannlaburg estate i J. H. D. Borer A Fils; Esche nancer, Benecke 4 Cos., Bordeauxißarton k Guest In. Bordeaux, and from other well knwfl house# ill Ger many and France. Otis, Cosdials, Sardines, istarp, Olives, Brandt, Preserves, jo. Twenty-live years’ business traißctirms with the Sonthern States, with some of the West and most respectable dealere,shonld be snfficl* guarantee that every article offered by the for sole is pure and genuine. . Samples can be seen, and cataloje of prices ob tallied, by addressing the Above, . xngs-3ffi