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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, September 15, 1865, Image 4

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The Savannah Daily Herald. FRIDAY, gEPTRMBBR 11. HOJ Rwwperittlnn of lll*' South. Within the wide are* of the South exist many of the elements of the Republic .8 re cuperation. It is, therelore, a duly of pa triotism and self-interest, on the part ot the Morth, to assist in reorganizing the indus trial svstem of the Southern Stares, . that then, as speedily sis possible, the machinery of trade and labor may be applied to the de velopment of their resource-- s associa tion has been organized id this city, uuder the title of the "Southern Real Estate, and Emigration Company," whose object is to introduce capital, mechanical skill and emi gration into the Southern States. The ad vertisement of the company will be found in another columr i we invite our capital ists, merchant'- nanics and communities generally to give it their attention, and to p-oinote its purpose for their own advantage and the welf'ire.of their common country. The desolating influences of civjl strife have left the South comparatively a desert, kit it is a desert that can be redeemed and made to contribute nnt Id wealth to the na t'onal exchequer and to the coffers of the business men ot the Hortli. The association in question is composed of Southern men who realize the importance of stimulating the energies and enhancing the industrial facili ties of the people of their section, and who are chiefly inspired by the desire to be of service to the iand of their birth. Then' efforts wiir be seconded by all who appre ciate the true nature of the paramount mis sion of the hour, which is to encourage labor and enterprise in the conquered territory, and to redeem the agricultural, mineral and com mercial resources of the South promptly available for diminishing taxation, paying the national debt, and advancing the pros perity of the Republic. — N. I • .'Tic*. Situation of Affair* Jit MluisdppU , • Washington, Sep'. (!, ISO 1 ). The reported intended resignation ol Gov ernor Sharkey of Mississippi does not, I am sorry to say, originate here. The report is brought by persons just arrived from that state. One report is that the Governor either has resigned, or will immediately set and n his resignation to the President. Another report is and I hope that this one is true, that Gov ernor Sharkey is coming to the capital, and is already en route for Washington, in order • to have a personal interview with the Presi dent, to lay betore him a true picture of the situation of affairs iu Mississippi, and to en deavor to induce Mr. Johnson to revoke the and icisiou recently made by Mr. Seward and the Secretary of War, The case is a most important one, and all the Southern people here are watchibg the issue with breathless suspense, and they say it is regarded with equal interest all over the South. Gov. Sharkey had ordered the enrollment of State militia in the several counties ofthe State, for the protection of the,citizens „ against bands of marauders, also against the lawless depredations and crimes of wander ing gangs of negroes. Several cases of atro cious outrageg committed by negroes render ed this necessaqv. No provision was made for the aiming ofthe State militia, for there were no arms to be had, as this was before statement, Governor Sharkey at once wrote his resignation, and sent it to the President. But according to another authority, he is coming to Washington to see the Presidcn on the subject, and to endeavor to dbtain trom Mr. Johnson authority to raise and arm a force'of State militia, and also to ask the President to place the military in Mississippi ii subordination to the civil authority, and to cause all military officers to obey the civil process of the courts. If Governor Sharkey find that lie is only a nominal Governor, 1 e will resign, and no greater calamity could befall the State at present than the loss of her able and popular Governor. II Governor Sharkey is compelled lo resign, the work of reconstruction in Mississippi, which was commenced under Eueh auspicious circum stances, will be long postponed: On the other hand, if the President directs General blocutn to obey the process of the civil courts, and sustain Governor Sharkey in his efforts to maintain law and order in Missis sippi, that State will immediately take her place in the Union. The toue and temper of the recent State Convention in Mississippi sufficiently indicate the loyalty of the citizens of the State. By the letter of the President, which we published yesterday, it will he seen that he fully sustains Governor Sharkey in the meas ures he has adopted for the preservation of order in Mississippi. A Wise Abolitionist. Henry A Wise, es-General and ex-Gov ernor, is out in r ag letter tb General Grant, in which he pleads for the restoration of a certain estate, formerly his,'in Virginia. lu the course of his letter he says— The chief consolation I have in the result of the war is, mat slavefy is forever abolish ed—that not only the slaves are in fact, at leash freed from bondage, but that I am l'reo , lYom them. Long before the war, indeed, I had definitely made up my mind actively to advocate emancipation throughout the South I had determined, if I could help it, my de scendants should never be subject to the humiliation I have been subject to by the weakness, if not the wickedness, of slavery. I unfeignedly rejoice' at the tact, and am reconciled to many of tbe calamities of the war, because I am now convinced that the war was a special providence of God, un avoidable by the nations at either extreme, to tear loose from us a black idol from which we could never have been separated by any other means than those of fire and blood, sword and sacrifice. The Bi ack Codk. —The Freedmea seed resolved to make the most of their new status. The editor of the Columbu3 Enqui rer recently heard one threatening another that he would “put him under nrrrest" if he did not pay him fifty cents claimed to te due. The debtor defied him to It, and told him lie “could put poople uuder arrest, too." We don't know what code has been estab lished for them, hut this colloquy served so show how highly they appreciate the right to institute legal proceedings, and how quick they are to avail themselves of it. The idea of putting a man uuder arrest" in Georgia for a simple debt, is one th a t has long since passed out of the minds <y the whites ; but •we suppose that it ts the on\ y wa y in which an mdependeu sable gomV-man, will,out “visible means,” cau be made to shrii out. his greenbacks or com." Oc Wednesday, as the steamer p,.W|j nf , was coming down the Ohio Rivet distance above Paducah, a difficulty occurred between the clerk and a negro waiter The clerk knocked the negro down. On la tl ,W the negro made a comnlai M ; ? Co “^ ll nding the post, who or dered the clerk arrested. On the approach of thegnara, the boat attempted to ffet awav backing opt and breaking her lines. The . guard fired several shots, three of which hit the pilot at the wheel, who, though not fatal ly wounded, was compelled to leave his nost The guard continued" tiring un'til another pilot went to the wheel and landed the boat The clerk was fined SSO and then released and the boat permitted to proceed. The Sooth Carolina Railroad. ’,[ r Wagratb, the President of this Road, has re turned and reports having been colupletelv successful in procuring iron and other ma terials for the construction of this read. By the first of October the communication be tween Charleston and Columbia will, in all probability, be re-established, and the iron ;s now mi its way for the benefit of the Hnm burg rohd. The entire work is now pro gressing, and as soon as the breaks are over come which now interrupt the several lines, a rapid completion, without any kind of de lay, may be expected.— CharUncm LkiUy of the Calilornia election held on «Am^ Bda J of last week indicate that a large hs^!i y ?L tbe re P“Mican candidates have been elected to the Legislature. The vote wsoughout the Stats was light." le burying the dead. t Come, liovii, let us bury our dead together, Let us nun our dead together ; The battlefield'* clear mi l the battles are over, Ami It's i>eaiuilul sunshiny weather. Together they lie, like brothers asleep ; Together, like brothers asleep : You can hardly distinguish the blue from the gray lu this bloody, immovable heap. And here Is a '-Yankee," an.l here Is a “Reb," With their hands close clasp'd m'each other' * Hio* us fo.?men they fought. It is certain In death' They thought of each other as brothers. And here is a “ Yankco,” and here 13 a " Itch,” Ahd between them a can of stale water, As If one had been giving the other a drink. In tho midst of the terrible slaughter! i Ah l war is a wonderful leveller, boy-, ! No matter who’s who, Death outflanked h.m; And how yon poor fellow, with head In the ditch, j la as good as the mau that outranked him. | And war is a wonderful tiling, anyway, I And a curious method of righting i A wrong, to nuke peaceable fellows like us ■ settle questions of state by hard flgiitlDg. I But that’s the way all the world over, my boys— I Yes, that's the way ail the world over; So let us he lambs—now the wolf Is well gorged— And go hack to the fluids and the clover. An l ner4 mind now If yon fought right or wrong— i Thank God we are once moire together; One country between ti*, aiicMpp hag above, Floating iroe iu tills sunsbiify weather 1 So, boys, let us bury our dead together, Lei us bury our dead together, * And wltfr them we'll bun untvlndness a*i'» strife, Ami be friend*, now ’rls sunshiny weathsr. _ T. TSS RAmCJkh imvGfcT The Republican* of Minnesota Pro. trounce Against tile President. Sr. Pa cl, September 5. : The Republican State Convention yester day nominated General William R. Marshal for governor ; Hon. T. 11. Arrnstr -ng for lieutenant-governor; Lieutenant Colonel Rogers for Secretary of State ; General C. Schafer tor treasurer ; and Wliiiam Colville for Attorney-general. Resolutions affirming that neither a man's color, race nor birth-place, takes "away his political right; that no portion of our sub jects shall remain degraded and ignorant; tbst this nation shall not allow the imperial government to rule in Mexico, and demand ing our government to force the withdrawal ot the invaders, were passed. A resolution approving President John son’s military and civil course was voted down. *• THE FENIANS: The'Excitement in Ireland—A Loud Cal! for Irish Yankees. [Correspondence of the World,J Dublin, August 2j. Fepinnism is at last spreading where it can do most good-’—or evil. “Agents" have been in Irelaud, and iu an incredible space of time have created a most terrible excitement, pot only here, but throughout the entire king dom. The greatest alarm prevails among the priesthood, a majority of whom, though opposed to Ehglish rule, denounce from the pulpit, and in pastoral letters, the Fenian brotherhood. The secret of their opposition lies iu the fact that the dtder alienates the people from the priesthood. They favor any movement against England, either moral or physical, but it must, they say, originate with the'rn, and be guided by them, Os course, the thousands bf Fenians already enrolled here and elsewhere on the island, find no such doctrine in their rules and regulations. The precepts taught them by the “Irish Yankees” during the past two months have convinced young Ireland that on their physi cal strength alone depends the future liDeity ot their beautiful country. Hence, wo now hear of driving all over the country, at some places in squads, at others in entire regiments. The lazy constabulary here have had a very hard time of it of late, the President had issued his recent procla mation permitting arms to be sent to the South. Gov. Sharkey intended, however, to make a personal appeal to the President for a limited quantity of arms for the U3e of this militia. But Gen. Slocum, commander ofthe Military Department of Mississippi, issued an order forbidding the enrollment ofthe State militia. He conceived that the troops under his orders were adequate to preserve order, etc., in which he was grandly mistaken. For the negroes, eucouraged by flits action on his mut, continued their outrages worse than before. t Three day rafter wards the military author ities arrested a highly respectable citizen pf Mississippi, on a charge of shooting a negro. The genlcman did not deny the act; bqt it was proved that he had shot the brute iu or der to save the honor of his wife, who was being assaulted by the negro In the grossest manner . A writ of habeas corpus was is sued by Judge Jilerwin, of Warren, county, in order to obtain the release of the gentle man, or at least his rendition to the civil au thorities. But Gen. Slocum, it. is alleged, ordered tho officer in charge of the prisoner to-pay no attention to the writ, and the latter was entirely disregarded. Governor Sharkey telegraphed these facts Che had before sent a special messenger to Washington with an account ok the action of General Slocum iu relation to the enrolling of the State militia) to President Johnson. By direction of the President, Mr. Seward and the Secretary of W»r both replied that Mississippi was still under martial law, and that the authority of the military ttiere was superior to the civil authority. Whereupon, according to one The authorities, in many instances, have sent them ott reconnolteilng where the Fen ians were drilling. They are kept constantly on the march, but it is seldom that they meet -with their enemy. Only three collisions have, thus far, taken place, one of them re sulting in loss of life. That was at Dangsn, where Samuel Kelly was shot. The two other affrays did not result so fatally, but only tended to increased the hatred already exist ing between tbe constabulary and the Fen ians. The latter generally select places for their drills, which are not easy of access, and while there remain in camp two or three days at the time, t.o as not to attract too much at tention while marching to apd frojn their -camps. There is one paper in Cork, the Ex mioer, which is endeavoiiug to be little the movement, though it cannot shut its eyes to the fact that tho movement is going ou, and that constant drills are every'‘where taking place in the vicinity of Cork. The young men, in various parts of Dublin, have club bed together, subscribed money, and, ns they cannot all afford to go to the couutrynnd en camp there for several days, they have hired halls, roomd, and even •cellars, where they are taught the “facings,” “marchings," Ac.. Ac. The constabulary here are aware of these secret assemblies, but they either dare not or will not interfere with them, and pre tend not to know their locality. Last week Six constables happened to fall in with one of these assemblies, but beyond two or three, blows exchanged at the entrance, nothing serious has resulted from the affair. I have since heard that out of these six constables, joiir have already been converted to Fenian is:n. The English, and in fact all those in powe* ate staining their utmost to find out the delegates” from ‘'somewhere" who have ti the impress of their wicked machina t ons after then)," but they will have a hard. time m catching them. The young men in several towns have banded mgetheT and quite a number of them keep constant watch over their “Read Center." Our fnouds in the United States can now look forward for some practical work short ly- ■ „ ?. mo ?, em . ent hp re goes •‘bravely on," >«t tell the remans in your country that hew support must not falter until the hour c .n S in la . tmg . Ire Land llas Brrived - We want deW« Ild1 ld flnd support, We want more r rr. hcre 10 spread the doctrines of the are Alin i few who *>»ve been here, and but there L ,h i aVe done remarkably well, hut there is an immense field left, which has Lionel e MiK° red - Let Colonel Roberts or ■Colonel Mahoney come over Their elo ?hv nc i e fw Decd . ed herc ’ wore than in your m If, A t re t 0 Bucceed > the Irish Yankees must stand by us to the last More anon. Fejiun. ‘ NEWSPAPERS. THE DAILY EXPRESS, PETERSBURG, VA. Has entered upon it** Fill, t-nlh year, in an enlarged form, w iih new type, ruder *u*picea highly fluttering. It has- a large and daily increasing circulation, and of* feiS t > merchants and other* desiring to omranuicate with the Southern public, advantages purpa«»cd by none m ADVERTISING RATER. OKI fcQUAHE. Two weeks $ 5 00 One month t> Oft Two months 10 00 Three month* ) la 00 Six Month* 24 00 One Y«ar , v .. 40 00 TWO A REB, 4 Two weeks. $lO 00 One month IS Oft Two months 15 oq Three months m 18 «»ft Six months 90 00 One year CO 00 Persons desiring a greater quantity ol space than is above designated,‘will be accommodated on liberal terms. SiUSCRIPTIOff KATES. Single Copy, (malledj 6 cts. One Mouth, do 75 “ Three Months, do $2 oo Six Months do 3 50 One Year do C 00 AI>I*BF.SB ; A. F. C RI TUiFIELD & CO., PETERSBURG, VA. PH.OSjpEOTtJS OF THK Mercantile Mirror A Weekly Commercial and Advertising Sheet, WITH AN EDITION OF 10,000 COPIES. FOR GRA • TUITOUS CIRCULATION. To be Lamed on or about the 15 th cr July, 1865, By L W. BURK® & CO., MACON, GA This enterprise Is undertaken at the suggestion of many of the leading merchants of the country, ns a method of extensively advertising their business.— While we will publish the advertisements of all who may favor Ui with their patronage, the paper will also contain Prices Current of the Markets in all the princi pal Cities, Rates of Exchange, Brokerage, Ac., and Commercial News of ever}’ description that will be of intcreet to the Mercantile Community. Nor will the “MIRROR •* be exclusively filled with hd vertisemehts; but the paper will oe sufficiently largo to leave ample room for Editorials, Correspondence, Select ReadiiuvMutter, Ac. It will be a family, as well as a business PAPER, apd we intend that it shall visit every City, Town and Village in the Country- All can perceive the advantage of advertising in a paper of this description. OUR TERMS WILL BE LIBERAL. We are unable to publish them in this Circular, not knowing what number of anr Mends will want their Business* Card?, Notices, «fcc„ brought be fore the Public through this medium.- We will only tay to all. Fend your Advertisements to ns immedi ately; state how mrch *pace you wish them to occu py, directions, &c. We have a large Stock of Fancy Type, Cuts and material for displaying them, and’fctl confident of meriting the patronage .and approval of all Business Mod. a* poor, as we arrive at the amount of matter of paper required, we w ill make an estimate, and publish the rates i r advertising, In the first number. They will i«f as low as possible, to allow vs to I'CKLisu thk i*Ai»Kir. Deeming it superflu ous to argue the benefit of this enterprise to the adver tising world, vve leave the subject with it, feeling as sured it will meet its cordial co-operation anil sup? •port. Address J. W, BURKE A CO., Macon, Ga. Agent in Savannah: Gfo. N. ftiohola. Bay Street. jylA-tf THE NEW ORLEANS TIMES, The Leading Journal of lire South. PUBLISHED DAILY AND WEEKLY, Devoted to Literature and General News—The Discus sion of State and National Topics—The Wel fare of the Planting Interest—The Progress of Southern Commerce, aud the Regeneration of Prosperity in the Southern States. The Proprietors of the New Orleans JJailt and Weeuly Times, encouraged by the liberal support given to their journal, have made ampin arrangements for Its improvement, with a view to making it, in every respect, a FIRST-CLASS SOUTHERN FAMILY AND NEWS PAPER Terms of the Daily, SIG per annum; haif yearir, ; quarterly, $4. THE WEEKLY TIMES Is devoted to the disenssihu of topics of vital import ance to the interests of the Gulf States; contains A carefully prepared compendium of the news of each week, original aud selected literary and miscellaneous matter, Dries, poetry, etc., correspondence from all parts of the country and abroad, letters from the peo ple, a resume of the New Orleans market, etc., etc. Terras of the Weekly, f 5 per annum. TO CLUBS. Tlie Weekly will be furnished as follows, when sent to one address: 2 copies $ 9 £0 I C copies .$25 00 3 14 00 J 7 44 ‘29 00 4 44 18 00 I 8 44 33 00 5 44 22 50 I 9 44 37 00 10 copies S4O. An .extra copy will be given to any one getting up a Club of Ten. Terms invariably in advance. Address \VM. H. C. KING A CO., nnl4-tf Proprietors N. O. Times. No. To Camp at WM. M. DAVIDSON, WHOLESALE DEALER IN GROCERIES, WES, LIQUORS, TEAS, SEGARS, ALE and Cider. THE Pnbscrtbcr announce to his* friends nnd pa trons that, he has lust returned trom the Northern Cities*, vrhore he has made arrangements with the best Importing Houses, with whoin he hns dealt lor many years, for eiippllcs of every article in his Hue and now offers for sale, on the most reasonable terms.—* His present Stock, selected by hlmseif -vith great care, comprises; 55 55 A. N D T . OTARD, DUPCY * CO., FINET, CASTILLON A CO., A. SEIGNETTE, IELLEVOISIN. G I TV . MEDER SWAN AND IMPERIAL EAGLE. COMET, fin cases.j . * WHISKIES. JOHN GIBSON, SONS A CO., MONONGAHELA, X, XX, XXX, UAPENET, NECTAR and PURE yi.D RYE, O. K. BOURBON, Very Old. , K TJ M . JAMAICA AND St. CROIX. CHAMPAGNE. OF VARIOUS ffHANDS, iu Quarts and Pints. TEAM. IMPERIAL, TOpKO HYSON, HYSON. OOLONG, POWCHO.N'G, in Caddies and Half ChcFte. SUOaK, COfFll, SOAP, STARCH, &C., AC. Also, Agent for the sate of Massey, Collins & Cos BALE ROPE. 100 Coils Richardson’s Greenleaf Rope. For sale by *epl4-3 lIUNTER A OAMMELL. QUEENS WARE HOUSE, 109 Broughton Street, SECOND DOOR FROM CORNER BULL BTRF E T. A large and elegant Stock of China, Qneensvare, Class, k<„ ■fnst received fiom the manufacturer* and for sale at # LOWEST NEW YORK PRICES JOBBERS AND DEALERS From all parts of the Country arc Invited to examine my wholesale stock, Which includes packages containing complete assort ments, put up expressly for COtNTRY TRADE. Assorted Crates of WHITE GRANITE WARE, “ “ COMMON WARE. „ “ “ WHITS GRANITE aki> COMMON WARE. • Goods re-p»cked to snlt purchasers. aui-im E. D. SMITH. COMMIMIOX MERCHANTS. *<*■ l JAMES B. CAHILL, GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANT AND DEALER IS Groceries, Provisions, Wines and Liquors, 17 1 IiROAD ST R K|K T ANARUS, AUGUSTA, GEORGIA. . HOLDERS ofMerchandizc wishing torealize imme riiately w ill consult their interests by consigning the same. Strict attention will be given to all business en trusted to them, .and prompt returns jnade at the most reasonable rates. t ‘ *cp4-3m Lkti M. Churchill, .1. R. W. Johnston. CHURCHILL & JOHNSTON. Dry Groocis, AJSI> OENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS AGENTS OF STEAMER UNION, 533 BROAD S TRKK T , Opposite Masonic) Halt, AUGUSTA, GEORGIA. Wiii give prompt ami personal attention to all fONSKJNMEATS THEY MAY BE FA VORED WITH. Consignments Solicited. References in Savannah—Messrs. DeWitt it Mor gan, Beil, Wyliy A Christian ; J, TANARUS, Fatcrpon A Cos. ; N. Lyon, Ksq. aug24-lm JACKSON T WARROCK, AUCTION AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, JACKSONVILLE. fI.A. Consignments solicited. Personal a'tention given to forwarding Merchandise and Cotton. oul9-lm TO SHIPPERS OF COTTON AND OTHER SOUTHERN PRODUCE. FENNER, BENNETT & BOWMAN, Successors to Hotchkiss, Fenner & Bennett. DOM MISSION MERCHANTS, No. 40 Ypst-v Stbeft, York. And Memphis, Tend. Tnoa.vs Fknnkr, Hr.aßv Benkett, D. W. BowMiN. JyO Ou, L. COLBY A 00., Shipping Commission and Forwarding MKRCHANTS, JOli KB BLOCK, OOBNFK BAY >Nl> AI'.KROORN STREET SAVANNAH, GA. LIBERAL CASH ADVANCES Made on Consignments to the firm of Crus. L. Colby, of New Yetrk. or to our friends in Boston. ' MAUDE A WRIGHT, Agents at Augusta, Ga. BEFEttENOF, 8; Messrs. Pahncv, Morgan A Cos., New York. Jaiivs Slade, Esq., New York. Hol. .T Wiley Edmunds, Boston. Gardner Colby, Esq., Boston. au!B—it A. S. HARTRIDGE, Factor m Commission Merciiaut. BAY STREET, SAVANNAH. To be found, at present, at office of Messrs. J. T Thomas & Cos„ next to Central Railroad Bank.* scpl4 2w Woodward, Baldwin & Cos., 110 Duane Street, New York, 9 and ii Hanover St., Baltimore. DRY GOODS. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Liberal advances made on Consignments, Sheetings, Osnaburgs and Yarns. JylS L, J. Gnilmartin & Cos., GENERAL COMMISSION AND SHIPPING MERCHANTS, 148 Bay Street. (Opposite the City Hotel,} 8 A ;VANN AH, GA. PARTICULAR e .tcntlon given to procuring Freight* and filling wdera for Hard Pint- Timber and Lma ber, Cotton, Wool, Hidt s, Ac. L. 4. OUIT.MAUTIN, JOHN FLANNFGY. V. W. OLritIMONI). nnl7 ; ' lm JoHvJoNEb, ) fCnARTON H. Way, Late Treasurer State of Ga. / \ Savannah, Ga. J ones & "\Vay, Have re-oponed their office at No. 98, Bay Street. (Opposite the old stand,; Savannah, Ga-, for the trans action of a General Commission and Factorage hnsl ness. Particular attention paid to forwardiug Colton and Merchandize to aud from the interior. Ri fkkknoks—T. W. Chichester, Euq.. August a, Ga., I. C. Plant. Esq., Macon, Ga,, J. VV. Warren, Esq.. Co lumbus, Ga., ai.d any Bnqk or Merchant of Stivannah, Ga. • sepl3 cod-lmo ’ 610. R, CRUMP & CO., AUCTION AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, SO9 Broad Strret. Acgcsta, Ga. Jr.2o 3m Tobias, Hendricks \ Cos., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, NO. 88 BEAVER AND 13f. PEARL STS., Now York,. Rofer to Octants CV-hen.’ au23 lm EDWARD C. LEGRIEL & CO.', Commission Merchants, BROKSiTS, ANDINSURAWCE AGENTS, Macon, Gcorgin. ORDERS AND CONSIGNMENTS SOLICITED. ET>WAR]> O. LE.miEI., > OEO. C. FREEMAN. f «Ug22 lm M. J. SOLOMONS, Commission Merchant, WILL attend to the Selling or Receiving and For- Warding all kinds of Merchandise. Produce, Ac Office for the present at. the Drug Store of .T. M. Abrahume & Cos. an2l-lm joii s. mm & to., FovtVtu-dingr ami Commission merchan tk. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN Dry Goods, Groceries, &e., NOS. 1 AND 2 BAMMLS' BLOCK, Ray Street, Jacksonville, Florida. JNa. t*. RAMMIB. RD. O. BA MM IS. CIIAS. L, MATHER amt tr J. SHAFFER, Oommisslou Soulor In all kinds of * FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC FRUITS iro PRODUCE, West Washington Market, Opposite 143 Weal Bt., Bulkhead between Barclay and Vescy Bt«., NEW Y £ K K. Pot aloes, Apples and Onions cor.stsntly on hand, and put up for the Southern market All consignment* promptly attenked to. Retcrs to A. L. Brudley, A. llaywood, T. J. Walsh. an<l J. H. Parsons. jyl2 codly BRYAN, Bryan Strihv, nett t;o MFRruants’ and Planters* OiMv BIII.DISO, Broker and Oorawissioo Agent FOB SAL* *Mt> CVSCUABI OF STOCKS, BANK NOTES, PRODUCE, Ac., And for Forwarding Cotton, ante Smo onocßiaeg, t,iqro»». 8. E. B'tTUU CLL. B. WiITIULID. BOTHWELL & WHITEHEAD Grocery, Commissiou and Forwarding MERCHANTS, NO. WI BAY* STREET, SAVANN AH, GA. sepS lm Jas. G. Waits. A. 11. Champion. JAS. (J. WATTS A CO., WHOUBALI AMD RETAIL DEALERS IR Gi'OPt*i’l<*K duel ProvisionK ALSO, IMPORTRBS OF Foreign Lienors, Wines, -Segars, &c., SS St. JULIAN and 145 BRYAN STREET. West side Market Square, SAVANNAH, GEORGIA. WE would call the attention of our friends and the public generally to onr new connection, and solicit a share of their patronage. Mr. An. Champion, late of the firm of Champion & Freeman, thanks his friends for their past favor- and requests the bestowal of the same on the new firm. sept- lm HILTON & RANDELL, WHOLESALE GROCERS, 103 Bay «t., Near Barnard, SAVANNAH, GA., Are constantly receiving per Fteamers from New York the Largest and most Complete Assortment of Groceries IN THE CITY. N. B.—Orders by Mall, accompanied with Remit tance, rao.MrrLr filled at Lowest Market Prices. an3l lmo f FOREIGN A J DOMESTIC jpll|Bi VV ALES WINES fflhjQUCBS 4SE6AAS SOLE AGENTS ANJI IMPORTERS OF— ■ * Ch. Farre Champagnes FOR THE STATE OF GEORGIA. &Q3O NEW GROCERY STORE. Van Newton Jfc Ward. WODLD'respeetfully Inform their friecds and the public that they have ojiencd at No. 153 Brough ton street, formerly occupied by Blun and Mever; and will keep constantly on hand a well selected*stock so Family Groceries. Qnlck rales and small profits la their motto, and a share of the public pntionage is respectfully solicited, J. H. VAN NEWTON. _ H. G. WARD, septs 10 PIERCE SKEHAN \Ybolesale and Retail Dealer In Fine Grocerie*, Boots ana Shoes, Clothing- Foreign and Domestic Wines, Liquors and Sugars. Also, Skehan’s Celebrated « GOLDEN ALE AND CHAMPAGNE CIDEIi, in bottle and in wood. London and Dublin Brown Stout. Scotch and Eng lish Ales, Ac. Liberal deductions made to the trade. 17C BROUGHTON STREET, SAVANNAH, and G 2 Liberty* street. New York. GADEN & UNCKLES, GENERAL PRODUCE and COMS’N MERCHANTS, AND— WHOLESALE DEALERS IN GROCERIES, PRO VISIONS, &0., Corneb op Bay and Barnaud Streets, * SAVANNAH, GA. Highest market ratca paid for Cotton. Wool, Hides, 4tc„ and liberal cash advances .made on shipments to onr New Y’ork House. auls ~KIRLIN & KIENZLE, Wiiolesale and libtaii 1 DEALERS IN ALES, WISES AVD LAGER BiER. O TJ ii II 'O TJ S* K, » 165 BAY STREET. an2l ts 3500 TONS OF— ENGLISH RAILS, Os beat quality, 60x58 per lineal yard. For sale by FOWLE & CO. jul9 Cm No. 70 Broadway, N. Y. KIRLIN,IiIt O. & BURKE, • WHOLESALE DEALERS IN ALES, ms AND LIQUORS, CORNER TVKITAaaER STREET AND • BAY LAKE. ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED & DELIVERED. nn2l , , t s Just Received* CASKS BACON SHOULDERS, ’’ cases Tobacco, 200 bushels Salt, 20 boxes English Dairy Cheese. For sale by eeps-tf c. K. OSGOOD. is. G. 11TJWE tb do,, • Wholesale Dcalets In GROCERIES, Liqrtms AM) SKGARS, Comer Johnson Square and Bt. Jnlian street, anilJNo. f.Sßay street, Hodgson's Building. ParticnlaiTaG tention paid to Riling country orders. AGENTS FOR THE SALE OF ALE &, LAGER-BEER, scpll 1m mm tlw iGEiv; George A. Crump & Cos., 209 Beoao Smi*, Acocsta, Ga, Have on hand a targe and well selected stock of Manufactured ana Smoking Tobacco. Samples sent by Express when desired. .1m Jn2o I3olvei» ? s Bitters, The Oldest and best renowned. . b. FUNKK, 66 Liberty Street, eepl2-3mo NEW YORK. BUY YOUR COOL DRINKS TONICING’S, IN REAR OF POST OFFICE, HILTON HEAD anp24 v HEADQ'RS SUB-DIST. OF OGEECHEEA Qbnekai. OuD re .> SST “ nah ' ‘ Sep, ‘ 10 ‘ 18C5 - f No. 29. / Order No. SCdated Headquarter* Sob-District of Ogeechee, Savannah, uad'a? I V*vi h « wfll bepald in to Capt. C. H. Pik£ I- Vls., Tax Collector, ontheflrst day of each month for the month prereeding, and all persona fatl -108 wltb thl » order pnor to the P lAfh of the month, will be arrested and fined. By Command of - .. Brv’t May Gen. J. M. BRAN AN, Wm. H. FOLK. Ist Urnt. and A. A. A. G. sspll St SAVANNAH BUSINESS DIRECTORY. COMMISSION MERCHANT^! EKocthri kr Ai Cos. • SHIPPING and COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Corner B y aud Whitaker street*. Savannah, Ga. Prompt attention given to consign of Mer chandise and Produce'of all kinde pufclnsed and sold. *i‘P- „ Ira Horatio PiKHer, COMMISSION MERCHANT. liealer in Ship Stores aud Chandlery. Harris’ wharf, foot of Lincoln street, under the blutf. sepl Ti».on Ai Gordon, COTTON FACTORS. Commission and Forwarding Merchants, ft** 3o • % 90 Ba\ street, Rue Whitney Ai Cos., General Commission Men hauls. No. 202 Bay street, above Barnard street. • _ qu24 Drady, Smith Co., Commission and For J.A warding Merchants and Manufacturers Agents, Bay street, north side, between Whitaker and Bar nard street. aug24 Ja me* heavy, COMMISSION MERCHANT. Sole Agent for .Tames Wallace’s Celebrated Whiskies, Gins, Alcohol, Cologne Spirits, and New England Rum. No. G Stod dard’s Building, Bay street. Savannah. . anl9 NA. Harder A Cos., .COMMISSION A FORWARDING MERCHANTS Estahmsiikd in 18,'id. Office No. 9 Stoddard’s Row, aulC Savannah, Ga. Henry Bryan, BROKER AND COMMISSION AGENT. Bryan street, next to Merchanta’ and Planters’ Bank. Building. • anl6 MA. Cohen, • FORWARDING and COMMISS’N MERCHANT, Office Home Ins. Cos., 89 Bay gt. Bell, Wyliy <Si Christian, AUCTION, GEN ERAL COMMISSION AND FORWARDING MERCHANTS. Bay street. Savannah. Ga. AM. Scarbrough Ai Cos., Grocery and Coai • mission Mukciunts, 140 Congress and 57 St. tJuiian sts Highest market prices paid forCofton, Wool, Beeswax, etc. Liberal Advances on Cotton. Ac. I prwin & Hardee, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, * Bay street, Savannah, Ga. Win, H. Stark. Wholesale Grocer and Com mission and Forwardiug Merchant, corner Lln coln and Bay street. aug22 ; * WINES, LIQUORS, &c iKoethrke A Cos., WHOLESALE DEALERS In Groceries, ”/iuos, Liquors and Sugars. Corner of Bay and Whitaker at 6„ Savannah, Ga. sep2-lm HQ. Ruwe Ai Cos., * WnOI.KSALE DRAPERS IN LIQUORS, ALES AND LAGER BEER, Cor. St. Julian street and .Johnson square. Israel It. Sealy Ai Cos., SOLE AtiENTS AND liXI’ORTEIiS OF Ch. FAR R E Cif A MPAGNEB, In tho State of Georgia. 207 Ray 6L, betwetn Rat uurd and Jefi'ftson, ati9 Savapnah, Ga, Israel R. Sealy Ai Cos., WHOLESALE DEALERS IN IMPORTED WINES, CORDIALS, BRANDIES AND SEGARS. an 9 207 Bay st., between Barnard and JefT-.vson JLama, Importer and Wiiolesale Dealer in Sr.\N • ißi t Seoabs, Fbenou Brandies, W t ineß, W hiskey and other Liquors. Tobacco of all kinds. 191 Bay street, Savannah. Ga. DRV GOODS John C. Maker Ai Cos., Wnot.rsAi.K and Retail Dealer in DRY GOODS, HOSIERY, GLOVES, TRIMMINGS, RIBBONS, Ac , Ac. Oof. Congrey and Whitaker ste. Thomaa Pepper, Wholesale and Retail Dealer *n Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, at l aprece dentect Law Prices. ONE PRICE ONLY. Prcsdec Ai Oi fT. DRY GOODS —Wholesale and Retail. ohn Mctouaghy, DEALER IN DRY GOODS, Ao. IC>O Rr'**n«>*hton street. Samuel M. Lcderer, Jobber and Retailer of Fancy and Staple Dry Gooi>s, Boots and TShofs, i’i.OTuiNc,, Hats, Ac. 14G Congress street. 7 GKOCEIUICS, Ac. S. W. Gragg & Cos., 102 Bryan street, Deal ers in Pine uIiOCEIUES and I'KflvislONS.— Agents for Allen’s WAIIOE BITTEK3. Licensed Healer in WINES and LIQUOIiS. anl9 SS. Miller, 157 Broughton street, has for sale, . cheap, Flour, Sugar, Syrup, Lemons, Hay. Oats, Corn, Cow Peas, Pindors, Potatoes, Turnips, Onions and Cabbages. a u9 M Ftrst & Cos.. «! o.esale Healer in Wises, Li . Quoits, Sugars, F*s< yGrooebies, Canoies, Ac. rso Congress street. AF, Mira, Whoeessle Asn-RETAn. Healer in . QttOCKWKS, FRUITS, Ac, Cor. Whitaker and Congress st. Lane Conga on A.Symnns, WHOLKSALE ANI) RETAIL GROCERS, Comer M hitaker and St. .Julian sts„ Old Stand of W. R, Symons. Hilton ri£ Rumil'll, WHOLESALE GROCERS, 198 Bat Strut, are constantly receiving per steamers from N. York, the largest and most complete assortment of GROCERIES in this city. Ip I s . Heyo, Healer in Choice Family Groceries, -ia Wines, Liquors, <Stc. Robert, » WHOLESALE anh retail grocer, 151 Broughton street. BILLIARDS, &c 7 JTlre “ Live Oak,” corner of Hrayton street and * Bay Lune. CHOICE WINES, ALES and SEGARS at Retail. HunnA McMahon, Proprietors. an 19 O’Toole & Cos., Bn.LIARDS, LIQUORS, WINES, Ac. Broughton st., third door from Ball. Billiard Saloon. Bv WALTER O'MEARA. ALES, WINES, LIQUORS, Ac. ' Bay street, over Express Office. Union Shades, Terence Nugent, Proprietor. ALES, WINES, LIQUORS, SEGARS, Sq. St. Charles Saloon, (in rear of Post Office,) by A. Stamm, miolexalr and Jtitail. None but CHOICE WINES and LIQUORS served. Free Lnnch. CONFECTIONERY. JE. Hcruanriez. • CONFECTIONER—VvTioIesaIe and Retail. MANUPAOTTRETt OF SYRuPS. CORDIALS ANH FINE CONFECTIONERY* 'or ALL MINUS. 146 Bronghton street, two doors from Barnard. M Fitzgerald, • WIIOLESAI.E Aim RETAIL DEALER IN OTHERS, LESION, STRAWBERJiY' ami RASPBERRY syrups, candies, Ao„ B2E- 111 any quantities, to suit, Purchaser*. .Ail nun AVer btkelt. GAS FITTING, Ac. piumliing and Gas Fitting, . . By JOHN il.’ CULLEN, Broughton st., one door West of Barnard. W**- Williams, Gas Fittfr and Pi.itmuer, » and Dealer in Tin Wake, Holtsi: Fubnisihno uoiuiti, &c, 14 r > Broughton etreet.- Wced & Cornwell, Wholesale Dealers in Hardware and Tin Ware. No. 159 and 161 Broughtwi street. TT <*ransfon, • PLUMBER AND GAS FITTER, W lhyan Bt., next to cor. Whitaker. SEGAIiiS, TOBACCO, &c, E. Horthcrke & Cos., Importers of Genuine Havanh Segars, (»iner Bay and Whitaker streets, Savunnuh, Ga. scp2 1 in ’ Jurob <W C(ft , Wholesale Dealers in fine Havana and Domestic JSegurs, Chewing al;<l Smoking Tobacco, Snuffy Ac. ITI Bay street, be tweenW'hitaker and Barnard streets. ’ au24 ___ • - - * SEGARS, TOBACCO, SNUFF, PIPES, Ac. Barpard street, one door South.of the Markel. C't P, laopez, Sfo abs, Tomacco, Bncff, Pipes, Fancy Articles, Stationery, Ac. Cor. Bull and Broughton sts. F Constant, Importer of-Domkbtic and Havana • .Sugars, Meerschaum Pirrs, &c. Also, Wines, Cuampaonkh and other Liquors. Bull street, opposite the Post Office. PRINTING, STATIONERY, wdville & I.rurli, O BOOKSELLERS AND STATIONERS Cor, Btyan afreet and Market Square. Marking Ink, MANDrAcrnatn find foreale by DAVID H. GALLOWAY, Geo. N. Nichole, 1 : BOOK AND JOB PRINTER, —-.. _ Aliercorn and Dravfon. h. WNUKIi, ■ No. 6 Whitaker street, S' W. Mason <k Cos., • HERALD JOB PRINTING OFFICE. No. 11l Bay street. DIRECTORY -- CONTINUED ” CLOTHING, T 2 H. A. Tophaui, 13S Congress stiwt tniVr i n . L.? 111 */ Merchants' Row, Port Koval v V 'r nea er in Kmc Ready Made Clothing, Genii' ing Goods, Rats and Caps, Ac. Gents r un«ti- professional. " ’ 1 V r « X* M. Sneed, " DLfti’bST. York street, near WATCHES, JEWELRY"&c. CF~ Watches and Jew elry Repaired Go ° 1 *' 12H Congiese st„ opposiiethe Pulaski House HAIR dressing! " Pnlaaki House Itai ber SiionTtor' , Bryan ftp.; Shaving, Hair Cutting and w biekors Dyed, Ac. Funcv Boanp I,s^^>oo,n f. and othrr }Lcy Aiticl C ° IOpDe ’ hanging, Ac., a, short notice. ’i CHINA WARICXc. E. “^?^*^Q^ensware,^E^ : 7Yc architecture, &c. j iuess in the above branches om“ c 5“ ol ' bus Street, new to Stoddard'., Range ° ffl No ' 12 ‘Bay """ ‘ — DHUGQLSI’r I —^ "UET ' ]NJ c 'v Drug iiouie, ~ Was „ o miiomas M, Turner, — — * do,„i DRUGGIST, a— boots and shoes ~ " — st., 4tn door North of the Marl-., PJ.eo. T. Nichols, ‘ ——’ v-t RETAIL BOOT AND SHOE STORE llu B f oflgßtonst,; uSSnki Bui,. - SCRIVENERV Business entrusted to his care at Nugent, Jr., opposite P,U 01 ler “ca PHOTOGRAPHS A T ' Heading dk Cos., ~~v==u_ai' ” * PHOTOGRAPHERS, Wilson’s -Photographic OaHe,v - ‘ Eaeosti. i-r THE Vs „V tor M AKT PAINTS. C«LB, &Z S . • aue22 Tnoaias VV. shea, ~ HOUSE ANH SIGN PjHNTER- Dealer m Paint-, oils x-• c 7 i stand of Jno. G. Fa-mgnnL*" St ' J " ,a “ __ SODA WATER. J oton s I i? S n ’ B&,licr Os SODA WATER POIiTFP and ALE, (JURHIALS, SY’HUPS, 4* ' ™ c ' lir - Bay and West Broad streets COOPS AND CIiOTHIICg. "" Carliart, Whitford&CoT Mannfactnrera and Wholesale Ocalcrt In READY MADE CLOTHiNC» 331 anh 333 Broadway, coil Worth Street, ~ NE W VOR K. w ii ' 1 u-'"' 1 ' I Henry Shafer, Wm. If. WiiiTEoßp, J A. TANARUS: Hamilton, . LB- van Wagenen. , Offlceof Payan & Carhartin liquidation. STEELE & EURIUXK, 11 Merchants Row, Hilton Head, So. fa CALL the attention of Wholesale and Reta!' nst chasers to their superior stock of P MILITARY' AVD NAVAL CLOTHING, \ AND n. THE NEW SKIRT FOR 186/1 A Cn<luc ’ ,ic: Herald* Mntahu?^ ti E e i?' :ver “" eraent in tbe Savahiis: mornin- * * 6 fnll Particulais every Saturdi; » jyG etawitra A. T. CUNNINGHAM. D G# rrES , CUNNINGHAM & PURSE -F A MTff : HA^T^ V T^ RiDI:^G ANi> COMMISSIO! Bay st, eet. Sa4nnfh. Ga Stoddar<l ' B .bower Stare. o«mmrii C nJ Ho ' J E, Habersham & Sons, Humeri s H rwV Vn rk 0h u D ' Br; gfiam, Baldwin &.< Hardee, Ciajrhora & Cunningham. - COPAETNEESHIP NOTICE fpRE utHlersisned have this day entered into'Coav „ „ f r ’ hI P l< ? C! * r O’ on Stevadorago, Ursyaec, Stc: and Comm,ssion business, under the DamevfE J. Dickerson & Cos. Office, second door west of Messrs. Andrew Lot M> - ‘ H. J. DICKERJOf' T. A. GOODWIN. o , N. B. BROWN. Savannah, On,, August 21, lSfip. an2l-lir Warren’s Celebrated Needles anti Fisl Hooks. S I aYjNIFRK'vV CX.Kpir Sc CO, I 4S MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK, I POLE AGENTS AND IMPORTERS I OUR former customers will find a reduction in g- 1 pners of the Needles, w liile the quality is aiSr I Kept up to the highest, eiandard Known to EDl‘ ; I raaimtacturerf;. B A. C. A Vo., rebpeetfully policit a renewal of ■ I mercantile relatione bo long and favorably estec' I hy their house. a u25.3m ■ Large Importation I . # —of— I HAVANA SEGARS, I LEAF AND SMOKING TOBAfOI IZVP l i!' oi o e ’ s P?." ipl > Smoking Tofcscca I d.OflO hunches Spauith CSgarettas I .Tnst received direct from Havana. I Fhaveslso in Store a large lot of the best lirsrH Viiginia Smoking and Chewing Tobacco. I bacci? er8 ° U f! nD< * I'GicDthal’s E’ine Cut Chewing Mcrchanm. Brier Root and other ripee. Retail f Whl ° h 10m P r °pared to aeH at Whole,ale ' R. MOLINA.- - Real Estate for Sal^ TDUILDINQ LOT anitaSlcfor Retail Stores of if;' „ bouse, corner Broughton and , Terms cash. , Eligible Dot, sonthca,! corner of Whitnku Gordon streets, q'erms cash. Garden Lot No. 8 Gaston Ward, 160x60; In* w small houses. Price low for ca.b. „ _ sepl4-lw HENRY Bin'll. SHADES, SHADES JUST RECEDED,. .Wirtdoxv SJh.adeSi PAPER HAN6INCS, GIMP CORNICES, BANOS AND FljlTl'f 6l The subscriber haring parcha-ed a Stock of .'sl above articles, he 1, now prepared to attend tot"" dert with despatch. All w.irk warranted. W. H. II TURNER. aspl-15 eg st. Juiian •3*'