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THE SAVANNAH DAILY HERALD. VOL. 1-NO. 211. The Savannah Daily Herald fMORNING AND EVENING J ih rna.iaaxp *» W MAJBON * CO., Ai 111 E.t Sraxrr, SavannaH, Georoio. teems: Per copy. -A. **** ??*£• Per Hundred •*” *®- Per Year * lv w '* Asmtiiiis: Tb O Dollars per Square of Ten Lines for first in sertion; one Dollar for each subsequent one. Ad vertisements inserted in the morning, will. If desired, EDPear m the evening without extra charge. jOIi PBINTING, In every style, neatly and promptly done. EUROPEAN HEWS! ARRIVAL OF THE ASIA'S MAiiS. gi . t „ ofFeninnlcm In Ireland—Alarm *of the Knsltsh Government—Extraor. dinary News from Rome -General Slews. The mails by the steamship Asia arrival in New York on Saturday morning from Bos ton and comain the following additional de tail’s of News The dates are to September ?, inclusive. We are enabled to publish,upon the autbor itv of the best information derived from Ber lin the interesting fact that, in addition to the’ Convention of Gastein, a series of secret conditions were also agreed to between the high contracting parties. Os these condi tions the following is the most, important: Austria undertakes to “surveiller” the Duke of Augustenburg in Holstein—that is to ar rest or expel him on the slightest pretence. The Duchy of Holstein, which Austria is alone to occupy, she uudertakes to cede to Prussia on the payment of a pecuniary in demnity. Iu the t wo Duchies the Danish laws respecting the press and the light of public meeting are to he applied, and not the Ger man laws, which are much less severe.— Prussia is to propose to the German Diet to guarantee all the possessions, German and non-German, of Austria. Three secret clauses of treaty, which we venture to make kuown upon authority which does not al low us t.» doubt of their accuracy, sud the best confirmation of the policy which we have not hesited to attribute to the two great German powers. Prussia seek, aggrandize ment ; Austria looks to security. TROCBT.IS BETWEEN THE POrE AND THE MONKS. A curious quarrel has arisen at Rome be tween the monks and the Pope. There is in Rome an enormous convent belonging to the Capucins, which, by a bull of Hrban VIII, belongs to the Roman province alone. Re cently it has been considered a convent be longing to the order generally, and the Fa ther-General, without consulting the chapter of the Order, outained a Papal brief, con verting the convent formally into a general convent. Now the Capucins are essentially demo cratic in their form of government, and when they beard of this proceeding they protested against it with one voice. They went to the Father-Genera), accused him of acting like a despot, keeping a private table with luxuries, and of other offences. They then drew up a memorial to the Pope, asking a withdrawal of the brief. When it was presented Pius was very augry, and wrote on the margin in Italian the following words; “Brethren, are not the chastisements which the Lord sends you sufficient, and will yon still refuse to learn wisdom f Oh, brethren, brethren !’’ Tula reply was sent to the Father General, who called the Capucins together, and read it to them. They were filled with indignation, and sent the billowing answer : “Most Holy Father —Are not the chastise ments which the Lord sends to your Holiness sufficient ? Twice already have you lost your kingdom, and still you wilt not learn wisdom. O most Holy Father, most Holy Father!” This was tolerably’ audacious, and several Capucins were consequently ar rested or suspended. A few days alterward, •says the correspondent of the Pall Mall Gazette, from whom we borrow these par ticulars, Major Elgi, of the gendarmes, ar rested the Father Custodian of tho Order in the open street. His person is sacred in the eyes of Capucins, and by this" step the Pope de clared open war with all the followers of Francis of Assisi. The custodian himself, on being arres'ed, turned haughtily’ to the major and said, “Yon dare to lay hand on the children of the Poor of God!” Requested to enter a carriage he refused, saying, “Like our fattier, St. Francis, I always go on foot.” Then he told the major to precede him, “Take me to prison, but walk before me, lor no custodian of the Capucins has ever known the way." This arrest has pro duced tremendous excitement throughout Italy, aud protests against it are being signed .everywhere. To add to the troubles of the “Holy Father," the parish priests have struck for higher fees. The legal amount of alms pay able for one mass had been fixed by Pius VII. at 15 baiocchi, about 7 f-2d. Custom had increased the sum to 10d., and now’ the priests find that this amount is insufficient for their actual necessities, and are holding out for more. The Pope has refused to alter his predecessor’s tariff, and great indignation prevails among the clergy as well hs among the monks. FENIANISM IS IRELAND. With regard to the Fenianism in the South of Ireland, the Cork Constitution repeats the statement it recently made, and adds some details in : reference to the progress of the i brotherhood, which are of a startling charac ter. The existence of a treasonable conspi racy is said to be beyond all doubt. From different quarters complaints are made of midnight marching and drilling, carried on systematically, and, in some localities, so frequently that the inhabitants are quite fami liar with them. The resident gentry of the county, and even the magistrates, have been witnesses of these illegal practices. Gentlemen driving along the road at dead of night have come up with bodies of men going through their evolutions in a manner that would do credit to a regiment ifi her Majesty's service. They are heard marching to and fro with the steady’ tramp of disciplined men. These reviews are conducted with regularity, and sentinels posted to preveut surprise. The most singu lar part of all this is that the police are said to he quite aware of it, and in one iustauce the movements were conducted within a quarter of a mile Os a police station. Yet no attempt has been made to identify the chief tranegri sitors and institute prosecutions against them. > The Dublin Daily Express says : “We are glad to find that the constabulary of Dundalk have set the example of activity to the breth ren in other localities as regards the Fenian movement, A demonstration on a rather extensive scale took' place at Blackrock, iu the county of Louth, where a body of men, numbering 400, assembled in military order, and marched openly into Dundalk. The police, who were very few in number, hung on the skirta-of this force, and, singling out four of the rrioiit prominent leaders for identi ffcatlon, brought them before the magis trates, who.committed them for further ex amination. This is the first occasion on which Ul e constabulary have shown any activity in dealing with the organization of the Fenians,’. the cattle disease. The excitement about the c&Ule disease know* little abatement, but it is to be hoped that file neivifttre will turn out to beas effi cacious with us as is said to have proved elsewhere- English Alarm at the Fenians. The Fenian moveroeut bag evidently nass- Itl *.&’ i nd . ,he ,S hcr , e of English contempt and ridicule, she last European advices state that the English Government has taken the precaution to increase the number of regiments in Ireland in consequence ot the spread of Feniauism in that country. This mlot matron is by no means surprising or un expected in this country, where the strength aud objects of the Fenian movement are generally understood. But it places the Londonjournaisinan awkward position.— *or montbs past tiie movement has been a standing joke and burlesque to the London I imes, which has exhibited its nsual pondor ons insensibility to the signs of the times in and .'picoating what it has been pleased to term “the grand Irish farce.” By this period * lm< :8 and the lesser fry of journals in England and Ireland that follow iu the wake ot the great journal have probably discov ered that the Fenian movement is no joke. More English regiments in Ireland ! The third part of the British Empire once more in an attitude of revolution, and a pow eiful foreign organization ready to aid and assist, are events that appear to be under stood hy Lord Palmeston, and can hardly’ fail to exercise a serious influence on Euro pean politics, which are liable to be disturb ed by nothing so much ashy events that af fect the internal condition of the formidable British Empire. That England will adopt prompt measures to squelch this rising cloud is self-evident.— The sympathy pf that country for rebellion is like. a certain class of British manufac tures, intended for the foreign and not the home market. Gen. Lee and Jeff Davis would be no heroes in Ireland. That Fenianism is anew and siartling menace to England it were folly to deny.— The organization in Ireland has progressed quietly And secretly until it embraces by this time folly, one-third if not one-half of the able-bodied men under forty years of age.— The feelings of the masses are illustrated by the sympathy manifested for the unlucky and indiscreet Fenians who tail into the hands of the police, and the terrorism existing against witnesses for the prosecution. The late English and Irish papets are foil of evidences of this kind. Another serious danger is the fact that Fenianism has largely penetrated the British army, which is composed of near lo two thirds Irishmen. But the chief strength of the Fenian move ment consists in the fact that it is mainly beyond the reach of British control. If the organization were merely’ local, it would soon succumb to the potent influence of the prison, the bayonet, and the halter. But the headquarters of the movement are in the United States, where the Celtic race seems inspired with anew and rejuvenating vigor. In this country there cannot now be less titan two hundred thousand Fenians devoted and pledged to achieve the independence of Ireland. The example ofltaly shows what may be accomplished in foreign countries for the redemption of a distressed national ity. For over a quarter ot a century, head quarters of Italian patriots were in France and England. What has been accomplished for Italy is not impossible for Ireland. There are many points of resemblance and, with proper sagacity, the results may be identi cal, aud success ultimately crown the efforts of the Fenians. It is evideut font the numerous secret so cieties in Irelaud may derive immense aid from the Brotherhood in the United States. The American Fenians can send to their Irish friends the money that con.titutes the smews of war, and the military und civil organizations and discipline that form its brains. The want of these essentials has hitherto produced the failures of the repeat ed attempt* for Irish independence. A danger exists that the neutrality of the United States may be violated. This, how ever, may be avoided by adhering closely to English precedents. There are limits within which the Feniens may receive powerful aid and comfort in the United States, without involving any violation ot our proper treaty obligations. The Fenians must keep close ly within these limits, and be careful not to compromise our Government. We must not suffer ourselves to be involved in any quar rel in this affair, and if the Fenians on both sides the Atlantic are prudent, they will not attempt it. Let them test the strength and vitality of this most hopeful movement that has ever been inaugurated for the welfare of Ireland by a patient enduiauce and passive opposition that will win over the public opinion ot the world totheirside, and at mat wear out the opposition of the English peo ple to the autonomy of Ireland. The time may come when it will be necessary to strike for freedom. But the present duty of the Fenians Is to keep within the Constitutional laws of both the United States find England, and not sacrifice the ohjeet in view by a pre mature attempt that may force our Govern ment to withdraw its protecting influence and draw down the swift vengeance of England. From the West Indies. —Advices from Jamaica, West Indies, to September 7th, re ceived by the arrival of the steamship Monte zuma at this poit yesterday, report that the long protracted drought, which had caused widespread distress in the island, was over, and favorable showers had fallen. General Laraotbe, a refugee from Hayti, residing at, Kingston, Jamaica, having been threatened with expulsion from the Island for alleged complicity in the Haytienjrebelllon, had writ ten to the Governor of Jamaica, denying that he was at all mixed up in any recent scheme against his country. There does not appear to have been any truth iu the report by a previous arrival that an insurrection was about to break out in the western portion of Jamaica. The lebellion in Hayti is still unsubdued- A letter from Port au Prince of the 29th of August, published iu Jamaica newspaper, states that President Gefirard,Bs already men tioned in the Herald, left Port au Prince on the 25th ult., for the seatof war, taking with him sixteen hundred men. The insurgeons had been repulsed in all their advances, and the recapture from them of the town of Cape Haytien was daily expected. It was rumored IhatFortSr.Michael had nlready been captured by the national troops, with sixty prisoners. Several of the Haytien newspapers denounce the excesses committed by the tevolutionary leaders in breaking open stores and robbing merchants to pay their soldiers. The Bureau of rebel Archives, under the charge of Dr. Francis Lieber, is now fairly organized aDd at work.upon the examination and classification of the five hundred boxes of archives of the late rebel Government. Two more telegraphic lines will shortly connect Russia with the North of Europe.— The Czar has just given the necessary cob cessation for laying down a submarine cable between Grislebamn, in Finland, and Nystad, in Sweden, via the Aland Isles; and another from Cronitadt -to Openhagan via Bown holm. A squadron trt fire ships, among which are a frigate, a corvette, and clipper, have left Constadt fi>r the Pacific and the mt nth of the River Amoor. Extsnsive Larceny of Government Bords?— ©n - Wednesday afternoon Mr. E., Bliss, hanker, of No. 10, Pine street, New York, sent his clerk to get SIOO,OOO in gov ernment bonds. The clerk returned with two packages of $50,000 each, laid then on the counter, end a moment after one of the packages was missing. The thieves bad made their escape before the larceny was discovered, and if is supposed that the clerk was fol to wed tSy"partTeS W'hb' iuapected bis errand, and Wat«*** iheir opportunity when hto attention was directed elsewhere. Pay ment of the stolen bonds' baa been stopped. SAVANNAH, GEORGIA, THURSDAY', SEPTEMBER 21, 1865. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. New l urk Hukeli. New York, Thursday, Sept. 16— 2 P M. Flour, 4c —The Flour market fa dull and sc. lower. The sales are 6,500 bbis. at $6 85a$7 25 for Supai flne state ; $7 66* $7 65 for Extra State ; $7 70ai7 80 for choice du.; $8 85a7 25 tor Superfine Western ; 47 Biasßlo Tbr common to medium Extra Western : $8 4oas9 M for common to good shipping brands Extra Round Hoop Ohio, and $8 90a$l0 80 for trade brands, the market closing heavy. Southern Hour Is dull and heavy. .Sales 330 bbis. at go 2oaslo iO for common, and $lO (sill for Fancv and Extra. » . Canadian Flour Is dull and live cants lower. Sales 320 tibia, at $7 65a7 so for Common, and »Basio 85 for good to choice F,xtra. Grain.—Spring Wheat is heavy and declining, while winter is without decided change, with rather more doing. The Com market Is a shade firmer, with sales 61,- 000 bushels at 74c.a%Kc. for unsound. 88c.a89. lor sound Mixed Western afloat, aud 90c. for high mixed, nearly yellow. In store. Oats are scarce and one to two cents better,at 55c.a 66c. for Western. Cotton.—The market is scarcely so firm. Sales 1,- 200 bales at 45c. for Middling, with small sates re ported as low as 44>jc- Rice—ls quiet and Ann. Sales since our last 63 tcs. Carolina at ny;c.al2c. Coffee.—The market is firm, with, however, no thing of moment doing. Suoar—ls quiet and firm. Sales since our last 500 hlids. at 13c.a14c. for Cuba Muscovada ; 15?f for Porto Rico, 1,600 boxes Havana at 12’fc.al7,v:c- Re fined are steady. Molasses—ls steady. Sales since our last 100 hhds. Porto Rico at 85c.495c. Hay—ls firm at 60c. for shipping, and 76c.a85c. for retail lots. Xaval—Spirits of Turpentine are steadv at slls. Sales 650 bbis. Rosin at $5 75 for Common and fto for No. 2. Oil—Linseed is quiet and unchanged. Small sales at $1 60a$l 61. Tea.—Greens are more active, w ith sales 4,800 half chests ; also, sales of 2.0u0 half chests >ouchoitgs, both at full prices. Dhy Hides.—The market for this description has ruled remarkably steady durhig the week, there having been verv little change in the demand or prices. Importers manifest but little desire to part with their stocks tn store, while for parcels arriving, unsold, outside figures are demanded. Dry Salted Hides.—We note a tale of 2,200 Mata, m oras at l3Mc., gold. The demand for this descrip tion Is only moderate. Leather.—For Hemlock Sole the market Ls with out change as to demand, there continuing an ac tive Inquiry from every section, and from all classes of buyers. Prices still have an upward tendency, quotations being fully lc. higher than last week on most descriptions. The receipts from the tanneries have been onlv 23,000 sides, tearing the supplv verv meagre and Uly assorted. For Oak Tanned the market sympathizes with that for Hemlock, the demand continuing greater than tile supply, and prices advanctng. Upper in the rough is also In demand at full rates. Provisions.—^The Pork market is firmer. Sales 3,400 blits, at 533 37 a32 50 for New Mess, closing at *32 50 cash ; Stay 50 a 31 50 for U6l-4 do.; *24 50 a 25 for Prime, and #29 a29 75 for Prime Mess. Also, 500 bids. New Mess, for September delivery, at $32 62and aoo Prime Mess for October, sellers’ option, at *29 75. The Beer market is firm. Sales 470 blits, at $8 50 a 12 lor Plain Mess, and sll a 14 50 for Extra Mess. Beef Hams aredntl. Cut meats are firm. Sales £SO pkgs. at lsalGc. for Shoulders, and 19a22>£c. for Hams. Bacon ls dull. Sales of rough sides were made at 17« c. The Lard market is firmer- Sales 600 bhls. at 23a 28c. Butter is active at 23a32c. for Ohio, and 35a48c. for State. Cheese is dull at llaioc. Whiskey—The market is firmer, with sales coo bbis. State and Western at $22Sa2 29. Tallow—ls fit mer. Sales lbs. atieyfal'c.; and 20,000 lbs. Grease, part at itsvyc. Freights.—To Liverpool 200 bales cotton at 3-16:1. and per steamer V.uOO bushels Corn at 6<id. per 56 lbs. British ship cu.OOO bushels Wheat for Cork for orders at 65., or direct 6t. cd., or (u Penarth roads at ss. Bark to a direct port iu Holland at ss. 3d. The New York Dry Goods Market. There has been less activity in dry goods during the week. Buyers from the interior have temporarilv supplied their wants, and there appears to lie a gen eral disposition to halt tuid teat the market. Altaic aware that late puces, of cotton fabrics especially, have been out of all proportion to the actual cost, quotations having been as high as when cotton was selling at SI 40 per pound : but the needed the goods, knew that light stocks enabled holders to demaud almost what they pleased, aud had, therefore, no choice but to buy at confessedly exorbitant prices.— The policy of buyers now ls to defer purchases as much as possible scarcely figures ; and hence there has been a general reduction In the demand during the past week. It ts problematical whether they will have any great success lu their attempt to " bear” the market; for manufacturers have this important advantage— their production ls very largely eugaged ahead, giv ing them control of the market ror a considerable period. If it should be found that consumers are not willing to buv goods at the present high prices, there will then be ii reduction In the demand that must soon bring down quotations ; but should It turn out that the present scant condition of wardrobes throughout the country compels the people to buy irrespective of price, then the demand may, for some time, maintain its present relation to the demand, lu which case there Is uot likelv to be anv material change in prices. The true course, however, for buyers ls very plainly to liny as little as possible ; for they are not likelv to make anything from a further advance in prices, while It ls quite possible they may lose upon their present stocks by a decline. Brown Sheetings.—Demand less active; stocks rather Increased ; prices not quite so firm, though nominally uachauged. Stark A, Indian orchard Lawrence C. Indian Head, Appleton A, and Amorr standard are held by ageuts at 37c q.; 4-4 Granlte ville 35, Vi do. 30.; 4-4 Augusta Factory 36. % do. 31c.;4-4 Wachusetts 3I&C-; 4-4 Agawan 33c.; Tre mont a. and C, aiesaldst value: Focasset C»noe 40 In. 41c,, do. K, 37e.: Appleton 31c. for C, and 33c. for D ; Newmarket A 39c. do. H 36c., 4-4 Medford 36c.; Massachusetts 34c. for A and 3Sc. for B ; 4 4 Nashua extra 3s^c.; 4-4 Otsego 33. Shirtings are 29c. for Ap pleton E, and 33c. for N ; 30 In. Indian Head 31c. Bleached shietinos.—Stocks very light; .fine grades much wanted, and prices In some cases higher. New York Mills have been delivered at 60c., and are now sold ahead at value ; 4-4 Wamsutta were fast sold at 57 qe.; 9-s do. 67c., and 5-4 do. 72Kc.; 4-4 Social Water Twist, 55c.; % do. ft, 46.; 4-4 Mahvllle B are sold to arrive at 51e., and do. X, 52Me.; 4-4 Forrest dale, 55c. do. X, 57 eye.; y, Slatersville, 45c.; Bartlett, 52>;c. for 4-4, 65c. for 5-4, 47KC-, for % and 49c. for 33 Inch ; Lonsdale, 55c.; Hope, 52>40.; Red Bank, 45c. for 4-4, and 42c. for % do., White Rock are sold at value. Jeans.—Corsets active; stock light, and prices firm at last week’s rates. Dihli.s.—Supply of heavy brown Improved, bat goods are stHI scares, amt prices of some brands are higher. Heavy standards are-SSc.; Stark H. 94?. Canton Flannels.—Better supplv; demand ac tive; prices steady. Kaumkeag brown sell at 48Kc.; Tremont and Suffolk were last delivered at 50c.; Saltersville and Manchester bring soc., and Hamil tons were last delivered at for F. Stripes Ticks and Denims —stripes are In active demand at late prices. Prints.—Demand less active, bntjoWfcrs are free ly supplied upon outstanding contracts for deliver;-. Prices are qu.te Arm, and one or two leading makes have been charged lal>;c. advance upon last week’s quotations. The following are the current quotations among the jobbers : Merrimack 34 Cocheco, L aS4 Sprague’s fancies _ 333% Richmond’s 32 a32 Lawrence _ a33 American.— aas Dunnell’s _ a32jc Saunders’...., *_ 332' Allen’s... - a32 Garner A-Co 83MaM Amoskeag _ 831 National Mills _ a _ Arnold's a 3p Lowell _ aai* Dutchess, i» _ 82JV London Mourning (Sprague’s) 31 a32 Atlantic Mourning 2?ka32 York Mourning \ ...... . a3ok Amoskeag Mourning _ zsoy- Moca Delains.—Demand continues very active. Snpply on hand nominal ; the late advance Is well maintained. The several makes are quoted 37 kc Wool Siiawls.—The demand continues active and good styles are becoming scarce. Woolens.—The trade in Woolens continues active the supply of goods is generally light, and prices continue Arm. Some reduction, however, has been made In light colors of fancy Casslmeres, to reduce stocka. The hales ill doth* have not been large, but there Isji steady demand and maitf of. the most desirable grades are scarce amiprices are Arm. Foreign goods.—^The continued large arrivals of foreign fabrics have no effect upon the prices of Ane and desirable fabrics ; on the contrary, good dress goods have advanced during the week. Some large offerings have been made at auction, and full prices have been realized. Low-priced goods are a drug upon the hands of importers and barely realize coat. HEADQ’RS SUB-DIB. OF OGEECHEE,) ■Savannah, Ga., Sept. 19, 1865. ii General Orders, I No. 31. I Hereafter, until further orders, the City Market will be open from 4 o’clock to II o’clock, a. tn., Sundays excepted, and on Saturdays from 4 o’clock to 7 o'clock, p. m. By command of Brev. Maj. Gen. ; J. M. BRANNAN. W*. H. Fol*, Ist Lieut, and A. A. A. G. * aepSO 5 , i DRUGS. Wholesale Druggists, AND SBAUftf xwr Perftunery, Patent Medicines, R, R MBiiS WITH IfMiTTAIICiS IMOfkmi Us- GITIO AT IBWiIT MARKET PR1618.: HARRAL, RISLEY & TOMPKINS, No- 141 Chamber* and No- 1 Hudson Sts., NF!W YORK. .lames Harral, formerly of Charleston, 8. C. 11. XV. Ridley, formerly of Augusta, Ga. au29Sl3t Drugs* Medicines, and Chemicals. A choice selection of DRUGS), MEDICINES, CHEMICALS, PATENT MEDICINBS and TRUSSES LANDED r* OH NEW TORE. Apothecaries, Planters, and trad, rs from the Interi or, can be supplied »t the shortest notice. I can warrant every article as being pure. A large quantity of European LEECHES, finest quality. All the Patent Medicines extant on hand One hundred cases Jacobs’ Dysenteric Cordial. ALL WILL BE SOLD LOW PO CASH, vnotmtl AND EETAIL. ATAPOTHECABIES’ BALL, Comer Broughton and Barnard streets. N, B.—Freeh Garden Seeds. .... ff. M. WALSH, Inl6-3m Proprietor. Helinljolil’s Fluid Extract Back For Weakness arising from Indiscretion. The ex hausted powers of Nature which are accompanied by so many alarming symptoms, among which will be found, Indisposition to Exertion, Loss of Memory, Wakefulness, Horror of Disease, or Forebodings of Evil; in fact, Universal Lassttnrle, Prostration, and inability to enter into the enjoyments of society. The Constitution, once affected with Organic Weak ness, requires the aid of Medicine to strengthen and invigorate the system, which Hclmbold’s Extract Buchu Invariably docs. If no treatment is submitted t®, Consumption or insanity ensues. Helmliold’s Flnif Extract Bncliu. In affections peculiar to -Females,” is nneonaled by any other preparation, as in Chlorosis or Retention, Psinfulness or Suppression of Customary Evacuations Ulcerated or Schirrus State of the Uterus and all complaints Incident to the sex, whether arising from habits of dissipation, imprudence in, or the decline or change in life. Helmliold’s Fluid Extract Bncliu, AND IMPROVED ROSE YVASH. 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Such a remedy that could be relied on has long been sought for. and now, for the first time, the puollc have one on which they can depend. Our space here does not admit of certificates to ahow its effects, but the trial of a elng'e bottle will show the sick that it has virtues surpassing anything they have ever taken, Two tabu-spoonful of the Extract of Sarsaparilla added to a pint of water Is equal to the Lisbon Diet Drink, and one bottle is mlly equal to a gallon of the Syrup of Sarsaparilla, or the decoction as usually made. These Extracts have been admitted to nse In the United States Army, and are also In very general nse in all the State Hospitals and Public Sanitary Institu tions throughout the land, as well as In private prac tices: and are considered as Invaluable remedies. ■ See Medical Properties of Buchu. FROM WSPENSATOKI OF THE UNITED STATES. See Professor Dewee's valuable works on the Prac tice of Physic Sec remarks made by the late celebrated Dr. Physic of Philadelphia. Sec rematka made by Dr. Ephraim M'Dowell, a cel ebrated Physician and Member ot tbe Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland, and published In the Trauaac tioni of the King and Quedu's Journal. See Medico Cnirnrglcol Review, published by Ben araln Travers, Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons. See most of the late Standard Work* of Medicine. EXTRACT BUCHU, “SARSAPARILLA." Sold hy all Drimalsts PRINCIPAL DEPOT- BltMlOtß’l DRUG AND CHEMICAL WAREHOUSE, «ep7-lm 594 Broadway* N. Y. INK. OK GROSS INK. In stands, at $8 so per gross. 16 dozen Arnold's Writing Fluid, pints, at $7 per dozen. For sale by BAVILLE A LEACH. itUl'J ti cor. Bryan street and Market square. BUTmTcSr TAYLOR'S Til —AT— TONICING’S, IN REAR OF POST OFFICE. HILTON HEAD. ang24 ; Mantling & DeForest, BANKERS AND BROKERS, No. 19 Wall Street, New York, Dealers in Gold, Silrer, Foreign Exchange and Government Securities. GIVE special attention to the purchase and aale o Virgin!*, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ueor gia Alabama, New Orleans and Tennessee Bark notes. Southern state. Bonds and Coupons, Railroad Bondi and Coupons. . •.. ; interest slewed on deposits. jyl6-3m \TrniTE PINE, rough and dressed. Cherry and W WMe Wood. Trr sale by wlawsJtSta.* I ■ 'JWR.W JIBS! BOSS COTION YARNS, in store and for * asf>l9 6 L, J, GUILMARTIN * CO. PROFESSIONAL CARPS. HARTRIDCE & CHISHOLM, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, OFFICE CORNER BRYAN AND DRAYTON STS., S-A-VA-NTST-A-H, GA. sepia lw HARDEN & LEVA, Attorneys at Law, OFFICE, 99 BAY STREET, Three doors East of Drat ton. *ep!2 10 THOS CORWIN, WM. 11. OWEN, THOS WII.StiN, or OHIO. I.AT* OOL. Q.M.T>. <»#■ IOWA. fORWUV, OWEN & WILSON, CLAto Johnston, Corwin A Finn ell.; .A. T TO R IST E YS AND— COUNSELLORS AT LAW, And Solicitors of Ciaims, OFFICE, 222 F STREET, nfai TREASURY BUILD ING, IN REAR OF WILLARD’S HOTEL, WASHINGTON, D.C. Will practice in the Supreme Court of the United States, the Court of C.dlm*, and the Courts ot the District of Colombia. Particular attention given to Claims and Depart ment business. Officers Accounts adjusted. an3o 3m Law Notice. IHAVS reenmed the practice of my profession in the city of Washington, and will also attend to business before the Department*. _ . P. PHILLIPS, Washington, D. C, August 28th. sep'i-eoolm W. W. PAINE, Attorney at liaw, SAVANNAH, GA. sepa lm O. H. BROWNING,) I THOS. EWING, Jr., or rn.iNOlß. / 1 or Kansas. BROWNING AND EWING, Attorneys AND COUNSELLORS AT LAW. Office No. 14 North A Street, Capitol Hill, WASHINGTON, O. C. Practice In the Supreme Court, the Cnnrt of Claims, and tn the Departments, augg* ts WINTON & BANKSTON, BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. TSfILL also give strict attention to Superintending ’ * Buildings, and to all work entrusted to their charge. All kinds jobbing work done at the shortest notice. Shop on Broughton street lane, between Whitaker and Barnard streets. nu2s-1m M. P. MULLER, CIVIL ENGINEER AND ARCHITECT. Agent 'or the Sale of Lauds. Will give strict atten tion to Snrveving, furnishing Plans for and Superin tending Buildings, all kinds Machinery, 4c. Office, Sorrel'a building, next to Gas Office. au2l im I. C. FEATHER, M. D., Office, 18 1-2 Merchants’ Row, IIILTON HEAD, S. C. Ju-9 2m C. S. BUNDY, Gonoral Agent AND ATTORNEY FOR CLAIMB, No. 247 F Street, BmitN 13th and 14th Strut*, (Near Pay Department, ) Washington, 13. O. jn3Q ts COTTON, gC. TO OWNERS OF— COTTON. In answer to numerous inquiries Irora abroad, we would say that we arr prepared to take charge of, put in order and ship any lot of Cotton in the States of Georgia, South Carolina or Alabama, as we have local agents at almost every town, and a corps of most efficient men, selected for integrity, ca pacity, and cxperincc, to take charge of every lot. We will also pay all taxes and charges ol' every description, and make liberal advances on the Cotton. In short, we will take charge of the Cotton on receipts or orders and give the owners no trouble whatever, from tbe time we receive it until sold and returns are made by our houses. WATTS, CRANE & CO., New York, or W. C. WATTS & CO., Liverpool, England. We invite the especial attention of non residents to our facilities. E. M. BRUCE & CO. Augusta; August 23, 1805. sep4-lm TO COTTON SHIPPERS. Alexander Xlardoc, COTTON SHIPPER, IS PREPARED to take Cotton on Storage, at the lowest rates, and —uab oraNtD, ON THE CORNER OF JEFFERSON A BAY STS. For "the purpose of WEIGHING, REPAIRING, REPACKING. SAMPLING, CLASSING, ANTI Shipping Cotton for the Public *» VW*— - ■ IiOWXWT HATES, Furnishing Ink, &c. ftt>7 Im "j.RWHIT E4MARIN, GUN-MAKERS & MACHINISTS, A RE now prepared to make and repair email Ma- A chinery of all kinds, snch al Locks, Kevs, Bran Models. Sewing Machines, Ac. Sales, and Plat-form Stmlea repaired csrofol|vv Alro, Fire-arms, when ac companied by an order from theprovost Marshal. Weed aide Market Fqnare, cor. Barnard and 8t Ja lian streets, Savannah Ga. eeptic iw IS7 otice. by applying at once to aeptle 0. L- COLBY A CO. . financia. Qtt OTatons For Southern link Notes. banking house OF— MANNING & Ol FOREST, 1» WALL STREET, NEW TORE. V I R Q I K A . Bank of Berkeley Ri ” o “ Uommerce, „ charleston 10 the Commonwealth . L _ HoWardsville * ’’ 12 ” Old Dominion ’’’"oa “ Philippi * H “ Rockingham “ the Valley . • 'i* t", fehreter: : .\:::::^ : " ;::::::;;:;;; f 5 <>ntral Bank of Vltginl*. .. Corporation of Alexandria Danviiie Bank, ■KrtuT:;;;;;.T “ Exchangeßank of V*.. Norfolk , jS Farmers' Bank y, u L " »chmond.. gasttfs^ga^ Traders’ Bank, Richmond JJ MOATH CAROLINA. * Bank of Cape Fear . . “ Charlotte JO “ Clarendon ‘ r; “ Commeiee “ Fayetteville ", “ I-cxington i? " North Carolina ' to ;; m •• .witaSSSS: • « “ Yincevlllc ) ?? Commercial Bank, Wilmington. . . . :. 20 Farmer*’ Bank of North Carolina or Merchant Bank, Newbera .i"! S Bank of Roxboro’ S? Miner* and Planters'Bank. 5? Bank of ThomanUle. ... SOUTH CAROLINA. Bank of Camden “ Charleaton “ Chester go ’• Georgetown '''"'■ “ gMtntug. .. v.y.; i* “ Newbury “ South Carolina. on “ ®t“‘«of South Carolina .16 Commercial BRnk. Colnmbla . . is Farmers’and Exchange w Merchant*', Cheraw. if. People's Bank V f” Planters’ •• . ’ Planter*’ and Mechanics’ Bunk. !:.! S South W. R. R S? State Bank f* Union Hank . . „ . [ [ ] J® irr a *“ d °* n ” n * is “ Athens “ Columbus " ib * Commerce ■ « Fulton ~...; |® “ Empire State JE “ Middle Georgia. . }„ „ “ savannah.... *® Bank of State of Georgia Sf ra. ntr n' Banking Company. "or, City Bauk of Augusta * . Farmer*’ and Mechanics... S2ML"? * nd B#nkln « Com P“r' Mechanics’ Bank. Merchants and Planters' Bank!! Planters' Bank Timber Cutters' Bank Unlon “ ALABAMA. Bank of Mobile r , “ Selma Si Commercial Bank ™ Central “ Eastern Bank 1, Northern “ Southern .» i.ii.l'. '.I '. '. '. .. .'. " 'JJ TENNESSEE. Bank of Chattanooga City Ban?fo NashvUte**!" !'. * Jjj ococe «• If .southern •• JS Traders’ •• ....... j, ■ .20 union ■' "JJ . t LOUISIANA. Bank of America....,,......, “ Louisiana _ " N«w Orleans 46 Canal Bank..:?;. S Cltlxena'Bank. L* Crescent City lo Louisiana State Bank -"2, Mechanic*’ and Trad*r»’ Bank 90 Merchants' •• Union •• P *L New Orleans Clfjr Scrip ”55 STATE BONOS AND COUPONS. Virginia Bonds N Carolina “ " "Z S Carolina “ Georgia •• Z Tennestet ** ,■ MemphlsCity “ ™ Augusta,On- I'if * Savannah,Ga. “ JrS'tSn ScWf “ e bOU * ht *'“> Coupon, Included North Carolioa Coupons. 4 n MemphlsCity *• ’ "~ r Tennessee *» Georgia « These Quotations are liable to fluctuate, sod cannot lie relied on for any length of time hwy, einstkin ROSENFELD & Cos., Bankers, Nq. 8 Broad Street, New York. We draw at si&L:, and at sixty days, on London, Paris; Frankfort, and al! either principal cities of Europe. Parties opening current accounts, may deposit and draw at their convenience, the same as with the City Banks, and will be albwcd interest on ail balances over One Thousand Dollars, at the raw of four per cent, per annum. Orders for the purchase or sale of variou# issues of Government and other Stocks, Bonds, and Gold, executed on Commission HARRISON bankers, No. 19 New Street, Near Wall, NEW YORK. Note* bought and Mid an comm Moo. Deposits received, to be drawn at will, and 4 ner rent interest per annum, allowrdOiereon * UterfiK qt Bwjbange nesetltkd. No. l# NflW atreet, opposite «e Gold Room.N Y. C >otl _fcft A^PFERSON, Beftrcnea Me—re. Duncan A Johnston. Savannah I Barlrer * Son, Augurta. j PRICE. 5 CENTS IT. THOMAS 4 COL, Insurance A.gents, 117 BAY STREET. F.irREStKI lU£ MARYLAND LIFE INSURANCE CiO BALTIMORE MXRINE INSURANCE CO. MERCHANTS' AND MECHANICS' FIRE INSU RANCE CO MARYLAND FIRE INSURANCE CO. of Baltimore, *MD rax GERMANIA CO HANOVER CO. NIAGARA CO. ’ REPUBLIC CO. NORTH AMERICAN AND CROTON FIRE INSU RANCE Co’S, and the EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY OF NEW YORK. x*r> toi SELMA INSURANCE AND TRUST CO OF SELMA. ALABAMA sepl9 „ T’lie Maryland Life Insurance Company, OF BALTIMORE. J. T. THOMAS & CO., Agents, rep ID 117 Bay-st. THE Underwriters’ Agency Op New York, CASH ASSETS, Three Million Dollars, ISSUE POLICIES OF Fire 6c Marine Insurance Made payable in GOLD or CURRENCY. Negotiable and Bankable CERTIFICATES OF INSURANCE all Ilium BY THIS ASSOCIATION. J. T. THOMAS A CO., sepl9 117 Bay street. INSURANCE. Authorized tapitaf--$10,400,0f10, ——<i—. CHARLES 1,. COLBY A CO. are prepared to taka Marine fork* to any domestic or foreign port, and Fire Risks iu this city iu the following named first class New York Companies AT THE LOWEST RATES. COLUMBIAN MARINE INSURANCE COMPANY $5,000,000 MORRIS PIKE AND INLAND INSUR ANCE COMPANY 5,000,000 OMMERi. E FIRE INSURANCE OOMP'Y.. 200,000 STANDARD FIRE INSURANCE COMP’Y,. 200,000 Office In Jones’ Block, cor. Bay and Abercora sts. Branch Office, corner Drayton and Bryan streets, sapid ts IS YOUR LIFE INSURED ? THIS is an important question for every man and import sut aiso so every wife and mother, as 15 affects their future welfare. SEE TO IT AT ONCE. DO NOT DELAY. The “Knickerbocker Life Ineurance" of New York will Insnreyou at the usual rates in any snm from slon SIO,OOO. They also issue the favorite TEN TEAJ; NON-FORFEITURE Policies, and will after two years payment give a full paid np Policy for Two Tenthstha whole sum. and Three Years Three Tenths, and on. Thn* a Policy or SIO,OOO. Two Premiums pal upon It will be entitled to a paid up Policy of $2,0r0, and five years five-tenths for every additional year. For further information apply to A. WILBUR, Agent, At the office of tbe Home Insurance Cos., JffiN 89 Bay st„ Savannah, Ga. THE NEW' ENGLAND MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, OPBOB T O rr . PURELY MUTUAL. r I 'HIS Is one of the oldest and beat Companies in A America Policies oa Live* for any amount up to $15,000 sra lakeu by them. The Policies of these Companies were not cancelled during the war until heard from—a fact which shew* their dealing and determination to bejuat and honor able in ail cases. Apply to ) Qi ‘ A. WILBUR, Agent. THOM. W. HKOOKK MANUFACTURER OF FURNITURE AND GENERAL UPHOLSTERY, Dock Street, Philadelphia, Pa, N. B.—All ORDERS gent by Mail promptly at tended to. jytfln* salmi; iiMisrm WM. H. MAY, Sign of the Golden Saddle, COttifEß ERYAY AKD WHITAKER STS DEALER IN SADDLES, HARNESS, TRUNKS And all kinds of SADDLERY WARE. RUBBER BELTING, PACKING, AND— Stretched Leather Belting. A complete assortment of WILLOW WARE, »nch ai MARKET BASKETS, CLOTHES BASKETKCBAIBS !*js e .»nd smaU • with or without Rockers. DRUMS, DOLLS, MARBLES, CARRIAGES, Ac., Ac., togeth er with a full and complete selection of every article known in this Itae of business. Thankful for past favors, the odvertlser would re spectfully solicit a continuance of the same. sep22 ts FOR RIO DE JANEIRO, CALLING AT St. Thomas, Para, Pernambuco and Bahia. THE United States and Brasil Mall Steamship Com pany will dispatch regularly, on the 29th of every month, a 44 first class steamship," eommencing with the fine steamship Costa Rica, (2,500 tons,J to leave on the 2Stb of September, at 3 p on, from Pier No. 43, North River. All letters have to pasn through the Post Office. An experienced surgeon will be iu attendance on board lor freight or passage, having splendid s'-commodatiorw, apply to THOMAS ASKNCIO A CO., aeplO 10 No. 17 Broadway, New York. CEO. R. CRUMP fiTcdT, ~ AUCTION AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 909 Bsoas Snagr. Arson*. G. JnSG « Sm