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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, September 27, 1865, Image 4

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The Savannah Daily Herald. WKDXKSDAr, hKPTKMUKK 47. 1K65 ] nipordt im « of \«|tolr<iii\ ConiiutbU In Nrilro. This occupation "f Sonora hy the Imperial troops, remarks a Washington letter writer, gives Napoleon the only thing that was wanting in order to reuder his conquest of Mexico complete, lie now holds the whole country, both on the acacoast and in the in terior, an<l from our California on the north, down to the Isthmus of Tchauntepec. Uis garrisons occupy Mntamoras, Tampico, Ja lapa, Vera Cruz and Alvarade, on the Gulf of Mexico—the line of the Rio Grande ; and now, by the capture of Hermosillo andGuay mas, he has a firm foothold on the Gulf of California and the Pacific coast of Mexico.— It is said, on pretty good authority, that Na poleon has already expended $50,000,000 in order to establish Maximilian's throne, and that he has promised him $25,000,000 more, d-necessary, to sustain him. Wbat of that ? tv ill he not get his money back five times over ? Is not Sonora and Lower California both of them now held by his troops, worth more than that to the ambitious ruler 01 f ranco? This occupation by his troops, bv the way, of these Mexican States of Sonora, Sinoloa and Lower California is simply the measure which the sagacious Frenchman adopts in order to reimburse lumseif for his. outlay; and the step is taken in pursuance of an agreement with Maximilian, entered into many months ago. The provinces of Sonora and Sinoloa stretch for seven hun dred miles along the Gulf of California They are rich in mines of silver and gold, aad their territorial area is equal in extent to 'Near York, Pennsylvania and Ike six New ■ogland States. Their present population Is upward of half a million. They only need the enterprise, the capital and the infiux of laborers that can be supplied by Napoleon to make them among tbe most productive regions of tbe world. A standard writer says of them: "The climate is described by travelers as the best on the American continent, being mild, salubrious, healthful and invigorating. Sonora and Silialoa possess some of the most productive lands in the world. Along the rivers are broad and rich bottoms, which even under the rude style of cultivation adopted by the natives, yield crops of com nad wheat in marvelous abundance. Much of Lower California baa been pronounced a desert; but when we remember that Unoer California, prior to its occupation bv* the people of the United States, was regarded as a worthless desert, much allowance must be made tor this statement, made by tiaveilers by no means partial to the country. “In mines of silver this country is admit ted to be the richest in the world, lor though >ot developed to the extent of the mines in Guanajuato, and some other of the Mexican !-nates, the silver bearing rock is found in greater abundance In a commercial point of view, tins country possesses very great ;'.dvautages. It lies on the great highway LoPCthe Gulf of Mexico to the PacificOcear on a degree of latitude and under climatic influences which give it great, advantages over the country either north or south of the Gulf of California. Par seeing commercial heads have long foreseen that Guyrnaa, or some port on the Gulf ol California, would one day be the rival of San Francisco in the command ol the commerce of the Pacific Ocean, and the great overland trade anti travel. “Five hundred miles of railroad, built troru Ciuynias to the navigable waters of the Rio Grande, would open steam navigation between the two oceans through i temper ate and Uealthfiil climate, and secure to the Gulf of C alifornia «oiiimeicial advantages that would soon build upon its shores great | marts of trade, draw to it fleets of ve-sela I from every quarter of the globe, and rapidly build up apowerrul State.” The London Money Market Review, speak ing ot the Confederate bonds, acknowledges their utter uselessness, and suggests that the agents of the late rebel government, both in England and America, could not possibly have been left bare of resources and proper ty ; and that the question whether such property could be attached and reclaimed lor the bondholders is oue for their active consideration. Tl»r khi Uoa for Delegates to the North (Carolina Convention. A general election was held in North Car olina on Thursday, to choose delegates to a ' State Convention, which meets October 2, tor the purpose of reconstruction. The fol lowing order .was issued by Gen. Ruger: GF.NKRAL OR!BBS—No. I t], Hi.aoqrs. Deft, of North Carolina, Raleigh, N. C., Sept. 12, 1865. An election having been appointed by His Excellency the Provisional Governor of the State.of North .Carolina, to be held on the 21st day of September, 1865, the following order in relation thereto is published for the government and information of all con cerned : l On the day of'such election no officer or enlisted man will visit the polls, nor will permission to leave camp or station be given to officers or men, except in cases of neces sity. 2. Officers having command of troops will, at the request of the civil officers having charge of the elections, render alt needful as sistance for the preservation of order. If serious disturbances should anywhere occur at the polls such disturbance will be at once suppressed, . and the guilty arrested, even if such request be not made. 3. Any person guilty of attempting, by lorce, to prevent au and quiet elec uon, or interfering therewith, will be pun ched with the severity due to acts in their ua.uve essentially hostile to tbe government, - t ml tm ' SUC *J persons will be arrested by the nearest company commander, and all . .kIo 18 \ n s 'l ch C!Vse "Ported by him direct to these headquarters as well as to his im meotate superior 4. Commanding officers of districts, regi ments, posts or separate detachments, will £ .responsible f °*' ,he enforce ment of this order. 5. The foregoing order is not published under apprehension that the conduct ot tbe roo P s would otherwise be improper or that the election Mould not be orderir but hat the evil disposed, if such them be may be forewarned and without excuse, and the dec non be beyond suspicion, f»ir By command of Bt Maj. Qen. R iuer J. A. Campbell, Asst. Adj Gen. Snails of the Dtsi'Br.—ln a Ofmri ~rt to Vhe Freuch Academy ol Srienw* M. Paul Rocbei gives <1 description nfva snails, tL, migrations aid habits of which he has had ocw>ion to observe during his Havels ovei the southern pan of the Dm vruce ot Oran, Iron, £| Aeuoiat to the iron tier of the Empire of Morocco. These crea tores obtain the water necessary to their VvU tence from certain pulpous plants which grow spontaneously in those regions not visited with rain Such is the ««§,/, a plant which 19 the chief aliment and .t might almost he said the drink of the animals to be found in the desert of Sahara, especially of the cele brated meah or antelope, which, if the Arabs are to be believed, can live several years without drink. Such is Rlso the zmonhglium cormtem, which the Arabs call the water skin plant. M. Rocher states that he has often seen hundreds of snails attached to these plants early in the morning, in order to derive from the moisture which in other countries is supplied to them by rain or dew During the night there always is in the dete ert a certain relative dampness, owing to the extreme rarelactionjof the air in those regions of ,aiL alt, ° °.? nt , r ’ bute3 ,0 ,be nourishment £,£*» mo| ‘ D£kß which can live a long iSOSE**- Twlr sbfU » are pro -35325»h52\S meaM of wbicb theyei HERALD JOB printih office, .No. IXI liay (rilreet, SA VANAAH,--GEORGIA. We respectfully call the attention of the public to the facilities which we have for d.dug all kinds of JOB PRINTING. We have THE BEST PRES^EH For doing all kinds of work, and we keep them in good repair. We employ only FIRST CLASS PRINTERS OF LONG EXPERIENCE AND TRIED ABILITY. We hare New Printing Materials From the Bert Northern Foundi ies, to which we are ronstanriy making additions We are prepared to execute order* for POSTERS, PLACARDS, HANDBILLS, PROGRAMMES, PLAT BILLS. CIRCULARS MILS OP FARE. Vl® TING CARDS, “ A'EDbING CARDS, ENVELOPES, BUSINESS CARDS. , . TK ’ KE T S ’ LETTER HEADS, BILL HEADS, DRAFTS, RECEIPTS, CHECKS, PASSES. LABELS, ipONSTITUTIONS BY-LAWS. BALLADS, PAMPHLETS, CALENDARS, LEGAL BL ANKB, SHIPPING BLANKS !Or any other kind of PRINTING—iII m bivie ‘ WV’tiave a Fine Assortment of Inks FOB l PRINTING IN COLORS. ORDERS BY MUL OR EXPRESS Will rereiTf prompt and csrefht attention, and the work will be forwarded FREE OF CHARGE FOR TRANSPORTATION. We endeavor to do all our work web, and to give complete satisfaction to our customers. otm raicfiw Are as low as the present high coat of stock, mate rial, labor and living will admit 01, and are behow the increased rates Which rule in other line* of business. s. w MASON & CO., 11l Bay Street, Savannah, Ge srgia. ESTABLISHED I^OB ENOCH MORGAN'S SON'S Soaps, &c., Jfo. 211 Wasliiiigfcon-St., >ep » NEW YORK. Sm TIE NEW YORK NEWS, DAIL Y, SEMI-WEEKLY AND WEEKLY. THE K*EW YORK WEEKLY AND SEKII-WEEiKLY NEWS. GREAT FAMII.Y NEWHPAJ'ERH. BF.NJ.tniN WOOD......Editor And Proprietor. Journals of Politics, Literature, Fashions, Market find Financial Reports, Interesting Miscellany, and News from ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD! INTRODUCED IMMENSE CIROULATIONtt DETERMINED ON. THE LARGEST, BEST AND CHEAPEST PAPERS PUBI.I3HEDfES.SEW YORK. NEW YORK WEEKLY NEWS, Published Every Wednesday. Stogie Copies Five Cents One Copy, one year S2OO Three Cope*, one year 6 00 Five Copies one year g 75 Ten Copies, one year jy 00 —And an extra copy to any Club of Ton Twenty Copies, one year. 30 00 TAe Heekiy Jew* Is Bent to Clergymen at $1 SO. SEMI-WEEKLY NEWS. Published every Tuesday and Friday. Single Copies, one year $ , w , Three Copies, one year jo on Five Copies, one year 15 no Ten Copies, one year. 30 00 —And an extra copy to any On b of Ten. Twenty Copies, one year .... *5 CO To Clergymen s 00 NEW YORK DAILY NEWS. To Malt Subscribers s io smiuM SUMontb9 Five Dollars For sale by all Newai*al«rs Specimen copies] of DAILY and WEEKLY NEWS sent free Addres* btivj, wood, Dally News Building, No. 10 City Hall Square, _ 34ew York City. FOR MJAOOiSr, Via Darien, Doe tort own and Hawkina trilLe. T“t^« , ,y?S. 8h . t h ,t, * , S? t COW. Cart N ' Klo S' - LV ■ >boT » I Vsaorrow Honing at To MpK ' 0T <-Lh(iUOPti « CD| at INGHAM VKWBPtPKRB. DAI LY JOURNAL & MESSENGER, Fnblisbeil Every Moruiug and Eyeuiug. MACON .GEORGIA, CORNER OF CHERRY AND THIRO STREETS. LA lUiEST CIRCULA TIOS IS MIDDLE A SI) SOUTH WESTERS GEORGIA fJIIIK o?d “Journal A Messenger,” flr»l established A ic and regularly published i-ver since, has tqe Largest Circulation of any paper in this flection. We are offering liberal terra* to advertiser*, and merchant*, find others, deelrou* of having their busi ness generally known, will do well to advertise in -nr column*. OUR WEEKLY | Contains the legal advertising of some eight or ten I couuties and Is circulated thioughout the Southern j And Northern States generally. Parties sending their advertisements with the i money wiii be insured satisfaction Address a ROSE A CO. } wplo THE NEW ORLEANS TIMES, Tbe Leading Journal of (be south. PUBLISHED DAILY AND WEEKLY, Devoted to Literature and General News—The Discis sion of Bute and National Tapir.—The Wel fare of the Planting Interest—The Progress of SouthernOommerci , and the Regeneration of Prosperity in the southern States The Proprietor* of the Naw Om.csns D.ui.v ami Wrski.v Tivra, enemraped by the liberal support f riven to their Journal, have made ample arrangements or Its Improvement, with n view to making it, l« every respect, a . - FIRST-CLASS SOUTHF.RN FAMILY AND NEWS PAPER. Terms of tbe Daily, $lO per annum: half yearlv, $* ; quarterly, $4. THE WEEKLY TIMES Is devoted to the discussion of topic* of vital Import ance to the Interests of the Gulf States j contains a carefnllv prepared compendium of tho ucw„ of eacti week, original and selected literary and miscellaneous matter, tales, poetry, etc., correspondence from all part* of tbe couutty and abroad, letters from the peo ple, a resume of the New Orleans market, etc., etc. Terras of the Weekly, $5 per annum. TO Or.TTBS. The Weekly will tie furnished as follows, when sent to one sddress: > 2 copies $ 9 so | C copies ...s2it no 3 '• 14 00 | T “ 29 00 4 “ 19 00 1 8 “ 33 OO 5 “ 22 50 | Si. •• 37 00 10 copies S4O. An extra copy will be given to any one getting up a Club of Ten. Terras Invariably in advance. Address WM. H. C. KING A CO., aill4-tf Proprietors N O. Times. No. 70 Camp st THE DAILY EXPRESS, PETERSBURG, VA. Has entered upon Its Fifteenth year, in an enlarged form, with new type, under •Misplcos highly flattering. It has a large and dolly infcreasing circulation, and of feis to merchant* and others desiring to communicate with the Southern public, advantages surpassed by none ADVERTISING RATES. ONX SQUAB F. Two weeks $5 Oft One mouth 6 Oft Two months . t ... 10 Oft Three months j IS nt. Six Months . . 24 ftft One Year .. 4ft oft »WO SQUAKFB, Two weeks $lO 00 One month: 12 00 Two months 16 QQ Three months IS ftto six months. * . :ao 00 One year T 60 00 Persons desiring a greater quantity of space than to above designated, wiii be accommodated on liberal terms. SritSCRiPTiON RATES. Single Copy, (mailed) 6 eta* .One Month, do 75 “ Three Months do. ..S2U) Bix Months do. £ 60 One Y'ear do C 00 Address, A, F. (RITf HFIELD 4 CO n PETERSBURG, VA. raOSJPBOTTJB OF THE Mercantile Mirror A Weekly Commercial and Advertising Sheet, WITH AN EDITION OF 10,000 COPIES, FOK GRA TUITOUS CIRCULATION. To be Issued on or about the 10th of July, ISCS, Bv .1. W. BURKE & CO., - MACON, OA This enterprise Is undertaken at the suggestion of many of the leading merchants of the country, as a method of extensively advertising their business.— While wc will publish the advertisements of aU who may favor u. with their patronage, the paper will also contain Prices Current of the Markets In all the princi pal Cities. Rates of Exchange, Brokerage, Ac., and Commercial News of every description that will be of interest to the Mercantile Community. Nor Will the “MIRROR" be exclusively filled with advertisements; but the paper will be sufficiently largo to leave ample room for Editorials, Correspondence, Select Reading Matter, Ac. It will be a famii.t, as warn, as a ncsisrsa papzr, and we intend that it shall visit every City, Town and Village in the Country. All can perceive the advantage of advertising in a paper of this description. OUR TERMS WILL BE LIBERAL. We are unable to publish them in this Circular, not knowing what number of onr friends will want their Business Cards, Notices, Ac., brought be fore the Public through this medium. We will only say to all, send your Advertisements to ns Immedi ately i state how much space you wish them to occu py, directions, Ac. We have a large Stock of Fancy Type, Cuts and material for displaying them, and feel confident of meriting the patronage and approval of all Business Men. Asaoonas we arrive at the amount of matter and size of paper reqnlred, we will make an estimate, and publish the rates f t advertising, in the first number. Tmv will up as low as possiiilk, to allow its to rotiLisu the rai’fli . Deeming it superflu -009 to argne the benefit of this enterprise to the adver tisb g world, wc leave the subject with It, feeling as sured It will meet Its cordial co-operation and sup port Address J. W. BURKE A CO., Macon, On. Agent in Savannah: Oeo. N Nichols, Bay Street. iylS-tf Wi. M. DAVIDSON, WHOLESALE DEALER IN GROCERIES, WINES, LIQUORS. TEAS, SEGARS, ALE and Cider*. sep2 ts BRINCKERHOFF & MILLS, WHOLESALE DEALERS IN TEAS. Orders for all kinds of Teas, In any sized packages de sired, filled at the lowest market prices. Pnrtles or dering will please send remittances. Terms cash.— Orders solicited. Southern Produce received and sold on commis sion. Will also receive deposits of money for dis bursement. No. HI Pearistreet, near Wall, New York sept tm BOOKS &. STATIONERY. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, CALL AT SAVILLE & LEACH, ?ep4-tf cor. Bryan street and Market Square. SCHOOL BOOKS. Spellers, Readers. Grammars, Dictionaries. Bavitl« & Leach, sepf-rf cor. Bryan street and Market Square. CONNISRIOIV MKRCfIUTMw. warren & PLATNER, Cnmmt«»ion Mrwhnnts, And dealers in all kind, of coarse snd fine papers and paper slock. Also a fine<.rtmcnt of envel ope *s4 iwines conrtsnrly on hand. sash paid for r.Cf, Lagging and nule ]*r»r in lurgv or spi.ll qtian lllie, septa ts 210 Bay street, Savannah, Ga JAMES B. CAHILL, GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANT AND DEALER IN Groceries, Provisions, Wines and Liquors, 171 BROAD STREET, AUGUSTA, GEORGIA. HOLDERSofMercbanairc wishing torealtoe Imme diately will consult their interests by consigning the panic Strict attention will be given to all business en trusted to them, and prompt returns made at the most .eison able rates. r**p4-2m Lrri M. lnuarinLi.. J. R. W. Johnston. CHURCHILL 4 JOHNSTON, Dry G-oods, AND— GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS AGENT3 OP STEAMER UNION, 333 U ROAD STREET, OrpjSiTt Masonic Ham, AUGUSTA, CEORCIA. Will give prompt and personal attention to all t'OVSIOXMESTS THEY MAY BE FA VORED WITH. Consignments Solicited. References in Savannah—Messrs. DeWitt A Mor gan, Bell, Wylly A Christian; .T, T. Paterson k Cos. ; N Lyon, Keq. aug24-lm TO SliirrEßS OF COTI’ON VND OTHER SOUTHERN PRODUCE. FENNER, BEKNETT * BOWMAN, Successors to HStdhkiss, Fhnher A Bennett. COMMHaJON MERCHANTS, No. 40 VtSSv Strket. You*. Aud Memphis, Term. TIIOUAB FIKNES, nEKEVBENNeTT, D. W. Bowjivn. jy6 ' On. . CHAB. L. COLBY & CO., Shipping Cumiubdon and Forxvavding MERCHANTS. JONM RLOCK, rOBWTB RAT AND A BERCOBN BTRCRT SAVANNAH, GA. LIBERAL CASH ADVANCES Made on Consignments to the firm of Cuas. L. Colut* of New Y’ork. or m onrfrlends 1n Boeton. MAUDE & WRIGHT, Agents at Augusta, Ga. REFERF.N OE8; Merare. Dabney, Morgan & Cos., New Y’ork. Jarivk Slade, Estp, New York. Hon. J Wiley Edinands, Boston. Gardner Colby. K*q., Boston. aep 18—tt A. S. HARTRIDGE, Factor and Coinmissioii Merchant. BAY' STREET, SAX’AWN AH. To bo found, at present, at office of Messrs. J. T. Thomas A Cos,, next to Central Railroad Bank. scpl4 2w Woodward, Baldwin & Cos., 110 ilnunr Street, New York, *.» anti 11 Hanover S*., .Baltimore. DRT GOODS COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Liiioral advances made on Consignments, Sheetings, Qgnubnrgs snd Yarns. jyis •Tons .Toms. i iCnAierON H. Wat, Late Treasurer State of Ga. / (. savannah, Ga. Jones & TYay, Have le opened their office at No. 9S, Bay Street. (Opposite ttw- old stand-j savannah, Ga-, for the trans action of a General ton'mlsslon and Factorage busi ness. Particular attention paid to forwarding Colton and Merchandize Jo and from the interior. li«vnDj«ip»—T. W. Chichester, Esq.. Augusta. Ga., I. C. Plant. Esq., Macon, Ga,, J. W. Warren. Esq.. Co lumbus. <ia., ai.d any Bank or Merchant of Savannah, <3* sepiaeocllmo HENRY BRYAN, BrYAN StEKICT, WFXT TO MkROIIAKTS’ AND ft-ANTlBa* Bank JiUIi.MNO, Broker aud Commission Ag'ent FOR SALK AM> TURCiJASE OK STOCKS, BANK NOTES, PRODUCE, &c., And for Forwarding Cotton an 15 !?mo ddrTeJTmalzela TRY ONE POUND. w “ m m,m That received a medal and honorable mention from the Royal Commiseinncra. therompetion of all prom inent manufacturer* of ‘Corn Starch" and “Prepared Corn Flour'* of this and other countries notwithatand MAIZBXA, The food and luxury of the ajje, without a single fault. One trial will convince the most skeptical.— Makes Puddings, Cakes, Cnsurds, Blanc Manxes Ac., without i.-dnglass, with few or no cgs&, at n cost ns tonlrihtng the most economical. A slight addition to ordinary Wheat Flour greatly improves Bread and Cake It is also excellent lor thickening sweet sauces, gravies k>r flsh and nuats, soups, Ac. For Ice Cream nothing can compare with it. A little boiled in milk will produce rich cream for cofiee, chocolate, tea, Ac. Put up in one pound packages, under the trade mark Muizena, with directions tor use. A most delicious article of food for children and in valid* of all Mgrf. For sale by Grocers and Druggists everywhere. Wholesale Depot, 166 Fulton Street. WILLIAM DTJRYJCA, au26>3iu General Agent. GUNNY BAGGING. For snlc by N. A. HARDEE & CO. sep*-tf Buy Your Claret AND SHERRY WINES TONKING’S, IN REAR OF POST OFFICE, HILTON HEAD. saga* ts ' ICE! ICE ! I AT 11-2 CENTS PER POUND. r I , HE Subscribers announce to the Savannah public A that they are prepared to fhmleh Ice in any quantity at one and a half cents per pound. Orders should be sent to their Depot, Rlbero’a old Ice House, Congrea. street Lane, between Whitaker and Bull streets Orders from the country promptly filled. sept2l-lw F. L. GUE A CO. , Dissolution of Copartner ship. r PHE CopartnerrMp heretofore existing between A DaWtrt' BHCYN.ndT. W. SAVAGE, under the name of ÜBUTN A'SAVaOE, Architects, cessed to exist on Ist January, 183*. aepm-tawiw DeWTO BRUYN I UIIIH KIUKI, UHI IIKI, Ate. G. ft OSGOOD," »Ttl*F. |<4 COMttMKSIi ASH Si S%' . aria \n sts , •avasnaH, u i. wholesale and retail DEALER IN Groceries mid Provisions, Tin, Crockery, Glassware Anil Uardvrare, N. B.—The highest Cash Prices paid for Beeswax, Tallow. Wool. Hides. ts eeptir. 8. E. Bothwixi . B Huitweaiv. BOTHWELL l WHITEHEAD Ornery, Comissisii and rorwardiug MERCHANTS, NO. 101 BAY STRKET, SAVANNAH, OA. eepS lm Jas. G. Waits A. H. CnAurio:r JAS. G. WATTS & CO., WMI£SAiAjMS ACT ail If AMIS IN Groceries and I?i’OY*ifsions. ALSO, IMPORTERS OF Foreign Lianors, Wines, -Segars, &c,, 8S St JULIAN and 145 BRYAN STREET. West side Market Square, S-A. GEORGIA., WE would call the attention of onr friends and the public generally to onr new count ction, and solicit a shire of their patronage requests the bestowal of the same on tne new firm. ' lm 0T HILTON & RANDELL, WHOLESALE GROCERS, XD3 Bfiy • Nectf' Barnard, SAVANNAH, GA., Are constantly receiving per Steamers from New Y’ork the Largest and most Complete Assortmeßt of Groceries IN THK CITY. N. R,—Orders by Mail, accompanied with Remit tance, ranMpTi.v Fu.Lxoat Lowest Maiket Pricea an3l lmo J SOLE AGENTS AND IMPORTERS OF— Ch. Farre Champagnes FOR THE STATE OF GEORGIA. au:to NEW GROCERY STORE. Vmi Nowtoir A Ward. WOULD respectfully inform their frierda nud the public that they have opened at No. 153 Bmuph ton street, formerly occnpicd try Blun and Meyer; aud trill keep constantly on hand a well selected stock so Family Groceries. Quick ealee and small profits is their motto, and a shau. of tho puMfo ration ige is leppfcttfolly foitciicd, J. 11. VAN NEWTON iT o. WARD. aep!2 ii PIERCE SKEHAN Wholesale and Retail Dealer In Fine Groceries, Boots and Shoe* Clothinsr. Foreign and Domestic Wines, Liquors and Segars. Also, Skehan’s Celebrated GOLDEN ALE AND CHAMPAGNE CIDER, in bottle and in wood. London and Dablin Brown Stont, Scotch and Eng lish Ales, Ac. Libera] deductions made to the trade. 170 BROUGHTON STREET, SAVANNAH, and 62 Liberty street. New York GADEN & UNCKLES, GENERAL PRODITtE aim COMS'N MERCHANTS, AMD WHOLESALE DEALERS IN GROCERIES, PRO VISIONS, Ac., Cobkzb or Bat and Babnaei- Stbxxts, savannah, ga. Highest market rates paid for Cotton, Wool, nidcs, Ac., and liberal cash advances made on shipments lo onr New York House. eeplS KIRLIN & KIENZLE, Wholesale and Retail DEALERS IN ALES, WINES AND LAGER BIER. OUR HOUSE, tor. BAY STREET. au2l tt TRY ONE POUND. 3500 TONS or— t ENGLISH RAILS, Os best quality, 60x5S per lineal yard. For sale by FOWLE & CO, jqT9 6m No. 70 Broadway, N. Y. EIRLIN.BRO. & BURKE, WHOLESALE DEALERS IN ALES, WIMS AND LIfORS, CORNER WHITAKER STREET AND HAY LANE. ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED A DELIVERED. anil ’J ' , if H G, HUWE * 007 Wholesale Dcalvts in GROCERIES, LIQUORS AND SEGARS, Corner Johnson Square and St. Julian street, and No. ITS Buy street, Hodgson's Building. Particular at tention paid to filling country orders. AGENTS FOR Til E SALE OF ALE & LAGER-BEER, scptl Im MIA TOBACCO AGEM, George A. Crump & Cos., 20 9 Bboaii Street, August a, Ga, HAVE on hand a large and well selected stock of Manufactured anu Smoking Tobacco. Samples sent by Express when desired. 3m jn2o DANIEL MANN, and Retail Denier In Tinware, it Moves and Stove Pi pen. Also, Hoofing, Gut tering and Repairing done at the shortest notice. Northwest corner of St Jnlltn street sep6-lm and Market Square. IBoke3? 5 s Bitters, The Oldest and best renowned. L . FUN' K E , 06 Liberty Street, sepl2j3mo NEW YORK. BUY YOUR COOL DRINKS —AT— TONKING’S, IN REAR OF POST OFFICE, HILTON HEAD augvo • t s HAVAKNAII BUSINESS DIRECTORY. < OMMiaWOW MKKi HANTS. rKofthefke A Cos. . JiUIfTINU am. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Comer B t and Whitaker etivetA Savannah. Uu. Prompt attention given to consignments of Mcr chandiae and Produce of all kinds purchased and sold. sep2 lm Horatio Pitcher. COMMISSION MERCHANT. Dealer in Ship Siores aud Chandlery. Harris' wharf, foot of Lincoln street, trader the blutf. eepl Ttaon A Gordon, COTTON FACTORS. Commission aud Forwarding Merchants, au3d 9O Bay street, Rue XVhttnei* At Cos., General Commission Merchants No. 202 Bay street, above Barnard street. an 24 ■Drnclj-, Smith A Cos., Commission and For Ij warning Merchants and Manufacturers Agents. Bay street, north side, between Whitaker aßd Bar nard street. aug24 MA. Cohen, • FOKWAHUNG AamCOMMISSNUtIfeCHANT, Office Home Ins. Cos , 89 Bay st. Bell, Wylly <v Christian, AUCTION, GKN ERAL COMMISSION AND FORWARDING MERCHANTS. Bay street, Savanpah, Ga. AM. Srarbrough & Cos« Gxoobiv and Coji • .vimstoN Mxaon.Nis, 140 Congress and 67 Bt. Juiian sts Highest market prices paid for Cotton, Wool, Beeswax, etc. Liberal Advanceson Cotton, Ac. Erwin A Hardee, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Bay street. Savannah, Ga. wYnes,~liquoiis,~&c.~ ~ ~ AKOHLBR, NORTHEAST CORNER OF • Broughton and Jefferson streets. Sole Agent for the State of Georgia, for the sale ot California Wines aud Brandy. ts Tt. Kocthcke A Cos.; .re, WHOLESALE DEALERS lhAiroeeriea, 'Vines, Liquors and Segars. Comer of Bay and Whitakersta, Savannah, Ga. sep2-lxn Israel It. Stuly ds Cos., ..SOLE AI.LNTS AND IMPORTERS OF Ch. FARRK CHAMPAGNES, •’ la the State ol" Geoigta. 207 Hay sL, bi twe. n barrard arid Jefferson, au9 savannah, Ga. lusM-M. Scaly and» Cos., A WHOIJCSAI.E DRAI.ERB IN IMPORTED MINES, t OHBIALS, BRANDIES AND SEGARS. an 9 207 Hay-st, between Barnard and Jefferson JLnrna, Impoiter and Wholesale Dealer In Sr-va . tan Seoaes, Febnou BaAmnia. Winxs, WuiaaxT igrd other Liquors. Tosacoo of all kinds. 191 Bay street. Savannah, Ga, ORY GOODS. Jolin C. Maker Wuousai.r ani> Kktail Df.aiwrin DRY GOODS, HOSIkRY’, GLOVES, TUIMMINGS, IUBBONS, &c % Ac. Cor. Uougre» and Whitaker ats. Tliomas Pepper, Wuolesalc amußetail in Staple an* Fancy Duy Goo os, at Unprtce touted Loio Erfces. ONE PRICE ONLY’. Jolin McConagliy, DEALER IN DRY GOODS, *o. Samuel M. L*ecterer, Jobber and Retailer of Fancy and Staple Dry Gooi»* Boots ani> Shoes, Clothing, Hath, Ac. 146 Congress street. GROCERIES, &c. C. K. Osgood, Store IS6 Congress and <BS St- Julian streets. Savannah, U.i Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Groceries and Provisions, Crockery, Glassware, Tin and Hardware. N. B.—The highest cash prices paid for Beeswax, Tallow, Wool, Hides, Ac. sepir* MFerst A Cos.. v\ I o.epale Dealer in Wines, Li • quors, Segars, F>m yGroofries, Caxdhs, <fec. Congress street. AP. Mira, Wn<)i.Rs\i.s ano Hetail Dealer in •* s groceries,! fruits, Ac Tor. IN hirakcr Wid Oongress st. Lane r>ongdtiu & Symons, NVHOLESALE and retail grocers. Corner H hftakor and Jit. Julian sts., Old Stand of W. R. Symons. __ TTiltou « Knnilcll,. WH.iLESALE GROCERS, XX W3 BaY Strset, are constantly receiving p«‘r steamers from N. Y’m-k, the largest and most complete assortment of GROCERIES in this Ip P.Ueyo, Dealer in Oiioicf Family Gaoueries, W»4 Liquor.B, mt Robert llalfore, w WHOLEoALE AND RETAIL GROCER, 161 Broaghton street BILLIARDS, O'Toole it. Cos., BILLIARDS, I.IQUORS, WINES, &a Broughtou st., tliird door from Bull. DiUinnl Saloon. Bv WALTER O’MEARA. XJ ALE3, WINE& LIQUORS, Ac. Bay street, over Expreas Office. Union Shades, TeeKnoe NuoEnt, Proprietor ALES, WINKS, LIQUORS, sEGAKS, 4C. St. Charles Saloon, (in retros Post Office,! by A. St.jim. Wholesale and Retail. None but CHOICE WINKS and LIQUORS served. Free Lunch. t ■ , John J. Purtillc, (late Kecot ler of the Second Provost Court) wUt attend to sit Writugg and Business entrusted to his cure, at Saloon oi Terence Nugent, Jr„ opposite Pulaski House. GAS FITTING, Ac. niumhlng and Uat Pitting, A B* JOHN H. CULLEN, Broughton gt., one door We t of Barnard. YU H. AV illiams, Gas Fitteb and Pjxmuzh, vt • and Dealer in Tin Wari, Horse Fuasjaun, a Goods, Ac, 145 Broughton street. Weed & Cornwell, Wholesale Dealers ill JiARDWARe-and Tin Ware. No. 189 and lti 1 Broughton street. TT Cranston, AJ S PLUMBER AND GAS FITTER, HI Bryan st., next 10 cor. Whitaker. SEGARS, TOBACCOr&c. Ijt. EuMiMke'df Cos, 'j Importers of Genuine Havana Segars, Corner Bay and -Whitaker streets, Savannah, Ga, sepv lm FKolll. . SEGARS, TOBACCO, SNUFF, PIPES, Ac. Barnard street, one door South of the Marker CP • Lopez, Sxgars, Tobaoco, Snctt, Piprs, s Fancy Abticlks, Stationery, JiC. cor. Bull and Broughton eta. F Const Itnt, lurOKTFB or Domestic and Havana • StGARS, MErnsoUAUlt Pu-ss, Ac. Also, Winks, champagnes and other Liquors. Bull street, opposite the Post Office. printing' STA.TK )NKU Y, Saville A I.earh, lIOOIvrELLERS AND STATIONERS, Cur. Bryan street audMarket Square. \ 1 arklng Ink, MANurAcrcaxD and for sale by iU DAVID H, GALLOWAY, Geo. N. Nichols, BOOK AND JOB PRINTER, Bay st., between Abei com and Drayton. JD .1. Purse, LITIIOGHAPIiEK, STATIONER, li. BINDER JOB PRINTER Ac. No. 6 Whitaker street. c \V. Kittson A Cos., O. HERALD JOB PRINTING OFFICE. No. 11l Bay meet. WATCHES, JEWELRY, &c. Fl>. .lordan, Dealer In Watcuss and Jewelry, • Silver and Plated Ware Fancy Goods, Ac. HP- Watches and Jewelry Kepaired. 139 Congress st, opposite the Folaski House. 4341 HAIB DRESSING, Ac ' Pulaski House Barber Skop, (cor. Bull and Bryan sts.J Shaving, HRir Cutting, Shampooing, Whiskers Dyed, Ac. Fancy Soaps, Cologne, Neck Ties and other Fancy Ai tides for sale. FURNITURE. Dennis Falvey, FURNITURE WAREHOUSE. Nmv Work Mads to Oxbxa Repairing, Bell Hanging, Ac, at short notice. 138 Broughton st. -cimTwlßET&c. ~ ED. Smytk, QUEENSWARE, GLASS AND e CHINA, at Wholesale and Retail. 109 Broughton street, ltd door from cor. of Bull ~~ ' DRUGGISTS. W» M wholesale AND RETAIL DRUGGIST, aul4 Sourheaat cor, Barnard nqd Broughton sts. ’ ]B«w Drag Honse, Xl Corner Congress and Barnard sts. JACOB UPPMAN, late Kino At Waanta fnhomai M. Turner, A DRUGGIST, Southwee; cor. Barnard and Broughton st* DIRECTORY CONTINUEdR | A. Holouoiu A Cos., ~ * A yUOLLSALK AND RETAIL DltUGijiKis. reorders executed securatriy sndwSh W XJISANDSHuS MIOEn, of all kind, and qualities BOOiS anr 152 Congress si., 4lli door North of the M..;- ■ CV eo. T. Nichols, ' ~~ * RETAIL BOOT AND SHOE STORE C(>NFECTIONEKY^*, JE. Hernandez. . CONFECTIONER— Wholfsali Am .MANcvAOTrusa or - SYRUPS, CORDIALS AND FINE CONFECTIONERY 146 Bronghton street, tWo doors from B.^,^ M Fitzgerald, , « UOLXSAU; ASTI BET All DtALES IH CIDERS, LEMON, STRAWBERRY am* RASPBFftfiv W In any quantities to suit Purchasers MUtTAKEB BTKECT ' "*• photographs! ~~ JT. Reading A Cos., • rUOTOGRsPUERS, Cor Whit iker and St. Julian st, SODA WATER. John Ryan, Bottler °f SODA WATER?PORTHP and ALE, COItDIALs. SYRUPS, * c fcli Out- Bay and West Broad street* URY POOPS ANP CLOTHING. (arhart, Whitford Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealer* i„ READY MADE CLOTHING 381 ANO 333 Bboadwat. ooa. Wonm Sibev- ’ _ „ „ TOBK. TANARUS, F, Ca»b a *i, I llanav Shake, W *l. H. W uiTFonn, | A. T. Hamilton, J. B. Vak Waodiin. Office of Psyan t Carhart in liquidation ' 3m STEELE & BURBANK, 11 Merchants Row, Hilton Head, So. Ca CALL the attention of W’holesale aud Retail chasers to their superior stock of 1 MILITARY AND NAVAL CLOTHING ASD FURNISHING GOODS, Watchea, Clocks, Fancy Goode, Jewelry, and Platei Ware,Swords, Sashes, Belts Embrolderiee.Bootar.n. Field Glasses, Gauntlets P THE NEW SKIRT FORIBCS. AWONDEBFUL invention for ladies. Unquestion alily superior to all others. Don't fall to read the advertisement In the Savacnnh Herald containing mil particulars every SaturdHv 2L212i25; iy6 Wawkm y A. T. CVNKINOUAM. n 0 pn^j CUNNINGHAM & PURSE FACTORS, FORWARDING AND COMMISSION MEHCIIANTS, No. 4 Stoddard's Lower Stores Bay stieet. Savannah. Ga. . References—Robt. Habersham & tons, Hunter* Gammi'll, Octavns Cohen, Brigham, Baldwin * Cos Erwin * Hardee, Claghom A Cunningham sep4-3m COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. THE undersigned have this day entered Into Copart nership to carry on Stevadoragc, Drayage, Slot age and Commission business, under the name *,f H J. Dickerson A to. Office, second door west of Messrs. Andrew Low t Cos. n. J. DICKERSON T. A. GOODWIN. N. B. BROWN. _Sayannnh, Ga.. August 21, ISCS. an2l-lm Warren's Celebrated Needles and Fish Hooks. ANDREW CLERK Ac CO., 48 MAIDEN LANE, NEW Y’ORK, SOLF. AGENTS AND IMPORTERS OUR former customers will find a reduction in gold prices of the Needles, while the quality is alw»v« kept up to the highest standard known to Etirl'.sh manufacturers. A. C. & Cos., respectful ly eolirit a renewal of the mercantile relations so long aud favorably esteemed by their house. ua2s 3m EXCHANGE. SIGHT DRAFTS ON NEW YORK For sale by acplS BRIGHAM, BALDWIN & CO its H* ALLEN & to*, ISO & 10l WATER JS*T, NEW YORK. AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS. ANO MACHINIRV OF ALL KINOS, Small Toole for ilie Farm and Garden, truth ae Spades, Shorlbi, Hoes, Fork*, Rakes, AC., and/or Grate Hook*, Scythes. Seyth-Stones, and Aeirioul tural Hardware in general. We offer, also, a large assortment of onr < 3'iVD SlSnl .■ j fseture of Hay Cutter* Coffee and Grain Mils, Sugar Mills lor Grocers' use. Store Trucks of various pst, tems. Road Scrapers, Wheclbarrowa At. Fertlllizers ol all kinds, such as Cue's Superphos phuto ot Lime, pure Ground Bone, Peruvian Guana and Pondrelte, SEEDS. Every valuable American and Foreign varietv cF Vegetable, Flower and Grass Seed and Field Gram iha! has proved worthy of eultlvailon, grown and selected expressly for our trade. Sales made in bulk, per pound or bushel, or In sms!! packets, for retailing, by the hundred or thousand. seplil-2aw-3mo -A-dvances Made ON COTTOJi AND OTHER PRODUCE, Tlte New York Warehouse and Security Company, No. 38 Pitac Street, New York; y With n Cash Capital of ONE MILLION DOLLARS will receive consignments of COTTON, &Cm and accept time or(sight drafts for two-thirds mart* value, at shipping port, when accompanied by bill* lading. Competent persons will receive the propel? ou arrival. Any other lniormation can be bad by it dressing the Company. This Institution Is owned and managed by actP business men. which, added to the capital Invert* guarantee entire saiety and experience In the dtapes of merchandise consigned to them. . References in New York—National Bank of the Hi ( public; Bank of America. THEODORE CRANE, Pros'! F. J. Ogden, Scc'ry. sep22—2aw3» E.T. METCALFE & 00.7^ GERKRAI. . I'OIIWARmX. AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS Lower Stoddard's Range between AbercoiJ and Lincoln Streets, Savannah, Ga. Rtferences-Hening, Flint & I'earve, »ew To*' K M. Bruce A 00., Augusta, Gta.; B. C. Robson, Mt- Atlanta, Ga. ; Knott A Howes, Macon, Ga.: E “ Bruce, Morgan A Cos., Appalachicola, Fla.; Crane A Cos, N. Y.; Geo u. Pearce A Cos, » IjT Mo.; H. C. Bruce & Cos., Cincinnati, O.; Mr “ Cook, Albany, Ga.; Juo. W. O'Connor, Macon, G* septtJi lm WHITE PINE, rough and dressed. Cherry M” 1 White Wood. F-rpaleby RICHARDSON A BARNARD. eep4-tf Bay atreet, opposite Mariner’s t Bure TBTEN & THROCKMORTON 1 NO. 263 BOWIRY, NEW YORK, Manufacturers and Deai«s in Buiwer*'*” Locksmith*' Hardware. Nails. PulJies, ChrdiJ [ $ Lock* and Knobs, Butt Binges, Brass *■'!, V c and Castinaa. Goog Bella, Wire, ATI eiders, laige or small, furnished promptly - per ce >t. less than market price*. srpi9 ' an