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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, October 06, 1865, Image 4

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Savannah Daily Herald. frKIIMV. OTTOHRIt a. iaca. _J! - _ I ficfurr uh<l 4fl*rtk«- Hutlle. BY TWNVBON. it (Ue frost that glitter* so while? Is ii thr wiii*l in yonder \ * :noi liur* 1 are teuut»u Uu* moan amdtciglit. AiiJ tbat i* tilt* liHirsuarintf kmoil 01 neu. Brfebt oYr an unity the iu« ruing Millies, ideaming a* o’er a ruffled la\e ; ■ Hai* lie Hie cannon along the Jims, Like hurricane clouds before rb«y break, over the wild Util and over tin: valley. Wildly ihe clarions IWI to the rally : Float* banner, iloatbright a* Uie sunset! Blow, bugle* blow' blow lor the onset ’ 1- a a ruin old and gray, That glimmer* in du*Ky tw night ?o t A rum whose walls and people lay Mmgied together in dust below. O’er which a moon of lurid red Wanders in omoky vapors l>- t: So ' no ’ 'tls the shadowy field cl the dead. And the wreck of a discomfit ted host liver the hill mid over the valley Never clarion call to the rally 1 Droop. banners. droop * droop like the willow Weep, angels, weep ! o’er the soldier’.- pillow THE FENIANS. Additional Intelligence of the Movement in Ireland. THE FRENCH VIEW OF THE AFFAIR &c, Arc., *V:c. APPPKHENSIOttS OF IIIE IEI3II •>< xrftV —lI3iF- FECTIOX OF Till: TKOOI’S [From the Dublin Daily Ezpic s, .be).; i . We think the time lias come when it is unjust to all classes of our countrymen to suffer this Fenian folly to g> further unpun ished When from so many quarters of the country we hear of nightly drilling and daily inarching, there must be some seeds of dis affection scattered pretty generally over the r oisotry INo doubt these reports turn out iu many cases to be absurd exaggerations; but the very fact of such groundless panics hav ing been excited shows the existence of a ter ror to which loyal persons ought not to be ex posed. It may be prudent to treat mannikin traitors with contempt and indifference so long as they only veutillate their fury in sedi tions newspapers or at public meetings; but when resident country gentlemen and sensi ble and experienced magistrates begin to arm their servants and to send their plate to the hanks for safely, there must exist some real ground lor serious alarm in particular places where that alarm is felt; and from such ter mrs, even if the matter could; never arrive at anything worse; the loyal subjects of the realm have a right to he protected. We learn that in many of the garrison towns of Ireland there are to lie found men wearing the Queen's uniform and marching under the Queen's colors, who openly rejoice in the cheap patriotism and notoriety of call mg themselves “ Fenians.” If it be true that “discipline is the life of the army,” this ought not to be tolerated for a moment. It, of course, is only at present to be found among those who have been lately recruited rmn the localities where tiicse mischievous Yankee missionaries have established them selves; hut if it were allowed to go abroad that there are signs of disaffection among the Queen's troops, the moral effect, both on the soldiers and on the simple country people, would lie very prejudicial. We certainly have no wish to magnify the contemptible bluster of this foreign pro paganda into the proportions of a national rebellion, and we doubt not that the govern meat arc already fully informed of the ex tent and of the particulars ol (Ins sedition. We would but suggest that these ignorant dupes should not he allowed to disturb or inconvenience quiet, peaceable people in their homes, and that it would he, perhaps, more merciful to the unfortunate delinquents to visit a few of them with sum mary chastisement for their offences, while they are still insignificant, than to allow thgjjp to go on until they have committed themselves in a lash moment to some grave crime, for which no light punishment could he awarded. I.AS 1)1X6 OF FEDERAL SOLDItRS IN IRELAND. [From tlicCurk HeraM,Sept. V.] The six gun sloop-oi-war Gladiator, and the gunboats Highlander and Rose, est Queenstown on Wednesday' evening to cruise on the west coast o. Ireland. Her Majeetys ship Liverpool, forty-iwo guns, unexpectedly sailed into this harbor at two P. M. on Tbuiedav. She is expected to leave, in company with the guuboal Sandfly, this morning, also for the west coast. Whether correctly or incorrectly, these movements arc spoken of in connection with some an ticipated Fenian demonstration ; and this attention to the west coast in particular is said to have lieen awakened by the landing ot a body of disbanded federal soldiers in the neighborhood ot Galway. Her Majesty's steam tender Advice is to leave for Bantrv Hay. i..Mil, INI* S MILITARY I’RMSINK Ol CBE TO THF CAUSE. * |From the Cork Constitution Sept I*2 ] All through the country the conspiracy spreads, and iti few places is it without sym pathizers and friends. To the town of 'Eu niscoithy, ill the county of Wexford, it is believed to have been carried by navvies en gaged on the railroad. On Wednesday last there was an agricultural show, and as two geptlenien (Mr. C * and Mr L ) were | leaving the dinuer about twelve at night, they heard a number of men drilling in a field near the Friends’ meeting house. “Let as go in,’’ said the former, “and see what they £te at.' In they went, nod, listening for a moment to a functionary directing the move ments in military fashion, Mr. L followed it- up, and his orders were promptly aud ac curately obeyed. They seemed surprised at his appearance, hut took him for a delegate horn Dublin, until, laying bis hand on the driller, lie arrested him iti the name of the <4ueen. The tellow immediately struck him aud knocked- him down ; hut he soon rose and got away. Mr. I. , not knowing whether it was fun or earnest, remained, un til two of them offered to conduct him home. They went to the police office to look for his triend, who had, us it happened, gone thither to give information, and on their appearance he identified them as among the trainers. They were taken hetnre the magistrates and remanded. The leader, who struck Mr. (’——, is a determined \idain He w’as a convict ; and on the expiration of his sen- | tence, lour years ago, went to Kuniscorthv. where tie lived in idleness, hut was never without money lie joined the militia, and I there acquired the military knowledge he is i imparting to the Fenians. He is well known, and but for the imprudence of a constable would now be in custods The constable had received directions from the resident magistrate (Mr. Deneliy not to attempt his apprehension alone, hut to wait quietly, and, with the aid of others, secure him as lie paused the police office, which he did daily more than once. The directions, however, were not complied with. Either impatient .**r over-confident, the constable seized him mugiy, but was soon shaken off- Some ot the respectable inhabitants endeavored to as sist, but there were Fenians at hand, and their companion was rescued. THE fWWCH VIEW OF THE MOVEMENT. | From the Paris “jl'in-te." N-preinher I The progress of Fcniaoism in Ireland la gins to make England uneasy. This new as sociation originated in America, where it is known that a great number of Irish betake themselves, to procure the bread which their unfortunate country cam o supply. The spectacle of republican institutions, And a ha tred of England, which condemns them to n 'painful exile, have inspired them with a longing to wrest lrelanS from Eng ish rule, and to establish a separate repub'ic. They are accused of aiming at -a dispossessiou'o i all proprietors, and a divisiou ol all tire lands among themselves. Everybody knows that in Ireland, since the Conquest and the Eng lish confiscations, the political question is complicated with a social one. The Anjeri eaa F*nWn» Hod mtiovy »f«* itifl *«'.»».- r'"* to tbdr brethren in Ireland The toov - iticnt lm* latteriy been so aefire th the Eng 'is., gnvrrnmtnt has felt some nlatm. N. I c •otenl fci’h S'n 'ing a sm*U squadron tntLe -ullnru ioast ol llii id-nid, to watch tie cr«*A- and KsrtW rs.«rnM»*itt**ic,-[ communications, ill as given ordeis to Ad mi ai lhicri » to anchor in lipnlrv bay with tie < h nnel fleet. Helmooil : s Flail Extract Baclin. F»r Weakupfe si :.-*ng fr* iu ladi-*rrvtiur The •' haueted puß-em of Ritnn- which nn 1 iecoriipai i - » many ;i.inr. ; iiL- m»* '* i*in"Pg nhicb'M! ouiid, ftadfepoHitioa U* Exerti n*. I -•* >! **i* »i v. \V*»k«?ti!lm>p, II- ror of «.r l’.TfM.tJr £■ • i vil: in fact. Lawriicd* T'r<* tr itior, nabilitv to enu-r liit«* 'he « ui»*yoi* M* • l ►ecietv-_ The Coiv*tt‘utlon oucc »fIV '• : with <»• " •. oes*. requites the aid o: Mcrt-.u.c to ,y, ."f ■' - invigorate til*' " * >h lJ**:tu *-•» • Kucha invariably doe-, if no ire truer t M ;o. Comumptiou or in*aiiity ciieitce. HclsitlS’s ail Eilracl Euctiii, I aaSSSSBX vSSi I’ onflllDAis ra ».i);r." >t >t< j t'seu itw...- Liccratfcu or JSclunua i,ut« o* the t ic.u*?; i.nua.l omuUlnf it" Mel uvtha -*v. '• hether arfcm; tr-in 1 habits o( ili-sii>ati"t)-. ih.;)r t. it., tu, c. . ..»■;Uc clijiigv lit lile I Helmtiald’s Fluifl Extract Bncko, IMPROVED ROPE WASH. : Will rßdxaliv exterminate fiem thesvsu-m Disttisos ■ liUlua from Ua'm* of Diseißntion it little rx|>eme, lit -liuor no (hiii). In im-onv. uienre 01 exyorur.-. ; comp;, t l.v I oils remctilßN Cojmiva uu i Mcrm r y in all ‘.lu*pc* I van JTCLVffliClstj'B FT.t'ID EXTRACT :irt:CIIT T . all Diseases ot ihei-c organs, existing to ■ Male"nr ‘-Female " from whatever c mse nrlgtnnllie' ■c dno matter tow long standing It 1“ (tie is lilt in taste and odor, "Immediate" j„ action, and mon s'rengtheEing than any of the preparations of Dehor Iren. Those suffering from Broken down or Delicate Constitutions, procure the remedy:.! once The reader must be aware that however shfrltt may he the attack of the above di-ean s, it is certain to af fect hia Bodily Health, Mental rowers, and Happi ness. All the above diseases repair? 'he aid of a diuretie. IIEINUUUIS EXTRACT BITCHV 13 THE GREAT IMUREI'IC. Helmbold’s Highly Concentrated COMPOUND FLUID EXTRACT SARSAPARILLA, For purifying the blood, removing all clirouic eonsli iutiooal diseases, arising from an impure slate of the blood, snd the ontv reliable ttndt ffeclual known lent edy for the cure of'.Serofula, Meald Heart. Salt Ithenm, Fiiius anti SweiltiiL'9 of the Bones, Ulceration ot the Throat anti Legs, Blotches, Pimples on the Face, Tel ler Hi vsipeltia, and all scaly eruptions ett the skin, AND BE UTH'YING THE COMFI FAfON. Not a few of the worst disorders tlmt rttcet man kind arise from the corruption that accumulates in the blood, or all th- discoveries that have been made to nitrge it out. none can eotial i*t effect IIELMHOLLVS COMPOUND EXTRACT OF SAKSAPAKILLA. It cleansefi and renovates the Idood, m the vigor of health Into the system, nnd purges out the humoi - wliirh make di.-o.aae It stimulates the healthy fun. - tioiisof ttic- bo<ly« and expels the disorder* that grow ami rankle in the Mood, .such n .remedy that conM lit* relied on has long lieen sought for. and now..fur Hie tiri-t time, the public have one on which they can depend. Hur sjwe * here does not jftdmii cerMfica'o r«» hhow its eflecta, hut the tiia! of a lipttU- w.ll >h<iw the sick th-t it has virtues surpassing anything they have ever taken. Two taM* spoomul of ihe Extract of Sarrapar llu added to a pint of water U equal to the Lisbon Diet Dunk', and one bottle is luily equal to a gallon ol the Syrup of Sarsaparilla, or the decoction ns usually These Extracts have been admitted to use iu the United States Army, and are also in very general use ii all Ihe State lio», itala and Public Sanitary Instiln ; lions throughout the land, as Well ns in pri ate prat - , Utvs. Eind are considered as invaluable reiaedies. Si t Mediant Properties of Buchu. Fji’OM 1 dSi’ENSATOK Y i >F Trl L UNITKI) STATE v s«*e Pi ou s.-<»r Dewee’s valuable works oy the Prac* t ice of Payne. s e remarks made by the late celebrated Dr. Physic of Philadelphia. Six- remarks made by Dr. Ephraim M’Dowcll, a cel ebratwl Physician and’Meinber Ot Ihe Jtoyul t'ol%r . «»f Surgeons. Ireland, nnd published in the Tranpae tions of th" King and (Queen’s Jonrnak See M'.'dieo (,’liiriirgii .tl Lb view, pilM 1 Au (1 by P.eli aiuin Travers, Fellow of 1 loyal Uoiiege«»f Surge' ll**. .See most of ihe late Standard Wpi ks of Lcdhine. EXTRACT Bt rHU. “SARSAPAHILLA." Solti by all Jji'uygists PRINCIPAL DEPOT— HSLMLOLD’S DRUG AND CHEMICAL WAREHOUSE, sc-.7 1 m 6P: Broadway, N. Y KSTABI.ISHED DsO'l. ENOCH MORGAN'S SON'S Soaps, &e.. No. 211 Wasliingtou-St., -cp 'j new York. :nn THE NEW TOM NEWS, DAILY”, SEMI-WEEKLY AND WEEKLY, THE NEW YORK M'F.EkLV AM) SEMI-WEEKLY YEWS. GREAT I A MII.Y NEWSPAPERS. UEYJAniY WOOD Editor And Pi oprlftor- Journnls of Politics, Literature, Fashion."-, Market nnd Financial Reports, Interesting Miscellany, andNews from ALL PART3 OF THE WORLD' IPROVEMFNTS” INTRODUCED imwmu CiftCUIATiGHS' OETERMiNtD us. THE LARGEST, BEST AND CHEAPEST TAPERS PUBLISHED IN NEW YORK. NEW YORK WEEKLY NEWS, Published Every Wednesday. 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It has a large and daily increasing circulation, and of* IV* s to merchants and others desiring to communicate with the Southern puhlir, advantages surpassed hy none AltVEllTi SI Xii K ATRS. ONF. KQI ARE. Two weeks $ a ft* One inoiitli G int Two months 10 00 Three mouths j l«» <*o Mx Months ‘24 n!i One Year 40 00 TWO hQI'AUI 8. Two weeks SP» no <hie month I*2 oft Two‘months K* OO Three months. .. 13ami s x months Bn no One year Oft Oft Peraons desiring a greater quantity oi space than is above designated, will be accommodated on liberal terms. SiaSCltiPllOAi ItATKS. Single Copy, (mailed; 5 Cts. One Month. do 75 ** Three Months, do $2 e 0 Six Months- do 3. 60 One Year do. i.. 0 GO Apdbehs, A. F. rRI TCHFIELD &, CO., PETERSBURG, VA. PHOSFBCTU» or.THE Mercantile Mirror A Weekly Commercial and Advertising Sheet, WITH AN EDITION OF < OipIRS. FOR GRA TUITOUS CIRCULATION. To be limit'll oii or about the lufA of JP-lth 1865, By ,1 W. BURKE CO., MACON, QA This enterpriae la undertaken. at the suggestion oi many of t lie leading* of the country, ns a method of extensively* ml\x*rtiMng their business.— While wo will publish the advertisemekta of all who may favor u with thoir patronage, the paper will also contain Price’s Current of OieMtuketa in oil the priuci p..l Cities, of Exchange. Brokerage, Ac., aud Commercial News or every description that will be of interest to the Mercantile Community. Nor will the “ MIRROR ” be exclusively filled with advertisements, but the paper will be sufficiently largi t * leave amide room for Editorial**, Correspondence, Select Reading Matter, <fec. It will he a family* as w cli. as a ai HUNTS* vapf.k. and we intend that it shall v aif every City, Town and Village in the. Country. All cuu perceive advantage of advertising in a paper of this description. OUR TERMS WILL BE LIBERAL. 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Jariv® Slade, Enq., New York. lloi.. ?! Wiley F.Jraan ls, Boston. Gardner Col hv. Ksq.. Boston. sep ]B—tt Woodward, Baldwin & 0., 110 Duane Street, New York, WMB—Amaq 11 nnd 11 Hanover St., Baltimore. DRY GOOD3 COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Liberal advances made on Consignments, Sheetings, Osnabnrgs and Yarns. jylS JoUYJOaNES, l tCH.VRTONII.WAV, Late Trenpuri r State of Ga. / \ Mivunnab. Ga. Jones & Way, Have rc-opcnod their office at No. 98, Bay Street (Opposite the old stand.; Savannah. Ga-, for the trans action of h General Commission and Factorage busi ness. Particular attention paid to forwarding cotton and Merchandize to and from the interior. Kk* Ktum i*- T. W. Chichester, B*q.. Augusta, Ga., I. C. IHai.t Esq., Macon. Ga,, J. W. Warren, £*q.. Cos luinbus, (ia., ai.d any Bunk oi Merchant of Savannah, Ga scpi.'i eodjmo HE NRY BRY AN, Bryan Sißrrr, mext to Merchants’ and Planters’ ■* Bank Blildino, Broker and Commission Ag^ent for Salk and ruRCUAsr or STOCKS, BANK NOTES, PRODUCE, &c., And fur Forwarding Cotton a ill') Sum jiiii\ I mm & to., FovYvnrdins: aiul Coininission MERCHANTS. WHOLESALE AND I.KTAIL DEALERS IN Dry Goods, Groceries, &e., NOS. 1 AND 2 SAM MIS’ BLOCK, Hay Street, Jaeksouville, Florida. J.NO. H. HA.M.WtS. M*. (*. BAMMIP. CIIAB. 1.. MATMKK null ts A. T. CIINMKQII&U. I». o. I’I’RSK. CUNNINGHAM & PURSE, IT'AT TORS, FORWARDING AND COMMISSION T MERCHANT'S. No 4 Modrtnrd’a Lower Stores, Hay sheet, Savannah. Gft. References—Rol>t. llubfinliHin &■ Fons. Hunter<& C.antmt 11, Os t ivus Cohen, Brigham, Baldwin & Cos., Ei win Jt llardee, Claghorn & hum. sep4 2m E. F. METCALFE & CO., "" GEBERAT, | FOIIAVAnEIXt; AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Lower Stoddards Range in-tween Abercorn and Lincoln Streets, Savannah, ------ Ga. References- -llcning, Flint A Pearce, New York ■ F. M. Bruce & Cos.. Augusta, Ga.; R. C. Robson, Rsq., Atlanta. Ga.; Knott A Howce, Mnron, Ga.; K. M. Bruce, Morgan A Cos., Appalaehicola, Flo.; Watts. Crane & Cos , N. Y.; Geo c. Pearce <fe Cos . St. Louts, Mo.: H. C. Brace A Cos., Cincinnati, O.; Mr. H. J. Cook, Albany, Ga.; Jno. W. O’Connor. Macon, Ga. *«T«' 1m J. SHAFFER, Commlssloxx Donlor In *>'. kinds of FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC FRUITS arm PRODUCE, West \Vabhimit4.n Makkkt, Opi>oeite 143 West «t., Bulkhead between Barclay and Vesey sts., N . E W YORK. Potatoes. Apple* and Onions constantly on hand, and put np forthc Southern market All consignments promptly attenked to. {ST Ref-r* to A. L. Bradley, A. Haywood, T. J. Walsh, and J. 11. Parsoua. I jjl* eodly GMweMtti. Lmrofta. *< C. K OSGOOD, STOKF. IS, ( U.IIiHKSS ASli'ns ST. .11 U.Vtt,ITI.| SAVANN AH, c; V. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DKALBR IN (iiwriis iintl I’rmisioiis, Tin, Crockery, Glassware N. B.—The I.’L'ht—( Fash Price* psij for Beeswax. Tallow, W'o'A, iiiue*. Ac. ts reptlii S. E. BuTUaru.. B- ** ai BOTHWELL & WHITEHEAD GnceTV, Commlssioit aud Forwardini MERCHANTS, MO. 101 BAY STREET, SAVANMAII. O A. sepS tm Jas. G. Watts. A. 11. Cn mrins. JAS. G. WATTS A CO., WHOIISALE AND RITAIL DIALERS IN Groeeries jiii*! ProriNioiiN. ALSO, IMPORTERS OF Foreign Liquors, Wines, Segars, &c.. SS St. JULIAN and 145 BRYAN STREET. Wnt plde Market Square, SAVANNAH, GEORG IA. \\7E would call the Attention of our friend* and the vv public generally t<> pnr new conn, ettw, aud solicit a pbsre of their patrmm£ro. Mr. A H. Champion, late of the firm of Champion A Freeman, th inks hia friend* for their p,ißt favors and reqnes a the be towal of the aame on the new Arm. aepT- Im OQMESIIC^^^^B | ALES WINES JKliybOßSASffiAlt: SOLE AGENTS AND IMPORTERS «.r —i Ch. Fane Champagnes FOR THE STATE OF GEORGIA. au:;o NEW GROCERY STORL Vim Nowtou A: Word. WOULD respectfully inform their frierd* nnd the trnblic that they have opened at No. Brough ton street, formerly occupied by Blun nnd Meyer; ami will keep constantly on lmnd a well selected stock so Family Groceries. Quick eaiee »nd small pn*flt* i* their motto, and a share of the public pAtionage is respectfully solicited, J. 11. VAN NEWTON. H. G. WARD Sepl2 0 PI ERCE SK El HAN IV hole sa 1 e and Retail Dealer In Fine Groceries, Boots and Shoe*. Clothing. Foreign and Domestic Wines, Liquor* and Sogara. Also, Skehan's Celebrated GOLDEN ALE AND CHAMPAGNE CIDER, in bottle and in wood. London and Dublin Browa Stout, Scotch and Eng lish Ales, «fcc. Liberal dedactions made to the trade. ' 176 BROUGHTON STREET, SAVANNAH, nnd 62 Liberty street. New York GADEN &. UNCKLES, GENERAL I’ItODLCE and COMS’N MERCHANTS, -- i.ST WHOLESALE DEALERS IN GROCERIES, PRO VISIONS, 40., Corner op Bay and Barnard Street*, SAVANNAH, GA. Highest market rate* paid for Cotton, Wool, Hides, &c., and libera! ca*h advance* made on shipment* to our New York House. *ept^ 3500 TONS or ENGLISH RAILS, Os best quality, 50x53 per lineal yard. For sale by FOW LB A CO Ju’ft Cm No. 70 Broadway, N. Y. KIRLIN.BRO. & BURKE, WHOLESALE LEALERS IN ALES; TOES t!VD LIfORS. COIINV.R \\ HIT A ILK K STREET AND BAf LA. K. Ci ORDERS PROnPTI.Y FILLED K DELIVERED. »u2l ts 11. Gr. RUWE and) CO.. WTiotesale Dealeis Hi GROCERIES, LiqroHS AND SEGARS, Corner Johnson Square and St. Julian street, and.No. 179 Buy street, Hodgson's Building. Particular at tention paid to flllinc country orders. AGENTS FOR THE SALE OF ALE & LAGER-BEER, sep Him Wm. 11. Snrus'oou. Geo. A. Jlroso:,, \IM. 11. NIIGRWOOD & C 0„ Under St. Andrew’s Hall, Corner of Broughton and Jcflason Street*. MR. MIERWOODbnMnst returned from-the North where he hi.s unde arrangements to be eon- Htant’y snpp'ied with a Select Stock of first cla*9 Family Groeerie**--Wines Liquors, Ac. Mr. Sherwood, the senior partner of the firm, re turns hi* grate'n) thanks to his numerous friends and customers for their patronage to bis business, confer Whitaker and Broughton streets, but would respect fully inform them that he haw now no connection with that establishment and that he has established himself as above, where he will be happy for a con tinuance of the liberal patronage heretofore ex tended to In nr sep27- k 2w WM. M. DAVIDSON, WHOLESALE DEALER IN GROCERIES, WINES, LIQUORS, TEAS, SEGARS, ALE and. Cider*. sep2 If MACKEREL. iti lA KITS q2v Mackerel, lust received and for OUU sale by RICHARDSON * BARNARD, sopt2l-tf Bay at,root, opp. Mm in- i’s Chin ch. Buy Your Claret AND SHERRY WINES TONKING’S, IN REAR OF POST OFFICE, HILTON HEAD. aug24 ts Wholesale and Retail GROCERIES AND LIQUORS. WM. H. SHERWOOD & CO., Savannah, Georgia, southwest corner of Broughton and Jefferson street*, under St, Andrew's Hall. We arc receiving by every steamer fresh articles of Groceries of every description. Liquors imported and direct from manufactures are offered at prices to suit the trade. sept2o-lm BUSINESS DIRECTORY/ ’ _ ” _ t uui( Has rs 1/ Uo« * ftM <ke *U. I • BBIPPINU and COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Corner B y aud Whitaker street*. Savannah. G«. Prompt aiu*nti*»n go« n to omu>iguiaciiU of Mer chandise and Produce W all kind* purchased and aokl. wests 1m Hoi at lo Rite her. COMMISSION MERCHANT, i evler in Sldp Store* and ChandU-ry. Harris' w harf, foot of Lincoln stieet, under (be blutf. eepl 1 COTTON FACTORS. Commission and Forwarding Merchants, anno i»c Bay street, Rue Whitney a* Cos., Geuerul Commission Merchants, No. 2ft2 Bay street, above Barnard street. au24 l)ratly, Smith Cos., Commission and For wa ding Merchants and Manufacturers Agents. May street, north aide, betwecu Whitaker and Bar nard street aug24 MA. Cohen, • FOKWARLINO andCOMMISS'N MERCHANT, Oflke Home ins. Cos , Hft Bay st. Bell, Wyliy Christian, AUCTION, GEN ERAL COMMISSION AND FORWARDING MERCHANTS. Bay street. Savannah. Ga. \M. Srarhrough <&» Cos., llrgoekv and Coii • mission Mkr< u\nth, 140 Congress und 57 St. Juiian sta Highest market prices paid for Cotton, Wool, Beeswax, etc. Liberal Advances on Cotton, Ac. I?n»in & Hardee, !i COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Bay street. Savannah, Ga. WINKS, LIQUORS,'&c. AIiOIILER, NORTHEAST' CORNER OF • Broughton and Jefferson streets. fck>l« Agent f.jr the State of Georgia, for the sale ot C'alhoruia Wines and Brandy. ts E. kttpthckp A Cos., WHOi ESALE DEALERS in Groceries, ’Tines, Liquors and Sugars. Corner of Bay and \\ hi taker sts, Savannah, Go. sep--lm Israel H- Scaly ik Cos., SOI-F AC.KNTS AND IMPORTRKS OF Ch FARRS CHAMPAGNES, Iu the State of GL-oigi i. *297 Fa} - st., between barEard and Jefferson, ou9 bavannah Ga, Israel R. Sealy & Cos., WHOI.KBAU£ HEALERS IN IMPORTED WINES, « ORDIALs, liRANDIES AND SEGARS. anft 001 Bay at., lxtvve» u Barnard and Jefferson JLaina, Importer and Wholesale Dealer in SrAN • isii Segars. French Brandies. Wines, Whiskey and other Liquors. Tok aooo of all kinds. 191 Pay street, savannah. Ga. DRY (TOODS. John C* Maker A Cos., Wholesale and Retail Df.4i.ku in DRY GOODS. HOSIERY, GLOVES. TRIMMINGS, RIBBONS, Ac, Ac. Cor. Congn-aa and Whitaker sta. Tlioma * k*epper. Wholesale akt> Retail Dealer in Staple and Fancy Dry Good*, at Utipreer uettfed Low iTiafW. ONE PRICE ONLY. 115 Congress street. John ftleConaghy, DEALER IN DRY GOODS. *O. 10ft Broughton street. Samuel Itl. Letlerer, Jobber and Retailer of Fancy and Stai ls. Dry Goon*. Boots ani» Shoes, Clotiung, Hat*, Ac. 140 Congress street. ~ GROCEKIES, &c. Stuui t & Co.,Wholea.ileandßc tiil Dealers in Gro ceries and Provisions. Tea*. Ales, Wines and Li quor*. Coiner Bull and Brought* n streets. Special attention paid to orders for the country trade. sepgft-tf C. IC. O'goml, Store lfC Congres* and 85 St. Julian streets, Savannah, Ga Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Groceries and Provision*, Crockery, Glassware, Tin and Hardware. N. B. —ihe highest cash prices paid for Beeswax, Tallow, Wool, Hide**, &.c. *epls_ MFcrat \ Cc„ v\ i o.csal Dealer in Wines, Li • qiotiß, Seqaiih, Liu(irockries, CANiura, Ac. cougresa street. AF. Mha, Wholesvi.s and Retail in • GhOCKItUSS, FRUITS, Ac. Cor. hitaker nnd Congress at. Lane Congtloti tk Symons, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERS, Corner M hitaker and St. Juuan *t*., Old Stand of \V. R. Syinon*. EF. Dtyo, Dealer Ch >ic*i Family • Winls, Liquors, &c. 18b Broughton street. Robert Ilaltoi'f, WHOLESALE and retail grocer, 151 Broughton street. ~ BILLrAKDS, &c. / Y’Toole C 0., BILLIARDS, LIQUORS, WINES. Aa Broughton *t., third door from Bull. Biilia r«l Saloon. By WALTER O’MEARA. ALE-, WINES, LIQUORS, Ao. Bay street, over Expre*s Office. XJnion Shades, Terence Nugent, Proprietor. J ALES, WINE.-, LIQUORS, fEUAHS, ac. do Bull si., opposite Fulnski House. St. Charles Saloon, (in rear of Poet Office,) by A. Stamm. Wholesale amt Retail . None but CHOICE WINES and LIQUORS served. Free Lunch. SC IU VENERY. * John «l. Purtille, (late Recorder of the Second Provost Court) will attend to all Writhgs aud Business entrusted to hi* care, at Saloou oi Terence Nugent, Jr., opposite Pulaski House. GAB FITTING, &c. T>lumltina nnd Ga* Fitting, I By JOHN H. CULLEN, Broughton one door We t of Barnard. WH• William*, Gab Fitter and Plummer, • und Dealer in Tin Ware, lion*.. Flrnibuino Goone, Ac. 145 Bronghtou street. Weed tV Corn well, Wholesale Dealers in Hardware and Tin Ware. No. 15ft And IC4 Broughton street. TT Cranston, U • PLUMBER AND GAS FITTER, ftl Bryan st., next io cor. Whitaker. HEGARS, TOBACCO. &c. jj. Kuellircke ii Cos., Cj Importers of Genuine Havana Segars, Uoiner Cay and Wiiitaker streets, Savanuali, Ga. sept! 1 m FKolb. . SEGARS, TO3ACCO, SNUFF, PIPES, Ac. Harn ird stieet, one door South of the Market Cl P. Lopez, Ssq*bß. Touaoco, Ssstf, Pipss, /. l Aua, SvaXIO.N£BY, Ac. Cor. Bull and Broughton sts. Ijl Constant, Imvoktfb or Domfstic inn Havana , Sfoaes, Mkarscuacm Pn-es, Ac. Also, Win ad, luaui-ao.Niia audutlu-i Liquors. 7 S liuli rtreet, opposite the Post Office. HUNTING, STATIONERY,~&c. Snvillt- A hciu-il, liOOK.'KLLEKS AND STATIONERS, Cor. Bryan street mid Market Square. 1 f arking Ink, Mam-fac-ti keii and for sale hy 1U David h. galloway, Geo. IV. Metaols, BOOK AND JOB PRINTER, Bay st. L between Abercorn mid Drayton. J. Bum-, 1./llp7(iK A Fit hit, STATIONEIL J. LINDER. JOB PRINTER, Ac. No. o Whitaker street. L VV. tihisoii <* Cos., HERALD JOB PRINTING OFFICE. No. 11l Bay street. ~~ WATCHEH; JKWELItVr&.~ FI). Jordan, Denier in Watcihs and, • Sila’Lr and Plated Ware FancyGooim, Ac. g*T Watches ami Jewelry Repaired. 120 Cougreai st.,~ opposite the Pulaski House. ~ HAIR 1)1 LESSING, &c. ~ Pulaski House Barber Shop, (cor. Bull and Bryan et*.J Sharing, Hair Catting, Shampooing. Whiskers Dyed, Ac. Fancy Soaps, Cologne, Neck Ties and other Fancy Aitides for sale KLKMTL'Hr. ' ~ Dennis Knlvey, FURNITURE WAREHOUSE. New Woek M*dk to onura. Repairing, Bell hanging, Ac., at short notice. 138 Broughton st. * CHINA WARE; &c. T.’- I». Smyth, QUF.ENSWARE, GLASS AND Pj. CHINA, at Wholesale and Retail. 109 Broughton street, 2d door from cor. of Bull BOOTS AND SHOES" a me* & Peabody, Jobber-. In Men’s, Womens PV'.'Sl 0 ?? Calr ’ alld Kid BOOTS and SHOES, of ail kind* and qualities. 162 Congress st., 4th door North of the Market. Geo. T. Nichols. RETAIL BOOT AND SHOE STORE 110 Bronghton st., 2d door from Ball, OlftCOYOftY •• eONTIffUtn ~ ' QHUQftfarrsf^ 5: --~ I Jm. w ciut, «. and. Cor. .South Broad and Barnard-zt' Grii.-r Uort.-ato to A M , p m ir aaM-». st. jmun W»l. W.Uh, . WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DRITT<kt eor. lU,n.rrt and Hft-W *>?«•* House, *•’ Corner Congress and Barnard sU Thomas HI. Turner, DRUGGIST, Sonthwes cor. Barnard ~ud Brun»l,i„. I A. Solomons dt Cos., WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DRCGBIRTq JT. Reading 6i Cos., '* ’ • PHOTOGRAPHERS. CONFErTU/NERV ~~'" 3 JK. lieruaiulez, • CONFKCTluisilß—^WnoiEMi.i u, Rntan MAMi'r.tcTnuji or ■ SYRITS. ('ORDIAI.S AM) n.\ECONFIXTIO”t uv or iu kini*. . US Broughton street, two divors from Barnard. Fiti*»r«W, “ ini> RETzm UDER& r „R AS p ߣl!Ry W lu *»y quan title, to suit jqJrchascrs ». U UITAKKR BTBBKT. ' * SODA WATER. Jolut Ryan, Bottler of SODA VVATEK POu , / and ALE. CORDIALS, SYRLPsTao ’ KItJJ Cor. Bay ali i West Broad streets, DRY GOODS AMD CLUTHIAG. ~ Carhart, Mliitlord & €o.. Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers io READY MADE CLOTHING. 331 ZNl> 333 Bboamvay. ooa. Worth Bte*ft NEW YORK. T. F. Carhart, | Hinky Shame, MM. H. Whitfobo, I A. T. Hamiltoh, J. B. Van Waqkmtn Office of Pay.n * Carhart In liquidation. if® 3m STEELE & BUIIBAMt, 11 Alerehanta Row, Hilton Head, So. c a CALL the attention of Wliolesale and Retail rmr chasers to their superior stock ol p,lr ' MILITARY AND NAVAL CLOTHING AND FURNISHING GOODS. Watches, Clocks, Fancy Goods, Jewelry, ai.d Holed Bolter’s Bitters, The Oldest and best renowned. L. FCNKE, 08 Liberty Street, repig-Smo NEW YORK. Warren’s Celebrated Needles and Fish Honks. ANDREW CLERK & CO., 4S MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK, sole: agents and importers. OCR former customers will find a reduction in cold prices of the Needles, while the quality is always kept up to the highest standard known to English manufacturers. A. C. A Cos., respectfully solicit a renewal of the mercantile relations so long and fuVOruldy esteemed hy their how. auSS Bm lb H. ALLEN & so., ISO & 10l WATKIi ST., NEW YORK. IGRItULTIIRIL IMPLEMENTS, AND MACHINkRV OF AU KINDS, Siniill Tools Jar Uu Tell m and Gar dim, ouch an Spades, Slovelo, ll<*% Forks, Hakes, J.-C., and.for Grass Hooks, Scythes. Scyth-Sioncs, and Agricul tural Haraworc. in general. We offer, also, . large assortment of our own manu faciure of Ilay Cutters, Coffee and Grain Mills, Sugur Mills lor Grocers’ nsa Store Trucks of various pat terns. Road Scrapers, Wheelbarrows. Ac. Fertillizers ot all kinds, such as C, e's Stiperphos phateot Lime, pure Ground Bone, Peruvian Uuauo, und Poudreltc, SEEDS. Every valuable Ameiican and Foieign varictv of Vrgetalrte, Flower and Grass Seed nnd Field Grain that ha) proved worthy of cultivarton, grown and selected expressly for our trade. Sales made in hulk, per pound or bushel or iu small packets.for retailing, by the hundred orlhoutand. sept 2-2. wSmo .Advances Made OX 00T T 0 N AND OTHER PRODUCE. Tho New Yorlc Warehouse and Security Company, No. 26 Pine Street, New York, With a Cash Capital of ONE MILLION DOLLARS, will receive consignments of COTTON, 4fec., and accept time nr’slpht drafts for two-thirds market value, at shipping port, when accompanied by bill of lading. Competent persons will receive the property on arrival. Any other imormation can be had by ad dressing the Company. This institution is owned and managed hy active business men. which, added to the capital invested, guarantee entire salety and experience in the disposal of merchandise consigned to them. References in New- York—National Bank ofilic Re public ; Bank of America. THEODORE CRANE, Pres’t F. J. On hen, Sec’ry. sep22—2uw3iv Brown’s Standard Scales. USED by the United States and Foreign Govern ments for more than THIRTY YEA-It S . Adapted to any branch of business for foreign nr home market*. Warranted acvnrat* and datable. Sale* room* No. 8 Barclay-st., mar Broadwav. sepl9 ly R. BROWN. Manufacturer. GUNNY BAGGING. Fox* sale by N. A. HARDEE & CO. eep2-tf , ITCH! ITCH! ITCH! SCRATCH! SCRATCH!! SCRATCH!!! Wlteatoii’w Ointment. wiu earn the itch in fortv-eibht hours- Alao enres Salt Rhenm, Ulcer*, Chilblains, and »U Eruption* of the Skin. Price 60 cent*. For sale by all Druggists. By sending 00 cents to Weeks A Palter. Sole Agents, 170 Washington street, Boston. Muss.. It j will l>e forwarded hy mall, free of postage, to any . part of the United States. < *ept2l-3m land~a”gency^ FOR SOUTHERN GEORGIA riIUE *ub»criber % formerly of Savannah, and resident i at ninckaheHr, Pierce county, Ga,. on the Atlan tic A Gulf Hall road, *lll give his personal HndiuwJ* vtded attention to the sale and purchase of Uua contiguous to the said railroad, on .commissi' Alia solicits the patronage of all needing an agent there. As experience in the laud, lumber und timber nees of twenty years in Georgia and South Carolina guarantees ample qualification. lie will be rcp*Jj sented in Suvanuah by Mr. Henry Bryan, ard in York by the Great Southern Land Agency. 7]JgJJ* 0 war. JOHN D. DELANNOL Refer* to any old resident In S*vnunab. seplS 3m