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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, October 11, 1865, Image 2

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The Savannah Daily Herald. BY S. W. M ASON&.CO. SAXCKL W. MASOS “j 1 " - \V. T. TIIOMFTOS,. A«»ot iatc t-.Ultor. BAVANN.iI!. VJUISEBDAV, OtT iO-K 11 1566 FOR LMIL HITTERS SEE THIRB PARE. KVKMRG JEDITOOSi OP THE HERALD t’v an accident to our press we were obliged to ma pp'd our Evening Eilluon temporarily, and various circumstances now lead us to announce its discon tinuance for a few days longer. We shall resume Its publication very soon. TO advertisers. Onr advertising patrons are reminded that adver ts.--Brents inserted in the Morning Edition of th B?saU> will appear in the Evening without extra charge. Advemsements should be handed in as fc irly .11= possible, but will be received as late "a 12 o’clock at night. We adhere to onr advertised rates, except for long advertisements, or those inserted re* a long time, on which s reasonable discount will he made. HOW TO OBTAIN THE HERALD REG CLARI.Y We often have complaints from e rents of Savan nah and Hilton H-ad th t they are nor able always tn obtain the F»*ai.d. The demand Is sometimes so gre jt cflto exhaust an Edition very soon at’er Its isene, and those «ho wi-h to have the Her, ALU regularly, should subscribe for it. We have (hithfnl carriers in Ba\ anuah and at Hilton Head, and through them we always serve regular subscrioers first. THE FALL TRADE IN SAVANNAH. We took occasion last evening to converse with several of onr leading merchants re specting the fall trade, and were pleased to learn that, there are many and most cheering indications of returning prosperity in Savan nah, as well as in other portions of the State. The trade and commerce of this Ctv begins to exhibit unmistakable indica tions of a healthy and vigorous reaction.— iudeed, in spite of the many drawbacks, at no time during the last ten years has much more activity in the sl.ippii g line been ob aerved than Bay strett is n<>w presenting.— A large number of st< am boats and sail-ves sels crowd our wharves, and are busily en gaged in receiving and discharging freights. An endless s roces-ion of waggons, drays and cans, he ivi y lad. ned with .all the various articles of commerce, saluie the ear with their incessant din. lodeeed every thing begins to assume the appearance of those happy days anterior to the civil war, when the trade ofSa vanuah annually awoke about the Ist of Octo ber from Its summer slumber. Audwhat is still more satisfactory, the trade is on a sound fooling ; for it is based upon the interchange and actual delivery of the products aud c ap’es of all sections of our State and Flor ida for greenbacks and merchandize. We do not think that this acivity is spasmodic, or that it will prove temporary. The extraordinary activity and magnitude of business throughout tuis great country at the present lime is far beyood any anticipa tions that had been entertained of it in "any quarter. The enlargement seems to be in every branch of activity, iu the importation and jobbing of all varieties of goods, and manu tacluring industry and mechanic work. It has already started steamboat lines—many of them entirely new—to nearly every avail able port on the vast seaboard of tbe South ern States. Tue Northern cities are receiv ing. in unprecedented quantity, the cotton of the Souths and the indications from Wes'ern Europe, say tbe New York papers, are that our people w ill find market for heavy expor tations of tbe cereklb of the West. The South was swept bare of every sort of goods during the war, and its working machinery, its railroads, its rolling stock, &c. were in great part destroyed. All that was left it were its staple crops; but as it is now proven to possess these in heavy quan tity, they will enable it to supply itself witli everything else. As regards foreign commerce, there are the same reasons for anticipating its healthy,reg ular and profitable condition, as apply to in , tereectional trade, namely, an approximate correspondence between the value.oi exports and imports. We learn from au intelligent citizen oi New York city, no* on a visit to this qi.ty, tnat the itnpoitatioi s .bus far in the new fiscal year are not equal to the demand, and considerate drauguts continue to be made on the stock of merchandize in bend. In one respect the trade promises to be safer than ever before. The financial crisis of '67 and the political crisis of ’6l killed credit, and the bl-st wav is to let it stay dead. With it the tendency to overtrade is often mischievous and dangerous; but in the cash system the more trade the better, as long as k represents the legitimate ex changes of producers and consumers.— •So keep the green backs flying, ami one of these days, if public affairs are con ducted properly, gold and silver will iingle musically as of yore. To recover iu due season their former prosperity, the people of the South must eschew political excitement and contention, end cultivate in a patriotic spirit that mu tuality of kindness and lriendly assistance always characteristic ot au enlightened and Cdriotiau people, when struggling to recover from tue cjqpiug effects of a national ca lamity. The uiau who, whether in public or private life, attempts, eveu indirectly, to in flame the public m.ud in times like the present, deserves to he o-traeised from the commu nity, as a moral incendiary, seeking to de stroy its peace and pro.-perity. God forbid that the political suite and confusion which existed beiore the war and convulsed the country into the late sanguinary conflict, and for which reckiuss and unprincipled editors and politicians ate ttspousible, should ever be felt and seen agaiu by this impoverished and Uearutricaen people. That such a ca tastiopbu may net be repeated will be due mainly tc the solemn determination on the part ot every g -od citizen to discountenance the mischievoua machinations of political tricksters in pursuit ot office, and the evil influences of insane fanatics who thirst ter excitement aud notoriety. General Slocum commenced tbe political campaign in Neuv York on Monday last by an open and manly speech at Syracuse. He gave a clear statement ol the present condi tion of the South, as regards both the white and black population, bated upon his own personal observation; maintained that the Southern people cordially accept tbe verdict of the war as conclusive aud binding, and strongly advocated the policy of President Johnson, looking upon it as tbe only safe, wise and practical policy that could be adopted. Tne Mississippi militia controver »y was fully explained. An extract from the ®«WtaVs speech will be found on our first s PH«- r ’ I!A GKMKKAL. tici, tMocuih e risignaiiou ha* (wen ac ept*4. —A large and enthusiastic Fenian meeting was held at Nashville on the 4th inst. —Maj Gen. Hooker was married to Mias Olivia Groesbeck at Ciucinnati on Tuesday evening. —lt is reported that Ralph Waldo Emerson lost his entire property by the Concord Bank robbery, except his homestead. —Hon. Win Aiken, of Charleston, is pro-, posed as a candidate to represent the Second. District ot South Carolina in Congresr. —Gen. Gillmore is expected back to his Department about the middle of the pte seut month. —Gen. Butler is besieging the President, haying had four interviews with him since the 30tb ult. —The Atago and Fulton resume their trips between New York and Havre in Nov i mber. —Miss Laura Keene has sued out an in junction to restrain Mr. Johu S. Clarke, of the \\ inter Garden, New York, from per forming ‘Our American Cousin.’ —The Mississippi election returns thus far rece’ved, indicate the certain election of Gen. Benj G. Humphries, as Governor, by a large majority. —The splendid mansion and grounds of Geo. H. Stuart, near Philadelphia, have been purchased by the tragediau Edwin Forrest, for $76,000. —The Jacksonville Union denies the re port that yellow lever is prevalent in that town. There has not been a single case of yellow fever in Jacksonville this season. —ln some sections of South Western Ga., the crops have suffered greatly from w ant of rain. In some places they have beeu material ly cut short. —The Gothamites are awaiting anew seu sation in the autiepated developments of a divorce case, in which a husband and wife are both suing for divorce on the ground of infidelity. —Close upon the great firas at Mobile comes a destructive conflagration at Memphis, by which three hundred bales of cotton were destroyed. The fires were all believed to be incendiary. —Citizens and soldiers, white and black, in Gainesville, Fla., convicted of misdemean or, are set to work "cutting down and drag ging out” the weeds which grow luxuriantly in the streets of that city. —The latest Fenian report is that an American bark, lately arrived at Liverpool, was overhauled at sea by an armed screw steamer carrying the Fenian flag. What j spoils the story however, is that the Captain ! of the ship pronounces it a hoax. —Twenty families in South Boston have vowed to eat no butter until the price falls to thirty cents a pound. The present rates are exorbitant. In Philadelphia dealers have had (lie impudence to charge sl. 25 a ! pound. —The New Bedford Standard says that within two hours niter the arrival of the heavy artillery company in that city on Fri day, the musket and knapsack of one of tbe members were levied upon by an officer for debt. —A kind of convention was recently held by the colored people in the vicinity of Washington in this State. “A procession was formed,"says a witness, “which kept ‘march in’ ’round and ’round’, for some time; the mar shals were somewhat pomp-out, but such is life.” —A Northern paper says that one of the surest indications that the South is resuming her wonted activity, is the occurrence of a railroad accident now and then. The train between Tallahassee and Quincy, on the 80th ult., ran off the track, killing the engi neer. —At a ball given by the Fenian Sisterhood in St. Louis, Mo., a few weeks since, a beau tiful Irish Hag was presented to the Feniau Association of that city. Brig. Gen. Tom Bweeney, Major Gen. Frank Blair, Major Gen. Baeruian, and other distinguished ol licei6 of the army, were present on the occa sion. Gen. Sweeney made an eloquent speech. Gen. Sherman wore on his breast, the badge of the Fen ian Brotherhood- IMPORTANT CIRCULAR PROV| THR FSEEDHEtj'S BUREAU'. IV e publish in another column Circular No. 2, from Brig Gen. Davis Tillson, in com mand ol the Bureau of Refugses, Frcedmeu aud Abandoned Lands for the State of Geor gia, setting forth the rules to be observed iu this department in the business relations to be established between employers and freed men. It will be obseived that while the freedmen are fully protected, the just rights and interests of the employer are not left un guarded. A faithful compliance on the part of plauters and other employers with the re quirements of the Bureau will, under exist ing circumstances, be promotive ot the gen eral weliare ot both the employers aud the. lreedmen. The latter are given plainly to understand that they will not be subsisted in idleness or protected in acts of lawless inso leuct and insubordination to the laws, while the former are assured that they will be re quired to aet in good faith and to religiously comply with just and equitable contracts.— AU good citizens will lend a cheerful sup port Id the efforts ol Gen- Tillson to re-estab lish relations of mutual interest, confidence and security, between capital aud labor, iu dispensible alike to the* general and indivi dual prosper ity of our section A On cat Hotel at Central Park, New York.— The plot ol ground bounded by Fifty ninth and Sixtieth streets, and Filth aud Madison avenues, New York, has been purchased, it is repotted, by the proprietor of the New York Hotel, Mr. Hiram Cranston, ior the purpose of erecting a magnificent hotel, which shall cost, with the ground, about two million dollars. This building, if completed according to the plans, will pro bably be the largest and finest hotel in tbe world. The situation of it, near the Fifth avenue entrance to tbe Pari, will be very favorable. Os the late Dr. Way land the Providence Journal says: During the summer be has, been in his usual health, .las revised his ' Moral Puilosopby, ( ” written two or three new chapters for it, and eorrtcted the proofs of the new edition, which will appear almost simultaneously with bis death. During com mencement week he made a journey to Ash burnbam, Mass., and assisted in drawing the plan of an academy, for which one of his relatives had left a large bequest. OFFICE ACTING ASST. COMMISTt BranaCOF*. Fhfudmi.x avo Aim- > i*onm» I.wrwi n.K the Staik of Ga., i ■mttn, Ga.. (lkl. .\lB6. r r. J C’IKITLAR. No. 2- > 1. To prevent starvation and death among the freed people during Hie ranidly approach' ing winter, officers and agents of this Bureau will make immediate and vigorous efforts to provide all treed people who may be out ot employment witn oppormoiiie? lor labor win-re fair compensation aud kind treatment will be secured to them. Thb is the only practicable aud comprehensive plan of pro viding for their necessities, and to this all homes, asylums, hospitals or other modes of furnishing relief will be regarded as subsi diary ami for temporary use only. 2d. Fh aii tiie large cities, and where practicable in Sab-Districts, a census will be taken of the lreed people, showing the name, present and former residence, sex, age. oc cupation. value of property aud condition, viz: whether able bodied, decrepid or per manently incapable ot self-support This can be done by intelligent soldiers de tailed for tbe purpose, with very sligut ex pense to tbe government. 3d. Officers and Agents of the Bureau w ill invite all persons iu their sub-Di>trlcts w .tiling labor to make known tbe fact, to gether with tbeir address, or name of agent liear.-r ot access, and a full statement ot the number and kind of persons wanted—the kind of employment and tbe compensation otiired —whieb will be kept on file in tbe office, or entered upon a book suitable for the purpose. Intelligence offices established by priva'e parties, if mauaged honestly, may be encouraged and used as auxiliaries Whenever it shad appear that there is mor.. o.- /ess labor than can tiud profitable employment in any sub-District, the fact will in made known at. this office, to the end that the needed distribution may be se cured. 4th. Rations will uot be issued, or other aid given, to able bodied refugees or freed people who are offered or can find opportu nities to labor for their own support, and who neglect or refuse to do it. Only such persons of either class as have sufficient means, or who ate so permanently employed as to make it probable that they will be able to provide for tbeir own wants through tbe coming winter, will be allowed to remain in or about cities and towns, but must be com pelled, it necessary, to go to the country and accept places of labor tound by tbemseives, or tor them, by offices or agents of the Bu reau. sth Unfortunately, there is a widespread belief among tbe heed people of this State that at Christmas there is to be a distribution of property among them, and under this im pression they are refusing to make contracts for the coming year. Aii officers and agents of this Bureau are directed, and other officers of tiie army throughout the Slate, are ear nestly requested to exert themselves to con vince the freed people that they are utterly mistaken, and that no such distribution W’il take place at Christmas, or at any other time, and to induce them to enter into con tracts now, that the}' may not, at the end of the year be in a condition io entail severe ' suffering on themselves, their families, and ; upon tbe communiiv. 6th. Contracts for this year however ; made, verbal or otherwise, will not be inter fered wiih, except to compel, if necessary, , both parties to comply in good faith with their agreements, and to settle disputes when J they may arise. Conti acts for next year will : b« made iu writing. The form of contract | usually adopted reads as follow's ; "Know ml men by these presents, that——- : of the county of Stgte of held aud j firmly bound io the United States of Ameri ca iu the sum of dollars, for the payment | of which biud heirs, executors, ad- j ministrators firmly by these presents in this j contract • That to furnish to tbe persons I whose names are subjoined, (freed laborers,) quarters, fuel, substantial and healthy ra j lions, all medical attendance ami supplies iu j case ot sickuess, and the amount set oppo site, their respective names per month during the coutinuatiou of the contract ; the laborers to be paid in full before the final disposal of the crop which is to be raised by them on plantation, in the county of- State of . | j j RATES OF PAY RER MONTH. ; No. 1 Names, j Age. | Dolls | Cents. | !. I ! 1 j__j _ i This contract is to commence with this date and close with the year. Given in duplicate ai this day of 18(1 . Witness. Superintendent of District. Registered at 186 . But this may he modified to meet the in dividual wants, wishes and circumstances of the contracting parties, who can make any trade or agreement that is satisfactory to themselves, and so long as advantage is not taken of the ignorance of the freed people to deprive them of a fair and reasonable com pensation for their labor, officers of the Bu reau in this District will not interfere, but on the contrary will give aid, encouragement aud assistance in making contracts without cnarging any fee or imposing any other burden. The Bureau reluses to fix# price for labor or allow ivto be a tone by any com munity or combination of people, but leaves labor, like any other commodity, to sell it self, in the open market to the highest bid der. Iu case the employers’ circumstances are such as to make it doubtful whether or not they will have the means necessary to enable them to comply with their part ol the contract, good and sufficient sureties to the bond will be required, or wages will be se cured by a lieu on the crops or land. These contracts must be made in duplicate and approved bv an officer of the Bureau, or nearest Provost Marshal, who should also, if possible, witness the Signature of all the liarties and explain to them the terms, con ditions aud probable results of the contract. In all cases the officer will inform the parties that having of their own free will joined in the contract, they will be compelled itneces- i sary to comply in good faith with its terms | abil conditions. They will especially im- i press upon the laborer that he is to work ] under the direction of his employer, to be industrious and faithful, aud not to leave the plantation or place of his employment, with out permission, unless he is treated with cruelty. Parents are responsible for their childten. the children tor their aged and decrepid parents, and must labor lor their support ; and in making contracts this fact must be taken ’mto consideration, thereby providing lor a large class of persons who would other wise become a burden upon tbe community or Government. Persons who refuse or neglect to make written contracts lor next year with the freed people employed by them," will oe required, should any dispute arise as to the compensa - tion to be allowed, to pay tbe highest wages given for the same kind of labor iu the neigh borhood or section of country. 7th. Officers and agents of the Bu reau will on no account fail to protect the freed people in their just rights as set forth in the laws of Congress'and the Proclamations ofihe President of the United States, aud for this purpose will, if necessary, call on the nearest uulitaiy commander ior aid, in com- I piiuuce with Gen. Order 102. C. 8., from the 1 War Department. At the same time they j will not allow the freed people to practice j any wrong or injustice on their employers, nr on society. They will remember that it is | ibe chief object of tue Bureau to do simple justice to all persons, while or black—to aid to the utmost in securing to the employer permanent aud reliable labor, and in restore iug the State to its former condition of peace and prosperity. Davis TittsoN', Brig. Gen. U. S. Yols. Act. Asst. Comm. Official • W. W- Dean. Asst. Adj. General. HVINfIAL A\i) IftMMRfIAL. From our Special i orrespondent.) Ken York Markrli. Xbw Yoke, OiX. ISK—2 ! . o'clock, P. M. I’uu s—The inquiry l»r W eatern and state Elmir is more active, and price* have advanced luai.'c. I*'- hid. mi! tie Jmy, am I lia'jac. mi Hit- iuebii'in auil hieh grades. The marker during tue day was quite excited alul closes Ann at lie improvement. The sales are 22,400Mi1-, at fs Idas 25tor Superfine state; •v* 35a» *6 bar Extra Slate : $8 60a9 lor Fancy state : ss 65a6 90 for low grades of Western Extra; s9a9 20 tor shipping Ohio; SO 40a 12 70 lor Trade aud iamilv hraiui.-. and 3sl«-_-,ala for at. Lout- Extras. In cluded in the aitove sales are 1000 bbls. Extra State, Seller* option, November at $8 so. CasaPa Fi.oitk—is In rail- demand, and prices have advanced loalic. per bbl. Sales of 310 hols, at 5546 do for the low grade- of Extra, and s9al2 io for Trade and Familv Extra. Southern Flour—ls m less active derr.-mJ, but prices nave advanced lOaitc. per bbl Sales of 750 bbls. at $m liaioeo for mixed to good Superfine i onntrv indtunore, Ac., aud il(/75aio25 lor Trade and Family brands. Wmshey:—The market is dull and heavy. Sales of 200 bbls. at $2 29 tor Western. Pr .visions.—The Pork market lias been active and excited and is higher, closing rirm at the im provement Fiime Me.— Is much sought after In an ticipation of Government contract. For future de livery 3750 bbls. sold, buyers option this month, at S3B ; 250 buyer until 15t!i at j 36, and 250 bbls. Prime Mass, buver until 15th at 531. The sales, cash and regular, are 13200 bbls.. at $35 2.5 a 35 87‘f lor Mess ; $35 soa 31 for Western Prhue Mess; and 31 25 rot small lots do. Beef is tinner and In demand. Sale 750 bbls., at s2a 14 for Plain Mess ; sl4 a 1.5 for Extra do., job bing sales do. at $lB ; $8 a 10 lor State do. Tierce Beef is dull and nominal at about $24 for Western do. ; $25 for India Mess. Cut Meats are entirely nominal. Bacon Is qmet though rumors prevail of Ueavv sales tor future delivery. Lard is rather firmer and in demand owing to the improvement in gold. Sales of 750 bills, and to-., at 27 a 29. MC. for No. 1 Prime Steam Kettle, and 2955 a 3055 for small lots. Tali ow.—The market Is quiet but firm at 15 a I SHc. Tor Western : and 1555 a 15?; for City. Butter.—There is no change of Importance to note since our last. The demand continues mod erate at about J 2 a 38c. for Ohio and Western ; 42 a 4tic. for State firkins; 42 a 43c. for do. Welsh tubs ; and 65c. for Orange county palls. Cheese.—Prices are firm and the demand fair.— We quote at 16b; a i;c. lor factory made ; 1755 c. for choice do.; 16% a 17c. for farmers’ dairies; 1754 c. for choice do.; 22 a 24c. for Connecticut English dairy; and pine apple, 24 a 2055 c. Cotton.—The excitement continues unabated speculators, manufacturers and exporters buying freely; and the sales and re-sales yesterday, and thus far to-day, foot up nearly 15,000 bales. Prices again show a decided improvement, closing buoyant at 47 cents for low middling upland, 48c. for do Orleans. 49 a 49Kc. Tor middling upland, and 50c. for Orleans. The receipts this morning were 3,957 Oates ; yester day, 1,300 bales. Mobile and New Orleans cotton sold at auction, attracting a good attendance, and foil prices were leubzed. The Mobile sold as fol lows : 7 bales middling fair at 5354 c.; 65 bales strict middling 60. • *ls hs}r-; low middling, 4854 c.; 85 bales good ordinary. 48c.; 28 bales ordinary, 4454 c.; 4 bales low ordinary, 37c.; 9 bales pickings, 3054 c.; 156 bale3 1 e-baled, 4354 c. The New Orleans us follows • 9 bales middling fair, 54c.; 101 bales strict middling, 6054 c.; 140 bales low middling, 4654 c.; 115 bales good ordi nary, 44c.; 62 hales ordinary, 43c.; 35 bales low or dinary, 38)40.; 191 bales pickings, 21%c.; and 204 bales re-bak-d, 40 1 1c. grain.—The wheat market U fairly active r.t an advance of 2 a 3c. on Spring, and 5 a ioc. on Winter. The demand Is from both speculators and millers. The sales are 63,000 bushels, at $1 70 a 1 77 for Chi cago .Spring ; $1 72 a 1 76 for Milwaukee Club; $1 75 a 1 7754 for Atuoer do.: $2 4n a2 45 for new Amber Western ; $2 87 for Amber State. Oats- -Are in moderate supply and firm, but the demand Is not active. The sales are 40,000 bushels. Unsound at 54 a 58c,; Western at H 4; Btato fUc. Corn—ls without change of importance. The sales are 77,900 bushels. Unsound at 85 a 92c. : West ern Mixed at 93 a 94c.; do. White at $1 Ok. CoprEE.—Rio remains quiet but urm at full pre vious figures. Java is very scarce and most holders demand 81 a 32c. gold Other styles are without change. Molasses.—A good fair business i-i doing and full prices readily obtained. We quote Cuba Muscovado at 56 a 67c. iu Hilda, aud 65 a 71 in tierces and bbls. Cuba Clayed 45 a 48c, and small lots at 52 a 53c.; Centrifugal Cuba 35 a42c.: Barbadoes 78a 80c.; Porto iiico 80 a 95c. fair to good, and $1 00 a 1 Id for prime. Rice.—A small parcel Carolina has been sold at 1254 c. currency, but prices are quiet. .■sugars.— Tmier the. Influence of the excitement in gold tire market for Raw Sugara was quite active this morning and prices further advanced. This after noon there is less doing, but little improvement is sustained. We quote Fair Refining at 13*4a1854c. Good do. 13f4a13?4c., aud Fair to Good Grocery 14a 1554 c.. and Prime to Choice do. 15‘;al65ic. Refined arc firm at 2o,Yc. for Powdered, Granulated and Crushed. Gold—gold hat been somewhat excited, opening at 14654 c.. mlv«firing to 14754 c, but subsequently de clined aud closes weak at 1465(0. Connecticut aDd Colorado vote “no” on tire question of negro suffrage. Col. Forney, evidently alarmed, writes to the Philadelphia Press from Washington, as follows : The convention which nominated Abra nara Lincoln and Andrew Johnson refuse to make a national test ot the question, and nothing but disaster bas ever befallen our Irie.uds whenever they have departed from it iu the States. Let us adhere to what is nominated in the national bond. To go be yond it is to court disaster for no practical, nay for no theoretical good. Above all, let us'avoid attempting to lorce upon tbe South ern States what we are now once more taught wo cannot, even with our better in formed colored people, do ourselves at our own homes. Speaking of the vote in Connecticut, the Hartford Times says : A remarkable and significant feature of the election ou Monday was the unanimity of the soldiers' vote The returned veterans of the war, bronzed in years of toilsome marches and scarred in many battles, voted very nearly unanimously against the proposition for negro suffrage. Tiie Fenian Prisoners.— A Liverpool let ter of the 4th says: The Feuian prisoners were all remanded yesterday at Dublin for a week. They will all be tried together. Arrests continue.— Among tbe latest are a merchant tailor in Dublin named Druiffe and a stationer in Li verpool named Archdeacon. Treasonable documents and arms were found in both cases. Iu the beginning woman consisted of a single rib- Now she is all ribs, from her belt to the rim of her petticoats. Headquarters, Sub Dist. of Ogekchee, > Savannah, Ga., Oct. 9th, 1865.) CIRCULAR. To facilitate the collection of the tax enumerated in paragraph 6, Special Orders No. 32, dated Headquarters, Sub-District of Ogeeehee, it is hereby ordered : That officers of bauks, insurance, express and oilier stock companies, manufactuies, merchants, professional men, and all others who receive a salary or employ labor for which compensation is paid, amounting to or exceeding eighty-three and one-ihird dollars per month, will render to Captain Wm. T. Easton, Tax Receivet, city of Savannah, Ga., prior to the 20th instant, a certified report for the months of September and October. 1865, stating name, occupation and amount of compensation received or paid. By command of Bvt. Brig. Gen. DAVIS. Signed • IV H. Folk. Ist Lieut, and A. A. A. G. SPECIAL NOTICES. EA'i'CKELOB- S HAIR BITS ! Tfce Original and Best in the World! The only true and perfect nalr Dye. Harmless. Reliable and Instan taneous. Frodaocs immediate.;.- a splendid Black or natural Brown, without injuries the hair or skin. Remedies the ill effects of bad dyes, f old by all Drug gists. The genuine is signed William A. Batchelor. Also, REGENERATING EXTRACT OF MILLEFLEITRS, For Restoring and Beautifying the Hair. aul4-ly CHARLES BATCHELOR, New Yore. A PHYSIOLOGICAL View of MARRIAGE Containing nearly 300 pages, and 130 fine Plates and Engravings of the Anatomy of the Human Or gans in a state ot Health and Disease, wiih a Trea tise on Early Errors, its Deplorable Consequences upon the mind and Body, with the Author’s Plan of Treatment—the only rational and successful mode of cure, as shown by the report of eases treated. A tfctbfttl adviser to the married, and those contem pAting marriage, who entertain doubts ot their phys ical condition. Sent free of postage to any addM*s, oh receipt of 25 cents, in stamps or postage currency, by addressing Dr. LA CROIX, No. 31 Malden Lane, Albany, N. Y. Tbe author may be consulted upon any of the dis eases upon which bis book treats either personally or by mail, and medicines sent to any part of the world, octl* eg SKW ADVKRTIsEMEMY. A NOBLE PURPOSE AND A Glorious Result I H. There are § c many roads to fame and fortune as there were gateways to ancient Thebes. Your am bitious warrior is for carrying his war with the eabre ; your aspiring politician for scheming his way by intrigue and consummate art. But there Is one grand broad patli to the goal, along which nothing base can travel. It is the path set apart for the march of talent, energy 7 , and noble purpose and though full of obstacles, it contains none that a brave man cannot surmount. This fact has been exemplified in innumerable instances, but In few more forcibly than in the rise and progreas of DR. HOOFLAND’S GERMAN BITTERS. For over fifteen years its course lias been onward and upward, scattering blessings at every step, until it now stands on the topmost rounds u* the ladder of fame, as the GREAT TOISTIC. o Hoofiand’s German Bitters Is a positive remedy for DYSPEPSiA, AND Diseases Resulting From DISORDER OF THE LIVER and DIGESTIVE ORGANS, And i3 the orly certain and safe RESTORER OF STRENGTH IN CASES OF DEBILITY o By the use of this Bitters Weakened and Debilitated Frame* Be* eome Renewed with all the Vigor of Health. Impaired constitutions are rebuilt, and the pa tient in a short time regains Vigor, Health and Strength. F OBSERVE THE FOLLOWING SYMPTOMS, Resulting from Disorderexjfthe Digestive Organs! Constipation, Inward Piles, Fullness of Blood to the Head, Acidity of the Stomach, Nausea, Heart burn, Disgust for Food, Fullness or Weight in the Stomach, Sour Eructations, Sink ing or Fluttering at the Pit of the Stomach, Swimming of the Head. Hurried and lliillcult Breath ing, Fluttering at the ,» • Heart, Choking or Suffocating Sensation when in a Lying Pos tore, Dimness of Vision, Dots or Webs before the Sight, Fever and Dull Pain la the Head, Desi eiency si i'erspl ation. Yellowness of the Skin and Eyes, Pain In the Side, Back, Chest, Limbs, Ac., Sudden Flushes of Heat, Burn ing in tbe Flesb, Constant Imaginings of Evil, and great Depression of Spirits. Remember That these Bitters contain no Rum or Whiskey And can't make Drunkards Is not a Bar Room Drink, Bat a Highly Concentrated Vegetable Extract, Free from Alcoholic Stimulant or Injurious Drugs- It cannot Insidiously introduce the vice of Drunk enness Into the bosom of your families—to your wife, your children, or your friends. L SOLDIERS Or others, whose systems have become impaired’by hardships or disease, will find Iu th is Bitters a toi lie that will restore them to all tbeir original vigor. A These Bitters have pertormed more cures! Given Better Satisfaction l Have more Testimony J Have more respectable people to vouch for them 1 Than any other article in the Market We defy any one to contradict this assertion, AND WILL PAY SI,OOO To any one that will produce a Certificate publiehet 1 by ui that is not GENUINE. N READ WHO SAYS SO. PROM THE HON. THOMAS B. FLORENCE. W usbingiou, January 1, 18G4. Gentlemen Having btateu it verbally to you, I have no hesitation in writing the fact, that I experi enced marked Lvne it from your Hoofiand’s German Bitters. During a long and tedious of Con gress, pressing and onerous duties nearly prostrated me. A kind lriend suggested the use of the prepa.a tion I have named. 1 touk his advice, and the result ; was improvement of health, renewed energy, and j that particular relief Iso much needed and obtaine i. , Others may be similarly advantaged, if they desire to he. Truly vour friend, THOMAS B. FLORENCE D From Rev. W. D. Sefgfried, Pastor of Twelfth Baptist Church. Philadelphia, December 26, 186 X Messes. Jones & Evans, Gentlemen :—I have recently "been laboring under tbe distressing effects of iadigewtiou accompanied by a prostration ol the nervous avr>tem. Numewus rem edies were recommended by mends aud some ol them tested, but wi.hout relief. Your Hoofliand’a German Bitters were recommended by persons who had tried them, and whose favorable mention of the Hitters In duced me also to try them. I must confess that 1 hud au :iversion to patent medicines, from tue *-thousand and one’* quacK ••Bitters,” whose only aim seems to oe so palm off sweetened aud drugged liquor upon th© community, iu a sly way; and the tendency of which, 1 fear, is to make muuy a confirmed drunkard. Upon learning that yours was really a raediciual preparation I took it with happy effect. Its action was not only upon the stomach, bat upon the ner vous system, was prompt and gratifying. I fen that I have derived great aud permanent benefit lroin the use of a few bottle*. Very respectfully yours, W. G. SklGFKlfilD, * No. 264 Shackamaxon street, BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS, Sec that the slgnatnre of ‘C. M. JACKSON” Sa on the Wrapper of each bottle. PRINCIPAL OFFICE & MANUFACTORY No. 631 ARCH STREET, JONES & EVANS, SUCCESSORS TO C. M. JACKSON k CQ, For sale by Drngglati and Dealer* in every town ia t he United States. octll-WAS VTU ADVBKTIftBMSftTS. To The MERCHANTS OF SAVANNAH. At the aorvesrion of several tneirhnntt*, tbe un dersigned proposes to publish, at au early day, u BUSINESS DIRECTORY for the city of Savannah. It is to be gr. tten up in good style. The Cards will I* well displayed, printed iu colors, the whole trained, and placed in the dilt'er ent hotels and other public places iu Savannah, on all steamers and train* running to this place, and distributed throughout Southwestern Georgia and Honda. Terms—For a medium sized card. TEN DOLLARS. Address me at Estill’s News Depot. Bull street, cor. Bay Lane <**U 1 JAMES AGNEW. mHOMAs & co.; COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 117 Bay Street. FIRE, MARINE AND LIFE ASSURANCE Taken at as Low Rate* as are accepted by any good Company. octl 1-lm WHEREAREYOU GOING~ MR. BACKER ? Going toR. Balfore’s, 157 Broughton St. WHAT FOR? WHY, FOR FLOUR. 9AH BBLS CHOICE FLOUR uv" 200 bbie Potatoes 100 bbls Onions 50,000 lbs Bacon Fresh Crackers 20 bbls Brown Sugar 5 tierces English Crushed Sugar Switzerland Cheese. oetll-I w Van Horn, Holyoke & Murray, General Commission and Forwarding MERCHANTS. No. 9 Stoddard’s Block, BAY STREET, SAVANNAH, GEORGIA Ckas. Van Horn, Hoi ioke & Murray. Savannah, Ga. New York. Engaged exclusively in a Commission Business,u llh ample and first class Storage Room, we most respect fully tender onr servicer, for the purchase and sale of all kinds of merchandise. Just Received, Ani in Store on Consignment, BUGGIES AND CARRIAGES Also, a lot of Fine Liquors, consisting of j BRANDIES. WHISKEY, SANTA CRUZ RCM, BORER’S BITTERS. Ac. I Which we offer on the mo-i liberal terms. VAN HORN. HOLYOKE A MU RRAY, octll-tf No. 9 Stoddard’s Block. HATS, CAPS, &c. Cl ENTS* RESORT®, Folt, Derby and Faust Eats. * Army and Navy Cap*, Boys Huts. Cap*, and Tur ban?. Just received and lor sale bv S. M. GOLDING, oct 11 No. 153 Congress street. Boots, Shoes, <&c GENTS’ BOOTS. Gaiters and Balmorals ; Ladies' and Misses’ Ga tera and Balmorals; Children', Balmorals and Bootees. Just received and for sale by S. M. COLDINC, l] octlf No. 153 Congress street. Central Railroad SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE. \ SaTanuab, Oct, loth, 1865./ :l This Company is now. In connection with HJ. !• Dickerson A Co.’s Wagons, prepared to receive and ji fottvard to Augusta daily from twenty to thirty thou l sad pounds of Freight, and go through in from three P to six days. Ship Freight and other expenses must be paid by Shippers. Railroad freight can be paid here or t at des tination. Freight on perishable goods must be prepaid. GEO. W. ADAMS, octll General Superintendent. WANTED TO PURCHASE SPECIE, Bank Notes and past due Bonds of the Cen tral Railroad Company, by octll-lw HENRY BRY AN. boaedingT TWO GENTLEMEN can be accommodated with a pleasant Room and first class Board In a desira ble locality. Address X., Herald office. octll-2 Dunn & Brown, SHIPPING- MASTERS, HAVING opened an office at No. 36 Bay street, be tween Habersham and Price streets, we are pre pared to farnlah crews at the shortest notice octil-lm Grits and Meal. GILLEM'S MILL RE-OPENED. Having purchas ed the entire interest from Mr H. Gillem la his large and, ntensive Mills, on the corner of Habersham street and Perry street lane, we are now prepared to . furnish Grist and Meal nt favorable rates. Corn will be ground on toll. All orders promptlv filled, octil-lm LUDINGTON at HARRISON. L. WARROCK, : AUCTION AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANT, JACKSONVILLE, FLA. Consignment? solicited Personal attention given to forwarding Merchandise * and Cotton. octll-lm ' WANTED QY A cftrcftU Tenant, n HOUSE in a < antral local!- XJ ty. Audreys F., Herald office. «>ctll 3 flour: sjruijs EELS EELLEF'iNTAING i’LOCP. iv U luu bbis •Antietam" Flour Fo - Sale by W. H STARK, octll .3 cor. Lincoln and Bay sM. Information Wanted OF Mi * Honora (Fitzmaurlce) Riech, who resided in s a Hannah beiore the war broke out. Is a na tive of I. Teland, and In America about 20 years. By calling o. 1 the Editor of the Dally Herald, she will hear som Bthins to her advantage. 1 octli Notice. THE Cos .-ran iershlp heretofore existing ltetween JACK; KIX A- WAKROCK was, on tile 30th Sep tember die »alvw.l by mutual consent. The business All hereai ter be conducted by the undersigned, who will be liai my to receive a continuance of the pa tronage b .stowed on the late firm of Jackson & Warrick. L. WARROCK. °cm By B ell, Wylly & Christian AT PRIVATE SALE. Souther a half of Lot No. 4, Elbert Ward. Improve ments coi islet of a Dwelling on Brick Basement fitted tip as a » ore. Also. Lot No. 23, on corner of Price and Char iton streets. The improvements consist of a Handso *ne Dwelling, known as Lewis’ Cottage. Also, Tru m Lot No. 38, Troup Ward. AU of the above property will be sold at a bargain, if applied for this week. a octu _ AMIttKMKNI» mmiH TIIF.ITRE. Mawag».- Messrs Hav mono A Ha^ilto WEDNESDAY EVENING, OCT. n Repetition, by desire, of the great Comedy ol OUR AMERICAN COUSIN, In which all the Company appear. To conclude with the new French Drama or the Tailor of France; OR, THE REPUBLICANS OF BREST SAVANNAH INSTITUTE FOR YOTJTVG LADIES. T'MraaVfSflS? “ ■* Mr. Lancaster has the pleasure of Informing Ll> troos and friends that hi- has secured as arsoc-sieE? the instruction and management of hie School i-rW al highly educated and accomplished Ladies of si vannah. 0R " Besides the usual branches of an Engll-h tlon. Instruction will be given in Latlu, Frereh - Music—Vocal and Instrumental—and Drawing It la the purpose of the Principal to establish «fi, at cla-s School for Young Ladies, in which ,n branches of a complete education may be s under i he moßt Lvorable circumstances. n * el The School will not be divided into Department,, but there will 1* division of classes, so that ea?b on Slfferenf Teach^sre** 1 * ° f Ked, “ tloa Term* of'fourteSn lnto Th '- RATES OF TUITION. Senior Class, Ist nud 2d Terms.. .. «« Senior Class 3d Terms ay lunlor Class, Ist and 2d Terms yg Junior Class, 3d 'lerm ” j/ Mnsic, Vocal and Instrumental s'27 Der , erm Drawing _ F .. Extra charges made for Mnsic and Drawing n„lr Tuition bills payable during the term. K ‘ J. & F. LANOASTER, oct7-lw Principal c. o. ~o: REMOVAL OF SHOE STORE FROM 15% CONGRESS STREET TO 178 BROUGHTON STREET, OPPOSITE ST ANDREW’S HALL (Shcbloox's Old Dky Goods Stand.) HAVING taken the above large and commodbns Store, and made extensive additions to o lr Stock we are prepared to supply our old customers and new' with every variety ol BOOT AND SHOE. We guarantee to sell for less than goods can t» bought for iu New York. Call and see. oct9 Ct AMES A PEABODY MI LINER Y GOODS; Xhave just returned from New York, and have inought out one of the best selected stocks of Milinery Dress Goods AND Hosxs&ir, Ever brought to this market. The Goods will be sold cheap. I will receive weekly the latest styles of Mlliuevv under Scrlven House. Corner of Bull aud Congress Street Lane. octd-Imo MRS. PEASE. Joseph Smith, FIELD. GARDEN, GRASS AND FLOW ER SEEDS, No. 65 Liberty Stmt, New York City ORDERS for Seeds by mail will be promptly execu ted and forwarded by Express. C. O. V. N. B —The Trade supplied on the most liberal terras. Priced Catalogues will be sent upon applies tlon by mall. oct6-codlo Paper and Hag Warehouse Warren & Flatner, WHOLESALE dealers in nil kinds of coarse end fine Paper, Envelops, Twines and Paper Boxes Sole Agents in this city for the Bath Paper Mills. The highest caah prices paid for Rags, old Rope aud Bagging and Waste Paper, ia large or small quantities. octlo-tf 210 Bay street. Savannah, Ga noticeT THE undersigned promisee to enre Seminal "Weakness in all its worst forms witbont the use of medicmc.- Pleaso send for my Circular, enclosing 10 cents for postage. Address .1. Jl. RUSSELL, octro-3m Boston, Mass. Notice IS hereby given that neither the owners or agents of the Steamers AMAZON, GIBBONS and LAURA, will be responsible for any debt, bill or contract by any of the officer.) or crew of said steamers unices made by written permission of ERWIN & HARDEE, For Agents and Owners. Jno. L. Roc’jii.lEt, Agent on Wharf. octlO ts CAUTIOX. THE public is cautioned against trading for three bonds of tbe city of Augusta (past dnej Nos. 177, 178 aud 183, for two hundred and filly dollars each, tbe same having been stolen, and payment stopped octlO-6 S. M. COLDINO. List of VALUABLE PACKAGER Remaining in*Adam’s Express Compa ny’s OAce, Oct. 3d, 1865. B. Budge, Gilbert A Boyse, C» pt Michael Bussell, HA, 175th N Y Baker, Judge B Berlin, Ralph Behn, P. H Balkan], Lieut H G c. Corley, Ohas x>. Dsvls, Amos cere Q.T Drake Davis, MrsJ H Davis, CO Dasher. Israel Dante, Wm Dasher, Mrs W H Draper, A G Dodd, Margaret. Davts, Mrs J D E. Estes, Albert. E. Flinn, Michael G, Grant, Lieut Miller B H. Haley, Sergt Pcti 1 Hite, H Hart, H L Heety, John Harris A Miller Houston, Col E J, Joy, H M, 17th A C Iverson, Edward Jordan. F J -Jaaney, T B Jones. J L K. Kternan, Thos Kirkpatrick, J O King, G F Kavnuaugh, J P M. Miller, Robt. 17th A C Morriss. Mrs E Modic, 'ire O Moeber, A, 126th N Y Muller, H H Moode, A IV. Niven? A, Cos E. loth Me Norwood, Mrs Thos Nugent, Wm P. Palletier, Madam C Powel, 8 Perry, Col J 8 B. RUley, Michael Rutledge. Rev N H Rolf, Dolf Richardson, J Smith, Andrew Stookes. Miss Mary Snow, H C X, Tbomton, Mrs Hannah Triae, N, Cos A, lSth Ifl d Toole, J Hegt V. Vannaha, Beni C w. Wetlem. Capt C B Wade, E C Weetern, Capt C B Whitner. Capt B F Whelan, Thad, care DWUliame.J H Wood Wood, Heat, Henry ocii-tf E. P, TUNISON, Agent,