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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, October 14, 1865, Image 2

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The Savannah Daily Herald. BY S. W.MASON&CO. SAIUI'EL W. MAIOS Editor. W. T. THOMPSON A.noeinl* Editor. SAVANNAH. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14. IW*. FOR LtH Al. RITTERS SEF. THIRD PACE. HOW TO OBTAIN THE HERALD KECi- ILARLY. We often hare complaint* from realdeoU of Savan nah and Hilton Head th J they are not able always to obtain the Fraai.c. The demand is sometimes so gresAas to exhaust an Edition very soon afVr ttr. issue, and those who wish to have the litm.u.n regnlarly. should sub“<ribe for it. We have faithful carriers iu Savannah and at Hilton Head, and through them we always serve regular subscribers first. Prepare for Winter—A Word to the Poor of Savanna It. By the cool damp weather of yesterday we were reminded that in a short time we will have reached the season when fires and heavy clothing are indispensable, and when general house-hold expenses are materially increased. How many families are there in this city who now live closely up to their in-, comes; and who are making provision for contingencies in the dead of winter? Doubt less, there are many. It is a singular fact that with all tl>e examples of suffering which we have had in Savannah for several winters past, as the result of pover’y, there is a con siderable class of our people who manifest no disposition to prepare for the proverbial '* rainy day,” and who complacently con sume their earnings as last as they accrue 'We will not say that such families almost deserve to suffer, but that they are culpably ' improvident cannot be denied. The condition of Savannah during the last three years has been such that the perceut y age of unavoidable suffering from poverty was necessarily large. But prior to the war, as we have been informed, there was plenty of work to do and wages were remarkably good, yet every winter found whole families piuched by want and destitution. Much of thi buffering might be and ought to be obviated by judicious economy in the warm months, when household expenses are com paratively light. There is but little coal or wood to buy at that season, light and cheap clothing answers the purpose, articles of ta ble consumption are comparatively cheap, and an excellent opportunity is offered for saving a portion of the weekly income. But many, we have reason to believe, fail to take advantage of these circumstances. The merciless and exacting rigors ol winter find them with nothing ahead; and in the event of sickness, stoppage of employment, or any of the other contingencies to which they ate liable, the spectre of want appears at incir door The value of economy seems not to be un derstood by this class. They appear to have no conception of the fact that economy is the world’s real treasury. Yet so it is, and if all people would appreciate and live in accordance with this simple tiutli, there would be little suffering, as we sincerely be lieve, from poverty. But why will not those in our own city, who know from sad ex perience what poverty is, make some pro vision to guard against it ? If they believe a physical enemy to be compassing their destruction, they would be on the alert, most unquestionably, to guard against the danger; but want is an enemy that has no mortal rival, and yet they make no provision for repelling its advances. There is still some little time leit in which this class might pro vide for the winter months,and why will they not taku advantage of their opportuni ty. If such could only be made to realize the importance of husbanding their resources In the hour of plenty, they would seldom feel the sharp sting of poverty, or he pinch ed by want in the winter season. We would likewise tender a word of friendly admonition to our colored popula tion. The number of this class in this city has been rapidly increasing since its fiist oc cupation by the Federal array last winter, and the consequence is that many ol them are without homes that can be made iu the slightest degree comfortable during the ap proaching winter. We know, also, that many of them are without permanent em ployment and art- now suffering at times for something to eat and to wear, Has it oc curred to this unfortunate class of freed men that still greater want and destitution await them dming the cold months if they uhould fail to improve their pecuniary con dition in the short lime inteivening between this and the Ut oi" December? And vs there any certainty tuut they will be able to secure employment in the city, ftie compen sation for which will be adequate to supply them with food and clothing for the winter? Alauy of our most intelligent citizens are of The opinion that there is not, and that, unless they abandon the city and seek employ ment, in the country, where labor is needed and desired, and for which liberal wages will toe paid, an inconceivable amount of desti tution and suffering will be experienced. It will be folly to expect relief from the hands of charity, when the liberality ol our citizens will be taxed to Us utmost limit to provide for those who, from one cause and another, are unable to help themselves. We commend these suggestions to our col ored population for their benefit, witii the hope that they will receive prompt and ear nest consideration, that action may be had, and much misery prevented before it is too late There are many intelligent colored ineu iu ! this city who will appreciate the significance ! of me tacts we have submitted, as well as 1 the motives that have induced us to comment upon them with so much caruutwiss, and upon them will devolve in purl the obligation to originateprecautionary measures to prevent the occurrence of a calamity the bare con templation of which is enough to move the most unfeeling heart. The Atlakta Medical College. —The Augusta Curouicle is informed that the regu lar course of lectures of the Atlanta Medical College will commence on tue first Tuesday in November next. The Faculty is com posed of skillful professors, who well under stand the duties ot their position. . cha ' r formerly occupied by Dr. H. | • Brown—that ot Professor of Anatomy T Ved to Te *“- iR now fil'ed by Keefe, M. D., recently a surgeon in w army, and now a resident physician of ' a worm, SQ SkUled iQ UU “ ehaor dhaioguished s.or whose place he will fill. AN OBtKBAL —Gov. Sharkey, of Mist , is a candidate for the Senate. Mra. John C. Breckinridge and family have gone to Canada. —The weather in Washington is reported quite cold for the season. —The Government will soon make a eosst surrey of the great lakes. The weather in Macon last week was quite cool, making fires, night and morning, essential to comfort. The guns, pistols. &c., taken from the citizens of New Orleans by Gen. Butler’s orders, are beiig returned to their owners. —Moses Taylor, of New York, if is stated, receives a million of dollars this year in coal stock dividends. ln Montreal, J. 8. Bartlett and his wife were lately indicted for stabbing each other. They are a bad Bartlett pair, says the Louis ville Journal. A Cincinnati young lady, who enthu siastically admired General Grant, stole bis segar from under his nose at the reception at the Burnett House. —The Presbytery of Newark. N. J. ; has formally denounced the practice of horse racing, especially I*t connection of fairs and agricultural exhibition*. —The total population of lowa according to llie new census, is 753,60*. The white population. Increased during the past two years 47,912,—0ver three per cent per an num. —An insane man in Tarrvtown, New York, was about to shoot his housekeeper, when she calmly said: “ Mr. Lindenbergcr, you arc too good a man to kill me," when be turned the muzzle of the pistol to his own head, and blew out his shattered brains. —“What a fool!*’ said Patty Prim, when she heard of the capture of Jeff. Davis; “of course the men would all run after him if he was dressed as a woman, and he was euro to bo caught.” —Nicholas Van Wert, of Troy, New York, aged seventy-six years and four months, with a well-beloved wife, aged sisty-four years and two and a half months, have just been blessed with twins A negro, particularly a dead one, is not considered worth much in New Orleaus, judging from the following item, cut from the local of a New Orleans paper: “There is a dead aigger in the river at the loot of Customhouse street." —Pithole, the great oil city in Pennsyl vania, was thus named in consequence of an extraordinary pit or cavern that exists about three miles from the city. In this pit stones are thrown, but they are never heard to strike the bottom. Its depth has not yet been fathomed. —A fellow made his appearance in Meriden. Cofiu., last Thursday, with a large, live rat tlesnake, which he had captured os West Mountain, some five feet ten inches long.— lie went round, holding it in his hands, try ing to sell it, and finally obtain ed $8 for it. —A Harrisburg paper tells of a mau tvho has failed in business lour times ; been upset iu a stage coach and thrown down an em bankment a distance of sixty feet; fell head foremost through a hatch way in Readiug ; lias been married three times and is the father of twenty-one children. Yet he “still lives,” and is in business at Harrisburg. —According to a court, journal the Princess of Wales is a very pattern of mothers. “It is whispered among the ladies of the Court tliat every evening the mother of the future King of Engand may be seen in a flannel dress, iu order that she may properly wash and put on baby’s night clothes, and see him safely in bed.” —At a meeting of t he Augusta Gity Council on Hie loth, a report from the committee on railroads, recommending the withdrawal oi the right of connection of Augusta and Sa vannah Railroad with Georgia and Smith Carolina railroads ; and a resolution authoriz ing the Mayor to hypothecate 1,000 shares of Georgia Railroad slock for loan purposes, w«.re adopted. New Manufacturers" Phopus.— The Boston Courier of the StU instant says Tlie annual meeting of the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company and the Man chester Priut AYorks were held at the count ing-rooms of the eompunies, in Mancheeter, on AVednesday. The Amoskeag. we be lieve, has a larger capital than any other company in New England. Although only a small portion ol’ its machinery has been running, it lias earned and divided ten per cent, on its capital of $3,000,000 during thf year ending June 30, and, besides a reserved working capital of $1,900,000, has a surplus of half a million of dollars. A con siderable portion of the machinery has been recently set in motion, and it is now operat ing about forty thousand out of its one hundred thousand spindles. The Manchester Print AYorks did a very large business during the war. For the year ending May 31st, its sales amounted to $6,000,000. The profits, however, were not so large as in the year previous, befog only thirteen per cent, on its capital of S*l,- 800, 000. The dividends for the year were, however, twenty-four per cent., the re served profits having been drawn upou to t ,il<e extent of about SIBO,OOO. It still has a ! handsome reserve, and is now doing a large and profitable bU9incs», running upwards of j thirteen hundred oi its nineteen hundred looms on delaines. -Ntxico.—The government, it is certain has taken no recent action, nor is ii believed any is contemplated, inconsistent with the policy heretofore declared, viz : the main tenance of absolute neutrality between the belligerents in Mexico. Socnd or Scnsst.-Od the arrival of an „‘. K ' aut , *foP> some years ago, when the wai vessel North Carolina lay off the Bat tciv, an Irishman, hearing the gun fired at sunset, inquired of one of the Tailors what Uiat was. W hat’s that? AA r hy that's suuset!” was the contemptuous reply. ..,Tu^ nSet '" exclaim «d Paddy, with dis eve*’. “Sunset! Holy Moses! and does the sun go down in this country with such a clap as that ?" v wuu Scene—A Railway St a nos Railwnv nr Delighted Mnnuna.—Only three years anJ two months. * y r * anU ove^three ° fficial (* ternl y->—Two months Then I shall require half price for it, please. SPECIAL NOTICE*. BATCH£4iO&’S hair OYL ! The Original and Best in the World ! The only’ •nil period Hid: Dye. Hannim*. Reliable and leMan tiuieon*. Piodiirm immediate y a splendid Black or natural Bmwn. without iidaring the l air or akiu. ; Rstnedie* the ill effect* oibsddjea. v.kl by all IJtqj:- ■ xiete. The Pennine is signed William A. Batchelor, i Also, ) REGENERATING EXTRACT OF MILLKVLEUHS, For Kevtorip- and Hetnt'fyittjr the Ilair. ! au:4-ly CHARLES BATCHELOR. Nkw Yokk. A PHYSIOLOGICAL View of MAKKIAt.E CooLunmg nearly 300 pan-, sir; iso fine l“late aud Eugr&viAga oi the Anatom) of the Hainan Or gana in a date of Health and Disease, with u Trea tiae on Early Knot*, its Deplorable Consequences upon the mind and Body, with the Author's Plan of Treatment—the only rational and successful inode of cure. a- shown by the report of cases Treated. A truthful adviser to the married, and those contem plating marriage, who enlenain doubts of their phys ical (erudition. Sent free of onstage lo any address, on receipt of 25 cents, in stamps or postage currency, by addressing Dr. LA CROIX, No. 31 Maiden L:ute. Albany, N. Y. The author may be consulted upon any of file dis eases upon which his bo I. treats cither pcrsotuiily or by mail, and medicines sent to any part of the world, octlh hm MARRIAGE AND CELIBACY. An Essay of Warning and Instruction for Young men, Just published by the Howard Association, and sent in sealed letter envelopes free of charge. Address Dr. J. SEILLIN HOUGHTON, Howard Association. Philadelphia, Pa. oetl2-3m SEW ADVERTISEMENTS. INTERNATIONA! I.WRIM'E COMPANY, OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK. Ca«h Oapital, - - - 5£1..000,000 OO Surplus Jan. 1,1865, /*O4-,188 40 &I,SCMUISS 40 r LY>tal Liabilities, $lB GO. FORDYCE. ANDERSON & .lANNEY are prepared to taku Marine Risks under their Open Policies to any domestic or foreign port in the a*»ove mimed Company, at the lowest New York rates. At the expiration of (-very three months f* per cent, on the pros* amount of Premiums will be allowed to partis* insuring with us. ocil4-2w EXCHANCE On New York. Boston, PiuMelpiria, Baltimore & Augusta, SougJvt allot Sold. Also, specie. Southern Bond.-, Stocks and Bank Notes. Loans on short time negotiated. Apply to FORDYCE. ANDERSON A JANNEY, octl4-2w No. 10 Stoddard’s Range. Notice. ASSESSOR’S OFFICE. ) Unxtxd Suatm Internal Revenue, /- Savannah. Ocr. 1?, ISC j. ) Hftvinp marly completed the organization of the District, llltra by notify the public that lam instruct j ed to raaKe an ’imraeuliio assessment lor the year lstk, (as the Tax is now past due) at Confederate prices, upon Incomes of every description. The Tax from sooo w $5,009 is 5 per cent. : above ihnt amount indefinitely, 10 pel ceut. upon all gross receipts. The pnym; nts ore to he made iu United states currency at whatil was worth in Confederate money at ihat time Any Information the citizens may desire will he cheerfully mven. and 1 will of course he as indultreut as the law rind the interests of the Government will allow me to he. C. H. noPKINS. octl 4 Assessor Kir3c District. Hats, Hats, Hats OF LATEST STYLES and best qualities. Just re ceived anti for sale bv S. M. GOLDING, octl4 No. 153 Congress street. Notice. « LERK’S OFFICE CITY COURT, \ Savannah, Oct. 14th, ISGS. > The City Court of Savannah will be held at the Court Houhc on the first Monday In November next. All Civil Actions must be brought fourteen days be fore the sitting <ii the Court. A torneys and all others interested will tuk» due notice. PHILIP M. RUSSELL. oct!4 Clerk. Not ice. JUSTICE’S OFFICE, SECOND DISTRICT,) Savannah, Oct. 14th, ISGS. f The sulwcvibev.lias resumed tile duties of Justice of the Peace, Oitlce at the Court House. My Civil Courts will be held on the third Ta esflay iu each mouth. Deeds, Mortgages, Ac. drawn up and executed. PHILIP M RUSSELL, octl4 Justice of the peace. WANTED, A SITUATION a« BAKER, vrtth an experience of twenty years in Bread, Cakes, and all its branches. Inquire Planters' Hotel. octl4-2* USE BEBBERD’S TALLOW SOAP It saves TIME, LABOR AND MONEY. Address J. N. HEBBERD, oetl4-l No. D 6 Fulton street, N. Y. wanted” A STORE, or part of one, for a I.adleV Shoo Store. Applv to L. C. TEBEAU, octi4-l No. 0 Whitaker street. Henry Williams* Attorney fit Xiaw f OEFICE ila BAT STREET, (Over the Herald BeaJlng Room,) octl4-ti SAVANNAH, Ga For Sale, FROM 20,000 X 0 30,000 BI SH ELS OF RUE., (4b Pounds to the Bushel,) at Miflius Point and New Hope Plantations, on the Great Ogeechce river. T«rms—Cash on delivery. Contractors to furnish bags beforehand. Propria for purchasing will be received until four o clock p. in., V/cdiiOc-dny, Oct. iaih. Proposals a-* to be directed to _ „ WM. H. TIFFANY. General Superintendent Freedmet;. <fcc., . „ _ , Ogeechee District, , . At Bureau of Frcedmtzi. «fcc., Savannah octl4-l B!acksmithing% T'®S.„ UI \ ders fo n#<i w * 9h ,0 Inform the public that -a. they have commeuced business in SHIP, STEAMBOAT AND GENERAL BLACK SMITHING. wltu neatness and despatch, nriii of hay street,Battersby's Building, ocu-J-Sawlm h. CHAPMAN. A. 8. Hartrtdge, COMMISSION AND FORAYARDING MERCHANT, 92 BAY STREET, totte-u SAVANNAH. GA *K%V ADVI-iltTlfcKMfcST*. Gao It Imi K. Ba n I BLACK & LESTER. ATTORNEYS AND (’OrNSIXIJ fits AT LAW, SAVA If N AH, GA . Office at old stand of Norwood. Wileott A Letter, corner of Bay and Barnard street*. ocil4-tf For the Ladies. I jS LEG ANT HATS of the most fashionable style*.— la Jtrtt received and for suie by s. M HOLDING, (art 14 No. 103 CoPs're-- "t» ct For Doctortown, VIA DARIEN. milE Steamer WM. O. GiIUHOXS * havinp n heiivy engagement of Cotion at Darien, will during the month of October make the following weekly trips to Doctortown LEAVE SAVANNAH, Tuesday Morning, Oct Id. rt r. o’clock Tuesday Morning, Oct. IT, at 0 ovlock Tuesday Morning. Oct. ?U at o’ciock. LEAVE DOCTORTOWN, Thursday Morning, Oct. 12. Thursday Morning, oct. 19 Iharsday Morning,Ort. ?0. Freight received «t onr Warehouse anyway during the week and forwarded promr*t ? .“ above, with the privilege of lightering on tiio Ahamaha river if neccs «arv. ’ ocU-2w [ ERW IN .v lIARDKE. Q : aOTATIOI\rS For Soutliern iiiu.L Notes. BANKING HOUSE OF— MANNING & DE FOREST, D» WALL STREET, NEW YORK. CORRECTED SEPT. “0, iki;:,. VIRGINIA. Bank of Berkeley B^Bo M Commerce, Fredericksburg 2S “ Charleston, Charleston 10 “ the Common wealth “ llowai'duville ! 10 “ Old Dominion n * *• Philippi Rockbridge. 2S Rockingham ..28 *' Scottaville 10 •* the Valley . . . .su “ ‘Virginia ** Winchester 05 Central Bank ol Virginia 10 Corpoi at'ou of Alexandria 50 Danville Bauk, Danville yo Exchange Bank of Ya., Norfolk . ... ..22 Farmers’ Bank of Fincas’le ’23 “ Richmond ...2'\ Merchants’ Bank, Lynchburg 25 Monticello Bank....’ !!..!*.’.*.*!!!— Bank at Jeffersonville... . ’ '9O Southwestern Bank, Wythesvillc 25 Traders' Bank. Kichmoud . .21 KORTH CAROLINA. Back of Cape Fear “ Charlotte .. .80 \ *' Clurendon ’ "15 1 •* Gommeice 20 ! *• Fayetteville t "... 12 ! “ Lexington— 05 ! •• North UftTOlin-t. . ’’’37 “ “ Washington ’ 1° - Wilmington '.of, *• Yanceville... —. 12 Commercial Back, Wilmington ’. . is Farmei n’ Bank of North Carolina ....... Merchants’ Bank, Newborn v<) Bunk of llox boro* *.* Miners and Flamers’ Bank . .. . . .....*! .25 Bank <<; Tnomaaville ‘ Z SOUTH € A nOI.INA B ink of Camden yr t ' ‘ i ffinrieston lIT “ Chester !trt ** ueoi getown !.... 1V “ Hamburg WY.l'i “ Newbury .20 “ South Carolina 1 S “ State of South Carolina is Commercial Bank. Columbia 15 Exchange l - “ * Farmers’ and, Exchange 14 Merchants’, Chcruw.. ig People’s Bank, Fairfield *4O Planters’ •* .11 Planters’ and Mechanics’ Bank jp south w. r. r State Bank Union Bank .45 OKOROIA. AugU9tft Insuranc e and Banking Company 10 Bank ot Augusta.. .20 “ Athens .25 ** Columbu6 ...12 ‘ Commerce jy “ Fulton 20 “ Empire State .12 “ Middle Georgia ;jo “ Savannah 40 Bauk of Stat e of Georgia 26 Central Railroad Banking Company 70 City Bauk of Augusta 20 Farmers’ nud Mechanics ... AO Georgia Railroad and Banking Company .lo Marine Bank *(» Mechanics’ Bunk .10 Mercnants end Planters’ Bank 10 Planters’ Bank 17 Timber Cutters’ Bunk Union •* .’lO ALABAMA. Bank of Mobile C 5 •* Montgomery .00 “ Selma 26 Commercial Bank \ Central “ [3O East mi BAnk . 40 Nor! hem 44 30 Southern 14 <*s TENNESSEE. Bank of Chattanooga 17 44 Middle Tennessee 50 44 Tennessee is 44 West Tennessee 25 City Bauk of Nashviile 26 Merchants’ *• Ococe 4 ‘ *.... .25 Planters’ 44 40 ShelbyAille 44 ..,.o0 Traders’ “ Union 44 ‘ ’45 LOUISIANA Bank of A,merica 95 44 Louisiana 30 44 New Orleans f,o Canal Bunk .. . 95 Citizens’ Bank 95 Crescent City 50 Louisiana State Bank 50 Mechanics’ and Tradeiv Bank. 90 Merchants’ 50 southern 4 95 Union 44 50 New Orleans City Scrip 90 STATE RONDS AND COUPONS. Virginia Bonds s*^S;>o N Carolina *• S Carolina 44 Go(u VO * 80u>8o Tennessee 4 * So(e 82 MemphUOity 44 : lot* no Au';m»ta,Ga. “ 70 Savannah. Ga. *• 75 The above Bolide are bought with Coupons included from 1 SCI included. North Carolina Coupons 45 Memphis City •• >syrd3- Teimcssce “ 4t> Georgia - Thrive Quotations are liable to fluctuate, and cannot be relied on for any length of time. sep2 C SOUTHERN Exporting and Importing COMPANY, OF FLORIDA, THIS association is prepared to mak<» advances in currency oi Gold on consignments oi Cotton, Naval Stores, Lumber, Ac., to their agent in Liver pool. Orders solicited for goods trom merchants and plan ters. The strictest attention will be paid to ail orders bowevor small, for goods ffom England, France or Germany. Onr ffavannah and Charleston Agents, being salaried, make no charge for forwarding either wav and will furnish clnnlar of details. K. F. FLOYD, President, Jacksonville, Fla. Aorntst—K. T. Paine, Liverpool, England: RE. Screven, Charleston. S. C.; Henry Bryan, .Savannah, Ga. '’mos sepJS i* Personal. IF Mr. William Trenholra will call or send his ad dress to the Herald Office, he will hear of some thing to his advantage. Any information concerning him will be gratefolly received, Address ®ct» ts H. K. S. I^ ioi' VALUABLE PACKAGES, Utiunlaiag iu AtiiiU N Erpn >-* < ny’it Olfii f. Occ. ikl, i' ! ij ». n. Budgcf. Gitliert A Box’se, Ca pt Michael lin.-M. 11. II A. I7f>th N Y Baker, J <d_ - B 1 iiorlin, Ralph Behn, R H Balkam, Lieut H t» c\ I Corley, C’has D. Davi9, Amodcirc QJ DrakeDavi*. M»e .1 H Dad*,CO Dishci. Israel Dante, Win Dasher, Mre W II Draper, AG Denid. Margaret Davis. Mis J 1) Fi. Estes, Albert IP. Flinn. Michael Cjt, Grant. Lient Miller K 11. Ilaley, Sergf Peter Hiie, H llart, H L Heery, John Harris & Miller Houston, Col E .T, Jo}% H M, 17tLi A C Iverson, Fdwaid Jordan, F J .lanney, T B Jones, J L I£. Kiernar, Thos Kirkpatrick, J O King. G I' Kavanaagh, J F Miller, Robt, 17th A C Morri39, Mrs H Modic, Mrs O Mother, A. 12 .th N Y Muller, H H Moodo, A IV. Niven, A, Cos E, 16th Me Norwood, Mrs Tiros Nugent, Wm 13.l 3 . Pallctier, Madam C Powel. S Pe»ry, Col J S ii. Rilley, Michael Rirtledp:c, Rev N H Rolf, Dolf Rlrharrtson, J s». Smith, Andrew Stcokes. MisaMmy Snow, H (' TANARUS, Tboniton, Mrs Hannah Trine, N, Cos A, 1-th ind Toole, J Rest V. Vannahn, Beni (' w. Weslcm, t'upt C B Wade, E C Western, Capt C B Whitner. Capt B P Whelan, Thad, care DWilliams, J H Wood Wosd, Lient Henry oct»-tf_ H P. TPNIBQN, Agent, Crockery, China, Glassware, JOBBERS and Dealers from all pa its of the country are invited to examine my Wholesale Htock, which includes packages containing complete assort ments, put up expressly for Country Trade,” Goods re-packed to suit purchasers Quecnsware Houae, 109 BiGugidon S; c . door from fluli St, octlO ts E D. SMYTH. Notice IS hereby gi»en that neither the owners or agenu of the Steamers AMAZON, GIBBONS and LAURA, will be responsible for any debt, bill or contract made by any of tht officer? or crew of said steamers unless made'by written permission of ERWIN A HARDEE, For Aherns ?.nd Owners. Jvo. T. RorMii.nrr, Apent on Wharf. octlO ts PROSPECTUS OF THE GEORGIA LAND ANU EMIOEATION COMPANY. SLAVERY, or involuntary servitude is practically abolished in Georgia The Pmclam ation ot tho President, oi the United States having given tvecdont to every slave, and the oath of amnesty and the con ditiona of pardon, forbid any attempt at its revival in any form or condition. ihe gieat mass of the Agricultural Population of the State has been released from their obligation to cultivate the soil, except by their own volition, and it must be apparent to the judicious oljserver. how ever much o be regretted, that the voluntary labor of the newlv freed population will not for the present at least, supply the deficiency of labor. The withdrawal of nearly three hundred thousand able-bodied persons to a greater or leas extent lroin their usual vocations, hr.? created a void which must be filled or ihe lands of the State wiilreui/Ln untilled, her great resources undeveloped and her future pros perity .sacrificed. The remedy, and the only remedy for this condition of affairs consists iu the immigration of a hnrdy and industrious white population, to supply places ol those who cannot be compelled to work and whose depositions do not incline them to greater labor than is actually necessary to supporr. life. To such immigrants', no Btotc offers greater induce ments than the State of Georgia. Extending from the Athmtic Ocean to the Blue JKige, it embraces eve ry variety of soii and climate. Mhe HavmmahH of the coast, the rolling country of the interior, and The mountains of the northern part of the State afford opportunities for the cultivation ol almost evtiry pro duct of tropical or temperate latitudes. The grape Is grown with great Fuccess in many parts of the State and its cultivation has only been limited by the want of persons skilled in the Knowl edge of the vine and the mode of preparing its yield The State is elso rich in gold and other minerals, and nothing but energy and the application of proper ma chinery is wanting to the development of those hid den treasures. The raising of sheep of the finest breeds has been carried on with success, and the vast ranges of uncul tivated land nftord excellent pastures for cattle and nil kinds of stock—-rice, cotton, tobaccS, corn, wheat, rye, oats, sugar cane, the grape and all species of fruits find theii appropriate soil and climate within onr extended limits. The numerous rivers and smaller streams taking their rise in the mountains and running through the State into the Atlantic and the Gulf in their gradual descent furnish water power unfailing in any season and capable of putting into operation any kind of machinery, The area of ihe State contains upwards of thirty millions ot acres, or which not more than .one-third has been cultivated, and the virgin forest of tne wild lands afford an inexhaustible supply of lumber which formed a heavy item of the exports of Georgia prior to our late difficulties. These lands, which maybe bought at comparatively low rates, will give to the new settler h homestead on which he may erect his rooftree and settle lor life on inhabitant au<i in time a citizen of the repubi c. In view oi the foregoing facts the undersigned pro pose to organize a Company to be called the ‘’Georgia Land and Emigration Company,tne principle office to be located in Savannah, wl;h the intention of ap plying for a charter ut the next session of the Lcgisln lure; the capital of said Company to be five hundred thousand dollars in twenty tiionnand of twenty-five dollars each; said company to be organized by ihe choice oi a President and Directors when nil the shares shall have been subscribed. The object of the Company is to induce and afford aid to the immigration into the State of Georgia of honest, sober and reliable persons with their families | to become purchasers of and settlers on lands not now \ in use, or to be bn farms or plantations on i which the freed men reliise to work, or to follow their trades, or become house servants. The advantages to be deri < ct as this present iufic tuie by the influx of such a class of population, arc manifest. To the large landholder it offers the pros pector selling his land or funning it out on advanta geous terms. To the Planter and Farmer if will sup ply that labor, in th * absence of which, the owner ship of the soil is a burthen, and to all persons in those classes of life whose requires or whose position permits the use of tue labor of others, it ol iords the opportunity of obtaining such labor of n reasonable rate, and of a relta hie character. So al3o to the State will great benefit accrue; munv of the immigrants may bring wealth with them, all will bring -kill or industry, which is the source of wealth, and this infusion of ue.v life will, we trust, in progress of time, restore Georgia to her original state of pros perity. The Company wo beli(r*e—will be, not only self-sn*- tfdning. but a source of profit to the stockholders.— The fees paid by those emigrants who can afford it, lor tactions as to their setUem’.m . the commissions paid by the owners of lauds for the snip, or leasing oi tlv'ir lands to the immigrants, nnd by persons to whom laborers are furnished, the profits to Im=* derived from a Savings Institution to take care of the funds and profits of the emigrants, which it i» proposed to connect with the Company, will, wc expect, enable the Company to declare such dividends as will make it remunerative to those who subscribe simply as an investment. But independently of pecuniary con sideration, as citizens of ihe State of Georgia who have an interest in its future welfare, wo ask your as sistance in this matter, incur opinion of vital impor tance. We may not leave the land of our birth, let us make it once more a land of promise. All communications should be addressed, Postpaid, to JnO. W. Magill, Box 43.'* Savannah Post Office, Parties desiring printed copies of this Prospectus, can obtain them at the office of R. T. Gibson, at the Exchange. THOMAS E. LLOYD, j J. WALDBURG \ R. T. GIBSON r committee, gets JNO W MAQILL, J Ml null TID TIE Man A..KR,', Mw-.-'h. Ravhmh Ali SATURDAY EVENING, OCT. 14, Sluksp eare’e great Tragedy, in fit*- acw, of Al Al C BET LI , KING OF SCOTLAND, Produced with all the Original Music and a Great Cast, - Toconclude with the Farce of SOMEB.ODY ELSE. oct 14 * C. O. D. REMOVAL OF SHOE STORE FROM IS* CONGRESS STREET TO US BROUGHTON STHEKT., OPPOSITE ST ANDREW'S HALL. CSiiEKT.Oftii , i* Oi-ii Usv Goopp Stand.) Having tiiken the above laree and commi'dlms store, and made extensive additions to o tr Stock, we nre prepared to supply onr old enstowerg and new, with every variety oi BOOT AND SHOE. We guarantee to sell for less than goods can be bought for in New York, vail and see. rctii 6t AMES & FKABOD i. Fordyee, Andersau & Jaaney, s 4 tt s i 5 a a AtTD C-.VLI iv.ia. COr,iMISSIOSi TaERCHAhiT§p SAVANNAH, - - GEORGIA. rpHE undersigned have this day formed a Cos part- A nersiiip trader the firm name of Fordyce, Ander son & Janney, for the transaction of a Bunking and General Commission, Forwarding and Shipping Bus iness. and offer their services to their friends and the public. Libera! advances made on all Consignments to them for sale in Savannah, or for shipmeut to their correspondents in Hew YorK, Philadelphia or Baltimore. Refer lo Messrs. Hunter & Oammell, G. W. Auder son, Rsq., G. ii. Lamar, Esq., Koto. Habersliam & Sons. Office No. I<J Stoticlnva’s Range, Up-S»alrs S. W. FORDYCE. Huntsville, Ala. GEO. W. ANDER-ON, Jr., Savannah, Ga. T. B. JANNEY, octir,; w Nashville, Tenn. WEi W SiEIRT FOR'GB The Great Invention of the Age IN JrlQQp Skirts, i J. )V. Bradley’s New Patent Dupex EiUp tlc (or Double) Spriisg’ Skirt. THIS Invention consists of Duplex (ortvroj Eliptic Parc P.cllned Steel Springe, ingeniously braided 1 ightiy and firm!? together, edge to edge, making the toughest, most flexible, clasti- and durable Spring ever used. They seldom heud or break like the sin gle Springs and consequently preserve their perfect and beautiful shape more than twice as long as any Single Spring Skirt that ever has or can be made. The wonderful flexibility and great comfort and pleasure to any lady wearing Ihe Duplex Elliptic Skirt will be experienced particularly ir, all crowded Assem blies, Operas, Carriages. Railroad Cars, Church Pews, ■ Arm Chairs, for Promenade and House Dress, as the i Skirt, can be folded when in use to occupy a small i place as eisily and conveniently as a Silk or Muslin { Dress. I A lady having enjoyed the pleasure, comfort and ! great convenience of wearing the Duplex Elliptic j Steel Spring Skirt for a single day will never atter j wards willingly dispense w ith their use. For children, I misses end* oting ladies they are superior to alt oth * era. The Hoops are covered with 2 ply double twisted thread and will weal- twice as long as the single yarn covering which is used on ali Single Steel HoopSkii ts. The three hottom rods on every Skirt are also Double Steel, and twice or double covered to prevent the cov ering irom wearing off the rods when dragging down stairs, stone steps, Ac., which they are'constantly subject to when In use. All are made of the new and elegant Co.fled Tapes, and are the best quality in every part, giving to the wearer the mos; graceful and perteet shape possible and arc unquestionably the lightest, most desirable, comfortable and economical skirt ever made. WESTS’, BRADLEY & CARY, Hate J. I. & J. o. West,) Proprietors ot the Invention, and Sole Manu facturers, 9T Chambers and T 9 and 81 Read- streets, New York. For sale in al! first class stores In this city, and throughout the United States and Canadas, Havana dc Cuba, Mexico, Smith America, and the West In dies. Inquire for the Duplex Elliptic (or double) Spring Skirt. jyß Sti Just Received, Anil iu Store on Consignment, BUGGIES AND CARRIAGES Alto, a lot of Fine Liquors, consisting of BRANDIES, WHISKEY, SANTA CRUZ RUM, BOKEP.’S BITTERS, &c. Which we offer On the most liberal terms. VAN HORN’. EOLYOKE & MURRAY, octll-tf No. 9 Stoddard's Block. Dunn & Brown, SHIPPING MASTERS, HAVING opened an office at No. So Bay street, be tween Habersham and Price streets, we are pre pared to furnish crews at the shortest notice octll-lm B* W. Tilton, Agt., MCASraTAOTOBJEIXI. IrtQRMERLT Tilton, Worrall & Macy, Southern Carriage Warerooms, No. 616 Broadway. New York. Manufactory—Mount Vernon, N. Y. octfi-lm TITOS*?. W. BROOKW MANUFACTURER OF FURNITURE AND GENERAL UPHOLSTERY, :4‘44 LHklc Strict, JPHJlaGrlpliin, Pa. :x. !?.—AM ORfllißS pi r»t, by Mail promptly at t*.nuoff to. The ner^hip lately tmder the name ol Macky, Hogg & Cos., H A’* 1170 been uip*o]ved by the death of Alexander Bolt- the pubscribers beg to announce that they v.'lll contllltie the Stripping and Oonoral Cdihinissioß Bnsiness ITY SAVANNAH, ■as TTo. »03 ASTO £0& BAIT ST.. under the name of Mackv, Beattie & Cos. SAMUEL MACKY, Sfptsi-lm ROBERT II BEATTIE. Boker’s Bitters, jib? Oldest and best renowned. L. FIIKKE, 66 Liberty Street, aepl2-3mo NEW YORK. HATS, CAPS &k GENTS' RESORTE, FelL Derby and Faust Hats, Army and Navy Caps. Boys Hats, Caps and Tur oans. Just received and tot sale by _ „ S. M. COLDma, Of, D No, 188 Congress street. ttAVfKi). WANTED, AN4>. 1 COOK White preferred. Nod»* need apply it me-* well rccomiaemled. For paniro- Inni inqnin al this olliet. octlS-lw 1/1 GOOD HANDS to cut Shin?!#** on the river near I" Cha flop ton und Savnntiah liiilr.>ftd Bridge. - Good wai^of-Ap; Iv irumedia»ely to JNO. \Y. ANDKRSON A SONS. _ oct 12-4 WANTED TO PURCHASE SPECIE, Back Note.-, nod past due Bonds of the Cer. Cv tral Railroad Company, bv octl 1-lw HENRY BR \ AN. Horse k Buggy Wanted. AHORSE, BUGGY and HARNESS wanted oniier separately or together. A llorae thai will canter under aaddln and trot in carriage preferred Apply «t the Say\nnar Herald (hunting Rooin. sep29 ts Wanted, 1 rl A DAY! Agents wanted to tell anew sad wonderful SEWING .VAcHINE, the only cheap one licensed. Address SHAW * CLARK, uiu. deford, Maine. sepi4-d4w3ta Wanted Immediately, FOR CASH, ail the Rags. Old Bagging, and Was’ Paper in the city. Yv ARREN & FLATHEE sepns ts 210 Bay-St. Wanted FEW THOUSAND 00UAR8, MECHNIC BANK OP AUGUSTA AND Eastern Bank of Alabama. K. F. METCALFE i CO. oct.rtf Wanted, vkfifk A MONTH! Agents wanted wanted for sir ’c"” entirely vnr articles, just out, Address O T GAREY, City Building, Biddeiord. Maine, seplft d&wtlm FOR A. TO Rfii.YT. ETii’ Sale. A N Elegant Pleasure Wagon (.lugger withapringsi r.nd Sii?gl<? Harness, both nrarlv new. Inquire of col. PECK, 173d N. Y. V., Oglethorpe Square. oct i2 FOR SALE. QOA COILS RICHARDSON'S ROPE buff 160 TONS COAL. CHA9. L. COLBY * GO., octio cor. Abercorn and Bay streets to rentv rjIHE Brick Warehouse, corner of Bryan and Ab'-r- A corn streets, suitable for a Ship Cocdlery. or Whoiesalo Grocery. Possession can he had at once. Apply lo octl3-1w G. TV. ANDERSON. FOR RENT, Ai'TNF three and a iiaif story Brick Building, on Bolton’s Whan, in complete order, having just been thoroughly repaired. For term:-: apply i o _ EDWIN E. IIFBTY aj For Rent, THE WHARF, formerly known as Bolton's. 150 feet front, with as good depth of water as anv in the city. For terms applv to QCtl3.;i ’ EDWIN E. HERTZ. MILINERY GOODS. Jliavo just returned from New York, and have brought out one of the best selected stocks of Miiiuery Dress floods AND HOSXEEY, Erfr brought to this market. The Goods will be sold cheap. I will receive weekly the latest styles of Miliuerv under Sc riven Honae, Corner of Bull .rad Congress Street Lane. oetO-lmo • MRS. PEASE. The Sleam Flour Mil! TO R.ErxTT-, THIS large Mill, adapted to Flour, Meal and Grits, will be rented to an approved tenant for one or more years. Also, The lands east of th;* Mill, down to Jones' Canal well adapted to Gardening, Grass, &c, Al=o, The Race Track, two miles from the city, on the Augusta Hoad, Including the Goodal land.. Also, A tract of land on the sonth side of the same road opposite to the Race Track. Tor terras apply to G. B. Lamar or GeorgeS Owens, Ksqrs. C. A. Lamar, Administratrix of C. A. L. Lamai ’.s Esi ate eepSO ‘iawlra WILMINGTON IRON WORKS, PUSEY, JONES & CO., Wilmington, Delaware. MANUFACTURE Iron Steamboats Steam Engine.'. Boilers. Machinery for Saw Mills, etc. Huving ha cl long experience In business trad tteing provided with very extensive fnell ities for doing work of this clues, are prepared to execute orders with deapatch, octl 2 Cm WOODT! Ipoi? HALE. If applied f>r Immediately, the wood 1 (Onk, Hickory and Pine) «« It stanrla, upon 2M* or 30 ) acres ofland within two of this city. Said wood can be conveyed to the city either by lend or water carriage. Apply to TISON A GORDON, oct! 2-rod r* 00 Bay street. BALTiOBfIOLLEGE, OF ’ DENTAL SURGERY. The regular Leetnre3 of the Twenty-Sixth Anna x 3 -s.-.on will commence November lot. The Infirmary vrill open October 13*h. THOMAS E. BOND, A. M., M. D. Pathology and Thcrapc-utiff PHILIPH. AUSTIN, A. M., M. D., D. D. S , Dental Science and Mechanism. A. SNOWDEN PIGGOT, A. M., M. D., Anatomy and Physiology. F. J. S. GORGAS, A. M., M. D, D. D. S., Dental Surgery. RUSSELL MURDOCH, A. M., M. D., Chemistry. HENRY HOBART KEECH, D. D. S., Demonstration of Operative Dentistry. THOMAS SOLLERS WATERS, D. D. S., Demonstration of Mechanical Dentistry. For information address F. J. S. GORGAS, 11. D. 43 Hanover street, Baltioioie. Md. oct2 law-4>f