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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, October 18, 1865, Image 2

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The Savannah Baily Herald. BY S. W. MASON&CO. hUICU ». »ASO.\ *ditor. w , x. THOMPSON, Kdltor. SAVANNAH. WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 18. I***. r.E.YEKAL SITFRIOK AND OE.NUIU am.vksty. Those organs of the radical party wbieb are clainoroas tor the largest license in exercising the suffrage would make it the pre-requisite of a general amnesty. If the Constitution is to be so changed us to bring tbe different parts of the instrument into an ideal harmony—it in tbe conception of this party there is an incongruity between tbe Declaration of Independence and its objects, which makes it incumbent on" Congress “to guarantee to each 8: ate a republican form ot government, and providing lor a rendition of ugitive slaves —such change is due to the general principles of liberty, and ought not to be made dependent or conditional on the performance of any other do’y or obigation- The radical' party contend that according to the eternal prin iples f right and equality there should be uo civil discrimination —that distinction ol color, race or religion should not exist. Let this be gsanted. Let it be admitted that if such discrimination were made in framing the Constitution it should be amended. This of course establishes tbe right ot limiting the suffrage, while it estab lishes that the descendant of an African, any more than tbe descendant of a Chinese or a Hindoo, should be debarred from the privi lege of representation or that of suffrage. Nor does it preclude the framers of the funda mental law, or those to whom they may dele gate their power, from creating such disabil ities as thev may think essential to tbe se curity of society, from saying that the emi grant shall not be entitled to vole unless be nas been an inhabitant of tbe Biate or city of which be is a resident for a certain speci fied period of time, that be shall not be en titled to tbo privilege of rotiug unless be pays a certain sum in taxes. The radicals in their reasoning on this suDject have become mhddled. They hav Confounded National right with that which is conventional. They have in consequence lwcome inconsistent and illogical. Those who deny thejustice oi all discrimi nations on account of color, do not of course insist on any other distinction that will not include whites, blacks, Indians, Malays and others of foreign birth. This is to place the matter on the basis of natural right, and not on that of constitutional obligation. How then, can those who insist on suffrage being given to tbe negro, which they contend is a natural right, couple it with a condition that, i| deuied, will exclude the South from rc nstatement of their constitutional rights— to tbe same rights aa are enjoyed by their co-states of the Confederacy. THE NORTHERS ELECTIONS. A portion of the Press ot the North are assailing in the must viudictivo manner the Connecticut people for voting down the amendment to thuir State Constitution,-al lowing colored people to vote. In a long und bitter article, the New York Tribune says, "Connecticut has committed wrong from the love ol it. The act is simply one of great injustice, which can only be account ed for by the fact that even four years of ter rible war has not been enough to knead tbe dough out of the old pro-slavery subserviency of Connecticut to their Southern slavebolding sisters. The old marks of the slave-drivers' whip are as plaiu on the back of Couuccticut to day tu> they are on the backs of the half emancipated blacks of the South.” A Boston exchange is scarcely less severe than its New York cotemporary. It says: “Connecticut not only disgraced herself, but deeply iujured the cause of the country, by her decision yesterday against negro sub lrage. She solemnly, by the votes of a ma jority of her people, indorsed an unchristian and unrepublican prejudice, at a lime when that prejudice threatens to render vaiu and useless all tbu. sacrifices ot the war. Shelias gone tor the princip e that “ this is a white man’s Government,” which really means that tbe country is to be ruled by Southern wl.ite men. She has entered her protest against “nigger equality,” which means that she goes heart and soul tor Southern predomi nance. Her meanuess will be historic, from the Stats of the regicides she has desceuded to the State of the renegades; and it will ffr*«rbe forgotten tha , iu a great crisis ot iiDerty, w wan t xpected that the com munities of New £iugiu«4 would at least re main united. ' She atone broke from the van anl the freemen, uo aunk to me slaves.” It that Gon. Cox, the successful candidate for Govern&F“Bs < Ob\o, announced views and opinions iu iaSf tayouistn with the proposition to confer the elective franchise on the negro. In Pennsyl vania, where the Democrats w ere by diminished majorities, the Republican party evaded the question of suffrage iu their plattorms, and profess to havo entire con - fideuce iu President Johnson. These results decid# something more than the question of negro suffrage in those States. Its influence will be felt all over the country, and in pationaT polities. It will affect the freedmen of the South as well as the colored men of the North. The effect upon the policy of tbe administration can hardly be ovet estimated. While Connecticut and Ohio refuse to allow the negroes to vote There, it will be hard to make the count ty believe the Southern States should be forced to give them that privilege. If the few ne groes in Ohio and Connecticut, who, to a greater or less extent have had the benefit of Northern schools, are not qualified toexcr-. cise the full rights of freemen, surely the plantation freedmen ot the South are not. It the exercise of the rights of suffrage by a few hundred black men iu Connecticut is deuicd, the exercise of the right by thousands in other Staton would be. If Connecticut has the Tight to exclude this class of citizens from the polls why not Virginia and North Carolina? The elections thus far Indicate that the policy of President Johnsi.a is satisfactory to the majority of voters at the North. It will satisfy him that it will be safe to resist the importunities of the radicals who follow the lead of Thaddeus Stevens and Charles Sum ner. It will help to bring the conservative men of the country lully up to the support of hiß policy of reconstruction. The contest between the Northern radicals rmd conservatives is waxing warmer and and by the time Congress convenes, 10 Member, will have reached a degree of ■violence that will agitate the country from centre to circumference. OOMMXlteltt. jrACILITME* OP SAVAN NAH Tbe magnificent enterprises which the city of Savannah, in its corporate capacity, and her citizens ns individuals, have undertaken and prosecuted to a successful completion, U witnout a parallel in the history of any southern city; and retnakablc as the fact may appear, there are lew of our people who tbiuk about, aud fewer still, if any, who boast of it. We propose to consider some ol the improvements which havo been complet ed by our energy. Some of the works were not perfected by the money of Savannah, but all of them have been largely aided, and many of them had aid from no other source. The first great enterprise undertaken was tbe Central Rail Road. With many doubts and misgivings as to its success, the work was slowly, and many times with great dif liculty, kepi in progress until its completion demonstrated tire great problem which then agitated the public mind. This gigantic road was a success, and upon its merits have aris en the other lines which now tend towards out city. The capital of this road now stands at four million six hundred and sixty-six thousand, eight hundred dollars (4,C03,800). I< has cost over $9,000,000. This Company and the City of Savannah in its corporate ca pacity, and her individual citizens,have been powerful and effective allies. By their aid was built the Augusta and Savannah Rail Road, costing §1,000,000 ; the South-Wes tern and its extensions to Fort Gaines aud Eufaula, which will aggregate §4,000,000: the Muscogee at §1,000,000 ; the Opelika branch, §250,000; Gordon and Eatonlou, $4,00,000; Charleston and Savannah, say, $1,500,000. Iu ail these lines the three par ties abovo mentioned have not ouly largely assisted, hut most of them would never have been completed inti for the aid they afforded. Os the Roads which received no aid from the Centra!, we have the Savannah, Albany and Gulf R. R., built entirely by Savannah | aud her citizens, at a cost of §1,500,000. Its j extension on the Main Trnnk has received from the same source §300,000. Many of these lines of Railway have been damaged by Shcrmau's troops in tbelr match upon Savan nah, but they are being rapidly repaired, und | In a short time will be in successful opera tion. Some of them are already so. So much for our achievements by land. On the j sea we are not without monuments to our i energy and spirit of improvement. In ISIS we had constructed the first steamship which ploughed the ocean—the Savannah —an ex periment so much ia advance of the age as to receive tbe ridicule of nearly every one ; yet by a successful trip from this port to Liverpool, aud thence to several other Euro pean ports, she convinced the most incredu lous of the practicability of traversing the sea by steam. We have now lines of Steamers on the SavAnnah, Octnulgee and Allamaha rivers, Steamers to Charleston and Florida, Ltues of Steamships to Philadelphia and New York, and a line in contemplation to Baltimore; besides ample auxiliaries calcula ted for transportation of freight alone. Savannah will shortly become the largest exporter of lumber and limber at the South, and is now putting up a number of first-class saw mills in her vicinity, which require ex tensive capital for their business. Prior ot the war the export of this article, coastwise, and to Foreign ports, amounted to 38,927,- 984 feet annually, and from the enterprise now engaged in getting it out for mar ket, there is every reason to believe that the quantity for shipment will ere long largely exceed this amount. We have three splen did cotton presses in full operation, as good as any in the world. We nave Iron Foun dries, Brass Foundries, Steam Engine Shops, Rice Mills, Steam Lighters, Sailing Vessels and Tow-boats, and a canal which cost |246,000, besides numerous minor and less expensive, but still Important branches of commerce and trade. Besides building up these vast facilities for commerce, Savannah has expended from her own treasury many thousands of dollars for improving the navigation of our river, aud is now arranging for the removal of the ob structions which were put down in the war, so as to give access to her wharves of vessels drawing seventeen feet water without hindrance. The bar at the mouth of the river possesses advantages ovet that of any other important seaport along the whole Southern coast of the United States. It has a depth of water upon it of 19 feet C inches at mean low tide, wi ll a rise of over seven feet ou the flood, thus affording easy entrance to vessels of the largest class, and a safe an chorage from the storms of the ocean. The foregoing facia illustrate tlie practical advan tages derived from the system of internal im piovemunts Id which Savannah has been so long and so earnestly engaged, and U,\, sig uoftViSi. of ‘he wisdom reauljjgg' from Uer railway en?ssk Jise t h&yi • rain of errs started from the Depot in this city may be run over every railroad in Georgia, without, breaking hulk. HEW WORK HT HEADLEY. Guam a'nd Suirmas—' Their Campaigns end Generals, by Hon J T. llkadlet E. B. Treat & Cos., of New York will issue in a lew days a volume with the above title. The work will be comprised in one large oc tavo volume of over six hundred pages, in c uding eighteen steel engraved portraits of prominent generals, and twelve full page battle scenes aud maps, from new aud origi nal designs. The book is neatly primed on good paper, from large, new type, and will be furnished to subscribers only, iu various styles of neat and substantial binding, at $.*,50 $3,75 and ff per copy, according to quality of binding.. Mr. Headley is w ell known to tbe reading public, through his popular works, “Wash ington and his Generals, ’ "Napoleon and his Marshals," &c. and though his history ot the C-iryiaigns of Graut aud Sherman, writ ten as it doubtless is to suit the popular taste, and from a stand point of time and place, unfavorable for an impartial survey of both sides of the heroic conflict, will neveitheless be eagerly sought fur by the reading public of both sections of the country. While we may reasonably expret a partial Coloring of the campaigns and battles of tbe distinguished Generals whose brilliaut achievements he records, it is to be hoped that there will be sufficient ot candor, truth aud justice in the forthcoming volume to entitle it to a place in tbe historical literature oi the uaiioo. Os this the fair-minded public will Judge. Mr. M. G. Rcilley, of this city, has been, appointed agent for tbe work id Savannah. He is here with a specimen section of tbe book, exhibiting tbe style of the engraving typography, binding, Ac., and will present his list for tbe subscriptions of those of oar citizens who desire to obtain tbe book, which tbe publishers assure us will In no case be sold in tbe bookstores rLOUDA ELBCTION. From s cent lenmn arrived her* direct from Lake City we have obtained the result ot lilt, election for delegates to the Fioritkl State Convention, as far as heard from. We learn that the election was conducted in an orderly and qujet manner throughout the State. In the counties when- two tickets were pre sented the candidates recognised as represent ing the prevailing sentiment of the people, which ia iu favor of reconstruction of the Union iu accordauce wiip the plan of Presi dent Johnson, were elected. Aa in Georgia co issue of union and disunion was made. The result iu the counties heard from is as follows: Duval—S. L. Burritt. Clay—Mr. Wilson. Volusia—Mr. Holton. St. Johns—J. L. Mickler. Alleluia—Col. Washington Scott and S. j Spencer. i Bradford—Capt. J. Richard. Marion—Mr. -Wiggins and Col. Badger. Columbia—S. L Nihlaek, T. T. Long. Suwanee—Dr. Oveistreet. Madison—Dr. Hinsa, Col. D. G. Living ston. Jeffeison—Col. Capers Bird, Mays Cooper. Leon—Hon. Thos. Baltzell, D. P. Hague, Col. Maxwell, Capt. Taylor. Gadsden—Q. K. Walker, Mr. Foreman, Col. Davidson. The Charleston Mercury. —This paper which, anterior to the war, was the spirited organ of the extreme secessionists of the South, will shortly he re-established by its former proprietor, Mr. R. B. Rhett, jr. An opposition paper, to he called “The Independent African," it is said, will make its appearance simultaneously with the Mercury. Its editors and proprietors, are T. Hurley, ' white man, and John Bonitm, colored. Their citeular, announcing the publication, created a sensal ion in Charleston. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Savannah, October 18,1865. Remarks. Since our last report, little change lia taken place In the rates of the principal articles of consumption. Iu groceries amt dry goods the previous prices have been maintained, ami the advance incuts ton has been fully established. Since Saturday the market has licen quiet, although there has been an active inquiry fur cotton, particularly for the better grades. Holders have been jrery firm, and demand the full rate of our quotations. The receipts of cot ion by wagons from the interior, continue very good, and this in reality constitutes the principal stock on sale, as that received by the river is mostly on North er i: account. lncc Sunday a rise of seven feet has taken place in he river at Augusta, which has enabled some o tne steamers to come down, laden witli the products of the country. We may anticipate a revival of busi ness during the ensuing week, and large shipments of goods to that section. In the money market there is no Important change. The rate of goods has slightly advanced, hut the In quiry continues very moderate. The rate for bank bills, as will he seen by onr table, lias experienced but slight change, and the amount offering Is very limited. There lias been some demand for Coupon or the City of Savannah, and also for those of the Railroads In which SAvannah Is interested, hut the transactions have been light. Cotton— Since onr last report the rivers have con tinued very low until within the past few days, when a rise took place at Angnsta, which released several of the steamers tit that place, and yesterday nearly a thousand Imles of Upland cotton arrived at tills port by the river. Should tills rise continue for anv length of time, we mavexpect a continual sup ply of cotton from that quarter. In consequence of the want of stock during the present week, our mar ket lias been inanimate, although the demand lias been aetlve, hut mostly conflued to Middlings und tilt finer grades. The stock on sale does not amount to more than one or two hundred bales, and conse quenrly the transactions since our last have tieen verv limited. The sales that have been affected have boon made at our previous quotations, which we repeat below. We continue toquote i Ordinary Nomina Low Middling 53 Middling 5» Strict Middling 5J Good Middling 67 Sea Islands.—This article continues very scarce and prices have gradually advance during tlie past month. There Is very little placed on the market, und only the liner grades are tn demand. We quote clean bright, McCarthy’s ginned, full staple at YSeiii SI.OO per pound,, do. roller ginned at 85<«’900 ; com mon roller and McCarthy ginned at 8085 cents;: COTTON STATEMENT. Receipts Since Oct. 6th, 1865. Upland. Sea Island. Dom. By River 2,897 241 319 Bv Central Railroad 13 By wagons. 4(3 142 Total Receipts, 3,318 8:3 310 AX POUTS SINCE 00T0BEB 6, 1865: Upland. Sea /. Dottiest’*. Tills Week.., 3.540 291 256 Previously 23,4t6 1,474 2,C02 Total 27.026 1,765 2,858 STOCK. ON HAND, 1865. Upland. Sea I. Doniest's. Stock, Sept. 1 3,694 94 236 Received tltla week 3,318 353 310 Previously 22,499 1,410 2,472 Total 29,611 1,867 3,018 Exports 27,026 1,765 2,868 Stock on hand, Oct. IS, 1865, v 2,486 122 160 HfDR —The markre -«• .very has ad vanced to an extytf{7 ! £ l ' r( .f T „ u iooked Jor. It ia »^d|^^to>9 r *iUiet, and the following quotations QrPl l?' Hides sc; to 4c. per lb. jilted 4.m toso. perlb. Drv SaltedA B>i to 9c. per lb. Dry Flint 10c. perlb.J Tea—During the week tlie market has remained without change, and we quote Imperial at $1 40®2 ; Oolong at fl 2o@l 60 : and Ponchong at sl@l 10 ; Young Hyson at $150(52 50 ¥ ft. Ikon and Steel Tue demand for iron and steel continues ver* good, tlie demand being to fill orders oi country merchants aud farmers. We quote Anierl i ail iron at 7c. per lb ; Swedes lac.; Plbw-steel 12>J ; Cast steel 30c. The last is firm nnd sales very light. Cotton and b ooi. Cards.—Tlie market is very firm, aud with an advancing tendency. We quote cot on cards per dozen $!l ;wool cards $8 per dozen. Butter—Since our last report the market has been firm at tlie advance from 5 to 10c ft, previously noticed. Wc now quote prime western, in firkins, at 50@53c it .lb, and New Y'ork goshen at sfiio 56c, Tlie stock ou sale is only moderate. Laud—We notice an advance of 1 to 2c during the past week, and quote prime leaf, in tubs, at 31i333c ; and pressed at 27@29c 18 ft. Cheese—Tlie murket is abundantly supplied with this article, and with only a moderate demand, cliiefir confined to the retail trade, we quote prime (Koshen at 18@Slc, and pineapple at 30c V ft. Nails.—No change in the market. We quote Boon ton, assorted sizes, 9c. V ft. Oils.—The market Is advancing. We quote Lln reed at $1 7) per gallon ; Lard oil, ii 50 ; Kerosene, 90 cents per gallon. Flour —We notice an advance of fully 50c per bhl. ou an (trades of (lour during the past week. The stock on sale Is cipial to the demand, and every -ti-amer from the North brings au additional supply. As au index of the market, we quote good Oluo at $lO 25@10 50; and fninilv at sll pritclpul demand during the week has t»eeu for low er grades, and we quote them at s9@lo per bbl. Some extra family have been sold at sl4, and fancy brands as high as sl4 50. Candles. —A good demand continues for all de scriptions of caudles, Roller's Georgia Tallow are in great request hv retail dealers. We quote Adaman tine 31 to 33c. $ ft.; Hull's Mould Tallow 24c. V lb-1 Roller's Georgia Tallow 25c. V lb. St'OARS.—VS e notice an advance of one cent V lb-, on most descriptions of Sugars, particularly on the finer qualities. The market Is unsettled and holders are not very desirous to operate. We qnote Browns b Coflee 2lc; A Coffee 22c; Crushed *3® 24c: Powdered 23® 24c per pound. Wuisket—The market is well supplied with all the various brands of liquors. During the week quite an active business has been done, and the ad vance noticed in our last has been fully maintained. We quote Gibson 4 Son's Whisker—Choice old Mo hongahela rve, 50, at S3lO per gallon: do. XX, at s33u; do XXX. at $3 45 ;do. old Bourbon, *3 20; old Nectar, i»4o, $3 80; old Family Nectar, $4 15 ; pure old rye, $425; pure old wheat, *4 40 ; old cabinet, $4 65 ; Medar Swan gin. $6 50; N'oUet's Imperial da, 50 60; Omul, Dupuy 4 Co.'a cognac brandy, in quar ter caska and half pipes, sll to *ls per gallon. Sher ry wines, *2 60 to $4 50 per gallon, according to quality ; Imported Champagnes, De St. Marceanx A Cos., Reims, $26 per case of quarts ; Due De Montc brella. *23 per case. Wallack’s Bramlv as follows : Rectified $2 80 ; Mixed copper distilled at $1 00. Imperial Nectar at $1 60. Chicken Cock Bourbon $4 60 ; Columbus Oln at *1 00 ; M. Leavv k Co's genuine Kentucky, Bourbon, in cases, *l2 ; Nicho las Schnapps *l2. Sherry Wine *l2 ; Cognac Bran dy *2O, Ale, per dozen, $3 ; Porter, per doz., S3 ; Virginia Mountain Dew Whisker *2 70 per gallon ; Old Plantation Bourbon Whiskey $3; Fuller's Old Btet«4soto *5; Old Santa Cruz Rum, warranted •annim- f*to«lft : P H Co-lard's Brandy (It p •alios; bt igucCc i 15, 1 Mill'll. Dtipyy A Cos.. *1 ito JM; Crows siicrrr. per gallon *4 ' *»l. Maruu’a l*..rt Si fer gallon . Sfcebai.'- •bddeN Air. per ease of two uzeu. $5 5* ; Porter do. S5 sb: Ales In hi.l- 615: Champagne elder per coaeof one doten qta SO. ptn. of two doges $c : Kentucky Bourlion Widskev ft Ui per gallou ; Old Rye ?5 per gallon ; Old Bourbon 13 to $5 50 per gallon. imported Sherry it 25: aud Port at $4 25 per gsllon. Imported Champagne VIS to *3O i |*er case, pure IlollandlMli 84 to so per gallon ; i Cognac Brandy to S2O per gallon, by case; {SO to , sc*. Kgg Nog *ls per case. I Bxc k.—Although an active demand bus existed ! during the week, principally lor the home trade, uo change iu the rate has taken place. Iu consequence of the low .-tat* oi Hi • liter the orders from the in | terior have not le co filled, end ilieretore the trade i for Lite country lia- he< n moderate. We quote Pi nnc ! Sides, 2u0,2«c ; Shoulders. '-•.bi.24c ; liam-, 25926 c. There is a moderate demand for Pickled Hosts, without, however, anv alteration is prices, family Pig Pork is quoted at *isfe2o P half bbl ; Beef, $174 5418. Biooma.—There is a mricrate supply of Bagging on tbe market, sufficiently. however, to m iet the limited demand which at present exists. We quote Gunny, 270 28c ; Sea Islands, 27151280. Oorn.—Tue demand continues moderate and Is chiefly confined to the retail trade. The stock Is am. pie, aiid we quote Mar i land Willie at ji and Prime Western at $1 35©l 50 per bushel. I Con Er —There has been uo change in prices since : our last report. The market continues to be amply j supplied, and we quote Java at 40@42r ; bt. Domtn ! go at 34c ; and Rio at 54(»35C ft 16. C’abkaues.—The stock is very light, sufficient for the demand. We quote from $7 to 10 ft. hundred, according to quality. Spices.—During the last fortnight we notice an important advance in all kinds of spices, and now we quote Gruud Pepper, r-Jc; Oiuger, Sue: Cinnamon, 65; Cloves, 45; Allspice,3sc; Mace, $1 35 y 16. Fish— The market oouliunes to be abundantly supplied with all kinds of salted fish. A small quan Uly or new mackerel have been received, aud have met v.Uh readv saie. We quote new No 1, in bids, at S2O ; half bols, $11; kds, $3 23 ; old. No 1, In kits, it 65C5 ; No 2, $2 3515.2 45 ; half bills, $4 50. H\Y—Although the stock is fair the demand con tinues limited. We hear of sales of North River on the wharf at 90(§2..c V 100 16s. Salt—The supply oi Liverpool is equal to the de mand, anil we quote it at $1 softjss Tfr sack. For coast Salt the inquiry is very limited. Soaps—The market I- well supplied with all the various brands of soap. During the week an ad vance of tc plb lias taken place. We now quote Collates' No 1, at 16c ; i’ale, 15c ; and Hull’s at 16.: 16 lb hv the box. Fancy soaps have also experienced tlie same advance. STARCH—The stock on sale is very abundant, and rates remain unchanged. We quote Kiugsford’s at 12(5:12 S, and Colgate's at 14c f* 16 hv the box. SiiixoLES.—There is a very good demand for this article for home consumption. The supply contin ues limited, and wc quote cedar shingles at $7 per, M., and spruce pine at $5 per M. The .supply Is not equal to tiie demand, aud all fair aud good lots meet ready sale. Timber.—The receipts of Timber continue very fair, but not sufficient to meet the demand. We no tlcethut a number of vessels are loading Tor North ern pons. Ail lois of good timber upon airivel, are quickly purchased, at $18@22 lor ranging, aud $25 for choice. Wool.—During the past fortnight tha receipts have beeu unusually light, anil all fair lots, bring from 36 to 40 cents per pound. Lemons.—The stock is very light, and no good fresh article is on sale. We quote inferior at StVST per box. A good quality would bring sß@slo per box. Lime.—The stock Is ample, and the demand is confined solely io lhe retail trade. It is selling at $1 pur bbl. ■Li mber.—The demand continues active, but ttie supply is very limited. We quote as follows : White Pine, rough, S4O ; do dressed, $50(3:55 : Spruce Pine Scantling, $336136 ; Yellow Pine Boards, *SO V- M. Molasses.—We notice no change iu this article. We quote New York Refined at 55c V gallon, and Golden Syrup at 806(900. Oats.—With an abundant supply and limited de mand, prices have declined from 5 to lo cents V bushel. Holders are willing to sell at $1 056 Ul5 » bushel. Onions.—'There is only a moderate inquiry for home consumption. We hear of sales at $3 50 V bill. Potatoes.—There is an abundant supply on sale, anil from store tbe rate i> $3 50 ¥ bbl. Some supe rior lots have soid at $4. Rope.—Prices continue unchanged. Tbe demand is steady at lhe previous late of Is to 19 $ 16. Rice.- -No new rice has been placed on the mar ket, and we are therefore unable to give quotations. Small lots of imported F.ast India, in hols., com mauds ll cents •?. lb. Raisins.—We notice a decline in the rate of old Raisins during the last fortnight, and quote them at $7 V box ; $3 50 12 halt box, and *2 v“, quarter box. The new crop is selling at $8 t* whole box $1 half box. Frehihts.—ln consequence of the low state of the river the receipts of cotton during the week have been light, and some of onr steamships have depart ed with less than their full cargoes. We quote cotton to New Yolk as follows : IC. per pound for square bales liv steamships to New York ; Wool and round hales of Cotton at IV" per lb.; Domestics, $1 50 par hale ; measurement goods at 15c. per fool. A ship Is fllliiig up for Liverpool at Jsd. A number of ves sels are loading with lumber lur the Northern ports. Financial. quotations for Cncprbent Money and Securi ties corrected by Henry Bryan, Broker, Ac. The Notes to he *5 anil upwards. These rates will be re duced 10 to 30 per cent, on smaller notes. GEORGIA. Augusta Ids. and Banking Go 10 Bank of Augusta 20 do Athens 21 do Columbus it do Commerce do Fultoa : 20 do Empire .state 9 Bank of Middle Georgia 55 do .Savannah 42 do State of Georgia 22 Central Railroad and Banking Cos 78 City Bank of Augusta 19 Farmers’ and Mechanics' 13 Georgia Railroad a ml Banking Cos so Marlue Bank 52 Mechanics' Bunk 9 Merchants' aud Planters’ Bank 10 Planters’ Bank 10 I'ulon do 10 Timber cutters’ 5 SOUTH CAROLINA. Bank of Camden 16 do Charleston 16 do Chester 17 do Georgetown 16 do Hamburg 17 4 do Newberry 20 do South Carolina 16 do State of So. Ca .' 16 Commercial Bunk, Columbia s.IS Exchange do do 15 Farmers’ and Exchange 10 Merchants’ CUcraw 15 Peoples’ Bank *'7A.... ..*} Planters’ Bank, Falroeid.- 14 Planters’ and |Mfitel!ft>ee»£& |k , jg SJilltejjUf. K 21 turnii Bauk..., 48 NORTH CAROLINA. Bank of Cape Fear 82 Bank of Charlotte 26 Uo Clarendon 10 do commerce 20 do Fayetteville 10 do Lexington 25 Bank of North Carollua 32 do Wadeaborougti 20 Eank of Washington 10 do Wilmington 21 do Y'anceyvllle 10 Commercial Bank of Wilmington 15 Farmer’s Bauk of North Caroilua 28 Merchant’s Bank of Newberu ”6 ALABAMA. Bauk of Mobile 62 do Montgomery ..75 do Selma 21 Commercial Bank. 22 Central do 26 Fastera do .. 42 Northern do 35 Southern do 62 Bonus. Old Georgia 6’s 60&65 do I's 70 75 City of Savauuali - 65 70 Augusta 70 75 Central Railroad, past due, offered. . Memphis und Charleston Railroad 50 COUPONS. Generally less than Bonds—City of Savannah, .©J 65 STOCK J. Central Railroad . esq; Southwestern Railroad 65®TO Atlantic and Gull Railroad os Georgia Railroad . w Excßi.N-az.—Since our last there has been no ma teilAl changn in the money market. Although gold has advauced uo active iuquiry exists, and the trans actions are generally in small lots. Sight checks ou New Tort sell at par. liuvers pay 44 a 46 par cent, premium for gold, aud sell for 4s. We hear or email sales at 60c. For silver the demand is limited at $1 30 a l 40. The rate for uucurreut money is nomi nal, there being but very little at present 'offered.— We quote; Bank State of Georgia 20 Marine Bank of Savannah 50 Planters’ Bank of Savannah. is Bank of Savannah 40 Central Railroad aud Banking Go. of Oa. 60 Bank Rates fob Bkllino Exchanqe.— Foreign Exchange, Sterling, iu currency, $146 to $l4B 50;tn gold, $lO6 to $lO6 so; Checks ou New York, par; Checks ou Philadelphia, par; Checks on Baltimore, par; Checks *n Boston, par. Bane Rates for Piirchasino Exchange. —Foreign Exchange, Sterling, In currency, $l4B to $l4B 50; in gold, $lO6 to $lO6 50. Cheeks on Northern cities, 1 per cent discount and Interest. Specie.—A very active demand has prevailed dur ing the. past week. Brokers’ rates for purchase or gold wrs 47 .q to 4* cents premium ; selling at 48 to 50 cents premium. Sliver rates 5 to 8 cents less than gold in alftransactlons of purchase and sale. Ckccrkrnt Monet—Bank Notes, of all Issues, meet with a ready sale when over the denomination of $5. Notes under this denomination are not ia re quest. Iu some Instances, for large amounts of se lected old lsenes an advance of one per cent, was o tiered by broken. • The following quotations are correct for this date, yet the market Is very fluc tuating : SAVAMAN WMIIIAIi HUH CMttlT. Articles. | PE* I P MOM TO Bao-imj,Gunny Yd 27# >9 Sea l«tuod pl 2i«« Back Rope h> I*#*B Bart, New York Mess bid l*s 17 Prime . .... bbl 17‘;<A18 Bacon, Hams . ...... h> Shoulders 16 23(644 Sides 16 24§2S BeeaD. Navy - 16 Phot 16 Butter, Goshen, Prime hi 536? >8 Prime Western in Firvr.rv: Candles, Adamniitin 16 Hull's 1 ■ ' 246?5., Ccvrse. Goshen I> is<* 1 l'ino App1e.....—:... ; 16 wi^ — Coffee, SI. Domingo to 34i«. 1:16 .....' P> 21,415 Java 7 lb 40,442 Corpaue, Tarred lo Manilla 16 Domestic Gjod.s Shirtings, Brown yd SluteilugA, Brown yd Brown Drills yd Cotton Osuaburgs •• Fisa, Mackerel. No. 1, )4*>bl s2o6£ do. No. 1 bbl HO do kits 2 7514.3 25 Flour. Good Ohio . bbl 10256, lo 50 Good Famil v bbl 1150,® 12 50 Ordinary bbl ooucclffoo Grain, Coni, Maryland White bushl 1 Prime Western hush 1 135'ail 40 Oats bushl 1 05 a 115 Glass, American Window —a— Gunpowder keg —a— Hay, Prime Northern cwr 90aU5 do. cwt —a— Hides, Dry lb 7a(s Deerskins 16 —a— Iron. Swedes tou —a— Pig.. ton —a— Hoop ; —a— Sheet —a Nailrods a— Laeii, Prime Leaf lb Sla33 Pressed !b 27824 Lime, Bocklaud bbl S4a— LtAiaEii. While ITue, rough ni ft s4ua— do Pine dressed mft 50a55 Spruce Pine Scantling nr ft 33a35 Y'eilow Pine Boards mfl r.oa Molisse*. New Y'ork,.refined gai 55@— Golden Syrup gal 80«re9o Nails lb 6)4@7>i NAVAL STORES, Tar bbl -56- Spirits Turpentine — Ui. VaniLsb —@— Oils, Linseed * gal 1 Tsffi— Lard, old gal 2 50(5) Kerosene gal 90@95 OsNABOROS, Flax yd Pork, Family Pig Pork bbl 16 00(-j 20 00 Porter, London, quarts Raisins, Malaga, box 8 oo@— “ Mbox 4 00(8: Salt, Liverpool sack 4 50@5 00 Coast sack —@— Soap, American, yellow 16 15@1C Shot, ail sizes ft —@— SPIRITS Brandy, Cognac in cases gal 20 00®-- gWOtard, Dupuy A Cos, >7 AY, cks., gal 11 03 Gin, Holland gai 5 50@— Whisky, rectified gal 2 75@— " Old Kentucky gal 3 00(31 “ Imperial Nectar gai 3 25@— Suoar, Brown 1b le@l7li B. Coffee ft 2i@ — Crushed ft 23®24 Powdered lb 23(g 24 Tallow ft io®— Tobacco Teas Imperial lb 1 40@2 00 Oolong lb 1 20(<i f 6 1 Pouching lb 1 006(1 10 Twine, Seine ft —@— Baling ft —(<f— -1 Wines, Claret case 9 5004,12 00 Port gal 4 00@5 00 ! sherry gai 2 25(5:4 50 Catawba case —(g>B 00 i Wool, Southern unwashed ft 3iis37 *’ Clean Io 40@42 The Price of Gold During Krbel Time*. As many enquiries are made by persons liaviug settlements to make in regard to tbe prices of gold at various periods during tbe war, tor tbe information and convenience of tbe business public we publish the following tabular statement of actual sales of gold from January 1,18 GI, (o May 1, 18U5, pre pared by F. C. Barber & Son, Exchange Brokers. Augusta, Ga.: Prick op Gold for Confederate Notes from Jan. 1, lsei, to May 12, 1865, inclusive. 1861. (Nov 1 13 fori Jan 1 to May 1 5 pr Nov 15 ... 15 50 fur 1 May 1 toOctl lOprlDec 1 20 for 1 Oct Ito Oct 15 12 prjDec 16 21 for 1 Oct 15 to Nov 15 15 pr 1864. Dec 1 20 pi | Jan 1 21 for 1 Declj 30 priJan 15 20 fori 1362. Feb 1 20 for 1 Janl 20 pi] Feh 15 21 fori Jan 15 20 priMarch 1 26 for 1 Feh t 25 pr March 15 20 for 1 Feb 15 40 priAprit l 19 for 1 March 1 60 pr April 15 21 for 1 March 15 65 pr May 1 20 for 1 April 1 75 pr May 15 18 for 1 April 15 80prjJu 1 to Jy 15...18 for 1 May 1 90 prjJuly 15th to May U 95 pr Augls 20 for 1 June 1 96 pr Aug 15 20 so for 1 June 15 2 for i jSept 1 20 50 for 1 J uly 1 2 for 1! Sepl 15 22 60 for 1 Jhly 15 2 for l|Oct 1 27 Tori Aug 1 220 for 1 Oct 15 25 for 1 Aug 15 2 20 for lUfov 1 20 50 for 1 Sept 1 250 for ljNov 15 28 for i Sept 15 250 for 1 Dec 1 32 fpr a Oct 1 250 for 1 Dec 15 25 r or 1 Oct 15 2 50 ror 1 Dec 31 are 10r f 1863. !>?:, ‘ Novt toFli 1...3 for 1 Jan 1. .. re ' ’ai fur 1 1803. Jan 16 ?* “ Z{ Feb Ito MU 1.. .3 10 for 1 Fetv j w fnr 1 March 1. 3 25 for l|t’ eb 16 '’".ga for 1 March 15 to -/fi March 1 .55 fori “•*}£ * %It March 1.5 58 fori ® j for 1 April 1. .. 70 lor 1 1; 9io for II April 15 80 for 1 ■’““V 5 •"-T 50 for 1 April 20 100 for 1 •JbJJh ’/T.s fori April 26 200 fori Aug l4 for llApril 28... .500 lor 1 Aug 15..,, ,i for 1 April 29 800 foil , 14 for 11 April 30 1000 fori fdP 1 , 23 -, ..14 for liMayl 1200 fori U," 13 fori Which was the last ac -01:11 ¥ 12 50 for 11 tual sales of Con. Notes. US I OP VESSELS IN THE PORT OP 1 savannah. Q 'VANN'AU, Oct. 17, 1805. STEAMSHIPS. Steamship America, Cint, from New York—Brig ham. Baldwin A Cos. Steamship Vanina, Cooley, from New York—Jno R Wilder. SHIPS. New England, Hodges, 1,100, for Liverpool—load ing at Lower Hydraulic Press— Brigham, Baldwin 4 Cos. Wisconsin (Rr) Arcus, 950—discharging ballast at Lower Hydraulic Press—John K Wilder. BKIGB. ‘ John R Plater, Post, 280, from Norwich, Conn.— discharging at Union Ferry Wharf—Hunter 4 Gam melt. Mary Cobb, Duncan, 195,—loading, wharf at foot of Whitaker street—Rogers 4 Cann. SCHOONERS. Pionem, Tttetker, Jacksonville, In ballast, to Mas ter. Francis Satterby, Allen, St Johns River, la balla3t, to Wm Starr. May, Kellv, 330, from New Y'ork—discharging at wharf foot or Habersham street—Hunter 4 Gammell. J nil* A Crawford, Buckley, 181, from Jacksonville, Fla, hi ballast—loading at Wetters wharf for New York—L J (luilmarrln 4 Cos. Albert (Bn ltiordan, Jos,from Nassau—discharging at wharf foot of Barnard street—Bell, Wvlly 4 Chris tian. John G Whipple. Simpson, 80, for New Y'ork—load ing at Iron Steamboat Wharf west 01 Barnard street —Rogers 4 Cann. Schr Julia A Crawford, Bnlkley, loading, at Iron steamboat Co’s wharf, for New York— L J Gullmar ton 4 co. aw— NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Wanted, A DECK i’UKIQUT, to complete cargo of Schr. A Ju.i* A. Crawford, lor New York. Apply to* octlS 1 L. J. UCILMARTIN A CO. LOST OR STOLEN FROM the B-ikery, comer of Macon and Whitaker street'. a small **Fice,” long hair, red color, one white spot on his neck, lie Is cripple in one of hi* hind legs. A liberal reward will be paid for any informa tion which may lead to his recovery. octlS y JOHN YONQ. WANTED,” TMMEDIATELY. 10 Seamstresses, by the d*y, for A two weeks. Apply at the oetlT 2 MARSHALL noDSE. WANTED, A WHITE GIRL, abont 12 or *l4 years old, as Nurse for a child. Apply immediately at the 9. W. corner of Jones and Dray ion streets. ts octi« Horse & BuggyWaiitd A HORSE. BUGGY aud HARNESS wasted, tUhtt separately or together. .A Hone that win caster under saddle and trot In carriage preferred Apply at tbr Saeaiman Hzk.ld Counting Room. BtpTKf U iPßriib mmcM. IAXOBUOI'I H ASM. DYZI The < jrlglna) and Beat In the World t The only true and perfect Hair Dye. HanckM, Reliable and Insun taneoo*. ■gxiucc* immediate y a splendid Black or natural Rrnsrr. without Injuring the hair or akin. Remedies the ill effect! of bad dye*. Bold by all Drag cists. The geo nine la signed William A. Batchelor. Aim, rtKGKNKRATINC, EXTRACT OF MILLRFLEL’RS, For Itretoring and Beautifying the Hair. an!4-ly ( HAHLES BATCHELOR, Nr.w Yoaa. A PHYSIOLOGICAL View of MARRIAGE Containing nearly 300 pages, and ISO floe Plates and Engravinga of the Anatomy of the numao Or gans In a state of Health and Diaease. with a Trea tise on Early Errors, Its Deplorable Consequences upon the mind and Body, with the Author’s Plan of Treatment—the only rational and successful mode of cure, as shown by the report of cases treated. A truthful adviser to the married, and those contem plating marriage, who entertain doubts of their phys ical condition. Sent free of postage to any address, on receipt of 25 cents. In stamps or postage currency, by addressing Dr LA CROIX, No. 31 Maiden Lane, Albany, N. Y. , The author may lie consulted upon any of the dis eases upon which his book treats either personally or by mail, and 1 medicines sent to any part of the world. octlO om MARRIAGE AND CELIBACY. An Essay of Warning aud Instruction for Young men, just published by tho Howard Association, and sent in sealed letter envelopes free of charge. Address Dr. 3. SKILLIN HOUGHTON, Howard Association, Philadelphia, Fa. octl2-Sm NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. METROPOLITAN FIRE CO. A meeting of this Company will be ’TftfeggT" held This Evening, at "Y o'clock, at -iSS|2Kk’ > ' Fireman's Hall. Every member ia ex- Vs peeled to be present, to perfect arrange mentß lor the Benefit on Friday Evening next. JAB. STEWART, President. W. N. Vallbac, Secretary. ocilS Correspondence. SAVANNAH THEATRE. 1 October 17,1865./ Ma. Janies Stewart, President Metropolitan Fire Cos.: Sir—lnformed af the exertions being made by yonr Company,fur lire pnrposa of snpplyingthemselyes with a Steam Fire Engine, we are Ueslrooa of aiding to tbe extent of our means in assisting you in your efforts. If a "Benefit” at our Theatre will be acceptable wa shall be plessed to devote the evening of Friday, Oct 20th, to that purpose, feeling assured that an appeal for ao worthy an object will meet with a hearty re' spouse from the liberal pnblic of tbe city. Yours with respect, RAYMOND A HAMILTON. SAVANNAH, Oct. 17,1865. Messrs. Raymond A Hamilton. Managers: Gentlemen—Your note of this date, tendering a Complimentary Benefit to the Metropolitan Fire Com pany, has been received. In their name I accept with thanks tbe kind and liberal offer, fully satisfied that the public will respond generally. Very respectfully, JAMES STEWART, octl3 President MetropotitSn Fire Cos. FREIGHT FOR MACON ”W ANTED. THE undersigned, having two Six Mule Wagons, desires to obtain Return Freight for Hawkiusville and Macon, or any intermediate point on that route. Apply immediately to P. H. DRANE, Courtney's Wagon Yard, Margaret street. octlS 1* ‘ LODGING AND BOARDING. FOR Six Gentlemen, can be obtained in s central part of the city by applying to Letter M, Box No. 212. WFS2w octlS Stoves, &c. Cooking’ and Beating Stoves, Bound Pots, Ovens. Hollow dkc. Whitaker and Broughton streets. octlS °a\v2m ,T. G. THOMPSON A CO. Savauxxalx Theatre. WEDNESDAY EVENING, OCT. 18, Schiller's great Play of The Robbers And the Farce of j\. Kiss in the Dark. To-morrow, FANCHON, THE CRICKET. oclß Store to Let, AT HILTON HEAD, S. C. Tlie light and commodious Store, corner Merchants’ Row and Palmetto Avenue, to lease for a limited time. Terms easy. Address N. S. SAMPSON, Jr, Agent, ocUB ts Lock BorJT Hilton Hssd. 8. C. '* ROOMS TO LET, - AT HILfON HEAD, S. C. The “Palmetto Herald Building,'’ having been newly fitted up, now oiler large and airy Rooms suitable for Sleeping Apartments or Business purposes. For terms address N. 9. SAMPSON, Jr., Agent, oct-18 ts Lock Rox E, Hilton Head, 8. C. O. M. bOHREL A. O. 60RSEL SORREL BROTHERS, Shipping, Commission AND Forwarding Merchants, 83 Bay Street, SAVANNAH, GA. BEFEEESOEB: Messrs. 11. K. C.irniug 4 Cos, N. Y. Messrs. Peter V. King * Cos., N. Y' Messrs. 1 teller, Brothers 4 Cos., Baltimore. Messrs. 8. 4 W. Welsh, New York National Bank, Savannah, Ga. Francis Sorrel. Esq . Savannah. Ga. Chae. Green, Esq., Savannah, Ga T R. Bloom, Esq., Macon, Ga octll la HOUSE WANTED, TEHTH ten or twelve rooms, at any price, from S6OO v V to $3,030 per year, according to location. Ad dress “House," at Herald Office. 1w octlS WANTED. T'HE public to know that they can buy Ladles' Toilet A Slippers for 60 cents; Heel Gaiters, $1 ; Men's Slippers, 75c, at 116 Broughton street, between Bull and Whitaker streets. 3 octlS FOR BALTIMORE. Pendergast’s Line. The last sailing regular packet SCHOONER DE SOTO, Crook, Master, Having the greater portion of her cargo engaged, will have quick despatch. For balanc eof freight ep ply to LaROCHE, GADEN A UNCKLF.S, Corner Bay and Barnard streets. Agents in Baltlmore-Pendergast, Fenwick A 00. octlS Public Sale —of Government Vessel,. Byordcrof thtQuartermasttr General, p s . following Government Vewlswill boaobt * AT PUBLIC AUCTION, A * *»V6bnn«li ( •R the lot Say of November AT 10 O’CLOCK. A M . At the wharf ia rear of the Commissary Ware h Steam Tug STARLIGHT. Propeller STANDISH Steamer SAVANNAH. Terms cash In United States Currency. , E B CARLIN : _octlS eodtd B'vt. Lt Cel,A Ou HERALD' ' JOB PRINTING OFFIIE, No. 11l Bay Street, SA VAIVNAH,-GEORGIA. Wc respectfully call the attention of the pnhliclr the facilities which we have for doing all kinds of JOB PRINTING. We have THE BEST PRESSED For doing all kinds of work, and we keep them j good repair. We employ only FIRST CLABS PRINTERS OF LONG EXPERIENCE AND TRIED ABILrtT. Wc have New Printing Materials From the Best Northern Foundries, to which wee • consttnrly making additions. We are prepared to execute orders for POSTERS, PLACARDS, HANDBILLS, PROGRAMMES, PLAY BILLS. CIRCULARS, BILLS OF FARE, VISITING CARDS, . WEDDING CASK ENVELOPES. BUSINESS CARDS, . TICKEK ' ’ LETTER HEADS, BILL HEADS. DRAFTS, . RECEIPTS, CHECKS, PASSES, LABELS. CONSTITUTION: BY-LAWS, BALLADS PAMPULET3, CALENDARS, I.EGAL BLANKS, * SHIPPING BLANK; ■ Or sny wher kind of PRINTING—In xht ittii W e;have a Fine Assortment of Inks ran PRINTING in colors ORDERS BY Sun, OR EXPRESS 1 Will receive prompt anw careful attention, andth work will he forwarded FREE OF CHARGE FOi. TBANBPORTATION. We endeavor to do sll our v ork we ]l, and to givi complete satisfaction to odr njKomers. OTTH. PiRIoXiS ■-ViSt"’ Are as low as the present high cost of stock, mat. rial, labor and Bring wja *jn2t of, aud are below th Increased rates which mle in other lines of businci s. w. Mason & co., Hi Bay Street, Savannah, Georgs HATS, CAPS, &c. GENTS’ RESORtE, Felt, Derby and Faust Halt Army aud N aTJr c ap ß . Boys Hats, Care and Tm Ibgnv S. M. coldiwg. octlt „ No. 153 Congredw street B. W. Tilton, Agt, KAmTAonnuß. TT'ORMERLY Tilton, Worrall A Macy, Souther: U Carriage Wareraums, No. 616 Broadway, Ne» York. Manufactory—Mount Vernon, N. Y. oclO lm The lately existing under the name of Macky, Hogg & Cos., TIAVING been dissolved by the death of Aleirnitc IJL Hogg, the subscribers beg lo announce tha: they will continue the Shipping and General Commission Busina ITT SAVANNAH, AS No. 203 AND 305 BAY ST., tinder the name of uVTacky, Beattie & Cos. SAMUEL MACKY’. scptM-lin ROBERT H. BEATTIE. _ Just Received, And iu Store ou Cousignment, BUGGIES AND CARRIAGES Also, a lot of Fine Liquors, consisting of BRANDIES, WHISKEY, SANTA CSU2 RUM, BORER'S BITTE33, ts- Which we offer on the most liberal terms. VAN HORN. HOLYOKE 4 MURRAY', octll ts No. 8 Stoddard’s Block Dunn' & Brown, SHIPPING MASTERS. HAVING opened an office at No. 36 Bay street ► tween Habersham and Price street*, we are F* - pared to furnish crews at the shortest notice, octll-lm " MILINERY GOODS. Iha?e Just returned from New York, and h*** brought out one of the best selected stocks Milinery Dress Goods AND HOSIERY, Ever brought to this market. The Goods will be sold cheap. I will receive weekly the latest styles of MUloffJ under Bcrlven House, Corner of Bull amt Cong res* Street Use. octe-lmo MRS. ISASS .. . —/*