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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, October 24, 1865, Image 4

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The Savannah Daily Herald. TIEsUtl. tKTUBEH <1 l»t» a THE OKAY »WA». BT *1 ICE CARET. tel! me. sailor, tell me true. I- tnt little lad. my Elihu, A sailing with tour ship ?" she sailor's ayes were dim with dew— '•■your little lad, your ElihuT” He said with trembling lip— ■ What little lad ? what ship f” • ‘What little lad ? as it there could be. Another such a one ae he ! What little lad. did you say? Why, Elthu that took to the sea. The"moment 1 put Mm off my knee? It was just the other day The Gray Bwan saUed away," ‘The other day f the sailor's eyes Stood open with a great surprise— • -The other day ?’’ “the Swan f” His heart begaii in his throat to rise, • Ay. ay, sir, here in the cupboard lies The jacket he had on." “And so your lad Is gone ?” “Gone with the Swan." “And did she stand With her anchor clutching t old ol the sbiml, For a month and never err !” "Why. to be sure ! I’ve .a from the land Like "a lover kissing in- -“a hand, The wild se.i kissing t A sight to remen;oer, s “But, my good mother, a nd. you Stow Ail this was twenty years a fc o! I stood on the Gray Swan's deck. And to the lad 1 saw you throw. Taking it off, as It might be. so 1 The kerchief from your neck.' 1 "Ay, and he'll bring it back t” "And dhl the little lawless lad That has made you sick and made you sad, Sal! with the Gray Swan's crew?" ‘ 'Lawkss boy 1 she man is going mad The best boy" ever mother had— Be sure he sailed with the crew ’ What would you have him do ?' j “And he has never written a Hue, TJor sent yon word nor made you sign To sav he was alive •" •Hold ’ If ’twas wrong, the wrong 19 mine ; Besides, he may be in the brine And could he write from the grave ? Tut, man! what would you haveF’ “Gone twenty vears—a long, long cruise— Twas wicked thus your love to abuse ; But If the lad still live. And come back home, think you, you CRh forgive him ?” -'Miserable man, You're mad as the sea—you rave— What have I to forgive ?” The sailor twitched the shirt so blue, And from within Ills bosom drew The kerchief. She was wild. “My God ! My Father I Is it true » Mv little lad. iiiy Elihu 1 My blessed boy, my child 1 51y dead, my flving child 1" (From the Eufaula Sews, Oct. 12.] To T he Planters. The editor of the Montgomery Ledger, wLo is a+raCliCul farmer, has m-nic the follow is, proposition to his former slaves in order to secure their labor for next year. The plan at first blush seems a little extravagant, bin when it is remembered what a difference iu production results from stimulated and un willing or ill rejuitted labor, the moral excel lence of it cannot be over estimated; and again, when reduced to figures it will uoi seem so far out of tbe way as at first may appear “ Our proposition is to offer them one hall tbe crop made—they paying half tbe ex penses, half the land rent, &c. We have proposed this to our former tie groes, who are still at home, aud they have expressed their willing assent to it, and these are the first negroes that we have heard ol who have made a contract for uext year. Negroes, as a general tiling, where they hare been treated properly heretofore, pro ter to remain at their old homes, when they can feel assured that they will not be imposed upon. Although there has been great effort to drive them from their old owners, by dil ferent sorts of reports—as for instance that if they make a contract to remain with their old masters next year, they will remain iu slavery for five years longer. Where such re ports start lroin we are honestly uuabte to say*; but they are in circulation, and we must take the proper steps to correct them if we wish to retain them, and the best way to do this is by offering liberal terms for worth We have not confirmed tie terms with our servants, as yet, but will draw up the arti cles of partnership as soon as we have the time. We will now proceed to figures, auei fake thirty bauds for the number. These thirty hands will easily cultivate 600 acres, of this 300 will be in cotton, making 160 bales, 200 acres in corn, making 4000 bush els—lSO bales weighing 500 lbs, at 80c. will come to $22,500, 400 bushels corn at 60c. will be S2OOO. The total of the crop will then be $24,500. At $3 per acre rent, tin half 500 acres will Come to $750. Allowing 160 lbs. meal to the h .nd, lor 30 bands, the total will be 4500 lbs. which at 20c. wilt come to $9oO, tbe hall of which is $450. Half ol the corn used lor ten mouths, beginning Ist November, fur 20 mutes and thirty baud-,, will be about 2500 bushels, the half of which at 60c. will be $625. Toe hiie ol half the routes at $25 each, w ill be $250, t x,'t-nst s lot tools of all kiuUs SSOO, bait $250. The sum total ot expenses mi firs, of September next, $2375, this taken from me half of $24,500 will leave to be divided between 30 hands $10,125 or $837 in r tuud numbers. The proprietor will get $12,250 as liis ball of the crop, with $750 added lor their part of the lent, making $13,000. If this calculation can be relied on, the negro is Stimulated to work, and the pro prietor does better than he ever did w hen he held him us a slave. Some plantations will go over this estimate, and some will couie ender it; we have only taken middle ground. We have told ours that wo would not em ploy the mothers of small children, but leave ibern to be supported by the men and sucu children as couid work ; the children to eui ploy.'d to be estimat and, by agreement, as in now many should constitute a full liaud.— The mothers to have their own gardens and potato patches, spin clothes and wash tor the lamily. AH to pay their own doctor's bills, and to be charged witit loss of time j all to he under the direction of a superin tendent, black or white, as the contractor sees fit; and all obligating tbemseiver togoou older and obedience, and to carry on ah the usual wotk ol the plantation, oi whutevci kind—cleaning ditches, making tenCes, build ing necessai)’ houses, working gaiueus, &c. This is our Any planter who can suggest a better, let us near bom him. We want an expression of opiuiou, or a conven tion of planter;, at as early a day as possi ble- W e invite correspondence on tUiu im portant subject. E.wtuv s Improved Cotton-Gin.— Among the numerous valuable improvements iu ma chinery on the Fair of the American Institute, few attract more atten tion, and none are of greater intrinsic value than the Universal Patent Cotton-Gin ot Horace L. Emery, of the Agricultural Works st Albany The advantages of this gin j; irst. that it prevents ail bridging, clog ging and breaking of the roll, and ccono raizea the force required to driye the giu : second, it delivers the lint free from' dust aud sand; third, its portability, efficiency and cheapness, euablea all growers of cotton, large or small, to own and manage it. ’ 'This gin was exhibited at the W« r d's Far, in London, where it was commended, anu adopted as best calculated to promote the ' f rowth of cotton in India, Egypt, Turkey, taly and Brazil. It was approved by the Cotton supply Association of Manchester. Large works have been established*near Lon don, where the gin is now manufactured un der the Eeglish patent laws, as well as at Albany, N Y. Mr. Emery is in attendance at the fair, to explain the advantages of his improvement in cotton g,Doing.—A'em York Timet. Tnwelcomi. Immigrants.— The N. Y. }*® ra lds Charleston correspondent says ‘ Gentralßennett,commanding in Charleston, ha* been informed of the dcpaiture for that place, from Northern cities of between- four hundred and five hundred thieves and nun ot that clats. About forty perrons, supposed to be part of this gang, Uvo tun arrested tjy Gen. Bennett.” Bcbbao Ur.EtT.Kts, Fur BOWES & A. L ,) Office Act. Asst. (Ami. Stale of 6a . Augusta, Qa., OcL 14lb, 1665.) CtßcrTA*"* • No. 3. I I. iu compliance with circular letter ol instruction* from the War Department, Bn reau Refugees, Frcedmen and Abandoned Lands, dated 4th October, 1865, tbe follow ing regulations and ioatructh ns relative to apprenticeship are published for the infor mation and guidance of all persons inter ested : 11. The following form of indenture, com piled from Hine’s legal forms for common use in Georgia, and from the code of this State, will lie used : GEORGIA, \ Coi'NTT ) Th’S Indenture made this, the day ol . . - County of— . 1865, be tween ——- —and "—— , bis being of the age ot yeats, «>th « f said County of the one part, and —~f tbe same County of the » tier part, witnesscib that the said —— does by the consent of tbe said bind himself out the said . fai t County, as apprentice to *he said in the trade or craft of r ns laborers upon tbe plantation of the said „! or labor, and to live with, ontinue am! serve tbe said as n Appb mice from the date hen 01, lor and luring the fu 1 space or term of— years. Doling all wbic < time the said fill Covenant wi»h tbe said hat the said snail well and tilhtully demean tiiinseb as sUCIt an appi en Cos. observing and ola-vlng fully the com nands of the said and in all biogs deporting aud hi having himself a-a faithful apprentice lo him the said auy time leaving or neglecting '.he business of the said. And for and in consideration of the ser vice well and faithfully rendered as afore said of tbe said of the first part said ol the second part doth covenant, promise and agree to instruct bis -aid apprentice, or otherwise cause him to h webnnd faithfully Instructed in the said trade of— or labor, and also lo read iticl write tbe English language and in the C >mmoa rules ol arithmetic, and shall also allow, lurnish and provide his said appren lice with meat and drink, and Clothing, dur ing tbe said term, and all the other ntCessa ril-s meet aud proper in sickness and in lealtb, and shall, also, at the expiration of ihe said term, allow lo the said apprentice the sum ol dollars, and suits f clothes, to be by him paid aud given to aid apprentice by said of the i c >nd part. Witness our hands aud seal the day and vear above written. In presence of ( [i.. s.] ft. st (. Cl. s.] ill Aiiuors, white refugees, and freed children without natural guardians, with the couseut of the nearest or most convenient Agent of the Bureau, and other minor chil dren of these classes, wilh the Consent ot their parents, may be bound out until they arrive at twenty-one years of age iu the case of males, aud eighteen iu the case of females, or for a less period. IV. Children of 14 years of age and up wards shall have the right of selecting their own master or mistress, provided Uie person thus designated is not unsuitable. V. Children will not be bound out to per -ons who were unjust aud cruel to slaves formerly owned by them, or who have been guilty of such acts to the freedmen since their emancipation, or of immoral or of known violent and unreasonable temper, or who are otherwise, trom any cause, unfitted lor the responsible position ol master or mis tress. VI. The experience of many years has shown the expediency and wisdom of a well digested aud carelully guarded system of ap prenticeship ; it has also demonstrated the necessity for the sake, of individuals, and to provide tor the peace and welfare ot society, of confiding the care and education ot chil dren to such persons only ns are fitted for the task. Officers and Agents ot the Bureau are therefore directed to scrutinize, with great care, tbe character and reputation ol auy person desiring to have children bound out to them, aud will, in all cases, withhold their Consent, unless satisfied, by reasonable proof, that the parties are not of the class referred to in Par. V. VII. The Ordinaries of the several counties of this State, in whom is vested by the laws hereof, the right to bind out orphan poor children, are hereby authorized and request ed. in compliance with the terms of this cir cular, and with the approval of the nearest, or most convenient oflleer or agent of the Bureau, to bind out the classes of persons re ferred to in Par. 111., to the end that the ransaction may be entered upon the records *f their court, and become a part of the per naneni records of their respective counties. F- rtlie performance of this duty, Ordinnries •vill be entitled to receive the fees presetibed by the laws of the Slate for similar service. VIII. As the mode prescribed iu the pre ceding paragraph at cuds with the law sand usages of this Slate, and may possibly afford he parties belter opportunities of enforcing their rights after tile Bureau shai! have Ceased to exercise its tuuctions, ail officers and agents of the 3ureuu are directed to give it the preference, and not to exercise their authority directly, unless the Ordinary of the county in which the parties may reside shall refuse to perform this duty. Davis Tii-t-sos. Brig. Gen. U. S. Vola., and Act. Asst. Com missioner. Official; Wm. Gkat, Major and Inspector, oct 21 fit WAR DEPARTMENT, BUREAU OF) Refugees, Fieedraen, and Abandoned * Lands. Washington, Oct. G, 1865. ' ) CIRCULAR,^ No. 18 ; Issues of Subsistence Stores to Hospitals uow existing, or hereafter established, by lUlhority of this Bureau, will be made urxtn tbe same principle as are issues to the Hos pitals ol the Army. The Hospital Fund may also be expended in the same manner, aud the cost of the Hospital ration will be com puted by tbe same method—tbe ration being that established for Refugees and Fredmeu. By order of the Secretary of W T ar. O. O. HOWARD, Major Gentral Commissioner. APPROVED: " A. B, Eaton, Commissary General Subsistence. OFFICIAL : Assistant Adjutant General. Oct. 21-r.t. Headquarters, ) Sun Dist. or Oobechek, V Savannah, Ga., Oct. 9tb, 1865.) CIRCULAR. To facilitate the collection of tbe tax enumerated in paragraph 6, Special Orders No. 32, dated Headquarters, Sub-District of Ogeechee, it is hereby ordered: That officers of banks, iusurance, express and other stock companies, manufactutes j merchants, professional meu, and all others I who receive a salary or employ labor for j which compensation is paid, amounting to or Rxceediug eighty-three and one-third dollars | per month, will render to Captain Win. T. Easton, Tax Receiver, city of Savannah, Ga. prior to the 20th instant, a certified report for the months of September and October 18C5, stating name, occupation aud amount of compensation received or paid. By command of „. . IT Bvt - Brl «- Gen. DAVIS. Signed: w. 11. Folk, Ist Lieut, and A. A. A. G. octlO-15 GUNNY BAGGING. For nale by Jtf N. A. HARDEE A CO. f MItWBMPMU. I > A ILY JOURNAL & MESSENGER, Pnbiislted Eterv Mmini art Eremin. MACON, GEORGIA, 60RNIR OF CHtRRY AND THIRO STRUTS. LARGEST CIRCULA ETON /.V MIDDLE AND SOUTHWESTERN GEORGIA. THE old "Journal A Messenger," flrff established In lSof, and regularly published ever since, ha. tqe Largest Circulation cf an?' pa;«r in thin section. We are offeiing liberal terms to advertiser-, and merchants, and outers. desirous of having their busi ness generally known, will do well to advertise in Ur columns. Oils WEEKLY Contains the legal advertising of some eight or ten counties and is dn utated throughout the Southern and Northern States generally. Parties sending their advertisements with the money w ill be insured satislaction Address 8. ROSE A CO. S. K a'ilr«k} Pr °Prt«tor. sepls THE NEW ORLEANS TIMES, The Leading Journal of the South. PUBLISHED DAILY AND WEEKLY, Devoted to Litarature and General News—The Discus sion of State and National Topics—The Wel fare of the Planting lutei'est—The Progress of Southern Commerce, and the Regeneration of Prosperity in the Southern States. The Proprietors of the New Orleans Daily and Weekly Teats, encouraged by the liberal support ■given to their journal, have made ample arrangements ftn its improvement, with a view to making it, in every respect, a Flit ST-CLASS SOUTHERN FAMILY AND NEWS PAPER. Terms of the Daily, $lO per annum; half yearly, $B l Quarterly. $4. THE WEEKLY TIMES Is devoted to the discussion of topics of vital import ance to the interests of the Gulf .S'ates; contairs a carefully prepared compendium of the uew-o of each week, original and selected literary and miscellaneous matter, tales, poetry, etc., correspondence from all parta of the country aud abroad, letters from the peo ple, u resume ol the New Orleans market, etc., etc. Terms of the Weekiy, $j per annum. TO CLUBS. The Weekly will be furnished as follows, when sent to one address: 2 copies $ h GO! 0 copies s'2* 00 3 ’■ 14 001 I “ 20 00 4 “ IS 001 8 “ "dti 00 5 “ 22 50 j 0 •* 37 00 10 copies s4l). An extra copy will be giveu to any one getting np a Club of Ten. Terms invariably in advance. Address WM. H. C. KING A CO., mil4-n Proprietors N <>. Times. No. ;<> Camp st THE DAILY EXPRESS, PETERSBURG, VA. lias entered upnu it* Fifteenth year, in an enlarged form, with ne\t type, uuder «uypices highly flattering. It ha? a large and daily increasing circulation, and of fers to merchants and others desiring to communicate with the Southern public, advantages surpassed by none, ADVERTISING HATES. ONE SQT'ARIC. Two weeks $6 h 0 One month 6 0® Two months 10 00 Three mouths ) 00 Six Months 24 <»0 One Year 40 00 TWO SQUAB!B, Two weeks $lO 00 One month 12 00 Two months 15 00 Three months IS (Hi Six months 30 00 One year 60 00 Persons desiring a greater quantity oi space than is above designated, will be accommodated on liberal terms. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. Single Copy, (mailed; j» ets. One Month, do 75 “ Three Months* do $2 oO Six Months do 3 60 Oue Year do C 00 Address, A. F. CRUTCHFIELD A CO., PETERSBURG. VA PROSPECTUS OF THE Mercantile Mirror A Weekly Commercial and Advertising Sheet, WITH AN EDITION OF 10,000 COPIES. FOH URA TUITOUS CIRCULATION. To be Issued on or about the 15fA of Julp% ISGS, By J W. BURKE & CO., • MACON, GA This enterprise is undertaken at the suggestion ot many of the leading merchants of the country, as u method of »*xtensively advertising their business.— While wo will publish the advertisements of all who may favor u- with their patronage, the paper will also contain Prices Current of the Markets in all the princi pal Cities, Kates or Exchange. Brokerage, Ac., aud Commercial News of every description ihat will be ol interest to the Mercantile Community. Nor will the “MiKKOR" be exclusively filled with advertisement*; but the paper will l>e sufliciemly larg* t -leave ample room for Editorials, Correspondence. Select Heading Matter, Ac.* It will he a family, as w'kll as a nueiNKsa I’apkk, aud we intend that it shall visit every City, Town and Village iu the Country. All can’perceive the advantage of advertising in a paper of this description. OUR TERMS WILL BE LIBERAL. We are unable to publish them in this Circular, not knowing what number of our friend* will want their Business Cards, Notices, &c., brought be fore the Public through this medium. We will only say to all, send your Advertisements lo us immedi ately ; statu how much space irou wish them to occu py, directions, Ac. Wc have a large Stock of Fancy Tyi e. Cuts and material for displaying them, and feel confident of meriting the patronage aud approval ol ui i Business Men. As soon as we arrive at the amount of matter and size of paper required, we will make an estimate, and publish the rutes f r advertising, iu the llrst number. They will he as low as possible, to allow cs to publish *JUK i’afer. Deeming it superflu. oua to argue the benefit of this enterprise to the adver tising world, we leave the subject with it, feeling as sured it will meet its cordial co-oneration aud sup port. Address J. W. BURKE A CO., Mucou, Go. Agent iu Savannah r Guo. N. Niouols. Bay Street JylS-tf THE DAILY EVENING VOIfE. PUBLISHED AT BOSTON, MASS., lB THE OFFICIAL ORGAN '—OF THE Grand Eight-Hour League of Mass,, AMD OF THE WORKINGMEN'S ASSEMBLY OF BOSTON. IT is Independent in Politic?, eechewj* Sectarian mat ters, contain? nil the Local and General News of the d;»y, is e?perially devoted to the interests of Work ingmeu * and its malingers Fpare no pa»ne to muke it THE PEOPLES PAPER. Its facilities for obtaining the latest and moat relia* hit intelligence on every subject of interest are un?tir pa*sed. and make it a newspaper that will be wel comed by every ton of New Lnghud in any section of the country, it bae a large ci:citation, and iw an ad verting medium is unsurpassed by any newspaper In lioeton. S2ir— Subscription Frice, $5 per year. SOUTHERN Exporting and Importing COMPANY, OF FLORIDA. THIS association Is prepared to moke advances In currency of Gold on consignments of Cotton, Naval Stores, Lumber, Ac., to their agent in Liver pool. Orders solicited for goods from merchants and plan ters The arlcteid attention jr|U be paid to ell ordere however email, Tor goods ffom England. France or Germany. Oar Savannah and Charleston Agents, being salaried, make no charge for forwarding either way and will fumlah circular ot details K. F FLOYD. President, Jacksonville, Fla. Aonm i—E. T. Paine. Liverpool, England; B. K. Screven, Charleston. 8. C.; Henry Bryan, Savannah, On. 3mo* sapll ocmsnaainv mkiu hawtn. *r. G. B. & G. W. LAMAR (ieiieral emission Mci'cMs. FORWARDING AMD SHIPPING auf.nts. SAVANNAH. GEORoIA. THR Uuder igntd have this day fiwnvd a Cos part nership under the name and style of (i. 11. and G. W Lamar, for Ihe transaction of h Oeuera! Com mission, Forwarding and Shipping Business andofh r their oervices to tfceir friends aud the public. Office in Jones’ building". Bay Street, few doors East of Claghorn A Cunningham, (upstairs.) Refer to ceo. W. Anderson Esq, Savannah; John C. Ferrill. E*q.„ Savannah; a B. Limar, Esq.. Sa vannah ; Wm. E Jackson. Esq President Augusta Factory ; Messrs. Jonah Sibley A Sons Augusta; .1 B A J. W. Walker, Augusta. G. B LAMAR Ja. sep3o-lm G. W. LAMAR Ja. F. M. MYRELL, STEAMBOAT AGENT, GENERAL. COMMISSION AND FOIL WARDING MERCHANT, BAY STREET, SAVANNAH, GA. Harris Buildings, 2d door west of A. Low J Co.’s. Refers to Messrs. Hunter & Gammell,, John son * Graybill; Belt Wylly & Ohristi.u ; Botliw. ll * Whitehead; Miller, Thomas & Cos.: M A. Cohen, Esq. scp29-tf D. H. BALDWIN & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 178 Pearl Street, New York. J. F CcsUinos'} ew Vork. 0CM.3.1, c! M 1 't l ":». }Savamiah. A. S. Hartridge, COMMISSION AND FORWARDING MERCHANT, 92 BAY STREET, SAVANNAH, GA oct!4-tf JAMES B. CAHILL, GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANT AND DEALER IN Groceries,Provisions,Wines and Liquers, 171 BROAD STREET, AUGUSTA, GEORGIA. HOLDERS ofMerehamlize wishing to realize Imme diately will coneult their interests by consigning the same. Strict attention will be given to all business en trusted to them, and prompt returns made at the most ejsonable rales. np4-3m Wm. H. Burroughs & Cos. Forwarding and commission merchants, No. 07 Bay street, isavannah, Ga. For the sale of Cotton and other Produce, Lumber, Timber, Plan tations and all ffmds of Real Estate. Wo now offer several Rice Plantations near the city, a number of Cotton and Provision Plantations, Tiuiber lands, City Property, and a few lots iu the Mineral or North western parts of State. »ep2C lm JOHN L. VILLALONGA, COTTON FACTOR, FORWARDING AND COMMISSION MER CHANT. TYo. 94, Bay 9trs«t, SAVANNAH, GA. octlfi Cm C. H. BENEDICT & CO., No. 80 llioait Street, New VurU, Produce and Flour Commission '' Merchants, Dealers in Provisions, Butter, Cheese, Ae. Special attention to Southern Orders OunslgHmente on General Merchandise soil. ited. octl* 3m TO SHIPPERS OF CoffONAND OTHER SOUTHERN PRODUCE. FENNER, BENNETT & BOWMAN, Successors to llotchkise, Fenner A Bennett. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 40 Vkssy Street, 4 .kw York. And Memphis, Tenn. Thomas Fenner, Henry Bennett, D. W. BoWmin. JyO on. CILAS. L. COLBY & (J()“ Shipping Commission and Forwarding MERCHANTS. JONES BLOCK, CORNER DAT AND ABEROORN STREET SAVANNAH, GA. LIBERAL CA.SII ADVANCES Made on Consignments to the firm of Coas. L. Colby, of New York, or toourlrlenas in Boston. MAUDE & WRJGHT, Agents at Augusta, Ga. references; Messrs. Dabney, Morgan <Ss Cos., New York. Jarivs Slade, Esq., New York. Hon. J Wiley Edmunds, Boston. Gardner Colby, Km;., Boston. sep 19—tl Woodwai and, Baldwin & I’o.j no Duane Street, New York, 9 and II Hanover St., Baltimore'. WRY GOODd COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Liberal advances made on Consignments, Sheetings, Osnaburgs and Yarns. Jyis HENRY BRYAN, Bryan Strkt, nrtt to Mfrohawt*’ and Planters* Bank Building, Broker and Cotftmission Agent EOS SALE AMD PURCHASE 0» STOCKS, BANK NOTES, PRODUCE, &< „ And for Forwarding Cotton. anl6 3mu JOIL\ N. Mils & 10., Forwarding and Commission MERCHANTS. - WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN Dry Goods, Groceries, &c., NOS. I AND 2 SAMMIS’ BLOCK, Bay Street, Jacksonville, Florida. JNO. B. SAMMIS. ED. O. SAMMIS. CUAS. L, MATIIER auU; , ts A. T. CUNNINGHAM. I». O. PURSF. CUNNINGHAM & PURBE, Factors, forwarding and commission MERCHANTS, No. 4 ctoddard’** Lower Store?, Bay sneot. Savannah. Ga. References—Robr. Habersham & f-ons. Hunter & GanuneU, Octavns Ooheh, Brigham, Baldwin £ Cos., Etwin & Hardee, Clughorn A Cuunin-liim. ?ep4- 3m ifi. h\ METCALFE & U 0“, GERERAL FOIIWAHDING AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Lower Stoddard 3 Range between Abercorn and Lincoln Streets, Savannah, - - - - - - Ga. Reference*—nenlng, Flint A Pearce, New York • E. M. Bruce A CO., Augusta, Ga.; R. C. Robson, heq., Atlanta, Ga.; Knott A Howes, Macon, Ga.; E. M. Bruce, Morgan A Cos.. Appalnchicola, Fla.; Watt*, Crane A Cos , N. Y.: Geo. C. Pearce A Cos , St. Louie, Mo.; H. C. Bruce A Cos., Cincinnati, O.; Mr H. J. Cook, Albany, Ga.; Jno. W. O’Connor, Macon, Ga. *ept2i lm J. SHAFFER, ~ Ooxnxnlaaiou Dealer In all klnda of FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC FRUITS tm PRODUCE, Waai Washington Markei, Opposite 143 West at., Bolkbead between Barclay and Veaey au„ NEW YORK. Potatoea, Apples and Onlona eoniuntly on hand, and pat op for the Bonthtra market All consignments promptly attenked to. Men to k. L. Bradley, A. Haywood, T. J, Walsh, aud J H. Parsons OT* eodly COMMIIISIO* MERCHANT*. J. T. THOMAS&CO.; COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 117 .Liny Street. FIRE, MARINE AND LIFE ASSURANCE Takes at as Low Rates as are accepted by any good Company. octl 1-1 m SOUTHERN COTTON WAREHOUSE, CORNER OF 1 BAY AND LINCOLN STS., SAVANNAH, GA. O’FALLON & CO., FACTORS, Forwarding & Commission MERCHANTS, RESPECTFULLY invite attention to our facilities for the purchase or movement of Southern Products, and will give prompt attention to all easi ness entrusted to our care. Intending to establish permanently a Hou-e la Savannah expect by strict business principles to merit and receive a portion of the Trade. Hnving a commodious Warehonae for Cotton, we are prepared to buy, or receive on consignment to onr friends in New Yurk or Europe, and will mske ad vances on same ; picking, re-bnllng or mending all Cotton before shipping, thereby saving the enormous expense incurred in Northern cities by this process.— They solicit a porti-m of the business of tne people of Georgia aud of adjoining states. OFEICE, STODDARD’S RANGE CORNER OF BAY AND LINCOLN STREETS, CW Post Office Address, Lock Box 25. oct7-3m Fordyce, Anderson & Janney, BANKERS AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, SAVANNAH, - - GEORGIA. THE undersigned have this day formed a Cos part. 1 nerahip iiiider the firm name of Fordyce, Auder- Ton A Janney. for the transaction of a Banking and General Commission, Forwardlug and Shipping Bus iness, and offer their service, to their friends and the public. Liberal advances made on all Consignments to them for sale in Savannah, or for shipment to their conespondeutsto New York, Philadelphia or Baltimore. Refer to Messrs. Hunter A Gammell, G. W. Ander son, Esq., G. B. Lsuiar, Esq., Hobt. Habersham A Sons. Office No. 10 Stoddard's Range, l p-Stalrs S. W. FORDYCE, Huntsville, Ala. • GEO. W. ANDER-ON, Jr., Savannnh, ua. T. B. JANNEY. octl3 2w Narhvtllc, Tenn. BACON, CLARDY BsCO. Cotton anil Totacco Factors, >K W YORK, REPRESENTED IN SAVANNAH BY HENRY BRYAN. WE do entl ely a Commission Business, exerting tun selves lo get the outside market quotations for our patrons. Liberal advances made on Cotton at Savannah, and part al advances on Cotton ready for shipment at Au gusta, Atlanta and Ma- on. Planters’orders filled. octl2-lm Van Horn, Holyoke & Murray, General Commission and Forwarding MERCHANTS. No. 9 Stoddard’s Block, BAY STREET, SAVANNAH, GEORGIA Ciias. Van Hobn, Holyoke A Murray, • Savannah, G*. isew York. Engaged exclusively in a Commission Business, with ample and fiiet class storage Room, we most respect fully tender onr services for the purchase and sale of all kinds of merchandise. octll-3m L. WARROCK, AUCTION AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANT, JACKSONVILLE, FLA, Consignments solicited. Personal »tt. ution given to forwarding Merchandise and Cotton. octll-lm MAGKY, BEATTIE & GO. SHIPPING AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 303 and 305 Bay Street, * SAVANNAH, Qa. OFFER FOR SALE the following Goods, on the mo? reMPonable terms, bhis Whiskey, Mountain Dew 'luo “ *• Buckeye Reserve I To “ “ Stag Bourbon ... . W “ “ 7 years old &tug Bourbon l 20 “ “ Pine Apple f Webern £•" “ “ Burkum's Bonrbon 1 Dl9llll!ltioB la 11 ” ' Old Family Rye f* 15 “ “ Old lieciihed J Togetht r with a large assortment of Port, Sherry aud Madeira l\ lues, lieidsick It Cos., and Heymoud’s > hainpagnes, Brandies, Gius, Knms, German & Ridgeway Bitters, <fcc. In connection with the above, we offer for sale Choice Family Flour, Bacon Sides, Shoulders. Lard, Ac. Liberal advances made on consignment to MACKY&BEATTIE, sepM-tf ' PHILADELPHIA, Pa. N. A. CO., Shipping, Commission and For warding Merchants, SAVANNAH, GEORGIA. WiH make liberal Cosh Aviinccson consignments to our irifiids, Mortofl. Slaughter Jc Cos„ 40 Broad street, New Yolk. octO-lm W. B s & TANARUS, E. RYAN, GENERAL COMMISSION AND Forwarding Merchants, Charleston and New York. ' WILL attend to the Shipment and Forwarding of all kind? of Produce, and will keep oa hand on assortment of Groceries, Wines and Liquors. Coiisiguments solicited. W. B. Ryan, i (Taos. E. Ryan, CO East Bty. J- ■ • < 44 Beaverstreet, Chaileetuu.) ( New York. octi7 1m IT. Gowdy, COMMISSION MERCHANT, 1»5 BAY STBJBBT, ANDERSON'S WHARF, savannah, qa octAtm COMMIUIOI MERCHANT*. o- «. muil, a. c. nuu, SORREL BROTHERS, Shipping, Commission AMD Forwarding Merchants, 82 Bay Street, SAVANNAH, GA. Bsrtuxcn: Moaau. JL K. Coraing, Son A Co- N. Y. Messrs. Peter V. King A Cos., N. Y. .Messrs. Fisher, Brothers A Cos., Baltimore Messrs. 8. A W. Welsh. Philadelphia National Bank, 8-ivannab. Ga. Francis Borrel. Esq , Sav.mnah Gs. Cbas. Green, Esq , Savannah, Gs. T. B. Bloom, Esq, Macon, Ga. octl! fm TRAHCaTONSICOT 8.2A NKERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. AUGUSTA, GA. Office for the present at Georgia Railroad Bank. Thow. Branch Cos., BANKERS AND BROKERS, 90 Main stroet, Richmond, Va. THOS. BRANCH & SONS, Bankers and Commission. Merchants, Sycamore street, Petersburg, Va. "I AEALER3 In Coin, Foreign and Domestic Ex- A-e change, Bcnthern Bank Notes, Stocks and Bonds, Interest allowed on Deposits. Collections made throughout the United States, and special attention given to Ihe redemption of Southern BaDlt Notes for Banks' account. Liberal advances made on consignments of Cotton, Tobacco and other products to thair cone-nor: den Is la Baltimore, New York. Liverpool, Bremen and Ant werp, EwThe undersigned for the last twenty five years an i 'ffleer of the Bank of Augusta, can now be found at the office of Messrs. Branch, Sons * Cos.. Bankers and Brokers, Augusta. Ga., where he will be pleased to gpe his friends and the public generally, pledging his efforts o give satisfaction to all who may favor him with their patronage. Money will be received on Deposit, and Checks paid, octl9 15 GKO. W. MORGAN, Cashier. A. W, STARBUCK TcoT GENERAL Commission Merchants, HI North Water Street, T* niladolpul a. Careful selections made on all orders for the Pur chase of Goods, and Consignments respectfully solic ited. lm octal SCRANTON & MACUIRE, Shipping’ and Commission Merchants 49 EXCHANGE PLACE. NEW YORK. i OFFICE 19. Liberal advances made on Consignments of Cotton, Tobacco, aud other Southern Produce. Orders for the purchase of Ooods In New York promptly attend ed to. BxrrarNGia Scranton, Smith & Cos., Crane, Johnson & Graybill. A. champion, t octM E. C. WADE. 8. 11. WADE. E. C. WADE & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Savannah, Oa. octl6 3m illuslraled Price Lists OF FAIRBANK S SCALES AND HERRING’S FIRE PROOF SAFES, Orders for all sizes received by octf 15 BELL, WYLLY & CHRISTIAN. “NOTicir THE Copartnership heretofore existing between Wllllnk A Chapman waa, on the Ist of, October, dissolved by mutual coosent. T. M. WUUnk resume* bis business ot Ship, Steamboat and General Black smithing, on Dillon’s wharf. Thanking the public 10, paat patronage a continuance of tbe sums will be gratefully received. eodlw octl6 Dunn & Brown, SHimNG MASTERS, HAVING opened an office at No. 36 Bay street, be tween Habenham and Price streets, we are pre pared to tarnish crews at the shortest notice. octil-lm noticeT A LL persons indebted to tbe late Arm orE. Heldt A 2A Cos., and Heldt, Jandon & Cos., will please call and settle the same at tbe old stand, up-stulrs. E. HEIDI’, OCt6-3m W. A. JAUDON. Paper and Bag Warehouse Warren & Platner, WHOLESALE dealers In all kinds of coarse and fine Paper, Envelops, Twines and Paper Boxes Sole Agents In this city for tbe Bath Paper Mills. 'The highest cash prices paid for Rags, old Rope and Bagging and Waste Paper, in large or small quantities. octlo-tf 210 Bay street. Savannah, Ga. Notice 19 hereby given that neither the owners or Agents of the Steamers AMAZON, GIBBONS and LAURA, will be responsibly for any debt, bill or contract made by any of the officers or crew of said steamets unless made by writteu permission of ERWIN A HARDEE, For Agents and Owners. JNO. L.'vßoukixlEt, Agent on W harf. octlO ts t r Notice. THE Co-parmershlp heretofore existing between JACKSON A WARROCK was, on the 30Ui Sep tember dissolved by mutual consent. The business will hereafter be conducted by the undersigned, who will be happy to receive a continuance of the pa tronage bestowed on tbe late firm ot Jackson A Warreck. L. WARROCK. octll 3500 TONS OT ENGLISH RAILS, Os best quality, 50x54 per lineal yard. For sale by FOWLB A CO, Into 0m No. TO Broadway. N. Y. R. MOLINA, Corner Ball aqp Congress Street*, under Screven House, TMPORTER and Wbolaaalo Dealer In Havana Se- A gar*. Leaf sod Bmoktng Tobacco, Also, all kind* of Virginia Chewing and Smoking Tobacco. Her achaum, Brier Root, and all other kind* of Taney ttp**. -aepSO-Sm SAVANNAH BUSINESS DIRECTORY. COMMISSION MERCHANTS'^ L' Kocthrrk, & 10. —==vr ***" " lm FUklerclrent . ' anil MA. Cohen, ' • FOKU'AHLfNQ iu,r. COMMISS'N MERCHANT Office Home ina. co , w hi, W 001. Beeswax, etc. Liberal Adranc^on Erwin & Hardee, ~ COMMibSION MERCHANTS, ' Bay street, Savannah n. WINES, LIQUORS, &c. ~ Akuhleu, Northeast coßnriPS • Broughton and Jeflersou oireete soi. , 0P tor the State of Georgia, for the 2' fd- Agtut Wines and Brandy, S he «* L'aUiorun E. Koethcke 4b Cos., " 7 — — ' WMOnESALE dealers iu Groceries, /lues, Liquor, and at-ears r.,.,. Bay and Whitaker ate., savannah, oi T»rael H. Stolj- A Cos., A rn . A^ T S xsu 'Sorters op" >os> Bay at,, b-twe. tUiindand Je ff ere,, 3 , DRY GOODS. TRIMMINGS,KIBBONS, ,lc lc Y OLOVLS ' Cor. Congress and Whitaker ets. ohn Mcfonaghy, DEALER in DRY GOODS, 4c. loo Broughton street. Samuel M. Lerterer, Jnl bor nrd Fa«ot ann Stxfix Dev Goods. Boon i>T s" r ° f Cloth,wo. Hats, 4c. 14? GROCERIES, Ac. ' ~ Ferat & Cos.. Whol. eale Dealer in Wtara r,: • Qvoaa, Sxoseb, Fancr GaooEBtLS, C*r<Dn.a, it ICO Coqgreca street. Stuart Ac Co.,Wholesale andhetail Dealers in Ore ceries and Provisions, Teas, Ah a, Wines and L : quota Corner Bull and Broughton street. L trade 0 *1 * ttentlon P» id to or^n for the conntry EP. Deyo, D tAI .E„ 1N Cm.icr FamTTT (TbTITu, • Wtnta, Ltqcoas, Ac.. ‘-“_Brougiiton_sueet BILLIARDS AcT R Saloou. Bv WALTER O'MkAUA AJ ALE.-, WINES, LIQUORS, Ac Bay street, over Express Office S fiff rear of Post Office,) by A. Stamm. H hotrsait ana lietait. Nun,. lUUICh VUlNais upd servctl. Free LuikH. GAS FITTING, &c. ~ Weed A Cornwell, W holesale Dealers iu IlauDWABb aud Tin Ware, No. 16b and ldi Broughton street. UCranston, • PLUMBER AND GAS FITTER, t'l Bry an st., next io cor. Whitaker. , - » SEQARS, TOBACCO. &<:. t'. Koetheeke & Cos., “ " , . .. Importers of uenuine HuvanaSeaure °° in *sep*y SDd atreeta. Savauuah, ua L' Kolb. " 1 • SKGAR3, TOBACCO, SNUFF, PIPES, 4c. street, one door South of the Mari,el. PRINTING, STATIONERY. &c. Cavllle dir Leueh, " " ' kJ BOUEiELLEKS AND STATIONERS, ' Cor. Bryan sfreet and Market Square Marking Ink, Mancpaotcrxi) and for sale by”"" iU DAVID U. GALLoWaY, 1 33 Drayton street. Geo. N. Nichols, BOOK AND JOB PRINTER, Bay st., betweeu Absicorn and Drayton. R J ‘ *!“”«• idTHOGRAPUKR. STATION HR A-i* BINDER, JOB FRINTEK, Ac. No. 0 Whitaker street. W. MaiioH «i Cos., K- • HERALD JOB PRINTING OFFICE. No. 11l Buy street. WATCHES, JEWELRY, &c. FI». Jordon, Dealer in WiTcHte and Jnim, * _°fi-vea and PLATtn Wabz FAscvGoors Ac. tW Watches aud Jewelry Repaired. I2S Congress at., uppoetie the Pulaski Bouse. hair DRESSING, &c. pulaskl House Barber Shop, (cor. Bull and .^fy an * t9^ ) Bhaving, Hair Cutung, ShainpcoiDg, H J ‘fS rt ? >ea ’ Fancy bo«ps, Cologne, Neck lies and other b uacy Aa tides tor sale b DRUGOISTa. Jo.t, w. curt, m. u, Cor. South Broad and Barnard-sts. , Omce Hocus—9 to 10 A. M„ and IW6 P. M., (ST" Residence—Mr. Wash's, corner St. Julian alii , Lincoln Strecto. M. Walsh, • wholesale and retail druggist, aul 4 Bout heast cor. Burnord and Broughum e;r. 1 A. Solomons dc Cos., WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DRUGGISTS, W Order* executed accurately and with deepatUt- 1 BOOTS AND SHOES. Arnea A Peabody, Jobbers In Men's, Women'!, and Children’s Call; Serge and litd BOOi s tint SHOES, of all kinda and qualities. 152 Congress sn, 4th door North of the Market Geo. T. Nichols, RETAIL BOOT AND SHOE STORK. 110 Broughton st., vd dour irom Bali. QUEENBWARE, EB. Smyth, QUEENSWARE, GLASS AN® • CHINA, at W holesale ana Retail. 109 Broughton street, 2d door front cor, of Bna CONFECTIONERY. JE. Hernandez. . a CONFECTIONER—Waoi.zsAt.z and Rri.h MANor aotcuk or SYRUPS, CORDIALS AND FINE CONFECTIONEKI or SIX KINDS. , 140 Broughton street, two doors from Borr.srU M Fitzgerald, • WHOI.SSAT.E AND RET A It. DEAI.E* IN CIDERS, LEMON. STRAWBERRY amiIiASPBERI'', syj;l ps, candies, etc., Ac., tw~ In any quantities, to suit Purchasers, -gl WHITAKER BTKELT. tSUDA WATER. _ John Ryan, Bottler of SODA WATER, PORTED -and ALE, CORDIALS SYRUPS. &c. Cor Bay uu i W’eet Broad strrG ! - Boker’s Bitters, The Oldest and beat renowned. te . FUJtKE. 86 Liberty Street, sepl2-3mo NEW YORK CO-PARTNERSHIP fTIHE undersigned having associated A gather under the firm name of LaROCHK GAi' A UNCKLE9, for the purpose of transacting n "' ral Grocery, and Commission Business, ® nd „,| secured the large and commodious store. c °™' Bay and Barnard streets, ore now prepared torav. any and all consignments made to them. 1 n p' - have extra rooms, suitable or Dry Good* and Articles, which. If aocompenled by owners are the beat In the city; from a long F “ ce h *n. thorough acquaintance with the bnsmese. tWJS te give entire aalmfactlon to all making conwgnmM * °Ub*nil advances made on Cotton. Lumber, signed to them for sale In Savannah, or Ng to their friends In New York, Roaton or LaROCHB, GADEN A CNGKLk- Isaac D Lasoouc, B*nj. G. Gaieat, —oa , Davtp 9. Unokxi* -1® K