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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, November 17, 1865, Image 2

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The Savannah Daily Herald. BY S. W. MASON & CO. «7vcki. w- >i'■**»' W . T IHOMPSO' IblUor. v ' \>i ! I-liivv, N"VKMBi-P IT. ■ Ml!'. FK BDIKJI’It BUHMC. \V, ,hr Iron, tile New Orleans Picijrunp .f tl 2Tu. ultimo, tli a a complete and most siti-faciorv clianfie bad be- n effected in the or(: ~izitiim of labor in ilmt State for th r,.M, ration of tin 1 agricultural pind action. - This improvement has been accomplished by (ji-n’-r il Fullerton, recently assigned as Chief ~t the FroeOmetis Bureau in Louisiana, n In si po icy strikes at Ibo great i vile sown, by ,a.least by bis predecessor, and which had 1,,. a productive of the most initcLi vou i. n-i qutnces. * u appears lliat the injudicious manage ment of title former Chief of the Bureau had produced distrust, suspicion and ill feeling between the plauters and their colored ein I lotees, and inculcated the belief that it was the intention ol the government to make a division and assignment of lire lands of the planters among them, with a gratuitous sup ply of all the means neccss irry to conduct their plantations. The nuw Chief of the Bureau, Fullerton, in au address which appeared immediately af- | ter assuming the duties ol Ids office, gives the eicatb blow to all these bad counsels, and the lalse and bewildering hopes createil by them. He assures the freedinen that they will have ample protection against abuse and injustice; that their equal rights before the law will he protected, but that they too have drnies which it is just as mach the business of the Bureau to enforce ami compel on their part, as it is to defend them against the oppression and imposition of white men And on the faitbiul performance of these du ties their progress and welfare depend, as much as on the aid and protection they may expec from the Bureau. We agree with the Picayune that this is the counsel and policy of an intelligent phi lanthropist and practical organizer, and con trasts very slrikiugly with tile impolitic, un* just and destructive schemes of many iu competent persons into whose hands our colored populaiion had the misfortune to lull at the close of the late war. The only remaining evil to be corrected, the existence of which is both acknowledged and deprecated by lire intelligent and candid portion of the colored people themselves, is the disposition of the idle and dissolute to to congreigatcrin ifnd about' fliV totfifis and c ries, where they degenerate rapidly into habits of vagabondism and criminal indul gence. Could the Bureau of that State and ol this also, do anything that would go fur ther to promote the welfare and happiness ot this class, than to compel them, by some means, to abandon such places and engage iu some honest and useful labor? There L nothing incompatible with equal civil rights in Requiring every able bodied man to do his part in the general labor of the whole com munity. Is it not in fiic power of the Freedmans Bureau of this State, to apply this rule to this class ? The power and duty, we be li- ve. t-i enforce these requirements against white men is imposed by a law of the State «u a particular class ot our civil officers, but as un; Bureau is for the present, especially 'charged with the care and supervision Os the tYeedmeu, such power over them would, We presume, attach to that office. We concur most heartily with General Fullerton, in th« opinion that all Freedmett and Frcedwomen should have the most ample prole clou iu tire exerc se of their rights, and that they should lie treated with kindness and tbrffeara’nCe by ttie \vffitea, lmt ihe' onlf' gallon is equally binding on them lo peconic honest, industrious and thrifty. SOi rilßßt KNTERPHISE AN l> NORTH KllK CAPITAL.. wftkia the"phSl teW Inouftis a~ numbor ’of extensive business ventures and planting en terprises have tieen started in the Southern S.a - Sipon . Northerd 'capital and* Southern enterprise.' We learn from the New York Times, that Qen. Taylor, late ol the Contederato army, and brother-in-law of Mi.J}ivi^jg L qi.ilje.l)s»d ttf 4 JHUoo.pUal-. ing association, possessed of heavy Northern capital, and proposing *is the field of its fu ture operations the State of Louisiana Gyn. Hetb Irufso tfyiftgtd interest Northern caps tali-ts in an extensive Southern project. We hare already announced that Gen. Joseph Johnston has been chosen President of au Express company which originated In Rich mond, but which, it is intended, shall have ramitications alike over the Soulhem aud Northern States, and will combine the capi tal, enterprise, industry and interests ol both sec:ions.- SMeiiave seen retereuces-wade in Northern papers to numerous other schemes more -,r less analogous in character aud pur-. I*** lo lhesel'ajj j there are .|yw_.Vy , l4lUlP. capitalists, it seems, but have beeu approach •d by euterprising Southern men with pro- 1 jects tor the profitable employment of Unit surplus means lathe planting States. - proposed to employ, says the Times, Northern C ipital extcuaiyely in tin; ization and conduct of schemes of cotton .planting in llp- South, aud in the advanta development of the natural resources, , Bn “ Uie making of avaii the labor of this section now going to waste. It is Intended to do these iu eo operation with those of this section of the Union, who are familiar with its peculiar industries and labor, as well as its soil, climate aud crops, and the conditions „ and necessities of these, and who can thus use them all to the best advantage and ihc highest profit. Iu a business p„i„t 0 l view •M’ith. proper management and with men of proper character ou'bolli sides CuU IJ be- more jpromUuig tuau enterprise” -based ou this plap. The South has inctrfeuG'tiip resounds and is the most tavoraiiie point of the American Continent for’ tuJ' oultiwtion ot certain preist stapies which will alwnys p, in demand to the utmost limit of its nrodhr- Capacity. There U uo section of the Hqviili present jug more inviting opportunities for ventures ihsuOeurgm. We learn frotn the Mohilc Itegisler that the * • >'«’ MahiU and OtiWßGtj.mj '''' l ,urt:l >usud, un liWiritl tui Bts, twetny-fbnr g" | I locuunitiva eiiginus, over two hundred • u'.'silj’buu.her of timid paasetigpr r.,,,1 JLJWt lit'le« h r.rajmiag ihc . aumeluut Uilimt twelve inotilhs. rleii y lulv * war s 'Oneirss t',,l •*»*• dulegalea lit lurrU legiJaC?' ‘ tt “ l • “* “*• lUE (<IIE.IT STUIUL, 4r~ <1 1.0.1«ra -lack-on Wllr ttismir. The hI. ;i*-r D- JL Mount, ruling lie iw. i-u JN'.-W Y. jk uui Jeeksoaeilio,’lots not liei n beard from since ber departure lroin fcrw ¥«*rk on the *f»t Tilt. In all human probability she is another of the victims o the great storm on the coast which came so near proving fatal to two or three of our ■<» n steamships. Toe Jacksonville Herald ol the i JOtli ins'. : We forbear ssytug anything on the long ! absence of this boat and its freight ol pre pitta life. We Would not add to a paug ihat is notv felt by so rt.iiny In Florida, not would we jcncouragc a hope that may In a moment be blasted. PROIIAIII.K IDhUsIOV UIiTtVEEV THE I’KE'IUEVT AVU HOUSE OF kefbesekiativks. Mr McPuersou, the C erk of the House of Representative*, lta“announced his intention not to call the roll of a single State lately iu rebellion. He is of course tire of the party that has a decided majority in both Houses of Congress. Tin Pre.-idi n! has stated that his reconstruc tion policy will be carried out, presupposing a harmony of views between the Legislature an I Exteutive Departments. The Southern Slakes lately in revolt-will uo doubt c imply with nl the prerequisites to readmis.-ion. — There was an implied obligation on the part of the Exrcutive that if the seceded States perforated the condiiions-pri cedent to re admission he would use his influence in their favor. But if the Clerk of the House re fuses to cab the roll of the members elected from those Stales, the very first step of the implied engagement fails. There cannot be no organization. Tile President is thereto!e pledged in honor to use all his influence lo obtain the readntissioa of the Southern Representatives to the next Congress. How will he effect Ids' purpose with a large legislative majority against him, who arc de termined to exclude the Southern Repre sentatives ? Unless there should be a change of purpose by the Republican majority ol the House, to avoid a collision between the bead of the government and the popular brunch Os flic Legislature, there can be no oiganizatiou, and, of course, no means of testiug the question, the right of ro-nduds mlssion. It is our impression that means will be found of reconciling the difference. Should a change of purpose occur by the defection of such a portion of the Republicans as will consent to carry out the President s policy ol reconstruction, the path would bo plain and simple enough, for the Clerk being the echo of his party, he would change with the majority.. Were he to be obstinate and refractory, the House could proceed to organize without his agency. The not confiding this power to the clerk could he r. pealed. A -casa somewhat resembling this id its principal features oc curred some years since in the instance of the New Jersey-etrerinth Tue elerk refused to call the names of the members elect, lbr which he wn» denounced by Jbhn Qrtincy Adams, who moved that ,t*ie JJqusc' should proceed to organize aud i lect a Speaker, which Was done. There is little poibahility, however, that the olerlc would rua counter to the clearly, understood views ot a iiu'joiity ot his party. New Disposition of tiie L. N. Kovoo. In . Florida. It is uufferstood that an order will present ly be isruyd by .Muj. Gwu. Foster, eumniajut nio tiie Dcpurimeat ol Florida, making in.- -poi tant Cuanges ill tlie military situatioC. Tile s.ub Distiicts ol Kuy West aud West Florida"fire t<> be abolished, and all the gar risous aud'posts coibpri-iog tliern added lo 1 tie District ot Middle Florida, which is to be named aud known- as the “District of Middle, Western and Southern Florida,” as •1 separate brigade, under the command of Brig. Geu. John Newton. Ttte District us East Florida ceases to be a separate brigade. The Provost Marshal's. Department in this command is to be abolished, aud the officers doing duty therein .age to join their respec tive regiments. Hereafter, when necessary, Post commanders gre to attend to the duties ' o oe performed by Provo tt Marshals, Tne following will Tie the Posts and dispo sition jjf troops iu the District of East Flor ida At Jacksonville: two companies flit U. S. lutaatry. Af Foft ‘Clinch: two companies 34th TT. S. C T. : ! Atfi'• JWo„iompanics 3UIIU s. ort. At Gainesville) one coaipauy 7th U.-8. "Infantry* mountetl, and the following details will be made froffrlhis company : To bo s Bli<*ied)-at Ocala, five men; at Mic oioiW-, ffv« meß; at Bfooksville, teri m?n; ut Suuiterville, five men. All posts in tiie interior not enumerated above, wilt reynaiu garrisoued as they are at pre-ent, except iu cakes where the District commander may have to withdraw part of the troops to enable htffi to carry out the foregoing orders, reporting such changes at once to the Department headquarters. Tiie horses in possession of tiie 2d Maine and the Florida Cavalry, aTe to be imme diately turned in totbeChiei Quartermaster, who is to -Select all serviceable animals mid divide them equally in ttic two Districts, for uiouuting pa:lolling parlies and the compa ny of 7ttr Infantry to be distributed from Uainesvlite— fforiditmr . ;,TM® c«nv<fhsa>ih. 1 This body adjourned on Tuesday, 7th iust., it noon. The Convention, upon the recep tion of President Johnsoh s telegram to Gov ernor J )husoii,' ”(Jf'<jehirgia, stating that the war debt must be repudiated, as a sifts ■ tun non to tbe restoration us the Slate to the Union, reconsidered tne matter, and passed an ordi nance in conformity with the purpose of the Federal Government, aud consequently an nulled the debt. The Convention has given the election of all lhe olticern of the State to the people. Tire billow ing is the ordinance adopted by the ConvehtThlT tiCbllsbing slavery In the State: Slavery has becu ihfttroyed in this Stale by the Governmeut of the’ Uni ti and States: . .»,, i'hereiore, lie it ordained by the People ot tin Slate ot Florida in Convention as scmtaid. That neither slavery nor involunta ry n-rvnode shall in future exist In this State, except as a punishment for crime, whuieof ihe party si ml l have' been convicted by the courts ol the State) and all the iuhubilauls ot the state, without distinction of color, nre tree, and ahull enjoy the rightsof person and properly wi hunt distinction ot color. ' lue Ipllowing ordinance apnuUtfg, the Slate wsr-iteht,-was srloptetf bf JVlts a:l, n«y» .1 lilts, it is geuemlly understiMid, waadmi.l ill Mnali, lie,, to Hu wut of Presi dent Johnson : IW llordtontKl l.y th« in-opl* ol Florid*. ln Conventlou as-i iithli and, flint all Slste'fit*’ »ury notes Issued, aud ull oUn i liubiliilo* coutractut hy Uu Hum of Fi,„ui a , OM , alter the 10th day iit January, A TANARUS) mill b. the 15th day ol (Molar, Ali utisYal rrpt such lliihiliih* a, may l«i duu to the Heminaty and Ik'litml Kiintl, and men other llabiillla* at me provided lor by this Oou -thutiOn. be aud are declared Void* and the General A«m inbly shah iiuwrf no Bower to i provide for the payment of tbc same, or any part thereof. The Ixidy has ordered that she election of G -v- tuor, and other Slate officers. Judges of i the Supreme C'outt and Circuit Court-,Solic -1 itors, Representatives in Congress, aud I members ot the Legislature shall take place on Wednesday, the 2Dth inst. And directs - that the Legislature shall meet on the tiiird I I Monday (tilth day) of DeCemliet next. By u vote of 2<> yeas, and 19 navs, the fol lowing ordinance was adopted on In all criminal proceedings founded upon iidury to a colored^ person, and iu all eases affecting the rights* or remedies of colored jiersoiis. no |iersou shall he iuc impotent to testify as a witness on account of color. In all other cases, the testimony of colored per- , sons shall be excluded, unless made couipe- | tent dry futuie legislation. Tne jury shall judge of the credibility of the testimony. It wi;l be seen by this that in cases a fleet ing the “rights or remedies of colored per sons’' only, the admi-sion of their testimony is to be admitted in the courts, hut this does not make it incompetent for future legisla tion to extend the latitude of their testi mony. AIOtSJ'A MARKET. Ai'O. sTa, Nov. 14, Is’>s. Financial. There lias iieen a good demand during the week for GoM Stocks and Bonds. Gold—Buying at 147 ; selling at 14S to 119. Sij.vkr—Buying at 145 ; selling at 147 to 148. Stocks and Bonds— Georgia Slate Bond*— 80 < ifv Augusta BoihJs , «o City Savannah Bonds 75 Ucor“i:i Kailroud 80nd5...; 95 Central Kailr ud Bonds 75 City of Nasiivillc Bonds 70 Georgia K ilroad Notes 90.195 Ccntr 1 “ *• 9ua96 Oily Aiurusta Notes 90a95 'llie Central Road is now receiving their Bills at par in payment of passage and freight. The Georgia Railroad lor passage only. Commercial. Cotton.— Market dull, very little arriving, and very little oflbrln *. We quote from 40 to 45e from wagons, 20 to 29c in gold. The market is in that un def ied condition wlicre holders, if compelled to rea lise, would have to accept less than quotations, and buyers canuot purchase any quantity except at an advance, as holders am confident of a r action. Kactuky goods.— The demand has been active at full prices—?£ goods, 28 cents ; 4-4 goods 33 cents ; drills, 33c : osnahurgs, 27a2sc ; yarns. $3 25a3 50. Bacon —Good supply. Shoulders, 25c per ll». shies 2sa3oc. hams, 28n30c. Lard—&j*4oc per id. Atlanta Goiton Market. ATLANTA, November 14. Cotton market depressed. Prices firm 23 to 40 FITJVHKAL. INVITATIONS. The friends and acquaintance of Mr. JOIIN Me KARL AND and family are respectfully invited lo at tend his futieral, from his late residence, corner Fahm aud Orunge street. This Afternoon, ut3 o’clock The friends and acquaintances of Mr. and Madame SAUVKSTRR are re-pectfully invited to attend the funeral of the latter, from her lute residence on lirougfifdn, near Drayton stm t, This Morning, at pV lock. > w . 7 NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. HOAHD WANTED, f)Y n Voting M*n. in a private family. Address, 1> stating terms', “Board*’ ut this office. BLACK TEA. JUST received, « smut lot choice Onions' Tea. For side by M J. SOLOMONS & CO., nli ts .tones’ l.usldings. U y street. LJrig CONSI<INj.®S peM»t g Rush will attend to the re cepthtn of their goods, this dayut tl e Kx * change wharf. nl7 1 PATERSON & TUCKER- Buckwheat. ~ PACKAGES of new buckwheat, putnphy Crom well, in whole, half and quarter barrels, bags and boxes, for sale by nl7-3 CLAGIJORN A CUNNINGHAM. TO GARDENERS. Onion Sets. JUST reccivtt'l, five bbls Choice White Onion Sets. Will be sold low, to close coiioignmeHt, by M. J. SOLOMONS d> UV, nl7-tf J ech' Buildings. Bay street. SHIRTING. JUSTjeceived. 2 cases 1* Bflinh BK-ached ShlrtiEg. Will be sold low, to dose c>nsignment, by M. J. SOLOMONS A CO., nl7-tf Jones' Block Bay street. Oranges, &c. FORTY thousand Oranges, very sweet 1000 Cocoa Nuts Landing from brig Atlantic, and for sale by nl7 BELL, WYLLY A CHRISTIAN. COTTON CARTsT FIFTY dozen Cotton Cards, Witemore A. No. 10, in storeaitd for sale by M. J. SOLOMONS 4 CO.. nl7 Jones' Buiidibg*, Bay sL FOR SALE. TIIE Bide-wlietl steamor Jai*. Christopher,length 150 feet, beam 25 leet, 276 lons, engine in perfect ordtf. 32 loch cylinder, 8 feet stroke, boiler new, draw* ffOHdedj 3% feet, aud will carry 460bnlPftcotton. Apply to W. STARR. ' novlT 3 NOTICE. THE Consignees per steamer North Point, from Bal timore, w’li please s«idfor their goods This Lay, or thetwme will be storea at their expense. 1117-r WEST, RRYAN A CO., PLATED WARE. JUST received, ft small invoice of he«vy Pi tted Forks and Spoons, assorted. F«»r sale by M. J. SOLOMONS A CO., «17 ts Jones’ Buildings, Bay street. New York Oysters. 4 LL in want of New York Oysters call at Nugent’s ijl Saloon, Corner of Bryan mid Bull streets—a choice li*t receivi and per Steamship Nevada. IH'VIT -It APPLES & ONIONS. VFEW bbls. of each, for sal* very low. K. W. SIM ; & CO., Hi T-2 Ovei Krwin & llurdec’s. SAFETY MATCHES. |4} GROSS tTtiiversa! S.tfe'y Mulrhe*. 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IDlroct Importation, ft now in bond, amt has never been out of the ! hands ot th • Custom 11 -u*c officers since it reached I this country. Those Li of a CJlioice —OF I \ , Pure Brandy Can now got it. A case will be sold singly if desired. F W. SIMS & CO., nl7 3 Over Erwin A H:irdee*i». BEER BREWER WANTED. A good Beer Brewer CAN OBTAIN PERMANENT EMPLOYMENT, With Good Wages, By ftddicssing * 4 J. F.,** care of S. W. Mason A Cos,. Herald office. Iw-nl7 NOTICE. ASSESSOR'S OFFICE IT. S. INT. REVENUE, j Ist Histr <*t of Georgia, 93 Pay street, V Savannah, N«»v 17th, 1865. l fpilE attention of all persons interested is directed to A “Au Act to Provide Internal K< venue.” Ac. Section 71 And be it further enacted. That no pc - son, firm, company or corporation siiali b engaged in, prosecute, or c iny on any trade, business, or profi>- sion,*’ Jkc, ‘ until he or they fchall have obtained a licence therefor.'’ Ac. 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EORGI A—CHATHAM COUNTY—To all whom it ff may concerti: Whereuts Margaret Doyle will apply at the Court of Ordinary for Letters of Administration on the Estate of J.nues Doyle, late of sad county, deceased. These art , thorc ore, t<> cite and admonish all whom it may concern to be and appear before said Court to m ike objection (If any tiicy h iv«q«>n or be.ore the se'.md Monday iu January next otherwise said letters will be grand and \5 in smy official signature this 7ih day of Novem ber, 1565. mi D. A. O’BYRNE, o. o.c. To tie Electors of Chatham County. Gksti-emkn : Having been requested by numerous friends lo allow my name to ba u-ed for the office of Sheriff of Chatham county, I have the honor lo announce myself as a candidate for that position, and respict lully solicit your suffrage. nIT-tf CHARLES J. WHITE. A'g ents Wanted roß TUB New York and Providence Jewellers’ Asso ciation, A chance fer all. No money required in advance. For full particulars address W. 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Address Dr. J. SKILLIN HOUGHTON, Howard Association, Philadelphia, Pa. oct!2-3m Hagan’s Magnolia Balm. This is the most delightful and extraordinary article ever discovered. It changes the aun-bnrnt face and hands to a pearly satin texture of ravishing beauty, imparting th*j marble purity of youth, and the distin ffue appearance so inviting in the city belle of fashion. It removes tan, freckles, pimples and roughness from the skin, leaving the Complexion fresh, transparent and smooth. It contains no material injurious to the skin. Patronized by Actresses and Opera Singerß. I: is what every lady should have, bold everywhere. Retail price, 50 cents. Prepared by W. E. HAGAN, Troy, N. Y. Address all orders to DEMAS BARNES A CO., 0c,27-eoJly New York. L YON’S KATHAIRON. Katholron is from the Greek word “Kathro,** or “Katliairo,” signifying to cleanse, rejuvenate and re store. This article is what its name signifies. For preserving, restoring and beautifying the human hair, it is the most remarkable preparation in the world. It is again owned and put up by the original proprie tor, and is now made with the same care, skill and at tention which gave it u sale of over one million bot tles per uunum. It is a most delightful Hair Dressing. It eradicates scurf and dandruff. It keeps the head cool and lean. It makes the hair rich, soft and glossy. It proveiiis the hair from falling off and turning gray. It restores hair upon bald heads. Any lady or gentleman who values a beautful head of Irair should use Lyon's Kathairon. It is known and used throughout the civilized world. Sold by nl respectable dealers. DEMAS BARNES & CO ., oct27-eodly New York. We have harned not to be astoiii."hed at anythiug. Years of experience and » correspondence extending throughout all nationalities of the habitable globe have turned theories into facts and established a basis from which we need not err. We are not surprised at such facts as the following -although the persons who write them are. We know the persons and cir cumstances, hence feel at liberty to indorse their statements: “New Bedford, Mass., Nov. 24, 1863. Dear Sir,—l have been afflicted many years with severe prostrating cramps in my limbs, cold feet and hands, and a general disordered system. Physicians and medicines failed to relieve me. While visiting some friends in New York who were using Plantation Bitters, they prevailed upon me to try them. I com menced with a small wine-glusstul alter dinner. Feel ing better by degrees, in a tew days I was astonished to find the coldness and cramps hud entirely left me, and I could sleep the night through, which I have not doue tor years. I feel like another being. My appe tite and strength have also greatly improved by me use of the Plantation Bitters. Respectfully, Judith Russel.” Reedsuuby, Wib., Sept, 16, 1863. • * • I have been iu the ariuy hospitals for four teen months—speechless and nearly dead. At Alton, 111., they gave me a buttle of Plantation Bitters. * * Three bottles ie»tored my speech and cured me. • * C, A. Flaute.” The following is from the Manager of the Union Home School lor the Uhildi en of Voiantcers: Havkaifykr Maabion. 57th St, ) Now York, August 2,1863. / Dr. Drake Your wonderiul Plantation Bitters have been given to some of our little children sutleriug irorn weakness and weak lungs with most happy < fleet. One little girl iu particular, with paius in her head, loss of appciite, and dailv wasting consumption, on whom all medicul skill had been exhausted, has been entirely restored. We commenced with bat a Leußpoonlul ot Biiters u day. Her appetite uud strength rapidly increased, and she is now welL Respect!ully, Mrs O. M. Devor." • I owe much to you, for I verily believe the Plautatiou Bitiers have saved my life. Rev. W. 11. Madrid, N. Y. ‘ * * • Thou wilt send me two bottles more of thy Plantuliun Bitters. My w ile has beeu greatly benetiu'd ny their use. TUy frieud, An Cuukin, Philadelphia, fa." “• * * I have been a preakAnfferer from Dyspep sia. aud bad to utiundon preaebiug. * * The JPluu tation Bitters have cured me. Rev. J. S. Cat H< eln, Rochester, N. V.” * I have glveu the Plantation Bitters to huiMtrcds of our disabled soldiers with the most as tonishing effect. G. W. D. Andrews, Superintendent Soldiers’ U. uie, Ciueiuhati, O." “* * * The Plantation Bitters have cured me of Liver Complaint, of which 1 was laid up prustrale, aud had to abauuou my business. 11. B. Kisoslev, Cleveland, Ohio." “• * * The Plantation Bitters have cured me of a derangement of 'be Kidneys aud Urinary Organs that lias distussed me for year, li acts Ilka a charm. C. C. Mookk, N.. 254 Broadway.'* &c.; Ac., ,vc.. Ate, <fcc. The Plantation Blt'.cra uiuku the weak strong, the lauguid hiilliaut, aud are exhausted nature's great re storer. They are composed of the celebrated Caiis&ya Burk, Wintcrgrueii, Saasairaa, Roots, lluiba, Ac., all preserved in periectly-pnrc St. Croix Rum. , a. t.—laoo—x. Persona of aedentary faaoiu, troubled with weak nest, lassitude, palpitation of the heal I, lack of appe tite, distress ain-r taltug, torpid liver* constipation, Ac., deserve to suffer if they w 111 not try them. They are rccominsaded by tba highest medical an* llmritlee, and are warranted to produce an Immediate boueMlal street They ar« •xos.lingiy agreeable, perfectly pure, end barmleea. * Novice. -Auy ptgeoii prcUmdiltß In sail HanuUun inner,pi balk or by the gallon ia a swindler aud lap poetor. Jt Igput up gulyln uar log eablH bottle. He. ware us hollies Ml lied with ImiUtbni dslslerious staff, (ur whkh#*vvr*f persons are elrsady lu prieou a. e that rvety InHiie hue our L'aitad Mletee auaip oyer the •urk uuatulilateffi sad our elguaigre ull stael plate ■id* label. Hub) by i aspect able dealer* ibrougbuui tlie haUiahl* eeril, f, If, HIMMC 4k Ul, • u.l*l ant M H Htosdwaf ,R, g, AMt*EMKVTfi. Na vaii an It Tli eat re. I'lauAV uVBRue. %ov. 1 1. Eieveuth night of Mi. untl Mrs. W. 11. Crisp. The great an l interesting Play of the Wreck OR, A BRIDEGROOM FROM THE SEA! Miles) Bertram Me. W. 11. Ci'issp Alice Mrs. IV. U. Uriel) To conclude with Solon Shingle,. To-morrow: BENEFIT OF MR. UHIBP ALEX ANDER THE GREAT. ; WAMTF.I). Consignees Wanted. f'on E. n. a—: 5 111 Is Flour 20 half b'lks Hour 9 bbls Crackers c bblg Apples 5 bbls Eggs G A W- llH) rubs Lard. If not called for will bo teld lor freight a; and ex| ecses. oct2t BRIG ii AM, BALDWIN ,v CO Wanted to Hire. A GOOD PIANO, Tor six months or a year Ad dress 11. A. TANARUS., Box 4 0 2MUG Consignees Wanted. IjX)R Five (S) Bales Cotton, picked up by Steamer Geu Bony on River, viz: Two Cfybalo marked S; one (Ij marked Woods? one (Ij marked BP; and one f1) marked J. M. J. If not claimed within oue week they will be sold to pay expense*. . -J. A. LEWIS. n!6-3 Purser Steamer Gen. Berry. PIANO WANTED. AGO JD PIANO wanted to rent. Address X. Y. Z., Herald oltlce. tun 3 Wanted, A MONTH! Agents wanted wanted tor six entirely new artuderK iuet out. Address O. T. GAREY, City Building, liiddelord, Maine, seplo dAwlfm WANTED A GENTLEMAN of strict business habits, and 15 years’ cxpei b nce, do*ires a pusitum as Salesman or Bookkeeper in some Commission lions* in this city, where the sert uxs of a valuable man would be np p eei t.ed Ad-revs, for t« n days, Bookkerpoi^Re raid Office, y avail null, G .. ts-i 1 > Pilots Wanted. Two Good i^.ilots WANTED, r |MIAT are thoroughly acquainted with the route br- A tween Savannah, llawklnsville and Buzzard's R ost, also Savannah ami Two competent men can find steady employment and big pay by ap plying at the office of RODGERS A CANN, North East Corner of Bay and Abercorn streets. n!3 7 Consignees "Wanted. n, picked up by Sfcamor Falcon on Sivanuah River, marked W. C. 1 bale, no mark, 3 iwdes. If not ciaimed within one week they will be so}d to pay expenses. CIIAS. L. Cu)LBY & CO.. novl4-l w Corner Abercorn iind Bay street?. Wanted, A DAY ! Agents wanted to <dl n now nod wonderful SEWING the only cheap one licensed. Addiess SIIAW A CLAR|i.H3fd deford, Maine. sep!4-dAw3in PUS. i’u uk \ r. For Sale, 1 IA BUSHELS Prime Wliito Corn i*)v/v 2000 bushels Prime White Oats nS N. A. IIARDEE CO. FOR SALE. THE cargo of Schr. Oliver Cromwell from Newport R. 1., consisting of Bunch Onions Barrels ol Onions Barrels -f Potatoes Barn Is of Cranberries. The above will be sold in lots to suit purchasers Apply to Captain on board, foot, of Bull street, or to CIIAS L. COLBY & < 0., nl3 Cbr. Abercorn and Bay Sts, FOR SALEr ONE splendid four or six horse Wagon, with Har ness to match. Also four Mules. Enquire at the stables of Henry Wayne, West Broad street. tf-tilg FOR S L E. 1 fWIA BUSHELS White Corn 1 "f UV/ 10(mj bushels Mixed Corn 1000 bnshels Prime Oats 20 bbls Hams 10 bbls .Smoked Tongues ,200 boxes Cheese li>o kits No. 1 Mackerel. In store and for sale by nlt>-lw QUEIIARD & FERRILL. HOUSE TO LET. ON Perry street second door from Barnard Btreet, east. Apply at this ofijea. eodl w-nl4 The Screven House FOE BENT. TTIIIS coninioiUoti? and eluant Hotel is offered for * rent. It has capacity for 100 Bed Rooms, in addi tion to Dining Rooms, Parlors, &c It is situated in the business portion of tho city. For particulars and terms apply to nov2-2w BRYAN, IIARTRIDtiE & 00. PAVILION HOTEL For Rent. well-known, dreirably located, and highl? * A popular esUbiDhr.ient, situated on Bull street, lietween South Broad and Hull streets, occupying four entire lota of CO by 90 feet each, and the lane be tween them, and containing about forty rooms, is now offered for rent. The party renting this property will be required to make tnc neces-hry repairs aud give satisfactory se curity for the punctual payment ot re;.t. JOHN M. COOPER novi—tf Pree’t Union Society. TORRENT.' I OFFER for Rent next year, IS6*S my Rice Place, in Camden county, <»a., on the Great Satilla Liver, known as the “Wrnon PlantAtfon. ,, containing 4io weresof first quality Rice Land, and about 100 nfres of high land, ail in perfect order. Said Pinnmtiou has been cultivated during the war.wnd thercforerequiiea no extra work to prepare it for a drop the ensuing year. All the negroes formerly belonging to me arf still on the place and anxious to iemain, Ho there would be no difficulty in procuring laborers On the place Is a comfortable dwelling house, together with all the Decenary buildings for the accommodation of labor ers and storing he crop. boed lor the coming year. Including Iticc, Com Pens. SagirCsne, borghuro, Cotton* Ac., can be obtained on the plane. further particulars address thesub scriberat Wayuesville, Wayne couuty «la. , ocl3Mm XAS. F. Kln6. Store to Let, ‘ AT HILTON HEAD, S. C. ,Ttm light end I onimodloue Bloiu, earner Mi-rch.iile’ Row aud Palmetto Awnua, to lueii* ror a lliulled time. T'-rme vtey. Addivea W. S. BAMPBUN, Jr , Agant, octll If hook llox K. Iltlton Hmid.H, <’ ROOMS TO LET, * AT HILTON HEAD, 8.0. T>. ‘ Mr tab! Ituiidiag.'' liavtug h*ru uewly glia* ep, wo* »gWr l*tyu amt eliy ti-vm. Mll*hl* hit Mlarytue AymUnval*ol llitean e jiury mm. Mot leiia* W. a. UAH I’m IN Ji , Agent, urtie U lea 4 lw* *, lltnow M> ab, M, ih Pobl it\ij i. If Til E LARGEST ESTABLISHMENT IN This Country! FOil I Mil sfimai’i Torn For Season of 1865-6. Will Exhibit s Savannah For a sliort tinic only, commencing Thursday, Nov. 9. Corner Abercorn and Ltlierty Streets. tfc. C T,lu Mauagora v.oubf re- s P ec ift l U| ‘itate ttiat in tl.e XT 5 ® ; J selection or Artists for tiie | | Colossal {ALLIANCE, . ■ ■ ® it lias been the Proprietors’ ■ ! jj-, desire to secure a va : that no patron shall L—fall to find iu. tt much that "HI instruct' the mind amt ® enShain the attention. ” % jJj' TiIE LRILLIANT § CELEBRITIES JJ j) "'"doll adorn this Fa mod Girctasi w daic.impaniirfM'bvtlic&sev r ” *' al ’’P’triallieS. I Tue inagulflcept Scenes A R ENA T ire enriched and beautified ' gorgeous PARAPHERNALIA fJfsiPERB mm. — o—* i\a Messrs. STONE, ■3H3N) rosston&hurray having banished the antl<ine B style,aud reaciie.l perfection iu this orgauizatjou, otfer uo stale or exhausted acts. New Features and Fresh Novelties never before introduced to the public. to this coiublna- HUI hutcSngson's TRAINED S 1 DOGS, DEN. STONE’S COMIC 6 A * E A “ D *lTl rhevare than all otticrttomtc / ff JmJT Mules, Trick- Mules. Fourty Males, Wnclng Males, or ,iuy other quaint Mules \ known to fame for being 1 queer in tbelr condoeti Public attention U called to tbo GRAND Free Exhibition OF THE GYkfiiASTRJ MIKAULE OF MOtWIC-OiidliLWlON, • bU PLYING IN THE AIE, |ly the liilrvjilil I'aii.rullal, Mlfnor JPt> r clinnti rt. • HIM WOMItI It OF YHK WiiMLIl I Thla •iiiamlbt OnUall.Hl* KihlMUoii will l m *}*»!; a .1) I» tile MTONM, IMmNKIN A UlolfhY a (HfuiM ruvllPdi NVwfy duy, it 1 uVb* k (•> 111* AimmvJr' tn** * 91 jfl 0 B&?Wr S far* lb«n I4«a at t end o*4 o'eliak p. m. , *1 MMI .Ai e e, v 4 * 1