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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, November 24, 1865, Image 4

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Tit Slfmik Daily Herald. FRIDAY ItM WIM HOUR! for Hml«. ■r rovelab MMOritamuu. - •• THERE IS A NAME." BY 1. X. C-AT-KT-A. TR«rf la b name I dare aot breath*, Alihoaffb It ones waa dear, They deem my linen apotleaa now, And no deception here; And ret like sunset's rosy flash, Ms cheek la hut with shame, Thev ask me—but I will not breathe, My w asherwoman's name. Last night. when In the mazy dance, My neat foot trodthe floor. They little deemed my manly neck, A paper collar bora; A "Richard ” seared my hearing breast, __ 'Atnrrerwtfo'dhrfstoblame? Per bill’s not paid—l cannot breathe Mr waiterWMyaajpnjpnet “THE CAVALIER" BY W? C. B*Sb'*TT. A cavalier rode by a cottager’s door, And a matden sat thereby ; The cavalier bowed to his saddle full low, The maiden winked her eye, Ar.d rears rolled on, and the maiden worked Bv her door, and still would think Os the cavalier's how, and the » night he thought For aye on the maiden’s wink. And rears rolled on, and the maiden heard No more of the courteous knight, An I pel ehAOos he culled on her name and thought Os her wink as he died in fight. Uie.maldenllr.rd the life, the curate he came one day,. And sue winked »e him with her arch sine eye, And he married her straight away. [London Fun. * QUOTATIONS For Southern Bank Notes. BIN SIN 0 Hott JB E i / . ti 'I MANNING A DE FOREST, T 9 TTAIL STREET, NEW YORK. CORRECTED NOV. 18, 1865. 1 r -' VIRGINIA. BATE E ink of Berkeley 85 *• Commerce. Fredericksburg..... 35 “ Charleston, C harleston 20 *• the Commonwealth —* 44 Howardsville, secured *7 • 4 Old Dominion 40 •• Philippi, secured 23 44 Rockbridge 36 44 Rockingham 35 ** virgi«ra:.'. .su “ Winchester, i .T,.V... ........ 42 Central Bank of Virginia, secured 26 Corpor&tWfl df Alexandria 66 Danville Bank', D&nville. IKI , .23 EKbange Bank 6T Vai,"Norfolk .....26 Farmers’ Bank of Fincae’le 36 •• 7'i ■“ ' Kjchm«tfß. , 4 , Merchants'Bank, Lyflchburg, secured 38 Monticello Bank, secured 26 Northwestern Bank at Jeffersonville 85 Southwestern Bank, WytßWßlle 33 Traders’ Bank. Richmond 30 Bank of Richmond 20 , * > ‘ * 'NORTH CAROLINA. * A Bank of Cape Fear .....1.46 “ Charldlii. :6 “ Clarendon 14 “ Cqmmeice 26 - -Pniettev«w. ~14 hpXintCtfUL —........ ~...,36 “ North carolm ■ ~..4* “ W&tfesbdfough Ti.7. .tso “ Washington V-'ri'u.. .26 ,‘i. wiiaijikwa..... - —27 14 Yancevllle ;J , , Commercial Bank. Wilmington!.. 1.7..........22 Farmers' Bank of North Carolina. i.-rs..w.‘iST Merchants' Bank. Newbern ST Bauk of Rpxbqfo'... Jt a. 37 Mineflrafiif FWhters'Bhnk 37 Bank or ThobatsvtttF. 30 SOUTH CAROLINA. Bank of Camden 34 “ Charlqgteu ... 21 “ Chester ,i...... 24 “ Geogetowo 22 “ Hamburg , 22 “ Newbury 30 •• South Carolina 20 “ Btate of Bouth Carolina 25 Commercial Bank. Columbia 20 Exchange >• “ 21 Farmers'and Exchange >*...14 Merchants', Cheraw A..22 People’s Bank i. .60 Planters' *• Fairfield A. .20 Planters' and Mechanics' Bank .30 South W. R. R. : 36 State Bank 14 Union Bank 20 / GEORGIA... . Anguu Insurance and Banking Compkny 1. .12 Back of Augusta 32 '* Athens 36 “ Columbus 18 * Commerce , .42 “ Fulton 80 “ EmpireState .16 “ Middle Georgia 70 “ bavanrah 48 Bank of Slate of Georgia 2T Central Railroad Banking Company 94 City Bank of Augusta 26 Farmers'and Mechanic* 17 Georgia Railroad and Banking Company 92 Marine Bank - 78 Mechanics’ Bank 12 Merchant, and Plantors' Bank 12 Planters' Bank.*. 18 Timber Cutters’ Bank 10 Union “ 12 Manufacturers' " Macon 16 ALABAMA. u! Bank of M0bi1e......... A........ T 6 “ Montgomery.... . . ,90 -> *• Selma.. :....3i Commercial Bank ......32 Central ** Vi .1.. 84 Eastern Bank 62 Norihem ...... SO Southern “ 1.75 TENNESSEE. Bank of ChattaMooga \..... ... 22 “ Middle Tennessee. - . 75 “ Tenncasea .a 40 “ West Tennessee .....86 City Bank ot N&ehvdie. 46 Merchants' “ 00-ce - “ e..40 ■p’. mere' “ vr. .1......... ri 66 8k byville “ 76 T uers’ “ 80 U.ion “ ..................... .ui LOUISIANA. Bank of America... 11... .....". 120 ** Loulsisna. .*..*!.!!. .So “• Few Orleans so Canal Bank eg Citizens* Bank *"oS Crescent City * ’ 1 (1 Lonisiaua Bank 14".. M rchanics’ and Trader,' Bank .* “ Merchants' .. Anthem .■ .! Union .. Sew Orleans City Scrip * 30 STATE BONDS AND COUPONS. Virginia Bonds . N Carolina •• Nurth Carolina Floyd Bond. “‘W? 5 8 Carolina “ Georgia •* TeuaSeaee “ Tae above Bondi ore bouaut with V .TCT City of savannah Boade “ f-™Pon* lor 1861. “ •* Auguata, •• ( i*»8o Cbarleatdh City Stock SUaSO New Grloans City R. R. Bonds “ .<• CODMUdatad. . «5a.» Glty Metophie end by Sc Teu.. • « Railroad «* MUtiiClDsi *fc'o 4 Metnpbii " . til'* K. Carolina •• I;*r. Souta i oroUna R R Honda * 144 b.vhoo*a and Chari, stall, ret morlg,m.ry and W Point it. R. Bonita N«*U u.d cW *(do. H K. Bonds « Bamp and Oh»r util Hoad. t. /. ttnudi Mohiis ojhi Obit, K. K. »ig Bunds 61,*w '* . ’’ Coupon* moat A* *r« dealing uteualve y th all kind* of Muutkern Uc urltlea and iturOUOg to nutdUOM si.■7s:K^aa^.. , ’ ; '* , **« •* *“ I haw, qnouuulu Me mh likely to decline, a. H .i.ui and .««o4U. hr/ l. M MtoJj yW« •»'*"’« »«lhMk ll'ooee MUTOMbuja imrm * iHiwk, Holiday Presents r*. 1l —LtXi I/Si >l*l CRE AT BALE OF Watflies, ( hains, Diamond Rings, etc., etc., Oil Miuiea ••LLARt' WORTNI To lie disposed of at ONE DOLLAR EACH! ~ . Without regard to value! Not to be paid for until you know wliat you are to receive! I Splendid List or Articles,-) All to he Sold at One Dollar each l 3M- Musical 80xe5.,., ... S3O to sl6o«ae» 150 “ •' -with Bella and castlnets..„ ..r.,,. 200 to 500 “ 500 Silver Teapots ami Coffee Urns 20 to 50 “ 600 “ Chafing DtslieS. 30 to 100“” 1000 “ ice Pitchers 20fo .40' + 2500 - ji ‘' Syrup CupsrfSltliAafrer* 20 to' ‘66 6600 “ Goblets and Drinking Cupa 6to 60 “ 3000 “ Castors , 15 to 60 “ 2noo “ Fruit, Card and Cake Baskets 20 to 50 “ 5000dozeuSilFerTeaspoens. ... 1040 20 duz. louoo 'Table spoons and vv r„d r. Forks *0 to 40 “ 260 Gentlemen’sGold Hunting-case Watclies 60to 160eacli 260 Ladles' Gold and Enamelled Hunting-ca e Watches..,,.. 36 to ..It)- tt 600 Gent's Silver Watches 36 to 70 “ 200 Diamond Kings 60 to 100 “ 60u0 Gold Vest and Neck Chains.... 4to 30 “ 3000 “ Oval Band Bracelet* 4tp 6000 Jet and Gold Bracelet* 6'to" ' 10 ~ “ 2coo Chatelaine Chains and Guard Chain* 5 IQ.- 20 " TOCO Solitatre aulGoid Brooches... *to lo “ 6-00 CoraV ÜBtel and Essentia a sL' Brooches 4to 8 “ 6000 Mosaic, Jet, Lava and Floren ce .tine Ear Dr0p5..:...,....... 4»o. * ** T6OO Coral. Opal and Emerald Ear Dr0p5....... 4to 6 " 4*oo Cauiornia Diamond to 10 " 300 Gold Fob and Vest Watch Keys 2.60 to 8 “ 40)0 Fob and Vest Rit>!,on-slides— 3to 10 “ 60JO sets Solitaire sieevc-buttona, Studs, Ac , 3to 8 “ 8000 Gold Thimbles, pencils. Ac.-..." 4To “‘A ’* ;ouoo Miniature Lockets -. 2.60 to 10 " 4too do do., magic spring 10 to 20 “ 3000 Gold Toothpicks, Crosses, Ac.. 2to 8 " 6000 Plain Gold Kings ~,.-“t. 4 too- 10 ■* oOOOChased •• 4to IP « i00«O Stone-set and Signet Kings 2.60 to lo looOu California Diamond Rings..;... 2to 10 " 7500 sets ladles’.Jewely—Jet and . . 1 Gold *5 to t 5 “ eOIO sets Ladies’ Jewelry—Cameo, iF®rL Opal and olhef stones 4to 1A “ 10000 Gold Pens, Silver Extension Holders and Pencils 4to 10 “ 10000 Gold Pens and Gold-mounted Holders.:::. J .— 6to 10 “ 6000 Gold Pens and Gold Extension Holders 18 to 25 “ aoopLadlea'GW and.JW, Buckles,... 6to 15 •• 6000 “ “ Hair Bars and Bans . “T........ . Ato 10 “ ARRANDALE <fa CO., >la.n.ufaotu_ror’» aVigexrta, ko. 167 Broadway, .Veto Torle, Announce that ail the above list of goods will be sold tor - - One Dollar Each t In consequence of the great stagnaiiofcof trade In the manufacturing districts of 1 England,’4fifoog« the war having cut off the supply of cotton, a large quan tity of Valuable Jewelv, originally intended lor the English mavket,.hue keen-aoni off for sale In this country, and mtfat he soM nf lopiv sacrWce. Under these circumstancee, AKR.UNbALE A CO., acting as agents for the principal European mauufatturers, resolved uopu a , GIiHAT GIFT APPORTIONMENT, to be divided according to the following regulations: Certiflnptes onno taiiojpjrUcleß atj par into en velopes tndis'crimluately, sealed up, and" when or dered, are taken out without regard to choice, and sent by mail, thus showing no favoritism. On re ceipt of the certificate you see what you are to have, and then It ls%[raur apflon to send the dollar and take the article..ftt»ot. Purchasers may thus obtain a gold watch, diamond ring, or uuy set of Jewelry on our list, for One Dollar. Send 25 Cents for Certificate. .. , .k- ... v r . N.rc ln all traiiSfctionß by mall, we shall charge for forwarding the certifloajses, paying postage and do ing the business, 25 cents each, which must be en closed when the certificate ts sent for. Five certlfic ateh will be sent for sl, eleven for $2, thirty (or $5, sixty-hve for $lO, one hundred for sls. What thes-irsa Ssy of Fi. The Lafayette (Ind.) Dally Courier, March 18,4865, savs: “A better selected, more varied or fashionable assortment of jewelry cannot be found on the conti nent than Arrandale A Cos. arc now offering. Messrs. Arrandale A Cos. occupy a high position In comriler cial circles, as men entirely above the common trick ery of trade. Their statements may be implicitly relied upon, hoth as to the character of their goods anttthe manner of disposal. Ladies wpecirciy, m all parts of the country, are realizing handsome profits as agents, and If any of our lair readers desire to in terest thkmselVes in-the enterprise, they maj do so with perfect confidence.” uklai Gift DisTuifii'TioN. —A rare opportunity is offered for obtaining watches, chains, diamond rings, silverware, etc., by Messrs. Arrandale A Co.,'at No. 167 Broadway. They have an Immense stock of ar ticles, varying in value, and all are offered at one dollar e*ch. The distribution 1$ very fairly done : you agree to take a certificate of a certain article, enclosed In an envelope, and are not required to pay vour dollar unless you are satisfied with the article, which will certainly be worth more than that amount, and may be S6O or SIOO. An excellent mode thla of investing a dollar.— Sunday Times, X. r. City, Feb. 19,1865. Messrs. Arrandale A Cos. have long been personally known to us, and we believe them to be every way worthy of public confidence.—.V. V. Scottish Amer ican Journal, June 11, '64. By Messrs. Arrandale A Co’s arrangement, the advantages inns be on the side of the customer, for he has everything to gain and nothing comparatively to lose. He knows what he will get for his dollar beforehand, and he need not sendTt If he la not satis fied.—-Veto York Daily Sexes, Aug. 6,1564. We kuotv the firm lu question to be very respect able aud thoroughly worthy of public confidence, and recommend our friends to read their advertise ment.—-V. r. Albion, Sept. 3, 1864. Employment pok Ladies.—The most eligible and profitable employment we have heard of for ladies is the sale of certificates for the Great Gift Distribution of Arrandale A Cos. A lady of our acquaintance has been very successful In this way, not only In fihtng her own puree, but also In doing a good turn to those to whom she sold the certificates, as will be seen by our advertising columns. Gentleman-can also be thus engaged.—-Veto Ybrk Sunday Mercury, Aug. 14, IS 15. AGENTS We want agents In every regiment, and In every town and county lu the country, aud those acting as such will be allowed ten cents ou" every certificate ordered by them, provided their remit tance amounts to one dollar, also o her lucluc.inont wlnch can bo learned ou application. Agefifswni collect 25 cents for eve y certificate, and remit 15 ceuts to us, either In casn or postage stamps. ARRANDALE & CO., nI2-lawl 167 Broadway, S. Y Bridgewater Paint and Color Works Cos. — : BELL,' WYLLY & CHRISTIAN, Agents. Just rooeived and for eale at the manufacturer's Prices: KegeXX Bridgewater Load a . . I Kogs i'X Snow White Zloe - Keg* cyguet VVhite Lead. . . , Kegs Sommerset White Lead . Tube Putty Paint Brushes Premium White Lead L . Chrome Yellow Venetian Red Metalic Paint (In oily Metulic Paint (dry) Fire Prom Paint Cottage Colors. lm "Oranges, &cT" TT'ORTY thousand Orange., very sweet J 1000 Cocoa Nuts Lauding from brig Atlantic and for sale by UIT BELL WYLLY A CHRISTIAN. Architecture and Engineering MULLER A BRCYN, Architect* aud Eiißintuvr*, are uow pu juivid to furnish Drawings, hpe'cifl: Hr tioub and LstiSiMtes for building*. Also lor all kinds of Mac binary, aucb a* Haw Mills aud «ah«r Mill*, VWelo. ric*. Ac., and to Buporiatend th« building of tna*am*<. burwyiuc don® in all it* braucb«tv Levelling, Ac. Oifc-ttio borrel * buiidiog, cora«rot Bull uud Bay sts, aecoud floor. M. P. MULI.ER, Cirll and Mechanical Engineer. DaWITT BRIAN, R D N E ft TAKES the liberty of Informing the public generally thu be !■«]"«•. oreuad, and will always keen on uaud a full supply Freth Family Groceries, of all rum. end of the beet quality, which he '.a..'.* '“•ouebls r tin Corner Jones and llamard et.eeie, L »ljjir|lch's oi l ■land ma im To the Merchants of Savannah. K? -tS’.I!Si'T..VE." •'—'l—.. JWO K UM.U)H, _ vuiWr‘- ***** IVjKHjHU*. pay ooop» amp cuvrmfto. If you AV'ant A JVice Business Suit CALL AT HEIDT &. LUDLOW, Gilfbon's Ranee. oov2f-10 TO THE CITY AND COUNTRY MER . i CHANTS. W. H. TULLER & CO,, No. 70 felt. %J ulian streeti A HR recslvfng by every steamer, from their New York, the following Uoorta: Bh»K*B, Shirt*, Huts. Notion*. Iloaiery, ami *.» on, which thev will sell bv the Lota, at »uvall Advance on New York cost Gentlemen call anfl examine our stock, atxl you will find our term* reasonable. Just Received. A amall lot of Hosiery and Hoop-Skirts. Also, a nmall lot of Ratinetta. W. If. TULLKR A CO., u2l-lw No. T 6 St. Juliau vtreet. CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODS BO4TS, SHOES AND HATS. 'TMfE subscriber having formed a Co-partnership A with ME J. C. Ludlow, under the firm name of Heidt A Dodlow, reapcclfullv calls the attention of his friends and the public generallyto their large stock of Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Boots, Shoes and Hats, Witten they are now opening, and will sell at Wholesale and Retail, at 71 SL Jullen and 162 Con. gres streets. Gibbon's Range. oct«-2m E. HEIDT. Cloaks, Cloaks. LADIES’ Cloth Cloaks, a fine assortment, just re ceived by steamer. n23-tf EINSTFIN A ECKMAN. shawlsT shawls. JUST opened a large aseortment of Zephyr Worsted Shawls Sontags. Cloaks and Hoods, Children* Caps, Boot* and Gaiters. Also, Irish Linens. Table Damask. Linen Towels, Table Napkins and Doyles, an i a variety of Fancy Ar ticles too numerous to mention. Ail of which we offer at very low pries*. IHNbTEIN A ECKMAN, n!3-tf . • 151 Congress Street SHIRTING. JUST received. 2 cases English Bleached Shirting. Will be sold low, to clok consignment, by M. J. SOLOMONS A CO.. n!7-tf Jones' Block. Bay street. holesale Boots and Shoes ! Fellner and Poliak, 157 BrouglilAn -SUNet,. #»., A RE enabled, through their Beaton, to famish Jobbers and Dealers in this city as well as those in the cduntry,-wlth more ad vantages and conveniences in Trade than any house In said line. _ ... novl-6m . . JOHN A. SXALfcY, j Justioe'df NOTARY PUBLIC., Ac. A NNOTJNCES to bis old friend* and the cttiseD* of XJL Savannah that ho has returned to the city, and may be fonnd, for the present, at the Court House, at Judge Fleming's old office. MWS3*u 4 20 Notice. THE Co-partnership heretofore existing between JACKSON A WARROCK was, on the 30th Sep tember dissolved bv mutual consent. The business will hereafter be conducted by the undersigned, w ho will be happy to receive a continuance ol the pa tronage bestowed on the late firm of Jackson A Warrock. L. WARROCK. octll Liverpool Salt. A CARGO of SALT, 19 sacks to the ton, jnst arrived per British bark Croesco from Liverpo 1, for sale _ BRIGHAM, BALDWIN A CO. T 0 6ARDENERS. Onion Sets. JUST received, five bids Choice White Onion Sets. Will be sold low, to close cou.lgnmCßt, by M. J. SOLOMONS <6 00., nIT-tf s Jones’ Buildings, Bay street. Snuff, Snuff. JUST received, invoice Scotch and Macaboy Snuff, and for sale by M J. SOLOMONS * CO., nl7-tf Jones' buildings, Bay street. South-Western Railroad. MACON. GA.. ) November lTlh, 1 f66. f NOTICE TO BOND HOLDERS OF THIS COMPANY. PERSONS holding Bonds of this Company past das will present the same »t my office for payment. JNO. T. BOIFBI.'ILLET, n2l-lw . Treasurer. COTTON CARDS. FIFTY do*en Cotton Cards, Witcmore A. No. 10, in store end for sale by M. J. SOLOMONS 4 CO.. nIT Junes' L'ululirg.q Bsy st. CO-PARTNERSHIP NOTICE TBE undersigned have formed * Copartnership under the name and style a; Scranton, Smith A Cos., for tne transaction of a Wholesale Grocery and Commission business in this city, at the bead ot Bey street, opposite Jefferson. D. T. SCRANTON, ' Formerly Scranton A Johnston. WM. 11. SMITH, Formerly Rabun A rmltb. J. L. LARGE. Savannah, Nov. 14th, 18*5. Jm nlo * ItfcrpoM Salt, FOR SALE IN LOTS TO SUIT PURCHASERS, Apply to ... . Fordyce, Anderson Sc Janney, nIT 13 Stoddard's Ran go, up stairs. STOVES, <&c. COOK I IST G AND Heating Stoves, Round Rots, Ovens, Hollow Ware, «fcc. UhUaker above Broughton Sts. J. 0. THOMPSON & CO. WtHwtß Wnrmi’a <i li liruted IWdlr* amt Flab lull. ANimiCW OIiHiKK * CO, «a MAIM* BANK NSW T«SE. iuli aukwtn and imimimtkiin. / \UM bn tun euuommt will lad (raduetlon la gold W nrtaag us Ike N iiedUm while lAe qualliy G alwayr A ™ * Mu leap*, thilly eoll.ll a renewal of Iba n0.,, auille ivleMuAg go lung cod farurably eilnumrl by ibetr kaaet earn dm MEmHana. >»• F. M. MYRELL, STEAMBOAT AGENT, LKSKHAI, (OMMKIiJON AMP FOR* . WARDING MKKCHANT, Bay street, savannah, ga. Hsrrt.' Buildiiws, !d door west of A. low A>Co.*a. Refer, to Messrs. Hunter A Gsmmsll, Ur.ns. John •on A GrayblH: Bell. Whllv A Christian : Bothvsll A Whitehead; Miller. Thomas A Cos.; M A. (ohen. Esq. »cig!>-tf TOBIAS HEDRICK S& C 0 , Comniiggion Merchants, New V or I*. OCTAVUS OOHKN will make liberal advances on any consignment* made to the above house. oct2G 1 m W*. H; Twow. Wf. W. Goedow Tison & Gordon. COTTON FACTORS, COMMISSION AND FORWARDING MERCHANTS, No. 96 BAY STREET, Sayasnah, ------- Georgia., Special attention will be given to the eale of Lumber, Rosin, Turpentine, &., oct24-3m . .. . ■ . ... 11. SOKRKL »• O. SOBOJCI SORREL BROTHERS, Commission and Forwarding Merchant*, Bay street, Savannah. Oa. References: Messrs. H. K. Corning, Son A N. Y-; Messrs. Peter V. King Jk Cos . N. Y.; Mea*rs. Fish er. Brother* A Oa, Haltuuore.; Messrs, fc. AW. Wolalj* Philadelphia; National Bank, Savannah, Ga r Fratcte Sorrel, Esq. Savannah. Ga ;Chs*e. Green, Estp, Savan nah. Ga.; T. R. Bloom, Esq., Macon, Ga. octl7 tVk 9 D. H. BALDWIN & €O., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 178 Pearl Street, Xew York. T> H. B i.nwis,l „ York J F Ccmminos, / I ' ew 10 •H. B«iou»m, \ c.-. n nah oct4-3m C, M Hoist, f a A. 8. Rartridge, COMMISSION AND FORWARDING MERCHANT, 92 BAY HTBEET, SAVANNAH, GA. octlddf -. ... . ~ - . . . JOHN B. OtJTKC. JOHW A. GUIZU, JOHN B. GUIEU& SON, Comm i ssiou Merchants, fj fl .'-Vifijffttand to a , - •’ General Agency Business. Personal attention will be given to the Receiving and Forwarding and to the Sales and Purchase of Cotton and all Produce. tW“ Reference* to the pdnqipal Merchants of Aw g üßtfi AntMiavu nh a li. AuorsTA, Ga., Oct. 1. 18C5. lm oct27 JAMES B. CAHILL, OENKfiAL - - COMMISSION MERCHANT AND DEAELtUPG*- >- I '* * • GroeerieSfPfHHisions, Wines and Liquers, 171 BROAD STREET, AUGUSTA, GEORGIA. HOLDRRS ofMerchandize wishing to realise imme diately will consult their interests by consigning the same. Strict attention will ho given to all business en trusted to them, and prompt return* made at the most eaeonable raiets. aep4-8m ilcMiY L. Jewett. Jambs 1. Snide*. •Jewett & Snider, WHOLESALE COMMISSION MERCHANTS AND general agents. Second street, Macon, Georgia, (Between Cherry and Popiar.j Prompt personal attention given to all consign ment* of cotton, produce, manulacturea and other arikie* of merchandise. Orders and coiisigumoats solicited from all pr.rts of the count ry. Best aitcution giveu to orders 101 purchasing cot’on. Agents for several 11; at class insurance Companies. nD-tf _ C. H. B£NEDICr & CO., No. SO Broad Street, New York, Produce and Flour Commission MXercuants, Dealers in Protons, Butter, Cheese, Ac, Special attention to Souther* Orders Cont»ignui*»nUi on General Merchandise solicited, octll _ TO SiIITPERS OF COTTON ANI) OTHER SQvnit&s pkoduck. FENNER, BENNETT & BOWMAN, Successors to Hotchkiss, Fenner A Bennett. COMMISSION MBRCHANTB, NO. 40 ViSKY STRLET, i«KV l«u. Aud Memphis, Term. Thomas Femmes, Het.ry Blmxktt, D. \k. Bow a am. jyb CHAS. L. COLBY A CO., Shipping Commission and Forwarding MKHCH A K T 8 . JONES BLOCX, COBNZB HAT AND AHKBUOBN STOXR SAVANNAH, GA. LIBERAL CASH ADVANCES Made on Consignments o the firm o: Cuab. L. Colby, of New York, or to onr friends in Boston. MAUDE A WRIGHT, Agents at Augusta, Go. BKFEKKN CEB; Messrs. Dabney, Morgan A Cos., New York. Jarivs Slade, Esq., New York. Hon. J WheyEdmanos, Boston. Gardner Colby. Esq.. Boston. sep lfi—tl W oodward, Baldwin A Cos., UO Duane Street, New York, 9 and 11 llanover St., Baltimore. DRY GOODS COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Liberal advances made on Consignment*, Sheeting*, Osnabnrgs and Y arns. Jyl3 JOift l SAMMIX & tO., Forwarding and Commission 3HEBCHAN TS. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN Dry Goods, Groceries, &c., NOS. I AND 2 SAM 11 IS' BLOCK, Bay Street, Jacksonville, Florida. JNO. S. 6AMHIS. XD. O. SAMHIS. CUA*. L. UATUXI anil ts J. SHAFFER, Oommlaaiou £>o»l«r * u all kinda of FOREIGN AND Ik MEM i c PRUTS see PRODUCE, War WsaaieoTON Masker, Oppaatta til Waat et„ bulkhead between Barclay and Veaey eta., N K . W YORK. P'.Utoea. Apples and Onloua conauuUy on hand, and put up for the southern market All consignment* promptly attsnkud to. tar* Kotin to A. L. Br adley, A. Maywood, T. J. Walsh, and J. U pageoue. / Jrlt, S. M. COLD I NO, Wholesale WU'I Hetall Meeler Is UK, SAPS, BOOTS, WES, t*e»lleiotV» Furnishing <ioo4e, NO. 161 CONOKEM STUKKT, la .a as Is* Is, tie non* Isl _ cdMimmw imcßArtf SOLTIIEBX COTTON WAREHOUSE, CORNER OP BAY AND LINCOLN STS., SAVANNAH, GA. O*FALIiON & CO., FACTORS, Forwarding & Commission MERCHANTS, T>kSPECTFULLY invite attention to ohr facilities XV for the purchase or movement of Southern Products, and will give prompt attention to all untu nes* entrusted to onr care. Intending to establish perm »nently a House in Savannah expect by strict busine** principles te merit and receive a portion of the Trade. Having a commodious Warehouse for Cotton, we are prepared to buy, or receive on consignment to our friends in New York or Europe, and will make ad vances on same ; picking, re bating of mending all Cotton before shipping, thereby saving thd enormous expense incurred in Northern cities by this process. They solicit a portion of Hie business Os tne people of Georgia and of adjoining Mates. OFFICE, STODDABD’S BARGE CORNER OF BAY ASD LINCOLN STREETS, tr Poet Office Addrgg". Lock Box ?5. oct7-3m 4. T. CUNMINOUAM. A. 4U SBSBK. X. J. LAKCOUBE. CUNNIKGHAIB, PURSE At CO Factors, forwarding and commission MERCHANTS, Nn, 4 Studfiani’s Lower. Stores, Bay street, Savannah. G*,. References—Robt. Habersham A Mins Hunter A Gammell. Octavos Cohen. Brighom, Baldwin & Cos., Erwin A Hardee, Claghorn A Cunningham. sep4-3m SOUTHERN AND WESTERN D. Collection and Commission Agency, handle Southern laud and property of all description*. Parties wishing to Ssh are invited to forward luts.— Numerous applications now on file from parties wish ing to purchase. Make collection* on al> parts of the country. Pay uepecial attention to the sale and disposal of Southern products, aud make advances on direct consignments. MATTHEW H BRIDGE, Manager, No. 9 Broad at., New York. EgFX&ENCES BY PERUibSIOM .* Hon. Benjamin Fitzpatrick. Ex-Governor of Alabama. P. Harmony, Nephews A Cos, Bankt rs. 3S Broadway Messrs. H.-B. CIJliiA Cos , imp Artcis, Xew York. A. W. Given leaf, Laq.. Bankt r, N. Y. n9-3m Alfred R. Bennett,) On as. H. Bennett, Jas. C. Tan Pelt, f * >ew lorK lialeigh,N.C. Bennett, Van Pelt & C0.,- COMMISSION MERCHANTS XOK Tax 6AI.K OF.- COTTON TOBACCO, VATAI BTOREB, ETC., ALSO, i FOR THE PURCHASE AND SACFTOF STATE AND OTHER STOCKS, ~ X' 23 'WhitohalX^tv l New York. Wo have as.ociatcd vrirf) ns Mj- D. W. Ccbtia late Public Treasurer lor Nqrlh Carolina. utt-dm JOHN LT~VILLALXSNGA, FOIIWARDING AIiBCOMHIB«iOK 11ER IHAJiT. No. 94, Hay Street, SAVANNAH, GA. I*.:* V*. octi« _ - .gm- --- li. Gfowdy, COMMISSION MERCHANT, 196 SAV STREET, ANDERSON’S WHARF, SAVAXNAH, GA. oct2-3m SCRANTON. SMITH & CO., Grocers and Commission Merchants, WOULD be happy to see the former patioasand friends, and lue public generally, at their store at tne head of Bay street, opposite Jefferson, where Uu y will he at ail times happy to serve them. nis-lm BRYAN, HARTRIDGE & CO.. Bbyan .Street, next to Mkrouamts 1 and Planters' Bank Luildino, Broker and Commission Agents FOE SAL* AUD FVECIiAOK OF STOCKS, BANK NOTES, PRODUCE, &c., Aud for Forwarding Cotton. uov‘2 bmo Fordyce, Anderson & Janney, Brokers aud General Commission Merchants, NO. 10 STODDARD'S RANGE, Savannah, Oa. Dealer* in Specie, Southern Bank Notes, Eonds aud Stocks, Exchange oil ihe Northern cities. Angu»ta and Charleston, bought aud Sold* Liberal kdv nct-s made on consignment* to our correspondents at the North. Refer to t hird National Bank, Messrs, beebe. Keech A Cos., Messrs. Mci chaut & Carman, Messrs Hall A Kuckell, New York; Messrs. Carman, Merchant A Hhaw, Philadelphia; Messrs. Wm. Lamping & Cos., Messrs. G. H. Reese A Bros., Baltimore; Messrs. R. Habersham A Sons, Messrs, nun ter A Gammell, Mr. Geo. W. Anderson, Mr. G. B. Lamar, Savannah. novS-lm GEO. D. FOWLE. WM. X. HOY. UUGU RICE FOWLE & CO., FORMERLY OF ALEXANDRIA, VA., Commission Merchants. Importers of Railroad Iron and Dealers in \ Sullies.’ I Office, 70 Broadway, NEW YORK, oct26 6m G. B. & G. \N. LABfIAR, General Commission Merchants. Forwarding and Shipping Agents, NO. 92 HAY sTKEEi. (upsiairs ) Refer to Geo. W. Audcrkou, Jno C. Fei rel and G. B Lamar, Savannah; W. E Jackson. Josiah biuky A Sours J. B. AJ. VV. Walker, Augusta. Coiisigmncnu solicited. Gm-uov2 W. J. HI.AIR. A. t. bMITII. W. W. KERf*. BLAIR, SMITH & CO., J4o. 2OH lSvovui Street, 't"i ' AUGUSTA, -GAv, ‘ General Commission Merchants, Aud Agents for the H.sle of Manuluoturod Tobueeo. Will PurcUaoe aud Sell, ou Commlaaion, Cotton Cotton Gooda, Wluea, Llquoia, Produce and Marcbau diaa of every drecrlptioo. _ Couaigntoeat* aollclied. 2a>-ali <"■» wraavaA*. u. u waaiao. JOHN MERRYMAN & CO., Farmer*’ and Plantar*’ Agancy riR die aale of Guano. Fertlllaera, Uve Stock. Du piaiuciti* aud Ma> bla< ry, Seed*, Ac. 07 W. Fayatl* Utraai, UALTIMOUK Mrfn to Job* S. GltUaa*. I‘nwutoat Ckaaapaalis llaux , ffcaa Govd.lii. Caalilai Kiaualia M»i-6, Manx lour.. K w ad* a Cos. aadP, U. HeUu, s>>mom6 aid IMs Wk |ta>* ibl* da, ao*oetau>d wMb u. Mr H- t lAkOUHMK, wlih ike trio oa«M < oJiUddfha«. I'uraa * < « 4 t’MDNGH 4M. IT IUS AID kavasoak, Ga, Wv* Id laa* Idalf COMMItaiOM KKUt HA3TB. . UVINCSTON, FOX & CO., | 1A I I* rou«t wu y. New York, COMMISSION MERCHANTS AND AgeHU Atlantic Coast Unit Steam ship Company. Advances made on Couslgnments by ; b. wilder, oct26 2 in Savannah. J. F. PATERSON. J. Z. TUGKER. PATERSON & TUCKER, fFormerly J. T Paterson A Cos„ of Augusta, Ga.) General Commission, Forward ing and Shipping Merchants,. No. *J Sldxldard'a Lower ltange, OPPOSITE MARINER'S CHURCH, BAY STREET, Bavannah., Gra. HAVE made arrangements Cotton. Tim ber to first glass house* in Europe and New York ~ ‘ ... Will make liberal advances on all consignment*. Also, will bay and sell Timber or Lumber on commis sion. We have facilities for obtaining Charter* for Vessels at moderate rates. Per^dial ait- utnui will be given to the receiving, loi warding and to the sale* of all merchandize entrust ed to our cars. We have a commodious warehouse for storage. - References—Dowling dbCo.. London : Gibb*, Bright A Cos., Liverpool; Bradford A Reuick, New York ; J. E. Bayley A Cos.. Philadelphia; Janies Oakes. Boston; E. Lafitte, charleston. S. C.; R B. May, fJlayor,) Au gu-iiiG i; Geo. K. Crump A Cos., Angusta, G&-; Hal sey, Watsort A Cos., Savannah, Gu,; p.Thomson, Ga.; James Gunn Jfc.Son, Richijaond, Ya.; Clayton Adair A Purse AtlamyGa. nov3 . JO IN A. MOORE. General Commission Merchant, AND Steamboat .Agent, Gra, nJJ-12 MACKY, BEATTIE & CO. SHIPPING AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 203 and *OS Bay Street, SAVANNAH, Ga. OFFKR for sale to Wholesale Merchants npwafdVof four hundred (400; barrels oT Whiskey, western distillation of various brands and qunlitle.-*. top-tlnT with a large amount of Irish aud Scotch Malt Whis kies, BrMiidy, Wines, and u.ins, a* Ph;laUr*)phia or New York prices, expenses added, or we will fill all orders in tlie al»ovo named cities, at tht lowest market prices, delivered on board any boats of the regular lines. In connection wit ir the above, we shonld be pleased to fill all orders of Country Produce from Philrtdel phia or New York markets. Flour, Bacon, Grain, Lard, Lime, Bult, Ac., a large quantity of which we have ou hand and offer for- sale on the most reason able terms. We are prepared at all times to make advances on Southern Produce consigned .to our house in PUiladel- P ,lia - . _ 4W MACKY & BEATTIE, . V 5 South Wafer street sep2s-3m - IJB3 and 1985 ■Market street ESTABLISHED 1826. H. J. DICKERSON, Ilni*l >or Master, OFFICE OPEN AT ALL HOURS OF THE DAY No. 1 Hams’ Buildings. SAVANNAH, GA. nov4 lm Latest from Egypt! PENNY'S NEW EXTRACT OK THE LGYTIAN LOTUS, anew and exquisite Perfume tor the handkerchief. Cleopatra and the ladies of the present day using the same perfume. THE EGYPTIAN LOTUS! THE EGYPTIAN LOTUS'.! THE EGYPTIAN LOTUS ! 11 Manufactured by F. A-PesnY; Brooklyn. New York. E. A. LOVEJOY, Agent. n9-3m 93 Fulton street, N, Y. For Sale, I>A BUSHELS Trime Wliit&Corn lOVIU 2000 bushels Prime White Oats n8 N. A. HARDEE A CO. FOR SALE. ONE splendid four.or six horse Wagon, with Har. ness to match. Also four Males. Enquire at the stablesof Henry Wayne, West Broad street „ . i- tf-n!6 NOTICE. THE nndersigne<l promises to care Seminal "Weakness. in oil it* worst forms without the use of medicine.— Please seinl for my Circular, enclosing 10 cents for postage. Address J. M. RUSbELL, octlo-3m Boston Mass. Notice., -f CENTRAL R R. A BANKING CO. OF GA.,\ Savannah, Nov. 14. 1865 ) THE Annual Meeting <‘f the btockbolder* of this Company will be held on Thursday,, tint 14th of 1 December next, at the.BankiEg House in Savannah, at 10 o’clock, a. m. A lull attendance is earnestly re quested. GEO. A. CUYLKR, nlo-lra ; \ Cashier. PLATED WARE. JUST received, a small invoice of hevy Plated Porks aud Spoon*, assorted. For sale by M. J. SOLOMONS * CO., nIT-tf Jones’ Buildings, Bay street. NOTICE. SAVANNAH, Nov. lflth, 1*66. During my absence from the city or State Mr. C. H. Butler is my duly authorized agent. i,17 C. W. THOMPSON. NOTICE TO THE SHIPPERS OF OOODS BY THE STEAMER SAVANNAH ON THE 4tii DAY OF NOVEMBER, RW6. ALL pereon* who chipped flood* bjr the Steamer ?a- Tonoatl. on the *he*a earned day, lire rwpieateii t. call Immediaiely »l Ihe of K M. Myrell, E.q , llarri.’ Hiiildiuga. ».y etreel, and Identify up h good* a* havahaeo Hvodtroiulhu wm'lt ottin auwtuar. “ J W. WGLOttTT, nt» Agent. Just Received, On Conßignment 10 CASES ItooTS AND MUOKS. M’ltKU I off.i oa llUral tertoa *i. 11, At'lffdgth tIM* U M»r *WM ~i savanna 11 BUSINESS DIRECTORY COMMISSION MKRCUAj^p 2 * 55 Rue Whllnry A « 0.. 'tieneTTi So. bay atrect, —— 1 quit AM. Scarbrough At Cos., Gaocrar r ' • Hioaioa Mrwio.ia 140 Uonerew h Jnit*n *U lligheet market price, pula fwOJlo W 001. Ueeau ax. etc. Überal AdraiiConc^^ I '^' Eiwla A, . ~ ~ '' COMMISSION MERCHANTS, ■■ ■ _ " t:i (, DRY GOODS. Joli m .Ut toiiayliy, ~ —l* DEALER IN DRY GOODS, Ac. street. Samuel M* Lederer, Jobber anH ’ Fancy and Staple Dky Goon*, Booth of Cxot..^ u , Hm Ac, _ GUOCKRIEB, Ac. ' M Ft rj ‘ * * «>.. W holrsah- iU. qnooa, SxciUb, Fancy, _ W inu, Liqcous, An. ““‘ M ———Urongliion BILLIARDS, .fee. ~— gtie et over Express Offlre TANARUS«« Pin CHOICE WINES and LIQUORS eerttd Fr« PAIJ’iAu. " ~— l — 3 MURPHY A" CLARK, ~ House, sign. SUiji and Steamboat Paint*, Qposice the Pulaski House. everStkmmv, u„., „ to A “ onl,!, ' s rtbtokfull lyqe.ved ttua aue^S - ■ . I*n oct^ ga s^fiitls-gTaT -^^ AX/ 1 ;?* * Coiamu, " - • ** W Dealer, iu ll u » AKI aa4 TIN w —— .Hit biyughton aueei. TT Ciarratou, . .. .. . ..... . . V- 4 PcUMbka AND GAS FITTER, 31 bryan gt„ next o eor. Whitaker. —, " bboars, Tobacco T(-n ~ iVolh. -* • SEGARS, TOBACCO, SNUFF, PU’KS ir Harasrd et.ect one uuoi South ol the Markei! * - PRINTING, STATIONERY, &c. Qavllle & Leueb, . " 1 J kJ BOOKSELLERS AND STATIONERS Cut bryan afreet aud Market Square. Vs arJung Into, MANcYacrnuro and foreale by iU DAVID U. GALLOWAY, ? * 35 Drayton street. G®9* A.* Nichols, BOOK AND JOJS PRINTER, ". „ Pay et., between Abe» c- >rn and Draytoa. No. ti Whitaker sheet. W W. Mason Ji Cos., ' c- . herald job. PBINTINU OFFICE. No. HI Bay street WM. 1). Harden; • ATTORNEY AT LAW, 1.5 bay street, —» Savannah. WATCHES, JEWELRY,- &j. - - F. JL.Joi'rtun, Dealer hi W*Teß.ssM jM, KU a. • M’AWk Fan qtXionM Ac. off Watches and Jewelry Bepaiied. - ■ T 23 Congress st„ opposite the Pulaski Reuse: " PHYSICIANS. Jos, W. Clin, M. D, Cor. South Broad and Barnard-sts., Orrics Homs-9 to 10 A. M„ sod 4 tos P. M., HSC Residence— Mr. Wash’s, Broughton Street, u6-lm one door east Masonic Hall. ,iq ■ —— ;g=Baf , DRUGGISTS. WM. Walsh, . WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DRUGGIST, aul4 Sourheaet cor. Barnaid and Broughton ate. 1 A. Solomon* aV Cos., * WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DRUGGISTS. Uruers executed accurately and with despatch. . BOOTS AND SHOES. Ames & Peabody, Jobbers in Men's, Women's, aud Children's Calf, Serge and Kid BOOTS and SHOES, of A|l kinde and qualities, Congress et-, 4th door North of the Market. QUEENBWARK &c. El>. Smyth, QUEENSWAItE, GLASS AND • CHINA, at Wholesale and Retail. 109 Broughton street, 2d door, from cor. of Bull CONFECTIONERY. M Fitzgerald, » WHOLISAI.R AND RKTAII. DYALItB IN t IDEKS, LEMON. STRAWBERRY and RASPBERRY SYRUPS, CANDIES, *O., &0., Iff In. any quantities, to suit Purchasers. _MI WHIT AKER STKBFT. SODA. VV ATER. .'.V: John Rynn, Bottler of SODA WATER, PORTER and ALE, CORDIAL* BYRUPS, Ac. Cor Bay atm West, Broad streets. LA.ID AGENCY FOR SOUTHERN GEORGIA. rriHE subscriber, formerly of savannah, and resifiect a. at Blackshcar, Pierce county, Ga..on the Atlan tic A Gulf Railroad, will give his personal and undi vided attention to the sale and purchase of Lauds contignous to the said railroad, ou commission, and solicits the patronage of all needing_an agent there. A a experience in the land, lumber nnd limber busi ness of twenty years in Georgia and South Carolina, guarantees ample qualification, lie will be rifire sented hi Savnpirab by Mr. Henry Bry an, at and in New York by the Great Southern D«nd Agency. 71 Broad way. JOHN D. DELANNOY. Refers to any old resident in Savannah. seplß 3m Hay, Hay. 'TfiO BALES Prime Northern H..y, per Schr Clar* lO m Pickett. For eale to arrive. ettet 11 < 1 rili 1 ill V)> * UO-. Paper am! Rag Warchouse Warren & Platner, nUUOLESALK dealers Jn all kinds of coarse end V V fine Paper. Envelops, Twines und Paper Boxes- Solo Agents In this city for the Bath Paper Mill", The highest cash prices paid for Rags, Old R'T” nod Bagging and Waste Paper, in large or smsii quantities. - ociio-tr 210 Bny Mrect, Suvnnrah. <■» SOUTHERN 11K.Ua KSTATK ASeU iMI UIUTION AID COMPANY. WHO wants Timber and Turpentine Lands f Who wants Colton andjL'orn Farmaf Ws hove them for sale., lu different Status. »» wants to sell Lands f We can sell them. Put then In o»r hand. „ W. H CJUINGY. ts Wall street, Nflw York. C. F. JONES, B. U. LkE, Thomaavll <x «“ oct24-lm RICHARD F. FLOYD, Jacksonville. Flu ~ WILMLNOTON IRON WORKS. PUSSY, JONES &CO., WllinliiHTtou, OelHVFUf**. Vs AWFArTUftB Iron Bli.atuS..*t* »l*a.M KiminjJ .vi Holtsra M.i hliiarv no fuff Mit'a ll«* “J I**4 li'UM vid*rt*iMi' in Hiiilitt4W i**'li»n 11, will) vary taiaealYU IstinUe* lor didi>fi W' 'k ‘ l ( tLo*. .lepiepai' and lo uxuSliU oribh* wllb Ot.patrh. NOTICE. NO bt »** >* •!'• jd