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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, November 25, 1865, Image 4

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JOHN VANDERBILT, NO. 23 FULTON STREET, NEW YORK, DSALIB D» Agricultural Implements SF everv variety, embracing all the different pat tarns of Plows ha use In the Hoothorn States, Oorn llees. H»v and Sulk-Cotters. Horee-Powers and Threshing Machines, Faa-Mtlla Wheel-Barrows, Carts and Wagons Cotton Gins. Gin Gear. Plow and other Castings, shovels. Forks. Hoes. Rakes and Garden and Farm Tools ana implemenu of every variety. SEEDS. The choicest Garden and Flower Seeds grown in this country or Europe, including every desirable kind and variety. The utmost cars uken to have those only which are choice and reliable. Also, Grass, Field and Bird Seeds of every variety. FERTILIZERS. Bone Dust, Animal Manure (a preparation of animal matter, blood and bone>. a good substitute for Guano and cheapest manure in nse: Phosphate of Lime, Land Piaster, Guano, Ac. PLANTS, TREES, &c. Fnrnished from tha most reliable Nurseries and Grow* ers. IST Orders respectfnlly solicited. Letters of inquiry cheerfully responded to and price lists furnished oa application. la*Bw-n>2 K. S ALLEN A 4#., 189 & 191 WTEB ST NEW YORK. MItILTIRirIMPLEMENTS. AND MACHINERY OF AU KINDS, Small Tools for the Farm and Garden, such an Spades, Shovels, Hoes, Forks, Rakss, AC., and/or Grass Hooks , Scythes. Scyth-Stones, and Jgrieulr tural Hardware in general. We offer, also, a largs assortment of our own manu facture of Hay Cutters, Coffee and Grain Mills, Sugar Mills lor Grocers' use. Store Trucks of rarious pat terns, itoad Scrapers, Wheelbarrows. Ac. Fertilliaere of all kinds, such as Coe’s Superphos phate ot Lime, pare Ground Bone, Peruvian Guano, and Poudreite, SEEDS. Every valuable American and Foreign variety of Vegetable, Flower and Grass Seed and Field Grain that has proved worthy of cultivation, grown aad selected orpressiv *or our trade. Sales made in bulk, per pound or bushel or in small packets for retailing, by the hundred or thousand. sepl ‘j-2* w-3ron FOR SALE. 1 A 3BI> No. l Mackerel J vs io bbh No. 2 Ma; kerel 10 bbls NO. 8 Mackerel 26 half bbls No. 1 Mackerel 26 h .If bbls No. 3 Mackerel lao kite No. 2 Mackerel 150 kits No. 2 Mackerel 4 »tubs Choice Lard 18 tubs Choice Butter 4 nr kins Choice Butter. The aoove lot are fresh an} now, and will be offered low, to ciose consignment. CHAS. L. COLBY A CO., Corner Abcrcorn and Bay streets. , JOHN A. STALEY, Justice oT the Peace, NOTARY PUBLIC., &c. A NNOUNCEB to hla old Wends and the citisens of -£*. Savannah that he hae returnee] to the city, and m»y be found, for the present, at the Court Home, at Judge Fleming’, old office. MWSB-n2O Snuff, Snuff. JUST received, invoice Scotch and Macaboy Snuff, and for sale by M. J. SOLOMONS A CO., Jones' Buildings, Bay street. Liverpool Sail, FOR SALE IN LOTS TO St’lT PURCHASERS, Apply to - Fordyce, Anderson & Janney, "II 13 Stoddard's Range, np stalre. SEA ISLAND HOTEL HILTON HEAD, S. C., NOW OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. BUCKLY £ BANCROFT, Proprietors. Erm-iRn L. Jones, Agent. ts octlO TO THE CITY AND^OUNTRY'-MER CHANTS. W. H. TULLER & CO,, >'o. 70 Bt, Julian street. A RE receiving by every steamer, from their house In ir N L"' York ’„ thp following Goods: Shoes, Shirts. Hats, Notions, Hosiery, and so on, which they will sell by the Lots, at a s.nail advanco on New York cost Gentlemen call and examine our stock, and you will find our terms reasonable. <Tust Received. A small lot of Hosiery and Hoop-Skirts. Also, a small lot ofSatlnetta. „ . W. H. TULLER A C 0„ n2l-lw No. 76 St. Julian street. Notice. CONSIGNEKS ptr JOS. W. WEBSTER, from New York, will attend to the reception of their goods anding this day at Exchange wharve# nil THE Singer Sewing Machines. Principal Office for the State of Georgia, 116 BROUGHTON STREET, H. D. HAWLEY, General Agent. A large assortment for sale at New York prices. Sewing .Machines of all kinds repaired at abort notice. Stitching neatly done. . nil J. C. KOCH, So 30 Ueoltman Street, Corner of William, NEW YORK, Manufacturer of Stationery, Photographic Albums, 3m Mueic Folios, Books, etc Bridgewater Paint and Color .Works Cos, BELL, WYLLY & CHRISTIAN, Agents. Prices: recelvea 4113 tor eale at the manufacturer’s vv | r dewater Lead kegs XX Snow White Zinc Kegs Cjgnet White Lead ?uSpj?,T mtWhlU ' L “ d Paint Brushes Premium White Lead Chrome Yellow Venetian Red Met&lic Punt (in oil) Metalic Paint (dry) Five Proof Paint Oranges, &c. S r,t,t *' ver > ■»«« M erenow prepared io “T"' rtes. Ac , SDd t« superintend the building of the Mm* - surveying done in all Ita branches, Leveilil.v * -etVM. fcrr* l ’. Wadding, corner ot _ , M P. MUI.LER, Civil and Mechanical Engineer DaWITT vmffrS?' Architect J. GARDNER TAEth >h’ liberty Ot informing the public generally will Uawyt *kwp -I Fr«»h Family Crocariaa, 0«.*," ?T' "* <l quality, whit It ha ilt.» fi.r a6l« at itMooiiNijc r«i«« Coiner Jupss >ta/imni qt lUjiiUli’o <>|(isiai)fi. riii jn, To tha Xerohante of Savoniiah, I'.lg 10.4. laieiwd. kouiniiitae line MaimiiellUn Fire V rl *" •"Got aubarilMniua "* •angina. p •MF-naaan.i A NOBLE PURPOSE AND A Glorious Result H. There are as many roads to fame and fortune as there were gateways to ancient Tliehes. Yonr am bitious warrior is for carrying his way with the sabre t yonr aspiring politician for scheming his way by Intrigue and consummate art. But there Is one grand broad path to the goal, along which nothing base can travel. It is the path set apart for the march of talent, energy, and noble purpose and though full of obstacles, it contains none that a brave man cannot surmount. This fact has been exemplified in innumerable instances, but in few more forcibly han in the rise and progress of DR. HOOFLAND’S GERMAN HITTERS. For over fifteen years itsconrso has been onward ami upward, scattering blessings at every step, until il now stands on the topmost rounds of the ladder of fame, as tha GREAT TONIC. o Hoofland’s German Bitters Is a positive remedy for DYSPEPSIA, * aim Diseases Resulting from DISORDER OF THE LIVER and DIGESTIVE ORGANS, And is the oply certain and safe RESTORER OF STRENGTH IN CASES OF DEBILITY. o By the use of this Bitters Weakened and Debilitated Frames Be come Renewed with all tho Vigor of Health. r< Impaired constitutions are rebuilt, and the patient in a short time regains Vigor, Health and Strength.^ F [OBSERVE THE FOLLOWING SYMPTOMS, Resulting from Disorder* of the Digestive Organs! Constipation, Inward Piles, Fullness of Blood to the Head, Acidity of the Stomach, Nausea, Heart burn, Disgust for Food, Fullness or Weight in the Stomach, Soar Eructations. Sink ing or Fluttering at the Pit of the Stomach, Swimming of the Head, Hurried and Difficult Breath ing, Fluttering at the Heart, Choking or Suffocating Sensation when in a Lying Pos ture, Dimness of Vision, Dots or Webs before the Sight, Fever and Dull Pain ia the Head, Defi ciency of Tempi ation, Yellowness of tbs Skin and Eyes, Pain in the Side, Buck, Chest, Limbs, Ac.,- Sudden Flushes of Heat, Burn, ing In the Flesh, Cunstant Imaginings of F.vll, ; and great Depression of Spirits. ■ Remember r That these Bitteae contain no Ram or Whiskey. ;And can't make Drunkarda. Is not a Bar Room Drink, But a Highly Concentrated Vegetable Extract, Free from Alcoholic Stimulant or Injurious Drags It cannot insidiously introduce the vice of Drunk enness into the bosom of your families—to your wife, your children, or your friends. L safe.vV'FMgnm SOXjDZSZUS Or others, whose systems have become Unpaired hy hardships or disease, will find In this Bitters a tonic that 'will restore them to all their full vigor, jj ssd km <A These Bitters have pertormed more cures! Given Better Satisfaction! Have more Testimony! Have more respectable people to vouch for them l Than any other article in the Market. We defy any one to coatradlct this assertioi. AND WILL PAY sl,CKg> To any one that will produce a Certificate published by us that is not GENUINE. N READ WHO SAYS SO. ;FROM THE HON. THOMAS B. FLORENCE. Washington, January 1,1884. Gentlemen Having stated it verbally to yon. I have no hesitation in writing the fact, that I experi enced marked benefit from your Hoofland’s German Bitters. During a long anti tedious session of Con gress, pressing and onerous duties nearly prostrated me. A kind friend euggested the use of the prepara tion I have named. I took his advice, and the result was improvement of health, reuewed energy, and that particular relief I so much needed and obtainc t. Others may be similarly advantaged if they desire to be. Truly your Iriend, THOMAS B. FLORENCE. o From Rev. W. D. Seigfriod, Pastor of Twelfth Baptist Church. Philadelphia, December 28, isos. Mzssks. Jokzs 4 Evans, Gentlemen I havu recently been laboring under the distressing elb-cis of indigest'oc, accompanied bv a prostration of the nervous system. Numerous t in. edit-, were recommended by iriei.d. and some of them tested but wiibout relief. Your Hooflland's Germ-tn Bitters were recommended by iiersona who had tried them, aud whose favorable mention of tbs hitters in duced me also to try them. 1 must confess that I had au aversion to patent medicines, Irom the '-thousand and eue'' quack ''Bittern,'' whose only aim seems to be to palm off sweetened and drugged liquor upon tile community, In a sly wsy ; and Hie tsudeocy of which, 1 fear, Is to make many a confirmed drunkard Upon Icarniug that yours was really a medicinal preparation Ilook it with happy efi'o'ct. lis action wu not only upon the stomach, but npon the ner vous system,eras prompt and gratifying. I feel Mini I hsvetfenved pest end kerauueul IwnetU Irom the use ol s few bottles. very respectfully yours, W. U. HMUFRKID, No. tb4 dbackumaaon sliest. HEW AUK orToi) NTEHKKITB •re that lbs sign Sluis of • 0. M. JACKSON" la ou Uis Wrapper «f sash is dlls principal omi ea manufactory No. 631 ARCH STREET, JONES A EVANS, 61 UtMMumt 10 a a. t AOIMUN 4 Ui fur Mis h, In sggM# sad limlsvs to ever; Hwa la DRV GOODS AMD CLOTHING. DRY GOODS. DRY GOODS. LATHROF & GO., w* Corner Congress and Whitaker Streets, WILL open to-day, and are prepared to exhibit their Stock of Good*, bought expresely for the South ern Trade, eonaintlng in part of— Ladles’ Dress Goods and Trimmings Shawls, Ribbons and Buttons Cloaks, Sacqueo, Mantillas. Ac French Merino and Opera Flannel French and English Cambrics Black Bombasine, Cashmere and Crapes. White Goods. Jaconet and Nainsook Muslin Bishop and Victoria Lawns Plaid Jaconets and Brilliants India Twills and Swiss Muslin. Embroideries. French Wrought Muslin Sets French Wrought Cambric Sets Real Lace Sets Embroidered Handkerchiefs Black Lace Veils H. 8. Lawn and Cambric Handkerchiefs. Hosiery AND Gloves Ladies’ English White Cotton Ho§e Ladies' English Brown Cotton Ho#e Misses' and Boys' Cotton Hose Kid, Silk, Lisle and Woolen Gloves. HOUSEKEEPING GOODS. Linen Table Damasks Doyles, Napkins and Towels Linen Diaper, Crash and Towels Counterpanes Bleached 10-4 Cotton Sheetings Bed Blankets, Irish Linen, Ac. GENTLEMEN’S WEAR. Black Cloths and Cassimeres Fancy Cassimeres and Vestings Satinets, Tweeds, Ac Merino Shirts Brown English Cotton Half Hose Mixed Merino Half Hose Fancy Ties, Paper Collars, Ac. We will make weekly additions to onr Stock, and trust in a short time to hilly meet the wants of our friends. LATHROP & CO. oct2t Im To Merchants, VISITING the city, we would be pleased to show our Stock, which we propose to sell at fair prices, oct2s lm LATHROP A CO. If* you. AVant ▲ Nice Business Suit CALL AT HEIDT & LUDLOW, Gibbon’s Range. nov2o-10 clothingT furnishing goods BOOTS, SHOES AND HATS. THE subscriber having formed a Co-partnership with Mr. J. C. Ludlow, under the firm name of lleldt 4 Ludlow, respectfully calls the attention of his friends aud the public general lyto their large stock of Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Boots, Shoes anil Hats, which they are now opening, and will sell at Wholesale and Retail, at 71 St. Julien and 152 Con gtes streets. Gibbon's Range. octft-2ni E. HEIDT. Blankets I Flannes CLOTHS AND CABSIMEREB BLEACHED AND BROWN SHIRTINGS DAMASK TABLE CLOTHS . FRENCH MERINOES AND ALAPACAS. Received and for sale cheap byd! H. HAYM, oct'23 174 Broughton street. H. HAYM, 174 Broughton Street. 174 CLOAKS AND SHAWLS, the newest styles, LADIES' DRESS GOODS, WORSTED SHAWLS AND nOODS, COUNTERPANES, HOSIERY, Ac. J ust received and for vale at the lowest prices hy Oct2B A 11. HAYM. "fine custom MADE " CLOTHING. P DON ELAN. Merchant Tailor, has Just received * • large Invoice of New end Elegant Si > las of FRENCH CLOTHS end CAHBIMKREA selected with cats 111 the New York Market. In aroordauist »lib Ibe islesi sash lons of lbs da*. Y ouug gem Isiiieii desiring s Nobby Hull, mads up Irom Stylish Goods, cauuot hi better nulled in Ssvaausb. Mr. DousUu has feciurl-* fui gelling up Garments la the lws« alyls, nusquu .-d hy auy olbei satohllshmsut iu His city, having sscured ihs iw.i wvi son u. said vailsigsd hissmis. iu order Orel T. “•aSfiS'mfc.. Liverpool Salt. A I 'AHOO of MAI.T, is (arks id Urn UMa. jusi aaalvsd _ r *>M*H*»»Q* MBHCHATI.A*. F.M.MYRELL, STEAMBOAT AGENT, GENERAL COMMISSION AND FOR WARD!.V fi MKKCHAKT, BAY OTfcEET, SAVANNAH, OA. Harris* Buildings, 2d door west of A. Low A Co.'A Refers to Messrs. Hunter A Oammell, Crane, John son A Grayblll; Bell. Wylly A Christian ; Bothwell A Whitehead; Miller, Thomas A Cos.; M A. Ooben, s?i _ sep29-tf TOBIAS HEDRICK S& C 0.. Conun isession Merchanta, New Y o r k. OCTAVUS COHEN will make liberal advances oa any consignments made to the above house. oct2C lm W«. H. Tison. Ws. W. Gokdom Tison & Gordon. COTTON FACTORS, COMMISSION AND FORWARDING MERCHANTS, No. 96 BAY STREET, Savannah, ------- Georgia., Special attention will be given to the sale of Lumber, Rosin, Turpentine, A„ oct2i-3m O. M. SOREST.. A. O. SOBHXL SORREL BROTHERS, Commission and Forwarding Merchants, References: Messrs. H. K.*Cornlng, Son A Cos., N. Y.: Messrs. Peter V. King A Cos., N. Y.; Messrs. Fish er, Brothers A Cos., Baltimore.; Messrs. 8. AW. Welsh, Philadelphia; National Bank, S ivannah, Ga.: Francis Sorrel, Esq , Savannah. Ga.;Chas. Green, Esq., Savan nah, Ga.; T. R. Bloom, Esq., Macon, Ga. oct!7 4m* I). 11. BALDWIN & CO., COMMISSION MERC HANTS, 178 Pearl Street, New York. D. H. B.ldwinA n Tfk J. F Cummings, / N 1 ’ H. Brigham, ) . h oct4-8m C. M Hoist, ( savannah. A. S. Hartridge, COMMISSION AND FORWARDING MERCHANT, 92 BAY STREET, SAVANNAH, OA. octl4-tf JOHN B. GUtKB. JOHN A. GtJIEU, JOHN B. GTJIEU & SON, Commission Merchants, Will attend to a General Agency Business. Personal attention will be given to tbe Receiving and Forwarding and to the Sale 9 and Purchase of Cotton and al) Produce. W References to the principal Merchant* of Au gusta and Savannah. Aitocsta, Ga., Oct. 1. 18(15. lm oct2T JAMES B. CAHILL, GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANT AND DEALER IN Groceries, Provisions, W ines and Liquers, 171 BROAD STREET, AUGUSTA, GEORGIA. HOLD if RS ofMerchandize wishing to realize imme diately will consult their interests by consigning the same. Strict attention will be given to all business en trusted to them, and prompt returns made at the most reasonable rates. sep4-3m Henry L. Jewett. James I. Smdeu. Jewett & Knider, WHOLESALE COMMISSION MERCHANTS AND GENERAL agents, Second Street, Macon, Georgia, (Between Cherry and Poplar.} Prompt personal attention given to all consign ments of cotton, proauce, manufactures and other articles of merchandise. Orders and consignments solicited from all parts of the country. Best attention given to orders lor purchasing cotiou. Agents for several first class Insurance Companies. ntf-tf C. H. BENEDiCT & CO., No. SO Broad Street, New York, Produce and Flour Commission Merchants, Dealers in Provisions, Butter, Cheese, Ac, Special attention to Southern Orders. Consignments on General Merchandise solicited. octlT 3m TO SHIPPERS 0F COTTON“AND OTHER SOUTHERN PRODUCE. FENNER, liENNETT A BOWMAN, Successors to Hotchkiss, Fenner A Bennett. COMMISSION MERCHANTS. No. 40 Vksey Strut, -km You. And Memphis, Ter.:;. Thomas Fknnrs, Henbx Bannitt, D. W. Bowman. jy6 Bin CHAS. L. COLBY A €O., Shipping Comraisslou and Forwarding MERCHANTS. JONES BROOK, OOENEB BAT Ajjf ABKBOOKH BTBEBT SAVANNAH, GA. LIBERAL CASH ADVANCES Made on Consignments o the firm of Chas. L. Colby, of New York, or to our friends in Boston. MAUDE A WRIGHT, Agents at Augusts, Ga sin hen on; Messrs. Dabney, Morgan A Cos., New York. Jariva Slade, Esq., New York. Hon. J Wiley Edmonds, Boston. Gardner Colby, Esq., Boston. sep 18—tl Woodward, Baldwin A Cos., 110 Duane Street, New York, U and 11 Ilanover St>, Baltimore, DRY GOODS COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Liberal advances made on Consignments, Sheetings, Osnaburgs and Yarns, jy!B JOHN S. SIMMS & CO., Forwarding and Commission MEBCHAN TB. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN Dry Goods, Groceries, &c., NOS. 1 AND 2 SAM MIS’ BLOCK, Bay Street, Jacksonville, Florida. • I*o. a. SAMMU. an. a. BAJCMIA UUAI. L. MATUBB autl ~ -ts J. SHAFFER, Oommtmmlon Dealer Iu all kinds of FOREIGN AND I> iMKNTtC FRUITS salt PRODUCE, Wssv WASIIISOTOH MaKSET, Opposite 14* W est sL. Uulkhsud bslweeu Barclay aud Vsssy sts., NEW YORK PsMdoss, Apples aud Oulonf constsntly ou hand, and put up for the houlhurn market All consignments promptly sHslikcd lav |4T Rsb-rs to A. L. Bradley, A. Haywood, T. J. Walsh, and 1. U I'arsons lytt __ _ __ tM»* S. M. C 0 L DIN G, Wholesale Slid Retail Dealer In HATS, 'JAPS, urn, MS, # • VfNllrnru’i iurnihiiiuK NO. |ft» roNOHKhM NTUZHT, •dVMMMMb, Urn mail* * U» COMMISSION MERCHANT*. SOUPTHEKISr COTTON WAREHOUSE, CORNER OF BAY AND LINCOLN STS., SAVANNAH, GA. O’FALLON & CO., FACTORS, Forwarding (f Commission MERCHANTS, D ESPECTFULLY invite attention to our facilities AV for the purchase or movement of Southern Products, and will give prompt attention to all ouai neas entrusted to our care. Intending to establish permanently a House in Savannah expect by strict business principles to merit and receive a portion of the Trade. Having a commodious Warehouse for Cotton, we are prepared to buy, or receive on consignment to our friends in New York or Europe, and will make ad vances on same; picking, re-baling or mending all Cotton before shipping, thereby saving the enormous expense incurred in Northern cities by this process.—- They solicit a portion of the business of the people of Georgia and of adjoining States. OFFICE, STODDARD’S RANGE CORNER OF BAY AND LINCOLN STREETS, Ms Post Office Address. Lock Box 25. octT-3m 4. T. CUNMNOUAII. O. G. PUKBK. B. J. LA ROOM BE. CUNNINGHAM, PURSE & CO Factors, forwarding and commission MERCHANTS, No. 4 Stoddard’s Lower Stores, Bay stieet, Savannah. Ga. References—Robt. Habersham A Fons, Hunter A Gammell, Octavus Cohen, Brigham, Baldwin & Cos., Erwin A Hardee, Claghorn A Cunningham. sep4-3m SOUTHERN AND WESTERN Xj ii-KT X>. Collection and Commission Agency, handle Southern land and property of all descriptions. Parties wishing to aeli are invited to forward lists.— Numerous applications now on file from parties wish ing to purchase. Make collections on all parts of tho country. Pay especial attention to the sale and disposal of Southern products, and make advances on direct consignments. MATTHEW H BRIDGE, Manager, No. 9 Broad st., New York. BKFEBEMOEB BY PERMISSION : Hon. Benjamin Fitzpatrick, Ex-Governor of Alabama. P. Harmony, Nephews A Cos., Bankers, 3H Broadway. Messrs. H. B. Olefin A Cos , Importers, New York. A. W. Grecnleaf, Esq., Banker, N. Y. n9-3m Alfred R. Bennett,) k -_ w Vnrl _ Cuas. H. Bennett, J as. C. Van Pelt, / New York Raleigh, N.C. Bennett, Van Felt & Cos., COMMISSION MERCHANTS fob tue Sale of COTTON TOBACCO, NAVAL STORIB, ETC., ALSO, FOR THE PURCHASE AND SALE OF STATE AND OTHER STOCKS, S3 "Whitehall Sit., New York. We have associated with us Air. D. W. Cubtis, late Public Treasurer toi; North Carolina. n9-Cm JOHN L. VILLALONGA, COTTON FACTOR, FORWARDING AND COMMISSION MER CHANT. No. 94 Bay Street, SAVANNAH, GA. octie 6m H. G-owdy, COMMISSION MERCHANT, 196 BAX' STREET, ANDERSON'S WHARF, SAVANNAH, GA. oct2-3m SCRANTON. SMITH & CO., Grocers and Commission Merchants, WOULD be happy to see the former patrons and friends, and the public generally, at their store at the head of Bay street, opposite Jcflersou, where they will be at all times happy to serve them. nl6-lm BRYAN, HARTRIDGE & CO.. Bbyan Street, next to Mfbohantb' and Planters' Bank Building, Broker and Commission Agents FOB SALE AND PUBCUABE OP STOCKS, BANK NOTES, PRODUCE, &c., And for Forwarding Cotton. nov2 3mo Fordyce, Anderson & Janney, Brokers and General Commission merchants, NO. 10 STODDARD'S RANGE, Savannah, Ga. Dealers in Specie, Southern Bank Notes, Bonds and Stocks, Exchange on ibe Northern cities, Augusta and Cbarlestou. bought and sold Liberal adv incus made on consignments to onr correspondents at tbe North. Refer to Third National Bank, Messrs, Beebe. Keech A Cos., Messrs- Merchant A Carman, Messrs Hall A Ruckell, New York; Messrs. Carman, Merchant A Shaw, Philadelphia; Messrs. Wm. Lamping* Cos., Messrs. G. H. Reese * Bros., Baltimore; Messrs. R. Habersham A Sons, Messrs. Hunter A Gammell, Mr. Geo. W. Anderson, Mr. G. B. Lamar, Savannah. aov2 1m GKO. t>. VOWLE. WH. I. HOT. HUGH KUJK FOWLE & CO., FORMERLY OF ALEXANDRIA VA., Commission Merchants. Importers of Railroad Iron aDd Dealers in Railroad Supplies. Office, 70 Broadway, NBTW" YORK. oct2s * Cm G. B. & G. Ifc.'IAKAR, General Commission Merchants. Forwarding and Shipping Agents, it ftp. 94 BAY bTKKtfi, (upstairs.) Refer to Geu. W. Auduraon, Juo- U. Ferrel and G. B Lamar, SnvaiiMHli; W. K Jacksun. Josiah Sibley A Sons, J. B. AJ. W. Walker, Augusta. Consignment* solicited. tm-poyg W. J. ULA 18. A. J. HMITU. W. W. KEEN. BLAIR, SMITH & CO., No. 898 Ul'oad Street, AUGUSTA, GA., General Commission Merchants, And Agents fur III* Sale of Af unulHoturwit Tolmwto. Will Purchase and Hell, on Commission, Cotton. Cottou Goods, Wines, Ltquoia, Producesud Mtrchan disc of every and, script lon. Consignments solicited, (tn iiU OVINGSTON, FOX & CO., 14 1 Ilruiidwuy, N*h York, COMMISSION MERCHANTS AND A|| •* mi i Ailitnil* f Ami Null at earn kblp t unpMur. Advent** HMd* oil ONMigNMSNt* hr JMU B WIIiMW VMM m iHIIMt COMMISSION MERCHANTS. J. r. ramson. J. s. TCrasn. PATERSON fit TUCKER, fFnrmertj J. T Paterson A Cos. of Augusta, Ga.) General Commission, Forward ing and Shipping Merchants, No. 9 Stoddard'* Lower ltange, OPPOSITE MARINER’S CHUHCH, BAY STREET, Snvnnnnh, Ga. If A VE made arrangements for Shipping Cotton, Tim s f her Rice, 4c., to first class hou» s m Europe and New York. Will make liberal advances on oil consignments. Also, will buy and sell Timber or Lumber on Commis sion. We have facilities for obtaining Charters for Vessels at moderate rates. Personal attention will be given to the receiving, forwarding and to the sales of all merchandize entrust ed to onr core. We have a commodious warehouse for storage. References—Dowling A Cos., London: Gibbs, Bright A Cos., Liverpool; Bradford A Renick, New York ; J. E. BayleyACo., Philadelphia; James Oakes, Boston; E. Latitte, Charleston. 8. C.; R H. May, fMayor.j Au gusta Ga.; Geo. R. Crump A Cos., Augusta, Ga.: Hal sey, Watson A CO., Savannah. Oa.; D. It. Thomson, Columbus. Ga.; James Gunn A Son, Richmond, Va.; Clayton, Adair A Purse. Atlanta, Ga, nov3 JOHN A. MOORE. General Commission Merchant, AND Steamboat .Agent, Augusta, Gra. n23-12 MACKY, BEATTIE & GO. SHIPPING AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 203 and 205 Bay Street, SAVANNAH, Ga. OFFKR for to Wholesale Merchants upwards of fottr hundred (400) barrels of Whiskey, western distillation, of various brands and qualities* together with a large anionntof Irish and Scotch Malt Whis kies, Brandy, Wines, and Gins, at Philadelphia or New York prices, expends added, or we will fill all orders in the above named cities, at th» lowest mark -t prices, delivered on board any boats of the regular line-*. In connection with the above, we should be pleased to fill all orders of Country Produce from Philadel phi aor New York markets. Flour, Bacon, Grain, Lard, Lime, Salt, Ac., a large quantity of which we have ou hand and offer for sale on the most reason able terms. We are prepared at all times to make advances on Southern Produce consigned to onr house in Philadel phia. MACKY & BEATTIE, 25 South Water street. sep29-3m 1933 and 1935 Muket street JOHN MKBKTMAN. B. H. WARING. JOHN MERRYMAN & CO., Farmers’ and Planters’ Agencv FOR the sale of Gnano. Fertilizers, Live Stock, Im plements and Machinery, Seeds, &c. 67 "W. ITayette Street, BALTIMORE. Refer to John S. Gittings, President Chesapeake Bank ; Chas. Goodwin. Cashier Franklin Bank, Balti more; E. C. Wads A Cos. and P. 11. Behu, Savannah. nl4-3m Notice. THE Co-partnership heretofore existing between JACKSON & WARROCK was, on the "30th Sep tember dissolved by mutual consent. The business will hereafter be conducted by the undersigned, who will be happy to receive a continuance of the pa tronage bestowed on the late firm of Jackson 4 Warrock. L. WARROCK. octll ESTABLISHED 1826. it J. DICKERSON, HarL>or Master*, OFFICE OPEN AT ALL HOURS OF .THE DAY No. 1 Harris’ Building;*. SAVANNAH, GA. nov4 lm Latest from Egypt! PENNY S NEW EXTRACT OF THE EGYTIAN LOTUS, anew and exquisite Perfume tor the handkerchief. Cleopatra and the ladies of the pres, lit day using the same perfume. TUE EGYPTIAN LOTUS! THE EGYPTIAN LOTUS! 1 THE EGYPTIAN LOTUS!!! Manufactured by F. A.Pkmny, Brooklyn, New York. E. A. LOVEJOY, Agent, n9-3m 93 Fulton street, N. Y. Warren’s Celebrated Needles and Fisb Hooks. ANDREW CLERK & CO., 48 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK, sole: agents and importers. OUR former customers will find a reduction in gold prices of the Needle*, while theqnalityis always kept up to the highest standard known tu English manufacturers. A. C. A Cos., respectfully solicit a renewal of the mercantile relations so long and favorably esteemed by their honse. nn2s-3m For Sale, 1 'll |A BUSHELS Prime White Corn I'JvV 2000 bushels Prime While Oats n8 N. A. HARDEE 4 CO. FOR SALE. ONE splendid Tour or six horse Wagon, with Har ness to match. Also four Mules. Enquire at the stables of Henry Wayne, West Broad street. . tf-nl* NOTICE. THE undersigned promises to cure Seminal "Weakness in all its worst forms without the use of medicine.— Please send for my Circular, enclosing 10 rents for postage. Address J. M. ItUttSELL, octlo-3m Boston Mass. Notice. CENTRAL R. R. a BANKING CO. OF 0A.,1 Havannuh. Nov. 14, 1806 f THE Annual Meeting Ilf ibe Stockholders of this Compauy will be held on Thursday, the 14th of Deceuihor next, at the Banking House in Savannah, at 10o'clock, a. in. A lull attendance to**rne«lv re quested. GEO. A. CUTLER, nIS-lm Cashier. PLATED WARE. JUST received, * em«n Invoice of be«vy fisted Forks and bnoona, uasorlud. F*d' sale by 1 M. J. NOLOMONB 4 CO., ulj If Jonas' Budding*, Ray street. NOTICE. ■AVANNAII, Nov 10ih, 1-66 Daring mr übsenrs from ibe city or Huts Mr. 0 U Duller it Hf duly eullMUcd sg.-nl Bit _ 0 W. TIIOMi'HON lITKKLE A JilllillA NK, II llsrelMiNte How, IIIH#N H«a.l, *«, fm C'AIX Ibe •lUtiiihiii of Wb. laeala end Ustall par- J ifciuexs u> ihnlr eapariot **■»* of MIMTAMV AMD «4VAL (MPTHIMU, rt’BNIMUJItr*IMMUNE PVN* IBs—» in>mt, At ,At, A- j savannah BUSINESS DIRECTORY COMMISSION MERCHANTS^ Tine Whitney 4k Cos., Genera^ Mercbanta, No. 202 Ray Mreet, _ au24 AM. Scarbrough <A Cos., Gmootrv • aiaatOK Mtu.;utNTH 140 Cougrtos and it"" 1 ' Jnban its Highest market prices pa^ St - M 001. Beeswax, etc. Liberal Advance on Sltto^“’ Erwin A Hardee, —- COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Suvanmih DRY GOODS. ohn McConaghy, * - - DEALER IN DRY GOODS, 4 C . __l«oßroughton street. Samuel 61. Ledrrer, Jobber and - akd Stafi-e Dry Gooia, Boor* an,, if 01 Ac. 146 ______ GROCERIES, &c. Fe *'* t * Cos.. IVI. qcoua, BZBARS, FaNcvGßocsKi u , R F ' Dzale* in Cn Wines, LiquoKh. <to. 1 ,w r~B t i ijtoßrougi 1 t0u,.,r..h* BILLIAKDSu L Billiard Saloon. By WALTRR ALES, WINES, uVuORK &a°MEARA Ten Pin Alley. —'' Ot. Cl»nrlea Saloon, (in rear of Pnat t paiaiiau. " 1 1 ' MURPHY & CLARKr^^ House, Sign, Ahipand Steamboat Pal„u r Opostte the Pulaski House, over Stamm’s Barbs i ks to AII orders thankfuli rechved ana laiUdul" l m octa GAS FITTING. X " Weed tV Cornwell, ~~ VV holesaie Dealers in Hakowabz and Tin Wabi No. 169 and 101 Broughton stieet. ' F 7 Cranston, ' —■ AJ • PLUMBER AND GAS FITTER, bi Bryau st„ next ,o cor. Whitaker. SEGARS, TOBACCO Ac. L 6 IVUlli. -- |. 1 •- SEGARS, TOBACCO, SNUFF, PIPES * r | iarn,ll<l g t'eet. one door Sonth of the Market! * PUIMTTNO, STATIONBkY’, A, ~ witville it Leant, * T T -A bj booksellers and stationers, Cor Hryan street and Market Square. YJaiktng Ink, Mandfactcbkd and for sale bv IT - 1 David h. galloway, ’ — 35 Drayton street. N, ATicltolfl, u book and job printer, Bay St,, between Abercorn and Dravton. R J ' Lithographer, statjonsr BINDER, JOB PRINTER, Ac. XO>iE ' No, (1 Whitaker street. W. Mason A Cos., c • HERALD JOB PRINTING OFFICE. No. 11 1 bay street ATTORNEY 87 ~~ WM. li. Harden, ATTORNEY AT LAW, nl4-lm ITS Buy street, Savannah. WATCHES, JEWELRY, <fec. F U. Jordan, Dealer in Watcuis and Jkwzlut, • and Platei, Wabr. Fancy Goons. Ac. m3r atchea and Jewelry liepairid. . U ‘ J u, 6grese st., opposite the Pulaski House. PHYSICIANS, Jos, W. Clift, Cor. South Broad and Bamard-sts., Office Hoime-9 to 10 A. M„ and 4to 6 P M , 83T* Residence-Mr. WueU's, Broughton sireet, one(1 °°r east Masonic Hall. DRUGGISTS. TIT M. W alsh, ~ === WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DRUGGIST, aul4 Southeast cor. Barnard and Broughton sis. 1 A. Solomons Ok Cos., tr GLESALE AND RETAIL DRUGGISTS. _ ” Orders executed accurately and with despatch. BOOTS AND SHOES. Jobbers in Men's, Women's, IL'U and^ h i‘, J 8 Calf ’ Scr K® and Kid BOOTS and ondts, of all kinds and qualities. 152 Congress st., 4th door North of the Market. *4, 1 —A- - QUEENSWARE, Ac. E n - S” , y* h ' QUEENSWARE, GLASS AND * .an , LUINA, at Wholesale and IteUoi. 109 Broughton street, 2d door from cor. of Bull confectionery! AT FitzgeraliL ' ANT> RETAIL DEALER IN CIDERS, LEMON. STRAWBERRY am> RASPBERRY SYRUPS, CANDIES. Ao„ Ao„ tar In any quantities, to suit Purchasers, ut l WHITAKER STREET. SODA water. John Ryan, Bottler of SODA WATER, PORTER and ALE, CORDIALS BYKUPS, io. B| [ Cor Hay and West Broad streets. LAND AGENCY FOR SOUTHERN GEORGIA. fTiHE subscriber, formerly of Savannah, and resident A at Blackshear, Pierce county, Ga..on the Atlan tic A Gnlf Railroad, «ill give hie personal and undi vided attention to the sale and purchase of Lauds contiguous to the said railroad, on commission, and solicits the patronage of all needing an agent there. A* experience in the land, lumber and timber busi ness of twenty years in Georgia and South Carolina, guarantees ample qualification. He will be repre sented in Savannah by Mr. Henry Bryan, ard in New York by the Great Southern Lund Agency. 71 Broad way. JOHN D. DKLANNOY. Refers to any old resident in Savannah. ecplß 3m Hay, Hay. BALES Prime Northern Hay, per Schr Clar* •UB Pickett. For sale to arrive, eta 11 .( 1 Afi uiiviMro. Paper andßag Warehouse Warren & Platner, WHOLESALE dealers in all kinds of coarse and fine Paper, Envelops, Twines and Paper Boxes. Sole Agents In this city for the Bath Paper Mills- Tlie highest cash prices paid for Rags, Old Rope uud Bagging and Waste Pa|ier, In large or sm* ll quantities. ootlO-tf 210 Bay street. Savannah. Ga. TO GARDENERS. Onion 9«ts. JUST received, five bbls Choice White Oniou Seta- Will be eold low, to eloee rouidgnmcat, by M. J SOLOMONS * OO . nIT-tf J,.ce.'Buildings. Bay street ~ WILMINGTON IRON WORKS. PUSEY, JONES & 00., Wilmlncton, IHilawnri*. MnaßSTOssgswwjgS had long viperleiii* In'tee eml WMff |m«J> l J. with vely ekl*naive lariliib e lor doing »"f» J* ilea*, ere ptepaod in eawiaui or dura with ilcap** l (Mill tm NOTICE. N O geigg hilMHad to »*t iM shaw m• * k Iheaeao otlll It# I nil WlriHAßi IUIJWIN A (v