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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, December 05, 1865, Image 2

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The Savannah Daily Herald. by s. w. MASON & CO. H. MA*U» . KUi»or, W. T TfIbVPMMr. A««wl»lc Kdltor. = DECEMBER 6, 1866. political nwmwn at wmh. IVGTUN. 'rhc telegraphic announcement from Wash ington that a resolution hail been unani mously adopted by the Republican caucus on Saturday last, recommending to Congress the appointment of a committee ol fifteen to consider the condition of the Southern States, and report whether any of them be i milled to representation, and that no tnctu- I ere from those States should be adrait t, and until such report be made and acted up on by Congress, clearly indicates, in our judgment, a disposition on the part of the Republican members, to procrastinate, it not to defeat altogether, the admission of South ern congressmen at this session of congress. What effect the views of the President, as communicated in bis message, which, it is confidently expected, will be in antagonism with the Republican caucus policy of pro crastination, will have upon the members of that party, it is impossible to conjecture, even, with any degree of certainty. We have assurances, however, from lead ing Republican prints, which profess to be in harmony with the Executive, that the par ty in Congress is not only united upon all cardinal points of national policy, but is as harmonious in the support of the President, as any, equally strong in numbers and popu lar support, has ever been before. And we have the declaration from the New York Times, whose editor, Mr. Raymond, is a leading and influential member of tbe House oi Representatives, that there is absolutely no portion of its party in congress in lavor of Mr. Stevens’ policy of confiscation, or of Mr. Sumner’s theory that the Southern States may be treated simply as so many territories iielonging to the United States—that all men, of all shades of opinion, desire the speedy reconstruction of State Government in the recent rebel States, and favor their re-admis sion to congress just as soon as it can be granted without imperiling the safety of the nation. The same paper says, emphatically, that it sees no reason to doubt that President JotiDson’s policy will be adopted by the Re publican party in congress as the basis of its action, and that the Administration, in its efforts at reconstruction, will receive the same hearty and effective support which the party has hitherto accorded to it. Alluding to the admission of Southern mem bers, the Times iutimates that this question will not be decided upon any such minor poiut as a motion pending the organization of the House to include the names of the Southern Congressmen elect in the roll of members. That the question will be opened on its owu broad grounds, and in such shape that its decision will rest not upon the will of either branch of Congress singly, but upon the full agreement of both Senate and House, and the sanction of the Executive. It is maintained that both branches of Congress, in concert with the Executive, will square their conduct by some definite plan and policy. What that plan and policy will be, no oue can yet say ; but, we think, it is certain that ]t will not be reached without long and earnest discussion. It is reasonable to con clude that iLs discussion and settlement will consume all the earlier weeks of the session' We, of the South, so profoundly interested in the immediate and saiisiactory solution of the problem of reconstruction, must possess our souls in patience, by trusting in the justice of our cause and the friennly disposi tion of those in authority whose duty it is to see that right is administered, and that speed ily. QUALIFICATION OF VOTERS AT THE ELECTION OF MAYOR ASIU ALDER MEN. The following extract of the State law re lating to the qualifications of voters at the municipal elections in Savannah, is published by order of the Justices of the Inferior Courts. “AU persons shall be qualified to vote at elections of tbe Mayor and Aldermen of tbe City of Savannah and the Hamlets thereof, who are citizens of the United States, nave resided in the State of Georgia lor one year immediately preceding the election, and continue so to do up to the time of election, and within the corporate limits of Savannah lor one mouth immediately preceding their registration, who have-- attained the age of twenty-one years, and have paid all city taxes, or have in their own right sufficient Teil estate to satisfy any taxlexecutions which may be issued agaiust them, who have made all returns required by the Ordinances of the city, and have been registered according to the provisions of this act.” As much of this law as relates to the reg istration ol voters was set aside for this year by a special act of the State Convention, üßd tuerelore has no reference to the election of to-morrow. The Shall Pox in Augcsta.— The Augusta transcript says :—“The Small Pox is in creasing in our midst. The principal subjects are negroes. Too poor to destroy their clothing, blankets, Ac., they wander among the Churches and elsewhere, carrying the disease with them. On yesterday there was one negro lying in front of Mr. E. Platt s residence and another on the pavement be fore the dwelling of Mrs. Clanton. Cannot something he done to prevent the progress of this lrightful and loathsome malady. We wonld suggest to Council the employment of a physician, who shall b„ vested with au thor,.y to vaccinate every negro in the city." The South R»„.»oad -The work upon the South Carolina lUilroad is King vigorously prosecuted. U iH UI(JU Ul that the Augusta branch will he completed to Midway, twelve miles beyond lhauch vilie, about the 11 rat of ut-xi month ; and tt an unusual obstacle pretvuu itselt, the entire but will be open U* Augusta on the n r »t of Knbiunry next, or | atrbaps sooner tltouuUMS ru ua KsanniKU—W« learn b"iu the Augiute ConstilutliMialiit, of the •■t lust, Iget Joint M. Ilrawu mid t'hrUu.- plitr < It, ns,, who wars tried Indore e court uisriiel at Wsabiagton, lie, on the Mb of «i u.t, i,H killing a negro woman netusd Nelly VVesi, he« boon lound guilty »l Si.iu4> rln Hie Drat degree, end will lui use * '*'• 'I, nndel the order of I’rwfcWfcl Johnson, on the Biel I‘iidsy in January uesi •■A vsbifee iunghi his u*iN> third dual in Pteui« the uUm d»y. Ills haw uspsrhMtfwd Mdsgunist has laeaa mu but lesaty Uw«> CHARITABLE RELIEF TO THE SOUTH. Appeals bare been made to tbe Charity of the North for the future relief of the South, aa yet with very little success. Wo agree with tbe New York Times that the mode adopted is uot likely to result in success.— Public meetings have been held, and any quantity of eloquence has been ventilated. ; These occasions are used by popularity-hun ters lor their own ends. They lack the prac tical element that renders such appeals ef fectual. They require the agency of men who will 6ct about the work in a business-like manner. Tbe Times refers to the movement made in New York some three years ago for the re lief of tbe distressed cotton operatives of Lancashire. That movement was successful because it was guided by in teliigent men not rhetoricians, whose heart was in the busi ness. Meetings were held by the Chamber of Commerce, tbe Corn Exchange and by other bodies of practical men. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were contributed Several vessels were dispatched with ample supplies of money until the contributors were notified that no farther help wastequired No scheme of relief to the South will be ef fectual until a similar mode is adopted—until the agency of practical men is invoked to effect the purpose. Public meetings only af ford opportunity for men who are ambitious of notoriety to exhibit their oratorical powers to secure popularity. The cause docs not require any appeal to the sympathies of tbe audiences that are found to constitute such assemblies. He who runs may read the story of Southern suffering. It is written in bloody characters at every step in the pro gress the Northern armies. It is recorded in the wasted fields and impoverished house holds of the Southern people. And they whose charitable impulses need to be stimulated/by the vehement ‘'buncombe"of the public plat form are not tbe ones to whom tbe destitute can look for reliable sympathy or assistance. CAPITAL FOR THE SOUTH. It is forced on the conviction of all intel ligent persons that industry can never be revived until there is a restoration of capital that has been wasted by the war. Among the classes to whom this fact is pressed on the attention most forcibly, are those w /ise industry is threatened to be paralized by the waut of that important sta ple that constituted the great source of their wealth, and ibe chief element of that indus try. The manufacturing interests of New En gland, and the shipping interest thereof and of the Middle States, will be the first to ex perience the deprivation of cotton, not to speak of that class that made this staple the chief means of discharging their mercantile obligations to Europe. We perceive in this connection, that resolutions have been passed by the Boston Board of Trade, having in view the increase of cotton culture in the South, invoking the aid of government in the organization of labor for that purpose. We are not aware in what mode tbe aid of government can be afforded in the oryaniza tion of labor accomplish this end- The present use of this term organization reminds us of its extensive application, it not its origin, during the existence of the govern ment that preceded the establishment of the second French empire, when it was in the hands of such visionaries as Le Blank, Proudhon, &c. It nppears to us that the want ol capital lor the resuscitation of Southern industry is lost sight of in the per petual recurrence of this phrase, the organi zation of labor. How are the wants of capi tal to be supplied, is as much one of tbe problems for solution as how can labour be supplied and organized. Capital is as im portant an element of production as labor. It must exist, to a considerable extent, to supply advances for the maintenance of la bor, until the laud is not only prepared for the crop, but until it is brought to market, unless we suppose that the laborer possesses adequate capital of his own. If tbe Northern Boards or Trade would use their influence tQpfurnish capital, to repair the waste made by war of this necessary element of produc tion, they perhaps would do more good than by applying their energies exclusively to the organization of labor. Withdrawnl of Mr, Buckner. Savannah, Dec. 4tli, 18C5. Mr. Editor :—Please withdraw my name as a candidate for the Morally; also the names of the gentlemen who have consented to serve with me as Aldermen. Yours &c., “ M. J. Bucknbr, Nor Candioates. —Messrs. John B. Foley, aud Win. H. Tisou desire us to state that they are not candidates for Aldermen. Mr. John Jtyau also requests us to state that be is not a candidate tor Alder ntan. IN GENERAL. / —A Federal paymaster above Brownsville was murdeicd recently by the lorces of Cor tinas, who fled with s3f>,ooo belonging to into Mexico. —Tbe Emperor Napoleon has granted a remission or reduction of their sentence to ninety convicts at Toulon on account of the devotiou they displayed during the preva lence of cholera in that city. —A number of influential Germans have lately published a circular opposing tbe emi gration of Germans to the gouth. —A new Ice Manufacturing Compauy has been started in Augusta, with Major P. Gi rardey at its head. —Warm blood by tbe tumberful is given to consumptives in France. Tbe slaughter houses furnish an excellent article. —Foreigu papers say that Gen. MeClellau will spend the winter at Dresden. —lt is said that Mr. Davis' civil trial is close at hand. —Capt. Wise is on trial at Washington for furnishing Capt. Wirtr. with wines, re fresh iuuuU, Ac. —Engineer officers are required to wear the. usual badge of mourning thirty days <>u accouul of the death of (leu. DeHussey. —Gen. Howard's report on freedmen is in the bunds of the printer. Hum, wsr debt nr Taxes, s*,imm>,ixn> —A Urge and valuable part of the old stsli> lii.ygy of lAtuislsna has brtm saved from the general iluelltli'liou Slid wreck kt lis ton linage 'pi,u number of hunks thus saved is VIIJSS) —linn II P DuiikU, ol bomb Carolina baa slgniltid Ida aiuepuuiru ul the iwnutlon ul Cblaf Jtgdli*. * I bey lists a lunusiai pumping luscldus si Cwii innsil, which drew* ii„m the Old* HDei and dnahargM a tneam ul water Dr* Isai in iJisiuour It is the large si ma* trine of Ute triad la ealaieqna, tad l« .m altar ia bating qidiher nrartA oar My wheel feOMMCMCATIOir.) THE MAYORALTY. To the C'hzsms of Savannah : You are to elect a Mayor and Aldermen to morrow—oue word thereupon. I< • ire to say that while I . tan I second to none in : respect for Colonel Anderson, as a high ■ ; minded, honorable geutlcwau of Iliad capac ity, I think his friends have taken counsel of their feelings rather than of their judgment in pulling his name forward at such a juuc tuse as the present. Colonel Anderson a bearing iu our late struggle was gallant— there needs no blush for him or his cause ; hot his prkiuiueuce in an unfortunate issue renders retilenient graceful, prudent. We must accept facts as they are, not as we would wish them , the power of the Govern ment is supreme and ever}’ day’s develop incuts show the mistake ot elevating to office gentlemen who were conspicuous in hostili ty to it. We have much to do, and to ask for, for Savaunab. Our commerce is at serious dis advantage The entrance to our river is not lighted, and the obstructions in the channel so great as to entail enormous expenses of upon ships coming to this port.— Then we want entire abrogation of military rule, and due representation in the councils of the country. Is it, I ask, the way to command influence for these important ends, to put forward gentlemen who, what ever their worth, are yet politically unshriv eu and obnoxiou ? I write this, not as an ally ot Dr. Arnold, but as a true friend of Colonel Anderson, to whose good sense and regard for the interests of his native city, I appeal for proper interpretation- The lime will come when he will be wanted, but it is not yet. Dr. Arnold and tbe gentlemen of bis board have steered the city bark through a stormy time, and should, I think, be kept at the helm, for, be assured, we are not yet out of Rocoh Water. —The Siamese Twins and children were on tbe 22d. exhibition at Spriugfleld, (III.) on A Proclamation—City of Savannah. Mayor's Office, Dec. 4th, 18(15. By virtue ol a resolution passed in Coun cil, I Richard D. Arnold Mayor of Savannah, do issue this Proclamation hereby offering a reward of Five Hundred Dollars, for the apprehension with proof to convict, of the person or persons, who committed the as sault on the late A. Cordes on the evening of the twenty-first ot November last, inflicting injuries which resulted iD his deuth. And I do hereby require all officers and of the City Police, to be vigilant in trying to apprehend tbe perpetrators of said crime. | In witness whereof I have liere [li s j unto set my official signature, and '“'~v —' ‘ caused to be affixed the seal of said city, the day and year first above written. R. D. ARNOLD, Mayor of Savannah. Attest : James Stewart, Clerk of Council, dec 5 Iw rjiou r.A M ATION. MAYOR’S OFFCE, ) Savannah, Dec. Ist, 18(15. ( The Convention of the people of Georgia recently in session at Miiledgeville having passed au Ordinance fixing Wednesday, the sixth day of December inst.., as the day for the election of a Mayor and twelve Aldermen lor the city of Savannah, to serve until the qualification ot their successor to be elected in October next: Now, therefore, I, Richard D. Arnold, Mayor of said city, in conformity with the requirements of said Ordinance, aud in obed ience to a resolution of the City Council of Savannah, do issue this Proclamation order iug said election for Mayor and Aldermen on Wednesday, the sixth day of December, inst. And 1 do hereby order the City Marshal and City Police to be in attendance at the polls to preserve order, and the City Trea surer to be present, with his Digest, for the collection of taxes ; said election to be held under the superintendence prescribed by law, aud at which the honon-vWe the Justices of the Inferior Court of Chatham couuty and the Magistrates of the county are requested to preside. Iu witness whereof, I have hereunto set my official signature, and caused to be affixed the seal of said city, this first day of De cember, A. D. 1805. ’R. D. ARNOLD, Mayor. Attest ; .Jas. Stewart, C. C. dec 1 td HOLCOMBE & CO., Old Stand 181 Bay street (Titos. Holcombe, established 1836.} Wc have landing a fine and carefully selected Stock ot GROCERIES, / And will sell at the Lowest Market Prices. Coffee, Sugar, Tea, Raisin?. Almonds, Flour. Soar, Starch, Bacon, Sardtucs, Canities, Beef, Pork, Lard, Batter, Cheese, Potatoes, Codfish, Mackerel, Bagging, Rope, Table Powder, Lead, Shot, Brandy, • Whiskey, Wine, Vinegut, Ac. Our stock of Wine, and Liquor* are as flue as any In the country We Invite our old frleuds and pairnus to •lookin'." o.„ It m nl3 R. S ALLEN A Cos., UtiD A It si WATEIi NX NEW YORK. IMPLUM, ADO MABNIMIRV If All KINII, flHAll y',«r« /,« Iks f’lll'M Oml Itoflrlk stick M .Vudr? Mhtilth, ll'm, Porks, Hntorn, <*>'„ 'OtS/et Grass Moots, eoglkss. A.y<k.A'«*es, and Jgifsnl On a' f/anoss/e In gmeral We oflei, also, § larga aiwotiwoul of our own malflf Is. nil. 111 liar I ‘llllefs. • nflee sloHllsUl Mils, Magsl Milts Ini llimen' use. Wore Tim as of vsilnwe pel nuns I(■ .0,1 Otrapets, W'tiooiliaii.HSs reitlilisius of all knots, sipJi *. rta's kuisuiilnia iibsli 111 l.lin-, pine Iboutol bom, l‘> , iitlsuUush", and I’omln He, hi; io i >H. *>#♦» »*|u*M* AibMifHf M»»l nMVl*l MdUilng# !%*«♦! tint |< i liH«f»iy4 14*4 U« r «Mkk4l fci’Hii* 111 > DjUMflll, gHf*4 BUM MINW » »A f4» Iftwf MW l| Mdl LmtU*'UMd M MUM Ms IIJMNi W ip4§iUug, l»i lit m IIhMMMIC ' A fyf* i»9 mltu I Mb. Editor Please announce the nnder i named gentlemen as Candidates for the j office* of M iyor and Aldermen at the next Municipal eleetiou. We have not consulted them, but presume they will serve if elected. They are uot office seekers, and probably have no friends to reward or enemies to punish. CITIZENS. FOR MAYOR, MILTON J. BUCKNER. FOR ALDERMEN, ROBT. J LACHLISON, E A SOULLAUD, JOHN WILLIAMSON. JOHN F. O BYRNE, WILLIAM REM SI I ART. GEO GEMENDEN. A. N MILLER HENRY MEINHARD, JOHN B. FOLEY JOHN C. FERRILL. JACOB WALDBUKG. WM. H. TISON. WAS-nov4 [communicated, j Ta the Citizen* ol SavuniinM. On the application of many prominent, citi zens, representing all the interests of the city. Colonel Edward C. Anderson has consented to be a candidate for the office of Mayor of Savannah. His name is, therefore presented to you for your suffrages. It is unnecessary to urge upon your cousidcration the charac ter or capacity of one so well known to you. He has served-you in the same position be fore, and the manner in which he discharged tbe duties of the office is fresh in your mem ories. His leceut sacrifices and services in a cause, which whether right or wrong, was the cause of bis State and his people, should give him additional claims upon those who served and suffered with him. It is confi dently believed that these claims will uot be ignored at the ballot box. Tbe following ticket is placed in nomina tion, and will be supported by Many Citizens. FOR MAYOR. E. C. ANDERSON. FOR ALDERMEN. ROBERT LACHLISON, ' E A SOtJLLARD, JOHN WILLIAMSON, HENRY MEINHARD, JOHN F. O’BYRNE, - JNO. McMAHON, F. L. GUE, JNO. C. FERRILL, JNO. CUNNINGHAM, GEO. W. WYLLY, JNO. It JOHNSON, Dlt. J. M. SCHLEY, dec. 1-td. As Good as New’. —ln this fast country the hair whitens aud falls early. But thin and grey hair indicate only a local decay. Your hair may be renewed and sustained through life by the use of Mrs. S. A. Allen’s World's Hair Restorer and Zylobalsaimtin, or Hair Dressing. Every Druggist sells them. dee. 2-eod-l-w. The Municipal Flection Savannah, Nov. 21st, 1805. To the Editors of the Savannah Daily Herald-. Please announce the following ticket for Mayor and Aldermen, as the People’s choice, aDd oblige many citzens. For Mayor: EDWARD C. ANDERSON. For Aldermen : Geo. W. Wylly, John C. Ferrill. John McMahon, John Ryan, John It. Johnson, Itobt. Lachiison, F. L Gue, John Lamu, M. H. Meyer, John Foley, Joseph Lippmau, It. D. Walker. Mr. Editor— Please announce, the follow ing ticket for Mayor and Aldermeu, and oblige many citizens. FOR MAYOR, DR. RICHARD D ARNOLD. FOH AI.DKKMBN, Robert Lachlisou CbrisloplierC. Casey, George W. Wylly, Hiram Roberts, John F. O’Byrtie, Edward C. Wade, Henry Brigham, John L. Villalouga, Joseph Lippman, John Cunuiiighum, Frances L. Gue. Alvin N. Miller. nov. 28-td. . TO THE VOTERS OP CHATHAM COUNTY I aunounce myself as a candidate for the office of TAX COLLECTOR of Chatham county, and respectfully solicit the votes of my friends. nov22-ul ALEX. F. BENNETT. To the Voters of Clialllum County. I respectfully announce myself a candi date for re-election to the office of Sheriff of Chatham County, and ask your support at the January election. If Benjamin L. Cole. Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Renewer lias proved itself to be the most perfect prepuratiou lui ihe hair ever oftered to the public. It id a vegetable compound, and contains no injuri ous properties whatever. 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Address Governess, Herald ofllee. decd-3 TO RENT, A NUMBER of Lots in the city, and lands adjacent thereto, suitable for Farms and Market Gar dens. Apply to A. MINIS, dcch-lm No. 3 Stoddard's Upper Range. FOR SALE, k VERY Nice Carriage and Double Harness. A Apply lo A. MINIS, dccß-lm No. 3 Stoddard's Upper Range. Marine Insurance. RIVER and Ocean Risks taken for the Atlantic Mu. tual liisuiuiico Company ol Niw York, by GHARI.ES green & SON, No. 19 Stoddard' Eastern Range, Buy st dl-tf M. V. HENDERSON, * Xffo. 237 South aide Bay Itreet. Two doors east ol West Broad, I YKAI.KIt In Ihipguw, Wagons. lUriinaa, Ar , a|«. In llnguy mid Wagon Id fit ami Prluiming? ... Any aiyl. hi l ai iisge or Uiiggy ordered from any ms nuiaaluier I am alwi |ir.|Mied lo order out any i hiss of horses, rllli.r for iliafl ol roadseitte. Sp ilal all. nllun u 111 Iw al'eu lo lb. purr||.i,e ol flu. slin k in inHlherii m« dn ini IMPORTATIONS I)KM ship I 'OMIII; 111 F,i lon, floas Glasgow I , Ml o lout ilail.liel,l. I'ig turn iIS lons It ,Os tend l i»i I'Sai hatoSr '* F-aaloes Iknl e.tll.iiu as to IMS* |‘l' ssiitd 0.1 Mo. so sasss islel flasns ii. 4 h*t NmS sole by OkM i NANIJN ItWUH B •<*) NZW ADVERTISEMENTS. FOR SALE LOWT To Close Consignment 40 barrels Flour 2 barrels M ickerel fio kits Mackerel 20 boxes { h-**H(* 10 boxes Candle« 20 boxen Herring 10 barrels Pork 10 barrels Brown Sugar 10 barrels Crushed Sugar in boxes Rio and Java Coffee, ground lo boxes Mustard 10 fioxes Spices 4 boxes rod fish G. H. ABLEDQE. d5-l W 72 Bay *L, foot of Abercorn. \ REMOVAL. 7 RUWK, WHITNEY & CO. have removed from No. 202 Bay street to No. 4 Harris Buildings, Buy street. do lw L. B. DAVIS, (Formerly ot Atlanta, Ga.) GROCER & COMMISSION MERCHANT, 292 BROAD STREET, , k Augusta, Georgia. N. B.—Particular attention given to receiving and forwarding Produce and Merchandise. Refers to A, Wilbur, Hunter Jfc Gaminell. Crane, Johnson & Graybill, and John R. Wider. Savannah, Georgia. do-tawlm Groceries, &c. plfk BARRELS Crushed A, B nnd 0 Sugars ‘2O boxes White Cuba Sugar # 20 bugs Java and Kio Coffee I<> barrels choice Syrup 3) barrels Pilot nn-1 Navy Bread 30 barrels choice Family Flour io packages assorted Crackers 50 boxes Family, Pale and No. 1 Soap ‘2ft boxes Sperm and Adamantine Caudles *2O cases assorted P.ckles 10 cast s English do 10 cases Worcestershire, Chutney aud other Sauces 6 cases beat Sweet Oil 50 whole, half, and quarter boxes Raisins ‘25 drums New Figs 10 cases Prunes, Maccaroui, Vermicelli * For sale by _doffioil‘2\v CL AC HORN & CUNNINGHAM. FOR SALE. Bacon Bard Crackers Bot&toes Tobacco d5 1 GEO. C. FREEMAN. WANTED. A YOUNG MAN, capable of taking care of * set ot books iu a commission and general business, who ran come well recommended. Address Box 40, Pont Office, Savannah. ris-if NOTICE. THE firm of Paterson & Tucker was dissolved by mutual consent on December lnl, 18ti5. JAMES S PATERSON. J. 8. TUCKER. All business of the firm will be settled by James 8. Paterson. Having purchased the entire interest of J. s. Talker in the lumber, shipping and commission business, it will be conducted ns heretofore, by JAMES S. PATERSON, No. 9 StoddaVd’s Lower Range, opposite the d5-lw Mariners’ Church. Strayed or Stolen, V, ~«rv On Bund-y afternoon, an English Crey- with a small white spot on the , it is a maltose color, or the color oi a uiuust. A liberal reward will be paid for infor mal iou concerning the above dog, or liy leaving it at this office. Y. BROWN. do-2t Special Notice. ALL claims against the British bnrk THOMAS WHITNEY must be presented by 12 o’clock m. on the Oth instant, otherwise payment will lie de barred. BULL, WYLLY 4k CHRISTIAN, do-2 _____ Consignees. To tie Electors of Chatham County. Gentlemen : Having been requested by numerous friends to allow my name to be used for the office of Sheriff of Chatham county, I have the honor to announce myself as a candidate for that position, and respect lully solicit your suffrage. nl7-tf CHARLES J. WHITE. Powder, Shot. Cases 1 lb. Cannieters Hazard’s K. R. Powder. rWt) 10 do >a lb. do do do 800 Bagrf Assorted Drop and Buck Shot. For sale by HILTON & RANDELL 193 Bay Street. <l4 f£ THE BINCHAM SCHOOL, MEBANEVILLE, N. C. THE next session begins Marcli 7th. ISGC, and con linucs folly weeks, offering to the people of the East and South the advantages of a Summer School with a Winter vacation. For terms, address WILLIAM BINGHAM, di-lm Mebanevllle, N. C. COMSTOCK & KIM, MACHINERY DEPOT, 0 Ice No. 154 Bar Street.Sayannah Ga. WE keep on hand and furuiah to order at Manu facturers’ Prices, Engine, Foot and Hand Lathes, Planes, Drills, Chucks. Bolt Cutters. Gear Cutters. Wood & M«nu “Portable Engines," Hoisting Kn gincs, Wood Working Machinery of every description, Stationery Meam Kngincs and Boiler*, Cotton Gins and Presscs, Saw Mills, Rice Mills, Grist Mills, Circu lar and Mill Saws, Rubber and Lealhor Belting and Hose. Gearing, shafting, Hangers and Pullies, Hy draulic .Jacks and Punches, Pumps of all kinds. All kinds of Wood and Iron Working Muchiucry and supplies. Agents for the West Point Foundry, JS. A. Wood’s Steam Gauge and Boiler Feeders. SEND FOR A CIRCULAR. COMSTOCK & KINSEY, No. 154 Bay street, * oct4-Tu.Tbifeß2m Savannah, Ga. ” JOHN VANDERBILT, NO. 28 FULTON STREET, NEW YORK, # HBAI.KK IX Agricultural Implements AS every variety, ciiihraclng nil H l * l dlfferentpal U turn? of Finn/in ii*. in Sintc, Oum >Tel|vr«, Huy »ml Hulk Thtohlng Machine.' V»u ||ulv*nia*hßaituw4 Carl? and Wngoiis. ('nttuu UlmhUluOjar. Flow mid other t ««tinv«, Hhovel., Fork?, lira*. Itakra .ml UardM and Fnrm Tool, min t*plum-mU w.ry varldy. UEIDHi 111. rkoliwtt Garduii .nil Fluw.r Heads grown ui this couiiiry or ani'M I *'. lu4*dll g eveiy de.iiiiilil. kind mid i.rieiv. Til. UIOMWt c«r. I.kl'll In Imv,' III,i ii iinly wlm n in. rliiihi’ end ri iwM" Also, Gi.-« y'lvhl »ud 111,,1 »mcl« uf.very K K l< T 11. I Z K l( H. Full. |l[i*G A id'*l.l Uiniiiiii |. piunsi .nun ul miIM.I w.'i.i l*»ou .nil Hoai'k « gumt iilmihuli k" tlamui •ad •h* »F“*t jaaaay. m a*. Fh".un.i* nf IJuu Lai d r, Gu.m, A> I'IiANTN, 'I HI M, Br fivai IU. newt ralifcW. Naiemlmand uwv aWf t (Os*i o bi• i.uMliwlly p ii.tiwt dldiit limitriy ilu. if.ily ynsniiadsd to and ye t. Mala laiMi*)ud m ayadh.ifai lisis la SPECIAL NOTICES M AHRUHE AND CELIBACY! - An Kmmv of Warning and Instruction for Young men, just published l>y the Howard Aaaodaiion, »ud tent in sealed letter envelope* tree of charge AU.lrv« Hr. J. BKIU.IN HOUGHTON, Hownrd AseoCtatlon. Philadelphia. Pr. (Ktl - in, A HHt sIOLOoIt'AL View oi MAHKIAUIC Containing nearly add pages, and 130 fine and Engravings ol the Anatomy ol tbe Human Or gam. in a state of Health amt Disease, with a Trea use on Early Errors, its Deplorable Consequences Upon the mind and Body, tiu: Author. p| ;11l ot Treatment—the only rational anti successful mode of cure, as shown by the report of ca*eßhtn*te., A truthful adviser to the married and those coutem plating marriage, who entertain doubts oAtlieir phts ical condition. Sent tree of postage to any addres on receipt of 25 cents, in stamps or postage currency by addressing Dr. LA CROIX, No. 31 Malden Lane Albany, N. Y. The author may be consaßed ui«m any 01-tlie dts eases upon which his book treats either personally M by mall, and medicines sent to any part or the world octld em We have learned uot so be astonished at anything Years of experience and a correspondence extending throughout all nationalities of the habitable globe have turned theories Into facts and established s basis irom which we need not err. We are not snrpriscd at such fhets as the following -although the persous who write them are. We know the persons and dr. cumstauces, hence feel at liberty to indorse their statements: “Nzw BxuFosn. Mass., Nov. 84 1863 Dear Sir,—l have been afliictcd many years with severe prostrating cramps in my limbs, cold feet and bands, and a general disordered system. Physicians and medicines failed toxrelieve me. While visitinc some friends in New York’who were using Plantation Bitters, they prevailed upon me to try them. I com menced with a small wine-glassful alter dinner. Feel ing better by degrees, iu a few days I was astonished to find the coldness and cramps had entirely left nte and I conld sleep the night through, which I have not done for years. I feel like another being. My pppe tito and strength have also greatly improved by tV e use of tti§ Plantation Bitters. Respectfully, Judith Russcr. ” Rkki.shuhy. Wib.. .Sept IS, 1863 ■ * * I have been in the army hospitals for lour teen months—speechless aud nearly dead. At Alton, 111., they gave mica bottle or Plantation Bitters. • • Three bottles restored my speech and cured me. * • C. A. Fi.surs." The following is from the Manager of tile Union Home School lor the Children of Volunteers ■ “Haveueysk Mansion. :,7ih St, I New Y’ork, August 2,1863. / Dk. Liiakc Your wonderlui plantation bitters have been gi veu to some of our little children eudemig irom weakness and weak lungs with most happy effect. One little girl iu particular, with pains in her head, loss of appetite, and daily wasting cousnmption, on whom all medical skill had been exhausted, has been entirely restored. Wejximmenced with but a leaspoomul ol Bitters a day. iler appetite aud strength rapidly increased, aud she is now well. Respect) ully, Mrs O. M. Divot" “* * * I owe much to you, for I verily believe the Plantation Bitters hove saved my life. Rev. W. H. Wagooneb, Madrid, N. Y. “* * * Thou wilt send me two bottles more ol thy Plantation Bitters. My wife hus been greatly benefited by their use. Thy friend, -- ■ Asa Cukbin, Philadelphia, Pa." “* ,* * I have been a great sufferer from Dyspep sia. and had to abandon preaching. * • The Plan tation Bitters have cured me. Rev. J. S. Catuoen, Rochester, N. V." “• * * I hove given the Plantation Bitters to hundreds of onr disabled soldiers with the most ss touishing effect. G )V. D. Ammxwl, Superintendent Soldiers' Home, Cincinnati, O." • • 'in e plantation Ritters have cured ms ot Liver, of which I was laid up prosuale and bad to übanuou my business. li. 11. kiaijm.ev, Cleveland, Ohm." “* * * The Plantation Bitters have cured me of a derangement of the Kidneys and Urinary Organs that lias distressed me for years it acts like a charm C. C. Mooue, No. 264 Broadway." &c., Ac., Ac., Ac, Ac. The Plantation Bitters make tbe weak strong, the languid brilliant, and are exhausted nature's great re storer. They are coihposed of tile celebrated C'alisays Bark, Wintergreen, Sassafras, Roots, Herbs, Ac., ill preserved iu perfectly pure bt. Croix Rum. S. T—l Boo— X. Persons of sedentary habits, troubled with weak ness, lassitude, palpitation of the heart, luck of appe tite, distress after eating, torpid liver, constipation. <fce., deserve to suffer i( they will not try them. They are recommended by the highest medical au thorities, nnd are warranted to produce an immediate beneficial effect. They are exceedingly agreeable, perfectly pure, aud harmless. Notice.—Any person pretending to sell Plantation Bitters in bulk or by the gallon is a swindler and im postor. It is pat np only In onr log cabin bottle. Be ware of bottles refilled with imitation deleterious staff, far which several persons are already in prison. See that every bottle hus our United Stutes stamp over the cork unmutiluted, and our signature on steel-plate side label. • Sold by respectable dealers throughout tile habitable worlu, P. H. DRAKC A CO., oct27-3m 202 Broadway,N. X. Agua de Magnolia. A toilet delight I The Indie.’ trcamuir and' gentfc men’s boon I Tbe "swecte»t thing" and) largest qnnn tity. Manufactured from the rich Southern Magnolia. Deed for bathing the face and person, to render tke skin soft ana fresh, to prevent ernptioos, to peifanw clothing, Ac. It overcomes the unpleasant odor of perspiration. It removes redness, tan, blotches, Ac. It cares nervous headache and allays inflammation. It cools, softens and adds delicacy to the skin. It yields a subdued and lasting perfume. It cores mosqueto bites and stings of insects. It contains no material injurious to the skin. Patronised by Actresses and Opera Singors. It i» what every lady should have. Sold everywhere. Try the Magnolia Water once aud you will use no*other Cologne, Peifamery, or Toilet Water afterwards. DAMAS BARNES A CO., I ect27-eodly Props. Exclusive Agent,, N. Y- S. T.—1860 —x. Drake’s Plantation BiUotSk They purify* strengthen and invigorate. They create a healthy appetite. They are an antidote to change of wafcr and diet. They overcome effects of dissipation and late hours They strengthen the system and enliven the roll'd They prevent miasmatic and intermlllelit fevers. They purify the breath and acidity of the stomach- Th' y cure Dyspepsia and Constipation. They cure Diarrhoea, Cholera and Cholera Iforbui Thoy cure Liver Complaint and Nervous Heud'i'l' 1 ' They are the I lent Bitiert in the world. They msk e l he weak strong, ana bi o exhausted nature's great «- ►hirer. They are made of pure St. Croix Rum, t® 1 * ■ elebraled Caliraya Burk, roots and herbe, and »"• taken with the pleasure of n beverage, without regard to age or time of day. Particularly ratOfcliMfctsd to delicaU pei.orw rei|Uli'tug a gentle elimuUul. Hold I" nil Grown, Drugglele, lintels sudHaloon" Onlvg l ' l ulne wliua Oork Is roveiod by oar prlv.t. U, H. HtiW IVwsie of counturfelts and rettlled hollies F. II IIKAKH * CO., oeiW MMltr 111 Fsrk Itow.New York —lost; a— A smell wIHM FOODWMk-J. TSJBCprisrThy th. fcfimr A suiieoi" I * lll ,w I'd!' l lot kw tot inii to the OF*' ins»oiiq,i"«a tunST f $ pp No! In* to Lullon. M’MH DHMiMDfcT'M ■nfc.fc of Pesfch‘o#' 9* _, PNai*WW ofe»«. > si,l. of UMk wHa T* Ilf IHyaHsSfcek ■ "