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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, December 05, 1865, Supplement to The Daily Herald., Image 5

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Supplement to (The pattij Jerald. The Savannah Daily Herald The Freebie lit and the Parvlon-bei-krr ». Tbe Washington correspondcn! of the Philadelphia Inquirer tells these stories of the seekers for pardon : On Saturday not over thirty were present at the White House, among whom was Wil liam Porcber Miles, of South Carolina. Ap proaching the President be said : “I come to procure a pardon sir.” “Under what class do you come?” asked the President. “I left a seal in Congress to join my State, and have only acted as thousands of others have done. You have pardoned two of my col leagues, Messrs. McQueen and Boyce; my nanlh is W. Porcher Miles, aud I only ask the same favor.” The President promptly replied, “Your case must take its chance with others, and in the regular way; 1 can not take it up now-i. This was an evident set-back, but Miles rallied and said: “Well, sir, I would like to have a permit tb go to work in some civil pursuit, either mercantile or professional. I have lost everything, and must do something." “Tha. is not necessa ry,” answered the President; “there are no such papers used." Not to be put off. Miles continued, ‘ls there no mode by which I cau expedite my pardon?’ ‘None at all, unless you seethe Attorney Gen. and learn if there are reasons why it should not be granted,’ and tbe chivalric Miles bowed hurriedly out. As he left a seedy scion of another most no ble family approached the President, and sought pardon ancTthe restitution of his pro perty. The same answer greeted him, that be must wait his turn. ‘Well,’ said he, ‘When I get It, will Congress interfere with me? for I hear pardons are of no account unless Congress confirms them,’ quoth the modest criminal, whose clothes indicated he had long since flourished in the rank of a brigadier general. ‘That, sir, is not my look out. I cannot answer for the action of Con gress,’said the President, abd the partially reconstructed rebel left in grave dqpbt as to whether his salvation would be very com plete, even if he gets his parchment. The rest of the pardon hunters had no better suc cess.” A Telegraphic Fbat — Communication be tween New Orleans and New York. —The Memphis Bulletin of Nov. 26, says, last night, for the first time in nearly ten years, telegraphic communication was held be tween New York and New Orleans. The drst message transmitted from New York to New Orleans was as follows : “Weather clear and pleasant. Time 8:55." The au wer returned was : “Weather clear and 001. Time, 7-50." Another dispatch from New York was followed by tbirty-oue mes ges from New Orleans .to New' 1 ork, oc cupying about forty minutes, each message averaging twenty words. This length of line has been worked only once before, and that was between San Francisco and New Ti ork, a few months ago, the only success attending which wag t|je transmission of a few words. This leases the credit to the stretch of line between New Orleans and New York of being tbe longest over which any business has ever been done in this country. Arrest op Treasury Aoents. —Mr. Dex ter, United States Treasury Agent, under charges of malfeasance at Mobile, is held tor trial by a militaryjeourt. On application for tbe release of Dexter, Gen. Woods refused, ou the ground that the writ of habeas corpus is not restored in Alabama, whereupou the District Judge granted an attachment against, Gen. Woods, returnable in two weeks. The special Treasury Agent lor Choctaw County, Ala., charged with defrauding the department, has been sentenced to pay a fine of $9,000, hnd one year’s imprisonment at bard labor. A Speck of Rebellion.— Jefferson county, Va., is inclined to rebel against annexation to West Virginia. At a late meeting in Charlestown, it was resolved that two per sons from each magisterial district of the county be appointed for the purpose of can vassing their districts for signers to petitions to Congress and the Legislature, and at the same time to receive such contribution in money as the citizens may be willing to make toward defraying the expenses of defending themselves against annexation to West Vir ginia. Curious Mishap. —At a piano foite manu factory in New York, last week, a weary young workman got into a box containing an upright piano, partly packed, and went to sleep on the straw. He was missed, but not discovered, aud the box cover was quiet ly screwed on. The weary young man was presently awakened by the rude shock occa sioned by removing the box to the wagon in' the street, and found himself staudiig upon his bead. After the lapse of some moments he made himself beard and was released, but not until he was well-nigh suffocated. Boston Punctilio.— The Boston Transcript says that the Boston Monday morning pa pers were not allowed to publish (reports of Sunday evening meetings, the State Consta ble having just decided that their prepara tion and printing are not works of necessity, mercy or charity. SmiMMII, GEORGIA, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 5, IHTk JlAll.dOillll TS WAKTKII. Rr Kktabinliuitiil nt Mull Parllillr, In Georgia. The Post < hfice Department desires to furnish tbe State ot Georgia with Postal service, at the earliest practicable day, until July Ist, 1866, when the regular contracts’ proposals tor which are now advertised for, will go into effect. The Department invites proposals for eon veying the mails until June 30, 1860, to all country seats and other important points not reached by Railroad communication, at rates not to exceed $8 per mile per unuum for weekly seivice ; sls for semi-weekly, and $22 tor tri-weekly; and where the importance of the case requires, S4O for daily service ; counting the distance one way only in all cases. Service will be iurnisbed on routes, where, before the war, it was daily, three times a week; where it was tri-weekly twice a week; and where it, was semi-weekly, weekly serviee will lie allowed. Proposals should be addressed to “Hon. Geo. W. McLellan, 2d Asst. P. M. Washing ton, D. C.. and should state they are for serviee to end June 30th. 186 C. nov 4 ts Htii tc and County Tax Col lector! THE Subscriber is a Candidate for re-election, and respectfully asks the suffrage of the at irons of Chatham County. obtSft SEABORN GOODALL. Administrator’* Notice. mouths after date Application will be made X t the Coart of Ordinary of Chatham county for leave ° sell all the real estate of James Bilbo, de cease tofor the purpose of distribution. JOHN O. FERRILL, law2m Administrator. ILEX,IMRE Kin CLOm ALSO, a flue assortment of Silk, Wool and Buck skin Gloves and Gauntlets. Just opened at BINSTEIN *fc BORMAN, n23- tt 151 Congress street J. C. KOCH, No. 35 Bcekman Street, Corner of William, NEW YORK, Manufacturer of Stationery, Photographic Albums, Music Paper, Folios, Books, arc. n‘il 3m Snuff, Snuff. JUST received, invoice Scotch aud Mac a boy Huufl’, and for sale by M. J. SOLOMONS A CO., . z nl7-tf Jones’ Buildings, Bay street. To the Merchants of Savannah. fTAHE undersigned, Committee from Metropolitan Fire X Company, will wait upon the Merchants and Buai ness Mon otthe city This Day, to solicit subscriptions for the purchase of azotes in Fire Engine. They hope for a prompt aud generous response from their fellow citizen*. JNO. R. DILLON, GEO. 11. JOHNSTON, Jr., WM. N. VALLRAU, uov4 Committee. Great Bargain. A NEAT and commodious Cottage Dwelling, with brick outhouses attached, will be sold if applied for immediately, situated in Robertsville, on Roberts street. Price, $3,000. Apply to Z. M. WINKLER, At Henry Wayne’s Stables, n2l-tf West broad street. THOM. W. BROOKS • MANUKACTUHER OP FURNITURE AND CENERAL UPHOLSTERY, 224 Dork Street, Philadelphia, Pa. N. B.—All ORDERS sent by Mail promptly at endedto. jy3l-tf Port Royal' House, HILTON HEAD, S. C. SIDDKLL * RUGG, Propbietobs E. 8. RIDDELL. M. F. BUOO jun-tt , SOUTHERN Exporting and Importing COMI’^AIsrY, OF FLORIDA. THIS association is prepared to make advances in currency of Gold on consignments of Cotton, Naval Stores, Lumber, Ac., to their ageut in liver pool. Orders solicited for goods from merchants and plan ters. The strictest attention will be paid to all orders however small, for goods ffom England, France or Germany. Our Savannah and Charleston Agents, being salaried, make no charge for forwarding either way and will furnish circular of details. R. F. FLOYD, President, Jacksonville, Fla. Aosnts: —B. T. Paiue, Liverpool, England; It. E. Screven, Charleston, S. C\; Henry Bryan, Savannah, Ga. 3moft *eplß " GUANO. PERUVIAN End Swan Island Guanos, Superphos phates, and the Brace Concentrated Fertilizer, are offered to the Trade at t tic lowest w holesale prices, by GF.O. E. WHITE * CO., *6 Cliff rtreet. New York. n!6-3m sale of Government Stemn er*. CUIKK QUARTCR*ASTBR'A OFFICE DEPT. S. C. I Hilton Heap, 8. C., November 13, 1835. I Will be* sold at public Auction, at this place, on MONDAY, DeOember 11, 18t*o, at 12 M. under dire, mm of Captain W. E. Morion], A. ij. M., Hie follow mg Government vessel**, viz ; NELLY BAKER. Mile wheel steamer ; 293 ton* ; WtMKleu bull ; IrujM ii oil deck 153 feet : beam ¥•• led ti luclies; over all 45 feot: dept it ot noltf 8 feel 6 inches ; draft 5 fret in incite ; has one beam en gine • cvJind. i r.> inches ; stroke of pL turu 10 Jett ; 1i:ls <me single return flue boiler. 115s saloon accomratxfations, lull promenade decks, an»l i well louud in chains, anchors, Ac. NEPTUNE. Mile wheel steamer; so? tons; wooden bull; length on deck 141 feet; beam ‘it* feet f. inches ; over all 46 feet 2 inches ; depth of hold 10 teet 10 inches ; draft 7 feet; hat one beam engine; diameter of cmnder 4*2 inches ; .stroke of piston 8 teet; has one single return flue i*oller. Tins steamer has tull promenade deck, fore and afr, and is a good freight or cattUe carrier. ON EOT A, double-end side-wheel ferry boat; wooden hull; 345 tons ; length on duck 147 fee* ; beam *35 feet; over all t>s feet 6 inches ; depth of hold 14 feet; draft 7 feet ; has one beam engine ; di ameter oi cylander 3G inches ; stroke of piston 9 feet ; has one double return flue boiler. This steamer has recently been repaired, and is in excellent Older aud well found in anchors, chains, Ac, GROTON, side-wheel steamer36l tons; wooden hull; length on deck 167 feet ; beam 26 feet; over all 43 feet 9 Inches ; depth of hold 8 feet ; draft G feet ; has one square engine ; diameter of cylinder 37 in ches; stroke of piston 10 feet; has one double return flue boiler. This steamer has been thoroughly repaired, has saloon and state room accommodations, is well supplied with anchors, chains, <£c., and is very fast. GOLDEN GATE, side wheel steamer ; 195 tons ; wooden hull; length on deck 148 few ; beam 21 feet; over all 35 feet 10 inches ; depth of hold 6 feel 4 in ches; drafts feet 5 inces ;has one beam engine ; diameter of cylinder 34 inches ; stroke oi piston 0 feet; has one horizontal tuhlar boiler. This steamer is in line order; has saloon accommo dations. and is well found in anchors, chains, <£c. NANTASKKT, side wheel steamers; 29a tuns; wooden hull; length on deck 160 feel; beam 25 ieet -8 inches; over all 42 feet; depth of hold 8 feet3 in ches ; draftsfeet 6 inches; has one beam engine; diameter of cylinder 34 inches; stroke of piston s feet; has one single return flue boiler, and is well found in anchors, chains, Ac. .MACON, propeller, with two screws, 322 tons; wooden hull; length on deck 166 feet; beam 25 feet; depth of hold 8 feet S inches; Graft 7 feet; has two direct horizontal engines (condensing;i diameter of cylinder 24 inches; stroke of pistoh 26 inches; has two single return flue boilers. RELIEF, screw tug; 08 tons; wooden hull; length on deck 67 feet; beam 17 feet.; depth of hold 7 feet; draft 7 feet lo inches; has one high-pressare engine; diameter of cylinder 20 inches ; stroke of piston 90 inches ; has one single return flue boiler, and is wed found in auchors, chains, Ac. RESCUE, screw’ tug; 203 tQns; wooden hull; length on deck 108 feet; beam 20 feet 8 inches; depth of bold 12 feet; draft 11 feet 4 inches; two low pressure engines; diameter of cylinder 2G inches; has one single return llue boiler. This vessel is a powerful tug/‘ s in good condition, and well found in anchors, chains, Ac. GENERAL HUNTER, side-wheel steamer of 460 tons; wooden hull; length on deck 193 feet, o inches; beam 28 feet 6 inches; over all 50 feet 8 inches; depth of hold 9 feet 4 inches; draft forward 5 feet, aft o feet G inches; has one beam eugin*;*diameter of cylinder 40 iuches; stroke of piston 10 feet. This steamer was built in New York, and com pleted in 1863; is a vessel of beautiful model and high rate of speed,with hull, engine and boiler as good,as new. Terms, cash in government funds. C. W. THOMAS, u2O-fd Bvt. Lt. Col. and Chief Q. M. SEA ISLAND HOTEL HILTON HEAD, S. C., NOW OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. BUCKLY’ A BANCROFT, Proprietors. Edwahb L. Jones, Agent. ts octio BROWN’S CASTILLIANI BITTERS THIS unrivalled ionic prepared from the Pure Juice oi the Grape and extracts, distilled from the Choicesl Vegetable products of the South of France, Italy and the Province ot Castile (Old Spain.) from which latter section they derive their name. A Fragrant Tonic, indispensable to Hotels and Restaurants, am! valuable to Families, delicate females and children, for all disarrangement of the stomach, it is unrivalled. A never failiup; preventive and Cure for Sea Sickness. None who travel by land or water should be without the Oastflltan. For Sale by YORK., WILLIAMS, Me(NTIRE A Cos. Sole Agents, State Georgia. oct24-3m NOTICE. Tairbank’s Scale s. ALL merchants wanting or having Fairbanks Patent Platform Scales, are informed that the Superintendent, Mr. Handel 1, is now here, adjusting and putting in orders. All such orders for Scale* cun be had ou application to dl-5 BELL, WYLLY A CHRISTIAN KEROSENE WARE, Lamps, c handelier?, Brackets, Haip Hangers, Side Backs, Side Lamps, with and without .Reflectors; Fan cy Hall Lamps, Lanterns, Bases, Pegs and Fonuts- PaUufc Glass Canes, Burners, Globes, Chimnics and Wick, DRUGGISTS’ PUNT A GREEN GLASS, Crock ery Dealers’ and Confectioners’ GLASSWARE. Goods of all kinds made to order. KEROSENE OIL JAMES t. WRIGHT, 225 Greenwich Street, Two doors below Barclay, N. Y uovl-Jm NORTH RIVER AGRICULTURAL WORKS, GKH'FING & CO,, Proprietors, Warehouses, 58 & 60 Cortlauiit street, NKW YOKK, MANUFACTURERS of and dealers in Plows, Sugar Mills, Bay Cutteri l , narrow*. Coin Mill;*, Sausage. t uttvia Cultivators, Colei Mills, Vcgeiable Cott.-ra « oiiuu Sweeps, Fan Mid*. Hand Cart* llnv Presses, Saw Mi 11,.. Mule Carp, < otton PreaaM, Coin Shelter*. Ox Carts, tider HresMß, Store Truck*, harm Wagons, Grain Cradles, Wheelbarrows Horae Powers Churns, Sugar Pans, Thrmhing Mach’s Ox Bows, Shovels, Cotton Gin*, Ox Yokes Spade Mowers A Heap’s, Well Butkets Hoes, Forks. Ac , At. k Rakes, Scythes. harden, Field and Flower Seeds. Hoyt’s Supor-Phosrhateof Lime. Bom* Manure. Pou. drette, Plaster, Ac. Sole agents for Glasgow Fertiliser Co.’s Phosphatic and Ammoniatecl Guano, and Super-Phosphate of Lime, and Bruce's Concentrated Manure. Trade supplied. Order direct from no., GRIPPING A CO.. n23-3m 58 and GO Courtlahdt st., New York LAND AGENCY ~ FOR SOUTHERN GEORGIA. ritHE subscriber, formerly of Savannah, and resident A at Bhickfhear, Pierce county, Ga.. on the Atlan ta a ’* roart ’ mil give bis personal and undi vided attention to the sale and purchase of Lands contiguous to the sniff rnllrond, on commission, and solicits the patronage of all needing an agent there A* experience in the land, lumber and t!ml>er busi ness of twenty years in Georgia and South Carolina, guarantees ample qualification. He will be reorm sented in Savannah by Mr. Henry Bryan, and In New lorkby the Great Southern Laud Agency, Tt Broad. w »y-. , „ JOHN L>. DELanNOY. Refers to any old resident in Savannah, sepia 3m COr PARTNERSHIP NOTICE THE undersigned have former] a Cos paitnerehio under the name and style oi Scranton, Smith * co„ for the transaction of a Wholesale Grocery and tom mission hnsim ss i#his city, at the head of Bav street, opposite Jefferson. » J D T SCRANTON, Formerly Scrafftou a: Johnston WM. H. SMITH, Formerly Rabnn & Smith J. L. LARGE Savannah, Nov. 14th', lfC5. !m-n!6 Wilder’s Tatent SALAMANDER SAFES, llWi Wilder's Patent I'meOer ana Burglar-proof Locks. 80. WILDER i CO., Patentees and Mannfactnr . era of the best tire-proof Safe in the world J Wellers' and Bankers’Safes make to order, lined with hardened steel. House aud Plate Safes. To this Celebrated Safe was awarded the gold medal at the tt orld’s Fair, m London, 1851. B Notiov.—This celebrated lire, proof Safe is uo longer made and sold by SilasC. Herring, bis license to make iiDd sell them having expired. Lists containing prices and full description of differ eut sizes and styles of Safe, can be had on application to ihe agent K.r the State, at Savannah, or any of the special ngeut.s J Agents wanted in every city and town of the Suite For particular*, address the undersigned. We have constantly ou hand a good assortment, for sale at mauulaclurere’ New York prices CUNNING]] AM, PURSE A CO. Sole Agents for the .State of Georgia, Savannah, Ga. INK. Q£ GROSS INK, n blands, nt $8 60 per gross 16 dozen Arnold’s Writing Fluid, pints, at $7 per dozen. For sale by SAVILLE A LEACH. *Ol9 ts cor. Bryan street, and Market tqu&re. ASTEN & THRO CKMORTGUff, NO. 258 BOWERY, NEW YOKE, TANUFACrUREIfS and Dvulvta in Buiidvi.’and JTX Dicksmiths’ Hardware. l.ocke and Ku.-bs, Butt Hin-'cs. Brass and Iron Keys aud Castings, Gong Bells, Wire, Silver-Plating, Ac All orders, large or small, famished promptly at l(i per cent, less than market prices. erpl9 Hm HEWITT’S GLOBE HOTEL, Augusta, Gra. THE OLD.GLOBE HOTF.L, corner Broad and Jack son etreeie, having pae<=ed into tlie hantls of W. C Hku itt, late of the • Hewitt H«.use,’ T Va., has been thoroughly renovated, and is now open for the recep tion ot visitor* to the city. He will be most happy to see his old friends and the travelling public gen erally at the Globe, where they will receive every at tention and meet with the veiy be>t accommodation the Southern country can affoid. W. C. HEWITT, Proprietor Col. G. 11. Jo*xa, Clerk. nS-lm IS< otice. A LL persons having demands against the estate of JrV. Edward G. Wilson, deceased, of Chatham county, ai e thenticated ; and alt persons indebted to said eetata arc requested to make immediate payment to ANA IS WILSON, r. 14 Administratrix. Magazines for December. HARPER’S MONTHLL Mad Dcmurct’? Mirror oi Fashions Atlantic Monthly. At ESTILL’S NEWS DKP 'T. n2T-tf a B* lll back of P. O.