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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, December 06, 1865, Image 4

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The Swmml Dallj Herald dkikubi k i,, lk«>. COMMERCIAL. uuu lew Urk M»rke«. New Yoke, Dec- 1. IBM (mmi-VM demand In lea* active. and prteeo, though not actually lower, are aoniewhat heavy ; aalea oft f>oo hale, at about 40 a Me tor MMdliug*. Corns.—There ara no sale* ot Importance to re port today. Pieces »re ateady. UTOCE DEC. I, IW. KlO hag* fls,aM6|| Angusturo, bags ... 213 Jamaica 9Vt||MeJdc«Ui 0 Cuba 4.7601 1 African lIM Lagusjfii B*l jSavauilla 42 M tracabo 523 I Total.baga 43,031 Candles—AiUtmantlne are in lair retiuest and steady, sales of 2tx) tioxca at *7 a 28c. Sperm and Patent are firmer; sales at 4>c for the former and :. >c for the latter. flour.-The market for Western ml State Flour is more actttre, but with inure liberal arrivals, prices are lower, the decline being 5 a Its- on (he low and t.i a 25c on the medium and better brands ; the de pression is most marked in medium grades, these are abundant; the sales are 10 400 bbla, at $7 6j a $: no for superfine State ; $8 35a8 50 for Extra State $4 55 a s 70 for Fancy state ; $8 20 a 8 45 for the low gradesof Western Extra; 18 75a9 for Shipping Ohio: $n lOalo 00 for| Trade brands, and sl2 ouals 70 foi st. Louis Extra Family brands. Gkain.—The business is light and confined to holders mainly. Corn ts ahum La in and prices are lower. Hay—Continues eery plenty, and the market is dull in consequence ; sales of 200 bales Shipping at 60c. Lime Rockland is In moderate request; sales of 1,300 bids at $1 Si for common, and $2 10 lor lump. Mui.assks.—During the past two or three days ne gotiations have been pending for several large par cels of Molasses, which are now finally closed ; the result is sales of about 3,000 hlids. STOCK OF MOLASSES DEC. 1, 1835. HHDS. Cubo Muscovado i,tM> Cuba Clay ed '2BO Porto Rico MSI English Island 443 Total 4,302 Naval Stores.—Spirits Turpentine ts in moderate rpquest and firmer ; sales of 157 bbls In lots at $1 00 asl 07; stock alsiut 1,400 bbls. Rosins are firm witii a moderate inquiry ; sales of 150 bbls common at $7 as7 25. Tar is in better supply, dull and heavy at $4 asll lor domestic anil foreign. Provisions.— We have had a more active demand for pork to-day, the liustnesa being very large ; at the opening of ’Change the.markct was quite Arm, ami at the close holders obtained a slight advance of our yesterday's quotations. For future delivery we hear of sales of 4,250 bbls mess, 1864-'5, buyer balance of the year, at S2B 50a$2S 61%. Bitter,—Our market has only been moderately active during the week ; prices have been somewhat unsettled, anil at limes quite nominal; choice and fancy State, in firkins, show no partlcnlar change, hut ordinary and fair to good are lower, under more lilicral arrivals and accumulation of stock. Farmers arc still sending forward quite freely, as canal navi gation will close shortly. Western Butter is very slow ot sale, and prices as a general thing have a strong downward tendency. Shippers are holding back, prices silll being above their limits. We quote : Orange county, In pails 55a60 Cheese—There is no particular variation to note in Cheese dqring the week, though a very firm feel ing has prevailed, and a fair business was done lor home consumption. We notice something doing lor export. English Dairy and Pineapple are unchang ed. We quote: State factory, good to choice per lb 18 a 19)4 Rice—There is still only a moderate demand at nominally nnehanged figures; sales of a few small lots Rangoon at 8 % a 10)kc. The stock is 17,869 bags cleaned, und 14,oo(l bags uncleancd East India, against 17,129 bags cleaned and 22,098 bagsuuclean eil same time last year. SroAKS.— I There has been rather more doing In Raw since our last, but without produciug any change in prices, which are still nominal on a basis of 13u13)„c for fair to good Refining; sales ofC.><■ hints ui loan: for Cuba;. 13c for Maniuiqiie ; and 2,590 boxes Havaua at 13Xal4'ic; Kefiued are dull at 19a19 Ike for Hards. -STOCK OF SI’OAR, DEC. 1, 1865. Cuba, hhd 28,263 I Boxes 66,805 Porto Rico 1,989 | Bags 54,570 Martinique 470 Melado, hhd 32 English Island 163 | Total hhd 28,885 | Whisky—The market is quiet and unchanged; sales of 97 bbls at $2 33a52 34 for State, and $2 34a $2 35 for Western. COMMERCIAL. MISCELLANY. New York Dry Uihhls Auction Sales. BY HAGGERTY A CO.—4 MOS—NOV. 28. [From the Journal of Commerce, 29th nit.] The catalogue to-day included Saxony woven dress goods, of the importation of Messrs. C. F. Schmeider A Cos., silks, Ac. Silks, and hmt'v dress fabrics gen erally, sold at low rates. A line of glovei were In good demand aud realised satisfactory prices; 33 inch fancy shilling brought 62c ; 6 4 Scotch woolens $1 60; 4-4 butrHolland black do 36c; all wool filling plaid pcnelopes 25c; do bigli colored pell de cltevre checks 27Mc; black and while check do 25a 26c ; high colored cashmere plaids 33a32c ; silk plaids and stripes parmmas a sole 31a37),c; gold silk rayc uraleas sole 42>,a43]$c ; heavy Turkish silk brociie striped cainelia a sole 51 ),as2c; super do 58a62c; all wool high colored plaids 50a50',c; scarlet Scotch do 66.106.: ; all wool plaid Saxony flannel 47a49c; 3-4 flue mourning mohair 25c; 28-inch striped do satins 3uc ; plaid Persian 24c; black alpacas 37 >4.-16 Ic; colored English cobourgs 37c : colored mohair lustres 30)»c: silk and wool plaids 63a71c; 22-iuch all boiled Lyons gros grain $1 46at 60 >4 ; 26-inch do $1 7oal 7214 c; 18- mch do i 1 87X ; 22-inch Lyons lustrings 66.1671: : 2ti inch 110 85a8»c; 29-inch super black silk velvet J 655 - 31-inch do $712>4a7 50 ; 44-tuch French merino sta 1 07; 46 inch do $1 12>, ; black and purple chinchilla $1 ':‘j ; 6-4 black doeskin $2 25; Lawrence sackiug flauuel 36c; black satinet 70a73 ;scarlet twilled flannel 36c ; plain blue mixed do 34),; Oxford jeans 33)4c • Mount Vcrnou corset jeans 24c; opera Itaunel 36 Xc; 4-4 shaker do 27c ; swansdowu bleached canton do 29c ; 3-4 No. 600 West Branch do 26c; heavy long shqwls sold for cash, 72x144, at $4 50a4 95. By Messrs. Wilmerdings A Mount—4 Months.— This was a sale of woolens, Ac. The offering com pos <i the usual assortuieut, but mostly of low and medium qualities. White Italian cloths sold at 76c ; drab do, »i IT )4asl 22k ; cashmere vestings, $i 60a2- small figured do, sll2>jatl 27)2; Scolcli plaid do,’ $1 .sas2 so: 24-iuch black satin, $1 02’,a*l 70 ; 80- mch do, $2 20a$2 80 ; 34 inch satin de chine, $9 P2)4 • 19-lncli all silk Lyons black arwure, 92)4c ; 22-iuch Lyons silk velvet, $6 52),a*657)4; drab d’ete, «1 87), as2 *2)4 ; caslmierette, 61a68c ; French linen duck coatings 41u47c ; fancy cassimeres, $1 47a5219; raye velour cloakings, $3 10 : 6-4 black doeskms, $4 10 ; Belgian tricots, $4 37 >4; French ehlncllla, *7 25 ; black cloth, $3 37)4 ; Saxony tricots $4 25 ; fancy doeskins, $5 30a $6 25; 6-4 Elbeur lancy cassimeres, $4 87>,a$8 26 ; French 6-4 fancy coalings, $6,25; blue chinchilla, $8,00; c-4 fancy cloakings, t3.60a4,00; real I’aris astracau, $3,37),a 6,37)4; black aud white do. $4,00; mulberry tricots $5,3744; blue castor $3,62)4; 60-inch all wool English cloth $4,60; 62 inch black union do sl,Boa 1,82)4: 7-4 London cassnuere sla4,t'.2>,; 6-4 black Whitney coatings $2a2,15; mixed English $4,12),, plush cloaking $1,36? brown sealsbin $1,60; negro kerseys sohl lor cash at 12)ial7t4c, and Mount \ ernon corset jeans 28 >4c. Messrs. WILMEBDINS. Hoofet A Co.—Also held a special sale of ribbons, of the importation of M- ssrs. o. Varet A Cos., millinery, velvets, Ac. There was a good company present, hut the season ts so far advanced the blading showed little spirit, aud prices generally-ruled low. Pieee velvets brought fair rates, and the sample lots of ribbons were all sold, but few duplicates were offered. WANTED. GEORGIA and South Carolina Bank Bills Albany and Gals Railroad Stock Central Railroad Stock Coupon* Albany and Gulf Railroad Coupon* City ot' Savannah J d2-rr EoRDYCE, ANDERSON A JAIJXKY, :,T M-. No. 10 Stoddard's Range. PROF. DIETZ, PH. DR., or PARIS, MICH Uiaom I LITERATURE terms moderate. Hf.fb'cnci ex ; Da Aanonn, Mayor ol s.vauuab Sv. u ' y p " b,ic Schools Rev. Mb Coziiy, Savannah Rioht Rkv Bisuop Lvboh, Chariest.,., Gek. BunnroAan, New Orleans uu Paor. Lushes, Supcrinteudont of p,,v.o_ „, turn. Louisiana ' Publ * c Mue»- * F ’«KSSSf‘ Cha "“*” Academy U„,l,hr,g LANDSCAPE GARDENING AND horticulturr 'l'llF. ÜBd«nitMff am prepared to nuikt even kind U' u| r ; to put m order Aril n.niUii o “ UU , v,r f lllln * perialmnn to Or hainnrlal nanlem., ami in do all kiu.lauf lYimming, ordeni may t* laftai the Herald omen, aunt... W. A.I). KUtili Oh, 11 lauid-Mapn UanMMIS. Liverpool Salt, *•* A NOBLE PURPOSE AMD A Glorious Result H. There are as many roads to fame and fortune ai there were gateways to auetent Thebes. Yoqganr Mttous warrior is for carrying his way with tlx ■abre ; your aspiring politician for scheming Ills wsj by intrigue and consummate art. But there is om grand broad path to the goal, alouj? which nothin; base cau travel. It i» the path set apart for tin march of talent, energy, ahd noble purpose am though fnl lof obstacles. It contains none that abravi man cannot surmount. This fact baa been exemplified in innumerable instances, but In few more forcibly ban in the rise and progress of DH. HOOKI.AND'B GERMAN BITWB. For over flftecu year* its course has been onward and upward, scattering blessings at everv step, until it now stands on tb* topmost louuds of the ladder of fame, as the GREAT TONIC. o Hoofland’s German Bitters Is a positive remedy for DY3PE PSIA, AMD Diseases Besulting fronh DISORDER or THE LIVER “•»' DIfiESTIVE ORBAHO, And is the only certain and aafe RESTORER OF STRENGTH IN CASES OF DEBILITY. o y* By the use of this Bitters > Weakened and Debilitated Frame* Be come Renewetf -with all tile Vigor of Health. Impaired constitutions are rebuilt, and tho patient in h short time regafns Vigor, Health and Strength.^ F OBSERVE THE FOLLOWING SYMPTOMS, Resulting from Disorders of the Digestive Organs I Constipation, Inward Piles, Fullneea of Blood to the Head, Acidity of the Stomach, Nausea, Heart burn, Diagust for Food, Fullness or Weight in the Stomach. flour Eructations, Sink ing or Fluttering at the Pit of tho Stomach. Swimming of the Head, Hurried and Difficult Breath ing, Fluttering at the Heart, Choking or Suffocating Sensation whan in a Lying Pos ture, Dimness of Vision, Dots or Webs before the Sight, Fover and Dull Pain iu the Head, Defi ciency of l’erspiiation, Yellowness of the Skin ami Eyes, Pain In the Side, Back, Chest, Limbs, Ac., Sudden Flushes of Heat, Burn ingin the Flesh, Constant Imaginings of Evil, and great Depression of Spirits. Remember That these fcttefs contain no Rnm or Whiskey. And can’t make Drunkards. Is not a Bar Room Drink, Buts Highly Concentrated Vcgotable Extract, Free from Alcoholic Stimplant or Injurious Drugs It caunot insidiously introduce the vice of Drunk enness into the bosom of your families—to your wife, your children, or your friends. . L SOXiDXSRS Or others, whose systems have become Impaired t>y hardships or disease, will find in this Bitters a tonic thatjwill restore them to all their lull vigor.!! * 0 A These Bitters have perlormed mors cures! Given Better ! , Have move Testimony I Have mere respettablo people to vouch for them! Titan any other aitirle in Hie Market. We defy any one to contradict this assertior AN® WILL PAY SI,OOO To any one that wIU produce aCertlfleate published by us that is not GENUINE. N READ WHO SAYS SO. FROM THE HON. THOMAS B. FLOREN C£. Washington, January 1,1864. Gentlemen:—Having stated it verbally to you, I have no hesitation in writing the fact, that 1 experi enced marked benedt from your Hoofland's German Bitters. During a long and tedious session of Con gress, pressing and ouerous duties nearly prostrated me. A kind friend suggested the use of the prepara tion I have named. I took Ills advice, and tile result was improvement of health, renewed energy, and that particular relief 1 so much needed and obtained. Others may be similarly advantaged, if they desire to be. Truly your friend, THOMAS B. FLORENCE. u From Rev. W. D. Saigfriod, Pastor of Twelfth Baptist Church. PliiladelpMa, December 26, 1863. Mlimits. Joses A Evans, 'Gentlemen :—I have recently been laboring under 11 jo oistressiug effects of indigestion, accompanied hv a. pioetratiou of the nervous system. Numerous rem edies were recommended by friends and some of them tested, but without relie!. Your Hootlland'a German Hitlers were recommended by person* who hud tried them, and whose favorable mention of the Hitters in duced me also to try them. 1 must confess that I had an aversion to pateut medicines, rrom tile “thonsnud and t*uc" quack ••Bitters." whose only aim seems to do to palm off sweetened and drugged liquor upon the community, in a sly way ; aud the tendency of 1 which, 1 fear, is to make many a continued drunknnl Upon learning that yours was really a medicinal preparation 1 look it with happy effect Us action was not only upon the stomach, but Ihe ner vous system,waa prompt and gratifying. 1 reel ttuit I have derived if sal aud permanent I,client from iho use of a few bottle*. VeryresiK'clfnlly vours, W. G. SKIGrRRID, No. 264 Sbackamaxon street. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS. ■»« «>»i >hs signature of • C. M. JACKSON” la on the Wrapper .read, bottle PRINCIPAL OFFICE & MANUFACTORY No. 631 ARCH STREET, JONES & EVANS, •Ul UIMOIUI TO 0. M. JAOKMIM A 00. Wi M WAUUi Hole A(i*Mli t'tr Uiimtfhloii A Halliard MU MaViMiah «la VWMIs by aad i» svwy MW a |„ kks UrdfdßMNs wilt VMM CONSTITUTION LIFE SYRUP, (I>MPOSEI) OF IODIDE 1 >KPOTASSIUM, Willi THE COMPOUND CONCEN TRATED FLUID EXTRACT OF VA LU A BLE M E DIC INAL ROOTS AND HERBS Prepared by WM. H. GREGC. M. D., Gt’iUlnate or the tSAlnje ojl’ktj-n'ian* a tut Sttrgeo it*. Mete York ; formerly Assistant I*hy*kian in the Worknett's Inland Hospitals. CONSTITUTION LIFE SYRUP ll'i.w |ir>Nlureil h revolution in Medicine. What mat ars iu almost iu< ie«Jible im, that many di* uom a hitherto comudered hopeh-enly incurald# ar** fie qiiuiith carts lin af«*w «lay« or weeks: und wv cheer lolly invite tlm investigations o! the liberal minded und m'M'Utiri t«> cure* which hav*» no parallel at the pro* bent day. During the pa«t five year* we have contended with ob**tsclea and overcome opposition ns bercuNai as uere ever encountered by any reformers. RAPIDITY OF CURE. f Some say, “Your cures are too quick,” while others doubt their perm»ueiice, aud think that <Uaeasea cun only be c ured by the “slow, recuperative process of Nature. - ' This is our reply : In health, the body, like a Wi ll balanced scale, is in a stab* ot equilibrium DU when, irom any CMOSe, and »wn goes one side of the scale, we have the effect* of disease. What i9 requisite, is toie store the normal balance of the scale. CONSTITUTION LIFE SYRUP la a positive and specific remedy for all diseases i>rigi uatmg from an impure slate of the Blo>»l, and for ail (hereditaryj diseases transmitted from parent to child PARALYSIS. It is so universally admitted that Constitiraon Life Syrup is the only effective means of restoration in the various forms of Paralysis, that we need not reiterate that it is emphatically the Great-Life-giving Power. DYSPEPSIA. Indigestion, Weight at Stomach, Flatulence, Live Complaint, want of Appetite, Had Breath, Constipation, Billionaires*. SCROFULA. Struma. King’s Evil Glandular Swellings Erysipelas, Ulceration, Salt Rheum. This taint and acquired), filling life with untold misery, is, by all usual medical remedies, in cu ruble. RHEUMATISM. [Arthritis], Lumbago, Neuralgia, Sciatica, Gout, Tic Doloreanz. If there is any disease iu which tile Constitution Life Syrup is a sovereign, itis-iu Rheumatism and its kindred affections. The most intense pains are almost instantly alleviated—enormous swellings are reduced. Cases, chronic or vicarious, of twenty or forty years’ staudiug, have been cured by us CONSTITUTION LIFE SYRUP Purges the system entirely from all the evil effects o Mercury, removing the Dad Breath, and curing the Weak Joints und Hheumatic Pains which tty unc of Calomel is sure to produce. It hardens Spongy Gums, and secures tho Teeth as firmly as ever. CONSTITUTION LIFE SYRUP. Eradicates, root and branch, all Eruptive Diseases of the Skin, like Ulcers, Pimples, Blotches, and all other difficulties of his kind, which so much disfigure tile outward appearance of both mules and females, often making them a disgusting object to themselves and their friends. FOR ALL FORMS OF ULCERATIVE DISEASES, Either of the Nose, Throat, Tongue, Spine, Forehead, or Scalp, no remedy has ever proved its equal. Moth Patches upon the female lace, depending upon a diseased netiou of the Liver, are very unpleasant to the young wife and mother. A few bottles of Consti tution Lite Syrup will correct the secretion and remove the deposit, which is difectly under the skin. Diseases of the Liver, giving rise to Languor, Dizzi ness, Indigestion, Weak Stomach, or an ulcerated or cancerous condition of that organ, accompanied with burning or other unpleasant symptoms, will bo re lieved by tho use of CONSTITUTION LIFE SYRUP. Asa General Hlood-Purifying Agent, the Life Syrup stauds unrivalled by any preparation In tho world. THE RICH AND lf)()R Arc liable to tho same diseases. Nature and science have made the Constitution Life Syrup for the benefit of all. PURE BLOOD Produces healthy men and women ; and if tho consti tution is neglected in youth, disease and early death is the result. Do not delay when tho means are so near at hand, jyid within the reach of all. CONSTITUTION LIFE SYRUP I« tho poor man’s friend, and the rich man's Phasing. WILLIAM H. GKBGU, M. D , Bole Proprietor, New York. MORGAN & ALLKN, Wholesale Druggists, Agents, n22-3m 46 Cliff street, New York. BILLIARDS. Six Tables- I RESPECTFULLY invite the patronage of my old friend* and visitor* to the city 1 have Six Good billiard Tablce, including two of Phelan’s m»*ke, with the beet Balls. Cues, Bridges, Maces, Ac., procurable. My rooms are commodious, and 1 entloavor to emplov only competent attendants. My Bar is supplied with a good assortment cf Ales, Wines, Liquors, Cigars, &c. n26-tf WALTER O’MEARA. JOHN H. DEPPISH, DHALEB IN HAR D AV ARE Cutlery, Flics. Edge Tools, And Agricultural Implements. Also, SHOT, POWDER, LEAD and CAPS. 148 Congress and (17 St • Julian streets , SAVANNAH, GA. n27-lm NOTICE. TO THE CITIZENS OF CHATHAM CO. I RESPECTFULLY announce myself as a Candidate for the Office of Tax Collector at the election in January next, and humbly solicit your support. 827 ts EDWARD POWER. DAVID BAILEY, Merchant Tailor [Formerly Cutter for\Vm. R. Symons] BEGS most respectfully to inform hi* friends and the public generally, that he has removed from ilie store of Mr. A. B. Ives to No. 12 WHITAKER STREET, (Between Bryan and Bay,] where he will he glad to meet his old customers and us many new ones u* will favor him with their orders. I W Aiways on hand, it good assortment of CLOTHS, CASSIMEHKS, VESTINGB,whi. h heis pre pared to mnkß up at the shortest notice and in the most fashionable style. Remember No. 12— if yon want what is good and reasonable. nB-lm E- H. VAN NESS & CO., GROCERS, SHIP CHANDLERS AND Protlticf Dealers, UNDER TIIK BLUFF, CORNER AHKKCOItN ST, Savannah, On. Order* from the Country Private, Families, St camera an«l tailing Vessel* respectfully solicited. Produce bought and fold on commission. liOhhlfSoU'cL'd Apple* *IOO bblH Onions lon bbls Potatoes 50 bbls Kx»r* Flour 50 bbls Noe. 1 and *2 Mackerel 100 tuba Extra Butter Ml boxes Extra Checsa 500 kim Noa 1 ,« .mil 8 Market r I 50 Iwilf-litilH Fulton Market Beef to bbls Extra Family Pork. ir u'Jl S. M. COLD I N 0, Wholesale and Retail Dealer la HATS, {APS, BOOTS, «S, ami GfiitlrniruN FuruUhiuK Load*, NO. IAS OONIIIIKSH NTUEKT, lataaask, Us. i awl* lu, I 1 tiMHissloa NKHt UAjrm. Ac. F. M.JVIYRELL, NTKAM BOAT AGEftT, OKNEhaL. PIINNIMBfi* AM, Wilt- H IHHISG MRK4IIAMT, BAY STREET, SAVANNAH. OA. ; lion • I’mllin- dd.e-tu.-si ■>! A 1,..w iCo ’I. liVki> to v. ; I-, Umi ti v fPiiuinell. Crtae. Joh*- ►Oll «iraylull' lu ll V\ > Itv A «'bfifcU*li ; llothucll A j Whitehead. Millet. Tifiu*- A M A. C..»en, 1 E**q. nepY'.i-tf W M. II Tison. v ' : Wm. W. OtoauaH Tison 82 Gordon. COTTON FACTORS, COMMISSION AND FORWARDING MERCHANTS, No. DO BAY STREET, Savannah, ------- Gkouoia., Special attention will be given to the Hale of Lumber, Rosin, Turpentine, »*., oct24-3m* «■ M. H»RHEf„ A. O. M’Bffl. SORREL BROTHERS, Commission and Forwarding Merchants, References: Messrs. 11. K. Corning, Son A Cos., N. Y.; Messrs. Peter V. King & Cos., N. Y.: Messrs. Fish er, Brothers A Cos , Baltimore.; Messrs. S. A W. Welsh, Philadelphia; National Bank, Savannah, Ga.; Francis Sorrel Esq , Savniinah Ga ;Chns. Green, Esq., Savan nah, «;a.; T. R. Bloom, Esq., Macon, Ga. «ct!7 ‘2m* I). H. BALDWIN & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 17S Peart Street, New York. D. H ll.Lr.wiN,) „ York •T.F C’cmminob, / New iorfc « t« ul C } Hannah. A. S. Hartridge, COMMISSION AND FOUTVARIHNO MBRICiHANT, 92 BAY STREET, SAVANNAn, GA. oct!4-tf JAMES B. CAHILL, GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANT AND DEALER IN Groceries, Provisions, Wines and Liquors, 171 BROAD STREET, AUGUSTA, GEORGIA. HOLDERS ofMerchandizc wishing to realise imme diately will consult their interests by cousigning the same. Strict attention will be given to all business en trusted to them, aud prompt returns made at the most reisonable rates. sep4-3m Henry L. Jewftt. James I. Snider. Jewott & Snider, WHOLESALE COMMISSION MERCHANTS AND GENERAL AGENTS, Second Street, fflneon, Georgia, (Between Cherry and Poplar.} Prompt personal attention given to all consign ments ol' cotton, produce, manufactures and other articles of merchandise. Orders and consignments solicited from all parts of'the country. Best attention given to orders lor purchasing cot 1 on. Agents for several first clna.-> Insurance Companies. nP-tf SCRANTON. SMITH & CO., Grocers anfl Commission Merchants, WOULD be happy to see the former patious and friends, and »he public generally, at t heir store at the head of Buy street, opposite Jefferson, where they will be at ull times happy to serve them. nls-lm C. H. BENEDICT & CO., No. 86 Broad Street, New VorK, Produce and Flour Commission McrcUants, Dealers in Provisions, Butter, Cheese, &c. Special attention to Southern Orders Consignments on General Merchandise solicited. octl7 3m TO SHIPPERS OF ( OtYoN AND OTHER SOUTHERN PRODUCE. FENNER, lIENNETT & BOWMAN, Snccueaors to Hotchkiss, Fentier A Beiiaett. C O M'M IBal ON MERCHANT S, No. 4ft V KSKY Stekkt, i,KW Youk. And Memphis, Teua. Thomas Fehnix, Henry Blmncit, D. W. Uo.vmvh jy6 _ om CHAS. L. COLBY ic CO., Shipping Commission and Forwarding »I K It C 11 A N T S . JONES ULOOK, OORNKU DAY AND ABEROOKN STREET SAVANNA U* GA. LIBERAL CASH ADVANCES Mode on Consignments o the firm of Chab. L. Colby, Os New York, or to our friends iu Boston. MAUDE & WEIGHT, Agents at Augusta; Ga. BKEKIINOKS; Messrs. Dabney, Morgan A Cos., New York. Jarivs Slade, Esq., New- York. Hon. J Wiley Edmunds, Boston. Gardner Colby, Esq., Boston. sep 18—tt Woodward, Baldwin A to., 110 Dunne Street, New York, O and 11 Hanover St., Baltimore. DRY GOODS COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Liberal,advances made on Consignments, Sheetings, Osnaburgs und Yarns. jyis JOHN & SffilN & TO., Forwar<llng and Commission MKRCHANTS. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN Dry Ooods, Groceries, &c., NOS. 1 *AND 2 SAM MIS’ BLOCK, Ray Street, Jacksonville, Florida. JNO. B. SAMMIB. BD. U. BAMMIB. OUAB. L, MATH Eli aul 1 ti J. SHAFFER, Commission DoAlor T o all kinds of FOREIGN AND D< /MESTIC FRUITS anti PRODUCE, West Washington Mauket, Oppoeitc 143 West st., Bulkhead between Barclay and Vesey sts., NEW YORK. Potatoes Apples andOnion aconstantly on hand, and put up for the Southern market All consignment* promptly attenkerf to. fjr Ken ra to A. L. Bradley, A. liaywood, T. J Wiiiali, and J. H Parsons. jyPJ cod I v MACKYJEATTIE & GO. SHIPPIH& AM GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, SO3 and 205 Bay Street. KAVANNAII, Gn. OFFKH for sale to Wholes,la Marchanta upwards of four hundred (400) barrels of Whiskey, western dislllliltlou, ill viirioii, brsnda slid qualities, logallier with ii large ..mourn of Irl.h and Scotch Malt Wills kies, Brandy. Wines, and i.ina, at Plilladalplilaor Naw York prices, expenses added, or we will till all orders 111 tile sbnvu uaincd cldcs, al Ilia lowust market pi Ires, •Islivarcdon board any boiiienf tUu regular Ituea 111 CollUM'ltollWltll tile lllioxc, W« should he pleased tifllll all orders of Oouiiliy I'roducc from I‘lilUdsl nllla or New York markeis Flour, Hiicoii, UislA Lael, Ume, Hall, *e , a large quaulliy of which we have oil band and offer for sale nil Ihu nioei rsaaou able term* W«arepre|iars<| al all limes lu make advances on Souiben. Vrialuci consigned to our In.use In Fhlladul plila MACKY * BKATTIK, M Unath Wafa# slhtet —ffWMt I*M and lINM Ma,k*l «<* | COMNIMION MKHCIUNTN. 80TITHERN COTTON WAREHOUSE, CORNER Oh' BAY AND LINCOLN STS., SAVANNAH, GA. O’FALLON & CO., FACTORS, Forwarding & ('onmiission MERCHANTS RESPKiT FULLY invite attention to our facilities for the purchase or movement of Southern Products, and will give prompt allontiou to nil busi ness entrusted to our care. Intending to establish perm tnently a House iu Savannah expect by strict business principles to merit and receive a portion of the Trade Having a commodious Warehouse for Cotton, we are prepured to buy, or receive «»n consignment to our friends in Mew York or Europe, und will make ad vances on same ; picking, re-baling or mending all Cotton before shipping, thereby saving the enormous expense incurred in Northern cities by this urocess —- They solicit a portion of the business of the people of Georgia and of adjoining States. OFFICE, STODDARD’S RANGE CORNER OF BAY AND LINCOLN STEIffeTS, f9f“ Post Office Address, Lock Box 25. oct7-3m SOUTHERN AND WESTERN Ij AN D. Collection and Commission Agency, handle Southern land and property of all descriptions. Parties wishing to sell are invited to forward list*.— Numerous applications row on file from parties wish ing to purchase. Make collections on all parts of tho country. Pay especial attention to the sale and disposal of Southern products, und make advances on direct consignments. MATTHEW n BRIDGE, Manager, No. 9 Broad st.. New York. REKERENOKS liY PERMISSION : Hon. Benjamin Fitzpatrick, Ex-Governor of Alabama. P. Harmony, Nephews A Cos., Bankers, 38 Broadway. Messrs. 11. B. A Cos , Importers, New York. A. W. Greenleaf, Esq., Bunker, tj. Y. n9-3m Alfbkb R. Bknnktt,) n „ . Coab H. Bennett, Jas. 0. Van Pelt, ( ‘ w 101 K Raleigh, N.C. Bennett, Van Pelt & Cos., COMM INN ION M Eli C HANTS for tuk sale of COTTON TOBACCO, NAVAL OTOIHS, ETC., ALSO, FOR THE PURCHASE AND SALE OF STATE AND OTHER STOCKS, S3 "Whitehall St., New York. We have associated with ns Mr. D. W. Cdktis, late Public Treasurer for North Carolina. nfi-Om JOHN L. VILLALONGA, COTTON FACTOH, FORWARDING AND COMMISSION MER CHANT. No. 94 Bay Street, SAVANNAH, GA. °Cti6 % 611 l If. Gfowciy, COMMISSION MERCHANT, * 196 BAY STR.EZ3T, ANDERSON’S WHARF, 0 SAVANNAH, GA. oct2-3m JOHN A. MOO RE. General Commission merchant, AND Steamboat Gra. n23-12 <3. H. Arledge, 72 BAY STREET, Grocer and Ship Chandler, CoiniTiissioTi arul Forwarding Me rchant, I WOULD respectfully solicit a liberal share of pa tronage from my friends and acquaintances, guar anteeing to give entire satisfaction and sell at the lowest market prices. Orders from the country will receive immediate and prompt attention. CONSIGNMENTS SOLICITED. nov!8 BRYAN, HARTRIDGE & CO.. Bryan Street, next to Merchants’ and Planters’ Bank Building, Broker ffid Commission Agents FOR SALE AND PURCHASE OF STOCKS, BANK NOTES, PRODUCE, &c., And for Forwarding Cotton. nov2 Jmo GFO. I). FOWLS. WM. E. HOY. lIUGII BICE FOWLE & CO., FORMERLY OF ALEXANDRIA, VA., Commission Merchants. Importers of Railroad Iron and Dealers in Railroad Supplies. Office, 70 Broadway, NEW YORK, oct26 Cm 0 _ G. B. & G. V'. 1/MAR, General Commission Merchants. l orvidirding and Shipping Agents, NO. D‘4 HAY bTKEEi. (upstairs ) Refer to Goo. W. Andeison, Jno O. Ferreland G. R Lamar, Savannah , W. E Jucksodv Josiah Sililcy & Sons, J. li A J. W. Walker, Consignment solicited. Gm-nov2 w. j. in,aul a. 4. Smith. w. w. krek. BLAIR, SMITH & CO., No. 1208 llroarl Btrec»t, AUGUSTA, GA., &cneral Commission Merchants, An«l Agent* for the 8»lo of Mniiiitiiot fired Tolmoon, Will I’arcliaau and Mini, on Oummls*hin. Cotton. Cotton Goods, Winoa, Liqnoia I’roduccmul Merchau disc of every deacrlptlon. Consignment! solicited 2m nM LIVINGSTON, FOX & CO., 1 -ft l 11 I* tt u<l W ay, • Ni*w %'ork, COMMISSION MERCHANTS AND AtffMlt Allflllllc « UIMI MUil < uwimur, Advaiiaa# nilute on **--igaiatiili by JMit H WlU)**, naUM Mn kavauuak <'OHaiI«NION MBR< IIANTI. L. B. DAVIS, (Foriucrt) <>f Atlanta. G%.i * urni i,ii & roumiuA MERCHANT, 292 BROAD STREET, Augusta, Georgia. N. 8.-Partlcnlar attention given to receiving and forwarding Produce und Merchandise. Refer, to A Wilbur. Hunter A (J onmell. Crane, lobusou A Gruybili, and John R. Wt der. Suvammh, ticorgia. tifi-tahlnt J. W. li A H I »r, (L«t*- Rabun A Smith, Cotton Factor and Commission Merchant, No. loft BAY STREET, Firat store West oi' the Exchange, dli °> SAVAMIUH, atom A. kaii.koads Central Railroad j.T‘ SUPERINTENDENT’S OFFICE, ) Savannah, Qa., Nov. 18, 1665.) ON and after Wednesday, 22d in.-t., a daily train will leave for Auguxtu at 8.30 u. m.. connecting with a line of Hacks running between ■Station 6, Central Railroad, and Waynesboro on the Augusta and Savannah Railroad PaaseugeiH by this line will arrive in Augusta the next morning after leaving Savunnnh in time to connect with the Georgia Railroad train for Atlanta. Relllrliing arrive in savannah at 3.46 p. m. Freight to go by Passenger Train must lie prepaid aud delivered hall hour before departure of train. By order of GEO. W , ADAMS, h- 0 General Superintendent. Central Railroad SUPERINTENDENT’S OFFICE, ) Savannah, Nov. ISth, ISCS."J 'rtfp Company is now, in conneftion with H. J. Dickerson & C».*a Wagons, prepared to receive and forward to Aujnftta. Macon, Atlanta .fce., daily from twenty to thirty thousand pounds of Freignt, and go through in from three to five days. Ship Freight and other expenses be puid by Shippers. Railroad freight can Ik- paid here or at des tination. Freight on perishable goods must be prepaid. Rates to August•», until further notice, will be per foot 50 cents, per 100 lbs. $2.50 GKO. W. ADAMS, n2O General Superintendent. SALT. 10,000 Sacks Liverpool Salt, For sale by W. B. ADAMS, dl-C* No. 95 Bay street. Dissolution of Co-partuersliip. *FHE firm of West, Bryan A Cos. expires by limitation * this day, and i-i terminated ill mutual consent and good feeling. Mr. and imes B. West will continue to art as agent for the Baltimore, Savannah and Augusta steamers, nc will settle all out.-tunding business oMhe firm—all ilemands against which must be rendered to him at his office, Jones’ Block. JAMES B WEST. * HENRY BRYAN. ALFRED L. HAKTRIDGK. Bavammh, Nov 30,1866. dl-ti KOTXGJfe,- PLANTER’S BANK, ) Savannah, Ga., 26th Nov , 1866. \ An election for Director to manage the affairs o -*»- this Bank for one year, will be held at the Bank ing House in this city, oil Monday, the Ist day o January, 1806. THOS. IT. HARDEN. n2 >-1a wtil __ Acting Cashier. .JOHN MFKUYMAN. * 11. U. W A KINO. JOHN MERRYMAN & CO., Farmers’ and Planters’ Agencv FOR the sale of Guano, Fertilizers, Live Stock, Tm plemcnis and Machinery, Seeds, &c. 07 AV. Street, BALTIMORE. Refer to John S. Gittings, President Chesapeake Bank ; (’has. Goodwin, Cashier Franklin Bank, Balti more; E. C. Wade A Cos. and P„ 11. Behn, Savannah. nl4-3m y ESTABLISHED 1826. from Egypt! PENNY'S NEW EXTRACT OK THE KGYTIAN LOTUS, anew and exquisite Perfume tar the handkerchief. Cleopatra and the ladies of the present day Using I lie same perfume. THE EGYPTIAN LOTUS! THE EGYPTIAN LOTUS! I THE EGY'PTJAN LOTUS ! I! Manufactured by F. A.Pknny, Brooklyn, New York. E. A. LOVEJOY, Agent, nil-3m 93 Fulton street. N. Y. FOR SALE. 1 A BBLS No. l Mackerel J U 10 bbls No. 2 Mackerel 10 bbls No. 3 Mackerel 26 half bbls N6. 1 Mackerel 26 hilf bbls No. 3 Mackerel 160 kits No. 2 Mackerel 160 kits No. 2 Mackerel 4»tube Choice Lard 13 tubs Choice Butter .4 lirkins Choice Butter. The above lot are fresh and new, and will be offered low, to close consignment. CIIAS. L POLLY & CO., nov23 Corner A and B iy streets. For Sale, 1 *-!f lA BUSHELS Trime White Cora lOUU 2000 bushels Prime White Oata n8 N. A. HAItDKK A CO. A DARK BAY HORSE, about tell hands high, with long tail and short mane, and between eight and nine years old, with no peculiar murks. He dis appeared from Montgomery on Sunday night last.— Any information in reference to him will he lliank fully received and liberally rewarded, If left at the office nfiho Daily Herald, H'2'Mf NOTICE. TnE undersigned promise! to cure Seminal "Weakness in all its worst fonjijj without tho use of medicine.— I’lcasc wind for my Circular, enclosing 10 cents for postage. Address .J. M. KUHSKI.L, octl()-:im Boston, Mas*. Notice. CENTRAI. R. R. * HANKINGICO. OF GA,, 1 MaVMiiMih. Nov. 14, ISO 6 f rnHB Annual Meeting of lhl * 1 roinimuv will be hold on lhnn*duy, tho 14ih of December Tie*L the Ihinkh.g House in Hsvannnh, i. m A full re quoted WKO A< t-UYLKR, «»-li Uwldsr, NOTICE. HAVANNAII, Nov lAib, HMU During my alawnco from ilia city or hlsts Mr 0. 11. Ilutlar I* my duly aiitlini U«d *g, ni , nil C. TIItiMPTMiN THE BINCHAM SCHOOL, MKUANKVII.I.K. N 0. '|'llK anl in..ion |>> gins M*r<h lib, l«M, am) toll I uoui , lofty Weak*, offering to ilia |owpla id itm Ka,< «|nl Month ska (ffvstoag.s of ( *UMUMN Mi Inail Willi M Muller vMr alto* Fo ( Isimi addro** WItXIAM UINiiMAM, M l* B«bsn*vUl«, V. It, | NAV^VNNAH i BUSINESS DIRECTORY c n\l MLSBION MKK( 11AM ' Ikuc W Uiljie, ,k Cos., General Commi,.,, r “ iUK * a,,) ,lreel ’ SSS . _ au24 A.H. tM .i brauql, Jk ( 0., Gooctav.Nai' • anaiioN Mnuiiian. 140 Congrww .no I*. MISSION*MERCIIanV, A Bay rtaiid, Savannah, Ga. ' lmu^" I’rwia A llanlrc, U . COMMISSION MERCHANTS, .. m Ili DRY GOODS luim .Urtuiiaghy, " - DEALER IN DRY GOODS, Ao. ’ 769 Broughton air,-,- Samuel .11. liCdcrn', Jobber and K.:tai1,.77 Fasct and STAI l.t Dnv Goons, B,voTe, s u „.J i VLOTUINO, Haio, AC. 146 Congress SI reel ■ l— — - GROCERIES, &C. MF'er.t A Cos,. Wholesale Dealerin Winre i, • quuno. Sen a Kb. Fakcv tiEocr.nlKs, Canoua, 160 Congress street IN k*. Ueyo, DrAi.iK in Ch Ik»'Family uiSf,. J • W iNEa, Liquoab, Ac. ! etn-pr Billiard Saloou. Bv WALTER O'MKAItA ALE', WINES, LIQUORS, Ac ' j Bay street, over Express om,» S«. Charles Saloon, (In rear ol Post Office) U A. bTAMM. Wholesale unfit livtull. Nunn i«» j CHOICE WINES and LIQUORS served. Free Lniick j ~GAfj FITTING, Weed & Cornwell, Wholesale Dealers iu Hahdwabe and Tin Wau No. 169 and 161 Broughton street. TT Cranston, U • PLUMBER AND GAB FITTER, 91 Bryan st., next io cor. Whitaker SEGARS, TOBACCO. Ac. L> Kolb. *- -T • SEGAKS, TOBACCO, SNUFF, PIPES, dc Barnard street, one door South of the Market. PKINTINQ, STATION£IiY, &c. , yJlAVllle A Grain, O BOOKSELLERS AND STATIONERS, Cor. Bryan sfreet and Market Square \lurking Ink, Man or aotcreo and foreale b* DA DAVID U. GALLOWAY, 1 I e.o. N. Nichols, VT BOOK AND JOB PRINTER, Bay st, hetwreu Abercorn and Draylon. I.'' and. r ir.e, LITHOGRAPHER, STATIONLK. JEj* BINDER, JOB PRINTER, Jtc. No. 6 Whitaker shed. c W. Mason ik Cos., C*» HERALD JOB PRINTING OFFICE. No. 111 Bay street "attorneys: ‘ WM. U. Harden, ATTORNEY AT LAW, 175 Bay street, nl 4-1 ni Savannah WATCHES, JEWKLHY, Ac. P D. .ioi-<lan, Dealerin WxrciiEaandJiwiclr, • Silver and Plated W aue. FancyGoodb, ic, OT Watches aiqj Jewelry Repaired. I*9 Congress st., opposite the Pulaski House. PHYSICIANS. Joi, W. Cliff, M. D, Cor. South Broad and Bamard-sts Offioe Hoofb—9 to 10 A. M.. aud 4to 5 P M., Residence—Mr. Wash’s, Broughton Street, nfl-lm one door east Masonic Ball. DRtIdGISIX WM. Walski, • WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DRUGGIST, aul 1 Sourheust cor. Barnard and Broughton nth 1 A. Solomons Cos., WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DRUGGISTS. Orders executed accurately aud with despatch BOOTS AND SHOES. Ames «b Pi alimly, .fobbers i!n Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s Calf, Serge and Kid BOOTS and SHOES, of all kinds and qualities. w 162 Congrceast., «lth door North of the Market. QUEENSWARE, &c. ED. Smyth, QUEENSWARE, GLASS AND > CHINA, at Wholesale and Retail. 109 Broughton street, 2d door from cor. oi Dull CONFECTIONERY. MFitzgernld, . WIIOLK9AI.K AND RETAIT. DFAI.FB IN CIDERS, LEMON, STRAWBERRY am.RASPBEHHV SYRUPS, CANDIES, Ac., &o„ tW~ In any quantities, to suit Purchasers. WIIITAKKB STIIEFT, SODA WATER. John Ryan. Bottler of SODA WATER, I’OKTKR and ALE, CORDIALS. SYRUPS, Ao. Cor. Bay and West Broad streets. JN. Wilson, Photographer, south-east corner . of Broughton and Whitaker streets, Savannah, Ga. Copying done with the greatest care. NOTICE TO THE SHIPPERS OF GOODS BY THE STEAMER SAVANNAH ON THE 4th DAY OF NOVEMBER, 18G5. ALL persons who skipped Goods by the Steamer vannah, on the above named day, are requested 30 call immediately at the store of F. M. MyrelL Harris* Buildings, Bay etreet, and identify such goods as have been saved from the wreck of the steamer. J. W. WOLCOTT, n2O Agent^ NOTICE. BANK OF COMMERCE, \ Savannah, November 25th, 1565.» A N election for Seven Directors, to manage tn 71. affairs of this Bank for one year, will be held, J 1 the Banking House, on the Second Monday in ary next, being the Stji of that month, rolls opo* from 10 o’clock a. m. to 2 o’clock p. m. JOHN C. FERKILL n27-lawtd* Ca^hiei.^ Notice. CONSIGNEES p< r JOS. W. WEBSTER, fromNe* York, will atiend to the reception of their gooa*. nnding this day at Exchange wharvc* NOTICE. Steamship Chase. CONSIGNEES or owner? of goods per Lha-e, on voyage from New Yi',-k, Octoticr IM3, will please present copies oi Invoice*; claims for snort delivories end deductions lorclo' il any, to the undersigned, «not beford the 16tn « / of December next, for the purpose 6t raakiog tnr jqstment of the general average. T HUNTER * GAMMELL Macon Telegragh, Augusta o'n-4titutJ' , u* ami Atlanta Intelligencer, please copy aiid send 1 thlsofUce. n24-td T 0 G A R D E N ERS. Onion Sets. TUST r(C*lvoil, live lilil»Chulc* White Oplon *1 Will bu sold low, (o eluffe conslgnmeat. hy WILMINGTON IRON WORKS. PUSSY, .(ONES ft GO., Wllinlniffloii, D**lttW**r*' M ANI’KAiTUMA Imu dto»Mil* »l» Wmim !\1 H .liars, M».4.i«Mryk» M*w M'Ho. *' *‘''l bs.i kmg aluailr ti. in Imi.luoM! (lid l<aiup T, wllk vary mSE**** larlillto# 1,.r d.iing WHO”, via**, tra |Ma|My*4 W mmmMm mdart wilk *mm*‘ •ki* *<M t