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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, December 09, 1865, Image 2

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The Savannah Daily Herald. BY 3. W! MASON &■ CO. kamvml w. mauon,... w. T. THOMPSON, A ••octal* Editor. -:-q , :•** the legislature The dispatches from our telegraphic cor respondent at Milledgeville. which will be found on the first page, give an interesting summary of the first and second day’s pre ceding* of the Legislature. The two most interesting features ot the whole are a resolution introduced in the Senate, asking the Governor for information touching the relations ot the State of Geor gia with the United States, and what im pediments, if any, there were to the full res toration ; and the proclamation of the Gov ernor declaring the election of the new mem bers of Congress from this Slate, with tbe ac companying announcement—that, under pre. sent advices from Washington, he should withhold Irora them the usual certificates, which constitute the credentials upon which they will be admitted to their neats, if adrnit t and at ail. This most remarkable executive proceed ing taken in connection with tbe fact, equal ly- strange, that no allusion is made in the proclamation to tbe election of Governor, would indicate the existence of troublj ahead, the character and extent of which, however, seem enveloped in profound mys tery. The announcement that the resolution rati fying the amendment to the Constitution probffitiDg slavery, had passed both Houses with great unanimity, is gratifying in the expectation that it will have a salutary in fluence upon the conservative counsels at Washington. Tbe intelligence in the despatch of the Bth, that the Governor elect, Mr. .lenkins,bad de clined inauguration until the 15th, instant, and that the Legislature would lain; a recess until that day, of the same inexplicable tenor that characterizes the official announce ments of Governor Johnson with reference to our Congressmen. The meanings of some of the events that have transpired thus far at the State capital, although as clear as mud, we arc forced to admit baffle our feeble powers of c >mpre hension. Perhaps the reader will be more fortunate. THE SOUTH CAROLINA LAND AND IM MIGRATION COMPANY Os the great variety of matters claiming the att'ention of our intelligent business men, that of supplying the pressing demand for labor is, perhaps, the most important. It is a topic of discussion with all classes of the people, aud is beginning to attract the earnest atteu tion of our Legislative bodies. The South Carolina Legislature, we are pleased to ob serve, has the subject under consideration ; and a bill has been introduced which provides for the organization of a jLand Company for the purpose of inducing the immigration of free white labor to the State aud the develop meol of her agricultural resources; the com pany to lie formed by the subscription of ten thousand shares to the capital stock at fifty dollars per share ; to be paid either in money or in land at an assessed valuation The company to have the privilege of increasing rts capital to a million of dollars, and to com mence business when one hundred thousand dollars has been subscribed, in the manner before mentioned. AVlien a sufficiency ol stock has been subscribed, the Commissigu ers are authorized aud directed to call a meeting of the subscribers lor the purpose ol fully organizing the company by the election of a President and Board of Directors. The company, when organized, is to have all the powers and privileges incidental to corpor, - tlons, and capacity to hold real estate, to purchase vessels, to employ agents and to do such other matters and things as may be ne cessary for the purposes of the coiupauy. The most striking aud important feature of the Bill, says the correspondent of the Charleston Courier, is a proposition to exempt from taxation all the properties and dividends of the company, unless the latter shall ex ceed the legal interest of the State. This is by way of encouragement to the interprizc, and is cot without precedent. The same allowance has heretofore been made by that State in the case ot the Charles ton and Savannah and other Railroads, and *it will, probably, meet with no opposition in this Bill. As this interesting subject will doubtless, be considered and acted upon in some form by the Georgia Legislature, we commend to, its consideration the seemingly meritorious scheme as presented above. IN GENERAL. • —The rich and prosperous city of New Bedford is alluded to by a Loudon paper as “a small aud poor town, the inhabitants of which are engaged almost exclusively in the whale fishery. 1 ’ —“ls that sage cheese of a reflective turn?” asked Dr. Spooner of the provision dealer. “No, sir, not a mite,” was the reply —General Howard is not apprehensive of any great amount of suffering among the blacks of the South this winter. —Boarding-house lndv.—“Do you like meat rare, sir!” New Lodger.—No, madam. I like it three times a day.” —Where must little boys that put their fin gers in their mouths go? Why, Guawthum berland, you bad child. —A “vigilance committee” is talked of iu Beaufort, ,S. C. Robberies of stores and out rages upon pedestrians having become fear fully prevalent there. —\\ ork has been slopped upon the new and extensive General Hospital at Hilton Head. Tue buildings had been nearly com pleted, when the orders to ibis effect were received from Washington -In the South Carolina Legislator,, the other day, Mr. J. Harieston Reid, of George- 1 town, offered a resolution in the House 1 ooking to the revival of the time hon ored custom of arraying the Speaker in the garb of office, which is the Parliamentary blue gown. It haa been the custom In’South Carolina from her birth as a Slate, and ceaa. ed only whvn the approach of Sherman s army endangered the safety of the robe, which, for security sake, wa« removed to tbt country. —There ta a atory in circulation that Men Ilashsm, the Ambassador from the ltey o| Tunis, upon being taken u> one of the Uos ion suhneii, and seeing Utu large Dumber of di am* and soholars, suppoeed It was the Mayors llareui, aud luograiulauid bliu upon that hypothesis. • COMMERCIAL.- REMARKS. Savavkaii. Dm, 1. lsM. Cotton — Tbe stock off, -nag coatiuu* , exce-I ingiy light Tbe market la more Arm: mMulikg. with an advance on tbe rales ol the previous week Ho den, in consequence of the receipts brthgverv light, and the prospect that moat ol the lotto* in the interior will be received before the middle jg the mouth of January, have been encouraged not to yield in prices. Thegeueral Impress ion uow prevail ing seems to be that prices will advance during the next sixty days. ... , . , The l>rv Roods Market cin tin lies without new features, except a slight decline In prints I"'re is a good demand to 111 interior and orders from l -ort da slid houtheru Georgia. The ***’ and the receipts continue good. »<• <pi<«e prints at 26 to antic per yard, and shirting unbleached. 4-4, OS to Sec per yard ; bleached shirting, -*4 to As: lel jurd; Uelaiues 40c per yard. Georgia manuiactured goods are dull and very much neglected. There is no change in prices. 7c quote yarns at *3 25 to 3 50 per bunch ; Georgii,shirt lug 33 to 3sc per yard. Cloths are in very «f»d demand and prices are much firmer inconsequence of an advancing tec hlencv in the Northern markets. Casslmera are seh m; at * ■ 10 3 per yard ; Jeans 65c U> $1 per yard. The money market is slightly changed, and the rates for gold are easier. It continues scarce, and nie demand is somewhat slight. Brokers are pur chasing at 47 to 47,14. and selling at 49c premium.— .Silver-continues scarce aud prices very irregular.— Coupons of the city continue in very lair dt-m md. Time bills arc without change, the bauk and brokers not discounting to any lull extent. In foreign L.v change the transactions are moderate. Brokers arc doin' 1 a fair business In Unctirrent Money. We quote the following as the ruling rates at tUe close of business this day. COTTON STATEMKNT. Upland. Sea Island. Dow. iucßirrs since Dec. 9, 1*65. Ily River 4,545 Id By Central Railroad 16 JJ 10 by wagons 37 Total Receipts, 4,<d» 725 IXCOKTS SINCE DECCMKER 2, I*os Upland. Sea I. Domesl's, This week <*.297 Previously ..,...»......63,**9 2,*08 3,738 Total 39,686 2,9*1 _ 3,772 STOCK ON UANW, DKCEMBBIt 1,J565. Upland. Sea I. Domesl's. Stock, Sept. 1 3,724 281 236 Received I Ilia week 49,19 22a 29 Previously 61,71 W 2,814 3,862 Total 704.42 3,270 4,117 Exports since September 69,686 2,ssl 3,772 Stock on hand, Dec. «r 7£>6 289 o4f> Sk v Islands.—ln consequence of the limited stock placed on the market the transactions have been very light. Priccßare very Irregular, as most of the stock offered Is of a very low grade, and the only inquiry is Tor the finer staple. The general range is from 85c to *1 25 per pound. For a very superior quajity a higher figure has been paid. Tne stock of this de scription of coiton placed on sale is very light, and conies to market In small lots, the greater portion ot which U badly prepared, for which there Is no Ue "'bAGdiso.—Our maket presents no new features: the offering stock Is quite light and the demafld is vary fair. Beeswax.—The market Is without change, re cetpts arc good, we quote at 40 cents per lb. Some parlies are paying a Blight advance on the above ' “sai.t—The market is heavily supplied with Liver pool Salt, We report a sale of one cargo at $2 37 per sack. Since the Ist of July last tile Imports we*; 23,1:0 sacks. There Is a good demand for the inte rior trade, aud large shipments have been made. We quote on. the wharf by the one hundred sacks at $2 75 per sack. . , Oats—The stock offering Is ample. We quote from tore at 80c ¥ ft. • rlocb.—The market has remained unchanged during the week, with only a limited demand for the home trade. The stock on sale is ample for all purposes, and by the arrival of each steamer from llieNorth additional supplies are received As an Index of the market, we quote good Ohio at $lO 25@10 50 ; and family at sll OOftOll 50. The principal demand during the week has been for low er grades, and we quote them at s9®to per bbl. Some new flour from New York, has been sold at 61050a it per bbl. _ „ Bacon Avery good demand continues for all de scriptions of cut meats. The prices are withou change. We quote Prime Sides at23a24c.; Shoul ders at 21a23c.. aud llams at 2aa3oc. For the better Qualities the latter quotation is received. There is a moderate demand lor Pickled Meats, without, how ever any alteration in prices. Family Pig Pork is quoted at sl6 @2O half bbl; Beef, 17tl®18. We hear of sales of Sides and Shoulders at 22c. Biscuits.—The market is well supplied with nil descriptions of biscuits. Avery tair demand prevails to fill orders trom the Interior. We quote sugar bis cuits at 16c 1* ft. Boston Cracker* 74a tp ft. Soda biscuits 13c V> lb. Fancy Crackers from 16 to 21c Butteh. —Our market is without change, u fair de maud by local anti interior dealers continues, Ahe stock offering is ample for the present demands.— We quote Prune, in firkins, at 46 a 60c «i Ib, and New York Goshen at 55 a 80. Cheese.—There is a large stock offering on the market; holders are firm at previous latcs. The demand is very fair by the local trade and for ship ment. We quote Prime Goshen at 20 a 23c, the latter quoation for the better quality. English Dairy at 24 aud Pine Apple at 30 cents. Molasses.— Tbe stock offering is ampie for pres sent demands. Prices are without change and very firm, the receipts were very good during the past week. We quote New York refined at Wto Csc pei gallon, Golden Syrup 80 to ooc per gallon. Potatoes—Considerable sales have been made du ring the week. The rate has been $3.50n54.00 per bbl. Some sales have been made from wharf at a shade less. Tbo market is well supplied. Hay.—Sales are daily made of this article. We quote It at sl.lO per 100 lbs from wharf. From store at $1.30a51.40. Cohn—The stock is ample. We quote Maryland white at ft 13 asl 20, and prime Western at $1 3»a $1 33, according to quality and condition. Onions—There is an abundant supply ou the market, and during the week tl>e sales have been from $3a53.50 per bbl. Rice.—The market is almost hare of t his article The demand, however, is only moderate, and con fined to the home trade. We quote Georgia aud Carolina at 13Xal4c per lb by the tierce. Cider.—'The market is now well supplied with tills article. We quote Champagne Older at s2Ba#3o per bbl. Newark Cider, \ bbls, can be bought at slsasl6. Rope.—The market is well supplied and we quote at 20c per lb. Coffee—There has been no change In prices since our last report. The market continues to be amply supplied, and we quote Java at 40u42c ; 81. Domingo at 34c ; aud Rio at 34a35c "t» ft. Hints.— During the week the receipts have been light, a good demand prevails, and Dry Flntt are I. more request and tUo market has slightly advanced We quote : Hreeu Hides —to 4c. per lb. Drv baited to sc. per b. —to 10c. per lb. Dry Flint.... lltoMXo. per lb. Deer Skins • 10 l ,c -1’? 1 ’ Ih - Lime.—There Is now offering in this market two qualities of Lime. An article damaged and slack, c an be purchased at $2 per bbl. We quote Rockland In lots at $4 per bbl. . Timber—The supply is only moderate, with a good demand We quote raft timber at S2O a f 30. For small timber, of poor quality, a lower figure is paid. For fair lots of a good quality, the rate Is $23 a $25. Oranges—The receipts during the week from the Bahamas and Florida were quite large, the demand is aultc moderate in consequence of the railways not being op"ncd. We quote Florida grafted aud Baha mas at s3oas3s per thousand. Candles. —A good demand continues lor all de scriptions of candles, Bober's Georgia Tallow are in great request by retail dealers. We quote Adaman tine 31 to 30c V lb. ; Hull’s Mould Tallow 24c V lb. : ltober’s Georgia Tallow 25c lb- C. 11. Grants’ Extra Adamantine at 29;»30e per lb. Aitles.—Tftcre in an abundant supply of Inferior and good Northern fruit offering lu the marker. We quote from S7H tosb‘i per bbl. Raisins.—There luih been no important change in this article since our last report, and we quote New Crop at $7 'p box ; $3 CO naif box, aud $1 76 quarter box. Old stock at $0 box ;$3 half box, and $1 £0 quarter box. The stock on the market i* equal to the demand. Cotton and Wool Cards—The market is firm at rates of the past week. The offering stocks are quite ample. A fair demand to All country orders has prevailed. We quote cottou cards at sl3 per dozen: wool cards $lO per dozen. Shingles.—During the week the receipts were quite Infill, ami the stuck ufi'erlng Ik nominal, pur llc-iilarly of jtiver Cypress. There Is a good demand. We qno:e river CvprcsH at a 7 per thousand.— Northern sawed no change. All good and fulr lots meet with ready sale. The supply is Increasing, t.i MbKK.—Our market at present is well .-.tucked .Ui all descriptions of Lumber, particularly of spruce and North lUver stuffs. We quote spruce sc.-irtllng at 4>»c per loot; spruce Homing, dressed, e per fool: there Is no undressed flooring in untr ied ; North River common while pine Much hoards, «c per ft; cleared wldle pine l ‘,-iu. hoards, fli-oc per n; I mi ll hoards, Tqcper foot; 2 inch plank, sqr pel fno*. The demand (or the above deseripiluns Is en tirely confined to the local trade and for Immediate use. Yellow pine lumber is quite almmlaut and u fair demand prevails for local consumption and ship ment We quote Yellow pine scantling at J6ti per M feet ; Yellow pine undressed boards yvi |hu m feet ; Yellow plno dressed hoards, touguvtl aud grovtd, 670 per M feet; Ash hoards 97a per M feet. Assort ed for West India trade Is selling at *45 per M feet. Tin pt.vrKs.--The market is welt supplied with all grades of tin tn plates. A fair city demand pre vails. large sales are reported tn luiermr buyer*. We quote at 918a 122 per box lor C'lmruoal brands Lk.tiikh There is a good stock of all descriptions of leaUier In our market. The demaud tor t rench «ud American calf skins iHfgoud. We quote t rench ■” »6» per dor., American |4«u6o per dozen, Hem •C, sole in 6«c y th, tTsil.- Market active, slocks rauunues adequate N V Msckered 111 liulf bids, ut 60, No. “» , k, ral hi kits, No. I ul *3, no. ini 92,76. Uslfish Us p,. r p la diS2'n..ri , a2 t i.*" u ' l f ' l ' mul|| l tIIOdSrSM. We quota Itass.ofJ p, ' r buck .Hot 9476 per bag ih*. i,,-,*i,..i i. he cltenng .lor-k U quite light and .|rrd U in ersul* reim’.uii. Wt ' ‘“* uW “»" »*' Lo 4, aotoidlng lu IU. qwliiy Tieri. I. uihieJTli the Mstkit q in.s Isigs RUa :g I^unniiH the prlre. fw Hi. ssin. .r, m.imiuir U • (utloufs—Tlisrs is * enutluneii iiiillusa. i.nd een mu. ruitan Ml "ib mm ho .iSTIS.taVw dlHltvslle Tuulier flrlghlS SIS Ire ulnlUS . lull,, mm. s, 11,, .. the icccipis u, “r. kV i *>•<*»§ Ws quote eoitou ui jnw yori i« I steam*nip*, at *e per pound tor compres?- ! *«t!e for a; roiupseas*! atm %%c for mci 4 For totocstkst! 60 per bole, mv Lm-rpooU* *•«- i »ng vet- « U *,4 uotiuoai ;by eSDOsJilp*. To l> flhrco*»»ppw*»»«To J *£« <lo; iiiiomui *!>•>*'• I h i same l»jr I iA.iru-nip j<»R»tou amiptwtl. aiMSoinpren.*- i lc. Timber to port*. #l3 al3 i*t lDfti j it. I.umber to Northern port* $!«» IS per JOW ft. i i '•> tv ivise f nMjdit* same an lasi week. \ 4iis. Ti er*- m a (mi *leiiianil stir ibis iUlKie.and tin* mo.lentle. We qoo«A Roonton a*ot>(f J ed. at It' jiUOc pei lb. „ • 1 Ikon aki» hteki. -A fair Mippir ot ill Iron and steel io now offering in this mnrkeL The dem ina frmn local son n*es and interior buyers is rerygo.sL We quote Refin' and Iroo at Tc per lb.: Hwedes Inm at 10c m*r ill.; Plow Steel at 12«, c i>er lb.; fed Steel 28 30c per lb. m < i»irency. on.;.- I riie marketps unchanged ami the di-mand fair f. it city and interior trades. We quote Liie**ed at $1 75 per gallon ; whale at $2 W ; Sperm at $2 75; Nealafoot at $j 3$ : Lar»l at ; Kerosene, $1 so ; Ti aln at $1 7.5 : Turpentine at $1 40. Cjimem , Ac.—A fair demand by city buildera con tinues; there is a slight interior demand. We quote Plasie/of Paris at $4 75 per bbl.; Rose<!ale Cement $4 per i»bi. Plasterers hair $0 .»o per cwt. Lakd.—There lias been uo,ct.anpe since our last report We now quote Prime Leaf at ao a 32c in tubs ; ami Pressed at 27 a 30 rents. Srtcr -Our market is supplied in abundance with all descriptions ot spices. We quote Ground Pepper, 33c ; Ginger. 3tk- ; Cinnamon, Goc : Cloves. 45 ; Allspice. 35c ; Mace, $1 35 V lb. ! TfvtiiLK.—During the pant week the receipts of nit I descriptions of tiiui»er were imslcrate. The exports were to Northern ports. All stock vtl'eririgis readily purch&pe.l. We quote mill timber rouud sl2fo $lO per m ft. Square ranging and shippliiPat Irek etc. $25 per in feet. Whiskeys.—Our market is without any change I in price*. The demand is very fair for the | local and interior trade. We quote Gibson's Son’s A Cos. whiskey us follows:—Douhb* distilled Old Rye Whiskey, per gal. $3.10; | Superior oh! Minongahela Whiskey, per gal. $3,25. Choice old Manougahela Rye X per gal. $3,30. Choice do. do. do. XX i»ec gal. $3,40. Choice do. do. do. XXX per gal. $3,50. Choice do. do. do. XXXX per gal. $3.05. Choice old Bourbon Whiskey per gal. $3,40. Old Nectar 1840 per gal. $4.10 Old Family Nec tar per gal. $4 25. Pure old Rye Whiskey l>ei gal. $4 35. Pure old Wheat Whiskey per gal. $4 50. Old Cabinet Whiskey per gaL $4 75. Medar Swan Giu, $6 00; Nol let’s Imperial do., Ota id, Dupuy A Co.’s Cognac brandy, in quarter casks and half pipes, sll to sls per gallon. Sherry Wines, $2 50 to $4 50 per gallon, according to qualify ; Imported Champagnes, l)e St. Marccaux *t Cos., Reims, S2B per case of quarts ; Due De'Montc breiio, s2h pt*r case, Wallace’s Brands as follows : Rectified $2 >0 ; Imperial Nectar at $3 25. ItourtMm $3 GO ; Columbian Gin at $4 00*7 M. Leavy A Go’s genuine Kentucky. $3 50, Keller’s genuine Kentucky Whiskies $3 75; * Bourbon, in cases, sl2 ; Nicho las Schnapps sl2. Sherry Wine sl2 ; Cognac Bran dy S2O, Ale, per dozen, $3 ; Porter, per doc., $3 ; Virginia Mountain Dew Whiskey $2 75 per gallon ; Old Plantation Bombou Whiskey $3; Fuller’s Old State $4 50 to $5; Old Sauta Cruz Ruin, warranted genuine, $8 to 10 ; P. 11. Godard’s Brandy sls per gallon; Seignette sls; Crown Sherry, per gal on, $4; St.' Martin’s Port, $4 per gallon ; Ske han’s Golden Ale, per xaso of two dozen, $5 50; Porter do $5 50; Alos in bbls 15® sl7; Cham pagne Cider per case of one doz qts $6, pts, of two dozen $6; Kentucky Bourbon Whisky $3 50 per gallon ; Old Rye $5 i>er* gallon ; Old Bourbon $3 to 350 per galloii. Imported Sherry $4 25 ; and Port at $4 25 per gallon. Imported Champagne $25 to3o per case. Pure Holland Gin $4 to 6 per gallon ; Cognac Brandy $8 to $lO per gallon, by case, S3O to 36. Kgg Nogg sls per case. SAVANNAH WHOLESALE PRICES CURRENT. Articles. PER FROM TO BAOOIRO,<iUl“-v .. J(t 27®— Neil Ist: .•« ri arlce yd 32®.13 Tucker, Cooper ACo yd 40®— Tucker, Cooper* Cos., Retail., yd 4568- Bale Hope ft Bevk. Mess bbl 15®16 KtxiaMess bbl 18®— Family, itair bbls $lB Bacon, Hatns ft 25@30 Shoulders 1b 21®23 Sides ft 23®24 Bread, Navv 1b 9q. Pilot ft 10,-. Bctteb, Goshen, Prime lb 53@57 Prime Western, Firkins lb 48®5i Candles, Adamantin lb 29@30 • Hull's ft 24®2.j Cheese, Goshen ft 20®23 English l)ali7 ft @24 Pine Apple ft 30®— Coffer, St. lb 34®— Rio ft 24®35 Java ft 40@42 COKD.viiR, llemp ft 28(,:io Manilla ib 50®32 Domestic Goods Shirtings, Brown yd Sheetings, Brown yil Brown Drills yd Cotton Gsnahnrgs Fish, Mackerel, No. 1, new l a bl $lO 60 do. No. 1 Mil 20® — do, I,its 3 00®— Flop it, Good Ohio bbl 10 25®10 50 sGood Family... bbl 11 60®12 50 Ordinary Mil » 00®to Oo Grain, Coni, Maryland White bush 1 20® t 25 Prime Western hush 1 30® 1 36 Oats hush 75®&0 Glass, American Window —a— Gunpowder keg —a— Hay, Prime Northern cwt 90al 00 do. Eastern cwt —a— Hides, Dry ft 7aß Deerskins ft —a— Iron, Swedes ton —a— Pig ; ton —a— Hoop —a— Sheet —a— , Natlrods —a— I.abd, Prime Leaf ft 31a33 Pressed ft 27a30 Lime, Rockland bbl s4a Lumber, Wiute Pine, rotigli m ft s4oa— do Pine dressed mft 50af>5 Spruce Pine Scantling mft 33a36 Yellow Pine Boards mft 60a— Molasses, New York, refined gal 60@t>5 Golden Syrup ; . gal so@9o Naii.s ft 8 )4®9 l . naval Stores, Tar bbl —®— •Spirits Turpentine.: . —®— Varnish —• Oils, Linseed I?al 18)@ Whale... gal 2 oo@— " Sperm gal 2 73® — Ncatsfoot gal 2 35®— Lard «al 2 6(i®— Keresene gal l to® — Train eal 175®— Turpenllne gal 1 40® — Lubricating Oils Spindle Oil gal 1 85®— Engine Oil gal 135®— No. 2 Lubricating., gal 86® — Osnabukgs, Flax yd Pork, Family Pig Pork bbl 10 00@20 00 Pouter, London, quarks Raisins Malaga, box 7 00®— “ ...Jkbox 3 50®— Salt, Liverpool. sack 2 75® Coast sack —®— Soap, American, yellow 1b 15®16 Shot, all sizes ft —@— Spirits Brandy, Cognac in cases gal 20 OOg Otai'd, Dupuy&Co, M&Xcks., gaillDo®lsoo Gin. Holland gal 5 so® Whisky, rectified gal 2 75® — . “ Old Kentucky gal 3 00® — “ Imperial Nectar gal 3 25®— Sugar, Brown 1b 10®17K fi. Coffee ft 21® — Crushed lb 23® 24 Powdered ft 23® 24 Tallow lb 12J<;@— Tobacco Teas Imperial ftl4o@2 otl Oolong ft 1 20®t 00 Pouching ft 1 00®110 Twine, Seine 1b —®— Baiiug ib —®— Wines, Claret case 9 50@1200 Port gal 4 0055 J 00 Sherry • • • • gal 2 25® I 60 Catawba . v case —OO Wool, Southern unwashed ft 30®73 “ Clean lb 40®42 AUGUSTA MARKET. Augusta Oommeruial Bulletin, corrected for Sa vannah Herald, semi-weekly, by Mauire & Wright. Cotton Factors and Wholesale Commission M r chants, Augusta, Ga. Augusta, Thursday Evening, Dec. 7,1805. River 4 y, feet and rising,slowly. Weather damp and cloudy, with steady rairw in liuenlor for past 24 hours. Steamer “Oak’’ at Twleg's Bat lighting. Falcon, Amazon and Enos at wharf loaded, await a rise. The Caldwell loading freights. Cotton by steamer ssa7 par Bale; Domestic s3nslso per bale. Business g' ..rally active.' The receipts of comm from the interior -ire very large. Planters seem anx ious to bri gin every bale possible to market before Christmas. The stock of Liquors, Teas, Spices, Cigars Apples, onions. Cheese and Butter, are large ami more than equal to the demand. We wonld advise no further shipments of above articles to this market at present. • Cotton market quiet. Demand light. Middlings 4oa 42c 4 4 Augusta Sheetings 31c. y, do do 28c. usnaburgs, 26c. , Drills—3Bc. Ranging—Ounnv—3!}4a4ftc ■ Rope— llemp, 24a26e; Munlllo 60c; Cotton,sl. Flour—tn,'hanged. superfine, sl4a|tl; Family $17.08; Double Kxtia Familv. W9a2U perohl. W heat- Hnchauged. Red, *2 25a2 60; White, 92 7* «3 00 per bush. Uoru—sl boat 76 per bush. Meal— $1 85a 92 per bushel, Oulh—uoa9l 10. lttco-New crop 16al8c. Mackerel—Kits $3 7»u4 No. 1. Cmltish—Me. Coffee Kl», a2i,a36 Teas—thill. sugar Drown I*. 22a23, crushed and Powdenul tHfiW. Moissses common Soighmu 66a7t, N. o. 91 26a I 36. Mriip- Sugar House, 91 60ul 76, Golden 91 WMJ per gallon. Choesr- Niia'k hast); slight demand; English Dairy Hafir., u,.alien and Wostern vus ja, Hat mi -Md> s 26.127 c. Ham. .sugar > oretl fitsfilc |.srd -SAsHc. Mullet 111 keg,■ 60560,', dull slid qulsl Apples- * •«7, •lod.oialid, I It,lofl. S6BB pel l ilg I'utaloos (0 fitsts pel bill Candle. War sod Adsmsullw. I6»| TsUow sue Hnttp Mm* ii luooir Ins so p«i 111. J>, lit l i' sat Its *•»» ao; tlsuisud fiotrd, hsiit-A* oltd 1 »l* a*lipvl ke» j aiiot—r. per ' Uqut/rs aoctpuig- l. Corn Wiushey $9 A*i per | (Sl Bye a»l 800 ~: J3«n. Ua’lfto*i;.t Wine* Mock 912J15 per cum Sherry auo Port $ li.tjo Wolfe*. Helneilato Ntuisu —$16.18'*. G-Nel'l A Cfk's Pail t.i, ipftta Alt' f» s«r barrel. HOUH-Mir cigars- Market oversto'ketl: dull; 926a 99 per M \ Alt MEAT*. Bavals nit i» i' l» at r c dlifi Jin* . M - rw. A H4MU*TgH I MATkllD’.t tlfe'lKM. I>KC. U. BAWN OR, The Brides ol' Garryowen. Mylu«-na-C'oupfi!c‘cii. Mr. J T. RAYMOND Biiy O’CoDiit r MiwM E GOKMON With the bong* *Tdt Mallory'* and ••W’earini: ol the Greeu.’** To conclude with th<* di sms of ROBT. MACAIRK. Monday -Ben; fir of Mr. Hamilton, «19 MR. HAMILTON REBPBCTFULL atmoancea to liis friends an*) the public tha; lm B’irst Benefit In Savanhah, will take place on Monday Evening Next, When will be presented the celebrated Shakt>p4riaii trageily of ? HAMLET, Priuop of Deumnrk ! Hamlet Mr. J. HAMILTON As acted by h.m in Mobile, Richmond, and other Southern citie« during she past four years w'itii great •s accent. SEVERAL NEW SCENES By SIG. ARRIGONI have been prepared for ihe tra gedy—among them, a beautiful moonlight view oflbe BATTLEMENTS AT ELSINORE. The box sheet will be open at Sehricuer’s Muiic Store early Monday morning. ds SFKCUL NOTICED MAItRIAtiK AXU CELIIIACY~ Au Essay of Warning arid Distraction for Yonng men, just published by the Howard Association, and sent in sealed letter envelopes free of chargo. Address Dr. J. SKILLIN HOUGHTON, Howard Association. Philadelphia, Pa. octl2-Sra A PHVBIOLOGICAL View of MAUUfAGE Coutaining nearly 300 pages, and 130 fine Plates and Engravings of the Anatomy of the Human Or gans in a state of Health anti Disease, with a Trea tise on Early Errors, its Deplorable Consequences upon the mind and Body, with the Author’s Plan of Treatment—the only rational and successful mode of cure, as shown by the report of cases treated. A truthful adviser to the married, and those contem plating marriage, who entertain doubts of their phys ical condition. Isent free of postage to any address, on receipt of 25 cents, in stamps or postage currency, by addressing Dr. LA CROIX, No. 31 Maiden Lane, Albany, N. Y. The author may be consulted upon auy of tile dis eases upon which his book treats either personally or by mail, and medicines sent to any part of the world. octlO * cm A ssrnclninntion—City of Savannah, Mayor's Office, Dec. 4 111, 1865. Bv virtue of a resolution passed tn Coun cil, I Hicbard D. Arnold Mayor of Savauuifh, do issue this Proclamation hereby offering a reward of Five Hundred Dollars, for the apprehension with proof to convict, of the person or persons, who committed the as sault ou the late A. Cordes on the evening ot the twenty-first ot November last, inflicting injuries which resulted in his death. And I do hereby require all officers and members of the City Police, to lie vigilant in trying to apprehend tbe perpetiators of said crime. In witness whereof 1 have here [l. s ] r unto set my official signature, and w v--') caused to i)e affixed the seal of said city, the day and year first above written. R. D. AR-SOLD, Mayor of Savannah. Attest 7 .James Stewart, Clerk of Council, dec 5 lw NOTICE. TO THE CITIZENS OF CHATHAM CO. IRKSPECrKULLY announce myself aa a Candidate lor the Office of Tax Collector ut tbe election in January next, and humbly solicit your support. iWMf KDWAKD POWER. To the Electors of Chatham County. Gentlemen : Having been requested by numerous friends to allow my name to be used for the office of Sheriff of Chatham county, I have the honor to announce myself as a candidate for that position, aud respuct lully solicit your suffrage. nIT-tf CHARLES J. WHITE. As Good as New.—ln this fast country the hair whitens aud lulls early. But thin amt grey hair indicate only a local decay. Your hair may lie renewed mid sustained through life by the use of Airs. 8. A. Allen’s World's llair Restorer ami Zylobalsamum, or Hair Dressing. Every Druggist Bells them. dec. 2-eod-l-w. TO TIIK VOTKKS Off til ATH A 31 COUNTY I autlf tince myself as a candidate for the office of TAX COLLECTOIi of Chatham county, and respectfully solicit the votes of my t'rieuds. uov*22-td ALEX. F. BENNETT. To the Voters of Chatham County. I respectfully annouuce myself a candi date for re-election to the office «f Sheriff of Chatham County, and ask your support at the January election.. ts Benjamin L. Cole. Hall’s Vegetable Sicilian Hair Kcnewer Uas proved itecif to lie the most perfect preparation for the hair ever offered to the public. It is a vegetable compound, and contains no injuri ous proper tics whatever. IT WILL RESTORE GRAY HAIR TO ITS ORIG INAL COLOR. It will keep the hair from falling out. It cleanses the scalp and makes the hair soft, iue trous and silken. It is a splendid hair dressing. No person, old or young; should fail to use it. IT IS RECOMMENDED AND USED BY THE FIRST MEDICAL AUTHORITY. rwAskfoi Pall's Vegetable Sicilian Hal Renew,r, gud take no other. It. P. HALL & CO., Nashua, N. 11., Proprietors. For sale by all dsngglsts. • BARNES, WARD & CO., New Orleans, La., n23.Ctn Southern Wholesale Agents. KEROSENE WARE, Limps, Chandeliers, Brackets, Harp Hangers, Side Backs, Side Lamps, with and without Reflectors; Kan cy Hall Lainpe, Lautarna, Bases, Pegs aud Founts- I'aUntGla*. Osues, limners, Oloboa, Cblmnlca and Wlek, DltliGOUnv FLINT A GREEN ULANA, Crock ery Dealers'and Confectioners'GLASSWAßE, (foods of all Winds made to order. KEROSENE OIL. JAMES TANARUS, WRIGHT, 226 Greenwich wreet, Two doors Mow Barclay, N. Y uuvldtm lATOttUtO&'l BAZm~ DYB The Original mid Ileal in Urn World I Tbe nuly true aud period Hair Bye. 11 unities* Itallald, and In.lan tauspus. I'n.lniv. Unuwdlsta.y a splsudid Ulsrk or ustarsl drown, wilhoul injuring Uw bslr or sblN. ItsmsdMrs Iks 111 sAaris ol bad dyss Sold by all Drug gists The gsusllui Is MgHsd WUIISMI A lisbkslor Alsu, HKGHNBIIATiNG BVTIUOT OK kUH kKI.RI'H*. Kur IlnsiuriNg sail SssslUylitg Ur. Hair »«!♦ If (UAMJW SAH HKUfU. M 6» Vmm, IEW aoVKK riHBMKKTI*. MOODY & ~ BAIIRETTr~ 1 Htemn Soap Works, LA, MANUFACTURERS OF BAR AND TOII.fcTROAPB . OF EVERY DERKIPnON. Yf IXSKS. M'.Hiv 4 Barrett vroald respectf9lty nt> ivl Ihe jMibli.' tii,*t *huy lov. ju*l apvind I tm-irStosm r,up Worts, ami *re tally prepared to nil all ordor* to, tare following Bar and Toilet Soapa. 1 Fata s..ap extra No. 1, extra No. 1 K ain or Yellow Soap. G.-I man, K. naive. Cfieiulcal, tdive, C'.istile. etc. ! Also a Img. vsri' tv r.l Toilet Soap*. oMoprlso « 11 . e ', F.ibn, 1 inuia, Almor.d t'ran*]>arent, Rose, Feraoce. Lava, etc. .No pains nil! Le spared to make onr Soaps equal tn quality, price and perfume to any American or For eigu snaps Gin iuoi:o h i*l be “Semper Idem.” aud *ll giwats not equal tn quality end price to Ameiican or FOl sign muuuiacture, shall be retut uetl and money refunded. Tlie highest price paid for Tallow and Or, are. Or ders nUdieascd to Moody A ltarrett, or I. J. Guilmar tin dk Go., will receive prompt an,l immediate atten tion. d«-3m LOST, . AMrmoraiHlum Book conrainlnjr papers, a suita ablc reward will i«t* paid for recovery of tluisuiiiu by J. T. THOMA 9, US-2 , at Insurance Office, No. 117 Bay Bt. General Commission and For warding Merchants Corner West ilroaf. and Bay Street*, SAVANNAH, GEORGIA. TIIK unUeisigueU have this day entured into a Co partnership under the name and atyle 01 McKee, lienueft a Cos., at McKee dk Bennett’s old stand. Will keep coDstautlji on hand a flue assortment of tyrruitfeh, Bretts, Rockaways, Butrgles, Usroesa and coach material of every description, which we will sell at Ihe Lowest Cash Prices. All work sold war ranted as represented. We have fine Store Rooms, and lornrardiiig will be promptly attended to. Con aijfttinents solicited. Will open by. Ist January Manufacturing and Re pairing: Department, ami will have experienced workmen and choice material and be prepared to do any amount of Carriage repair!inr. Mo&BB. BENNETT & CO., J. G. Me Kick, i L. S. Bt'NNV.TT - ' Jaukh McKee. ) «!9 FOR SALE OR RENT. TWv> Cotton riautations In Laurens county. Ga.— Also Corn, Cotton Seed, Mules, Oxen, Stock, Cattle, Hogs, and Wagons. Carts, Ac. Apply ht Thomas’ Cross ltoads, or to F. 11. Rowe, Dublin,* Lowndes county. If not sold or rented prior to second Monday in January next, they will be offered at public sale at Thomas’ Cross Ronds, in Laurens county, on that day. (19-2 w BRYAN, UARTKIPGK & CO. Seed Oals, Refined Kerosene Oil Lamps, &e. Three thousand bushels fine seed Oats, Fifty cars* refined K raenc Oi'- Twenty cases Lamps;all descr ptions. One thousand sacks Livejp >ol Salt. Ten hluls fine Sides and snoulders. Fifty boxes adamantine Caudles. # One hundred boxes best family tioap. Twenty-five boxes Oswego Starch. Five bids. Sugar House Byrui»; clioiccst article iu the market. Two tierces Bridcport Hams. On 1 thousand bags Shot, numbers suitable for the market. For sale by uecu-3c EDWIN E. HERTZ & CO. “WATCHMAKER WANTED. A GOOD Watchmaker cau .obtain pt.rmaneLt and profitable employment by enquiring of IJ. A. TOPHAM, d9-l w 138 Congress street. Eight Bales Cotton. WE have Eight (S) Bales Cotton picked up in Sa vannah. The owner, proving property and allowing the usual salvage can have same 1f applied lor within ten days, otherwise they will be sold to pay expenses. Tue bales are unmarked and in very bad order. d9-10 E. C. WADE & CO. SURE (JURE FOR THE CHILLS AND FEVER AND KINDRED DISEASES. INQUIRE at the MORNING STAR SALOON, cor ner Bay street Lane ami Ball street. Positive Fine in one day or no pay. U9-lw » Carpets, Oilcloths, &c, LATHROf & CO., WILL open WEDNESDAY, 13th Dec., a choice .se lection of the above goods. ALSO,. ( hocked and Plain Matting Lace and Muslin Curtains Window Mi ides and Shade Linens Rugs, Door Mats, Curtain Fixtures, Ac., With a full stock of House Furnishing Goods iu ‘ Table Linon, Napkins and Doyles Cloth Table Covers and Furniture Dimities Marseilles Quilts and Bed Dlankets Linen DUpers, Sheetings. &c. do-4 Irish Linens. •JA PIECES Richardson’s Extra Family Linens OU 1 0 doz Ladles' Linen Cambric llundl#rt:hie(ii The above pood* are imported expressly for this market mid will be offered at very moderate prices. d9-2 * LATHKOP A CO. PLANTATION BLANKETS. ENGLISH Plantation Tweefls Kngliali, all wool, Plains. Tlio above goods are imported expressly for this market. d9-2 LATHKOP & CO. White Silk Alpacca, WHITE TARLATAN, Jnst opened by d9-2 LATHROP & CO. TO RENT, A LARGE STORK well adapted to the Dry Goode or Boot and Shoe Made. For particulars enquire at 169 Congress et. d9-eo<l6 flour, *c. ONE Hundred bbls Floor 1«K» boxes choice English Dairy Cheese 100 do S’ate do 10 firkins Goshen Butter # 30 kega Loaf Laid 60 bags Mickwhent Flour 3 bhds choice Bacon Sides 2 hlids new Bacon Shoulders 6 tieives Pig llams. For hale l»y WM. 11 STARK, <l9 & cor Line* !n <nd Bay streets Stone Ballast. ABOUT 1M tons heavy tStoiie Ballast, for ship Her ald, at the Upper Cotton Paw, for sale by (19 4 _ CHARLES QRKttN & SON. LAW NOTICE. Till' undersigned have this day formed » co-part* tiers hip in the practice of Luw. Otllce ou Bay sticet, between Hull uud Whitaker. HENRY Ift. JACKSON, dO-tf ALEX-R LAWTON. Great .Reduction IN PRINTS, MUSLINS AND ALL KINDS OF GOODS AT THE Noutftrrn I’ulurc Dry (iowU Ilona*. dV . C. OHI'K Proposals Wanted 13011 fr*inlu||« liou** unit lirriw fur • iluulil* kuiik S' nuw Mill. Vm |>lhii, uiul iMrliculitni ••uquir* ut mic* tielwi uii II A in. uuil II u'cluvkji. m, itt Hi. ultlt'ts Mn«ra. J. Mil lluiulliim i'uru«i n*> nml AU'ircm MraiM. ami JONM'II Ml I.KN. 111 lor Ilia I lon Umilr.l r. 1K11.L4 KM will In |i«li| In liny in i*nn w|io will •* Hit* mintiiimUiili us In* |irvt*Nl Ii .i.luin* ul Mt* ll.tiH.rt* KvM'k, win** »M»r llai>n*ii Muiintnri.e 'Hill un Hull miliui In Annin• nlmul Mi MM* Ml" Til* *l*i*» l|iMU/l« Ki n It «w Mill In r*»M* In ** v«uimii Mini* i|i« mi. Mu i*n m*l»» • > »u.w *riU* »uin nf niuiuy it, *.i.iii *«in* 5 ri mi aTkit■ jiok* n. •ni t t Cum i tnwir*. IKwMi M«*< %EW ADVICRTIBK-nKRTIi. Robt. Balfore’s, 161 Broughton Street, J S the piATo Mr good ami ' brup Groceries. Oivs . him t6 l* ill; h«* offom for sale »h«* followihg arlicletc t *.OO bbls> k;uwil\ Flour 200 do Pink’ ye aud Peach Blow Potutoe loihi lb* choice lJ;!in<. Slwulcfera autl Sideß 100 duck* Uverpoui .'all Bls.-h and Gr»*.*n Teas Cruslted, Clarified and Brown Hug trs Old J.iv.u Ki-» aud Ground Coffee Spie«*H of all kinds S;*idin“s. Preserves, Citron, Ac llCt kt r A ?*ll Ribiug Flour Family Hoitp tioniicn Putiqr EoelLsb Dairy Cheese Just iec*iv«d and for sale. Give me a call. d9 6 FOR SALE, ONE half interest iu one of the l est Wholesale and Beta:! Groceries and Liquor Stores iu Savannah. Address P. O. Lock Box 21, Savannah, Ga. do 3 Notice to Consignees. Illlfi wbr WALTER RALEIGH is discharging at Pioneer Sreaiushqi Wharf. All ggods romainiug on wharf after muiis t will be stored at risk and ex pense of cons>sUtfea. lILNTEU & uAMMELL, U 9-1 Agents. FOE, SALE. To Arrive. .734 BBLS ROCKLAND LIME. I®® BBLS. POTATOES. 1500 POUNDS HAKE. 150 boxes HERRING. The above articles, comprising the cargo of the schooner J. L. Show, from Rockland, Me., will bo sold low to arrive. The vessel sailed on 20th Novem ber, and is now due. F. vv. SIMS & CO.. d9-tf over Erwin iiardec’s. Great Reduction IS PRINTS, MUSLINS AND ALL KINDS OF GOODS AT THE Southern Palace Dry Good. House. <l9 V. ORFF. FOR RENT, ATM 11 EE Story Brick Store on Bay street. West of Barnard, wi'h&u feet of wharf attached. It has large storage room. U9-lw liRYiiN, DARTRIDGE Jt CO. Salt, Salt. LIVERPOOL SALT landing from ship Herald and bark Colonist. For sale by ay-5* W. B, ADAMS. 95 Bay-st. BAGGING AND ItOPU. i A BALES Gunny and Dundee bagging 1” 100 coils Bale liope. For sale bv aO-todiw CLAGUOIiN .V CUNNINGHAM. Corn and Hay! BrvGS prime white Muryland Corn vvv 100 bales Hay. Landing and for nilc by d9-eod2w * bLAGHOK.N & CUNNINGHAM. Gl BORGIA—CHATHAM COUNTY.—To all whomlk limay coucern: vvhere.Ls Jas. B- Mclntosh will apply at the Court of Ordinary for Letters of Administration ou the estate of Samuel M. bond, late of said county, deceased. These are, therefore, to cite and admonish all whom it may concern, to be and appear before e«id Court to make objection (if any they have; on or before the fecund in January next,otherwise said letters will be granted. Witiic.M*uiy nand and official signature, this Bth day of December, 1805. D. A. O'BYItNB, dec9 Ordinary. STATE OF GEORGIA, CHATHAM COUNTY. —'/o all whom it may concern: Whereas, Robert M. Stiles will apply at the Court of Ordinary lor Letters of Administration com lesta nieuto auuexo on the estate of Elisa Mackay, late of said county deceased. These are, therefore, to cite and admonish all whom may concern, to be and appear before said Court ly. make objection (if atiy they havey on or before fhs second Monday in January next, oi her wise said letters will be granted. Witness, my hand and official signature, this Bth day of December, 1865. dec-9 DOMINICK A. O’BYRNE, o. o. a STATE OF GEORGIA, CHATHAM COUNTY. To all whom it may concern : Whereas, Levi S. Russell will apply at the Court of Ordinary for Letters of Administration ou the es tate of S«iun(iei9 Oronk, late of said County de ceased. These are, therefore, to cite and admonish all whom it inav concern, to be aud appear betore said Court to make objection (if any they have) on or be fore the second Monday in January next, otherwise said letters will be granted. Witness my official signature this Bth day of De cember, 1865. dh D. A. O’BYRNE, o. o.C. STATE OF GEORGIA, GLYNN COUNTY—To all whom it may concern • Whereas, Henry R. Dul'ignon and Mary A. Dußig non will apply at the Court of Ordinary for Letter* of Administration on the estate of Felieity Dußigrou, late of Glynn county, deceased. These are, therefore, to cite and admonish nil whom it may, concern, to be and appear before said Court, to make oij- ctiou (if any they have}, on or before the fii st Monday iu January next, otherwise s iid Letters will be granted. Witness, Stephen J. Gorton, Esq, Ordinary |or Glynn county, this 6th day of December, 1866. di» STEPHEN J. GORTON, o. ». o. IN" otice. HOCKEY, HANCOCK COUNTY,! NoVAMBIB 111, lSiia, f I AM making preparations to receive a larger num ber of pupils iuio my School, which 1 expect to re open on the 22d of January next. Arrangements will bv made for a Boy’s Reading Room and Library. Charges fur board and tuition, per term of twenty (201 weeks, $225 00. Pupils must furnish bed clothes, ffor double bed steads) washing cup, towels and candles. I shall keep no pupil who cannot make reasonable improvement, nor one in whoee veracity 1 cannot con fide Charges must be paid in advance, but I shall re. fund rateably when a pupil Is removed for any cares*. A German Teacher of Music resides near mo who will give lessons at usual rates to those who have any latent in line, aud may desire to Improve tt. Persons who may wii h to send their sons or wards ought to make application soon. H. M. JOHNSTON, dl-eoU3 p, o, Sparta, Ga. Hart & Cos., hardware merchants charleston, s. e„ OPFBU FOR SALE AT THEIR OLD STANR Corner Iving and Market Streets, GUNS, liEYOLVERS, SHOT & POWDER “HOES” CIRCULAR SAWS. 8 TO CO INCH AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS BAR IRON AND STEEL METALS OF ALL KINDS BUILDING MATERIALS TIN AND WQODWARE HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES HOLLOW-WARE OF ALL KINDS TURPENTINE AND COOPERS’ TOOLS BRASS AND IRON WIRE CLOTH BOLTING CLOTH CANCHOR BRAND) MILL ROCKS (18 TO 40 INCH) MILL IRON $ SILVER PLATED GOODS HUBBS, SPOKES, AXES, SPRINGS, AND A I.AUUJC VAHIKTY UF OTIIKK OOOiffi, AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. Dm«.lm (>r«ut Reduction IN PIUNTfI, MUM LINN AND ALL HINDU OF GOODS AT THE IIITNIM MUII IMM MMI. , 4* 0. ORFF DRY GOODS TBB H eadquart,ers OF geoegia FOR Fancy 0 AND t Domestic DRY GOODS, AT AND IS AT THE SOVTHEKHPALAGE I DRY GOODS * , i- '■ HO USE, C. ORFF, PROPRIETOR. 111 & 113 Congress Street, (if» «n i Ui* NImU Uun**. * savannah. OA. m*