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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, December 12, 1865, Image 2

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The Savannah Daily Herald. BY 3. W. MASON A CO. StUtKI. H. IHAWO*. W. T TIIOMPW***. AmocUU Kdttnr. " " ,N Ah~*7i l I-*- yy For CJiuuierciai Intelligence see Fourth Page- PRO\ ISIO.NAL, GOVKItNOR JOHSSOX OX THK EMANCIPATION 41ESIIOX. ••The Congress passing the amendment to tbe Constitution abolishing slavery in the different departments of the Government, aDd most of the Legislatures of the several States ratifying it. construe the amendment to t>e nothing 'more nor less than a declara tion asrainst involuntary servitude, confer ring therewith on Congress the restricted power to carry such declaration into execu tion by necessary and proper laws. Such is the natural import of the language employed, and snch doubtless will be the const!union given it by the different departments of the Government in all controversies that may hereafter arise. Under other circumstances, a proposition to ratify such an amendment, would not be entertained by you. Although tbe “cannon's roar and the trumpet's clangor are no longer heard," society still moves on in its resistless way, and it is necessary that we should accommodate our action to the in exorable demands of inevitable results, that the permanent welfare of our people may be secured and our Stats restored to her former political rights and relations.” The above paragraph from the able and excellent Message of Governor Johnson to the Georgia Legislature embraces an import ant statement, and the assertion of a manly principle. Strong objections have been made to the ratification by the Southern States of the amendment to the Constitution of the Uuited Stales abolishing slavery on the ground that it may confer, by implication, on CoDgress the power of regulating generally tbe inter nal policy of the States. Governor Johnson savs that such a construction is unwarranted, , fiber by the language employed, or the ob jects sought to be attained, and the Congress in passing it, and most of the Legislatures of the several States ratifying it, construe the amendment to be nothing more or less than a declaration against involuntary servitude, oonferring therewith on Congress the re stricted power.* Such, he argues, is the na tural import of the language employed, and such <1 mi!, l less will be tbe construction given it by he different departments of the Gov ernmeu. tu all - controversies that may here after atise. Tbe most noticeable feature in his remarks upon this subject is contained in the declaration, that if this construction of it were incorrect, a proposition to ratify such an amendment should not be entertained by the Legislatures of the Southern States; thus clearly implying that conditions of recon struction may be proposed which the States of the South have a right to reject. This significant declaration by a Southern statesman, pre-eminently distinguished for his conservative views and strictly Union sentiments, will meet with the hearty ap proval of just and patriotic men in all pat ts of the Union. We desire as ranch as any one to sec the* States restored, at the earliest possible mo ment to their appropriate and natural posi tion as States in the Union, aud left to the free and unrestrained exercise of the privi leges and prerogatives belonging to them, and this policy we have advocated with all the zeal and earnestness ot which we were cap able. If our republican system of Govern ment is to be retained, it can only be done by the recognition of the equality of ihe States composing the Union, and by strict adherence to the constitution and laws.— When we go beyond the constitution in search of powers to fit special cases not pro vided for, and disregard tbe plain require ments of existing laws, we are at the same time doing great injustice somewhere, and making a precedent whose effect can only be pernicious. If, however, the ferocious radi cals of the North, acting upon the assump tion that the Southern people have no rights whatever, aud are entitled to no privilege, not accorded as a gift and a mercy of the conqueror, should obtain control of the government and present to the Southern States unjust and humiliating conditions, a compliance with which would be necessary for the accomplishment of restoration, we, like our Provisional Governor, should cer tainly claim the right to oppose-and reject. The spectacle of a confederation of States, inhabited by people having a common lan guage and identical interests, one portion of which were free and independent, exercis ing all the rights and privileges rightfully belonging to States, while the other portions are held as conquered provinces, denied equality, and not allowed to legislate for themselves, or discharge any of the functions of government, such a spectacle would ex cite the derision of all civilized nations, and ■would be a ridiculous burlesque upon repub lican government. Against such a state of things this paper, although zealously devoted to the cause of reuuion upou just principles, will ever raise its voice and use its influence, for tbe reason that there is no substantial cause why the States 01 the South, lately in rebellion, should not again be received into the full fellowship ot the family of States. They have disband ed their armies, laid down their arms, taken the oath ol amnesty, and now appear to have but one single object in view, aud that the repair of the waste and devastation ot the war, which has impoverished tbe country and lcf . s people well nigh destitute. ' *' we '"^ ievc > as the radical journals of the _,urt’u assert, that President Johnson expects the men of the South to profess an extravagant love for the Union which has beaten and crushed them. We do not be lieve that he looks for extra professions of loyalty from them, or that he would be in clined to trust and confide in the professions of men, who having just dropped the sword should claim that they had been always true to the Union. He is Wo sagacious a states to be thus deceived. He has shown that he understands the feelings and sentiments of tbe Houthern people, and hois too fearless to desire or expect any extra professions of loyalty from those who but ao recently made the whole world resound with the din and raitle of their war-liko efforts All that lie requires, If we understand ids H>*T '* dial the |ieo|>le of the Souihtru Si ilo* sliall yield olmdlhiithi to the ('onstltu lion uml law., amt guaiaulce sin li profec tlou (in tin: treodinun and Ids in: w t ondlUwii •» Ids i liiuqjitl I' laibdi with his former niM h r Menu tu Id* judgment to require. A" Uu "Iworvamw of ibMe just and ret oonahio iM|ulro«M*u the South aloud. , •i.liud hy hum*, duty aud Utteruei, oh||g« UMM 4hni. are fUlly oiqum.iM.Ml mul .hi he Mad du.dt.,^4 Till* H|)IH ItiatTlUX This queoiiuo lies at the basis of a change that would prove injurious to Uta inter, sis o jabor, although it might be beneficial, in some instances, to those who would enjoy, by abriJgiug tbe hours devoted to work, a laig,r fund of leisure. A small portion ol working men with proper instincts it would place iu a position to acquire knowledge, and enter on a career of independence. Dut to the large majority of the working classes, it is appre hended, that ao much leisure would prove a fatal gift. It is this class that must remain under the spur of necessity, to labor twelve hours in twenty-four for a livelihood They cannot afford to lose one-third of their time perhaps devoted to idleness and dissipatiou. Almost the first question that arises, is such a scheme of labor favorable to accumu lation ? Experience shows the reverse The only true sources of accumulation are abstinence and increased effort. We find the depositors in .Savings bank among those who waste the least aud work the longest, consis tently with physical comfort, and not those who are indifferent to tbe loss of time —that most precious boon of the working man. Speaking in tbe interests of labor such an arrangement would be of infinite mischief to she laborer himself. The leisure it would give him he could not turn to profitable ac count unless he combined with it some other employment. He might pursue at intervals, and by snatches of time, witbio doors, some mechanical pursuit that possibly might make his remuneration equal to, if not larger than if he had worked twelve hours in the twenty four, at some steady employment, but the number of persons are very few who could associate with their regular hours of labor some other desultory employment. The scheme is in a general point of view incompatible with existing social arrange ments. How could one uniform rule or prin ciple suit all descriptions of labor ? How could it adapt itself to the Farmer as well as the Mechanic and Manufacturer ? How could it equalize the woik on a farm' with that iu a work-shop or Manufactory f All occupations would have to be reduced au artifical level to equalize the work and the compensation. Four hour's work at one employment would be equivalent to six or eight hour's work a! another. It would be an attempt to briug dissimilar modes of industry within au uniform rule, which no more could he effect ed than the difference in the qualities of la bor as to hardship, risk, &c. In short it is one of those impracticable devices that eviu cea an undue interference with the laws ot society. It attempts to revive a policy that has become absolete, regulating labor, sub stituting the quantity of labor for the rate ot wages. Under the disguise of a regulation to benefit the working classes it tends to their injury, if not demoralization. It has been said truly that extended labor operates like discoveries in machinery, to the benefit of the laborer. Labor-saving ma chines economize labor, and multiplies its productions, so does increase ot exertion. If a man works twelve hours,' instead of tight hours per day, he adds one-third more to the quautily ot work he accomplishes, in a given time, and provided he does not impair his physical strength, becomes richer for his increase of exertion. It were better both for laborer and capitalist that the relations between them should be of spontaneous growth, and not be the effect of any artificial arrangements. THK RGPOHT OF THK SKCUETAKY OF THK NAVY. The Secretary of the Navy states in liis re port that the steamers bought from the mer chant service for war purposes, have been to a great extent returned to their former pur suits. He reviewed the services of the North and South Atlantic in the taking of Wilmington and Charleston tespectively, and of the West Gulf squadron, which re-- ceived the surrender of Mobile on the 12th of April, and tbe formal surrender of the Confederate Navy on tbe 10th of May, 18G4. Immediately after fall of Fort Fisher and Wilmington, measurea were taken for the reduction of the Navy, which have been con tinued until, at the present time, there are actually in commission, at home and abroad, but one hundred and seventeen vessels, of all descriptions, and this number will prob ably be lurther reduced. As loon as domes tic troubles were overcome,foreigu squadrons were re-established, which are considered sufficient for the encouragement aud protec tion of our commerce. Three hundred and twenty-two officers left the service of the government when the war begun. Their places have been filled efficiently with volun teer officers from the merchant service, and it is recommended that appointments from their number be added to the Navy. Since the 4th of March, 1861, 418 vessels have been purchased at a cost of $18,366,681 83. Ot these 340 have been sold for $‘>,621,800 27. The Secretary suggests a thorough survey of islands in the Pacific coast. The history of the Sea King, alias tho Shenandoah, is given. It reflects no credit on the neutrality or Eng land. The enlargement of the Boston and* New York Navy Yards is urged, and the completion of the Navy Yard at Mare Island, on the Pacific. Also the rebuilding of the Yards at Norfolk and Pensacola. League Island is recommended as a site for tbe build ing of a yard for iron clads. As to the healthiness of iron clads, the statistics show that they are equal, if not superior, to ordi nary vessels. The number of Midshipmen at the Naval Academy is 481. Os those who present themselves for examination twenty per cent fail to pass the physical or mental examination. After admissiou nearly thirty three per cent, fail to pass first year, and fin ally only about twenty-five per cent, of those who enter the Academy succeed. The Sec retary recommends the appointment of oue balf the midshipmen from enlisted appren tices, and the remainder from Congressional districts. He also recommends that au eligible site for a Naval Academy, embracing an area of not less than one thou sand acres be settled—that the laws of De cember 21st 1861 and July ltith 1862, (Wreg ulate pay of workmen in public service be repealed. He also recommends that two separate Asylums for soldiers, and sailors, be built. The number of vessels captured aud sent to courts for adjudication from May Ist, 1861, to the close of the war, was 1151. Tlie whole number captured and destroyed 1504. Gross proceeds of property captured since blockade prior to first November last, $21,829,548 I*6. Expellees $1,616,213 SO. Edimatu for Department for year endiug I J "ne 30th,1867,1s $23,082,457MV The Secre tary states that Ihe expeuseo of Navy Depurl j [tent since commencement ol the war have | 'fen but OS io per cent, of expenditures of •overiduem during the same time. The ' mil i ’ '°Ll’* reported In a condltiou cred Itablo to officer, hiul men. Iho Natiouai liMUIpMW uvs It Is «n --1 ' Ur§U *: Kl , U “ l do Monllioloo, tlie Kreuet, minister, has made formal demand I so s “r '•«“«»«« of th. lohaooo recently at Richmond as th. W , .party of tho lit* rebel government, on ifo #rw(tt4l Uj(| , Ihe pnoperly Mixed belonged to Augu,i it, | moot, the Ns* Vurk agent ol the Fr<,u<h K'.lbwhlld. rK.NTHAi. R It AND HA SKI MO oa 1 OPrtKOKUIA. . r Havana* to D*'. i I. !•*>•>. I An El*—lion lor nine Director* to manage llie af fair. *.f ih ■ ('.an paliy lur Ih. rmtiini! year ail I In- held (1 Hut Banking 11 m: *, in S uaoii ih (second Sum on lit*'mi l) . I In- 2,1 (,-f January. Iblh*,-between lb 1 hours iiM» a in and 1 p. m filmkliolder* snlv aim hail tii Id stuck (or ninety j day* Immediately preceding the day of election are [ entitled to vole. Stockholders, upon proentathin id their stock cer ' tiUcak-s in Die conductor* „f inline, will he pawed i to and from flit- ekelinn over the CoiUjouiy's road, j tree. CIKoROK A. CUVI ER, dti-lm Cashier. NOTICE. TO THE CITIZENS OF CHATHAM CO. I RESPECTFULLY afitmnnoe myself a« a CamlMute for tho office of T.nx Coih*ctor at the election in [ Jaiiu trv next, ami humbly solicit your *upp<»rt. nr; if HOWARD PoWKR. KEROSENE WARE, Lamps, rhandefiera, Brackets, Harp Hangers, Side Barlus Side Lumps with ami without Reflector*; Fan cy Hail Lamps, Lanterns, Bases, Pegs and Fonnts- PaL-nt (il.tsi Canes, Burner*, Globes, Chimuies and Wick, DRUGGISTS' FLINT A GREEN GLASS, Crock ery Dealer*’ and Confectiouere* GLASSWARE. Goode of ali kinds made to order. KEROSENE OIL JAMES T. WRIGHT, 226 Greenwich Street, Two doois below Barclay, N. Y uovl-3m BATCHELORS HAIR DYE The Original aud Beat in the World ! The only true aud perfect llair Dye. Harmless, Reliable and lustan taneous. Produces immediate.y a splendid Black or natural Brown, without injuring the hair or skin. Remedies the ill effects of bad dye*. Sold by all Drug gists. Tbe gcuniue is signed William A. Batchelor. Also, REGENERATING EXTRACT OF MILLEFLEIIRS, For Restoring and Beautifying the Hair. aul4 1y CHARLES BATCHELOR, Nkw-Yokk. TIT E2ST .Y. NEWS. Miss Carrie C. Lester, a daughter of Mississippi is authorized to visit the South, soliciting subscriptions for the New York News. She kindly asks the patronage of all our citizens. Please send your names or call at the Pulaski House from 10 A. M. to 3 P. M., when Miss Lester will be most hap py to receieve you. nov 18-ts. Notice to Ladies. M'ME DEMOREST'S Branch of Fashion., with Pattern, of every style of Drees, by Mrs. Vick, 114 Bryan street, n26-Tm OFFICE DEPOT COMMISSARY, 1 Savannah, Georgia, December 5, 1863. ( SEALED Proposals to furnish the troops at this Post with fresh Beef for three months, commenc ing January t, ISS6. ami ending March 31, isos, will be received at this ufßce until 12 M., Dec. 20, 1)65. ■ The Beef to be of good marketable quality, exclu sive of necks and shanks, and delivered tri weekly. The Proposals to be made in duplicate. H. A. DARLING, dcc6 t apt. and C. s. Veils. » Rrorlanialion—lily of Savannah, Mayor’s Office, Dec. 4th, 1865. By virtue ot a resolution passed in Coun cil, I Richard D. Arnold Mayor of Savannah, do issue this Proclamation hereby offering a reward of Five Handled Dollars, for the apprehension with proof to convict, of the person or persons, who committed the as sault on tbe late A. C’oriles on the evening ot the twenty-first of November last, inflicting injuries which resulted io his death. And I do hereby, require all officers and members of the City Police, to be vigilant iu trying to apprehend the perpetrators of said crime. — N ! In witness whereof I have here [liS.J unto set my official signature, and s— r ' caused to be affixed the seal of said city, the day and year first above written. R. D. ARNOLD, Mayor of Savannah. Attest: James Stewart, Clerk of Council, dec 5 Iw , To the Electors of Chatham County, Gknilemks : llaying been requested by uumerous friends to allow my name to bj used for the office of Sheriff of Chatham county, I have the honor to announce myselt as a candidate for that position, and respect fully solicit your suffrage. nll-tf CUARLES J. WHITE. As Good as New.—lu this fast country the hair whitens aud falls early. But thin auil grey lour indicate only a local decay. Your hair may be renewed aud sustained through file by tbe use.of Mrs. 8. A. Allen’s World's Hair Restorer and Zylobaisamum, or Hair Dressing. Every Druggist sells them. dec. 2-eod-l-w. TO THK VOTKKS OF CHATIIA M COUNTY I auoounce myself as a candidate for the office of TAX COLLECTOR of Chatham county, and vespectrtilly solicit the votes of my friends. uov22-td ALEX. F. BENNETT. To tlie Voters of Chatham County. I respectfully auuouuce myself a candi date for re-election to the office of Sheritf of Chatham County, and ask your support at the January election. ts Benjamin L. Cole. Hall’s Vegetable Sicilian Hair Rrnewer Has proved itseif to bo the most perfect preparatlou for the hair ever offered to the public. It is a vegetable compound, and contains no injuri ous properties whatever. IT WILL RESTORE GRAY HAIR TO ITS ORIG INAL COLOR. It will keep the hair from falling out. It cleanses the scalp and makes tho hair soft, lus trous and silken. It is a splendid hair dressing. No person, old or young; should fail to use it. IT IS RECOMMENDED AND USED BY THK FIRST MEDICAL AUTHORITY. t*T Ask for Hall’s Vegetable Sicilian II a 1 Rene wet, aud take no other. R. P. HALL & CO., Nashua, N. U., Proprietors. For sale by all druggisis. BARNES, WARD & CO., New Orica ns, La., n23-Gtn Southern Wholesale AgcutF. •E. \V. MARSH & CO., DRUGGISTS, GIBBONS' BUILDINGS, Corner of Cnnitrsu sod Whitaker Streets, HAVR thoroughly reflltrd their establishment, »nd replenished with a general aaeortuieut ol l*> ii*,. SI rill, lues, Clxiulritls, I abut Me (Heines, I’nlnls, Otis, Onrilan Herds, ihe. the., ,Wf., they null, it I hr pali onape of their friends I'attlnilar att- ntlmi will be given to the rorefnl pri(isratliin or prcserlpltonii dl i in. Two Building Lots AT A BARGAIN. V'lh "'( Mill Tuiiialsvllla, friitdliw north ou lielwuafl Frit'e and Kt.i llroad, h e .lu*t,l, 111 l IIItVAN, II AHTIt 11 Mil; A m Proposals Wanted la'mW iraii,hin a lihum' amt ln*#w !»»• adoiiMf gai a Haw Mm ktir plana ami p«mi, uiar* al ♦III* 4* iMil »MH II IW »IMI i •#'* MM fc l, Ml at Mill um»9 ....,,. ■■"zaurJasr WAItltlBD, • At the rcdccof Mo. Ku. ’bc b Jon**, Hpria.-fleM. KAngbai': ■ .Minty, U. . on the ttk instant. Mr. 11. G. W ARD, of Savannah, .ml MwsOKOROII A. JoNES, i of Springfield. At the revidence or tlie bride', father, by H i I. 8 K- Ax-on, Mr. JACOB SPIVEY, formerly of Mem phi*. Teun., aud Mia. BELLE LEWIS, of lid. city. tir York and Memphis paper, plea-e copy VEU Al>\ ICKTISEWKNTS. indent l aud Mark Lodge,\o. 251 A A reirul ir comm.iiii alion of this Lod--e K ill *a/\arLe held at the.r Hall. Tide Even in* at i', o'clock Member, of Ihe fraternity, in (food standing, ere re sportfully invited to attend, JAS M PRENTISS, dl-M Secretary. ATTENTION! METROPOLITAN FIRE COMP’Y. -P' - v- Mem' era who desire to equip thew- JHlMgkv .elves iu ihe new uniform of the eom- Bgg pauy will at once report to G. 11. Sneed. Treasurer, IS* Congress street, and 12-1 JAMES STEWART, President. - A Cure For Leaky Kooflt. Savannah, Dee. 11th, 18C&. Messrs. Dillon A Taylor. Palntcra.C) Bay Street: ft gives me pleasure to state. Iu reply to your in quires, and injustice to your Arm, that, your Linseed Oil Ceiin’nt is-an entire success. The tin roofs of my houses being pronounced beyond repair, by a well known tinsmith of thin city. I was induced to try your Unseed Oil Cement, whirl] has exceeded my expectations as a waterproof coating for roofs. After 20 years experience as Master Builder, 1 have found nothing to equal it. dl2-6t L. SOLOMON, 145 Broughton street. SAVANNAH NATIONAL BANK, \ December Vlh, 1805./ An election for nix Directors, to mimage the affair* of tbitf Bank f->r one year, will be held at the Banking House on the second Tuesday in January next, bebig the 9th day ol the mouth. Polls open from 10 o’clock a. in. to ‘2 o’clock p. m. dl2-lawlm JACOB SPIVKY, Cafehfor. CENTRAL R. R A BANKING CO., ) Savannah, December 9, 1305.1 Ordered by the Board of Directors that no lumber nor timber *hall be transported over the Company's road, except bja epeciil contract with the Superin tendent. GEO. A. CL YLER, Cashier. Mont of the platform can* of the Company being employed in moving iron and ties for rebuilding the road, will prevent the hauling of wood aud lumber, except in limited qualities. GEORGE W. ADAMS, Ul2-t*od-2w General Sup't. To Ihe Voters of Chatliuin County. TilK undersigned is a candidate for rt-election to th‘2 office of Clerk of the Superior aud Inferior Courts, and respectfully aoliciU y»*ur suffrages. rtl2-l.■» WM. H. BULLOCH BOOTS AND SHOES. fll THE MOST RELIABLE fll Philadelphia, for GENTLEMEN. Ladies’ Shoes «xpecte<Pto arrive daily at the WHITAKER STREET STORK, of Broughton, northeast corner of lane. d!2-l* Water Tanks. ITtOUR Iron Tauks, adapted for water or oil, for «nieby aiJ-2 CH.AS. GREEN & SON. THOs7 H. AUSTIN, Forwarding and Commission Mcrchaut, No. itr, BAY STREET, (UP Bi AiKHj dl2-3m* ' SAVANNAH, GEORGIA. ••• CONSTITUTION WATER In, without doubt, the only known remedy ior DIABETES. CALCULUS, GRAVEL, HRICK DUST DEPOSITS, IRRITATION OK THE NECK OF 'I HK BLADDER, INFAMMATION OF THE KIDNEYS, CATARRH OF THE BLADDER, . AMO ALL , FEMALE IRREGULARITIES. Certificates of cures from well-known persons from all parts of the conotiy in circular, will lie cent on ad dressing MORGAN Jt ALLEN, Ag'ts, dl2-3m No. 46 Cliff st, New York. * Fire Crackers. SEVENTY-FIVE boxes Fire Crackers, just received by steamer, by HILTON A- RANBELL, dt-2-S 133 Bay afreet. SEED RICE. I jX)R SALE-About 4 000 buahelt* of Prime Seed 1 Rice, on river. Alao, ;iSO acres of Prime L*nd, with the neces sary buildings, lor Rent. Inquire of dl2-2 W. H. BURROUGHS & CO. Scotch Ale. ON CONSIGNMENT, 100 casks Pale India Ale, in glass, now landing from the ship County of Pic t in, from Glasgow, and for sale by F. W. SIMS J CO . dl'J-3 Over Erwin & Hardee's. BUTTEP, FLCIiR AND LAPD. HAVING received a large ptock of the above, at very low rate*, we are able to offer great in ducement* to buyer*. RANDELL A CO., Southwest corner of Bav and Barnard «ts. ' COUNTY ELECTION. AN Election will be held at the Court House on Wednesday, the Sri of January next, for a Sli< riff of the c«.unty of Chatham, for a Clerk of ihe Superior aud Interior Courts, for a Coronor, fora Receiver of Ta* Returns, lor a Tax Collector, and for u C unity Surveyor. Th»* poll-* w li be opened at seven o’clock a. m., and b.* tosed at six o'clock p. in. I he Mi riff, or his Deputy, and ihe constable* of the county are requested to attend «ml preserve cider. WM H cl! YLEK, j. i.n. o. o. N. B. KNAPP, j. i. (. c. ( JOHN .H It EVEN, .1 *.0.0. JOHN W lI.UAMSOS. j. i. c. c. «. d!2. 19, 25, Jl, a WHAfiF LOTS AND FAfiM For Sale. A VALUABLE U.t of Land, comprising two hun dred acre, on llut. l.insou's Island, uearly op l«*.te the Whaif, In this dty, w th a boot nge.intliH river and rxirniiiug across th« Island to Its. k river. Is oflcnal tor Mir st favorshls tonus Th« river frontage pron-ots at eligible titan for whari fruiiis at i tii h. round on me river Tim Unit I. ot a rich, alluvial .lismi ior, not i xcollnlln fortuity by any hotlmn lsud. in Ih unlry, and .nlilbb- forth. culture or ' oru nr euth.u uiark.l ,rg.k “bin. «i gums llirer . nipt Iwing uiown In Ike (omou without Nffßcntty. TMs ran elmnre foi nb'iluhis a vtlnstil, properly Is nllttul of. ills must ailysata.:eons i. iint, sun pan us 11... pundits* money . >u (. main on loind sod morl gu. Apply to NORI.K LYON. FAIR. A VAIK will Iw held by Hi* lan lies id Muvsnusb si tlie Knenii'li s lluii. Soillli lima.l sliest, up Ike i, |.iik, sod IMb id fim eiubsr, Im lit. lisuoai of lb« pul, I bens will bs opened ub fiwsdsy sflvtiisoN si 4 P'thMb. (11l 1/ DANTE. dantk as a puilosophek, pat ltior and poet, ! By Professor Botta. For *alc by THOMAS J. STALEY, Corner of Bull tiiid State ntreefa, dll -2 Ne.r tbe Court Uou*e WHOLESALE Bouts, Shoes mill Brogans. M. KRAUSS, 140 CougrcNv and 57 St. Julian Streets, SAVANNAH, GA., Is enabled, through hi* permam nt house in Bos ton, to furnish Joebers and Dealers iu thin city, as well us th one in the country, with BOOTS AAO HHOUS at more reason*ble rates than any other house. dll-if or VALUABLE PACKAGES REMAINING IN THE OFFICE OP Adams’Express Comp’y DECEMBER 11th, 1865. Baker, G Pyles, Geo Bartlett, E F Richl, G H < .'opp. F Roberts. .1 H Farnum, W L Rowan, J T Fitzgerald, M Rivers, Miss R M Gourard, K D Smith, W T Hopkins, Dr T S Steiger, J G Holman, F Tailor, N Hills, E 8 • Taylor, P F Hall, M rs J U Taylor, Mrs J C Livingston, TANARUS, cure of West, C W Miller, T hos Ot Cos Werner, J Pettus, M A Wayne, Mrs E S dll E. P. TUNISON, Agent, CHRISTMAS! CHRISTMAS 0 E- EHRLICH, 30, \V 11 IT AK E K STREET. FANCY GROCERIES. PRUNES. Raisins. Orange* Lemons, Citroti, Cur rants, English Preserves, Jains and Jellies, Pre serve Ginger, Mu»hroons, Trudies. Assorted English and American Pickles, English and French Mustard, Tomato and Walnut Catanps, Worcester Sauce, French and Spanish Olives Capers, canned Meats and canned Fruit-sot all descriptions. Candies, Fig paste, Nuts iu variety. Siuoked Salmon, English dairy American Swis and LimbergerCheese, cavinua No. 1 family Mackerel In kiis. Wax, Sperm, Adaman tine Candles aud Tapers, Spices of ail kinds. FAMILY GROCERIES. Choice Hams, Tongues, breakfast Bacon, <fc, all grades Sugar, Java, Muscovado, and Rio Coil'ee. Spieudid assortment Teas, Green, Gunpowder black and English breakfast Teas, Ac., choice Bui ter, Lard, Sweet Oil, all description of Soup*, plain and fancy. LIQUORS. A large assortment, vix : Martel and other grades of Brandy, Irish Scotch, and and »urhn W hiskey, Madei ra, Champaigne, Cherry, Port and Other Wines, Cor dials of all kind* Schnapps’ Bitters, Ac. Everything that taste can wish or appetite desire. Give me a call. ALSO, Just received by recent arrivals from Boston, New York, and Baltimore, a fine assortment of ail kinds Wooden und Willow Ware, suitable for housekeep ing, dll-Ul FAIR. A NUMBER of the Benevolent Ladles of this city, feeling a lively interest in the welfare ol the Ft:, male Orphans, dependant for support on the chanty of the goo'drtLstt*s ol Our Lady oi Mercy, will give a Fair, tlurinjMiie week immediately preceding Christ mas, opening on Monday, the istb, and closing on Hie 2Jd inst., at St. Andrews Hall. The attention of the public generally, ami of those especially intending to purchase Christmas Gifia, is called to the large number of funcy articles, many of them the work of ihe Sisters’ pupils, that will be for »ale at the different Fair tables. dll t 24 HOLCOMBE & CO., Olcl Stand 181 Bay street (Thos. Holcomlje, established 1836., We have landing g flue and carefully selected Stock ot GROCERIES, And will sell at the Lowest Market Prices. Coffee, Sngar, Tea, Raisins, Almonds, Flour. Soap, Starch, Bacon, Sardines, Candles, Beef, Pork, Lard, Butter, Cheese, Potatoes. Codflsli, Mackerel, Bagulug, Rope- Twine Powder, Lead Shot, Brandy, Whiskey, Wine, Vinegar, &c. Our stock of Wines and Liquors are aR line asany in the country. We Invite our old friends aud patroUß to * look in." eudlm n!3 ** To V\ holesale Grocers, Liquor Bculcim, Distillors, Druggists and Soap Manufacturers. I ESSENTIAL Oils for flavoring and improving Bran li dv, Ruin. Port Wine, Bomium, Rye, Scotch and Irish Whiskies, age and body preparations for Neu trttliiiner and Mollifying Whiskey and Spirit, Color ings. Syrups and Fruit Juice* for Brandy, Whiakey and Wines, Oils and Extracts of Cognac aud other Braudics, llollund aud London Gin, Ac. Dr. F.’a Treatise on Fermented Liquors with 1000 Recipes. FOR DRUGGISTS’ USE. Persian Insect Powder, Fly Paper, Loadstone, ’Fluorspar ami Fluoric Acid, Manganese aud all rare Chemicals aud Drugs. FOR SOAP MANUFACTURERS, Silllcate of Soda in Crystals, Liquid and Jelly China Clay and Terra Alba, Soap atom-. Rosin, Soda, Ash, Ac. JOS. W. FEUCHTUANUKH, t,ovl-eod3m *v'o. 66 Cedar st., N. Y’, STATE OF GKOKtiIA, MCINTOSH COUNTY.—To all whom it may concern : Whereas, Jas. Pi indie will apply to the Court of Oi,mmry lor Letlers of Administration ou the estate of Jas. lit. Webber, late ol said comity, deceased. These are, therefore, to cite and admonish all wlnai, it ixuv concern, to be and appear ai said Court to make objection, if any they have, on or lie lure the second Moiidu, m January next, 1:03, otherwise said letters will be granted, witness* It. A. Bird, Esq.. Ordinary of Mclntosh county, tins 4tl. day ol December, mus, R. A. Bird, Ordinary, M C. CiTATE OF (lEllltblA. MCINTOSH COUNTY.—Tu O all whom It limy concern : Wherein*, John lilurson will apply to the Court of Ordinary for Administration on the estate us John Mm laugh, late of wild county, deceased. Their are. therefore, to cite and admonish all whom ll may concern, to be and apiwar at ihe auld Court to make objection, If any they have, ou nr before Ihe areuud Monday In Jsmiary urxt, laid, other«lse said idlers will be granted. W'uucaa It. A. Bint, Onllusry Mrlnluah county, this 4th day ol December, tab* It. A Ullili, dll ordinary M ('. STATE OF IIFOIII.IA, M( INTOSU COUNTY —To all ahum ll may concern : suiy day. ufl. I dale apimcallmi will lie mads Iu Ihe » 1,1111 ul Oidinaiy »l tb luioal, cmndy for leave iu w’ll the real and imraonal e.iale of p. I„ ciwlUar, daieaaad, lal« ol said county. I p I'KAKE, dll hie- AUMINIIITMATNIX Noll, It haiUm Claim, agalnii Ihe eMalu „lClorlee A. 1,, lawn. Isle dfieOMd, will lie. sains, properly alleal.d, wilhu, tbs dura nisandsd by law, slid Uowe Imlsbied •- m&fraifUr bis laws# AimlalaUodU. | sncruL mvTioKa. MUUiUE AXD CELIBACY. An li«iay us WtruiiiK and luatructiuu lur Young OKU, jost publishrd by thu Howard Aiwoclaliun, and •vut tu K.-alt ii 1.-tt.-r euv.-iopt*. frvr of rharx**- AtMre.s Dr. J. SKILLIN HOUGHTON. Howard AMsariatlon, I'hilad.lpbia. Pa. oct!2-3m A HIIYMULOUICAL Vi, w m€ MAUHIAGK Cuuloiuing uearly MU paired, and 130 flu<- PlatM and En.'iavli.iis or the Auutuiuy ..f tho Hainan Or* gaua in a State of Hcaltli an.l Disease, with a Trra- Use .... Early Knurs, Us Deplorable Goiisc.jui nevs upon Hie mind and Body, wiU. the Autliol’s Plan of Treatment—the only ratioual and successful mode of cure, as shown by the report of cases treated. A truthful adviser to the married, and tl.ose contem plating mairittite, who euierlain doubts of their phys leal condition. Sent free of postage to any address, on receipt of 25 cents, in stamps or postage currency, by addressing Dr. LA CROIX, No. 31 Maiden Lane, Albany, N. Y. The author may be eonsulted upon any of the dis eases upon which his book treats either personally or by luqil, and medicines sent to any part ol the world, octio sin ITCH! ITCH! ITCH! SCRATCH ! SCRATCH!! SCRATCH !!! Wheutou’ai < >■■■! iik-h t. WIU CURE THE ITCH IN FORTY-EICHT HOURS. Alsoeares Salt Rheum, Ulcers, Chilblains' and all Eruption* of the Skin. Price 50 couta For aale by all Druggists By senfling 00 cents to Weeks A Potter, Sole Agents, 170 Washington street, Boston, Mass., it will be forwarded by muil, free of postage, to any partof tho United State*. *ent2l-3m We have learned not to be astonished at anything. Years of experience aud a correspondence extending throughout all nationalities of tbe habitable globe have turned theories into facts aud established a basis from which we need uot err. We are not surprised at such facts as the following—although the persons who write them are. We know the pcrsoiis and cir cumstances, hence feel at liberty to indorse their statements'; “Nkw Bedford, Mass., Nov. 24, 1803. Dear Sir,—l have been afflicted many years with severe proatruling cra'mps iu.rny limbs, cold feet aud hands, and a general disordered system. Physicians and medicine* failed to relieve me. While visiting some friends in New York who were using Plantation Bitters, they prevailed upon me to try them. I com menced with a small wiue-gla*sful alter dinner. Feel ing better by degrees, in a few days 1 was astonished to And the coldness and cramps had entirely left me, aud I could sleep the night through, which 1 have not done for years. I feel like another being. My uppe tite and strength have also greatly improved by the use of the Plantation Bitters. Respectfully, Judith Russel.” Rkedsbuky, Wis., Sept IC, 18C3. • * * I have been in the army hospitals for four teen months - speechless and nearly dead. At Alton, 111., they gave mo a bottle of Plantation Bitters. • * Three bottles restored my speech aud cured me. • * 0. A. Flautk.” The following is from the Manager of the Union Home School ior the Children g_f Volunteers: ‘•llavamkykk Mansion, 57th St, I New York, August 2, 18C3. ) Dr. Dbakk :—Your wonderful Plantation Bitters have been gi\euto some of our little children suffering ttoiu weakness and weak lungs with most happy effect. One little girl iu particular, with pains iu her head, loss of appelite, anu daily wasting consumption, ou whom all medical skill had been exhausted, lias been entirely restored. We commenced w’itb but a teuspoouful ol Bitters a day. Her appetite and strength rapidly increased, and she is now well. Respectfully, Mrs. O. M. bav ox. 1 * “* * * I owe much to you, for I verily believe the Plantation Bitters have saved my life. Rev. W. H. Waggoner, Madrid, N. Y. “* * * Thou wilt send me two bottles more of thy Plantation Bitters. My wile has been greatly benefited by their use. Thy fiieiid, Aha L'urrin, Philadelphia, Pa." “* * • I have been a great sufferer from Dyspep sia. and bad to abandon preaching. • * The Plan tation Bitters have cured me. Rev. J. S. Catuorn, Rochester, N. Y." “* * * I have given the Plantation Bitters to hundredwof our disabled soldiers with the most as tonishing effect: G. W. D. Andrews, Superintendent Soldiers' Home, Cincinnati, O." *** • * The Plantation Bitters have cured me of Liver Complaint, of which I was laid up prostrate, and had to übanuon my business. H. B. Kingsley, Cleveland, Ohio." “* * # The Plantation Bitters have cured me of a derangement of the Kidneys and Urinary Organs that hu* distressed me'lor years It acts like a charm. C. (J. Moohk, N®. 254 Broadway.” &c., Ac., Ac., *fcc, Ac. The Plantation Bitters make the weak strong, the languid brilliant, and are exhausted nature's great re storer. They are composed of the celebrated Calisaya Bark, Wiutergrcen, Sassafras, Roots, Herbs, Ac., all preserved in perfectly pure St. Croix Rum. J?. To —1860—X. Persons of sedentary habits, troubled with weak ness, lassitude, palpitation of the heart, lack of appe tite, distress after eating, torpid liver, constipation, Ac., deserve to suffer if they will not try them. They are recommended by the highest medical au thorities, and are warranted to produce an immediate beneficial iffect. They are exceedingly agreeable, perfectly pure, and harmless. Notice.—Any person pretending to sell Plantation Bitters in bulk or by thegallonds a swindler and im postor. It is put up only in our log cabin bottle. Be ware of bottles refilled with imitation deleterious stuff, lor which several persons are already in* prison. See that every bottle has our United States stamp over the •cork umuutilated, aud our signature ou steel-plate side label. Sold by respectable dealers throughout the habitable world, P. H. DRAKE A CO., oct27-3m 202 Broadway,N. Y. Hagan’s Magnolia Balm. This in the moat ciaiq-hlful and extraordinary article ever discovered. It changes the sun-bm nt face and hands to a pearly satin texture of ravishing beauty, imparting the marble purity of youth, and the distin gue appearance so inviting in the city belle of fashion. It removes tan, freckles, pimples and roughness from the skin, leaving the complexion fresh, transparent and smooth. It contains no material injurious to the skiu. Patronized by Actresses and Opera Singers. It is what every lady should have. Sold everywhere. Retail price, 60 cents. Prepared by W. ft. HAGAN, Troy, N. Y. Address ali orders t$ DEMAS BARNES * CO., ocW-eodly ‘ New York, LYON’S KATHAIRON. Katbalron is from the Greek word "Ksthro, 1 ' or "Kslhutro," signifying to cleanse, rejuvsntte and re store. This article Is what its usms algnlfleo. For preserving, restoring und boostH>li.g lbs human hair, It Is the most remarkable preparation In tho world. It Is again owned aud put op by the original proprie tor. and Is now made with tbe seme rare, skill und at (entlou which gave H s isle of over ous million hot Use par annum. ll Is o most delightful llslr DreAiu, II eradicates scurf aud iltndl lift It keep* Mia head cool slid < lean It makes the hair ileli, aoli and glossy It preveuis Iks hair from oiling „it »,„| lurmog gray II reslmes l.sir upon bald 1., Any lady or genllruun wb» values « beeSUnl bead of hsli should no Lion's Ksibslron It Is known and need Ibiougboul lbs civilised amid a.Ad by Si IssjaaUW. desists, I'KM an Mlithltn A nt, «•*»' "til» Me* York, j tWt'IXMlMf. nu(ttu ii aii I' 11 c m i ,«r Lsesees end Manage re.. Mseers. s.vooxo A U*«„ . s * TUESDAY BVICKMG, DEC. 14 Bulwer'e great play of RICHELIEU; OR, THE CONSPIRACY. Cardinal Richelieu Mr T Hammo. Judo DoMorlimar Mias M. K tionlon Extra Announcement. In consequence of the inclement weather lost even ing, MR. T. HAMILTON'S BENEFIT was postponed until TO-MORKOW NIGHT, 011 which occash.u be will sp|H-ar as HAMLET, Prince ot* l>emiiai*k! Seats engaged lor last evening tu»y iw renewed at Schreiner's music store without ad lltional charge. Holiday Presents. A LARGE and elfgaut assortment of French, Bn li-di and Bohemian Ware, consisting of ” DINNER, TE.4, TOILET. COLOGNE AND I.IQUOK SETS, Ac., Ac., suitable for Holiday Presents. (iLEENSWAIAE HOUSE, 1119 Broughton street, second door from the corner of Bu.l street dTtf E. D. SMYTH & CO. Eight Bales Cotton. WE have Eight tS) Bales Cotton picked up iu Sa vaunaU River. The owner, proving properly and allowing the usnal salvage can have same If applied for within leu days, otherwise they will lie sold to pay expenses. The huigp are unmarked and in very bad order. dd-tfl E. C. WADE Ic CO. LAW NOTICE. 11IIK undersigned have this day formed a co-part nership In the practiced' Law. Uillcc on Bay street, between Bull and Whitaker HENRY It. JACKSON, d9 3 ALEX. R. LAWTON. Important to Farmers ami . Housekeepers. expected from Prince Edward's Island: 6700 bushels Black Seed Oats 20u0 budlielH .Jackson Potaloc*, the be»t eat mg Potatoes known. R. BRADLEY, d7-lw 19«Bayet. Gbo. R. Crump, Wm, A. Wrigiit, Augueta, Georgia. Late of Richmond, Va. GEO. K. CRUMP & CO., General Commission Merchants AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN Groceries, Liquors, Tobacco, Segars, SALTED FISH, Act;. 309 Broad St., Augustu, Ga, Will purchase and sell on Commission Cotton, Toiiaooo, Pkodi’ox, and Merouandise cf every de scription. Refers to the Merchants and Bankers of Augusta, Ga., Richmond. Va., uinLJno. C. Ferriil, Esq , De- Witt Jt Morgan, Gadeu & i.'uckles, A. A. Solomons A Cos., J. T. Paterson A Cos., R. Molina, Esq., Savannah, Georgia. CONSIGNMENTS SOLICITED. oct4 HAVANA SEGAES, AC. ANOTHER lot of choice Havaua Sugars has just been received, viz.: Cabana y Carbajal. La India, Flor Peusados. Nneva Albion, and other excellent brand*, and Smoking und Chewing Tobacco. Also, Curacao, Murraschiro, and La Chartreuse Cordials, Absyutlie, Ac. Superior Madeira and Sherry, together with a full stock of best quality Cuainpaignc, in store and In bond. Brandy, Whisky, Rum, Ac. For sale by UU-eod-3 J. LAMA. MUSICAL INSTRUCTIONS MU. J. MEYER, from Columbia, S. C., where he has been engaged for a number of years as Professor of Music, oiler* his service as Teacher on the Piano Forte aud Organ to the citizens of Sa vannah. The best of references can be given if required. For further particulars Inquire at the Music and Stationery Store of Mr. Schreiner & Sou. dll* t ()PART.\EKISHIP NOTICE. THE undersigned have this ‘day formed a copart nership for tho transaction gs a general com mission, shipping and forwarding business, under tbe name of Laßoche & West. ISAAC D LaROCHE. JAMES B. WEST. Office, Jones' Block, Si van nuh Dec. 1, 1861. dll-0 £jalt, Coal and .Ale. 5000 Sacks Liverpool Salt. 100 casks Jeffrey’s Ale. too tons Liverpool Orrel Coal. Per ship Mozart, and for sale bv dll-1 tv T. R. & J. G. MILLS. seif, pi MOODY & BARRETT, Steam Soap Works, SnvauuaU, Gr»., MAUF AOl CULHB <> r GLYCERINE, BROWN WINDSOR, VIO LET, BAR AND TOILET SOAPS OF EVERY DESCRIP TION.. MESSRS. Moody & Barrett would respectfully an uounco to the pablic that they have juut opened their STEAM SOAP WORKS, and are fully prepared to fill all ordors lor the follow ing Bar aud Toilet Soaps; PALE SOAP, EXTRA No. 1, EXTRA No- 1 RESIN or YELLOW SOAP, german, ERASIVE, CHEMICAL, OLIVE, CASTILE. . Ac. Also, A large variety of Toilet Soaps, comprising HONEY/ PALM, CAMPANULA, ALMOND, ' - TRANSPARENT, ROSE, PUMMICC, LAVA Ac.. Ac No Mins will be ,psi ad l" inshs imt hoop* of** 1 ** qualliy, pika snd |M>ilum» to a«y Awarlsall of* Vign <tiap» Gar wullu >S«il ha "ai tupar l4f«».’»»‘ allaiaifis not uqual 111 quality sod plU* Iu Ajoonjh* ot foivisii manulartm., shall ha valutaag wo*»f rvfuiuM THK IIIGHHiri FKI'K FA IP FOH TALWfW ASM