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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, December 16, 1865, Image 4

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mt TKKMiaV MPum Public Debt. The Secretary ol the Treasury stales tbe amount of tbe public debt on ibe 31»t of Oc tober, 1865, to have been ♦-',#08,643,437,57», of which ibe portion, constming ol United Stales note# aud fractional currency, amount ed to *454,218,088,201 leaving as funded debt *;! 4.54,381, 333.35. Tbe report aayg “Bv the statement ol tbe public debt on tbe si*t of October, it appears that, besides tbe compound interest, tbe United States, and tbe fractional notes, the past due debt amounted to $ 1,3*3,320 03 Tbe debt due iu 1865 and 1866 to 187,543,646 46 Tbe debt due in 1867 and 1868 to 848,329,591 80 During tbe mouth of October some $50,- 000.000 of tbe compound interest notes were fauded in five-twenty six per cent, bouds under the provisions of the act ot March 3, 1865. "Os tbe debt falling due in 1867 and 1868. $830,000,000 consist of seven-thirty notes. It may be regarded, says Mr. McCulloch, as premature to luud any considerable amount of these notes within the next year; but iu view of the tact that they are convertible in to bonds onlv at the pleasure of the holders, it win oe evraently prudent for Congress to authorize the Secretary, whenever it can lie advantageousiy done, to fund them in ad vance ot their maturity.” “Toe Secretary (be continues)has already recommended that he be authorized to sell b >nds of the United States, bearing interest at a rate not exceeding six per cent., for the purpose of retiring Treasury notes and United States notes. He further recommends that he be authorized to sell, at his discretion, bonds of a similar character to meet any de ficiency tor the present fiscal year, to reduce the temporary loan by such au amount as he may deem advisable, to pay the certificates of indebtedness as they mature, and also to take up any portion of the debt maturiue prior to 1869 that can be advantageously re tired. It i# not probable that it will be ad visable, even if Could be done without press ing them upon the market, sell a much larger amount ol bonds within the present or next fiscal year than will be necessary to meet any deficiency of the Treasury, to pay the past due aud maturing obligations of the Govern ment, and a part of tbe temporary loan, and to retire au amount of the catnpoutid inter est notes and United States notes sulUoient to bring back the business of the country to a healthier condition. But no harm can result from investing the Secretary with authority to dispose of bonds, if the condition of the market will justify it, in order to anticipate the payment of those obligations that must soon be provided for.” We have thus placed our reader- in posses sion of the views in as, condensed a form as possible, of the Secretary of the Treasury of the means proposed for retiring the unfunded p rtion ot the public debt. He estimates that the whole amount may reach on the Ist c: July, 1866, tbe sum of three thousand n mns, when all our liabilities shall be ac curately ascertained. Wo shall next offer some remarks on that portion of the Report that embraces Mr. McCulloch’s plan for redeeming the public and bt. Hr. Seward'* Account of the Attack upon Him—An Interesting Story. The American correspondent of the Lon d m Spectator writes that he recently heard Mr. Seward and Mr. Frederick Seward give tlio following account ol their own sensa tions at the time of the attempted assassi- nation : ‘‘.Mr. Frederick Seward said that on step ping from his bed-room into the passage and seeing the assassin, he merely wondered what he was doing there, aud called him to account. On his resisting the fellow's en deavor to press into Mr. Seward’s room, the assassin drew a revolver, which he presented at Mr. Frederick Seward's head. What fol lowed, it must be remembered, took place in a few seconds. Mr. Frederick Seward’s first thought was, ‘That’s a navy revolver.’ “The man pulled tbe trigger, but it only snapped, and his intended victim thought ‘that cap missed fire.’ "Ilis next sensation was ihat of confusion, and being upon the floor, resting upon his tight arm, which, like his lather’s jaw, was barely recovered from a bad fracture—the assassin had felled him to the floor with the butt of his pistol; he put his baud to his head, and findisg a hole there, he thought, ‘tout cap did nut miss fire after all.’ f Then he became insensible, and remained so tor two hours or more. His first indica tion of returning consciousness was the ques tion, ‘ Have you got the ball out ?’ after which he fell off again iuto a comatose con dition, which was ofloug continuance. On the very afternoon of iho day when Mr. Lincoln was assassinated, Mr. Frederick Seward, who was Assistant Secretary of State, had asked his father what preparation should be made for the presentation of Sir Frederick Bruce which was to take place the next day. Mr. Seward gave him the points of a reply to lie made to Sir Frederick, ’ aud he laid the outliuc of the speech on the President’s table, and as I have previously iutormed my readers, Mr. Lincoln that after noon wrote out the reply, adopting Mr. Sew ard’s suggestions, and thus preparing that reception of the British Minister by Presi dent Johnson, which was regarded at tbe time by the people to whose representative it was addressed, as so friendly, and fair and dignified. Mr. Frederick Seward’s first inquiry after be came fully to his senses, which was a long time alter the assassination, was: ‘Has Sir Frederick Bruce been presented V He thought that only one night had passed, since” he knew not what had happeued to him, and his mind took up matters just where it had left them. Mr. Seward's mental experience during his supposed assassination l was in its nature so like that oi his sou, that it raises the ques tion whether this absence of consternation and observation of minute particulars is not common in circumstances of unexpected and not fully apprehended peril. Mr. Seward was lying upon his side, close to the edge of his bed, with his head resting in a frame, which had been made to give him case and to protect his broken jaw from pressure. lie was trying to keep awake, having been seized upon by a sick man’s fancy—it was that if he slept he would wake up with hick-jaw . He was brought to full conscious ness by the scuffle in the passage-way, follow cu -, Vi'* ® tJ 'rance of the assassin, and the cry of Miss Seward, Oh, he will kill my fa tacr. But he saw nothing of his assailant until a hana appeared above his face, and u his k ught was, ‘What handsome cloth 1 " overcoat is made of’.’ The assassin's a then appeard, and the helpless states nan only thought, ‘\\ hat a handsome man " cPayne was a nue-lookiug fellow.) Tu«-u came a 6ensation as ot the rain strik ognim smartly upon one side of his face rnd neck ; then quickly the same upon the i her tide, but he felt no severe pain This i was the assassin's knife. The blood spouted ' he thought‘My time has come,’ and tailing from the bed to the floor fainted. His'first ensation ol returning consciousness was • hat he was drinking tea, and that ‘it tasted good.’ Mrs Seward was giving him tea with a spoon. He heard low voices arouud him, lung and replying as to whether it would «■ possible for him to recover- He could not Bpcah, h„t uis eyes showed bl» c .nwioga. ue»s, and that ho desired to apeak They brought hint a porobhou tablet, on which he btunsgi-d to write, ’Give me eoma more t«* , I Khali get well.' And from that mo ment Uc has slowly hut steadily recovered Iwatth aud strength." The leading physicians In Paris have i omu to the conclusion that one ol the best pfetcutlers of cholera, it tutu lulled with Uci, and that fu > ouseauenee ol lids, an im< uieusc rousumpilon of ram hae taken place in k rauc« siiUiiu the last lortuighl. Una lo tto’ alone la Fails has sutil no Uas Ursa A NOBLE PURPOSE AMD A Glorious Result H. There *re an many road* lo feme and loiiucea# there were gateways u> ancient Thebes. Tour am bitious warrior is (or carrying bis way with the *abre; your aspiring politician tor scheming his way by intrigue amt consummate art. But there Is one grand braadpa.l. t« the goal, along which nothing base can travel. It 1* «>•> path set .part fcr the march ot tal-nt, energy, ami noble purpose and lhonghfnll .trobstacles it contains uonethat a brave man cannot surmount. This tact bat been exemplified mlnnnmerah:# instances, tint in taw more forcibly itan in the rise and progress of IIK. HOOFLAND’S i kkMAN HITTERS. For over fifteen year, its course has been onward and upward, scattering blessings at .. ‘err Bb-p. until it now stands on the topmost rounds of the ladder of fame, ss the great tonic. o XflOY WiiV! Hoofland’s German Bitters Is a positive remedy Tor DYSPEPSIA,* AKS Diseases Resulting from DItORIIR 10F THC LIVER »»'' DIRISTIVE ORBAHC, And is the only cert ain and safe RESTORER OF STRENGTO 4 IN CASES OF DEBILITY. o By tbe use of this Bitters Weakened and Debilitated Frames He roine Renewed with all the Vigor of Health. Impaired constitutions arc rebuilt, and tho patient in * short time regains Vigor, Health and Strength. F OBSERVE THE FOLLOWING SYMPTOMS, Resulting from Disorders ofthe Digestive Organ, I Constipation, Inward Piles, Fullness of Blood to the Head, Acidity of Ihe Stomach, Nausea, Heart burn, Disgust for Food, Fullness or Weight in the stomach, Sour Eructations, Smit ing or Fluttering at the Pit of the ( Stomach, Swimming of the Head, Harried and Difficult Breath ing, Fluttering at the Heart, Choking or Suffocating Sensation wh«n In a Lying Pos ture, Dimuena of Vision, Dots or Weba before the Sight, Fever and Dull Pain la the Head, Defi ciency of l erapl ation. Yellowness of the Skin aud Eyea, Pain In tile Side, Back, Chest, Limbs, Ac., Sudden FluHhe, of lleat, Buril ’ing in the Flesh, Constant Imaginings ofF.vll, aud great Depreeaion of Spirits. | Ktmember That these Bitters contain no Rum or Whiskey. • [And can't make Drunkards. Is not a Bar Room Drink, But a Highly Concentrated Vsgetabls Extract, Free from Alcoholic Stimulant or Injurious Drugs It cannot insidiously introduce the vice of liruuk enness into the boeom of your families- to your wife, your children, or your friends. SOIrDIEHS Or others, whose systems have become Impaired by hardships or disease, will flud in this Bitter* a tonic thnqwill restore them to all their full vigor.H A These Bitters have pcrlormed mors cures! Given Better Satisfaction I Have more Testimony! Have more respectable people to vouch for them! Than any other article In the Market. We defy any one to contradict this assert ior . AND WILL PAY SI,OOO To any one that wIU produce a Certificate published by us that is not GENUINE. N READ WHO SAYS SO. FROM THE HON. THOMAS B. FLORENCE. Washington, January 1, 1864. Gentlemen:—Having stated it verbally to you, I have no hesitation in writing the fact, that I experi enced marked beuelt from your lloofland's German Bit tecs. During a long ami tedious session of Con gress, pressing and onerous duties nearly prostrated me. A kind friend suggested the use of the prepara tion I have named. I took his advice, and llie result was improvement of health, reuewed energy, and that particular relief I so much needed and ohtaine I Others may be similarly advantaged, if they desire tp be. Truly yonr friend, THOMAS B. FLORENCE. D From Rev. W. D. Setgfried, Pastor of Twelfth Baptist Church. Pliiladelptaa, December 26, 1863. M rasas. Jonxs A Evans, Gentlemen I— J have recently been laboring under the distressing eOecm of indigestion, accompanied hv a prostration offhe nervous system. Numerous r. m edies were recommended by incuds aud sous' ot Hu m tested, but without T-olet. Your Moofllsnd’s German Bitters wore recommended by persons who hsd tried them, and whose favorable mentiou of the Bitten, in duced me also to try them. I must confers that I had su avetsiou to patent medicines, from the "thousand aud one" quack "Bitters,” whose only aim seems to do to palm off swoetoned and drugged liquor upon the community, tn a sly way ; and the tendency of which, I fear, la to make mauy a confirmed drunkard. Upon learning that youra waa really a medicinal preparation. I look It with happy effect Ira action was not only upon the ttomueh, but apon ihy uer vone system, was prompt aud gratifying. 1 reel that 1 have derived great anrl permanent benefit from the use ol a few bottles. fsr^ingreclhjllemurs. No. US* Shack amaxoti street. BEWARE of counterfeits. ■ee ihtt tbs signature ot “C. M JACXSON” is on the Wrapper of etelt home, PRINCIPAL OFVIQK A MANUFACTORY No. 631 ARCH STREET, JONES* EVANS, HCt r lUtStORM Iff C M •> Ant HON A (VI. W. M W Huts Agent. (or Broughinn A Hainan! «* Natnaask. (Is Fw sals Iff Bngguff sard In arc, la srw; utwa la FOB IAIA 4, TO tilth T. NIK SALE OK KENT. TWO Cotton Plantation* in Vjarrai rntinty. na— AN' t oru, cotton Mule*, oxen, Block, j 4 'utile. Itoff*. and Wtfoti*, t*j»rt*. £<■ A| ply :if Itiom.ts' Comm Kott<t*. or to K. 14. Kowc, I mi’ in Low ode* county. ir not soM or rental 'prior to Neoiwl Monday tn * January tliejr will !*• n*J at public Hale at j lliomas'CroHHßoid*. i' \t : r nscouiitv, on that day. dV.'w B. V . UAKTKIIMiE k CO. TO RENT, 4 LARGE STORE well adapted to the Diy U<*odß -a*, or Boot Shoe trade. For particular* enquire at 159 Congrew at. % dtf-eotln FOR SALE, CITY OK SAVANNAH COUPONS, in Bums to suit purchasers KOKIIYCK. ANDERSON A lANNEY, d*-tf No 10 Stoddard's Range. FOR SALE. a ik BBLS N<*. 1 Mackerel I"" 10 bbl* No. 3 Mackerel lo l)l»l* N«a a Mackerel •JSlialf bbte No. 1 Mackerel *25 ball bids No. 3 Mackerel 15«» kits No. *2 Mackerel 150 kits No. f Mackerel 4 i tubs Choice Lard 13 tube Choice Butter 4 firkins Choice Butter. Tho above lot are fresh aud new, anil will be offered low, to close consignment. CHAS. L. COLBY CO., nov2X Corner Abercorn ami Bay streets. For Lease or Rent, yf: ACRES of good Farm Land, two miles from the o*9 Court Uonriu. Apply to JOFIN MoMAHON. n23-tf Jefferson and Broughton streets. Holiday Presents CREAT SALE OF Watches, Chains, Diamond Rings, etc., etc., ONE MILLION DOLLARS’ WORTH! To be disposed of at ONE DOLLAR EACH! Without re gard to value! Not tp be paid for until you know what you are tt> receive !! Splendid List of Articles, AH lo he Sold at One Dollar each l 300 Musical Boxc9 S2O to $l5O each 150 “ “ with bells and castinets 200 to 500 “ 500 Sliver Teapots and Coffee Urus 20 to 50 “ suo “ Chafing Dishes 30 to 100 “ 1000 “ Ice Pitchers 20 to 50 “ 2500 “ Syrup Cups, with salvers 20 to 50 “ 5600 “ Goblets and Drinking Cups....*. sto 50 “ 3000 “ Castors 15 to 50 “ 2000 “ Fruit, Corel and Cake Baskets 20 to 50 “ 5000 dozen Sliver Teaspoons 10 to 20 doz. 10000 “ •• Table Spoons and Forks...., 20to 40* “ 250 Gentlemen’s Gold Hunting-case Watches ■> 50 to 150 each 250 Ladies' Gold and Enamelled Huntlng-ca-e Watches..,-... 35 to To “ 500 Gent’s Hunting-case Silver Watches 35 to 70 “ 200 Diamond Kings. 50 to 100 “ 5000 Gold Vest and Neck Chains 4to 30 t* 3uoo “ Oval Band Bracelets -4 to » “ 6000 Jet and Gold Bracelets. 6to 10 “ 2uoo Chatelaine Chains and Guard Chains sto 20 “ 7000 Solitaire and Gold Brooches 4to 10 “ 5000 Coral, Opal and Emerald Brooches 4to 8 “ 6000 Mosaic, Jet, Lava anil Floren tine Ear Drops 4to 8 “ 7500 Coral, Opal aud Emerald Ear Drops....’: 4to 8 “ 4000 California Diamond to 10 •• 3000 Gold Fob and Vest WatcliKeys 2.50 to 8 “ 4000 Fob and Vest Ribbon-slides.... 3to to “ 5000 sets Solttai# Sleeve-buttons, Studs, Ac 3to 8 “ 3000 Cold Thimbles, Pencils, Ac. ... 4 to « “ 10000 Miniature Lockets .2.50 to 10 “ 4000 do do., magic spring 10 to 20 “ 3000 Gold Toothpicks, Crosses, Ac.. 2to 8 “ 5000 Plain Gold Kings 4to 10 “ 5000 Chased “ .. 4to 11 “ 10000 Stone-set and slgbi t Kings 2.50 to lo « 10000 California Kings 2to 10 “ 7500 sets Ladles’ Jcwely—Jet ana Gold 6to 15 “ bOOO sets Ladles’ Jewelry- Cameo, Pearl, Opal and other stones 4to 15 “ 10000 Gold Pens, Silver Extension Holders and Pencils 4to 10 “ 10000 Gold Pens arid Gold-mounted Holders 6-to 10 “ 6000 Gold Pens and Gold Extension Holders*.. 15 to 25 “ 5008 Ladies'Gilt aud Jet Buckles... 610 15 ", 6000 •• Hall- liars and Balls, 510 10 •• AURANDALE A CO., Mamilaoturer’s i yt ts, no. 1«7 Rrnadirni/, .V**»e York, Announce that all the above list of goods wifi be sold for One Dollar Each! In coiirtequeucc pf the great stagnation ot trade in th«‘ manufacturing districts ol F.uglaml, through the war having rut oif the supply Os cotton, a large cut-in* tity ol Valuable Jewely, originally iuteudM for the KDglisU market, ha* been sent off for sale iu this country, and must be sold at any sacrifice. Under these circumstanced, AKRANDALK & CO., actiug as agents for the principal European manufacturers, have resolved upon a GREAT GIFT APPORTIONMENT. to be divided according to tljf following regulations: Ccififioagw of the various article* are put into en velopes Indiscriminately, sealed up, am! when or dered, are taken out without regard to choioe, and sent by mail, thus showing ho favoritism. Oti re ceipt of the certificate you will see what you arc to have, and then It is at your option to send the dollar and take the article or not. Purchasers may thus obtain a gold watch, diamond ring, or any set of Jewelry on our list, for One Dollar. Send 25 Cents for Certificate . Iu all transaction* by mail, we shall charge for forwarding the certificates, paying postage and do ing the .business, 2 » cents each, which must be en closed when the certificate is sent for. Five certific ales will be sent foisl, eleven for $3, thirty for $6, sixty-five for slu, one hundred for slj. What the Prcw Say of Ps, The Lafayette (Inti.) Daily Courier, March 18,18C5, says: “A better selected, more varied or fashionable assortment df jewelry candor be found on the routi nent than Arrandak* k Cos. are now-oiteriilg. Messrs. Arrandale & Cos. occupy a high position in commer cial circles, as men entirely above the common trick ery of trade. Their statements nigy be implicitly relied upon, both as to the character of their goods and the manner of disposal. Ladies especially; in all parts of the country, art* realizing handsome profits as agents, and if any of our lair readers desire to in terest themselves iii the enterprise, they may do so with perfect confidence/’ (ißfcATGift Distiuhction.—A rare opportunity is ottered for obtaining watches, chains, diamond rhigs, silverware, etc., by Messrs. Arrandale k Cos., at No. 167 Broadway. They have an immense stock pfar tides, varying In value, and all are ottered at one dollar each. The distribution is very fairly done : you agree to Like a certificate of a certain article, enclosed in an envelope, and are not required to pay your dollar unless you are satisfied with the atticle, which will certatirly be worth more than that amount, ami maj be s'o or SIOO. An excellent mode thus of Investing a dollai .—Sunday Times , X. V. City, Feb. 10, I*os. Messrs. Arrandale k Cos. have long been personally known to us, and we believe them to be every way worthy of public confidence. —.V. I'. Scottish Atptr iC'iuJiMii ll, ’<j4. By Messrs. Arrandale A Co's arrangement, tlic advantage* musi l»e on the side ot the customer, Ibr be haa everything to gaiu and notluog comparatively to lose. Ue knows w hat he will cet for his dollar beforehand, aud he need not send It il he is not sau>- Deri. —yew York Daily Xeics. Auy. o, 1604. Wo know the firm iu question to »** very respect, able and thoroughly worthy of public confidence, and recommend our friends t»» read their advertise ment.—A. I*. Albion , Sept. 3, IStig. Kmit.ov *iknt for Ladies.—The most eligible and profit aide vmployinent we have heard of lor ladles n the sale of certificate* lor the Great cut Distribution of Arrandale & Cos. A lady of onr acquaintance has been very successful iu this way, uot only in filling her ow n purs**, but also tu doing a good turn to those to whom she sold the certificate*, as will i* aetn by our advertising columns. Gentlemen eau also be thus cufujtd.-ffAVm York Sunday Mercury, jug. I*. 166.’. AtitNTN.-Wc want agents in every regiment, aud iu every town and county tn the country, and itioaa acting as such will »*o allowed ton cents on tvert certificate ordered by them, provided their reintf tanee amounts to one dollar, also o her indueetuenta which tun tic learned on apnltcution a gem a will collect ;t» cauu for winy ctMilfb air. and ivmii ct id* to u«, vltlier lit i fsl or mauipe ARHAND.VLK A ( 0., •kit laws IS> JhVMdlllup, at. r WANTED. A YOUNG MAN, i pab>e ul rete ul e set ul A Iu * '.luMtMkM UM>I tun-ial I'U.luea., A ’ miirr ‘ Address tin* *i. I*o,l VMrv, asfMMk. SA M | UIMNISSIOI NKHIIUITMo- F. M.MYRELL, STEAMHOAT At»ENT, UKNKHAI. (ONMIsmOk AM» FOH WAHUIXU MKKtTIANT, BAY STREET, SAVANNAH, GA. Ham*' Uuildin.K. ?d d**or west <*f A. Low A Co.’•* Refer» to Ms**. Hunter A Gaiomell. < >*«<•, John son A Graybill - Dell. Wylly A Christian ; Both well * Whitehead; Miller, Thomas A Cos.; M. A. Cohen, Ks*|. nep.s.'-tf Wu H Tisotre fi. wTuokim.n Tison & Gordon. COTTON FACTORS, COMMISSION AND FORWARDING MERCHANTS, No. 96 BAY STREET, Savannah, -------- Georgia., Special atlention will be given to the sale of Lumber, Rosin, Turpentine, A., oci24-ftm* By —■ * TtV-M. HORltri.. A. O. SOHRKC SORREL BROTHERS, SHIPPING, Owi mission and Forwarding Merchants, bJ Bay afreet. Savannah, (Is. References: Menem. 11. K. Corning, Sou & Co- N. Y.; Messrs. Peter V. King & Cos., N. V.; Messrs. Fish er, 'Brothers k Cos., Ballimoru.; M<*e»r*. S. &W. Welsh, Philadelphia; National Bank, Savannah, Ga ; Francis Sorrel Kan , Savannah. Ga ;CUaa. Green, Esq., Savau nah, Ga.; T. R. Bloom, Ksq., Macon, Ga. octl7 Sm* D. 11. BALDWIN A CO., COMMISSION MKHCIIANTS, 178 Pearl Street, New York. D. n. Blli*win,l « i- J.F Cumminoa,/ New York H. Dkiouam, \ o h oct4-3m C. M Holst, f Savannah. OKU. I>. KOWLE. WM. K. UOY. UUGU MIOE FOWLE&CO., FORMERLY OF ALEXANDRIA. VA., Commission Merchants. Importers of Railroad Iron and Dealers in Railroad Supplies. Office, 70 Broadway, NEW YOlilv, oct2s Cm General Commission and For warding Merchants- Corner 'West Broad and Kay Streets, SAVANNAH, GEORGIA. THE undersigned have this day entered Into a Co partnership under the name aud style of MeKee, Bennett Sc Cos., at McKee and Bennett's old stand. Will keep constantly on hand a fine assortment of Carriages, Bretts, Rockaways, Buggies, Harness and Coach material of every description, which we will sell at tite Lowest Ca9h Prices. All work sold war ranted as represented. We have flue Store Rooms, anti forwarding will be promptly attended to. Con signments solicited. Will open by Ist 'January Manufacturing and Re pairing Department, anti will have experienced workmen and choice material and be prepared to do any amount of Carriage repairing. MoKEK, BENNETT & CO., J. G. McKee. | L. 8. Bsnnett. V James McKee. I 02 KENNETH, MIEA & CO., (fotmmsshm fftmbunts, 202 BAY STREET, SAVANNAH, tw Advances made on consignments of Cotton, Ac., to Liverpool and New York. dl6-tm A. S. Ifartridge, COMMISSION AND FORWARDING MERCHANT, 92 BAY STREET, SAVANNAH, GA. oct!4-tf H. Growdy, COMMISSION MERCHANT, 196 BAY STREET, ANDERSON’S WHARF, SAVANNAH, GA oct2-3m C. H. BENEDICT & CO., No. 86 IIIOU4I Street, New York, Produce and Flour 'Commission Merchants, Dealers iu Provisions, Butter, Cheese, Ac, Special attention to Southern Orders Consignment* uu ueueral Merchandise solicited. «octi7 3m TO SHIPPERS OF COTTON AM) OTHER SOUTHERN PRODUCE. FKNNEH, BENNETT A BOWMAN, Successors to Hotchkiss, Fenner A Bennett. COMMISSION MEROHANTB, No. 40 Vierv Burner, lew Yosa. And Memphis, Te::n, Tuouas Fenhxu, Hekhy Bexkktt, D. W. Bow u in. CILiS. L. COLBY k CO., Shipping Commission and Forwarding MKIiCHANTS. roses it look, oornib bat ano aurkmoks stbrct savannah' oa. LIBERAL CASH ADVANCES Made on Cone ig ament a o the firm of Cuas. L. Cot —, of New York, or to our friends in Boston. MAUDE A WEIGHT, Agents at Augusts, Ga. ■■litkaCii: Messrs. Dabney, Morgan A Cos., New York. Jarive Slade, lisej., New York. Hon. J Wiley Edmunds, Boston. Gardner Colby, Esq- Boston. sep 18—tl Woodward, Baldwin k 10., IIP Dnaac Street, New York, ” U and 11 Ilunover St„ Baltimore. DRY GOODS COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Liberal advances made on Consignments, Sheetings, Osnabucgs and Yarns. jyis JOHN s. sum & iu., Forwarding and Coiuinission MERCHANm WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN Dry Goods, Groceries, Ac., NOS. 1 AND 2 SAMMIS’ BLOCK, Ilay Street, Jacksonville, Florida. JNO. 0. HA MM 18. ED. G. SAMMIB. OUAB. L, MATHER anil ts MAGKY, BEATTIE & CO. , SHIPPING AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 303 and 30S Bay Street, OSAVANNAH. On. FFBH lor sale id Wholesale Merchant* upwards of four huudred (UMt) barrel* of Whiskey, western distillation, or various brand* and quslific*, together with a large amount of Irish and Scotch Malt Wills kie'L brandy, Wiuco, and Gins, at Philadelphia or New \ork prices, cxpeiineo addtxi, or we will fill all ordei** in the above named cities, at the lowest maikel prices, delivered on board auy boat* of the regular linen. * «n CO ?. llot j' tbe above, Wc should be pleased to hll all order* of Country Produce from PliUadel th>a or New York markets. Flour, Hacou, Grain, ard, Lime, Sale Ac., a large qiuuility of which »t» have on hand and offer for »ale »u the most reason able term*. We are prepsrtNi m nil times to make advances on {toutfieri* Produce consigned to our house iu Philadel phia, MACKY a BEATTIE, ya Booth Water •(■«.(. MUMS 10 !.: iiml itas M-rk. i Mr* i BRYAN, HARTRIDGE A CO.. MavAM firaaki. natT to Mmk hanim' amd Pi.amvbib' lUma Vi iuxmUi Broker and Commleaion Agents roa mu sab n k<iuu os KKKiKH, HANK NoTtt, PRoDUI’A Ao., COMMISSION MIC K<’HANTS SOUTHERN COTTON WAREHOUSE, L'OliNKlt OF BAY AND -LINCOLN STS., SAVANNAH, GA. O’FALLON & CO., FACTORS, Forwarding & Commission MERCIIANTM, TJESPECTFTLLY invite atteutiou to our facilities XV for the purchase or movement of bouihern Products, Miid will give prompt attention to ail busi ness entrusted to our care. Intending to establish, permanently a House In £avanuah expect by strict 1 business principles te merit and receive a porthm of the Trade. Having a commodious Warehouse for Cotton, we areY>repared to Buy, or receive cm consignment to our friends iu New York or Rurope, and will make ad vances on same ; picking, re-baling or mending all Cotton before shipping, thereby saving the enormous expense incurred in Northern cities by this process They solicit a portion of the business of the people of Qeorgia *nd of adjoining States. OFFICE, STODDARD’S RANGE CORNER OF BAY AND LINCOLN STREETS, PT Post Office Address, Lock Box 25. oct7-3m SOUTHERN AND WESTERN I* A.3NT D. Collection and Commission Agency, handle Southern lund aud property of all descriptions. Parties wishing to sell are invited to forward lists.— Numerous applications now on die from parties wish ing to purchase. Make collections on all parts of the country. Pay especial attention to the sale and disposal of Southern products, aud make advances on direct consignments. MATTHEW H. BRIDGE, Manager, No. 9 Broad st., New York. BKFEREMOEB BY P£ILMIBSION 7 lion. Benjamin Fitzpatrick. Ex-Governor of Alabama. P. Harmony, Nephews & Cos., Bankers, 38 Broadway. Messrs. H. B. Clufln & Cos , Importers, New York. A. W. Qreenleat Esq., Banker, N. Y. n9-3m Alkhkd K. Bicnnkti 1 ,) K v*h»*k Ciias. 11. Bknnett, -las. C. Van Pelt, f iyew lorK Raleigh, N. C. Bennett, Van Pelt & Cos., COMMISSION MERCHANTS FOR Til* C AlJt OF COTTON TOIACGO, NAVAL STORES, ETC., ALSO, FOR THE PURCHASE AND SALE OF 9TATE AND OTHER STOCKS, 533 Whitehall St., New York. We have associated with us Mr D. W. Cuitis, late Public Treasurer for North Carolina. n9-Gm JOHN L. VILLALONGA, COTTON FACTOR, FORWARDING A ND COMMISSION MER CHANT. No, 9-4, Bay Street, SAVANNAH, GA. octifl 6m G. H. ArTedge, 72 BAY STREET, Grocer and Ship Chandler, Coxnntiission and Forwarding Mer chant, I WOULD respectfully solicit a liberal share of pa tronage from my friends and acquaintances, guar anteeing to give entire satisfaction and sell at the lowest market prices. Orders from the country will receive immediate and prompt attention. CONSIGNMENTS SOLICITED. novlß Hknbv L. Jkwttt. Jamcs 1. Snioer. Jewett SSSniclei*, WHOLESALE COMMISSION MERCHANTS AND GENERAL AGENTS, Second Street, Macon, Ueorgia, (Between Cherry and Poplar.) Prompt personal attention given to all consign ments of cotton, produce, manufactures and other articles of merchandise. Orders aud consign incuts solicited from a]l parts of the country. Best attention given to orders for purchasing cotton. Agents for several first class Insurance Companies. n9-tf ’ ___ W. J. Blair. A. J. Smith. W. W. Keen. BLAIR, SMITH & CO., No. 2»S BROAD STREET, AUGUSTA, GEORGIA, Commission jHerclmnls, AND AGENTS FOR THE SALE OF MANU r FACTORED TOBACCO. Will purchase and sell on commission, cotton, cotton go*ds, wines, liquors, segars, and produce aud merchandise of every description. ► Consignments solicited. Kkfvbznoes —Brigham, Baldwin & Cos., Wm. H. Stark, Claghorn A Cunningham, Br«dy, Smith & Cos., Savannah, Ga. dT-2m* G. B. & G. W. LAMAR, General CDmmission Merchants. Forwarding aud Shipping Agents, NO.IW BAY STREET, (up stairs ) Refer to Qeo. W. Andciaon, Jno C. Ferrel and G. B. Lamar, Savannah; W. E Jackson. Josiah Sibley & Smis, J. B. &J. W. Walker, Aujjusta. Consiirmnents solicited. 6m-nov2 J. W. RABUN, (Late Rabun & Smith, Cotton Factor and Commission Merchant, No. 140 BAY STREET, First store West of the Exchange, 61-In SAVANNAH, OIONOIA. ’ W. J. sun. A, J. SMITH. w. W. KEXS. BLAIR, SMITH & CO., ISTo. 299 Broad. Street, AUGUSTA, GA., General Commission Merchants, And Agents for the Sale of Manufactured Tobaeco. Will Purchase and Sell, on Commission, Cotton, Cotton Goods, Wines, Liquors, Produce aud Merchun ■dise of every description. Consignments solicited. 2m-nl4 LIVINGSTON, FOX & CO., 14- X II roti<l*v ii y. New York, COMMISSION MERCHANTS AND Agentt Atlantic t'oaxt Itfnil Steam- Conpaii)’. AdvNiicss made on roasignmenu by JNO. if. WILDKK, nctSft ‘ini bavupnali. K. H IsAraaor, Gio. P. Smiak, ' Lata 1> A K. N laiiiiruis Late Jas. I Hutdar 4 Cos. Navioiimh Ga. Savannah, and j lilrch 4 Snider. Columbua E.S.LATHROP & CO., uknekal Commission Merchants, ass i iMisr. **]',<*, aum HKGNII BT , ONII DOOM KMUU iIIKHHI, MACON, OA. -**‘aj M AII. Hot D* Central Railroad BB&&. r ■*• • * W LI’AI WW U U'* BUPERINTEXLENTZS OFFICE. 1 SnYunimlu O*., N*.v. Iti, IMi.'f ON and after W«-dis€»iiiy, ttd uiM., * daily Uam will leave lor AvguMM at HXn a. m.. conffi'Ctiug with * hue of Uzcki* nmnifig lietweeu Btutiou C, Central Railroa*!, and Wiyimburu on the AugUM.i and Savanu.-th Railruad. Pa»M*ngers by thw hue will arrive in Angueta the next inonung after leaving Savannah iu time to conuect with the Georgia Railroad train for Atlanta Returning arrive iu Savannah at 3.45 p. m Freight to go by Paaeeiiger Tram mm* be prepaid and delivered halt hour before departure of train. By order of GEO. W ADA Mb, _ General Superintendent. Central Railroad yiTTlTomm? dTsV’ V •**. W.Jbj*. alii. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE, ) Savannah, Nov. IStll, ISCS. ( Thin Company is now, iu connection with H. J. Dickerson A Co.'s Wagons, pnqmivd to receive and forward to Augusta. Macon, Atlanta Ac., daily from twenty to thirty tiious* id pounds of Freight, aud go through in from three to live days. Ship Freight and other expenses must be paid by Shippers Railroad freight can be paid here or at des tination. Freight on iß‘rishahle goods most be prepaid. Rates to August a« until further notice, will be per foot 50 cents, per 100 lbs. s*oo GEO W. ADAMS, U'2o General Superintendent. DR. T. J. CHARLTON HAS RI STMED THE PRACTICE OF Medicine and Surgery. Residence and Office corner Whitaker and Perry streets. __ _ _ lm*-nlti UOWKLL OOBil. JAMES JACKSON. COBB & JACKSON, Attorneys-a t-Law, n29-3m MACON, GEORGIA. HAYWOOD & LaROCHE. Office at the Ice House, Market Square. OAK, Pine and Mixed Wood kept constantly on h:ind and delivered to orders at the shortest otice. . dllm LAROCHE & JOHNSON, TimberAc Lumber Dealers 200 BAY BTREET, SAVANNAH, GA. d4tr L. B. DAVIS, (Formerly of Atlanta, Ga.) GROCER & COMMISSION MERCHANT, 292 BROAD STREET, Augusta, (Teorgia. N. B.—Particular attention given to receiving and forwarding Produce aud Merchandise. Refers to A, Wilbur, Hunter A Gummed. Crane, Johnsou & Graybill, and John R. Wider. Suvanuah, Georgia. «15-t«>vlm FURNITURE! FURNITURE! WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, Nos. 87 AND *9 SOWERY AND 65 CHRISTY STREET, N. Y. ÜBGKAAF & TAYLOR Have the variety of ROSEWOOD, WALNUT AND MAHOGANY, PARLOR, CHAMBER, DINING ROOM AND LIBRARY FURNITURE, to be found in this city, and at the lowest |>rices. MATTRASSES AND SPRING BEDS FROM $5 TO sl. EXTRA WIDE CANOPY BEDSTEADS FOR THE SOUTHERN TRADE. oct3l -2m Metropolitan Enterprise Great Gift Sale or THE NEW YORK AND PROVIDENCE Jowelers’ Assoointion. Capital » $1,000,000 Depot, 107 Broadway. AN immense stock of Pianos, Watches. Jewelry. ami Fancy Goods, all to be sold for One Dollar each, without regard to value, and not to be paid for till yon see what yon will receive. Certificates, naming each article and its value, are placed iu sealed envelopes and well mixed. One of these envelopes will be sent hy mail to any address on receipt of 25 cents ; five for $1; eleven for $2; thirty for $6; sixty five for $10; and one hundred for sls. Ou receipt of the Certificate you will sec what von are going to have, and then it is at your option to pay the dollar uud take he article or not. Purchasers may thus obtain »Gold Watch, Diamond King, a Piano, Sewing Machine, or any set of Jewelry on onr list, for $1: and in no case can they got less than One Dollars' worth, as there are no blanks. Agents are wanted in every town in tile country ; every person call make $lO a day, selling our Certifi cates in the greatest sale of Jea elry ever known. Send 25c. for a Certificate, which will inform yon what yon can obtain for *l. At the same time get our circular, containing full list and particulars, also Terms to Agents. Address JAMES HUTCHINSON A CO.. n!6-2m 107 Broadway, N. Y. Family Dye Colors. Patented October 13, ISO3. Black Dark Green Black for Silk Light Green Dark Bine Magenta Light Blue Maize French Blue Maroon Claret Brown Orange Dark Brown Pink Light Brown Purple Snuff Brown Royal Purple Cherry Salmon Crimson Scarlet Dark Drab Slate Light Drab Solferino Fawn Drab Violet Light Fawn Drab Y’ellow. For Dyeing Silk, Woolen and Mixed Good*, Shawls, . Scarfs, Dresses, Ribbons, Gloves, Bonnets, Hats, Feather*, children's Clothing, and all kinds of Wearing Apparel. A SAVING OF 80 PER CENT. For 25 cents you can color as many good* as Would otherwise cost five times that sum. Various shades can be produced from the same dye The process is simple, ami any one can use the Dye with perfect success. Directions in English, Finch aud German, inside of each package. HOWE & STEVENS, . 260 liroudwa.v, Boston. For sale hy drnggisi* anti dealers generally, octliuhn Notice. ROCKBY, HANCOCK COUNTY, I Novsmusblo, IMS. f lAM making preparations W receive “ ,” D ™ tier of pupils into my School, which I expect to re open on tlie 22d of January next. Arraugeineuta will h* made lor a Boy s Reading K Cle, l rs'es for hoard and tuition. |>er term of twenty ' I'upil'smust fnrnlHh bed dothes, ffor double lied, sti silsi washing cup. towels and candles. I shall keep »° pup l * w *>" cannot make reasonable Imnrovi-meot, n*>r one iu who«e veracity I cannot con nde < bargee mo.l he paid Iu advance, hut 1 shall re. luud raleehly when e |*ipll I, removed for any reuse. A German Teetlicr ol Muaic rvs|i|*e near ro» who will give leseon. SI usual rates to those who have any leleui is that lin*. aud may deal re tu improve 11. Persons who may loaeml ibeir aon.or wards uugltt tu tuuke apple slmu suuu. It M. Johnston, itl»«od ) |* ii. Sparta. Us, Wanted, Ur.) - A DAY i Agents wankd Iu .ell e hew end »Tw*» wonderful HKMIhO MA< HINF, Ik* mils 110 an oil. Ihupecd Ambuss hIIAW A ( I.AHK llld delord, Mutlts sepUdAwHg | CANDY. rj| hOX ta eiew »rtV A—urtrd Csndv ’ boaes liter, Swsct Clioeofete Fur sale by . HILTON * KANDRLL Aiif HILTON t KANDELL HAVE just received aud offer for sale • Ml barrels Sugar Crackers 50 do Soda Crackers 28 do Lemon Biscuit * P>c Nlc Biscuit *5 do Botftou Crackers 516 do oyster Crackers dll 6 AT 193 BAY STREET LINVILLE & GLEASON. SAVANNAH. AGENTS I«OH. MERRITT, WALCOTT & CO., 64 Courtlandt Street, New York. MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OF BOLTS, NUTS AND WASHERS Bridge, Car, Ship or Band Hock, AND— BOILER BOLT, SETT SCREWS, COACH OR LAO SCREWS. Hot and Cold Pressed Nuts. HOUND AND SQUARE WASHERS, Tvirnbuoltlee, Holt Ends, Taps aud Dies. <fco. - ALSO DEALERS IN RAILROAD SUPPLIES. LOCOMOTIVES, CARS, RAILS, CHAIRS, SPIKES,TIRES, AXLES; CAR TRIM MINGS of every description, and every article used in constructing or operating Railroads. steamship supplies. KNG INKERS* STORES. COAL OIL, TALLOW’, WASTE FKETING, HEMP, AND RUBBER PACKING: LAMPS, PAINTS, VARNISH, Ao.; ENGINEERS' TOOLS, of every description; CHIPPING AND RIVETING HAMMERS, SCREW PUNCHES, FILES, CHISELS, Ao. TELEGRAPH MATERIALS. WIRE, INSULATORS, BATTERIES, IN STRUMENTS, ACIDS, SULPHATE COPPER, Ac. Also Manufacturers of the BEST OIK TANNED BELTING MACHINERY, LATTIS, PLANERS, DRILLS, PUNCHES AND SHEARS, STEAM ENGINES, STATION ARY AND PORTABLE SAW MILLS, SAWS, Ac. neptS ts FOR SALE. ' To .Arrive. 734 ItBLH. ROCKLAND LIME. 199 BBLS. POTATOES. 1590 POUNDS HAKE. 159 BOXES HERRING. The above articles comprising tbe cargo of tks schooner J. 1.. Snow, from liucklaud. Me., will be sold low to arrive. The vessel sailed on 2#!h Novem ber, aud Is now doe. F. W. SIMS Sc CO., dy-tf over Erwin A Hardee's. M. Y. HENDERSON, No. 237 South side Say Street doors east of West Broad, DEALER, in Buggies, Wagons, Harness, &c.; aluo in Buggy and Wagou Stuff and Trimmings.— Auy style ol Carriage or Buggy ordered from any mt* uutaciurcr 1 am also prepared bo order out any clasa of boraes either fur draft or road service. Special attention will be given to the purchase of flue stofck in northern markets. d6-lm IMPORTATIONS DER ship County of Picton, from Ulasgow: X 200 tone (lartsherrie Pig Iron , 256 tone Household Coal luoo hampers Potatoes ’ 150 kegs Herrings 60 cases Preserved Salmon 20 coses Dried Finnan Haddock Nor sale hy d&-tf CHARLES GREEN A 30N-_ JOHN H. DEPPISH, PBALER IN HARDWARE Cutlery, Files. Edge Tools, And Agricultural Implements. Also, SHOT, POWDER, LEAD and CAPS J4B Contjrrps and 67 St- Julian streets, SAVANNAH, GA. n27-lm r. molinaT Corner Bull and Congress Streets, under Screven House, TMPORTER and Wholesale DeaiCT A cars. Leaf and Smoking Tobacco, AJmx*H *■“ of Virginia Chewi up'* and Smoking Tobacco. M« schaum, Bdcr Root, and all other kinda « rw J Pipes. E- H. VAN NESS & Co. t GROCERS, SHIP CHANDLERS AND Pr4<liice Dealers) UNDER THE BLUFF, CORNER ABBRCORN ts- Savannah, Gra. Orders froth the Country Private, Families, Steam* 1 * and bailing Vessels respectfully solicited. Produce bought anil sold on commission. led bids Selected Apples Kill bhls OnSins luo bbls Poutoce 511 bbls Extra Flour • 60 Uhls N-s. 1 and 2 Mackerel 100 tubs Ex ia Butter 60 boxes Extra Cheese . Wo kits Nos 1, 2 aud 3 Mackerel 60 half-bhls Fulton Market Beef to hills Extra Family Pork. Wanted, «»0 *JOT. ! JS2-!S£ iJAKKY. Lily Uuibimg, Bliidclurd. *«pU fiAwim - ~T7ateHt from EgyPjjL PENNY M NEW EXTRACT OF TIU I LOI’I H, anew and eniulaUc Perwm; liaudkarcldaf t leo|»lre end the ladles of tlm p— uay using i lie same perfume. TUE KuYPTIANIOTrjJ w ’ J ’J-J.vW/’/ia , ifV am N fwls "