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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, December 18, 1865, Image 4

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Tb* Sat umiak Dali) Heralrf" MtWUiT DBCKMIKR H, !•••* IIAU LK Among MacAuley'* I.*ars of Ancient Home, in the poem of the : Battle ol Lake Hegillus, ' fought between the I toman* and Lalinea. oc cure the 10l lowing graphic picture. Tire linen ring like blow* of truest steel: “ Now «*n «acb aide the leaders Oave signal for the rlmr-gc: And on each aide the fttotmen Strode on with lance and targe; And »*n each side tlie horsemen Struck their spurs tleep in gore; And. front to front, the armies Mci with a mighty roar: And under that grea* battle The earth with blood was red; And like the Pontine logat morn, The dust hung overhead; And louder still and louder Rose from the darkened tl *ld The braying of the war horns. The clang of sword and shield; The rush of sweeping . Like whirlwinds o'er the plain, The shouting of the slayers, „ The screeching of the slain.” —lt is stated that Patrick Fleming, now lying condemned to death in jail at Chicago, has sold hi 9 body for SSO to a Burgeon, for dissection, in order to enable himselt to have anew suit of clothes to be bung in. QUOTATIONS For Southern Bank Notes. BANKING HOUSE r —or— <’ MANNING & DE FOREST, 19 WALL STREET, NEW YORK. CORRECTED DEC. 1, 1865. -. VIRGINIA. lATt Bank of Berkeley . 7*. 90 *• Commerce, Fredericksburg .40 “ Charleston, Charleston 23 *• the Commonwealth ................ 6 “ nowardsviUe, 0ecuied......... ✓....27 44 Old Dominion. 44 “ Philippi, secured....... 27 44 Rockbridge 40 •* Rockingham ........... 40 •• Scattaville, secured .27 “ the Valley... .....9*2 44 Virginia ....SB 44 Winchester .... .'7‘r...... f>R Central Bunk of Virginia, secured ,-.•»*. .97 Corporation of Alexandria 65 Danville Bank, Danville «... .26 Exchange Bank of Va., Norfolk .So Farmers’ Bank of FlncaftMe '. ->.3& • 4 44 Richmond .. *2h Merchants’Bank, Lynchburg, secured...»**... 43 Moutioslloßank, secured.... ... 27 Northwestern Bauk at Jefferson vi11e....T 96 Southwestern Bank, Wythesville '. 38 Traders’ Bank. Richmond., s. ...,,...30 B-nk oMtichmoud 26 NORTH CAROLINA. Bank of Cape Fear... 43 44 Charlotte :C 44 Clarendon.... 16 44 Commeiee 2T 44 Fayetteville 16 44 Lexingt0n............ 36 41 North Carolina. 43 44 W'adesborough 30 44 Washington 16 44 Wilmington.... 26 44 Yanccvfne ..a 16 Commercial Bank, Wilmington 21 Farmers’ Bank of North Carolina 37 Merchants’ Bank, Newbern .34 Bauk of Itoxboro’. * Miners and Planters’ Bank 38 Bank of Thomasville /. .30 SOUTH CAROLINA. Bank of Camden 30 4 4 Charleston 7. .21 44 Chester 24 44 Geoigetown 22 '• 4 Hamburg ~.22 44 Newbury ~V. .32 44 8011th Carolina...ra...« M 20 44 State of South Carolina.... * .26 Commercial Bank. Columbia. 20 Exchange “ 21 Farmers’ and Exchange 13 Merchants’, Cheraw 2f People's Bauk -. •» .60 Planteis’ “ FVtirfleid. 22 Pianters’ and Mechanics’ Bauk... _2B South W. K. R 40 State Bank IS Uuion Bank i 70 GEORGIA. Augusta Insurance and Banking C0mpany.........12 Bauk ol Augusta 36 44 Athens— 40 44 Columbus 2n 4 Commerce 12 “ Fulton * 36 4 ‘ Empire State v. 44 Middle Georgia * , 76 44 savannah.,*.. 60 Bank of State of Georgia .* 27 Central Railroad Banking Company 94 City Bauk of Augusta 26 Farmers’and Mechanic* 18 Georgia Railroad and Banking Company 92 Marine Bauk.. 76 Mechanics’ Bank 12 Merchants c.nd Planters* Bank. 12 Planters’ Brink 18 Timber Cutters’ Bauk 1U Union . 44 12 Manufacturers’ 44 Macon Iff ALABAMA. Bank of Mobile 76 41 Montgomery 90 44 Selma *.... 80 Commercial Bank 30 Central 44 ........ .......30 Lasurußank 62 Noriheru 44 50 Southern “ 76 TENNEBSEE. Bank of Tennessee, old issue * 46 *• “ new issue 40 Planters’ Bank ; 60 Union 44 * .....60 Bauk ol Chattaffi&oga 22 - 44 Commerce 40 44 Kit xville 40 *• Memphis 75 44 Middle Tenueseee.. 1 80 44 Palis 40 44 the Union y 6 44 • West Tennessee /... ... f ..,.30 Buck’s Bauk '. 9* City 4 60 Commercial Bank -.. .90 Merchants’ “ 40 Northern «.* Ococe 44 40 Shelbyville 44 70 Southern 44 * *o* Trailers’ 44 . 26 LOUISIANA. Bank of America 120 44 Louisiana 36 44 New Orleans... *«..CO Canal Bank 98 Citizens’ Bank \ ,og Crescent City * * 7o Lotueiana State Bank 7 : :.. 66 Mechanics’ and Traders’ Bank 96 Merchants' ** r,y Southern •• i‘JO Union »* .. ,70 N ew Orleans City Scrip .no STATE BONDS AND COUPONS. Virginia Bonds 65<»«7 N Carolina 4 * . North Carolina Floya Bunds.. . *•* ...... W®T6 T wSSwn“ d *' w ' ui coupo*.^^ City of Savannah Bond. .. «• Auguata, •• . ... I, i? Cbartafteo City Stock. J Ncwurlcan. Oily U. H. hnuo, •> - Conaohdated ,‘“‘r City Mcmphia end. t>y bi. T.u '*• '. .. itiuicipai. bavanuah C-oupon* 70u76 August a " : Hoa«6 Memphis •' Iftsio Voarolm* •• IwituMMc •• .iTaOi i.vorgm * Vl'gllila “ vi hou'ii Carolina H. R Bonds M havammh and Uiel I.atoll, I'd mmtg Vi ” ” id ’* ;0 Moutguniiry ami tV Point R ft. Bonds, Naab andUiai 'ado It K Bond* ... it Memo, and Char end It H Hofols tiuisi Moidiu and (dilo It. II at* lionda. ~Maau Coupona Marii 8 a ale dealing ratensiveiy in all kind* of »toult"<u hr" eniina and pay parntulal alieiiinin lo pun liaa, • #|j| 8,,1ea on i ouon.samn, (lllng ooLls for Banks and Hera* iiuiehud tn Uta Hanks I'siim* ten,lit. as pr sagsa by man rrr ssprarM will tarsus Iks benidl J any adname IU Ills mark* I, •base qnufaliona an Aid In Her lias, es MouMi, srn. is, I and so* diillrai ars ip iwpotl *t id'hs'a * 44 “ 4 '*‘ 4 4)14 * tu *"‘ a «* W«M*** A • UAMJYOH. V# HMlftft UANtHT|><iII ft nr 0i IN a.t.unft, Legal Hotioei^ Gt E< -» MATIUII COLNTT —T» all wSmi U rin.ay cooerru: dVrrujM B Melot/oh will apply at 01. Court at ordinary ».r L/ llera id AdaduMrottoa uo lb. id Samuel M Homk Me of Mi* euOßty, Saieaaed. ate. therefore, to rtM and aSmontefa all whom ifliay cm. • rn. to i«- aad appear iM-furaaaid Omri to auake ohieriimi (if aay they have; on or baloio ih. Moi.itav in January nail.iitlieraue aald letters will be granted. Witneaa nv band and oßclal •tgualarn, tilt, mb day of lietember, lMi. D. A. O>BVKNE . due* Ordinary. STATU OF GEORGIA, CHATHAM CX)I’NTT -To all whom it may concern ■ _ Wiierena, Robert M. Mb s will apply ai the Court ol Ordinary for of Administration <*tim »efta meuto annexo on the estate of Klias Ms« kay, late of said county deceased. , k „ ' These are, therefore, to rite and admonish all whom it may concern, to be and appear before said Court to make objection (if any they have} on or iwfore tne setutiid Monday in January u«xt. otherwiaesaid letters will be granted . aw* *».». Witness, my hand and official signature, this Bth d.y«f December. >^ MINICK A O . BYRNE . a STATE OF GEORGIA —OHATHAM .COUNTY—To all w'b-jiM it may Wherena. Kale M. Briody will apply at the Court of Ordinary for Int ers of Adminiatration on the e»- tate of 'ihi.maa' Briody, late of said county, de- Tlfeeeare. therefore, to cite and admonuh all whom it m.ll concern, to oc and appear before said Court to make objection (if any they bavej on or before the second Monday in January next, otherwise said let ters will t* granted. veil ness my hand and ofllcisl signature this 4th day af December, 18*6 and« D. A. O'BYRNK. ft C. C. ADM INISTRATOR-B^OTICE rpwo mouth’s sfter date.sppUcatiop will be made to Jb the Court o[ Ordinary of Cbntliam riaiuty tor leave to sell the real estate ofMrsJaao Barnett, de ceased, for the baueflt of the heirs and creditors. JAMES L- HAUPT, fll-law2m Administrator. VJTATK OF GEORGIA CHATHAM COUNTY,-To ft all whom it may concern: Whereaa, Henry Bryan WIJ apply at the Court ot Ordinary for Be!Vers of Administration on the es tate of Thou. J Plit, late of aald counts, deceased: These are, therefore, to rile and admonish all whom it may concern, to he and appear before said Court to make objection (if any they bavej on or be fore the second Monday in January next, otherwise said letters will lie granted. Witness my band and official signature, this tilth day of November, 18*6. DA. O'BYRNE, d4 Ordinary Chatham county. KORGI A —BULLOCH COUNTY.—To all whom it v T may concern: Whereas, Margaret Jonea will apply at the Court of Ordinary of Bulloch countv for Letters of Adminis ti nt!os on the estate of Buckner B. Jones, deceased, These are to rite and admonish all and singular the kindred anti creditors of saitl deceased to file their ob jections with said Court (if any they have) on or before I lie second Monday in January next, otherwise said liCttai s .sill be granted. Witness niv band, officially, thlsSnth day of Novem ber. 18t56. DAVID BEASLEY. Sen, 628 fawlm » Ordinary. and ' EOKCIA -BULLOCH COUNTY.—To all whom It Vs may concern: whereaa, Elisabeth Aycorit will apply at the Court of ordinary of Bulloch county for fitters of Atlminis tratlon on Die estate of William Aycock, deceased. These are to cite and admonish all and singular the kindled and credimra of said deceased, to HI. tbelr <>b jcctiens.witti said Court (if any they havej hnor before the stolid Monday In January nest, otherwise naid letters will he granted. Witness my hand,'officially, this ’2<lth day of Novem ber, ISOS. DAVID BEASLEY, Sen., n2B lawlm Ordinary. Cl EORQIA—BUItOCH COUNTY.—T* all whom it K may concern: Whereas, Reamer Searhrongh will apply at the Court or Ordinary of Bulloch County for Letters of Ad ministration on the estate of James Parriah, deceased, These are to cite and admonish all and singular the kindred and creditors or said deceased to file their ob ectmns with said Court on or before the ‘id Monday it January next, otherwise said Letters will be granted. Witness my band, officially, this 20th day of Novem ber, 1866. DAVID BEASLEY, Sen , n2B lawlm > Ordinary. APPLICATION has been made to the Ordinary of Chatham county, and under tbe conditions re quired by lafv, pormisaion will be asked to sell all the real estate of Lewis Turner, deceased, for 'the benefit of the heirs aud creditors. dl-law2m* LEWIS T. TURNER. Adm’r. STATE OF GEORGIA, MCINTOSH COUNTY nil whom it may concern : Whereas, Jas. Prindle will apply to the Conrt of Ordinary for Letters of Adininmtration on file estate of .las, K. Webber, late Os said county, deceased. These are, therefore, to cite and adtgtinisli all whom it may concern, to tie and appear at said Court hi make objection, if any t*oy have, on or before the second Monday in January next, Irik), otherwise said letters wtll'be granted, Witness : R. A. Bird, Esq., Ordinary of Melntosli comity, this 4tL day of December, 1866, R. A. Bird, Ordinary, M C. OTA'LU OF GEORGIA, MCIffTOSH COUNTA -To O all whom it may concern ; Whereas, John Paterson will apply to the Court of Ordinal v for Letters of Administration on tire estate of John Miirtaugli, late of said countv, deceased. These arc, therefore, to cite ami admonish all whom ft may concern, tft be and appear at the said Court to make objection, If any they have, on or before the second Monday in January next, iB6O, otherwise said letters will lie granted. Wituess : R. A. Bird, Ordinary Mclntosh county, this 4th day of December, 1866. K. A. BIRD, * dll Ordintpy M. C. STATE OF GEORGIA, MCINTOSH COUNTY.—To ail whom It may concern: Sixty days after- date aptdlcatlon will be made to the Court of Ordinary of Mclntosh county for leave to sell tin- real anil personal estate of P. 1.. Cliartler, deceased, late of said county. T. P. PEASK, dll Executor. Administratrix notice.—ah persons having claims against tbe estate of Charles A. 1.. Lamar, Uls.dccsasid, will present Ihe same, properly attested, within the time prescribed by law. and these Indebted to said estate will make immediate payment lo CAROLINE A. LAMAR, &1S lawdw Administratrix ADMINISTRATOR’S NOTICE.—Sixty day. after date, I will make application to the Honorable Court of Ordary of Chatham county for leave to sell all the real estate of Paal E. Olutigny, deceased, for the benefit of bis heirs and creditors. » LOUIS GRENVALI), Adm’r. Savannah, Dee. 6,1*66. dO-law2m Administrator’s Notice. TWO montbn After date application will be imvdc JL t the Court of Ordinary of Ohnthnm county for leave ° MeJI all the real estate of James Bilbo, de cease tolbr the purpose of distribution. JOHN O. FER&ILL, l.'iwim Administrator. /iKOROU-CHATUAM COUNTY.~TN> all whom it " may concern: Whereon, John O. Ferrill will apply at tire Court of <>rclinary for Lettere Diamiscory »» admioistratetr on the estate of Dr. Francis 11. Dcmere, lute of said county, deceased: These are, tkthdorc, to cite and admonish all whom it may concern to be and appear before said Court, to make otyectioa (if any th y un or before the tirst Monday in June next, otherwise said letters wiH be p ranted. Witness my official signature this oth dayof Decem- - D. A. O’BVRNK, _ dl3 *- Ordioory. OTXTB OF GEORGIA, CUATHAM COUNTY. O To all whom it may concern; Whereas, Lev> S. Kusimll will apply at the Court of Ordinary for Letters of Administration on the es tate of Saundeu Cronk, late of said County de ceased. These art*, therefore, to cite and admonish all whom it mnv concern, to be und appear betore said Court tojnuke objection (if any they have) on or be fore the second Monday in January next, otherwise said letters will be-Hrnnted. Witness my official signature this Bth doy of De cern her* ISCS. dv* D. A. O’BYRNE, o. o.C, l iEORGI4£ci!ATIIAM COUNTY -To all whom K VT may concern: WUerca**, Johii»C. Ferrill will apply at the Courl o Ordinary for Letters of Ad ml nisi ration on the nude vised estate of Joseph Burks, late of >«aid county, de •eased. These we, therefore, to cite and artvnonhh all whom It may concern, to bo and appear before said Cotif f to mukeobiactUm flf any they liavs) on or before the second Midday lu January uext, otherwise suid letlera wis be granted. Witness, my hand sod official signature, this 16th day or November, lMk>. DM D. A. O'BYRNB, Ordinary. Ci BORGIA-CHATHAM OOUNTY.-To aU whom it I may coacera. Wlieri-u., Mary Auo Tltcomb will apply at U>e Goari us Ordinal y iur Letter, us ftdafiiUeir.iiou on ■hi- eat ate ul Gaorge 11 Titeumh, late of ante cuahty, uee«*aan t The, are, tbetefora, to rile and ariuioalab all whnm 14 tuay I lo be and appear before .aid Gourt, t‘* inaku iitfieeiioli (II any they liav) on ur before Um -lU'l Mi.miay iu Jeiiu.ry ueal, olherwlM) .am let brant" |« granteii, Witna.. to, kM lal elgualur* tbta ’J*lb 'la, of No v* l»i>m , isffi, ** U. A. O'UYMMK, orfiluary, (i*ilftte>* ‘DhMTY -To all irbo*. '*•»*- •ftlKMelaa aald L ‘UT •hi* lal fta, us lta*ew '(M V ft Oftriihk iHdttmt Legal Notices. CHATHAM OOUMTY.-To all wtioin it mar roaerrn i Where.., William U. Kited aud Mlaa Katherine C. stilt a wtl l apply a, tbe Ooarl of Ordinary for letters pf Admunstratuiu on the estate ot Mra. Mary A tttllaa. late of said county, dmaacd, Toca*- are. therefore, to cIU ami sdmoniati all whom it may concern, to hr and a|,pear Iwlore .aid Court to make objectlou ill any they b«vej on or be fore the M-coud Monday in January next, other wire •aid letters will tie granted. a W'itn*-sr mv hand and official signature, this lath day of November, 1966. noTl4 D. A. O’BYBNR Ordiusn STATE OF OKOItGI A. CH ATHAM COUNTY.—To all wliom it in ly concern : W hereas, George C. Freeman will apply at the Court of Ordinary for I.e tiers of Administration on the estate of llenry C. Freeman, late of said county, deceased, These are. therefore, to cite and art monish all wliom it iuu) concern, to he and (appear before said Court to make objection (if any thej- havej on or be fore ihe second Monday in January next, otherwise said lelicni will b^granted. Witness my baud aud official signature, this 10th day ot November, 1866. Ul3 D. A. O’BYRNE, Ordinal?. GLYNN COUNTY—To all O whom it may conqyrn ■ Whereas, Henry It. DuKignon and Mary A. I)ubig non will apply ut the Conrt of Ordinary for Letters of Administration on the estate rl Felicity Imßigron, late of Gljpn county, deceased. Tlicse are. therefore, to Cits and admonish all whom it may concern to b*-and appear U-foiesaul Couit, t» nfake Objeelioh flf any they liavr j, oa or before the first Monday in Jaumtry next, otherwise said Letters will bi granted. Witness, Stephen J. Gorton, Esq, Ordinary for Glynn county, this 6th day of December, tK6a. da STEPHEN J. GORTON, o. o. o. . rrvvvu MONTHS after date applicallou wilt be made JL to tlie Conrt of Ordinary of Bulloch county, by James Hendrigka, Guardian .of Daniel Hendricks, a minor, deceased, for leave to sell all the lajids be longing io said deceased, for a division among the heirs. - „ ■. . JAMES KENDRICKS, Guardian, Bulloch county,Nov. 28th, 1866. n2B rpvv'cr mooiiis alter date applicatirui will be made to JL the Conrt of Ordinary of Bulloeh, for leavo lo sell all tie- land- In longing to the estate of George Grooms, deceased. JA’MES W. MOOUE, Adrn’r. ELIZABETH GROOMS, Adm’x Bullock county, Oct. 28th, 1866. law4w octal GEORGIAs-CHATHAM COUNTY.—To all whom it may concern. Whereas, Ueury K. Jackson will apply at the Conrt Os Ordinary lor Letters ot Guardianship upon the person and property of Frederick T. Bealle, minor and orphan child of Rebecca A. Bealle, late of Chat ham county, deceased : These are, therefore, to cite and admonish all whom it nrav concern to he and appear before said court, to make Objection fit any they have) on or before the second Monday in January next, otherwise said let, ter- win be glanced. Witness my hand and official signature this 29th day nfNoveiuber, is**. ii3» ' I). A. O'BYRNK, Ordinary. / r EOBGIA—CHATHAM COUNTY—To nil whom It vX may concern: Whereas, Margaret Ifoyle will apply at the Courl of Ordinary for Letters of Administration on the Estate oi .lames Doyle, late of said county, deceased. These arc, therefore, to cite and admonish all whom it may concern, to be and appear before said Court to make objection (if any they havej on or before the Second Monday in January next, otherwise said letters 'will be granted. Witness my official signature this 7tb day of Novem ber, 1866. nil D. A. O'BYRNE, o. o. c. ON Ihe second Monday in January ndxi,application will be made to the Ordinal y of Chatham county for leave to sell all the real estate iielonging to tbe es isle of Peter stuck, late ol hi id county, deceased, fur distribution among the heirs ol said estate. JULIAN HAfttRIDGE, Administrator de bonis non, cam nlo-2am testamento unnexo. GEORGIA— CH AT2f AM COUNTY—To all whom it may concern: . . . Whereas James E Cope will apply at the Court of Ordinary for Letteis Dlsmissory as Administrator on the estate us James C. Thompson, late of said county, deceased, These sre, thc.efore, to cite and admonish all whom it may concern to be and appear before said Court to make objection (if auy they have) on or before the first Monday in May next, otherwise said letters will be granted. Witness my hand and official Signature this 26th day efOctobrt, 1865. D A. O'BYRNE, . noVJ-larogm ~ ' Ordinary 0, O. - TWO Months alter date hppHcation will be made to the Court of Ordiuury of Bulloch county for leave to sell all tbe Lauda belonging to the estate of John Driggers, deceased, for the benefit of tile heifs andcred t tore oisald estate. nov2-law2m JOHN BRANNEN, Executor. OTATE OF GEORGIA, CHATHAM COUNTY—To 18 all whom it may concern Whereas, Undoru H. ABrahams will apply at the Court ot ordinary for Letter* Piaraiseory as Adminis tratrix on the Estate of Jacob M. Abrahams, deceased. These are, therefore,Write aud admonish all whom Tt may conpem, to be and appear before said Court to make objection (if any they have) on or before the first Monday in May next, otherwise said letters will be granted. Witness, my official signature, this 30tli day of Oc tober, 1966. D A. O’BYKXE, nov'J o. o. o, FOK SALE A TO KENT, To Rent, TWO Rice Plantations on Savannsh ijver, known as Coleraine and Twcedsidc, late the property of James Poltcr. deceased. Apply to the undersigned, at the office of the Cen tral Railroad Bank. RICHARD M. CUYLER, dl6-lw* Executor FOR SALE )R RENT. = TWO Cotton Plantations In J.aurefts county. 0a— Also Corn, Cottmi Seed, Mules, Oxen, St»ck, Cattle, Hogs, and Wagons, Carts, 4se. A|>ply at Thomas’ Cross Roads, or to F. H. Rowe, Dublin, Lowndes county. If uot sold or rented prior tQ second Monday in January next, they will be offered at public sale at Thomas’ Cross Roads, In Laurens county, on that day. .19 2w BUY AS, HARTRIDGE A CO. FOB SALE, CITY OF SAVANNAU COUPONS, in sums to Suit purchasers. FORDVCE. ANDERSON ft JANNRY, d«-tf -; No. in Stoddard’s Kangs. FOR SALE. | A BBLS No. 1 Mackerel IV 10 Mil* No. li Mackerel 10 bbl» No. 3 Muckcrel 261 i«lfi)bls No. 1 Mackerel i. 26 hMf bbls No. 3 Mackerel 160 kits No. 2 Mackerel 160 kits No. 2 Mackerel 4 » tubs Choice Lard 13 tul>» Choice Butter 4 flrkjm* Choice Butter. Thu above lot are fresh and new, And will be offered low, to close consignment. CHAS. L. COLBY & CO., nov23 Corner Abercorn and Bay streets. For Lease or Rent, D ACRES of gosHl Farm Land, two mllea from the Ov Court Jluuriw. Apply to JOHN MoMAHON. * * n23-tf Jefferson and Broughton streets. WANTED. Wanted. OFFICK ATLANTIC A GULF It. R., 1 * Savannah, Dee. o, 1866 1 STF. AM BOATS wanted at onee to bring away from DoctortoWu to bavaimah one thounand bales of cotton, * ' . «?* > % Liberal terms will be offered. d7-tf President^ Consignees Wanted. FOR E. H. 8.- 36 1,1,1s Flour 20 hull bids Flour U libls Cracker* 6 t)l>ls Aiqilts 6 bids Eggs H ft W- 100 tub# Lard. If not called for will he sold for freight and expenses. _oett» BRIGHAM, BALDWIN ft CO. WANTED. GEORGIA and annul Carolina Bank Bill* Albany aud Gulf Rail load Stuck Ceutiat Railiuail Htnek CoUBMia Albany and null Railroad cnupinis City of Nav.niiah FuKDrUR, ANDKIINON ft JANNRY, and" ts Bay at., No IU Htaddard’a Range. WANTED. ATkI'NG MAN, *apaki* af taking car# of a set oi hook, in a * oiomiaaioß and gen.ial ku>iu»aa. •ho«an mm. wall i*,owinaud.d Addreaa Itoi to Fuel iHH*f Maeannnh i ll Wanted, *2ft v^m'fiMASt’.r.M >heap oaf ih slued ftftoiee* ftUAW ft t'l.AHh lit* ftsftT*. Mate* iej'l4 diwdrn tfoJMll4*fo» St sent WASH, Me. F. M. MYRELU STEAM IIOAT AGENT, U KNKRAb (OMMIHMIOM AND FWM- U AItUING MBHIHANT, BAY HTKEKT, .SAVANNAH, OA. Harris’ Hull,tings Yd door west of A. Low A Du •». liefers to Messrs. Hunter ft Uammell, Crane. John son ft Grayhill Belt Wvlly ft Christian ; Rothwell A Wiittebead; MiHer. Th, mas ft Do.; M. A. Cohen, E-q. _ . Ws. H. Tibon. Ww.‘ W Guanos Tison & Gordon. COTTOJJ FACTORS, COMMISSION AND FORWARDING MERCHANTS, No. 96 BAY STREET, SaVAMWAH, ------- Geoboia., Special attention will be given so the sale of Lumber, Rosin, Turpentine, A., o<t24-8m» »• a. SOKHSI. A. O. SOHKEi SORREL BROTHERS, ti RIPPING, Ccimmissiun aud Forwarding Merchant*, 15 82 Bay street. Savannah, Ga. References; Messrs. H. K. Corning, Son ft Cos. N. Y.; Messrs. Peter V. King ft Cos.. N. Y.: Messrs. Fish er, Brothers ft Cq., Baltimore ; Messrs. S. ft W. Welsh, Philadelphia; National Bunk, Savannah, Ga ; Francis Sorrel, Esq , S*v.-,nnah Ga.;Chas. Green, Esq., Savan nah. Ga; TANARUS, R. Bloom, Esq., Macon, Ga. oct}7 Sm* ■ „ fiALDWIN t CO., COMMISSION MKRCII ANTS, ITS Pt-url Street, New York. D. H. Baldwin,) , V . J.F Cr«NiN«s:| New YoA oct4-3m C. M II out, { ftKW. D. roWIA. U M K. BOY. UUGU «lOE J'OWLE & C 0„ FORMERLY OF ALEXANDRIA, VA., CotnmiHsion Merchants. Importers of Railroad Iron and Dealers in Railroad Supplies. Office, 70 Broadway, NKW YORK, OCt26 Jy . ;• . b ~.; «*> ' ■ General Commission and For warding Merchants- Corner West Broad aud Buy Streets, SAVANNAH, GEORGIA. THE andersigui-d have this day eutorud Into a Co partnership under the name and style of McKee, Bennett ft Cos., at McKee ft Bennett’s old stand. Will keep constantly on hand a fine assortment of Carriages, Bicits, Rockaways, Buggies, Hnrness and Coach material of description, which we will sell at the Lowest Cush" Prices. All work sold war ranted as rgjiresenU'il. We liavo fine Store Rooms, and forwarding will be pronqirly attended to. Con signments solicited. Will open by Jst January Manufacturing and Re pairing Dupartment, and will have experienced workmen und-chuice material aud be prepared to do any amount of Carriage rejsuring. McKEE, BENNETT ft CO., J. G McKee, i L. 8. Bennett, V ,Jy eK. McKek. id 9 KENNETH, M’LEA & CO., 202 BAY' STREET, SAVANNAH. W Advances made on consignments of Cotton, ftc., to Liverpool and Nest York. dl6-lm A. S. Uartridge, COMMISSION AND FORWARDING MER.OHANT, 92 BAY STREET, SAVANNAH. GA. bctl4-tf . . £T. Growdy, - COMMISSION MERCHANT, 196 jBAY STRSST, ANDERSON’S WHARF, * SAVANNAH, QA. maim C. H. BENEDICT & COTT No. 86 Broad Mrett, New York, • Produce and Flour Commission Merchants, Dealers in Provisions, Batter, Cheese, ftc. Special attention to Southern Orders Cunstgnmeut* on General Merchandise solicited, octn 3m TO SHIPPERS OF COTTON AND OTHER SOUTHERN PRODUCE. FBNNBK, BENNETT ft BOWMAN, Successors to Hotchkiss, Fenner ft Bennett COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 4U Vesky Stueet, ~rw Yoaa. Aud Memphis, Tesa. Tuomab Fenhes, Henky Besmett, D. W. Boasts. jy« Ofo CHAB. L. COLBI & CO., Shipifioi Conamisaion and Forwanlhtg MKRCHANTS. JONES BLOCK, OOBNEB utY END AIIEBOOBN BTBEZT BAVA NN A IT, GA. LIBERAL CASH ADVANCES Made on-Conslgnmcnta o th« Arm of Cuas. L. Colbt, Os New York, or tffour fricydd in Boston. MAUDE & WRIGHT, Ax«uts at Augusta, Ga. . _ . BEPKBKWOKS; , • Messrs. Dabney, Moi-gan A Co.,New York. Jarive Slade, Esif., New York. Hon. «T Wiley Edmunds, Boston. Gardner Colby, Esq., Boston.. - > aepifl—R Woodward, Baldwin A to., tit) Duane Street, New York, 9 and II Hanaver St., Baltimore. DRY GOODS COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Libefhl advances made untfonslgiimenta, Sheetings, Osniibnrgs and Yarns. jylß 191 s. \wm & do., Forwarding and Commission WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN Dry Goods, Groceries, &c., t NOS. 1 AND 2 SAMMIS’ BLOCK, Day Street, Jacksonville, Florida. JNO. a. exauia. ed. e. aaaaia coxa. l. mxtheb •nil ts MAGKY, BEATTIE & GO. SHIPPIIG AND GENERAL - COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 903 and BOS Bay Street, SAVANNAH, Ga. OFFKK fur rale lo Wholesale Mvlcliunts upwards of four hundred (400) barrels of Wliiskey, western diatdllaUou, oi various lirauds and qualities, together with a large amount of Irish aud Scotch Malt WJils kick Brandy, Wines, snd < tine, ai I'hlladslphfu or N.w York prices, e.\p«o.e.a<ide<t, or we will fill all order, in tha above named cillea, ut Hit lowest murket prices, delivered on board any boats of Ihe regular linen. , “*„ co “ D * c ! l ‘’n with the übove. We should be pleaawl to fill ail orjera of UiuuUy Produoe from Fhlladel ptila or Na« York markets Flour, Bacon. Grain, Laru, Urn,. Salt fte., u large quantity of which ““ Iktud and offer for .ale on the most reaaun able term. „„ w *all time* lo make advance# on *Outh*rn Produce cousighed to our lioiue In PhiiMlel phla, MACKY A BEATTIE, __ _ 26 South Water •!«#». . •JV*' *». W'di and IM6 Merkel etre t BRYAN, nAHINtUUh Ac 6.. ffieraa • -eirr, e««» To Mviouaaw' an* PtanrMa' Baea lieudnett, a* Brffihar luid OoinmiHion Afnti roa ijk .an rvauftaw o* •iVM'hh HANK NOTKM, PHODUCB, *u , An* he Fotwatfilaft CwOtuft ftffiVl Me PO*MWIO*I ■itltCMAMTff. SOUTHERN COTTON WAREHOUSE, COKNICR OF ■“ ■- BAY AND LINCOLN STS., SAVANNAH, GA. O’FALLON & CO., FACTORS, Forwarding & Commission MERCHANTS, T>EBPBCTFULLY invito Attention to onr facilities Ai for the purchase or movement of Southern Products, and will give prompt attention to all Dusi neaa entrusted to onr care. Intending to establinii perm mently a House in Savannah expect by atiict business principles to merit and receive a portion of theTradq. '* Having a commodions Warehouse for Cotton, we are prepared to buy, or receive on consignment to our friends iu New York or Europe, aud will make ad vancesAon same ; pickbig, re-baling or mending all Cotton before shipping, thereby saving the enormous expense incurred in Northern cities by this process.— They solicit a portion of the business of the people of Georgia and of adjoining States. - - OFFICE, STODDARD’S RANGE CORNER UF BAY AND LINCOLN STREETS, RT Post Office Address, Lock Box 25. oct7-8m BCWTHKRN AND WESTERN U Li antd. Collection and Commission Agency, handle Southern land aud property of all descriptions. Partiee wishing to sell ere invited to forward lists.— Namsrous applications now on file from parties wish ing to purchase. Make collections on all parts of th. country. Pay especial attention to the sale and disposal of Southern products, and make advances on direct consignments. MATTHEW H. BRIDGE, Manager, No. 9 Broad st., New York. BCFY.KBNCEB BY PKBUtBSION : Hon. Benjamin FitEpatrick, Ex-Governor of Alabama. P. Harmony, Nephews ft Cos., Bankers, 3» Broadway. Messrs. H. B. Cl..fin ft Uo , importers, New York. A. W. Greeuleaf, Ksq., Banker, N. Y. _ n9-3m Annum K. Bet.nett,> „ _ . h' Bkhnett, .Jxs. C. Van Pelt, f " ew y,)r “ Raleigh, N. C. Bennett, Van Pelt & Cos., COMMISSION MERCHANTS tor tub bai.e or * -. COTTON TOIAOOO, NAVAL STORIS.ITC., A 1.60, FOR THE PUROHASE AND SALE OF STATE AND OTHER STOCKS, "Whitehall New Yorlc. We have associated with ns Mr. D. W. Curtis, late Public Treasurer fdt North Carolina. u9-Cm JOHN L. VILLA LONG X 7 COTTON VACTOn, FORWARDING AND COJIMISSIOS MER * CHANT. No. 94: Bay Street, SAVANNAH, GA. octi6 . . . gm G. H. Arledge, 72 BAY STREET, Grocer and Ship Chandler, Commission anti Forwarding Mer . chant, I WOULD respectfully solicit a liberal .hare of pa tronage from my frlend9 and acquaintances, guar anteeing to give entire satisfaction and sell at the lowest marjtot prices, Orders from the country will receive immediate and prompt attention. CONSIGNMENTS SOLICITED. ’ J-;/*' 1 ' * jc Hemst L. Jewett. James I. Snidex. Jewett At Snider, WHOLESALE COMMISSION MKRCHANTS AND GENERAL AGENTS, Second Street, Alacon, Georgia, (Between Cherry and Poplar.J Prompt personal attention given to all consign ments of cotton, produce, manufactures and other articles of merchandise. Orders and consignments solicited from all parts of the connt ry. Best attention given to ordere tor purchaeing cotton. Agents for several first class Insurance Companies. . u#4f W. J. Blaik. a. J. SaiTU. W. W. Kaxn. BLAIR, SMITH ft CO., • * No. 299 BROAD STREET, AUGUSTA, GEORGIA, - Commission W WJ AND AGENTS FOR THE SALE OP MANU FAC TURED TOBACCO. Will purchase and sell on commission, cotton, cotton gosde, wines, liquors, segare, and produce and merchandiser" every uescrlptiou. Consignments solicited. Rxrtxasors.—Brigham, Baldwin & Cos., Win. 11. Stark, Clagliorn ft Cunningham. Brady, Smith ft Cos., Savannah, Oa. '—. * d7-2m» G. B. & G. W. UMAR, General Commission Merchants. Forwarding nnd Shipping Agent*, NO. M BAY STREET, (up stairs ) - Refer to Geo. W. Anderson, Jno C. Ferrel and G. B. Lamar, Savannah ; W. E Jackson. Josiahr Sibley ft Sons, J. B. ft J. W. Walker, Augusta. Consignments holiclted. 6m-ljOv2 J. W. RAB Ult, ~ • (Lato Rabun A Smith, v Cotton Factor and Commission Merchant, No. 140 BAY STREET, . First store West of the Exchange, d' lm SAVAMAfI. BtOBAIA. W. J. BLAIR. A. J. hit ITU. W. W. K KEN. BLAIR, SMITH & CO., No. U9B Broad Street, . - AUGUSTA, GA., , Ueueral Commission Merchants, 0 And Agents for the Sale of Muuufur.-tured Tobacco. Will Purchase and.Sell, on Commiasion, Cotton. Cotton Goods, Wines, Liquors. Produce and Mcrchan disc of every description. Consignments solicited. 2m-nl4 , Livingston, fox & co„ / lAI Broadway, New York, COMMISSION MERCHANTS , AND Agentt Atlantic Coast Mali meant iblp Conpnny. Adrancet made on Coustgnmunu by jno. a wilder, ’ octn* 2m Havannslt, B. H. L.iuaov, Gao. P. hmmii, lal* D ft F. H. Lathrifo, Late J*«. I. Hinds, ft Cos. HaveUUeh. Ga. Hevaunah, and Birch ft Haider, Columbus E.S LATHROP A CO., UKNEKAL h Commission Merchants, at • v imiii .ft io’*o4n tr.en, ifo riNtl in , UNI 11008 PNUH tHIEMMY, MACON, OA. ■ ftllXßO*. Central Railroad SUPERINTENDENTS OFFICE, t Savannah. Ga, Nov. It, 186,.f ON and after Wednesday, 2nd ia.r., a' dally . train will leave for Augusta at 8.30 a. m.. connecting with a line of Hack, running list ween Ntalion «, Central Railroad, and Waynesboro on the Augusta and Savannah Railroad. PaSMmgers by thia line wiU arrive la Augusta the next morning after leaving Savannah in time to connect with the Georgia Railroad train for Atlanta. Returning arrive in Savannah at 3.46 p. m Freight to go by Passenger Train most be prepaid aud delivered hall hour before departure of train. By order of GEO W. ADAMS, 1)90 General Superintendent. Central RaMroad SUPERINTENDENT’S OFFICE, - 1 Savannah, Nov. 18th, 1866. j This Cornffiffiy is now, in conneetfon with H. J. Dickerson ft cc.’s Waeons.-prepared to receive and forward lo Augusta. Macon, Atlanta fte., daily from tweuty to thirty thousand pounds of Freignt, and go through in li «m three to five days. Ship Freight and oilier expenses must be paid by Shippers Railroad freight can be paid here or at des tination. Freight oa perishable goods must be prepaid. Rates to Augusta, until further notice, will lie per' foot 50 cents, perluo lbs. $2.00 GEO. W. ADAMS, fftfift- w , General Superintendent. PKUKBfHSIONAIA CARDS. BOWELL OOnu. JSMES J ACKBON. a COBB & JACKSON# Attorneys-at-Law, n29-3m MACON, GEORGIA. HAYWOOD & LaROCHE. ' Office at the Ice House, Market Square. / \AK, Pine nod Mixed Wood kept constautly on V/ hand Aud delivered to orders at the shortest otice. dl-lm *. I.AROCHE & JOHIVSOJS - Timber*. Lumber Dealers 2410 BAY STREET, SAVANNAH,-HA. ddtf ~ > f " K B. DAVIS, (Formerly of Atlanta, Ga:) ' - - • UROt'ER & COMMISSION nmRCBAZVT, 292 BROAD STREET, F , v A-TigiTsta, Georgia. N- B—Particular attention given to-receiving and forwarding Produce and Merchandise. Refers to A Wilbur, Htmter ft Gammell, Crane. Johnson ft Grayhill, and Jobs K. Wt der. Savannah, Georgia. .. . • dD-tawlm FURNITURE! FURNITURE! WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, Nos. 87 AND 89 BOWERY AND 65 CHRISTY STREET, N. Y. fiEGRAAF ft TAYI.OR Have the largest variety of ROSEWOOD, WALNUT ‘ , AND MAHOGANY, PARLOR, CHAMBER, DINING ROOM AND LIBRARY FURNITURE, to be found in this city, and at the lowest prices. MATTRABSEB AND SPRING BEDS FROM $6 TO *7. EXTRA WIDE CANOPY BEDSTEADS FOR THE SOUTHERN TRADE. oct3l-2m ~ Metropolitan Enterprise Great Gift Sale • of rax NEW YORK AND PROVIDENCE Jewfilers’ Association. Depot, 197 Broadway. AN immense stock of Pianos, Watches, Jewelry, and Fancy Goods, all to be sold for One Dollar each, without regard to value, and not to be paid for till you see what you will receive. Certificates, naming each artiele and Ite Value, are placed iB sealed envelopes anti well mixed. One of these envelopes will he sent by mail to any address on receipt of 25 cents ; five for $1; eleven for $2; thirty for $6; sixty five for sl6; and one hundred for sl6. On receipt of the Certificate yon will see what you are going to Have, and then It is utynur option to pav thedoHarand take he article or not. Purchasers may thus obtain n (fold Watch, Diamond King, a Piano, Sewing Machine, or any set of on onr list, for $1; and In no case can they get less than Ouc Dollars’ worth, as there are no blanks. Agants are wanted in every town In the country ; every person can make $lO a day, selling our Cerlifl. cates in the greatest sale of Jewelry ever known. Send 26c. for a Certificate, which will inform yon wliat you can obtain for sl. At the same time get oar circular, containing full list and particulars, also Terms to Agents. - Address ■ . james Hutchinson & co„ nIS-2m " 197 Broadway, jl, Y. H. HAYM, X 74 Broughton Street. 174 CLOAKjLAND SHAWLS, the newest style*, LADIES' DRESS GOODS, ' WORSTED SHAWLS AND HOODS, COUNTERPANES, HOSIERY, ftc. Jnst received and for sale at the lowest price* b; oct2B H. riAYM. Gso. R. Ckcmp. Wn, A. Weight, Augusta, Georgia. Late of Richmond, Ya. GEO. R. CRUMP 1 CO., General Commission Merchants AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN Groceries, lipors, Tobacco, Segars, SALTED FISH, Ac. 209 Broad At., Augusta, Ga, OT Will purchase and sell on Commission Oottos, Touaoco, Peodcoe, and Meeouahdibe of every de scription. Refers to tbe Merchants and Bankers of Angnsta, Ga . Richmond. Vq , and Jno. C. Ferrill, Esq., De- Witt ft Morgan, (laden ft Duckies, A. A. Solomons ft Cos., J. T. Paterson ft Cos., It. Molina, Esq., Savannah, Georgia. CONSIGNMENTS SOLICITED. ' . OCt4 Eight Bales Cotton. WE have Rigid (*) Bales Cotton [deked vnnnslt River The owner, proving P ro E*f t 7 •“'* allowing the usual salvor’ •“ b»ve*a ,n( ' If app l*d lorwltlim ten days, ntforwiae OfY wl| •» *old JO pav exiiennerfr Tli*’ iialea ar« unniarkeil aud lu'’<‘r) bad ortler. d«10 K, c.w ADEftto. ENi'A HLIHHfsb ENOCH MORGANS SON'S Sonps, &c., X*. »» J i. in. & c. w. m, l j NfM'kltH LIHKHTY Hi'IIMT, liriwsen Ha.aetd a I Mid Wbllskei, b«>. Just iiiM-aed slid will h**|i rouMantly ihi hsu*l, • fall asaoruneal us Choice Um N N-A M W**i. Muwrir el N*m*» ft Whs, I Hoatb Uioad «tm< <l4 »• LINVILLE & GLEASON. SAV ANNAH. AGIHN’TS l»oi\ MERRITT, WALCOTT ft CO., 64 Conrtlandt Street, Hew York. * MANUFACTURERS of ALL KINDS OF BOLTS, NUTS AND WASHERS Bridge, Car, Skip or Band Book '— AND— * BOILER BOLT SETT SCREWS, COACH OH LAO SCREWS* Hot and Cold Pressed Nuts ■OHO AMD squame swashers, ‘ Turnbucklee, Bolt Ends, and Dies. Arc. P ALSO DEALERS IN ~ RAILROAD SUPPLIES. LOCOMOTIVES, CARS, RAILS, CHAIRS • SPIKES,TIRES, AXLES; CAR TRIM- ’ MINGS of every description, and every Article used in construednpr or operating Railroads. STEAMSHIP supplies. v ENGINEERS’ STORKS. COAL-OIL. TALLOW, WJtSTE FELTING HEMP AND RUBBER PACKING! LAMPS, PAINTS. ' •VARNISH, *o.; ENGINEERS’ TOOLS, of every description; CHIPPING AND RIVETING HAMMERS, SCREW PUNCHEB, FILES, CHISELS, fto, TELEGRAPH MATERIALS. WIRE, INSULATORS, BATTERIES, IN STRUMENTS, ACIDS, SULPHATE COPPER, &c. AMo Manufacturers of the BEST OAK TANNED BELTING MACHINERY, LATHB, PLANERS, DRILLS, PUNCHES AND SHEARS, STEAM ENGINES, STATION ARY AND PORTABLE MILLS, BAWS.&C. septa u FOR SALE. To. -A-rrive. 734 BBLS. ROCKLAND LIME. 109 BBLS. POTATOES. 1500 POUNDS HAKE. I®9 BOXES HERRING. The above article*- comprising tbe cargo- af file schooner J. 1,. Snow, from Rockland, Me., will be sold low to arrive. The vessel sailed on 26th Novem ber, and Is now due. F. W. SIMS ft CO.. d9-tf over Erwin k Hardee’s, M. Y. HENDERSON, No. 237 Sooth side Bay Street, Two doors east of West Broad, DEALER In Buggies, Wagons, Harness, ftc.; al»o iu Buggy and Wagon Stuff and Trimmings.— Any s'ylaoi Carriage or Buggy ordered from »ny ma uuiacuirer. I tun also prepared to order out any class of horses, either for draft oh road service. Special intention will be given to the purchase of flue stock ill northern tgffirkets. - d5-lm IMPORTATIONS T)ER ship County of Picton, from Glasgow .- A 2t)o ton. Oartsherrie Pig Iron 250 tons Household Coal 1000 hampers Potatoes 160 kegs Herrings 60 cases Preserved Salmon 2o casts Mried Finnan Haddock Nor sale by dt-tf CHARGES GREEN ft SON. WHARF LOTS AND FABI For Sale. A VALUABLE Lot of Land, comprising two hun dred acres on Hutchinson's Island, nearly op posite the Charleston w hart in this city, with a front age on the river aud extending across the Island to Back river. Is oflered for sale at favorable terms. Tb« river frontage presents as eligible Sites for w harf fronts as can be found on the river. The Und is of a rich, alluvial character, not excelled Iu lertillty by auy bottom-lands In tbe country , and suitable for the culture of corn or cotiou, the raising of market veget ables or grass—three crops being gtown iu the Benson without difficulty. , This rare chance for obtaining a valuable property is offered on the most advantageous terms, and pan ol the pnrch .se money c m remain on bond and mort gage. Apply Lo NOBLE LYON, dl'ltJl 165 Broughtoo ft.. Savanuab- JOHN H. DEPPISH, DUAI.EB IN HAEDWAEE Cutlery, Files. Edge Tools, And Agricultural Implements. Also, SHOT, POWDER, LEAD and CAPA 148 Congtrts and 07 St. Julian street*, SAVANNAH, GA. n2T-lm \ - r. molinaT Corner Bull and Congrees Street#, under Scrcvcn House, , TMPORTER and Wholesale Dealer In 1 ears, Leaf and Smoking Tobacco, Alee, all k> of Vifgiuia Chewing and smoking Tobacco. M schaum. Brier Root, and all other klDd 'l ( f s “ q Pipes. E- H. VAN NESS & CO., GROCERS, SHIP CHANDLERS AND Produce Dealers, UNDER THE BLUFF, CORNER ABEKCORV ST Savannah, Ga. Orders from the Country Private, Families, Steam, and sailing Vessels respectfully solicited. Produce bought and sold on commission. luObbl*Selected Apples 100 bills Onions inn bbla Potatoes 6n hhls Extra Flour 60 bbls Nos. 1 and 2. Mackerel UN) tuba Extra Butter ft 60 boxes Extra Cticaae «, ton kite Not 1, 2 and 3 Mackerel §f 6<* half-bid* Fulluu Market Beef 6» bl)la Extra Fanillr Pork. Wanted, § djtkjk A MONTH I AgenU wanted wentedfo* svplk ifftwliu lautust Iroi a Ktfypjß r|wi|»U* and U*« Udl** of 'b« : da, using the «*#*# p«rfum* ■ m.s ...«. ,so b, v A