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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, December 19, 1865, Image 2

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Tie Savannah Daily Herald. V S W. MASON & CO. <AHIKL W. NASON, KUltor, \V. T. Amoclmte Editor. *^aTasxahTti pbcembkk i». is*. ©- For Fourth Pagw jgp- Our reporter will on Thursday uior r call for an account of the stock of on “hand and on shipboard Jiot cl‘' are j <_)ur merchants will oblige us h ’y having their statements ready on Thi'^ g j a y morning. the ow»RO’ a lbomlatore. The Genera’ t Assembly, which closed it? prelianns'y session on Friday last, to assem- We "'gaiu on the 15th of next month, though perhaps not comprising so large a proportion of the men of the State of reputation and legislative experience, as was comprised in the late Convention, is nevertheless a body of marked ability and earnest patriotism. Many of the members of both Houses are yooug men, who haye never before held seats in the General Assembly of the State, but there are also many who have taken a prominent part In the legislation of tbe State, both previous to and since its secession from the Union. One feature of the present body did not fail to impress itself upon the minds of all who observed its deliberations, and that was tbe total absence of everything like partisan feeling. For the first time within our recollection we beheld a General Assembly of the State of Georgia in which partizan politics was unknown, and in which demagogueism had no voice. As if the fiery ordeal through which the State had passed had obliterated all recollection of past politi cal differences, and with the changes which it wrought in the circumstances, relations and condition of the people, had engendered new ideas in the creation of new necessities, Sena tors and Representatives, deeply impressed with the responsibilities resting upon them, addressed themselves zealously to tbe work of renovation and reconstruction. The session opened amid doubt and appre hension but in comparative ignorance of the malign influences which had been brought to bear against the State, tbe strong prejudice had been excited against her people, the suspicion and distrust that had been engendered in official quarters At Washington the Legislature proceeded in good faith to carry out the program of re construction inaugurated by the Convention an conformity to the requirements of the Federal Government- Inthis they were tem porarily estopped by the interdiction of the organization of the civil government of the State j hut though embarrassed in their Her culean work, by the mandate from Wash ington forbidding the inauguration of tbe Gov ernor elect, continuing the Provisional Gov- his official position, and withholding the certificates of eleetfen from the members elected to represent the State in the Federal Congress, conscious of their own rectitude of purpose, they did not despair, and under the lead of that pure citizen, incorruptible patriot and sagacious statesman whom the people had so unanimously called to be their Chief Executive, they calmly awaited the prevalence of more liberal councils in Washington, in the confident belief, that “in due time,consistency would command confi dence, and sincerity,like the diamond of first water won its own recognition.” It may be too soon to say that thia hope has been fully realized but the bietory of the last few days ol the session encourages us to believe that it has not been wholly disap pointed It is certain that a better under- exists between tbe Federal Govern ment and tbe General Assembly of Georgia. Tbe inauguration of tbe Governor bus taken place under auspices and with results which it is to be hoped will exert a re-assuriug in fluence on tlie Northern mind in reference to the temper and purposes of our people, while it will give courage and hope to the latter; the issuing of certificates of election to the Congressmen, elect has been left to tbe Constitutional Governor, who has enter ed partially, at least, upon the exercise of tbe functions of bis offlee; ami measures looking to the protection and government of the freedmen, giving them access to the Courts, and full protection in all their pro perty aud personal rights, which, it is be lieved, will secure the objects desired and meet the approval of all just and reasonable men, North and South. The code of laws adapted to the new rela tion between tbe whites and blacks which lias been in preparation by a committee ap pointed by the late Convention, bad not yet been reported to tbe Legislature. This will be done immediately after tbe re-assembliDg of that body, when it, with all tbe laws and resolutions touching that delicate subject al ready reported, will be referred to tbe Joint Committee on Frecdmen’s Affairs by which it will he digested and perfected, and reported to the General Assembly for adoption. The perfection of this code will occupy much of the time of the session. In the language of Governor Jenkins, it is in the hands of “ geptlemen equally distin guished for ability, experience and benevo lence and lroro what we know of them as well as of the spirit ot the Legislature itself, we leel confident that the code which is in future to protect the rights of the black man and govern him in his relation with the white race with whom his lot has been cast, will in its practical operation, be humane, wise, beneficent and just, giving equal security and safety to both races. In the inaugural of Governor Jenkins may be found the fore shadowing of the code to be adopted. It may require the experience of a few years to perfect it, but in the enlightened philan thropy of our people, the wisdom and justice ol out legislators, the true friends of cither or both races have a guarantee, that to tbe extent of human ability and torekuowlcdgo, it will tend to promote the end desired by all good mou—that* in their new relation "each ( lass shall be to the other a blessing, not a curse." \V » have incidentally alluded to the iunu ginat address of Governor Jenkins. We be iieve tlmt tins document may be safely re gar ) (led by thu Northern people as well our own HUite, sr embodying the true senUmeul, con Vioteia end piupotl. .1 of Ills (bocrul Asaem lily. Upon whom lit delivery made a most profound and iattiag linpimudun I tar ing its delivery throughout the vast Hall tilled as it wss to its utmost espar Ity, a liM'Stlduas silence lelgued, bra hen only by ociasionsl involuntary in or roots ol uppiobatloH, which looud Irequsu l silent < »|>ti * tou lu (he tear* llial timed down many a ilmsk U"M Ud univviaal aubjsvt of commendation in Mllledgtviile, M*e feel confident It will be throughout the State, and as we sincerely hope it «Till he throughout the Union. When malignant fanaticism shall cast its blinding scales, and Such catli ! olic sentiments prevail throughout the laud, j then, indeed, will the work of reconstrartion j be substantially accomplished, and “joy come j w . the morning of reunion.” MR. SI NNER'S PROPOSED AMEND MENTS TO THE CONBTITTTIO.V The ibetoric&l Senator from Massachusnlls, prompted by a desire to complete his claim to pre-eminence, as the parliamentary advo cate of political and social equality, hardly awaited the announcement from the presi ding officer of the Senate that business was in order, before he introduced a series of amendments to the Constitution. He could not permit the expectaut public to remain long in doubt as to the flaming policy which he had digested and was prepared to urge upon the country. His programme, as foreshadowed in his amendatory proposition, is both comprehen sive and intelligible. It is based upon the hypothesis that, though no State has any constitutional right to secede, the Southern States, nevertheless, by attempting to secede, virtually put themselves out of the Union ; and that the conquering States have tbe right to impose fipon them conditions upon which they may Resume their former relations to the government of the United States. It is assumed also, that President Johnson erred iu allowing the Southern people to take part in the re-organization of the State Govern ments, and that all acts done by them may be held null and void; and consequently cpn gress is not bound to recognize'theState governments which they have organized, or to admit the Senators and Representatives whom they have sent to congress. Such is Mr. Sumner's theory as expounded in his proposed amendments, which looks to the establishment of a great central despotism over these States until they shall be forced to admit freedmen to all the rights of citizen ship, aud surrender their governments into the hands of their former slaves and the “ loyal” whites. His first proposition is contained in “a bill to preserve the trial by jury, and provides that grand juries shall consist of one half of persons of African descent in sections where one-sixth of the population is African, and tbe proportion iu petit juries, where matters relate to any injuries inflicted by a person of African descent, and vice versa, aud preju dice against such African race is made a giound of challenge and exclusion from such juries. The proposition is without a single prece dent in all the annals of American legislation, and exceeds in radicalism and malignity any thing that has ever been claimed for the co lored race before in this country or in Eu rope. It is far iu advance of the demand of the right of suffrage, and cannot but be re garded as a bold advance towards tbe recog nition of tbe entire political and social equal ity of the Freedmeu, a thing it was supposed few thought possible and still fewer would be willing to tolerate. The second proposition prescribes anew oath to maintain a republican form of govern ment in States in rebellion, as follows: “I do hereby swear that I will at all times hereafter use my best endeavor to republi can form of government in the State'of which I am an inhabitant and in the Union ol the United States, and I will at all times recog nize tbe indissoluble unity of the Republic, and will always discountenance aud resent any endeavors to break away or secede from the Union; thatT will give my influence and vote at all times to sustain the national cre dit; that I will always discountenance aud resist any attempt, directly or indirectly, to re pudiate or retract, either in any part or iu any way, the debt which was contracted by the United States in subduing the rebellion, or the obligations assumed to Union soldiers; I will always discountenance and resist auy laws making auy distiSfction of color or race, and always strive to maintain a State govern ment completely loyal to the Union, where all men shall enjoy equal protection and equal rights. This is the development of the intentions of the second clause of the Constitutional Amendment, which was simply an oblitera tion of State rights and sovereignty, and the substitution of Congressional supervision aud legislatioh therefor. The fifth proposition is a joint resolution, proposing to amend the Constitution so as to make the voters, instead of population, the basis of representation in Congress. We have only presented a few of tbe most radical features of the proposed Constitu tional Amendments, which are enough, how ever, to enable the intelligent reader to judge what sort of legislation will be attempted and the kind of government the radicals are seeking to establish. If the proposed amendments of the Sena tor from Massachusetts should be adopted* a despotism more absolute and degrading than that which would then be exercised over the Southern people would not exist elsewheie in the political systems of the world. It has been justly remarked by a Northern cotemporary that “such a consum mation would breed revolution in Imperial France. It would provoke convulsion even under the iron scepter of the Russian Czar.” Hot is to be hoped there is enough of con servatism yet remaining with a large por tion of the Republican members of Congress, wbo are not controlled by hatred and fanati cism, to foil the malignant purposes of Mr. Sumner aud his radical supporters. We trust the time is not far distant when a sense of equity and a revival of patriotic sentiment will restore to the political governments of the South their normal rights. Towards the present Congress are directed the hopes and tears of our people; upon it is fixed the attentiou of tbe whole nation, and with it rest responsibilities greater tbau have talleu upon any deliberative body which has assembled on this continent since the convention which adopted the Federal Con stitution. To restore a broken Union, re unite a lately divided people, heal the deep 1 wounds of civil war and restore the Govern "•cut to its primitive state is the momentous task it baa to perform, to meet fully thu pa triotlc expectations of the American people, *M 1r rr mpHsli U lIHMUMfilif the mem hcr» must discard all passions and prejudlcoa Irotu ihnr hrsaiu, and dUtnUs all consklera Huns of party from their councils. War tut« Warm is laciurlug tu Nashville. An Allsuls paper invokat m UI ••|,y n, t , ,p, u , his distilled spirit ol Motuus, or it that won I and« w# will try old Uouibou • to sows tlowu \ to Muse "low grounds ol soilow KaastA.— Our jown draft of Got Jenkins' able and impressive Inaugural address, with the proceedings of the last two days of the session -of the Legislature having Idled in Uhii-uiission from Miilcdgeville, we were comr»'ll<*t either to forego our desire to lay the impoi taatdocument before our readers at the earliest possible moment, or adopt a very inperfect copy, hastily printed by a Macon cotemporaiy. This we corrected from mem ory, hut find in it several errors of our own compositors, tome of which affecting the sepse, we desire to correct. We do this iu the convictioa that the inaugural of Gov. Jen kins will produce a profound impression on the minds of our-fpeople, if not throughout the Union; and that it is highly proper that bis meaning shall not be perverted or ob scured by verbal errors. Those who preserve the inaugural for fu ture reading, (as no doubt most of our read ers will), will please correct as fol lows : At close of the nth paragraph for ‘patent power,’read ‘latent power.’ In tbe second line of 6th paragraph for ‘encompass as,’ read ‘encompas, us,’supply ing a comma. 7th paragraph. 12th line, for ‘so these In struments continued together,’ read ‘so these instruments construed together.’ Same par’ agrapb, 33d line, for ‘spuriously,’ read ‘spe ciously.’, Bth paragraph, 7th line, for ‘identify,’ read ‘fidelity’ to the supreme law. 3th paragraph, 1 Stli line, for ‘real citi zens,' read ‘leal citizens.’ 11th paragraph, I3fh line, after ‘the war, omit the word ‘and•’ Same paragraph, 32d line, after ‘upheaving,' omit the word ‘iu.’ 14th paragraph, 26th line, the sentence should commence ‘Are’ our own offspring. Same paragraph, 35th line, for .‘identity,’ read ‘fidelity.’ Same paragraph, 44th tine, for ‘through,’ read ‘thorough.’ 16th paragraph, 14tb tine, for ‘combatable,’ .read ‘compatible.’ 2Gth paragraph, Oth tine, after 4he words ‘all philosophy,’ insert the words, ‘other than. Same paragraph, 13th tine, for ‘ex claim,’ read ‘aeclaim.’ Same paragraph, for ‘disposes,’ read ‘dispose.’ There are some few other typographical errors which the intelligent reader will dis cover and correct, but the above are the on ly ones which alter the sense. —General Sterling Price has forwarded his application to be all&wed to return to the United States, and to be pardoned. —lt was positively asserted in Richmond at latest advices that Gen. Butler would take command of the Department of Vir ginia on the Ist of January. —Gen Steedman has announced on his staff, Capt. Edward Moale, 19th U. S. Infantry and Bvt. Major U. S. A. Aid-de- Camp. Capt. Newton I. Dikeman, 16th U. S. Infantry, Asst. Inspector General. —There are one hundred and thirty-eight bachelors in tbe British House of Com mons. —A wife in San Francisco lately put in a petition for divorce, in the court on the ground that her husband was a “confounded fool ” The court, who was an old bachelor, wouldu't admit the plea because every mau would be liable to Jhe same imputtaion who gets married. '• —Mr. Washburn* of Illinois, is the oldest conservative member of the U. S. llouso (t Representatives. —Tbe Mayor of Mobile has prohibited the railroads and steamers from “importing” negroes into that city. —The 4th inst. was a most remarkable day at Baltimore—tbe atmosphere equating the warmth of summer. At noon tbe thermo meter exposed to the direct rays of the sun, rose to 108 degrees. According to a dispatch from Fortress Monroe, Mr. Davis is now enjoying good health. He has daily walks on the parapet, comfortable quarters, a genteel wardrobe, a good table, and plenty ot reading matter.— He is said to have thought the President’s message waa in general a good and wise document. . The health of Clement C. Clay is impro ving and he has subsided into seeming apatby and patient waiting for whatever may betide him. The Drug Business. —There is Uo business or branch of trade in which skill, know ledge, and enterprise are more essential, than iJAbe drug business ; nor is there auy branch of human industry in which more charlatanism and imposture prevail. It is therefore to the interest of the public care fully lo discriminate between tbe true and the false druggist. 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The Department invites proposals for con veying the mails until June So, 1860, to all country seats and other important points uot reached by Railroad communication, at rates not to exceed $8 per mile | er annum .fi r weekly service ; sls for semi-weekly, and $22 for tri-weekly; aud where the importance of the case requires, S4O for daily service; counting the distauce one way only iu all cases. Service will be furnished on routes, where, before the war, it was daily, three times a week ; where it was tri-weekly twice a week; and where it was semi-weekly, weekly service will be allowed. Proposals should be addressed to “Hon. Geo. VV. McLellan, 2d Asst. P. M Washing ton, D. C.. and should state they are for serviac to end June 30th. 1866. nov 4 ts Office of U. S. Direct Tax Com missioner. DISTRICT OP GEORGIA, I Savannah, Dec. 13, 1805. f Owners of Lots, Lauds and Improvements in the city of Savannah, Ga., are notified 1 hat the Tax Roll (or said city is completed, and the taxes due thereon may lie paid to the undersigned within sixty (60) days (Tom this date, at our office, north-west corner ol South Br>ad anil Lincoln streets, in said city of Savannah. For non-payment of tbe Lax, the Act of Cungress proscribes a forfeiture of the property taxed to the United States. Office hoars from y to 12 a. m., and 2 to 5 p. m, T. P^BOBB, » S. AWANCOABT, J. C. BATES, XJ. S. Direst Tax Commissioners, Diat. dl3 ts of Georgia. SAVANNAH NATIONAL BANK, \ December yth, 1865./ An election for six Directors, to manage the affairs of this Bant for one year, will be held at tbe Banking Honsc on the second Tuesday in January next, being the sth day ol the mouth. Polls open from 10 o'clock a. m. to 2 o'clock p. m. dl2-lawlm JACOB SPIVEY, Cashier. 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AGENTS FOR ALE AND LAGER BEER dlsliu Holiday Presents. A I.AKUE aud elegant ass.irlm.iit of French, Eng ll.b and KohrMUn Wars, conslsllug ol DINNER, TEA, TUIUCF, COLOGNE AND l.ltylloM MKTM, Ac., Me., Mtalils lor Holiday Ibssshb yl KUNHWAHK HOl'rtK, MWMioughluu sii.M w.ud floor him* Ibc 1 onus i4 flui Mrs.l dl If * K D hMYTM|« k*' IPEfIUL NOTICES. MARRIAGE AND CELIBACY. Au t>iay of Warning and Instruction for Young men, just published by the Uuwaid Association, aud scut in .ealed letter envelopes free of rbarge. Address Dr J. SKILLIN HOUGHTON, Howard Association, Philadelphia, Pa. ucU2*3in A PHYSIOLOGICAL View of MAHHIACSK Containing nearly 300 pages, aud 130 due Plates aud Engravings of the Anatomy ol the Human Or gans lu a state of Health and Disease, with a Trea tise on Early Errors, it* Deplorable Consequences upon the mind aud Body, with the Author's llanos Treatment—the only rational and successful mode of cure, as shown by the report of eases treated. A truthful adviser to the married, and those contem plating marriage, who entertain doubts of their phys ical condition. Sent free of postage to any address, on receipt of 25 cents, in stanqis or postage currency, by addressing Dr. LA CROIX, No. 31 Maiden Lane, Albany, N. Y. Tlie uutlior may be consulted upon any of the dis eases upon which his book treats either personally or by mail, and medicines sent to any part of tbe world, octlb 6m ITCH! ITCH! ITCH! SCRATCH! SCRATCH!! SCRATCH!!! Wheaton’s Ointment. WILL CURE THE ITCH IN FORTY-EIGHT HOURS. Also cares Salt Rheum, Ulcers, Chilblains, and all Eruptions of the Skin. Price 60 cents. For sale by all Druggists By sending 60 cents to Weeks A Potter, Sole Agents, 170 Washington street, Boston, Mass., it will be forwarded by mail, free of postage, to any partof tbe United States. sept2l.3m We have learned not to be astonished at anything. Years of experience and a correspondence extending throughout all nationalities of the habitable globe have turned theories into facts and established a basis from which we need uot err. We are not surprised at such facts as the following—although the persons who write them arrf We know the persons and cir cumstances, hence feel at liberty to indorse their statements; - "Naw Bedford, Mass., Nov. 24,15C3. Dear Sir,—l have been afflicted many years with severe prostrating aramps in my ihnbs, cold feet and hands, and a general disordered system. Physicians and medicines tailed *o relieve me. While visiting some friends in New York wbo were using Plantation Bitters, they prevailed upon me to try them. I com menced with a small wine-glassful alter dinner. Feel ing better by degrees, in a few days 1 was astonished to and the coldness and cramps hail entirely left me, and I coaid sleep the night through, which 1 have not done for years. I feel like another being. My appe tite aud strength have also greatly improved by the use of the Plantation Bitters. Respectfully, Judith Russel.” » * Reedsucev, Wib., Sept 16, 1563. * • • I have been in the army hospitals for four teen months—speechless and nearly dead. At Alton. 111., they gave me a bottle of Plantation Bitters. * * Three bottles i estored my speech and cured me. * * C. A. Flaute." The following is from the Manager of the Union Home School lor the Children of Volunteers: “Havemever Mansion, 57th St, 1 New York, Angnst 2,1863. / Da. Dears Your wunderlul Plantation Bitters have been given to some of our little children suffering Irani weakness and weak lungs with most happy effect. One little girl in particular, with pains in her head, loss of appelite, and daily wasting consumption, on whom all medical skill had been exhausted, lias beeu entirely restored. We commenced with but a leaspoouful ol Bitters a day. Her ap|>etite and strength rapidly increased, and she is now well. Respectfully, Mrs. O. M. Devoe." "* • * I owe much to you % for I verily believe the Plantation Bitters have saved my life. Rev. W. H. Waoqonkb, Madrid, N. Y. “* * * Thou wiit send me two bottles more of thy Plantation Bitters. My wife has been greatly benefited by tbeir use. Thy friend. Aba Cubbin, j'hiladolpUiii, Pa.” “• • * I liave been a great sufferer from Dyspep sia. and had to abandon preaching. * * The Plan tation Bitters have cured me. . Rev. J. S. Cathorn, Rochester, N. Y." *i* * • 1 have given the Plantation Bitters to hundreds of our disabled soldiers with the most as tonishing effect. _ Superintendent Soldiers' Home, Cincinnati, O.” “• * * The Plantation Bitters have cured me of Liver Complaint, of which I was laid up prostrate, and Uad to abaunon my business. H. B. Kingsley, Cleveland, Ohio." “* • * The Plant atiou Bitters have cured me of a derangement of the Kidneys and Urinary Organs that lias distressed me for years It acts like a charm. C. C. Moose, N®. 264 Broadway.” Ac., Ac., Ac., Ac., Ac. Tbe Plantation Bitters make tbe weak strong, Iha languid brilliant, and are exhausted nature's great re storer. They are composed of the celebrated Calisaya Bark, Wiutcrgrceu, Sassafras, Roots, Herbs, Ac., all preserved iu perfectly pure St. Croix Rum. S. T.—1860 X.' Peraons of sedentary habits, troubled with weak ness, lassitude, palpitation of the heart, lack of appe tite, distress after eating, torpid liver, constipation, Ac., deserve to suffer if they will not try them. They are recommended by the highest medical au thorities, aud arc warranted to produce an immediate beneficial effect. They are exceedingly agreeable, perfectly pure, and harmless. Notioe.— Any person pretending to sell Plantation Bitters iu bulk or by the gallon is a swindler and im postor. It Is pat up only in onr log cabin bottle. Be ware of bottles refilled with imitation deleterions stuff, for which several persons are already in prison. See that ever; bottle has onr United States stamp over the corkunmutilateil, and our signature on steel,plate side label. Sold by respectable dealers throughout the habitable world,- P. H. DRAKE A CO., oct27-3m * 202 Broadway,N. Y. S. T.—1860 —X. Drake’s Plantation Bitters# . t They purify, strengthen and invigorate. They create a healthy appetite. They are ao antidote to change of water and diet. They overcome effects of dinsipatiou and late hours. They strengthen the system and enliven the mind. They prevent miasmatic aud intermittent fevers. They purify the breath and acidity of the stomach. They care Dyspepsia and Constipation. They cure Diarrhoea, Cholera and Cholera Morbus. They cure Liver Complaint and Nervous Headache. * They are tbe best Bitters in the world. They make the weak strong, and are exhausted nature’s great re storer. They are made of pure St. Croix Rum, the celebrated Calisaya «Bm k, roots and herbs, and are taken with the pleasure of a beverage, without regard to age or time of day. Particularly recommended to delicate persous requiring a gentle stimulant. Sold by all Grocers, Druggists, Hotels aud Saloons. Only gen uine when Cork is covered by our private U-*S. Stamp. Beware of counterfeits aud refilled bottles. P. H DRAKE & CO., oct2B-eodly 21 Park Row, New York. Agua de Magnolia. A billet delight I The ladles' treasure snd gsutl* mcu'ii I mull I Tbu "swcoteet thJug" ami , * r K e “* quail tlty. Manufactured from the rich Southcru Magnolia, Used fur bathing the face »"d person. lo tender the •kiu soft und lo preveul urupliou., lu perfume clothing, Ac. It iwlrcumvs »li« uoph’swDit odor of p.rsptrstlou. It remove, i eduMk, tsn, biotebc*, A l ' llcure ucr.ou. beads’ he sud ailsy* iiidsuiin.llou II euols, widen, siul add. dcllrsi y to lb. .kin ll ,» s subdusd »nd ls«Ung perfamu. It cures wuaquMo biles .lid .Dug* ol inancls. |l nmlsliis no msterisl injm urns lo Ihs skin, liy Ai lriwse. slid Opor* Mugsr*. II Is wbst every lady should list. Hold ev.rywbarv Tiy 111. Msgnnlls Haler ours m 4 you Will IIS* Uo olhet 4’o|oglie, F.tfuwvry, ol Tuflef tester afterwards DAMAN If Alt NUN A SMS , •<l«l softly props, •uTu.i*. Ag«*l« M V AMUIEMENTS. 7 FAIR. ANTMBKK of ihe ik-tu volem Lathes of tins cut feeling a lively line rest in ihe welfare of Uie Ke' male Orphans, dependant for support mi the ehanra ol llie good SkficiofOm Ltd; ol Mercy, will give a fair, during the wsek immediately precefiftre Christ mas, opening on Hondai. the 13th, and closing on the 2.1»l tuat.. at St. Andrews Hall. u The attention of tlie public generally, ami of those especially intending to purchase Chrisiniaa Gifu u called to the large number of fancy at tides, many of them Uie work of ike Sisters' pupils, that will be (or sale at ibe different Fair tables. dli-t24 Egg Nogg.. JU.-T received, u lot of Booream's celebrated Port able Egg Nogg, ready lor 'mine-hate use Ul ,i more economical than when made by Ihe old atvl,- For sale by the Ageuts, 1 1 ' . M J. SOLOMONS A CO„ Jones’ iffock, Bay street. Lard. A SMALL lot only, prime article. dlSrtf CHAS. L. COLBY A GO. Butter. BEST Goeheu Table, in tubs aud firkins wl6 ts CHAS. L. COLBY 7k Ctt. ARMY SUPPLIES^ OFFICE CHIEF COMMISSARY, . DrpahtmenT of Georgia, l Augusta, Ga., Dec. 9, 1865. ) SEALED PROPOSALS, which must be in duplicate with a copy of tills advertisement attached to each, will be received at this office uutil 12 o'clock M„ Friday, Dec. 22d, 1866, for supplying fresh BEEF, ol good and marketable quality, in equal nro portions of lore and hind quarter meat, for issue to the troops and otliera supplied by the Government with rations, at the following named posts lu the Department of Georgia—Augusta, Savannah, AUan ,ta mid Macon, and at all posts drawing supplies from the above-named posts. Contract to be In iorce (3j months, commencing on the Ist day of January 1866, anti ending the 31st day ol March 1866, or such less time as the Commissary General of Subsistence may direct. Payment will be made monthly, or as early there after as funds may be received thereior, anil In such funds as may be furnished by the United States Separate bids will be received for each of the above posts, or one bid may Include them all. No bids will becuieiiained from persons who come under the exceptions oi the Presldeul’s Amnesty Proclamation ; Nor will bids, in which such persons are interested, either directly or indirectly, lie re ceived, unless they can produce the pardon ol the President. Uhls 1. om all other persons under said Proclamation must be accompanied by the Amnesty Oath. Proposals must be accompanied by a proper gaar. antec, signed ny two responsible persons, slating -that It a contract is awarded, they will enter ImnJs for tlie faithful fulfillment of the contract. The iiiideisigiied reserves the right to reject anv and all bids offered. Endorse envelopes "Proposals for Fresh Beef,” and address me same to tbe uu-tersigued. JAMES MCDONALD, di4-8t capt, C. 3., Augusta, Ga. PBOF. DIETZ, PH. DR^~ OF PARIS, FRENCH LANGUAGES LITERATURE TERMS MODERATE. Reference: Db. Abnoi.d, Mayor of Savaimah Prof. Cann, Huperintendont L’ity Public Schools Rev. Mr Kino, Suvaliiiah Rev. Mk. Cozuy, Savannah Right Rrv. Bihhop Lynch, Charleston Urn. Bbaubeoako, Now Orleans. Puor. Lusher, Superintendent of Public fiduca tion, Louisiana &39 p “ Inquire at Chatham Academy building. d2-8&ml& NOTICE. NO debts contracted by any of ihe Crew of orttlsh bark Craesco will b« paid by Captain or Consignee. n!6 BRIGHAM, BALDWIN k CO. CHRISTMAS! E. EHRLICH, 30, WHITAKER STREET; FANCY GROCERIES. PRUNES. Raisins, oranges, Lemons, Citron, Cur rants, English Preserves, .lams aud Jellies, Pre serve Ginger, Mushroons, Trudies. Assorted English and American Pickles, Etiglieh aud Pienfli Mustard, Tomato and Walnut Catsups, Worcester Sauce, camieVi 'VrtfSWti 1 !. 8 . 1 . 1 9‘ES?' «“““?*“«'«? “ ll Fig paste, Nuts In variety. Smoked Salmon, English dairy American Swls and Ltmberger Cheese, Oaviuua No. 1 family Mackerel in kits. Wax, Sperm, Adaman tine Candles aud Tapers, Spices of all kinds. FAMILY GROCERIES. Choice Hams, Tongues, breakfast Bacon, <f-c, all grades Sugar, Java, Muscovado, and Rio Coffee. Splendid assortment Teas, Green, Gunpowder black and English breaklasl'l’eas, Ac., choice Butter, Lard, Sweet Oil, all description of Soaps, plain and fancy. LIQUORS. A large atwortment, viz : Martel and other grades ©f Brandy, Irish Scutqh, aud llourbu Whiskey, Madei ra, Chainpaigne, cherry, Port and Other Wines, Cor dials of ail kinds, Schnapps’ Bitters, Ac. Everything that taste tan wish or appetite desire. Give me a call. ALSO, Just received by recent arrivals from Boston, New York, and Baltimore, a fine assortment of all kiuds Wooden aud Willow Ware, suitable for housekeep ing, dll-tJI FOR SALE. /-CONSTANTLY on hand. Oak Wood, at Dock Wharf. Ordors left at this office will be attended to> dl3 2w A. R. CULLEN* Notice. TUE undersigned begs to inform the public that ho has been appointed Ageut for the States oi Georgia and South Carolina to sell SHAW & CLARK’S Celebrated Sewing Machines. Tbefie Machine, are cheaper aud better than any others now in use. Also, FISH’S NEWLY PATENTED Klerosene Heaters. These Heaters are adapted to cooking, heating »nd lighting, and are the most economical apparatus ui the kind In use. , „ , „ ,„„ Full parcnlars, wi h circulars, <*c„ can be had on application to the undersigned, who can be found ai present at Messrs. K. McLea A Co's, 202 Bay street. Savannah. HENRY COWLEY, Ag t. d16.1m Condensed Milk. JUST received, a iresh supply of Booream's Con densed Milk, recommended a9 equal to auy other brands overmade. For sale by the Agents, * M. J. SOLOMONS A CO., , Jonea’ Black, Bay street. THE ENGLISH POTATOES ARE now landing from the ‘‘County of Pfcton Prlce, ten dollars for ten hampers-cash to ac company the order. CHARLES GREEN A SON, No. 12 Bay street, dl3-1 w Stoddard’s Lower Range. FLOUR. WF. have on hand a prime article of » City Mill« ' STANDARD EXTRA FLOUR, which wo will soil low, to close consignment. SORREL BROTHERS, declts-lf ' 82 Bay street LAND FOR SALE. A TRACT containing one thoowud seres of beuvJJJ limbered Pine Lund, lying one mile ITOBJ * I igeechee rival und lour miles luuow Dublin,in ware comity. Apply tu George A. M'y y ftui'k* l *** "dies* Mldvillo, Burke couoiy,G» Jas.T. Paterson, TIMBER, Lumber & Commission mbbohant. No « HToUDAHiytt IJiWKH liANUfi NlrvM, c AMR 1 CiHurtfin* dll II