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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, December 25, 1865, Image 3

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bay a nnah. Otptrlan u t •uamiklpt unit U»bwi. folk MEW TUHK. Strituu-itip Su Jacinto. Saioidjy, December 3oth, ■t o'clock * dleaiorhip Zodiac, Saturday, Ikomhor 30th, at o'dluck. 0 KOK Al 11l Of* Steamer Wiu. U. Gibbous. ever} Saturday morning at SB. nr. FOR CUiHI.KOTOS. Steamer Charles Houghton, »tuj Tuesday morn ing at 8 o'clock. ai Steamer City Point, every Saturday morning, at 8 o'clock. FOB DOjCTORTOWK. Steamer Two Boys, every Tuesday morning, at 8 o’clock. . * 1* Steamer Orient, every Tuesday morning, at 7 o'clock. Steamer Gen. Sheplev, every Snnday morning, at; o'clock. Steamer Clarion, every Thursday morning, at 1 o’clock. „ FOB xnOMASVILLS. Steamer O. F. Potter, every Monday, Wednesday and Fiiday morning, at 1 o'clock. FOB FLORIDA. Steamer Fannie, every Tuesday morning, at 10 o’clock. Steamer Fountain, every Tuesday morning, at 10 o’clock. Steamer City Point, every Wednesday afternoon, at 1 o'clock. Steamer Lizzie Baker, every Thursday morning, at 10 o'clock. Steamer Bt. Johns, every Saturday morning, at 10 o’clock. Steamer Helen Getty, every Saturday morning, at 10 o'clock. Christmas. —The Post OtUce will be open today from 9to 10*4 A. M. only. • , Parish Robrkhy of Cotton.—Oar city la infest ed at tlm present time with thieves whose daring is not equaled elsewhere In the States. Thursday night last the premises of Mr. Alonso Day, north side of Indian street, and on au alley leading to the Florida Wharf, was visited by cotton thieves, lathe rear of the malu residence, which Is on Indian street, Mr. Alonzo M. Day had stored In a kitchen or out building thTec bales, of cotton. This property was an Investment of Mr. Day, and every dollurearned by hard labor. Mr. Alonzo M. Day stated to his pa rents early on Friday evening that he would be robbed, and that he would wait for tho thieves. His parents begged him to dispel the Idea, thathe had not slept for oue week, and his health, which was Im paired, would reaffit in lus taking sick. Mr. Day therefore went to bed. and on Saturday morning when he arose found that tivo bales of the cotton and also about halt a bale was stolen. I sTEßßtmxn.—During the voyage of the steam ship Zodiac lrom New York, which arrived at this .port yesterday forenoon, while off Tyhee between five and six o'clock lu the morning, a lady passenger gave birth to a flue healthy boy. Mrs. Livingston, ihe Stewardess of the Zodiac, was unremitting in hei attentions to the passenger and the unexpected guest This Is the second instance of a child beiug bom on steamships bound to Savannah, the former taseoccurlng on board ,of the steamship Augusta. THU COURTS. BEFORE OAFT. BABDWELL. Savannah. Dec. 28,1866. charged with stealing a backgam mon board from the urphaus’ Fair, held at St. An drews Hall, was placed on-trial. Altera careful In vestigation the accused was found not guilty and dls clunyed. . James Stewart (eoldredl va, Caesar Jackson. Be envety of male. Property ordered to‘ he vested la defendant. City of savannah vs. Thos Higeway, C Rulus and Wm Williams, (all colored.) Disorderly conduct— fighting in the streets, Dec. 2*d, 1666. The darkles being youths were discharged with a severe repri mand. city oi savannah vs. E. Williams (colored ) Disor derly conduct—fightlug In the streets and stealing irom Henry Wayne’s stable, on West Broad street, Dee. 22d, 1868. The defendant was found guilty and ordered to work on ttie public streets for nve days. C'lty of Savannah vs. Martha, (colored.) Improper conduct In the streets, Dec. 22(1, 1863; Released with it reprimand. City of Savannah vs. Minor, (colored.l Improper conduct—stealing vegetables from the larm of Mr. Nicholas Gull, Lovers Lane, city of Ssvanuah, Dec. 22, Ts6s. Tho defendant was ordered at hat U labor rot ten days on the Btreets of Savannah. City of Savannah vs. Henry eason, (colored,) Tom Smith and Richard Williams. Improper conduct— resisting and attempting to strike au oincer lu the discharge of his duty, Dec. 28d, 1663. Fined In the sum of live dollars, each, or live days labor on the public streets. The Theatbh—Curistmas Night.—The festivities or Christmas will be appropriately wound up this evening with a performance of extra attractiveness at the Theatre. One of the best of Uoordcault’s beautiful domestic dramas Is to be presented, “Andy Blake,’’ Mias M. L. Gordon sustaining the part of ‘ Andy,” We have no doubt it will b« a charming performance, as Miss Gordon, with her graceful abandon of mnonerand great personal attractions, Is always particularly pleasing in male characters. The sterling, comedy “All that Glitters Is not Gold,” with Hamilton, Raymond and Miss Gordon, in the east makes up a bill ot unusual length and excel lence. The patrons of the Theatre will hail with rejoicing the announcement of the debut or the fas cinating ballet-dancer Miss Rohe Wood, well known hr all the Northern cities tomorrow evening. Mr. W H. Crisp also returns to the Savannah hoards again, making his uppearance la “Leap Year” to morrow night. Grand Christmas Bai.l ai- tub Volks Garten —This evening, a grand Christmas Ball will be given at the Yolks aarien under the supervision of a committee of gentlemen. The Garten la beaufi lully adorned with evergreens, cedara, etc. for the occasion, in the centre or the Garten Is erected a ChrUtmus tree, the branches of which will be Illu minated and loaded down with presents for those m attendance. A police force will be on hand to preserve order and strict decorum. Free Ldnch.—A Christmas lunch will be gtveu at the st. Charles Saloon, In rear of the Fost Office, to day, at eleven o’clock. The bill of fare comprises wild turkey, wild ducks, goose, crackers, cheese, ■tc.. 4c.—a CUrlstnlas dinner for an Alderman. Stamm will be pleased to greet his friends with “inei fy Christinas.” Close of the Fair.—The Orphans’ Fair, held by the sisters of Mercy, la 81. Andrew’s Hall, during last week, was an almost unprecedented success Ut that line, the hall having been thronged nightly.— Tlie fait was a very attractive one and exceedingly well managed by the ladies having matters ih 'harge. a large sum must have been netted for the '-Uritable purposes of the enterprize, enough, we t[ ast, to make a noble Christmas addition to the good Sisters’ orphan mnds. •OtaiVAL of the Zodiac.— The steamship Zodiac, “i Betray 4 -Nephew's line, from New York on " •Mnesday, the 20th, arrived off the bar .-Saturday '"'thug, reaching the city yesterday moruuig. The - -disc brought a full might, and an exceedingly “tge mail. We ate again uuder obligations to Pur ”‘i U H. Scranton tor favors. Habfir-s Magazine.—The Ailanilc Mmitlily, Mm* beuiorcit’s Mirror of Fashion, the Chimney Comet, »r* received at Kstlll’a News Depot Tha new timbers of Hut peis and the Atlauur appeal to he ’’■usually Interesting judging fr»ia the table of con lean, ' •other Damno RuSSEKY or COTTON -A few '"Utile since one 01 tke Government stoma wee »u ■ertd and robbed of two l*ieso| upland ooMou, No ' ‘be In ike perpr listens of tlm (hell lies >«l been dta eursred Hie Atlaoih Monthly (or Jeooati, and all Ihe pe 1 * k »l literal are us ike day. van be obtained el the ' **■ "land is Hie Pulaski Minim *»oi» Aiot ete -Tne mini jams* M- oaii.w I’spi. k u Moody, arrived yeeteiday luwnlng « AMEueia, hating a foil OelgUL The Jauiee <1 I ti.lopkei will feUUU l» Augusta on Wedueedar •'•Wag neei * ,l>l * kHwNTjitt To mho I.o* at ike feint us Mr **' k "**e Mob, MM ei-le M Ufreik I«m> Use pi lie «y boibol IW Wlik ilka* Goodsport “‘mi Mmi#U **** LeMuoks 0 V/eerTiur 'og“*’d ttruioimi cfon ncbcaban Gaaubhb.—We are Informed t.y people living upon the outskirts ol the CHy, who hare formerly been aceunloined to raise upon the gardens attached to their places a sufficient crop ol winter vegetables for family use. that they have lieen compelled 10 abandon all efforts hi tins direct lon. the present year, ow tug to the depred* none of the vagabond population Infesting the out! lying quartern .oi the city. Arrival- of thk , Richmond ai Bai.iiuorb.—A despatch was received in this city yesterday by lx' Roche 4 West, from J. Brandt. Jr, Bast dilute, an nomicing the sate arrival of the steamship Kichmoad from tins purl, alter a trip of miy-Uve hours. Mhlin*iiijv lutelliigence. miniature Aliaaiaae—This Da). gun rises 669 Moon rises moon Sun seta— 4 aujHlgli water 0 44 * PORT OF SAVANNAH. Satirday. Dec. 23, 1864. 1 Arrived. Steamship Zodiac, Dearborn. New York—(R-ravus Cohen. Retorts.—Arrived off bar. Saturday -23d, In JO hoursfrimi New York, (could not get in on acconnt of thick stormy weather) Dec. 21st, Friday, off Hat teras. exchanged signals with steamship Cumberland bound north: 2:jd, Saturday,. 2 o'clock, A M. passed close by the Light Ship, off Frying l’an Shoals': Dec 24t.1i, off bar, passed steamship North Point, bound oat. Br bark Evening Star, Fry, Neuvitas, Cuba, to Yuung A Nixon, Ship MOrtle, Camming, London, to Reid <f Stewart Brig Lewis Clarke, Hartley, New York, with coal, to Vaullorn, Holyoke 4 Cos. Steamer City Point, Coxetter, Palatka, Ac.—R W Adams. Steamer J G Christopher. Moody, from Augusta— J M Kiuckley. Steamer O F Potter, Cessar, Sunbuty—Ctaas I, Col by 4 Cos. Steamer Helen, Reilly, Augusta—Kein 4 Cos. . Steamer Lizzie Baker, King, Palatka. etc—Clag-- horu 4 Cunningham. Barge City of Augusta, No. 2, from Augusta, to A D K. reason. Harge City of Augusta, No. S, from Augusta, to A D Krcnson. - Cleared, Steamship Leo, Merrill, NewrYork—OctaTusCohen. steamship constitution. Greenmail, New York— Brigham, Baldwin 4 Cos. Steamship San Salvador, Atkins, New York—B H Hardee. -Steamer City Point, Coxetter, Charleston—R W Adams. Steamship North Point, Smith, Baltimore—Bryan, Hartrldge 4 Cos. ' Mlearner Harry Carroll, Klrwau, Baltimore—La Roche 4 West. - stt-amer Kmllie, Bender, Hilton Head Steamer Helen Getty, Ingraham. Palatka, Fla—L 8 Bennett. ■Steamship Nightingale, Bclsbaw, New Yotk—J R Wilder, Steamer H M Cool, Taylor, Darien—M A Cohen. Steamer W B Cogailell, Fraser, Augusta—M A Co hen. .-.»*• Depat-tea. Steamer O B Good sell, Dariosa, Augusta—M A 1 Cohen. - _ Exports. ~ Per steamship CoustituUou, for New York—72B bales uplaud eoltou, 38 pkgs indze. Per sreumstibr Leu, tor New York—T6B bales up land cotton, 227 bales yarn, 40 pkgs nidge. Per steamship Sau Salvador, ter New York—239 bales upland cutton, 36 do sea island do, 60 bales do mestics, 97 pkgs nulze, 37 sacks dried fruit, and 84 empty ale bids. , Receipts, , Barge City of Augusta, No. 2, from Augusta, with 399 bales upland cottqn. Barge City of Augusta, No. s, bom Augusta, with 641 bales upl mi cotton. Steamer J Q Christopher, from Augusta— 372 bales upland cotton, 64 do domesties. Per steamer Lizzie Baker, from Augusta—l 6 bales sea Island cottou. Per steamer Helen, rrorn Augusta—23o bale* cot tou, auil 10 do domestics. Per steamship North Point, for Baltimore—67 bales upland cotton, and suuilry pkgs rndze. Per steamship Nightingale, for New York—662 bales cotton, 246 bags dried Irult and 44 pkgs rndze. Per Br bark Evening Star, from Neuvitas, Cuba -12 tons coal. Per ship Murlle Hum London—9l,ooo brick. Passengers, , , Per steamship Zodiac, from New York—Mrs Ross Hein 4 Son, John Clark, W N AldrUcb, C M Gilbert, J E Furbush.JMary A lleuliett, Miss Mitchell, Mias E Hudson, E Hendry, John Schnek, C Warner, F A Norton, 8 Hayue, (-> Kltcher, N Schultz, M O Grady, F Hornhuck, J Wolf, c Donovan, MU, Annie Lamoui, F Elliott, Thos Priday, ami others. y . Per steamship constitution, ter New York—Joseph Fitzgerald, W U Sherwood, Miss Loud, Captalu D French. Per steamship Leo, for New York—D A Smith and wife, Capt Acliorn and wffC, K L Peudlatuu and child, -Capt Booker, Wm Stnuf, H T Dennis, Mr Schatfcr and 2 children, Wm Marlin, James Moore, J D Dar ling, J It Parker, Lawson Wylly, Warren Curtis, CF Gilmore, G W Dunlap, S A Skelton, and 10 in steer age. ' Per steamer City Poiut, from Pilatka—J Hamllat and wife, A J Drysilaleand wife, Miss Drysdale, Wal lace Diysdaie, J H Fowler, J Welsh, M G Everett, H Cartlr, Mr Wilson. W B Roux, G CDodge. W R Sher wood, Mr Hale. W Drew, Maj Alll-u, R T Hasting, D T Tiiesscn, J Murphy, R Miller, H Clay, and ten ou deck. Per Steamship San Salvador, for New York—Col C C Jones, Mrs Jouev, child and .ivl* K .Slotes’bury, Miss Baker, W A Pai*, G A pel, T J Dunbar, C Evans. J M Adams, H L Johnson, J H Gifford, J W Jackson, J 0 Ludlow, Col Dodge, E A Flint, Joliu Miller, Henry Roman, W li Hiliyer, and 6 ou deck. Per steamer O F Potter, spun Sunbury—J Merritt, C Spalding, A Knight. Mrs Knox. Miss Mclntosh, and oue ou.deck. Per steamer Helen, from Augusta—Miss Gertrude Dillon. Per steamer Lizzie Baker, from Augusta—Mr Kem ble, wife and child, Mrs Massoit; W B Churchill, T W Shea, T Smith, ami 16 oil deck. Consignees. Per Barge City of Augusts, No. 2, from Augusta— E F Metcall & Cos. Hunter 4 Gammed. Per Barge City ut Augusta, No. 3, from Augusta— E F Metcalf 4 Cos, Keln 4 Cos, Huuter 4 Gammell. Per steamer J G Christopher, from Augusta—O Cohen, W Battersbj, Anderson, Fordlce ACo, MS Cohen, Rogers 4 Cann, Brigham, Baldwin 4 Cos, La tlirop 4 Cos, Einstein 4 Eckrnau, Scranton 4 Smith, Hunter 4 uammell, and order. LIST OF VESSELS IN THE PORT OF SAVANNAH. Savannah, Dec. 23, 1866. STEAMSHIPS. Nightingale, Breaker, loading, New York—John R Wilder. North Point, Smith, loading, Baltimore—Laltoclre 4 West. Leo, Merrill, loading, New York—o Cohen. San Salvador, Adklus, loading. New Yrfrr—B H Hardee. Condtitution, Merrill, loading, New York—Brigham, Baldwin 4 Cos. 1 ' SHIPS. Mont Blanc, Donnell, 700, loading, Liverpool—La Roche, (laden 4 line kies. * Virginia, Weeks, 1,044. loading at Lamar’s Press, tor Liverpool—€ E Colby 4 Cos. Thorwaisou, (Br) Bnimage, discharging—Rehl 4 Stewart. Favorite, (Br) Spain, discharging— E A Soul lard. Herald, Calvert, loading, Liveipool—c Green 4 Son. Mozart, (Br) Smith, - tons, discharging— T R * J U Mills. County of Picton, (Bri McKenzie, discharging—C Green 4 Cos. Bark Creadiiaught, (Br) Smith, loading, Liverpool —C L Colby 4 Cos. BAKES. Craeso, (Br) Carrey, tons, loading, Liverpool— R ICaugbey. Tephyriuo, Penlston, loading, Liverpool—Reid 4 Stewart. *Y A Plattnlus, Pinkham, discharging—C L Colby 4 Cos. Colonist, (Br) Taylor, discharging—Chas Green 4 Son. Evening Star, Fry, discharging—longe 4 Nixon. brigs. , * Atlantic, Walk, 101 tons, discharging—B, Wylly * Christian. RC Wright, llugg, discharging—K Habersham * Sou. Ella, Browu, walling—E A Souliard. John W Lorltt, GUllot. loading, St Johns, N B Yonge * Nixon. Daniel Bonne, repairing. I'otomac. Perkins, loading. New York—W H Stark Resolute, Lane, bound lo Darien, repairing. acMouNKue. John M Broomall, Douglass, loading. New York— Chas L Colby * Cos. Pearl, (Br) Riorduu, discharging—Bell, Wylly 4 CblUliata Waller ttalMgh.Josdiug, Bnsteu-lluHtvr A (Jam ffisll Clara Ella, Dexter, dlschatfltig -E A Bradley. Rachel Vaaueinisu. High, 01a, lisiging—llunter A Garuiutli louug lesori Mmtou, disihargmg—Vau Uoru Uolyok* 4 Malts), Csltsia. Hell, losdiug, hew York—C I. Culuy * Cos., FINE APPLE AND HOLLAND OfIKKHE, AT MTUART A UO.N PROF DIETZ, PH DR, Dir Pants, MM UHGUAOmiTEHITUBE I KMMm MriDKHAI K *M* wtumi i dra hSAVMailte New Ol!»*((• W Mytit&f 1 t% *‘** m heiMteg AUCTION SALES. T auctTon !^ Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evening, AT THE STORE ON BROUGHTON STREET, Third door from Bud. Where wdl be offered a general assortment ol Dry Goode, Boots and Shoes, Hosiery, Uuder-dottiing. Books, Yankee Not tone. Jewelry. 4c, 4c., at the pur Phaser's own prices. Terms cash; sales positive. dl -3D AT AUCTION “V* *- BY BELL, WYLLY A CHRISTIAN. In front of (he Court House on the #n*t TUESDAY in January next, between Ihe legal hours of sale, will be sold ; Roce Hope Plantation, Situated on the Savannah river, 14 nides from the city, continuing (1,0601 Ten. Hundred and Sixty acres; (Sooj Three hundred of which is fli-st qualify tide Sw amp, Rice laud ; (160) one hundred and titty acres reclaimed, ami (l iui oue bundle. l and aft) acres re quires ditches to bp cleansed . (36U|-Uire'e liuudre I »cre» cottou and provision laml. Balance well tlm bered. Houses sufficient to accommodate (liy seven ty-five hands. Barns, Stables. Smokehouse, 4c. Terms made.known ou -lay ol sale d2O-td sealsland hotel and complete OUTFIT AT AUCTION. Bell, Wylly &, Christian, On WEDNESDAY, Janaary 3d, 1386, 4 10 o'clock, < will sell pa the premises, at Hilton Head; The new Sea Island Hotel, completely furulshi-d with new furniture of the latest style. also, ? , Anew Billiard Tables Crockery, Glass Ware, Kitchen Furniture, 4c., 4c. Together with all the outbuildings; which, with the Hotel, may be readily taken down and removed, If desired. Sold la lots to suit purchasers. - „ dl9-td *. ESTATE SALE. By Bell, Wylly fc Ckriiflaa. On the first TUESDAY lu January next, within the legal hours of sale, will be sold lit frout of the Oourt House, in Savannah: The Lot on the corner of West Broad and .New streets, Sotfth Oglethorpe Ward, 106 fiet front oil West Broad street, by 260 oa New street. The Im provements consist of three houses, which rent at S6OO per annnm. Sold )or a division between the heirs. dl6-tawtf •' Xiiquors, Began and Tobacco. AT AUCTION. By Bell, Wylly A Christian. On WEDNESDAY, December 27, at 12 oVlock, will be »oUt at the Warehouse of Messrs. O'Kalfou Jk Cos., corner of Bay and Lincoln street!, for account of whom H may concern: • 2(2 dozen Itlght Lower Smoking Tobacco, 1 3 dozen two oz. Big Lick Smoking Tobacco 3€ dozen foav oz B ! g Lick Smoking Tobacco, 61(» half pound bales Violet Smoking Tobacco, gOO one pOnml hales Violet Smoking Tobacco, 100 dozen two oz. Manilla Smoking Tobacco, 100 gross Tin Poll Talisman Chewing Tobacco, 2800 Henry Clay Spanish began, 6800 London Punch Spanish Segars, % 4100 Caobo Spanish Sugars, . 10 eighth casks Penet, Castillou A Cos., 18<M Brandy, warranted pare and genuine ; a line article, with certificate. Duty paid. % 60 demijohns pure Holland Gin. Duty paid. 75 cases iirauoy, In bond. , Terms cash. dec2s UNDERWRITER’S SALE. BY BELL, WYLLY A CHRISTIAN. TO-MORROW, Tuesday. Dec. 26. at 10 o’clock, in frunr of Store, will be sold fur account of Underwri ters and all concerned, One case, 60 pairs, Misses’ Congress Gaiters, Damaged on board steamer > —, from New York to thU port, and gold under Inspection of the Port War dena Terms rath. ’ dec2s AT PRIVATE SALE.' By Bell, Wylly & Mian. Small Lots of Land., There having be*n go many application for Small Tracts or Land for location, the owner or the above Land, feeling a dlspoeitiou to meet this demand, lias placed In the market, for a lew days, Lots of Five Acres, or more, part cleared, on the Augusta Road, op- Smite to the tltree mile stone, also on the White Bluff oad, opposite to the two mile atone. tf-ulO AT PRIVATE SALE. Bell, Wylly A Christian. 100 acres of Land, situated oh the Vernon river, about nine miles from this city. The improvements consist of dwelling, barn, stables, mid other neces sary out-buildings. An abundance of fish, oysters, shrimp, Ac., con veniently obtained;- Price ofproperty, $2,000. n2B-tf By Bell, Wylly A Christian AT PRIVATE SALE. ‘ 46 acres of fine Garden Land, within the limits of the city. The iiMßrovements consists ot a first class cottage dwelling, gothic style, containing six large l ooms, with marble mantel piece, dining room, kitchen, library room furnished with shelves and glass doors Outbuildings consists of farmhouse, coutaiuing seven rooms, barn, carnage house and stables. Purcha-cr can have the re fusal of corn, fodder, hay, horses, mules, buggies aud wagons. ’ . Alto. ' 2430 acres ot heavily timbered tand, situated twenty (20, miles from tbc city, between the Ogeechee and I'utiuuchcc Roads. An excellent location fora mill, or uu A. No. 1 thrueutiiie plantation. 100 acres of tlte above cleared. Improvements consists of two small dwelling Ironses, with stables, cribe, Ac, tf-niS BY BELL, WYLLY & CMItSTIAN. AT PRIVATE SALE. The West Half of Lot No. 9, Calhoun Ward, fronting on Jones street. Tlte improvements consist of a fiuely finished Brick Residence containing Ten Rooms with gas throughout, anil a welLof excellent water and u fine Force Pump., dIS-tf ABjfiNpniATOR»T»AIJB: By T. JT. Walsh. Ou TUESDAY, January, 2d. 1866, will be sold at the Cohrt House, In the city of Savannah, at 11 o'clock: The Eastern Half of Let No. It Jackson Word, (fee simple, with improvements), corner of Whitaker and Hull streets, 'l be improvements are a two-story brick dwelling, nine rooms, with water iu the yard ami gas through the house; brick stable. Both buihi- Ingsl lave slate roofs. Sold by permission of the Ordinary of Chatham county, for a division among the heirs. Terms cosh, purchaser paying for titles. n24 ADMIN 18TRATOJVS SALE. , IN porsuance of an order of ths Coart of Ordinary of Chatham county, will be sold on the first Tues day in February next, at the Court House door. In the city of Savannah., during tbe usual hours of sole, all tbe undivided half Interest of James Bilbo, late deceased, In the Shandy Hall farm, situated near the city of Suvannah on the Thunderbolt road: said farm containing In all fifty acres, more ar less. The said half Interest sold for the DUipoae of di vision JOHN O. FERBJLL, d7-td Administrator. - ADMINISTRATOR 8 SALE. By Blunn 0c Meyer*. By permission of the Hon. Court ut Ordinary id Chat ham county, will be sold on SATURDAY, Decem ber 30, In Roberts street, on the prem’ses; 1 lot Scantling, 1 lot Wood, 2 Corn lime, 1 Wheol borrow, 2 Mares, 2 Colts, 2 Cows, 1 Call' aud 1 Stlvei Watch, being the perishable property of Richard Burke, deceased, late o( Cbalhum county. JOHN O'MAHONY. d9O-id Administrator ad col. Public Sale Os Government Property. XI7ILL b* sold to the higbrat bidder for crab, on W Wednesday, Dec. 27.1 b, 1266, • • Lathes, 1 Moisting Machine. 1 Drill Press, I lot lion. Rollers, 1 I lot shafting end Pulleys, I lot Lumber. The ask-will t,ke pises at lbs leettru Wksrree, city ol MevslUiSh, W R USItIIARD Aseletoni Mpeeiel AgeM Tieseuiy Departiwaut M U KUWB J'iMM N MU MB- H. G. RU WE & CO., Gruf#rit*H, Ah, Wines AND LIQUORS, Os aM IfwnpiJpM A) AAUAOAMI N MMJ MUFF Center It, /uUmi A Bry»# Its., im «fe# ftim AilMMl Ml 414 AMU 14411 Hl| 4#l|| CNRISTMIS AND Nfw Year’s Presents. A mugoitH-ent assortment, personally se lected in New York, just received. SPLENDID BOUND BOOKS. Übildren’s Rooks, Games, Magic Wheels. Toy Books, in fact everything to please the little folks. Papier Macke. Rosewood, Black Walnut Writing Desks. Work Boxes, Chess Boards, Jewel and Glove Boxes. Folios, Clibbage Boards, Ebony Checkers, Dominoes, and numerous other articles. SINE ASSORTMENT OF POCKET KNIVES, SCISSORS, btc. WIRE PURSES, VELVET* PORTMON NAIES, POCKET BOOKS. SHELL AND PEARL CARD CASES, OPERA GLAS3ES, PHOTOGRAPHIC ALBUMS IN VELVET AND MOROCCO; HART’S PLAYING CARDS, HAIR, TOOTH AND NAIL BRUSHES, COMBS, and everything else in that line. LUBIN'S GENUINE EXTRACTS AND SOAPS, PHALON’S NIGHT 81-OOMING CEREUB. A tremendous stock of Writing Paper and Envelopes, PAPIER FASHI9N ABLE et ENVELOPES. Presses to Stamp Initials on Paper and En velopes. LARGE STOCK OF BLANK BOOKS, BIBLES, PRAYER BOOKS, HYMN ■ BOOKS. - THE LATEST AND BEST MUSIC, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. FAIRCHILD’S CELEBRATED GOLD PENS .-. . Wfe particularly call the attention of those desirous ot purchasing first class Goods to our splendid selection, one which has never been excelled, and seldom equalled. JNO: C. SCHREINER & SONS, Opposite Pulaski House. - PRESERVED ORANGES AND FIGS, AT STUART & CO.'B - BOOKS . FOR ' ' Professional, Literary & Scientific Hen. THE CORRELATION AND CONSERVA TION OF FORCES ; a series of Expose tions, by Prof. Grove, Prof. Helmsboltz, Dr. Mayer, Dr. Faraday, Prof. Leibig and Dr. Carpenter. With an introduction by Prof. You mans. ORIGIN OF SPECIES; by Pi#. Huxley. THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES ; by Darwin. EVIDENCE AS TO MAN’S PLACE IN NATURE; by Prof. Huxley. THE PHILOSOPHY OF HERBERT SPENCER. First Principles. HAND BOOK OF HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE. By Prof. Youmans. APPLETON’S CYCLOPEDIA OF BIO GRAPHY. Revised edition. By Dr. Hawkes. ESSAYS BY BUCKLE, with Biographical Sketch and Portrait. BUCHANANS ADMINISTRATION. By James Buchanan, ex-President U. S. A BOOK ABOUT DOCTORS. By J. Cordj Jeaffreson. / BEAUTIES OF-RUSKIN: Selected by Mrs. Tuikill THE PHOTOGRAPH MANUEL: A Practical Treatise, containing the Cartes de ViSite Process, and the Method oi Tak ing Stereoscopic Pictures, Ac., &c. By N. G. Burgess. , THE CONVERSION OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE : The Boyle Lectures for the year 1864, by Charles Merivale, B. D. AIDB TO FAITH r A Reply to “Essays and Reviews,” Edited ' l»y Wm. Thompson, D. D. RENAIPS LIFE OF JESUS. THACKERY THE HUMORIST, AND THE,MAN OF LETTERS, BY THEO DORE TAYLOR, ESQ. To which is added in memorium—by Charles Dickens and a sketch by Auihony Trollope. For sale J>y ' ■" ’ B. M-A.LLOZST, d23 • 147 Congress street. ATTRACTIVE BOOKS Foa BOYS AND GIRLS. CHRISTMAS GIFT BOOKS, IN 4 VOLB : Cbrintmaa Gift, Christmas Box, Christmas Blossom, Christmas Rose. CHILDREN OF THE BLACKBERRY HOLLOW. KITTY BROWN SERIES. HARLIE STORIES. ROBIN NEST STORIES. MISS EDGEWORTH'S EARLY LESSONS. THE BOYS’ OWN TOY MAKER. For sale by B. MALLON, •12# 147 Congress street. PECAN NUTS, BRAZIL NUTS, AT HTU ART A OO.’S __ GLASS WAS SHADES. A l uNS •• ife* (tnssuswsr* 109 Broughton ttroot. o* a <1 In. SMITH A «>. BUTTER, Flour and Lard, Msmw l«**t*»d « laffi* atm* of Mm etw*. AT VIM V 14m lU ICIM, m sMs w wAw | wm* mA* .forme w #»/»» M4MMMA4. * MB, buoWn'd taWiW M o*o SSS is.Hs.4AW eaui KHiK*. i-iriroHs, am . 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A BUSHELS POTATOES (Jackson TT.V /V/V/ Whites),Just received on con* •Ignmeut and for sale by HORATIO PITCHER, Foot of Lincoln street, under the Bluff. dlltf . ft rOREtOM aTWoomESTlC^^^^a l SOLE AGENTS AND IMPORTERS -or- ■ ' * Ch. Farre Champagnes FOR THE STATE OF GEORGIA/ . au3o ' * J Provisions, &c. ’ fJXHF. undersigned are constantly receiving con- A Hlgnmeiits of Bacon, Hams, 'Shoulders, Imrd, Bntter, Flour, 4c„ on Commission, which they will sell at the lowest martlet rates. KENNETH, MOLE A, 4 00,, dl6-lm 202 Bay street. FRENCH CONFECTIONERY / t - ■> .- AND CRYSTAUZED FRUITS. jyjY OWN IMPORTATION, consisting in part Abricotg Glace ' - • Non gat Mtgnons Macarons “ ' “ Pate de Abricotg Pate (leg Framßoise ' Augellque Qlacu Jellies, French Extract Coffee,French ' W. W. LINCOLN, d23 3 (tongresg and Bull gtg., Monument eqr. ON CONSIGNMENT JUST received per steamer from Baltimore: 137 bbls Floor, choice brands 75 hbds Bacon Shoulders * 40 do Sides 27 boxes Bacon Sides 24 bbls Family Hama 8 bhd. canvassed Bams 25 bbls cooked Pigs’ Feet 40 half bbls do For sale by UROCHB A WKST, il2B-lw Jones' Block. BOOKS * FOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS THE FESTIVAL OF SONG; a series of Evenings with the Poets. Prepared by the author of “ Salad for the ttuittary," Ac. WUb seventy three Pictures by members or Academy of Design; engraved by Bobhetl and Hooper THE HOUSEHOLD BOOK OF POETRY, The lamest and beat collection of the choice Poetry of the Eoglish Language. By Charles A. Dana. SONGS Of* PRAISE AND POEMS OF DEVOTION IN THE CHRISTIAN CENTURIKS ; with an Introduction by Professor Henry Oeppee. Elegantly frustrated with sixty Steel engravings, executed In the hlghes style of the art. CHRIST WAS BORN dN CHRISTMAS DAT a Carol. With Illustration* by John A. Bowa. - - CHRISTMAS POEMS AND PICTURES. Illustrated by Drawings from diatlnghiahed artiste. IDTLB OF ITHE KING. By Alfred Ten nyson, D. C. L. Splendidly illustrated. Pur sale by B. MALLON, - d*S . a . • 147 Congress street. FINE FAMILY FLO UR, AT SIT ART * CO.’S, Brown’s Ntuiuiard Scales. USED by the United States and Foreign Govern menu for more than THIRTY Y K AHH, Adapted to any branch of bualnesa for foreign nr home inarkeU. Warranted accurate and durable. Sales rooms No. I Barclay at mar Broadway. N. Y. soplh ly It BROWN. Manufacturer FOR AUGUSTA, AND INTERMEDIATE LANDINGS, if • , , THE r Steamer Union, M It Fi eater, MasUr, will have Ifslih dssPM’h as shore tut frtifibl, spplf to p w Mtawd. NoMW MhUdiiiff, Ms, Maori, AM Ik to W J,tses.,s »u mktul TOR LIVERPOOL Mk ’ ■* # i * ww • •, Wmmm NUPran. Empire T,in,e. FOR NEW YORK. Atlautio • Mail Ntuarashlp Company. PASSAGE REDUCED TO - The new and hat aide-wheel eteam- JACINTO, Loveland, mas ter’Wl" *»“ M »6oxe. on Katdrday, Dec. :Mt. •• o’clock m. . For freight or paaeage, having unsurpassed accom mo.tatioug, apply to B. H. HARDER, No. 12 Stoddard'. Range. GARRISON A ALLEN. Agents, (125 NO. A, Bowling Greru. N. Y. Line. fob; g- NEW,«YORg. j v - ■ • r. > • REDUCTION OF PASSAGE RATES 1 ftMi Paziage, *23 DD Back, SID DD Tha new and splendid atumshlp ZODIAC, Bnlkldy commander, will lean for the above port on her regu lar day, Wednesday, Dec. ST, M o’clock. For freight or peerage, having euperlor accom mo dation* apply to dlB HUNTER * GAMMELL For Dootortown AND Tliomasville. The Steamers Gen. Shepley, Orient, and ‘ ' Clarion, Will make Tri-weekly Tripe to Doctortown, In con nectlon with the Atlantic and Onlf Railroad, leaving Savantfah on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Through freight payable by shippers at our office. Freight received during the week, and stored free of expense. For freight or passage apply to CHAB L. COLBY A CO., h2O Corner A tie-corn and Bay streets. . Freights ' FOR AUGUSTA, (THE nndenigued are prepared to receive goods at A their Warehoused—free of expense and cov ered by Insurance—for shipment to Augusta And points beyond by their regular line of light draught boats. Apply to CHAB. L. COLBY, septSS—tf cor. Bay and Abercorn sts, ECLIPSE FAST FREIGHT Li TO AUGUSTA. THE undersigned having been appointed Agents for this Una of new, staunch, and reliable steam boats, desire to inform the public that THE ECLIPSE lies her liollers in sod her machinery all on the spot, and will be ready to take In freight next week. THE EXPRESS. A mate boat to the F.cllpse, Is now on the line and furnishes a semi-weekly communication with Augus ta by lioats as safe and reliable as any on the river. These two boats are entirely new and built sene dally for the Savannah river trade. They rate A No. 1 at the Insurance Office, and are put on the most favorable footing, ■ The attention of Shippers m particularly Invited the advantageous arrangement this line has effected at Augusta, as goods pass immediately through to destination wtthoutany further Instruction If shipped No Consignee is necessary at Augusta and this ex pense Is saved. Freight wUI lie received at all times and stored free of expense, though It Is the Intention of the owners to take everything away twice a week, t oatA I '* U * wUlt>e ,4le **“ e ** , 'Y ***• other regular Goods should be sent to lie mu mb’ Lower prase, where an Agent will be ready to receive and sign receipts for ail shipments. F. W. 81118 4 Cos. HAWKINSVILLE § MACON VIA DAMIEN, DOCTORTOWN, And Landings on the A Itamaha and Ocmulge# rive*. THE Steamer Oafe Capt. MoCauley, c. be received for thin boat dally •» »be Old Florida Steamboat Wharf foot of West Broad atrwt, and stored in Ore-proof warehouse, free of charge. By thia arrangement- parties haring freight to ship c *n save the expense of double drayage and storage. For freight, Ac., apply to J.’B. PRB4DSE. Agt. 10# Broughton street. F. If. MY KELL. 1180 ' Harris MnUdlnga. FOR CHARLESTON, TOUCHING AT HILTON HEAD, The snperior steamer Charles Houghton, Capt. |. B. SPRAGUE, baring been fitted np specially for this rente, and pnt permanently on the ike, will the above Hvsry Tuesday Morning at ■ o'clock. For freight or passage, having superior accoumo mitiona, apply on board at the Florida Steam Packet Wharf, or to CLAGHOBN * CUNNINGHAM, Agents BF“ Tim Chart** Houghton will leave Charleston for Savannah nvery Monday morning d2»-tf For LIVERPOOL. The fine new clipper ship D R E A DNAUCHT, SMITH, Commander, baying three fourths of her cargo engaged. wUI have <|olck despatch. For balance of freight, apply to „ CHAB L. COLBY * 00., Oomar of Abercoru and Bay streets M T t'HANUK OP DAY AMD HOCK, FREIGHT AND PASSAGE REDUCED. FOR JACKSONVILLE, INLAND, MA RHUMWWICK, IT MAHfB’ AND KKUNANDINA TUB eTEAMBU •FANNIE, l AFTAJh MgtW.lT, fsffiffiwa Thie ImH I, IB Igl MafilWM Md m, la—■ "I dge.Sk jQaMwm MwMwSl if,tie p,dNf wmsOius* ima *f ►* "T- ew*» * MM* yt# ** wißasßa ■ HIPPIko. Tor’aucusta. The Steamer James J?. Christopher, ' Capt. J.,at. MOODY, ‘ Will leave for the ahove place on Wedneedsr Ev*t, set o’olook. For freight apply on Florida Steamboat Wharf to - j* 6 J. M, EINCHLET, Agent For Augusta, THE STEAMER E. H. MAY, | Os Lincoln Street, free of coat. Office in ckghorn A Onnn4^m> LKT ’ A * Mt For Palatka, VIA BRUNSWICK, ST. MARY’S. FER NANDINA, JACKSONVILLE AND PICOLATA. The new and fast sailing steamer H.IZ2IE BAKER, Capt. H. King, Having boon placed permanently upon this rusts will . wave for the above places on Every Thanday Morning, kg iff o’clock. .-ftgjW* Os passage, having siffendld caMn ac comuiodatlon, apply on {loahL at the Florida Steam Packet wharf, or to CLAGHORN 1 Jb CUNNINGHAM, d5 tr ' .Agent*. FREIGHT. • -e'kM- Tho fast-sailling schr. COQUETTE, Ferguson, is now ready to take in freight for the Satilla river, and will sail on Tueaday.morninfr or Freight, apply to „ J.W. ANDERSON*SONS, 623-3 Corner of Brayan and Dryton streets. FREIGHT AND J 1 Af®AGE~REDUCED I-OWER THAN ANY OTHER STEAMER 1 .. - * * v For Palatka, Fla., Via Darlon, Bruntwlek, ■«. Mary’., Eer sesdlu, Jacksonville and Pfrolata. Connecting with steamer Flora fbmple JOr Stag’d Ferrt/i Qnitnuillage, mid all landings on the St. Mgrgs Miner. 'T'BEnew snd faet steamer FOUNTAIN, Capt G. .r - Bf. Osstner,.wtlMmve as above on TUESDAY, the 20th inst., at 10 o’clock a. m. For freight or passage, apply on board, at Padel ford’s wharf, near White’s Central Cotton Frees, or to M. A. COHEN, Agent. During the absence of the boat all goods will lie ra- Celved at the warehouse on tha wharf) by Mr. W. 8. n. Hr lien. , Freight payable on wharr. Shipper* will furnish weights and measurement of F ' . d23 REGULAR WEEKLY STEAMER '• ‘ BETWEEN t Savannah & Doctortown, Connecting wlffi the At- The new, llght-dnmphf, iron side-wheel steamer TW O BO YS, >■ - . (Mate boat to the.WUllam G. Gibbons,) . CapL THOMAS DANIELS. v Having superior accommodation for freight snd passengers equal to any of the ocean steamers, will ! ply regularly between the above points, "*• .Leaving SAVANNAH every TUESDAY MOHNING DAtMOTN : iNG ing DOCTO ** TOWN everyTHURB - Is the desire of the owners of the Two Boys to make her an accommodation boat for the merchants of Savannah and the merchant, aud. planters along the line of the A. *G.R. R., until the completion (5 that road . and with this object in view, no effort will be Spared on the part of her owners, agents amhof- UagpuhH?'"* tbe W * Dt ® ° f * h * freif?h,ln K “<• travel- Freight stored in our warehonaeon Dillon', wharf free of charge ERWIN * HARDEE. D. Janie ViLLok, Ag’t at Ddctortowp. dl2-2w NEW ROUTE TO , » -. ■ ■ "S South-Western Georgia, \ V via .... SUNBLTJY AND STATION No. 4. AT LANTIC & GULF Ik R. , The new and swift Steamer O, F. IPotter Will leave her wharf, foot of Abercom street, on every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY, at T o'clock*. m., connecting at Sunbary with a line of stages for Station No. 4 A. ft G. R. R. Passengers by this route will arrive at Station No. 4 In time to take the train for Thomasvllle the follow ing (lays, connecting at ThomasviUe with ategaa for Munticello, Fl»., and Albany, Ga.' Returning, passengers will reach Savannah bn dbrner Tbnrwh, r» and Saturday! in. ttma for Time between Savannah and ThomagrUle, thirty hoars. For pasaage oaly apply to . . . _ CPAS L. COLBY A CO, dill-lm Corner of Abercoru and Bay streets. FOR Rio De Janeiro. CALLING AT St. Thdnias, Para, Pernambuco and BahU The United State* and Braatl Mai l Comp “ y wm i Pl'rtsaii#...hi. On tbe 29th of every month, A NEW AND FIRST-CLASS STEAMSHIP, To heave at 3 o'clock, p. - ’ Prom Pier 49, Nogth River. All letters have to pass through the Poet Ofllc*. An experienced Surgeon will be in attendance n board. For freight an Damage, having splendid accommn datlona, apply o k-picnoio accommo wul , , m thomasabwcjo a 00., octai tm No. 17, Broadway. New York. FOR ' HAWKINSVILLE AND MACON. THE HTUJAMXjn COMIIT,: CAPTAIN HORNE. WUI leave ea Above vith duapaleh. Fbr freight, wbt«b will ha received at the Upper Hydraulic Vraaa Yard, and euvared by taaar* '• until plaeadea board thaataamar, apply U . ' • wire bewmam, BALDWIN a CO. Por Liverpool. For Liverpool. iAittiupm •WM