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Georgia republican. (Savannah, Ga.) 1806-1807, January 17, 1806, Image 3

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■ v -r j*v. -exet .'v *■ m —T-~-~>~Tr?*:—r-?y i i? “p {]■;•> r / .-•< ,/ a, j * -*—< i L/ Lj L /I J. v S vVAN’ nA. J ‘• N A * 1J , i OdO. a . -i AiiJ-'i'Ui,>i t>; r-’ utv is : fi ■•• “ ‘he K ‘. !. Mr Kit. . ‘ ,s 1 ‘* ‘ N> j n -i'.aoii is mad - \v!ieu nr \v:u-re he died. | O i IVedr.esfat e 4 from the F. ■ ‘lern i Bren hf- im w Orr iis, th- Unitel i Xtjta iris’ Fra-BLn, w.lh U.ribrn ~nj j > ■ ’ey JI ret for :h- %ua lons in tht M'S’Jj*:?*’ Ni?. fat. junua , 3 Fr rathe AUGUSTA CiiRO.V. Jan n. Extr.iFi 0f a hut - t•> /&? £vr >, /rc;;j <s number of Cingress, da Ml iFuib r. ■■Got, D ij/.br 1 : 1803, tii . !<>f- vou the jure s? t- \ uvan Umifi Sta.cs and fa; ; < Ct v. i • I t , ; it. ‘lr. I this . iV. bv nil i ilit* balance or th. O :... 1 ; •. Itr Fa:k Decor:', ■> lh ‘ • x , ciiv 11 Georgia —Tht- icrou a"h •• iiig'i, a-id f e xa. 1 ~c v • is ii'M- i do not i I* >■ fa s ;.s i( ionre incuvi t! :.1 ■ !.<:„•• ft ot; l i:.O ) N f ft:-. :.) lull tx.Rs, ;> the rc i . v<* r.- up-. to the Indians after ts L : :■■* fh.Ul hvt : o fur her occaficm fojr it. Such a -1 is, h- -a ever, i: is p;ocr breni/fl t: 1 S:a e: i faM/e 1,.d h, . s tn'.r 1 >;Tie o -brio 1 to an u>* p-opria ’ m . ‘take place i.i the ; h ‘.ulf, Du; 1 hind it Will not • > ■■■ J • Cvih'ipia i> fijv, { • ii'Nwi o- that v• Jh 11>{e ti'.Ai j wool,] 10 G >dj we coni’ fao -j-e h s rcioo c - <.) *o beo<’ >•. Ia \ • ni.•,_>>’ n> the (lau‘. We Jo vs a debr • ‘-lie i;a> v* I! roifte v-then vvr rv.uit pay ic, and every •/ it ft-nn ii.r, i: aeo n •’ l(f — . U. la*i ‘• lie in toy v>- >,v >• ?; n.-i l i>. at: l 1 >.) f!"'C ( Slit! I* - l■•: j ‘'<)[ )■ ta<‘ ! • v c/tt • r jtl t : --.he ro T\■ ■ (,nu-iiii :'s }■( f: , ,-U trlVi aiiiiy, 1!■ dilcl.r-.r • hri- i in Ft. I rr h fear lio.i 1 an feVvaota ,e is •<>’ c.iliejj ih.- ] el, nr o; oortiirvrv, a i v rv 1 Hire via ; c! , f .., . n . <h - prider:rs ! tel . S have .iiis i ) . :t:r hlicit auth; c. . tha: th.rt is ro. j; for 3;-’ ! ;o ati tc d’ t-O -a ;t* Vi: Ii s-.i V.V C i . .by :ht C: ei*a on pearcab;< t. ts : and 1. is no* the mte cit * U or ‘S it ;i > ;;uilg3tj::n on At l ■ t b ates ty rhe to ) ;'t the -: evh :v. if. ---o how v ‘ll “p a t.-tice to G (-•: i rheri ’ “1 r:; t *or [in lent ct lion ii'Duiti be wjfrly . rsd tt.ivanta ,eotai /• lidposrd of! tx hill has of ii lnrrodneed in Ira e -or prevceeg me imoo ta -1 on c-t (laves pm* ts ■ Uniteo ; Ni'-e-t the firlt of January lfloS : ns poftjiOfnd until the ntx> f ’ bsor., s pr: rpicuii: ; ih -ieean 1 r 00 do not: but that the trade ’ 1 be ttopped at t: at period. ! .... t..wit.. fiti.'-aU; t.>•.;!< place eo that cccafior-, av vol fes ik l 1 f r ion ruidtirjr the tiade oi he. Djining .. The ire.oo.ia: of the mcr far .’ sos this r. vto Congftf- V. r * ad bft ever in art he"] on- I r... e CcfTe-ho dV- !t : 2 . v , ~ ac ! ] J- v s ': -fcJutda: iveoring of the 1 o r- han-s, .oi :f , r t ho [: ir , j i , *n.t uOi a. • -i.Cy -pp:: V v • : of. ! hi- iv. iv-o :a Itk * a ve rcx o'.five v;e-w o 1 hr fru.'.tioo •F -hr inerthants of the Ua - <\ C at- in conftrqurnre of r ; r late ■enttoo oi in o id j rockr-r h; u Britain— ’ f .he tn atns i,t v ‘ our v; ft J, h v ■ received ■’ ‘ uni: emcni armed v-s •f-N- of ihe htiii es n; Po v f >— ind o. ihe defencti. fs ftatc of <it,f -■ ! - towns. The nv rn- 1 s r .'--inJy ct:e of the rno!l l ’ dos ■* the kin : v.. *' ; - r v - f ’-xpreflea i.; a v rr b -* and •k.vrrfi and r-aur ec’ *• • of an lug . i, j r . < • pr-ot. *. ad s(ks in a ten n r * •- v ’ k)(- c, to- ie.-r i ..... the governa;er.t of .ics. y. J 1 ci'. r ■ o.'d’ x. ‘c he'iv t Ihe V, : if. am rrr.i ‘fit and Y~” ‘ , •. >-c .r is b-rn tep.i l.incvi tn tlit L, ] .ion ;■ T -'• k. Luc. : 7 /!'’ h V. TOX 1U laic Luuiirftt j •f the ox, ,v ;) b -,-r, is cv : ‘ rr . c ,r t ,. ‘ ■.[ifdrtntjrr.tpi.r ~l:iZ , n f,,i[ u s Ntva b v.d.aii 1 . lic Os, which Was exhibited .V, •r;,nri'.!;-v -.-Hi r;;. .1 oath,- t: m o ik'r.jamjn (. .rd-esq. Mi-G-ciOn. 1 ,c-1 ~s. , . 1 puK.’iafct! !.v Sir, ! ins brook .of :hi 3 town. Good jao j a !'i'-,:!r.t f-r fattor a - K t / i... 11l . XCctciCM 5411 V til Si; : oi ill, k’!:'l t'?.'’* CX- 1 n'l.hed in t- ,-. wn. Tnc cx, we I an. j was oniy ttve 1 v.„ old latt 1.-n-,:,,, ai.o j 1 is not liaii any cxiii. kr- n -ui will;- I a ui on.. •the of the ! wa < as i a i>v . ; B*. * 13 ifi y-ei. tit Hi V 1 a ,J 1 1 ’ * v > 2 .)J ? v7f wr < ’ t ; .c q ; -to i w i o n nr in w. 5,7 2 , 30 J ; 427 ; ~2 a. /? a.), F CO’-TMHNIC VTIOM. 7. .1 rr nJf•/, 1■ :n e.'on, A r . envy By the 11 11. I)i]. -. 1 muiafieieoee pf 1 the lion, ,s Lm.udixot, L. L. 1) j I ,r<J .. aii the Mm and lis< • ‘ ‘■ ‘.tfJ -btat. s, a- or Cuiint! nj n siu'tn H’t m-. ’..isbi- 1 ciubiiihc.i m tl i College :!’ n■ u pntent, of many i.Uiidied ip.ii a oi Biros bcatl>, liihta,] Reptile-, M. ...ii, Fnials, C. r.d*, Shdir,! : arlhs, ii’ ; nor wall t'omeific ire 1 : A Witrl-k. .nttrum-.: ts of fever.:l of M o jN-v.i-.e N. ,vt> ot Vmerioa and Africa. | Every an ice liable to decay, is now in iti Hate on ‘hi 1 p,r frivation ; and the j wbcie is air.• i n-.'dil’piay-d inv-arpe • and handfotn mmt. Thia Cah:.*t : Dr Daiid Hosack, of Mvw-\ oik,ii„ | v rv ~f!.eioi)fly ,n; oiented will, an cl. - 1 gam coMCitfi.iu of lev-, ra: i.u.-.: • -i additi i onal Ipe. on.ns 01 On.', I-'offil*, aud j Earths. ! The C(-!!f.;e now poss. iTh.t a halts on | wb’ch to < 11 b’ ih a cowrie of irftruct';*- jin Natural Huiory, ‘ml the T'uftns a d j Faculty i> a- x-ms to t x'c.d. r.s j aa r.rii-i-.le, to t, e liberal yi utu c lmniiitc ‘to ti.’ ir cam, the means or or. f, cuin ‘■his noble ai.J 1 telul fin !y, v, qiull: tin l.overs ot Naiu'e, ami flit I’ 11 c-110> 01 Si ence genr a y, to . 1 i their enceavoit's. Ib.'s rtq ii !t th.-y rddrtls mrr ■ part., u Inrly t” tin b so; iht Coiit’'.re r.liJin in every 1 a.. of ‘hr Un’ted Sta.e;, rely •no on their auc ent attachments to tb. i;'"ceot ti. :r early'iiuiius. And. a tiv triiHniia.) i:’ ti. 1. it :t tit ion arc a mu’ t, > add, as icon is t if, ii br in their p mci. a I'.a ;i. (r ,1: nto their olii lim ‘"i >. a. y hd jiiit curious or rn in the ao'.oa!, ninerai, or ve;>etah;e Li v ,'cn's, win b very thankfully rec ;vt.a b U.era. Donors are er-runftly <h fire.’ to fen their i'.tnn.-'. wo h the srlicha which the ..trier t t 1 : ■ ‘J,.bi ict, or the G dun, it order titai li . V mi r.t be recur ‘ed u- ti” Code; - box, with that hor.our w’i.i'i st,u.’ i t the iiro.notcrsof !ihrr:i! feiet.- Fi'e V : r.-rT t nuil Fbcu:>'; of ■! C. -a.. ! b ‘ /j übl , I /y , t Ft tots 1 y Ketvv.iaftrt in my o:rt of He U-.rt tJ State, v.’ l ’ nay be 70 ! t. tasa ; lh ii tut is ui tc-i.'l tu ihtity u • D- sot as *-Six pttitior.s f.- -voto be uivorccd (k;. dicir r;i::b.:ii-n ; a.-.,! tv.,-’ hi titr, to oc divorced fro,;: tt,o-. >vivf ■— v rr jr and nred at t ialt ieiko.; 01’th- lvrt.tu.kv ie • * nhicu ‘■ and ui ■>(.!: an leal dtb ■ ccvet FS fird <•- pr Mm:s. ,Mi. j ob B u in, of B.!:i •rorf/on r. c 14 ‘-, inliunf, [.re Cr. r-d ti. tnC huoid o. j ;.ir!c rives of the l. r r-;teJ S i;cs, petition, (Litmo r mat hr i:, tli aut or <;; r t..r f ijij'-'/iny; v..iu i . i fro vs r i ji thr fclTe-ted elis i s, car. hep <ved ou rr 1. i v c .tray fa ly t.Le riur I,'id ( I'-urope in tht: acs an-:i fcicnc.-'-., 1 fir i.v t■- in a.u.ntrdtes among. ocin r min: > : Fkchc A ‘ f.r corflcuc! in - ;, nmc.unc for t courh i j ‘“"C. :s, aiccn:. , def nt, ~m !tr uc lari: rn t . f., r o; c.i: ; ..:u; | fxtfrihng ifiv.d navigation j j for. making of laic vim hoot the oiu of ft. ! j ft-r c; .‘-ft'nft:!i..’ . cul 1 vatin-; iradiii - j i<>r imfo t'ucif.'o water into cirirs, cc -or guarding builJin; a a.v,a m’ j 1:0,n roa accium s i,f lire j ai.ei cerrainiy and :n’j'.fv . >; 1 nngmlkmg the G , ; for V 0 .! t; :Cti:'ig I;*4 Vc'c.ths - ,:• I-. 04 i I m 1 jeh mar:::, r as 10 • [,::.:c!y u- j prevent them i ni min . of teal. 1 ) or having their hum to i ,:r ■ \ and alio tor construct Tg an a . j, v.hatet.:-/ • • .s nh ,h 1 U'.tmfdvi's in .•■<;r cafs, c j ven af:cr tj.e iofs o: v t il_*i, b .-a 1 . | 1 •’ -N a, -t: pft t uB j C iu-ii from met.a icralfu if., n: i ve pi a e : i.i the na,..;s m me ■- x , ‘-u iv e tor :v: j : e o , .. .. j ‘ o ,i in <> T*ii. */*] Ivfr.r.T.i’s at'f* ipr- !*;; y been m ‘llto ! r. n • to t.u ■V ■> B ,: r. r- J ir-. the tit.. ‘■ ’ i’- - t csri;m 4 a: ; m t en- j t: ‘ ll 1 ‘ “■ J -DC c, 1 aVC ilt .- J i ;ii: -. Ui til's log , y * *:0 .efc.j :iJ. I ; ti.. u, rp.a U;zk, TIT TIM In I K, : . xxi. ‘I .-'-F ’ , v .st, a< 1!■ ter,if-,'4, I tr.a:i.i -g to a ’ men,kind. i. IV IN G STil V. | V. r c nwv very rntion.d \ tuipact t-e tn 1 1<- -rity ., who lec n:xs avai.nt tfo , in-'ty •> t'n'ri, nod v. ll out hefitatio i,. t kt) Very ‘t.:l ,J. HflW tl, | i -f'l'v, how >u-y vvre-:-.heel null the in j -'vi • tint be, who is .prone to indulge th Yu *.l uut.e'lal dilhi.nelty, Het fitua i “t nut. Ctd from the red oi his fpe-Ct- ; irtuft loc-fhiriiy s.cbar him from a parti ‘paiioii ii thole plealur.s, and c-j.-y •a -ii s, which pccu.i.iry i\v elcn hte _ l h-. 1. events, wl.i h ahi a 2eil to tl . ambn -a! draught, w ; - cit the man of rati -I,l,.ught continually iips from tin cup ol cx'il. ‘H-e, oniy tend to heigiitei the pangs of hut unavailing remorse, ami 10 da h. 11l loiture to foru rr anguish. H. will certaiiiiy exempt hunlclf iron, ‘he p ffi'.-iiity of being deceive.!, whi>. Ihe re'Doies contidence in none, but r'u i riilf-nit which he evidenc. st in tile trail j ae.u, s n* iift, evince itlclf cotuapi -,; jan li: - iuljpecled w-;!. i-Kiii h -conse inni 1 ‘• ; fiilricious. Mutual fulplcion wil l j. ms ei-fue, anil a oimilus to v.rtu mu'i I r fg wanting v.'hen a proptali. yto . u.r-nile ~ comes unbounded. - I ‘* the Ijur.ed teacher cf 80 - d-t,.-d the reality of whatever lit ■ ‘.-*• .i, aiK nccoi-nted ror its appcaranc i f-. i.i. eye, by a pa-ticular afhdion, ot ) opera- ,n, v. Ji, (, 8 he laid) was pro. , i11....ii upon the niiiid. Tins fyiiem oi ; ‘ ’f* “-h.y tes.du almolt as ainp yte j p-'-vvi-t the in. I beautious fabrics ot So j ‘ y, as re I- tom. infidelity, when carried j to its 11: tn -If lit l!{ 11. j i. t fnfpt ‘.oi• be once excited again!! I in hvi.lual, and condemnation g.-neral •y hnlowa Lor it a fafprets ( and 10 ‘ e pit ions i.itea lulpect uijuitly) he it-: a unit a.5 cotroboratlivctclUirouy, tilt c.mif f. wo! -ur cireumilancea, and a con : ,ct and m., ; tli. 1-a partial in its d-edi mr, ’ ec-.ii s cotturnied in an opinion, aa ml lauous ufteit, a, its poffiffor is fufpici- Oils, 1 t nv, doubth fit, intemperate in their : t c U <! <h Mving of our censure ; r "' c lr ‘ “ vlande.llindy seduces the i ■ ‘inni of me F'r, whom we ctlcem, jr Ira: r. a aii* •) to our bofnma, and .ie ua” sour uu’ i -i, we may vent our ini •: :c itions 0.1 t-ie imtofjiate auth*r of °y’ ; !)a ‘ ,:ioa l ad lons, but it ir rafii, it is j ‘ft to ii.ciu Ie in our curies the whole “ m :: : ’ ‘ u Often, ton often, u p rc . -ll r- i.-titai Inh taruiflied, and f(.r-v:r i t by an niilair denunciation fattrifles hi ts D-'r * the n.f. are tint upon a beautious >ce biij e k - uer/y of in eilcct. < f en ii. ■nny ot t -i.i > 1), we never beh oh! b; .in - unmoved while the merdh-ani relates UB! “ or wrttcheduefs ; u feehaban >"| and t i l.rutual propculities, the v.'fim • pro diluted guiit, Lavaier has :< ffur ."iv v.:i Limfelf an ingenius wrii-.r, •*v ‘ dravor.n * to introduce ,1 f. -, n ’ h“i <-m - v t r be more theorica!; but i v.r be ri-luftant to confide in the 0 •aw *•? that man whose opinions of r ’art formed, from the finea i-i ‘ i f.i 1 .-“ face. A'mity ir*q.jcntly attrrfts surrounding enn.'ii it'j, and invigorates will, ti,.- i ■ ce <M !:■ 1 eyes y /i rig ink els, j y ;’( • is upon her fmilc, !,i| c h T • -vn c.)i ,!< runs tlicru to the tortireof ••, with gratification. ’ n. s ciiiy extort from my buf.nn the j li. nos regrtt that i-uman nature can be’ •’ ■ rsJed by such txtremittet of led/; iiv. i o. iy heave another figli while con- Mi pt ir ’nmg.eii w:rh n,y pity, wiir.) | i) In-id tie- prideful beau j, arrogant nf II and, i--1. .iitc a uqitdU ; but th- v could IVd:v--rt my attention from the i.i tii.dic rnuiu of genuine excellence. ‘• very > iegant j. -es hao jufliy defined ; r‘ “ty to ■ “ a pr: rty. phiy thing”; ir , I hav.- i.fien hear-J piomclli'. ,m wu, ’ n , if t!- rules of Liv.-ite;-were ob f rved, I ihonli 1-xrnft to fi .and Ece.'an lup.d'ty, ami I have ofind arden fr.-.-nd ‘h'P. v hen 1 fhoii'd have expf.tcd the i noil < aifuinraate hypocrisy. .. Ac-i.-icitr. very often changes a Iran i'ul b'ce, fa as to tender ir ab'oluuly • i.i'ufii'iir. D es a change in rnertal dnpc.firio:;, inevitably follow a chan,re in rUe’ -ia. appearance ? And if beauty does I de-ape tut- ih-.als on which it u l urid .. j “f® g ; -' fame, Ready in his c.nrfe, j wd! at I. t infallibly deftruy ;t. J h a7l . pc.-; the amiable qalitir* of the heart, ! 11 t arc'd, ano aaw.a..aled by the :. r a rtiN [nr yean. 4 * u j ‘ IJ 1 j -ft to f'.fjiffl, to s'r 1 pi, or )o Cos on an individual upon t,.c chi j ‘in :’ .. opinictw, which may Lc faraiui | .un i external feature. \i ‘ii I'.'ct” d< firroia to aralvz? a! 1 d.a: acter, we fiiould trace In behavior,! ! ojpti inrri.a.its of life; we sh >u!d j | •') ‘ ‘ ..plate h;m, when beneath the prea-l on of c-damity, and when revelungiu ! c of profaerity. VVe [ ’ 1 ( how him to the fi-cret, and uii- ‘ • ■ “ niH’ ‘<,ii a faeries of private hie, and : h" ,) ‘ ‘of his Irat.lies, and 1118 virtlicH f) d'e fca'e:,, afc-r*ain wltic’i have jh*P* p and raoee. Non ane perf. <:i, I a.’ a•• ia lible, and therefore the molt , vii..j. us cnarablcr wni not be found •vif'-otr fame biemifins. By fallowing tfus man ‘o -he flufi,-* of r t.'em i.t, when the curtain if rn In luv oblcurcd th; world, wc ini, .t c. feover him applying the balm oi re ief to the j wounds.-f the afU ctvd, ami aomineiter. I tug t!:e baiMj.ii of coufoUtiua to tfa Le | /cit widow. i fa a w.-io expsfts in the tea pi; of lif. j | fu.ns ttdcq'ia.e to the ic.lti o. 1 ■oiqn.-'U difiri fs, pofTeffes often a heart | l> v c to thecmoi” sis ] ny, winch vvoul "omj t him w'i.relt e-.-ir he met th. t .I’lriy to rr! eve it. Ibdortin ale ii i-, •at tucli char; tflers ever give m;hi!-,trxe I*lawlcfspt'.'.fios. Bat the great *Al<i. liades, whom none ever exceld-i in ti . ‘'Ci/ Is, cot il cts of, or furpafltd in tin. , ii'..- ni of couniils, qladdu,. u tin- .agnir at two, v Im li had been deferteo V oil cr r -k.-s at twelve It is vain to {trk after that man’s nood •pinion, who den ,unera ns a m(h n;tf, -i generally depraved, the ch;n . ler r hieh there r ay appear a trait, produc ive lometinies ot per, icious cTedts. ll sf cf Rarer sr temfxt. Os vjits detailed mul fsut into A (ft/, I ( w. p. )ly hi, mji fly’s jl.t's , nri l tet j flrtv ‘errs, ft cm Match 8 to the, Ijl oj December. American Dart—Sarah Ann captaui Hunter. .American Brig Juno — Mayfl.iwer ! Johnson. American febaoner Mary TI. M. 1 fioop id war Folio, 1 Ho>.r. Xpandh bug San B rnaudi H. M •hip btork and S.u-Nv ch cutter, Spauifh fchuoner Ei Carma ; Alt xan drill', M'lvie. \S < Spanilh v.-(f hi, ramisnot known ; Mayfl wr, Johcdon. Sp .nifh brig K’i o ( ormrrly the Nel'v of New. Vink ;) May li-v-er Johnson. Spanish fciiouer Don Francisco ; Eliza Uni! rwood. a-m riean brig Thus. Jeff-.ifan ; Sarah Aim, Blunter. American flihi Venilia j 11. M, brig Geolan, capt. Aydecu.di. Spanilh (hip Mary, Nevis; t uernfey cutter, ISr tifh Tar. j Spanish fchoouer Ei Maria; B.ic chante's tender. American (loop Brcnard, and Mary -Kennard; Mayflower, Johnson. American brig Unaimnous ; Aiexan jihioe, M’lv"*, Spinirti (Vhr. Reyna Louifaj Ali xan j Jfice and Favorite. : Span ill ictir. San Jose las A-iimas, an I ! another name unknown; Alcxadrine ana ■’ Favorite -1 j Spandh pnva'eer fehooner Clamantinc N —Duke of Athol, Underwood • j Sp-inifti felucca Ildephonfa (Robbed Mr. barton s plantation) —.Xlexan ! nne I M'lvie. American fli;p Sampfun—Alexandrine • M’Kie. ; j Siianifli felucca, Margaretta—Dccou ’ verie. Span.fh schooner Monica—Alexan* 1 1 dcr hl’Kic, Portuguese brig San Antonio—Marr, ’ Gihfon. i American (hip Two Pollies—May flower, Johnson, and Viper, Taefon. ’ h) iniih brig Dorothea—Al x.i ivlrinc X. Ki", Sarah Ann, Baldwin, &. Ggorge, and Ophelia, Greenh-af American bng Mercury—Sarah Ann, Baldwin. American brig Sally ; Viper Tv fun. American Ichoomr Saily ; Viper j Taclon. j, Spin'll felucca Conception ; Mars,! ; Gibfan. j j American schooner Carulir.e; hfars,! Gibfan. ! Spandh fahooner N. S, D.I Carm vi 1 Mars, Gib- in. ! ‘1 wo Spanilh f hocnera, name, uu | known ; Mar3, Giblbii. j American b'ig ; Duke of j Athol, Underwood. I American b.ig ivumuloiu ; Favorite,! ’ Burnett. ! Americnn schooner Resolution ; Fa b : vourite, B iruei t. I American brig S, W. George and J Ophelia, Grc rdcaf. j Amciican (hq> Eleanor ; 11. M. S. | Stork, cape. Le Gc-tt. j l\ minican schooner Joseph; II M i (h.p> Diana, Reindce-, and port M don j American (loop Richard A.f cd, I'd- Jbeil, on her paflage to New-York, U k- n and plundered tiy a Spanifli nr French privateer, am) rc tuk.ll by 11. j M schooner D'coiivcrte. hp"dh privateer Santa Rosa ; S’rah - Ann Htir,ter. lirce I'.each privateers, La R-no. j m-< ,Le Hu in, ILcuUr; , and L... j ! Venus; S.'.n.'.v,-h, cutter and govern- i • j mcr-t fchli.iner Nail mi. 1 1 /iiiioca Suavii.g ..1,,* ; ...ayflower, i j Johnson. ‘ | j Spandh fcho-cur El Cirm *, f-incci. I , S.i 1 1 cl Ruin, u i.! -. ar in. 1 iuii sen ;.. -i j icxan<liii)o and Fi-voir'i’.r. Brig Gayoi ; I'uf .n. “e, Ferrv. I American iciioouer ii* ; G*.org ! ! and Oofa i'a. j America 1 fh> >m r L- -rty ; May j I flower, jon.-nb'.;, and B~:t.;li Tar, F . I Aiiinica.i i >nct Ottvc li’ itC.i j | A-tKdiian Ivi rv-f. j j j VOiix CF S VVA N N/\: |. | T-’MTFRFD. 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