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Georgia republican. (Savannah, Ga.) 1806-1807, May 02, 1806, Image 1

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Vol. IV. No.6j J CONDITIONS or THE GEORGIA REPUBLICAN. The Republican i pubUford eve* Tn<“fiay and Friday, on a royal lheet of fcood quality. * The term? of fubfcnption are six boi.- lasi per annum. ..or.e half to be paid at ih< time of lubfcribing, and tne balance at tin expiration ot the y?ar....and all papers win kv continued until ordered to the reverie. TRRMB I or ADrSRT'StNa. Advertisements lnlerted at 50 rents per square the hrlt inlertion, and 15 for each con. tnutation.. .A 1 iberal allowance made to thol. who w.lli ia advertile by the year. Tor Sale ar this OiTice, /. variety of BLANKS among which are, Fore '50and Coasting Manifeits, Merchants Entries, Liquor do. Bids of Exchange, do. of Lading, dp of Sale; Powers of At’Crney. Checks, .Apprentices Indentures, Deeds of Conveyance, Bonds; Notes of Hand, V'rits for the Superior, Inferior Sc Mayor’s Courts, Mayor’s Court Ex’<utions& Sapboenas, Kotices to creditors oflnfolvent debtors Military Summonl'es, & Executions, fee- C3* Caros, Hzndbicu &c. tsfe. Printed at a Jh >rt Notice on reasonable f't ms. Warred on Chirrer or Freight. A VESSEL s os a i: nut l\ too tuns, For a Ger p°rt - A pp’y to A G. Oc rilcr & Cos. March 14 56 tp l)o ! lirs Ke-vard. Tp>TJ>MWAY from the iiihfcriber on the J. V 15th Februar* last, a young negro wo rsvtn named S'ELT.Y, she is ahotit live feet two orthree inches high, tbek marl". has remarkable thick lips, and b’ack tee‘h, which nre very far apart, and lisps much when f >eaki r g. She is well known about town, where (he may be enticed to w. rk : and 13 futioofed to be harbored at times tli'-u- the tbrpbau house, and Mr. W'lkinfon’s p'an tirion near Savannah. The above reward ’„e given ro any perlon who will deli ver her to the jailer in Savannah, or inform die fubferiber where die mv be token. IVm. STEPHENS. March 25 59 WqiTce. to an order of the Tt-n orable the Inferior Court of Burke C nntv, W H be F Id a* ’be Cum 1 onfp in *Ve tov.-n of Waynefborough, on the frft Tuef d tv in Mav . ext, The wh -e of the REAL ESTATE of Matthew Clark, dcceafcl, for the br-eft of the heirs and creditors of ftod deceafcd. Terms will be m-de known on the day of sale. BENJAMIN ANSI.FY, March 18 57 Aftir.g Executor T. M. Wood bridge, His just received bv the s'oop Polly, Captain Norris, from Caudalonpe, 2c hhds. p tmr retailng MOT.ASSES f” t g ditto dito ditto SUGAR. 5000 lb. pr me Green COFFEE j April * n■ > i let: A YOUNG man who is acq-mmed with J L Mercantile bnfir.ef', f heirs employ ment, as a cierk in a Dry Goods or Gr cer ■Hare He will come well recommended A fitevion in the country will be prefera ble. App'y at this office Aprd 15 6; ISO 1 I CL. A LL persons indebted by bonds, no/es or open acc.n.'nr,, to iht eftare of JOHN HE H B, dec. are in fr>* that unless they ct-me for wan’ ?nd fettle heir refpe‘shv>* amounts by the loth of June next, they will with, nut dilcriminaf on be pla ed in the hand:, of an atturney for collection— rhefe to whom the fiid efiate if in deb ted will plc3fe present their ac- Cisun’s fer payment. FREDERI CK HERB, Adm’r. April ;q, 65 Sam uel W\l Ilium s> *jf TAS removed to the {lore lately oc- X 1 capicd by Messrs. H. Knciland k Cos. and formerly by himfclf, on Mo rel’t wharf, where he will continue the GKOCLKY idUbINL-bS. April 25, 69 wanted, AN OVERSEER, a Angle man well ac quainted with Rice plan ing, who •an bring good recommendations of his bon ftr, fobri- ty and abilities. Apply to the fubferiber at Cotton Ham, Brvan Counrv. JOHN ll'. MOREL. March ir 55 Found by a Nejrro, “Two miles out of town, on Saturday eve ning laid, Three Bmk Bills. The ov ier may have ’hem by proving tre B'ds, paying fr this adveitifement and re warding the Negro for his honeitv. CHARLES COPE. April I <i Georgia Republican. SWANNAH: PR NTED BY EVERITT & M‘LE AN, ON THE BAY. Administrator’s SALES. I Igreeahly to rxr. order of the Jus- j (ices ot the Inferior Caun of • the County of Chatham, will be sold, At the Coirt-house in the City of Savannah, on TUESDAY tbe\ 6tb day of Aliy next, sale to commence at 10 o'clock , the fol lowing Property , being of the rial and personal estate of the laic Joseph Clay. A WHARF LOT 150 feet f\ from, with the valuable impiovemencs thereon, adjoin ing Mr. Boltons. .SOO feet front on the river a- Vamacraw with the impreve menis thereon, fuuated between! Wr. Boltons and Mr. Twies’’ wha-ves, which will b- divice into Lots to accom.Vio late pur chasers. A Houl'e and Lor on id. 8.. formerly ihe refidenre of Mi Clay, adjoining Mr. 1 elf airs A Houle and {..or fronting rhe S,uth Common and adjoin ■ng Mr. Willi im W.jions. A Lor on Farm-street wit he valuable iirprovenv ntsrh- . >n, nuw occupied by (vlrt Clay. All rhe remaining Lo‘s l.ands. lying on the weft lide Farm-ftreei, including th low ’rounds to Mufgrove's creek ; hefe will be divided to accoin inodare purchasers. All tliar part of the very val uable Plantation and traift of f-.and called Vale-Royal, lying n.irth of tiie Augusta road and ■w* ft ward of the property last ok n’ioned, containing abou: 1000 acres, of which 460 are tide ami inland lwamp, the re mainder prime Cotron Land. I his plantation has a from of more th m a mile on Savannah river, and lies immediately a oove the city. All rhe remaining part of the Vale Royal trad, coma ping 3- oout 100 acres and lying on the Vugufta road mar the ciry, which will be laid out into fmali Lots. Another valuable Plantatio’ and trad of Land called Spring field, adjoining Vale Royal or ’he south, lying on both fid us cf iVt ulgrovCs creek, containing S<>s acres, of which 5.50 art rice Swamp, the remainder good Coct on Land. This property ‘S ccinpoftd of 45 and 5 acre Lots, a plan of which will bt o.epared, and filch of them as re connected will be fold to gether, and the remainder fepa are;y,^ 5 Farm Lots of 50 acres each in the Township of Savannah. 4 Lots, being a part of the Fair Lawn trad, formerly Col. Wylly’s, viz : No. 11, 71 acres, No. 13, 57 acres, No. 3, 46 acres, and No. gr, 10 acres. 2 Lots at Thunderbolt, No. 7 and 14. 2 Lots on Tybee llland, No. 3 and 27. 1 Lot at Montgomery, No. j 4j 99 f e€t front on Vernon riv er. 440 feet deep, and two back Lots of two acres each. 3 adjoining Viliiage Lot* at Adon, 150 acres, ntar Haner’s bridge* 103 acres good Cotton Land oppcfice Montgomery, between Vernon and Ogechee river. A valuable Plantation and trad of Land about 10 miles bom Savannah, on the Louis ville road, containing 1550 acres of which 400 are Rice Swamp. 300 acres Pine Land near Mooteith. 25 O acre* about 7 miles a - ir ar he river ‘ormerly occupied by J- Jen -1 kins; FRIDAY, May 2, 1806. I Lands in Effingham Coun o - ty * J 594 acres in one body, nem ; Gre it Ogechee river, about 01 ‘miles from S .vannah, granted a various times from 176 j. 101774 250 Acres pine land adjoining the above, aH lands of Mich-.ei Macinfufs, formerly R. M’Cor mick’s. 200 Acres pine land near Ken nedy ’s. 300 Acres formerly Bennetts. 300 Acres formerly Gold wires, joining R. Scrubs and Paul Bevil. Ar. undivided half of 300 a cres joining the above, granted to B. LA I. Goldwire.. Acres pne land rear ruckafee King, formerly Her iots. IN GLYNN COUNTY. 500 acres Land granted to k’ieph Wright. 200 acres granted to Jofepb R lyne?. IN LIBERTY COUNTY. 1700 acres Land, in four ad oinmg trafts, formerly James vadrews and (ir y Elliotts, ’ranted 1764 and i;c; 550 acres in tvo adjoining ■acts, granted 10 Robert am. datthew Smallwood, 1764. In MACIN rOSH COUNTY 200 acres Land, formerly vViiiiam Fox. 250 acres at Beard’s Bluff or the Alatamaha. 97 NEGROES. And immediately thereafter, at Vale Royal and Springfield, all rhe ot’ er personal property on those pi act s, icTiding of Stock & Plantation U tensi's, 6c . &c. CONDITIONS. For the real tftaie, one third payable the fi ft January, 1807, one third the ft. ft j i m iry, 1808 -iid the remainiiig third sirs arniary, iftcj, w h mb’reft 01 uie two last intlal mnts. Tin whole to f>e fecu.ed by bonds nd mortgage. For the personal property, me third Cash, the remainder 01. he fit ft January next, fecurto by notes with approved iudor lers. WILLIAM WALLACE, THOMAS GUMMING, JOSEPH SI ILLS, Administrators. Sav. March 3. 53 Sheriff’s Nales. On the frft Tuejday in May next at the Court-bouje in tb-s City he tween the hours of ten ana three o'clock, WILL BE SOLD, ALL that prrt of the I OZ and improvement’ on whirl job T. Holies now refioes, o; die fou’h fide of Broughton (tree opposite the market-square, fer/ ed bv Jno. P. Puuincll one o ihe Constables fc.r Chathan County, as the property of Ifaur Feil, ro fatisfy (undty exeru'ions pointed out by the defendant, and returned to me as the Law dire<fts. T. ROBERTSON, s. r. c. April 4 62. SHERIFF’S SALES. ON The fi> ft Tuesday in May next, will be iold at the Court-rioufe in this city, be tween the hours of 10 and u o’clock. A Mulatto bov named Miles , seized as the property of the es tate of G orge Johnson dec’d. at the suit of Joieph and others. The property pointed out by the plaintiff. T. ROBERTSON, s. c. e. April 4 63 SHERIFF’S SALES; IVILI be sold on thefirft Tuesday in Mas next, at the Court-house in the city of Savannah , betivien the hours of ten and 3 o\loik, ALL that lot nf land in Jay kill. Tithing Darby ward, L u e city of Savannah, containing 60 feet north fronton ihe bay, and 90 feet deep south on a lane, with the improvements thereon, at present occupied by Edward Stebbins, and others—bounded weft by eflate of Robert Bolton, forn erly Moui taigui’s lor, ?rul east by eflate Edward Harden, seized and to be fold tu.der the fureclofure of a mortgage, Dad Johnllon vs Robert WooGhoulc. Alio, a tradf o ( land, contain ing 4 5 acres, be the la re more o: lels, fuuated in t!ie countv of Chatham, about two miles from chis city, on the road leading to Great Ogechee bridge, bounded, south by lands of Dr. Tetard, north on land at present occu pied by Jacob Thiels, fen. well >yafwamp, east by lands un known, ieized and to be fold to larisfy Ex’ors. of Herb againfl Robert Woodhoufe. Also, one negro man named Billy, and his wife Belinda and our children, levied on as (lit property of George Mclntolh, lec’d to fetisfy Hamilton and Uartridge, thepropeity pointed jut by the defendant’s att'o'iiey. T. ROBERTSON, s c c. April 8 63 bheriff s On the fir ft Tuesday in May Trent, at the Court-hcufe , in this City, between the hours of ten ana three o'clock , WILL BE FOLD, THAT Lot of land in Yam icraw, known by No. 23 leized under 1 undry executions, as the property of Robert Greer, and pointed out by the defend ant. Continued from April falcs. T. ROBhR L3ON, s. c <:. April 4. __ 62. Snentf’ Oo.ies. WILL BE SOLD, On Tursrl.iy the 3 and day of May, 1 Rc6, ] at tje Court house in ‘J fterson, between j the hours of ten and two o’ doc l, the fallowing property, mortgaged by IVil iiam Harris to R rlcrt TJ ‘John Bolton Jor the payment oj a large mm of mon ey, the equity V J redemption having lien duly foreclosed, viz. LO 1 No. tony-fix, (cC) Do. do. thin y fix, fjfij Do. do. thiny-fiven, (37) Parr of Jot Nrt. seventeen, ( 17) And thewhole of the front of •ot No. fcvntcen, (17) being a water lor, widi all the buildings and improvements thereon. David G. fores, S. C, C. March 17 38 Sheriff s Safes. On the frft Tuesday m May next, wid be jcld in the Tuvin of ‘jef ferfun , between the hours of ten and three o’clock, \LL that lot and improve ments situate in the Town or ~t. Mary’., part of lot No. 4 ind on which Lapt. Heard a prelent resides. Levied on at the property of Eleazer Water man, to fatisfy a judgment ob tained against him by Francis M ufifaulc, junr. Conditions Cash. D. G. JONES, s. c. c. St. Marys, April 2 63 THE FIRM OF HUNTER & MINIS, IS this day diflolvcd by fri-atual con feet. All persona having demands will plrafe render them to the fubletibers for adjiiiltnent ; and all indebted, *re solic ited to prepare for icrimcdiate payment. They will attend at their Compt’.np house a usual, for the adjuilrncnt of their accounts. J AMES HUNTER. ISAAC MINIS. March a 3 59- [VVhoi-b Numbfr 371. MARSHAL’S SALES. A ILL he SOLD on Tuesday the ill dsy of May next, at the ( ourt-bewe in Savannah, be tween the hours of ten and three o'cl ch r, The following property, ta ken in execution ss he property of Smith, Sons and Anderson, at the foie of Thomas anil James Sw >rds. Unexpircd leafeofl.OT No. 3, Heathcoate Tything, Decker Ward, Savannah, with the buil dings and improvements there on. ALSO, The buildings ami unexpired leiftr ot lot No. 9, Carpenter Fything, Decker ward. ALSO, One 50 acre lot on the Thun derbo.t toad, three miles from Savannah, with the buildings and improvements thereon. Scubt’s within R mile of Louis ville, Rockey Comfort. 44 half lots in the Townfhip of Wafhmgton, Wafiiington couniy. 2,(00 Acres land on Town- CrerK, Hancotk cuuntv. 530 Acres land in Wafning ton county. AT.SO, The negroes, Molly, Char lotte, Lazett, Hazen Billy, Har ry, l'-ob, Jolcph, Nancy and Qua 1.0. lit N. WALL, m. D o. April K 63 Marjhal's Su/l’s. OS lie Ji Jl 7 u lany m Aladf next w ll be sold at the cowl heu/c, m ‘availnuh, . IV T LGKOhS, levied on } i. il ;, s the pioperty of O ‘. Samuel M’Cormick (let:, by virtue of several executions ob tained in tire Circuit-Court. 3 Negroes, Ifkac, Sebmah and Pat:y, levied on as the property of Wm. Hobkirk, at the Imt of John Miller 5 Negroes, Stephen, Monday* Ben, I artar, and Sam, levied on las the property of Joel Walker* Idee, by virtue of an rxecutiori obtained bv Charles Roberts. B. WALL, m. o. v t April 3 67, ~MIf.KILL’S sTTRsT On the JirJl Tne/day in May nexh Will be. fold at the court-houje in this city , letween the bouts oj ten and lb; ct o'clock. All that rradl of land fituarrj lying and bring within the conn ty of Chatham, contain ng 300 acres be the fame n ore or lelsj bounded northwardly hy Savah* nah river, eaflwardly by lands of Joirph Clay Mq. weft ward IV by lands of Montaillet, aiiti fomhwardly by lands of—-- * and which land hath hi hetni been known as the Git be land. Seized as the property of T vVrn t Hobkirk, under a toret iefcre of Mortgage to the Wardtris of Ciuift Churrh, T. ROBERTSON, S, C. C, March 10. ts es. i *ve J)oUai s hewatd, ABSKN'I El) himfrlf oh the night of the 26th March lass, Sum, * ttcut young country born negro, fit feet high of a daik complexion arid fur !y count-nance, had on wheh he went off a white negro cloth jacket ow! trow* fers, it is probable he may change hits dress, walks Very eredt and is much ol * beau, as the laid fellow once attempted to get so the up country and w difap* pointed m his expectations, Very probable he may aim for the Northward. all perfone ere hereby cautioned agaii ft harboring or carrying him off as the law will be enforced again ft such pcrfo'm„ I The above reward will be paid on de- I livcring him to the goalcr, or Frederick Herb, in Savannah, or to the fubfiriber oa Liberty Illand, below Thunderbolt <*£OßG£ HER3. April 4 Uj