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Georgia republican & state intelligencer. (Savannah, Ga.) 1802-1805, August 21, 1802, Image 1

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Georgia i\ opubiican Sc State Intelligence^ ... <L_i Six DLlfifS c ’*'crr } tldf n A ■\ GEORGIA RZVUELICAN, ■ j VOLI'ME I. No. I. ■ 2 c ;:.y: public . Fellow Citizens, , CONTEMPLATING the ftarc of man [ in the early periods o* the creation as ir ’ spefts his polirioji exist rc it is natural ro oeifevc that the Ygho ; .... j, t him hy nature and his Ge l won! ; be imperfectly un* and rftood. I Iff rants and his neceffuies com ipelied him to imlre v bi others f. r the pur pu?l a s of rrvtcua? ;n<l4lha see, ;* ■ 1 r:;os fm.diiei were fbrirsc-!. i v -v k \ c ?irlv ■eriod, society would -require forte* of ‘Ov'vmment to prevent refractory members rc ’ n thc ’* r neighbt>ur< ar.d to dire<ft thc oonFaf of the allocution against extern a! P 1 he simplest mode of arm-rip] flftng the mjedl would naturally be reforfed to; the hoiceof a chief, dftirLuLYdby corooreal owers, would present this mode, and in ail ‘joksbilitv was that fuff ■> ,I. ‘The form s ■Ts despotic, but nor f) tyrannic in ■act as ■/ be generally an inh doable grievance : p Ije wants of the people .were •limited, the • *hje£ts of government few. The ftamlarn of Toreffion could scarce br reared before home older spirit, disdamv 5 : e ignominous ser hude.would unnerve the urn of theopnref • 4 l Ir # When, by the c* ..uie of the earth, the -defy became Nation ary, ind by procreation Bbd the union of n ighbonring clans, their Lumbers were confL era Id y increased ; infrac ■ •ns on ih? common imereft would be Lfs r..Ji y perceived and with more difficulty [fftiefsed. The cupiditv of rulers beuan to find room for action, and despotism improv i 1 iier sway. To this was added a more fer bff ©vTcr of c , m r uffr; r ’ experience m” Bhny individuals ucing concentrated in tiu- j *hds of aft w inquirers, \i ave tliem an j Ottfuiancy p and. Science, 1 c only guide to ... h. uetffom, now , it'd her influence in f lint pica ns upon the; aderfeanding, butter sndh could reach |y a filial! number. A% i The difficulty arff labour r.fccffary to. t ompliih the object” rendered it easy to con j* ?aj the acquirements and*’ wrap knowledge ■urn view in the tenfold manic of myitery. I As this monopoly of knowledge enable-.; ißpoffdTbrs to perform many things unac- Hbruble to the ignorant, it c.aly to per- Bjtt| hem that effects, \s liicn actually procc- Ijjßrbmthe simplest: canles,we? eaccompi tin ■lav thfgipecial interference of lupernaiu powers, thus an influence over tiie mind IBrobtaineJ j the people believed thole who thus favored witli a 1 perdu! information Bom the gods, mull be the min seers of their Rll, and they dared not disobey, ihe op- Bjrtimitv w r as not loft ; the ertu Tty of the B ople was practised on ; and ecclesiastical Bceiulancy having united with civil domina- Bug Despotism became firmly leaded. B I his is not mere theory j from the earliest B>. $ of which we nave any ngor nation, we ioid the union of churchßstate a> aid earn |Ber in destroying die liberty and happiness, ■he people, that they may divide thefpoil. ■lioion has in clime* ’inirr all her ■nous forms, bowed her neck tc tne von.? ■ this corn pall ; and the di cuilful ■ fleets c i Beir cxei cions are not only to l e i scovered j Bi the Rained of history j they are ieen, j Bev are ftk at this day. ■ The invention of letters afford-d great] B: [lance to the propagation of kn f ledge j ] B>t it was insufficient. Oratory in lee. convey- Bi lorne information to the people ; but the P' story of all ancient nations, nuiticffarly a f # ?ece & Rone ; &in the pic tent day, that J\e French Republic, beaf witness -o con sequences the pafno ;s otan ignoianr [titude lead, when aroused by the Ikil.ui l Uie sos an evil minded orator. I )t was the art of printing which ftrft unbar ti clue portalsaaf the temple of science and e* dom, and made its altars free or accels all. From that era have the sedcs o! perd tion been failing fro w tbeeyts n an, and the thrones of tyrants tottering tef their , vji fail. The fovcFeignry of tie people ; r,o longer denied, and man is tail alUiming j .. r s' l ** *• cn itlo.i tor wbu.ii i*e *iviS j l jjY ills k.’ V. i: ;4is. w* i % Itidiv is the Press cor. fide red a. the pow j • rful .b facrcd guardian of Liberty. Know ! ledge tlirough irs medium extends her Bight ! with innumerable win us; scarcely can tyrant’ ! devise a system ofd ep red at ion ere iheirfchemc* j are unfolded and the people armed ayainft . * * ‘ch ir m iclunaoons. i Sensible that were the peep 1 ” allowed cor j rect information and the use of their senses, they would boon spurn thole prejudices which had made them Raves to their r How beings; that where (C reason was left free ro combat crroA* ir must triumpha'H, atui 1 ch tr allowed to tt'ucCt and :*• rcaft i, I would soon re-don hirnlelf uito freedom and happiness A t\rants have seized on the press, destroyed its hberti, and compeHed it into ‘their f r/i :e. T Icy have ftrf. hidden tbe book job knowledge I- o n” •. and. when their g!hr; dm. oppredion has inven jim to mad ] rids, they carefully collect the frantic deeds bfhis ungmded i ge, n * ‘- v color and Jen: tlciii fopi!i ro tli*-hr.minions to be retailed as the genuine effulions ofparriotffi-n. Nor do thc\ flop here, they call in the aid oi every 1 penes of falfehood, and mifreprefanacion,! pamring the irreproachable friends oi iumnan] | h.appmels in the terrifying garb of devils.] ! They iUjfprefs ail means of contradiction, cv j evince that if the press, when free, is a gio ; rious support of libertv, when enslaved it is a mod dreadful scourge. In a free nation no portion of liberty fnoukl be more carefully guarded and an that of the press, for when this is invaded or oc troyed, there can be no fafety for any o her. We have witnessed attempts in our national government to {hut the door op. free inveft'^n ■ . O non and we have not been ip no-ant of its evil cffebls. Under pretence that \hv press was iicennous,they undertook to refhain it within the bounds they prescribed ana bin for the exertions of those patriots, who, backing the resentment of an injured people, braved their | ower and their arrogance ; but for the pub 1 nation of those unwelcome truths which drew (!n\vn rh.nriders on tile vt'^’'• of the if wruh,m the r'CCpwrua or wnofu druige o; s blufiaed for being made partakers in ihcj perfection againfl them, there is but too] couch remon to fear that the liberties ot this! nation would hive followed the path oft! o:ei faint portions which liave glnr.meiC'i on for mer ages; and that dispair i:ig poftemy \v mid would have weeping read, “ tic Ar, uric an Republic has been A Impressed with this conviction or the im portance of tiie frreis j believing ;c to be the duty of editors to watch over the pubic faieev with vigilance, and to point out all departures from the general mtereik j it will reabily be c reditcj *.i.t a 1 1^ tioi. la iet oo . 11 oie, > o Wv.igi.ry and important, is accepted with no 1 nail portion of ddkdence, & no trilling degree of anxiety. When about ro ask the patronage o our j fellow citizens to a political publication, it] it is p-oper that a declaration of the principles whi cl l will guide usiha a 1 and be ij b . 1 1. ce and t o their confidc ra t ion. The principles we have adopted,and winch we feel an afturance are correct, are, that ail men are equally entitled to the following rights : Lift; Freedom of person, \ Freedom of thought on all ocean on s ; freedom of speech on ali fpecuiative and other subjects not productive or unjnit injury to another, Freedom in the pursuit of happmefs. [vvithout meaning if tii“ doctrine o; non-expatriation be Lun.h] The free erjoymeqt of the aequirements of rheir own : duftry or the voluntary beftowments of others. x\n equal voice in the expreftion of thej general will. Self defence, Man gives up none of these rights on enter- ; inn: societv : it is for their protection that government is inftiruted — assuming othe. ] pow. s, ;t :s tyranny. ] Government, instituted for the the protection !of ad, hisv. claim upon tiie governed equal |fo its :* vet ii ary disbursements •, when mote i> j taken, i: is by force without right the ; characteristic of robbery. I When a nat on isdiv;ded into parties, pof ] different v ews, cr different ideas o: ! iccompl.fhing their purpose ; judne? canno oe equally balanced between them & it isthe duty of every citizen to take a kde. C or.v.r.ccd that the meafurcs of the party caliicg iUeu -t-* i- _■ Spry* * S\ V ANN Ail, Printed e v i. v O N M Q RsE. SATURDAY, AUGUST at, TOO 2. b- W AiVing the liberties of the na l° Iw,it d<rfl 'uaton, and that in the “‘l'"’ iP v " ni ‘ > -<***ts where they yet retain an asict.df.ry tne dilpofit.on is imrhaneed : i . iietii!- tnattneir oppofers are more nilt i t.iar vie-.vs at and have pursued a system G s meanaesoerrer calculated to promote the national lecuritv and welfare ; we do not i'crti jie iu avow our firm adherence to the latter j ‘ “ ( (< T iuC 'Y tlK^r principles are our own. .* ( J ‘ l ‘ i!i:ri dore lend them all the support in onr ! OWCI '> gntil made fenfibie that the; ,irc (k * n3 rmig ifom views which centre in tiu* gei v :vl * cai. one in this paper, perfonaiities will be li.uc.ioufly avoided ; while we pledge our leivcsuat fcurnlity and abuse ftiall never warn, us pages ; our fellow citizens mav oc 2L * hiat no lundtuary hull ihdter an enemy or freedom. A e faii exert ourfdves to ftete all fhcls co!itcci\ • but vv'e are not insensible that of tne man. lpurces of informarion to which printers ntull rch>rt, lome may not be as as you hi be wi/hed. Should we be. !•* I i. > any (,r*.,n r oiis publictuions, tiie error will c heer/uliy and readily corrected on difcovtry* an adherence to these principles, and by f mieavouihng to give our fellow-citizens; an die uMul information in our power; we! i'_ to m. fit tiieir pritronage and approba t!Qn > LYON U? MORbE. August at, ißoa. I* i'ctu tb c i\ citiOVtrCil In tell? rencer. o A VIEVY | a/ *l>e Proceedings of the Irjl cf Ccn- j grefs. Io the People of the United Stmfs. 1 ’ is tne right and the duty of* the citizens | of a free Tate to acquire “and commimi- ; cate a correct knowledge of ail the n'or/*.* k \. r r ii ‘A A r -'’ far as poss hie. (.'■ Tne i. l /.cs which .-...- aels. ‘ . Wh'N-ever a portion of the people are h>- • duced by the repre fen tat ions of influe. liai j perform t.o deny their confidence to the con-1 ffirated authorities, it is peculiarly neceftafy | .for the fri -nds of government, on its pur, to! give publicity to its principles and meakires; j and f<ur the people on their parr, to become! acquainted with tiie nature, design, extent* and opera ion of the measures j that tliey mav] be enabled so iuuge from the iyflem and j mezlures themielvcs, not from illnatured 1 and bitter invectives, what is the true charac ter of the adiiiiniftracion. The people, at the Lift national eled ion, I repoffd.their confidence in, and elevated to j office, men whoftxpolitical principles are ma terially different from the piinciples of thole gentle nen wiio comoofed the luff admini ur-Lion. Government is instituted to fccure and in creade the happiness of the per funs governed, ft is the right and property of the public— not of its administrators. Therefore, when ever the pubHc withhold their confidence from one man and repole it in another, ir beco ucs the duty ot every man, as it will be the prac tife cf every good citizen, to yield the fame ready obedience to the laws and ordinances of! the exiftiug authorities, as heretofore, while the persons in administration were the men of his choice. Ihe * “ci'.Rd majority wh’ch appeared in congress lad ieddon, prove clearly a greater unity of sentiment, view's and opinions, than has exifku at any other period for the Lit ten years. Although the federal government, and thirteen cut of sixteen of the {Lite govern ments, ore united in a fyfte u of measures which they believe best calculated to promote public prosperity and national happiness ; ftiii a di.f erence of opinion and of political views and principles exists. This difference produce- an opposition to govern nent, head ed by u fappointed partizum, and supported by per funs well intentioned but mifintormeJ. An oppofino.i which attempts to cLftracf the councils ot the nation, Sc pally, the efforts of adminiftntion ; which circulates with incred ible industry, the moft unfounded faliehoods ; w.hich,while in power, heretofore ‘ecured ititli from ioatr investigation by af as a fact charged the infeuace or op> nionot another, aad infficting fcvzre puniih- TuNt? arda HAf Cents Single. - ments for the pr?t< nded crime of v.V’ v which enhances the public expenditures Iv 1 warding the progress and operations of gj, j ve rnmenr, and protradts the ffdion of con grels, by predenting every obftaci? in its p r.vcr v*i:h a view to render the government odious to tne people. An adrr.inderation wi ; ch ‘ i Oours to Inbftjtute order for confulion, e ’ > ’ jo nv for lavish expenditures and the mild rck n ot principle for the intolerance cf— courts investigation and Jr does not fear, but admires ihe plain la of truth.. It will never errrench itfelf Ur,.in \ fnr palings of a i edit ion abT. Con {cions t: T it lupports the gift principles of o> r u/> v ’C u iTicnt and moves within its conllitutionai o: hi: it believes that its views and jueafures v i m f'iriy underffood, will be apjdauczd. I o lemovc r.h jeidouffes from the minds .f tll ~ uninformed, and to furnifti the pub j > h ajvwt knowledge of me prefer.t m; roved * -e of the nation/the following- v;. .’ of and. ■ procedings of the hril Jeffon of dm. m.endi co ng re If, \v. *i- am. ft—r ttt: in tvt nrt s a s r. tl;,a,: y connected with the subject, arid t;c ttroaiks thereon, is iubmitted to the [Public. i hefeftion of congress commenced on ‘he 7th of December ; 0 n the eighth, the picd dent’s me flag? was delivered to both hooks. R/ this message, after giving a m err 1 view oi tne flare of our foreign relations and die prosperity of the nation, he recommend ed : A reduction of our expenditures in - hr ci vil department-, and In the army and naw departments : And particularly to abolish ulelefs offices ; m operation vvhicji he had commenced where in : evidence ot the office depended cn exec m; vo due ret ion i A repeal of the internal taxes—cd.fiprc nf p(!} rr J *i 1 lie cxciffi on domedic did tiled spirits. The fra r.p tax. ) lie tux on ‘ales at aiidtion. - on licences to ret mi. ‘ * on cap jartes*. ’ “■ r .Hrtiv TTtrtrrv •rv-rnrv.\r nr.’auy tz —7 The port: Age on new/papei s. A c.mcdd attention to trie i rue reds of Agrffiffi-ure, ’ Mane fixtures, Commerce, Navigation, and especially the carrying trade, A reviilon of the laws on the fubjeA of na turalization. A reviuon of the judiciary fvde.m, with a peculiar reference to the L:e judiciar y a cl, - palled on the x jth day of February, idor ; and proviHon far an impartial (election of ju rors. The man who devotes .his ta’cnts and tendon, 1 1) a reduction of public expenditures, lo the abolition oi un led offices, To the diminution of the public bur-dens, To aid, encourage and promote, j iic: i ture, manufactures, commerce; and u - vigation, To preserve a due admin titration of jufti< c at a reasonable expense, and to provide for the impartial lcicction of jurors, rich ly merits the confidence of the na ion. Among the nations of the earth, it was re served for America to exhibit to the world n •> vernment devoted to the inter?!!-of i.w peo ple. A govern pent which mitcad of in creasing public burthens, removed irar.v of thole heretofore imposed ;wf ich, in ft cad of enlarging the powers already enjoyed, ref - res to the people thole not effenua! to t ,c r security. At the head of which preihffis * man, who, for the promotion o: uepubhc good, and the prefervauon of civil liberty, lohcits the limitation of his own powers, the reduction of his own privileges, and the ex ercise of every conliitutional check to limit the executive will. The two houses of Ccgre!s united wish the ececutive in the great works of reforma tion and improvement. 1 hey have reduced the army to liml* nore than three thousand men, who ate* con sidered fufneiert to take charge of and i cep !in repair the various forts of the id .ire t States, and thereby have, made an annual laving to the nation of 5 22,0c0 dollars. 1 They reduced a part of the Navy cfLbllffi j meru, vet retained in service a fuficrent force ito humble the Barbary p irates. By n s j reduction they have 1 aliened the public ex. _n- j and mnes „oo,ugo duihiis,,