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Georgia Republican & State Intelligencer. Mix Dollars a Year, Half in Advance. GEORGIA REPUBLICAN, Volume I. No. 3. 10 THE PUBLIC . /3F*.llow Citizens, CONTEMPLATING the flare of man in the early periods of the creation as it r es pefls hs political existence, it is natural to believe that the rights bellowed on him by nature and his God would be imperfeftly un derliood. His wants and his ncceffities con pel 1 ’ and him to unfit e with others lor the pur poles of mutual aftiftance, and thus smaller societies were iormed. Even at tuis tai iv period, society would require fonne species of governn ent to prevent relVa&ory members preying on their neighbours and to direct the energies ot the aftflciation agamit exteinai foes. The fi triple ft mode of accomphlhing the objeft would naturally be resorted to; the choice of a chief, chftinpuifhed by corporeal lowers, vvould present this mode, and in ail probability was that firfl adopted. I h*, form was despotic, but not lo tyrannic in fact to be generally an iniufferabie grievance ; the wants of the people were limited; the ©bjefts of government few. Ihe bandar- oi oppression could lcarce be reared before fome bolder fpirir, disdaining the ignominous ser vitude, would unnerve the arm of theoppui for. When, by the culture of the earth, the fociery became stationary, and by prof reation and the union of neighbouring clans, their numbers were confioerably increased ; infrat tionson the common interelt would be Ids readily perceived and with more difficulty redressed. The cupidity of rulers began to find, room for a&ion, and despotism improv ed her l way. 1 o this was added a more fer tile i’ource of oppreflion. The expedience of many individu iis being concentrated in the minds of a few inquirers, gave the n an ascendancy over the ids informed. Science, the only guide to happineis N freedom, now shed her influence in faint glean,s upon the underflan ling, but her smdes could reach only a fmdtl number. The difficulty and labour neceflfary to ac complish the objeft: rendered .t easy to con ceal the acquirements and wrap knowledge from view in the tenfold mam le of my Aery. As this monopoly of knowledge enaole irsrpofiefibrs to perfoim many things unac countable to the ignorant, it was e.\fy to per suade them that effects, which actually proce tled fromthe limpleft caufes,wereaccompl fil ed by the fpccai interference or lupeinatu ral powers, thus an influence over me mind was obtained ; the people believed those wh< were thus favored with a f'peciai information from the gods, mull be the rninistcisof their will, and they dared not disobey. The op portunity was not loft; the credulity or the people was praftised on ; and ecclesiastical ascend ncy having united witii civil domina tion, Despotism became firmly leafed. Jj This is not mere theory; fron the earliest ares of which we have anv information, we behold the union of church&state to aid each other in destroying the liberty and happiness of the people, that they may divide t;ie Ipoil. Religion has in every clime, under all her various forms, bowed her neck to the yoh.e of th ; s com pa ft ; and the dreadful effects of their exertions are n it only to be discovered on the flu inch page of history ; they are iten, they are flit a; this ray. The invention of letters afforded great assistance to the propagation of knowledge ; but it was insufficient. Orarorv in. lee ! cjuv y ed lome information to the people ; but pie history of .all ancert nations, particularly of Greece & Rome ; &: in (he pie lent day, that of the French Republic, bear witnefsto whit fatal consequences the paftions ofan ignorant multitude lead, when aroused by the lkihul address of an evil minded orator. Ic was the art of printing wh cli firft unbar red the portals of the temple of science an. freedom, and made its altars free of accels for all. From that era have the scales or superstition been fallingfrom the eyes of man, and the thrones cf tyrffts tottering to their eternal fall. The fovercignty of the people is no longer denied, and man is faft alsuming (hat rank in creation for which he was defign sd by his benifieent maker, J Justly isthe Press considered as the pow erful & sacred guardian of Liberty. Knov led through its medium extends her flight with innumerable wings ; lcmcely can tyrants dev sc afyftcm ere their schemes are unfolded and tlie people armed againit their machinations. Senfitde tha r were the people allowed cor rect information an 1 the use of their senses, they waul soon f urn thole prejudices wine. had made them slaves to t eir f How beings; that where “ reason was left free to combat error 3 ’ ir muff foun be triumphant, and “ thar man, allowed to refleft and to reason, would soon rtafou himfelt into freedom anc happineis ;’ 3 tyrants have seized on the press, destroyed its iiheru,, anJ compelled it into their firmer-*. They have{irlt bidden the book of knowledge fi on mar., aad when their grinding oppression h's • rive n him to mad neb, they carefully colieft tut frantic deeds of his unguided rig-, new color and fen.’ them forth to iheir minimis to oe retailed as the etfufi ins of pat* oLif.ll. Nor do thev ft op here, they chi in the aid of every fpecics of f.xlfehood, and irilrcprcfentduon, paining the irrepioatna >ie friends of human happineis in the terrifying garb of devils. They fupj refs at I means o; contradiction, Ik evince*tiiat if the pn ft, when free, is a glo r ot s support of li -r v, when enslaved it is a o';eft dreadful scoutge. In a iree nation no portion of liberty should be more carefully guarded than that of the ( i\ fs, for when this m invaded or de coyed, thor (an be no fafiry for.any other. We have wuntised attempts m our national government to ffimt rff- oor o!\\eeinveftiga o 5 C3 ti n and we have not b e>; of its evil nffids, Under pretence ; the press w 7 as licentious,! ey undeitook to reftran it within he bounds they pres rmed and out for the exeitions o( those pan ots, wno, backing the reseiument of an injured people, braved their power and their arrogance ; but for tne pub ‘ licarion of those unwelcome truths winch drew down federal t-hundeis on the viftm.s of, then* wrath,at the rtceprio iof whom dun .;e ors biufned for being ma ;e partakers in sh“ persecution aga ntl their, there is but too much rea!on t > fear that the liberties ot mis nation would h ve followed the path of the c faint portions wh Ji have gl inmered on toi iT crag.-s: an I thatdispairing poiieritv would wonl i h-ye'weeping read, the American Republic has b en ’’ Impreisetl witn this conviftionof the im portance of t e preia ; believing it to be the duty or editors to watch over the public fafrtv with vigdance, tr.d to point out all departures from the general iruereii ; it will readily be . redited th .t a It ;uon so iefponfible,fo weighty and important, is accepted wi r h no fuad portion of diffidence, oc no trifling degree ot anxietv. When about toalk the patronage of our fellow citizens to a political publication, it it is proper that a declaration of the principles whnh will guide us iliouid be submitted to their consideration. ‘i'he principl sae have adopted,and which we teel an assurance are correft, are, that all men are equally entitled to the following rights: Life, Freedom of person, Freedo >1 of thought on all occasions ; freedo nos speech 0:1 ail speculative and other subjects not productive of unjust injury to another. Freedom in the pursuit of happiness, [without meaning if the f doctrine ot non-expatriation be (bund.] The free enjoyment of the acquirements of iheir own iodultry or the voluntary beftowments of others. An tqual voice in the exprefiio.T of the general will. .Self defence* Man gives up none of these rights on enter ing society : it is for their proteftion that government is instituted—assuming other powe s, it is tyranny. Government, instituted for the the protection of all, has a claim upon the governed equal to its neceflfary disbursements ; when more is taken, it is by force without right ; the c iar ‘cteristic of robbery*. When a nation is divided into parties, pof ieffihg different views, or different ideas of acco vi bfhing their purpose ; justice cannot] be equally balanced between them* & itisthe duty o: every citizen to take a fide. Convinced SAVANNAH, Printed by LYON 6c MORSE, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, ISO I. | that the meal iires of the party calling itfelf federal were driving the liberties of the na tion to fwife. deftruftion, anal that in thr state govern 1 ents where they yet retain an ascendency i;he difpofltion is unchanged ; believing th?ittheir oppofers are more just in heir v tws a.nd have pursued a system of better calculated to promote the nations fecuTity and welfare; we do not feru pieto avow our firm adherence to the latter parry, convinced their principles are our own. Weffiail therefore lend them all the support in our powe.r, until made ienfible that thev are Urparrinig fiom views which centre in the genera) weal. V hilc in this paper, personalities will be tiuditiiifly avoided ; vh le we pledge our felvcs that L urrdity and abuse flnall never flam irs pages ; our fellow citizens may be afT re \ that no fanftuary fho.ll llielter an enemy of freedom. We (hall exeit ourselves to (late all fafts correftiv ; bur w'e are not in fen Able that of the many fourccs of information to which printers mull refurt, fomc may not be as i'ure as couid be wished. Should we be led to any erroneous publications, rhe error will be cheerfully and readily correfted on discovery. By an adherence to these principles, and by endeavouring to give our fellow-citizens all rhe ufcful information in our power; vve h<jpe to merit their patronage and approba tion, LYON fcf MORSE. August 21, 1802. BALTIMORE, August Iy. IJ'Ningfeen different accounts of tb € achm l'aid to have taken place between captain IvPNeiland a luni/ian fifuadron, wc have been induced to enquire more par ticular ty than we Gtherwije Jhould, of cap ■am Norman 0] the brigantine Hope , 0) this port, who f ,arrived here about ten days pan from T reifie ; he Jlates that he name through the [traits of Meffina and landed at that c;t\\ where he was infol med th it a : curter puffed lor Naples from Sy-acufe .he preceding day who gave the folio win g account — float jeven lunljians were in chafe of a Neapolitan frigate , that capt . Ml*Neil palled with the Bojion frigate be tween the 1 uniJian s and the chafe, which in cent id the 7 nmjian com mod or c, who ho - edtato the Bojion, the fire was relumed & t: e jeci ton became general between the Iqnadrcn and the bojion . C 1 be rejult of the action was the jinking of two of the i unijia is, the difmajiing of two others . and the fight oi the remaining three . Ihe Bojion put into Syracuse much injur ed, several of her officers and men ha and been killed . Captain Norman further fates, that he le ;t Meffina on the /eccnd of June, and that he arrived at Gibraltar on the lyth of tne fame month ; at that place he gave the above information to commodore Mor ris, Captain Norman believes that ever) information at Gibraltar came from him\ and that it appear r to have been mifiaken by pome of the gentlemen who have writ ten, ( American,J Extract of a letter from a gentleman in Loti dot, to his cor ref pendent in New- Yorh , dated May 1 o. * “ A large body of the inhabit a ‘its of Po land are intending to pass to America . — This emigration ts under the direction of Ko/ciufco and Thomas Paine, and with the particular support of Mr . Jeff erf on, prejident of the U. States. They inicna forming afettkment on the banks of the Sufquehannab, in New-York fate. —The number spoken of is fifteen hundred, proba bly many of them with families , This will add to the value of that part of the coun try, as it is but thinly Jet tied A Tzvebue and a Ihlf Cents Single. o MARSHAL’S SALES. On Thursday the 2d day of September nex% wil be (bid, ac the courthoule in Savannah, between ioiru II o’clock, r jP//£ Dwtlliryhoufe and Out Buildings cn _l_ . Lot No. y Ewenfburg. lately cccup’td by Eawin Lewis, together with Seven Tears, Tu a Mentis, and Three Days J ease cf Two Th • e.s of fid s ot, to run frm the dale lay b'h eh n;} 1801, being on the erst end of Did lit eit;o a liKely Negro Man, about 25 years of . Pointed out by Edw n Lewis, to fc. isfy mem obtained by toe United States again]} hi%. BEN . IVnLL*F. M. 18th August, 1802. BANKRUPTCY THE second meet, ng cf the comm fi ners a A-ng under a comm pton of ba nup tty ijjued zgainfi Mr. Sara el Saubtre ot Savan- ah, Merchant, will be held at the Court Ho, fe “/ ihts citv, cn Tuefdi-y, tee gift infi-an , at ten o'clock in the forenoon : and the tkira meetr g on Tuefda\ the September next , at tn* same tune and pi cue. August 2 ;, ico 1. i\ O I IC f . TYT * are c ire Sled by John Milledthe Ex- W *cmor of the estate of the late Jacob Vdaldburger to notify to all p rfons wba cv r b'S prohibition again ft hunting cn that part of H e Ift and cf St. Catherine's belonging to the jail ejiate being tothc North the Stock having cf late been much lessened by fuel? pratlife, and other inj.ny done and after this noti e will feel ‘dmfdf bound t<y prefecute to the extent of the law m all per ions found to violate it. WILLIAMSON ‘A MOREL, Aug"ft, .28 t 802 N Olid:, THE fubferiber having taken into partner ftjp with him, in t e fijee bufxnefs GARDNER TUFTS,the buftr.efs at the Sevan* nab tS coc Store Will in future ce came l c-i u * a the firm cf G. TUFTS U (.*. /try commands on James Willy & Cos. or Jam -s With, w R ,j* attended to by application to G. Tuff g \ 0 „ JAMES ‘iVHLY JUST RECEIVED, At the Savannah. Sh*e S'Orpj A frefh effort merit of SHOE .S. Also -Th ee boxes LOTION CARDS Number io. G. TUFT ii Cl Cos. August 20. 180:. 4r THOM A) JAMEg TAt LOR, IN bO t xMS the ■ uohe that foe bus opened ct jhop on the Bay, near X her corn Street*, where he will execute a'l orders n his live at a Juferior manner and cn a jbert notice. He hopes to merit the continued patrtnage of bis em ployers. T. JAMES. Savannah, % August 2, 1802. WANTED TO RENT, A SUFFICIENCY of good cotton and Pr vfton land od or near the alts, as wcuhf employ at. out twenty workers and for which the higheft price will be given. Apply at this* Ofrce. FOR SALE, A SMALL family of likely country born NEGROES ‘ for Cafto only their qualities, are equal to ary in the state. Among the family is aw, neb which has been accmftomed to work both in th: fielo and house, Sold for no fait but the want o; Cass Enquire at this Office. August, 2> i302. SPRUCE BEER. THE Faculty recommend the Spruce Bee • fold by IV. KE/iN, near the Baptist Meeting- Houle, and next door to Mr. G. Roberts , us jnperior to any in town: being by far the heft calculated for the restoration cf health in ttx f relent and approaching feajons , Savannah, August 28. FOR SALE AT THIS OFFICE, AN ORATION, delivertrd on the %and. of lulv by THOMAS U. P. CHARLTON, Efa. (PRiCE 21 CENTS.;