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Georgia republican & state intelligencer. (Savannah, Ga.) 1802-1805, October 23, 1802, Image 3

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SAVANNAH, ‘’' ’ October 16, 1802. ‘Contemplating thefubjeft generally, thi?fc can be no doubt of a partial re moval, at lead, on the ground of poli tical adherence: opinions in politics certainly influence the conduct of men in society, and though fome offices may be deemed almost wholly, miniflerial, it is aliened with confidence, that few or roremovals have been made in any of the departments, which would not have been voted for by the men to whom the present administration owe their power. Are not these a majori- ty ? or fliould the voice of the people have no weight ? As it refpetts the pod office depart ment, we fully believe the removals have largely contributed toincreafe the confidence of the citizens* The date raent published from the National In telligencer, in our paper No, 6, we kntf to becorrc<d. If the information on j(hich the removals were founded, was in any indance unjud, the fault was not that of the pelt m after gene ral, on whom no charge of precipiian cy or of arbitrary conduft can with justice red. No reason has in any indance appeared for the belief that the information was incorrect. We have seen a lengthy publication, signed “W. J. Hobby,” who was formerly pod mader in Auguda. Al though Mr. Hobby inlerted his ie marks in a paper that lias never pub lifhed the piece he attempts to answer, while he is claiming as an acd of judice the insertion of his defence in republican papers ; we aflure him that we fliould not think it incompatible with “ the projefon of republicanism ’’ to give him a place, did not our contiguity to the , paper in which it appeared lender it made it wholly unnpeefla | Mr. Hobby is welcome to boad of his federalifm, nor will we quarrel with him about the names of W alhington and Adams, which he is careful to unite. The question on the popularity of the present administration we leave to the decision of the people : but when Mr. Hobby denies the enmity of his party to the government, we think it improper that he fliould in every line exhibit it. The conduct of Mr. Granger to Mr. Hobby, is indeed the only portion of his official tranfaftions which we disap prove, though we know it to ss\e pi o- the best of motives and the biuteft heart. W \\'e have long been convinced that nothing less than an entire monopoly ,of power, honours and emoluments would fatisfy the federal party aud that in any attempt at reconciliation, of which they profefs themselves so deft rous, their opponents must go the whole way to meet them. It was to be ex 'peeled, therefore, that the mildness of j Afr. Granger and his anxiety to wound the feelings of the individual as little as ,po!lible in the performance of his official duty, would iubject him to a different Return —that expressions originating in an amiable difpolition would be ftigma tifed as evidences of weatvtiefs or pufil* lanimity. In writing the letter to Mr. Hobby, | e port mailer general was doubtless Bhfluenced byadeiire to embrace the firft Btpportunity that had occurred to de- Ware the fylfem which it was thought Bjeceflary to pursue in all cases where m, e re was any connexion with a nevvs ■ cr of tile propriety of this system ■we can be no doubt and its operation HP:ii prove it beneficial. The experi ■nre of the late post master general ■nved that the appointment ot prin ■, or editors to the poll office produ lefs fatisfaction than that of other Eofeffions: it is confidently believed he Hd not for fome > ears made such an Mr. Hobby was generally con ■dered the immediate editor of the mmeraU' K afa<ft we think he will not dc- H We have the molt respectable Ithority fvr believing he was foconfi dered, and have lome season for confi ding in the correcdnefs of that opinion. If he very anxiously desires it, these reasons can be laid before the public. Though he might not have had any pecu niary intered in the paper, though his purse might not have been lightened by its losses norincreafed in weight by its gains; yet he mud have felt a mental intered, and a drong one, in the success of a paper which was so often the cra dle of his own children. We find it the general opinion that Mr. Hobby would have treated any communication in the boorish manner he has done the one in quedion : we therefore think with himfclf, that the lead notice taken of him is the better. Wc are persuaded Mr. Granger has learnt that mildness may be misplaced; that pearls may be cad before swine. We have said the removals tended to increase the public confidence in the pod office department. Mr. Hobby, with all his boasted integrity, is not confldered an exception. He may have conduced in his official capacity with the integrity of an angel, but it is cer tain that doubts of that integrity were abroad, and that difiitistacf on was to be found in i.o inconsiderable portion of the citizens depending on that office for information. His abusive remarks on Gen. Meri wether, it is oms to repel : we have not the honour of his acquaintance : but from the marks of confidence be llowed on him by his fellow citizens, & from his general character, we deduce a belief that they are libellous. One of the editors of t his paper was present when Mr. JViiliedge read, on the floor of Congress, an extrad of Gen. Meriwether’s letter. -t (fated what has been r epeatedly said here, that diftrull and diflatisfadion were preva lent ; that a removal was much wished and that letters through the route vvhicn comprifmg Auguda pod office, were received much later trail they fell due. This attention toMr. ?’ obby was ren dered neceflary by the artificial confe quehce his correspondence with the pod mader general has given. In o ther circumdances it would be impro per to take up the time of our readers with unimportant chara&ers, While the post office establishment is deemed ot value to the citizens ; the zeal and ability of Mr. Granger, the industry and economy which have marked his conduct, the integrity and republicanism of the man, will merit and receive the warmest approbation when the buzzings of malignity and the burllings ot vanity fliall be unnoticed or forgotten. It would give us pieafure if the fu perintendants of the tory Museum would learn a little more Connecticut manners and lans, before they attempt to inftruCt others. I heir confunmiate ignorance wouid make any, but a tory, blush for belonging to the fame animal jpecies. A number of papers, of different politics have been received from Con necticut and its viciniiy : they concur in the probability of a large increase of weight on the republican fide of the le o-iflature. Several towns within the O immediate acquaintance of one of the editors, have republican majorities for the firft time this many years. Someone of our tory neighbors, very wonderfully wife, reminds us that re publicans formerly supported Callender. We would take the liberty of setting him rioht. His character, was not ful ly known ; the fup.iort rendered, par tial. —The tories have hugged him, knowing him to be a villain. £3* The next publication of this paper will be on Wednesday, the 27th instant. Arrived at Liverpool, Ship Diana, Nichols, 28 days. —— Rochelle, Thomas & Robert, Pren dergaft, 40 days. The following notice las been circulated by order of the American corful, resident in London: AMERICAN CONSULATE > London, September 9, 1802. The consul of the United States has the fatisfaftion of announcing to his fellow-citi zens, resident in Great-Britain, that by official dispatches just received from Tangiers, he is informed of the re-eftablilhment of peace be tween the United States and his highness the emperor of Morocco ; and that there is no longer any danger to apprehend from the Moorish cniizers. (Signed) GEORGE Wm. ERVING. DIRECTON. For Vefftls bound from the Southward to Exuma Salt Pond, situated to the East ward of the port and harbour of Exuma.from which it is diftanl between 3 and 4 Leagues. From Bird Rock (the Northern Extre mity of Crooked Island) to the North end of Long Island the Courle is N. W. diltancc 25 Leagues. Give this a good Birth, fav one or two Miles on account of two Reef (easily dif tinguiffied) which extend from the two Points of the North End. From hence hall up s. w. by s. This course will bring vou on Sound ings, when you will fee Idog Key and Lutle Exuma,on both of which are Settlements.— There are fcveral Rocks or fmail Keys rang ing with the cor ft, these may be kept close abord. When you fee the House diftin<ftly, hoist your Colours, and a boat will be fenr out to bring the VefTel to the an corage at the Pond is to the East of Pigeon Key Pegion Key bears from the North End of Long Island due s. v/. and by w. distant 9 Leagues. Stock ng Island, which forms the Harbour of Exuma, is distinguishable by a Beacon on the highest Eminence, and this is about 5 or 6 Miles to the Weft ward of the Eastern Entrance of the Harbour. The East Side of Long Island, is a bold shore, and wholly free from Reefs and sunken Rocks. If you go round the North End of Lohg Island towards Evening, it may frequently be advisable to come to an Anchor, to avoid the Effe&s of Currents during the Night, which may be done on very good Ground, after doubling round the North End, and where under the Lee of the land for several Miles along shore. 111 this Case, the. Eye mult direst you, the water being perfectly, and the Bottom viflble. ... ... .. ... i ....jssss CUSTOMHOUSE. OFFICE hours, from * before 9, A. M. to -J before 2, P. M. Savannah, 15th O&ober, 1802. Mrs. JACOBS, RETURNS her grateful thanks to thole who have patroilifed her school, entreats a continuance of their favor, begs leave to inform them, that being obliged to leave Savannah for a few days, the Business of the school, will be carefully attended to by Mr. Jacobs and her daughter. Mrs. Jacobs will be thankful to those in arrears, to settle their Accompts as soon as possible. WANTED TO HIRE, BY the month, a Cooper, to work on a Rice Plantation. Enqire of the editors of this paper. ! October 25. | “ LOS 7, ON Wednesday evening last, between the Jail and Barnard ftreer, a small Gold Watch, whoever finds the lame, and will de liver it to the ftibfcriber, at his reiidence, cor ner of Barnard street, louth common, fnall be well rewarded. PETER DEVEAUH. October *3 jt ] FIFTY DOLLAR SHE WARD. STRAYD or STOLEN, j FROM The Commons of this city, on the 2d instant the following HORSES, viz. | A large brown BAY, about hands high, 10 years old, trots high, a few saddle spots near his wethers, a switch tail, with both hind feet white to the fetloock. A blood BAY, about 15 hands high, 6 years old, a small ftarin his forehead, trots and can ters with ease, and has also a switch tail. Twenty Dollars will be paid for the Horses and Thirty for the Thief, with proof equal to conviClion, on their delivery to JAMES ALGER* OCtober 2 3. _ TWO LIKELY | HEALTHY Negro Lads, one of which would suit a Bachelor as Cook and House-servant, are for sale on terms that may be known by ap olying to, i CHRISTOPHER GUNN. | - OCtober 23. ( tf•} | WANT E D, I A CONVENIENT Dwelling-House in the vicinity of this office, the rent not exceeding 250 dollars. JACKSON o’ HARTSTE/. Have jujl received per ship CoUmhia , Cu. Fofdick frem Liverpool. 6 Bales white and Colour’d PLin*, 4 ditto London DufliJ and Brilto : Blanket* I ditto fuperfine and coa/fe Hor.’.s, I ditto white and coloured flannels, I ditto cafimere% and faewsdowus, I duro eiaftics and coatings, 50 ps. best Invcrnrfs Cotton Bagging, 30 ditto do. flaxen and tow Ofnab irgs, 1 trunk of Silk and Cotton Hose, 1 case sheeting and brown Holland, I ditto Cambrie, Thread, Bobbin, Tapes See. 1 ditto black Bombazine, Duranrs and Sewing silk, I ditto Teamens blue trowfers, and jackets I ditto Cornflopers, (Oznaburgs, and Coloure i thread,) to Casks Nails aflbrtcd sizes, 1 ditto lines, fewiug twine and flioe thread, 1 ditto Glue, I ditto and 2 Cases hard ware, CONSISTING of Corn Mills, Steelyards, Pad Locks, Shovels and Tongs, Fire Dogs, Woffle Irons, Che r c Locks, Lar.dicapc tune pieces, Crop whips, Bridels Cruet frames, Gentleman Tool Chests Canisters, Japand Waeters, ditto Trays &c. 1 Calk Patent Shoe, 1 ditto House Brooms, Hearth and Scrub bing Brushes, 2 ditto Broad Hots, ditto Club Axes and Socket Spades, 60 Kegs Paint (white and Spaniih Brown) 2 Boxes Mustard, 1 ditto Chamomile flowers, Men’s and Women’s Hats, Thickfetts, Jenets, and Velveteens, Furniture Chintzes Cotton and linen Handkerchiefs Iron Pots and Camp Ovens Crockery Ware, See. ON CONSIGNMENT, 3 cases Men’s HATS, fir it quality, whiCii will be fold low for Cassi. ON HAND, lj|o ps. Callicoes, 100 ditto Humhums, 30 ditto fail Duck, 30 ditto Dimities, 50 ditto ChcCKs, Muslins Ginghams, Cambrics, Linens, See. 5 doz. Green Chairs, Groceres See. Savannah October 23. ts FOR NEW-PORT, The Sloop “ally, jmjWCH INTENDED as a cpi-Tv-t r< 1 der during the winter from us port to the lbuthern ports o? t‘ state—she has gool ac :o nmo Ur<ons freight or p'(Tenners. The f-ialMI Uvo: be thankfully received. For furtherpvr; enquire of Mr. Samuel Isaac N. Meserve, master, on B O ftober 23, 802. MARSHA L'SS/f WILL be fold at the Co.ur ii v the City ofSavannah, onSai-i*, 30th inst. the S\. her tackle, apparel and furniture,to so. execution in favor of M. Shepr-r. G. R. DUKE, M i: Oftober 16. FOUND, Between the Cuiton-noufe, r. Moore’s, by a Ne-ro bay, a t NOTE, the owner may have it b ! it, and paying for th:s advertise tv-.; expected the Boy will be rew n\uy. honesty.—Apply at the Cufto r.-k j.- Savannah, itth October, 180*. j NOTICE. ALL Pcrfons indebted ?o fiv f < on his former concerns so I call and pay of their accounts &c longer indulgence can not b* t v-m. i “ JOHN Gi I October, 16. NOT 1 C E The subscriber having rec e ivecKo 1 for dying, reque ; sthoi: wna them, to come and get them by :> price of his work. He had : ■ articles in March 1800, one in F: if they do not apply for the la ne, v them at public Auction for their ace he intends to return in one mom his property, nearthe town of Caves S southern parts of St D >mmgo, *• be ready to render his account. 1 B. COQpILi-h’ in Brou£&tcn Savannah Odlober 16 iSo^*