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Georgia republican & state intelligencer. (Savannah, Ga.) 1802-1805, November 13, 1802, Image 4

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R OTiF.RT & JOHN BOLTON, lltvt rtceiv(d per. fo'p Columbia , from : Liverpool, %"] br.’es firft qualify white and blue plains : diro flannel and baize $ c! no London duffll blankets 7 ditto Br.ftol, point and role do. 40 pieces blue ftrouds 24 ditto fupei fine broad cloths 14 dirro ditto cafljinere 45 ditto drab plains 10 ditto striped and spotted elafcics 29 bales rot ton bagging ; 4 ditto fail duck 2 cales Irlfh Linnen 12 pieces girth webbing 30 dozen romal handkerchiefs 1 ditto cotton counterpanes 9 calks broad hoes 2 ditto grubbing hoes and club axes 1 dozen frying pans 1 cask glue 2 dozen corn slopers 1 bale bed ticking 40 boxes 3 by 10 and 10 by is crown window glals too kegs white lead 30 ditto Spanifli brown 2 tons fliert lead jt dozen tin scales 1 case Duffy's elixer and Britifn oil V dozen fcalc beams from 3 to 5 feet long with weights 500 iron pots and ovens ,4000 fcuflieis of fait 5* casks Bd, lod and 2od nails 4 casks cutlery and hardware 1 dozen cross- cut saws 24 ditto rice and sickles 1 ditto elegant fiddles 2 ditto portmanteau trunks to pieces durant and bombazettc 2 trunks hosiery. October 12. ts K.OBER T 6’ JOHN BOLTON. Have received per barque Nixon, captain Shaw, from Holland, 22 cases tumblers and asserted glajs ware , 2 ditto elegant parlour glares, 2 ditto toilet and other looking glasses, l do. bird cages with glajs globes , 44 liquor cases, 200 pieces white and brown plat ill as, I case dowlas, 1 ditto diaper, 140 pieces Bremen rolls , 24 ditto 9-4 and 10-4 bed tickings 1 case bolting cloths, No. 4, 5* aTi^ 140 pieces Ofnaburgs 60 Ttcklenburgs, 8 Flemijh fine and ccarfie linen, j-o Ravens ‘lucky 200 Hejflan linnen , 1 case long lawny 1 do, Flemijlo linen, 2 cases fine and ccarfie threads, plain and diaper tapes, bobbin and laces 1 case velvet ribbon and black lace and crape 2 ditto thread and cot ion hosiery 5 bales fein and sewing twine. Loading, 30 Hamboro and fijbtng Lines, coils white rope lives, 1 case window hocks and hinges, jy casks nails and tacks, jo boxes 8 by :o and \oby 12 window glajs, 20 tens bar iron, afiforted, 200 ftseets iron gins , 10 boxes Remit wine, 50 pipes gin, firft quality empty gin cases 80 kegs ffft q ualily gun powder, j 60 fowhug pieces and rifles, 40 boxes Edam ana Gonaa cheefie, 9 Friefiland Clocks, 7 elegant porcelain and marble wantis-fiece clocks , 3 pieces girandoles, fi 2 bales printing paper, *8 bales wrapping paper, - 4000 quills, 20 dozenfia.tes, j box Haerlem oil, i ditto S pyker balsam, 1 ditto camphor, 5 cajks Prujjian blue, red, and black lead ground oil , i ait to lampblack, 20 ditto linseed oil, 100 jugs Unfeed oil, 4 dozen wajfsl aid water irons % l crate flower pots and fiands, A large quantity of bajkets 50 pair quern ft ones 23 inches 1 ditto mill ditto 3 feet 4 ditto ditto ditto 3 feet and 3 inches, 4 ditto ditto ditto 3 feet and 8 inches, 1000 hearth ii.e. August le ts FOR SALE. A LIKELY Negro boy about 12 years old for talc low for cash at the Savannah shoe Store. G- TUFTS & Cos. O&obcr 9. £t. JACKSON 6* HARTSTENE. Have just received per ship Columbia, Captain Fcfdick from Liverpool, 6 Bales white and Coloured Plains, 4 ditto London Duffil and Bristol Blankets 1 ditto fuperfine and coarse cloths, 1 ditto white and coloured flannels, i ditto caflmeres, and fwansdowns, 1 ditto dallies and coatings, 50 ps. belt Inverness Cotton Bagging, 30 ditto do flaxen and tow Ofnaburgs, 1 trunk of Silk and Cotton Hole, 1 case (fleeting and brown Holland, I ditto Cambrie, Thread, Bobbin, Tapes See. 1 ditto black Bombazine, Durants and Sewing fiik, 1 ditto Teamens blue trowfers, and jackets 1 ditto Cornflopers, (Oznaburgs, and Coloured thread,) 20 Casks Nails aflorted sizes, 1 ditto lines, fcwiug twine and flioe thread, 1 ditto Glue, 1 ditto and 2 Cases hard ware, CONSISTING of Corn Mills, Steelyards, Pad Locks, Shovels and Tongs, Fire Dogs, Woffle Irons, Chelt Locks, Landscape time pieces, Crop whips, Bridels Cruet frames, Gentleman and 00l Chests Caniflers, Japand Wacters, ditto IraysNx. 1 Cask Patent Shot, 1 ditto Houfeßrooms, Hearth and Scrub bing Bru flies, 2 ditto Broad Hoes, ditto Club Axes and Socket Spaces, 60 Kcss Paint (white and Spanish Brown) 2 Boxes Mustard, 1 ditto Chamomile flowers. Men’s and Women's Flats, Thickfetts, jenets, and Velveteens, Furniture Chintzes Cotton and linen Handkerchiefs Iron Pots and Camp Ovens Crockery Ware. &c. ON CONSIGNMENT, 3 cases Men’s HATS, firft quality, which will be fold low for Cash, ON HAND, 150 ps. Caliicoes, 100 ditto Humhums, 30 ditto fail Duck, 30 duto Dimities, 30 ditto Checics, Muslins Ginghams, Cambrics, Linens, &c. 5 doz. Green Chairs, Groceres See, Savannah Odtober 23. ts 7HE SUBSCRIBERS, HAVING rented convenient Stores on Harden and Jones’s Wharf (formerly Clarkes) offer their lervices to their friend and the Public as Factors and Commfflcn Merchants. BULLEN fcf HARDEN. October 9, 1802. iwdhn. E. HELLS, ? ~ Has just received on consignment, at his AuHion Store, Commerce Row, an assortment of Low priced cloths- Blue Strouds cafimeres, plains, Striped fwansdowns, green baze worlled hole, printed goods, white humhums, checks, dowlas, plattilloes. Three small Bales of Coarse woollens, and four cases of hats, affort d. 1 sett of mahogany tables, I large dining table, 1 Bureau, | An Elegant fide board, I Riding chair with plated liarnefs Jamaica and VV. 1 Rum fin Hhds. Brown sugar in hhds and LJis, Coffee in bags, Excellent sweet oil in boxes All of which will be fold at the moft 1 reduced p ‘ices. Savannah October :Q, 1802. * Just Received from Cbarlefton, ana FO R SALE AT THJ S OFFICE Tli K LIFE OF fOUSSAINT LOVVERTURE, Late General in chief, ani Governor of the Is land cf Saint Domingo •, with many particulars never before publijhed : to which isfiubjoined, an account of the firft operations of the FRENCH ARMY, under GENERAL La. C L E R C. TRANSLATED FROM THE FRENCH By N, HER BE MO NT, Teacher of the French Language, cn Sullivan 9 s ljland, PRICE 50 CENTS. “ T'i'hW ‘ BLANK LOOKS. For la.e at this office I Now U No. X!V, (>. .. A NEW AND COMI*I. llc ENCYCLOPAEDIA; OR, UNIVERSAL DICTIONARY OF ARTS AND SCIENCE:* ON AN IMPROVED PLAN. Illustrated with upwards of 140 Copper plates. CONDITIONS. To be comprised in 120 numbers (ifany over plus to be given g-a>s) each number to contain 4 or 4 1-2 (fleets ietter-prefs and 1 or more engra vings, delivered every other week for 25 c^ eruS each, making in the whole 6 large voiumes. oub feribers by the volume to pr.y 10 dollars on delive ry of vol. 1, and the remainder ar the end ot the work. in which *ll the refpe£tive Sciences are arranged in to complete iyftems, and the Arts digested into diftinCl ‘reatfes ; alio the detached parts of know ledge alphabetically arranged and copiously ex plained according to the belt authorities. CONTAINING A d'geft and effplay of the whole theory and prac tice of the Liberal and Mechanical Arts. Compiling a General Repository of Ancient and Modern Lflerarure, from the earliest ages down ‘o the prelent tune. [ncluding all the New Improvements and latest dif cot erics made in the Arts and Sciences. Ihe tu perfluities which abound in other dictionaries, are expunged from thfl, lor the purpose of incorpora ting com pie e lyftems and diltmCt treatiles. I3j. means of this addition and deviation fom the old plan, ic will compnfe t*e following (objects. Acoulticf, Aerology, Acroftson, Agriculture, Al gebra, Amphibology, Anatomy, Annuities, Ar <hi eciure, Arithmetic, Astronomy, Belles-Let tres, Book keeping, Botany, Brewing, Catop trics, Chemiftrv, Chronolog\, Commerce, Comparative Anatomy, Conchqlogy, Co ries, Cofmography, Criticism, Dialling, Dioptric, Drawing, Eledlrici *y Engineering,, Engraving, E'ymology, Ethics, Farriery, Fencing, finan cing, Fluxions, Fortification, Foird°gy, Gard ening, Guaging, Geography, GeometrV, Gram mar, Gunnery, Handicraft, Heraldry, Hiitory, Hufflandry, Hydraulics, Hydrography, Hydrolo gy, Hydrostatics, lichthyology, Laws, Logic, Longevity, Legerdemain, Magnetism, Maritime. Affairs, Mathematics, Mechanics, e , He. nagery, Mensuration, Mcrchandife, Metallurgy, Metaphvfics, Meteerologv, Military Affairs, Mi neralogy, Modelline, Music, -Mythology, Na vigation, Natural Hi (lory, Nau ical Affairs, Op tics, Oratory, Ornithology, Paintings, Perfpec five, Pharmacy, Ph'lolbphy, Phlebotomy, Phy fie, Phi flognomy, Ph vfiology, Phylology, Pneu matics, Sculpture, Series, Statics, Statuary, Stenography, Surgery, 1 actics, \ e'rapodology, Theology, Trades and Mts, Trigonometry, Ver rr.cology, Re. The whole forming a General Circle of Science, and the moft c’ mprehenhve and cheapest Libra ry of UmveTal Knowledge ever publilhed in the United States. Tfff Suhfctiption* are received at the “ Georgia Republican” office, and from different parts f the union will be attended to, and the work punc tually forwarded agreeable to dire£lions. by JOHN LOW, No. 339 Chatham ftreet. . ~FROP G S A L, (Bv RICHARD LEE, Baltimore,) For PUBLISFIING By SUBSCRIPTION DISCOURSES ON GOVERNMENT, B f ALobßisO is 3 Y iJiiY, TO WHICH ARE ADDED, The life , Memoirs, &c. of the Author. LETTERS TO HIS FATHER, &c. HIS TRIAL FOR HIGH 7 REASON, AGAINST CHARLES 11. BEFORE JUDGE JEFFREYS. With his APJLOGVin the d*y of his DEATH. CONDITIONS. J, THIS work will be comprised in three large O ctavo Volumes, containing at least five hundred pages each* and printed with anew type, on fuperfine Pa per.” It will be the pride or tne Pubiifher to present to the American public,this excellent work, in an ele gant dress. H. The price to fubferibers will be Two Dollars per volume, in boards. Ill* With the firft Volume will be given a Portrait of’ rhe Author and no expence will be spared to have t executed by the firft ariift in Ameri a. As this work is proposed at a very reasonable price it vvi’l not be put to press, until the cf rive hundred names is obtained, to ferure the great ana certain exoeners of this publication. DR. BURNETT’S Char abler of the illufinous Author. it He was a man of moft extraordinary courage ; man, even to obftmey lincere, but of a rough and boisterous temper that couid not bear contradic tion. He seemed to be a chriftian, but in a particu ct Hr form of his own : he thoughtit was to be like a 44 divine phiiofophy in the mind. He was ftift to ail 44 republican principles and fu h an enemy to every thing, that booked like a monarchy, that he set him -4‘ felf in high oppofitiofl agfinft Cromw/ t <, when he < was made Protector. He had fludied the hi/lory 0 f government in all its branches, beyond any man I ever “ knew.’ Several manuferiptitreatifes of his in Latin and in, Iraiian, and an cc Essay on various love” in Engiifh, are (till extant among the pape.s of his family at Penfhurft : but his “ Discourses concerning govern ment’ alone will immortalize his name,and are fuflici ent to supply the loss of Cicero’s lix bocks “ De Re. pubiica,” which has been so much regretted by men of sense and probity. In short, it is one cf the noble/t books that ever the mind of man produced : and we cannot wish a greater or more extensive blessing to the world, than that it may be every wh~:e read, and its principles universally received and propagated. Subfcripiions are received at the Georgia Repafcli can office. PROPOSALS. By MESSRS. DENKIS7OV & CHEETHA. I NEWYORK, For Publifliing by A COMPLETE COLLECTION OF TH*a STATE PAPERS OF THE GENERAL GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED S FATES ; Commencing with the First Seflion of the First American Congress, in the year 1774 and to be continued to the end of the present Administration T© EE ARRANGED IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER ADDRESS TO THE PUBLIC. SUCH cf the State Papers of our Genera: Government as have been pa Hi (Joed, are to be found in files cf news-papers only, and in other fleeting and detached publications.—Many cf ike utmost importance to the Jlatesman, and indis pcnfable to the historian, have not appeared iu print. Such, indeed, is the nature of diurnal publications, and fitch arc the needy cir cum fiances , very generally, ij not universally, cf their con du Tiers that they arc necefjUated to give prefer enc, of admifflon into their journal, of that fpeeies cf information by the publication of which, alon^ y they obtain necejfary support. Hence, regular and entire files of the largest and heft conducted political newspapers do not contain a regular cou catenatisn cf governmental documents ; ana it may be fafely added , that files of all the papers in the Union do not. Tet, if they did, fcentered through a bulk of literary matterJo v aft, it would require the life of one man, to colls Ti and arrange them lucid order. Dr. Ram fay informs us, in his preface to his History of the Revolution, that he was four years in cc Heeling materials for that small, but excellent produflln , not withstanding he had access to all the official papers contained in the various departments of the general govern ment. Os the utility of a work that shall comprise all the Jit ate papers (the official documents) of the general government, from and including, the memorable congress of 1774, to the ev.dof the pre- Jen t admimjiration , little need be said The historian will find in it prepared to his hand, all the materials necessary sot writing the history cf the Union, It will furnijb the Jlatesman with a body of authentic information, the underJlanding of which is necefsaryto constitute that exalted cha racter. to our editors of nszvspapers, whole literary productions vie in excellence with thoje of their breikeren in Europe, and who are emu lous to excel each other at home,it will be an efli mable work. To politicians of every fed and grade, it will he no less piecflung than inftruClive . In one word, it will of itfelf, form the moft au thentic, and, therefore, the best political History of the United States. It will require conflder able ref ear ch, much labor and no small expence to complete the collection. The editors have, ho wever , long had the work in contemplation , and much progress in it is already made. Such of the ft ate papers as havjjr never been publilhed, will be included in it, as well as thoje which have not, in any Jhape, appeared before the public, —They have made arraugements which authorise them to assure their fellow-citi zens, that the proposed Colledion shall contain all the Jlate papers of moment appertaining to gene ral government . This work now proposed to the Union for en couragement, fij all cons ft of a mere coll-clions of State Papers, chronologically arranged. Na remarks whatever of the editors will be made iu it. CONDITIONS. I. The work shall be put to press as soon as 6o jubferibes are obtained. 11. One volume (hall be delivered to fibs crib ers in this city every three months, confftmg of about 500 pages, printed on good paper, and vA:b anew neat type procured for the pvrpofe. —- Sub (crib ers residing cut of this city, may have their booksfient to wherever they please . 111. The price of each volume will be two dollars in boards, to be paid for on delivery. IV. A list of the names cf the fubferibers will be annexed to the work. *g* Subscriptions received for the present, ‘at - this office only. New-Fork, June 4. BLANK CHECKS, For sale at this Office. WANTED, AT this Office, one or two lads as ap prentices to the ait of printing. September.