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Georgia republican & state intelligencer. (Savannah, Ga.) 1802-1805, November 24, 1802, Image 1

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Georgia Republican & State Intelligencer. Six Dollars a Tear, Half in Advance, GEORGIA REPUBLICAN. Volume I. No. 18. _ _ll , |,!_ I ■ I immmmmmnm- ■w* GEORGIA. By his Excellency John Mi!ledge, GT w •vernor and Commandt r m Chief cf the Army and Navy c) this flute, and of the Militia thereof l WHEREAs John Milled ge, one of the representatives of this ff..te in the Congrcfs of the United states, who was elected and commiflioned to till that fear, and adt s Such, until the fourth day of March next, hath made vacant that appointment by accepting the office of Governor. And whereas in and by “ An acl to regulate the general in inis Hate, ’and to appoint the time of the meeting of the general affembly,’ puff ed the nth day of February, 1.799, it is among other tilings declared •* mat all writs of elections to fill vacancies that may happen for members of the general assembly of this Hate, or lioufe of reprefentatiwes of the United states, iliali be direcled to the jufiices of the Inferior courts of the refpebUve coun ties, who art? required’ to give public notice thereof, and cause the tame t o be held in manner and form as.herein be fore pointed oat, agreeably 10 Inch writ.” /havc t her ofire tl 1o u o-] 11 fi tto i fifi \ e this my proclamation, hereby notifying directing and ordering the jwihoes 4 the inferior courts of the reipeclive counties in this Hate, to confider the fame as a ceneral writ of election for the purpose of filing tlie vacancy or a member in the lioufe of representatives of the United states, occa honed as here in before pointed out. And I do hereby require and charge .the said [ till ices to give due notice that the said election will be held in the re fpeftive counties of this flare, on hi ed nesday, the fifteenth day of Decembei next. And I do hereby further require that due return of such election be ir ide u the Executive Department, as in am bv the said aft preferibed. Given under mv hand and the great seal of the state at the Hate lioufe, in Louisville, this ninth dayqfNo ycmber,in the > car # of our Lord one tliouiand eight hundred and two ; and of the independence of the United States of America, the twenty-seventh. ’ JOHNMILLEDGE, By the Governor, Horatio Marbury, Secretary cf State, God save the Hate. An Ordinance, Jor the better keeping of the squares, stmts and other public place / of the city of savannah, free and clear of chjlrucuons. WHereas the streets and public pla ces of this city, are frequently ■engrailed, and the pailage of citizens, and carriages impeded and obffructed by timber, materials tor buildings, car riages, and other things, to the great danger inconvenience of the inhab itants, particularly in the night time. Be it therefore ordained , by the Mayor and Aldermen of the city of savannah, and it is hereby ordained by the authori ty of the fame, That from and after the nailing of this ordinance, if any person or perso ns, ihali bring, lay, or put, ck cause to be brought, laid or put any timber, bricks. Hones 0.1 other materials tor building or fire-wood, goous, wares, merchandise or other bulky thing what soever, and Ihall permit or fuller the fame to continue and r main in am square,Ht eet.lane or alley within the fait: city, longer t me than fix hours, or ihall permit or fuller any cart, dray, waggon or carriage of any fort, to Hand and remain in any square, direct, lane or alley, longer than such time as afore laid, or fliall dig, <r cause robe dug, any hole or pit, in any 1; nitre, fireet, fine or alley whereby tic ircc paflage of persons on foot or on horle back, or in, or with any carriage , nut, be in any wile* obi 11meted or tendered unfijfe. every peifon so offending, fkad o n convic ti 011 the 1 1 o i be fore to e Ci uy Council, be fubjert to a fine not ex ceeding twenty dollars, for each and every iuch offence ; and alio to a for Cher fine of live dollars tor each and every day inch nuiianre (hall continue and he loitered to remain alter notice to remove the fame : And m case the person or persons, making, earning, permitting or fu He ring lucli encroach ments, ob/li uciions, nuisances as Lore fa id, fiiali refuie or neglect to remove the fame, after notice to him, her 01 diem for that purpose given, thui the fame (in Inch cases as will admit there of) ihali be removed by the Ma ihal! and Confiabies of the laid city, or any oi them, at the proper ex pence of tin person or perlons so offending ; a id il any person or persons (bail molefi, tronoie or oppoie the (aid Marshal or Confiabies in the execution of Wlp or their duty, such peri on cr peribus ihali on conviction thereof, j or feifafropay a line not exceeding fifty dollars. Provided always ncv..rll clefs, I hat any person 01 perlons actually building or repairing, or about to build or repan any budding, lira 1 ! and may collect anc. Say all such materials as nmy be need iary for (uch building or repairs, in •he Iquafe, ibeet lane or alley next adjoining the place or spot whereon mch building or repairs are intended to be made, provided that iudi material’ ae collected, and clolely laid up and filed together, f) as to obltrud the pafiage as little aspofuble ; and provid ad, that during all inch time, as such materials Jhaii so lay in any square, llreet, lane 1 r alHey a lamp or lanthoi vvith a good and fufiicitnt light therein, be securely hung up, placed or fixed on a post, or other vv ife in fun e coulpicu ous place, where such mateaials Ihall be laid, and in such manner as clearly and plainly to fnew the place and extent occupied by such materials ; and which lamp or lanthora Ihall be lighted at or before dark in the evening, 6c ihall con tinue to burn until day-light: \ nd it shall be the dr. y of the Marlhal and Confta bies of the the fai i city, and they are hereby enjoined and icquired to notice all such encroachments, ohftrticUoPS and nuisances as the above mentioned, and crave inlormatioti thereof to the Q City Council, as often as the fame Gmail come within his or their know ledge. /\ T Council Savannah November iff ISO 2. Charles Hards, Mayor. attest. T Lomas Pitt , C. C. SHERIFFS SAL E. ON Tuesday the y:h Day of December next will be loid, by public Auction a1 me Court Houle in this City, between the hours of 10 and 5 o’c.ock a Horse laddie and bridle ieizeo as thcpropei ty of jo in Dews. THOs NORTON S. C. C. November 6, iSci. SAVANNAH, Printed by LYON id MORSE. NOVEMBER 24, 1802. M A R S H A IdS SALE On Thursday the 2stb injl, will be fold at the market-icnfe in the city of Augujla , between 10 o'c.cck in the forenoon and e o'clock in the ‘ evening, the following tracts of lend, seized as the property of tVtlliam Graves , to Satisfy fundiy executions , viz. 1 land in Lincoln county, being pa r t of a tract granted to Wm. Graves, ion of Jan es Graves. 4co acres rn Wilks or Lincoln county, on Wed’s creek j grant and John Crutchfield. 400 acres .n Wtkeso Lincoln county, Soap creek, granted G Cl .ncv. 2Oe> acres 01 Lloyd’s creek, in Wilkes or Lincidc com ry, granted W.u. Ar hur ’ooacies, part of a tract of 200 acres of land on So ip creek, i ; Wilkes or Lincoln tommy, granre ; to B. Ifi lnses. -'oo acres oi ind on S a.j creek, Lincoln co in , cr.tnred Thomas f'orrefter. ‘too acres on Savannah river and Wells’s cj.eig 1 incoin count}, granted William Rh- ny. ( 6 \ acres or Wells’s and Soap creek, Lin coln county , granted VV u. Grav; s 090 acres near Lloycfs mountain, Lincoin county, planted Vv rn. Graves re 6 aerqs on the waters of Lloyd’s and Soap creek, Lincoln county, granted William G nves. 6c acres on the waters of Soap creek, Lin coln county, grant'd Wm. Graves. ■2 jo acres m a branch of dry fork of Soap creek, Lincoln county, granted to William Graves. 2 ('O ncrf'S L'nco n county, adjoining La mar, Moiely and others, granted William G ves. 287 acres Glenn conn r v, joining Suillvan and oihers, granted Wm G<aves 400 acres Glynn county,, joining. Fulter, vT. r,,fh and others, granted William Graves.- acres on Buffaloe river, Glynn coimrv, join Dav.d Duncan and others, granted Will am Graves. 575 acres lame county, joining Sullivan md others, oranted Wm. Graves. 250 acres G ynn county, joining David Duncan and othe s, granted “Wm. Graves .SCO acres lame co nty, joining Fulton and, o gran ed Willia n Cmaves. 287-acres fame countv, bounded on all Tides t>v William Graves’s, land, and granted laid WiD. Graves ALSO,. Four negrot's, Sukey nrd her three chil dren j t?kc •: as the property of the executors of James Martin, to latisfy an execution in favor of Archibald Ha mi ton & Cos. Conditions Cofh, and such of the property as may not be paid for on that day, will be re-fold the ensuing day, at the fame place and with n the fame hours, at the Tifk of the firlt purchasers. Benjamin IF’all, AT. D. G. Oclober 30. MERCANTILE Cf MATHEMATICAL AC A D E M r. MR. COX, grateful for the kind patro nage he has uniformly experienced since die co riencement of his Academy ; his the plea! ire of announcing the liberality of the honorable the Mayor and Aldermen, in having granted him another room in the City Flail, in which the joung ladies will be hence forward inllruded. The youth of either sex being accommo dated with a different apartment will add nuch to the convenience of the Academy, and contribute to accelerate thrir Rudies. (fj* Wanted an Assistant offuitable abilities, who muff produce un questionable teffimony of his sobriety, tufere tion and induffry. A French tutor will attend the Academy, as loon as fifteen scholars are desirous ol llu dying that language. October 27. (tr.) IN COUNCIL, Savannah, November ist, ISO 2. RESOLVED, That the refolurions respec ting the quarantine of vessels arriving from Baltimore and Philadelphia, be entirely Hif pended from this day. Ex trail from the meant es. THOMAS PITT,C C. Twelve and a Half Cents Single From the American Citizen . LETTER EIGHT. Proof of the negotiation between a Fed oral gentleman , authorized by the Lading ft daalifis at IVajhington, and Mr. Bier to place bimfetf in the Presidency, at the late election. “ The min:tier who by secret corruption u invades the freedom election, and the ruf “ hart who by open violence deilroys that u freedom, are'embarked in the fame bot “ tom.” Junius, To the PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES. (Continued ) Bv adverting ro the date it will be seen that the above letter was written immediately after Mr. Ogden’s nei:o ciation with Mx Burr, and a letter had been received at Wafhingron from a leading federal character in this cirv, derailing the terms of that nego gocianon. It will alf> been let n that the letter is of a highly confidential nature, and that confederations of pe culiar delicacy prevented its being made public to the world. Nothing *• but tlw importance of the flibjctff, and the bold unblufhiog denial of the ne gociation by Mr. Burr, could have induced the gentleman who it, to permit i f s publication. Nor was rhe writer’s consent to give it pub licity, obtained until a letter W3s written to hirn by a friend of ours for that purpose, ami to which the fol lowing is an answer. tc sth OHober, 1802. <l De a r Si r, u l was absent on n v;fir and did u not return kill this ..morn:after the .yv.j'A had clokd. I pcrctixc ike ‘*• tmpa tance of the requeff which is <f made of you, but I am under re 'l ffraints of peculiar delicacy, c< Our intelligent friends would I (t think be firisfied with my permit !l ting the fjbffancc of my confiden c< tial communication to you, to be Cf made known. The critical circurn “ fiances under whi v ch I gave it to £c you, have juffified me to myfelf.— Ct To give the cxaH of my letter ff may involve me in very furious per £f fonal inconveniences j but if you u have reason to expeH coilufion be- £ ‘ tv/cen Burr and G den, and that tl engagements of secrecy have been <c made by others, you had then better “ auttiorife a literal publication, and “in case Ogden cenies the sass as ‘‘ flared therein, you are authorifed c * by me to give the name cf , as “ the high federal char after I alluded £c ro, as the writer of the letter to £f Wafiningron, and on which mine tc was predicated. I made a memo c< randum at the time. I thought I £t had taken the dare, but I well re £f colicH it was in January. If <£ should prev'aricare, ai.d this he ££ comes necessary, it would confur.n ££ with my vv.fhes tliat you fignify to C£ , my name. I am able fully to effablirh the ££ fa6t. I can hardly think he will £< lend his weight of reputation to £< countenance such extreme profiiga £t cy. But we ought to suppose no £i thing impoflible when v.e confider “ the ffrong motives of party policy £: which may exiil for diiguifing the £ ‘ rranfadlion.” The public will now be anxious to know the name of the <c bi/b federal ££ character” w u o wrote the letter from this city, to an influential mem ber of congrcls, detailing the negoti ation. That name is ffill a rnyftery. It is eminently due co the gentleman co whom the two letters above were addressed, and who has kindly put copies of them into our pofi’effion, to fay that he has not communicated to us the name of the ££ high federal cha raHer.” Yet we are in pofieffion of a variety of faHs, derived from a multi plicity of correrff sources, which do more than enable us to conje&urr, with confiedrable accuracy, the name