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Georgia republican & state intelligencer. (Savannah, Ga.) 1802-1805, December 25, 1802, Image 2

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A. BOUCHER, Ar&ihtt U Master-Builder, from Paris. T iKbS u c liorr yof .he puaiic r general, i''d the ttent emen ‘ityof Sa v . in oarricul >r, ti* - . he has opened a StH >oi a nis noufi* in Brtnijhton ftree , \*hereany <khr us ot hci g mtt'u ted in the dr-nVrTig and eieci ing Ijijildmas in he hur pean ft.k, Ot civ:! and m • deni aid he properties <*t the fiv (Orders, de-noiiftriied with >*v r> part relmve 10 thol branches ; Ik. wile, the manner >4 d'awir.g a 1 - i (hadint*, wt’l he u.ligenty attended r>. The *er • wrl he our per nr *th ; o e month's pay wi! be n qu red n .ii c ■, hour. of a tend.ui e will {}*- fi m 5 o’ci “k ;n :he afternoon un d9. Ge-.tltmvs vthmg tobeinltructed a (Jiner hours will beattenccd to. He rcfpectful’y n-qn.-fts th >fe who intend tn become futftc iher , to co <.e forward as form a- polfiblc, so gv to enable im ro procure ne 1 eceHary implernems.. He *1!! alio undertake the drawing of aft plan? and View 4 -, whitever, to be done in the belt manner, and on the ‘Tioft re:tf*nahle terms. ‘ a van h. [)?:e her 18, 1802. 251 fO v t. joiin tne twangehft. NOll CE is bersbv divert that the grand ANNI VERSARY and general Ccm -tnumcation o’ the mojl ancient and honorable fo dety of FREE anil AC CEE TEH MASONS tn Savannah, Georgia, will be holden ‘cn Men* day the iqlh injiant , at the I'.ng room in the Fi lature, where members of the grand Lodge id the re[p Alive mcm bets are requeued to attend precisely at the hiur if nine o\lcck, m the for, noon, for theptapefe of celebrating the fe/it Vul , a'id a’l traujient brethren wifi ing to oar tictpne , are requejled to join Jo me of the lodges in this city. ifjr 1 tickets to be had of brothers S smut Howar i d;cl vVillia •* Li n jerc John /. Lray Grand Src’rv. Fi s ty Dollars die ward. SI R AVtiDor rwo HORSES, one ■i S .v je| iin. 15 lian lilugn, ft'-onii biiir, i* very go tl order n s a ft Jr ir ; his forehead nd aru i?v ri'!. The oth*-r a forrcl about in flefh> vveil marie, *0 newhit difli-ftced wit 1> H Maze, both hiod feet W dte. Ten dollars will £e paid roi each of the n on their benn* dehvered to one of the fuhfcribers, and fifty do lars on ton vision oT ar y perfoa or perlon? •who m y hive taken them olf (fn ft lid Ward, W—.. *,*.**+±4..+*^ -- - - r n h B 1 iC kU* ’ 1. In the matter of ELEdZER EARLY, of Alignft a , Merchant ♦ •A M A JOR part of the eom.nilfioners in this raft JJL having g'arited the bii-fc.upt Eleazer Enr\y, cerufi a e : /t is ordered, that the usual notice be publilheJ in the Chronicle, and the Slate Ime// genrer in savannah, that un*efs obT&ions 2 r e fiE*d in be clerk's ofTiCe, bv ihr* second Monday in Januarv f 1803, the judge wi 1 ! allow and-confirm the •ccitificaic. Extras from the Records, Richard Stices, Clerk . D'cemNrr 26 ~ a“'u vj t i • N. ’ I hiS d >y, VV and ‘efda\, ‘)ere*ti‘ber 22 ui// he foAJ at 1. M. W VL'.e Ai*K.u(lure s BOLTOV'S liTIAxE, Pl n hV of fr'}//h Bra nay , tea Rum, 4th pro r s, 25 P ’ tine ?jeeu C.jjce, Port Wi ,e in quarter cases , Cl art 1 n Boxes, f>j hogsheads and bay rels, 20 Lrhte* Weil atoned crockery ware, 150 pieces Hum turns, 15 boxes excellent Chocolate, 2 hogsheads ‘Tobacco, G/als ware aborted, 500 pieces Paper hangings, With bordering, 4 Trunks mens womens & childrens /hoes. 4 pipes hi oil and Gin, no barrels mess Beef ‘ 2 boxes /heeling, t :oo /01&* cloth, 17 barrels Alack at el, 1 Cottons. A quantity cf flops and jhoes, with a *va~ r/c /v ary goods—Sale to commence at 10 o'clock . Conditions , * J- Wtllianfsttn. AucPr. JUST RECEIVED” 0/7 Confignmerit by the Sloop Minerva, from Jamaica, 4 Hogsheads old 4th proof Rum, , 23 bags prime green Co/fee, 4 barrels* Limes. T. NT. Wood bridge. The abovefioop is fir Jaie } freight or charter. Enquire as above . Preen Vr 1 1802. (24b Edwin ti . djuoi, Has so- f ale at his In ip vard, SPRUCE and \ ellow pme (pars and mails fro n to 7 } teec lo ig whi h will fold at a moderate price in rough or wrought. White pine Boards, Ranging Timber, Tar and Turpentine, He is welt fixed for heaving down and doing ail kinds ship carpenters work. WANTED, AT this Office, one or two Apprentices t'e “rr o r pri ruing*. Lilts OX Lading, O’ c forfdle at this Office* TO SAIL; BY THE MIDDLE OF NEXT WEEK, jjTt-nJ’x THE. Shop S>ailj •iw S For. Marys. For F>cigbt or pafnge Enqirf of Samviel loward or Isa ic N. Mefcve Mater on board H jn-er and Minis whirs. - - ■ - —’ M. - , for Lonan , , As Freight mav ofer. THE SHIP THAMES, msfiisSiei!.** Judah Padctock n'*afler. burthen 400 tons is daily'expected, and will be soon Jifpaichcd, apply to Ro- ert C? John BAton, trZrsid For Liverpool. The Fast failing Ship MINERVA, ‘7. Choate, Master, will I ail ift January next, having nearly all the cargo engaged, lor frieght ot 100 bales of Cotton, apply to the captain on board, cr to ThtJmas and William Smith. December i, 1802, FOR NEW-YORK, The well known fafth iling schooner I7 4TTs D E B B E, —--Star, Master, will be di : ’:C'chcd in 8 days, having thres fourths of her of 40 bales of Cotton, apply to HENRY KNEELAND, kco. Morels Wharf. Who have Received, PER SAIO SCHOONER, TRIPES •& quarter casks London par TencrifTc & * Fo t VVin^?, cafks Sherry, Malaga, Coiminar & boxe? Clarot Wine, Pipe?-Cogniac Brandy & ■'■Holland Gin. Tierces of loaf (or double rehnedj sugar, 3ixes Mustard, Chocolate, btaicn, Soap and Can dh.s, katke s Sweet Oi! and Chests ofHyfonTea, Firkins of Lard and Butter, Casks Salt Petre, -NiJL, Nus-negs, RNifins in Boxes and Lbres and half barrels do. fuperfine Flour, A u;n, Copperas, Pepper and Ginger, P ra;l> or AimOnds bi barrels Green Coffee, Barrels Ma-ikarcl, 5 Tons Iron aft >rted j 15 kegs Nails, vVritinir and Wrapping paper, Beit Gunpowder. Also, in Store. [lnd. Jamaica and Well-India Rum, 30 Kegs Lird'eed O.’L 1000 bis Salt,Pilot b;ead, Iron & stone pdts'Scc. h r > December n, 1802. Jiift received and for sale, BARRELS prime Beef and Pork, do. B ifton Beef, No. f & 2, Jo. Pilot and middling Bread. Loaf Sugar ; Almonds, Share Moulds# Superfine Flour, Kegs Butter * 5 Casks ift& 2d Cheese. Hvfun and Souchong Tea. Holland Gin, in pipes, French Brandy in do. Claret Wine in boxes anti casks. Robert and John Bolton. December 18. 2awß. Tri h nas lemovea his Coun mg-A/oufc to the house late/y occupied as the Cuftom 7..ufe, near the Exchange, and continues the Facto ’•-ige and Commiflion Business as usual—A// produce nt oy water wi// be ft,.red by Mcftrs. Brookes and Ounuini, at mr. -Clay's tvhaif. A parcel of Cotton and Rice for ids. Joseph Habersham . December 22, 1802. (n6w. Land for Sale. r be fold and immediate poffeffiort gi -1 ven, 200 acres of land, old furvev, ad joining lands in dispute, between the Hon. Jacob Read of south Carolina, and the Hon. William Smith or Savannah, on the Montcath road, about 9 miles from savannah: It is well timbered, and must te an object to any per ion who has river plantations contiguous thereto. Also a trafl of 1000 acres excel lent cotton land,in Columbia county, 10 miles above Augusta, roo acres of which is under good fences and might be planted to advan tage next year: Ailb 1500 acres good oak and hickory in Franklin county to Col. Benjamin Fiihbourn, adjoining at the time ol furvev, lands of Richard Call and Thomas Collier efqrs. The above lands will be diipofed of before the last day of February next. All persons are cautioned against tref palfmg on the above lands. Michael Burke. December i3. Atfminiltr&trix sales. Will be fill on Tuesday, 2 d February next , at Bryan court house, the following property , be ing apart cf the personal est ate of Samuel bkigh, deeeafed. VIZ: x Chair and Harness, 2 HORSES, 10 head stock Cattle, 1 GUITAR, 1 FIDDLE. Sundry arricies of household and kitchen furniture. Conditions, cash, on delivery. Willi am A. Dii n ham, John Pray, Attorneys for the Administratrix. Bryan county, 15th December, 1802. (24 * IN COUNCIL. Savannah Deember 16 THE Chairman produced to Council a certified copy of an acl of the General A lie mbly, entitled “An a& toauthorife the inhabitants of certain wards that now are or may be laid off in Savannah, to vote for aldermen,” passed the firft day of Dec. 1002, where it is amongst other things enabled, that it fliall and may be lawful for the persons entitled to vote for Aldermen, and who resides in theprefent new wards of the city to meet to get her on the firft Monday in January next, at such place or places as the City Council fliaii dire 6l, and vote for Aldermen qualified to be elected, as follows : The two Wards called Greene and Columbia (hall be united and be entitled to one Alderman, to be elected in manner and form as the other Aldermen of the said City are elect ed, and to continue in offke until the next general elecUon for Aldermen, for the said city, and from thence be elect ed annually as is prowled by the a6s relative to the said city Corporation. Be it therefore hefihed , in purfuancc and execution of the said act:, That notice be given in the public news papers, that lan election will he held on the fiHl (Monday in January next at the places j and by the persons hereunder named I for aldermen to represent the Laid new j wards, that is to fay>—. For Green and Columbia Wards* one Alderman— at the meeting house in Columbia Ward MANAGERS.— Thomas Smith, John Teheau\ Edward Whitt, And For Liberty and Elbert Wards, one Alderman at the Church*— MANAGERS— George M. Troup, Frcde, ick S hick, Chrijhan GugeU And be it re/olved, That the ac \ afore faid be publilhed for the information of those concerned. And be it further t cfolvcd, That an eleclion be held on the Hid firlfc Mon in January next, so- an Alderman to represent Anson Ward, in the room of Robert Bolton, Esq. deceased, ai the place atidby theperfonshereunder nam ed, that is to fay— At the house of Mr. James Eppinger— MANAGERS. Thomas M. IVoolbrtdye^ IVdliam I. ‘spencer, William A . Moore. Extras from Minutes* Thomas PL t, C. C. AN AC I , To authorise the inhabitants of certain Wards that now are or maybe laid off in Savannah, to vote for Adennen. WHEREAs certain wards are laid elf from the Common.*, appur tenant to the city of savannah, the inhabitants whereof are not represent ed in the council of the city of savannah. j. Be it therefore enabled by the Senate and House of Reprefentativts of theJlate of Georgia, in the General Afem bly met, and by the authority of the fame, That it fiiall and may be lawful for the persons entitled to vote for Aldermen, and who re fide in the prefer it new wards of the city, to meet together, and on the firft Monday in January next, at inch place or places as the city council shall direct, and vote for Al dermen qualified to be elected as foi lows : The tvo wards called Greene and Columbia, shall be united and entitled to one Alderman. The wards called Liberty and Libert, shall be united and entitled to one Alderman ; to be elect ed in manner and form as the other Aldermen for the said city are elected, and to continue in office until the next general election for Aldermen, for the laid city ; and from thence be elected annually as is preferibed by the acts re lative to the laid city corporation. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, Thai when the laid wards called Green, Co lumbia, Liberty and Elbert, or any o thcr ward, that now is or snail here after belaid off, by the city council from the lands appurtenant to the file’ city, flia//have each twenty dvvc/Ang houses, or tenements occupied, such two wards united, lha// be entit/ed to e/ect one A/derman when the qualifica tion aforefaid, iha//be duly notified by the counci/at the genera/ e/ection for A/dermen of the laid city as is pre feribed by /aw. Sec. 3. And be it further ena ft: J, That from and after the palling of this :i6l, if any person or persons, entit/ed to vote at the e/e6tion for A/dermen of the fai J city, fha// vote in any ward other than that in which he or they mav or fha/1 reside, every person so offending fnall forfeit and pay to the corporation of the said city, the liim of thirty to be recovered in ajuftices court of said dry ; and every vote so given con trary to this act, fliallbe void, and of na effect ; and if such offender or offenders should hUve neither real or personal property with which to fatisfy the fame, he or they may be committed to the common goal of the county for ten days. ABRAHAM JACKSON, fpeaker of the House of Keprefentatives . DAVYD EMANUEL, Present of the fen ate . Aiknred to December r, 1802. * JOHN MILLEDGE, Governor, Georgia, Secretary’s Uiiice, December 10, ISO 2. Fhe foregoing is copied from the original , depofit * ed in this office. HORATIO MARBURY, Sccretarv. SfIELUFF'S SALES. ‘ On fuel day, 4tb of January next, will be fold by public outcry, at tie conri ooufe hi this city , between the hours lo and 3 o'clock. 1150 acres es land on Z?ooty-crcck near the Oconee, 3ooacres of do. near the mouth of Duiiart’s creek on Ogechee. 500 acres -do. ‘Oil havannah river, pine land seized as the property of Viordccai tall, esquire, deceaied. All that trad, lot of land, or plan tation, containing about 180 acres, ad joining mrs. Gallafh, mr. Dillon, and lands lately the eftateof col. Wylly oc cupied by —seized as the property of W\\\ iam /Varment, esquire, pointed out by the .plaintiff’s attorney. One third of lot in number 7, Reynolds ward,4th tything, seized as the property of jB. Winn, esquire, [pointed out by the plaintiffs at torney. one negro fellow, seized as the pro} erty of E.C. Fitzgerald pointed out by the defe dantt. T. Norton, s. c. c. Savannah* November 1802. Latent Roller Gins . rHE fubferibers having obtained a Pa* tent from the Unrted Stares for their invention of a Gin to fepeme Cotton from the feed, by Rollers, (which feeds itfelf on a plan totally new, and different from any method yet produced,) offer their services to the Planters of this Hate and South-Carolina, to either furmfh them with such Gins, or to gio for then on a toll, at New-Deptford Wnarf, on the bank of the River, three miles below Savannah, where they have completed a machine capable of ginning from four to five bags per day. They beg leave to recommend their ma chine to the attention of the public as a con trivance, by which crops can be expeditioufiy ginned and brought to market, the tedious and laborious talk of ginning by Foot-Rollers avoided, and will admit of planters cultivating their new lands, instead of employing their whole force, to gin out their crops in the uluai mode. The machine can be impelled by Ream, water, wind, animal or manual power. The oriviledge and price of the machine will be proportionate to the number of b2gs required to be ginned by them per dav. y. S. D’ Mont mol!in, Wm. Bell i Savannah, Nov. 2>th, 1802. (Br. NOTICE. THE public are cautioned againfi: taking a Note cf hand given by John Werner, elquire, deceased, to John Lowry, for the sum of twelve pounds nine fliillings, riic fame hav ing been paid the 28th April, 1791 and receipt taken which also slates that the Note waj then mifiaid, but when found would be given up. There are other receipts for notes of hand similarly. situated ‘MICHAEL BURKE, Pee ember :S,