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The Savannah museum. (Savannah, Ga.) 182?-1822, June 24, 1822, Image 1

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PUBLISHED DAILY BY COS AM EMIR BARTLET. THE SAVANNAH MUSEUM j s published near Whitaker-stfeet, on the Bay, every day for eight rhdnths and three times a week for the remaining four months in the year, at eight do leahs per annum, if paid in advance, or tes dollars if paid after the expiration of the year. No subscriptions are received for a period jess than six months, for which five dollars are charged. The SAVANNAH MUSEUM for the Country ie published to meet the arrangements of the jnJl, three times a week at five dollars per an nunC if paid in advance, or sight dollars per annum if not paid during the year. Advertisements not exceeding twelve lines are published in both papers the first time, for 75 £ents, and continued in the city paper, unless otherwise ordered, at 38 cents each continuation —Advertisements over twelve lines charged in the same proportion. When an Advertisement is sent to the office without any number of insertions being expres sed on the face of the order, it is understood, that the adverdser wishes it continued until fur ther notice. Therefore, all Advertisements Which are not originally limited to a certain num ber of insertions, are continued and charged un- VI tn order for discontinuance is received. Ad vertisements not continued oftener than once a week, are charged for each insertion, the same as anew advertisement. Lands for Sale. WILL be disposed of at a low price and on accommodating terms, a valuable tract of land on Lewis’ Creek and on the Altamaha river 4 miles above the town of Darien, formerly the property of .Mr. Wm. Joyner. The tract consists of 1190 acres, 200 of which are cleared and im proved with the ordinary Plantation Houses— There are about 800 acres of first quality tide land suitable for the culture of Rice, Cotton or Buffari the remainder high land, with an extern rive know! fine elevation on which the settle ment is made. The land is well timbered, and from its conti nuity to a market, will, in its clearing, instead of incurring expense, produce profit by the sale of Shingles and other lumber, the proceeds of which must far exceed the expences of the labor. This tract is one of the oldest surveys and consequent, ly best selection of River Swamp land, with an excellent pitch of tide, suitable to any •species of culture —having a beautiful scite for a residence and located at an agreeable distance from the town of Darien, for purposes of business or plea jure. Terms and a more particular description may be known on application to 3 GEORGE SCHLEY, march 14 <162 No. 1, Commerce Row. GEORGIA HOTEL THIS Establishment well-known for some time past, having been thoroughly repaired and manyextensive additions made to it, is a gain opened for the rccommodation of boarders —lt is in a healthy and airy part of the city, and is well calculated for giving comfort and ease to all who may patronize the establishment. The proprietor can at any time accommodate pri vate families, having spare rooms for that pur a Travellers and constant boarders will be well attended to, as good stables and hostlers have been ibrocured— and the eating establishment will at ill times be furnished with the very best viands thfe market can afford. The bedding is of the first order and attentive servants are pro cured to provide every comfort that can be had for those who may ek'd for them. In the liar Room the best of Liquors will be furnished;— and in the reading-room department, to those wlio wish food for Che mind, papers from every quarter of the Xlnited States will be found. I lit subscriber trusts from the endeavors lie shall make, to render every individual comfortable who may patronize the Georgia Hotel, that he will receive a share of the public patronage. HENRY HUI'ORI), Baptist Church Square. april 2 7 ltd ‘HTiffltt ginm ... immm Travelling fr. North to South FROM four to six new, comfortably construe ed four wheel vehicles, drawn by four horses each, and driven by sober and careful drivers, will set out from Trenton in New-Jer sey to Savannah via Augusta in Georgia, on or about the 15th of September next. The route through Pennsylvania, Virginia and the Caroli nas, will be confined as much to the neighbor hood of the mountains, as the good roads thro’ the country will allow. The journey will be leisurely taken, so as to consume from four to live or even six;weeks, dependent somewhat on the inclination of the persons who may become passengers. Those who are disposed to engage seats for ■the above described journey, can do so by ap plying to the Post-master at Savannah. Prior ity in the choice of seats will be regulated by numbering the first applicant one, which will entitle that person to the first selection, and so cn to the last. An entire carriage can be taken tip by engaging the number of seats, may 28 h|j26 Insurance against Fire • THE /Etna Insurance Company, Hartford, will insure Louses and buildings, merchan dize, furniture, and other property, including vessels in the port, their cargoes, ike. against loss or damage by Fire, for any term from one month to one or more years. The conditions, which are moderate, may be known on application to the subscriber, who is authorized agent, and is empowered to issue Policies without the delay incident to other a gencies of this nature. The company undertake in all cases .to pay ‘he full amount of the actual loss, provided it does not exceed the amount insured. The premiums are reasonable, and should offer a strong inducement to any person having pro ferty at hazard to place it in security, may 28 26 S. MANTON. The Library, IS open for the delivery of Books, Monday Wednesday and Fridav, from 4 to 6 o’clock ” dec lo / THE SAVANNAH MUSEUM. Notice and Caution. \Vf/HEREAS t have been informed that John Carnochan and Peter Mitchell of this city have by sundry deeds recently mortgaged and assigned to divers persons either their indivi dual creditors, creditors of the late firm of Car nochan y Mitchell, or others, all or sundry the property and estate, both real and personal, of tlie said firm, as well as their own individual property and estate, consisting together of houses, lots, lands, stores, wharves, negroes, Eic in Savannah and Darien in Georgia, or the neigh borhood thereof, and elsewhere with their in terest or share in the stock of the lower steam mill near Darien, and sundry shares in the U. S Bank and other banks, as well as sundry debts due to them ill various places, besides lands, lots, negroes, &c. in the territory of Florida, and particularly one large tract of land bought of Forbes & Cos. lying between the rivers St. Marks and Appalachicola in the territory of Floi ida aforesaid. These are hereby to caution the public against purchasing any pai't of the said property or es tate so conveyed, or any property belonging to the said Carnochan EJ Mitchell,or either of them, as I hold prior mortgages on the greatest part thereof, which are on record in the registry in Savannah and Darien aforesaid and in Charleston S. C. and equitable liens on all the property of said John Carnochan and Peter Mitchell. WM. CHRISTIE. june 11 |37 ___ _____ To the Public. J|. CARNOCHAN and P. MITCHELL, are Qj sorry to be again brought before the public, by a second notice of Mr. Christie’s, who has undoubtedly claims against th- m, which, when finally liquidated on the decision of thefeuitnow pending, they will try to satisfy as soon as possi ble thereafter. The deeds tinder which Mr. Christie claims an exclusive right to all the real and personal es tate of Cornochan & Mitchell, are considered as informal, unjust and illegal. Hence they have been brought and are still before the court, and other deeds have been executed and recorded, conveying the property for the use of all their creditors, Mr. Christie included, without any trust or reservation beneficial to C. & M or their families, and if this be not agreeable to that gentleman, it must nevertheless appear fair and equitable to the public and all who have a sense of justice. The Trustees under the late deeds are anx iou to sell the lands in Florida, alluded to in the no tice of Mr. Christie, and to apply the proceeds to tlie immediate payment ot part of his tie. maud, and deposit a sufficiency tliereo: to cover all his claim, subject to the decision of the courts. —but his opposition to any reasonable sale, as one interested in his own right, whilst injuring all parties concerned, must be borne until a sale can be made under an order of court. june 11 f37 One hundred Dollars Reward. WILL be given for the apprehension and delivery to the subscriber in Beaufort of a negro fellow named LINE'/, the property of Geo. M. Gibbes esq. of Prince Williams Parish South Ca. or fifty dollars for his commitment to Jail, with due information thereof, Liney broke the Savannah Jail in June 1818, and has not since been heard of. He is a likely young fel low about 25 or 28 years of age, and is supposed to be working out in S;u annuli or on the nver as a boatman. EDWARD BUTLER. june 15 j-s4l Dissolution of Copartnership. tMIE firm of Taft if Sr* lets. Savannah, and H. Siulet & Cos. Augusta, was dissolved on first of June, by mutual agreement. The business of the former will be settled by O. Taft, in Savannah, and of tire latter by A Sib ley, in Augusta, who are duly authorised to close the same. ... All those who may have demands against ei ther of the late firms will present them as above for liquidation, and all those indebted are also earnestly called upon for a scttlement^^ A. SIBLEY. R. SIBLEY. junelS c4l Notice. THE subscriber intends continuing business in Savannah on Ills own account, and offers his services to his friends and the public, as a General Commission Merchant, And solicits a share of june 15 The subscriber being about to leave this place for the north, returns Ins thank* to his friends and former custnmers for their liberal patronage, and respectfully in forms that he has sold his entire stock of BOOTS $ SHOES, To Mr. John B. Wick, who will hat e constant ly on hand, an assortment of work made in tile best mwin.r. ABEL EVANS, june 11 Situation Wanted. BY a gentleman, either in an Apothecary Store, or in any other avocation that would give him support during the summer. Res pectable references (if required) can be given. A line addressed to E. C- and lelt at this office, will indiscriminately and peremptorily be at tended to. june 19 44 NOTICE. FlfA URING the absence of the Subscrdier i \J jjessrs. J. B Hurbert if Cos. are theire a SCnt * THOMPSON & BONNEY. june 17 ni42 _ To Rent. 4 SMALL house consisting of three rooms, A. in a pleasant and airy situation, rent low. Enquire at this office, june 7 3$ MONDAY MORNING—JUNE £4, 1822. Executive Dtpabtmext, Ga. 3 Milledgeville, 6th June, 1822. _ 5 Notwithstanding the act of the last Legislature to alter the Constitution of this state, so as tor the people to have the electing of Governor, has been published and distributed with tiie laws it is deemed proper by the Kxcutive, to bring the subject of said alteration to the con sideration of every citizen more imediately pre ceding the next election of members who will have the determining whether the said altera tion shall be adopted or not. It is therefore ordered that the said act be pub fished three times in each of the Gazette of this state (Attest,) F,. WOOD, Scc'ry. AN ACT To alter and amend the 2d section of the se cond article of the constitution of the State of Georgia. Whereas, the 2d section of the 2d article of the Constitution, is in the following words ; “ The Governor shall be elected by the Gen eral Assembly, at their second annual session, after the rising of this convention, and at every second’aniuiul session thereafter, on the second day after the two houses shall be organised and competent to proceed tojbusiness., —And -where at, the said section requires amendment: Be it therefore enacted by the Senate and House of llt'present'itives of the State of Georgia in Gen eral Assembly met, and it it hereby enacted by the authority of the tame, that as soon as this act shall have passed, agreeably to the requisitions of the constitution, the following amendment shall be adopted iri lieu of the said section* The Governor shall be elected by persons qualified to vote for members of the General As sembly, on the first Monday iii October, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty three, and on the first Monday in Oc tober, in every second year thereafter, until such time be altered by law ; which election shall be held at the place of holding general elections in ilic several counties of this state, in the same maimer as is prescribed f <r the election of mem bers of tin General Assembly. The returns of every election for Governor, shall be sealed up by tlie presiding justices, sep rately from other returns, directed to the President of tlie Senate, and the -peakeroftlie Mouse of Representatives, and transmi ted tx> his excellency the Governor, or the person exercising the office for the time being, who shall cause the Same to be laid belorc the Senate, on the day after the two Hou ses shall have been organized, and by the Senate sent to the House of Representatives.—T'le Members of each Branch of the General Assem bly, shall convene in the Representative Cham bersonthe same day that the returns are laid be fore them ; and the President of the Senate and Speaker of the House of Representatives, shall open and publish the returns in presence of the General Assembly, and the person having the majority of the whole number of the votes given in shall be declared duly elected Governor of this tate, but if no person have such majority, then from the persons having the two higliest number of the votes, the General Assembly shell elect immediately, a Governor by joint bal ot ; and in all cases of election of Governor by the General Assembly, a majority of die votes of the Members present shall be necessary for a choice. Contested elections shall be determined by both Mouses of the General Assembly, in such man ner as shall be prescribed by law. DAVID ADAMS, Speker of the House of Representatives. MATHEW TALBOT, President of the Senate, Assented to, 21st December, 1821. JOHN CLARK, Governor. PROCLAMATION. State of Georgia. By his excellency John Clark, Governor snd Commander in Cliief of tiie Army and Navy, of this State, and of the Militia thereof. Whereas, in and by an act of the Legislature of this state, passed 21st December, 1821, enti tled “AnAct to regulate the future elections ofjMembersof Congress in this state,” it is de clared “ that so soon as his excellency the Gov ernor shall obtain the law *f Congress fixing the ratio of Representatives to be elected for the National Legislature, agreeably to the late cen sus, it shall be his duty to issue his proclamation announcing the number cf Representatives this state is entitled to;” and whereas the Congress of the United States Itaveby an act for the ap portionment of Representatives among the se veral states according to tile forth census, pas se 3th March, 1822, declared that the State of Georgia after the third day of March, 182 u, shall be represented ill the House of Representatives of the U. States by seven representatives. I have therefore thought proper to issue this my proclamation, hereby announcing that at the next annual election lor members ot the Legisla ture, and every two years thereafter until alter ed by law the citizens of this state shall be enti tled to elect seven Representative to represent them in the Congress of the United States. Given under my hand, ami the great seal of the State, at the State-House in Milledge ville, this sixth day of June, in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hun dred if twenty-two, and in the forty-sixth year of the Independence of the United States of America. JOHN CLARK. By the Governor. Abkeh Hammond, Secretary of State. * * The Editors of Gazettes in this state are requested to give to the above three insertions in their respective papers. _ BUG DESTROYING TINCTURE. ••Tir’d J\ ature's soft restorer balmy sleep, He, like the world, his ready visit pays Where fortune smiles.- the wretched hejnrsakes on his downy pinions flies from bed With Bugs infested sand gilds the Couch Os Prudent house wife : After the most minute research and expert ments made on itt efficacy, Dr. Berthelot now confidently assures the puhhc, tliat he has jn vented a mixture which will most infallibly des troy those unwelcome disturbers of our repose, by applying it to the ftirmture which they infest. There is no danger in its use, and it is perfectly -hichh. now oft, to suffering humanity may recommend itselt by its uses he abstains from all that panegyric too often accompanying the most contemptfb.e nos twins. _ Jtfte 13 3? GEORGIA, 3 Rv ELIJAH BAKER, lirkhtf court*. ? Clerk Court of Ordinary. BS. CLARISSA HOADLF.Y, administra , *'* s a *l and singular the goods and chat els, rights and credits, which iveie of Herman Headley, late of said county, deceased, applies ■or dismission horn her said administration : These are, therefore, to cite and admonish all personscericeraed, to file their objections, if any they have, in my office, at UieeboroUgh. wnhin the time prescribed hy law; Otherwise the said Clarissa Ho&dley will be dismissed from her said administration. Liven under my hand and seal this eighteenth da\ of March, in tlie year of our Lord one thou* sand eight hundred and twenty-two. [l. s.J ELIJAH BAKER, e. c. 0.1. c. •ptil 15 39*6m Notice IS hereby given, that the left hand halves of hundred dollar notes of the Bank of the United States, signed by W. Jones, l’resi dent, and Jona. Smith, Cashier, of the numbers and tenor described below, were placed in the post-ollice at Philadelphia on the evening of the 13th December, 1820, inclosed in a letter by J. t >. &. G. Hobson, to Joshua Millie at Savannah in Georgia, which letter was never received; and a ® ra *ul °f tbe 14'.1i Dec from Pliila ae hat/" 0 Savannah miscarried, the belief is that said letter and notes were stolen or robbed from the mail. Application having been made to the hank by the subscriber for the pay ment of the whole of said notes, all persons concerned are requested to take notice. (Signed) JOSHUA MILNE. Jan. 1,1817 A 1470 favor of CS West JjlOO “ A 936 “ J Houston 100 “ D 903 • lOO “ D 1052 “ rSeip 100 “ C 426 •• W Rush, jr. 100 “ D 773 CP hidings 100 May 2C, 1818 A 1868 “J- Peale, jr. 100 “ C 1797 * • 100 “ D 1679 “ D 1535 * 100 S 000 april 8 |idS2 Notice. TOURRE months afterdate, application will Uk ie made to the Bank of the State of Geor gia for the renewal of Certificate No. 403, for touneen shares Stock, the original being lost. MARY SLEIGH. april 4 * nifSO Take Notice. NINE months afterdate, I shall apply to the lion, the Judge of the. liferior Court ■ Chatham County, tor leave to sell he reales tate of W.G Enoc, and for the benefit of the heirs* ud creditors of said deceased S. G. THREADCRAJT, Adm’r. r , Notice. 4 LL persons having demands Against the es /V lute of James Peto, late of South Carolina, deceased, arc requested to render them prop erly attested according to law, and those in debted, are requested to make immediate pay mentto the undersignac qualified administra trix. MARY A. PETO. march 12 Notice. N' INF, months after date application Will be made to the Honorable the Inferior Court of Bryan county for liberty to sell the Real Es tate of William Road, deceased. DAVID KENNEDY, Executor, march 14 9m* Notice to Travellers. PERSONS travelling to Augusta by the way of Mill Haven and Coutteau’s; will keep up the old road from Jacksonhorought, 2 miles and three quarters, and then take the light hand road, as the former road which takes oil at Jacksonborough, is stopped up, and t sign is put up at the forks of the road, may 4 §ni NOTICE. aipllE Copartnership heretofore existing be <ll tween the Subscribers under the firm of F. Gillet & Cos. in Savannah, and R. Ladeveze & Cos in Charleston, wasou the 9tli of April'dis solved by mutual consent, those having any de mands against them will present them and thos* indebted make payment to R Ladeveze who will continue the business and is duly, author ised to settle all the concerns of said firm. R. LADEVEZE F. GILLET. R. Ladeveze having taken in partnership, G Breittinayer, the business will hereafter be conducted in this place under the firm of G BUEITTMAYER & Cos. R. LADEVEZE. G. BUEITTMAYER. juue 6 ni34 Receiver Tatic Returns. XTRACT of an act passed at the last meet fcSfirig of the Legislature.—” And be it fur ther enacted by the authority aforesaid, that the like sum of thirty one and a quarter cents shall be levied and collected, after the first day of January next, upon every hundred dollars value of stock, owned by any individual of this state, in the Bank of the U. Si provided noth ing herein contained shall be so construed as to require the Auctioneers of Darien and St Mary’s to pay more than twenty five dollars.” All agents and owners of the stock subject to this tax will take notice—assented to 25th De cember, 1821. ADAM COPE. n. i. r. c. c. june 8 fh3s Fringe Knitting, §c. VJ ADIES and Gentlemen are respectfully in formed that all kinds of knitting, such as Fringes snd GENTLEMEN’S SASHES, Can be done opposite Mr. John ©ribbon’s in York-flt. june H 5^ No 143 Vot, £8 HitrttoHS. ADVI INIS iRA l OUS’, SALE. ‘ % Baker fy Minton. On the first Tucsd yin August next, at 12 o’eik S&a t ' oU , se . tbw “iU be sold on i 1 * * ai,< * ,e improvements there- Also, the lot and buildings thereon, late in tbe occupancy of Patrick Stanton, deceased, situat ed m St James’ square, Hcathcote ward, sold by permission of the Hon. the Inferior Court of the county ot Chatham. The above is tbe property ot the estate of Patrick Stanton deceased. Terms cash. . Rv order of the Administrator. June 1 By Baker and Minton, ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. On the first Tuesday in July next, will be sold in front of the Court-House in Savannah, be tweeh the usual hours, The buildings on Lot No. (40) Warren Ward, irt said city, together with the mi expired term ot the lease of said lot, being the remaining part of the estate of 11. Heison, dec. Sold by virtue of an order of the hon. the Info nor Court of Chatham County, by order of the administrator. Terms cash. ’ a p,.;j 5 By George Schley A DM inistra roll’s SALE. On the first Tuesday in August next. YY b , c Roltl at th - Court House in SaVan , * nab, between the hours of 10 and 12 o’ clock, an undivided naif of all that valuable ncepliintaiion, with the improvements thereon in Chatham cty. being the upper part of Islay Island and containing r 7.5 acres, 480 of which are under dams now in tlie possession of Hugh Rose Esq. bounded south by the estate of Gen. . M , am * on ot htr sides by the Savannah rver, being formerly par t of the real estate of brands Levett, and alter a regular division allotted to heirs of John Levett,deceased, sold bj order of the honorable the Justices of the linenor Court of Chatham Cduntv, for the benefit of the hens of said John Levett, dec CHRIsTLVA levett, AdnS: Jo,ln Carnochan. JOHN CARNOCHAN, Adm’r fit ne 4 132 ° f ““ J ° hn LeVCti> Administrator's Sals. By Baker Minton, On the just Tuesday in August next will be sold at the oourt House in tills City between the usual hours 1 Negro Woman belonging to the estate of Lewis D.,Achord, sold by permission cf the jfonoi able the Interior Court of Chatham Cow* ty by older ot the administrator june 8 25 Jiy Raktr Mintons Administrator’s Sale, On the first Tuesday in July next, wiii be sold in trout of the Court House in Savannah, bo tween the usual hours. i he Buildings on Lot No. (40) Warren Ward, in said city, together with the un-expired term of the lease of said lot, being the remaining part of the estate of 11. Ilersou dec.—SoM by virtue of an order of the lion, the Inferior Court of Chatham County, by or der ot the administrator. Terms cash. June 8 35. Moses Shefiali and * Isaac Cohen, Trustees I **• >ln equity decree. The Executors of Levi Sheftall, decesaed. J By virtue of a decree of the Hon. the Su perior Court of Chatham County, in equity will be sold at the Court House in the city of savannah; on the first Tuesday in July nexL between the usual hours of sale, all the follow! ing property, to wit The Undivided moiety of a tract of land con. tHining one hundred acres lying and being in Scriven County. b 7 Negroes; i Cart Horse; 1 Silver Tea Urn; 1 do Coffee Put; 1 do Sugar Dish; 2 do Mugs; 1 do Howl; l Tea Pot; 1 doz silver Table Spoons; halfdoz do Teado; I do sugar Tongs 2 large china Bowls; 1 Mahogany Bedstead; 3 mahogany dining Tables; 1 do Teado: 1 Piano Forte: 1 Sofa; 1 large Picture and Glass; brass Dogs, Fender and Shovel, steel dogs and Tongs; 1 waiter; 2 pair plated Candlesticks; 1 Feather Bed; Chest with draws; 2 mahogany Stands and sundry articles of Kitchen furniture. By Oi-der. june 12 38 GEORGE SCHLEY Auc’t. Administrator's Sale. PURSUANT to an order of the Hon the Jus tices of the Inferior Court of the county of Chatham sitting for ordinary purposes will be exposed for sale at the Court House in the City of Savannah, oh the 4th day of July next, between the usual hours, one Negro Man and one Negro Woman, part of the personal pro perty of John A. Casey, deceased. Ey order of the Administrator, june 4 r>32 GEORGE SCHLEY, Auct, Administrator's Notice. >jrnHE subsreriber has been appointed by the Court of Ordinary of Scriven County, ad ministrator of the estate and effects of Mrs. Lucy Thomas deceased, late of said county, and having been qualified as such, he requests all persons who may be indebted to the said Lucy Thomas, to make payment to himself, and those who have demands against her, must present them to him legally attested, at his residsnee in the county of Scriven. GEORGE POLLOCK, Administrator. may 21 - _ Administrator'B Notice. *pHE subscriber has been appointed and 1 qualified as administrator de bonis non ot of the estate of 7 htopihis Thomas deceased, late of Scriven county, and he requests those per sons who hare demands against the estate ta present them to himself properly attested, and such persona as are indebted to the deesased* irtfjr 9 ;•