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The Southern watchman. (Athens, Ga.) 1854-1882, June 28, 1855, Image 3

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be forced to ignore the question in their national platform or swede from their next national convention. They can not pass a pro-slavery platform and force the Abolitionists out,'as the Know- Nothings did: on the contrary, the Abolitionists will drive thenvout, and they will be left to choose between form ing a sectional organization and becom ing utterly powerless- or uniting their forces at the South with the National American party, and thus maul Aboli tion into a cocked hat 1 “ To this complexion mast it come at lost,' and gentlemen who wish to act wisely and patriotically bad as well make up their minds at once. The only ques tion for them to decide is a question of time. Some of them will probably bold on to the name of the old organization until it bursts up at the next national convention; while others as we think more wise than they, will at once unite with the pure and patriotic National American Party—which is, after all, but true Democracy, refined and puri fied of its dross—and buckle on their armor, ready for the fierce conflict of 1856. For the Southern Watchman Lawrenceville, June 19th, 1855. Mr. Christy : Sir : I beg permission to give through your paper, an account of the great meeting of the unterrified Democracy of this county, which, after being trumpeted by all the wire-pullers and party hacks, and advertised in flam ing hand bills at most, if not all, the store houses, justice's court grounds, cross roads, &c., through the county, came off yesterday ; and you mast know that Ex-Govei nor Cobb was present—boil ing and fuming with pent-up rage against poor unoffending Sam. Well sir, the appointed hour, eleven o’clock, finally arrived, and considerable ado was mad* at the court house, calling and bluster ing, to every body and every body’s brother to come in; they succeeded pretty well, in getting in all the friends and enemies of Sam into the court house, and I was informed by those present, both friends and enemies, that they supposed there were one hundred persons all told, and of this number at least one half are dead against Catholics, Foreigners, and the Cobb dynasty, and will vote foi any respectable opponent who will come out against him, and advocate the cause of the American Party. Various are the conjectures as to the causes operating upon the minds of the people, which prevented them from coming out to hear the great advo- ca.e of Catholicism. Some very shrewd ly suspected that it was on account of the harvest, whilst others thought it was the unpopularity of the speaker and his foreign principles. The truth is, Mr. Cobb has changed his political course too often in the last five years, to retain the confidence of the people. In 1859, he was engaged in saving the Union, and building up a great Union party upon the Georgia Platform, fight ing Gov. Johnson and all those who agreed with him, and denouncing them as sectionaiists and disunionists. In 1853, he is found battling against Charles J. Jenkins and tho Georgia Plat form, leaving the Executive Chair of Georgia, and stumping it through upper Georgia side by side and cheek by jowl with Gov. Johnson, moving heaven and earth to have Mr. Jenkins defeated, and denouncing all those as sectional who desired to see all the people of Georgia upon her own Platform. Now, in 1855, wo see this same veritable Howel Cobb stumping it through this District calling upon the people to elect him to Congress, and Johnson Govern or. Why, because he and Johnson are vow on the Platform of Georgia.— “When will wonders cease ?” I was conversing with a gentleman after the meeting, who said, “ is it possible that Cobb and Johnson can beat us.when they run against the Georgia Platform And beat us when they turn round and go for it I told him I thought not. The time was once when the Cx-Governor could do these things, but I thought he had lost the track in Gwinnett coun ty» That the people could no longe be gulled by him.” But, sir, to return The crowd being in, the Ex-Governor mounted the rostrum and pitched in right and left and banged the eyes of Sam, and « with the secret blade of Joab” gave him several stabs, and some of his friends remarked that the bells ought to be tolled, but upon examina tion it was found that the wounds were flesh wounds only and towards evening £5am sensed as vigorous as ever. In the course of his speech, l am informed {for I did not hear his speech,) he said that if the time should ever arrive that Catholics and Protestants should get into conflict riitd War, he would should pf his ryu'kq. and fight side by side with the Catholics against the Protestants.— That the Protestant Clergy who had united with and become members of the American Party had fallen from their high position'before the country for truth and integrity, —were bringing the Chris tian Ministry into disrepute, the Catho lics excepted of course, aud that time had arrived when they even prevari cated and would not tell the truth.— Well, sir, this is a fight that Mi. Cobb has got into with the Protestant Ministry of the country that he must get out of as best he may; there were several present, that will make this charge tel] at the ides of October. Mr. Cobb spent an hour abusing, villi- fying and denouncing the American party and their principles, and then turned round with an air of triumph and asked “ if your principles are good why not come out and advocate them, why light a candle and put it under a bushel.” Now, sir, this pretended ignorance "of Mr, Cobb is simply ridiculous. He knows the principles of the American Party as well ns you do, if he will read your paper or any other in Georgia , except the Democratic organs, .who. refuse to publish them. Or perhaps Mr. Cobb con siders (hem kept in the dark and under a bushel, unless published in his organ, the Southern Banner; that he and the Banner are alone in the light. Of this, let the people judge. A Friend of Sam. |t^ We are in the daily receipt of such letters as the following: “ June 19, 1855. “ Mb. Christy : I take my pen in hand to forward the names of some very staunch Democrats who desire to take the Watchman. Many of the old-line Democrats, who have been subscribers to the ,* say they can’t swallow the principles that are published in that sheet any longer, aud intend to have the paper stopped. The fact is, some of the Foreign Roman Catholic advocates in this county have been trying to keep the spirits of their party up by crying out "Democracy,” but it won’t do any longer. The people can’t see any De mocracy about it. It has Democracy’s coat on, but the interior looks too for eign. The hand is that of Esau, but the voice is Jacob’s. Their main prop is gone, as to its being a Whig measure. Stephens and Toombs have knocked all that into pi. Something has to be done. Sam is here, and there is a good pros pect for the Foreign office-seekers to fall with the buttered side down. Yours, respectfully, S. Our friend will excuse us for'this blank, as we cannot defile our columns by even men- tionirg the name of the contemptible thing referred to. —they no doubt hate all history, andJ ATHENS PRICES CURRENT. would serve all books as they sometimes oaBE0TKD have done God’s Holy Word—make WEEKLY, BT TITJIKE AND KNOUXD to blot out all remembrance of the past | from the minds of men. Bacon Sides RATIFICATION MEETINGS. Since the adoption of the platform by I Lard the National Convention, there has been fallow* 777 a tremendous mass meeting at Indepen- Tallow Candles... dence Square, Philadelphia, at which I star^H do777 777 the national platform was enthusiast!- Coffee Bio cally ratified. So mueh tor the alleged | Tea defection in Pennsylvania. A tremendous ratification mass meet Bico Sugar,Brown...... .... ..... ing was held in the Park in New York on Monday evening, at which the na- tional platform was unanimously ratified There were many distinguished speakers | SaC * "" on this occasion, among whom we ob serve the names of Maj. Andrew J. Don- elson and Ex-Gov. Brown,ofTennessee. j Iron, common size Maj. Donelson, it will bo remembered,' “ 7,nc}l widc is the adopted son, and was for many | years the Private Secretary of Gei Jackson. As the representative and leader of the “ Jackson guard,” he will Loaf.—................. Molasses, per gal.— N. O. Syrup....... German Blister.. Spring Band Nail rod. .... ...... Sheet ngs «- Nails, per Keg Powder, Bifle, Blasting Lead —--—....... only in Tennessee, but throughout the Cotton per Bale.— Union. His denunciation of the present wheafper bushel .7.77.7*7* weak and imbecile national Administra- Gor “ “ “ Meal *• tion will no doubt meet with a hearty re- J oats “ “ heartily disgusted with the fulsome adu lation of those who have dared to com pare the little fainting New Hampshire Brigadier with the veritable “ old Hick-| ory.” A grand mass meeting was held in Baltimore last week, which the American in the city. The glorious national plat-1 Wool.... form was unanimously adopted. TO THE POOR SOLDIERS. We wish to call the attention of all who have ever borne arms in defence of | the Republic, and all who ever expect to do so themselves, or have childern NOTICE. »bo may bo died upon to do so, to ‘one I R°lcJ/f c ? sfnfpwl!™rmimxi very small leetle cricumstance’ in Mr CAL Cobb’s career as a Congressman. By T A1 N TI X GrS his announcement of his candidacy to re- A re now on Exhibition at the present tills District, he has placed him- TOWN HALL, self in a position where it is eminently j Thursday, 28th instaht ONL~£\! right and proper that the people should AMERICAN MEETING. Pursuant to a public call for a meet ing of the American party and those who sympathise with it, a very large meeting of the citizens of Clarke county, was held at the Town Hall in Athens, on Saturday .the 23d inst. T. F. Lowe, Esq. and Dr. John S. Linton, were, on motiou called to the chair, and John H Christy requested to act as Secretary. After the meeting was called to order, Mr. John M. Billups offered the follow ing resolutions: Resolved, That we have seen with pleasure the resolutions lately passed by the National American council assem bled in the city of Philadelphia, and that said resolutions meet our hearty approval. Resolved, That it is expedient and proper to hold a Convention of this district, to select a suitable candidate to represent this district in the next Con gress of the United States. Which, after being read, were sup ported by a lengthy and able speech in their defence and in defence of the principles of the American party, by C. Peeples, Esq. After the. conclusion of the speech the resolutions were, on motion, unani mously adopted. The publication of the resolutions was then ordered; after which, the meet ing adjourned. THOMAS F. LOWE, 1 JOHNS. LINTON. } Uhn J. H. Christy, Sec. BP Read the letter of Prof. Morse to Bishop Spaulding, which will be found on our first page. It is in refer ence to Lafayelte’6 declaration that ‘‘If the liberties of America are ever de stroyed, it will be done by Jesuit priests.” The Jesuits and their friends seem determined to falsify all history but the Professor certainly has estab lished his allegation beyond the possi bility of doubt These gentry will probably deny the burning of John Huss, the fires of Smithfield, the Spanish Inquisition, the persecution of the Waldetises and Albi gensc’, thd massacre of St. Barthold Indigo throughout the land, who are no doubt I Madder *lb Copperas. .........— ....—. Blue Stone ..—- .......... Oil, Linseed .............. Lamp, Winter ......... “ Fall Train .. ibbls No. 2 4 bbls No. 2 Yarn perbale,4C bunches.... „. “ Bctail.... Osnuburgs, per Bale “ Bctail Shirt ‘ng §, per bale 18 to 20 14 15 25 25 25 30 u* 124 12 124 10 11 12 14 15 20 10 12 18 20 45 50 30 35 14 15 15 16 100 125 8 8 8 124 10 lOi 124 124 124 14 36 37 45 50 80 90 200 225 21 25 15 16 10 12 10 12 C 6 7 8 7 8 8 10 8 9 5 6 6 . 7 750 700 475 500 124 25(1 275 7 94 800 94 126 1.50 100 125 120 140 50 60 75 100 125 150 16 25 4 5 18 20 137 150 150 175 10U 125 90 100 225 250 275 300 1200 1050 1100 1000 400 450 20 22 36 40 25 80 25 40 . 86 86 90 90 9 10 10 11 9 9 10 DISS0IAST10X. T HE firm of W. P. & J. o. TURNER is this day dissolved, by mutual consent— J. C. Turner withdraws from the same.— Either of the partners is authorised to set tle the business, and will use the name of the firm, only in settling and arranging of Said business. W. P. Turner will continue the trade, and thankful to our friends for ]>:ist favors, hopes to .share a portion of their Cash Vi. P. &. J. C: TURNER. Athens, J une 7th, 1856. J. C. TURNER, in withdrawing, returns his thanks to his friends, for the Liberal pat ronage bestowed od ns, and hopes they will eontinno tho same. Respectfully, Jane 7. J. C. TURNER. T V?0 months after date, I shall apply to the Court ot Ordinary, of Hall county, for leavo to sell all the real estate of Law rence Logan, deceased; and also tho real es tate of Patrick Logan, deceased. SARAH A. LOGAN, Adm'r. Jnuo7—2m. The Press throughout the country, speak in the highest terms of these Paint- “§*• June 28 inquire into his past acts as a Represen tative, in order to determine what they may expect in future. There U much| R 0 g er g> LiverWOft & Taf, of his official conduct which we expect to animadvert upon freely during the campaign, but just now we only wish | to call attention to the fact that while For the, complete cure of Coughs, Colds, Influenza, Asthma, Bronchitis, Spitting of Blood, and all other Lnng Complaints tending to Consumption. * I T mS P re P ara,5on is getting Into use all member of Congress he voted to reduce | -L over our Country. The numerous let- . ... , - , I ters we receive from our various agents the poor soldiers pay from the mere informing us of cures effected in their frame- pittance of eight dollars per month down .neighborhoods, warrant us In saying , r 1 it is one of the best, if not the very bent to seven dollars a month !—less than Cough Medicine now before the public. It « day! while hie Ex- SPSS'S? Excellency was sitting in a cushioned a R oth er Cough preparations have failed. , - , . this has relieved the patient, as Druggists seat or lolling on a splendid sofa at the dealers in Medicines, end Pliysieiar s can public expense, and receiving Eight I ‘ e8tlf Y- Agent in your uearcst 11 ° | town, what has been lus experience of the Dollars' a day 'as his pay ! ! besides effects of this medicine. If ho has been being furnished with fine knives to trim 8ellins U f<,r 3n * leugth of ,5mc 1,e win oeuig iurmsnea wiiu one Knives 10 trim y ou 1TI9 THE BEgT ME d, c , ne extant. his nails, books, paper and other writ-} Below we give a few extracts Irom letters , .. - . we have received lately regarding tho vir- mg materials !—a portion of the money tues of this medicine. which purchased these articles haviug , P r * s - s -° 3,,n « of Knoxville, Ga., says:— ,,..11 “ avc ® cea “smg your Liverwort aud been wrung from the hard and dimm- Tar veiy extensively in ray practice for three ished earnings of the Door soldiers » » y®-»”pest and, it is with picture I state isnea earnings ot me poor soiaiers. . my belief in its superiority over all other We know it will be said by Mr. C’s | articles with which 1 am acquainted, fur ,. . . . . . „ I which it is recommended.” friends that this is a small matter—ap- Messrs. Fitzgerald & Benners, writing plying only to the “common soldiers’ ^°™Wnyn«vjllc, N.C. sayThe Liver that the officers did not suffer by it. wort and Tar is becoming daily more popu larin this Country, and we think justly We know the, by people -of .be, L'C, common soldiers are thought to be little beneficial iu alleviating the complaints f»r better than ordinary beasts of borden,’Ouv AgentlSpkS^District,8. C. Mr, notwithstanding they are the “ bone and s \ Hdfall, assures us “ that he uses it . „ , , , , _ , with groat benefit in his own family, and re- smew ’ not only of the army but of the commends it to hi# neighbor*.” He gives country also. Let these “ common sol- 33 instance of a Negro woman, in his vfeini- ‘ . ty, who had been suffering with diseasu of diers” and their friends remember to | the Lnngs for years, attended with severe cough, who was relieved by the Liverwort and Tar.. Such are the good reports wo hear of this Medicine front all parts of the South. For >i report of the surprising cures it has per formed iu the Western and Northern and Eatcrn States, wc would iuvite the suffering patient to read the pamphlet which accom- spot” Mr. Cobb in October next. HEADY-MADE CLOTHING, AND CLOTHING MADE TO ORDER! Cult be f<>tiud the largest assm-tnu at of MEN’S, YOUTH’S & TOY’S CLOTHING Ever offered in this market. Also, FURNISHING GOODS: Trunks, YaWscs, Carpet-Bags UiuWtUas, Of all styles and qualities. It is useless to enumerate all the article* wc have on lu.nd, but would cordially weicoa c all to Ocj-come and examine fop themselves, Athens, April 13,1854. R. l. BLOOMFIELD'S. NEW STORE AND warn mom No. 12, Franklin House Range, (L. J. Latnpkin'e old stand.) Wm. J. Morion, (SUCCESSOR TO WM.M. MORTON* SON,) R espectfully announces to the public that he is now offering for salo, at the above stand,a large and variednssortmentof SSAPLE AND FANCY CS-OOSBSI9 Groceries, Crockery, Hardware, Saddlery, &c. The stock is entirely new, and will be sold at pri- ;s to suit the times. His friends and the public are respectfully invited to call and examine for themselves f&p The Books and Accounts of the late firm of Villnm M. Motion & Son will be found at his store, and those indebted arc requested to call and settle. Athens, May 10,1856. tf MOORE & CARLTON H AVING moved from No. 3 to 7 Grauito Row. and having purchased a Spring Stock with great care, ask our town and country friends to come in and examine, and we feel assured that they will be pleased with the qualities, styles and prices of our goods, consisting of French and English Calicoes, French and Scotch Ginghams, new designs, French printed Jaconets, French printed Organdies, French printed Bareges, Plain, figured and striped Grenadines, Plain Bareges of all colors and qualities, Rich Organdy, Barege, and Silk Flounced Robes, Beautiful worked Collars, from 60 cents to 7 dollars, —. Chcmizetts and Colie velts of new and fash ionable styles, Silk and Lace Mantillas new patterns, Bleached and brown goods, i • Hardware, Crockery and Groceries, , All of which we will sell at Augusta re tail prices, with the exception of Bleached Homespuns and Calicoes,which we do not pre tend to sell for 2 cents per yard, less than New York cost for the purpose of baiting green ones. April 10,1865. T WO months after date, I shall apply to the Court of Ordinary of Hall county, for leave to sell all the real estate of Joseph Cain, deceased, late of said county. S. H. CAIN, Adm’x. June 7—2m. ADMINISTRATOR’S SALE. STATE OF GEORGIA—Green County. B Y virtue of nn order from the honorable Court of Ordinary of said county, passed at its regular term, in April, 1856, will be sold at the court house door, in Watkinsville, Clarke county, and State aforesaid, between tho lawful hours of sale, on the first Tuesday in August next, a house and lot, in the town of Athens, now occupied by Rev. M. Lcinc- baugh, also, two other adjoining houses and lots—one of which is now occupied by R..S. Schevenel—the other a small lot in the rear. Sold as tho property of Edward Lnmpkin, deceased, for a distribution apiong the lega tees. LEWIS J. LAMPKIN, Adm'r, J une 21,1865. with the will annexed. Just IteefeiveA, A FRESH SUPPLY OF Sugars, Preserved Ginger, Coffee, Pickles, Catsups, Syrup, and Sauces, Pino Apple Cheese, Choice Brandies, Fuglish Gary do. Old Port Wine, Fresh Salmond, Madeira do. Fresh Lobsters, Old Sherry Wine, Fresh Oysters, Muscat do. Fresh Mackerel, Claret do. Sardines, Porter and Ale, C.'ied Beef, and Fine Segars, and Bologna Sausage, Tobacco, <tc. For sale by D. N JUDSON, Corner Broad and Jackson at., Athens. June 21. ADMINISTRATOR’S SALE. P URSUANT to an order of the Court of Ordiuary of Clarke couuty, will be sold before the court house door of said t ornty on the first Tuesday in August uext, durin the legal hours of sale: 1 fifu vs Wm. Ste! ton, amount, prin. $11.67;'1 vs do., $8.60 prin.; 1 vs do.. $5.00 prin.; 1 vs Martha Kan- edy, $11.72j priu.; 1 vs Wm. M. Sikes, $7.75 prin.; 1 vs Hcury Sanders, $16.00 prin.; 1 vs do., $21.00 prin.; and 1 vs Wm. i Mnnghan, $1250 prin.; and the following notes: 1 on James IIugh> for $2.50 prin ; 1 on Henry Sanders, $3.05 prin.; Ion James Gosson, $2.63 prin ; 1 on Wm. B Wood, $15.00 prin ; 1 on A. D E. Griffith $1.90 prin.; 1 on Wm. M. Canley, $10.00 prin.—cr. $600; 1 on do., $20.00 prin.; 2 on James S. Wilder, each $21.4-7 prin.; 1 on J. P. Cole, $3.75 prin.; 1 on Leroy Johnson $8.73 prin ; 1 on Peter Helton, $4.12j prin, 1 on Jesse Cole, $126 piiu.; 1 on Atlas D.-inicll, $2.38 prin:; 1 on Bradford Brooks. $4.00 prin.; 1 on 0"buru Cole, $2.72j prin.; and 1 account on W. M. Caruthcrs for *5.00; and 1 do. on Win. Kilgore for $1.25. All of said fifas issued in favor of Dreary J. Hamilton, now dec’d, and all said notes and accounts belonging to his estato, aud to be sold lor the benefit of his distributees. Terms on the day of sale. • - J. W. HAMILTON, Adm'r. June 12, 1866. TO HOUSE KEEPERS. F W. LUCAS is now receiving a large . assortment of Lace and Muslin Curtaius; Handsome Shades for Parlors; Gilt Cornice; Bands; Handsome Rugs and English velvet Oar- E ets. All of which he offers on very reason.v le terms. April 19, 1855. D. N. JUDSON. Commission Merchant, DEALER IN Choice ¥ami\y Groceries AND ALL KINDS OF COUNTRY PRODUCE. Broad Street, Athens, Ga. April 19, 1855. Habersham Hotel, Clarkesville, Ga. T HIS comfortable and commodious estab lishment, located on the Public Square, is now open for the reception of transient and permanent boarders. No effort ahall be wanting to render guests comfortable. A. ERWIN, Proprietor Clarkesville, April 19, 1856. HAVANA PLAN LOTTERY! Jasper County Academy Lottery, [By AutKvrity of the State, of Georgia.] T HE subscriber having been appointed Manager of tho Jasper County Acade my Lottery, intends conducting the same on the Havana plan of single numbers, and has located his the city of Macon, Ge«. He now offers the following— GRAND SCHEME FOR JULY 23, 1855 when prizes will be distributed as follows, amounting to 03- $50,000. «C8 Pennsylvania K. N. Council.— The State Know Nothing Council has endorsed the Platform of the Conven tion_with a clause, declaring any inter-1 pauics each bottle, to ail, we say, have hope, ference with slavery by Congress an m CONCERT. T HE Ladios and Gentlemen who assisted at the former Concert, will give another on Friday evening, the 29th June, for the benefit of the Episcopal Church. The at tendance of friends is kindly requested. June 21, 1865. CLASS B. CAPITALS—1 Prize of $12,000 l “ ... »,000 1 “ ... 1,500 1 “ * 1,100 10 « ....... : 400 1 “ 5,000 1 “ 2,000 l “ t ,200 5 “ 1,000 408 prizes, amouniing to...........: $60,000 Jgg" Agents wanted iu every town and city in the Union. On application, the terms will be forwarded. Remember every Prize drawn at each drawing, under the superintendence ‘of Col. Geo. M. Logan and Jas. A Nisbet, Esq., gen- tlemeu Arho are sworn to a faithful perform ance of their duty. Prizes paid when due without discount. All orders, rely on it, strictly confi dential. Bills on all solve tit banks taken at |>ar. Whole Tickets $8: Halves $4; Quarters $2. Addrese JAMES F. WINTER, May 31. Manager, Macon‘Ga. constitutional. Perry Davis' Pain Killer is an excellent regulator of the stomach and bowels, and should always be kept on hand, especially ta this season of the year. Sold at only 26 cents I a bottle by merchants generally. To Stone-Cutters and Masons! S EALED proposals will b undersigned Committee July next, tor building foi be received by the e until the 16th of July next, tor buildiug four piers, for the purpose of erecting a lattice bridge upon, across the Oconee river, between the Town of Athens and the Rail Road Depot. Tho, , ■ , , , piereto bo built of good solid stone, with w . Uom orders and applications for Agen- bfeds, joints and face-cut joints, well broke, 0 os muat " c addressed. have hope ! TRY THE MEDICINE!! BE WARNED IN SEASON!!! And neglect not that cough which is daily weakening your constitution, irritating your throat and lungs, and inviting on that droad disease, Consumption, when so soothing and Healing a remedy can be obtained as Dr. Rogers' Syrup ot Liverwort and Tar, Btwa-c of Counterfeits and Base Imita tions : The genuiue article is signed Andrew Rogers, on tho engraved wrapper around each bottle. Price, $1 per boltto, or six bottles for $.5 Sold wholesale and retail by SCOVILL &. MEAD, 111 Chartres St. bet.Conti and St.Louis, N.O. Sole Agents for tlio Southern Statos, to and tho whole work to be done in a good workmanlike manner, of that olass and kind of work. Persons making proposals will please give by the perch, ns the exact num- berof perches cannot be ascertained until the work is done. Any information wanted, respecting the work, can be had from any of tho Committee. J. B. CARLTON, ) P. A. 8UMMEY, >Com. W. L. MITCHELL. Juno 21, 1855. New Tailoring Establishment! Sold also by Smith «fc Billups, Athens, C. W. 4- H. it. J. Long, “ J. Bell, Jefferson, Morrow <!k Kenedy, Monroe, W. Murray, Watkinsville, J. R. Stanford, Clarkesville. C. W. Hood, Harmony Grove, P.att it Bio., Lexington, A. G.Wimpcy, Dohlouega. Morris & Co. Lawrcncuvillo, June 21, 1865. Ga. H AVING secured the services of O. P. Caldwell, former Cutter for Wm. O. Price, of Augusta and Savannah, I will have _ _ t _ < executed iu the neatest aud most fashiona- ~ ' . ., ni j.l 7*7 fble style, all orders confided to our c-all. tnew, and. the rivers of blood they shed 1 July 28, 1855. It. L. BLOOMFIELD. STRAY COW! L EFT my lot iu Athens, sometime last week, a small red milch cow, of the Eng Isli breed, white face aud white streak alouj the back. Sbc was giving milkwbeuslr left. Any iuformatiou. will be thuukfull; received. THOMAS MOORE. A'lmn--, May l 7 .St SANSOM & PITTARD, A RE offering at a reduced price a well selected stock of Staple Dry Goods. Cutlery, Hardware and Crockeryware — With a choice selection of Family Groceries. While returning thanks to thei friends for past patronage, they earnestly request those who are indebted to them on notes and accounts for the years 1S53 and 1854 to call and pay at least a part. June 14,1855.' SANSOM & PITTARD. T WO months after date, I shall apply to the Court of Ordinary of Hall county, for leave to sell all the real estate and ne groes belonging to the estate of Robert Ar mour, deceased, late of said county. Junel4 WILLIAM ARMOUR, Adra. JUST RECEIVED! M IRANDA Elliot, Bancroft's Miscellanies, Memoirs of Lady Blessiugton, Tales for the Mariners, Party Leaders, Robert Graham, Wild Western Scenes. Peep of Day, Frank Farlcigh, Minnie Grey, Alone—and a variety of other new works, entirely too numerous to mention. Also, Blank Books, &c. Sold low for cash, or at 3 months. Call and examine Junel l WM. N. WHITE, Corner Broad sL a College Avenue. CSO TO KENWIBT’S A ND buy, at cost, a good article of Scythes Augers, Horse Rasps, 11 & D Hinges, Chisels, Mill Files, Blind' Bridles, llorsc Collars, Haiines, Wagon Boxes, Wire Siftars and Spike Gimblcts. .1 As he wishes to discoptin.tnj keeping those articles, lie offers his pres- nt stock of them at c »st. f.Ir cash. June 21, A TPLE VINEGAR—Best article nt June, 21. I. M. KENNEY. STARTLING, BUT TRUE! What CYcryWoiiiai) should KNOW. R EADER, arc you a husbaud or a father? a wife or a motueVf Have you the sin cere welfare of those you love at heart t Prove your sincerity, and lose no time in learning what causes interfere with their health and happiness not less than your own. It will avoid to you and your.-, as it has to thousands, many a day of pain and anxiety, followed by sleepless nights, incapacitating the mind for its ordinary avocation and exhausting those means.for medical attendance,medicines and advertised nostrums, which otherwise- would provide for declining years,the infirmi ties of age and the proper education of vour children. How often it happens, that the wife finger# from year to year in that pitiable condition, ns not even for one day to feci the happy and exhilarating- influence incident to the enjoyment of heath, arising from ignorenct- of the simplest and plameet rules of health as couuected with the marriage state,.the violation of which entails disease, and mise ry- “And must this continue! Must this ho? Is there no remedy! No relief! No hope?” The remedy is by knowiug the causes and avoiding them, and knowing the remedies nmf benefitting by them: These are pointed out in TIIE MARRIED WOMAN’S PRIVATE MEDICAL COMPANION, BY DR. A. M. MAURICEAU, PROFESSOR OF DISEASES OF WOME.V. Ono Hmuirodth Edition (500.000J J8ma, pp. 250. loir ring rxrca, ctm bifoiso, $ 100.] A standard work of established reputation 1 found classed iu the catalogue? of the great trade sales in New-York, Philadelphia, and other cities, and sold by the principal book sellers in the United States. It was first published in 1847, since which time Five Hundred Thousand Copies have been sold, of which there were upwards- of ouc hundred thousand sent hy mail, attesting the high estimation iu which it is held as a reliable popular Medi cal BOOK FOR EVERY FEMALE the author having devoted bis exclusive at tention to the treatment of complaints pecu- liarjto females, in respect to which he is yearly consulted by thousands, both in person and by letter. Here every woman can discover, by com paring her own symptoms with those de scribed, the nature, character, causes of, mid- the proper remedies for. her complaints. The wife about becoming a mother has often need of instuction and advice of the- utmost importance to her future health, iu respect, to which her sensitiveness forbids- consulting a medical gentleman, will find, such instruction aud advice, and also explain many symptoms which otherwise would oc casion anxiety or alarm, as all the peculiari ties incident to her situation are described. How many arc suffering from obstruct!. n» or irregularities peculiarto the female system, which undermine the health, the effects of which they ate ignorant, and for which their delicacy forbids seek’ng medical advice ?— Many suffer from prolapsus uteri ( falling of the womb), or >eom fiuor a!bus (weakness, debility, &c ) Many are in constant agony for many months preceding confinement.— Many have difficult, if not dangerous delive ries, and slow and uncertain recoveries — Some whose lives are hazarded during such time, will each fiud in its pages (he means of prevention, amelioration and relief. It is of course impracticable to convey fully the vaiions subjects treated of, as they are of a nature strict jy iutended for the mar ried o.- those contemplating marriage. In consequence of the universal populari ty of tlic work, as evidenced by its extraor dinary sale, various impositions have been attempted, as well on books, llcrs ns on the public, by iinitatiousof (be title page, spuri ous editions, and suireptilious infringemonta- of copyright, and other devices and decep tions. it has been found necessary, therefore, to CAUTION THE PUBLIC to buy no book uuless the words “ Dr. A. M. MAuaiCF.AU, 120 Liberty Street, N. Y.” is on (and the eutry iu the Clerk’s Office on the back of) 1 - tho title page; aud buy only of respectable and honorable dealers, or sent! by mail, and address tif Dr. A. M. Maurico.-m. (PST* Upon receipt of One Dollar, ** Tlltf Married womans private mkd: CAL COM t’ANION” is sent {Mailed- free) to any part ol the United States, the Canada# anil British Provinces. All letters must be post-paid,aud addressed to Dr. A. M. MAU RICEAU, box 1221, New York City. Pub lishing Office, No. 129 Liberty Street. New York. March 15, 1855. WANTED, A T the Athens Foundry. 300 Cord# Pine Wood. Athou#, June j!4 R. NICKERSON, Agent SLOAN & OATM AN, DEALERS IN Italian, Egyptian <£• Amt rUan AND EAST TENNESSEE MARBLE. Monuments, Tombs, Urns and Vases; MurLio Mantels and Furnishing Marble. tffi**All orders promptly filled. ATLANTA, GA. Refer to Mr, Ross Crane. jnnel4 New Spring & Summer GOODS. F.W. LUCAS, la now receiving a Inrge and handsome »s- n-isori mc-nt of all kinds of g.o ls, suited :o tho season, consisting, ot— LADIES’ DRESS GOODS, Combs & Co’s Express Office, T. M. LAMPKIN, Ag«., Athens, On. 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