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Southern spy. (Washington, Ga.) 1834-18??, September 27, 1834, Image 4

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i».#ev# »/» » it IL. i nuu yitr. ImsroN kvf.nimi im/.kttf.. AY*ARTICLE OF 1.1X4 IfV. South Poston Steam /{ire Vill. All if mi *5 ili- many improvements which •ui> ln-iiiif’ introduc'd for the plcnstiri ami c.infort of our ‘ peculiarly I ivorcd’ < iti zcns, lie know of none so full of promi-. 10 the < "in lire, a the establishment of iln Steam if ice Mill, at Soiitii Boston, liy Joint Prince, K-q. Thin "-oil' in in |im lit o|ieralion (a few months since) the [ta lent pee machines of Messrs. Strong <S Moodv, of \ollliam|iloil, Willi tin 'v' lu sivc privilege of using them in Boston.— lie Jikcwi-c commenced importing rice from the South in its much state, or with its outer hull on, for the purpose of pre paring it for the use of families, by Ins extensive anil ingenious s. The li'lvnijl e'-s rune from tin* prr.ii lur. will tirVjijinn ut to all who ore hmnliar Willi i • of/nit!in" up rie.e in the Solltlli s. With 111 outer hull on it, it will retain it* primmw lir-lmf-s tweuU i ears ; lull when in the elute il i hcih lo ns, n- subject, pal titailarly m warm weullu r, to .teevil am! other insect-. The mode of eli"i line, adopted I»y Mr. I’rinei , i- enlip Iv ilitt'crmt from that hi roililiion use. The gram is kept i|iii" whole, n not tier adr until ife of no mini I ae eoiiut, as w hen broken it |<> i- nmeli ol it* original <>r jintiiml flavor. 'l’lie liran or urio’er coal of lie Traill, furilidies ex cellent food for horses, cows, hogs, sheep and poultry—ami the outer hull, which is of ii yellow i-li ee *, answers wi II for /> iek jng clans, eio< \erv, Pottles, fruit, and we coiueide with Mr. I’rinei in the ojiimoo, that it in iv prove va'uahle stock foi coarse paper. Wi can, from rv peri-nee, null do most oarm T. reeoiiiiiiem! ho'l the [ilaiii and ground riee of tins cslah lishmiutt lo house-keeper* griirrtdiy. We ere persuaded, if onee used, il will never he i \e!iaiieeil far that imported, w lib'll is generally hroken and very ear. - It - Iv mil up in rusks, and loses most ol 11 null sen u 11 ti: t! i■ i . h fore it is used. The folk win. receipts lor the various met hods of r in a riee flour will, wa iliink, he appi't i-iated hv our fair renders, who urc ever w illing tn gather fart in the pe culiar ; pherc of their duty —elomestie r ( ulltll If. 'l'n mii’ii' ! .oaf l.’i'i I tread. — lit>il a [tint of pee sol*', and add a pint of leaven, then three quart* of the Hour, [till it to rise in a tin or earthen vessel, unlil it has ruuu suOieii iUly, di\ t ie it into tlm - purls, their li.tke ll ie oilier hie,ml, and yoll will hati Hirer htrg. loaves. I'u mull .lullin' i/ nr Ju/itiuil ('dli. — To three spoonful- ol ol'; lx iled lice, add a small ten -cup of w liter or milk, I lien add six spoonfuls of the Hour, w lueh w ill make a huge Jotirui t t'ake, or six '\nfllc-. Vi i illdh him < ill l. — i ike a pint ol soft hulled l ice, a half pint ol milk or W il ier, to w nil'll add In . Ivr smonnliils ol the Hour—-divide it into sltlllll cakes, and hake tin ai m a brick men. I'o niiikr 11 'titers. —T die a pint ol warm witter, a tea-spoonful of salt, add pint of the flour, anil it wdl iiive von two ilo/.rii XX users. 'l'u make Kief Piijfs. Ton pinlofllie Hour mid a tru-spinidid ol -all, a . oi boiling writer- heat up ii nr eggs, stir thrill w II together, yvvit from two lo lliri r spoonfuls <>t fat mapa i, man. it boiling hot, an I drop a spoonful of the mixture into the fat, as von do in making emit irioti fritters. I'u nukt a P:td,laig. 'l'.do a ipiari o.‘ inilli, add a pin; ofilie Hour, hod them to il pep, heat tip SIX eggs, to w lueh add mV ;p aids of lia'ii.ia mfitr, ami a spoon ful "I'milter, v> iiieh, w h n well houo a to la her, add tin in to tile aid,, : ml Hour— y-ase the pan it is lo lie nnnh m, grip millin'" o,i r tin nuxtiire, ual hakt■ it. f noth ft —Foil one [mil of milk, mix two table spoonfuls of rice Hour with a hide cold milk, stir il in w lido ’h, is boiling, aflorw nrds add a sinidi picrc of butter, live egg-, one nulim ", om -la of w ine, tin- juice amt peel of one lemon, and sugar lo your taste. li. I'l .. Slum, i ('air. — Mad. Id. otlii r Sponge t hike, i \e, p! tlint ' • u use three ipuirters of a pound of riee Hour, thirteen eggs. lent mg out four w Into-, ami add i lilll- - ill. 1 1 I'l Hr H tii if tinge. — Boil one quart of milk. -. ismt it to y our ; iste w it It sugar, ro-e or peach water. Take lour tail!, -.-peons la aping full ol riee Hour, mix iti ry suioodi with eoltl milk, odd tin- lot a o her mi’k w Ink ho ! 11J yj, •i --it 'veil. Let nil ha.l together ids lit ti n in. autes, stirring ccca-iou illy . then [tour a m;o moulds and put o t*y to tool. I ms i-an: i favorite article for invalids. i’i. i. IJI, { Hod one 1 arge flip ol o rice iputi -ot. iu milk, umt ii hd. (lot • in a iuile tloei, . u'l'Hour, i r 1 mii;n eu :I:.i h. n coll, add tw oor lireo id i :.le s.di. Bake in small thill e I- ui <li. : iaddle. f '*i M \ t«n oinn'i** ■« ' *> n»i. » i!our, « «./, , l>ovacr,,i -u..:vr ; c. , t ml'i tli. ■ altiel. - In >h ;rt-i » mui Si n (, i , * ' -~■ ul tin , .. M.\ whole wi i lin *ti n |KUioVii a nr\ *1 iv» •. with .1 v ibt ii jhi! it ■ 111 ’1 • 1!; i'.i- » . ’.i hi- hi * 1 tin- .1111 >un m.I * tin-1. ■ \ . .1 m,n, W-, < t;.‘ .t f! \ lit., »«.’ li . *»it 1-nf • s:“. w «•!• ■ < 1• • . ■ ! h li'oli* “I !f< *l. Mix I |M<tt|til «»*’> .1 !.n>;, Ilil mint »ut t' .1. n l I | .'i. i 1 i> «-ti Miijnr. i'iit 11 l« .li •' ii< 1! « .li t 111 Ji-jjivi i. mi I.< t- ~ »|> u. 11.— ii'il'ir u ,iu:i uml j>ut it in u % * gentle oxen, an hour and a half will bake it. ’qii'lltf —Soak *onie # whole rice iti w ftfhr an floor, strait/ if, and put two spomdul- of llle*riee into a pint anil a quit tier of milk ; and siinui /, till it will piilp through aid ie. 'J’lf. o j.nt the ami #lto a -ro:ee;x:ii, w pli ! r loin, it ii) it little while -near. Simmer ten mum s ; if too thick, add « sjwionfii/ or (wo iwmiik, and j-rve w ith thin tons*. Kite Mill;. —l- made by washing the whole riee very nieefy, and simmeriii" o n r ii sW lire, with a considerable quan tity of milk, till very soft; then flavored ,v:’h lemon, spire and • iii.'.ir. (Irnuiiil l!iii Mill. — Boil I spoonful of "round riee, rubbed down smooth with .lin e half [Huts of milk, a bit of lemon peel, eiii:>nnori, and nutmeg. Sweeten nig n nearly done. Hire f'ttsfr. — Boil aqii.'il ter of a pniinil of m the smalh -t ijiiantity of w.itrTyKtrnin from it all the moisture, «- well you can; In at it m a morter, with hid.’an Miner of butter, and one eg", well heiiten. I will make an excel lent [iisie for Tarts, <sce. Suit II ({ire I’ittltliiid). — Wash two large spoonfuls of rie; , and siuuner it with half a piin ol oiiik till dn-li; then j .ut with it, the size of an egg ot butter, and near li'ilfn pinl ofllnek cream, and give i; one hotl. W fi-n land, mix I*iilr voilis, and in., whites of eggs well beat en; sweiten to taste and add nutmeg, j.'rnti and lemon peel, and a little powdered eiii iiimon. Bit'll r little eups, and till three par s (nil, putting >t tin; liottom some . i *l: and oninge or enroll. Bake Iliri-f- >| u rt is of an Ii nr in a slow oven. Serve the moment before to he eaten, with sweet sauce. I‘la ti Kite I'utlrliti!'. —Wash ami pick some riee; throw among it some allspice finelv [iioidi nd, !;i:t not di; tie the riee in a i loth, utrl I. axe plenty of room tor it to swell. Boil dmii*j 11 • i fit yof wa ll r fur an hour >e two; when don. , eat ii it iili luitti r mid .'.ugnr, or milk. But m lemon peel if you elioose. /tire Pudding mil It /'.‘itil. —Swell the riee with a e rv little milk over the lire, turn mix I: in ofnnv kind with it, eur rnn 1 :, goosi'lierries scalded, pari and anti • |mi r'. ia and apples, raisins, or hlnek eur ra'ifs, with on-egg in the riee to hmd it. Foil well and serve w ith hiltter and sugar. If apples .re used, it t Sett r to enelo-e them m I In* nee, a- with |ia-te. 'J'liis main -a it rv delieious piid.liiig. I tilth h Kin I ‘tuff/inn. —S. in k four ounces of riee, in warm water half an hour, dram the water from it, caul throw it into a stew-pan, with a pint of milk, a stiek of eiiimmmn, m.d ininier it till ti n der. When eolil, null lour whole ig:- well heaten, two us., of hiltter, melted in ate i-eiipful of erenin, SI n/„ of sugar, a iiiinrti rof a nutmeg, mid some lemon peel. But a light pull’ paste into a mould or disli, and I‘iike in a i/uieh oven. I Kir/i Kiii■ l‘iii//iiig. — Boil hall a pound of riee in water itiili a little salt, till rpiite tender, drain it dry. Mix it w ith the volks anil whiles of four eggs, u qtiur ter of ;t pint et i ream, with two ounees of hiltter melted nPo ii, four ounces of heel' suet or marrow , finely spread, three quar ters of a pound of currants, two spoonful of lira ml v, one of pouch water or imp meg .'ui lemon peel, when wel! inixi and, put u p:c.te round the edge, and till the dish; slices ol'eaiulie.l orange, lemon or citron, if approved.— Bake in a moderate oven. / lea .\\ a-li anil pick some riee, stew ii very gently in a small quan tity of veal, or rich mutton hint li, w ith an o. 1011, ii Id.ale of lituee, pi pper mill sail, a hen swelled, but not boiled to mash, dry it on the sleillmv end ol a sieve before .lie lire, ami cilia r - rie it dry , or put it hi'lie middle ot'a di-li, mid pour the gra i v round, I; ning heated it. Besidi s tin 11hove, it is a good food for cud.hen; and i mai also lie used for the .'liieki'iiing soups, custard, pics, Ae. sir s. \K <tt r.Ksu;i!T. 'I lie •.i nii'g Bust tells of a funeral proei ssaiu re ■ ntlv formed for the burial of ii and. i se.l jiersoii, ill the i i'l of \eu - > i rli, uhu ll had set off w ith a Ileal's.• at its head, ami hut! proceeded iu ar!\ ta the pi ice of interment. u lien a messenger ti ll I'took 'lie e.u al. -le, and iiimeUllei and the tact tint! the corpse iva- left heliiitd ! <’<>M El’. The Hnllex Comet i- now vi-tl.le in tin'en ! near the constellation Taurus,— Vl tin- time ils distance Iroin the enrth i- I,* ! \ two miHio/i-of miles. On the I3tli S< p . mlier it- di-tiinee \» ill he twenty two miliions of miles and 11 will then heeotm I- iiliant. t >ll tiie I-! of Oen her it-ili*- titue.' Mill he -i\ millions of mile*, and it will then he near the fore feet ot I rs:; XLqor, anil will he ohove tin horizon the iiholr tn, ut\-loin hours, (hi the t>tli • le other, it will he nearest the earth, he ing ih-tant only three and ii half niillion of null s. In the heginnin" of the tear l>;!ti. it will emerge from the sun beams, ami .am heeoiiu visible, a! distance ot I'Vix millions of miles. Outlie l*t March l*-:tli. n willin' w it Hi 11 tneuti-tiie million of mil' * oftlie earth. It will then recede till it disappears anil w ill not he visible n -iint until the year I!M2. Toe nlutve i- obt.iiiteil front the Ncw- York Comier and Enquirer. Ike editor of tin I . ■». (Fv/ette is in doubt w hether 1' 1- he"; 1 to pa\ it aiis ii in a balloon in ( hr m \t. w hi 11 it 1 ■ *0 near, or w ait tdl tlo wliieli time great unprove -1 -wil|:i; ihahlv Iw made in a rostaties. 'Ve -bad w lit. ‘ " • Uowerf il i- flatterv, that men re ' '< |d. -lire tlw praise* of nit»n\, " ■ ii".l .!•' \ wot id not tak«' in tmy B.aag but tluaj. ~w so, "IV. • ik 'in 11 ,r, ;*<»; in tu 1 Til. I. lit cause ’ '■ ' "'"b *,v may njenr the dl iflvvt ot ilwu ntomke-i 3 o'vx'Jui'S'Jnr ■ ; i JMMTIC.U+ I'ROM TUli FtIIKRU. t.SIW. EKl'lif’TS «M MT.I.IFIBATIOJ. /low moral <! was intriß.luded firtf' ■- /lh •avi.n, ntul --loudly into otir wtK'd. Ims puz/b and the mo-t emineiit :• ■ foolishly rim pr*—nme to say is the author of evil; for according to his own eternal word wh-u he had finished all the works of creation, he not o ily pronounced them good, but very good. We see under the wise- arrangement- ol a gracious prov idenee iu those happyd it - when nieu enjoved the ap|iroving -iuile of his Ix.nelieeiit cr<- ttor. a union existed ; and it ajtpears that tin ir di jx iidence on each other and upon <iiifl, Was of siieb a nature, that if this union was dissolved they would he eternally undone, arid must lie miserable not only through time, but through eternity. Now if we can find out how this union wa« broken, who did it, and bv what means it was aceornpltsh -1 and, we shall come very near the origin of evil. We learn from the saetcii<guuui that an angel of the the courts of Hemen, wished to u 11 -till higher}and more elev.ped & even ui-heil il’ possible, to till (lie tug! s' seat in the courts of 11 « m en—to *" e' this. In- found menus to influence ot r fo join him 111 this enterprise wirli a > iuii-t no doubt of dignified idiief s. '.e la.rdinglv lie uridi rlooli to tiuilifv thesu [ireme law of ll' aven, and thereby .1- -ide the authority of in Most High, aid cu m pit I'm. ii to prepare and raise na piou- ui Heaven, hut it resulted not only ia the lo -of dial station be nej'it linve tilled with dignity and honor; In.; it dissnlied tin union on wliieli hiseter .and liii|i|iiness was [tri/.ed, and he was lieis I over the batlh iiii.'iiis oi 111 men, down to hell, and there lay vnei|iiislied in the tie rv gnlph. This is the etleet of the first net ot’iiiill.liea'ion ; it dissolved the union 'lnal eeiaenti it llie angi ,ie “ongstelS above anil has divided <|ie mliahitnuts of IF . en, mid lias Hindi a dot il ol an angel, and a bell for hi: followers. Hence vve fuul he became a cotiJirnied ui'.lli 'ier—l: non found himself mid rthe seat; nee ol eternal Ii iiiishineiit from (iod and from the glory of bis povv .. lie n. xi resolves to ilraiv as man 1 into the whi.ipotd <■ de-pair with himselfns he ;io -i!»l - .ml !. .a id loefleet this he si t oai iu quest, I li.qipv etuiple which lie knew had I; > a lately ere,ated and fixed somewhere in lla iiunii'nsi'y of God’s works, in order to promulgate the doctrine of inilhticniion— lie arrives at length on the borders of iiih 1 I—finds1 —finds Adam and live basking un der the slmtly bowers of that delightful place where mingled sweets of luti'iimny anil love ia rich profusion hung Irien* ve ry hough, mid gentle gale- lo ivaft their songs of grateful /iraise 0.1 laali uh-im/11- gt I- iliw around them and spreao "air golden wings,nnii ileaveiily eoiivei dai ly p.i-'ing tin re ill this happy state, and union and eoiiimiinioii with (iod. did tin- old nullitier find our feili t il In s— \iid although our first, piireu - v. ■ " in possissinn oftlie richest gifts of IF aicn, tins old iiiillili-r iM'g'iin .0 [iniieli 111I lilientii>11 to tin m, nlioit ing that e lie could get to nullify the law, it w»ii!i! hri ak the In|ipy union with tin ir(’runtor. To elii et this lie maiic great promi-es to llu 111,told them il’they iiouei nuiiiiy . hey .-111 ui Id Ii I'omi' as god . and gave tin lie lo ( hiinipotenei', and said they should not die; at length lie succeeded, and Adam and live nullified ; which broke tiie union, despoiled liiloii; and liioiighl oil di’iith, ' and all our woe. Here the black cur tains of 11 nil it: cation were hung out w iueli linve hid the face of tied from us, and have cast a dismal gloom on r the w hole empire of nature. Wlmt must have been the feelings ot' Vdiuu ami live, when wiili vvaiulenng -ti ps and slow. I'ruut linen they took their solitary way! Tills was the fruit oftlie second act ed nullification. Vt this time tin re were but thrii .o.Hitl er-; iitiil on their ai votiut the e.irtli vva eur e.l, and a hell prepared to receive 11 m. ; nil 1 am d< eul e 1 of opinion, had 1 hero nevit In ill a nullitier. tin re never would have been a heil. for there would he no use for Mich ap 1 tee. Blit tins ohi inilli ("‘ached In millilicutio.: :o im's family. At pri'vaiieil with Tiii to llily. \lnvthl ihiMghtv had given uli 1 1 idi'til tokens of Ins displeasure .it milhl itlolt. that he tlmugiit it sullieii ut to lm- ■ !eti r redanv one on earth or in ileaviu horn eoiiimitting Bit horrid nr .liu i But seeing t 'aiii had nultined. he determin ed to -e! a mark upon him. that nil tin world inight know that liml was mgrv at niillitiers ; now tins mark is tiioiiglil ivy many to hair been black, anil with ivdial astnnishnit at anil confusion would the niillitiers of South < 'an linn and Georgia look upon otic another, if God u a-to set a dark -pot on each nl tlu ir l’-" head-, the size of a Spanish did! ; . (1.. f l l. place of the Star that tin 1 have placed on tin ir hais Thu sxon s. 1 the tlnnl ~v of nul lilie.Uiou made its author a liigitiv. and a i agahouti on tin- 1 .inli. Ih sere 1 come to n clo-c. I u i-h ! t) *:ix soniethmg to the clergy men ot’ Smtli Carolina and Georgia, w im li o - adviHat ted and do yet advoeati nulhfici, ion ; wliieli I -hall do by taking a coin;.,, ,/ive \ lew of tin e mdtiet of Balaam and Balak Now ill.s Balak was king of ti’.|-'l,.ati lt--, and hew t-lnd to nuiitfy :li<],Fiiui>r 1 itk the eluioieti of l-r... 1 had tlmi , unt v, from tin hand of tin 1 ." And for tin- |iurpose. In' call'd upon I. lo come and mirsi thi* people. 1 Mieung liltll to he a man 't tmil. Viidwlu-ji w, ev'.niine tlu conduct of Balak Um(4v, ti" •".1 ■ - "' • I : it sucnlmiu m> Ureei: linn ind tin leader* of Nttiinieittion - - IG Ink prejmii and . at I i*t : we find tin re were lnr-i oltertngs and -ompluo quels [in pan and by I itli at *iitt> n "t tm>. • mttl at dtil’en tit plnei *; tn Im< lu.umer have the Balak- of south Carolina and Georgia many sumptuous Cinque:and for th<-11 rv -am- j»ur;> that Balak [ire par* and hi.-; Balak wanted th* greatest A: liajqm-t nation on the face of the earth enisl'd—the only jieople that via* h!< s-i and with civil and religious iils rty. And it i siirpri.-iufflv strange, how tb- Balak- ol |_f : onlh Carolina anil Georgia have got the nullifier- to curse Jack-on and the i.un gr---, and the gr- at body of the American [X ~ ple, for tin- is certainly known to he Oiie of the most prominent l-aturi- 111 the character and conduct of tn- nullilier-. But let it lx retie mb'r« and by every'well thinking man, that if i- the prerogative of do d (alone) to curse. And when :>•<- I •am was 1 alii don for that purpose, lie w .i- told distinctly not to go, but on a ,onil return oftlie m<--en"er, lie went went contrary to the voice of Heaven, and w i- -tojijd'd by one of those hfiiven |y visitants, who constantly minister to those who .-ball be heirs of salvation; God did not want Balaam to go to a niilifiea tmn sea.-t, but Balaam went m.dertheidea of being exalted—and although he did not curse the Israelitish na' appears ili- reason was, he was not permitted to do it ; and for thi- very act sum- divines -hv that the spirit of God forsook him ; for there is no reason ibl- ground to hope that lie I- -aveil. Bin I hiive a ililiep lit opinion as respects In- salvation.although In* was -lain by tin l-raelites of tiie 11:11011 parly; if only in id as an example to o her p. opio who were or are of the hoil-ehoidof faith, f-r v i.-itiii" such sea-is, ividioM* it -Imiiid be for the < xpre-s pur jio.-e of h'"iling the Hi- asi, ra.lxr tiia 1 to catch it, ind giv eit an Vi, a,d | i"iv for tiie spread ol cniiliiMon ii rolfghimt our l'!liil, and l’s success. r-H. li people imi.-t - i.ii I oil one side oi the true inti ~t and m ailing ol the Gospel, it mu-, he supposed that il eir nii tne is for the tiling-of thi- v.i,rid, a.ul r.o' fin the ):eae. and harmony ..t on, o.uiiry. Now 1 e.iiiiiilciii that God never call and any j.ri.H'h iu Soiuli G.iroiiinn or ficmgia to a nitilliicalioii !• >•' , nid y* • ma,,y hiive gone, and laid th-ir it -u. - s/Hiko.i Biiluaiu'i dni, rip,o'.e l them lor goi. v, 1 w< uid inive - :i. 1» 1 in; the trou ble ; and iiiiliough tiny limy not h i'..• idlidnpoii <*oii, to curse mis (.over’.iiiii'iif and n . :0... y •: tla-y ..iing t, the erowii ! apjiroh.i.t and the e ualiiet ol liu*“‘ li. ' o 1 eul.-:' :‘.e (*ov , ;|i ■' :||| , • • **'Ct UJlOil (lO'l O . ... i1,,,.. <;rc.alien ..ii.!' - <0 ullli.'u','', :,ii,i t ; .... ■ -ui'iplu ,u • hauipieis pre pared l'*»'‘ tile Vi . "illolls !‘i ’.V, ivliose sole object was tin .1 (as is now nn') to hre;.k tiie union oftlie >tntes, and over throw the Government. \ 11: 1 if is certain that the Nullifiers of Fmill ('aroliii.i'aml (ieergiu resort 10 th- - old nidi) lie devil did, to try lo accomplish lii-doing line is recorded ni the till einip. I.l' .Vln'llieiv. Tile lelld.T- of nillilln Uloii hi South <';iro.:n:i and fieorgi i promis -1 lie | ojil", that money -hail l e plenty, produce a gri .ii price, and that such ar aeie-a- tin* i-oiumoriality of men need -h ill lie cheap, (jusi ahoofas iniieli irutli in one j.i iiiiiisi' a-llie other.) \s it is mil 111 Ine poll', rot it few iliiin idiiuls to raise tin price of produce ; mitiu r is it to dis solve ihe I limn, neither vvas n m the power of the devil to get Chris; to w or -11111 Inm.—'i’u* rel'or let lit - look nnt'li.'i-t a- their leader and do likewise. To all sin Ii us have lieen e:ii'i,-i! away to ibis nolitieal liere-y, I invite you to re eonsider vour coudiiet, and tu: .1 your euiirse and cleave totin' Inion, a-you vvoiiid to he list plank ol :i ivri'ckcd les sel to earn mu to -Imre; and let it unite m the earnest prayers to God to banish 'lie foul lit lid ol di-c.rl from our happy eoiin rv, ami that he may 1 1 er keep sin ii men as old \ udrew Jackson, at tile In lm ■it our Government : who will relieve the Government of all unnecessary burthens, itiili p; , serve the union of the States ; .'.lav God \lntighiy throw his heavenly 111:1111 ti- around 1 ; May In - h ilmy wings In -iii . iid ok r us. nnii may vve he found encircled in In- kind « aibrnccs. \. (1 ■nilin ft mtiiilif, (ia. l'i b. ».■*, l*'f?l. [The art tele signed X. was writtiii, as e- sti,’. .-cull,lienis lmlie.ite, for ari - ng!' ii- pp. 1. Ihe Christian lutlrr. itlited In til- Kcv.Ji --I. Mi:m i.u. We are not e foiiiud oft!, r viliieh prevented ti- [uiltheatiou in iluit paper.]— t'lditurs litlntii I it nr:. raovt rut', xv vsiiimitov (ri xx.) ki i'oktv.u \ COIT’EB COIN V.'.i- rt een'lv dug up iu a "union in tin* phiee, which boar- a curious rclfliioii ton part of our liucricau History. It has on one sub a head of George 111. and the words " Georgius 111. Ke.\" around tin edge. On the opposite side, are presen ted the coats of arm- of England. Scot land, Ireland, and Virginia, quartered; and on the edge, are the word and figure* •• Virginia. ImT" The following historical facts are here distinctly referred to. During the usurpation of Cromwell, the Colony ot X 1 jinia rt fust and to acknowledge hi- ;ni ;ho 'it'.. ami declared it-olf independent. —Shinih tfter, finding that Cromwell /In . ait tu .1 to semi a fleet and army to re duce X irginia to subjection, and fearing ' hi* force, -in- -t ;:t over, iti a small -hip, a mi -sctiger to Charles 11.. then an * vile at Breiia, iti I lander*, t lutrh * accc|»teil the noit itmii to ei'ine over anil he King of X ire in:a. and it a- on the eve ot entiiar kuig i"!' X irginia. "!n n he via.* recalled to the throne «•! England. \* *oon a* he uas restored to the cron nos England, iti grMitudi • or tin loyalty of Virgin:.!, he xaii-ed h< r con; ot inns 1,, he ,pi 1;«ri and with llios, ot l.'igland, Scotland, and Ireland, ;i' .'.n independent menili r ot thi empire.—Th< above coin 1* clearly eoi'linuatory of the« facts. Hence tiie . rl' the pit; ' '• iHd Dominion." 111 mi if . nnnlii ito \ irgmvt. (iiC out! Harness for Sale. A t < xti ! lent gig u ill, new harness tor sale. - ortice. Sept, ti—rs .Inicriran V; r ffr*. BY th- Box, or larztr quantili-*, f*r sale A. LANE, Al the “ Southern Sfty" (tjjire. HeptiHikr isl. •’ for Sale. "mi. Th ‘ 1,01 SE aml kOT. rn n vTr.' */ \\*\ -g en*' mile I" 1 .w Un.hir.zmii, on somli side of the Augusta l: , »»j—a'li'.ining lauds of A. L. Alexaiuh r. and is’u-; known a- the Burgamv jda-e. for particular*, a), ply' to ANDREW'S & CHANDLER. S' pi-rii'* r tit*. and ATTCffTIO.I: if \tshiitfitoH Uaarri. ] vot will apjiar mi parade at 9 J DANBI’UG, on Satcruav. jl| tin finirth day of October next. Sal at !• n tic lock. A. 'i. 1 qnio|«-d tajl agreeably to tin- regnlaiions of: (Lyjk tin Company', in sumtntr uiii iießl fi»rni, and have contained in your boxes, each, six rounds r W Hank cartridges, lor the pur- X . J pose of drill and ins|)eetioii. — |p jfl To suit vour iudii iduai eonve- I V nieo—. xon xvill riol he r-ipiir —g ~,[ (~ ri-.'-u.iili in Washington: you will therefore proceed tlirtcllt/ to the [dace niqsiinted for pa rad-. A’our punelual attendance will be confidently cxpii't-d. as a full turn out will not only add to the interest and r> -[.e' tabiliiy of the Company, but it xvill also i"nil to [>roniote the intere-t ut a worthy and d'sen ing mem! 1 r. T. A. I’ASTEI R, Captain. Si|rfcml>cr 20th. lo'll. 2t»3 tG.diC.'l \ CONFERENCE • Manual Labor School. fk ?? if i-' 4 \i»* ' »4(| ;jt f]j: * inn*. by tlir* /l jbinr i *#f * f*f thf aU»vt* liisiiiu rioii. rhat there v.i!! in all prolmbiliiy I cm -r* -»|i|»Hcants iitr iht* of Pup;'* than can be in 1 ut the openin'! of lie >i Idmil/h i rnj if.sle'l that ail |»cr«»n« ilcsiri»iir to place ih* 1 noriii or wanls sit i!?is Instiiution. will »fiv' 1 • *li* <• of tin- •-•afiie to l'ie b'fiA blkh 11. Sanhers. ot f-o\in2**»n. Ncwtoa *•-n;i*v, 4 b**»ri»ia t spt.-' il»<* nnmbcr v.xv\ the ri"f* ufihe |*njii!s. uiakinir ani»lieati'*n f<»! none mi '* y* nr> *.bh Holhnt i! tie* exjx r ta ;ini;s n' :\w ’Hoard vinll be r< .ili/.e*l, they m:iy !:\ upon so me *<\ ■ table j»!an of nivinu ail ' ;j?e»!ieants » i espial e!*ance of hnviii<r th* jr »v 'in h met. Applications amM be mail" nf !.jriiie.-*: i-v t!;e l!Ulb \*»\* tuber neKf. All ■ oinmi!!ii*; ti* ri-, 1o rc- fi’ ♦* am niioti. mti. t I>v *»rl<-r of lie f» ».ir*!*»t l i iis .Mlll N 11 0 WAR I), S-c'tj. pt'’inl i? I. •» roit sau:. Thr /'arm at torhe and to the Manual Im hor School, ut ttr A./funs. ti 1 ii'- mg oftlie Brest,yt-rian Educa . lion fiM-ielx'of (Jeorgia. lie in ler-igned were appniiiled a -oinmim e to lake into ron sideratioti tin- rxpc lieii< vof s-l'.ing ,-.1 it ol tiie presenl I'arni, or if aux otli-r location nior-' advantageoii* i-an h- lound, llien me wlio!-, and ri move llie Sebool at the end oi' (tie j ir—<■' 11 y-ar. Tile loimiiilli ' d-i'ining il iiighlv 1 •;j>: ;fi *ut to -iv- die School a diifi rent loeaiion, and believing thai a more adx'intageiai • siin alion can be obtained, have revolved to s-il the whole of il" present Farm; and tin v ■i.'.ie 1 oiifid-d ibis | fart of th -ir duties to id. 1.. X ulim. K«|. iiiii. D-aririg, lx*q. and XX in. 1.. Miii'hidl. Es*|. Xt'ien*. with wliou, |»'r.*on* wisliing to fiirebi-p -an confer. 'l'l,- ton.ein— have further r< solved, f>r ih- pur; of obtaining -orrei't infoi’iuaHou, and bv way of stirring up a laudable eiuula timi between dilii'reut sections in the upper country, to locate flic S-kool ia that neigli boritis'd. wlii-li *!iail hold out tin best iu— liieeuienls; and tliev will meet in Xlh n* , Friday tiie g4th -I ()eio!'-r ie \i. :tt ih *lor— oi' F.. 1,. New ton. F. ,- |i>r tin p;;r|ie;e 1 i making a eMoiee of tin figure -iiualioii of the daniuil l.aiior Selioul, and iu tiie mean time Mr. X .it •:! will receive written Bropo-nls from any neighborhoods fct-ling interested in this matter. JOSEPH HENRY UMPKIN, E. A. NIS BET. 11. CHAMBERLAIN, 11. E. HAND, E. 1.. NEWTON. \\\l. 1.. MITCHELL, \VM. I>E XKING. - tV'.-ii- E v to tin- ’•! tiind Labor System of education, are respectfully re qiii siedto give ih. going a ti n insertion*. Septet '.a. and Great National Work. \ AIKUK A \ >1 A(* AZI Ml, (ft / 1 ful and Interesting Knowledge— 'l'u Ijr illustrate ! hu numerous J'ngrtt rings. iIV TiiF. r.OsTUN nr.lVlf'K COMPAXV. raAIIK siicci-* which ha* amnilid th -5 pii'f .i alioii of tiii-li . M.-:.azi:tcs te nil tiie English Pr< has l-d t- pn ; irations tor issuing a jw-riistii'.-il io«»r— partieul-irlv n do|>n ci ia Hi- want* and taste of th- American Pub'.i .—XX hi"- will the oltjecl of the oroptii tors to make th-work strictly what its title indicate-, it will nevertheless contain ail articles of infer-*! toils patrons which ap pear iu Foreign Magazines. Ext- iisive preparation* have been entered into, both with art;~t' and authors, to furnish tioin all parts .if the I nioa. drawing*and il lustrations ol’everx sttbieet of interest, w the publishers confidently bell, ve willena'uli thi'iii to i*sue a work honorable to its title, and acceptable m the American !’■ >ple. Th- first nmn'ier of the \in-riean Maga zine il list rat,-I with upward* of Twetitv Fpl-ndeil Engraving*, u, . ap ear on fore the first of S. I r. and-- ntiriifd m ntldv. containing h* :wec:i 411 and .">• I ini l*'iial i. tiii" pig. and is furnished at the low price of two dollars ]h.t annual. It will corn prist— -1 Itingl tingnisltetl A* irncans; View ■■! I* It ■migs. Monuments tV Impruvtmcnts: Lan -■■ . beautv which, in this country, will form an unccasi . «t ur * t instru tion and grntifi lion: Er.gra ing* and ol thi liar;,.". -, ( 'Ts. O' li. iisl*. Bird'. F-! ’ - an II- g*ti cr wah mry siibjt < t eoti i. w . th- lb _raphy. Ili-'ory. Nil' ;ru \ ■ - - ■ • irafd in a familiar and popular manner. I-'KEF.M VN 111 N i'. I f if' Bos’lhirirk Company. J* 1 " -t■ st r. lf.stun, July li*. If : H. 07 s * *■ ..11- '-r tilt above work, wtil . . M.J KAPPEL, it U • Si'jttv m’-t-r ‘JO. 3 .AV;r- York Type foundry. rjHIJI subscribers respectfully inform the .1. Printers tliai they liaveieti ntlv com ph ted a variety ol new lonts of letter in the f.t the late-t l.nrojitan spetdin-us, well ealculafc I tor omai.i-utaJ j rinting or tasteful display, and making their assortment of PKIS ’/'IS G T i PUS unrivalled in Iteautx', i>.;<nt, and variety. A book of sjaciint n* may be obtained at the Foundry, No. FJ Chamber* street, rear Chatham street, or sit No. I- t itv-Hah Place. It contains speci mens from Twelve Liie Pica to Pearl, 1 *tn prising F> foul-of Roman Caps, with lower ia. r. ‘lit *’ Italic do do .1 “ Title Roman do do 5 “ Title Itaiic do do 5 •• Shaded Rom. do do 17 “ Antique do do 12 “ Black do do 5 “ Open Black do do 2 “ Script do do 5 “ German Text do do 2 “ • Open Text do do 25 “ Two line Rom. Cap*, w ith figures. 11 “ Two Line Italic Capital*. 10 “ Siuuled Capitals of vtqiotts kinds, li “ Ojien do do 7 “ Italian Capitals and Figure-. Besides Ornamental Letters, J’nekslopc. Aliisic, Lottery Figures, Piece Fractions, Su periors, Astronomical and other i-ivn-. Space Rn!"*. Brass Rules, Ornamenied I)a-hi-. fzmg Brace*, more than 20-1 kinds nf Bor ders, and more than 1000 kinds of Cut.* and Ornaments for school hook*, nexv-papi rs and scientific works: orders for any of which, or lor Composing Sticks, Cases, Chases, &r. w ill he evecuicd with the utmost promptitude —a large stock being always on hand. Tliev will nl*o execute orders for Printing Pri—e*. Paper, Ink. &e. which they will fta nish ai the manufacturer's price*. Printer- of newspapers will please publish this advertis* mi nt (with tlii- note) three times, sending a [’'!)••' r containing it lo the Foundry, and receive payment when they purchase four times the amount of their bill from the Foundry. GEORGE BRECE *N Cos. New York. March 22, lc.H. The tyjie on which tltis |/aper is print -1 I , 1 x iii-ivcly fiom the lbundry of <it.oiute BCI CK O' Cos. - •' ■ •> —lit PROPOSALS FOR RF.VIVIMi AXII Pi;nr,ISI!!M» “ TS3 s: ,Sff{ OMi gome tiine [Hist, the eo.' of politi cal transactions have menaced a iv-ns < fintion of those odious |irin' i|th's. and eemhi n iti 11... in liostili; v to the ('ou-iiiuti<in 01 t): • oi' ; frtatis and ii;. Declaration of Inde p.'lld' nee, whic:! V.'lTi OVUthrolVl! Il\ tiie SO eiai reioluiion of lib’lO. Numerous intimations from men of sound i.i igiiicm, call tor ;i public Journal sic Tii’ed ■ :: t'nc some principles, conducted with the ‘attic intelligence, energy and integrity, and sustained with the same spirit and constancy as the Aurora of 1703. Ready, and in accordance with tlin-i stir-' gi. .lions, but iiitliout funds or facilities to a< conipli-ll the material iudispen ab’.o to -itch an undertaking, a subscription ha- been sug gested, and is now proposed; it being to be midi r-iood in the outset, that the paper, it r.- ive.l, will coinprijmise nothing for aib -criptions or advertising gu-lotn—iidinit <>t no open or concealed coutrol, nor tcniporize with tiny from fear or favor: the idea of mo ney-making iloe* not enter into the design ; and whatever may he the income, if more than adequate to the issuing of a handsome work of art, ii shall be employed in n uderiug th- Journal more pi rfect. Some t ret <1 iu politics, may he expected bv particular < »<■•* of young politician* : ‘ The Aurora'm ver iniitle profi.-s-ions nor promi-i:. —ii- eharai ter in the Reign of Terror—its principles a 1 wav. the consistency es the Editor's political life, arc the only guarantees that will be offer-'! ; on the great topics of f inner davs tho*e principb'- and opinions arc upon record: they apply to th- [invent ns well as to the pa-t, they remain unehanged and iincbaiigeiiblc. The subscription to be < iglit dollars by llii: xear. payable half-yearly. No -übscriptioti in ili- first instance, will be received for 1-** than a xear, and five dollars xvill be ix]>eeted to be paid iri advance, on subscribing, or upon the publication oftlie first inunbi r. And again, be it limb rvtrmd, that no com promise will be mule of principles for sub *-riptiuns or advertising, nor any private or public interference submitted to, incompntibb' v. iih the social interests and the freed,,m ot th- [in s Subscriptions vr 11 be received bx- p.i rvons dnlv authorized: or addressed by letter to Col. U ni. Duane, Philadelphia, for which rt -1 1 ipt- will bo given, and -ltoidd the sulrsr rip tion [irove inadequate, the advance xvill be repaid to order. Philadelphia. .May 17. 183 d—if F ivo3 vii(7 * fm ~ OF Tats. SOI THERN S/M’. t H EI'.KI.Y SKII Sl'Ai'l'.ll published in ll ushin-slt’ii, H ilkes County. Georgia, tu he derated to Politics. Literature, IT lia* *0 long he—ll the custom of’ jiersons anno uteing their de.-ign to establish a Press, to I--:;, a Bro-perm- containing the princi ple-which they inti nd tn nraiutaiu. tl>.:it a departure in the pr— nt in-tance would hard lv b- pardoiri'il. The people have nnnur*- tionablv the right to be informed, wliat jiath we design to travel, and to judge first of it ; r pri"t\'. and afterwards if there should be a dex iation from the same. XX r would, therefore, briefly state, that orr object is t-. advocate and support to the extent of our a biiiiv, the doetrini - profi-.—ed and prarti-i 1 bv the Inion Party of our State. Itelit vii— tinm to he r -scntial to the preservation of our exi-'enre as a natior, and the perjv’tuatic.n ‘ i our happiness a* a peo[ile. r I ht-e xvr- !■• - li-ve to he getierallv known and understruxl v tlii eitize n« of ..ur Brat' . r.nd indeed tic pr .per limit of a pro-peetus would preclud theirb* ine exantiued and t xplaiili and in di tail. XV" are fullv awan that iirofe--ion- made and not practis'd nr- wors« than I utile. I: w«‘ >**■ tmiiid ti rciv* rM**in!: in our course, we are of eon** ijuenee amennhh to mr patrons and reader*, and by them, we ar- wii’ing i" indeed. P -of the paper will be devoted to Tni-< • .us matter, distinct from politi a!. braeit.g ti:.-:' which will 1* th..i: J:t m.-t usefu ■ sting. The Editor pb htin- !f to n-e r\> iv exertion to mak* in • pni" r :i- -p ,1 and inti r. -!:ng a- li- - i Southern b'j.v wi Royal she. •« • > w tvj-c | —. a’ rw > dollars an-* fifrx c uts in aifxa:. r litre* dollars nt in. end ..j tin \t :ir. J AMI - T HAY S. J'teai'.sX '<* 1