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Daily chronicle & sentinel. (Augusta, Ga.) 1837-1876, October 01, 1852, Image 1

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BY WILLIAM S. JOM>. At-GUST A. (xA.. FRIDAY MORNING. OCTOBER 1, 1852. VOL. XVI. NO. 234. €k Cliranifle & Sentinel IS PUBLISHED DAILY, TUI-WEEKLY, AND WEEKLY BY U ILIJAIi «. JONES. TEEMS: DAILY PAPER.—Published Morning and Evening.—TeCity Snblcribers—SfX Dollars per annum, payable in advance. If sent by Slafl— ?kv«x Dollars. TRI-WEEKLY PAPER—Foua i> -llaks per annuls n ad vance. WE.:ALY PAPER -(A mammoth sheet)—Two D- j*pg p er auuuiu in advance. TEIvSSS OF ADVERTISING IN D AILY PAPER, Fifty Cents per square . ten lines or la-#) f>r the first insertion : Thirty-Eight Cento for the next and Twenty-Five Cents for each subset}" •it brier fun._ WEEivI.Y, Seven'v-Five Cento; SKMf-MON fltl.V or MONTHLY, n either paper) One Dollar; and Ruh an’. F.gure Work, line Dollar per square, &tf~ Adve. iaser* i under the head of Special Notices, Fifty Ceuta Tor each insertion. ■ ' Phofessiosal or Rlsirw-s Cards, not exceeding si:: ,; re-'. Ten Dollars per annum. If Over six lines, pro raia per Ua-. t'if~ (Jonunun-fttoiw designed to promote private or indi vidual interests, will be charged as advertisements. No gratuitous Advertising, under any circumstances, except Marriage and Obituary Notices: and these, when over *kt> irnea, will be charged as advertisements. ST AN DI NO ADVERTISEMENTS l 1 square (lOlin-.-j) 1 : <nth, without alteration, $5 “ 13 1 “ (? months, altered quarterly, 1* “ U mouth* “ “ 2ft f square-, one half more than the above rate®, g • i’r t --fourths more limn the above rate*. • “ double the above rates. I* “ If next to rea ling matter aui-i leaded, double ikes* rates. f Ad ■.myemento not marked the number cf inserttaoe, s. 1 1 s continued ar.u c 1 urged by the insertion. - ■ ' ■», Driym ts and of. ere, contracts will be tr . . • adverti-ing by the j ;ar, on reasonable terms. YY 11 tl-c 1 -R of any hoo;-e or firm amounts within sis moot! t • •(} or upwards, for other than contract adver lisem id-, adi omr, of 25 per cent, will ha made, if paid on presentation. . - .' _ 4 - FvR PHILADELPHIA fftuladelphw and Sovomiah Steam Navigation Uo. '■ |n t :;; NI:4VA-, i) J. PLEA DID sldewheel t. f ’gi ter, Cajd. Joim E. Walton, has commenced her i r - uirip.-, and v >n- ;■ ivannah on Wsomkedat, th* 2d day f Jo;, .and .-*rv ; -amate WfeDMBDXT thereafter; s , on the 16th ar. 1 o'Uh June, 11th end 28th July, jo.'ii »ud 21 th August, and f o on. S .in fa- up-to Philadelphia, 125 09 • Through Tickets to New Yurfe, 25 09 Steerage, -. 9 00 This shiii has been built, with entire regard t« safety, comfort and d t -h, nud oners new tad admirable facili ties to i ■ to<- and rave!. For freight or pas-are appte to PADELFDKD, FAY 4 CO. ; Agents in Savannah. HURON & MARTIN, Agents in Philadelphia. AUGUSTA AND SAVANNAH STAGE AND BAIL ROAD LINE, q HOUTIST A.\B CHEAPEST ROI'TE to Colum k ) bus Oglethorpe, Macon, Millcagevitle acdSavannah. August! to Waynesboro* Ti» Four Horse Post t - ....? 50 miles. V .. v ne-baro’ te Milton, via Augusta and Waynes boro*, 1.. *1 “ Widen to S . annah, via Central Rail Road, T 9 “ Milienlo M,i un, via Centra! Road 112 “ J Macon : . O/k-tli via ceuth Western fi. Read, 50 “ , Augusta to Oglethorp?, " >l 3 “ —FARE— . From Augusta to Colui ibu.;, sl4 09 ** “ “ Oglethorpe, 825 “ “ “Ms -.u, 630 i “ “ “ Milled gevilie, (5 73 “ “ “ Savannah, » 5# The Proprietor h ■ mg !c arrangements with the different t Coir, ml. ? .r. r through tickvisto the above named points, | and i- u.v.7 nrc-j-. ! to furnish same at the Stag* Office at ■ United Star, s Hotel. JAS. P. FLEMING, Proprietor. G. KAROO, Agent. j ! MAIL LINE iOIi SAVANNAH AND KACCK f | '?}*•: followingia the schedule for tics . 1 A H. te, re ’y ordered by the Post- ! muster Oeneral— v i'ttF M j Leave Augusta daily at 6 A. M. Arrive a«' M;JviUaaame daj sby7 P. M. i.c it " Midi i'ir .’.ifly .-u 1% A. M j Arrive at Ad: days by' », Jf., axeept ffedn if G. W. DENT, Ag«nt | July 22, ISM. Jy29 K i w YORK AND SAVANNAH STEAM SHIT I ■■■ new and splendid' Steamships I FLOtUDA CaptainLros, ! —s\n— 1 A LADA' A ....Captain Ltrruiw, , belonging to thjs .vet i man d sevasnxh st.xa a saviqa "ll'lLL leave Savannah and New York every RATUI*- i V \ I VY. Tic- • hips are of i,P.cO tens register, aa ' i unsurpas-ed in safety,speed and comfort.. • - -r e.v- i.nnh ut • same time 4 tlini tb M and SornkHMia leave Charleston, arrive . In New York as soon as, or before,them. * 1. a n : -:b>—n. raMetefore going onboard. Aowtj: PADLEFOIID, FAY & CO, j Savannah, SAMUEL L. MITCHELL, j n.\-25 i jT Front-street, New York. CHE’SF. 4 F?iV. boxes cholc •CH EF, W& ile Grove Palry. I A For sale by *l9 8(. GR IN TILL d & CO. CCOK, WASHER AND IBONEE. I 'OK SAL:.', a good Cotdt, Wa her and Ironer, a good j f li ■■ ■ erv r.t S-ji-i for no flault; and about 82 year- ; old; warranted. Appir to .19 JOHN ?. HUTCHINSON. | ; Al’A.s.-—An Account, Oeogras'bicai and Historical, 1 f ? f , ; i ' . curliest period at whrrh the Islands compos- j a tl.' 1 - ■ ire c -re know-, to Europeans, down to tha pr - -nt time, and the O'.nediti'HJ out in the United Ft • In-Charles MeFarlane, Esq., author of Bririsa ; I idia. i • ■ fWeUiugh r. Ac., with numerous iilustraticnr. i Just i tl’ tshird, .. id for a’eat GTO. A. OATES k CO. sep'i i Piano, Book and Music Depot, Broad-sr. i - AilPtifft .MAGAZINE ! r September, n-1 L ined, bns been received at GEO. A. OATES k CO’S, ?9 Piano, Book and Music Store, Broad sf. 'll IDK, WIDE WORLD sod Queechy.—A new supp’y ; \ ) of the ab --vc popular and inteiesting works ha - e been rec» ived, and are for saleru. Gr.o. A. OATKS k GO’S, •5 s g Piano, Booit and Music Depot, Broad st, | ’ “ FOR. SALE. i FIRST rate Family HORSE, kind anu gentle. »il i , \ t,,. son le v. Apr'v at the store of .17.0,1 R AMEY & STORY. tar. \LL4ls*ri justly celd.-ratcd Vegetable Com j./ pound for the or: of Dyspepsia, Live. Complaint, ami Nervous Debility, for &a!e by IS D. B. PLUMB A CO. I'lEt KHED TMIS-DAV. —20 Bbls. Hiram Smiih V FLOOR, fiom new Wheat, lor sale by ■ r- 3 G. T. DORTIC. Georgia plains.— *OO bale? Georgia PLAINS; 50 “ “ STRIPES, Manuf! -tured hv tit* BelviJlc Factory , and for sal* at ve<w low price?, by JOHN C. CARMICHAEL, i si2 Agent Bellville Factory. j TtumbehT “ * ; r |''HE subscriber is now prepared to saw LUMBER at J h ? new Steam Saw Mill, five miles below Aiken, S. C. Bibs for any quantity will be punctually attended to, and satisfaction given in every respect. Apply, through Aik- n Pork Olfice, to sS dim* A. pk CAKADEUC. CN CONSIGNMENT. A BBLS. Prime Teom— -e LARD. Also a choice lot OU of “Denmead's’’ F- FLOUR a superior article, in BbN., Half and (Quarter Bag:. •W. H. STARK A CO., aulS Warren Block. V GENERAL DIGESTED INDEX to Georgia Ee _ port?, including 1,2, 3 Kelly, 4to 10 Georgia Reports, T. U. P. Ch;.rl n’s Reports, R. M, Charlton’s Reports, Dudley’s Reports, and Geo. Decisions parts, 1 and 2, com piled by T. U, U. Cobb and W. V,. Lumpkin. For sale !>v TIIOS. RICH \RDS k SON, ' Blank Cook Manufacturer*, Stationers, k». BOtHvB i bOORb :. —The VN ork» cf the Rev. Robert Had, A. M. The Family Book of Devotion, containing dailv morning and evening Prayers, for four weeks, 4 C- Thornton’s Family Prayers and Commemarv, Memoirs of the Life and Writiagßof Dr. Chalmers, now complete. Abbott’s Y'oung Christian, Corner Stone and May to do Good. The Pulpit Cyclopaedia and Christian Ministers Com panion. Maunders’s Scientific and Literary Treasury. Mauuder’s Treasury of lllstory. Austria., in IB4S-’49, Y . 11. Stiles, i he Poetical Y’orks of John Dryden, London edit in. The Works of Charles Lamb, by T.dfourd. Dombeyand Son, ne» edition, and several complete •etts of Abbott’s Histories. For sale by THOMAS RICHARDS A SON, _sep22 Blank Book Manufacturers, Stationers, Ac. \ L\V BOOKS—Heads and Hearts, or My Brother, i’ the Colonel, bv the author of Cousin Cesjl. Miser’s Daughter, &c. Price 50 cents. Mary Leahatn, by Mrs. Grev, author of tke Gipi*y Daughter, Ac.—so cents. Virginia and Magdaiin®, *r the Foster Sisters, * K*-eI, by Mr?. Emma D. E. x. Bouthworth, author of the Dis •arded Daughter, Ac. ?n«t? n.r L l Chie , f V 0, th ' Ro »«fife of e«ts. Just published and for sale at _ , GEO - A. OATEF A CO.’S, 1 nano, Book, and Music Store, Broad-st. GILBERT’S MODERN ATLAS OFTHF fartit with an introduction to Phy s ,cal and rraphy, and a cop.ous consulting index of 45,000 nil tea by Robert Mudie. For mis by - v " ’ . - T £ l9 M \ B BTCHARD9 A SON, sep22 Bl ink Book Manufacttims, Stationers. A-*. £/l Lororin/I Kef n«d SOGAK. Just received <Tv tTJ m*M LAK»aCZ b CtiOPBR. (EXECuVCS’S SALE OF VALUABLE BEAL ANB PERSONAL ESTATE. \\ h L BK MOLD, a 1 the Court House in the town f T ot .f;< ..s.ta, •- Lb conn tv, on the first Tuesday in NOVEMBER n-:xt. between the hours of lo and 4 o’c ock, tab rery anu valuable Let of LAN D in the town •1 .Viai-.e 1, -Georgia, containing five acres, more or less, witii the improvements thereon, consisting of a sp.tcious *nd beautiful Cottage built MANSION, stone foundation, v . t» ■ ->tna a kitchen, cellar and store room, in basement, and Xiiue m ms and pantry above. Seven of the room* have fire-places, with all necessary out buildings, such as Smoke house, Bathing and Washing Houses, Carriage House. S ables, Servants’ rooms, Ac. Two Wells of excel lent Water in theyard—a large Vegetable ura Flower Gar den, the latter containing some choice and select plants. Au Orchard of select Fruit Trees, some o' the most rar* and costly. Tie is one of the most desirable locations in a!! the up ■ entry f r a summer or continued residence, fine moun r - : tain cc;n« ry, pure atmosphere and a healthy place, convc ni r- - tv ; rade and travel. The premises are new, and ; eve ythi gin good order for immediate occupancy. Also, ! * ..verity *xo acres Mood Land (more or less) two.mihe stan-:, a connection with the above, to supply the resi ; :h Wood and Lumber. Also, at the same time and ■to ; .v, all the Household and Kitchen FURNITURE, con sjsting of Crockery, Glassware, Mahogany Bureau#, Secre , tary, Sideboards, Divans, Bedsteads.Tables,Chairs, Wash -1 stands, Haireases, Furniture, 4c. One Piano Forte, Grist i Mdl, Garden utensils, and one Cow, with a number of oth | er articles too tedious to enumerate; being the summer re -1 sidence ot Benjauiiu Snider, iate of Chatham countv, de ceased, and sold by order and direction of his last Will ar d testament, as a part of his Real and Personal Estate, for i th* benefit of his Heirs and Creditors. Sale to continue from day to day until the whole is disposed cf. Persons wishing to piy ehr -ie are are respectfully invited to call and j examine the premises and furniture. Terms on the day of S »*!»• SEABORN GOOD ALL, Executor. August 1,1853. kwh! NEW BOOKS. j I TP-(DU A TRY LETTERS, edited by Prof. B , v National Observatory. \’fo, another supply of the fallowing popular volumes: Gaieties and Gravities, tsy Horace Smith ; Esscjs from the London Times; the In -1 goidsby Legends ; the Book c-f Snobs, by Thackeray; A ■Journey to Katmandu, or the Nenaulese Etnbassador at Homej Summer Time in the Country; Leaves from Mar jeret Smiths’ Journal in tha provicce of Massachusetts j Bay iktS-9; Cheevers’ Reel in a Bottle; Mrs. Sigour- i ; ney*’Examples of Life and Death; True Remedy for the W>'•mgs of Woman ; Quakerism, or the Story of My Life; • Ola Portrait- and Modern Sketches, by Whittier ; Memories 1 •f the Great MeiropoE?; LongtWlows’ Seaside ard Fireside: ! Layaof the Scottish Cavalier?, by Aytoun ; Heaven or the • Sai ifcerl Dead; The Heavenly Recogniti m, ali Grate Apuil j lav 'works; Grautly Manor ; Ellen Middleton ; Gertrude; ■ Arny Herbert; The Earls Daughter; Nortnan Leslie ; Na tal .3 ; Madeline; Women of Christianity; Templetons’ j Mathematical Tables far Practical Men ; i.hannondale ; The Deserted Wife ; The Motber-in-Law, and a great many a»heir«. Just received bv TUOMA9 RICHARDS A .-ON, •9 Blank Book Manufacturers, Book Binders Lc. V EIV BOOKS.—The following New BOOKS just re x reived and for rale by the subscriber?, viz : Mervyn ClithCroe, a coitopanicn to David C-opperfield, by IT. Harrison Ainsworth, author of Windsor Castle, etc. The Adventures of a Gentleman in search of Miss Smith, •y Eliza A. Dupuy, author of Celeste, the Divorce, etc. Louisa, er the Adventures of a French Milliner, by A, • Dumas. Home and Social Philosophy, from Household Words, by Dickon?. GEO. A. OATJEB & CO., au2o Br*ad-st., between U. S. and Globe Hotels. V"OHI.E DLFD? of American Women, by Mrs. Si i.9l pourcey; Daring Deeds if Amer.c&n Heroes; tir Job* Frank'ia; and the Arctic Region?, with an account cf the American Exdeditiin. For sale by ao2o TIIOS. RICHARDS A St 9. OFFICE TRANSPORTATION SO. CA. RAIL ROAD COMPANY. Charleston, ilay 2-5,1852* j ON AND after Tueeduy next, Ist June, the Passenger and Mail Trains (under regulations of the l»o»fc Office ; i Dvpartmout,) will, until further notice, run as follow?, via ; CHARLESTON AND HAMBURG ROAD. FIRST OK REGULAR MAIL AM3 PASSESGBR TRAIN j UP. Leaves Charleston (daily) at S 00 o’clock, a. m. Arrive Hamburg “ 240 “ p. m. DOWN. ' Hamburg (daily) at “ a. »t I Arrive Charleston “ 100 “ r. m, These Trains connect with the afternoon Mail Train 0 j ’ tho Georgia Railroad, (at Augusta) going South and West, ! j and at Cliai lesion with the Wilmington Mail Steamers, and ; , Now York Steam Packets going North and East. For the : j present Express Train is run only on those duj 3 that the . i Wilmington Mail Steamers, or New York Steam Packets fed to arrive at Charleston in time to connect with first or j . S o’clock, A. M. Train. bECOKDOR KiGHTEXPRESS FREIGHT AMD PASSENGER TRiIS Ul*. . Leave C!.arleston at 5 00 o’clock, p. m. j I Arrive iluniburg at 580 “ a. m. ! DOWN. Leave Hamburg at fi CO o’clock, p. m. j 1 Arrive Charleston at 380 41 a. m. ■ j Passengera by this Train will always arrive at Hamburg j ( In time io take the day Mail and Passenger Train of the i Georgia Railroad, which I 7 o’clock, A. M., * j for Atlanta, Ac. ~ J. I). PUTSCH, ; my 27 Superintendent Tr in .portati i. GROCERIES, GROCERIES. | ri'IIC subssriber? are receiv;.-- their usual well assorted | 1- Stock, and have in Store, a full supply of FreGi Goods, i consisting, in part, of— J ,0"0 sacks SALT; 30 bales heavy Gunny CLOTH ; 150 coils ;-k, S, and inch HOPE; 1,000 lbs. TWINE ; 30 bbls. Canal and Baltimore FLOUR; 200 bags Rio, Laguara and Java COFFEE ! 20hhds. SUGAR, assorted; 50 bb!«. Crurhed and Coflec SUGARS; £*,ooolbs. BACON, Sides and Shoulders; 8,000 “ Philadelphia Cured HAMS; 5.000 “ Tennessee SHOULDERS; 8,000 “ best LAkD, in bbls. and kegs; NAILS and IRON, assorted. To ail of which they a?k j the attention of Planters and Merchants, i jy3o HAND A FLEMING. 1 ! NEW AUCTION AND GENERAL COMMISSION BUSIN LSS. subscriber, about declining the Grocery Business, ' I x. begs leave to renew the information to his frieuds, ard J Hie public in general, that he ie now prepared to ?“'! aid j re reive auy kind of GOODS, Real or Personal Property, for sale. Having engaged a gentleman of fir; t rate abili ties as Crier, he offers his services in the above line; and ! if speedy sales and prompt set*dement of accounts will i i command attention, he hope? to receive n liberal share of patronage from those who know him at least. P. S. A large and commodious Fire sod Water Proo , • Store for th» reception of Goods. JOHN J. BYRD, *2 E ?gle & Phcenix Building. WANIED, 4 GODD WASHER AND IRONFft. A white 1 KV- servant preferred. Apply at this office. . 9 Therokee lands at private sale. TVfE HAVE FOR SALE some Nine LOIa of Fine I » Cherokee LANDS, all situated in the Gordon Districts cf the State, being in Car?, Cobb, Paulding and Walker, i 5 which, for localities, «u-e not to be E-urpaseed. The Lote are ! ?.os. 159,102,161, in the 11th District and Ist Section, be ing Oiily 3 or 8 miles flora Dahlonega. Lots Nos. 835 and I,ooßin 19th District, 3d Section, being I , in Paulding county. Lot No. 21T, 4lh District, 8d Section, is situated in Cass (county. Lot No. 698, 5-d Di>lriid, 3d Section, believol to be in Cobb. Tneabove Lots areal! favorably situated, acd contain j rach 4u acres. —ALSO— All that parcel of Land, Laving Lot No. 292, 7th District, 4th Section, in Walker county, on the Chattooga River, j ; containing 130 acres, more or lese, prime land. Titles un j quecticnable. For further particulars and terras, apply to as at Store. Myl9-tf GIRARDEY & PARKER NOW ON HAND AND FOB SALE. , AFI LL supply of all patterns of Parlor STOVES ,BSQ|| and GRATES, suitable to wood or coaL On hand, a Georgia made IRON SAFE, very large and well adapted to a large Mercantile House, with several small ones. Also. NAILS by the keg or retail; SWEDES IRON for Horse Shove ; Coffin’s AXES and HATCHETS; Cotton HOES, all sizes; Trace and Haller CHAINS, TACKS, KIVU'S, SCREWS, LOCKS, BOLTS, BUTTS and HINGES. Also, a large supply of Tinners’ and Roofing Tools, of aii kinds. For sale next door to the Mechanics’ Bank. n!4 _ B. F. CHEW. r I ’B O MOSITHS after date, application will be made to X the Ordinary of Richmond county, for leave to sell the real estate of Charles F, Jones of taid county, deceased, September 9,1852. WM. A. WALTON, Adtn’r. EAGLE & PHCENIX HOTEL, 'AUGUSTA, GEORGIA. J RICKMAN begs leave to return sincere thanks te • his friends and the public J r their liberal support du ring the time he has had the above Establishment^and so licits a continuance of their favor?. The apartments are large and well ventilated, with suit* of rooms arranged expressly for families. Dinner ready on the arrival of the Charleston Cars, t* which Depot his Hotel is the nearest. His best efforts will be directed to making the Eagie ic ! Phoenix a desirable Hotel. an3o-2m VINEGAR. j ’>£ BARRELS CHOICE CIDER and WHITE WINE , . •G VINEGAR, just received and for sale low by BELCHER & HOLLINbWORTH, aug2B Yo. 5, Warren Block. HA lit HltiEMtiilATOß, A superior * rt| cle for restoring the Hair that has become thin, and 1 V1 - 0r l<> the Roots or Bulbs; to prevent Bald _■,/* remove Scurf or Dandruff. No one should be r valuable Preparation. For sale by Jy ~ a D. B. PLUMB & CO. : WOOL, wool! THE subscriber wifi pay the highest price for all de * scription of OOL. GEORGE W. LEWI! S , g * No. 1 Warren Block. RB. R.—Another supply of Etadway’s ReaTy“K^e7 • just received by sis p. b. PLUMB & co. AIR BRI SHES, of every description, for !-ale~b7~ seplO WM. H. TUTT, Druggist. , OTtART’S SEGAH.4O bbffi. fituart’# Crushed and O Claidfled EUGAR, for sale low by au4 HAND, WILLIAMS CO. . TTIRAM SMITH FLOUR.—A lot of fre«h Hiram f JTI Smith FLOUR, just received by j«U HAND, WILLIAMS t CO. Os J. J. CLAYTON. i A. P. DIGNON. CLAYTON & BIGNON, J DEALERS IN READY MADS CLOTHING, HATS, CAPS, TRUNKS, &C,, AC., Wholesale and Retail, 197 Metcalf’s Range, Broad. Street, Augusta, Georgia. aih4-ly ALDRICH & ROYAL, 1 DEALERS IN , _ BOOTS A.\D SHOES, at Metcalfs new Iron Front Store, opposite the Masonic Hall. A. & • ill K -. have on hand, and will continue to receive, per weekly steamers from New York and Philadel- jw> \ 1 phia, a large and well selected stock of the most fashionable and neatest finished LADIES, L. Y V , I MISSES, GENTS, YOUTHS and CHILDREN’S BOOTS AND SHOES, all «f which they invite th* lsr~ :SJ %(Sa* public to examine, and compare prices and quality before purchasing. , __ N. B.—Be sure to call at our Iron Front Store. n!9 J. M. NEWBY & CO., WHOLESALE AND RETAIL BEALERBIN READY-MADE CLOTHING, TRUNKS, CARPET BAGS, Ac., Ac. Under the United States Hotel, Augusta, Geor gia. ja!6 0 A.V6ES.T-E. FARROW’S PATKNT COOKING 1 \ RANGE, one of the be»i articles now in use, for fdSwg ~ 033 B. F. CHEW, j rpHli RICHES TH AT BRING AO SORROW, by , X tne Ilev. Erskine Neale, M. A. i On the Study of Words, by Richard C. French, B. D.; 1 Overiog, or the Heir of Wicherly, cheap edition- Harpers Magazine for July; j Also, another supply of the fallowing Popular Books; ! V. ide, Wide World; Queechy ; Loans, or Magnolia Vale; R emorae, and other Talcs, by James ; Earnestness ; Thunk , fulness: The Heavenly Recognition; Heaven, or the Sain t -1 cd Dean; and Kivwan's Letters to Bishop Hughes. Received and for salebv ! 'U.- THOS. RICHARDS 4 SON, j.yS Blank Book Manufacturers Book Binders. Ac. WATCHES, JEWELRY, &c. rTHARLES CATttN invites the attention of rtL i V- his friends and the nubile. to his large and UIYY we Reel eoted etockfof line WATCHES. JEWELRY. Silver FORKS and SPOONS, PLATED CASTORS, CAN DLESTICKS, and a great variety of Rich Fancy-Goods, . Inch lie will sell on she most favorable terms. He has in his employ one of the beet Watch makers in this country, | who will attend to the repairing of FINE WATCHES promptly and in the very best manner. He has also a proc -1 real Jeweler, who Will make or repair all descriptions of i Jewelry. Engravings of all kinds neatly executed. mli2l FINE WATCHES CTOCES Jl'wELrY AKIT KIEVER AND PLATED GOODS, ('jL THOMAS VV. FREEMAN at biaoU QL '•f 7T . eland, opposite the Brunswick Saak. Augusta. jfS/vv C_ has on hand a larva and well selected ■ u,consiMingof GOLD and SILVER WAXCHK3, allqual i- ; ; full setts GERMAN JEWELRY, in boxes; Gold Breast fuiK, Ear Kings, Pencil?, Spectacles, Fob, Vest and Guard Chains; Fob, Vest, and Guard Keys; Finger Ring*, Bracelets, j Buckles, Armlets, Medalione, 4c. SILVER AND PLVTED WARE. Spoons, Forks, Tea Set?, Castors, Candlesticks, Ac. —ALSO— Guns, Pistols, Percussion Caps, Shot Pouches, Powder Flasks, . Game Bags, &c.; besides many other convenient and useful articles not named. Haring purchased ail my Goods for | enrh, I believe lean sell at prices that will suit purchasers, j Clocks, \v atches, and Jewelry repaired and warranted. i N. B. —]SVw Goods received weekly. ol‘d d&rr. j Avgusta, March 15,1852. CLARK A CO., (LATE CLARK. RACKET A CO.) I a ■ HAVE cow in Store, a line stock of GOODS, ! Yy# many of which have just arriveo in the (ZSL I country, and are cf new styles. v, a have j w Nfc iat-ly received, direct from Genera, an | invoice of Gold WATCHES, made to cur order under our old name—good timekeepers, and at moderate prices.— Also, WATCHES made by T. F. Cooper, London; Jules Ju.vem .n, of Copenhagen, and most other makers of es -1 t« ; lishcd reputation, which wo can recommend and war ! rant. Also, Silver and Plated WARE, new styles of Plated WAI TERS, OAK K BASKETS, CASTORS and CANDLESTICKS, with unu without brandies. Double Barrel SHOT GUNS and REVOLVERS, of various makers, and at the lowest i prices. Orders from the interior will be packed with care and forwarded promptly. mh!7 FAS HI ON ABLE SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. JOHN BRIDGES, Merc rnt Tailor, nest door below the United States Hotel, Broad Street, NgSjS is now receiving his Spring and tkumafv Stock,coil* $4 sisting, in part, of —illC. French Block and Colored Single Mill’d CLOTHS and C ASSURERES; Fancy Do.; DRILLS; Silk MARSEILLES, an I other VESTINGS; CASHMLKETTES ; DRAP d’ETE, ■ of several grade?, which will also be sold by the yard. Os Fancy Articles,' SHIRT'S and DRAWERS, of all de- I scriptions. COLLARS; CRAVATS; SUSPENDERS; HALF HOLT; GLOVES; Ladies’ UNDER-Vi.3T3 ; SHOULDER i BRACES, &c., Ac. R., dy-rmide CLOTHING, of the latest styfa es Goods, : cut end mode. MIEiTAKV WORK, in all its branches. Making and Trimming Garment* in the best manner, j A f ill assortment of the above end all other articles In i his line, will be kept suitable for the reason. mhlS S. D. LINTON & CO. ( lOMISIK their Office in a favorable location, for th* J sale of their FLOUR and MEAL, purchase of CORN and WHEAT, 4c., in the East end of the Warehouse lately ■ occupied by W alker k Bryson. Being thus favorably t-itu- I a: a, (ami'time to attend to it,) will receive and sell ell COT TONS their friends desire to send to them for sale. Ex pelting to be always on the spot, and having but few lots I to sell, can do so on advantageous terms, and can remit | Checks on their Houses in Greensboro’, Rome, or Dalton, or ! on such other Bank Agencies as may he more convenient to j they sell fcr. Commissions and Storage* as is cus- I tomary. All Cotton* consigned them should be marked S. D. L. A ; Co., Augusta. *23 4 ILAMit: A N f) Til A NS-ATLA N TIC Sketches— i Afloat and Ashore. By Capt. McKinnon, It. K., Au- I thor of “Steam W arfare in the Parana.” Butler’s Analogy of Religion, with on Analysis left un finis'*- d by the late Rev. Robert Emery, I). D., President ■ of Dickinson completed and edited, with a Life cf Bishop Butler, Notes and Index, by G. K. Crooks. Ciceio’s Tusculan Disputations, with English Notes, ; Critical and Explantory. ByChas. Anthon, L. L. D., Pro ! fcr 3 or of the Greek and Latin Languages in Columbia Col lege, Reet-or of the Grammar School, etc., etc. clem l u's of the Life and Writings of Tnos. Chalmers, D, D., L. J.. D., by his Son-in-Law, the Rev. Wm. Hanna, L. L. D.; in four volumes. The Life and Works of Robert Burn?. Edited by Robert ! Cambers; in four volumes. 1 For sale by [9l6] J. A. CARRIE & CO. N~ *E\V BOOKS.—cummer Time in the Country, by the Eev. K. A. Willmott; being No. 12 of Appleton’s Popular Library. Up Country Letters, edited by Prof. IL, , National Observatory. Nos. iB2 and 433 of Littell's Ltv ; mg Age. Yo!.Bd of the Nceromancer, by Q. W . Reynolds. ; Jug published, and for sole at GEO. A. O ATES 4 CO’?, 1 s ? Broad street. \rAHMSHES OF ALL KINDS, Oils,Paints,Glass, ' Putty, Turpentine, Bruches, Acids, Paint Mills, Quin ine, Morphine, Calomel, Biue Moss, Matches, Spices,Epsom Ftb", 8.-Carboaate Soda, Salssratus, Patent Medicines of ail kinds, Perfumery,and Chemicals of every description, from the best manufactories, always on hand ami for sale at reduced prices by VTM. li. l uTT, feM-d&w Druggist. SXOLA£SE£~AND SUGAH tay TIERCES Cuba MOLASSES ; .«0 20 bhds. New Orleans SUGAR ; 1 15 “ Muscovado Do.; For sale by JOHN O. CARMICHAEL, au2o Warren Block. ' BACON AND PEAS. in AHA LBS. BACON SIDES, just received and J * *«’. M and for sale low. —ALSO— JOd bushels COW PEAS. Call soon, before they are all gone. aurfi 11. D. BELL. \ X J OLFjE ’ B~AR OVIATU; l.\ A L M iIIE rV DAM SCHNAPPS. A superlative Tonic, Antidys pcptic and Invigorating Cordial, useful in Gravel, Gout, Dyspepsia, General Debility, Ac, In Quart bottles. Price sl. Sold by ja3 HAVILAND. RTSLEY A 00. Sole Agents. OK\ A\D OA TS,— '■ B,o'iO b'j=hels choice Tennessee CORN ; 150 “ OATb, for sale by j aul BAKER A WILCOX W. H. MAHARRY & CO., PLAIN AND ORNAMENTAL GAS FITTERS. DWELLINGS, Stores, Churches, Ac., fitted up in the | neatest manner. All work warranted. Phan and Ornamental GAS FIXTURES for sale. | lif/ercuctH —Col. H. H. Gumming, President Gas Light . Company. Mr. William Helme, Engineer Erecting Gas ! Works. _ apls j EXCISE FOR BALD HEADS.—THE GY THEREAN HAIR TONIC is a certain restorative of j the Hair; and any one who is troubled with dandruff, j scarf, or Tallincr off of the hair, may rc*t assured that one i bottle of the CYTHEREAN HAIR TONIC will remove all i | disease, and promote a fine growth. It is, also, a great , i addition to the Toilet, as it possesses a grateful perfume, , j and renders the hair capable of being combed in any ; shape. For sale wholesale and retail by j ap2S WM. IL TUTT, Druggist, j 4 RTIC’LES FOR THE TOILET.— ' x\. Rich COLOGNES, Domertic and German ; Lubin’s EXTRACTS, new odors; “ POMADE, for the Hair ; “ SCENT BAGS 1 Sachcls.) _Jell D. C. FLU?fB A CO. THE WIGWAM AND THE CABIN; or, Talcs of the South, by the author the Yamassee, Katharine Walt n, Golden Christmas, ac., just published and for ?ale at GEO. A. OATES & CO'S I je6 Piano, Book and Music Store, Broad st. } TTOL'SE KEEPING GOODS.—We keep constantly on XI hand a good assortment of Crockery, China, Glass, Wooden, Tin, Willow and Iron Ware. House keepers are invited to give us a call. mh2l MU3TIN A LATHROP. Rich toilet soaps.— > Lubin’s Toilet SOAPS ; Guerlain’s “ “ Pinaud’s “ “ Low’s “ “ Bazin's “ “ Hanoi's “ “ Taylor's Chrystaline Toilet SOAPS; ; Together with a full assortment of cheap Fancy SOAPS of Am«riean Manufacture, for sale by /•« ». b. ptrua a CARRIAGE MANUFACTORY. TAMES If ELBERT & L’O., Corner of Kills and . j fi Mackintosh Streets, Manufacture and keep constantly I on hand, all descriptions of VEHICLES of their own make. . j CARRIAGES of all descriptions built to order and war j ranted. REPAIRING done at short notice. mli3-tOl j TOBIN’S GARDEN—OPEN FOR THE SEA SON, npOMAS T. TOBIN would respectfully an -1 X announce to his old friends and the public, that hfs Garden, on Telfair street, is now open for the season, j STRAWQSEKKTKS and CREAM, ICES, ICK CREAM, etc., served up every afternoon and evening, from 2 till 10 o’clock. The Garden is now in beautiful order, and no efforts wit! be spared to render u a popular and delightful ■ place of resort for the Ladies and Gentlemen of Augusta j and Ha vicinity. - apll-tf | 17MIF.8H AND G E X LIVE GARDEN iJ • SEEL,', Warranted Crop of —l*'e have , | Jtai received our Stock of FRIkiH SEEDS, to which j we invite the attention of the public. j <ll6 D. B. PLUMB 4 CO. I ” " TRUNKS, TETJNKS. A LARGE LOT of Fine TRAVEL- , i il LING TRUNKS, CARPET BAGS, K3.3.1.?)1 ; VALISES, tallies’ BONNET CASES, 4c. ' jyf ALDRICH & ROYAL. ENGLISH T td-T receiverl, a lot of very superior j *1 Sole Leather TRUNKS and VALISES. ! Bra*s Band and Iron Frenje TRUNKS, i 1 Hat BOXES, Yuiire BAGS, Carpet DAGS. 4c. FORCE, CONLEY 4 CO., I ,fyls Sign aiararaorh Boot. WILLIAM KCUSIjEY^JS. ” I I, WHOLESALE AND RE- I TAIL DEALER IN BOOTS j I AND SHOES, keeps constantly ; on hand,'the best article for re- wfejkAXi A kAJ j tailing, various descriptions of Mens’, Boy ”, Ladies’, Misses’, j and Children’s. Alsu Plantation and Rip'Brogans. Stiuth I si«!e Broad street, Augusta, Georgia. jsß-ly i PAL ENT LEATHER, CLOTH, PUMP BOOTS RECEIVED, a handset:e lot Gem's Patent Leather BOOTS; ILSO Cloth Pat Tip “ y 'i? “ Calf Pnmp'Sole “ * - “ “ Dress “ “ “ or Patent Leather Opera BOOT* ; —ALSO— Ladies’ White Safin Gaiter BOOTS; “ Kid Polka “ “ “ Jenny lands; '• “ Satin an 1 Kid SLIPPERS, 4e. J _felS_ FORCE, CONLEY 4 CO. LEATHER. LASTS, SHOE PEGS, FINDINGS, &G. ! TIST RECEIVED, 8 iarye supply of Hem- » ? ) lock, and Oak Sole LEATHER, Bund and Pick- S er LEATHER, Upper and Lace LEATHER, Calf , and Kip SKINS, Lining and Binding SKINS, Kid * flte and Top SKINS. AI.SO— KNIVES, PINCERS, NIPPERS, RASPS, AWLS, HAM MBPS, PUNCHES, La-ti>ig TACKS, SPARABLES, French KIT, Size CTICKS, Measure STRAPS, Long STICKS, Pump STICKS, Sand STONES, Splitting and Erelet MACHINES, Hud’s pall Shoe THREAD. TWIST, Boot WEBBING, Boot CORD, Shoe LASTS, Shoe PEGS, Boot TREES, CLAMPS, CRIMPS, Graining BO*ARDS, 4c. FORCE, CONLEY & CO. jalfi Opposite Insurance Bank. ~ HEIOtY & SKINNER, CABINET MAKERS, UPHOLSTERS & UNDERTAKERS, 4 FI! NOW PREPARED to exe is. cote aU oners in their line. Ma- ,"■} Jhj king and Repairing Cabinet Work, Re £7 upholstering Sofas, Chair*, 4c., Reno- ***& ’ rating Mattrey?es, in fact all other kinds cf work belong ing to our br ife have on hand a fine assortment of VVire SAFES, suitable for the Bt a?or.. These Safes are much approved for their convenience and style. Also, a fin# lot of WINDOW SHADES, of the latest style and at reduced prices. H. 4 S. Bro’ad-st., one door below Wathington street, next to Grenville & Co.’e Store. ' iay26 1 M<». Iv I \ZIS, Teacher of Music, re- —; • spectfully informs th# Ladies and ( Gentlemen of Augusta, that he give* In- H *W* strucMon in Vocal Music, on tl» Piano, Vio-t* • If \J • lin and Guitar, in the most thorough manner. Calls left at Mr. Gatlin’s Music store, will be promptly answered. n22-ly PIANO FORTES. - ( THE subscribers would respectfully call the attention of their friends and the Vublic, to their assortment of Rosewood ami |y Mahogany PIANO FORTES, from the well J u St 1/ • j j known and justly celebrated Manufactories of Bacon 4 Raven, A. 11. Gale & Co., and Dubois 4 Seabury, New York, which are warranted in every respect, to be at least fully equal to any instruments manufactured in this country or Europe. The subscribers would also state than the instruments now on hand are of the latest, patterns and fashion, and fresh from the manufacturers. For sale at -very low prices for cash or city acceptances, at GEO. A. OATES 4 CO.’S my 13 Piano, Book and Music Depot, Broad-at. ' encourage" home industry." HATIiVQ been appointed Agents for the COV- a INGTON CHAIR FACTORY, we would re- IgJ spectfully inform our city and country friends, and PSA j customers generally, that we will always have on * * * hand a Stock and good assortment of the above Manufac tory's CHAIRS, which, f.-r beauty of finish, comfort and < general utility, netd only to ho seen to be recommended. The assortment consists of ROCKING, COTTAGE, and SPLIT-BOTTOMS. They will lie sold at. Manufacturing prices. Per&ons desiring to purchase such Furniture, would do 1 well to examine ours and prices before purchasing else where. GIRARPY <s PARKER, j jylC-lm Auction and Commission Merchants. PIANO PORTES MUSIC, &C CHARLES CATLIN A CO., near ’ the United States Hotel, Augusta. Ga., { arc the only authorized Agents for Chick ering’s celebrated •* J 2 j • IRON FRAMED PIANO FORTE'*, Also, for those made by Nunni Clatk,and A<lam 5!o;I- ■ darn. The superiority and vide spreitd c-eiebrlty of these In trmnents render any special reference to them unnecessa ry. The universal satisfaction that they have given in this market, for more than 15 years, is good evidence of their urability. Their stock is always Large and full, comprising every variety and style of 6, 6>s' 6 and T octave KANOS, which they will sell at the lowest factory prices, (varying rom S2OO to $500,) and warrant them sound and perfect in very respect. Their stock of MUSIC iS large, and they receive fresh applies every week of all new publications, as soon as they are issued. All orders for Pianos, Music, Violins, Guitars, Flutes, Ac- ! ordeons,4c., Ac., will receive prompt and careful atten- ! on, and will be warranted to plca=ein every respect. MELODEOXS. They have also a complete assortment of Prince & Co.’s ! MEI.ODEONS. The Key Board is precisely the fame as the | Piano or Organ ; and the tone closely resembles that of ; he Flute stop of the Organ, and is sufficiently loud for mall Churches. They vary in price from fSO to SIOO. JEWELRY. 1 CHARLES CAT LIN keeps for sale at the same place, a j erge Stock of fire WATCHES, JEWELRY and SILVER i WARE, to which he invites tne attention of the public. mh2B LOOK HERE ** NEW STORE A\D NEW Iyl FURNITURE. J SILCOX has re- I moved his stock of FURNITURE, I? M • CHAIRS, MATRASSES, 4c., ncxi 1 to Dr. Turpin’s, immediately opposite his former stand, 1 where he intends kepping a general assortment of FURNI -1 TURE, CHAIRS, MATRASSES, 4c., of his own manufacture, i j Also, a goofl assortment of Northern manufacture, which J j he will warrant, and at such prices as to make it an in- j 1 duc-ment to those about purchasing to give him a call at I |is NEW FURNITURE STAND. 012-i4w | SAFES, ISON WOSKS, LOCKS, &C. TUE UNDERSIGNED having contracted to buH-lthe SALES, IRON FIXTURES, LOCKS, | 1 4c., in the new Banking House of the Bank of Au- ‘JF 1 gusta, has permanently located in this city, and begs Jr leave toinformthe public that he will execute allotdersfor SAFES, IRON FIXTURES, STAIRWAYS, LOCKS, BELL HANGING, FENCING, LIGHTNING RODS, ORNAMEN TAL WORK, 4c., 4c., including every branch cf Ins bu*i | ness, in the most perfect and satisfactory manner, j His shop is on the north side of Broad Street, next door j below the old Bridge Bank Budding, where he will be pleas ed to exhibit Models, Patterns and Drawings to all those who may wish any thing in his line, j my2g-ly AUGUSTUS GRUENDEL. j FRESH TURNIP SEED. j *\*t; r E have this day received a supply of/,vM and rslia- < \\ hie TURNIP SEED, con.-Uting of thef otlowing va- ! rieties; i RUTA 8.4G1, I LARGEENGLIfBNORFOLK, j EARLY FLAT DUTCH, I EARLY YELLOW RUSSIAN, RED TOP, I LONG WHITE, LARGE WHITE GLOBE, j SNOW BALI. Augusta, June 16. 1852. jelS D. D. PLUMB 4 CO. 1 NEW BOILER FOR SALE. x FIRST CLASS new BOILF.R, made by Phties. B. Tyler, Springfield, Mass., for sale low by OSMOND, GRAY & CO., American Iron Foundry. Augusta, 6a., August 7, au7-lm Mackerel. —*0 bbis/M n'os. i,i an4'9!, I Just reeeived and for sale bv J 1 #l4 BSTWB 4 RICHMOND. UTILE DUIiJI. l;lt lYh s AROMATIC SODA AND SEIDLITZ POW •* DERS, for the immediate production of a grateful, re ireshing jinci highly Stomachic Beverage. This elegant preparation, besides its superior claim as a beverage, has the advantage over all *ther compounds, in being decided ly raec.cinal. It promotes appetite and a healthy Diges tion, corrects acidity, relieves Heartburn and Flatulency, ami produces the best effects in derangements of the Uri nary Organs. While equally effective with the common form, the Aromatized Powders possess a decided advantage in not offending the Stomach, and far more satisfactory in their operation. For sale, wholesale and retail, by WM, H.’ TUTT, "15 Agent for the Aromatic Soda Company. MORGAN’S COTTAGE CHAIRS. r J''HE subscribers would inform the public that they hav« X appointed Messrs. Girardey & Parker their Agents for the sale of their CHAIRS in this place. Being the ori ginal Inventor of this article, they will warrant all soli *f their manufacture. J. i L. S. MORG AN, sl7-wSui Decatur, DeKalb county. COME AND SEE. T)ETER BREWER, Piano Manufac- L turer, Quality Range, Bread st., has ?~->VS just finished a splendid PIANO, which will T ? y , ‘-T T 5? remain at his house for a short time. Musi- J si J J cians, amateurs, and the public generally, are invited to call and try it, t# see whether it can be beat by any from the North. I*. BRENNER, sl6-dlm Broad-st., above McKinne-st. I “ “ P. BEENNER, PIANO MANUFACTUREB, Quality Kangs, Broad Street, Augusta, Ga. } I?> reaily to execute all orders for PI- ga&r - ANOS of all descriptions, which he war rants to be equal in tone, quality and du- u r ability to any thatar* brought from the J J xt J - North. The following is one of various testimonials, which have been kindly given to P. B. by gentlemen in this city. Having bought a Piano of Mr. P. Brenner lasi year, which was of his own make. I take great p!ca?ure in testify ing my perfect approbation of it in every respect. It is very rich in tone, easy of touch, elegantly made and keeps In tune most admirably. From what I have seen of Mr. Bren dm ’s Pianos, I have no hesitation in recommending them for their superior quality, to all who maybe in want pf » fine and dure'de instrument. J. B. Hart. Augusts September 13, tS3*2. Further references : Rev. Mr. Ford, Mr. J. Seize, Mr. H. B. Frazer, B. Bignon, Mr. Wm. R. Sohlnner a.nd others. Pianos, Organ? and other musical instruments tuned aed skillfully repaired, at th# shortest notice. ?. BRENNER, «lfi-ly * Broad?st, above Mclietmi-st. I PULVERIZED CORN STARCH—-An excellent ar ticle for m king custards, podding?, blanc- oange, Ac., for sale by P. B. PLUMB & CO. j -13- ►fi /AAA FEET of seasoned INCH BOARDS, FLOOR OU 4 UI rll ING and CEILING for sale. Apply to | Jyß‘tw£d3m A. P. ROBERTSON, ELD B A 111 J-: V. —ft!» bushels, just received and for sale by GEO. W. LEWIS, #9 No. 1 Warren Block. QfiPTBMBEB NUMBER HARPERS’ MAGA- O ZINE, leaves rut. For sale by npilE Celebrated Mexican Mustang LIN AMENT, for X sale by sIS D. B. PLUMB A CO. CtOKN. —I,(X -0 bushes, in Store and for sale by s7 S. C. GRENVILLE A CO. H~~ AKiilbOxVri PR VHUi: FLOWER COLOGNE, a valuable article for th* Toilet, for r-ale by jy2S D. B. PLUMB A CO. ■r^DELIGHTFUL^TOAir.'-^ YVINC, / \ for sato by sift D. B. PJ/UMn & CO. I>AUO.\ HIIIP.S.—- It) hhds. strictly prime Baltimore X> SIDE for sale by fS “ fSTIS & RI II MO Ml. I ONES’ Chemical Oil SOAP, for removing Grease, Tar, Paint, <tc., from Woollen, Cotton or Linen Goods, for sale by ' #lB I*. B. PLUMB & (O. ON CONSIGNMENT.—IOO bales Gunny BAGGING, for sale low by el9 _ ROBERTSON A CROCKER. MCALISTER’S ALL-HEALING OINTMENT, for sale by jy3 WM. U. TUTT, Druggist. “-/I BASKETS superior CHAMPAGNE, just received and for sale by sS GIRARDEY & PARKER. 1)1 E.—200 bushels prime Seed Kte, (Georgia raised), I for sale by GEO. W. LEWIS, s 9 No. 1 Warren Block. NO. MOLASSES. —ICO bbls. of prime quality and • in prime ord-r, for sal* low by s 8 HAND, YVILLIAMS& C«. \,f ACKEREL.—Nos. 1,2 and 8, in whole, half and quarter barrels, for sale by *8 II \N D. WILLIAMS & CO. RESH HOPS, Crop 01 1851, for sale by si 5 WM. H. TUTT, Druggist. MLSTA llI)A N DI’UI’FER.- 125 dozen fine MUSTARD. 100 “ PEPPER, paper?, in store, and for sale by s!5 S. C. GRENVILLE A CO. \ CORE NEW BOOKSWMo voirs of the Life and I i)JL Writings of Dr. Chalmers, vol. 4. Atlantic and Transatlantic Sketches Afloat and Ashore, by Captain McKinnon, R. N. Paper covers and bouj:d. Vol. 8 Life and Works'of Robert Burns. Butler’s Analogy—Dr. Emory’s Analysis, edited by G. A. Crooks; and Aothona Cicero’s Tuscnlan Disputations, Just received by THOS. RICHARDS A ?#N, sl3 Blank Book Manufacturers, Stationers, 4c. : I-OR COUGHS, COLDS, AND CONSUMPTION. X —AYER’S CHERRY PECTORAL is the great rerae- ! dy for the above complaints. For sal* by s 15 D. B. PLUMB A CO. 4 STRINGENT LOTION, for weak and XU bleeding yum;, and for purifying the breath, far sale by p. B. PLUMB & CO. j-13 1 i | BBLS. Clarified SUGAR ; lA/ 5 hhds. do. Do., Just re-:eived and for sale by ?8 GIRARDEY t PARKER. TUBT RECEIVED— * Soil lbs. BLUESTONB; 2x5 lbs. Hydi iodate POTASS ; 5 ibs. Re sublimed IODINE; *0 B icc Perry Davis PAIN KILLER ; 6 doz. Ballard’s HA IH DY'E; « “ Indian CHOLOGOGUE; fi “ Calcined CHARCOAL. For :?al» low far rash by au22 WM. R. TUTT. THE AUGUSTA BRASS AND COTILLON BAND, JOHN A. BQHLER, Lfaueb, RESPECTFULLY inform the public, that they are j prepared to furnish Music for all occasion? required, S on reasonable terms. Communications addressed to JOHN 1 A., or WILLIAM O. BOHLER, Augusta,Geo., will receive prompt attention. jylß-ly AGAZIneS FOR ing Magazine; have bben received by the subrenber;, for the above month, viz; Godey’s Lady’s Book ; Graham’s Magarine, and Peter son’s Magarlne. Subscribers will please call for their copier- at GEO. A. OATES 4 CO.’S, Broad-st., au2fi • between U. S. and Globe Hotels, COLORS UNFADING. Fire-proof and tveather-proof mi neral PAlNTS.—Several Shades of Brown, with Pink, Buff and Flack ; and by combination a great variety ■ of Shades and Tints may be made. These Paints possess body or covering property equal to white lead, and flow as easily. They dry soon, become very ha^rd—in fact, make stone or slate of every color—do not crack or peel off, and if sanding is required, nothing holds sand more firmly, or finishes so well with it. For Painting Wood, Iron, Tin, Brick, or Piaster, nothing adheres more firmly—lasts longer, or come* cheaper than , Se’.vcr’s Mineral Paints. For sale at Manuiacturer'sprices, I with audition of f relgbt, by HAVILAXD, RISLEY 4 CO. IW” Arifo, for sale a* above, at a low price, Prepared ROSIN OIL, suitable for using with Fire-proof Paint, for Roots, Fences, aud all coarse colored work. aplO MULEsTT~MULES!? 4 FEW choice Kentucky MULE?, just ar -7 V rived at the Stable? of . ’’-.'l sepß-d2w JAS. P. FLEMING,. EEWAED. “ I> AYAWAY from the subscriber tin's raoming, 0 U his Negro Girl ELIZA. She is a mulatto, about Xqi rixteen years of age, a big stout girl, weighing about ©jjl* 150 pounds, large full face, large white eyes, large —’■»* eyebrows, well known about this city. As I have reason .0 believe that she has been enticed away by some white per son, I will give the above reward for proof sufficient to con vict them, or Twenty-five Dollars for the girl alone, and lodged in any safe Jail, where I can get her. JOHN ROBERTSON. Augusta, G*., July 24,1862. jJ-5 j BOUNTY LAND WARRANTS. CtON'GRESS having passed an act authorising the As- : ) sigmnent of Bounty Lar. l Warraats, all persons hay ing said Warrants in the office of the Undersigned, wi.l please call and obtain them. ap £ MILLEDOE * RODGERS. xtte THE UNDERSIGNED, have formed a Copart- VV nership, beginning the first cf September, inst., un der the c tyle and firm of Ivxt 4 Evake. We will k-ep on hand a large and good assorted STOCK OF GROCERIES. All orders that we are favored with, will receive prompt at tention. JAMES A. IVEY, Septembers, 1862. d4w-3 JOHN W. EVANS. qpO THE AFFLICTED.—Dr. Banning’s celebrated X BODY BRACE will be found almost invaluable to those suffering from Weakness in the Back, Deformities, Hernia Prolapsus, Ani, 4c. An Essay in Pamphlet for m accompa nies each Brace. For sale by P. B. PLUMB 4 CO., sls The only authorized Agents for Augusta. 100 BBLS. BALTmOEE HOWAED-ST. FLOUR NT7E WILL SELL, to arrive, 100 bbls, new and sweet } Y Baltimore FLOCK, low, if applied to early, aull-tf GIRARDEY A PARKER. npiSN oN —-10,000 IbsT Choice - BACON X SIDES, received This Day from Tennessee, for sale. au2C BAKER 4 WILCOX. • KCIvWITIi’S ANTI-DVSFIiD FSC 'the above Pills* need no cemoaent, as they have been tho roughly tested by numbers in this city. The genuine :or sale by jy2B PI.CMH A CO., Agents. HIR\M SMITH FLOUR. —tfi bbls. Hiram Smith FLOUR, just received by au q GROCERIES ‘ ' XBAGS good Rio CUEEEb ; fflJ’J Uat *aati oW Gov. Java COfEELi; it i 100 bags SPICE, GINGER «nd PEPPER ; s| 100 Muscovado SUGAR; - | 50 n Porto Rico Do., - i 2 1 . , 0 packages Loaf, Crushed Powd*r*d *od Cl*; t , ! fled SUGAR; 100 V| b's. and halt bills. MACKEREL o 100 bales Gunny CLOTH ; « 800 coils Bale HOPE; a 100 c>’ils bed Cprd ROPE; 2.000 sacks SALT; 1.000 kegs NAILS ; 100,000 Spanish and American SUGARS; ‘2 0 boxes TOBACCO; 100 Cuba MOLASSES ; • 1«>0 bbla. Sugar Mouse F¥RUt*; s lo,iiiK» l!*s. Tennessee BACON ; 100 bores CANDLES; if TEA; POWDER; -HOT; LEAD; Toilet SOAP; and a large st. ck >.f LIQUORS. Por sale by ald-i.vwlm BVKER & WILCOX. tJcHESH GOODS. XHAAJB jn-t received a fine and select assortment of CLOTHS; CASSDJERE3 and VESTINGS, of entirely f *vlcs?|riis t which witl be made to order in the latest sty : e. Aiso, Ready- adc CLOTHING, and a flue ft-»ort -3 n‘rt Ut T.o f DahJia ’ o:ive ‘ I!roWD and Blue Dress EiiOCK i GOATS, v. hch are made of ti e very best French Cloths, atid trimmed in the best manner, and are very fashion*- bic. For sale cheap. j. a. VAN WINKLE. __a ttgusta, Sept. 31,1 -52. s «-j • LOOK HERE.- NEW STORE AND NEW GOODS. Jl H P opened, oppesUe John Bones & Co,, a lew doors f ,J )e > ! )w . and next door above Henry li. tee s» .hoe fctore, a new and handsome assortment us I Fancy and Domestic DRY GOODS, comprising almost eve- I ry article m the Line, which will be sold at a small advance on York cos. ic* r * cash. A look at his Stock will con vine* ilic purer;..'?!' of the above fact. THOS. SWEENY. “ TRAVELERS OUTFITS.'’ I’Ji.R LAST STEA'ilfft. —Desirable Articles for Travel - . > n S • —Check, India Grass Coats; Drab and Fancy colored Silk Coats; Gr.< - LWa and oth - kinds of cool bum•acr C**ats; loose ... :ncu <} ver-Sacks. Pantaloons and Ve-ts of all kind-. Now Stylt.s of Cravats. Haudkerch'fe, | Gloves, &r. SilIR iS, a full assortment Liaen auu Colton, I fe-'c.v colors, tor fat cling. U--liars. Braces, ac. j.v2o ■ Mi. O. PRICE & CO. i _oL _ i SIGN AND ORNAMENTAL PAINTING. left with Dr. Hatton, at Mr. llaisrs’ Drug j V " Store., or nt ray place on Green street, will meet with ) prompt attention. jystO it. P. SpFLMAN. | CABINET MAKING AND UNDERTAKING. HL5.1l 5 <& l9lilN.\lsW, at their new stand, next to A. L uite .•* rtUCcioir Hcv-ru, have ihd wiii keep on hand i 8 supply of Mahogany and other COFFINS, made of the ne..t | materials,and on reasonable terms. In connection with the ! ab °' v ' e i we k «ep a constant supply of i-h k A Raymond's | Celebrated METALIC BURIAL CASES of ail sizes—orders i filled at short- notice. N. B.— FURNITURE, MATT BASSES, Ac., for sale and * made to order. j a9 MLFs Gunny BAGGING~ o\j 125 coils % Kentucky ROPE; on bhis. choice New Orleans SYRUP; 10 hbds. New Orleans SI OAR. --ALSO, ON CONSIGNMENT— I ( 'i*oc lbs. choice Tennessee BACON ; 1,200 bushels white COHN, in fine order; CORN, PEAS, OATS and FEATHERS; at corner Store Warren iilock, for bale by * llt(V( * WM. n. STARK * CO. FEMALE SEMINARY. \ I ' JASIL.S I*. O !\t; respectfully announces (e I her friends, rai I the public generally, that she will n* 3 * MO - NDAY 1S OCTOBER nest, a CLMIN.iI.i far Itotiug Ladle a, in which trU be taught all tM branches of a substantial and elegant Education. Slit hopes that devoted efforts to advance her Pupils and a scrupulous rgeard to the behavior and morals of those en trusted to her care, will insure for her a liberal share o/ patronage. The services of an able Scholar and accomplished Gen tlcman will be secured to assist in the higher branches. .drs. King has rented the large and commodious house at the corner of Broad and Camming streets (formerly oc copied by Mr. Stovall) where she ccn accommodate with board Young Ladies from the country. A great induce ment is offered to those learning French, as that language will be Spoken in the family. Circulars containing Terras, Ac., raay be obtained by ap plication to Mrs. King, at present on Greene street, oppo site the Methodist Church. aul3-tf ON UO.VSsIGfIiMEAT—it* IF. . J, i . sneak; - Hiids T. L. 51. .Sugar, ’ 50 Bags Laguyra Coffee, 10 Boxes Carified Sugar, ‘2O Boxes Whitney’s Soup, 80 41 Colgate's “ 25 “ Adamantine Candles, jurt received and for * an'4-tf GIiIARDEYA FATilttltg? an old EnglHk 1. Mory, by T. Gwynne; Anna llaiiuuer, a » 4 ;iie of Contemporary . Life, translated fn in tiie German of Gemme, b? Alfred !I. Guernsey—price2semits; ' ThelVr«onai Adv riturcs of car own Correspendent in Itaiy, oy Michael Burke Honan, bound and unbound The Institutes of Algebra, being the fir t part of a Court* ol Mathematics, by Gerardus Beekmao Docharty LL D - ~ * No. '1 Pictorial Field Book of thr Revolution; end No. 7 Bleak House : Just received by THUS. RICHARDS & SON * JlJiankJßook Manufacturers, Stationers, 4c. FLOUR. ft A UHLS. Lebanon FLOUR; ♦JO 5u ‘ 4 Coleman's Granite Aiin« FLOUP 50 hags “ “ MEAL;’ lor gale by 523 JOHN C. CARHICMARL. WANTED TO HIRE, ~ \ COOK, WAisHBII and Jroncr, without chll- JTX oren, for a family residing on the Sand H-IK Apply t 0 JOHN F. HUTCHINSON. WANTED TO HERE, A COLORED (RjRL about 14 or 15 years old, for •IE a Nurse, and wait about a house, for which a bberal ; price will be paid. 525-6 GIRAfcDBV & PARKER. GROCERIES. GROCERIES. i W** now r «eiv!ng onr ns;;:d supply of Heavy and 1 * v Fancy GROCERIES, to which we respectfully invite i the attention of Merchants, PI. liters and Families. Orders fir supplies will be filled on the most reasonable ; tcni ‘ v ' _ _ J. R. A TV. M. DOW. FINE TRAVELLING TRUNKS. V FEW FI\E BHIDI.E If A- . i A 2 her TRUNK.-, which will be bold t r-try ch&tr-. ii c,.l ■ Iwr soon. 1" F:v . J - WILLIAM O. PRICE & CO. j ano 1 ri''Fi\S'E sSEK* < A see CORN, just received and in store, and far sale in lots IO suit purchasers. GIRARDY a PARKER. e.ep‘24 agTziaes FUH in A^niK Godeys’s Lady’s Book and Graham’s Magatine for the above month, t-übscrihers will pic-: se call for their co pies at GEO. A. OATES & GO’S, Broad street. C IT' SCOMPO IN P E.VffiAi SOI S4B»A BARILLA —For the removal of ail hupqritisa of th* j blood, effects of mercury, rheumatism, scrofula, syphilis, ■ nodes of the bones, liver complaint, and all eruptions of ! the ekia. Prepared and sold by WM. If. IUTT, M. D. j Price—Seventy-five Cents per Bottle. ap2b TiAIL H~ IUUT.~;: New FLOUR, swee? and 1 A fine, in Store, and for rule by _J-|2 GIRARBBY A PARKER. \Jh\l OIILEAAts SI OAR.—IO hhde. New Orleans i xa Clarified SUGAR, inStSre, for sale by g!2-tf GIRARDE*Y A PARKER. I j- 'OMPOI AO >Vni> Oi iiARbA>AKIILA- V./ Prepared according to the U. S. Pbarmacopseia, for j sale by sIS D. B. PLUMB & CO. A 11051ATIC SCHIEDAM SCH X APDS.-ATonic. i rV. Diuretic, Anti-i’,' peptic and Invigorating, i This Medicinal Beverage is manufactured at Schiedam, to - Holland, and is warranted pure from every injurious pro* j perty. Sold by ml lIAVILAND, RISLEY & CO. IIMLI lA MEf I—lol h XkMktaton LIME, J landing thi. -day, and Dr sale by BepS-d&w ESTES t RICHMOND, Cl OB A .—l,ol*o bush* D, just received and for sales by / ?25 GEORGE W, LEWIS, No 1 Warren Block. RECEIVING —«V» bids, prime haeon SIDES? For sad# t low on the wharf by i DAY I?, KOLB & FANNING. II BE ■ LISI Id I;—5o Casks Fresh Thoma-ton LIME, j now landing and f,>r s-Me by HAND A FLEMING. || -•-ALSO— Lbs. Teane-see BACON. sep2s IARIi. —15 first onality LARD. For sale by .J ?f p 25 ), AM BACK i COOWB. T'O MARE FI.Mi JEI L 5 .—First,c B atD. B. Plumb I- & Co’s, and get “any quantity’ 1 oGFine French roll j Gelatine, tlsat, Gie Fi ench .Gfla'.ne.) Secondly, got | a vial or two of Exvmeti, and they will furnish 1 rc< yiphi fe? making it. § .~ep'2s TO LIERCHiaNTS ■\\7AATKO, a afiBGOK KESPFR, by aper * V son wh<* can produ«» the best testimonials as to ca pacity ..nd chSracter. For particulars, apply at this office s9s*dtf i 'LBM-acks Abiim FALT, for sale by As& FAnD, WILLIAMS A CO. ! ~ SOMETHING NEW. RESIL\GTO\’S < O.VDBSSI.VK AND DIGESTING COFFEE POT. This article ft an an entire new plaa, i bv which the aroma of the Co'See it condensed, thus avoid in - all evaporation, and giving the Coffee a fine flavor, _j,v ~ v i n? of one-fourth the material. For sale by | S L. HANCOCK A CO., m yl i Agents for Patentees. ) T jFIIFI 51 1. KV . FANCY EXTRACTS, HAIR, Pomatums and Toilet articles generally —a great variety, just received by WM. H. TDTT, Druggist. | septlO ____________ WHEAT WANTED. X" E " at ’“‘ rrlc ‘ p * id ror .» No. 1 Warren Flock. OVE’V® T\Vo smaTl Families can obtain Board, with good rooms, at No. 255 Broad street, Carm chael Range. s2t-d*Ql T) YE —V’s have oa hand a sniaH lor/Ku sacks? priin* JK BYT. W, H. JCFARK k CO., W«rr*i*