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Columbus daily times. (Columbus, Ga.) 1858-1864, September 08, 1858, Image 4

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k Good Chance to Purchase a Good Farm, j Well Improved, near Talbotton, Ga. fBY virtue of authority in me the last will and testament oi Jehu IS . ar- . ter, late of Talbot county, deceased wdl, betoro the Court House door in I nOottw, on the fust Tuesday in October next, within the j lawful hours of rale, to the highest bidder-the plantation upon which eaid deceased iostded. at j thetime of Said plantation consists of about eight hundred and fifty acres, a fair proportion of which is good j woodland and good bottom land. The dwelling j and outhouses ore roomy and iu good taste, an excellent new gin house and screw. jTbis planta tion lies from one to three miles west of Talbotton ! adjoining lands of Rev. .lames D. Wilson. West j Harris, Jas Z. DUmukea,, Jeaso Carter, J as- C. j Leonard, Doctor T. B. Turner. Thos. N. Gib eon, Young N. Edwards and Tiros. H. Persons. It will be sold as a whole or divided as interest of the estate may aeem to indicate on the day of sale. Mr. H Jordan, overseer on rite plantation, will show the premises to any ono who wili call to look. Teima of sale will be easy, arid the place is worthy of examination by anv ono wishing to purchase land in Talbot county. WILLI Avl R NEAL, Executor of Jehu N. Carter,dec'd. Talbotton, Ga., Aug. 16,1858—wide. 1160 Acres Land for Sale. COMPARING in quality with the be.-t lands in Barbour County, Ala., embracing a large a mount of the frost kind of cotton lands. Said Tract lies 11 miles west of Euianla, Ala —a Cot ton market on the Chattahoochee River, and soon to be connected with Savannah, Ga. by S. W. Railroad. A good framed dwelling, all out buildings necessary for a cotton iarin, together with 800 acres cleared and under .a good fence are embraced. Sold under will of \Vm. Ou, decease!, for di vision. A bargain is positively offered in all, or in two separate bodies. Apply to E. 8. OTT, Ex’r. Fort Browder, Ala., Aug. 22. w3m* LAND!LAND! T‘HE Subscriber oflera for sale the following tracts of Land, formerly held by Dr M. T. Mendenhall of Charleston, S. C. No. Dist. 247 19 Muscogee county. 136 9 “ “ 1 12 Marion county. 21C 18 Webster. 249 24 83 2] Stewart county. July 20,1858. iw3wtf L. T. DOWNING. LAND FOR SALE. .gg* TfIF. Hubscrlbcr offers for sale about acres of Land,comprising 7 00,acres jijpSjJbottom land, about 1000 acres fertile ham’ mock. OOP to 900 acres nowin cnliivalloii. In good repair and well watered—the baiateegood oak, hickory and pirn-land,wllhan < xcellont nuige for stock.! The Improvements are agood dwelling hnuaeand all necessary buildlngsfor plantation purposes These landsare located on Poißi\er, in Barbour and Pi te‘i Jo unties, ontho Road leading from Louis ville to ivlonticelloby “llobdy’s Bridge,”and will be sold LOW FOBiCASH,andinquanthie to suit Pur chasers. Aleothe entire stock of cattle, hogs end sheep,areofferedfor safe. Personswisblng to purchase, can gain nil Infor mation by examining Lho premises and consulting the sunscriber. H HOBPY, Julyl—wtf Pike County, Ala. “valuable Chattahoochee Biver FOR SALE, AT A LOW PRICE. fTHE subscriber offers tor Role 3200 acres of land lying nod fronting twomiics on the River in Henry county, Ala., la miles Fort Gaines, Geo. (to which place the South Western Rail Road is now being ex tended) and 5 miles above Columbia, Alabama. The tract is susceptible of division into two very desi rable settlements—lies very level, iswcll watered, the location remarkably healthy, and the ptircha ser could have the corn, fodder and stock at a low rate. Being determined to sell, thoso desiring a bargain, will not be able to find one more die posed to give them one than 1 am. I shall keep this advertisement standing until 1 sell. Come and look for yourselves, or tor particulars address me at Columbia Terms easy to the purchaser. . ANGUS McALLISTfiR. July 20 1858—wti. Augusta Constitutionalist copy weekly till forbid. FOR - SALE! @THE sunscriber offers for sale his Plan tation in Chambers county, Ala., con taining Two Hundred Acres of excellent Oak aud Hickory Land About half is cleared the balance is well timbered oak.and hickory woods. 01 the cleared land about one third is fresh. There fe also soma choice bottom land on the tiact. The place is prettily situated on the road four m'les from Lafayette, and nine smiles from West Point on the Rail Road. The pro ductiveness of the place, its convenience to mar ket; to the country town and schools; andits being in a healthy section, surrounded by the best of society,'combine to make it, a most desirable farm. One other farm adjoining mine could also be bought. If I can sell soon 1 will make the terms to suit the purchaser. July 12, 1858 —wtf M. WILLIAMS. A Splendid Cott.un Plantation, FOR SALE. grfef HAVING determined to go west, 1 myplace for sale,lying on Spring Creek, in sight ofiiiG Newton Road trorn Fort Gaines, containing 1,500 acres. There are two settlements, with all necessarybuildings, dwell ing houses and plenty of outhouses, good gin house and screw; five hundred acres of cleared aud,a large portion of which is fresh. /snv per son wishing a good bargain would do well tocail and examine the premises. The above place ad joins the lands of Mr. Boyington on the West. Some of the land is very good being swamplands. GEORGE VV. COLLINS. May 1858—w-6m. “tWaLABAMA PLANTATIONS FOR SALK. I HAVE two plantations for pale, one in Russel county, Ala.. 15 miles from Columbus, Ga., of 1,200 acres,6so cleared, and one in Henry county, Ala., on the Chattahoochee river, containing 1,600 acres, 850 cleared. Both good, well improved and healthy. Those wishing further information can call on, or address me at Oswichee, Ala. C. A. ROSE. Oswichee, Ala- Aug. 30, 1858. wlm Administrator's Sale. WILL be sold at the Court House door m the town of Blakely, Early county, Georgia, on the first Tuesday in October next, within the legal hours of sale. Lot of Land, No. 278, io the 28th district of said county, as the property of William L. Jeter, deceased, for the benefit of the heirs and creditors of said estate. SARAH A. JETER, Admr’x. Aug. 30,1858. wlm 43k FEMALE INSTITUTE. THE exercises cf tills School will be resumed on the Ist day of October next, and close June 30ih, 1859. THOMAS B. SLADE, Principal. August 30, 1858. wit WANTED. A GOOD RUSSET WORKMAN; steady work and liberal wages given. J. G. SINGER. Lumpkin, Aug. 30,1858. w-3t. T.VO months after date, application wili be made to the Court O’ Ordinary, of .Muscogee Jounty, Ga„ to* leave to sell the Heal Estate of James L. Garrard, dec’d. E. BARS AROAdm’r. Sept t, 18 >8 —wgrp. s. s. Stafford; attorney at lAY r , BLAKELY, EARLY COUNTY, GA. ** wtf, Administrator s Sale, MTfIE well known plantation, belong- j ing to theestato of the late Col. Wm. Toney, deceased,will be sold by order of Court, at Fort Gaines, Clay Cos. Ga., on First Monday in Fovembcr next . This Plantation lies on the Chattahoochee Ri- j ver, five miles above Fort Gaine, the western • terminus of the S. W. Rail Road, and on theroad | from the latter place to Eufaula, on which a daily j stage passes: it has fine improvements, tc-wit— a new two story dwelling house,large and com modious, with seven room?,all ceiled and painted, with brick chimneys to six rooms, anew gin house and new cotton screw, and framed negro I houses,all new ? and complete. The houselodand negro houses are well watered, and so is every j field on the plantation; witha good garden and orchards of apples, pears, peaches &e attached.— There are about 800 acre? of corn andcotton land in cultivation, all nearly a dead love!, whose pro ductive quality car be judged from the fact well | authenticated, that3o hands have actually cleated j §62,000 from 1850 to 1857, from the sales of sh r crops of corn and cotton m cle on the place, and this too over and above all plantation expenses, j This Plantation lies on the Georgia side of the Chattahoochee, opposite to Col Archibald Mc- Kays. and contains about 1200 acres oi iand more or less, and will be ~o!d on the usual favor able credit? of lar.d sales, all to bespeciaily decla red on the day of sale. South western Georgia is the cotton growing region proper, and as these river plantations sell at 10 to sls per acre, an ••pportunity will now be offered to the public to buy a large open planta tion in a high state of cultivation, at a very mode rate price, and on easy and accommodating terms. R- G. RI3KS. \ + W. TONEY, \ At *™ r July 16,1858 —wtds- The Columbus Enquirer, Cuthbert Reporter, Federal Union, Augusta Constitutionaliet, Green ville Mountaineer & Patriot, So. Ca., and the Fayetteville Observer, No, Ca. will each copy weekly until M November, and send bill to the subscribers at Fort Gaines, Ga. Administrator’s .Sale. AGREEABLY to an order of the Court ©(Ordinary of Talbot county, will be sold on the first Tuesday in Octobe next before the Court (louse door in the town of Talbotton, said county, within the legal hours of sale,(‘2o acres of Laud, that part of Lot Nr, 242, In the 23ddiairict of originlally Muscogee now Talbot county, lying on the north wesl’side of Big LozierCreek, including the creek, also part of num ber 245 in the said d'strict, if. acres more or less, (boundary given on the day of sale) all sold as’ the prop rty of .Matthew Howell,deceased, for the benefit of the heirs and creditors. James iiowili,, Adm’r. August 2s, 1858—wtds. VALUABLE Rfl F PLANTATION FOE SALE. jefo THE Subscriber now offers lor sale hi* valu* ! able river Plantation, eight miles above l'ort i Gaines, containing 715 acres, of which ’>ls | .. <L_ arc u'ist rate River Bottomand the balance ; high Pine (.and of good quality, embracing a good land comfortable dwelling, with, a well of excellent j water, anew f iotton Screw and Gin House and all ne i cessary oißhausos and fixtures. Of the bottom land 300 acres are cleared, one third of which is fresh. In my absence appiy ro Samuel A. Grier or Hernia fc. Prescott, at Fori Gaines, fsnuary 26. 1858.—wif JAMER GRIER. Valuable Plantationfor Sale. THE subscriber offrs for sale hia valuable Plantation lying six mile? from Cusseta,Cnat* j tahoochee county, in a South east direeiion. The i plantation is well improved, with good dwelling i house, negro cabins, stables and gin house on ’ the premises. There are 450 aerosol land—26o of whieh are in cultivation and produce finely The waters of the Hannahatchee run through the place, and it is contiguous to a fine school, it is only 25 mile? from Columbus. The land is oak and hickory. augl6—wtf A. \V. SNEED. UNIVERSITY OF NASHVILLE. f. COLLEGIATE DEPARTMENT, OF MILITARY COLLEGE. J BERRIEN LINDS LEY, M D.,DD., Chan cellor ot me University, and Professor of Chemis try arid Geology. Col. B.R. JOHNSON, Superintendent of the Military College and Professor of Engineering. JAS. F. HAMILTON, A. M., Professor of Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, and Astrono my. J. If. STEWART; A. ML, Professor of Greek and Latin Languages and Literature. F, L. i. ‘iHYS.SENS, A. M., Professor of French and Drawing. G, S. BLACKIE, A. M. f M. D-, Professor of Botany and Natural History Rev. J. W. HOYTE, A. M., M. D., Professor of Mental and Moral Philosophy, and Biblical Literature. C. K. WINSTON, M. D., Surgeon. The First Term of the next Academic year com mences on the 20th of September, and the Sec ond I’erm l l'h of February. Tuition, Boarding, Washing, Fuel, Rooms, Servants’attendance, and use of arms. SIOO per term. Matriculation Fee, $5. Students are re quired to furnish their room.?, which can be done at a moderate charge, by rent or purchase. En gineering, French, Spanish, German, Drawing, Book Keeping and Fencing, each $lO per Terra j of twenty weeks. In the regular Collegiate Course, the ancient j reputation Gf the Un.varsity lor Scientific at.d i Cias-sical Scholarship will be maintained,and at j the same time, every facility afforded those who j desire to pursue a partial course. Besides the i tour regular College Classes, there fe also a pre i paratory das?. Students under 14 years ot ago j will not be admitted. By the aid ot Military Discipline, effective gov ernment is established, and health, physical cul | ture, good order and industrious habits arc promo | ted > For Catalogues, or additional information, ap | ply to any member of the Faculty. 11. MEDICAL DEPARTMENT. I SESSION 1858-9 —The 7th Annual Course of iO Lectures in ih s Institution will commence on Monday the 2d of November next, and continue till the first of the ensuing March. Thomas R. Jennings, M. D., Professor of An atomy. J. Berrien Lindsloy, M. i>., Professor of Chem istry and Pharmacy. C. K Winston, M.D.,Professor ol Materia Me dica and Medical Jurisprudence. A. 11. Buchanan, M. D., Professor ofStigical Anatomy and Physiology. John M. Watson, M. D., Professor ol Obstat j rica and the Diseases of Women and Children. Paul F. Eve, M. D.,Professor of Principles and ! Practiceol Surgery. W. K. Dowling. M. I)., Professor of Insti i tutes and Practice oi Medicine | Wm. T. Briggs, M. D.. Adjunct Professor and : Demonstrator of Anatomy. The Anatomical Rooms wili be opened lor st> ; dents on the first .Monday in October, (the sth.) A preliminary course of lectures, free to all students, will be given by the Professors corcfe i mencing also on the first Monday in October. The Tennessee State Hospital under the Di rection of the Faculty isopen to the Class iree of charge. j A Clinique has been established in connection with the University, at which operations are per formed and cases prescribed tor and lectured upon in presence of the Class. Amount of Fees for Lectures is $105; Matrien | lation fee'paid onceonlvlSo; Practical Anatomy, $10; Graduation Fee, $25. Good boarding can be procured for $3 to $4 pei^week. For fur;her information or Catalogue apply to i W. K BOWLING,- Nashville, Teno., July 1858. Dean of the Faculty. August sth, 1858—wtwSC The Mo intain City Hydro-theraputic Institute. FOR full particulars, address T. Carietoa, M D. at Dulton.Ga. Dalton is situated 100 i Miles from Atlanta,and 40 miles from Chatta j OQS&, oa the Georgia State Road, Daitoo, May I—mayll w3m. Great Inducements to LAND BI’YEHS S 1 o3er the Ibllowiug genuine bargains to those who wish buy i In Harbour I coui.ty, Aifa, 1, i wni sell my home place, situated fj vo tnifes South of tne town of Clayton, at $8 per acre. This place contain* One Thousano Acres, 16 j 0 are cleared, Jso fresh, liei well, aud is one ol the tiunds-omest place# in the country. The grow ing crop, which purchasers aro invited to examine, will speak for the productiveness of the land. The woodland i* beavliy timbered with oak and hickory. The imp ovementsare of the best character, embrac in?r a two story house, with eight rooms, well built and In good repair. The health of the place Is ex rel eat, beyond al l doubi; and there is aa abuu dance of the best water Fences in excellent order, and the plantation improvements as good a* rouhl be leired. . . , , _ 2 In immediate.connection with tins place, 1 will sella bodv of 500 acres, 30 acres open, first rate fences and the other improvements pretty good. Price $6 pe- acre. Sold separate or in connection with the home place as preferred. . \ 3. Also (H;f!acres of tana three miles distant from i the other places, known aa tho mill tract. On this plane there are 3 ! .t0 acres land open, balance wen timnered. Health and wale excellent and the !aaa strong and productive. Pilce six do! srs per acre. 4. Abo, several Desirable Uui.ding Lots, in the town of Clayton soon and buy bargains. jniiv H. .WiLLER. Cloy too, Ala. Aug. 20, 1858—wtf. Valuable Plantation in Florida FOll SALE. THE tubgeriiipr offers at private sale the plan tation belonging to the estate of George Gran berry situated in Jackson Cos Florida, oa the read leading from Bellvue to Marianna via Green wood— containing 640 acres ; two hundred in a fine state of cultivation, thud crop, and 66 acres ( more ready for cultivation the ensuing year. On the premises are a good dwelling house with five rooms, negro cabins, good flin house and screw, with ail necessary outbuilding. I will sell with the place bogs, cattle, and products of lire present i year. Terms $4,500. —$1500 cash. sloOO Ist Jantmiy, 1860—$1000 Ist January iidl; 01000 Ist Janu ary, 1862, with ‘interest from dme. For further particulars address A Thompson on the premises, or the subscriber at Hot- ; ri- eoumy, Ga. JOHN M. GRAN BERRY, i Aug. 21—wtd Ex’r ot Geo. Cranberry. CHERRY PECTORAL, For the rapid Cure of COUGHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, BRONCHITIS,WHOOPING-COCGH, CROUP, ASTHMA, AND COSSCMPTIOS. AXD TOU THE RELIEF OF CONSUMPTIVE PATIENTS IN ADVANCED STAGES OF THE DISEASE. Wo need not speak to the public of its virtues. Throughout every town and almost every hamlet of the American States, its wonderful cures of pulmonary complaints have made it already known. Nay, few ere, tho lamiies in any civilized countiy on this continent without some; personal experience of its effect!-; and fewer yet tho eomrnu nit on anywhere which have not among them 3omß living trophy of its victory over the subtle and dangerous diseases of the throat and lungs \\ hile it js the most powerful antidote vet known to man for tho formidable and dangerous diseases of the pulmonary organs, it is also the pleasantest and safest remedy that can be employed for infanta ana young persons. Parents should have it in store against the insidious enemy that steals upon them unprepared. We have abundant grounds to believe Cherry Pectoral saves more lives by the consumption it prevents than those it cures. Keep it by you,and cure your colds while they are cur able, nor neglect them until no human skill can master the inexorable canker that, fastened oa the vitals, eats your life away. All know’the dread ful fatality ot lung disorders, and as they know too tho virtues of this remedy wo need not do more than to assure them it is still made the best it. can be, We spare no cost, no care, no toil to produce it the moat perfect possible, and thus afford those who reiy on it the best agent which our skill can furnish for their cure. 03* Prepared by DR JAMES C. AYER, Practical and Analytical Chemist, Lowell, Mass, and SOLD BY Dr. David Young and Danfbrth, Nagel & Cos. Columbus, and by neatly ail Druggists in the South. July 24, 1858.—wiftwSm. “the GREAT ENGLISH MW DL -TIIORS’S COMPOUSO EXTRACT OF COPAIBA AND SARSAPARILLA? possesses advantages not enjoyed by any other medicine foi the cure of sexual diseases, which must with an enlightened public render it assuredly highly popular, and a desideratum long sought for in the medical world. It needs no confinement or change of diet, In its approved form, that of paste, it Is entirely tasti-less, and causes no unpleasant sensaiicn to the patient. It has acquitted the utmost fame io almost every part of Europe: i? baa been examined, approved of,and sanctioned by the faculty of medicine, and recommended by the most eminent of the profession. Prepared by J. b THORN, Chemist, London, and for sale, wholesale atd retail .by John A. Tarrant fir. Cos. Agc-nts for the Uuited Stales, 978 Greenwich street, New York As the above valuable preparation has been ex tensively counterfeited by unprincipled parties in the United States, the proprietor has adopted, as a precaution against imposition on consumers, a Label, of which the following is a fae simile, and which will be found burnt in upon the bottom of oach pot oflhe genuine intended for sale in the United States, Canada, British Provinces, West Indies, and South America. / CHEMIST. h LONDON \ 1 (| JQHN.A.TARRANT ;j P NEW YORK. SI W SOLE AGENT ‘/ I FOR THE tg/ I 1 The stamp around each pot will also bear the! names of the proprietor and of the United States ; i agents. Druggists and Dealers will observe c-n each do- ■ I zen packages the following label: IssroRTAST Caution. The increased roputaion i and grea c . ana .- . , aora s extract I •if Copaiba and Sarsaparilla, have been induce- j men's for others to offer imitations oi this valuable j medicine. V enders are particularly warned ot thi* fact, that they may be on their guard, and cot dispose of any impure article, calculated to injure their reputation, and destroy tho merits of the original preparation, to obviate which the Sub seriber (successor to James Tarrant, by whom it was first introduced into the United Statee) ha? attached his signature to this caution, to counterfeit which ia forgery. Jojn A. Tarrant. Address orders for the above artiele, with lull directions for shipment to JOHN A. TARRANT & CO., Druggists, No. 278 Greenwich, cor. Warren St., N.y Qe.t 4 1357.—wrwiy, Beady for the Season! I very respectfully announce TO M-Y friends and the public, that 1 have a sp'endid supply of tho (lIEAI SOL 1 HhK.\ REMEDY,—I mean JACK SMITH’S SOUTHERN COR. D 1 AL. the remedy for all classes of Bowei Diseases, Flux Dysenteries, Diarrhoea, (chronic or acute) the re-ult of Measles, Typhoid Fevers, &c.,and m fact all Spring and Summer Complaints of Children, and Children Teething. It is the most i reliable remedy, uortn, south, east or west—not-j withstanding the world is disgusted with hum buggery. lam a Georgian, and have lived in I Columbus for tho iast sixteen years, and never i expect to leave it. I appeal to my neighbors for ail tho evidence of the above facts, that the South- i ern Cordial has no equal for the above mentioned diseases. lam asking for tho worst case in Geor gia.—and il I fail to cure it, it shall not cost tho parties one cent. Oh, if the world could know as t know, and as my neighbors know, how many sufferers would find relief from this cordial; but oh, how great is prejudice! Down with your prejudice, one time; and try the Southern Cordial, it is a remedy adapted to this climate; it is innocent ia us nature and reliable in its medical properties. Please call at the Planter’s Hotel, where l will take very great pleasure in satisfying any unpreju diced mind that it is economy it?ei( tor any and every family to keep a bottle at home. The de mand is increasing daily. Gall and give it one trial. JACK SMlTH,Planter’s Hotel Apr; l l2—wtwGm Columbus, Ga -1000 ACEES OF Pimt Elver Lands, for Sale. .{a* IHP undersigned being desirous of wind ywffiLim: up tbeir business, offer for .saie. r ii any ime *o suit purchasers, a vat> sottle .jtv. lin-litoi One Thousand Arrti, of Laml, Ivir.g on ihn West side of ‘be Flint River, ton miles north o! Oglethorpe, ‘ ..a ten miles'’south bof Rey nold.-,. ’> wo bundreU acresof this setlleraent is nuin ber oa* land, the balance (800 acres) entirely sivumi i.. swampland is less liable to be innun ,la?- i iiv the River than any iarnls on sai*l River in Macon connly, amt wili doubtless make from oOto ’■Obushels of corn per acre, anl from 1500 to 20( o lbs ot colior.. There are 80 acres of pine laud, and foot Swatnp cleared and in a state of cultiva i u. ii. Water, health and society cannoibe excelled ’ ir. Wo j . ; f-n rtoorgia. Apply to (juOK & MONT FORT, j uty I—w&Awtf. at Oglethorpe, ft a* NEGROES I NK0110KS! \\f E arc cor nntiy receiving from Vir- lAjt W ginta atd North Carolina a and well ?ei-cted stock of .Men, Women ’ Boys and Girls, including field hands, iioiife , servants, mechanic*, die., bought by one ci the firm for this market. Our tricuds may rely on getting negroes of good character, coming up fully to our representations—ns we sell none on enminfe-ioc. HATCHEK k. McGEHEE. July 26, 1858—wtf SO l ■ i'f lE H X FE M\l ,E fOi * i .EG E. LaGrange, Georgia. FACULTY. #ii.K F.ROOKB, I Prin*?ir*als .t Pro* t_F. FOX, prietorf*. Rev.Ji.R. Crooks, A. M. Professor Vic.rai ami Mrutal Science and Modern l. F.Fox, Professor of Mathematics and Andeni Languagrs, ii. C. Hon ton, A. ft!. Professor Nat uvai Soenres. ’ Miss Eliza R -titt, Presiding Teacher and Governess, M s. ft E, Brooks, Literary Branches. Mrs. !. F. Cox, literary Branches. Miss Ann B. Coopcr.j Primary Department, ttusicai Department. —— —, Principal, Mra. H.C. Hooten, \ AsMstanis. — —— —,Ornamental Rrauchcs. The Fall term ol this institution will coramence oa • the Ist Wedne? ay in September Every department oi instruction will bo supplied ; with appropriate Tenchers, and every fact By nccei* ! sary to The rapid progress of tisepupil will bo furn | ished. | Board per month ,sl2 50 ; Tuition per annum 50 00 in Music 50 CO For Catalogues apply to tiio proprietors. | .—-To be supplied. aug?—w4t Stewart & Foimtain, “} , sceiri facias, for use o\'ik-Q. ! to remove judgment GW. McDuffie, Adm’.r, ‘ v in Marion Inferior de bonis non ol Benjamin Court, at May Ad ; Story d*e J d, and Enoch journed Term, 1858, 3tot y. IT appearing to ii;o Court i*y tho return of the Sheriff that Enoch .Story, tone of tho defendant? • in th? above stated casr-, i - not to be ioand in.said 1 county of Marion: It is on mol ion, Ordered, by the Court, That r-aid Enoch Story be served by a publication oi tbfe Order ocec a month for three months before ; the next term of Jus court, in the Times ij Senti nel a public gazette of tfrfe State, published in the city of Columbus. j A true extract from the minutes of said Court, this June 17, 1858. GEO. YV. MeDUFFIE, Clerk. July 27,1858—w3rn. GEORGIA, Talbot County. : .fessa Carter applies to rue for Lt er* ♦ * ot GuarcUauship of tho per? -as sad p operty of Sarah E. Carter, Jonc N. Carter, Robert F. Carter and. j Martha J, Carter.orphans of Jehu N. Carter, late of : said eoanty, deceased. ! These are therefore to cite and admonish all ana I kindred and creditors oi said deceased to be and ai pear at my offlee within the timo pre scribed by law, then end there to shew cause, if any they have, why aald letters of should not be gran ted, Given under wy hand, thia24tb day of July, 1858, July 26—w40d. MARION BETH UK E, Ord. OEGR6IA. Cliattaliooeliee County t Court of Ordinary , July Term 1858. RULE NISI. WiiEßjXYfi, William J. Mcßride, Tnonias fi. Me Bride, and H.C. Ward In w, Kxccutorsof the last will and testament of William Mcßride, deceased having fully settled the business of the estate ol said dcceasui, apply to me for Letters ot Dismission from the same. it is therefore ordered, that ail persons con cerned shew cause if any they have, why said Letters should not be granted at the Court of Ordinary to bo held in ami for said county on the second Mon day in January next, And it is further Ordered, that this Rui > be published iu terms of the law. A true transcript from the minutes of this Court, July 7, ISSS. July 12 —worn E. E. RAIFORD, Ordlnar.'. TWO months after date application will bo made to tho Houorabio Court of Ordinary oi Muscogee county, for leave to sell a House and Lot in the town of Sparta, Hancock county Ga., being the late residence of Mrs. R,A. Broo king. April 10, JSSB. JOHN REES, Guardian. i GEORGIA, CHATTAHOOCHEE CO. ! \TTHF.REAS Samuel D, Harp, Guardian, for j Vy the per son and, property of John C. F. j McCook, applies for letters of dismission from 1 the same. Al! persona concerned, are hereby required to i appear at my office, within the lime .prescribed ! by law, and show cause, (if any,) why said Jotters ! should not be granted. Given under my hand at office, the 2d day of j August, 1858. E. G. RAIFORD, Ordinary. Aug. 7,1858. w6m \ (tminl*trator’s Safe.—Agreeably to an i /x order oi the honorable Court of Ordinary ol j Chattahoochee eo.,will be sold on the Ist Tuesday Jn i November next,between the legal hours ol sale, be i forthe Court House door in the town of Cusseta, in ! said count#, all ot Lands, together with the Grist I and Saw Jltlia situated thereon, lying in the county aloresaid, belonging to the estate of Lemuel .W. Cade, doc’d,, containing *even hundred acres more or less, a large portionjof * which is open ami in a high state of cultivation. TheDlantation is well watered, to almost every part, and is highly produc tive. Theplacehaa a comfortable dwelling bouse, 2nd all necessary outbui dings therton. Is situated in a beautiful, healthy locality,in ihe midstofan ex cellent neighborhood, two miles south ot Jamestown and within six miles of the county site, and poaseses many other advantages altogether desirable. Persons wishing to ‘purchase are requested tocilland exaa= Ine the premises previous to the day of safe. Terms made known on the day of sale. A. J. PRATHER, / H. M. JfiN&IKI. jAdnFra. July 20, ißs3^*wtds. J. H. DANIEL & CO, 123 Broad street, Columbus, Georgia. Have now in Store and are constantly receiving their Stock ot ©lpg© ©mollies ©L®‘in)© <)f t Heir own Manufacture. ALSO—A LARGE STOCK OF GENT’S FURNISHING GOODS, Hats, Caps, Umbrellas, Trunks, Valises, Carpet Bags, #e. All of which have been selected with the greatest care and no gentleman can tail to be united who may favor them with a rath Garments Made to Order. We have also a very handsome stock of Cloths. Casairaeres, Vestings, Thorns, Ac. Ac., which will be manm'uriured to order, inthe best manner and warr.-tmed to give perfect satisfaction. Persons in want of good articles are invited to give us a call. May 6, 1858—wtwtf. J. H. DANIELS A CO. GEOKGlA—Chattahoochee County. \\7HEREAS David G. McGlaun applies tor VV probate ol the last will “and testament ot Win- Robert-*, late ot said county,deceased. These are there.oretocite and admonish alt and ! singular the heirs and legatees oi the said der.ea ! sed to be and appear at my ofiico in said county, |on or before the first Monday in July next,and file ! their objections, it any they have, why said will I should not be proved in solemn form, admitted to j record, and Letters Testamentary be issued to | the Executor therein named and appointed. Given under my hand at office, May 18,1858 E. G. K AIFORD, Ordinary. | Mav—2s-3t _ UEOROIA—TaIbot cownfyi RULE NISI. Court ot Ordinary, July Term, 1858. \\l itF.RLAB, John S. Duncan, admin straior oi FranKlin Duncan, petitions this Court lor let ters of Dismission from said administration: j Beit ordered, That all pers na concerned bo and appear at the February term next, ensuing of this j Court,then and there to shew cause, if any t hey have, why said letters should not be granted. A true ex* ! traet trom the minutes ot this Court, July ‘24th, 1857. JulySGih-wfim MARION BETHUNE,O and ADM l MIST HA TOR'S SA LE, CK7JLL be sold on the first Tuesday In Uc { VV toner next, before the Court House door In j the town ofLumkin Hen ait county, Ga., within the legal hours of sale agreeably town order of the Court of Ordinary of Chattahoochee cour.ty,nb the | lands belonging to the estate oi Lemuel VV.Cade, i deceased, lying .in the county of Stewart, contain* | ingfire hundred ‘acres more or. less, known as the Upton end Holder places. The} bo ve desirable promises are well situated, in | a healthy locality,amt the production ot thesoilis i equal to any uplands in South Western Georgia. The place is well improved, Saving thereon a|coraforta ; trie dwelling house,good set of Mills aud a Water Gin. Person!: wishing to purchase are re ques-tedto ! call and examine the place for themselves, i Terms made known on the day of sale. \.J PRATHER, i Adm'rs H. M. JENKINS, { A l rs# July 12, jul‘2o—wtds. ■ ~ I \[OTlCKtoD?htars amt Creditors s— | jN All persons indebted to the estate oi Philip Ad* : am 3 , deceased, late ot Talbot county, Ga,, are here* : by requested to make immediate payment and those I having demands againn eaid estate are hereby noti | fled to present them to us duly authenticated within I terms of the law, otherwise they wiilnet be paid, JAMES ADAMS,? > Ev i. WILLIAM ADAMS, * Aug, 16 1858.—w4*d. j GEORGlA—Muscogee County. Court, of Ordinary, June Term, 1858. T)ULS NlSL—Whoreaa Timothy G McCrary n< 1 | ll lalnistrator on tho estate oi Wiley W Todd, j defeated, bavliigappl and for Dismission: it i3therefore hereby ordered, That ail persons I concerned shew cause, if any they have, why said ! administrator should not be dismissed at tho Court | of Ordinary to beheli in and for said county on the ; first Monday in Jauervy next, and that this Rule be * published in terras of the law. A true trans*. ript from the minutes, o 1 said conr,. June 1 5.1 .s—wfim JOHN J*HNSON, Ora'ry I GEORGIA Chattahoochee County. WHEREAS, Nancy Roberta applies to me i ** for letters of Administration with the’will i annexed, on tho estate of William Roberts, late ! of said county, deceased: | These are thereiore to cite and admonish all ; and singular the kindred and creditors of said de • ceased, to be nnd appear at my office on or before the first Monday in September oext.then and there I to show cause if any they have why sad will should not be admitted to probate, and said letters (granted to said applicant. , Given under my hand at office, July 10th, 1358. E. G. RAIFORD, Ordinary, j July 20. 1858~~w30d | _ i STATE Of’ GEORGIA, Chattahoochee Cos | Clerk's Office, Inferior Court July 30,1858. \ LL persona interested are hereby notified that William Barberee of the 678th dis itnct.G. M.. tolls before Hardy Royals, one of I ;ha Jusiicea of the Peace loi said district, an | estray a black horse mule, valued by James H, Moore and John Drl lard freeholders oi said county nnd di3tricr, to be worth seventy dollars. The owner of paid astray, is required to eemo forward, pay charges and take said mule- sway, or ; he will be dealt with as the law directs, j A true extract from the astray book. WILLIAM J. LANGFORD,CI'k i.C. S Aug. 7. 1358. St 5 : wmwws Emm, j OPPOSITE THE PASSENGER DEPOT MACON, GEORGIA. | E. E. BROWN, PROPRIETOR, B. F. DENSE, Superintendent. ! Meals ready on the arrival of every Train* Macon, Ga., April wtl. LANDRETITS NEW CROP OF GniOiEN SEED just received and for sale by BROOKS & CHAPMAN. Also, ONION SETs of various kinds, dec 10 —tvlwtf wA tw • Laadreth’s New Crop tardea Seed, Juet Received at J. W. PEASE’S BOOK STORE. iaa2S—wtwtf, cor R TCA LE N DA R FOR 1858. RF.VfSFP BY THF.'SOUTHF.RN RECORDER. SUPER lORCOUHTS? JANUARY JULY 2d Moi Jay, Chatham Friday be lore ) x v FEBRUARY. 2d Monday > aY Ist Monday, Clark 2d Monday*, Glynn Floyd AUGUST. Lumpkin I*l Monday, Floyd Friday belore ) , Vottr(i Lumpkin 2d Monday t ‘ 2d Monday, Clark 2d Monday, Dawson Dawson Glynn 3d Monday, Forsyth 3d Monday, Forsyth Meriweth'r Meriwcth’i Walton Walton* 4th Monday, Baldwin 4tb Monday Baldwin t. hatiahoocha Chattahochee Glasscock Glascock Heard Hoard , Ja kson Jackson Monroe Monroe < Paulding Paulding : Schley Schley Taliaferro Tallia'fer*. SEPTEMBER MARCH. ; Ihi Monday, Appling Ist Monday, Appling Chattooga Chattooga Cherokee Cherokee I Columbia,, Coweta Coweta Columbia Craw lord Crawford Madison Gwinnett Marion Madison j Mitchell Marion Morgan Mitchell Webstar .Morgan 2<i Monday, Butts Webster | Cass i 2d Monday, Butts Coffee Cass i I lbert Coffee Fnvelte F.lbert * j Greene. Fayette Gwimietc Gr ene Fiohens Pickens Sumter Surnter Washing*!* Friday after Pierce ; Friday after, Pierre 3d Monday, i t>bl, Thursday aft Mont’gy Hall I 3d Monday, t'obb Hart Hall Macon Hart Newton Macon j Putnam Newton Talbot, Putnam Terrell Talbot Ware Tat nail 4th Monday Campbell Terrell Clay AVnre CLmch ! Friday after, Bulloch Lmmiuel | 4th Monday, Campbell Lee Clay I’wiggs Clinch | Wilkqß Effingham I White Emanuel OCTOBER Lee i Ist Monday, Carroll Twiggs \ Dooly \V hue Early W'iikes Fultcft i APRIL Giltaer | Ist Monday,Carroll Gordon Dooly f J'aylor Early i Warren Fuiton Wiikiitßoa Gordon Tuesday aft Pike I Pike Wed’day aft Rabuu Rabun j 2d Monday, Charlton Taylor j Fannin Warren Hab’rslmjji Wilkinson ffancod. j 2d Monday, Charlton Harris Hab’rslmmi Laurens Hanook Miller Harris Scriver Laurens 3d Monday, Burke Milier Camriet Scriven Franklin Tuesday aft Mclntosh Harrulscn 3d Monday, Burks Henry Camden Joner Franklin | Murray Haralson Ogfothorp® Henry Pulaiki Stewart | | Union Murray j Worth Oglethorpe; Thursday aft Montg'ry Pulaski Friday after, Wilcox Stewart 4th Monday, PeKajb Worth Decatur Thursday aft Bryan Houston Friday after Wilcox j Irwin 4th Monday Decatur Jasper DeKalii Lincoln Houston j Polk Irwin j Tatnali Jasper Towns Lincoln W bitfield Ifolk I'Thursday aft Telfair Whitfield Friday after, Bulloch Thursday aft Telfair Monday ait Fffingham MAY. ! NOVEMBER I Ist Monday, Berrien • Ist Monday, Berrien Gilmer Milniu Randolph Randolph Richmond •: Richmonii Upson Upson 2d Monday, ilak**r 2d Monday, Baker Bibb Bibb Catrosa Catoosa Chatham j Muscogee Fannin 3d Monday, S. aiding Muscogee • Troup 3d .Monday Spalding, ith Monday Calhoun Troup Walker Union Thursday aft Mclntosh 4th Monday, Calhoun Monday aft Dougherty Towns Liberty Waiker Colquitt Monday after D usherty Monday after Liberty Last Monday, Colquitt and Bryan JUNE. DECEMBER. Ist Monday, Dade Ist Monday, Dede Jefferson J* flbrtoa Milton Thomas Thoraaa Lowndea 3d Monday, Lowndes “Alter 1858, on 2d and 2d .Mondays in February and 3d Monday in August. GEORGIA, Chattahoochee Comity. Court of Ordinary July Term, 1858. RI7LK NlSlWherf as Samuel D. Harp and Henry J Kiev, adininlgtrators on tlie ertate of Joshuaß.McCook,deceasei, apply for Letters of Dlstaiesios from said adrainlsiratloD: it is therefore Ordered, That all persons concerned shew cause, it any thev have, why said Jeuers should not be granted at the Court ot ordinary to be held ia aud ‘or said county on ihe?d Monday in January next, and it is furher ordered, that this Rule be published in terms of the law. A true transcript from the minutes of said Court JH 7,1858 Tulj£. C.BAIFOBD, Ordtoary,