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Columbus daily times. (Columbus, Ga.) 1858-1864, September 25, 1858, Image 4

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siMtisiFiaasis siiw* THE lIALLOTYI’K PICTURES A. J. KIDDLE, UAH purchased of J.Gurney, of New York, the exclusive right for akiug Uaiiotype Pictures, which is afittleatieadot -tOything to the way of Pis ture takmt tt*orid has ver-een, There ienoth ing to which they can he c pared in the art Photography, but bera strong resemblance to wax figures, lor soilness and beauty <>l light and shade. Ladies md gentlemen-are invited to call and exam ii.t specimens * \itists jvh > desire to learn this new and beaut.mi art, and sec M re rights tot other counties will please C* I*' X I fit•’ C !> C"” f'llv•’: - I ANDREWS NEW CROP OF G/x.-DCN I j ,-jEcJD |u--t eoeived and tor sale by BROOKn & CHAPMAN. A ho. ONION SET& ol various kinds dec 10— wtwtf w & tw L-.iidreth’s New 3rop 3irden Just Received at I W. fKAtSK’* <>OK STORE. tnn2B -wtw tt CHERRY PECTORAL Kr the ritplil Curt of ( OH.IIS. COLDS, lIO4RSL\LSS, BHO\THITIS,UIIOOIM\G-<OtLII, €llOl P, ASTHMA, Ai\o CONSUMPTION. AMD for THk. Rfc.l. L.f i t CuASLiMPTiVE PATIENTS IN ADVANCCD STAGES OT THt DI-EA-E. We need not speak to the public f its virtues. Tlnougi out ever town an. 1 , almost every hamlet ot the Am riean Siates, its wonderful cures of pulmonary c -mplainis have made it already known. N. y, ew re t!ie tainlies in any civilized l count y on this continent wi bout some personal f experience oi its effect :and fewer yet the comma- I nu o- anywhere which have not among th- tn some |Jivin <g trophy of its vieit-ry ov.-r the subtle and [dangerous dt eases ol the throat and Junes VV hi!e it is tin most powerful antido e et known to man tor the form dahl a-d dangerous diseases of the pulmonary organs, it is also the plea-antest aud safest remedy that can heetnployed for infants and young persons. Parents should have it in store against the insidious enemy that steal - upon 4them unprepared. We have abundant grounds to f believe Cherry Pectoral -avos more lives by the I consumption it prevents than those it cures. Keep it by yon. aud erne your colds while ‘hey are <*ur able, nor neglect them until no human skill can master the inexorable canker that, fastened on the vitals, eats your life away All know the dread ful fatality ot lung Jtsorde s, and as they know too the virtues of this tetnedy we’ need not do more than to as-nre them it isstiii made the best it can be, VVh spare no cost no ea-e, no ‘oil to produce it tho mo*l perfect possible, and thus affb and those who relv on it th* best agent which our -kiil c m fnrtit'ti tor their cure. 03- Prepared l.y D i IA MFS C AY r bR, P aelical aud Analytical Chemist, Lowell, Mass, and SOLD BY Dr. David Young and Dai forth. Nagel & Cos. Col on ms, and by n a ly all Druggists in the South. J *iy 21. ISAS wfipw 3m. BROWN’S SOT SB, OP POSIT I THE PASSENGER *EPOT MACON, GEORGIA. E. E. BKOWN, PROPRIETOR, B. F. DENSE, SuoermtendePt. tsr Meals ready on ‘he a-riva) of ev -ry Train. Macon,(la., April wtf B DKI.L & WEKMS, H\V re nnV'>ri * • ‘he e ‘P'er form<*rlv oe> u .*t*d by W A Rdl. to o . Ivelv t.v Watt a> t ‘Hiiiii'ri . her*- iliev will l,.*ep con-t mtly in h i:id, h we 1 1 *• le ‘ed stuck of G.iOOERI s. ron j -tng in (in't ot Bacon, Bag*i g ind Rope S g<* ‘Old t i tle* t iqu *rs \c A I ul which tli y H i O'** ‘owe.-t market pi ea Aus! :•(. 1 55 wit GEJRGTA, MGS JO GEE COUNTY. r |'WO monihs a t r di •• ap.dica ion will i e I m-’d •i * It-’ i urt ol Odi i try ot Muscogee County tor 1- ave to sell fhe real estate of El z - betti Worsham, dec*ased J. VI Adm’r. Sept. 14 f>, 185 A shji ow 2 n. PLANTERS’ W.VItE-lIOUSE. COLU MBLM.G \ , Juit.- 21 1 ‘SB. THEu d**rstged retu n their thanks 1 ‘h-'ir friends md die public gem ra ly , r ,| le liberal natrenag* hertvoto'e hi stow ed, and h p ■ by a stiid Mbenti m to business to merit ‘u iher favors. They are happy to state t at th v have -enured ti e set vice- ot Mr .1 Vt w >! T a B< k keep*r. a ri Mr W. A BED El.i. ms salesman.who w-i| he b;p.n toseive thei trs nds and die cu-tomers of the h<>u-e „ , DIM. vud POWELL A CO. C ‘lnmhus In e *29,1858. v ly Valuable Plautatloufor Sale. fj HE suhsc-rd*er ufl rs nr sale his valuab'e r tla nan m lying -ix m le< from u-s-n.Cn i - eni"ty, in a Sou h east direction! The plantation is wed improved, with good dwelling house, negro cabins, sfah|-*s and gin house op the pem se? There a-e 450 aciesot lai d--2 o ot which are in culnvation md produce finely 1 he waters ot the Hannaha'chee run through ih>- phice, and it iscontiguo s to a fine school It is only 25 miles trom Columbus. The land is oak amt hickory. aug-6 -wtf A. VV. SNEED. GEORGIA, day County: mouth- W sr „ u>pi,cation wilt be mad * in u.e U n or&ble * ouu ot Urdiiaiv ol < 1.-* conn > for leav* to eel the heal t.Kiati oi wtllia., Tone*,,aieot wild coudv, deceased WU,ia ‘’ H O. RI KS. i . _ . . . VV. TONtY x Adm r*. ivb 30. ISS9. THR SOUTHERN LITERARY MESSENGER. ONE OF THE CHEAPEST PUBLIC ATIONS in the COUNTRY. TWO VOLUMES a YEAR. Each containing at least 4SO pages, in neat styl?, with fine Cover, and Advertising Sheet. THF. TWO VOLUMES FURNRISHLD FOR ONLY I UR EE HULL A Its A \ EAR For the year 1353. Tiecnty-sixth and / incnty-seventh Volumes- IN issuing the Prnpp ems of ttie twenty sixth and twenty sevr-rt ti Volumes of I tie S< Til H t.RN LI*KKARY M EsSENIiEK, commencing with the January Number, the Proprie on- h-g ft) assure die puhlie that noexeitio s Will be remit ted on their part to maintan ill high character of the W “k, and to challenge the patronage of all w: o value sterling literary merit. F>r twenty, ihr-e Years, the MeS-et g r has endeavored to re fl-ct ‘anh u lv the Southern miml, while tusiiain mgali narr- wand sectional view-, and has b en alone ann ng the trtort lily |teri"dteals ot Am rca m and. fence if ti e Peculiar Institutions of the southern 1 ountry In this • ffi o n v\i Ibe de vui.ii, ad vm.l be prompt to r-p-1 sssaul s npon ttie jsntith, vM edier tfiev cme under the-periling garb m fiction, nr 111 the direct hum of anti—lawrv p mnhlets. At this critical juncture, while nttr enemies re emphn ii g htera lire as their most no tent weapon ot ntt eh, tlie Soil hern pr- pie will surely not with* -11 t.i eu e leouragement fo “ n w- rk whose aim i shall be io stiike blows in their defence. The M will ns heretofore, pr ent its r-aders with Reviews, H S'ortcal amt B g r aiilt ir-al -k tel e-, ‘oyels. T*|c-, Travels, i ssays, P >■ ms,(’rtt t|U s, and Pa ers tin the Aim, ‘avy, aid itier Aniion- 1 -id j ns v\ iib a v ew to inner.- a 1 ire-* circti'a'ino of ti e M-s-ei g-r. i tie pro ii —i.-rs ha ve red in e i tile pr ce of nb.ipl nu W liioti is how ooh Three Dot ar pr annum ‘n ailvaue.c, OR tOUR DOLLARS IF HOT P-tl* Bl FORK THE FIKST OK JULY IN ANY VKAK FLIT'S Utm ting ns Fdieen Dollars in one ie"er. ihe en 11led mS x Cop es. Tfie Editorial and Critical department of the Messenger will continue tinder the charge of JO IN R: fHOiIPsON Esq And wdl embrace envious notes on current litera tnr* an t reviews of all new American or Foreign wtuk-of general ioter-st and va ! u-*. The Editor’s opinions will t>e aiways fearlessly and honestly avowed The business department is conducted hy the nnders’goed. to whim all communications of a business nature must he addressed. M xCKARLA ’ E PER U-0\ CO.. Corner of Bank and 12th streets, Richmond, Va. Aug 20 FOH S LE. rpHE undrsigned having determined to close up hip business m this place, offers at pr vate sale, his STORE H< ‘USE AY D LO P. F-non is well known for heal h, morality and good wa ter No village w ithin my acquaintance can com pare with it for the solvency of those who pa irontze the place. A reputable business house in a city might n ake it to its interi-t to establi h a branch here, provided with a suitable, enetgetic head N W PRR-ONS. Enon, IMacon co. Ala., Aug 7, wif ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. ILL he sold on the first Tuesday in Oc- VY toner next, before the Court House door in xhetowu ofT.uiiikiu >tewart county, Ga., within the legal hours of sale agreeably to an 01 der of the Goart of ttrdtnary of Chattahoochee county,all the lands belonging to the eslute of Lemuel VV.Oade, deceased, lyinp in ti e county of Stewart, c'uiain ; ingfivehundred acres morcor less, known as the Upton and Holder places. Hie bo edesi table premises are well situated, in a healthy t00..-iity.and the p oduction o{ thesoiiis equal to any uplands in south vVe-tern Georgia. The yu ce is well -mproved, having therwui a comforts file dwelling hovse.cood se >f Mills and a Water Gin. Persona wishing to pureh: se are re quested to call nnd examine the plact for thems* Ives Terms made known on the d-v ot gale. A.J PkATURR, I Adm’r* H. M. 1 ENKINS, j Adia rs, July 12,1353—-jul‘2o-wtds. PLANTATION FOR SALE, In Floyd County, Ga. 1 opwKR my AMPK t N 0 B s'A Plantation tor sale upon acc mmo | .da*i> a ero.g with alt tbe pr .visions l,,u L B '*’ ,c k au 1 P • tation ute ails; 11 nut sola or the fi st of January it’ wit ewt.uiaw from the market. The plac< c >n tarns Tweive II indred aer s it! tand n sousl. tode of to*ah river, six hundred acres ei -a-ed and uni er culiiva ion he improvem-Ms tre exten-ive,neatly new, and u sautial. w tli three good webs of water, on* in the y the horse Id, and n.- in the quarter a l wai.ed with nek Iron* bottom to 1 on T’>ere is also one of the best corn and fl ur Mills, in the county on the pi ice, wiihtutwo n mired yards o the ‘ome tldl o and. eud n* j a tn\ Ferry, where th reign Uep t.nnkinuit v*r> conve tent ‘orghip pnK produce o evtry kind, ihere tson the place two or three mous <1 trail treo- 01 v nous kinds; a Met.liooirt .ii and H p.otc inch w.thin two miiee. o : t e re id no. it i six <• les from dome Tne vtil , He po .an 1P e o ear on he north si ie'of theßiv*r the F rr• isimec tiie bes’ on h.: river Is< llto re! ee ’ .yself thelrom leo planting. My ov r-e*Til! tow the pi ce to any *)i>e cal ing on him. , l wi l grli it alto eoier o- di • ide it to suit tHircha- S.Ts; thert are two good scttleiTiciiison the piac >. . ‘ AYt R, j sep 13 w2m Oak Hill, Floyd o Ga, r\VOAL\B'MA PLANTATIONS F >!. SALE. I HAVE two phuiations ‘or sale, one in Russel c nntv, Va . 15 .inles tr in Columbus. Ga., -if 1 .110 acre- 650 cleared an 1 on- in Henry county, Ah on the ‘ hattah ohee rwr, c -niaining 1,600 ai-re-. 8-0 clean and Both go and, w*-ll improved and h althy I hose wi hn-g fu ther infinmation can call on, or addre-s me at U-wichee. Ala L <\ ROSE. O-w ichee, Ala- Aug. 30,’1858 wlm Administrators Sale, THE well known plantation, belong 'igli > n - l '> theestate of tho late Col. VVm. ’ Toney, deceased,will he sold bv order of Court, at Fort Gained, < lay Cos. Ga , on First I uesdau in Fovtmber next- I nis P ania'i’ ii lies on the Chattahoochee Ri ver, five nlies ah >ve For Gaines, the western te inniU’ ot the S. W Ra I Road, and on th road from the latter place to Enfauia, on which a daily stage it has fine improvements, to-wit a ew two story dwelling house,large and corn modi *us, with .-even rooms,all ceded and painted, with brick chimneys to six rooms, anew gin house and new cotton screw, and framed negro houses, all new and complete. The house negro hou-es are well watered, and so is every field on the pKn’aiinn; witha good garden aid orchards of apples pears, peache* toe attached.— The r e are about 800 acres ofc >rn undent on lo and m cultivation, ai near'y a dead level, whose pro uctwe quality can b * ju i >ed trom the fact weil him he nicaied, that 30 hands haye actually denied 862 000 from 8 0 t • S'>7, trom the sales <>t g'x c ops of corn and cotton m de on the place, anu ihis too over and above all plantation expens-s. This Plantation ii 6 on ihe Georgia ide of the Chattahoochee, opposite io‘'ol Archibald Mc- Kays. and contains about 1200 acres <>t land more or less, and will he -old on the usual av r able credits of land sal s,all to bespeei&lly decla red on the day ot sale. >outh western Georgia is the cotton growing region proper, and as those river plantations sell 010 to Bis per acre, an pporrunity will now be “tiered to the puhhc to buy a large open planta tion in a high state of cultivation, at a very mode rate price, and on easy and accommodating terms. R G. RI3KS. ? W. TONEY, S Admr * July 16,1858—wtds. ‘I he Colu *<bus Enquirer, Cuthb-rt Reporter, Federal Union. Augu-na ConstMutiona!i> t, Green yille Vtoiin'aineer to Patrio'.So ‘a , aid l e Favet-eville b*** rver, No, Ca. wjp pgoh copy weekly until lt November, and nod bill to the iubtenber* at Fort Game*, Gt. A Splendid Gotten Plantation, FOR SALE. HAVING determined to go west, I offer rnyplaee for sale,lying on Spring Creek, in eight oftho Newton Road irom Fori Gaines, containing 1.500 acr& There are two settlements, with ail necessarybuildings,dwell mg ho ses and plenty of outhouses, good gin house and screw; five hundred acres of cleared and,a latge j ortion of which is fresh. Tny per son wishing a good bargain would do well to call and examine the premises. The above place ad joins the lands ot Mr. Boyington on the West. Some of the land is very go >d bei ig swamplands. * CLORGE W. COLLINS. May 4. 1858—w6m Valuable Plantation in Florida FOIL SALE. r pHF Hib-crther offers at private sale the plan -1 latton belonging to the estate of Ge *>ge Gran- situated in Jack-on Cos h lorida, *>n th** road leading from B llvue to Ma’ianna via Green wood—containing 640 acres ; two hundred in a fine state of cultivation, thi*d crop, and 60 acres more ready !<r cultivation the ensuing year. I>n Ihe premise- 1 are a good dwelling house wiih fivv rooms negro cabins, good pin house and-crew, with all nece-sary outbuilding I will sell with ti e place hogs, cattle, and products ot the pres-nt year. ‘Perm- §4 500.—51500 ca-h S O'O Ist January, IB6o—§ OtiO Ist January 1861; #IOOO Ist Janu ary, 1862. with i*.Greet from date For finther particulars address A Thompson op thepiemisp.-, nr the subscriber at Cataula, Ha’ rie coun v, Ga. JO 1 IN vi GKANB- KKY, Aug 21 —w and Ex’r of Geo. Grnriery. “valFablehivs Plantation FOR SALE. TH E riaoscr.ti. r now offers or sa'e his valu 4egjl|6k anie. ri er I lauiation. eigtit mile-above F. ri <iames. contaii.iliv 7 acr- s. ol which ti!.S jL are fl si rat R.ver Kotlontam! th* natanc* higti tine I.and ul good quality, mnbrac tig a good and cumiurtable with a well o- excellent water, anew C *tf -a screw nnd Gin House and ai 1 tie ecssary out'cn: „sand fixtures •! ttie bottom laud 360 acre# are cleared, one third of which is .re.-h tu nay absc-.c* apply to Samuel A. Grier cr Bemis fit Prescott, at Eon Gaines, fanuarx t'j. 1858.—wtf .1 \M F8 GKtER. A Cool Chant t > Porehas a Go id Paroi, Well Improved near Talbottoa, Ga. BY virtue of authority in me ves ed.hy last will and testament ot Jehu N.’ ar ter, late of Tlb >t c mniy deceased, will be so and lietore the Court House door in Talb >tt >n, on the first Tuesday m O Mober next, A’ithin the lawful li’ urs ol sale, ‘o th. highest bidd-r—the plantation upon which said dec ased tesid and at tnetime of his* iealh. j Said plantation consists of about eight hundred 1 and fifty acres, a lair proportion ot which is good 1 woodland and good Gottorn land The dv*eili g land outhouses are roomy and in g 1 *od taste, at ! excellent new gin house ana screw Th s planta tion lies from one to ihr* e miles westof Talboitou adjoining la r, dsof R v James D Wilson, x est Harris, Jas Z 1 ti-mukes. Jesse Carter, Jas* C Leonard, D *etor H. I’uner, I'hos. N. Gib son, Young N. Edwards aid 1 hos. H IVrsons I It xvill be -old as a whole or divided as the best 1 intere-t ol the estate nay seem to indicate on the dav of sale Mi H Jordan, ove-seer on he plantation, will sh >w the nremtses to auv one who will cal! to look. Terms of Pale wiL be easy, and the plac is worthy of * xaminaton by anv one wishing to purchase land in Talbot county. WILLI A*l R NEAL. Execuiorof Jehu N. Carter.dec’d. Taihotton, Ga., Aug 18, 18f>8—wtds. Great Inducements to LAND BUYERS! 1 oficr the lei lowing genuine barga ns [lllßaa | to those wh > wish buy oand in Barbour Ais, 1, • wid sell my home place situated 1 miles south ol ttie town of 1 layto-, ; atss per acre. Tills place contains One Thou-am i Acres, f6Aare chared. 25 ireli,li*'S ell. and is on* Jof thei andfomesi p aces in tt.e country The gr w I tag crop, which purchasers are invited to examine, I will -peak, tor the productiveness of tho land. The ! woodland is t.cavity timbered with oak andhicb"r). i The imp ovementsare of the bes* character, embrac Inga two story house, with eight rooms, well built and in good repair The health of the place is ex cel ent, beyond al‘ doubt; and there is an abun dance 01 the best water Fences in exctjlleul order, and the plantation improvementsas good a<s couid be de-ired. 2 In immediate connection v.-ith this place, I will sell a body of 500 acre-, J>o acres open, first rate fences and th other improvements pretly good. ! Price pe-aero 80 and separate or in connection with | the home p nee as preferred ; 3 Also 9< 0 icres ol iau. three miles distant from the offer p aces, known as the mid tract. >u this p ace her are 3!io acres ‘and ope l , balance wel. *imiered H.-filthand wate excellem and the : atid strong and productive. Piicesix dol arsperacre. 1 4. \l o, several Desirable Bui.ding Lots, iu the town of ‘%)lon g’SPComc soon and buy bargains. J HN H. .HILLER, fay ton, Ala. Aug. 20, 1858—wtt. YALUAB E Chattahoochee River Lauds. FOR SALE, AT A LOW PRICE! f* THE subscriber offers for pale 32<’0 arret- oi land lying and ti on tins two nitles 01 ihe River tn Henry county, Ala. 15 miles ! helo\T Fort Gaines. Geo. (to which place ‘he i South Western Rnil Road is no beingr > x:eded) ! nnd 5 mi'es above < olurnbia, Alabama The tract is -u-ceptifde of division into two very dest | rahle petti meats—l e- very level, iewell Water-d, j the location emark-.bly healthy and the purcha I per could have he corp, fodder and stock at a Ida ! rate. Bei g det rinmed to sell, those a-piring a bargain, will nc.t he able to find one more dtp po-ed to give them -me than I am I shall keep this advertisement standing m til I sell Gome and h-ok for your-elves,or for particulars address me at Columbia Term ea-v f-the pmvtv.-er angus mcallister. July 20 1558-wtl. Augusta Constitutionalist copy weekly till forbid. Administrator’s Sale. A fJRF.EA s V to an or-ler ol he-ourt oiOrdinarj xv o’ Talbot county, wid be so donthelrst ruesdav j in “ctobe next before the Oourt Hou-e door in the i tow* of Talbotton. 8i and cou ity. w bin the legal hours ol sate. I 0 acre# of Lad, that pact o'’ Lot No 24i in the 3d li-ir ct o or-gininlly Mu-cogee now Talbot county lying on th- north west side of P.ia Lozier reck! including thecr o part ofnum her M * iu the sai l 0 stric', 15 acre# more or less (boundary given on ihe day of s-iL*) all sold as the prop rty ot Afatthow owe I,deceased, oribe benefit \ of the heirs and creditor- J MEB HnvviLL, Adm’r. August 2s. 1858 wto-j. NOTIC K to Debtors and Creditorst- All persons mile’ leu inUmestai* o Philip \d itni. deceased, late ol Talbot county, Ga., are here by requested t<> make immediate pry merit and those i having de andg against said estate arr hereby no 1 tied to present them to us duly authenticated within terms of the taw. otherwise the\ will not be paid. J4MKB 4HAMB, i p . WH 1,1 AM A HAMS, S f ’ xrs - Aug. 16 tP-W. w-md Stewart & F tuntam, J s“EtRi facias, for use of V,c io remove j nigment j GW. McDiffit*, Aifm’.r.l m Vtarion interior i de boni-non ot Benjamin [Orurt, at May Ad j Story dec *d and Enoch , journed Term, 1858. Sfoty. j IT appearing ro the C >uri Iry the return of the Sheriff that Enoch Story, O’ eot the defendants u th * ariov sia ed case, is uot to bo found in said county ot Marion: It is on motion, Ordered, by the Court, That -aid Enoch Story be served by a publication ot iris Order once a month tor three month-* before me next term of vhts court, in the Times Senti nel a public gazette of this State, published in ‘ the city of Columbus. A true extract from the minutes of said Court, ; his June 17, 1858. GEO. W. McDUFHE, Clerk, j July 27,18 B—w 3m - - j Land Warrants Wanted iiHEsubscribert-arepayingthe highest market price tor Land Warrants Call and see ua. „ J.ENMB*. CU. Columfeua, June 17- wtf. MEDICAL COLLEGE OF THE STATE OF SO.CAEGLINA. lifc .-iuu ‘al Course‘>i liQCtures .m ihis Liiatilu -1 iod, will coiaineace o i the Second Monday in November upon the following branches Aiiit>mv Hi )LBKO(tK, M D. Surgery*. JJ CH M. D . Theory and Prscticeof Medicine POBAILLARD, M. D. Physiologv. J.BB M*>U TRIP, M. D. Mateiia Medica..... HENRY Is FROST, M. D Obstetrics THCS <i P <IO.,KAU.|M. O. Chemietry . C U SHEPARI), jW. D. Demonstrator of Anatomy F T THLES, M. D. Clinical Lectures are delivered twice a week at the Marine Hospital and the Roper Hospital, bythePby sician and Surgeon ot thnseMlospiials. The An domical Rooms will be opened in Pctobei aud assertions conducted daily by the Demonstra tor In the Anatomical Museum valuable , additions have been mode in models of a very large eize. illus- | trat’ve of the more miuJte aud delicate structures of the human body. A valuable a id interesting collection of wax of the various parts oi the sy-tim. in a healthy and diseased elate,, has also be*n ad ed HENRY K. FRnST, Dean, j June 29-wRw. SOUTHERN FEMALE COLLEGE. LaSrange, Georgia. FACULTY. #H. E Krt o K.S, / Principals & Pro* I.F COX, f prietoi* t ev.H .R. Rrooks, V. M. Prolessor ‘loial and Mental -cience and .Modern i.augllagt s I F i: .x. Professor of Mathematics iiirt wiciei 11 anguagt s. H hoo en. .n. Pro estOi Natural-ci nce<. Mis-ElixaK titt, ‘‘residing I'eacner and Governess. M s H i.. It ooks, L.ite n Hrauches. Mrs l F Cox. iterary Bnmhe- Mis Ann R 1 >o-e •. Or >i oy >. oar’mpnt, Musictil Depa< timut. * . e. oi :;ia-. Mr U .H • <leii. 1 Aooistants. * . t * —, ‘rnamental ‘'ranches. T.o- Kith te mo th s nsiii ni-n “ill commence on the isi Wednes ay in September Rv ry department of instruction will be supplied with appropriate T* achers, and rvery taci ity neces sary to the rapid progress ot the pupil will be furn ished Hoard per month §l2 50 Tuition per annum 50 00 in Music 50 00 For Catalogues apply to the proprietors. To be supplied. aug2—w4i UNIVERSITY OF NASHVILLE. I. COLLEGIATE DEPARTMENT, OR MXUTARY CO&IBSB. J BERRIr.N LINOSLEY, V! D ,DD.,Chan cellor, ot Hie U lver.'ity, and Professor ol Chemis try and Geology. < ol b. K JOHNSON, Superintended of the Military College and Protestor ot Engineering JAS F HAMILTON A. M , Professor of Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, and Astrono my J. 11. STEWART, A. M., Prolessor of Greek and Latin Languages ad Li’eratu e. F. L. J HYSSENS, A. M., Prolessor of French and Drawing >. S I>LA’ KIE, A. M., .M. D-, Professor of Botany and Natural History Rev. J. W. HOYTE, A M , M D , Professor of Mental and Moral Philosophy, and Biblical Literature. C. K. WINSTON. M D., Surgeon. The Firat Term of the nest Academic year com mences on the 20ih of September, and the Sec ond Term Hh of February. Tuition, Boarding, Washing, Fuel, Rooms, Servant*’attendance and use of arms, SIOO per term Matriculation Fee, 05. Students ate re quired to furnish their rooms, which can be done ai a moderate charge, by rent or purchase En gineering, French, Spanish, German, Drawing, Book Keeping and Fencing, each 810 per Term of twenty weeks In the regular Collegiate Course, the ancient reputation ot the Un.versity tor Scientific s< and Classical Scholarship wili be maintained,and at the same time, ‘‘•very lacility aff ided those who \ desire to pursue a partial course Besides the tour regular College Classes, there i? also a pre uaratory class. Smdents ui der .4 years ol age will not be admitted. By the aid ol Military Discipline, effective gov* ernrnent is established, and health, physical cul ture, good order and industrious habits are promo ted For Catalogues, or additional information, ap ply to any member of the Faculty. H MEDICAL DEPARTMENT. SESSION iBSB-9 —The 7th Annual Course of Lectures in th 8 Institution will commence on Monday the 2d of November next, and continue till tho first oi the ensuing March. Thomas R. Jennings, M. D., Professor of An atomy. J. Berrien Lindsley, M. D , Professor ofChetn istrv and Pharmacy. C K Winston, M. D., Professor ol Materia Me dica and Medical Juri-prudence. A. H. Buchanan, M. D., Profe.-sor of Sugical Anatomy aid Physiology. John M. Wat-on, M. D., Professor oi Obstet rics and the Diseases of Women and Children. Paul F Eve, M D., Professor of Princ pics &i,d Practice of Surgery VV. K Dowbntj. M. D, Prof ssor of Ineti lutes and Practiced! VI dicine VV r m T Brigg-s VI. D. Adjunct Professor and Demur strator of Anatomy. The Anatomical Rooms will b-* ope ed for stu denis on the first iVioi day in ctobf r, unes.h j A preliminary course oi lectures, fee 10 all students, wl, be given by the Piotessors com mencing also on ‘h first Monday n Oc on r The rennes-ve S'am Hospital under the Di rection of the Faculty is open to t e Class bee of charge A Clim'aue ha been established in connection with the Uo'versitv, at which o ( (ora'i''n- are per formed and ca*es prescribed for and leciuod upon i in presence ot the Cia-s Amount o’ Fees ‘or Lectures is 8l !, 5; Vlatricu ation'paid orxec onlvl S5; Pracucal Anao my, @K>; Graduation Fee, 525 Good boarding can be procured for S3 to §4 ; per week. : For fur her information or Catalogue apply to W. K BOWLING, Nashville, Tenn., July 1858 Dean ol the Faculty. August sth, 1858 — wtyv2i’ % GEORGIA, Chattahoochee County. Court of Ordinary July Term, 1858. RULK NISI.-— v\ her* as Samuel D. Harp and Henry i Kieg, admirnstiators on the estate ol omhiia R. McCook, decease , apply lor Letters ol Dismission fr< m said admimsirMior: tt is therefore Ordered, t hat alipersone concerned shew causo. tiany the) have, why said letters should not be granted at the Couri ol • ‘rdmarv to be held in and or said county on the ‘d Monduj’in January next, and it is lur ber o dered, that this Rule bt publlshtdin terms ol tht law. V true iransciipt iron the minutes f said Court <ul> 7. i&js Julv I wfim K. . RAIFORD. Ordinary. \dmtni*trator’i> Sale.—Agreeably to ab order o. the non .rabie Court ot Ordinary o hattahoochee co wi >i be sold o:i the Ist iueeday.ti Novem >er uext,between the legal hours r.l sale, be ) fore the l oan ilous, door in the town of Cusseta,in I said county, all ot Lands, together with the^ris 1 I and Saw Mills sit uat> and thereon, lying in the county i atoresa’d, b- longing to the estate oi Leu uel V\ ‘tade. dec’d., containing seven hundred acres n;ore <■> j ‘ess, a large portion of which is open and in a ; high state ot cultivation. ThcDlaniation is well ■ watered, tualmost t very part, and is highly prodm - i tive. Tneplacehas comfortable dwelling boost. and ail necessary outbtr ding,- therton, ‘ssiiuated ii . a beautiful, healthy the midstot an ex i eelieui neighborhood, two mibssouthoi lamestowi and within six mihs of the county site, and posseses ; many other advantages al ogether desirable. Persons | wishing to purchase are requested toculland exant i ine thepr mises previous to the day of sale. Terms made known on theda\ of sale. A. J. PRATHER, i . , , H. M. JENKINS, t Adm rs - Ju’y2o, 1858—wtds. •TUVO months after date, application will bemads X to the ourt o Ordinar\,o’ Muscogee .’ounty, ! io- leave to sell the Real Estate of James L. Garrard, dec’d. E BARNARDAdm’r. Sept 2, 1858 w2m. lAYVo m tiths aiterdate appii stlon will be mad< to the honorable Couit of < >rdi-iarv of Uhatttbo e ee county r leave to el the la da belonging to the estate of Green Bently, deceased, WU9-wS HYMAN ALBRITTON, aslm'r. u§oiM iim ©©©©©a J. E DANIEL & 00., 123 Broad street, Columbus, Georgia. Have now in Store and are constantly receiving their Stock of f ©!L@TOM Of tlxeir own Manufacture. ALSO—A LARGE STOCK OF GENT’S FURMSiIING GOODS, Hats , Caps, Umbrellas , Trunks , Valises, Carpet Bags , <£<>. All of which have been selected ‘ith the greatest care and no geiulen an can tail to be soiled \vh< may favor them with a call. Garments Made to Crder. We hav*- also a verv handsome stock ol Cloths, Cassimeres, Ve.-ti y 8 Lii eiis, Ac. which win be inanuLc.urt dto order, mihe bsi manner and wairanted pvrteci stn islact on. Persons in want of good art cle-are invited to give u a call. May 6, I HAH—wtwtf* J. n. DAiMLLS Si CO. I AlfLt till mi l’ SALi.S. i’ ILL tie i idoiii < firsi Tuesday in Octob. r *’ u xi, Otfoit the Court Hens* door ii the town oi Blakelx. liarlj county, betw e i th usu ui * lours o safe tD. olowuiji pi< pt iij t*'v it I ot ol la> tl tiumb r I* emy m ti e ub dis trict and 175 acres ox lot No ti in ibe district ol Kaily CouutA, levied onus the properly ot v\. H. Hurrlson to su'is y e sht Justice Court fl ‘as, from the 85Jih District <• M.. in uvor of M. VV. Sianijier vs V- fi llixrrison levy made and return id <o me by a oon-titbio. AN TH >N Y HUTCH In 8, Sh’ff. Blakely. Aug 31.H58- w tds GKOKGIA*.TaIbot county: RILE MSI. Court of Ordinary, July Term, 1858. Y\ 7 HERE AS, John s. Dun.tan, admtu strator of Friuivliii Duncan, petnio. s this Court or tet ters ot Dismission iron: said admini traiion: Beit ordered,Trial all pers na concerned be and appear at the February term next et suing of this Court, then and there t< shew cause, if any they have, why said letu-rs shot.hi not be granted. A u iic ex tract iron: the miuutesol this’ ourt, July 24th. i857. July'Jti.h wtim M RD N BETHUN 1 ,< and jliiiuinlstratoi'-s Sale. \ 1 I' T ILL be so dat the Court House door in the V\ town of Blakely, Early county. Georgia, on the first Tue day in Oc o*>er next, within the legal luturs of sale. Lot ot Land, No. 278 in the 28th ditnnet of sa.d county, as the property of William L Jcier, deceased, for the benefit o!the heirs and creditors ot said -stale. SARAH A. iE TER, Admr’x. Aug 30, 1858 vv Ln GFOKGIA Court uf Ordinary , June Term , 1858. F} link v ISI. Whereas Timothy G Me rarv a<l lh ministrator on the estate oi VV ley vv Todd, deceased, having appi ed for l.eti ere of Dismission: If isthereh're he\by ordered, That all persons concerneo shew cause, if any they have, win said administrator should not be dismissed at the f'onrt of Ordinary to he hell in and for said countv on Hie first Mo day in Jamvv next, and that this Rule be published in terms of the law. A true traus ript from the minutes, o said couv.. •tune 1 5.1 sß—wfim .D HN .0 HINSON. • trd’ry RFOItGIA, CIIAITAHUOriII E CO. WHEREAS Samuel D, Harp, Guardian, for the per son and property of John C. F. McCook, applies for letters of dismission from the same All persons concerned, are hereby required to appear at my “Rice, wi:hin the lime prescribed hy Lxvv. and hmv cause, (if any,) why said letters should not be granted. Given under my hand at office, the 2d day ol August, 1858. E. G RAIFORD, Ordinary. Aug. 7,1858. w6m FEDERAL GOVEKNitENT. James Buchanan, of Pennsylvania, President. John C. Breckenridge, ol Kentucky, Yice-Preskl’nt Lewis Cass, of Michigan, Secretary of State. Howell Cobh, of Georgia, See’v of the Treasury. Jacob Thompson, <1 Miss. Sec’y of the Interior. John B. Floyd, of Vn , Secretary of War. Isaac Toucey, of Conn., Secretary of she Navy. Aaron V. Brown, of Ten., Postmaster General. Jeremiah S. Black, of Pa. Attorney General. JU DICIA R Y—S UPR EM E COURT. Roger B Ta> ev. Md. Chief Justice, appointed I 3fi— Si arv 06 5 0. John McLean, C un-bi hh. O io. Associate Jus tice, :pp’ i( ted in 18*29—S i ary SfiJ'Ob. J mes M. VVa-.i-e, -avanoan; Gi. Associate Jimice, appointed 183 J— S laiy §.6,Uf 0. John A. < ao'ohed . :M bile. Afa , eiate Jus lice) ap o n el 1852—Sdary §6 (H 0 John Citron. V •! v le, Te n , Associate Jus tice, apooioiei ! >-3 —8 | ttr v IVtr-i V. Dam 1 Kiel m'-nd. V. , As-ociate Ju - Dec, appom'e ! 1841-—lac\ Saiiiiie! Nelson, Ce persiow , New Y (k, As : sira e Ju-'i e, appointed l*t(s—Sa arv 06.000 Naiban Cl>fl * f d Pcrijan.', Me Jus tire, appoint. 0 1857—Salary $6,( 00. K her’ C Grier Pd'shurg i a., A sociate Jus tice, app'lilted IBl6—S lary §6,01.0 B* rij C Howard, i alumore, ,V]d Reporter, ap poiri ed 1843—Sa'ary g! 3(0 Tne Supreme Court is held io the City of Wash >’ g'on, an>f lias one session anno ly, Coniraetit* ing on llie first Monday io December. ISTATE OF GEORGIA. J E Brown, Governor. J 11 Sieele.S eretarv Executive Department. John B Campbell, do do M W VlcComb, do do L J Aired, Messenger. E P AVaikins, Secretary of State. John B Trippe, Treasurer. Peterson ThweaD,Comptroller General. James A Green, Surveyor General. John F Condon, State Librarian John E Ward, President of the Senate. J W H Underwood, Speaker of 11. Representatives Alex M >peer,C'etk H"iise Representatives. VV ilium Turk Pri.ieipal Keeper Pemientiary. B t jah S 1 arswell, Ass’t. do do H J (i Williams, Inspector of Penitentiary. Wrn A Williams, Bo k Keeper do Dr Tomlinson Fort, Poysician do Dr T p’ Greene, Sup. ami Res. Phy Lnn Asylum. Dr'l’Fort, B P Snihb-ai.-d Dr L Sirohecker,'l’rus tees Lunatic Asylum SUPREME CJCRT FOR TFTE CORRFX 'I lON OF ERRORS. Joseph II Lumpkin, Ju g —Term expires 1863. Charles .1 VlcDooahf, lodge — do 1861. Henry L Bern mg. Judge— do 1859. B V >run, Reporier. K E Martin, Clerk. First District—Composed of the Easiern and A1 dole Judicial Circuits, at Sava.,nati, ori ibe second Mu id ay in January, and June in ea ii VCH r . Second District—Composed of the Macon, ■ v uuih Western ami ChattahoiH hee Judicial ('ir cuus, at Macon,on the4ib Monday in January, and 3d vloudav in Jurie iri each tear. Third District Composed >( the Flint, Coweta, Bine Ridge, and Cherokee Judicial Ctr • uits at Atlanta, on ihe 4th Monday in March and second Monday in August in each year. Fourth District—Composed of the Western i and Non hern Judicial Circuits, at Athens, on the I fourth Monday in .May and fourth Monday in November in each vear. Fifth Di-tpict—Composed of the Ocmulcee and Southern Judicial Circuits, at .MilSerfg-vil’e, ui the second Monday in May and November in *ch year. *Note.—The Patatila Circuit is attached to 2d Supreme Court District; Brun\vick. to ths Ist: Tallapoosa to the 3d. cull TCALKNDAK WHi ISS& RLVISED BY THE SOUTHERN RECORDER. SUPERIOR COURTS. January jui.y 2d Moiday, Chatliam Friday Ivore > ... FEBRUARY. 2d Monday \ ‘ V aync ; Ist Monday, t hok 2d xVioudav, (ilvnn Floy 1 1 AUGUST. Lumpkin Ist Monday, Floyd Friday helore> w | ‘ Lumpkin 2d Monday $ *2J Monday, ('lark 2d (Monday, Dawson Daw.-on Glynn 3d Monday, Forsyth 3d Monday, Forsyth Memveth’r Meri weth’i i Walton Walton* j 4th Monday, B. tltl win 4lh Monday Baldwin Lhaiiahnociie Chailaliuchee Glasscock Glascock Heard Heard Jai kstxn Jackson Muii roe Monroe Paulding Paoldnig j Sen ev Schley i Taliaferro Talhafer'i j SEPTEiiHFR MARi H. Ist iMomlay, Anpling Ist Monday, Appling Chattocga ClmttO(ga Cherokee t'i ere ee | Columbia, Coweta CoWeia Colombia lord Cmwii r< Madison Gwinnett M-iri n Mao ison IMnchell ■Via (ion Morgan Mllci el \V Osier Morgan Monday, Binta Wehsiei Cass 2d Monday, Butt” Coffee t ass Libert Coff-e F'..,ei.te Libert Greene Faye ie noett Gr ene ( Pickens Pickens Sooner Sumter t Wiishing’n Washing’c Friday after Pierce Friday after, Pierce Jd Monday, < obh, r l hursday aft Mont’gy flail i 3d (Monday, Cobh Hart Hall ! Macon Hart Newton Macon j PoinF.rn Newton Talbot, Putnam Terrell Taibot V\ are Tal oal i | 4th Monday Campbell Terrell Clav Ware ; Clinch ; Friday after, Bulloch Lmanue! i 4th Monday. Campbell j Lee Clay ‘l vv iggs Clinch Wilkes Effingham I White Emanuel OCTOBER Lee Ist Monday, Carroll Twiggs Dooly While Early Wilkes j Fou on J APRIL Gilmer i Ist Monday, Carroll Gordon Dooly j Taylor Early Warren Fulton I Wilkinson Gordon Tuesday aft Pike Pike Wed’day aft Rabun Rabun *2d Monday, Charlton Tay or Fannin Wirren HabVsham W i k maun Ilaneot k I 2d Monday, < harlioo H arris f iali’ishani Laurens Haock jViofer H-rns Semer Laurens 3d Monday, Bi rke Miller Can der Scnven f iai klm Foes-lav aft V'cintnsh Haralson M Monday, Bii'ke Henry Camden Jones Fr iikli• i I .i orrav Haralson Oglethorpe Henry PnWki Sievvart Union Murray VVurih Ogle horps; Thursday aft Montg’ry Pn a-k i 1 Friday a her, W ilc< x Stewart ;4ihMonuay, l)eKa|b Worth Dscatur TPhursday afi Bryan Houston ; Friday after Wilcox Irwin : 4th Monday Deeanir ! Jasier DeKalb Lincoln Houston Polk Irwin j Tarnall Jasper i Towns Lincoln V bitfield Polk Thursday aft Tejiair W hitfield Friday after. Bulloch j Thursday att Tellair Monday alt fffingliam MAY. NOV EM hf R Ist Monday, Berrien l9t Monday, Berrien (Ulmer j Miller: Randolph . Randolph Richmond Richmond Upson j Upson 2d Monday, Baker 2d Monday, Baker Bibb Bibb Can r.fia Catoosa Chatham Muscogee Fa> inn 3d Monday, S a ding Muscogee Tump 3d Monday Spalding, 4th Monday Calhoun oijp Walker Union Thursday all Mclntosh 4ih Monday, Calhoun Monday aft Dougherty Tow ns I iheiiy W a ker Colquitt Monday after !>• in herit Monday after l iberty Last Monday, ( olqmti and Brian JUNE. DECEMBER. Ist Monday, I ade Ist Monday, I sde Jeff-rson Jfl-rson M ill’ n Thomas Thomas Lowndes 3d Monday, Lowide *A'fer IBSS, xm 2d and 3d Mondays in February ali i Vlundav U Vugii-t. UEOHGIA, Ohatttihiiochee C>unty * Court af Ordinary, July Term 1656. iii Dfr, i*l I. TXTIIEREAS, William J. Mcßride, T,.omae H. Me VT Bride, and M. 0. Wardlaw, Executors oi the ast will and testament of William Mcßride, deceased having fully settled the business of the estate ot said deceits and. apply to me for Letters ot Hismission from the same. It is therefore orde-ed. that all persons con corned shew cause it anv they have, wh,\ ~aid Letters should not begirded at the Court of Ordinary to beheld iu ami tor said county on the second Mon day in Januar’ next. And it is further Ordered, that thisßul be published In terms ot the law A true transcript from the m.nutesof this Court, Juiv 7, 1838. July 13—wsm E. E.RAIfORD, Ordinary,