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Columbus daily times. (Columbus, Ga.) 1858-1864, October 04, 1858, Image 1

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E. ELLIS & Cos., Proprietors, VOLUME VI. Tllli COLUIIBUJ DAILY TIMES Is published every morning (Sundaysexcepted.) at Six Dollars par annum, in advance. Sev en Dollars it’ not paid before the expiration of the year. THE COLUMBUS WEEKLY TIMES Is published every TUESDAY MOKiMNG. at Two Dollars per annum,stricdy in advance. Office on Randolph Street , opposite the Post Office. ADVERTISING RATES. Advertisements of five lines or less in either the Daily or Weekly Times, will be inserted at 50 cents tor tho first insertion and 25 cents for each subsequent insertion. Advertisements exceeding five lines will be charged 10 cents for the first, and five cents per line lor each subsequent insertion. Displayed advertisements will be charged tor the space they occupy. The following are the contracting rates change able at pleasure: WEEKLY RATES. | g *3 i to I a* o to No. of g 3:315 33 DO!O ! O O O j rs s o s a sqrs. 1 jr & g. I & =- 5- CO j U) j JO Cti US 1. .. | 250 4 O') 550 10 00] 15 00 20 00 2 i 500 HOO It O.i 2• 00 25 00 30 00 3 1 7 511 00 1 H 50 25 00 35 00 10 00 4 ]0 00 500 19 00 30 00: 40 0n i 50 00 5 12 00 17 00 20 011 40 00; 50 00 60 00 6 1 15 00 20 00 I 25 OOi 50 00 60 00 7n 00 7.. !170025 00 30 On 60 00 70 00 80 00 8.. 20 0)3 1 00 : 40 00] 70 <0 80 00 90 (i0 j 0 ! 25 00 40 00 : 5) 00; 80 00! 9j 00 100 00 DAILY RATES. j t—l U) 03 ! O VS * No, of 33 3 !• 3 2 2 • o O O O o O i s 3 x a a s i 15- s- . &■ 5- IS- 5* r CiC CO CO CO 0Q 1.. 500 700 900 13 00 17 00 2>oo j 2.. j 900 12 00 14 00 18 00 25 00; 30 00 i 3.. 12 00 15 00 18 00 25 00 33 00 40 00 j 4 15 OOi 19 0 22 00 30 00| 40 On 50 00 j 5 18 00 25 00 30 00 40 00 50 00 60 00 I 6.. 20 00 28 00 35 00 50 00 60 00 70 00 ! 7 25 00 33 00 41 00 60 00 70 (Ml 80 00 j 8.. .. 30 00 38 OOi 46 00 70 00 80 00 90 00 10 4) Ooj 50 00 60 00 80 00 90 00 100 00 j Sales of Land and Negroes, by Adminisira- I tors, Executors and Guardians, are required by law to be held on the first Tuesday in the month between the hours of ten in forenoon and three in tliß afternoon, at the Court House inihe county in which the property is situate. Notices of these sales mun be given in a public gazette forty days previous to the day of sale. Notice for the sale of Personal property must be given at least ten days previous to the day of sale. Notice to Debtors and Creditors of an Estate must be published forty days. Notice that application will be made to the Court of Ordinary for leave to sell Lana or Ne groes, must be published weekly for two months. Citations for Letters of Administration must be published thirty days—for Dismission from Ad ministration, momniy six months —for Dismission from Guardianship, forty days. Rules tor Foreclosure of must be published monthly for four months—for estab fishing lost papers for the lull space of three months—for compelling tides Irom Executors or Administrators, where a bond has been giv>n by the deceased, the lull spaced three months. Publications will always be continued ac cording to these, tiio legal requirements, unless otherwise ordered. TIMES iMm MD® jj@® PRINTING- OFFICE, Randolph Street, Co'umbns, Georgia. HAVING in successful operation one of HOE &CO’S CYLINDER PRESSES RUNNING BY STEAM, We are prepared to execute, at short notice, every description of ROOK AND JOB PRINTING, in unsurpassed style, as cheaply as can he done anywhere in the South, We have on hand a'large variety ot N E W JOB TYPE, and shall keep a constant sup ply of PLAIN AND FANCY PAPER, CARDS, &c. Our facilities for turning off this kind of work, widi promptness and despatch, will make it great* ly to the interest of persons in want of POSTERS, HANDBILLS, CIRCULARS, PAMPHLETS, DEEDS, BONDS, DECLARATIONS, BANK CHECKS, BILLS OF LADING, LETTER HEADS, BILL HEADS, DRAY RECEIPTS, BLANK NOTES, CATALOGUES, LABELS, WAYBILLS, Blauks of every description, &c. &e. Also RAILROAD AND S TEAMBOAT Blanks. Give ns a call. Tnis Department of our office is under the su perintendence of Mr- D. S Porter, whose long experience and acknowledged reputation as a Job Primer,are a sufficient guarantee that ail work entrusted to his care will be executed wtthet *rgy and faiihtulness. We have now’in connection with the office a complete book sitoiry, and having recently secured the services of Mr.E JYI. Clark (lateof Philadelphia,) in this branch of our business, we pledge ourselves to give the most perleci satisfaction in the manufacture of Ledgers, Account Books, Dockets, Court Rrcords. Steamboat and Rail Road Blank Bcoks, &c. • We intend not to l>e outdone in the style and finish of “Ur work, in either department, by any establishment South, and that we maybe able to make our prices satisfactory, we have adopted the CASH SYSTEM. Sept. Ist, 1858. R. ELLI 6 & CO. Ctfltttnta’ lalli Sirius, HOWARD & WEEMS. ATTOKNEYSATL AAV, CRAWFORD, ALA. ROBERT N. HOWARD. WALTER U- WF.EM3. Crawford, Ala., Juneß—wtwtt. JAMES A. CLENDINEN, ATTORNEY AT LA W, AND SOLICITOR IN CHANCERY , ABBEYILLEy H-jnry County, Ala. July 20, 1858.—wlv. GRICE & WALLACE, AW®®®!!'ATT BUTLER, GEORGIA. WILL give prompt attention to all business en trusted to them. VV. L. GRICE. WM.B. WALLACE. December 16—wtf T. J. GUNN, A T TORNEY AT LAW, HAMILTON, GA. WILL attend promptly to all busineessentrusted to lum. January 26, 1858—wly. R. A. TURNIPSEEI), ATTO RN E Y A T LA W , C V T HD EE TANARUS, Randolph County,La, HAVING removed from Cusseta, toCuthbert, Randolph county, will give prompt atten tion to all business entrusted to his care. ap27—wtf. HOtBEDAS W. ©DM, ATTORNEY AT LAW, PRESTOX, Webster County, Ga. WILL practice in the counties of Clay, Chat tahoochee, Webster, Early, Randolph, Stewart and Sumter. Particnlar attention giv en to collecting and remitting. January 27, 1857—wtf. S. S. STAFFORD, ATTORNEY AT L A\\ BLAKELY, EARLY COUNTY, GA. apt* wtf. W. S, JOHNSON, A T TORNEY AT LAW. CUSS E T A, Chattahoochee County, Ga. GWcs hieentire attention to the practice in Chat* ttahoocheeand adjoining counties, ap 26—wtwly* WILLIAM TAYLOR, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Cuthhert, Randolph County, Georgia. ryILL practice in the counties of Randolph, Calhoun, Terrell, Early, Clay, Baker, Dougherty, Miller and Stewart. REFERS TO Wellborn, Johnson & Sloan, Attorneys at Law, Columbus, Georgia. All business intrusted to his care will receive immediate attention. June 6, 1858—vvtw tf MARION BETHUNE, A TTORNEY A T LA W , TALBOTTON, Talbot County, Ga. < >etober 24th, 185fi. _ wtwtf. BAUGH & SLADE, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, COLUMBUS, GEORGIA. WILL practice law in Muscogee and the adjoin ing counties of Georgia and Alabama. gg*r Office over Bank of Columbus, Broad St. ROBERT BAUGH. J - -*• SLACK. Columbus. Ga. March 27 1857. wtwtf ELAM “& OLIVER, ATTOIt NE Y S A T LAW, BUENA VISTA, MARION COUNTY, GA. tfTILL practice in the couotlesof Marion Ma ty co 1, iewari, Taylor, Chattahoochee, and any of the a Ijoining counties when theiMcrvires'mav b required. Aiso in ihe District Court ol the L T uited stat-s lorthe District of Georgia. WM.D. ELAM. THADDKCS OLIVKR. September 10—wtf MOSES & LAWES, ATTORNEY’S AT LAW, COLUMBUS, GEORGIA. next door to the Post Office. R. J. MOSES, WILLIAM A LAWES- Sept- 21st—0. 1000 ACHES OF Flint River Lands, for Sale. THIS undersigned being desirous ot wind <gg*jj§jßLtng up tbeir business, offer for sale, on any to suit purchasers, a valuable settle meutof One Thousand Acres of Land, lying on the West side of the Flint River, ten miles north o'. Oglethorpe, and ten miles r south bof Rey nolds. Two hundred acresot this settlement is num ber onenine land, the balance (800 acres) entirely swamp. The swamp land is less liable to be innun dated by the River than any lands on said River in Macon county, and will doubtless make trom 60 to eObusbels of corn per acre, and from 1500 to ‘2OOO lbs ot cotton. There are 80 acres ot pine land, and 15of Bwamp cleared and in a state of cultiva tion. Water, healthand society caunolbeexcelled iusoutl. Westerr Julvll—w&twtf. at Oglethorpe.ta, RELIGIOUS LIBRARY. Triumph over Death Living to Christ Methodism in Earnest, the History ot a Great Revival SUSO Light on Little Graves, Lighted Valley The Guiding Star £5 Marshall on Sanctification ‘*> The Martyr Lamb Dying Thoughts r? Meditations on the Lord’s Prayer ™ Story of Grace Thought for the Thoughtful dO .Missionary’s Daughter Christian Prayer The Hannah's Scripture Portions Last Hours of Christ Plain Thoughts , The above, with many other valuable books, or sale by „ „ .. . n „ mayl3---wtwtf J. W. PEASE & CLARK. THE UNION OF THE STATES, AND THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE STATES. COLUMBUS, GEORGIA, MONDAY, OCTOBER 4, 1858 THE LAST CALL ! MONEY WANTED. r r*HE subscriber having purchased the entire 1 interestol V. R. TOMMEY, in the Notes and accounts of the late firm of J. ENNIS & CO (which firm was dissolved on the first Oct. 1855,) would earnestly solicit all indebted to said firm, either by note or account, to cal! at the store of J. Ennis &Cos ,and seitle the same,or they will find their Notes and Accounts in the hands of an officer for collection. J ENNIS. Columbus, Oct. wtwtf FOR SALE. THE Subscriber nas on hand a few STILT.S for caanuu .-luring Peach Brandy or Whir ky, which hewil'-’ very low. ALSO, Tin, Sheet Iron and Japan Ware, •very description, w .tci can be bought at the lowes rates. one on *b 1 uot { <* andci/liberaltermß. J. B. IliCKS,Agent, iuiyiH v vi Next loor below “Sans Souci” Rroad-treet. A GREAT BARGAIN! r r , HE Subscribers, having now purchased the i_ entire pro petty of the Coweta Fails Manu facturing Company, ofler the same for sale. It is o eof the best situations lor Milling aud Manu facturing purposes in the whole country, and will he sold on long credits, and the most liberal terms. Title? of Warrantee will be made. SEABORN JONES, PAUL J. SEVi MES', JOHN L. MUST!AN, June 10.—wtwtf JAMES W. WARREN wammiws piper, UF ALLSIZES ANUUUALITIIib, FOR But LB AT Rock Island Paper Mill Odice, IN FRONT OF PALACE MILLS. TERMS CASH. iioel6wtwtf THE GREAT ENGLISH REMEDY. THORN’S COMPOUND EXTRACT OF COPAIBA AND SARSAPARILLA, possesses advantages not enjoyed by any other medicine foi the cure of sexual diseases, which must with an enlightened public render it assuredly highly popular, and a desideratum long sought for in the medical world. It needs no confinement or change of diet. In its approved lorm, that of paste, it is entirely tasteless, and causes no unpleasant sensaiion to the patient. It has acquitted the utmost fame in almost every part of Europe ; it has been examined, approved of ,and sanctioned by the faculty of medicine, and recommended by the most eminent of the profession. Prepared by J. B. THORN, Chemist, London, and for sale, wholesale and retail,by John A. Tarrant & Cos. Agonis for the United States, 278 Greenwich street, New York As the above valuable preparation has been ex tensively counterfeited by unprincipled parties in the United States, tho proprietor has adopted, as a precaution against imposition on consumer.*, a Label, of which the following is a tac simile, and which will be found burnt in upon the bottom of oach pot of the genuine intended for sale in the United States, Canada, British Provinces, West Indies, and South America. / A- LONDON \ jf JOHN.A.TARRANT I] l : r NEW YORK. zj AGENT, 7 FOR THE The stamp around each pot will also bear the names of the proprietor and of the United States agents Druggists and Dealer? will observe on each do zen packages the folfowing label: Important Caution. The increased reputaion and grea ‘ • ooci , , .ior.i s c,xtract of Copaiba and Sarsaparilla, have been induce ments for other? to oner imitations of this valuable medicine. Venders are particularly warned ol this fact, that they may be on their guard, and not disposeofany impure article, calculated to injure their reputation, and destroy the merits of the original preparation, to obviate which the Sub scriber (successor to James Tarrant, by whom it was first introduced into the United States) has attached hissignature to thiscaution, to counterfeit which is forgery. Joan A. Tarrant. Address orders for the above article, witn full directions for shipment to JOHN A. TARRANT & CO., Druggists, No. 278 Greenwich, cor. Warren St., nT Y Oct 7 1857.—wtwlv. mmn ©o©m DOCT. THORNE, by Antony Trollope. A Poor Fellow, by the author cf gjGslMxSgi Which the Right or the Left. Man upon the Sea; comprising a detailed ac co, nt of Remarkable Voyages, Aucieot as well Modern, by Frank B G^odiich. Titcomb’s Letter to Yeung People, Single and Married, by Timothy Titmouse, Esq. The Art of Beauty, or Science of a Lady’s Toi let. bv Lola Montez, The Family Aquarium, by H. D. Buffer^ The American Horse Tamer and Faurier, showing how to cure the wildest mosi vicious horse in the world of kicking, balking, and other bad habits. Also, anew supply of other books. Mary Derw’ent. by Mrs Ann S Stephens- Debit and Credit, a Novel. Lord viontague’s Page, by James. A Womans Thought about Women. Mesula,by Sewel. Guy Livingstone. Lena Rivers. Quitts; a Novel. Just received and for siie by Administrator’s Sale. WILL be sold at the Court House do t in the town of Blakely, Early county, Georgia, on the first Tue-day in Ocober next, within the legal hours of sale. Lot ot Land, No. £7B, in the 23th district of said county, as the property of William L. Jeter, deceased, for the benefit otthe heirs and creditors of said estate. SARAH A. JETER, Admr’x. Aug. 30,1859. wlm ALABAMA WAREHOUSE. COLUMBUS, GA, A LLEN & CAMAK having purchased the xx interest of B A. Sorsby in the above well known FIRE PROOF BRIbK WAREHOUSE, would be glad to see their old friends and pairons at their new place of business, where they have formed aco partnership wjth J. VV. King, under the name and style of KING, ALLEN & CAMAK, for the transactOn ofa general STORAGE AND COMMISSION BUSINESS Special attention raid to the Sale of Cotton and Prod ice, and the Receiving and Forwarding consigned to our care. Liberal Advances made on Cotton in Store or for shipment to our friend? in Savannah, Chules ton, New York or eUewhere. Bagging and Rope furnished our customers at market prices. We solicit a share of public patronage, and pledge ourselves, by close attention to bu.-iuess to merit it J. W. KING. A M. ALLEN. THOS. CAMAK. THE undersigned, in retiring from tha Ware house business, takes great pleasure in re commending to his triends a continuance of their lavor and patronage to the new firm (Signed) B. A. SORSBY. Columbus, July g, ISSB d6m. ~ GREENWOOD & Gif AY. WARE-HOUSE AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. COLUMBUS, GA _ THE undersigned have formed a Co-pr rtnerehip under the above fi hi lor the transaction of age teral VV are-Ilouse and Commission Business in ihi- ti y From'ha long exp rienceof Mr. Greenwood, (in ihe lai< firm of tircenwor db; Cos.) and vlr G ray (in the iate firm o’ Stewart, Gray Vj C 0.,) ih y flaiter thensel vest hey will be eble, by giving their und vid. and and personal attenrion to all busi i ess entrusted to their care, to give general satis faction, They will be regularly supplied with the la e?t foreign and domestic intelligence, which will always be at the serivee of’ then patrons. Ti e usual CASH ADVANCES will be made, and Baggi g. Rope and other goods furnished when desired. E. S. GREENWOOD, W c GRAY. Columbus, July 13, 1858—\vtw3m. A CARD. HAVING withdrawn from the firm of HUGHES DANIEL CO., 1 cheerfully recommend them to all our former patrons, and the public generally. JOHN R. EASTHAM. r y , HE Subscribers will continue under the same .1 name and style—a general STORAGE & COMMISSION BUSINESS AT THE FONTAINE & LOWELL FIRE-PROOF WAREHOUSES. Thankiul for the past liberal patronage of our friends, we solicit its continuance, and pledge oui individual exertions to please all who may entrusr their business to us. We are prepared to grant usual facilities to our customers HUGHES, DANIEL & CO.. Wm. H. Hughes, Wm. Daniel, Wesley C. Hodges. Aug. 5. tf W. F. LEE, D. D. S. DENTAL SURGEON, OFFICE correr of Broad and Randolph Streets, Columbus, Georgia. Dec. 17. 1856—w&twtf msm J - fogle & sou, mgfft DENTISTS, Office on Randolph Street, near Broad, Coium bus, Ga. Columbus, May 9,1857. wtwtf’ CHERRY PECTORAL, For the rapid Cure of COUGHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, BRONCHITIS,WHOOPING-COUGH, CROCP, ASTHMA, AND CONSUMPTION. ; AND FOR THE REL’EF OF CONSUMPTIVE PATIENTS IN ADVANCED STAGES OF THE DISEASE. We need not speak to the public of its virtues. Throughout everv town and almost every hamlet of the American States, its wonderlul cures of pulmonary complaints have made it already known. Nay ? tew ire the lamlies in any civilized countiy on this continent without some personal experience of its effect-: and fewer yet the coimr.u nit es anywhere which have not among them some living trophy of its victory ov<t the subtle and dangerous diseases ot tho throat and lungs VV hile it is the most powertul antidote vet known to man tor the lorm dabl - a’~d dangerous diseases of the pulmonary organs, it is also the pleasantest and saie-t remedy that can be employed for inian t? and young persons. Parents should have it in store against the insidious enemy that steals upon them unprepar’d. We have abu dant grounds to believe Cherry Pectoral ?aves more lives by the consumption it prevents than those it cures. Keep it by you. and erne your colds white ‘hey are cur able,"nor neglect them until no human skill can master the inexorable canker that, fastened on the vitals, eats your life away. All know the dread ful fatality of lung disorders, and as they know too the virtues of this remedy we need not do more than to assure them it is still made the best it can be. We spare no cost, no care, no toil to produce it the most perfect possible, and thus afford those who rely on it the best agent which our ski!! can furnish f° r their cure. OT Prepared by DR. JAMES C. AYER, Practical and Analytical Chemist, Lowell, Mass, and SOLD BY Dr. David Young and Danforth, Nagel & Cos. Columbus, and by nearly all Druggists in the South. July 24, 1858.—wi(tw3m. THE subscriber i9 now manufacturing the real Irish Poteen Whisky, at hiepUce one and a half miles from Columbus, which he warrautsto be pure ancWgenuine, nnd equal to the best Poteen Whisky manufactured under ground in Ireland Apa.t from its being a healthy and pleasant be verage, it i? an excellent remedy for L olds, Diarrhoea, Worms, &c For sale by the bottle at Brooks &. Chapman’s Drug Store, at Brass'll & Co’s by the drink or c herwise, and bv the gallon at the distillery. ~ , inar6—wtwtf A. Rft AN NA^ Bacon! Bacon! YV r tave now onhand end will be constantly re ” ceiving. Prime Tennessee Bacon —Hams, Bides and Shoulders, which we will sell at the towesiCom tnis-ion House prices. Mar2U—w&twtf E. BARNARD & CO. TO THOSE INDEBTED. nSTE hereby give notice that all claiinsdue us. and V no: paid or satis actoril.v arranged, priorto the next return day ol the respective counties in which the parties reside, will be sued. None shall be sligh ted. mar2G—wtwtf. E. BARNARD & CO. SBiilMlimß BISTO* THE lIALLOTYPE PICTURES A. J. RIDDLE, HAS purchased of J.Gurney, of New York, the exclusive right for taking Halloiype Pictures, which is a littleaheado) anything in the way of Pic ture taking t,l.* world haueverseeu. There is noth ing to which they can be c. ‘pared in the art <>t Pnotograpiiy, but bear a strong resemblance to wax tgnres, for soltnessand beauty of light, ami ehade. Ladies and genUeinen are invited to call aud exam ine specimens. Artists who desire to learn this new and beautitul art, and secure rights for other counties wilt please radon A.J KIDDLE, Joluiubus Ga. Julv-45 THE LIVER 1 NVIGORATOR, PREPARED [HY D It. S A N D F O R D, COMPOUNDED ENTIRELY FROM GUMS. 18 one of the best Purgative and Liver Medicine now before the public, that acts as a Cathartic, easier, milder, and more effectual than any other medicine known. It is not oniy a cathartic, but a Liver Remedy, acting first on the Liver to eject its morbid matter then on the Stomach and Bowels t> curry oft the matter, thus .accomplishing two mrposee eUVc'ually. without any of the painful tee ings experienced in theoperation of most Ohalhar ,ios. it strengthens the system at tho same time that L purges it; and when taken daily in moderate do ies, will strengthen and build up with unusual rapidity. The Liver is one ol tfjTjJ the principal regula tors ot the human bo-L s dy; and when it per ormsits iunctionswell, the powers of the sys tem are iully develop Jr t ed. Thestomachis al most eniirety depend- eut on the healthy ac iion oftheLiver lorthe J proper petorinanee of its functions, when the stomach is at fault the oowelsare at lault,anc Hi the whole system suff ersin consequence organ—the Liv er—having ceased tofuj'tioils duty. For the disease of that organ. )U8 of the proprietors has made it his study, 2 a ( in apractice of more than twenty years, some remedy wherewith to counter juo, act the many derange ments to which it is (?Tj) liable. To prove that this re- (j tnedy is at last found, a?'y person troubiec IrH) with Liver Com plaint,in any ot it.-1 w* forms, has but to try a roitle, aud convictioi J i*{ is certain. These gums remove YjQr morbid or bad mat ter liom the systt-m j j supplying a. healthy flow o"i bile. i ivigoraiing the sto mach, causing food to digest well, purify ing tlie blood. t Zjj giving tone and heaKh to me whole tnachim-ry, removing he cause h the disease-efiVr-ting a radical cure. Bilious attacks ) are cured. and, tvhat is better, prevented, by me •o asional use oi iL< elver Invlgcra tor. s J tinedoseafter eating is sufficient to relieve he stomach and pro vent the loud from j lising andsturing r ( Only one“fose taken before retiring, pre vents Rlghtmare.Lj* Oniyoneuose takei t niijht, loosens the bowels gently, aud 5 cures Costivens. >ned's - taken aftei ( each meal will cure Dyspepsia. f dose oft w~ JiU tea-spoonsful willal ways r. lieve Sick lieadaclie. i ne dore taken no onsiiuction re move the cause ol tin j lisease, and makes a per ect cure. s nty onedose imin-.-! V) iiately relieves cholic, while; ‘ire dose often roper fjj'tetf is a sure cure for holers. Morbus, J ! rnd a preventative of < liolera one bottb \r >is needed to thiovout of Uie sysi’em theeffeeb j J* of raediciue altera long sickness. \ Ji orone.boule tak t en for Jaundice re rnovesail sallowness oiunnatural color irom the skin. (>—J’ One doso taken -a J Hjf short time before eat ing gives vigor to the J J appetite M and makes food digest wen. One dose often repeated cures < lironic Diar rlieea, in its worst forms, while 8 1’ M M E R and Bowel complaints yield almost io tl e first d"?e One or two doses cures attacks caused b>YV onus in Children; there is no surer, safer, or speedier remedy in she world, as It never fai's. A few buttles cures Dropsy, by exciting the absorbants. pleasure in recommeidir e ibis medi cine as a preventive ior Fever and Ague, ’ hills, Fe ver, and ail Fevers oi a Ui ions Type, Ituperates wfth certainty, and th > are wilting to testify to its wondenui virtues. Ail who use it are gi7iug their unaai.nous teßtimo ny in its favor. Mix water in the mouth with tho Invigorator and swallow both together. THE! LIVER INVIGOR 4TOS, Is a scientific Radical Discovery, and is daily wor king cures almost too great !or belief. it cures asi I by magic, even the first dose giving benefit., and seldom more than one bottle ie’required tocurejjany koid of LiverCotr.plaint, from the worst jaundice r dyspepsia to a common headache, ali oi which are the result ot a diseased liver. Price Ono Dollar per Bottle SANFORD &00. Proprietors,34s Proadway,New York WHOLESALE ABKNTS. Barnes * Perk New Yotk: T. W. Doytt & Sons. P iladelphia; M. S, Furr A Cos. Boston; II il. Hi v Cos. Portland: John I). Park, Cincinnati: Day Sard & Haramnd; Olevelaond, Fahnstock & Davis Chica go; 0.4. Wood fa. Cos. St. I ouis Geo.H. Keyser, Pittsb ire: 8. S, Hance. Baltimore. And retailed by all Druggists. Sold Wholesale and Retail by J. S. PEMBERTON & CO., BROOKS & CHAPMAN, DANFORTH i* NAGEL, May2f>-~ , vtwly and all Drugaaiets. CANDY MANUFACTORY, On Randolph Street, near the Post Office, COLUMBUS, GA. ESTABLISHED IN 1846 Where is kept constantly ’on hand and ‘or sale all kinos of CON P ECTI< ‘N FRY, such as plain and farcy oandies. Syrups, Cordials, Preserves t akes, Wines, Nuts, Fruits, stairs, Fire Works, Ate., &c. Avery liberal discount made for cash orders. 9eptl3—wtll first Jan PEYTON H. COLQUITT, > pj; fnr , JAMES W. WARREN. S MUSCOGEE RAIL ROAD. Oku ON and aftei! he 15ih July, 1858, the Evening JVall Train iv.i leave Columbu*ai3.*sP. M.and ar rive at Macon &i 9.1 b P Al. , Leave Macon at 8.45 A AI. arriveat Columbus at 3.45 p |\| ‘ The Morning Mail Train will leave at 4 10 A. M. andarrive at A. M* Leave Macouat 11.45 P. M. arriveat Columbua A. A J. L. MUSTIAN,Supt. Columbus,'Jdy 15 —tw&wti % CHANGE OF SCHEDULE. DOUBLE DAILY SERVICE, rr; jpa g| MONTGOMERY AND WEST POINT KAIL KOAD COM I*AN V MONTGOMERY, Nov. 19,1857. ON and after this date the PASSENGERTkAINS on tiii.- road Wu. be governed Dy me icliow iug 3CHEDULL: DAY TRAIN. Leave Montgomery E3oa. m Arrive ai West Point 3.30 p. m. Arriveat Columbus a.ftop. m. Reluming—Leave West Point ..... 9.30a.m. Leave olumbua lo.uu a m. Arriveat Montgomery 4.10 p. m. NIGHT TRAIN. Leave Montgomery 5.20 p. m. Arriveat West Point 12.51 a. m. “ Columbus I.ooa. n*. Returning—Leave West P0int....... 7.30 p.m, Leave Columbus. 7.30 p. m. Arrive at Montgomery 2.30 a.m. Through tickets can be obtained (io. Double Daliy Connections) to Atlanta Chattanooga andNasnv.tle, and daily connections to Huntsville Memphis and Knoxville. S. G. JONES fing’r &. Sup. FREIGHT ARRANGEMENT BETWEEN ATLANTA & COLUMBUS. I) Y an arrangement between the Railroad Com • ) panics comp osing the two routes Irom Atlanta to Columbus, concluded at their Couvention at Sa vannah oh the 1 tit it instant, it was agreed that the following rates between Atlanta aud Columbus •iUiali govern, taking effect Iroxn the first day of .Way 1d57. VIA WEST POINT. Corn per bushel, He. Wheat 12. Oats 8. Bacon Whisky I’lour in sacks or barrels, per 100 lbs. 35c Hugging, Rope Lard in eaus or bbls., per 100 lbs. •45:-. coal, Pig Iron, by car load, per ton of 2000 lbs. $3.75. VIA MACON. Corn per busel 14c. Wheat 15c. Oats 10c. Bacon, Whisky, Flour in Sack& or Bbls., per 100 lbs, 44c. Bagging, Rope Lard, in cans or bbls.. per 100 lbs. 55c. Coal, Pig Iron, by car load, per ton ol 2000 lbs. §4.G6. J. MUSTIAN, Presideut and Superintendent Muscogee R. R GEO. W. ADAMS, Superintendent Southwestern Railroad. EMERSON FOOTE, Superintendent Macon and Western Railroad. GEO. G. HULL, Superintendent Atlanta and LuGrange R.R. SAMUEL G. JONI S, Engineer and Superintendent M.&.VV. P. Railroau . Max 30,1837—W&twtf. MOBILE AND GIRARD R. R. repHE Passenger fit Freight Train will it-ave Girard X ai‘2 f, a*daily connecting at Silver Run with a daiiyiine el Stages to Viiluiu, Glonnville. Eulaula, ForiGaiues, and Alar.anna,Fla. And at Guerytou daily, with the Stages for UeheeOlivet, Enon, enun nenuggee, Midway, Hardaway, Paro anti Lmon Bpnu u. l tying Guerytonat 4 A. M., dally, the'Cars wil 1 reac -Girard at 7 A Al. connecting with tht Ope lika anu Muscogee Trains. g Jr" Duplicate Receipts must accompany Freight shipped All freight must be paid before goodtwilibo discharged. Freight Je ivered at the Depot before 4 o’clock P.M. win he abinped the ioiiowmg day. Ft eights for stations No. I fFon Mitchell,) and N0.5 t^ro.sons’) must be prenaid. Way reigtit mast m an cases e paid in advanci* IUiIN HOWARD, mar2s 1857-w&twtf. Euaineei &. Sud. CII AGE OF SCHEDULE* SAVANNAH & CHARLES!ON STEAM PACK ET LIN E. HUNNING IN CONNECTION WITH THE BJostli Eastern R. R. of South Ga. _ THE SPLENDID AND FAST RUN Nl.\ll fsTEA:.iEI< GORDON, F. | Barden. i.on-inm.der, itavti Satan i for <:haricßton every Sunday and it tantsuay ajlentuunt at 3 o’clock, and connects at charleston vviih the morning trainof the horih Eastern U.iJioad, going Norih. Riturning leaves Charleston every Monday and Friday night ai H o’clock, (aittr the arrival os the carton the N. E. K. R.)and arrives at Savanu&h eaily nexi mornings* By this route passengers can obtain through tick ets to aad from Savannah,Ga. and W iitningti n. NC. Having a through freight arra-gement wilh the Central and. Road and its connections, all freights be tween Charleston and the Interior ol Georgia, con signed to me agents of this line, w. 11 be forwarded •vith despatch and free of charge. J. P. BROOKS, Agent Savannah. E. LAI-ITTE S. CO, Ag’ts.GharlestonJ Jan 15—wfctwii BIDBIL & VJEEMd Wholesale and Retail GROCERY DEALERS, SDiLIBEIMJSj, tßl®, VI/ILL teep constantly on hand a welliselec ** ted Stock comprising all ai tides in their lin, which are off-red n> in~ir . riendsand the pubho generally at the EOW ESI ISIA KEEP P til* CES. Give us a call. LOCK WEEMS. A. G. BEDELL, Columbus, Ga. Dec. 22. wtwtf. PLANTATION AND MILLS FOR SALE. II WING determined to remove West offer for sale my Plantation and Mills in Chattahoochee county. The body ot lands contains about 1 300 acres, of which there is a considerable portion open and in cultivation. The mills (Grist arid Saw) are in good repair, al most new, si'uated on the road leading from Co lumbus to Buena Vista, via Glendta, on the Ochili Creek, are operating advantageously. Persona 1 wishing to pu chase thismost desirable place, are reque-ted to call and examine for th°mse!vi-s. as sured ihat a great bargain may be had. During mv absence the premises will be shown to purtba -ers by G. P. Gordy, who may be found on the place SAMUEL D. HARP. July 12—-wtt NUMBER 29