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Columbus daily times. (Columbus, Ga.) 1858-1864, November 18, 1858, Image 1

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E. ELLIS & Cos., Proprietors, VOLUJIIi VI. Ttltfi OULUMBUj DAILY TIMES Is published every morning (Sundaysexcepted.) at Six O rilars par annum, in advance. Sev en dollars if not paid before the expiration of the year. THE COLUMBUS WEEKLY TIMES Is published every TUESDAY MORNING, at I'vvo Dollars per annum,stric ly in advance. OJice on Randolph Street, <spposite the Host Office . ADVERTISING- RATE 3. Advertisein ‘ills of tiv i lines or lea-* in either the Duly or Weekly I'itnea, will be inserted at 50 cents tor the tir.-t insertion and 25 cents t*-r eacti subseq mm insertion. A i vertiseinents exceeding five lines will be charge! i 10 cents for the first, and five cents per line t >r each subsequent insertion Displayed adveitiseinents will be charged for the apace thev occupy. The following are the contracting rates yh&nge anle at pleasure: WEEKLY KATES. ; !T t j co i o S No of | 5 33 3 300 O I O —a 33 3 sqrs. =r | g g g g co us coco co i ! j 1 j 250 400 550 10 00; 15 00, 20 00 2 500 800 11 On 2 i 00, 1 25 00 30 00 3 I 7511 00 14 50 25 00 35 00 40 00 4.. 10 00 500 19 00 30 00 40 00 50 IK) 5 i 12 00 17 ()0 i 20 Oil! 40 00: 50 00 60 00 6 j 15 00 20 00 I 25 Off 50 00, 60 00 70 00 7 I 17 00 25 00 I 30 o<>! 60 OOj 70 00 80 00 8 1 20003 )00 40 00 70 ()0 80 00 9U 00 10 125004000 |SO 00l 80 00; 90 00100 00 DAILY RATES. 3 1 ~f~ r —■ -*■ - ■ ►— j t—| W j SO j SC to No.oll g 3i = s 3 33 OO3! O 2 I O |333 I O S 3 B< F B - 3- ! 3- i S- s- 3- r j cu QD . Cfi 1.. 5 OOj 700 900 13 00 17 00 2 00 2 9 0.1 12 00 14 00 18 00 25 00 30 00 3 j 12 OOj 15 00 18 00 25 -00 33 00 40 00 4 i 15 OOj 19 0 22 00 30 00 40 0 50 00 5 I 18 OOj 25 00 30 00 40 00 5u 00 60 00 6 20 00 28 00 35 00 50 •> 60 00 70 00 7 25 00’ 33 00 41 00 60 < ! 70 00 80 00 8 30 00! 38 00 46 00 70 Off 80 00 90 00 10.... 4 > O'p 50 00 60 00 80 00 90 00 100 00 Sales of Land and Negroes, by Adminiaira tors, Executors and Guardians, are required by law to be held on the first Tuesday in the month between the hours of ten in lorenoon and three in the afternoon, at the Court House in'he county in which the property is situate. Notices of these sales mu-it be given in a public gazette; forty days previous to the day of sale. Notice for the sale of Personal property must be given at least ten days previous to the day of sale. Notice to Debtors and Creditors of an Estate must be nubliehed forty days. Notice that, application will be made to the Court of Or iinary for leave to sell Lanu or Ne groes, must be published weekly for two months. Citations for Letters of Administration must be published thirty days—for Dismission from Ad ministration, moimny six months—for Dismission from Guardianship, forty days. Rules for Foreclosure of Mortgage must be j published monthly for four months —for estab j lishing lost pnpars for he lull space of three months—for compelling titles from Executors or Administrators, where a bond has been givn by the deceased, the lull space ol three months. Publications will always be continued ac cording to these, the logal requirements, unless otherwise ordered. TIMES Mm PRINTING OFFICE. Randolph Street, Cos umbaa, Georgia. I | AVINGin successful operation one of HOE i LjL <SiCO’S C-Y LIN DISK. PRESSES RUNNING BY bTEAM, We are prepared toexecule, atshort notice, every description of BOOK AND JOB PRINTING, j in unsurpassed style, as cheaply as can be done anywhere in the South. Wh have on hand a large variety of N E W JOB TYPE, and shall k-ep a constant sup- j ply ,f PLAIN AND FANCY PAPER, | CARDS, Arc. Our facilities for turning off this kind of work, wi*h promptness and despatch, will make it great* ly to the interest of persons in want of POSTERS, HANDBILLS, CIRCULARS, PAMPHLETS, DEEDS, BONDS, DECLARATIONS, BANK CHECKS, BILLS OF LADING, LETTER HEADS, BILLHEADS, DRAY RECEIPTS, BLANK NOTES, CATALOGUES, LABELS, WAYBILLS, Blanks of every description, &c. &c. Also RAILROAD AND STEAMBOAT Blanks. Give us a call. This Department of our office is under the su perintendence of Mr- D. S. Porter, whose long experience and acknowledged reputation as a Job Printer,are a sufficient guarantee that all work entrusted to his care will be executed withei **rgj and faithfulness. ... a- We have now in connection with the office a <tompiete and having recently secured the services of Mr.E M. Clark (lateof Philadelphia,) in this branch oj our business, we pledge ourselves to give the most perfect satisfaction in the manufacture of Ledgers, Account Books, Court Records. Steamboat and Rail Road Blank Bcoks, &c. We intend not to he outdone in the style and finish of - ur work, in either department, by any establishment Sooth, and that we maybe able to make on r prices satisfactory, we have adopted the CASH SYSTEM. ™ Bpt. iat, 1998. R. ELLIS & CO. ALABAMA WAREHOUSE. COI.UMBDS, < IA. ALLEN <fe CAMAK having purchased the interest of B. A- Sorshy in the above well known FIRE PROOF BRIoK W AREHOUSC, would be glad to see their olu friends and patrons at their new place of business, where they have formed aco partnership with J. W. King, under the name and style of KING, ALLEN & CAMAK, for ihe transaction of a general STORAGE AND COMMISSION BUSINESS Special attention paid to the Sale of Cotton and Prod ice, aud the Receiving and Forwarding Marchendise consigned to our care. Libeial Advances made on Colton in Store or for shipment to our friends in Savannah, Ch tries ton, New York or el e where. Baggmg and Rope furnished our customers at market prices. We solicit a share of puhlic patronage, and pledge ourselves, by close attention to business to merit it. J. W. KING. A M. ALLEN, THOS. CAM A K. THE undersigned, in retiring from the Ware house business, takes great pleasure in re commending to his triends a continuance ol their lavor and patronage to the new firm. (Signed) B. A. SORSBY. Columbus, July 6. 1858 d6m. A CARD. HAVING Withdrawn from the firm of HUGHES DANIEL & CO., I cheerfully recommend them to all our former patrons, and the public generally. JOHN R. EASTHAM. THE Subscribers will continue under the same name and style—a general STORAGE & COMMISSION BUSINESS AX THE FONTAINE & LOWELL FIRE-PROOF WAREHOUSES. Thankful for the past libera! patronage of our friends, w-e solicit its continuance, and pledge out individual exertions to please all who may entrusr their business to us. We are prepared to grant usual facilities to our customers HUGHES, DANIEL <fe CO.. Wm. H. Hughes, Wm. Daniel, Weslky C. Hodges. Aug. 5, tf. 1000 ACHES OF Flint River Lands, for Sale. THfcl unde reigned being desirous of wind- up their business, offer for sale,on any to suit purchasers, a valuable settle -A— mentof One Thousand. Acres of hand, lying on the West side of the Flint River, ten miles north ,>i Oglethorpe, and ten miles f south ot Rey uolue. Two hundred acresoi this settlement is num ber one pi ue land, the balance (800 acres) entirely swamp. The swamp land is less liable to be intimi dated by the River than any lands on said River in Macon county, and wiii doubtless make from 60 to i-Obushelo of corn per acre, and from 1500 to 2000 lbs ol cotton. There are 80 acres ol pine land, andlsof Swamp cleared and in a state of cultiva tion. Water, health and society cannotbe excelled in South Westerr Georgia. Apply to COOK Sl MONTFORT, Julyll—w&twtf. at Ogiethorpe.Ga. ~ HARRISOU & FITTS, AUCTION & COMMISSION MERCHANTS, AND NEGRO BROKERS, 59 aud 61 Broad street .Columbus, Ga. Wtl.L et'il continue the above line at our old stand. Tba ikful for the patronage hereto fore so liberally extended to us by our friends and the public, we hope by renewed exertions to raer t its continuance. No efforts will be spared to uive entire satisfaction to those who may confide their business to our care. We will give or personal attention to the sale of Real Estate, Nerroes, Merchandise aud Pro duce. Having houses fitted up expressly tor the purpose, we are prepared to board, purchase an i sell Negroes on Commission. Liberal advance** willbcm.ide as heretofore on Negroes and Merchandize. Administrators and Executors’ sales attended to on reasonable terms. £3?” A fvoek of LIKELY NEGRGOESof all classes will be kept constantly on hand. OH AS. 8. HARRISON, GEOkOE I. PIT IS. Columbus. Sept. 2,1-158. —wtwly “fiftynegroes wanted^ HAVING made our a-rangetnents for JST the Fall trad-, we desire to purchase “A I 50 or Sixty Likely Negroes, of good character, consisting ol yonng men, women, plough boys,and gi’ls, for whom the big marketpnee will be paid Peß ns ha ving negroes for sale willfind it to their interest to give u-a call. We will receive and sell Ne groes on Commission and no efibits will be spared to make satisfactory sales, for those who may pi *ce their negroes in our charge. Liberal advances always made on negtoes when desired. Call atthe Auction and Negro mart of HARRISON & PITTS. aug2l—wtwtf 50 Ar 61 Broad Street. A GREAT BARGAIN! THE Subscribers, having now purchased the entire pro perty of the Coweta Falls Manu facturing Company, offer the same for sale. It is o eof the best situations tor Milling aud Manu facturing purposes in the whole country, and will be sold on long credits, and the most liberal terms Titles of Warrantee will be made. SEABORN JONES, PAUL J. SEM VIES, JOHN L. MUSTIAN, June 10. —wtwtf JAMES W. WARREN. THE subscriber is now manufacturing the real Irish Poteen Whisky, at hispUee one and a half miles from Columbus, which he warrants to be pure and genuine, and equal to the best Poteen Whisky manufactured under ground inlreland Apait from its being a healthy and pleasant be verage, it is an excellent remedy for Colds, Diarrhoea, Worms, &c. For sale by the bottle at Brooks & Chapman’s Drug Store, at Brassill & Co’s by the drink or ° herwise, andby the gallon at the distillery. mar6 —wtwtf A. BRANNAN PMC & NEWS PIPER, OF ALL SIZES ASD 01IALII1ES, FOR S± LE AT Rock Island Paper Mill Office, IN FRONT OF PALACE MILLS. TERMS CASH. juo#lwtwtf THE UNION OF THE STATES, AND THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE STATES. COLUMBUS, GEORGIA. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 18. 1858 A*> 180 £ESiS[LS| ATTORNEY |A T L A W, HAMILTON GA. Wi'l practice in the counties of Hartis, Musco* gee, Talbot, Merri wether aud Tr up. Particular attention will be paid to collections. OotobeiS—w fcdly. jtiOtf Alii; & WibiLilid, VTTOKNEYSATLAW CRAWFORD. ALA ROBERT N. HOWARD. WALTER H* WEEMS. Crawford, Ala., Juneß—wtwtt. JAMES A. CLENDINEiN, A T T O II N E Y AT LA W AND SOLICITOR IN CHANCERY , iBBHVILLF, H.ury County, Alh. July 29, 1858.—vvlv. GRICE & WALLACE, ATTSmiEVe M ttAW* BU ILER, GEORGIA. WILL give prompt attention to all business en trusted to them. W. L. GKIUB. VVM.S. WALLACE December 16— wti TJGUN N, ATTORNEY AT LAW, HAMILTON , GA. WILL attend promptly to all busmeess entrusted to him. January 26, 1858—wly. R. A. TURNIPSEED, A T TORNEY A T LAW, CUTHBERT, Randolph County, Ga. HAVING removed from Cusseta, toCuthbert, Randolph county, will give prompt atten tion to all business entrusted to his care. ap27—wtf. “mamas wjowmr ATTOKNEY AT LAW, PRESTON, Webster County, Ga. WILL practice in the counties of Clay, Chat tahoochee, Webster, Early, Randolph, Stewart and Sumter. Particular attention giv en to collecting and remitting. January 27, 1857—wtf. W. S. JOHNSON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. CUSSETA, Chattahoochee County, Ga. ‘s s ves hiseutire attention to the practice in Ohat ttahoocheean adjoining counties, ap 26—wtw ly* WILLIAM LAYLUH, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Cuthbert, Randolph County, Georgia. Y7i7 ILL practice in the counties of Randolph, Calhoun, Terrell, Early, Clay, Baker, Dougherty, Miller and Stewart. REFERS TO Wellborn, Johnson Sc Sloan, Attorneys at Law, Columbus, Georgia. All business intrusted to his care will receive immediate attention. June 6, 1858—wtw tl MARION BETHUNE, ATTORNEY AT LA IV, TALBOTTON, Talbot County, Ga ictober 24th. 1856. wtwff. BAUGH & SLADE ATTORNEYS AT LAW, COLUMBUS, GEORGIA. ITT I LL practice taw in .Muscogee aiutthe adjoin T ins oouutiee of Georgia and Alabama O'” Office over Hank of Columbus, broad St. ROBERT BAUGH J. J. SLADE. Columbus,t.a. March 27 ]PS7. wrwtf MOSES & LAWES, ATTORNEY’S AT LAW, COLUMBUS, GEORGIA. next door to the Post Office.,£3 ti. J. MOSES, WILLIAM A LAWES- Sent. 21*t—t*. Land Warrants Wanted- THE subscriber*a re paying the Highest market price tor Laud Warrants Call and see us. ! J . ENNIS iV. C< * loon rt* W. F. LEE, D. D. S. DENTAL SURGEON, OFFICE corer of Broad and Randolph Streets, Columbus G eorgia. Dec. 17, 1856—w'&.twtf J. FOGLE & SON, DENTISTS, Office on Randolph Street, near Broad, ("oltim* 1 bus, Ga. i Columbus, May 9,1857. % wtwtf : S.S STAFFORD, ATTORNEY AT LAv r , BLAKELY, EARLY COUNTY,GA. up i. Wtt. ELAM & OLIVER, ATTOR NE Y S AT LAW, BUENA VISTA, MARION COUNTY. GA. WILL practice in tbe counties of Marion Ma co.i, iewari, Taylor, Chattahoochee, and any of the a (joining counties when theirserv'coc m av bo required. Also in the District Court ot the United stat- s ter the Di.trict ot Georgia. WM. D. X LAM. THADDXCB OLIVER. Sente mher 10—wtf ___ FOR >ALE. THE Subscriber nas on hands few STILL? for inanun ‘luringPtach Brandy or W lita ny. which hewil'*’ very low. ALSO, Tin, Sheet Iron and Japan Ware, every description, w .icf can be bought at the loweß rates oneou eh *t ootte and'.i/liberaiterms. J. B. HICKS,Agent, ialylP * rl Next leor below “Sans sJonci” Broad-*treot, .* UGS, DRUGS, DRUGS, BROOKS & CHAPMAN, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DRUGGISTS, SIGN QF THF. NEGRO 6$ MORTAR, COLUMBUS , GEORGIA. Have ~n hand,and are constantly receiving a la'g and well selected ttock ot DHUGB. ME ICINF.S, HUM! ALS, . ENT L AND SURT.iC vL. iN rTa U M ‘-.N TS, p AIN IS,Oi L, DYE STUFFsi, And ill other articles pertaining to their busi mess, which they offer at the lowest prices, and warrant hem iresh ana genuine. FAMILY MEDICINES, As well as Physicitnjs bills, put up with neatness and dispatch. Prescriptions accurately prepared at all times of the day and night. FANCY GOODS, LUBIN’S Handkerchief Extracts, fine Cologne Waters, fi .e 8. aps and poma tes, also Hair and 100 h Brushes of English and French manu facture. Sold by BROOKS &.CHAFMAN. Bept. 23. it —V'. BRANDIES AND WINES. FOR Medicinal and culinary purposes. Sold by BROOKS <fc CHAPMaN. Bept.23 d—tf. “porter and ale. SOLD by BROOKS & CHAPMAN., 23. d—tf TOBACCO AND SEGARS. SOLD by BROOKS & CHAPMAN. Sept. 23 d— tf. BURNING FLUID. SOLD by BROOKS CHAPMAN. Sep. 23. d—t.f. GREY POTASH. INjarsorotherwbe. Sold bv BROOKS & CHAPMAN. LEAD~AND OILS. Union White L ad, Linseed Oil, Sperm Oil, Whale Oil, Lard Oil Neatsfoot Oil. Train Oil, &c. Sold by BROOKS & CHAPMAN. Sipt. 23 and if LOST. ABREAST PIN in the shape of a bunch of grapes, near the Methodist Church. The tinder will be liberally rewarded by calling at dtf BROOKS & CHAPMAN. NOTICE TO COTTON PLANTERS, WE, the undersigned, inventois of the Iron Screw Press, take pleasure in calling at tention to this Press, for wnich we have obtained Letters Pattern. From experience we are satisfied that this Press is not only capable ol pressing co - to :he u ual siz3, hul with a small additional cost of corn; e-sion at the Gin to a size suitable tor shipment Ly-o *. goi >g vessels. The cost now for coinpie-s ng is from 79 to9o centsp-r bale, whicn indirectly comes out oi the p;anter. Th.s Press is durable, as ail ol its bearing and straining parts areol Iron.simple and suitable lor negr.- manage ment. We ate making arrangements to put up the Press at all suitable points lor inspection. For further information,address us at Selina, Ala., or D. A Hobb e, Journal Olfice, Montgomery. Ala-,or E. C. Cori eit, Columbus, Ga W. F. C. J. PROVOST. August 8, ’57-wtf. New Fall & Winter Goods. WE are now prepared to offer, at re uc.d prices tor Cash, one ot the largest and most varied assortments of Saple and Fancy Dry Goods ever exhi bed in Columbus. (>ur stock comprises the most choic and best selected varie ty ot Enulisii, French and Swis.- Dry (jo ds of our own selection, many ot whic imported ex pressly tor our house, together wt<h our u-uat stock of Staple and Demesne fabrics. Also tine Bed Blankets, Negro Blankets, B.ogan*, Kersey. 6jc ,& c. We bel.w name a le.v o! our leading sty k s : LADIES’DRESS GOODS: Rich Silk Robes a’Les, §4O to §BO each ; Plain Silk Dresses,Kobe a’Lest:y!e; A variety of Fancy Silks frons!lto§2B per pattern ; Chintz Figured French DeCaines ; Rich Figured ‘ meriean DeLaines; French Figured Cashmeres; Black Alpacas; French Merino* ; Two Jup<-s, Rohes a’Les, 850 to sks each ; N- w style Fancv Silk Dress, at 811 each ; French Printed DeLame Robes a’Les, very rich; French Robes Armeuienne ; Rich Printed Poie Chevers , B aek Bombazines; English, French and American Gr.nghams ; French. English,and the best American Prints, &c., &c. Owing to the fact that Shawlsare to be the pre vailing st\ lefor Ladies’ wear the coming winter, we are well ired to exhibit a large stock, in great varies of colors, styles, Ssc-, among which is the Circular Shawl. We a iso have our usual stock of ('loth and Velvet Talmas Btolits’best Black French Broad Cloths, Black French Doeskin* Beaver Cloths, real French Fan cy Cassirneres, Satiuets, Sheeps Greys, Tweeds, Jeans, &c., &c. New style < henille Bonnets, Bonnet Ribbons, French Fiow’rs Vel Kit.boos, fe’k Belts, best Kid Gloves at 75c , Ladies’ Co.ton, Wool and Milk Hosiery, Head L>res.-es, Scarfs, Ladies’ fcrilk and Cashmere Gauntlets, <V c , c. We keep a stock of Embroidered Sleeves, Col lars, Bat.ds, Edgings, &c., second to no house in Georgia. Our stock of these goods is now very complete. v e are well prepared to offer inducements to buyers of Osnahurgs Kerseys, Lindseys, Sheetings Shirtings. Stripes; Ticks, Alc., and have a veiy complete stock ot LadDsaud Gent’s fine Shoes Negro Brogans. Kip BrogaDS, Fine Call Boots, Ladks’ Heel Gaiters. Children’s, Youths, Boys, and Mi-sea Shoes. ADo a large stock ot Negro Wool Hats Gem’s Bengal and Soft Fur Huts together w'lth a complete stock oi Hats and Caps tor EL vs. READY-MADE CLOTHING. Oq the second floor, over our stock of Dry Goods, w-e keep a good assortment of ready made Clothing ggp'’ We buy our goods mostly tor cash, and sell ex lusively lor cash at short profits, thus sav ing for our patron? at Last a difference of fifteen to twenty-five per cent, from the usual Credit system. We earnestly solicit a call, believing t >at we will in evervcase, be able to GIVE ENTIRE SAT*- ISFACTION. GEO. W. ATKINSON <fc TAYLOR, Broad street, one door south * f Randolph street, below the Poet Office, Columboe, G*. Sept ®4lh W*-tf THE LIVER iNV IG ORA IO R , PREPARED BV D It. S A JN D F O R D, COMPOUNDED ENTIRELY FROM GUMS. 18 one of (lie best Purgative and Liver Medicine now be ore the public, that acts as a Cathartic, easier, milder, and more effectual than any other medicine known. It is not only a cathartic, but a Li ver Remedy, acting first on the Liver to eject Us morbid matter then on tha Stomach and Bowels t* carry on the matter, thus accomplishing two purposes etiec'ually, without any of the pamf it fee lings experienced in theoperatiun of most * Cathar tics. ft strengthens the system at the same time that it purges it; and when taken daily in moderate do ses, will strengthen and build up wnh! rapidity. The Liver is one o 9e principal regula tors oi the human bo-r \ ly; aud when it per forms its UuicliOiisweH. the power the sys tem are luily develop | r ( . jostiimachis al most eni,re;y oepti.d- y-j | en on the healthy ac tion wt i hel-iver lortio |x 1 1 ’> per petormance ol its functions, when th v ) . ‘) stomach is at tault the ooweisare at lault, am ‘ ho whole system sutf ersiu consequence o l[ v j ‘>ue organ—the Liv er— htivnig ceased U doits duty. Tor ihe disease oi that organ j ‘ue of the proprietors has made it bis study i apractice of more than twenty v-.ars, t<- iind some remedy wherewith to counter ) ictthe many derange ments to which it 1? 1 I M, .able. l'o prove that tbis uedyisat last found, a y person trouble*, frHs with* Liver Coui any . t it .onus, ha= but to tiy a uoiiie and couvictio J | scertaiD. These gurus removi it. morbid or bad mat ter Horn tne systtm i M*rpp ymg iniheir plac< a iiealthy flow oi bik vig .raiing the -to mach, causing *ood t< ligest well, ptirify iirg tile blood, f .pi ing tone tiuu hea.ii. to the wnole niacuiu. - r y removing he cause or the dunaar - rffo-) VLiug a radical cure. Bilious attacks tre cured, and, what is prevented, i.j im oc asioual use ot u )[TjJ elver Invigora tor. 1.) me doseatter eatinp ennj .s sufficient -to relieve the stomach and pr, /?•; ihe lood from rising and sr uring ) f Only one Pose taken before retiring, pre vents Nightmare Only oueclose takei night, loosens tho bowels gently, at and j cures Costive n One dog- taken atiei (each meal wiil cuiv Dyspepeia. ( i* i-jT One dose of tw* Plj! tea-apoonsfnl Wiiial ways r iieve Sick }“( Eleadache. •me dose taken lot ) imuare oos.iuclion re move the cause ol itsease, and makes per ect cure. ‘inlyonedose imm.- V iiateiy relieves cholic while (hH* One dose often repefc f jQ! ted is a sure cure foi holera Morbus,) (aud a preventative oi holera r®®* - ' rnly one bottk jr !is needed to thiov oui of me system theeffeett j J) of medicine aftera ion* sickness. bottle tak- en lor Jaundice re moves all satlowness or muatural color iron the skin. |li( One dose taken time before eat ing gives vigor to the j appetite and make; food digest well. t>ne dose often repeated cures ( hronic Diar rhoea, inits worst lorms, while 8 U M JU GB am Bowel complaints yield aln.ost to the first dose One or two doses cures attacks caused by XV orms in Children; thera is uo surer, safer, or speedie remedy in ihe world, as it never fai's. ffj?'” A few bottles cures Dropsy, by excilin;. the absorbants. We tke pleasure in recommeiidii r this medi cine as a preventive for Fever and Ague, bills, Fe ver, and ail Fevers oi a Bi lout Type, It -perates with certaiuty, and tboimai-.u urc wining to testily to its wonderlui j viitius All wn<> ace it aro giving ibair unani.itous testim* ny in its favor. Mix water <n the mouth with the Invigoratoi am swallow both together. THE LIVER IN VIGOR ATOR, Is a -‘ciantific vledical Discovery, and is daily wor king cures almost too great tor belief, it cures as i by magic, even the first dose giving benefit, am seldom more than one bottle is’required to cure ain kind of Liver Complaint,, from the worst jaundice i dyspepsia to a common headache, all ot which an the result oi a diseased liver. Price Ono Dollar per Bottle SANFOKD & CU. Proprietors,34s Broadway York WHOLESALK A6INTS. Barnes & Park New York; T. W. Doytt & Sons P> iladelphia; M.S. Burr >K)o. Boston; H H. Ha.* st Cos. Portland; John n. Park, Cincinnati; Gaytan &. Harmnnd; Clevelaond, Pahnstock &. Davis < hict - go; O. I. Wood &. Cos. Bt. I ouis Geo.ft. Keyser Pittsb :rsr: 88, Hance. Baltimore. And retailed by ali Druggists Sold Wholesale and Retail by J S PEMBERTOa & CO., BROCKS & CHAPMAN, UANFORTH NAtiEL, May 29 -vtw ly and all Druyjdgista. NOTICE, ALL persons indebted to the estate of Thos Davis,late of Muscogee conniy, either by note or account, will please cal and settle tnern, and those holding notes or account** will present ihwn. THOS. J. DAVIS, Agent, i October 23 IB‘B...\v4>)d Stewart & Fountain, 1 scetri facias, for use ot (fee. to remove judgment GW, McDuffie, Adm’.r, !in Marion Inferior de bonis non ot Benjamin [ Court, at May Ad- Storv dec’d. and Luoch , journed Term, 1853. Stoi y. J [T appearing to the Court by the return of the Sherifi that Enoch Story, ore of the defendants in th i above stated case, is not to bo found in said countv ot Marion: It is on motion, Ordered, by the Court, That said Enoch Story le served by a publication ol ihis Order once a month for three months before the next term of .his court, in the Times 6{ Senti nel a public aazette of this Siate, published in the city of Colurnbus. A true extract from the minuie3 of said Court, this June 17, 1858. GEO. W. McDUFME, Clerk. July 27,18’8 —w3m. VALUABLE Chattahoochee River Lauds. FOR SALE, AT A LOW PRICE. THE subscriber offers for sale 3200 acres ot land lying and fronting two miles on the Riverin Henry county, Ala.. 15 miLs below Fort Gaines. Geo. (to which place ihe South Western Rail Road is no” beingexteudpd) and 5 miles above ( olumbia, Alabama The tract is susceptitde of division into two very desi rable settlements —lie?- very level, isweil watered the location remarkably healthy, and ihe purcha ser could have ihe corn, fodder and stock at a low rate. Being determined to sell, those desiring a bargain, will not be able to find oue more die posed to give them one than 1 am. I shall keep this advertisement standing until I sell. Come and look for yourselves,or for particulars address me at Columbia Term easy to the purchaser Angus Mcallister. July 20 1858—wtt. Augusta Constitutionalist copy weekly till forbid Bacon! Bacon! VyF, Lave nowonband and willbe constantly re ** ceiviog, Prime Tennessee Bacon —Hama, Side and Shoulders, which we will sell at thelowesiCome mission House prices. „ _ .__ . __ . MarSO-wfctwtf *. BARN AID * 00. PEVTON H. COLOUITT, ( 8 JAMES W. WAEBEN. < ttmc MUSCOGEE RAIL ROAD. Change of Schedule. ON and alter* he 15th July. 1K;8, the Kvrtdi.g JLail Train leave ColuabUk t 3a& P. M.andar* rive at Macon a 9.18 PA;. Leave Macon .it 9 45 A JH. arriveat Columbus at 3.43 PM „ Tho Morning Mall Train will leave at 4.M) A. M. andarrive ai Macon#.Ml A.M. .Leave Macon at 11.45 P. M. arriveat Columbus 5.35 A. A*. J.L. MUSTIAN.Supt. Columbus,? July 15—tw& v> i CHANGE OF SCHEDULE. DOUBLE DAILY SERVICE. iMiiil MONTGOMERY AiM) WEETPOIET KAIL KOAI) COMPANY. MONTGOMERY, Nov. 19,1857. ON auilatier thisaaie the PAei&cNGER IRVINS on iui. road Wi. be u> Uc .onowin* >t HEDUEI : DA Y TRAIN. Reave Montgomery r.3ta. m. Arrivtai WesiFoiut 3.30 p. m. Arrive at Columbus 2,&u P- Returning—Reave W esl Point 9.30 a.m. Reave oluinbus io.m. a m. Arriveat Montgomery 4.tb p. m. NIGHT i'RAIN. Reave Moutgomery 5.2<! p. m. Arriveat West Point lx.£)ta.m. “ Columbus l.oba. m. &e<urning—Reave West Poiut 7.31p.m. Heave Columbus 7.30 p. ui Arrivt at Montgomery 2.30 a.m. Through tickets can be obtaiued (iu. Uoubii Daily Jonuetuons) to Atlanta Chattanooga and Nasnv.lie, tud daily connections to Huntsvilie Memphis and tvuoxviiie. S.G.JONES Eng’r &. Sup. FREIGHT AKMiNGEMEiST dtni LiSN ATLANTA COLUMBUS. . j 1 an arrangement betvmn the hanixan Itiii- L> panics composing the two routes iron* Atlanta .0 Coiumuus, uuiiCiudeo at iheii conventioti at *a /uunah on me ititti iustant, u was agreed that tho oilowing rates between ntiai.ia and Columbus *ali govern, taking tfltci mn the nrsl day ol day 1007. VIA WEST POINT. Corn per bushel, lie. Wheal iH. Oats 8. Bacon •Vuisky Plou*’ in sacks or bairels, per ioolbs. 35c lagging, Rope Card in cans or bbis., per 100 lbs i&t. coal, Pig iron, by car load, per tou ol 2001) .os. $3.75. VIA MACON. Corn per Ousel 14c. Wheat 15c. Oats 10c. Bacon, •Vnistiy, Flour in sacks or Bbis., per 100 lba, 44c. Jagging,iupe Rard, in canß or bbis.. per 100 lbs. >sc Coal, Pig Iron, by car load, per ion ol *00(1 10s. $4.08. J. MUSTIAN, President and Superintendent Muscogee R. R GEO. W. ailAMg, Superintendent Southwestern Railroad. EuEKSuN FOOTE, Superintendent Macon and Western Railroad. GRO.G LURE, superintendent Atlanta and RaUrange B .K. BAMUtR G. JON 1 8, ngiueer and .superintendent Al.tcW.P. Railroau May 30, 1837—wauwtl. MOBILE AND (HEARD R.R. . ‘HR asseuger & Fretghi Train wiR leave Girard A. at J P, .u daily connecting utanvei Run with i dailyiitie ol atages to Vtiluia, Glenuvult.Rulauia, ort-.iames, and Alar.anna ,!• la. aiiU at Gueryton iaily, with tile -Stages lor lichee olivet, Rnon, chun uei.uggeo, Midway, liaruaway, hero and Union •prin s. u ivmg Gueryton at 4 A. M., daily, the Cars will eac Giraraat 7 A M., connecting wttb the Ope* lkaanu Muscogee Trains. tteceiets must accompany Freight .nipped 4-ji All freight must be paid before goods will be tlsunaraed. /eigtn delivered at the Depot betore 4 o’clock and. M. wui be stunped the iollowiug day. to eights lor stations No. 1 (Fort ditcheli,) and Vj.. sons’; must be prepaid. *Vay reignt must in an cases be paid in advamci JuHN uoWAkR, rnar2s 1857-w&twtl. Unxmeei a. sap. CIIAGE OF SCIIEDI/LE. SAVANNAH & CHARLESION STEAIPACKET LINE. RUNNING IN CONNECTION WITH THE North Eastern R. R. of South Ca. _ THE BPI.UNDID AND FAST RUN SNI.\U oTEAmKH GOHDON, F. ‘.Cawf B aril el., Commander, it-a vet Savan lal.lor Charleston every Sunday and ter noon t at R o’eiock. and connects at Charleston with the morning train of the North Eastern K .ilroad, going North. Returning leaves Charleston every Monday and Friday night at 8 o’clock, (alter the arrival oi thecarson theN.E. R. R.)and arrives at Savannah ea. ly next mornings* By this route passengers can obtain througbticb etsioami irom iavannah,Ga. and VV ilmington. N C. Having a through freight arra laement with the Central ft. Knad and it3 connections, all freights be tween Charleston and the Interior of tieorgia, con. signed to me agents of this line, will be forwarded vith despatch and free of charge. J. P. BROOKS, AgentSavannab. E. LAFITTE *-CO, Ag’ts Charleston Jan 15—wtiwi i — m j Lands for Sale. Andrew S. G trr and others, “) State of Flori vs. Ida, Middle Cir- Lewis Curtis <3*. Naih’l Thur?- tin Leon Cos. ton, Trus’ee* of the Apaiachi- I In Chancery, cola Land Company aud others J PURSU \N T to a Decree renderedi n this cause the subscriber will se 1 by auction at the pla ces and lime.- he'ein specified, all the lands be longing to said Company embraced m the “Forbes Purchase,” and lying in >he counties of Leon, Wakulla, Gad=dei and Liberty viz: the lands lying in the first two named counties will besold at T a lahassee, on the seventh (7ih) day of De cember. and those lying in ihe last two, wilt be ervtd *t Q no. y, 0 n the lourteenih (14th; day of December next. 1 iieae comprising about a million ©f acre?,extended fiom the Si. Marks to the Apa lachicola rivers—th-y exhibit every varieiy of timber indieinous to that 1 <titude. including, of cocr-e, live oak,cypress, cedar and jumper; the soil i? adapted mine growth of grain, cotton— long and, tobacco, ad sugarcane. The waters abound in fish, and the forest with materials tor ship building aud naval stores. TER VlS—One third ot the purchase money to be paid in cash, the balance in one and two years in equal installments, with eight percent inter est lr m Bate of purchase ; tale* to ba made 8/ the Receiver whea all the purchase money paid. The sale will be positive and without reserve, JOHN BEARD, Receiver. t*e. Taikkatta, Aug. 38,1858. Bpt3-*w3 MJMUL.It G 8