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Columbus daily times. (Columbus, Ga.) 1858-1864, November 22, 1858, Image 4

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GEORGIA, Ohattalnooche* County i Court of Ordinary, 1858 ‘ WHPRPAfI WHliamV Mcßride,Thomas H. Me Ota M C Ward law, F.xccutore ol the Bnde, and t vvniiam Mcßride, deceased aei will am rf the business of the estate ol said ai*Py ‘o me for Getters ot Dismission orde-ed, that all persons con -11 .hew cause II any they have, why said Letters fhmdd not be granted at the Court of Ordinary to H°neld in and for said county on thesecondMou ,ilv in Januarv next. And it is further Ordered, that IbisßuL’ bo published in terms of the law. Atrue transcript from the minutes of this Court. JU |ly’ 18— worn E. E. RAI PORI), Ordiwar.. GEORGIA, Chattahoochee County. vtijHEREaS, William Bagjey, Guardian for W t he person and property of Sarah J. (former ly Howard) now Walters, orphan of George Howard, deceased, petitions this Court for letters of dismission from said guardianship. All person-i concerned are hereby required to shew cause within the time fixed by luw, why said Bagley should not be dismissed from his said guar d*Given under my hand at office, Oct. 13, 1853. E. G. RAIFORD, Ordinary. Oct 18 w6t TWO months alter publication of this notice application will be made to the Court of Or dinary of Muscogee county, for leave to sell the interest which James L. Garrard held in and up on the following named negroes to wit; Mingo, Ishmael, Henry, Silvia and daughter. EDWARD BARNAD, Adm’r. Oct. 22. 1858—w2m. GEORGIA, Muscogee county. TWO months after date, application will be made to the Court of Ordinary of Muscogee County, for leave to sell the real estate of Eliza beth Worsham, deceased. J, M. DENSON, Adm’r. Sept. 14 th, 1858. sep2ow2m. GEORGlA—Chattahoochee Couny. Court of Ordinary , October Term 1858. WHEB CAS EHilllard J. Williams, administra mior ol the estate of John Williams, dec’d, petitions this Court lot letters of .Demission from said administration: itis therefore ordered, that all persons concern ed, be required to shew cause, ii* any they have, within the time presclibed by law, why said - etters should not be granted. A true transcript from the minutes of said Court, this October 4lh. 187*°, Oct. 7, lK r )8. w— On E. G . RAIPORD.Ord. Administrator’s Sale.—Agreeably to an order of the honorable Court of Ordinary of Clarke county, will be sold before the Court House door in the town of Blkkely, Early county, 6a, on the first Tuesday in December next, within the legal hours of sale, all the lands, consisting of Lot number oue hundred and twenty six (126) known as the Bartlett lot, and lot number one hundred and fifteen (115) known as the Mutt .ew Lewis lot, both in the sixth district of Earlly county, (each lot con taining 250 acres more or ; ess; a large portion of wtaicn is unde, “cultivation.) Together with all the negroes belonging to theestate oi Robert G.T. Tty lor dec’d. Sold for the benefit of theheirs and creditors of said estate. Terms made known on the day of sale. And on the day iollowing will be sold on the pre mises, all the perishable property of said est te, consi ting of corn, fodder, mules, horses, wagons, household furniture and plantation uiensils of all kinds. Sale to continue from day to day until the property is all jsold. Sold for the benefit o! the heirs and creditors. RICHARD D. B. TAYLOR, Adm’r. October 2,lßsß—wtd. _ _ Notice to debtors & creditors.— All persons holding demands against theestate ofEldridve Adams, de’d, iate ot Talbot County, Ga. are hereby notified to present them, properly authenticated, within the time prescribed by law, and all persons indebted to said estato will please make immediate payment, JOHN E. BARKESDALE, Adm’r. October 61. h, 1858—w40d CHERRY PECTORAL, For the rapid Care of COUGHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, BRONCHITIS,WHOOPING-COUGH, CROUP, ASTHMA, AND CONSUMPTION. F’Urimfif.i.d, Mass., 20th Dec., 1855.—1)r. J. C. Ayer —1 do not hesitate to say the best remedy 1 have ever found for Coughs, Hoarseness, Influenza, and the concomitant sympt oms of a Cold, is your CHERRY PECTORAL. Its constant use in my “practice iunily for the last ten years has shown it to possess superior virtues for the treatment of tltese complaints. EBEN KNIGHT, M. I). A. B. MORTLEY, Esq. of Utica, N. Y. writes: “I have used your Pectoral myself and in my family ever since you invented it. and believe it the best medicine for its purpose ever put out. With a bad cold 1 should sooner pay twenty live dollars for a bottle than do without it, or take any other remedy. CROOP, WHOOPING COUGH, INFLUENZA, Springfield, Miss. Feb. 7. 1856. Brother Ayer: I will cheerfully certify your Pectoral is the best remedy we possess for the cure of Whooping Cough. Croup, and the chest diseases of children. We of your fraternity in the South appeciate your skill,and commend your medicine to our people. HIRAM CONKLIN, M. D. Amos I.ce. Esq.; Monterey, la., writes 3d January 1856, “I had a tedious Influenza which confined me in doors six weeks; took many medicines without re lief; finally tried your Pectoral by the advice of out clergy man. The first dose relieved the soreness in iny throat and lungs; less titan one half the bottle made me completely well. Your medicines are the cheapest ua well as the best we can buy, and we esteem you Dr. and your medicines as the poor man’s friend. ASTHMA OR PHTHISIC, AND BRONCHITIS. West Manchesthr, Pa. Feb. 4, 1856. Sir, Your Cherry Pectoral is performing marvellous cures in this section. It has relieved several from alarming symptoms of consumption, and is now curing a man who has labored under an affection of the lungs for the last forty years. HENRY L. PARKS, Merchant. A. A. Ramsey, M. D.. Albion, Monroe County,lowa writes. Sept. 6. 1655: “During my practice of many yours, 1 have found nothing equal to your Cherry Pec toral for giving ease and relief to consumptive patients •r curing such as are curable.” We might add volumes of evidence, but the most convincing proof of the virtues of this remedy is found m its effects upon trial. SOLD BY Dr. David Young, and Danforth & Nagel, in Colum bus, and by Druggists and dealers is Medicines gener ally every when.'. oet.3o—wd3in. Landreth’s New Crop Garden Seed, Just Received at J. W. PEASE’S BcfcK STORE. iau2B—wtwtf. LANDRETH’S NEW CROP OF GaavDEN SEED.'just received and for sale bv BROOKS & CHAPMAN. * ONION SETS ofvariees kinds. s wsf ®o®ss* DOCT. THORNE, by Antony T A*Poor Fellow, by the author of the Right or the Left. iMatMipon the Sea; comprising a detailed ac count ol Remarkable Voyages, Ancient as well Moden, by Frank B Goodrich. Titcomb’s Letter to Young People, Single and Married, by Timothy Titmouse, Etq. The Art ol Beauty, or Science ol a Lady’s 1 oi let, by Lola Alontez, The Family Aquarium, by H. D. Butler.^ The American Horse Tamer and Laurier, showing how to cure the wildest and most vicious horse in the world of kicking, balking, and other bad habits. Also, a new supply of other books. Mary Derwent, by Mrs Ann S Stephens. Debit and Credit, a Novel. Lord Montague’s Page, by James. A Womans Thought about Women. Mesula,by Sewel. Guy Livingstone. Lena Rivers. Quitls; a Novel. Just received and for sale by . septß—dwtf J. W. PEASE & CLARK. Vlagrange female college. WILL open its next session the 24th of Sep temher, with the following FACULTY. Rev. WM. J. SASNETT, A. M., D. D., Pres ident and Professor of Moral Science and Ro 11 pc. T .AttrAQ Rev. JAMES R. MAYSON, A. M.. Professor of Mathematics WM. A. HARRIS, A. M , Professor of Nat ural Science and French. JOHN W. AKERS, A. M-, Professor of Ancient Languages and Liteiature. Mrs H. P. JUDGE, Instructress in English Lit erature. F, WURM, M. D., Munich University, Pro* lessor of Music, instrumental and vocal. MissSAßAti CORRY, Assistant in Music. Miss MARIA BROWN, Instructress in Painting and Drawing. P. G. BESSENT, Steward. This institution offers advantages which few, if any, in the South can claim. For the characte and completeness of its Faculty, lor elegance ot bulidings and general facilities of learning, for accessibility, beauty and health of location, the LaGrange College of Georgia has no superior in the Union. It is in sight of the Railroad and ot the great Southern route from New Yoid to New Orleans. Expenses in College, including board, washing, fuel, and literary tuition, SIBO per session of ten months. For Catalogues address the Faculty, or WM. A. HARRIS, Sec. Sept. 20—w&dlm Lagrange, Ga. UNIVERSITY OF NASHVILLE. I. COLLEGIATE! DEPARTMENT, OR MILITARY mUMm. J BERRIEN LIN DSLEY, M D..DD., Chan cellor,of the University, and Professor of Chemis try and Geology. Col. B. R. JOHNSON, Superintendent of the Military College and Professor of Engineering. JAS. F. HAMILTON, A. M., Professor ol Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, and Astrono my. J. H- STEWART, A. M., Professor of Greek and Latin Languages and Literature. F. L. J. IHYSSENS, A. M., Professor of French and Drawing. G. S. BLACKIE, A. M., M. D-, Professor of Botany and Natural History Rev. J. W. HOYTE, A. M., M. D., Professor of Mental and Moral Philosophy, and Biblical Literature. C. K. WINSTON, M. D., Surgeon. The First Term of the next Academic year com mences on the 20th of September, and the Sec ond Term 14th of February. Tuition, Boarding, Washing, Fuel, Rooms, Servants’ attendance, and use of arms, SIOO per term. Matriculation Fee, $5. Students are re quired to furnish their rooms, which can be doue at a moderate charge, by rent or purchase. En gineering, French, Spanish, German, Drawing, Book Keeping and Fencing, each $lO per Term of twenty weeks. In the regular Collegiate Course, the ancient reputation of the University for and Classical Scholarship will be maintained,and at the same time, every facility afforded those who desire to pursue a partial course Besides the tour regular College Classes, there is also a pre paratory class. Students under 14 years o age will not be admitted. By the aid ot Military Discipline, effective gov ernment is established, and healthy physical cul ture, good order and industrious habits are promo ted. For Catalogues, or additional information, ap ply to any member of the Faculty. II MEDICAL DEPARTMENT. O ESSION 1858-9. —The 7th Annual Course of O Lectures in this Institution will commence on Monday the 2d of November next, and continue till the first ol the ensuing March. Thomas R. Jennings, M. D., Professor of An atomy. J. Berrien Lindsley,M. D., Professor of Chem istry and Pharmacy. C. K Winston, M. D„ Professor of MaterL Me dica and Medical Jurisprudence. A. H. Buchanan, M. D., Professor of Sugical Anatomy and Physiology. John M. Watson, M. D., Professor of Obstet rics and the Diseases of Women and Children. PaulF. Eve, M. D., Professor of Principles and Practice of Surgery. W. K. Dowling. M. D., Professor of Insti tutes and Practice ol Medicine. Wm. T. Briggs, M. D.. Adjunct Professor and Demonstrator of Anatomy- The Anatomical Rooms will be opened for stu dents on the first Monday in October, (the sth.) A preliminary course of lectures, free to all students, will be given by the Professors com’ mencing also on the first JVlooday in October. The Tennessee State Hospital under the Di rection of the Faculty is open to the Class free o f charge. A Clinique has been established in connection with the Uuiversity, at which operations are per formed and eases prescribed for and lectured upon in presence of the Class. Amount of Fees for Lectures is $105; Matricu lation fee (paid once onlv)ss; Practical Anatomy, $10; Graduation Fee, $25. Good boarding can be procured for $3 to $4 per week. For further information or Catalogue apply to W. K BOWLING,- Nashville, Term., July 1858. Dean of the Faculty. August sth, 1858. —wtw2t* ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF MAILS. NORTHERN AND EASTERN MAILS ar rive 535A, M. and 3.45 P. M. Close at 2 and 7 P. M. WESTERN Mail arrives at 3A. M. and 2.50 P. M. Closes at 2 and 7 P. M, EUFAULA Mail arrives at 9i A. M. Closes 12 M. STEWART Mail arrive3“Monday3, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 P. M. Closes Mondays, Wed nesdays and Saturdays at 7 P M. WHITESVILLE ANDELLE3SLIE Mails ar rives Mondays and Thursdays at 6 P. M. Closes same days at 10 A. M. HAMILTON Mail arrives Mondays, Wednes days and Fridays at 6 P. M. Closes same days at 10 A. M. CRAWFORD Mail arrives on Mondays, Wed nesdays and Fridays at 11 A. M. Closes at 11 A. M. same days. BUENA VISTA Mail arrives Tuesdays, at 6 P. M. Closes at 10 A. M. same day. OSWICHEE Mail arrives Tuesdays 6 P. M. Closes 4 P. M. KINGS Mail arrives Tuesdays at 11 A. M. Closes Tuesdays at 11 A. M. OSANIPPA Mail arrives Wednesdays at 6 P. M. Closes at 10 A.M. TWO months afterdate application will be mtde to the honorable Court ot Ordinary of Chattaho-- she* county lor leave to sell the lands belonging 19 the estate of Green Baptly, defeated . ttpSi wito ByZl+k AHvaaT**, THE 80UTHERN LITERARY MESSENGER. ONE OK THE cheapest publications in the COUNTRY. WO VOLUMES A YEAR. Each containing at least 480 pages, in neat styli, ; with fine Cover, and Advertising Sheet. THE TWO VOLUMES FURNRISIIED FOR ONLY’ THREE DOLLARS A YEAR For the year 1858. Twenty-sixth and Twenty-seventh Volumes . IN issuing the Prospectus of the twenty-sixth and twenty seventh Volumes of the SOUTH ERN LITERARY’ MESSENGER, commencing with the January Number, the Proprietors beg to assure the public that no exertions will be remit ted on their part to maintain the high character of the work, and to challenge the patronage of all who value sterling literary merit. For twenty three Years, the Messenger has endeavored to re flect faithfully the Southern mind, while disdain ing all narrow and sectional views, and has b*en alone among the monthly periodicals of America in defence of the Peculiar Institutions of the Southern Country. To this office it will be de voted, and will be prompt to repel assaults upon the South, whether they come under the specious garb of fiction, or iri the direct form of anti-slavery pamphlets. At this critical juncture, while our enemies are employing literature as their most po tent weapon of attack, the Southern people will surely not withhold their encouragement from a work whose aim it shall be to strike blows in their defence. The MESSENGER will, as heretofore, present its readers with Reviews, Historical and Biograph ical Sketches, Novels, Tales, Travels, Essays, Poems, Critiques, and Papers on the Army, Navy, and other National Subjects. With a view to insure a large circulation of the Messenger, the proprietors have reduced the price of subscription, which is now only Three Dollars per annum in advance, OR FOUR DOLLARS IF NOT PAID BEFORE THE FIRST OK JULY IN ANY YEAR. CLUBS - Rein.iting us Fifteen Dollars in one letter, will be entitled to Six Copies. The Editor!: 1 and Critical department of the Messenger will continue under the charge of JOHN R: THOMPSON, Esq. And will embrace copious notes on current litera ture and reviews of all new American or Foreign works of general interest and value. The Editor’s opinions will bo always fearlessly and honestly avowed. The business department is conducted by the undersigned, to whom all communications of a business nature must be addressed. MACFARLANE, FERuUSON & CO.. Corner of Bank and 12th streets, Richmond, Va. Aug 20. RUSSELL’S MAGAZINE. A Monthly Organ ol Literature and Criticism. Devoted to a Free Discussion of all to pics EMBRACED IN THE RANGE OF A MAGA ZINE, AND PUBLISHED IN CHARLESTON, S. C. ON THE FIRST OF EACH MONTH. IT is designed to meet a commonly felt want, and to give utterance and circulation to the opinions,doctrines and arguments of the educated mind of the South especially, and to promote, in its sphere, the progress of a sound American Lit erature, free from party shackles or individual prejudice. Agencies will be established as soon as possible, to supply all sections of the country, and mean while, orders from booksellers, periodical dealers, postmasters and others, disposed to extend the work, are respectfully solicited, and will be sup pied on the most liberal terms. The work will be supplied at Three Dollars per annum: or 25 cents by numbers. Specimen numbers will be sent free of postage to applicants who cannot conveniently reach any agency yet announced, on forwarding to “Russell’s Magazine” eight postage stamps. Communications and contributions designed for j the work, should be addressed, “Russell’s Maga ! zine, Charleston, S. C.” j July 29. BLACKWOOD’S MAGAZINE AND THE BRITISH REVIEWS ; L SCOTT & CO., New York, continue to • publish the following leading British Peri’ odicals, viz: odica 1. THE LONDON QUARTERLY, (Conservative) 2. THE EDINBURGH REVIEW. (Whig.) 3. THE NO. BRITISH REVIEW, (Free Church.) 4. THE WESTMINSTER REVIEW, (Liberal.) 5. | BLACKWOOD’S EDINBUBCII MAG. (Tory.) These Periodicals ably represent the three great political parties of Great Britain—Whig, Tory, ! and Radical,—but politics forms only one feature of their character. As organs of the most pro found writers on Science, Literature, Morality, and Religion, they stand,as they ever have stood, unrivalled in the world of letters, being consid ered indispensable to the scholar and the profes sional man, while to the intelligent reader of every class they furnish a more correct and satisfactory record of the current literature of the day, through out the world, than can be possibly obtained from any other source. EARLY COPIES. The receipt of advance sheets from the Bri’ tish publishers, gives additional value to these Reprints, inasmuch as they can now’ be placed in the hands of subscribers about as soon as the orig inal editors. TERMS. Per ann. For any one of the four Reviews $3 00 For any two of the four Reviews 5 00 For any three of the four Reviews 7 00 For all lour of the Reviews, 8 00 For Blackwood’s Magazine 3 00 For Blackwood and three Reviews 9 00 For Blackwood and the four Reviews 10 00 Payments to be made in all cases in advance, j Money current in the State where issued will be ! received at pac. | CLUBBING. A discount of twenty-five per cent, from the above price, will be allowed to Clubs ordering four or more copies of any one or more of the above works. Thus; Four copies of Blackwood, or of one Review, will be sent to one address for $9 ; four copies of the four Reviews and Black wood for $33 ; and so on. POSTAGE. Iri all the principal citiesand towns, these works will be delivered free of postage. When sent by mail, the Postage to any part of the United States will be but twenty-four cents a year for “Blackwood,” and but fourteen cents a year for each of the Reviews. Remittances for any of the above publications should always be addressed, post-paid, to the pub’ lishers, LEONARD SCOTT <fc CO., No. 54,G01d street, New Y r ork. “RELIGIOUS LIBRARY. Triumph over Death 75 Liviug to Christ 85 Methodism in Earnest, the History ot a Great Revival $1.50 Light on Little Graves 75 Lighted Valley 75 The Guiding 5tar...... 85 Marshall on Sanctification 75 The Martyr Lamb 50 Dying Thonghtt 50 Meditations on the Lord’s Prayer 50 Story of Grace 35 Thought for the Thoughtful 50 Missionary’s Daughter 35 Christian Prayer *0 The Hannah’s 40 Scripture Portions 85 Last Hours of Christ 40 Plain Thoughts. *5 The above, with many other valuable book*, J. W. PMM * Ur. ! Scientific American PROSPECTUS OF VOLUME FOURTEEN, BEGINS SEPTEMBER 11, 1858. Mechanics, Inventors, Manufacturers and Farmers, THE BCIEN r l Pl ’ AMERICAN haenow reached ita fourteciiih year, and will enter upon anew volume on the 1 Lth September. It is ,he only week ly publication ol the kind now issued in this eoun try, and it has a very extensive circulation in all the States o! the Union. It is not, as some might suppose lrom its title, a dry, abstruse work on tech nical science ; on the contrary, it so deals with the great events going on in the scientific, mechanical aud industrial worlds, as to please and instruct eve ry one. If the mechanic or artizan wishes to know the best machine in use or how to make any sub etance employed in his business—if the housewife wishes to get a recipe for making a good color. Ate. —if the inventor wishes to know what is going on in the way of improvements—if the manufacturer wishes to keep posted with the times, and to employ the best facilities in hisbusiness—if the man of lei*- i sure aud study wishes to keep himseli familiar with the progress made in the chemical laboratory, or in the construction ot telegraphs, steamships, railroads reapers, mowers and a ‘housand other machines and appliauces, both of peace and war—all these de siderata can he found in the Scientific American, anti not elsewhere. They are here presented in a reliable and interesting form, adapted to the comprehension of minds unlearned inthe liigner branches of sci ence and art. TERMS One copy, one year $ 2 One copy, six months 1 Five copies, six months 4 Tan copies, six months 8 Ten copies, twelve months. 15 Fifteen copies, twelve months 22 Twenty copies, twelve months 2rt The money must in all cases be paid in advance. Specimen copies sentgratuitouslv for inspection* Southern and Western money or TV;stage Stamps taken for subscription. Letter? snould be directed to MUNN & CO., 128 Fulton street, New York. Messrs. Munn & Co.are extensively engaged in procuring patents lor new inventions, and will advise inventors, without charge, in regard to the novelty of ti.eir improvements. aug 21—twtf “federal government, James Buchanan, of Pennsylvania, President. John G. Breckenridge, ol Kentucky, Vice-Presid’nt Lewis Cass, of Michigan, Secretary of State. Howell Cobb, of Georgia, Sec’y of the Treasury. Jacob Thompson, ot Miss. Sec’y of the Interior. John B. Floyd, of Va. } Secretary of War. Isaac Toucey, of Conn., Secretary of the Navy. Aaron V. Brown, of Tenn., Postmaster General. Jeremiah S. Black, of Pa. Attorney General. JUDICIARY—SUP REM E COURT. Roger B Tanev, Baltimore, Md. Chief Justice, appointed 1836—Salary $6.5C0. John McLean, Cincinnati, Ohio, Associate Jus tice, appointed in 1829—Salary $6,000. James M. Wayne, Savannah, Ga. Associate Justice, appointed 1839—Salary $6,000. John A. Campbell, Mobile, Ala., Associate Jus tice) appointed 1852—Salary $6,000. John Catron, Nashville, Term., Associate Jus tice, appointed 1837 —Salary $6,000. Peter V. Daniel, Richmond, Va., Associate Jus tice, appointed 1841—Salary $6,000. Samuel Nelson, Couperstown, New York, As sociate Justice, appointed 1845—Salary $6,000. Nathan Clifford, Portland, Me . Associate Jus tice, appointed 1857—Salary $6,000. Robert C Grier, Pittsburg, Pa., Associate Jus tice, appointed 1846—Salary $6,000. Benj C. Howard, Baltimore, Md. Reporter, ap pointed 1843—Salary $1,300. The Supreme Court is held in the City of Wash ington, and has one session annually, commenc ing on the first Monday in December. STATE OF GEORGIA. J E Brown, Governor. J H Steele, Secretary Executive Department. John B Campbell, do do M W McComb, do do L J Aired, Messenger. E P Watkins, Secretary of State- John B Trippe, Treasurer. Peterson Tliweatt, Comptroller Genera!. James A Green, Surveyor General. John F Condon, State Librarian. John E Ward, President of the Senate. J W T H Underwood, Speaker of H. Representatives Alex M Speer,Clerk House Representatives. William Turk, Principal Keeper Penitentiary. Benjah S Carswell, Ass’t. do do H J G Williams, Inspector of Penitentiary. Win A Williams, Book Keeper do Dr Tomlinson Fort, Physician do Dr T F Greene, Sup. and Res. Phy. Lun Asylum. DrT Fort, B P Stubbs and Dr L Slrohecker, Trus tees Lunatic Asylum. SUPREME COURT ~FOR THE CORREC TION OF ERRORS. Joseph H Lumpkin, Judge—Term expires 1863. Charles J McDonald, Judge— do 1861. Henry L Benning, Judge— do 1859. B Y Marlin, Reporter. R E Martin, Clerk. First District—Composed of ihe Eastern and Middle Judicial Circuits, at Savannah, on the second Monday in January, and June in ea’ h year. Second District —Composed of the Macon, South Western arid Chattahoochee Judicial Cir cuits, at Macon, on the 4th Monday in January, and 3d Monday in June in each year. Third District Composed of the Flint, Coweta, Blue Ridge, and Cherokee Judicial Cir cuits at Atlanta, on the 4th Monday in March and second Monday in August in each year. Fourth District —Composed of the Western and Northern Judicial Circuits, at Athens, on the fourth Monday in Ma*y and fourth Monday in November in each year. Fifth District —Composed of the Ocmulgee and Southern Judicial Circuits, at Milledgevitle, on the second Monday in May and November in each year *Note.—The Pataula Circuit is attached to 2d Supreme Court District; Brunswick, to the Ist; Tallap'>osa to the 3d. GEORGlA—Meriwether County. Administrator’s Sale.— By virtue of an order from the Hon. Court of Ordinary of Meriwether county, will be sold on the first Tues day in December next, before the court house door in the town 01 Greenville said ounty, Ga. be tween the legal hours of sale, three hundred acres of land more or less, (the Widow’s dowei except ed) the same being the premises on which the late John F Rollins, deceas and last resided, and consists of parts of Lots numbers 52, 53, and lot number 75, and of eight aeres of lot uumoer 54 all lying and be ing in the Ist districtof said county. It s well improved and possesses the advantage of adjoining the ChaLbeate Springs place. Also, at the same time and place will be sold eigut negroes towit—Pate, 22 yea's old; Jane, 20 years oi age, and her two chi.uren, one two years the other two months old; iilvey, 18 years of* ag ; Lorana, 15 years of arj; ; Betsey 40 years of age, and her child 2 years old. Sold as ihejproperty of the John F Rol lins deceased. Termsof sale, twelve months with approved secu rity. MALINDA ROLLINS,Adm’x October 9, 185S—wtds. GEORGlA— Muscogee County. Court of Ordinary, June Term , 1858. RULE NlSl.—Whereas Timothy G McCrary ad ministrator ou the estate ol Wiley W Todd, de teased, having applied for Letters of Dismission: It is therefore hereby ordered, That all persons concerned shew cause, if any they have, wliv said administrator should not be dismissed at the Court of Ordinary to beheld in and for said countv ou the first Monday in Jantv r y next, and that this Rule be published in terms of the law. A true transcript from the minutes, ot eald cour.. June is.irsß—wfim .ToHN JOHNSON. Ord n r.V O months after date, application will be made to the Court oi Ordinary, o’ Muscogee County, Ga „ to*- leave to sell the Real Estate of *am es L Ga rrard* dee’d. E- BARNARDAdm r. Sept 2. tftW—•wSm. Sale of Personal Property. AT the residence of the late Thomas Davis, of Muscogee county, will be sold ou the 15tb December next, all the personal property of the deceased, consisting of corn, fodder, horses,mules, cows, hogs, &C-, also household and kitchen fur niture, and a good assortment of farming utensils The property is sold tor a division, and terms will be made known at the time of sale, _ THOMAS J. DAVI3, tft.. Ajwatfer the Heirs t. s. SPEAR, a. PRACTICAL WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER,* JEI Successor to S. B. Purple, cor. Broad R olph stJ^jj COLUMBUS, GEORGIA. wmm wm* mmm STERLING SILVER & PLATED WARE. work:, A beautiful variety of Patterns. I will make to order any design and style and platt you may request. WATCHES, CLOCKS Sc JEWELEY Repaired by competent and experienced Workmen, and warranted. CANES! CANNES! Gold, Silver, Ivory Loaded Heads—Hickory Crooks and Swords. 4gj§£*€g|*PEßßLLE SPECTACLES, Gold and Steel Frames, of the best quality manufactured. Glasses set in old frames to suit all eyes. I invite the attention of all to my Stock, and will show it with pleasure, whether you purchase or not. Purple’s old Stand, Corner Broad and Randolph Streets. Columbus, Git., Oct. 30, ISsß.—dwtf T. S. SPEAR. De W ITT’S JEWELRY STORE, At the Old Stand, next Door to J. Ennis &, Cos. 99 Broad. St., Coltimtous, G-a. WHERE can be found a superb assortment ot Watches, Jewel ry, Silver Ware, Fancy Ila: r Pins, Head Ornaments, Guns, Rifles Pistols, best quality of Gold Pens, and every description of goods j wr®\. tfYlffsar usually kept in a first class establishment, lor Cush or apj roved 1 Credit'. Every article sold will be warranted as represented, and q\ sJzM will not be allowed to be sold any other way. Mr. J H. BRAMHALL, a practical Watch-maker, and Manufac turer of fine Chronometer Duplex Lever and other Watches, is in charge to do the Watch Work. I will add that Mr. IPs reputation in New York as a first class Workman is beyond question. He will be happy to see all who have good Watches, and desire them'kept so by having them properly repaired, also those who have been unfortunate in having had their watches injured by incompetent woi kmen,and desire them putin as good condition as when first made, and at reasonable rates. Samples ot his new work will be shown at any time. Mr. GOLDSBECK is on hand at his post, ready to set diamonds, make new Jewelry, engrave neatly, all kinds ol Hair Braiding, in a neat and artistic style. Thankful to my friends and the community at large lor their liberal patronage hereto fore we hope to merit a continuance ol the same. Gc. —sm A. H. DkW 1 CLOTHING! CLOTHING! CLOTHING! !®§If11,1111©! <& USD). No. 125 Broad Street, COLUMBUS, A. Are now opening a large and extensive stock of Fall and Winter Clothing, all ot theirown manu facture, and made up in the most desirable styles worn this season. Most ol the stock having been purchased tor CA&H, it will enable us to so 1 the some for CASH at lower prices than any othei House in the city, lor the same quality of goods. Goods sold at this establishment will be tound as represented. We would call particular attention to our stock of GENTLEMEN’S FURNISHING GOODS, it is extensive and embracing every variety. BOYS AND YOUTH’S CLOTHINGS, a full assortment in Store. Large lot of TRUNKS, VALISES, CARPET BAGS, UMBRELLAS LADIES BONNET BOXES, and TRAVELLING TRUNKS, GENTLEMEN’S SHAWLS MUFFLERS, COMFORTS, RAIL-WAV RUGS. 400 Suits Blue Satinett for Traders. 300 “ Kersey for Servants wear As this is tlie Only Cash Clothing Establishment in the City, Buyers lor Cash will find it to their interest to give us a call before making their purchases. POSITIVELY NO MEMORANDUM ACCOUNTS kept against purchases made. Thankful lor past patronage, we hope to merit a continuance ol the same. ROSE 1 1 £j # MoLIL/K & Hr. S. E. LAWHON, Having taken an interest in the abovo establishment would be pleased to see his old friends and acquaintances, and will be ready at all times to serve them. Sept. 20 dwGrn. J. H, DANIEL & GO, Have now in £tore and will be constantly receiving during the Fall months, the most Fashionable and approved styles ot READY MADE CLOTHING I entirely of their own manufacture, which they claim to surpass any brought to l Southern Market. A LARGE ANDCABEFULLY SELECTED STOCK OF GENT’S FURNISHING GOODS, Hats , Caps , Umbrellas , Trunks , Valises , Carpet Bags, Traveling Blankets, Shawls, &c., &c. They also keep constantly on hand an assortment of YOU TITS CLOTHING, of th<‘i wii manufacture, ranging from 10 18 years. CLOTHS, CASSIMEiiES AND VESTINGS, of the latest styles and greatest variety, manufactured to order in styles to suit patrons* A large Stock ol SUBSTANTIAL GuODS for laboring men. Sept 29, 1858—dwtf. J. It. DANIEL A CO. 123 Broad Street, Columbus, Georgia. GEORGIA, Muscogee County. WHEREAS, Thomas J. Davis applies for let ters ol administration de bonis non, with the will annexed of the estate of John E Dishe roon, deceased, late of said county. All persons concerned, are hereby notified to shew cause, (if any they have) why the adminis tration of said estate should not be granted to said applicant, at the Court oi Ordinary, to be held m and for said county, on the first Monday in e- C Given under my hand this 15th day of October, 1858. JOHN Ordinary. Oct 16. w6t GEORGIA Chattahoochee County. WHEREAS, B. P Rogers, applieeto me foi letters of Administration on the estate ol Jcsiah Follard,late of said county, deceased. These are therelore to cite and admonish all and singular the kindred and creditors of said de ceased, to be and appear at my office within the time prescribed oy law, .then and there to show cause if any they have why sa:d letters should not be granted. _ . , IQ . Q Given under my hand at office, Oct.4th, 1000. E. G. RAlFOßD,Ordinary. Oct. 7, 1858—w30d WO months afer date application will be made I to the Hon. Court of Ordinal yof Harris county, Ga. for leave to soli all the lands belonging to the October 9, [B>B—w2m TWO months alter date I shan appy to the hono rable Court of >rdinary of Talbot county, Ga. for leave to sell the real estate and uegros of El dridge Adams, late of said eounty. deceased. ’ SOW B. BAKUB4LB Aflrohr GEORGIA—TaIbot county* RULE NISI. Court of Ordinary, July Term, 1858. \A7HHREAB, John A. Duncan, admin strator of VY Franulin Duncan, petitio. s this Court lor let ters of Dismission from said admuirt ration: Beit ordered,That all pers ns concerned be tr.d appear at the February term next e> suing of this Court, then and there to shew cause, if any they have, why said letters should not be granted.’ Atrueet tractiromthe mlnutesof this Court, July 24th, 1857. July2Gih wfim MARION BETHUNE,O'd GEORGIA, Chattahoochee County. Court of Ordinary July Term. 1858. RULK NISI.- —VV Samuel D.Harp and Henry J King, administrators on the estate ot Joshua R. McCook, decease >, applv for Letters ot Dismission from said administration: It is therefore Ordered, l hat allpersons concerned shew cause, ii any they have, why said letters should not be granted at the Court ot ordinary to be held in and :or said county on thed Monday in January next, and it is fur'her ordered, that this Rule be published in terms ol the law. A true transcript from the minutes w f sale Court July 7; '1858 July 1 2- w6o E. G.RAIFORD, Ordinary. GEORGIA —Talbot County: IXJHEREAS, Johns Duncan applies to me V > leiters of administration on the estate ol Eliza* beth Duncan— . These are therefore to cite and admonish all ami singular the kindred and creditors of said deceased, to be and appear at my oflLewitniu the time pre scribed bylaw, then and there to shew cause, I auy they have) why saidletters should not be grante Given under my hand and official signature • SOU, S,pleo.ber, W** o)r o rtl.KT. ,l i MW-wtM.