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Columbus daily times. (Columbus, Ga.) 1858-1864, December 03, 1858, Image 3

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THE DAILY TIMES. , • THE CITY. Personal. Mr. George H. Shorter, the accomplished editor of the Montgomery Advertiser is spending a few days in this, his native, city. Theatre. There was a very fair attendance on Wednesday night, at Temperance Hall, to witness the perform ance of Mr. Fleming's Company in the Honey moon The cast of the characters was good and the audience was, apparently, well pleased. We were especially gratified to notice that decorous si lence, except on proper occasions, was preserved throughout the Hall. To-night the great play of Richard HI. will be performed, when the full strength of the Compa ny will be exhibited. Let no one who cun go lose the opportunity to witness this,the greatest of trag edies. The evening’s entertainment will be con cluded with the farce of “Rob Nettles.” ARRIVALS, December Ist., 1858. AT THE PLANTERS HOTEL: D F Cowan, Stewart Cos. Ga; T N Gibson, Talbotton, Ga ; M T McCrary, Geneva, Ga; T Mitchell, Macon Cos. Ala; M Harvey, J Harvey, Talbot Cos. Ga; T W Howard, Cusseta, Ga; J I. Rockmore, Upatoie, Ga: J M Carlton, E T Glenn, Auburn, Ala; II M Nixins, Macon, Ga : G M Jones, Ivy; M C Gilbert, J N Gilbert, Stewart Cos. Ha; T J Harvell, E V Me Grady, Preston, Ga; W L Jarrell, Richmond, Ga; DA Thompson, Ga; R T Dodson, Havana, Ga; J B Ilicky, Chattahoochee Cos. Ga; J Williford, J U ebb, Stewart Cos. Ga; A C Moreland, Russell Cos. Ala; G T Stovcll, Stewart Cos. Ga; J J Mc- Daniel, L M Holloway, Montgomery, Ala; F II Sapj), Jamestown, Ga‘: N W E Long, Cowikoc, Ala; B Drown, E C.Jlrowu, Stewart Cos. Ga; J M Hall, Warren Cos. Ga; M A Cooper, S C; D Hood, Muscogee Cos. Ga; It P Callier, Nash ville Tenn ; .T M Hogaman, Geneva, Ga; H G Spear, J S Wright, Cowikee, Ala; McComick Neal, Covington, Ga; C Stewart, J Stewart, J Gunn, F Gunn, Dallas Cos. Ala,; M Stallings, V r ileula, Ala; Miss M E Walker, Miss Lizzie Ilenfroe, Clinton Ga; Miss N Renfroo, Miss J Ren True, { Dover, Ala; C H Millard, Miss E J Jones, Miss B Jones, Mrs Fields, Mrs Bird, It II Haynos and Son, Mrs R 11 Haynes, Ckunncnug goe, Ala; E C Corbet, Cottage Mills, Ga: Wui Morton, Enon, Ala ; Mrs A J Walker, C A Rose and Lady, Ft Mitchell, Ala; F II Todd, Lafay ette, Ala; J B Griffin, Midway, Ala; L Pinniek, J Oachott, Barbour Cos. Ala: Edmund White, Slewart Cos. Ga; AT A Browning, Wynton, Ga; J Jolley, Miss; W Bellamy, Russell Cos. Ala; II Barfield and Servant, .J T Crawford, Ala; J L Smith, Marion Cos. Ga; Mrs C J Sheppard and child, Fla. Dec. 2, —A Smith, jAlrs D Green, Greonhill, Ga; J Wilcbar, Butler, Ga; N PMaruml, Talbot fon, Ga; W A Brown, Calhoun, Gaf*F L Hardi son Marion Cos, Ga; R J Harwell, Union Springs Ala; W H Howard, A F Howard, Harris Cos, Ga; 1111 McCrary, Geneva, Ga; J M Stark, A servt, Florence, Ga; M PI Heggie, Atlanta, Ga; E A Dozier, C B Hicklin, Warrior Stand Ala; T J Horn, Stewart co. Ga; M Tatum, Macon co. Ala; J G Stokes, Marion co. Ga; V II Johnson, Ham ilton Ga; J B Cole, Stewart co. Ga; J T Blount, Talbotton, Ga; J Robbins, Talbot co. Ga; Col. W Ragland, Talbotton Ga; S Pegg, Ala; J F Rush in, J/arion co. Ga; J Wilcher, J/arion co, Ga; II A Boynton, Lumpkin Ga; D W VYomble, Talbot co. Ga; J J Langham, J/acon co. Ala; B 11. Gard ner, Fla. II L B Jones, F C Callier, Talbotton Ga; A D Laughter, Madison Cos. Fla ; J C McSwan, D B McSwan, Macon Cos. Ala; R H Hammock. Mus cogee Cos. Ala; P E Riley, Taybor Cos. Ga ; E Collins, Lady and Son, Madison Cos. Ga; B J Neal, Ala; W A Dyson, 11 Jolley. J II Watts, Wilmington, N 0 ; D Stuikie, H C Sturkie, B F Archer, Russell Cos. Ala; W W Goolsbee, Cowikee, Ala; Airs S Benton, Mis3 Bellamy, Ft Mitchell, Ala; Airs Eubanks and Daughter, Yileula Ala; Airs J N Owens Russell Cos. Ala: A AlcGee, Spring Hill, Ga; J R Jones, Columbus Ga; J Whitehead, Lady and Son, N C; D Adams, Chat tahoochee Cos. Ga: G B Watson, Opelika Ala? R W Read, Columbus Ga. LIST OF LETTERS Remaining in the Post Office at Columbus, On. on the Ist of December 1858. Anderson. J C Knight, Wm Arnold, Nancy Ivircher, Mary Browning, Jas A Kent, Thos P Brannon, Mary Kein. P Branham, Mrs E Kirby, 8 S Bracken, Frank Kelton, Bancroft & Cos Braeewell, S T Little, James llraley, Jos Langton, W J Backer, C Weiek Leroy, B M Barnard, John Lockett, S IT Bell, FK Locket. Col E Byard, John Long, Peter Burton & Brown Lanier, Sydney Belisle, Mr Littleton, Miss At A Bricknell, Sam T Myrick, Thos N Cobb, L G Murron, Rich’ll Carv, Mrs S E Medloek. F Cook, S Miles, Wm Cook, WW Murphy, Pat Clark, E M McLeary, Miss F Clark, Edwin New ice, ,J M Clark, John It Owens, Joshua Clark, M C Payne, Robt. Cleghorn, Wm E Roland, Thos Clark, A B Renfroc, G M T Clark, Jos Reed, Robt Curtis, J A Robinson, Martha Childs, Marcus Robertson, Ben) Dowingin, Wm Rainger <fr Cos G Dozier, Miss F S Richardson, Wm M Davis, Geo 84 Solomon, Hardy Day, Mrs S A E Bpear & Height, Day: Mrs M F Smith, Crawford D.mford, Emeline’ Smith, Miss A C care of Chas Danford, Smith, Simeon Danforth, Polly Smith, G T Dasher, Wm H Smith, John Denson, B M Smith, Miss Mary Dinkins, Alpha Spearman, R T Duffers, A W Sayre, Milton Duffy, Jas Stephenson, Mrs S E Epstinc, P Sims, R H Fork, Martha Spencer. Wm R Fo.vil, Wm L Siren. Wm E Floyd, Miss M 0 Toombs, IV Greer, Miss S E Taylor, F C Gaston, Wiley 4 Thompson, Jas E Glenn, A J . Thornton, A L Grants, J M . Thomaston, F Guldens, Thos M Thompson, Ralph or Jas Galpin, Jas Taliaferro, John Gainers, Isaac Tooke, VV J Gibbs, B W Viekery, Miss Amelia Gilbert, Isaac Wilson. Amos S Gilpin, Miss Jane H Wood, Jas Holman. BJ Woodward; TV L Harris, Mary A T\ eld, Geo D Horn, Oscar Weir. Mrs Marg t Holmes, Miss M E Weair, Win Harmon, M E i nn * David Harrison. B K Whigham, Mrs A ft Hall, L W Whittelsey, Mrs Jos Harris, Jos H White, Henry Henly, M . White, John A Hisely, Mrs Ann White, J M Huff, Daniel Watford, GAS Huff, Mrs M R Williams, Michael Huskelta, Mrs Martha Wilkinson, J F Hurst, Geo Wagnon, W TV Hudgins, G C Wilson, T J Jernigan, J H Wadsworth. Wiley Jones, Wm A. Williams, W T Johnson, D S Williams, James] Jackson, H T Waddell,Jß Jenkins, Taos H Young, Williamson Persons calling for any of the letters on this list will please ask for advertised letters. H H. M. JETER, P.M. Columbuz, Gu Dw. 1,1858. IP FOR MAYOR. WE are authorized to announce WILLIS S. HOLSTED, a candidate for Mayor, at the ensu ing election. * ov 2sdid. FOR MARSHAL. ~ WE are authorized to announce WILLIAAI MAHAFFEi, a candidate for City Marshal, at the ensuing election. nov. 2 b, dtd. WE are authorized to announce JAMES M. H T li ES a candidate for City Marshal, at the ensuing election. nov27dte. FOR THE TIVIES. Messrs Edicors: — Aon will please announce me as a candidate for Marshall of Columbus, at the ensuing election to be held on the second Satur day in December. It is objected to me by some, that I have alrea dy an office on the railroad. But it should be re collected that I am a man of family and have chil dren growing up. My present position keeps me irom home nearly all my time, and thus my offi cial duties conflict with those which every father owes to his family. Married men, especially, will appreciate this reason for my desire to secure a station which will allowme to live at home. R. T. SIMONS. CITY TREASURER. JOHN LLOi'D announces himself as a candi date for the office of City Treasurer, and will be thankful lor the suffrages of his friends and fel low citizens. novJO dtde. The friends of ROBERT G. MITCHELL an nounce Lis name as a candidate for re-election as Treasurer of the City of Columbus, at the ensu ing municipal election for 1859. deel FOR DEPUTY AIARSHAL. WE are authorized to announce GEORGE A. lIUCKEBA, a erndidute for Deputy Marshal, at tbo ensuing election. - nov27dtd. WE are authorized to announce JACOB W. SHOUP a candidate for Deputy Alarshal, at the ensuing olection. 11th Dec. nov.27dtd. We are authorized to announce lIENRY RI LEY a candidate for re-election to the offico of Deputy Marshal, at the ensuing election. December 2 TAX RECEIVER. Wo are authorized to announce ISAAC T. BROOKS a candidate for the office of Receiver of Tax Returns for Aluscogee county, at the ensu ing election. nov23dwte We are authorized to announce J. B. HICKS, as a candidate for re-election to the office of Tax Receiver of Aluscogee county at the election in January next. novll—dwtd TAX COLLECTOR. AYE arc authorized to announce A. C. AIQli- RISON a candidate for Tax Collector of Musco gee county, at the ensuing election. nov23dwte AVe are authorised to announce JORDAN L. HOWELL, a candidate for Tax Collector of Alus cogee county for the ensuing year. Election first Monday in January next. CITY SEXTON. We are authorized to annnounce JAMES G. SMITH as a candidate for the office of City Sex ton at the election in December. nov23. /As?’ The friends of Edmund O’neal, Esq announcehis name as a suitable candidate for the office of Tax Collector of Chattahoochee county at the January election. novl2—wtd FRESH MALAGAR GRAPES, Just received by I. G. STRUPPER. AX^e. New Figs, Raisins, and Prunes in Fancy Boxes, and Nuts of all kinds, just received by I. G. STRUPPER. FIRE WORKS! A large lot of Fire Works including 100 Boxes Fire Crackers, Just received by Nov. 23—d6t I. G. STRUPPER. new” FRUIT & CONFECTIONERY STOB.E. (No. 8S Broad st.— opposite Redd Johnson’s.) W ISHES to announce that he H as f just received a fresh supply of Candies, K avvana Oranges, Lemons, Banannas, Northern Cabbage and Apples. P reserves, Jellies, Fruits, Vegetables, and Baltimore Cove Oysters in H ermetically sealed cans and jars;* E nglish Walnuts, Pecans, H. M. Almonds. Brazil and Cocoa Nuts; 1 1 ayer and Bunch Raisins, Prunes, Currants, Cit ron, Crackers; P ickles. Fresh Lobsters, Sardines, Pine Apple, E. W. and State Cheese; Superior Cigars of various brands, and fine Chewing and STnoking Tobaaco. TERMS CASH. No memoranda kept. novl3—d6m. FOR SALE, MA DESIRABLE RESIDENCE in Wynnton. Apply to Nov. 16—dtf. ED TV. T. SHEPHERD. STO\ r STOVES! JUST received and for sale, another large lot of Cooking, Office & Parlor -toves. 1 invite public attention to the following choice patterns iron WIZZARD (for wood) ] MELOPEON (wood.) GOLDEN COOK. “ VIOLET, EASTERN PREM. “ OPAL, PATRIOT, 44 WROUGHT Iron RELIEF, “ THEBAN, DOUBLE OVEN, (tor Coal) Cottage Parlor. •• PERUVIAN, for wood, | New Cottage Parlor. Also. Sheet Iron Office Stoves, different patterns. Box Stoves for Stores, &e. 44 Together with a full assortment of House Furnish ing Goods. Mv terms are reasonable, and all goods sold by me are warranted to give satisfactionor no sale. nov ; l3 _dtf R. M. ALDWORTH. ATLANTIC CABLE Suspended! AND MOHS’S OBIMEMAV2I CYLINDER POWER JOB PRESSES IN SUCCESSFUL OPERATION AT THE golumbus times OFFICE, Where all descriptions of JO B-W 0 R K is ueatlv and promptly executed. BINDING, IN ALL ITS BRANCHES substantially and elegantly done at short notice, ftt . the ’ TIMES OPFICE. Columhuz, G*.2Not. 27—<ltf. I NEW BOOT & SHOE STORE. A. C. SAUNDERS &, CO. Pj WOULD respectfully inform ! he citizens ot Columbus, and the j 1L counts surrounding, that they have taken the Store recently occupied u, Vi err v & Laudun, and are now ope nmg the Jargeft, ‘< st n.ade ai.dcheanest Stock ol BOOTS, SHOES & BROOANS i T o be found in the City. Inr I D kV iuP EXTE NSIVE FACTORIES OF UL K (JV\ N, and having made arrangements with ] the best factories in the United States, with 20 Tears experience in Memphis, Tennessee, we are j warranted m saving our siock will be SECOND TO NONE IN QUALITY, STYLE, AND El ONOMY ! O THE PURCHASER. Our fiocH compri-es m part— Men’s i hick Boots sizes Irom G to 14; Kip “ hall welted and double soled, “ Water Proof Boots; Napoleon Boots; Cavdlry do. Extra fine Water Proof Boots; “ Cork sole “ “ Finest peg’d pump and half well’d Cf Bools “ French Boots of Superior styie; “ Plantation Boots; “ Finest stitched French Calf Boots; “ “ Pump “ “ Arctic Boots; Also, Men’s Oxford Ties sewed and pegred; “ Congress Gaiters “ “ “ Calderons; “ Scott Ties; Men’s Cali Pegged Brogans, pumps and i welted; “ Sewed ‘t “ half “ Sen.:, Croat and Bufi Brosans “ Army and Plantation oboes. Men’s Wax, Kip £$ Bufi Brogans pegged, Pumps &, Welted. Men’s Gaiters, Slippers &c., of all the latest patterns. FOR LADIES. linest Kid &■ Morocco lace and Congress Boots, thick and thin soies, with and without heels. Finest silk warp lasting lace and Congress, do do Serge de Berre, do do do do Eugene, do do do do do Italian and English, do do do French arid Glove Kid, do do do “ Kid Heel Slippers. English Kid and Morocco do and half Gait ers. English Silk Lasting, do do do Velvet Toilet Slippers. Embroidered, do Women’s Common Thick heel ties of Kid, Mo rocco, Seal and Goal. Spring Heel ties and Buskins- Goat, Calf, Buff', Seal At, Kip lace Boots pegged and sev ed. Kin&. Calf Oxford Boots laced and strapped Spring heel Kip .Pegged lace Boots. I’OR BOYS. Boys Thick Boots, sizes 1 to 5. do do Brogans, do lto 5. do do Kip and Calf, do do pumps and hall welted.. Boys Calf and Kip Boois, welted and Double soled. FOR YOUTHS. Y outh’s Thick Boots, sizes 9 to 13. “ “ Brogans, do 9to 13. do do Kip do do do do Boots half welted and double soled. Youth’s Calf, do do do and do do do do Brogans pumps and half welted. FOR MISSES AND CHILDREN. Sewed Calf, Kid, Goat, Seal, Grain, Morocco arid Buff B otees thick and thin sole, witn and without heels. Pegged Cali, Goat, Seal, Grain, Morocco and Bufi Bootees, thin and taiek soles, with and with out heels. Fine Kid Ties and Budkins ; Common Kid Morocco, Seal and Goat Ties Silk Lasting, Kid and Morocco Gaiters with and without heels. Kid, Morocco and silklastinglace Boots, do. do. Strapped Slippers. Children’s Congress Heel Gaiters. FOR PLANTERS. The largest, best made, and cheapest stock of HESIQ SHOES EVER BROUGHT TO CO GUMBOS, Among them are, Round and Lap Seam, Doublo Braced, Double Soled Brogans, from 1 to 15. Round Seam Triple Si itched Iron Nailed Bro gans. Round seam, Three Soled Brogans- Oak BopoTns, Russet’s and other kinds ranging in price from sl.lO upwards. If any of our goods do not. prove a9 represen'ed by us, we will make the deficiency good to the purchaser. £0 oUN TJ?Y74 EE CI3 ANTS , TEA I> j£!lS, PEDDALIW, <fcc., We can offer goods at Boston and New York prices, By giving us a call you can save from 15 to 20 per cent on your bills. Taking the quality of our g<<odsinto considera tion, we are to be undersold by no one Norfh, Souih, East or West. We have made arrangements to receive ail new’ styles irom factories of any note in the United States as soon as introduced, and shall be receiv ing fresh goods every week from ocr own Fac tories. A. C. SAUNDERS & CO., Oct 15..w&dtf 102 Broad Street. • COLUMBUS 13H.n0 , THE subscribers take pleasure in informing m their customers and all interested in the purchase of Drugs, Medicines, White Lead. Oils, &.C., to their large and varied assort ment of articles usually Hold by Druggists, which they are now offering on as reasonable terms, as can be found in this city; and to those who prefer buying for cash we would say, call, and they will find it to their inteiest to purchase from us. Every article sold by us warranted to be as represented. DANFORTII, NAGLE & CO., Wholesale and Retail Druggists, Sign of the Golden Mortar, No. IU7, Broad St. Columbus, Ga. Nov. 18, 1858. dwtf “FRESIfSUPPLiES OF ■\ T EW Hulled Buckwheat, _LM Family Flour—A Choice Article; HIRAM SMITH FLOUR, Choice Goshen Butter, English Diary Cheese, Best State Cheese, Pine Apple Cheese. Cranberries, White Beans, Large Hominy, Potatoes, Onions, Pickled Beef. Pickled Pork, Smoked Beef, Smoked Tongues, 100 Bushels Sweet Potatoes, Just received by VAN MARCUS. Colmnbus, Ga. Nov. 6, 1858.—dtf To Rent, TWO STORES, now fitting up at 34 Broad Street Apply at this office. nov*2o dtf. WANTED, A N Overseer for a force of eighteen hands in South J\. Western Georgia. He must be sober, industrious and honest, and must furnish a recommendation of his character in ail three respects. A married man would be preferred, but his family must be small. Apply in person at this office. Novi—wtf. FALL STOCK OF FURNITURE, CAEPETTINU, AND CURTAINS, NOW OPE NINO AT SAMMIS & ROONEY’S, COLUMBUS. GA. Celumbu#, G,. Ott.6, 1858. FOR RENT, THE Store formerly occupied bv B. & G. Stem, un tier Warren’s Arcade. Appiy at i Nov. 23—dll’ AMERICAN WATCHES T IN GOLD AND SILVER CASES, Purple’s old Stand, Jone’s New Building, 4S Columbus, Georgia. <**!•*■ iSS Oct. 30 —d\ytf T. S. SPEAR. COTTON, COTTON, COTTON! CtOT’ON is iow selling at a ood I rice, and ir tie / notes and acct-unis pan fine t->.( l unis &. Cos. are not soon paid, suits w; ] be instituted indiscrim inately. A word to the. wise t mi ftp-tent. * Oci 14—n&du. J ENMs&CO NOW OPENING^ AT DILLINffIf \M & DENSON S FURNITURE STORE, A LARGE STOCK OF CASPBTINGS, • TtTTGSi, MATS BASKETS, &c. Columbus, October 23. d&wtf. A LARGE ANI> FRESH SUPPLY OF LANER.ETB’3 GARDEH SEEDS, .lust received and for sulc bv nov27—d&w BROOKS & CHAPMAN. Suu and Enquirer please copy. CARKHGE EllPOllim J 3 JAQTJES & BROTHER, OPPOSITE THE “PERRY HOUSE COLUMBUS, GA j’jap-’Ki? THE subscribers have on hand and wili constantly keep a large and wen selected stock of Carriages of ail de scrjptions, embracing CALECHES, mock CALECHES, BAROUCHES, ROCK A WAYS, Shifting Leather Top and No Top Buggies, Wagons, &c. We feel confident in stating to the Public that we can offer as Good Woiuv and at lower prices than can be found elsewhere for Cash or approved Credit. Cash Purchasers will cfo well to give us a call, as we are determined to dispose of our present Stock, at a very small advance for Cash. All who favor us with a call may rely on being fairly dealt with. All work sold at this Establishment warranted to be strictly as represented. In connection with the above Establishment we keep constantly employed competent mechanics in the RE PAIRING Business and its branches. Persons indebted to the above firm by notes or ac counts past due are requested to call anil settle irnme kiately. Columbus Nov. 1 1858.—<11 y NEWBOOKS; mialstm/ THE Courtship of Miles Standishbv fl &js Longfellow; Vernon Grove, or'llearts as they are, by a Southern Lady. The K. N. Peppers; Bessie Mellville, a Sequel to the Little Episcopalian; Lectures to Children, by Rev. John Tood; ALSO, A NEW SUPPLY OF Quits; Initials; Timothy Titcomb’s Letters to young People; True to the Last or Alone on a wide, wide Sea. bv A. S. Roe. At nov22—wdtf J W. PEASE & CLARK’S Book Store. if. s. Attorney ett Being a Graduate of Law of the University of Vir ginia, respectfully tenders his services in all the branch es of the profession. J]77 => Ofiice up Stairs, over No. 28 Broad Street, Columbus, Ga. November 6, 1858. dly 1858 FALL STOCK. 1858 J. H. MERRY LAS removed his store to No. L-AYi 87 West side Broad Street, 1 door north oi* Redd, Johnson A Co.'s, where he is now receiving a large supply of Fall and Winter Clothing ! For GEN 1 \S, YOUTH’S and Children’s wear Also, a large Assortment of GENT’S BURNISHING GOODS* Together with every article usnaly kept in a Clothing Store. All of which will be sold on as good terms as are afforded in the City. Columbus, Ga. Oct. 15- dw3m BEDELL & Y/EEMd \yiiolsale aiid Iletnll GROCERY DEALERS, ®©iysio[B®3 m®+ VVILL teep constantly on hand a well selec ted Stock comprising all articles in their ime, which are offered to their riends and the public generally at the LOW ESI MARKET TRI CES. Give us a call. LOCK WEEMS. A. G. BEDELL, Columbus, Ga. Dee. 22. wtwtf. , FOR SALE. s nf THE residence al piesont occupied by fißKSifa the Rev. Vlr V att. >o tosiuj Vlr Slade’s I f"6KS *==!=£ possession given the 1.-t Ja.. m x>. Also two vacant lots adjoining, witn the store on Bruad street iNo 34, at present occupied by O Michael as a Furniture store, poses-ion given the first ot October. The above property wi.l tip rented *f □ot sold. ri BOYlvLj\’ Gx. Sept 24, d—tf. or I'GiiOLF DBS. GRIMS3 & WINGFIBLD, H .vVE e i the tu-dv^t. ~i her in the Sipradeeo? itlsdi .ine and Surgery.— ..alia left at W T ire &. ■> > i) u g and,, ire uu iug tae day, or Perry H ai night’ wol be pr niptly answered. Pi neats ir >u a confidel to tlie rcare wilt ra j tve tv- rj lace-m ry attention. s. p2S <!3 n NO TIC id. THE undersigned invites proposals until the 15th December next, for the building of a BAPTIST CHURCH in this city. Plan and specifications an he seen by bidders, at the office of Thomas J. Nuckolls in Jones’ Building. For any information on the sub ject, address *N. NUCKOLLS, Ch’n. Columbus, Nov. 16, ISsS—dim. MATRESSES. A N excellent article of Cotton, or Shucks and Cot xY ton mixed, and all Shucks for under Matresses.— Call and see them before purchasing an Inferior article elsewhere. For sale by J. H. SIKES, nov9—dtf • 30 Broad Street. W. H. SAYRE. A. H. WHITE. “SAVKE & WHITE, Commission Hlerdmnfs, AND DEALEBSIN Pork, Bacon. Lard, Flour Butter, CHEESE, DRIED FRUIT, &c. 69W almit St root ©33!ii©J39S9A?^@i}33©. Particular attention will be given to the Purchase and Shipment of all descriptions of Western Produce, and articles of Cincinnati Manufacture. November 9, ISSB. dlmw6iu. CARPENTERS WANTED. T.YT’AXTED. on or before the 25th of this month, t V eight or ten good Negro Carpenters, for whom good wage* wiii be given. Applv to the undersigned. A H. TARING TON. tawa •priftf*, Ale- Nev. II a*r3tlni LOOK 1 LOOKI Startling Intelligence for Vox Populi ! WILXaIAMS^ PCTUnE GALLERY hi FULL BLAST. I HE undersigned announces to the citizens of Co lumbus, and in tact to all Georgia, that he is now taking Pictures in as good styie as they can be taken in the “Empire Stale,” either by a foreign or nateve ar tist. ilia range from that much despised sum — fitcY cents to ten douars. And although he does not pretend to say that he is the best artist in the United States, yet he fears not the result of a comDarison with those whose reputation is bolstered up by long adver tisements anil putts of their own manufacture. He prefers that ladies and gentlemen should judge for themselves. And if those in want of a good Picture will call and give him a trial, he will convince them that he luliy understands the modus operand* of picture taking. Ail he wants is a fair and impartial trial, and he tears no competition from any quarter. His Gallery is over Barnard’s Store. Broad Street, where he will be happy to receive visitors and show them liis specimens at ail times. „ , , G. T. WILLIAMS, Nov, b —4md Photographic Artist. FUJI 8 A Li, UK IiENL ~ FROM the 25th of December next, the House and Lot at present occupied by l)r. *3g§ Boswell, on Troup Street, fronting the Baptist -p -w Church Lot. Apply to Nov 10—dtf JAS. M. EVERITT. A. VELATR Land) Manulacluter & CuttfecioEei, WHOLESALE AND UETIAL DEALER IN GREEN & DRY FRUITS, IMFOf.TED AND CCMESiiC CIGAF.S. No 20 Broad st, Columbus, Georgia ORNAMENTED PARTY CAKES—Country orders will meet with prompt attention. Nov. 3, 1853. dlSxn. RICHARDSON’S IRXSIT LINENS, DAMASKS, DIAPERS &e. /'CONSUMERS of Richardson’s Linens, and those cfe- V.’ sirous of obtaining the GENUINE GOODS.should see that tlie articles they purchase are sealed with the full name of the firm, as a guarantee of the soundness and durability of the Goods. This caution is rendered essentially necessary, as large quantities of interior and defective Linens ar w prepared, season after season, and sealed with tlie name ot RICHARDSON, by Irish Houses, who, regardless of the injury thus inflicted alike on tlie Ame rican consumer ami the manufacturers of the genuine goods, will not readily abandon a business so profitable while purchasers can be imposed on with goods of a worthless character. J. BUI.LOCKE & J. B. LOCKE, nov. 16 —dly. Agents 36 Church Street, IS. Y. Sv-li Ih-C AiAlj itULlAjj&f -r,rvftT )§? RiE. yfe’crHlSKLy “00 MACIbLIAWHiSKEY.” ‘f HE undersigned offer for sale the above standard * brand of PURE RYE WHISKEY, of their own distillation in barrels and half barrels. The quality of this Whiskey, known so favorably in the South forthe past eight years, will always be kept up to its former high standard, and purchasers and consumers can rely upon its being a perfectly pure Rye Whiskey, distilled under our own personal supervision, and entirely free from deleterious substances, which often render Whis kies so objectionable. In addition to the above, we have on hand in New York, as well as Philadelphia, perhaps the largest stock of fine Rye Whiskies in the United Stares, and are enabled to ship goods from eith er city direct to any Southern point. The above Whiskies are alt from our own distilling, from selected grain, and are constantly improving by age; and we offer them to the trade from first hands upon the most liberal prices and terms. FREEMAN <fc SIMPSON, Phoenix Distillery. No. 1 y South From Street, Philadelphia, and Oct. 20dly 60 Wall Street, New York. Sale. A comfortable Dwelling House ann Lot, :/ containing one acre of land, situated on the ■A A Alabama side of the Chattahoochee River, on ‘ -- the road leading from the New Bridge towards Salem, Ala., and about one half mile west of said Bridge. Any person desiring to purchase a comforta ble and quiet home, will be offered a bargain in this place. Apply to MOSES & LAWES, nov. I—dtl Columbus, Ga. NOTICE. ’ pfiE Copartnership of ’ larke ‘lverson, in the X Drug Business in this city, -vas dissolved on the 18th inst. by the death ol isamuel D Ciaike The business will continue to be carried on by ihe undersigned on his individual account, at the Eagie Drug j>tore, 93 Broad Street. JOHN F. IVERSON. Columbus, Ga., Oct. 21, 1838. dii Ml. S. W. (DUMB, PROFESSOR OF MUSIC _ . THANKFUL lor past and present fsSSfeSa fa'v ois,w ou Id respectful]} give not let nTm W ft that he continues to give instructioi * * II •ui Vocal an 1 instrumental music. Appucatioi.s received at Cartel’s music Store. Sept* 7- d.-m* TOBACCO AGENCY, ~~ COLUMBUS, GEORGIA. ELL.IS & M A T II IS. AGENTS FOR THE SALE OF MANUFACTURED tobacco, ; |_| VK ou uandano w l continue to receive di lli reel FROM URST CLASS MANL'FACTU KIKRI | a large supp yot a 1 grades T >i>i; vn c,i theywii 1 BtlliOthetade iu Factory Prices, expense.- i onlv go (led. j trs?° • raders wiii do well to cad beiore buyin Isewi.era. ept’- w&d3 mis DRY GOODS AT AUCTION, BY HARRISON & PITTS. 117 E now have instore aid are daily receiv VV mg from New Y rk, a line assortment o’ first class Si’Al LE A lAm Y DRV guOLS, AND FANCY ARTICLES Which w’e will offer at Audio>t and Private Salt ihruugh the ttason.and io which we invite the ‘attention of our friends and the pubhc generally. The stock consists in part of the following arti- cle , viz: Prints of every style, White B-illiante, Mu-lin de Laines, Robes a Les, de Laines a’Quille 1 Valencia Flounced Kobes, Cashmeres, Flam and Figured Alpaccas, Ginghame, White and Red Flannels, Li dseys; C-loths. Cassimeres, Sattinets. 1 weeds, Kentucky Jeans, Keystone and Morse Plaids, Aiienda e Sheetings, Irish Linens, Blank ets, Bed Ticking, Bleached Domestics, Towels, Linen Table Ci >ths, Linen and Cotton Table Diaper, Linen Napkins, Linen Cambric and Bor dered ti’d’kis, Apron ( h-cks, Hoes and Hub Hoes, Shirts Merino, and Cotton Net Shirts, Razors, Table aod Pocket Cnttlery, Needle.-. Spo >1 Thread, Fancy Soap-, P t r umeiy, Percus sion Gaps, Letter Paper, Envelops, and a great many articles too tedious to mention. Our first first sale ol the season will take plan at 7fo clock on Tue-day Night next, the 42th inst.. to be continued every night throughout the winter. We will also have one or two day saleseach week. All goods offered at Auction guarantied as rep resented or no sale. HARRISON 7 <fc PITTS. E‘ J. Pinckard, Auctioner. 59 and 61 Broad Street, Columbus. Oct. 8, ’SB dtf. Book Binding EXECUTED in superior *tyi* at the offle* of fc “ Qoiumba* Tim#*,' * *W SWAN & CO.’S LOIIIRIES Triumphant! Capital Prize tickets only ten dollars The following scheme will b drawn by 9. 9WAN oc CO., Managers of the Sparta Academy Lottery, in each ot their Single Number Lotteries tor, Detender, 1656, at Avgusta, Ga., in public under the superinten dence of Comuiissionera. Cl wise 40 draws Saturday, Dc 4,1858. Qlass4l draws SSaturda), Dec 11. 1808. CGss 42 draws Saturday, Dec. 18, 1858 Class 43 draws Saturday, Dec. 25, 1858 On the Plan of single Numbers. fO.OOO T-CKLTS- 5,510 rfiIZES. NEARLY ONE PRIZE TO EVERY NINE TICKETS Magnificent Scheme! To he drawn every Saturday in December. 1 Prize of 1 “ 21000 1 “ 10,000 1 “ 4,1.00 ’ 3,000 I “ 1,500 10 “ 1,000 10 “ I O.Mi 10 “ ■ too 10 “ 700 10 “ 000 50 “ 600 50 “ 3tHi 100 “ 17. 225 “ 100 APPROXIMATION PRIZES. 4 P. ,25 t) of a *OO Approx’g to $5 ,000 Prize are 1,600 4 “ HuO “ Si.uti “ i ,>oo ■* “ 4 • 2-> u 5.000 n 9 0 4 “ 200 “ 4,000 “ 8 0 4 “ lit! “ 3,0t0 “ 600 5 ‘ 100 “ 1,5(0 “ 20 re.... SI(HI,OH> 5,.)10 THzos an onnti e t<* |> Whole Tickets SlO. Halves $5. Quarters $2.50. A Circular showing the Plan of the Lotteries will be sent to any one desirous of receiving it. Certificates of Packages will be sold at the following rates which is the risk: Certificates of Package of 10 Whole Tickets, SBO “ “ 10 Half “ 40 “ 10 Quarters “ 20 “ “ 10 Eighth “ 10 IN ORDERING TICK 1-18 oh ct hTIFIUDI S Enclose the money to our address for the tickets or dered, on receipt of which they will be forwarded by first mail. Purchasers can lftivc tickets ending in any figure they may designate. last of Drawn Numbers and Prizes will Jie sent to purchasers immediately after the Drawing. Purchasers will please write their signatures plain, and give their post otlice, county and State. Remember that every prize is drawn, and payable in tuli without deduction. All prizes of SI,OOO and under, payable immediately after the drawing, other prizes at tlie usual time of 30 days. All communications strictly confidential. Address orders for Tickets or Certificates to S. SWAN & CO., Augusta, Ga. Persons residing near Montgomery, Ala., or Atlanta, Ga., can have their orders filled anil save time by ad dressing 9. Swan & Cos. at either of these cities. A list of the numbers that are drawn from the wheel with the amount of the prize that each one is entitled to, will be published after every drawing in the follow ing papers: —-Augusta (Ga ) Constitutionalist: Anr Or leans Delta; Mobile Heg-ister; Mashrille Gazette, Atlanta Intelligencer; JSew York lieekly Day Hook; SavanhaJt Daily Aews; Richmond Dispute*; A w York Dispatch; baulding (J\liss.) Clarion, and Little Rock (dirk.) True Democrat. ADMINISTRATOR’S SALE.—WiII be sold at Fort Gaines, Ga.. on Ist Tuesday in February next to the highest bidder, four Negroes to wits Kitty a wo man 40 years olU; Maria a woman 20 years old, and her children John 8 years old, and a child 2 years old, as the property of Win Toney, deceased, ItOBT. G HICKS, W TONEY, | Adm ra November 29,1858 —wtds. FOR SALE ON accommodating terms, several desirable dwell ings. Apply to JOHN McCARTY. Columbus, Oct. 26. d2m \I lIITE AND YELLOW ONION SETTS, Just Y> received and for sale by Nov. 15—dwtf BROOKS & CHAPMAN. ■ l. *• i sl,i\ $ THK CEr.RP.It ATED HOLLAND RBMKDT FOR SYSFIfSIA, mSEASE OF THE KIDNEYS, LIVER COMPLAINT, VEAKXESS OF ANT KIND, AW'D -ACUE. And the various affections consequent upon a diseased STATE OF THE LIVER. Such as Indigestion, Acidity of the Stomach, Colicky Pains, Heartburn, Loss of Appetite, Despondency,Cos tivenes, Blind and Bleeding Piles. In all Nervous, Rheumatic and Neuralgic Affections, it has in numer ous instances proved highly beneficial, and in others ef fected a decided cure. This is a purely vegetable compound, prepared on strictly scientific principle*, after ihe manner of the celebrated Holland Professor, Boerhave. Because of its great success in most of the European States, its in troduction into the United States was intended more especially for those of our fatherland scattered here and there over the face of this mighty country. Meet ing with great success among them, I now offer it to the American public, know ing that its truly wonderful medicinal powers must be acknowledged. It is particularly recommended to those persons whose constitutions may have been impaired by the continuous use of ardent spirits, or other forms of dis sipation. Generally instantaneous in effect, it finds its way directly to the seat of life, thrilling and quickening every nerve, raising up the drooping spirit, and in fact infusing new health and vigor in the system. N OTICE.- Whoever expects to find this a beverage will be disappointed; but to the sick, w eak, and le w spirited, it will prove a grateful aromatic cordial, pos sessed of singular remedial properties. CA V T IO N ! The great popularity of this delightful aroma has in duced many imitations, which the public should guard against purchasing. Be not persuaded to buy anything else until you have given Boerbave’s Holland Bitters a fair trial. One bottle will convince you how infinitely superior it is to all these imitations. Sold at 81 per bottle, or six bottles for 85, by the SOLK PROPRIETORS, BENJAMIN PAGE. J1I.& CO. MANUFACTURING Pharmaceutists and Chemists. PITTSBURGH, PA. For sale in Columbus by Brooks Sc Chapman, and by druggists generally throughout the .States. # April 24, 1-58.—lydwis. ItKWTIRE. JH. SIKES, respectfully returns bis -t# thanks to his friendsfor past favors and l*egs leave to remind them of the &tSSt3, Get that he is still at his old business and stand 36 Rroad street, where he will be glad to see his old customers, and as many new ones as arei w'Uing to -:ve him a trial. Nlattrasse* in ary quantity for sale cheap Re pairing of every de-crip'ioi ..f Furntture den - at ince.andin the neates 1 style. Particular att* ntion given to upholstering t h irch Pews, Cushion* of all kinds. Oct. 8, wd tf. ■wXisrTEr>, CORDS WELL SEAtONSD PIN* WOO* t/U Appply t thto *•*• lf