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Columbus daily times. (Columbus, Ga.) 1858-1864, December 04, 1858, Image 1

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R. ELLIS & Cos., Proprietors, volume VI. THE COLUMBIA DAILY TIMES Is published every morning (Sundaysexcepted.) at Six Dollars per annum, in advance Sev en Dollars it not paid before the expiration of the year. THE COLUMBUS WEEKLY TIMES Is published every TUESDAY MORNING. at Two Dollars per annum,strict iy in advance. Office on Randolph Street, opposite the Rost Office. ADVERTISING RATES. Advertisements of five lines or less in either the Daily or Weekly Times, will he inserted at 50 cents lor the first insertion and 25 cents tor each subsequent insertion. Advertisements exceeding five lines will be charged 10 cents for the first, and five cents per line tor each subsequent insertion. Displayed advertisements will be charged for the space they occupy. The following are ti;o contracting rates change aule at pleasure: WEEKLY RATES. „ , : IT j ta : 60 i j M No. of | 3 2 1 i3'2 3 C O CO— 3D. 33 airs. , F ~ s- Ia- 3. 3- CD CD CO 03 [fi 1 250 400 1 5 50 10 00> 15 00 20 00 2 I 500 800 If 00 20 00 25 00 30 00 3 75011 00 14 50 25 00, 35 00 40 00 4 10 00 15 00 19 00 30 00 : 40 00 50 00 5 i 12 00 17 00 20 00’ 40 (Ml 50 00 GO 00 fi.... 15 00 20 00 ! 25 Of)! 50 Uo| 60 00 7o 00 7 , 17 00 25 00 I 30 00 GO 00 70 00 80 00 H 20 00 3) 00 40 0G 1 70 <)0 80 00 90 00 10 25 00 40 00 50 00’ 80 00 90 00100 00 DAILY RATES. t—i L3 CO O c-ii No, of 3 2 2 5 3 3 0.0 o o I o 3 I 3 a = a 33 S( i rS - j J or f I ? ? S . rji U 1 <Ji SO CC 1.. 500 700 900 13 00 ]7 Ou 2 00 2 9 00! 12 00 14 00 J 8 00| 25 00 30 00 3 12 00 15 00 18 00 25 00 33 00 40 00 1 jls 00; 19 0 22 00 30 00 400., 50 00 5 18 00 25 00 30 00 40 00 50 00 60 00 6.. 20 00, 28 00 35 09 50 0 60 00 70 00 7 25 001 33 00 41 00 60 0 j 70 00 80 00 8.. .. 30 00 38 00 46 00 70 0” 80 00 90 00 10 j4>0n50006000 80 00 90 00 100 00 Sales of Land and Negroes, by Admmisira tors, Executors and Guardians, are required by law to be held on the first Tuesday in the month between the hours of ten in forenoon and three in the afternoon, at the Court House indie county in which the property is situate. -Notices of these'sales must be given in a public gazette torty days previous to the day of sale. Notice for the sale of Personal property must be given at least ten days previous to the day of sale. —p Notice to Debtors and Creditors of an Estate must be oublished forty days. Notice that application will be made to the Court of Orlinary for leave to sell Lanu or Ne groes, must be published weekly for two months. Citations/or Letters of Administration must be published thirty days—for Dismission from Ad ministration, monthly six months —for Dismission from Guardianship, forty days. Rule3 tor Foreclosure of Mortgage must be published monthly for four months —tor estao fishing lost papers for the full space of three months—for compelling titles from Executors or Administrators, where a bond has been giv m by the deceased, the full spaced three months. Publications will always be continued ac cording to these, tne legal requirements, unless otherwise ordered. TIDIES ©@©L& MM) d©® PRINTING OFFICE, Randolph Street, Columbus, Georgia. j , \VING in successful operation one of HOE LX & CO.’S CYLINDER PRESSES RUNNING BY STEAM, We are prepared toexeeute, at short notice, every description of BOOK AND JOB PRINTING, in unsurpassed style, as cheaply as can be done anywhere in the South. We have on hand a large variety of N E W JOB TYPE, and shall keep a constant sup ply of PLAIN AND FANCY PAPER, CARDS, Ac. Our facilities for turning off this kind of work, wph promptness and despatch, will make it gieat ly to the interest of persons in want of POSTERS, HANDBILLS, CIRCULARS, PAMPHLETS, DEEDS, BONDS, DECLARATIONS, BANK CHECKS, BILLS OF LADING, LETTER HEADS, BILL HEADS, DRAY RECEIPTS, BLANK NOTES, CATALOGUES, LABELS, WAYBILLS, Blanks of every description, &c. &c. Also RAILROAD AND STEAMBOAT Blanks. J Give us a call. , . This Department of our office is under the su perintendence of Mr- D. S. Porter, whose long experience and acknowledged reputation a* a Job Prmter are a sufficient guarantee that all work entrusted to his care will be executed withe. now in connection with the office a complete and having recently secured the services of Mr'-E M. Clark (late of Philadelphia,) in this branch oj our business, we pledge ourselves to give the most perfect satisfaction in the manufacture oi Ledgers, Account Books, Dockets, Court R ecords. Steamboat and Rail Road Blank Books, &c, We intend not to he outdone in the style and finish of our work, in either department, by any establishment South, and that we maybe able to make our prices satisfactory, we have adopted R. ELLIS* CO. wnammv * a " mas "^ r ™ “*■'” 111111 WWW ■! ——f -TW-TTrai 111 I I lr\o 180 SißirYObSlf ATTORNEY JA T L A W, HAMILTON C4A. Will practice in the counties of ‘Harris, Musco* gee, Talbot, Merriwether and Tr up. Part.eular attention will be paid to collections. October B—w Yd 1 y. HOWARD & WEEMS, A T T O R KEYS A X L AW, CRAWFORD, ALA. ROBERT N. HOWARD. WALTER II- WEEMS Crawford, Ala., Juneß—wtwtf. w. S. JOHNSON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. C U S S E T A, Chattahoochee Comity, (ia. Hves attention to the practice in Ohat tlahooclice u adjoining counties, ap 26—wt„. ly* WILLI AMTAY LOU, attorney at law, Uuthbert, Randolph County, Georgia. VAf ILL practice in the counties of Randolph, Calhoun, Terrell, Early, Clay, Baker, Dougherty, Miller and Stewart. REFERS TO Wellborn, Johnson & Sloan, Attorneys at Law, Columbus, Georgia. All business intrusted to his care will receive immediate attention. June 6, 1858—wtw t! Marion bethune, A TTO RN E Y A T L A W, TALBOTTON, Taibot County, Ga >ctober24th, 1856. wtwtf. 1 BAUGH & SLADE ATTORNEYS AT LAW, COLUMBUS , GEORGIA. XTT ILL practice law in Muscogee ant! th,- adjoin TT iug qounues of Georgia and Alabama, rST Office over Bank <>f Columbus, Broad St. ROBBRT BAUGH. J. J. SI.ARK. Columbus.(,a. March 27 1857. wiwtf MOSES & LA WES, . ATTORNEY’S AT LAW, COLUMBUS, GEORGIA. ftT’Offico next door to the Post Office. R. J. MOSES, WILLIAM A LAWES- Sept. 21st—if. W. F LEE, !>. I). sT DSHXAL SURGEON, OFFICE corror ot Broad and Randolph Streets, Columbus Georgia. Dec. 17, 1856—w&twtf J- FOGLE & SOM.’ DENTISTS, Office on Randolph Street, near Broad, Colum bus, Ga. Columbus, May 9,1857. wtwtl FOR fcALE. THE Subscriber nas on hand a few STILLS for uiauuu .’luring Peach Brandy or Whir hy, which hewii'-’ very low. ALSO, Tin, Sheet Iron and Japan Ware, every description, w icf can be bought at the lowes rates, oneon sh “l uotlc and'./, liberal terms. J. B. HICKS,Agent, julylS v st Next toor below “Sans Souci” Rro ad-street. Bacon! Bacon! WE Lave now onhand and willbe constantly re ceiving, Prime Tennessee Bacon —Hams, Side and Shoulders, which we will sell at .helowesiComs “iSSSr E. BARNARD A CO. A GREAT BARGAIN! rpHE Subscribers, having now purchased the 1 entire pro perty of the Coweta balls Manu facturing Company, offer the same for sale, it is one of the best situations lor Milling and Manu facturing purposes in the whoie country, and will bo sold on long credits, and the most liberal terms. Titles of Warrantee will be made. SEABORN JONES, PAUL J. SE>l VIES, JOHN L. MUST!AN, June 10. —wtwtf JAMBS vV vVARREV wfimßT&lws piper, OF ALL SIZES AXD Jf ALi flEb. FOH !■£ AT Rock Island Paper Mill Office, IN FRONT OF PALACE MILLS. TKR.IWS <1 ASH. inneffiwtwtl A CARD. HAVING withdrawn from the firm of HUGHES DANIEL <Sr, CO., I cheerfully recommend them to all our former patrons, and thopublic rpHE Subscribers will continue under the same X name and style—a .general STORAGE & COMMISSION BUSINESS AT THE FONTAINE & LOWELL FIRE-PROOF WAREHOUSES. Thankful for the past liberal patronage of or friends, we solicit its continuance, and pledge out , individual exertions to plea.-e all who may entrusr their business to us. We are prepared to graut usual facilities to our customers HUGHES, DAN lEL & CO.. Wm. H. Hushes, Wm. Daniel, Wesley C. Houses. Aug. 5. tt | THE subscriber is now manufacturing the real I Irish Poteen Whiskv, at bis place one and a half miles irom Columbus, which he warrants to be pure and genuine, and egual to the best Poteen Whisky manufactured under ground in Ireland ] Apait ‘from its being a healthy and pleasant be verage, it is an excellent remedy tor Golds, Diarrhoea, Worms, &e. For sale by the bottle at Brooks & Chapman’? Drug Store, at bramll &• Co’s by the drink or otherwise, and by the gallon ! a tS A. BR ANNAN’ STATES, AND THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE STATES. COLUMBUS, GEORGIA. SATURDAY, DECEMBE ; 4 ISSB DRUGS, DRUGS, DRUGS, BROOKS & CHAPMAN, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DRUGGISTS, SIGN OF THE NEGRO if MORTAR, COLUMBUS, GEORGIA. Have on hand,and are constantly receiving a large and well selected stock 01 DRUGS, ME ICINEg, CUE Ml ALS, DENTAL AND SURGICAL IN -BTRU.II ENTS, PAINTS, OiL, DYE STUFFS, And all other articles pertaining to their busi iness, which they offer at the lowest prices, and warrant them liesh and genuine. FAMILY MEDICINES, As we:l as Phy.sicianjs bills, put up with neatness and dispatch. Prescriptions accurately prepared at all times oi ihe day and night. FANCY GOODS, [UBIN’S Handkerchief Extracts, fine Cologne _A Waters fi .e Soaps and pomades, also -Hair and Too h Brushes ot English and French manu facture. Sold by BROOKS A. CiiAPM AN. Sept. 23. d— tf BRANDIES AND WINES. FOR Medicinal and culinary purposes. Sold by BROOKS & CHAPMAN. ‘ Sept. 23 d—tf. POBTEE AND ALE. SOLD by BROOKS & CHAPMAN. Sspt, 23. d—tf. TOBACCOAND SEGARS. SOLD by BROOKS & CHAPMAN. Sept. 23. (I—tf. BURNING FLUID. SOLD by - BROOKS tf CH APM AN. cep 23 d—tf GREY POTASH. [N jars or otherwi.-e. Sold by BROOKS & CHAPMAN. LEAD AND’ OILS. Union White L ad, Linseed Oil, Sperm Oil, Whale Oil, Lard Oil. Neatsfoot Oil, Train Oil, &c. Sold by BROOKS &CMA PM AN. St pi.. 23 and tl 1000 AGEES of” Flint River Lands, for Sale. THE undersigned being desirous ot wind j&slp!Ling up their business, offer for sale, on any to suit purchasers, a valuable- seltle mentof One Thousand Acres of Laiui, lying on the West side of the Flint River, ten miles north ot Oglethorpe, and ten miles ’’south > of Key noids. Two hundred acresot this settlement is cum ber oiiepine land, the balance (800 acres) entirely dated by the River than* any~~nrtirA 1 tL it ‘uAw. iliiliilir in Macon county, and will doubtless make from Goto of corn per acre, and from 1500 to 2000 lbs of cotton. There are 80 acres 01 pine land, and 15 of Swamp cleared and in astute of cultiva tion. Water, health and society cannotbe excelled in South YVesterr Georgia. Apply to COOK U MONTFORT, .Tulvli —w&twtf. at Oriefhorpe.Oa. FIFTY NEGROES WANTED. A , HAVING made our arrangements for fthe Fail trade, we desire to purchase 50 or Sixty Likely Negroes, of good character, consisting of yonog men, women, plough boys,and giris, for whom the higaest marketplace will be paid. Pers:ns ha ving negroes for sale willfind it to their interest to give us a call. We will receive and sell Ne groes on Commission and no efforts will be spared To make satisfactory sales, for those who may place their negroes in our charge. Liberal advances always made on negroes when desired. Call at the Auction and Negro mart of HARRISON PITTS, aug2l—wtwtf 50 & 61 Broad Street. Sale of Keal Estate and Negroes. AT the Market Houso in Columbus will be sold, on the 21st December next, 13 likely negroes, and 300 acres of land, lying on the road from Columbus to Talbotton, seven miles from Columbus, 250 acres cleared and balance in wood A two story dwelling house, in good order, anew gin house and screw, and all necessary outhouses in good repair, aie on ihe premises. Good water, healty location, and a good neighborhood. The property was the residence of the late Thomas Davis, and needs no recommendation to those who know it. It is sold for division among the heirs, and terms will be made known at the time ol sain. THOMAS J. DAVIS, Oct2o..wtds Agent for tin- Heirs. A Valuable Eesidence and Planaation for sale Situated 14 miles east, of Columbus , - 4*®h|aknown as the W idow ’aDower, in the iijginal Elltrslie farm, or the the residence of lire iate General Charles pumps,oi Harris county, <2a., comprising 52a acres of as good farming lauds as taure now are in said co., 275 acres well timbered woodland, the open land is Lave laid out mostly lor 10 or 15 years.Ontae ure mis es is H splendid, largo, convenient and com modious Brick Dwelling Hyuae, the am ko h >use and kitchen are both of brick, the outbuiiciings are somewhat, dilapidated. The location is neaithy, water srood an an excellent neirnborho >d, co tiguousjto churches, schools, fee., Sour miles frosa the Muse gee Railroad It is m ever respec one oi the mos. desirable farms and residences in Western Georgia. Terms wiil ue liberal and time a commodatiiig Apply to >isj Henry iMoflott, or P. J. Paiiipsof Columhcs Ga October 9, 3>3 -w2ra . P u.—tt wiii Resold private y, if desired, Ti !-s raa ie indisputable J. B. & W. A. ROSS, Wholes Ale and Retail BUY GQjBJ & GHOOEHY MERCHANTS. Ha com, Georg ia. Also Agent? for Wheeler’s and Wilson’s Sewing Machines. octll-wti. lujlkin HOUSE. LUMPKIN, STEWART CO. GA. a THE subscriber, having purchased the above house, is resolved to make u one worthy the patronage oi the travelling public. If good fare and attentive servants should entitle a Hotel to custom, the uuddrsigued natters himself, that those who try him once, will come (’onnected with the Hotel, are commo dious Stables with trusty < stlers. Oct 19. wtr. JOHN YARBROUGH. ALABAMA WAREHOUSE. COLUMBUS, OA, ALLEN & CAMAK having purchased the interest ot B A. Sorsby in the above well known FIREPROOF BRICK WAREHOUSE, would be glad to see their 010 friends and patrons at their new place ot business, where they have formed aco partnership wjth J. W. King, under the-narno and style of KING, ALLEN & CAMAK, for the transaction of a general STORAGE AND CO VIMISSION BUSIN ESS Special Attention paid to the Sale ot Cotton and Produce, and the Receiving and Forwarding Marehendise consigned to our care. Liberal Advances made on Cotton in Store or for shipment to our friends in Savannah, Chirles ton, New York or el-ewhere. Bagging and Rope furnished oar customers at market prices. We solicit a share of public patronage, and pledge ourselves, by close attention to bu-iness to merit it J. W KING. A VI ALLEN, TMOS. CAM \K. HP HE undersigned, in retiring from tho Ware 1. house business, takes great pleasure in re commending to his friends a continuance ot then favor and patronage to the new firm. , (Signed) B. A. SORSBY. Columbus, July 6, 1858 d6m. F. LAN DON, IS STILL AT THE SIGN OF THE B I G HA f where may be found all kinds, sorts, scriptions,qualities and quantities of if A i S A N D CAPS, and the prettiest Children’s Hats A Cups CH EA 3A Columbus, Ga.,Qct. 5. 1858. w&dtl MAKLBY 4 HOMES. A RE now in receipt ot one of the best and most £\. carefully selected tall stocks, they have ever oficred to their customers, ptices low, and.-tvles ehoice- Robe ales Silas in great variety. Robe ales Delaines Robe ales Merinoß*B Plain w orsted Dechines Blk Siik Robe ales. 7 -8 and 10 4 TABLE DAMASK, Linen Sheeting 100 inches wide, Ptilow Linen 40 aDd 45 inches, Napkins, Doylies, &e. A Superior Lot of GfiRMAV Acd) BNGMSH HOSIRRY. 10 11A2 and 13-4 M Sfeuperior Bed Blankets, WOOL Hats, Ace. VELVET, BRUSSELLS, 2 and 3 PLY CARPETS, RUGS, cjfc Our stock of WHITE GOODS-and EMBROI DERIES was never better. MANLEY £( HODGES. Sept 24, d— tf. MMISiIJ 4 21T£$, AUCTION & COMMISSIUiN MERCHANTS, AND NEGRO BROKERS, 59 and 61 Broad Street uoJuiabus, Ca. i l-L. sr.-il continue the above line at our old slaad. fbakfut for the patronage heiet - fore so liberally extended to us Oy our meuds and the public, we hope by renewed exertions to tner 1 its continuance. Noeif >ris wtti be sparni to rive entire satisfaction to those who may confide tneir business to our care. We v/ili give our personal attention to the saie of Ileal Estate, Negroes, Merchandize and Pro duce. Having houses fitted up expressly lor the purpose ,we are prepared to board, purchase auJ sell Negroes on Commission. Liberal advances will bo made as heretofore od Negroes anti Merchandize. Administrators and Executors’ sales attended to on reasonable term*. A Stock of LIKELY NEGKGOESof all classes wiit be kept constancy on hand. OH AS, S. HARRISON, GEOitGE i. PiTiS. Columbus, Sept. 2,1858. —v twin Great Inducements to LAND BUYISItMt 1 ofler the following genu.n. tn- 1$ ¥:3 to those who wish buy Lai <1 ia Barbour SI!™ cou l yAUs 1 i will sell my home piaco, ...mated eS “ E^a * s “ miles south oi' town of Clayton, at S J < per acre. f his place contains One Thousand Acres ?6iHTare cleared. *SO fresh, lies well, and is one of the handsomest places in tne country The grow ing crop, which purchasers are invited to examine, will speak for the productiveness of the land. The woodland is heavily timbered with oak and hickory . The improvements are of the bes? character, embrac ing a two-story house, with eight rooms, well built ami in good repair The health of the plat e is ex cel ent, beyond al* doubi; and there is a:i abun dance of the best water fences in excellent order, and the plantation improvemeclsas good as coutd be desired. . . , ... 2 In immediate connection with this } lace, I will sell a body >f 500 acres, 3* 0 acres open, first rate fences and the other improvements pretty good. Price s•> pm acre trold separate or iu COiiuecuun with the home place as preferred 3. Aiso 9Doacres of tan*, three miles distant from the other places, known as the mid tract. ‘in this place there are 300 acres land open, balance wen timo red. Hvalih and wate excellent and the aud strong and productive Pdce six dohars per acre. 4. Alto, several Uesirabie bui.cing hots, in the tow T n of Clayton Erectile soon and buy bargains. *'■* JiHN H. JtfiLLER. Clayton, Ala. Aug. 20, 1858—wtf. W- W. ROBISON, Wholesale Dealer in FAMILY GROCERIES, &c., WEST SIDE OF BROAD STREET, Columbia, Georgia. jjAS now on hand, atid will constantly keep, an ex ellent selection of all ihe usu ally kept in ttn Grocery line, IJis dock consists in part ot _ _ Bacon, Lard. tlout Sugar, Coffee, Syrups, Flour, Salt, co Cheese, Bagging, Rope, Tobacco, Nails, Soap. Crockery, &c. Together with eve ry article usually demanded by the city or countiy trad'* all of which he offers to his friends aDd the public at the lowest market prices. Call and see. Sept. 4,1858. d&w3ra. i> P El I IS. R.H.MWHIS ELLIS & M iTHIS, - Aiseliost & Comtnhsion CO L UMBUS, GA. WILL give prompt attention toOne sale of Slsichandlze, Country Produce, Ne groes, Furniture, Vehicle*, Stock, Keal Estate, Ac. fcc. Will a’so give particular attention to Renting Real Estate, llimig vegroes, Ac. Ac. Administrators’ aud Guardian’s sales will be eon duettu on reasonable terms. LIBERAL AD / ANCES will be made. A'l goods ii store will bo insured, unless otherwise and rr;:tel. Columbus,Sept. 7 w&d3m is EPI’IIVG^ C< IMPOUND ELI ID. Extract of Bochu. ‘BAROSMA CRENA TAB Asov r ig 1 remedy for diseaseses ot tho BLUID R, SPLNEJ 55 ; t KIDV YS, UNIRA RY ORGANS, oR >V j EL STOVE j-) fj, e BLADOKR, HRO ! G-'T iRRH of the BL ADDi R, MORBID j j IRRiT lriON f the hL\LMM R and * Ri,} ) T.‘!R \s disease* of the PR ST ,TE, and 1 - j jb* r TENTiO N and INCON- T>NeN E 0 UR N !ft(f om a loss ot tone in tne pans e>n erued, •)w ( ls o, DYSPEPSIA, ORO 410, l- Hi U “.! A- ’ j Tis M and AEEEJ • * of tile SL. 1 . cay J * * j Tbo above medi ci:ie earnestly re- j™ | commended to Uhysi eians and p-actition- j ) >rs of medicine and the j-übic gauer.iliy, ft fas it can be used by persons ot all age? and j * ( iiaU>its, is pleasant to Die taste, and can b \ ft ) readily taken by any patient no maiier how adverse he may be to taking medicines. CAUTION. None genuine without the nanm-s of Epping & i L Pierce <& f.0., bl iwu upon each bottle* MANUFACTURED ONLY BY BROOKS & CHAPMAN. DRUGGISTS, COL UMB US G E ORGIA. And sold by all respectable Druggists through out the country. Sept 27 dv.-—tf TWB LIITI3B. INVIGORA T 0 R , PREPARED BY DR. 8 A N J) F O R D, COMPOUNDED ENTIRELY FROM GUMS. JS one of the best Purgative and Liver Medicine now beore the public, that acts as a Cathartic, easier, milder, and more effectual than any other medicine known. It is not only a cathartic, but a Liver Remedy, acting first on the Liver to eject Us lings experienced in theoperation of most <;ntjh u ,. tics, it strengthens the system at the same time that it purges it; and when taken daily in moderate do ses, will strengthen and build up with unusual rapidity. The Liver is one o the principal regula tors ol me human bo-1, s dy; and when it per tbrmsits lvmcLionswett thepjwe' > the ays tem me lully deveioi Jr j . ..estomachis al most entirety depti en on the healthy ac tion oi theciver iorth per pelormance or its functions, when thi j ’J stomach is at fault the ooweisarc ai mult, am jpHl he whole system sutf eraiu consequence <>i fs .me organ—the Llv er-—having ceased to doits duty. For the disease 01 that organ. J -*-j[ me of the proprietors has made it his study. JaJ in apraotice of more titan twenty years, some remedy wherewith t> counter } .3 icithe many derange ments to which it it .table. io prove that this re-J aedy is at last found, at y person troubles with Liver Com plaint,!ii any • 1 it- tw! forms, has but to try a ootlle and convictio J r w J s ceriato. These gums iemo\< if morbid or bad mat ter liorn tt.e s.ysti m J 5 >upp yiug in their place a healthy fi >w oi on. vig ruling the -to inacb, cus 1 1 ‘out i ( 1 j ngesl well, purify lag tile blocd. ;i tug tone auu lies .to to me wnoie uiactoii. - J™, y, rein iving because oi the diseas. - etfe,nag a radical cure. Billons ir.. cured, and, what is better, v,!p4veted, by trie ! oo asional use ol in. jpjJ ulver Invlgora tor. 5 ,J rmedosealter eating cHR> is sufficient to relieve the stomach and pre r*f, vent the food from rising andst uring j Only one dose taken before retiring, pre vents Nightmare li_n! Only one dose takei night, loosenß tha bowels gently, and cures Cotlven One dose taken after (^ I each meal will cure Dyspepsia. f Nji one dose of two Ji, tea-spoonsful willa!- : ways r- iteve Sick.) | Headache, one dose taken ui minute oosiiuction re move the cause ol tut lisease, and makes a per ect cure. • miy onedose imm< -t W; ,lately relieves cholic, while ( * one dose oi ten repeated is a sure cure f<# holera ftlorbu,r J and a preventative ol : viioierfi jfee-.mly one bottb y )is needed to thiow out ol the system theelfects)_]! of medicine aftera long sickness. botile tak-(/x;eafor Jaundice re movesail saiiownes3 or mn&turai color from the skin. One dose taken a short time before eat mg gives vigor to the), ’ appetite and makes ;ood digest well. ‘ne dose often repeated cures ( Droitic Diar riioea, in its worst lorms, while 8 I ft! AT Eft anO Bowel complaints yield almost to the first d-se One or two doses cures attacks caused by Vi orms in children; there is no surer, safer, or speedier remedy in the world, as it never faLs. a tew b>ules cures Dropsy, by exciting the absorbents. We taste pleasure in recommending this medi cine as a orevenitve for Fever and Ague, hills, Fe ver, ai.d ail P’everi oi a Bi.ious Type, it -pei -ites with certainty, aod th mvaads .rc to testily to its w<mderlui virtues. All woo use it arc giving their unanimous te&timo ny in its favor. Mix water in the mouth with the Invigoratoi and swallow both together. THE LIVER INVIGfOK ATOH, Isa scientific Medical Discovery, and is daily wor king cures almost too great tor bene;. It cures asit by magic, even the first dose giving benefit, and seldom more than one bottle is’required to cure any kir.dof Liver Complaint, from the worstjauudiceor dyspepsia to a common headache, ail ot which are the result ot a diseased liver. Price One Dollar per Bottie SANFORD & GO. proprietors,34s Broadway, New York WHOLESALE AGENTS. Barnes & Park New York; T. W\ boytt & Sons, Philadelphia; M. S, Burr a- Go. Boston; H.H. Hay St Cos. Portland; John f>. Park, Cincinnati; <4 ay lard &. flammnd; Olevelaond, Fahnstock 4t Davis’Chica go; 0.. J. Wood & Cos. St. Louis Geo.H. Keyser, Pittsburg; 8.8, Hance, Baltimore. And retailed by all Druggists. Sold Wholesale and Retail by J. S PEMBERTON & CO., BROOKS & CHAP WAN, DANFORTH 4 NAGEL, Majf2o—vtwly and all Drugggiet*. PEYTON H. COIftUITT, ( JAMES W. WARBEN. ( Editou. MUSCOGEE RAIL ROAD. Change of Schedule. ON’ uid afleif be ISi Ii July, 1858, the Evening JMall Traiu * ieav Cof.ii.bu* ai 3.*5 P. M. and ar rive ai Macoi at 1* lr 1 Ai. i.aave M.iwn n 315 V >l. arriveat Columbus at 3.45 P M The Moruing .Mail Train will leave ai4.<; A. M. audarrive at Macon 9.50 A.M. Leave Macon at 11.45 P. M. arriveat Columbus 5,35 A. .I'. J.L. MITSTIAN ,Supt. Columbus, July 15 —tv&WT change of schedule. DOUBLE DAILY SERVICE. s&samm&am MOKTGtiMEUV AM) WEST POINT KAIL KOAU COMPANY, MONTGOMERY, Nov. IU, 1857. ON aud alter this dale the FAS&cNGER Th A JNB on in., road w. oe -,o verued oy tue loiiowin*. UCHEbULE: DA Y TRAIN. Leave Montgomery c.3bu. m. Arrive at West Point 3.30 p.m. Arriveat Columbus 2.60 p.m. Returning—Leave West Point St.3ou.rn. Leave olumbus 10.00 a m. Arrive at Montgomery 4.t0 p. m. NIGHT TRAIN. Leave Montgomery 5.510 p. m. Arriveat West Point 15t.51 a.m. “ Columbus I.OOa. u>. Returning—Leave West Point 7.3 b p.m. Leave Columbus 7.30 p. in. Arrivi at Montgomery i! Through tickets can be obtained (m- Double Daily Connections)to Atlanta Chattanooga audN&snv.lle, ami daily couiiectiom to Huntsville Memphis abd Knoxville. S.G.JONES Eng’r &. riup. FREEST AKMMiEAiENT iILTYV LIS NOT/ vViN TA A COLLIMIIUS. j £ ‘ an arrangement between me kamouo Corn ier panic.) composing the IWo routeb irom Atiama toCoiutnous,conciudeo at Aeii Convention at *u vaniiuii on too ttilu Hiotaut,|i pias agreed that the * lodowi ng rates between A§*oiu and Columbus awali govern, taking them nym U>e first day of -Way 1057. J VIA WEST POINT. , Corn per busaei, lie. Wheat kVuisky Fiou>- in sacks or barrels,"per'lOO lbs. 35c Bagging, Rope Laid in cans or bbis., pertfpo lbs 5c - l /Oal, Pig Iron, by car load, per idifvti -00 U VIA MACON. | ; ;. Corn per busel 14c. Wheat Inc. Oats 10c. Hacob, J vVi.i o i,y, Flour iu clacks or Bbis., per 100 Bagging,uope Laro, in cans or Uhls., per lbuibs! 55c. Coal, Pig Don, by car load, per ton ol UUOU ins. $4.(kL * J. MUETIAN, President and Superintendent Muscogee K. it GEO. W. ADAMS, Superiutendem riouthwestern Railroad. E.UEUSUN FOOTE, Superintendent Macon and Western Railroad. CEO. G LULL, *i ,-vitania anu JLaGrauhe R .R. i.ngineer and May 30, lt?37 —wattwtl. MOBILE Alii) (HEABB B. E. j llh usaengei & i rctgfn Train will leave uirard A at 2 t’, .u .tally connecting at Sliver Run with a daiiyiict) ot stages to Viilula, Gleunviiie,iSulaula, i uraiUß, uuU alar,anna, t Ta. And at Guerylou daily, within*) for UcheeOlivei, Lnou, Uiuu nenuggee, Midway, Hardaway, Peru and Union aprin s. l.< i ving Cuerytonat 4 A. Al., daily, the Cars will roac Girard at 7 A .Al., connecting with the Ope attaanu Muscogee Trains. Duplicate must accompany Freight 4 \sT‘ Ailireight muetbepaid before goodswillbe discnarged. roigui ienvereil at the Depot betore 4 o’clock P. .VI. n in oe sharped the iOliowmg day. r*eights tor olauuna No. i (li'Oi t ditchoir,) and .Mo.a e £ 'o.oonsDmust oe prena'd. -V'ay reigat mast in an oases oe paid in uivanci t uti N arjvt AKiJ, •uar2s 1d57-w suw a. cngineei & dun. CJIAGE OF MtllLDl LE. SAVARJSAII & CIiARLEbiOK STEAM PACK ET LlMi. RUNNING IN CONNECTION WITH THE Worth Eastern B. R of South Ca. „ TtiF SPUCNDID AND RUN .'£Tx^ b _ M ‘ Sl< ~ BT HAAJIih GORDON, F. coo.mar.rler, reaves Bavan im I, tor iiharieMon every Sunday and * a.j t.emoont at 3 o’clock, and connects at Charleston wiih the morning traino/ the North eastern K-Uroad, going Norm. Returning leaves OUarieston every Monday and Friday night at B o’clock, (alter the arrival oi the carton the N. IS, K. R.) and arrives atßavannah next mornings. By this route passengers can obtain throughticlr etsio and irorn .Savannah,Ga. and Wilmington, N C. Having a tnrougn treignt arra .gement with the Central ti. Road and its connections, ail freights be tween Charleston and the Interior of Georgia, con signed to the agents of this line, wili be forwarded vith despatch and free of charge. J. P. BROOKS, Agent Savannah. E. LAIITTE khO, Ag’ts Cuarleston •lan 15 —w&twii B. BARNARD & CO. COLUMBiJ3, GA. WHOLESALE AiND RETAIL r GROCERS & PROVISION DEALERS /Tffo HAVE on hand, and will constantly keep, SQ=Uii a iarge and well selected Sto.k, embracing every article m their line, which are offered i^lt to their triends and the public,at the lowest market prices C. me and see us. Coiumbus, Sept. 29. 1857. w&twtf. CIGARS DIRECT IMPORTATION, | A A BOXES Havana Cigars of various brands IV/lor sale at small advances for Cash by Jan 19—wtwit E. BARNARD <fc LO TO THOSE INDEBTED. iXTC hereby give notice that all claims due us, and V V not paid or satis actorily arranged, priorto the next returndayof the respective counties in which the parties reside, will besued. None shall be aligb tgd, roar 20 —wtwtf. fe CO. NOTICE, • 4 LL persons indebted to the estate of Thos. A.'e of Muscogee county, either by note or accou t, will please call and settle them, and those holding notes or accounts will present them. THOS. J. DAVIS, Agtat. October 23 1858.,. w4od. NUMBER 81