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Columbus daily times. (Columbus, Ga.) 1858-1864, December 20, 1858, Image 1

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R. ELLIS & Cos., Proprietors, VOLUME VI. THE’COLUMBUj daily times Is published every morning (Snndaysexcepted.) at Six Dollars per aauum, in advance Sev en Dollars it not paid before the expiration of the year. THE COLUMBUS WEEKLY TIMES Is published every TUESDAY at Two Dollars per annum,stric ly m advance. Ojjice on Randolph Street , opposite the Post Office. ADVERTISING RATES. Advertisements of live lines or less in either the Daily or Weekly Times, will he inserted at 50 cents tor tho first insertion and 25 cents fur each subsequent insertion. Advertisements exceeding five lines will he charged 10 cents for tho first, and five cents per line tor each subsequent insertion. Displayed advertisements will be charged for the space they occupy. The following are the contracting ratese hange- Bble at pleasure: WEEKLY RAI ES. No. of | ! ? i ? | * J ? O s S g 33 5 2 O O c O i-qrg. 2. 5 5 = = • 5* rr s- =r ■ ® til JO rtt ! /* 1 2 50 4 0.) ! 5 50 10 00 15 00 20 00 2 5 00 8 00 i 11 0() 2 ) 00 25 00 SO 00 S 75)11 00 14 50 25 00j S5 00 40 00 4.. . 10 00;<3 00 19 OOi SO 00 1 40 00 50 00 5 12 0047 00 20 o(>i 40 < 0 50 00 GO 00 | G 15 00 20 00 ! 25 OOj 50 Uo| Go (X) 70 00 i 7 17 00 25 00 ! 30 Oo! 60 00 70 00 80 00 i 8.. .. 20 00 3J 00 40 00* 70 00 80 00 90 00 i 10- ■ ■25 00 40 OOJ 50 OOj 80 00 90 00 100 00 j DAILY RATES. _ i ~ , i to i w ,o o cX 3 1 32 3 2 2 io;ot o o I o o rs - II i I 111 I j | CO JD ; ru | CD j Cfi j 1 500 700 900 13 00 : 17 00 ~i i 00 I 2.. 9 0i ; 12 00 14 00 ]8 00 25 00 30 00 i 3 12 00 15 00 18 00 25 00 33 OOj 40 00 4 15 00 19 0 22 00 30 OOj 40 0 ; 50 00 5 18 00 25 00 30 00 40 00 50 OOi 60 00 6 20 00 28 00 35 OOj 50 00 60 00; 70 00 7 25 0< 33 00 41 00 60 0 70 00 80 00 8 30 00 38 00 46 00 70 00 80 00! SO 00 10 4> Oi 50 00 GO 00’ 80 00: 90 00 100 00 Sales ol Land and Negroes, by Adminisira— i tors, Executors and Guardians, are required by j law to be held on tho first Tuesday in the month ! between the hours of ten in iorenoon ana three ! in the afternoon, at the Court House inlhe county in which the property is situate. Notices of these sales must oe given in a public gazette torty days previous to the day ol sale. Notice tor the sale of Personal property must ! be given at least ten days previous to the day of otice to Debtors and Creditors of an Estate j must be published forty days. Notice that application will be mane to Joe J Court of Or .tinary for leave to sell Larva or No- j roos, must be published weekly for two months, i Citations for Leltersot Administration must ne j published thirty days—for Dismission from Ad ministration, mommy six months —lor Dismission j from Guardianship, forty days. j Kales tor Foreclosure oi Mortgage must be published monthly for tour months—.or estab j fishing lost papers for ‘.he lull space ot three months —for compelling titles from Executors or Administrators, where a bond has been giv m j by the deceased, tfiefuli space ot three months. Publications will always be continued ac cording to these, tho legal requirements, un.ess otherwise ordered. ®@©[& Mm eD©l PRINTING OFFICE, Randolph Street, Columbus, Georgia. ! i AVING in s ,, CC as;s!ul operation one of HOE Li & CO.’S CYLINDER PRESSES RUNNING BY STEAM, We are prepared to execute, at short notice, every description of BOOK AND JOB PRINTING, in unsurpassed style, as cheaply as ran be done anywhere in the South. We haste on hand a large variety of N E \V JOIi T Y PE. and shall keep a constant sup ply of PLAIN AND FANCY PAPER, CARDS, &c. Our facilities for turning off this kind of work, xvi'it promptness and despatch, will make it great ly to the interest of want of POSTERS, HANDBILLS, CIRCULARS, PAMPHLETS, DEEDS, BONDS. DECLARATIONS, BANK CHECKS, BILLS OF LADING, LETTER HEADS, BILL HEADS, DRAY RECEIPTS, BLANK NOTES, CATALOGUES, LABELS, WAYBILLS, Blanks of every description, &c. &e. j Alco RAILROAD AND STEAMBOAT Blanks, j Give ns a call. , . This Department of our office is under the su- j pArinlemlence ol Mr. IV S. P..*T, who Jon* | experience and a. knowledged repmalien a. n JU, Printer,are a sufficient guarantee that a.l work, entrusted to his care will be executed wither erg, and faithfulness. . . . . a We have now in connect ion with tne unc., complete BOOK BIIBEBY, and bavin? secured the services of Mr.E M. Clark (lateof Philadelphia,) in this branch o) our business, we pledge ourselves to Sive the most perfect satisfaction in the manulacutre cl Ledgers, Account Books, Dockets, Court R-cords. Steamboat and Rail Road Blank Bcoks, &c, We intend not to he outdone in the style and finish of “Ur work, in either department, by any establishment South, and that we may be ab e to make our prices satisfactory, we have adopted the CASH SYSTEM. Sept. Ist, 1858. R. ELLIS & CO. iolstnitti jjilltf i*A<> A T TURNEY A T L A \V, HAMILTON GA. Will practice in the counties of Harris, Musco gee, Talbot, .uerriwether and Tr ‘up. Particular attention will be paid to collections. Oe:ofier3—w idly. HOWARD & W^EMS, ; A TTORNEYSATL AW, CHAWFOHD, ALA ROBERT N. HOWARD. WALTER H> WEEMS. Crawford, Ala., June B—wtw;t. \Y’. 8. JOHNSON, AT T O RNfc Y AT LAW. C U S S E T A, Chattahoochee County, Ga. five* his entire attention to the practice in Übat tiaboochet; and i {joining court ties, ap 28—wtw !y* WILLIAM TAYLOR, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Culhbert, Randolph County, Georgia. \ V T ILL practice in the counties of Randolph, ’ ’ Calhoun, Terrell, Early, Clay, Baker, Dougherty, Miller and Stewart. REFERS TO Wellborn, Johnson &. Sloan, Attorneys at Law, Columbus, Georgia. All business intrusted to his care will receive immediate attention. June 6, 1858—wtw ti MARION BETH UN E, A / TOU iY E Y A T L A li , TALEOTTCIT, Talbot County, Ga. tetober 24th, 1856. wtwtf. BAUGH & SLADE ATTORNEYS AT LAW, COLUMBUS, GEORGIA. Ctrl LI. practice law in Muscogee and the adjein- VV insr counties ol Georgia and Alabama. VzT Office over Bank of Columbus, Broad SI. fcOBKRT Dil'Oll. J . J. SI.ADE. Columbus,Ga. March 27 1857. wtwtf MOSES & LAWKS, ATTORNEY’S AT LAW, COLUMBUS, GEORGIA. DCP'Ofiico next door to the Post 01F.ce.,£33 R. J. MOSES, WILLIAM A LAWES. Sept. 21st—tl. SgiiS. w. F. LEE, D. D. S. DENTAL SUKGEON, OFFICE corner of Broad and Randolph Streets, ColumbusG-eorgia. iX'C • Xi • OJU—“ — j 3, i O&LE & BOioi, “'33562® DENTISTS, Otlice on Randolph Street, near Broad, Colum- j bus, Ga. , .r Columbus, May 9,1857. wtwtf A CARD. HAVIN (t withdrawn from the firm of * HUGHES DANIEL & CO., I cheerfully recommend them to all our former patrons, and the public generally. JQfIN R EASTHAM. THE Subscribers will continue under the same name and style—a general STORAGE & COMMISSION BUSINESS AT THE FONTAINE & LOWELL FIRE-PROOF WAREHOUSES. Thankful for the past liberal patronage ol our friends, we solicit its continuance, and pledge out individual exertions to please all who may entrusr their business to us. We are prepared to grant usual facilities to our customers HUGHES, DANIEL <& CO.. \V:,i. H. Hughes, Wm. Daniel, Wesley C. Hodges. Aug. 5, tf. _ mmissiws paper, I OF ALL SIZES AND QUALITIES, FOR Si- LB AT Rock Island Paper Mill Office, IN FRONT OF PALACE MILLS. ‘V K Pf MS < • \ - ff . ninelfiwtwtt TDTHOSE INDEBTED. 117 E herebv eive norice that all claims due us. and j W not paid or satisfactorily arranged, prior to next , re'urn davofthe rtsjwctivi counties in which the par- j tics reside, will be sued. None will beshtjh ded J mar2o-dwtf E. BARNARD K. t t Bacon! Bacon! Vi r E Lave nowontaand and willbe constant •> r- j * ceivina. Prime Tennessee bacon —Hams, Ssiae- ; and Shoulders, which we will sell atthelowes.Ooms ; “KSS.TSIi Cea - E. BARNARD fc CO. | ALAB AMA WAREHOUSE. COLUMBUS, GA, ALLEN & CA.YIAK having purchased the i interest of B A- Sorsby in the above well i k no wn FIRE PROOF BRICK WAREHOUSE, j would be glad to see their old friends ana patrons j at their new place of business, where they have formed a co panneranip with 3. W. King, under , the name and style ol KING; ALLESi & CaMAKj for the transaction of a general STORAGE AND COMMISSION BUSINESS Special attention paid to the Sale ol Uotton ana Produce, and the Receiving and Forwarding Marchandise consigned to our care. Liberal Advances made on Cotton in Store or ; for shipment to our friends in Savannah, Ch ules -1 ton, New York or elsewhere. Bagging and Rope furnished oar customers at market prices. . ~ \V e solicit a share of public patronage, and pledge ourselves, by close attention to business to I merit 11 J. W. KING. A M. ALLEN, THOS. CAMAK. rinHE undersigned, in retiring from the Ware- I house business, takes great pleasure in re commending to his friends a continuance of their ‘ a,o ; s fi; d r ronag6, ° e “borsby. Columbus, July 9,1858-d6m- THE UNION OP THE STATES, AND THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE STATES. COLUMBUS, GEORGIA. MONDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1858. DRUGS, DRUGS. DRUGS, BROOKS & CHAPMAN, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DRUGGISTS, SIGN OF THE NEGRO i? MORTAR, COLUMBUS , GEORGIY Have on hand,and are constantly receiving a large and well selected stock oi DRUGS, ME 101 NFS, .HEMI ALS, DENTAL AND SURGICAL IN j-TRUM NTS,FAINTS,OiL, DYF, ST- KFS, And all other srfijle? pertaining to their busl ines?, which they otter at the lowest prices, and warrant them fresh and genuine. FAMILY MEDICINES, As weil as Physieianjs bills, put up with neatness and dispatch. Prescriptions accurately prepared at all times of the day and night. fancy”goobs, LUBIN’S Handkerchief Extracts, fine Cologne Waters, fine Soaps anu pomauts, also Hair and Tooth Brushes of English and French manu facture. Sold by BROOKS &,CHAPMAN. s>epi. 23. ti —tf. BRAHDIE3 AND WINES. I TOR Medicinal and culinary purposes. Soid by ; BROOKS ot CHAPM aN . Sept, 23 d—if. POKIER AND ALE. Cl OLD by O BROOKS & CHAPMAN. Sept, 23. d—tf. TOBACCO AND SEGARS. SOLD by BROOKS & CHAPMAN. Sept. 23. .I—tf. BURNING FLUID. SOLD by BROOKS c* CHAPMAN. Sep.. 23. d—tf. GREY POTASH. IN jars or otherwise. Sold by BROOKS & CHAPMAN. LEAD ANiTgIL^ Union White L ad, Linseed Oil, Sperm Oil, Whale Oil, Lard Oil. Neatsioot Oi!, Tram Oil, &c. Sold by BROOKS CHAPMAN. Stpt. 23 and -tf. MANLEY & HOUSES. \ RE now in receipt of one of the best and most xjl carefully selected tail shocks, they have ever ottered to their customers, prices low, and-tyles ehoice- Robe ales SUks in great variety, Robe a ies Delaines j Robj a ies Nlerinoe’s 15'iK. Sua Ixoue a ies. 7 -8 and 10-4 I’ABLE DAMASK, Linen Sheeting 100 inches wide, Pillow Linen 40 and 45 inches, Napkins, Doylies, &o. A Superior Lot of GERMAN” AND GNGLLBH HOSIERY. 10 11-12 ana 13-4 MARSAILES QUILTS. Superior Bed Blankets, NEGRO BLANKETS. WOOL H vTS; &c. VELVET, BRUSSELLS, 2 and 3 PLY CARPETS, RUGS, Ofc. Our stock of W HI TL GOODS and EMBROI DERIES was never better. MANLEY HODGES. Sept 24, d—tf. FIFTY NEGROES WANTED. i— HAVING made our a rangements for fthe Fali trade, we desire to purchase 50 or Sixty Likely Negroes, ol good character, consisting of yonng l men, women, plough boys,and gi ! Is, tor whom j the hignest marketpriee will be paid. Persons r.a vin*7 negroes for sale willnnd it to their imerest ; to give us a call. VV 6 will receive and sell Ne groes on Commission and no efforts will De spared to make satisfactory sales, for those who may plsee their tiegroes in our charge. Liberal advances always made on negroes when de Cail atthe Auana andNegn, mart all£ 2l wtwtf 50 &61 Broad Strest. 1000 ACRES OF Flint Eiver Lands, for Sale. the undersigned being desirous of wind up their business, offer for saie.on any to suit purchasers, a rateable settle f tnenr of One Thousand Acres of Land, lyint? on the West side of the Fiint River, ten miles north o'. Oglethorpe, and ten miles “south ■ ol Sey uold,‘. Two hundred acresof this settlement is num ber onerinc land, the balance (SCO acres) entirely swamp. The swamp land is less liable to be intimi dated by tbe River than any lands on said River in Macon county, and will doubtless make trout 60 to i-Obushels of corn per acre, and irom taunt® QuOi! lbs ot cotton. There are 80 acres oi pine land, and lsof Swamp cleared and in a state oi cultiva tion. Water, healthanii society cannoibeexcelled in South Westorr Julvll—W&twtf. at Oglethorpe.da* FOR sALE. THE Subscriber has on hand a few STILLS manuu nuring Peach Brandy or W niu ky, which hewil'-t very low.. ALSO, Tin. Sheet Iron and Japan Ware, every description, -id can be boughi at the lowes rates . aj <^JX3=>';s^<X>OaaS. oneon ah T uot’.c and',.. libera. 1 term 6. J. B. HICKS,Agent, iu!ylß v <rt Next i tor below “S-ans soaci Rroad-rtreet. THE subscriber is now manufacturing the real Irish Poteen Whiskv, at hispUce one and a half miles from Columbus.which he warrantsto be pure and genuine, and equal to the best . Whisky manufactured under ground m Ireland Apait from its being a healthy ana p.easam be verage, it is an excellent remedy tor Loics, Diarrhoea. Worms, &c. For sale by the bottie at Brooks it Chapman’s Drug Stoie, at Brasstli & Co’s by the driuk or otherwise, audby the gaiion at the distillery. doawaN tnarfi—wtwtf A.BRANNA^ F. LANDON, liJ STILL AT THE SIGN OF THE BIG HAT where may be found aii kinds, sorts, rises, de scriptions, qualifies and quantities of H ATS AND CAPS,and the prettiest Children’s Hats &. Caps. C H E .A. 3?. Columbus, Ga.,Oct. 5, 1858. w^&dtf E. Bkmim & COLUMBUS, GA. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERS & PROVISION DEALERS irT'rfv?! HAVE on hand and will continue to receive gjj: a large and well selected stock, embraciug eve f-.-. 1 ; ry article in theiriine, which are otfered to their friends and the public at market prices- Come and see us. sept2y los7—dwtf SCHOOL NOTICE. Tho Female School at Waverly Hall, for the ensuing year, will be conducted by Mrs. Foster, aided by -'Wrm Miss Biaek. 4££&ir Tuition per year of Ten Months. For Spelling and Reading, . . Si 8 00 The same with elementary Geography and Arithmetic, 20 00 Eng. Grammar, Geography and written Arithmetic, 24 00 The same with Nat. Philosophy and Chem istry, 28 00 All the higher English branches, . . 32 00 Drawing and Painting wiith water colors, also, with oil On Canvass, . . 24 00 Music with use of Piano, . . . 48 00 BOARD for Misses and young Ladies can be obtained of the subscriber at 8 to $lO per month, Lads under 11 years, can be sent to the above school if desired, school will commence Ist Mon day in January. * IV. FOSTER. Dec. 6, 1858. w6t* MARION HIGH SCHOOL. BUENA VISTA, GA. cJ.iff) This school will be re-opened for the reception of students on the third Monday in January, 1559, under J. R. PARKER, principal, assisted by B. X\. KENNERLY, A. B. formerly of Tennessee. The subscriber takes pleasure in announcing to the public, that there is no longer any necessi ty of sending young men to Colleges to have their morals and manners corrupted —educate than at or near home. Vfe are now prepared to give a thorough col lege course. Rates of Tuition per scholastic year of fen Dee. 6, ISAS. w2m SOUTHERN FEMALE COLLEBE, LaGRANGE GEORGIA. FACULTY: Proprietors. 1. F. COX, l Rev. H. E. BROOKS. A. M. PROF. OF MORAL k MENTAL SCIENCE A MODERN LANGUAGES. I. F. COX, A. M., PROF. OF MATHEMATICS, AND ANCIENT LANGUAGES. H. C. HOOTEN, A. M.. PROF. OF NATURAL SCIENCES. Miss ELIZA E. STITT, PRESIDING TEACHER AND GOVERNESS. Mrs. 11. E. BROOKS, LITERARY BRANCHES, Miss ANN E. COOPER. PRIMARY DEPARTMENT. Miss EMMA E. DENTON. OBNAME NT AL DEPARTMENT. MUSIC DEPARTMENT. Prof. M. Stacy Johnson, Principal. Mrs. H. C. llooten, ! Assistants. Miss Emma E. Denton, ) #TIIE FACULTY of this Institution is composed entirely of experienced teachers, most of whom are favorably known to the public at large; and be ins furnished with the proper facili ties for imparting instruction in every department of study, it is hardly necessary to state that the advantage offered here are seldom found in a fe male College. . Prof. Johnson is a popular teacher and distin guished composer of music. For six years previ ous to hi3 connection with this Institution, he had charge of this department in a flourishing female college. His superior excellence as a vocalist, energy and tact in teaching, fit him especially for his position. . . .. . . Young ladies wishing to give the polish to a j musicaUdueation, will tind the proper advantages at this place. A neat uniform dress is worn by the young la dies of the College, on public occasions. Any neat, plain dress for every day wear. (lor de i scription see Catalogue.) The Spring Term will open the first W ednesday in January, aud close first Thursday in Juiy. EXPENSES: Board, (including, washing, lights, &c.) per . . . . . • sl2 50 month, : • • • Tuition in Literary Branches, and Music, _ teach) per month. : : : 5 00 Use of Piano, per month, : : : ° OO For particulars apply for Catalogue to BROOKS & COX, Proprietors. LaGrange. Ga., Dee. 6. lb5S. wit. ° ‘ EARLY SHERIFF SALES. i tt-jll he gold before the Court House door in the \ \ town of Blakely, Early county, Ga., on the first i Tcesday in January next, within the legal hours of sale, i the following property, to wit: S L ot u f Land number Jthree hundred and forty nine. ’ in th<- 26th district of Early county, containing 260 acres more or less, levied on as the property of John E Babb, •o ‘satisfy one fi fa issued from the Superior Court ot Early county, in favor of Robt W Sheffield, Adiu’r.— Drooertv pointed out bi PiEiititiff. \!so lot of land number two hundred and twenty six. in tP >( . ii.n district of said county, levied on as tin: prop erty of Charles Powers, to satisfy one ti fa issued lroin Stewart County Superior Court, in favor of Jacob r>*-„r.ard —property pointed out by Plaintiff s Att y uennaru, v , - ; NTHONY HUTCHINS. Sh tf. November 30,1S5S.—wtds. EARLY MORTGAGE SALE. 1 XT LI. be sold on the first Tuesday in January next. \\ before the Coun House door in Blakely. Ear .v countv. Ga. the north east halfoflot of land number one hundred and sixty six. in the 28th district of Early county, to satisfy a Mortgage fi fa from Eariy Superior Court’in favor of Thomas B. Andrews, vs. Isaac Lay ton—property pointed out in said Mortgage Fi Fa. nov W-wtd A. HI TCHI.N S, Sheriff. EPFING’S COMPOUND FLUID, Extract of Bucliu. ‘BAROSMA CREXATAT A Sovereign Remedy for Diseases of the BLADDER, SPINE. )n t KID NEVS, URINA RY ORGANS. GRAV-( ( RL, STONE in the BLADDER. CIIRO\-> Nj iu CATARRH of the BLADDER, MORBID { j IRRITATION of the BLADDER and l RE-j ™ 5 SIIRA. diseases of the PROSTRATE, and RE j j TENT lON and INCON i INENCE ot URINE) ) from aluss of tone lit the parts concerned.* ( Also. DYSPEPSIA, CHRONIC:RIIEUMA-1 Y* jTISM and AFFEC TIONS oi the SKIN. ; | * > The above Medi cine is earnestly re-! 3 commendetl to Physi cians and practition- j j ers of medicine and the public generally,) £ )as it can be used by persons of all ages and J Ws j habits, is pleasant to ihe taste, and can be j readily taken by any patient no matter how adverse he may be to taking medicines. CAUTION. None genuine without filenames of Epping and L. Pierce &: co., blown upon each bottle. MANUFACTURED ONLY BY BROOKS & CHAPMAN. DRUGGISTS. COLUMBUS GEORGIA. And sold by ail respectable druggists throughout the country. sept 7 dwtf. THE LIVER 1 N VIGO R A T O R , PREPARED BY D R. 8 A N D F O R D, COMPOUNDED ENTIRELY FROM GUMS. TS one of the best purgative and Liver Medicines now X before the pubiie, that acts us a Cathartic, easier milder and more clTeetual than any other medicine known. It is not only a cathartic blit a liver remedy acting first on the Liver to eject ils morbid matter then on the stomach and bowels to carry off the matter, thus accomplishing two purposes effectually, without any of the painful feelings experienced in the operation of most cathartics. It strengthens the system at the same time it purges it; and when taken daily in mod erate doses, will strengthen and build up with unusual rapidity.) The Liver is one of Jifj] the principle regula tors of the human ho l j dy, asid when it per forms its functions well f s the powers of the sys tem are fully developed f r , ( As the stomach is al most entirely depend J ent on tim healthy ac tion of the Liver for the \ /i\ proper performance of its functions, when the stomach is at fault the bowels at fault, and J the whole system sutl ers in consequence oft w) ° l,e organ-the Llv er— having ; ceased toft—n do its duty. For the diseases of that organ, f foie of the proprietors has made it his study, 3>>.fin practice of more than twenty years, to 5 v*/' find some remedy wherewith to counter < act the many derange ments to which it is J Mi) liable. _ r IV t i*t i ku. -C * l bottle, and conviction i is certain. , , These minis remove sJ a H morbid or bad mat ter from the system,)'* ) supplying in their place a healthy flow of bile, invigorating Me Mo mach. causing food to ff” ‘‘digest wed, purity ing tlie blood, fiij giving tone and he cltn to the whole machine f", ry. removing the cause of the disease —effee } J ting a raulcal cure. Bilious attacks) Nj are cured. and, what is better,) u ptevenied, by the occasional use of the Liver iiiAigora- One dose after 1M I’ > s sufficient to relieve the stomach and pre-f vent the mod rrom rising and souring. ( ,5 Onlv one dose taken ) I™ - , J before retiring pie vents * ftightmare Ji— Onlv one dose taken ) night. loosens the bowels gently. and “Mj cures Costiveness One dose taken after each uieal will cure Dvspepsia. Nj . , ... , *72? One dose of two {ij ! tea spoonfuls will al ways relieve. Sicfe Headache. One dose taken female obstructions re move the cause of the disease, and makes a DrjrfcCt CUF6. i Only one dose imnie- ( “w 1 J liately relieves cholic, while , „ , One dose often repea-f JJ v ted is a sure cure for f'boierst Morbus, ). (and preventative of Cholera.; #S=Onlv one bottle Jr ,is needed to throw out of ihe systeinthe effects °* medicine alter a long sickness. s \. OPOne liottle tak-j/”\;en for Jaundice re moves all sallowness or t . unnatural color from the skin. f—j! . „ One dose taken aJJJJ short tune betore eat ing gives vigor to the), ; appetite and food digest well. . One dose ofren repeated eures < iironic u,ar ‘ rlioea, in its worst forms, while ouminer arm Bowel complaints yield almost to the first aose. One or two doses cures attacks caused by Vv orms in children; there is no surer, safer or speedier remedy in the world as it never fails. , .. . fpgT A few bottles cures Dropsy, by exctung the absorbants. .. . ~ . We take pleasure in recommending this “^ lc, " e as a preventative for Fever and Ague, Cbills* Fever, and all Fevers of a Bilious Type, It operates with certainty, and thousands are willing to testify to its wonderful virtues. AH who use it are giving it their unanimous testimo ny in its favor. _ . . . Mix water in the mouth with the Invigorator and swallow both together. THS LIVER INVISOR Is a scientific medical discovery, and is daily work ing cures almost too great for belief. It curesbas it by magic, even the first dose giving benefit, and seldom more than one boltle is required to cure any Kind ot Liver Complaint, from the worst jaundice or dyspepsia to a common headache, ail of which are the result o a diseased liver. Price One Dollar per Bottle. SANFORD & CO. Proprietors, 345 Broadway N. x . WHOLESALE AGENTS. Barnes & Park. New York; T. W. Doytt A Sons, Philadelphia; MS Burr Sc Cos., Boston; HH Hav & Cos. Portland; John D Park, Cincinnati; Gay lard at Hammond. Cleveland. Fahnstockfc Davis. Chicag , 0.1 Wood & Cos. St. Louis; George H Keyeer, I Hts burg; S S Hance, And retailed by all Druggists.] Wholesale vnd Retail by J. S. PEMBERTON & CO., BROOKS & CHAPMAN, DANFORTH i* NAG EL, Mav 20. ISoS-d&wly. and all Druggists. DMIXISTRATOR’S SALE.—'Will be sola at / \ Port Gaines, G-i.. on Ist Tuesday in Fcuruan next to the highest bidder, four Negroes to wit: Kitty a wo man 40 years old; Maria a woman 20 years old, and her children John b years old. and a child 2 years old, as the property of Win. Toney, deceased. ■ kobt.g e ß.ck*, November 29,1858—wtds. VToticeto Debtor* and Creditor*.--Ail IN persons having demands against the estate of Thomas Bush, deceased, are hereby notified to render them in to me. duly proven according to law within the time prescribed. or they will not be paid; and persons indebted to said deceased are requested to make imme diate payment. HEPSEY ANN BUSH, Ex’x November 22. 1858—w40d. VOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS —All A persons indebted to the estate of George Gullen. late of Muscogee county, Ga., deceased, are requested to make immediate payment; and those holding debts, claims or demands against said deceased, wnl present them duly authenticated to me. within the time prescri bed by law for payment. _ „, DUIV i i p ec , IQ—wtds WM R- TLRMAN. Adm r. PEYTON H. COLQUITT, ( Tutors JAMES W. WARREN. \ ± ‘ <lllors MUSCOGEE JFL- DR._ CHANGE OF SCHEDULE. ON and after 15th July 1858. the Evening Mail Train will leave Columbus at 3.45 p. in-, and ar rive at Macon at Tl. 18 p m. Leave Macon at 9.45 a, m. arrive at Columbus at 3.45 p. tu. The Morning Mail Train wi.l leave at 4.00a. iu. and arrive at Macon 9.59 a. u>. Leave Macon 11.45 p. in. arrive at Columbus at 3.35 a. m J. L. ML ST! AN, Supt. Colutubus, July 15—dwtf. CHANGE OF SCHEDULE. DOUBLE DAILY SERVICE. MONTGOMERY AND WEST POINT KAIL ROAD COMPANY. MONTGOMERY, Nov. 19,1957. ON and after this date the Passenger Trains on this Road will be governed by the following Schedule DAY TRAIN: Leave Montgomery at a. in. Arrive West Point p. in. Arrive at Columbus 2.50 p. iu, Reluming—Leave West Point tu. Leave Columbus 10.00 am Arrive at Montgomery ~4.l'Op.iu. MUIIT TRAIN: Leave Montgomery 5.20 p. m. Arrive at West Point 12.20 a m. “ Columbus 1.00 a. in. Returning—Leave West Point p. ni. Leave Columbus 7 P- m - Arrive at Montgomery a. tn. Through tickets can be obtained (for Double Daily Connections) to Atlanta, Chattanooga and Nashville, and daily connections to Huntsville. Memphis and Knoxville. 8.11. JONES. July 10, —d&Wld Engineer A. Bupl. Freight Arrangement BET WEEN A TEA KTA <V COLI J 31BVS. BY an arrangement between the Railroad Companies composing the two routes from Atlanta to Colum bus, concluded at their con enlion at Savannah onthe Kith instant, it was agreed that the following rates between Atlanta and Columbus shall govern, taking eflecl from the Ist day oi May 1857. VIA WEST POINT. Corn per bushel 11c. Wheat 12; Oats 8; Bacon Whisky. Flour, in sacks or barrels per 100 lbs 35c:— Bagging, Rope, Lard in cans or bbls per 100 lbs 45c. Coal, Pig Iron, by car load, per ton, -53.75. VIA MACON. Corn per bushel 14c. Wheat 15c. Oats 10c. Bacon. Whiskey, Flour iu sacks or barrels, per 100 lbs.. 44r. — Bagging, Rope. Lard in cans or bills, per 100 pounds, 55 cents. Coal, Pig Iron, by car loud, per ton $4.68c. J MCBTIAN. Superintendent Muscoeee R R. GEO. W. ADAMS. Superintendent Southwestern Railroad. EMERSON FOOTE, Superintendent Macon and Western Railroad. Eu g i’ S\. jfrVITTT HT~ May 30, 1858—d&wtf, MOBILE AND GIKABB E E. rpilE Passenger and Freight Train will leave Of- I rard at 2p. in. daily, connecting at Silver Run w ith a daily line of Stages to Villula, Gletmville Eulau la. Fort Gaines and Marianna, Fla. And at Guerry town daily with the stages for lichee, Olivet, bnon, Chunnemiuggee, Midway, Hardaway, 1 trote ftnd Union Hpriitgi*. , ... Leaving Guerrvtown at 4 a. in. daily, the care w ill reach Girard at 7 a. hi., connecting with the Opelika and Muscogee Trains. „ . JP Duplicate receipts must aecoinpany ail treignt OirAil freight must be paid before Goods will be discharged. , , , , . , Freight delivered ut the depot betore four o ciocfc, p. mf will be shipped the following day. Freights for stations Number 1 (Fert Mitchell) and Number 5 (Piersons,) must be prepaid Way freight must, in all cases,^be^paid^advance. i„ar2s, ’s7—dwtf. Engineer ft Supt. CHANGE OF SCHEDULE, SAVANNAH & CHARLESION STEAM PACK ET LIN E. RIHNIXO IN CONNECTION WITH THE North Eastern Railroad of So. Ca. „ TIIE SPLENDID and fast running Steamer GORDON. F. Barden, Cooi wander, leaves Savannah for Charles- every Sunday and Wednesday at* temoons at 3 o’cloek, and connect at Charleston with the morning train of the North Eastern Railroad going north. Returning, leaves Charleston every Monday and Friday night at 8 o’clock, (alter the arrival of the cars on the northeastern Railroad) and arrives at Sa vannah early next moning. . . By this route passengers can obtain through ticKMB to and from Savannah, and Wilmington. N. C. Having a thorough freight arrangement with ths Central Railroad and its connections, all freight* bo* tween Charleston and the Interior of Georgia, consign ed to the agents of tins line, will be forwarded with despatch and free of charge. J. P. BROOKS. Agent Savannah. E. LAFITTE & CO. Charleston. Jan 15— dwtf. A GREAT BARGAIN! THE Subscribers, having now purchased the eoti re property of the Coweta Falls Manu facturing Company, olfer the same for sale. It is oaool the best situations lor Milling aud Manu facturing purposes in the whole country, and will te sold on long credits, and the most liberal terms. Title? of Warrantee wifi he made. SEABORN JONES, PALL J. SE>! VIES, JOHN L. MUSTIAN, June 10. —wtwtf JAMES W. WARREN. HARRISON * PITTS, HJCTION & COMMISSION MERCHANTS, AND NEGRO BROKERS, 59 and 61 Broad street ,tolumbu*, Ga. %*7 ILL siiil continue the above line at our old W stand. Thankful far the patronage hereto fore so lib-rally extended to us by our fr.endsand theDublic we hope by renewed exertions to merit effort? will be spared to give entire* satisfaction to those who may confide their . Real Estate, Negroes, Merchandize and Pro- Hnt Having houses fitted up expressly for the nurDOse .we “are prepared to board, purchase an Negroes on Commission, liberal advance* will be made as heretofore on Negroes and Merchandize. ’ Administrators aud Executors’ sales attended to “S-YSSrS- UKLY NECRGOESof ,U .1.1 b, b.p—<’ IVsAmisom, GEORGE I. PITTS. Columbus, Sept. R. 1858.— wtwlr NUMBER 94