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R. ELLIS & Cos., Proprietors, VOLUME VI. ari)c JHailjj crimes Is Published even- morning (Sundays excep ted) at SIX DOLLARS per annum, in advance Seven Dollars if not paid before the end of year. (£||e tDfeklj) <£imes Is Published every TUESDAY MORNING at Two Dolllars per annum, strictly in advance. Office on Randolph Street, Opposite the Post Office. V Sirt atrarar-n ■ ■ Advertisements of five lines and less in either the Daily or Weekly Times, will be inserted at 50 cents for the first insertion ancb2s cents foreach subsequent insertion. Advertismcnts exceeding five lines will *be charged 10 cents “per line for the first, and five cents for each subsequent insertion. Displayed*advertisements will be charged for the space they occupy. The following are the contracting rates change able at pleasure. WEEKLY HATES. : I* ! ts ! M | ! ‘ M No. of | a 33 33 |3OO o i o o B 818 S S ‘ r ! 3- S- ? ! S- I 5- 1.. 250 4 00 ; 5 50; 10 00! 15 00 20 00 2.. 500 800 11 00 2) 00 25 00 30 00 3.. 75011 00 14 50 25 00! 35 00 40 00 4 . J 10 00 15 00 19 00 30 00! 40 00 50 00 5 1 12. 00 17 00 20 00 40 00; 50 00 GO 00 6.. .. 15 00 20 00 25 00 50 00 ; 60 00 70 00 7.. .. 17 00 25 00 30 00 60 00 70 00 80 00 8 20 00 3> 00 400 C7O (JO 80 00 90 00 I 10 25 00 40 00 j 50 00 80 00; 9o 00 100 00 j DAILY RATES. i—i ts co e o vi • No, ot 3 s b 3 3 2 O O © 3:0 O 3 ' 3 2. 3 ■ 33 ! sqrs. ! =. g. SSi 3- ? b* 1 . M 00 (p Ui T i 5 00 : 700 900 13 00 17 00 2-■ 00 2’ . S 00i 12 00 14 00 18 00 25 00, 30 00 3.. 42 00j 15 00 18 00l 25 00 33 00 40 00 4 ... 1 -45 00: 19 oij 22 00 30 00! 40 0i: 50 00 5 ... 48 00 25 00 30 00- 40 00 50 00 60 00 f>.... ; 20 00 28 00 35 00 50 0 •} 60 00 70 00 7 i25 00 33 00 41 00 60 0 70 00 80 00 8. . .. 30 00 3cLiH) 46 00 70 00 80 00 90 00 10.... ! 40 OQ 50 00 60 00 80 00 90 00 100 00 Sales of Land and Negroes, by Administrators, Executors, and Guardians, are required by-law to be held on the first Tuesday in the month be tween the hours often in the forenoon and three in the ifternooon, at the Court House in the coun ty in which the property is situate. Notices of the sal4nust be given in a public gazette forty days previously to the day of sale. Notice of the sale of personal property must be given at least ten days previous to the day of sale. Notice to Debtors and Creditors of an Estate must be published forty days. Notiee that application will be made to the Court of Ordinary for leave to sell Land or Ne groes, must be published weekly two month-s. Citations for Letters of Administration must bo published thirty days—for Dismission from Ad ministration, monthly six months —for Dismission from Guardianship, forty days. Rules for Foreclosure of Mortgage must be published monthly for four months —for establish ing lost papers for the space of three months for compelling titles from Executors or Adminis trators, where a bond has been given by the de ceased, the full space of three months. Publications will alwads be continued accor ding to these, the legal requirements, unless oth erwise ordered. “ztcjuuess ©©©[& ME) .A©® PRINTING OFFICE, Randolph Street, Columbus, Georgia. HAVING iff successful operation two of HOE j & CO’S CYLENDER PRESSES RUNNING BY STEAM, We are prepared to execute, at short not ice, every , description of BOOK AND JOB PRINTING, j in unsurpassed style, as cheaply as can be done anywhere in the South. . „ r TnT , WeLave on hand a large variety of AEH JOb TYPE and shall keep a constant supply of Plain & Fancy Paper & Cards, Our facilities for turning off this kind ol work, with promptness and despatch, will make it great ly to the interest of persons in want ol POSTERS, HANDBILLS, CIRCULARS, PAMPHLETS, deeds, bonds, DECLARATIONS, U\NK CHECKS, BILLS OF LADING, LETTER HEADS, BILL HEADS, DRAY RECEIPTS, blank NOTES, CATALOGUES, LABELS, WAYBILLS, Blanks of every description. &c. &e. ALSO. RAILROAD iSTEASIBOAT BLANKS BS A 6A.X.A.. This Department is under the management oi We have now m OMMrtiOB wfth the office . C ”" Ple B00K BINDERY, faeture ot all styles of Ledgers, Account Books, Dockete > Court Records. Steamboat and Rail Road Blank Books, &c, We intend not to be outdone in the style and finish of our work, in either departmeu , -T - establishment South, and that we may make our prices satisfactory, we nave auopted the CASH SYSTEM. „ rTTTfi L en Jan. I, ISM- B. ELLIS 4 CO. A. 11. ■ATTORNEY -A.T LAW, HAMIbIOS GA. Will praetiee j n thccounttes of Harris, Musco gee, Lai hot, Mid wether mid Troupe. Particular attention will he paid to collections. December. B— w & dlv. Howard Weems. attorneys at law, CHAWIORD, ALA It°E.. X. HOWARD. WALTER It. WEEMS. Crawford, Ala. June S. wtfcdtf. C U o 6 E T A, Chattahoochee County, fia. ‘ Gives his entiro attention to the practice in Chat tahoochee and adjoining counties. April 26—w&dly. WiiEiam Taylor, ATTORNEY _A.T E.Ax.'W, CUTIIBERT. RANDOLPH CO., GA. Will practice in the counties of Randolph, Calhoun, Terrell, Early, Clay, Raker, Dougherty Miller and Stewart. Refer to — Wellborn, Johnson & Sloan, Attor neys at Law, Columbus, Ga. All business entrusted to his care will receive immediate attention. June 6 ‘s3—wdtf. .?Brion Bediime, ATTORNEY AT LAW, TALJBOTTOJSr, Taibot Cos., Ga. October 24, 1858. w&dtf. Moses & Laws, -A.T’rOZR.IsriL'Y'S AT LAV/, COLUMBUS, GEORGIA. It. J. MOSES. WM. A. LAWS. next door to the Post Sept. 1, 1858. dwtf. R lee, B.D.S. ” DENTAL SUEOEON, OFFICE Corner Broad and Randolph ‘Streets, Columbus Georgia. December 17, 1850. w&dtf. J. FOGLE & SON, ID E TST T ISTS, Office on Randolph Street, near Broad, COLUMBUS,” G A. Columbus, Dec. 9, 1857. d&wtf. ~BLABLEY & HOUSES. ARE now in receipt of one of the best.and most carefuiiy selected tail stocks, they have over offc red to their customers, prices low, audstyles choice- Robe ales Situs in great variety, Robe ales Delaines Rcrha ales fvlerinoe's Plain worsted Dechincs Blk Silk Robe ales. 7 -S and 10-4 TABLE DAMASK, Linen Sheeting 100 inches wide, Pillow Linen 40 and 45 inches, Napkins, Doylies, &c. A Superior Lot of GERMAN AND ENGLISH HOSIERY. 10 11-12 and 13-4 MARS A ILLS QUILTS. Superior Bed Blankets, NEGRO BLANKETS. WOOL HATS; &c. * VELVET, BRUSSELLS. 2 and 3-PLY CARPETS, RUGS , 4-e. Our stock ot WHITE GOODS and EMBROI DERIES was never better. MANLEY H HODGES. Sept 24, d—-tt. ’ & G 0:,,, COLUMBUS, GA. WHOLESALE AND RET AT L GROCSRS & PROVISION DEALERS Wfrr=. lIVVE on hand and will continue to receive ■Jfttn a large and well selected stock, embracing eve ffi-ff TV article in theirline. which are ottered to their friends aud the public at market prices- Come antTsee us. ptS9 l&L-dwtf F. IrANDON, Itf STILL AT THE SIGN OF THE • -f BIG f§p| HAT where may be found all kinds, sorts, scrintions,qualities and quantities oi HA ib Ai> L> CAPS, and the prettiest Children s Hats & Caps. CHEAP. Columbus. Ga.,OetJs, 1858. w&dtf WRAPPING & NEWS PAPER, OF ALL SIZES AND QUALITIES. ros Si LE AT Rock Island Paper Mill Office, IN FRONT OF PALACE MILLS. TKHGSS CASH. iunelfiwtwtl FOR SALE. - THE residence at present occup.ed by the Rev. Mr tVatt. ODoosne Mr Slade’s jMMR-possespiorrsiven the Ist Ja.. next. Also two vacant low adjoining, with the store on Broad -treet No S4, at present occupied by C Michael as a Furniture store, possession given the te of October. The above property .1 ‘cTUiIoLT: atoTH'F TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS.— All N persons indebted to gf be D’ foLSMT’™”’ “M. R. TOMSK. Adm’r. THEJJMN or THE STATES. ASH msuVEBKI.OTV HP THE XI m* COLUMBUS, GEORGIA. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 30, 1858 fifty negroes wanted. made our a-rangements for S‘>-. tnc rail trade, we desire to purchase - . 50 or Sixty Likely Negroes, bb gobd consisting of voting men, women, plough boys,and girls, tor whom ! “? e hignest marketprice will be paid. Persons ha ! , vin “ negroes for sale willfind it to their interest jto give us a ca!]. We will receive and soli Ne j sroes bn Commission and no efforts will be spared to make satisfactory sales, lor those who may place their negroes in our charge. Liberal advances always made on negroes when desired. Call at the Auction and Negro mart of HARRISON & PITTS, aug^l—wtwtf 59 & 61 Broad Street . 1000 ACREAGE rfga* THU * az^ y nX<fUlt?^ J for Sale. j up their business, oUt-r For “J.R'.un uiiy to suit purchasers, a valeable settle mentof One ‘Thousand Acres of Land, lying on the West side of the Flint River, ten miles noat iio! Oglethorpe, and ten miles'‘south’ ol Rey nolds. Two hundred aerosol this settlement is num ber one pi tie laud, the balance (800 act- 1-> entirely swamp, The swamp laml is less liable to be innuu dated by the River than any lands on said River in Macon county, and will doubtless make from 00 to rObushels of corn per acre, cud from 1500 to 3000 lbs ol cotton. There are 80 acres 01 pice land, and-. 15 of Swamp cleared, and In a state of cultiva tion. Water, health arid'society cannolbe excelled in South Westerr Georgia. Applyto COOK & MONT FORT, Julvlt —wfctwtf. at Osiothorpe.Ca. FOR SALE. r HD Subscriber has on hand a few STILLS’ for raamtii .luring s*eacli BrandyorWhle ky, which ho wii very low. ALSO, Tin, Sliest Iron and Japan Ware, every (ascription, w id can be bought at the lowen rates qj cID2X3o t ;3R3^C3DO&Q3s oneon sh 1 notir and'i.'Uber&Herras. J. B. HICKS,Agent. iulyld v rt N'oxt ior below “Bhr Souei’ ■Rroad-.treet. Til E subscriber is now manufacturing the real Irish Poteen Whisky, at his place one and a half miles from Columbus, which he warran ts to be pure and genuine, and equal to the best Poteen Whisky tnarsuiaciured under ground in Ireland Apait from its being a health? and pleasant be verage, it is an excellent remedy tor voids, Diarrhoea, Worms, &c. For sale by the bottle at Brooks & Chapman’s Drug Store, at Brassiil & Co’s by the drink or otherwise, andby the gallon at the distillery. , .. inarG—wtwtf A.BRANNAt HMEISOI & PITli, AUCTION & COMMISSION MERCHANTS, AND N3GBG BHOKBES, 59 aad 61 Broad gtreet.Colnmlms, Ga. W' ILL sttil continue ihe abovo line at our old stand. Thankful fir the patronage hereto fore so liberallv extended to us by our lViendaand the public, we'hope by renewed exertions to merit Its continuance. No efforts will be spared to aive entire satisfaction to those, who may confide their business to our care. ..... . We will give oar personal attention to to sale of Real Estate, Negroes, MevcUandtzeanu Pro duce. Having houses fitted up expressly ior the purpose, we are prepared to board, purchase and sell Negroes on Commission. Liberal advances will be made as heretotore on Negroes and Merchandize. Administrators and Executors’ sales attended to on reasonable terms. . „ OTA Stock of LIKEuV NEGRGOLSoI nl. classes will be keptconstanßv^^ AbrisoN , GEORGE I. PITTS. Onlumbus,Sept. 3. 155 Hlr EICHAEBSON’S Irish: liiisrEusrs, DAMASKS, DIAPERS &c. C CONSUMERS of Richardson’s I.inens. and those de ) sirous of obtaining the GENUINE GOODS,should see that the articles they purchase are sealed with the full name of the firm, ©Di’J© ©OTSKIg as a guarantee of the soundness and durability oi the Goods. . „ This caution is rendered essentially necessaiy, a. large quantities of inferior and defective Linens aie prepared, season after season, and sealed with the name of RICHARDSON, by Irish who, regardless of the injury thus inflicted alike on the Ame rican consumer and the manufacturers ot the genuine goods, will not readily abandon a business so profitable while purchasers can be imposed on with goods ol a worthless character. b^llocke & B LOCKE, noy . ift —dly Agents 36 Church Street, N. \ . GEORGlA—Chattahoochee Couny. r.)urt of Ordinary, October Term 1853. rCTHEBEAS Ililliard ,J. Williams, administra- W tsto- --l; he estate of Johii T Williams,deft and, petitions this Court ioj letters ot dism ission irom said administration: Hi, therefore ordered, that all persons concern* ed. be required to shew cause. 1/ any they nave, within the Lioie presettbed by law, why sain utters should not be granted. N . \ true transcript from the minutes ot sau. court. E. G. 3. IIFOKO. Ord. UEORGIA, Talbot County. Wwhreks Archibald Atkinson applies to me for letters of guardianship of the person and property of Jasper Snellings aud Martha Snellings, orphans oi Henrv Snellings, deceased. , „ These are therefore to cite and admonish all pei&ons feeling an interest, in said guardianship to be and appear at my ottice within rite time prescribed by law, then and there to show cause, if any they have, why said .ctieis official signature, this 10th Decem ber, ISa?. MARION BETHUNE. Ordinary. Dec. 13, w4od. . GEORGlA—Chattahoochee County: tttthEREAS Robert C. Patterson and Martha Brow- V V in a 2 annlv to me for letters of Administration on the estate “of Perry Browning, deceased, iate oi said c These are therefore to file and admonish all and sin gular, the kindred and creditors of said deceased, to ap pear at my office and file their objections, if any tbej have, on or before the second Monday m Januarc next otherwise Letters will be granted to said applicants. Given under my hand at office. Dec. 0. le--.. Dec 13—w30d ‘ E G. RAIFORD, Ordinary. Chattahoochee Court of Ordinary Dec. Term ISoS Present E. G. Raiford, Ordinary. TTPON the Petition of Hyman Albritten. Admmistra tor on the estate of Green Bentlv, ceceasea: It is ordered that all persons concerned, shew cat. a. if any they have, why said Administratcrshould not be discharged from said administration by order ot sai Court, on the first Monday in June, _ A true transcript from the minutes oi said Court, E. e RAIFOE*. Ortun.lT DRUGS, DRUGS, DRUGS, BROOKS & CHAPMAN, wholesale and retail DRUGGISTS, SIGN OF THE NEGRO if MORTAR, COLUMBUS, GEORGIA. Have on hand,and are constantly receivin' l a large and well selected stock ol DRUGS, ME JOINKB, t HEM! ALS, Iif.NTAL AND SUROIuoL IN tTRU \l KXTA, PAINT S, Oib DYE STUFFS, And all other articles pertaining to their bu=i inesji, which they offer t > he lowest prices, and warrant them tresli aud genuine. auu IM f?flß'llui*n! ilh ujihu |’ at all times of the day and night. FAHGYGOODB, LU BIN’S Handkerchief Exifficts, fine Cologne | Waters, line Soaps and pomades, also Hair j aad Tooth Brushes ol English and French m~<nu i facture. Sold by BROOK:] & CHAPMAN. Sept. 33. cl—tt'. BEAHBIEB AND WINES. IT'OR Medicinal and cuDnary purposes. Sold i-y : J BROOKS & CHAPMAN, i Sept. 23 d—tf. ~ POSTEE AND ALE. SOLD by BROOKS &. CHAPMAN. Sept, 23. d—tf. TOBACCO AND SEG-A&S. QOLD by o BROOKS & CIIAPM AN. Sept. 93. d—tf. BURNING FLUID. QIOLD by O ‘ BROOKS CHAPMAN. Sep.. 23, (l—tr GREY POTASH. IN jars orotherwhe. Sold bv BROOKS & CHAPMAN. LEAD AND OILS. LT nion White L ad, Linseed Oil, Sperm Oil, J Whale Oil, Lara Oil, Neatsloot Oil, Train Od, &c. Sold by BROOKS & CHAPMAN. Btp>. 23 and -It ALABAMA WAREHOUSE. COLUMBUS, GA, A LLEN & CAMAK having purchased the interest of B. A- Sorsby in the above well known FIREPROOF BRICK WAREHOUSE, would be glad to see their old friends and patrons at their new place of business, where they have (or/qfrjlu-co partnership with J. W. King, under thr imriiT? oml TSiyle Ot KING, AXLE N & CAMAK, for 1 ho transaction of a general STORAGE AND COMMISSION BUSIN ESS Special aueatiqn paid to the Sale ot Cotton and Produce, and th’a Receiving and Forwarding Marche ml ise consigoed to our care. Libernl Advances made on Cotton in Store or lor shipment to our friends in Savannah, Charles ton, New York or el-ewhere. Bagging and Rope furnished our customers at market prices. We solicit a share of public patronage, and pledge ourselves, by close attention to business to merit it J. W. KING. A M. ALLEN, THO3. CAMAK. IMIE undersigned, in retiring from the Ware house business, takes great pleasure in re commending to his triends a continuance oi their favor and patronage to the new firm. (Signed) B- A. SORbB t . Columbus, July 9.1858-dfim. THE undersigned offer for sale the above standard brand of PURE RYE WHISKEY, of their own distillation in barrels and half barrels. The quality of this Whiskey, known so favorably in the South for the past eight vears, will always he kept up to its former high standard, and purchasers and consumers can rely upon its being a perfectly pure Rye Whiskey, distilled under our own personal supervision, and entirely free from deleterious substances, which often render Whis kies so objectionable, lit addition to the aoove, tie have on hand in New York, as welt as Philadelphia, perhaps the largest stock of line Ry e Whiskies in the United States, and arc enabled to ship goods from eith er city direct to any Southern point. The above Whiskies are all from our own distilling, from selected grain, and are constantly improving by age; and v.-e offer them to the trade from first hands upon the most liberal prices and terms. FREEMAN & SIMPSON, Phoenix Dtsuhery. No. 1 9 South Front Street, Philadelphia. ’ ad Oct-Wily (WWafl Street. New York. . 1 DRYGOODS _A.T AUCTION, BY HARRISON & PITTS, TYTE now have instore, and are daily receiving from V V New York, a fine assortment of first class STAPLE and FANCY DRY-GOODS, AND FANCY ARTICLES Which will be offered at Auction and Private Sale, through tiie season, and to which vve invite the atten tion of our friends and the public generally. Ihe stock consists in part of the following annigs. viz: Prints of every style, White Briliiante, Muslin do I Laincs Robes a’Les.* de Laiaes Robes a’Qutiie, v men- i cia Flounced Robes, Cashmeres, Plant and Figured Aipaccas. Ginghams, White and Red Flanne.s, Lui— sevs Cloths. Cassimeres, Saiuneis, Tweeds, Kentucky jeans. Kevstone and Morse Plaids, Allendale Sheetings Irish Linens, Blankets. Bed Ticking, Bleached Do mesiies Towels. Linen and Cotton Tabie Diaper.Lmen | Nankin’s, Linen Cambric and Bordered Handkerchiefs. Vnron Checks. Hoes anti Half Hoes, Shirts, Merino, end Cotton Net Shirts. Razors, Table and Pocket Cut ,'ierv Needles. Spool Thread. Fancy Soaps perfume ry. Percussion Caps. Letter Paper, Envellops, and a great many other grtieles too tedious to mention. Our ‘ales will continue nearly ever night winter” We will also have one or two day sates in pan, , ve ek All goods offered at Auction warranted as represented or nosaie. HARRISON & PITTS, represemeu 59 and 61 Broad Street. E. J. Packard. Auctioneer. Columbus October S. 1836 dtt. Administrator’s sale.—wm be sold before \ me Court House door in ;the town of Taibotton. Talbot countv. Ga. on the first Tuesday in February next- within the leaai hours of sale, agreeably to an order of the Court of Ordinary of said county, alt of the negroes belonging to the estate ot Etdndge Adams, af e of said county deceased-viz: Frank a man 2e vears of age. Shack, a man 68 years old; Enmy 2S yrs. lit an d her boy child 3 years old; Susan St) years old, and nerthreechildren; Rose a child S.dd for £he pur nose of division. JOHN E BARK. L H A Lx*, P Di3-wtd. de boms non. EPPISG’S cOMPO rN I> FL u 1 I). Extract of Buchu. £ KAROS Mi CRU\ A TA.” A Sovereign Remedy for Diseases of the j BLADDER, “ SPINE. RY ORGANS, ORAV BLADDER, CIIRON BI,ADDER, MORBID BLADDER and UUE PROSTRATE, and KE TINENCE of URINE ihe parts concerned, j CHRONIC RHEUMA TIONS” of the SKIN. cine is earnest iv re-1 ; the taste, and can he ) JRXTIIACTof IlfelJ patTeht no matter how adverse lie may be to taking medicines. CAUTION. None genuine without the names of Epping and L. Pierce & co., blown upon each bottle. manufactured only bv BROOKS & CHAPMAN. D R IT (i G I 8 T S , COLUMBUS GEORGIA. And gold by all respectable druggists throughout the country. “ * sept 7 dwtf. THE LIVER f N VIG O R A I O R , PREPARED.BY D Pa. vS A IS D F O ii !>, COMPOUNDED ENTIRELY FRDfVS GUMS. IS one of tiie best purgative and Liver Medicines now before the public, that acts us a Cathartic, easier milder and m ire effectual than any other medicine known. It is not only a cathartic but. a liver remedy acting first on tiie Liver in eject its morbid matter then on the stomach and bowels ta carry oft’ the matter, thus accomplishing two purposes effectually, without any of the painful feelings experienced in tiie operation of most cathartics. It strengthens the system at tiie same time it purges it; and when taken daily in mod erate doses, will strengthen and build up witii unusual rapidity. SANDFORD’S LIVER ’ij^VlG-ORATOjR, The Liver i.s one of] tors of the human bo I forms its functions well ( tem are fully developed j most entirely depend tion oftbe Liver lor the j its iunelions, when the J bowels at fault, anti ers in. consequence oft cr- having ceased toi diseases of that organ, | lias made it Ins study, than twenty years, to wherewith to counter ments to which it is To prove that this re 1 any person troubled piaiiit, in any of its a ■•onvictiou | These gums remove | ter iiom tiie system, a healthy flow of bile, much, causing food to ! the blood, to ihe whole machine ! of the disease —eiiec liiiiotts attacks what is better, occasioual use of the tor. One dose after eating the stomach and pre rising and souring. Only one dose taken vents Nightmare Only one dose (alien bowels gently, and One dose taken after Dyspepsia, g jgr One dose of two ways relieve Sick One dose taken for move the cause of the perfect cure. Only’ one dose imme vvhile One dose often repea holera Morbus, Cholera. Sir*Only one bottle of the systemthe effects sickness. * One bottle tak inoves ail sailowness or the skin. One dose taken a, ing gives vigor to the’ food digest we!i. . ... One dose ofren repeated eures flironlc rhoea, in its worst forms, while Summer ana Bowel complaints yield almost to the first dose. One or two doses cures attacks caused by xv orni in children; there is no surer, safer or_speeier remedy in the world as it never fails. frge A few bottles cures hrojisj'i by exciting tne absorbarfts. , . ‘ .. . We take pleasure in recommending this memnne as a preventative for Fever anti Ague, Oliiiis Fever, and all Fevers of a BUioua uype, It operates with certainty, and thousands are willing to testify to its wonderful virtues. All” who use it are giving it their unanimous tesiuuo- BV in its favor. . . Mix water in the mouth with the Invtgora.or ana swallow both together. THfi XiIVBR INVIGOHA.TOH, is a scientific medical discovery, and is dai y ‘york liter cures almost too great for helief. H cures as it by nmG •• even the first dose giving benefit, and seldom my;e than one bottle is required to cure any kind ni Liver Complaint, from the worst jaundice or dyspepsia to a common headache, all of which are tiie resu.t ol a diseased liver. Dollar per Bottle. SANFORD fit CO. Proprietors, 315 Broadway N . 1 . H IIIJLKS.UK ATiEVTS. Barnes & Park, New York; T. W. Doytt & Son*, Philadelphia; M 8 Btirrac Cos., B-.sfon; II II A. Cos. Portland; John D Park, Cincinnati; Gajlara &. Hammond. Cleveland. Fahnstock & Davis. Chicago; 0 J Wood & Cos. St. Louis; George H Keyser, I **- burg; S S Ilance, .Baltimore’ And retailed by all Druggists.) Wholesale vnd lie'.ail oy j. S. PEMBERTON & CO., 8800 KS & Cii A P VIA N, . DANFORTH it, NAGEL, Mnv 20. 1855— d&wly. and all Druggist*. Book Binding T EXECUTED in superior style at the office °fAhe *j “ Columbus Times.” CIGARS DIRECT IMPORTATION, , on BOXES Havana Cigars oivarious brands t / (or sale at small advances for Cash by Kn 19-wtwtf E H\KN A FID .V <> >• GEORGIA—TaIbot County: vitHEREAS Elias L. King applies to me for letters Yt of Administration with the will annexed on the estate of Henry Bnellings late of said county deceased: These are therefore to cite and admonish all and .in euiar the kindred and creditors of said deceased to be and appear at my office within the time prescribed law then and there to shew cause, if anv tney have, why said letters should not be granted. Given under my hand and official signature, frit* the 11 MARION BETHtTSE, o*. ” SEED OATS,’ 4 t i rgE SUPPLY constantly on hand, from the A Middle States, where the Rust did re, prevail. oct3ow*m fc C 0 MUSCOGEE JR. DR CJTAXGE OF SCHEDULE. : msa -mm ON ami after 15th July 1858. the Evening Mail Train will leave Columbus at 3.45 p. m., and ar rive at Macon at P.lip. m. Leave Macon at 9.45 a. in. arrive at Columbus at .” 45 p. in. Tiie Morning Mail Train will leave at 4.00a. m. and arrive at Macon 9.50a. in. Leave Macon 11.45 p. ni. arrive at Columbus at a. ni. J. L. MUSTIAN, Supt. Colttmnns. July 15—dwtf. CHANGE OF SCHEDULE. DOUBLE DAILY SERVICE. Ai u u.V! r. n i ills U VV LJI I uiu i KAIL ROAD COMPANY, MONTGOMERY, Nov. ID, 1857. ON and after this date the Passenger Trains on this Road will be governed by the following Schedule DAY TRAIN: Leave Montgomery at a - ***• Arrive West Point p. m. Arrive at Columbus 2.50p.m, Returning—Leave West Point in. Leave Colttmbus IU.OO am Arrive at Montgomery 4.00 p.m’. ;NIGHT TRAIN: Leave Montgomery 0.20 p. m. Arrive at West Point 12.20 am. ‘• Columbus 1.06 a.m. Returning—Leave West Point 7k> p. m. Leave Columbus m. Arrive at Montgomery I>za a * m - Through tickets cun be obtained (for Double Daily Connections) to Atlanta, Chattanooga and Nashville, ami daily connections to Huntsville, Memphis and Knoxville. S. G. JONES. July 10, —d&wtd Engineer 4c Supt. Freight Arrangement BEI'WEKiV ATLANTA & COLUMBUS. BY an arrangement between the Railroad 1 ’ompanies composing the two routes from Atlanta to Colum bus. concluded at their con ention at Savannah onlhe ltith instant, it was agreed that the following rates between Atlanta and Columbus shall go.ern, taking effect from the Ist day ot May 1857. VIA WEST POINT. (Torn per bushel 11c. Wheat 12; Oats 8; Bacon Whisky, Flour, in sacks or barrels per 100 lbs 35c:— Bagging, Rope, Lafil in eansorbbls per 100 lb*,4sc. Coal, Pig Iron, by ear load, per ton, S3 75. VIA MACON. Corn per bushel 14c. Wheat 15c. Oats 10c. Bacon, Whiskey, Flour in sacks or barrels, per 100 lbs., 44c. Bagging, Rope. Lard in cans or bbls. per 100 pound*, ‘sscents Coal, Pig Iron, by ear load, per ton§4.6Se. J MUSTIAN, Provident and Superintendent Muscogee RR. GEO W ADAMS, Superintendent Southwestern Railroad. EMERSON FOOTE, Superintendent Macon and Western Railroad. GEO G HULL. Superintendent Atlanta"hnd LaGrange Railroad, SAM’L G. j6nES. Engineer and Superintendent M, 4cW,P. R. R. May 30, 1858—tide wtf. I Kl DNEYB, L'RIXa. j EL, STONE in the lIC CATARRH of the IRRITATION of the j SIIRa. diseases of the j TENTION and INCON from a toss of tone in | Also. DYSPEPSIA, TIMM i,,,d XFFF.e ---) The above Medi ) commended to Physi readily taken by any j the principle reguia dy, and when it per ti;e powers of the sys- As the stomach is’ai c-nt on the healthy ae proper performance of stomach is at iauii the ; ihe whole system suff- I one organ - the Llv Ido its duly. For the \ one of the” proprietors ]iu practice of more 1 find sonic remedy i act the many derange | liable. • medy is at last found, ! with” Ltver Oowi ! forms, has hut to try a ; is certain. 1 all morbid or bad inat ! supplying In their place J invigorating the Sto ; digest well,” piirify j giving tone and heeltli , ry, removing the cause J ting a radical cure. 1 are cured, mid, i prevented, by tiie j Giver Invigara !is sufficient to relieve ! vent the food rrom 1 • before retiring pre i )at night, loosens the* ! cures Costiveuens each meal will cure (lea spoonfuls will al- Headache, 1 female obstructions re | disease, and makes a l liately relieves cholic, ! ted is a sure cure for [ and preventative of 1 ! is needed to tlirow out ) ot medicine after a long ! en for Jaundice re ! unnatural color from 1 ; short time before eat- I appetite and makes MGSILJS AND GIKASD Jft. K. E‘S w aHaaaaap ggmMc; GBsacßxsn rTUIE Passenger and Freight Train will leave Gi- JL raril at 2p, m. daily, connecting at Silver Run. wilh a daily line of Stages to Viliula, GlennviUe Eufau* la, Fort Gaines ami Marianna, Fla. And at Guerry town daily with the stages for Uchee, Olivet, Enon, Chuniiennuggec, Midway, liardawav, Perote and Union Springs. Leaving Guerrvtowii at 4 a. in. daily, the cars will reach Girard at 7 a. iu., connecting with the Opelika and Muscogee Trains. (Hr' Duplicate receipts must accompany all Freight Shipped. U“r*All freight must bo paid before Goods will be discharged. Frei gilt delivered at the depot before four o’clock, p. ni. will lie shipped the following day. Freights for stations Number 1 (Fert Mitchell) and Number 5 (Piersons,) must be prepaid Wav freight must, in all cases, be paid in advance. JOHN HOWARD, mar2s, ’s7—divtf. Engineer & Supt. CHANGE OF SCHEDULE, SAVANNAH & CHARLESTON BTEASI PACK ET LIS E. RVNNINO IS CONNECTION WITH THE North Eastern Railroad of So. Ca. _ ~ THE SPLENDID and fast running -/y ‘■ yVfflj* Steamer OORDON. F. Darden, Com* mander. leaves Savannah for Charles- every Sunday and Wednesday af ternoon* at 3 o’clock, and connect at Charleston with the morning train of the North Eastern Railroad going north. Returning, leaves Charleston every Monday and Friday night at 8 o’clock, tatter the arrival of the cars on the northeastern Railroad) and arrives at Sa vannah early nextinoning. jjy this route passengers can obtain through tickets to and from Savannah,'anti Wiiniington. N. C. Having a thorough freight arrangement with the Central Railroad and its connections, all freights be tween Charleston and tiie Interior of Georgia, consign •l to the agents of this line, will be forwarded with despatch anil free of charge J. i*. BROOKS, Agent Savannah. E. LAFITTK & CO. Charleston. Jan 15-dwtf. BEDELL k WEEMS, HAVE removed to the corner formerly occu pied by. W-. A. Redd. & Go , lately by Watt and Sappington , where they will keep constantly cm band, h well selected 6tock of GROCERIES, con?isl ; ng in part of Bacon, Bagging and Rope Sugar and Colloe, Liquors, &c. Ail oi winch they offer at the lowest market prices. Aug. SO, 1855. wtf. WANTED, \ N Overseer for a force of eighteen hands in South YA. Western Georgia. He must be sober, industrious and honest, and must furnish a recommendation of his character in all three respects. A married man would be preferred, but his family must be small. Apply in person at this office. Novi wtf. mm? A LARGE AND FRESH SUPPLY OF LANERETH’S garden seeds. Just received and for sale by nov2T —d<fcw BROOKs <fc CHAPMAr. . 1 Snu and Enqnlrar please copy. PEYTON H. COLQUITT, / JAMES W. WARREN. < Editors. NUMBER 102