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BY J. VV. BURKE & CO. DAILY JOURNALS MESSENGER. 9. W. smuts 4l CO., Proprietors. A. W BEBMC, • - • • • B4lU»r. or KICK So. « SECOND STREET, MACON, GA. RtTKa OK KCMfIIPTH*. » Throe Month* ? * T*(. Weekly, per Annum 2X •• •• Six Month*. 2 50 - •• Three Months -J » Weekly _ner Annnm - ?S' “ mix Months - * ™* From Harper’s Mantziue. mammoths and mkoathkmhjms. Ws sre indebted to * friend st Yankee BUI, Cali* fornix, for the following particulars of the unto e.rd circumstances that terminated the recent session of the Academy of Natural Sciences at , Smith’s Crossings, Tuolumne county, California. It is to be deplored that organizations undertaken In the highest Interests of humanity should come to so abrupt a smash: I reside st Table Mountain, and my name Is Truth ful James; I am not up to small deceit, or any sinful games; And I’ll tell in simple language what 1 know about the row That broke up our aociety upon the Stanislaus. Rut first !' would remark, that It is not a proper plan fur any scientific gent to whale bis fellow-man, and if a member don’t agree with his peculiar same member for t.fc“pnt a head’’ Now, nothing could be iluer or more beautiful to Than*ttae first alx mouths’ proceedings of that same society, , , , „ Till Brown, of Calavcros, brought a lot of fossil bones Thst he found within a tunnel near the tenement of Jones. Then Brown he read a paper, and he reconstructed there. from those same bones, au animal that was ex tremely rare; And Jones then asked the Chair for a suspension of the rules, Till he could prove that those same bones was one of hia lust mules. Than Browu he smiled s bitter smile, and said his greatest fault Was tbat he had been trespassing on Jones’ family vault. 11% wsa a most sarcastic man, this quiet Mr. Brown, And on several occasions he had deaued out the town. Now, 1 hold It Is not decent for a scientific gent To say another Is an ass —at least to sll Intent; Nor should the Individual who happens to be meant. Reply by heaving rocks at him to any great ex tent. t Then Abner Dean, of Augel’s, raised a point of order—when A chunk of old red sand-stone took him in the ab domen, And be smiled a kind of sickly smile and curled upon the floor, And the subsequent proceedings Interested him no more. Then, in less time lhau 1 write It, every member did engage . In a warfare with the remuants of a paleozoic age, And the way they heaved those fossils In their an ger was a sin, Aud the skull of au old mammoth caved the head of Thompaou In. And this is all 1 have to say of these improper For at Table Mountain, aud my name Is Truthful James; And I’ve told iu simple language what I know about the row That broke up our aociety upon the Stanislaus. BBDRMPTION OK' UNITED STATES CUR RENCY. Washington, July I.—The following ngiilatloua are adopted in lieu of all which hRT* heretofore been issued by the Treaa- | ury Department, In regard to the redemp tion of United Htates currency : I—MUTILATED CURRENCY. Mutilated currency is redeemable by the Treasurer of the United Htates at Wash ington, i). 0., aud by no other officer. UNITED STATES NOTES. Notes presented for redemption, the abrasiou or loswof substance from which does not exceed one-twentieth of their origiual proportions, will be redeemed as whole notes. 1. Fragments of notes will not be re deemed in lull, except when proof is ad duced by affidavit that the missing parts of auoh uotes have been totally destroyed, and stating the cause aud manner of de struction. Less tbau half of a note is not redeemable at all, unless accompanied by auoh affidavit when presented by the holder. The character of the affidavit must be certified to be good, by a magis trate or other publio officer. In the absence of suoh affidavit, pay ments of uotes, exceeding by measurement one-half tl eir original surface, will be re deemed iu their proportion to the whole note; reckoniug, as a general rule, by twentieths. S. Mutilated uotes whioh have been torn, no matter how much, but of whioh ail the fragments are returned—or de hoed, no matter how badly, so that it is certain they are geuulue—will be redeem at their full face value ou presentation. 4. Fragments of the legal-tender notes, for which less than the full value has been paid, will he retuiued six months, to en able owners to return to the Treasury mis sing parts of suoh notes, and receive the amouut previously withheld, Huoh re turn should give the date of the letter from this office, transmitting the original remittance. INTEREST-BEARING NOTES. The rules for the redemption of mutila ted United States uotes are likewise ap plicable to mutilated interest-bearing notes. Coupons of two years five per cent. Treasury uotes, separated from the notes •f which they constituted a part, are of no value except wheu presented for re demption with the uotes to whioh they 6c tony. Coupons should not be detached flrom the Ave percent, notes except by a Government officer authorized to redeem them at maturity. But this regulation 4pe« not apply to coupon nodes or bonds other tbau Ave per cent, notes. FRACTIONAL CURRENCY. • Defaced fractional* notes, if whole, are not considered as mutilated when pre sented for redemption, uor is an evidently accidental diminution, redneiug the note by not more than one-tenth of its sise, regarded as mutiiatiou. 1. Fragments of a note wUi not be re deemed unless it shall be dearly evldeut that they constitute oue-halr or more of the orignal note; in whioh ease a note, however mutilated, will be redeemed in proportion to the whole note, reckoning by Aflbs, except three cent uotes, which will be reckoned by thirds. £. Mutilations less than one-tenth will be disregarded, unless fraudulent; but any mutilation whioh destroys mom than one-tenth the original note, will reduee the redemption value of the note by one- Afth Its fees value, or if a three cent note by one-third iu original value;. 3. Fragments of a three ?eut note will not be redeemed, unless such fragments constitute fully two-thirds of the note in IU original form. 4. Mutilated notes presented for redemp tion must be in sums of not lass than three daiiamef their original value. U—CURRENCY NOT MUTILATED. In general, currency is redeemable In accordance with the conditions printed upon each note. UNITED STATES MOTES. ccdation, when tbe same shall be presented The Department will receive, at its own •xpenae, under the contract with Adams Express Company, from any officer of the Govern meat, private party or corporation, notes which an mutilated, or in any way unfit tor circulation, notes of the denomi nation of fifty dollars, and notes known aa the “convertible Issus,” authorised by the acts of February 25 and of July 11, 1882, provided they are sent in accordance 29sa&£*&b&£ - * FRACTIONAL CURRENCY. gatln HfliMw! awl UhssettgJf. 1. All fractional currency, not mutilated, » shall be redeemed bjs-atyr.Afiftiatant l'rea ■ surer or designated',4*tx*>>hMry of the United Htates, or B national *bkok desig nated as a depository of the United Htates, having Government funds, in sums not less than three dollars. 2. Before being presented for redemp tion the currency must Arst be assorted into the different issues— which are easily distinguished—each issue must be assort ed by denominations, and enclosed in paper straps at least one inch wide, se curely pinned; each strap, if the size of the deposit will admit, must contain one hundred notes of the same denomination; on each strap must be written with ink the number of pieces aud denomination enclosed, and the name of the owner. 3. The entire deposit must be securely done up in one package, and Ufion the wrapper the date of the deposit, the amount enclosed, and the name of the owner, must be endorsed with ink. 4. No less kum than three dollars will be redeemed, aud packages will be paid for in lawful money of the United States, in the order as to time in which they •hall have been received, as soon as the currency can be counted and passed upon. lII—MODE OF TRANSMISSION.. When parties making remittances fail to give their full address, the remittances will be retained until Such address is fur nished, accompanied by a satisfactory de scription of the package claimed. BY EXPRESS. Direct all ibmittanees intended 4or re demption to “Treasurer of the United Hiates, Washington, D. C.” 2. Packages should be put up iu wrap- Iters of stout paper or cloth, tied with strong twine, secured withcarefuisealing, and plainly marked on the outside, with the amount and nature of the contents, and with full name and postofflee address of the consignor, thus: j $ , Krac’l Curr’y for redemption. • Treasurer of the United States, ; | Washington, JD. C. ; •From : John Smith, ; • Smithville, O. • • ••••«• '•* * When forwarded under contract that fact should also be stated on the package as follows: “Forwarded under contract with Adam 9 Express Company.” 8. A letter of advice, written on not less than half a sheet of commercial note pa per, stating the name and full postofflee address of the owner, the amouut of re mittance aud th».manner in which re turns shall be mgpte, must be put inside the package. «** ' 4. Money for redemption may be sent at the expense of. the Department by Adams Express Company, or by any Ex press with which that Company has made such arrangement, provided the amount sent is SSOO or more, or exceeds SI,OOO, or a multiple thereof by SSOO. This restric tion is made necessary by the Cermig.tif the contract with Adams Express Cojapany, Any expense to tyhieh the Department may be subjected through neglect & com tily with the terms of this regulation will be deducted from the proceeds of the re mittance before returns are made. 5. Postmasters, Internal Revenue Col lectors, and tbeir Deputies, may remit in sums of SIOO or more by Express, free of charge; but this regulation is confined to the officers named. BY MAIL, 1. Direct all remittances Intended for redemption, to “Treasurer of the United States, Washington, D. C.” Letters or packages addressed as above are delivered by mall, postage free, whether they con tain mouey or up|. 2. Money for redemption, after beiug prepared as heretofore directed, should be sealed or tied up in paper of suitable streugth, aud plainly marked on'the out side with the owner’s name and fuH ad dress, aud with the amouut enclosed ; the package should then be sealed up iu the envelope, together with a letter oradvice. written on not less than a half sheet of commercial note paper, stating the name and full postoffice address of the owner, the value of the remittance, aud the man ner iu which returns shall be made. 3. Remittances to the Treasurer by mail are invariably at the risk of the owner. All communications to the Treasurer in regard to packages ascertained to be lost in transmission by mail, will be referred, for the Hecond Assistant Postmaster General, to whom any further luquiry on the gubject should be ad dressed. 4 It is a protection against loss to regis ter letters CbntA|ning mouey, but the registry fee should be, iu ail cases, prepaid by the party remitting. IV—RETURNS—HOW MADE, Proceeds of remittances will be returned in all cases to the person who made the remittance. ij ~.. . 1. Returns sos amounts less than five dollars, unless instructions are given to remit proceeds by* check, will be made in new currency by mail at the owner’s risk. 2. Returns for amounts of $5 and up wards will also|>« made in new currency, if the owner so requests, either by mail, at his risk, or by express, at his expense, un less the amount' shall be SSOO or mpre, or exoeed SI,OOO, or a multiple thereof by .more titan $.500, in which casfi express charges will bedrid by the Department. 3. For amounts of $5 and upwards, un less new currency is desired, returns will be made by transfer cheeks on either New York, 11 i'to:i, Philadelphia, New Orleans or Ban Francisco, as the owner may re quest, or if no place of payment is men tioned, check on New York will be sent. In esse of the loss or destruction of his checks, toe Treasurer will, upon notiflca tion thereof, stop payment on the original and furnish the applicant for a duplicate with a form for bond of indemnity; upon the return of which, properly executed, at the expiration of one mouth from the date of the check, wheu the amount thereof is SSO or more, and at tb* expira tion of three mouths when the amount is less than SSO, duplicate will be issued. 4. Wheu the remittance is from au As sistant Treasurer, designated Depository, or National Bank designated as a Deposi tory, the proceeds will, if desired, be cred ited in account. The Treasurer cannot undertake to reg ister remittances mailed by him, even if the registry fee is provided for. V—GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS. 1. Whenever any holder of currency, whether mutilated or not, shall present the same, put up in accordance with these regulations, iu sums not less than fifty dollars, to any officer or bank required to redeem currency, it shall be duty of such officer or bank to receive sueb parcel aud at their option either pay (fee owner its value iu money, or give a receipt con ditioned for such payment when pro ceeds of the parcel shall be received from the Treasurer of the United a *r*y- When the same depositor shall hatfinudly pre sent for redemption currency, jjjgj muti lated, iu sums somewhat less'ujtfq fifty dollars, with the evident intention of evading this regulation, it shall li&tUsore tionary with the officer or bank in whom the deposit is presented to mtam to re ceive the amount until it ia niade pp to at least fifty dollars. 2. Notes of National Banks Wblfih have gone iuto voluntary liquidation, and de posited money for the redemption of iheir outstanding circulation, and notas of National Banks which have failed, are redeemed by the Treasurer of the Uaited Staten on pUJUUUIWHUBJ'VWd -TrtWW* m uti - iated will be redeemed by him under these rules as United States notes; provided that tbe owner pays all express charges attendant upon their presentation. Notes of all other Natiopal Banks, whether mu tilated or not, are redeemable only by the baukjfcicb issued 3. |e eurrencylkKpreafntg# for re deutpdqa notes torn itKUdMtosjHbould be EPfSELK rtotPlng thart^m^Bmutilated c«pBcTO no allow ance will be made for fragments nor parts of tbe same note, attached to each ether for tbe purpose of avoiding a deduction. 4. Government officers will receive eur» rency for ail public dues iu accordance with the ooediUoas expressed on each note, no matter bow badly defaced or torn; providing its genuineness can be clearly ascertained, and not more than one-twentieth part of each note is mm*- I MAanEnßUßus ' Os fractional currency. - 5. All officers of this Department are reqoired, whenever any spurious note purporting to have been issued by tbe United States shad be offered to any such, officer, to stamp thereon the word “coun terfeit.” Half notea that have been purchased wtU in no case be redeemed. Observance of the above is enjoined on all Aasistaut Treasurers and Depoaitoriye: and compliance therewith on the paftof all making remittances, to effbtah the foregoing regulations are applicable, is de sired. F. E. Spinner, Treasurer United States. Treasury Department , Washington, June 7, 189d. Approved : Geo. S. Boutwbll, Secretary of the Treasury. The Wonders of the Age! The Excelsior Ague Pills, —AND— THE EXCELSIOR AGUE CURE OR FEBRIFUGE. These are the only Remedies that. In and ot themselves, will certainly care Chills and Fever and Billons Fever without the aid of some other medicines. _ .. _ . They are a certain and safe cure for all Mala rious Diseases; a perfect Antidote for the Poison Malaria. They make no bad or Injurious Im pression. and always leave tbe patient in a bet ter condition than before taking them. Wher ever they have been introduced they are super ceeding all other medicines. A single box or bottle not unfrequently saves a long phyaiolan’s bill, and much time and suffering. No family should be without them. When once tried, so prompt, and efflcaolons and mild are their effects, no other remedy will be soogh after or used. * PREPARED BY OR. C. A. CHEATHAM, DAWSON, OKOKGIA, And sold by L. W. HUNT A CO., Macon, Ga. Persons purchasing by the Gross or Dozen, will be allowed a liberal discount. Also for sale by Merchants and Dealers every where. THE EXCELSIOR ELIXIR OF BARK AND IRON. Is recommended to tbe medical profession as a flue Tonic, and a r(Viable Stomachic and Appe tizer. It contains all the valuable properties of Peruvian Bark In their most active form, com bined with the Ammonlo lodide of Iron, and in such a state as to make no Injurious Impression on the teeth or ooats of the stomach, no matter how long the use may bp continued. The com position of this Medicine is printed on tae label of each bottle, with the dose, etc. Prepared by DR. C. A. CHEATHAM, • Dawson, Ga. Sold by L. W. HUNT A 00., Macon, Ga. All Druggists have them for Scrofula, or King’s Evil, is a constitutional disease, a corruption of the blood, by which this fluid becomes vitiated, weak, and poor. Being in the circulation, it pervades the whole body, and may burst out in disease on any part of it. No organ is free from its attacks,’ nor is there one which it may not destroy. The scrofulous taint is variously caused by mercurial disease, low living, dis ordered or unhealthy food, impure air, tilth and filthy habits, the depressing vices, and, above all, by the venereal infection. What ever be its origin, it is hereditary in the con stitution, descending “ from parents to Children unto the third and fourth generation; ” indeed, it seems to be the rod of HHn who says, “I will visit the iniquities of the fathers upon their children.” Its effects ctmimeince by deposition from the blood.of corrupt or ulcerous matter, which, in the lungs, liver, and internal organs,-is termed tubercles; in the glands, swellings; and on the surface, eruptions or sores. This foul cor ruption, which genders in the blood, depresses the energies of life, so that scrofulous constitu tions not only suffer from scrofulous com plaints, but they have far less power to with stand the attacks of other diseases; conse quently vast numbers*perish by disorders which, although not scrofulous in their nature, are still rendered fatal by this taint in .tire system. Most of the consumption which de cimates the human family lias its. origin directly in this scrofulous contamination; and many destructive diseases of the liver, kidneys, brain, and, indeed, of all the organs, arise from or are aggravated by the wnne cause. One quarter of all our people are scrofulous; their persons are invaded by this lurking in fection, and their health is undermined by it. To cleanse it from the system we must renovate the blood by an alterative medicine, and in vigorate it by healthy food and exercise. Sadi a Htedicine we supply in AYER’S Compound Extract of Sarsaparilla, the most effectual remedy which the medical skill of our times can devise for this every where prevailing and futal malady. It is com bined from the most active remedials that have been discovered for the expurgation of this foul disorder from tlie blood, and the rescue of the system from its . destructive consequences. HchCe it shotffd be employed for the cure of not only Scrofula, but also those other affec tions which arise from it, such as Eruvtive and Skin Diseases, St. Anthony’s Fiue, Rose, or F.uysii-ei.as, Pimpi.es, Pustules, Blotches, Bi.AiNsand lloit.s, Tumoks, Tetteb and S*i.t lliieum, Scald Head, Ringworm, Rheumatism, Svi'hti.mto and MekcuuialDis eases, Duoi-sy; Dyspepsia, Dehility, and, indeed, all Complaints .ahising feom Vitia ted oh Impure Blood. The popular belief ill “ impurity of tUeJblood ” is founded in truth, for scrofrila is a degeneration of tlie blood. Tlie particular purpose and virtue of this Sarsapa, rilla is to purlin,ml regenerate this vital fluid, without which sound health Is impossible ill contaminated constitutions. AYER’S Ague Cnre 5 ioh tub wnoi nu oir Intermittent Fever, nr Fever wSine. Remittent Fever, Chill Fever, Bemti Ague, Periodienl Headache, or Bilious Headache, and Bilious Fever#, Indeed for the whole close of disease# originat ing In biliary derangement, eaused by the Malaria of Miasmatic Countries. We are enabled here to offer the community a remedy which, while it cures the above complaints with certainty, is xtiil perfectly horniest m any 1 quantity; Such a-TemeejMS fnViiluible lifrdistricts where these afflicting disorders prevail. This “Cob" expels the miasmatic poison of Fsvbb and Ago from the system, and prevents the de velopment of the disease, if taken on the first ap proach of its premonitory symptoms. It is not only the best remedy eyer yet discovered for this class of complaints, but also tbe cheapest. The lame quantity we supply for a dollar bribes it within the reach of every body; and in bilious districts, where Fbvbr and Agce prevails, every body should uun. A gWit npenmtj tff’fiiis rtnnf otcf any other ever discovered for the speedy and certain cure of Intermittent# is that it Contains no Quinine or mineral, consequently it produces no quinism or other injurious eßeets whatever upon the constitu tion. Those cured by it are left as healthy at if they Fad never had the disease. Fever and A gmris jpefuioof tbe consequence of the miasmatic poison. A great variety of disor ders arise from its. irritation, among which are Adurotea, Rheumatism, Gout, Headache, Blind wo, Toothache, Earache, Catarrh, AMhena, Pah pitatum. Puiufid Jfectum of the Spited, Potter set, Pain iu the Imrit, Coke, Paratpde and Zfc rangemenl of the Stomach, all of which, when originating in this cause, pot on the intermittent tope, or become periodical. This “ Curb ” expels the poison from the blood, and consequently cams sionaUv or daily while exposed to the infection, that wui be excreted from the gum, sad cannot accumulate in anfideat quantity to rfpeh into dis ease. Hence it h even more valuable for protec tion thjm few vrjjl ever suffer Inter -udttwtsiftWav##eßßeM#nf pretention this remedy knords. FtoynradhyOr.JC.ATPACOi.Tm^li.W.m SotdtnU W. HUNT * 00., X. H/BBUfUN 800 wlv. ** , HATTON’S OIL OF UR AND FILL*—For sale hy druggist* aud oountry atorekoopnn gnn orally, KATTOHH OILOFLfF»-OBWB ground Mob wallings, laMstitlifiaadttua, MACON. GA, THURSDAY MORNING, JULY 8, 1869. JUST RECEIVED. CHROMOS! CHROMOS! I”' CHR^MyUj '"1 MB- -__ ami ltauaJ| American , * U[> in Chroino, aiii^B Richly and Appropriately Framed. These are the GENUINE BERLIN CHROMOS, gad in every way more exquisite in their Tone, Color and Warmth of Ex pression, than any produced ; in this country. Please call and examine before the assortment is broken. Prloee Varying from *4.50 to B*o.oo Bach, Being 25 per cent, cheaper than Prang’s or Wood’s Pictures. JUHN W. BURKE & CO., Macon, Ga. maJl-tf ItTDffi'W' BOOKBI JUST REOXIVXD BY JOHN W. BURKE ft 00, HACON, GEORGIA, Sent postpaid, upon receipt of price annexed, to any address. LEANDER; OR, SECRETS OF THE PEIESTHOOD ♦ BT ERNEST TRUMAN. Claxton, Bemsen & Haffelfinger, Phila delphia; Bvo, paper, 50 Cents. BLACK FOREST VILLAGE STO- BIES ; BY BIRTHOLD AUBBBACH^^^^ Ley pi) Ui i A llolt, fs}'-' I '. FOX’S boo3B|;. ; -V> y i 11 Hat 'M. , Claxton, Rernaen & ’ delphia; 18mo, Clotk,7scSnw^^ THE SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON, h In Words of one Syllable; BY MARY GODOLPHIN. Claxton, Remsen A Haffelfinger, Phila delphia; 4to, Cloth, $1 50. EJY EK I N|G, S AT HOME AH Words of one Syllable; BT MART GO DOLPHIN. Claxton, Bemaen St -HaffeLfinger, Phila delphia ; 4to, Cloth, $1 50. WA AP PING PAPER. / All Sizes aiiS Wfllghtt. * THE CHEAPEST SW Brought to TbUl parkdt. Fwjwfoby J. W. MOujl-** MICOH AMD WESTERN RAILROAD DAY PASSENGER TRAIN, Dally, except Sundays. Leave Macon 7:46 a a Arrive at Atlanta. too ru Leave Atlanta. -7:« * * Arms at Maoon 1:30 * >* SIGHT SXVSISS FAMOUS* TXAIX — DAILY. Leave Atlanta. ft*® * * Arrive at Macon... --- *=«•* ■ Lsave Macon Arrive at Atlanta. —... ft' l ® * * WESTERN AMD ATLANTIC RAILROAD. after May 12th, 1868, Passenger Trains wi'J u follows GOING NORTH. LEAVE ATLANTA, Sit* A. M. Daily (except Sundays) Exraiss Passin x am.—Arri ve at Chattanooga at 4.-4 Sf. il, con ' ----- “I Chatts- Bke West, rn cities, Mempnis his, New Aoooxno '. Car 1, i)*l ton Arrive at rains for n, Baiti - Arrive ;ing with Nulroftd feat, and wties, via iphis and St. Louis, ’ ■R . I V” -Leaving Chattanooga at 7:10 F. n., connecting with -trains of Nashville and Chattanooga, and Memphis and Charleston Railroads, and Dal ton at 9:48 f. n„ connecting with trains of East Tennessee and Georgia Railroad. A. M. Dailt (except Sundays) Dalfo* Acpom kosahox.—LeaveDaltenat 2:15 a. ton 6:SO a. M, Cartersviile 7:15 A *., Marietta 1-10 P. Sundays) Exfxm Passsix am—Leave Chattanooga at 4:30 A. il, con necting with trains of the Nashville and- Chattanooga, and Memphis and Charleston Railroads. Fuliman’s Patent Sleeping Coaohes on all Night Trains. E. B. WALKER, 4 ec p.ti Master of Transportation. "daily passenger line BETWEEN ATLANTA AND NEW YOKE, Philadelphia, Washington, AND OTHER BASTBBN CITIES, VIA WESTERN AND ATLANTIC -" ro - VIRGINIA AND TENNESSEE RAILWAYS. ALL RAIL ROUTE. TIME TABLE, NOV. 17th, 1868; NORTH. Leave Atlanta - p JJ Leave ? SI Leave Washington 8:30 p m Arrive at New York 6:00 a m j SOUTH- Leave Bristol - ® :3 J A “ Arrive at Atlanta 8:36 4 k Time between Atlanta and New York, Fifty-Seven Hours. ty THE GREAT MAIL between Atlanta and New York it carried Exclusively by this Line. Sleeping Coaches on all Night Trains THROUGH TICKETS GOOD UNTIL USED, AND Baggage Checked Through To all Important Points. E B. WALKER, Master of Transportation, dec9-tf W. A A. K. R. DIRECT TRADEWITHEUROPE. J. H. ASHBHIDGE, J.B. HUTTON, Os New Orleans. Os Macon, Ga. J. H. ABHBRIDCE A CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS AND General Purchasing Agents, LIVERPOOL. ASHBHIDGE, SMITH A 00., NEW ORLEANS CONSIGNMENTS solicited. Particular atten tion g'iven to the sale ol Southern Lands to European Capitalists and intending Immigrants. Orders for foreign Goods executed on best possible terms. mayl-dlmA2tam 11ns 1869. 1869. MfeDER HOUSE, Georgia. ■Jki'j-. ■tn vLskois dunn- the sfrSL'l . Bni ive been extensively repaired ■ ; * and guests will find tlie order as any in the coun'rj . ‘ J 7 Sir ion veitient to, and much nearer ■Hbrated Spring than any other Hotel, ■PnrdeU by beautiful groves and pleasant BfgTite patrons—part cularly families and In valids—will find it a most agreeable and retired retreat luring tbe summer months: wbtle anex- Derlence of thirty years in successfully catering so the plMsureaad health-seeking public jnsti aihie. , a _ HATES OF BOARD: . IS z^zzzzz 9 ]! <» pSMo“th’:r.:=: oo tw Good Stases and Hacks at the Railroad at Fomytb, daily, Sundays excepted. WM. A. BLDER, Proprietor. ; jnne24-2m >. PUGH’S PREMIUM GALLERY, TRIANGULAR BLOCK, MACON, BA. Marks a specialty of the fitter, qualities of £?&>£*’». who h w^on P four^-liffereot awarded the premlam over all others farthe best Photograph made in the State. HWangpra visit lag the etty eat* spend hoars very plea-anily ea amlni ag his collections or Specimens; and those wanting line and durable Plot*res can obtain them by sitting far , .... maS-ct Triangular Block, Mleon/Gn. Life and Epistles of 8L Paul, —BY— CONYBEARE & HOWSON. ™ c% T ANARUS““ jrfpWf M.W.BOJ*■**<*» ABBOT, DOWNING & CO.’S MACON AGENCY. a-EiisrcriiTE ooktcobd Wagons, and Drays. all of their Vehicles at Factory prices, expenses added. SMITH, WESTCOTT & CO., Successors to Little, Smith A Go., 102 CHERRY STREET - 109 Saddlery, Harness, etc. We have on hand afnll line of the above goods, .Wholesale and retail, which we are selling tow Carriage Makers’ Materials. Carriage Makers can find at our establishment everything needed In their line, at reasonable prlce8 ‘ Harness Makers Will find an extensive stock in their line et Ho. 102 CHKBHY STREET. Sole and Harness Leather, Calfskins, etc. “ ~ TO* CARPET-BAGS, WHIP*. Baby Carriages—All Styles. BOOT AND SHOEMAKERS! ask your attention to our large and oomplete stock of SHOE FINDINGS, all ol which wewlll seU low. Bl * > * J. IIOUI IIS & t 0.. Wholesale and Retail Grocers, Corner of Third and Poplar Streets, AT SNIDER’S OLD STAND, * ARE PREPARED TO FURNISH EVERYTHING IN THEIR LINE At Prices to compare favorably with any other House In the City. Jnnel9-3m __ CHEAP FOR CASK! 10 Car koada YELLOW and WHITE COHN, 1 Car Load PEAS, 3 000 Lbs. CHOICE LEAP LARD, in 3, 5 and 10 lbs. boxes for Retailers, gQ Tierces LEAP LARD, 50 Kegs LEAF LARD, 50 Cans LEAF LARD, 75 Casks CLEAR RIB SIDES and SHOULDERS, 5 Tierces MAGNOLIA HAMS, 40 Barrels PINR and COMMON WHISKY, . 40 Barrels MOLASSES, 50 Half Barrels PINE SYRUP, 2S Bales MACON SHEETING, , 5 Tierces RICE, 25 Half Barrels WHITE FISH, 23 Half Barrels BLUE FISH, 50 Boxes TOBACCO—>aII grades—To Arrive, 40 Barrels SUGAR, 30 Sacks COFFEE, 100 Barrels SUPERFINE FLOUR, ‘ 50 Barrels EXTRA FLOUR, 100 Sacks FAMILY FLOUR, 300 Sacks LIVERPOOL SALT, 200 Kegs of NAILS, HO Boxes of SOAP, All df which we offer at very low figures. JOHNSON, CAMPBELL & 00. COUNTRY MERCHANTS AND BUYERS OF drt goods BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, GROCERIES, HARDWARE, STEEL, IRON, • And many other artiekw oanalty kept In a FIRST- CLASS WHOLESALE HOUSE, • si.-l* ;• V . , * e • 1/ i • v • 1 Are informed that the s f x 3sr a- stock; J. B. ROSS & SON SPRING DRY GOODS, it !• i “* pr * p “* d *° <a ™ lA ■ we know they nUt yg«l. CaHon ’ ? . j B j t* VOL LXI.. NO. 150. GOOD BOOKS AT OKBAP PBICIIb ! J. W. BURKE & CO., MACON, GEORGIA. r\FFKR far sale ib* f.-lkmiag ataaderd «and ••*( U written works st a great rtd«e»B. Sent by to aajr address epoa rsesip* • yrte. Count Mtrabean, Sen, cloth, by Maadl S I> NapoleoeanjtbeQueee of Prwmm, Sea, doth. by Malbaeb ••• | 74 Napoleon and Bl tidier, Bro. deck, by Melbaeh. I 7 * Prince Eugene ead Uis 1 hum. dvo, chrtk. by Mulbaeb * T * Seethened Sobiller, Sro, ck>U, by MaibMh.. » « Fred .lick ibe Orest and bi» Family, (*• itek by Mnlbacb 1 7 * Aadreaa Hohr. Sro, doth, by 1 7 * Marie AntoineUs and ber Sue. lae, eiotb, by Melbaeb * 7 * The Daughter es ea En.prmmiro.shrtb.br Napoleon and Quese Loulaa, ire. efalh, by Mai bask * 74 Louisa, of Praam, and bar Times, Sre, efatb. by Uulbach 7 74 Berlin and Sauaiiouci. Hme. ebrtb. by Mai. 1 7. Tba Merchant es Bsriio, lSmo, cloth, by Mai baah I TANARUS» Frederick tba* Grant aad ha Oaart, Um% wMtiSteJWVV&z i 8 Tba Hair ofßedal, la, * rata, by . Yaoge... to * •*» TheCaunpaigne of Lteuif s*nt G»itw r trtm and of Forrest's Caralrr, 8»o. chrtb, Td *“ DAVID a, ADAMS, H«*»T K. WASH rat S* Os Ea ton too. (la. «*« -mvatawAh, So. AaUUUY A. ADAM*. Os American Ua. ADAMS, WASHBURN & CO., FAOTOIW COMMISSION MERCHANTS, fn Ma> * MatMardh Uwtr Mama*. SAVANNAH, Oa. jel»» F. BBftm, MAOHINI NT , . MULBERRY BT-, MAGON, GA. AU KIM» Os MACHINERY REPAIRED, In th* Beat Poaeibl* Manner and at Short Notioe. Special Attention (jlvn (•Mill H erk Tarma Modern to. bbt ts ST. CLOUD HOTEL. This now asd ootn rood ton* bourn, located earam of Broadway and 4Sd Street, poraamas adraetegt* oral' all otbsr houase far tba aocomwdatn gnaeta. It was built expreesly *-r a ir.teleas Tmu u. Boarding House, tba roouta Wag far** aad ate eu.t, basted by «Itr—. with but aod said water, aed ter niahad second to nooa; while lbs culiwery depart meet is in tba moat experienced heads, aMwdmg **ona o“ bleralora fa alto amaae* tba “modem improrcnMuta," aad at tbs aarrias of gweeSa m *Tba l ßSdwaT sed Uairaraity Mace C ara asitba door arary foer minutes, raaniag from tba City Hall to Contra! Park, while tba Sixth aad Hcrretb Arreee Liase are bat a abort Mock aa either ample hcililiaa for comrouawaling with all tbr do nots, steamboat lasdiogr. pfacaaaf 'it aed '““'“““BSlIS.uorm. mrlS-dm Prwprieterm. Alf’d H. Comu'itt, JeexaHAetm. Baker County, Oa. ? r **°*’ “ Hoaa H. couth itt, Savannah, Ue. COLQUITT A BAGGB, COTTON FACTORB.ANI> OF.NEHAL COMMItiBION MEKt HANTB, Bay draet, Savannah, Georgia Special attention to the rale of CMten. I em ber and Timber. Liberal adrahera j>o Cam-.»n mania. apa-w INDIAN SPRING! 1869. This favorite southei& kmori now open for the reception of Vl-iu.r-. are regular line of st»ges will tie MUblWudoa Jur,• Ist to ran to end from Forsyth. The medicinal proprrt.ee ol the water era en rlvelled for the core of ell Cutaneous. » br.-au Uver and Kidney Diseases. THE McINTOBH HOUSE Will be managed In connection with the Um« House, of Macon, kepi by U»LI lk.K a Hoi e RATES OF BOARD aRK: Per Diem...— f-' 1 “* Per Week.—. - Per Month - - •••■•» “» The Invalid can here nn<l quiet, purr air. an.i heeling water and tba robust end yiruhlul. "Hostess -in u . maao-im ouM.iEHh a m Bradley’s Patent Croquetrieb. JUST received by i. W.- HUKKB a . the Unset aasorlment of croa,uet eva-r bra.-utal t-> this market. Ten different vaiieile *■ >»• CHEAPEST ea wadi ea the BkMTU-tw ■ bi- i.< anywhere. Prices ranging Horn ge U te lie ta per set. Please cell end sue, end pra.re our a aertkmi. These Croquet seU dlffar from ell others, i- ir gotten up With Patent ludexlcal B»Jl». an-l --- ver Plated Bridges with removable *•» l •>» Decidedly “Juat tne thing." apt- i MILLER * WATSON'S PATENT BOOK CLAMP (IMPKOTKI).) ▲ Meat, Compact, Strong, Himpla, Uatabte, aou Chaap article for tarrying Beak*. It Will Out-lut a Doaen Strap*, aaa Do the Book* No Injury. HKOOMMErfDED BT Price SO aaaU. Pur ml*, whcleeafo aad retail by J. W. BURKS and 00., fcbb-tf No. <4 Second Steart. Ma«.o',a. JOHNSON, CAMPBELL dt CO., WHOLESALE OROCEItH aac COMMISSION MKRCHAMN, Uavajaat received a large, fraak Htaek at UROt i k IKS tad PRODUCK, which they Oder low for CAMi We are alao prepared la formiah oar Pnaiiag Made with Corn, Bacon A Plantation Supplies ON TIME, And at re-enable ralea. Give we aaU b—>• pnrehaaing eleewbere. MH <■ TO LAND OWNERS. TUI Bader* geed baa aalaM abed in PhMeHipin as agency lor the ea aa# Hoe*hem Ueda. la gain— for Faroe aad Mtoeral Unde at the death £ st? aadittioealuy ebonid ta aU aaaw acaoopaey appb- Faecal noidicg, lib da. beonb **., 17-do » *fo THE WEEKLY AND TRI WEEKLY REPUBLICAN, Fabliabcd nt Aoericcc, On-, -w- Hanoock Ac Cos. |a aouTHleH AOuenac, Mi ». rtm- — m Jf "if •