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Georgia courier. (Augusta, Ga.) 1826-1837, October 15, 1827, Image 3

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j Tn the political contests, such as the, n iiich now pervades the Union, mdi- f ., re glorified or reviled in a strain ■ mistrous hyperbole. The disgust I "'this extravagance is fitted to oxcite, ", be aggravated by the consideration he who is most grossly abused or in nately extolled, would without any ' difference nr increase of merit or de- rif receive the very contrary treatment le same quarters, if he chanced to be adopted candidate, or vice Versa. in ifold obloquy or eulogy is lavished .,naVnan merely according as he hap- , n5 m have determined in the choice of ididates. This circumstance does not ' ip /■ the observation of our citizens ; d ,he consequences are that but little lull or weight is conceded to what is ired forth pro or con; that few, if any, l (nS £p tes are made ; and that parties be anie more and more exasperated against L c l, other and prone to commit greater I,cesses. If Congress should prove in- [>1,1 perate, during the approaching ses- • on) on the Presidential question, the jrliiicians at Washington, and the raging dots throughout the country, vv 11 pro rice scenes and results shocking in tliem- clves and most discreditable to the na- nal character.— National Gazette. COMMERCIAL. HAVRE MARKET. Au;r 29—Sales, Cotton, 411 bales Georgia, 1.33 Tennessee, 87,-} ; 5(1 Mobiie, 933-8. 30— Sales, 112 bales Louisiana, 1 15 a 1 i;i ; 61 Georgia, 935. 31— No alteration .in Cotton. .Stock on .im<1 57,259 bales of all kinds. Rice, 20 tcs. {Volina, at 31 ; 50 do 30. Extract of a Idler' dated HAVRE, SEPT. 1, 1827. Our Cotton market bas jeontinued very quint. The arrivals from Amcr ca in the course of last * ".nth, did not exceed G700 bales, and the sales wore about 12,200 bales. We are now left with 335OO Uplands. 12,700 New-Orleans, 1100 Sea "ularvis. and about 11,000 Biaziland West India. We quote Upiands at 16} to 20A, but'smne late pies were made below the quoted prices. At j^j- reason of the year, we feel no apprehe siou ofa reduction in our currency, but our prospects an little favorable to a further amendment., Va- r j„ u « lots of Seu Islands, to the extent of about 2001,ales, fair to good Cotton?, wer.-realized this reek mostly at 36. One lot brought 38. Caro lus Kite may be quoted at SOf to o3f. E'.’ THE ERIC MU-ES STASDISH. HAVANA, OCT. 4. ■The Rice per brig’s Mary and Catharine, s jesterday sold at §7 18} a 7 25, and as our , i; „ketis unusually bare, the article seems likely ;. rule at fair prices for some time. Of flour 1 rre was also a limited supply, but for the last idn vs4000 bids, have come in and are yet un- ,nl;l* this quantity must of course depress prices, higars assorted are firm at 10.} a 14.} i s. 12 a [6 rs. Brown 10 a 12, these latter in great de- mml and stock ranch reduced, 2d a 3d quality .VuTec, command $6 a8; piime, none. Molas- ;t;s, 6 rs very scarce. Freights not easily ob- . lined. Exchange on U. S. 6 a 7-” THE, REVIEW of the Augusta Market, for the week plenty. WHOLESALE PRICES. RAGGING—25 a 26 cts. BACON—lb. 9 a 11 c. BOTTLES—Wine, gross, $12. ? Porter ,, ,, $13. > HLER—barrel, $10 all. COTTON—7} a 9} cts.; new 9} a 10} CASTINGS—English, lb. 6} cents. American, 5 a 5 1-2 cents, COFFEE—lb. 16 a 19 c. CORN—bushel, 50a 56 CANDLES—Augusta, lb. 17 a 19 c Northern, 16; Sperm 37 cents, CIDER—bairel, 7 a $8 FISH—Mackerel, No. 3, bid. $3 a 5} FLOUR—Superfine, $6 a 7 60 Fine, $6 GUN POWDER—$7 50 a 8 50 Canisters, various brands, doz. § 3 75 a 7. .GLASS—Window, 8 x 10, 50feet, $4 ) Ame- 10 x 12, 50 ,, 4 50 } rican IKON—Swedes, lb. 5} a 6c. I.I ME—unslacked, cask, $3 a 3 50 LEAD—Bar, lb. 9 cents. 'Molasses—gal. 40 a45c .NAILS—8 a 8}. PORTER—London, doz. $4 a 4 50. RICE—lb. 3 a 3} cents. SPIRITS—Cog Brandy, gal. $1 30 a $1 50. Bordeaux do lit) a 125 c Holland Gin, gal. 112 a 125 cents Jamaica Rum, ,, 1 JO a 125 cents Whiskey, gal. 40 a 45c. Northern Gin, 45 a 50 c. Northern Rurn, 47 a 50c scarce. SPICES—Pepper, lb. 21 a 25 cents. Pimento, ,, 26 a 30 Ginger, ,, 8a 10 ,, SALT—bushel, £0 cents. STEEL—German, lb. 14 a 1G cents. Blistered, ,, 8 a 10 ,, SHOT—bag, $2 25 a 2 50 SALT PF.TRE—lb. 13 a 14 cents SUGARS—St. Croix, lb. 10.} a 12 cent,?. New Orleans,—10 a 11 Muscovado ,, 9.} a 11 ,, Loaf, 18 a 21 „ ? . Lump „ 16 a 17 c. .) a0, •SOAP—lb/ 7 a 9 cents. TEA—Hyson, lb. 115 a 120 cents. Gunpowder,, $1 30 a 1 40. jDo. in cannisters, $3 75 per cannister TVINES-—Teneriffe, cargo gal. 100 a 110 cents Do. L. P. $ 1 60 „ Malaga, sweet, ,, 85 ,, /Port, „ $1 75 a 2 50 Madeira ,, $300 a 4 25 Clnret, doz, $5 a $10. EXCHANGE—-on Charleston. 60 days,} dis. „ Sight, 1 prem. on New York, 60 days 1 dis. Bank Checks, 1 pre SPECIE—A a 1 P m -—U. S. Notes,m.a 1 pm. Darien Money, 4, none N. Carolina do. 5 dis. Cape Fear, do. „ eo. BY* BVOe 6l GREENWOOD. TO-MORROW, 161ft vast. at 1-2 past 10 o’clock, in front of their Auction Store, 327 Broad-st., and next door to John Madden 8f Co.’s Drug and Medicine Store, A GENERAL ASSORTMENT OF Groceries and Dry Goods. ALSO, A Trunk of Gentlemen’s CLOTHING, con sisting of black, blue and mixt superfine Dress and Frock Coats; do. do. Pantaloons; Fancy- Vests, all of the latest fashion. ALSO, A first rate Billiard Table, in complete order. Terms at sale. Oct. 15 AUCTION AND COMMISSION BUSINESS. A SIBLEY h F. WASHBURN have formed . a copartnership, under the firm of Sibley and Washburn, for the purpose of transacting the above business—and solicit a share of tilt: pub lic patronage. Augusta, Oct. 15, 1827. 46 4tw THE Auction of Groceries, A T the Store of the late firm of A I. h G. W. HUNTINGTON, will positively take Mace on Wednesday morning, at 10 o’clock precisely. A. I. HUNTINGTON. October 15 It A Regular Quarter ly Meeting of the FRANKLIN LIBRARY SOCIETY will be held at their room, THIS EVE- . 15th instant, at 7 o’clock. Particular ndance is requested of the members, as %usi- of importan e will be laid before them. By order of the President. VANZANT, Secretary. ctober 15 It DRAWN NUMBERS IN THE RHODE ISLAND West Baptist Society Lottery, 8th Class. 48, 53, 45, 35, 43, 40, 24, 47. Holders of Prizes will call for the cash, or re new in the UNION CANAL LOTTERY, 33rd Class, the Drawing of which will be received on Saturday Morning at QEERfT OFFICE. It . FIRST LOTTERY. $15,000 Highest Prize Union Canal Lottery, Cla^s 33d. The Drawing will be received by Friday Night’s Mail. 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 5 5 5 10 20 46 46 92 2104 8280 1 PRIZE OF $15,000 „ „ 3,000 ,i * 2,500 2,000 „ „ 1,600 1,500 1,196 „ 1,000 „ „ 500 „ „ 400 300 200 100 50 40 20 10 5 Tickets$5, Halves $2 50, Quarters §1 25 APPLY AT BEERS' Fortunate Lottery Office, No. 241 Broad-st. Augusta, October 15 46 2t wirndm WESTERN HOTEL, AT THE CORNER OF CENTRE AND GREEN STREETS, AUGUSTA. T HE Subscriber has returned to his Old Stand, the WESTERN HOTEL, in Augusta, where he will entertain his old Customers and other friends, who may be pleased to give him their patronage. ' Those who may honor his house with either regular or transient custom, may be as- suredjthat no exertion will be spared to produce that delusive feeling so agreeable to a stranger’s ima gination, that he is here enjoying all the comforts and conveniences of his own home. B. MIMS. OCr* An extensive Wagon Yard is attached to the Western Ho tel ; and the street from the end of the Bridge leads directly to it. October 15 46 tj OAK AND HICKORY WOOD. T HE Subscriber intends delivering good Oak and Hickory WOOD to his usual customers during the Winter, and as he will enter largely into this business, he would be erlad t<> add to the number of those who wish regular supplies. ORDERS left at the Western Hotel, will be promptly nnd punctually supplied at the most reasonable rates. B. MIMS. Oct. 15 46 tj Quaker Springs, TO RENT. The Stand known as the Quaker Springs, and for seve- vears past occupied as a place of Public Entertainment, is now offered for Rent. Ihe Quaker Springs are six miles above Augusta, on the main road to Columbia Court-House, to Lincoln, he. and perhaps better situated for a Public House, thau any place in the neighborhood of Augusta. The buildings are in excellent repair, and it is believed there is no stand more celebrated for health and pleasant ness within fifty miles of Augusta. An enterpris ing occupant would not fail of finding an encour- aging patronage. Possession can be had the 1st December next, and a lease may betaken for one or more years The Furntiure belonging to the house, will be sold to the person renting at a fair valuation. For further information, apply to the subscriber, on the premfces. JAMES LYNES. O’ The editors of the Scuth Carolina State Gazette, will publish the above till the 1st Dec. and forward their accounts for payment. October 15 46 tD ADVERTISEMENT. Persons having busi ness in the following Coun ties, (to wit:) Bibb, Mon roe, Pike, Upson. Butts, Henry, Newton, Crawford, Houston, Fayette, DeKalb, Coweta, Carroll, Troup, Muscogee, Lee, Twiggs and Jones, can have it promptly attended to by the undersigned, by leaving the papers in the hands of Wm. Longstreet, Esq. who is authorized to receipt for the same. PRINCE fc POE, of Macon. Augusta. 23d Aug. 1827. 31 w3m AUCTION AND CCMBKISSXOHr BUSINESS. * LATHAM HULL, No. 210, Broad-Street, I NFORMS liis friends and the public, that he has returned from the north, and again ten ders his est services as Auctioneer and General Commission Merchant, for the disposal of every -description -of property, at public and private ssle; and flatters himself, from the central situa tion of his Store, and from his general knowledge of the business ; together with the experience ot Mr. G. TOMPKINS, in that capacity, (whom he has engaged.) that he will give general satisfac tion to consignors, who may rely on the strictest punctuality in receiving sale with proceeds as soon as effected. O’ Liberal advances will be made on consign ments when reouifetL Oct • ' . 42 tf '*>. Land for Sale. T HAT well known Plantation, belonging to the estate of Mr. Jeremiah Wood, dec’d. i or.taining One Thousaud Acres of prime Swamp and Pine Land—more than jne third of the said tract is Oak and H ckoiy of a superior soil. On the said Plantation is a good Dwelling House, and all other necessary out-buildings; the plan tation is in good repaid. Also, an excellent Or chard aud a Well of good Water, Household an . Kitchen Furniture, iMock, Cattle, Hogs, Corn, and Fodder; a healthy situation and every thing calculated to facilitate the utility of the farmer. The above tract of Land, is situated in Barnwell District, on the Savannah road, near Steel creek. Also, another tract of River Swamp, containing One Hundred Acres, adjoining waters of Savan nah-river, well timbered, part of which may be cultivated—together with another tract which is attached, Sixty Acres, including the Springs, well known as the Dunbarton Springs. The water has a very cool, agreeable and pleasant taste,and has been frequently resorted to by people from the lower parts of this State, and has the credit of being efficacious in the cure of variousdiseases. On the premises, situated on im eminence, at a convenient distance from the Spring, is an excel lent large commodious House, calculated fur the reception of many Boarders; also, Kitchen and Stables. The above tracts of Land are not more than from three to five miles apart. One third of the purchase money will be required on the first day of January, 1828; the remaining two thirds, on a credit of one and two years. The said Lands can be had on very low and reasonable terms. Apply to Jennings J. Wood, On the premises. October 15 46 tf Ol i Peach Brandy, Mononga- hela Whiskey, Sfc. LANDING FROM STEAM-BOATS COMMERCE AND ENTERPRIZE. 30 Boxes Claret Wine, 6 Half Pipes do. 10 Bl.ds. Double Refined Sugar, 65 Kegs Spiced Salmon, 12 Boxes Brandy Fruits 15 do. Capers and Olives, 10 do. London Pickles, (assorted) 12 Hampers French Cordials, 10 Boxes West India, do 3 Pipes Holland Gin, 2 do Otards Brandy 50 Half Bbis. No. 1 Mackerel, IN STORE. 30 Bbls, Newark Cider, GO Boxes Crab, do. (equal to Champaigne,) 20 Bbls. No. 1 Mackerel, 10 Casks London Potter, &c. he. 60 Five Gallon Demijohns, 10 Hampers Wine and Porter Bottles, 15 Boxes white and Brown Soap, 20 M. Superior Spanish Segars. TOGETHER WITH A COMPLETE ASSORTMENT OF GROCERIES, Of the Choicest Kinds, and on fair terms, For Sale by N. BYRAM MOORE, No. 202, Broad-Street. Juno 7 10 if LEWIS F. P. CStfBSOftT, (wheeler’s building,) OFFERS FOR SALE, 24000 Lbs. Sweedes Iron, 200 Casks Thomastown Lime, 50 Bins. Flour, 15 Bbls. Apple Brandy, 35 Kegs White Lead, 30 Boxes Raisins, 10 Quarter Casks Wines, assorted, 10 Reams Writing Paper, St. Croix Sugar in Hhds. and Bbls. 5 Tierces Jamaica Coflee. Jalv 12 19 tf Wells 4* Klhhe. Take this oppor tunity of informing our Friends in the Cily and Country, that owing to our being burnt out on the night of the 2d of July, that we have removed to the Brick Building; formerly occupied as the Post-Office, between Broad-street aud the Man sion House, where we continue our business as D RAPERS & TAILORS, In all its various brandies. We have on hand, Goods of nil descriptions, such as will suit the lovers of fashion with any article of genteel Dress. Augusta, Aug. 27 32 building. The Subscriber has removed his LAW OFFICE to No. 302 Broad-street, opposite to M’Kenzie Sf Benuoch’s brick ANDREW J. MILLER. October 8 44 3t A Plantation AVanted. A NY person having a good Tract of Land, in a healthy situation, within twelve or fifteen miles of Augusta, containing from 700 to 100S 1 acres, to sell on reasonable terms, may hear of a purchaser by applying at this office. October 8 44 St rm ANI) Commission Business. T HE Subsc ibers, in addition io their present nsiness, contemplate, early in the Fall, On c inmencing the AUCTION tf COMMISSION BUSINESS. Regular and extensive supplies of Merchandize of every description, suited to the City and Conntry Trade, will be received from New-York, Boston, aud other places. Sufficient inducement, we trust, will be held forth to City and Country Merchants, to *i tract their attention to this market, and mo e particularly to this es tablishment for supplies. Nothing will be want ing, but a Liberal Patronage, to stimul te our exeitb-ns, and enable us to meet their wishes and supply their wants. The business will be done under the name and firm of G. ABELL h Co. REFERENCES. MUct,TL°BCi, C ° W. & S. Lawrence h Stoire, } D Lyman, Tiffany h Co. j 1Sost&n - Miller, Riley h Co. ) . Edward Bement, \ Ch « rhsto ”- }***»*• A. Slaughter &.C. Labuzan, ? 4 Wm. Sims, Williams & Co. ) N- B. Liberal advances of Cash will be made on Cotton, shipped to our friei ds in New-York, Boston, Charleston and Savannah, and on Mer chandize consigned to us for snle. JEWETT, ABELL & Co. Augusta, Sept. 27 41 tf R. COOK, a NFORMS his friends and the public, that h.e is now receiving a general assortment of ©frwfrfts. Which will he Sold on accommodating terms, at No. 121, Broad-Street. October 1 42 6t CITY HOTEL. T h£ subscriber feels much pleasure in in forming his friends that lie has taken, and will enter on the occupancy of that well known establishment, the CITY HOTEL, on the 1st October. He deems it needless on this occasion to say more than that no effort in his power will be omitted to render it fully equal to any other Hotel in this City, as regards the excellence of its Table and Bar. and that gentlemen who may have heretofore visited it, will in fatnre find its character fully sustained; and to strangers, it will be a place of comfortable rest after the fa tigue of travelling—to all an agreeable home. DU’ His Stables will be well supplied with an abundance of the best Provender and attended by civil, attentive and capable Hostlers. He in tends to keep a LIVERY STABLE, where those who may wish to have their Horses well kept may send them w ith confidence. William M’Gar. Augusta, Oct. 1 42 tf Raisins, &lc. 60 BOXES Raisins, just received and for sale low, wholesale and retail bv J. FREDERICK h Co. ALSO, A general assortment of FRESH CONFECTIOrLtlRY.- APPLY AS ABOVE. October 4 43 31 New Goods. THE SUBSCRIHER IS NOW RECEIVING A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF BRITISH, FRENCH & AMERICAN ^ - Consisting in part of the following articles, v to: D UFl'TL and Toint Blankets, Black, Blue, Oxford mixt,and Olive Cloths, Red, green, yel o>v and white Flannels, aud green Baizes,. Red and blue Plaids and Camblets, Plaid and Camblet Cloaks, Black, red h figured Bombazetts &. Cercassians, Fine Bombazine and Italian Crapes, Nankin and Canton Crapes, and Crape Robes, Sarsnetts, Green Florences and Levantine Silks, Black and coloted Gros de Naples, 200 pieces Flag Hdkfs. and yellow Bandannas, 300 do Fqncy Calicoes, 100 dozen Ladies Cotton Hose, 100 do Lambs Wool and Worsted Hose and half Hose, Clark’s Spool Cotton, Linen, Thread and Tapes, Biack and blue Italian Setving S’lks, 1 case Irish L nen , black and brown Linens, Long Lawn and Linen Cambrick, 10 bales brown Shirtings and Sheetings, Domestic Plaids, Apron and Furniture Checks, Satiuetts and Negro Coaling. ALSO, 1 Case of Leghoi n Hats. A 1 of which will be sold at a small advance, on New-York prices, by the piece or package, at 271 Broad-street. H. W. SCOVELL. October I 42 8t {£?■ Mr. Abner Washburn, jr. is my authorized Agent, during ray absence from this City. F. S. WARNER. August 30 33 tf HALL SL HARBIN. Hoeing purchased the Stock of GRG'CERIES of Mr. A. P. ROBERTSON, would again invite the attention of their friends and the public gen- era'ly, at No. 151 Broad-street, where they yin tend keeping a constant supply of Choice Groceries: S’ THEY HAVE OS HAND, T. Croix and New-Orleans Sugars. Loaf and Lump do. White and Green Coffee, Cognac Brandy, Holland Gin, N. E. Gin, Canal Whiskey, superior quality, Cicili and TenerifTe Wine, London Porter, Imperial Gunpowder and HysOn Tea?, 1 Pepper and Spice, Table Salt, Spanish and Common Segars, Chewing Tobacco, of superior quality, Sperm and Tallow Candles, Swedes and Russia Iron, Cotton Bagging and Sacking, Newark Cider, suitable for bottling, he. he And at No. 151, they have a general as sortment of Seasonable DRY GOODS, All of which is offered for sale on the most ac commodating terms. June 7 10 tf REMOVAL. T HE SUBSCRIBER has Removed his Store to the Yellow Brick building, 8 doors above his former Stand, where he bason hand and is constantly receiving a good assortment of BOOTS & SHOES, And other articles in his line, where he invites his friends and customers to call and examine for themselves. J. P. Force, No. 288 Broad-Sireci. Oct. 8 44 if JUST RECEIVED, ON CONSIGNMENT, 7 >i pieces Hem]) and To v Bagging, 3 pipes Holland Gin, For sale low, by LATHAM HULL, . No. 210 Broad-street. October 11 45 tf APPRENTICES Wanted to t^e Tailoring Business. APPLY TO FOSTER & HENRY. October 8 44 tf THE UNDERSIGNED Has removed to No. 307 Broad-street, in the Cen- j trt Tenement of Messrs. McKenzie Sc BennocITs \ Brick Stores, and continues to devote his atten- | tion to the COMMISSION BUSINESS. He is now receiiingfrom New-York, Philadelphia, and Boston, ON CCNSI&NXOENT. 200 Pieces Hemp Bagging, (42 inch.) 100 bags Coffee. 156 barrels Whiskey, 30 barrrels Dutch Point Gin, 10 boxes and 12 barrels Loaf Sugar, 20 quarter casks Malaga Wine, 30 kegs Richmond No. 1 Tobacco, 10 boxes Whittemore’s No. 10 Cotton Cards 10 barrels Linseed Oil, 100 kegs White Lead, 10 bales Stripe and Plaid Domestics, 10 bales brown and bleached do 10 bales London Duffil and Point Blankets^ 10 boxes Wool Hats, 15 packages Shoes, assorted, With many other Goods suitable to the season, for sale on reasonable terms. ALEXANDER BRYAN. Sept. 24 40 tf Blanks of all Descriptions, Printed and fur Safe <tt tirs Otj&e*- AUGUSTA THEATRS. T HE Proprietor of the Augusta Thea tre is authorized by the Manager, to ofier FIFTY DOLLARS for the best original Poetical Address, to be spoken at the open ing of the Theatre, on the 19th Dec., not exceed ing 60 lines, nor less than 45. The Addresses must be direct d (post paid) “ To the Proprietor of t : e Augusta Theatre,” who will select three literary gentlemen of the cily of Augusta to exa mine them, and award the prize of lit..ra>, merit. Addresses must be forwarded befoie the 10th of December, and the names ot th<-ir authorsenclos- ed and sealed in a separate piece of paper, which will /emain unopened till the selection is made. Sept. 27 41 IHT Publishers of Newspapers will please to give the above weekly insertions in October and November, h subserve the interests of the Drama and Literature. ii NOTICE. John P. Ring, Esq. will transact business fur me in niv absence. SILAS BRONSON. June 25..1827 15 tf DR. M’WHORTER will continue his Professional Services in the City and its iinmQdiate neighborhood. 24 ■ill Hi PROSPECTUS OF TUB Smith* rn Urrv u. TO THE CITIZENS OF THE SOUTHERN STA1 is \ T a moment of great and increasing emhnr» rassini nt and difficulty, a number of jour fellow-citizens, merrbeis of your countrj I v birth or by adoption, interested by common pur suits in your prosperity, connected by common dangers with yo ir welfare, beg leave to address you. In the present state of society, it is almost un . necessary to notice, it would not b” easy to ex aggerate the influence of the Press. •Thisnutm- ment of know edge and of power, onccso humble, so insignificant, known only in the closets of the studious, or the privileged intercourse of the learned, addressing itself to the few in an ancient and exclusive language has, in modern davs. in consequence of the wide diffusion of education, been directed to the great mass of society with decided effect, and now exercises an almost des potic controul over the opinionsof mankind. Need wc mention, that in the struggles of cu pidity, of ambition and of power,the claims of the careless or the weak are always disregarded. The rights which are now maintained before this great tribunal, are thrust aside or tramtdrd un der foot. Silence, under its approach, is inter preted into acquiescence in its justice J ferbeai- ance, under its usurpations, is Considered as sub mission to its authority ; and. public opinion, now the great arbiter of the earth, is formed bv its unceasing efforts. fc He irfist have paid but litt!“ attention to the history of the age in which he lives, of to the course of human events, who does not perceive the strong influence, which public opinion, thus guided, may exercise on our destiny. We have permitted doctrines injurious to our character, hostile to our peace and welfare, pernicious and unfonnded. to circulate without correction ; even misrepresentation and falsehood, the errors of ignorance, the perversions of prejudice, the de* lusions of fanaticism, have been suffered to pass unnoticed. The presumptions of to-day serve as facts to-inbvrow, and furnish materials w ith which the Tress, if not corrected or enlightened, will mislead that judgment by which we must all Lt governed. Under such circumstances, shall we remain unmindful of the aim and object, the progress and direction of this mighty power 7 Shall a people, whose situation is so peculiar, whose welfare may be so easily put in jeopardy, whose interests are in some measure isolated, and there fore the more easily assailed, continue indiffer ent to the perils that surround them 7 We may slumber, but there are those who will not sleep ; Wo may avert our eyes from danger, but evil w ill not the less readily nor the less rapidly approach us. Nor is it one inteiest only wc have to guard; one duty to perform. We- are members of a vast confederacy , harmoniously united for many years by the bonds of friendship, and bv the ben efits of free and uninterrupted intercouse. En deared to each other bv the recollection of com mon dangers, and common triumphs, by a great national heritage of g’orv and liberty—we are as sociated by an instrument of no ordinary charac ter; a Charter which is the boast ofour own country, and the admiration of mankind. It should be a pecuf'ar duty, an unceasing effort tf) preserve this Charter in its pristine purity and vigour, at once maintaining its poweis unimpair ed. and its boundaries distinct and inviolate. With these Impressions, a number of vour fel low citizens, connected with you by interest and by feeling, ns the most effectual means of shield-, ing you from the undue anduequal operation of the press, have associated themselves together to publish one ef those Journals which are now be come the popular instruments for the diffusion of knowledge, the discussion of doetrines, and the investigation of truth; which are employed not' only to bring to notice the works that enlarge of correct in any department the boundaries of hu man knowledge, but to review. a;sn. the opinions of the day. as in their perpetual fluctuations, they act on the character and conduct of society It shall be among our first objects to vindicate the rights, the privileges, the charact r of the Southern States ; to arrest, if possible, that cur- rent of misrepresentation which has been direct.’ edso steadily against onr country g-ncrallv, and the South in particular ; and to' offer to our fal low citizens one Journal, which they may read without finding themselves the objects of perp& tual sarcams or of affected coinmisseration. It shall he considered as a paramount duty to watch over the administration of our IYdi-ril Government, and to guard against ail violations of the constitution. In our views ofthat instrd- ment, we shall he guided by no party fcelir-g* — WS shall endeavor, in all case's, to ascertain its true and - signification, and to irive i'' t CONFECTIONARY, No. 288 Broad-Stre: t. D DILL respectfully tenders his sincere • thanks to his friends and the public for the libera! patronage with which they have tavor- «d him, aud offers his services to them generally in the Confectionary business, in all its branches. All orders, both town and country, will be sup plied at the shortest reasonable notice, and at as low prices as any in the eity. He has now on hand a good-supply of the first quality Cordials, Lemon Syrup, Wine, Liquors, Capers, Olives, Raisins, Almonds, Figs, Filberts, Dried Beef, Bologna Sausage, Syrup of Orgeat, Candies of all descriptions, Sugar Plumbs of different sizes, Pound Cakes, Wedding Cakes, and Pastry Cookery, of all kinds, furnished in the neatest style if notice be given the day pievious. Also, Segmrs and Tobacco, of the best kind, and a few barrels of new Georgia Flour, October 1 42 tf A«.e auuiHtO REVIEW, will be publish* on the first of February, May. August and No- vember. Each Nunibcj* will consist of about 250 pag’es. Terms—Hre Dollots oer annum O’ Gentlemen in any part of tiie country who may wish the work transmitted to them bv ma 1 are requested to forward their orders, With the' a * m £ nn ’oneyear’s subscription, to the Printer, A. E. MILLER, in Charleston. Charl< at on, (S. C.) Oct. 15, 1827. 46 THE SUBSCRIBERS, H A\ ING removed to No. 327 Broad-stree#, next door to John Madden h Co’s Drug and Medicine Store, continue to transact the ^ AUCTION AND COMMISSION BUSINESS. The greatest punctuality will b-observed In rendering sales, with proceeds, as soon as effect ed. 5k B.—Advances made on merchandize it re quired BUGG h GREENWOOD October 1 Blank Checks on tht Bank of Augusta, for sale at this Office. Letcher 51 ^